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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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masculinity. they announced the kenya grant was outright. minor victory but we we can celebrate. judge jeanine is in for sean. we will see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome to this special edition of hannity, democratic scandals. i'm jeanine pirro in for sean tonight. liberals are reeling from a rave of calamities that could have serious consequences. republicans are calling for a second special counsel to investigate the fbi's handling of the clinton email probe. congressman devin nunes continues to expose severe fisa abuses and former obama officials are facing new scrutiny. but, first, tonight, we start with the major battle raging between the trump administration and the liberal state of california. the department of justice
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now looking into a possible obstruction of justice charge against the mayor of oakland. this comes after the mayor alert you had illegal immigrants in the california bay area that federal immigration authorities were preparing to conduct raids. the acting ice director is slamming that mayor of oakland. take a look. >> what she did is no better than, you know, a gang lookout yelling police. when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to the entire community. i mean, it's beyond the pale. i have been doing this for 34 years. this is a whole new low to intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is coming. being a law enforcement officer is already dangerous enough. but to give the criminals a heads up that we're coming in the next 24 hours, increases that risk. puts -- you are talking about these are american heroes. strap a gun to the hip every day to defend this nation. and to tell the criminals we are coming in the next 24 hours is just incredible. >> judge jeanine: the head of ice is also saying because of the mayor's
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warning about 800 criminal illegal immigrants escaped ththe arrests. still able to detain 232 suspected illegal immigrants in four-day raid. according to ice, 115 of the people arrested had, quote, prior felony convictions for serious for serious violent offenses. despite these facts the mayor of oakland is actually defending her decision to protect and shield illegal immigrants. here's what the mayor wrote on twitter. i do not regret sharing this information. it is oakland's legal right to be a sanctuary city and we have not broken any laws. we believe our community is safer when families say stay together. president trump also appears to be fed up with california sanctuary policies. he recently threatened to pull ice and border patrol agents from the state
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because california is refusing to cooperate with the federal government on immigration enforcement. take a look. >> we are getting no help from the state of california. frankly, if i wanted to pull our people from california, you would have a crime nest like you had ever seen in california. all i would have to say is ice and border patrol. let california alone, you you would would be inundated and see crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country. yet, we get no help from the state of california. >> judge jeanine: here now with reaction from the center for immigration studies jessica vaughn, immigration attorney francisco hernandez and former deputy assistant to the president and fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka. all right. good evening, all. i'm going to start with you, jessica. >> thank you, your honor. >> judge jeanine: is it a protection of citizens to prevent ice agents from doing their job for which they have legal authority?
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>> well, no. citizens want our immigration laws enforced. and isis targets, as you mentioned are felons. criminals, gang members, people who have been deported before. people who have been immigration violaters multiple times. and they were going after the criminals. ice would much rather arrest them in the jails but cities like oakland prevent ice from doing that. they tell the law enforcement agencies they can't cooperate and that's why these criminals are on the street to begin with. because ice would have arrested them earlier if they could. and now they have got to go out into the community to do so and. >> judge jeanine: so it's more dangerous. so it's more dangerous for everyone. >> absolutely. you know, francisco hernandez, you are an immigration attorney. >> yes. >> when the oakland's mayor says we believe our community is safer when families stay together, does kate steinle and her ability
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now that she is 6 feet under to stay with her family, does that enter into the mayor's mind at all? >> well, it can't. there is no such thing as a sanctuary city is a political phantom, your honor. you know that. >> judge jeanine: no, i don't. >> no city or county can oppose the federal government. you are telling me that ice can catch 800 people at the same time but they are snichesd out by a mayor? i mean what kind of secret was it? and why haven't they picked them up before? they have been deported before and they were in the jail. why didn't they hold them then? guys, this is -- you know what? we were on the cusp of immigration reform. we thought everyone was on the same page but the shooting in florida, okay, now, have you got the president craw fishing. >> judge jeanine: i don't want to go into florida right now. dr. gorka, let me ask you this, because the mayor said something, you know, that really doesn't make a difference. what do you think? >> well, just read the mayor's tweet. i hope this woman didn't have any legal training. she said it's the city's
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rights. cities don't have rights. u.s. citizens have rights. and the city has responsibility to protect them. the mayor of any city has no power when it comes to immigration. that's a use of will federal authorities. she said families have to be protected. guess what, al capone had a family. so did pablo escabar. not all families are good. >> judge jeanine: here's the problem. and jessica, i'm going to go to you on this now. if federal law enforcement agents are forced to into a city without having the assistance of locals or at least the identification of where these illegal felons and remember. >> they don't need it. >> judge jeanine: francisco, wait a minute, the truth is if they are being hidden or not at the addresses and i have done enough warrants and i have had a whole team of cops that work for me. >> you have your honor. >> judge jeanine: what you are saying, is, we are going to give them a heads up so they can never be arrested. now the feds have to come in
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and get involved in a middle of a society where people are trying to live safely where it could have ban accommodated very easily by the locals and the feds working together to arrest a convicted felon. jessica? >> is there a question there, your honor? >> judge jeanine: yeah, there is i'm going to get to you a in a minute so hang on. >> in 90% of the country. ice does its work of deporting criminals by arresting them in the jail. they don't get that kind of cooperation in california. and particularly in oakland. that's why these criminal aliens were on the street to begin with. >> seriously? >> ice does depend on cooperation from state and local law enforcement for an operation like this. they don't want to get shot at by a police officer that doesn't know they're in the neighborhood doing this kind of operation and perhaps that's where the mayor got tipped off. who knows. but she is also basically telling people to resist arrest you this is absurd also.
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this has consequences. >> no. >> there are people that maybe harmed. >> judge jeanine: there is no question. >> took the mayor's warning let me go to francisco. wait a minute, francisco. >> yes or no, you are right. >> judge jeanine: do you know what the definition of obstruction of justice? >> i am. >> judge jeanine: definition of obstruction of justice is when someone obstructs or impedes the administration of law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any agency in the united states. to me, obstructions of justifiable is what this mayor should be charged with. >> if ice knows that this mayor runs with supposedly is a sanctuary city, and the secret gets out to her, what kind of a secret do we have
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ice and department of homeland security. >> missing the point. >> the state gets the information from the federal government. >> judge jeanine: i don't care if she assists them. i care if she obstructs them. go ahead, sebastian. >> again, your guest isn't answering the point here. the mayor is treating illegal immigrants as a protected class they are not protected class. they are illegal immigrants and more than 150 of them serious violent. when does a mayor protect people that have convicted serious felonies. >> if they have been convicted why haven't they picked them up yet. >> judge jeanine: mayors like this mayor is hiding them and alerting them. come on, san francisco, you know better than that and not only that. the locals, wait a minute. >> jesse: ca. wait a minute, jessica. pause the locals are letting them out the side door when they know ice is coming. >> it is impossible. they got immigration. >> feds cannot protect american citizens. >> your honor, your honor,
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you know that is a lie. >> judge jeanine: i know what i know. don't tell me what i know it is true. >> that's true. >> judge jeanine: don't come on this show and tell me what is true and what isn't true. go ahead, jessica. >> it's not true. it's a lie. >> oakland, san francisco and the entire state of california does not cooperate with ice. they release criminal aliens that ice has identified through biometrics deportable from the country but they refuse to allow ice to come and pick up these individuals. that's why they are on to begin with. >> absolutely a lie. >> why is that a lie? >> it was federal policy. catch and release. >> you are telling me the city did k. disable the federal government. a city jail can disable the federal government and keep them from picking somebody up. they do it every day. drug dealers, drug traffickers they do it everyday. >> judge jeanine: i used to send my guys out all the time to make arrests. we would break through the doors at 45:00 in the morning. if they aren't there because
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they got a tip then i can't arrest them. >> for president. >> under obama, it was federal policy from the top down. catch and release. even at the border and encouraging the creation of sanctuary cities. that's what we have had for eight years. it stopped on january the 20th. these people are aiding and abetting criminals. >> did you forget that president obama deported 2.5 million. >> that's fallacious. >> judge jeanine: last question to you, when the governor jerry brown says we protect all of our people from criminals, and we defend everyone who comes here for a better life. >> did not say that. >> she did say that jerry brown. >> did not. >> judge jeanine: wow. >> obviously the citizens of california need some sanctuary from their legislature and their governor and from mayors like this because they are creating public safety hazard by releasing criminal
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aliens every single day who go out and prey again on everyone in the community. >> california has trumped the federal government. >> judge jeanine: yeah, that's right. they have. and they are going to be accountable for it now, what do you say if the president does what he threatened to do and that is take all the ice agents out and then you guys can deal with them until you beg for the ice agents to come back. >> yeah. well, that's genius. that's pure genius. have you all not figured out that president trump is a new york liberal? from new york. he has never even lived in california. i mean, come on. >> 8% drop in illegal migration southern border since he was inaugurated. right. >> nothing to do with, you know, immigration is an issue that crosses traditional party lines. this is -- this is a matter of california politicians not being happy with american citizens and wanting to create a new
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electorate for themselves. >> bingo. >> that's what this boils down to. >> judge jeanine: all about demographics. all right. in response california governor jerry brown told cnbc and california we protect all our people from criminals and in the state of the state the democratic governor issued a strong we buick. so there have you it for saying he never said it. now, i'm going to end. >> he didn't. show me the quote. >> judge jeanine: come on. i'm going to give you the opportunity, 30 seconds, tell me why what the ice agents are doing should be blocked by local politicians in california. >> ice does not need the assistance of cities, states or counties. can i do the job. let the troops do what they do. the troops know what they do. the problem is with politics and you got everybody craw fishing. we were on the cusp of immigration reform deciding though gets to stay and who gets to government. now, nobody wants to touch it because we have got the gun issue. everybody is craw fishing. both sides.
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>> wait a minute, are you telling me all of the sudden the liberals could care less about the dreamers because they were more worried about guns? president trump said i will give 1.8 million path to citizenship. triple what obama did. now you want to say that trump didn't do his job? you answer. >> i'm in i told mr. hannity do it. >> your guest was absolutely correct. why would you do this as a mayor? there is one reason. they want to change the demographics and they want to have new voters made out of these illegal aliens. that's the end of the message. we want to create a new voting block. it's nothing to do with safety. it's politics and it is a. >> they can't vote. >> judge jeanine: they can't vote? >> watch my show tomorrow night and you will hear how they are all voting. >> it didn't happen. >> judge jeanine: coming up, congressman matt gaetz on why a second special counsel is needed to investigate the clinton email probe and potential fisa abuses. stay with us.
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. now, according to multiple news outlets tonight, a highly anticipated report from the department of justice inspector general is expected to criticize former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe for authorizing improper media leaks about an investigation into the clinton foundation back in october of 2016. this same ig report is also expected to get into the clinton email investigation. this news comes on the same week that more than a dozen republican lawmakers in the house sent a letter to attorney general jeff
6:20 pm
sessions urging him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate both the fbi and the department of justice's happened ling of the trump-russia probe. calling for a second special counsel. he joining us now. all right, good evening, congressman. >> good evening, judge. >> all right. now, you are renewing as are many republican congressman the request for a second special counsel. now, i imagine that most viewers are saying they did it before. why should it happen now and what's new that they are asking for it again? >> judge, the last time we spoke about the ability for democrats to convert political cash into a government spawn soared warrant to spy on members of the trump transition team, you said you wanted to see people led away in handcuffs. not just fired but led away in handcuffs. fbi and the department of justice aren't going to be putting the handcuffs on themselves.
6:21 pm
second special counsel as congressman lee zeldin has recommended so we can take the findings of the ig report. take the information we have learned in congressional hearings and actually have prosecutions because my fear is that if we don't have a second special counsel this will turn out a lot like the benghazi investigation where we learn a lot about facts but no one held accountable. >> you know what bothers me, congressman, is that given the fbi and the department of justice, dilatory approach, you know, to everything, from the hanging over of emails from the redactions, from the outright refusal by even the fbi director saying well we will work out what we're going to give congress which halls oversight over justifiable and the fbis, you know, it seems to me that they -- it is impossible, they basically have said everything but we dare you because we're not going to do anything anyway. what do we do about this? >> well, congress doesn't have the power to throw people in jail but we have the responsibility to find the evidence and show it to the american people.
6:22 pm
and to your point, judge jeanine, if we had not had congressional oversight and hearings and subpoenas, we wouldn't even know about the text messages between pete strzok and lisa page that demonstrate a substantial anti-trump pro-hillary bias. you mentioned andrew mccabe earlier, his testimony before the judiciary committee in closed session showed me hillary clinton was never really put in jeopardy as a result of her use of a private email server afternoon the leaking of classified information because she had people that were running interference for her at the doj. >> judge jeanine: what do you say to people who say i am so sick and tired of this clinton email investigation thing. let it go. what do you say to them? >> we cannot live in a country where losing an election functions as de facto immunity deal. if people broke the law, they have to be held accountable. if we just allow that to happen, then we invite that type of crime in the future. that's why the rule of law matters and thought clintons they have decades of ignoring the rule of law and never being held
6:23 pm
accountable. we have a chance to change and it we need to take that opportunity. >> judge jeanine: what are the chances of getting a second special counselor. >> that is up to jeff sessions. >> is he a guy who took himself off within 24, 48 hours of being appointed the attorney general. he tells the president i'm recusing myself. i mean, this is beyond the pale. jeff sessions is not going to do it. jeff sessions says i'm getting an inspector general. we can spend another year and a half on inspect are general coming up with a collusion. what is this guy doing. >> well, if jeff sessions does not appoint a second special counsel, then we need new attorney general, judge, because you are absolutely right. even if we learn more horrifying things from the inspector general, we can't actually prosecute somebody for those things because we would need somebody to be able to bring that case and the department of justice and finn obviously won't be bringing a case against themselves. so jeff sessions needs to get rid of this mind set
6:24 pm
that dereliction of duty and he needs to do what congress has called for and appoint a second special counselor to get to the bottom of. this jeff sessions, you know, said he was considering that and considering investigating certain cases. i don't know whether it was the email thing or the foundation, whatever it was. he gave us all hope a few months back. nothing has happened from that either. the president doesn't appear that he is going to get rid of sessions, right? because, you know, everybody i'm sure will have a conniption and all his senator friends will say it's a saturday night massacre. so, i mean, does america just kind of keep moving as though it doesn't matter who violates the law? >> i never under estimate the power of the american people. remember when there were some people in the intelligence community who didn't even want to release the nunes memo. but because tens of thousands of americans contacted their members of congress and demanded transparency, we got it that's why the american people need to back up what lee zeldin and many other
6:25 pm
members of congress are fighting for to get a second special counsel so people are held accountable and thrown enin jail for the crimes committed against the trump administration against the transition. >> judge jeanine: you guys now are really pushing hard on this. do you have meetings with the attorney general have you sought down with him over a glass of milk, a glass of bore bon, whatever, and said come on, somewhat problem here? >> did i sit down with the attorney general along with judiciary chairman bob goodlatte and many others. i was disappointed that the attorney general didn't seem to be very engaged on any of these issues regarding existential threats to the trump administration. he was deferring to a team that answered to rod rosenstein for goodness sakes and it was rosenstein's very signatures that reauthorized these wiretaps based on false information that the department of justice and fbi knew was false information. i think we need a more
6:26 pm
engaged attorney general. >> judge jeanine: well, was the attorney general in the company of rod rosenstein at that point or rosenstein's chief of staff? as i understand usually is? >> it was the members of the rosenstein team that were present and when members of congress asked jeff sessions to be more autoer isive and take action on second special counsel, he deferred to staff members. i fear, judge, jeff sessions has become an employee at the department of justice and he is not fulfill his duties as attorney general. >> judge jeanine: thank you very much, congressman. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: joining us now with action independent women's voice president and fox news contributor tammy bruce and fox news contributor lisa booth. all right very interesting lisa and i will start with you. that is my understanding of what goes on in washington is that the attorney general doesn't meet with anyone, assuming he is going to meet anyone at all, without rosenstein or rosenstein's
6:27 pm
staff and now i got it straight from the horse's mouth when asked a serious question the attorney general diseefers to rosenstein and his staff for answers. >> i'm sure a part of that is because he recused himself russia investigation. perhaps he doesn't want the appearance of impropriety. the problem here is we need to get to the bottom of a ton of questions about the doj and the fbi's handling of both the hillary clinton investigation and the russia investigation. i don't think we can trust the fbi or doj to conduct that investigation themselves. now, i am curious about seeing what is going to come out in this inspector general report by michael who are ritz. he is the one who unearthed the text must sage exchange between peter strzok and lisa page. has he solid history of going after government agencies likely fast and furious atf led to shakeup and leadership there also going after the dea and the columbia prosecution scandal that they were involved with as well. so, and i think depending on what he comes up with, that
6:28 pm
could be the impetus for maybe another special counsel investigation or further action there. so i'm very curious to see what he comes out with. >> i'm not holding my breath. tammy? >> look, in some ways i think like many americans we see scandal after scandal. finally the curtain is being drawn back. and it wouldn't surprise me if even someone like jeff sessions is shocked by the nature of what we're seeing unfold. this is at the very top of the fbi. wherever you look and at whomever you look. it's not only a level of corruption and collusion if you will. but blatant and sloppy and open and we have to ask one, this wasn't new. how long has this been going on. then you have to ask how far through the government does it go. and i think that we have got to make sure and we must push because the inclination is going to be this is either too big or i don't believe it because it's too shocking but the fact is this is our chance to clean this up government.
6:29 pm
jeep genial tammy, this guy was a prosecutor, a united states attorney. you are looking and readings the same things that we're all reading shockedder go not doing anything. >> his body was the senate. he moved for immuble humannable length of time. can't dismiss the impact of living in that bubble. >> judge jeanine: lost his prosecutorial balls? >> i'm a big fan of jeff sessions. i think we are seeing, in fact, maybe he thought this would be a bit more bureaucratic than it really has ended up being. thank goodness for the president that he has got an eye on this. publicly making sure individuals know how serious this is. with him trying to keep it tamped down like with the mccabe situation, if you look to the left, you look to the right. you wake up nut morning there is some new scandal in front of you because it's finally all coming out and can't keep it in the box. >> judge jeanine: lisa, how do you take that that it's so shocking that the attorney general can't deal
6:30 pm
with it? and i'm going to each add something to that. in the james rybicki, who was comey's chief of staff says we found a lot of new emails. we did find new stuff but nothing that's going to change our view of the original collusion in july. that's the upshot. i read that and i say take him out in cuffs. >> i think agencies don't want scrutiny. not wanting the don to department face scrutiny. the problem is americans have lost so much trust in institutions and rightfully so. when you see some of these text messages that have come out from fbi agents like peter strzok, that was one of the lead investigators with hillary clinton also involved with the russia investigation as well. and so i think that to get more trust, to get americans to once again trust american institutions that we need to find some answers here about what went on and from a trusted source as well.
6:31 pm
>> we can't dismiss the fact that this is all so new the fact that we are getting information that normally the american people would never have seen and it's about also managing that. jeff sessions clearly is not managing it well. but for the american people and what's moving forward here, we have the courage to be able to look at it and to be able to deal with it. the president is going to have to act clearly jeff sessions, i mean, look, he wants to be the attorney general. it's a grate job. but maybe this is different than what he expected it to be. ultimately every american, regardless of what your party is, you have got to care about this because this is about the collapse, you if you will of our law enforcement agencies being used more as a bureaucratic political dibureaucratic -- thas job, plus, he was never there at the time that it
6:32 pm
was so corrupt. so he, if he really believes in truth, justice, and the american way, could go and clean it up and be the hero. but he's not. >> no, i absolutely think americans need answers here. even andrew mccabe. >> judge jeanine: how are we going to get the answers. >> maybe i'm just hopeful, judge. >> judge jeanine: of what. >> some sort of element of truth and answers here and i'm hoping that with the inspector general report prance it blows the doors open on some of these questions. >> special prosecutor. >> someone like andrew mccabe he was not forth right to congress about the fact that he knew who financed the dossier. not honest with congress about it. >> andrew mccabe wasn't forthcoming. christopher wray knew what was going on. comey took a walk to the white house. he wasn't going to fire mccabe. >> right now sessions sets up probes and inspector generals. he can set up a special prosecutor in march of last year he said he was open to the idea. he never did it. the fact is that we got to
6:33 pm
support everybody who is asking for the special prosecutor. all of the members of the house of representatives who are because that is the only way that we can actually have a prosecutor. >> judge jeanine: do we have a hotline email #? how do viewers say i want this to happen? i'm sick of hearing about this. >> call your member of congress to put pressure. >> the phone still works. email, phone call, your own forums, twitter, social media, they watch, they know, they feel it. >> they do and they feel the pressure. >> judge jeanine: all right. coming up next, sara carter and gregg jarrett will join us with new information ona phony russian dossier. don't go away ♪
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6:38 pm
not only its own protocol but possibly even the criminal statutes. by using the steele dossier to help obtain a fisa warrant to surveil trump campaign associate carter page. joining me with more sara carter and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. good evening. i must tell you, gregg, and i'm going to start with you. the thing that i don't understand is why i haven't heard anything about a fisa judge, you know, calling the fbi, calling the department of justice into his or her chamber how dare you put this garbage in front of me. how dare you obstruct justice and commit a fraud contempt of the court by alleging that this is a sufficient basis for surveillance. >> maybe they did it. it is after all a secret court. i suspect we would know about it by now if they had. and if they didn't do it. they should have done it and they are breeching their
6:39 pm
duty by failing to do it. those judges should be demanding that the high officials at doj and the fbi appear before them and say you concealed evidence. you deceived me. you didn't tell me that this was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign. you didn't tell me that you knew that christopher steele was a liar. if you had told me those things i would never have granted a warrant to surveil on an american citizen. >> so, when people say, you snow, that this is the kind of thing where the fisa court warrants are so difficult, they are 40, 50 pages and yet we hear nothing about a sanction or a lawyer is being brought up on contempt like james comey, what in the last 90 days in addition to this dossier, what reasonable cause have you developed that will allow me to continue on this issuing a surveillance warrant? >> they have to have probable cause. they didn't have it. and the bulk of their fisa application was based on a
6:40 pm
phony document. which was unverified. which is against the law. look, as i see it and i have studied the different flown statutes. they violated six of them. abuse of power, perjury, misleading statements. fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and obstruction. >> judge jeanine: and contempt of court. devin nunes has pointed out contempt of court. that's sort of a given. they should have been held in contempt of court immediately. >> sara carter, what are you hearing? you are giving us all these little tidbits and facts i should say not little tidbits that lead us to the next discussion. what have you learned in the last 24 hours? >> well, two things, i want to go back to the courts, really quick. remember that the presiding judge over the foreign intelligence surveillance court, this is the secret court rosemary collyer did send a letter to devin nunes and others saying, look, we don't object formerly or
6:41 pm
informally we told you both times to releasing the applications on carter page. i think this is their response saying, look, we'll release those documents if the executive branch allows us and we'll get those documents out to the public. i think this is their way of objecting to what the fbi did. so we don't know what happened behind closed doors. but before the public, i think this letter was highly significant. >> very significant. sarah, hang on i want to jump to gregg on this, if the presiding judge of the fisa court says we have no objection to the release of this information. still hedging saying the president. >> the executive branch would have to do it, that would mean essentially jeff sessions who is not really the attorney general. he just pretends to be one. it is rod rosenstein. he would never do it. >> judge jeanine: how about the president? >> he is trying to conceal all of the illegal acts committed by the fbi and the department of justice. i agree. the president should instruct the attorney general to disclose this
6:42 pm
information. it san out irmyth and a canard that there is some fire wall between doj. >> judge jeanine: hold on a second. if the president is agreeable why do they just get it from the judge who is agreeable? keep sessions out of it. >> separation of powers. it would be a legal quagmire litigated for more than a year. fixture way to do it is to get it from the source. department of justice and the fbi. >> judge jeanine: i think it is amazing that the presiding justice would say i'm ready to release this information. >> truly amazing. >> judge jeanine: second point you were making. >> second point is this the department of justice arguing and i spoke to officials today. the department of justice is arguing one thing. they know everybody is coming down on attorney general jeff sessions and what they are saying is, look, let michael horowitz do his job. this is his purview, this is his mandate. his mandate is over the doj and fbi. his investigators can
6:43 pm
continue this investigation. they argue that if they bring in a special counsel, a special prosecutor, they would have to take more than likely fbi agents to be investigators u and they may be not -- they may notten able to do that because they may just be put out. they may have to reach out to the postmaster general to get investigators from there who aren't up to speed on this investigation. >> okay. so the argument is we have got to have the inspector general continue on this issue. when the inspector general has no grand jury, no ability to prosecute. we know that the the inspector general has taken forever on what is he doing right now. we are still waiting. we can wait until the cows come home. even more than that, you know, they don't have sufficient fbi agents to investigate. that's hogwash. >> well, i think they would be compromised out. that's what they are saying. >> judge jeanine: go get new guys. >> exactly. bring in a second special counsel has subpoena power
6:44 pm
to compel people to testify obtain documents from them with a grand jury. and can you do it very efficiently. you hire your own team of people. i know several former fbi agents who would be more than happy to return to the job to work for a new second special counsel. and get somebody in there like a joe digenova who is actually smart and competent and experienced and he would do it efficiently. >> judge jeanine: you know what's amazing is the idea that all of these fbi agents would be compromised or conflicted and there are no other guys to do or women to do the job. sarah, last word. >> and i agree with you there, judge. i mean, there are people within the bureau that are outstanding that are not compromised, that would be willing to do this and i think there is a lot more coming out in michael horowitz' ig report beyond what we are seeing on mccabe. i think there is going to be a lot of the eyes wide open once that report comes out and i think it will be very soon.
6:45 pm
>> judge jeanine: i hope. so thanks so much. coming up jeanne loudoun and charlie kirk weighs in on the media's attempt to divert attention away from all of these democrat scandals. stay with us. ♪
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. the democrats are embroiled in several major scandals, but if you watch the mainstream media, you wouldn't know it. instead the overwhelming focus of nearly every story from the destroy trump press is something negative about this administration. for example, take a look at some of the coverage over just the past two days. your report said is he angry and bouncing around the white house. things are about to get
6:50 pm
pretty ugly inside the white house. the question is for somebody like hope hicks. why did you stay that long? she has got to get ready for mueller. she has got to get ready for a trial. what we are talking about here is a conspiracy to unlawfully influence this election. you know, a quid pro quo between the russians on the one side and the trump campaign on the other. >> any meeting thee cures in the white house that jared kushner attends with anyone that has financial connections is there a quid pro quo. >> is there a quid pro quo and does that affect the national security of the united states. >> this is another sign of the white house just in this constant state of turmoil. do you think trump's loiment only extends to his family do you think that's going to hurt him? >> yeah. i think it already has. >> just to recap, talking about the chaos, chief economic advisor gary cohn has threatened to resign over the tariff decision. john kelly joked god was punishing him bye making him work at the white house. the president may be trying to push him and his wife who happens to be the
6:51 pm
president's daughter out of the white house. his closest confidante hope hicks is leaving. national security advisor h.r. mcmaster may also be on the way out the door. >> judge jeanine: joining us now from turning point u.s.a. charlie kirk and radio and talk show host gina loudoun. do you know what i find something, charlie, is the fact on the one hand i think it's joe scarborough. i think it was scarborough he says trump's loyalty extends only to his family and then jake tapper says trump is just about ready to push out his son-in-law who happens to be the husband of his daughter. they can't even keep their stories straight as to what is going on with the president. >> well, it's funny. there is an old expression tell the truth it's easier to remember. what's going on here is the media is almost cheering for this president to fail. look, it just makes me so angry because this president is accomplishing over the last year is truly historic. imagine if a democrat president had black unemployment at record low levels, black home ownership
6:52 pm
at the highest ever level. latino unemployment lowest level. the dow hitting records every other week. the economy roaring. trillions of dollars coming back to the country. the media would be fawning over this democrat president most accomplished most stable wonderful president we ever had. instead we are worrying about all of this palace intrigue. it's because the media wants him to fail. they would rather see america fail while trump is in office than succeed. it's sick and wrong and see this nonsense happening with the media. >> judge jeanine: you know, gina, the truth is here we have a president who is accomplishing so much what charlie said is just a bit of it. to me one of the biggest things is tax reform which are tax cuts which are reflected in people's paychecks. people can actually see this stuff. and, yet, they are so convinced that this man is the epitome of evil. where does this come from? i mean, it's the same question we all ask over and over again. i can't comprehend it.
6:53 pm
>> you know, that's a great point, judge. it does seem like out irinsanity. and every time they do this again, i think, you know what? i just want to tell them to keep it coming. because whether or not they believe it, they are the real colluders with the trump campaign, every time the media goes after him again, the american public knows the more apoplectic the media, the more you know trump is on the right path and doing great things to make america great again. and charlie mentioned many of them but the strides he has made for women, the supreme court, there are so many things that are seeking. and even moving, i believe, voting blocks that have been traditionally democrat. we will see some massive shifts there from the rust belt to the blue wall. you know, i think some union people are going to be and obviously multiple ethnicities are going to be taking a look at how this president has changed their lice. they may be reconsidering what the media is telling them. >> judge jeanine: all right, charlie, this conspiracy to
6:54 pm
influence the election, nothing has come up in the last 18 months. you know, all we here is that donald jr. had a meeting based on a friend asking him to meet with someone. it lasted 20 minutes and donald trump jr. just said thanks so much, goodbye. and now it's like a federal offense. it is absurd. and i think the american people see this for what it is. and the american people are going to react. it's almost as though new york and california are the parentheses arnghtd middle america and they are nuts. >> that's right. i call it destination journalism. the media is trying to create a story that is not there. they are trying to write the story backwards with the headline on top and fill in the word and make up the facts. what you are talking about what happened with don jr. he took a single meeting with zero follow-up and triggered absolute catastrophe of legal fees and hearings and totally unnecessary behavior from congress.
6:55 pm
i don't understand why the house republicans are continuing with this. it doesn't make any sense. it's not constructive for the country. full-time thing is. this you are right. american people sick of this. they want results. they want tax cuts. they want infrastructure bill. they don't want the continuation of this political witch-hunt. look, if anyone colluded with russia, it was hillary clinton that sold our uranium to the russians that was the collusion. nothing with the trump campaign. >> judge jeanine: gina, last 15 seconds, she walls the one taking all the cash, she and bill and they are telling me i don't have enough time. but thanks for being with us tonight charlie and gina. coming up, more hannity right after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ this takes care of it, thank you. yeah. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes.
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pm eastern. and you can follow me on twitter @judgejanine. laura ingraham is next. have a terrific night. >> good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." and this time, of course, the bold claim he made that trade wars are good. we'll examine whether he has a point when it comes to cheating china and how to stop them. and we'll debate whether our national motto, "in god we trust," should be


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