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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 4, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you here next week. >> the white house defending the presidents controversial plan to impose new tariffs on imported aluminum and steel. 11 yes trade partners that they say will not follow through on their threats to retaliate. hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". i'm eric shawn. >> i am arthel neville. president trump is expected to sign the measure this week. white house trade advisor navarro say this will apply to all countries across the board. >> as soon as he starts exempting countries, he has to raise the tariff on everyone else. as soon as he exempts one country his phone starts ringing from heads of state of other countries.
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there are no downstream effects on the industry that a significant. the mission is to defend our steel and aluminum industries so that they survive. >> the plan is sparking major pushback from some republicans can affect senator lindsey graham as asking the president to rethink the strategy. >> he correctly identify the problem of china dumping steel destroying the american steel industry for your solution is to let china pub. please reconsider your solution. >> molly hindenburg has the latest from washington. i understand the president has spoken to the british prime minister theresa may about these tariffs.what can you tell us about that? >> yes her office says they expressed deep concern to the president about the impending tariffs. but the president has as the us is on the losing side of the train deals. and if these tariffs spark a
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trade war trade wars is a quote - good and easy to win. here's how his advisors explain that. >> the president was saying was that because we have a big deficit on the other sides, there's big gains from trade that much more to lose in this than we do. >> the reason why the president is doing this is because he doesn't do is lose our aluminum and steel very quickly. >> according to the prime minister she said that multilateral action between the nations or quote - the only way to resolve the problem of global overcapacity. meaning, countries such as china, which overproduced metal and then dump them on the s markets and elsewhere. >> with that in mind some republicans are urging the president to take a more targeted approach, right? >> yes to focus on the worst offenders if you will instead
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of tariffs across the board. >> the reason our steel industry has been decimated is because china dumping. china produces more steel than the world consumes for several years in a row. china is the problem mr. president. >> other site that the president is on the right track and trying to level the playing field. >> if someone is charging west virginia or charging united states of america 25 percent for us to send our goods to them, to their shores, and they are coming into our market if i present anything that should be tit-for-tat? basically equal? >> united steelworkers labor union is asking that cannot be exempt from this tariffs. at this point however, administration official said that there will be no exemptions. >> a big week with a search for sure molly hindenburg. >> debate over the tariffs are heading up over a special election in the heart of steel country for the president endorsing republican state representative for the pennsylvania congressional seat
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in pittsburgh vacated by the former congressman tim murphy. the president will be holding a rally there next saturday. just three days before voters go to the polls. and the president won by double digits in 2016. but new polling shows that he is holding a narrow lead of the democrat. former marine and prosecutor whose endorsement from former vice president joe biden. joe biden will be holding a rally for payment this coming tuesday. so is this race a national test of the president? let's bring in the calamus for national review. always good to see you john. like all of the special elections, they say this has implications if you think this will be a test of donald trump? >> yes. this is one that he won almost 20 points. the republicans were to lose this, especially in light of efforts to placate voters in the district with these kind of tariffs, lives in a danger signal. if republicans lose it means
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their turnout would have been down and i completed through the general election in november. that's what republicans are spending so much money trying to keep this seat. as we know, so far they accept every house seat in the special election since the president has been elected. democrats hope to break the street. >> it is maybe this could be a slamdunk for the republicans. because you won that by 20 percent as you point out in the election. yet, saccone says i was trump before trump was trump. he is a state represented. this is what he says and when he things he will be so successful. let's listen. >> this is trump country. people around here, people in the district love president trump. he won by 20 points. i think he is more popular today than he was before. so people, my phone is going up with people who want to come and see the president and unfortunately, i think we needed bigger hanger.we need bigger facility. >> would that be enough to put a republican candidate across
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the finish line? >> the problem the republicans have is that lamb, the democrat is no hillary clinton. a marine one veteran, he says he will vote against nancy pelosi for speaker. he claims to take many moderate positions. for example, he is very hesitant to have more than controls, pennsylvania is a deer hunter state. the democrats hope to play against someone they have some that cannot be confused and it is not a question of whether or not it is trump country pit is about the people worried as much about the democratic candidate as they were about hillary clinton. >> it is interesting that lamb that doesn't seem to be the more far left progressive type of candidate that we see in the party with recently. let's listen on nancy pelosi. >> i have been clear on nancy pelosi and leadership on both sides.
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my opponent needs to be clear about paul ryan. because he is getting a lot of help from paul ryan. but paul ryan is the ones that he would come at the social security and medicare. because i don't have paper this trillion dollars disaster. >> do you think the democrats have a better chance by feeling more moderate democrats? and that they kind of had been diminished in the past couple of years. then going the other way with more progressive candidates. >> and trying to match the candidate with the district. that kind of strategy did work in 2006 when he manual, then congress and head of the democratic campaign effort would have sheriffs run. former marine veterans. they tried to fit the district. the problem of course, is it is hard to find those candidates anymore because as we have heard in previous segments, this morning and afternoon on fox news come moderate democrats are being run out of the party. when dianne feinstein is rejected by her own california democratic convention, you know it is much harder to be a
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moderate democratic been used to be. >> will lose me for potential presidential race by joe biden? >> joe biden is someone who actually can appeal to those voters in scranton and cleveland and milwaukee that ran for trump and delivered those states to donald trump. the democrats turn against someone like joe biden, and the run someone more exotic, former liberal, though states to be in play again and in fact, my so stick with him. the democrats have to make a fundamental decision. we know that democratic party was dimly left? how much they want in the left if it means they may be unelectable? >> and partly a prediction, lamb or saccone? >> i think it all depends on turnout and right now the polls are very close. i'm not going to make a prediction. but watch the republican turnout. the republican turnout is done republicans will be in trouble. >> okay john, a wise man could look like i will be there on the election night on march 13.
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i think. it will be a late night! i will call you at like two in the morning. >> i will be up. >> thank you john. >> the president is back in washington after a day of fundraising to boost his 2020 reelection bid in florida last night the president speaking at the gridiron dinner training humor jabs with lawmakers and the media. but he also touched on syrian topics including opening the door with talks of north korea. the rogue regime not responding to that possibility. ellison barber is live in washington with details. >> hello.north korea is threatening to counter the us if the us holds joint military exercises with south korea. that is according to a new report in reuters for the military exercises are set to take place in april. the president did not talk about the exercises during his speech at the gridiron dinner but he did talk about talking with north korea. he told the room north korea recently reached out and wanted to talk and transport to court
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i will not rule out direct talks with him gently. as far as amanda is concerned that his problem not mine. he went on to say that they by the way said we would like to talk a couple days ago and i said, so would be that we have to denuclearize. according to a spokesperson with the foreign ministry they say they are open to talks with the us but without preconditions and quote - what made her beg for dialogue nor evade the military option claimed by the usp the president stated at the white house deputy had a call with the prime minister of the uk. there is according to a uk official. he stayed at the white house for all of today. this is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in town and arrived this morning for the president is expected to meet with him tomorrow. >> ellison barber, thank you. eric? >> speaking of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu, he
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is in washington ahead of the special meeting with the president which will occur tomorrow at the white house. the visit with the leader of israel's closest and most important ally, he faces a growing corruption scandal back home. police recommend indictments in the case. the prime minister insists he has done nothing wrong. protesters have been demanding that he resign. conor powell is live in jerusalem with the very latest. >> good evening erica the prime minister arrived in washington d.c. for committees with the president trump and officials but he left here in israel under a cloud of suspicion. there are currently four different separate investigations going on right now and do his actions. two of those cases, he has been recommended by the police and attorney generals office for charges of corruption, bribery,
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public trust. they're reviewing charges right now. as of right now they say that these are baseless accusations and has not been charged with anything certainly not convicted of anything. but he is refusing to step down. he says he will fight the allegations and accusations. not only court but also possibly early elections. there are still about one year and and a half before they got to elections. right now the coalition is holding strong. his partners in the coalition of other conservative parties here are continuing to back the prime minister but there is some fear among his own coalition that several people in the coalition want to be prime minister and a sort of keeping an eye out to see does the coalition crack. it is also when the breakdown of the prime ministers in the past have been charged or accused of corruption. not actually charges but the breaking up of the coalition. the prime minister will meet with the president trump
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tomorrow and one of the main topics that will discuss is iran. the trump administration has had tough language for iran in recent months and since being elected by the israeli government wants to see the us take a harder stance. not only in the public on iran but to front around in syria and the iranians are according to israeli officials inching closer and closer to israel's border. this is something that the prime minister netanyahu really wants to see them confront this over the white house and the trump administration have been reluctant to engage directly in syria but this will be a big part of the talk tomorrow. >> a lot of concern of course. -- conor powell, live in jerusalem, thank you. >> north korea saying that it is willing to have talks with the us. only without preconditions. so, can the two countries break their deadlock and come to the
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seems to be paying off. one week after the winter games
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wrecked us where tensions were visibly high between the us and north korea during the opening ceremonies. the rogue nation not saying it is willing to come to the negotiating table as long as they are treated as equals. meanwhile, south korea is sending to envoys to the north this week trying to keep the momentum moving. reaction from the white house press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders. >> we feel the president moon has been too soft on north korea. >> the president wants to continue working with south korea is a strong ally. we are going to continue the conversations. again, the ultimate goal is to focus on the peninsula and steps moving forward in the process. >> 20 now we retired navy captain, chuck nash. always good to have you. jumping right in, is north korea looking for some sort of acknowledgment before they agree to talks with the us? and what are the chances that the us would acquiesce?
1:19 pm
>> i think we are. what they really after this with united states to acknowledge them as a nuclear power.we have seen the tests, we've monitor that and we looked at it with our intelligence community. we do have nuclear weapons -- they do have nuclear weapons. on our side it has been the denuclearization of the peninsula. which means that north korea would have to start the process whereby they would dismantle their program a nuclear weapons program and up to this point, they have adamantly refused to do so because they see it as their insurance policy. >> meanwhile, what do you make of the tabletop exercise for north korea? is it fair that his military action the only thing that will make kim jong-un acknowledge or comprehend that the us is serious? >> i think he has it taken very
1:20 pm
seriously because the president, he has ways to save as well as kim jong-un has face to save. it is different now. before with previous administrations, i think the north koreans looked at our negotiators as gray pinstripe suit state department types and you know, will act up in the end and in the end they will give us economic assistance and will all go on about our weight. now, you have a president that is hands on. and he is leading the operation. in his rhetoric is one where he has things to save face. as for the tabletop, as military we do this all the time. summerfield exercises and in this case tabletop exercises. they are all about different contingencies around the world. this would happen to be about north korea. and as we could have predicted before they even ran the exercise, the outcome was
1:21 pm
pretty i wondering and staggering as far as what the damages would be in the losses would be. >> to the south korean president have any weight or availability to get north korea to begin to denuclearize? >> you know, i think really he does because the ultimate goal of all of this ought to be the reunification of the peninsula. it was broken apart 1945 by the russians after world war ii. and by bringing the peninsula back together north and south korea that can solve a tremendous amount of these other problems. if they would just cease to become issues once the two countries are reunited. and not with the end of probably at least a three step process to get there. >> but is that easier said than done? >> yeah, it will be difficult because of the external players involved. >> like china? >> absolutely. >> meanwhile, what is north korea's current real capability
1:22 pm
of sending a nuclear bomb to the us and what can they do to harm the us? >> well, they have been on a long-term path of developing longer and longer range missiles working on getting nuclear weapons to the point where they can actually be deployed on those missiles. she put a and b together and have a capability. how far that has gone in reality is difficult to tell because it requires that close up intelligence and we don't have that. we can make assumptions and look at missile flight paths and things like that. getting to know it is difficult. that said, they've orbited a satellite. if they can do that they can do that with a nuclear weapon and it can be very bad. whether they can hit a city in the continental united states or us estate is one thing but if they can fire off an
1:23 pm
electromagnetic pulse burst, that could be worse than actual impact. in its ability to take on the power grid and the slow death of millions of people. >> captain nash, what about sanctions on ships are secretly still trading with north korea? how does that contribute to the already high tensions? >> there's a real -- what happens is, a ship, in this case we have identified about 28 ships. what they do is, they are under chinese company but they are registered in various countries around the world. and when they sell, they turn up their ais device which is a transponder that gives the position. they will turn it off and then suddenly wind up near the russian port. and what they've done in the meantime is they have stopped, picked up north korean coal, take it to russian port, offloaded there and turn the beacon back on. then go somewhere else and then
1:24 pm
a little while later, another ship will come to the russian port. pick up the coal and go to south korea. believe it or not in this case, south korea and japan and others are being duped into buying north korean coal. >> wow! captain chuck nash, i will have to leave it if you will keep an eye on this and bring you back more analysis. thank you, sir. >> look forward to it arthel. >> first it was russia's election interference as no other nations are said to be insights. robert mueller is saying he will look at more attempts to gain influence in the us and who and where they say he is looking at now. and the oscars of course are taking place tonight. which movies do you think will win big? we will have a live report and predictions from -- his batting record is unbelievable. you will want to hear that list straight ahead. relieve nasal congestion.
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night with the oscars kicking off in a few hours. a tumultuous year in the entertainment and industry. the harvey weinstein scandal sparking the #metoo movement and women sharing the stories of sexual misconduct. we have the senior vp of marketing and host of -- live from the red carpet in always michael, what is it like out there? >> oscar turns 90 tonight and the best celebrations of the films of the year. in a very unpredictable year in hollywood. so what can people expect? let's take a look. final preparations are being made for sunday's 90th academy awards ceremony. host jimmy kimmel is prepared for everything! following lester's mishap with the best picture award.
1:30 pm
>> best picture. >> you have to prepare for things that are wrong. you have it in your head that everything will purpose but that never happens. you never expect would happen last year to go happen. >> expect that you need to get political with possible comments about gun control and the #metoo movement. but most of the spotlight will be on the nominees, the winners and the year in general. and -- expected to take home that award for hi tanya. >> i did not have to worry about my double chin or i just didn't care! about allison janney was not invited. [laughter] >> gary oldman is a front runner for best actor in his portrayal of winston churchill
1:31 pm
in darkest hour. -- and three billboards outside of missouri are up for actors, supporting actor and best picture. >> okay, in terms of best picture, conventional wisdom says it is a tossup between the shape of water and three billboards but in the unit the philadelphia eagles win the super bowl, i will predict an upset, iraqi like upset! i think get out what a surprise everyone tonight for best picture. >> michael! you are mixing it up! intriguing, you have my attention, sir. all right michael, have fun out there. oscar looks good at 90! >> will his prediction come true? who will take on the oscar tonight? we have this amazing record of picking them every year, we have our fox news oscar expert. in terms of best picture, do you think michael is right? >> great to see you! get out, if it wins, i will say
1:32 pm
get out! there are nominees for best picture 2017, as an eclectic bunch, it comes down to two films. cold war drama meets fantasy in the shape of water in the gritty revenge drama, three billboards outside of the missouri is a cliffhanger. but if my calculations are correct it would go to three billboards. this is a home that academy voters love. there is a passion for. already swept at the golden globes in the screen actors guild awards and british academy awards. the shape of what it will get the award for best achievement in directing for gammel del toro. the shape of water in absolute masterpiece. it's filmmaking, storytelling. let's just make sure that they get the right of luck this year. >> the shape of what it was beautifully shot. really fantastic. who is the best actor? >> there are some big names.
1:33 pm
three-time winner lewis, 210 winner denzel washington for roman j israel esquire. and then maybe it will go to gary oldman in the darkest hour. he portrays the british prime minister winston churchill in the 1940s and is absolutely astonishing. he is unrecognizable on the screen. a remarkable transformation. he has gotten all of the awards but i think that he is headed for the brightest hour of his life in a few hours from now. >> a spectacular performance. it really brings winston churchill to life. meryl streep, 21st time for meryl streep? >> yes i think it is a repetitious won three oscars. if she wins 1/4 she will tie the all-time record currently held by the late katharine hepburn. but that will not happen tonight. watch for the oscar to go to frances mcdormand in three billboards.
1:34 pm
she stars as a woman seeking revenge of the murder of her daughter. it is an intense dramatic performance issues dynamite. she too is pretty much a lock. and by the way, she previously won in this category 21 years ago for -- two decades that she gets in oscar, -- >> a great memory for best supporting actor? >> yes it will be sam rockwell in three billboards. a dynamite film, electrifying. he is also with all of the precursors for the role is somewhat controversial. there are racial issues but i think he will still win. this is his first nomination and first win. he is so talented that we will see him back the oscars very soon. >> he really didn't terrific. >> no question. >> best supporting actress. >> this is a battle of the emmy winners for seven-time winner allison -- and three-time winner from that actors that
1:35 pm
played jackie and roseann. and and i tanya, she stars as tonya harding. she is in scene after scene, just the most incredible bill. she portrays and she is wonderful. she has cleanup all of the precursors. she is a slamdunk. i hope she has room on the mantle because she will need it. >> and the film really brings you into tanya harding's life. >> does. questions fantastic. >> any surprises? >> it is funny, what open category, best animated film. most people don't take kobe bryant is an oscar nominee for a film called your basketball. it is wonderful. he is the odds on favorite for the home-court advantage. no pun intended. but watch out, i've seen is nominees, there is one garden party which may cause an upset. it is a lush animation. win or lose it could be
1:36 pm
depicted in the neck you will find out if he is on stage are sitting on the bench! >> looking at the news person i look at the documentaries. last year, one of the -- this year is the last man in aleppo. >> very powerful. >> and you know, it is so important to have this message and show these messages by these films. and have them recognizes documentaries. do you think this is properly recognized for. >> the winners always speak about the issues at stake here last year they spoke about the crisis theory and asked the audience members to stand. so we when the films are about important issues reflected in the speeches and emotional you will see. >> and in memoriam of all the stars we lost this year.
1:37 pm
it will be a wonderful moment. >> it will be good to see. >> he is always on the money for sure! meanwhile the gun control debate continues to spark controversy after the president talks about confiscating guns from the mentally ill. how does this lineup with the second amendment and due process? our legal panel is on board to discuss. managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal... ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna. more and more people
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mueller can be a spinning his rush investigation. any report claims is team is now looking into whether united arab emirates re-seeking to gain political influence during and after the 2016 presidential election. we have lauren blanchard following this story from washington. >> the new york times reported
1:42 pm
special counsel, robert mueller is now looking into ties between the lebanese american businessman, the united arab m are at and the 2016 trump campaign. according to the times sources, they want to know if there were any members of the uae to buy political favor influence with the trump campaign through campaign money. the businessman -- reports was a frequent visitor to the trump white house in 2017. advised is on also ahead of the presidents visited to saudi arabia lester and his been an advisor to one of the leaders of the uae. now the special counsel is interviewing witnesses about the influence and the presence sudden lunch allocation is family business ties to the middle east. >> we couldn't understand what the trump administration so for my taking the cell beside in this dispute between the 70s and the -- >> also suggested the russia prep is moving past election meddling.
1:43 pm
>> my only view is he would serve his own interest. to the point where there is prior special counsel that was there for about three years plus. everybody can see that was a mistake. >> all this comes after the robert mueller investigation last month indicted 13 russian nationals and three russian entities for their role in an alleged plot to interfere in the elections. and rick gates on money laundering and lying to investigators and indicted the former campaign chairman, paul manafort. >> thank you. >> take the firearms first and then go because that is another system. a lot of times the time you go to court to take so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. i like taking the guns early. like in this crazy man's case. that just took place in florida. >> that is the president hinting at dismissing due
1:44 pm
process and taking guns away from the mentally ill. some republican senators are now pushing back. >> when you say something like we will take the guns first, we grabbed the guns first and later will have the due process conversation. what that means is government is first. and hopefully you have a bureaucrat that you trust to decide what rights you have. that is not how america works. >> the due process is such a situation would be in the front end, not on the back end. >> illegal panel joins us now with a attorney and a fox news legal analyst be good to have you both. we want to start here rachel. which gun-control proposals currently being discussed would pass the tests? >> well, i think anything actually affords people there due process, it is encouraging to see the elected officials pushing back against the presidents rate casual disregard of due process. this is a country of laws.
1:45 pm
this issue like all of our important issues needs to be handled in the bounds of the law. i think more secure background checks is something that has bipartisan support right now. because the mentally ill, since the 60s, have not been supposed to be getting guns in this country. so clearly something is broken in the background check system that needs to be fixed. >> mercedes? >> that cannot be that it is hard to get a beer than a gun. and it is harder to have a car than to get a gun. definitely access has to be focused. frankly, look at some of the other laws that we have. so, raise the age of the individual deck and purchase a gun. i completely agree with rachel that we had a very thin left background checks. delay the time i which you will purchase a gun and whether you actually get a gun. and also there is support for some training for individuals. law-abiding citizens that want to purchase these guns.
1:46 pm
have some sort of training for you cannot drive a car without a license. there are jurisdictions in the country that you do not even need a license to purchase a gun. so all of these things, that is why it really is, we are at a point in which people say enough. we've had enough massacres, enough of the deaths. 260,000 deaths by gun violence along in 2016. cdc has a policy to success that when i was researching to for 2017 by 2016 38,000 people died. something has to be done. >> technically disturbing. if we end up with individual state laws on gun control. what kind of legal issues cannot cause? >> think it will. states already were individualized and how they let people have their guns. i know for instance in massachusetts each have a license to carry a firearm. if you're seen with a firearm is not properly licensed there is a two-year mandatory minimum jail sentence. if you're caught with a gun if you do not have the license for the proper licensing.
1:47 pm
every state is individualized but the thing you will run into is where the federal law conflicts with the state law. and for instance, when there is domestic violence registry statewide that are not passed on to the federal background checks situation. there are some conflicting concerns and that his work was back to fixing the system and making sure that the background information and all of the data being put into the system is actually being utilized by the people selling the guns and the people licensing for the guns. >> mercedes, quickly. william macy the ability and legal ability to be able to take guns across state lines? >> certainly there will be challenges. it will be but probably there could be some sort of federal registry. there is a federal registry for the background check. that is why the fbi gets involved. all that we are talking about registry with guns. a national registry you can use that if there's any challenges of transporting guns from one
1:48 pm
place to another. >> mercedes, let's go back to the president expressing frustration in getting the guns out of the hands of evil or mentally ill people. is there a legal workaround that the president is looking for? >> not that i am aware of that you can actually do. due process is honestly such a sacred right that we have. there is a right that will be taken from you then certainly have to have some due process. but if you do the intensive background checks, make sure that those with mental illness, history of mental illness do not get guns, if you make sure the of some sort of delay between the purchasing and getting the gun. and increase the age. all of the things that rachel and i are talking about. then you will not necessarily need to tread upon due process. >> exactly! she is absolutely right. that is the thing, if background checks are being done properly you will not need to worry about violating some
1:49 pm
is due process to get guns out of his hand because he wouldn't have it in his hands to begin with. >> receives answers anytime soon? yes or no? >> yes. >> no. >> there we go! >> and i love you rachel! >> i love you both. >> great to see both of you! >> thank you on this very serious topic and your analysis. >> my pleasure. let's 1965, the day that this bridge was named after confederate general. he became the site of a critical turning point in the civil rights movement. come enough, by the city of selma is marking an anniversary this week of bloody sunday. hey,g here?
1:50 pm
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the civil rights movement. this 53 years later hundreds of people descended upon selma alabama to commemorate the event known as bloody sunday.
1:54 pm
ray nanas joins us now with more. >> hello eric is 53 years ago april 7, 1965, 600 people crossed this bridge to march from selma alabama to montgomery. it was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration for the voting rights of african-americans. alabama governor george wallace ordered state troopers to use whatever means necessary to stop the march. armed the state troopers some even on horseback charged and attacked the protesters on the bridge. the nation watching t.v. as bloody men women and children gasped for air as police fired tear gas canisters on a day that will become known as bloody sunday. joanne was 11 years old when she participated in the march. >> i thought the tear gas canisters were gunshots. i thought they were killing the people up front because that is the first thing that we heard. the gunshots and then the
1:55 pm
screams. >> outraged by the images protesters came and martin luther king jr. led a second march when he too was turned around by police after holding a prayer session. finally, one third march was successful. after a federal judge permitted the protest and president lyndon johnson federalized national guard troops ordering them to protect 25,000 protesters over the five day, 54 mile march in selma to the steps of the capitol in montgomery. they george represented john lewis that a bipartisan group of congressional members in the annual celebration of the marches. which galvanized president johnson to pitch congress to pass the voting rights act of 1965. the act outlawed discriminatory practices like literacy tests and that keeping african-americans from voting. ensuring all americans are guaranteed 1/15 amendment right to vote. >> thank you so much. let's listen to john lewis. >> they never gave in. they kept the faith.
1:56 pm
they kept their eyes on the prize. -- >> today we are joined by some very famous colleagues of yours. reverend jesse jackson. how are you doing? >> excited to be back here again. [inaudible] >> senator, anything that you had to add? >> i'm honored to be here. >> thank you for joining us. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ (vo)just one touch.ith with fancy feast creamy delights,
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serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. >> i am chris wallace. a wild week in washington as president trump splits with conservatives on two fronts. ♪. >> on trade. >> 25 percent for steel, 15 percent for aluminum. >> i hope the president doesn't really do this because if he does, it will be a huge tax on american citizens. >>chris: and gun control. >> take the firearms first and then go to court. >> that's not how america works. >>chris: we will discuss the president's policies in disarray and the west wing with trade advisor, peter navarro. live on "fox news sunday".


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