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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 6, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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writes not sure whether to laugh or hug your neck. thank god there are still parents. god bless you for this, one day he will tell his kids how you made him the man he will become. it is not a bad thing. "fox and friends first" continues, i will see you back here tomorrow, goodbye. >> people have to understand our country on trade has been ripped off by virtually every country in the world whether it is friend or enemy. jillian: tuesday, march 6th, talking tough on taps, donald from doubling down on his proposal despite his own party's doubts. >> polls opening in hours in texas with heavy pressure on republicans, the buzz in the headlines have been quite blue. will the lone star state stay red? we are there live. jillian: emma watson speaking out about the glaring
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grammatical error on her tattoo. the new numbers showing the anti-trump oscars where a ratings disaster. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ i got somebody at home ♪ i am good ♪ kim jong un 7 a live look from houston, texas. they got a big day. the primaries, already talking about a lightning bolt, storms, 2018 midterm elections already. jillian: more on that throughout the hour. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us, donald from standing firm on his tariff
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plan. rob: despite the backlash on both sides of the isle, kelly wright, canada and mexico could be major factors whether this goes forward. >> reporter: very well could be especially if they agree to a nafta agreement. if they do not negotiate donald trump says they will face the tariff plan as well. donald trump and justin trudeau spoke about the tariffs that have every country angry about the plan but the president says he is not backing down was the president's plan could impose a 10% tariff on aluminum imports at 25% tax on steel, he believes it is imperative to the national security. >> we may have friends but remember this, we lost over the last number of years $800 billion a year, not half $1
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million, not $.12, we lost $800 billion a year on trade. not going to happen. >> reporter: the president's determination to place heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum is flipping the script in washington. democrats support him, republicans oppose him. fearing the tariffs will spark a trade war. >> why are we going through this right now? nobody ever wins trade wars. trade wars are only lost. the president continues to treat trade like a 0-sum game. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for paul ryan released a statement reading we are extremely worried about the consequences of a trade war and are urging the white house to not advance with this plan. rust belt states like pennsylvania where steel and aluminum workers live and work, democrat sen. bob casey supports
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the president tweeting when countries cheat on trade pennsylvania workers lose. i urge the administer and to follow through and take aggressive measures to make sure workers can compete on a level playing field. some organized labor leaders are in favor of tariffs, that could increase the popularity among republicans. rob: we will analyze it quite a bit more. >> donald obeyed kim number is backing away from statements defying a subpoena with robert mueller's russia probe. >> i'm the first person to say i am not cooperating. >> the idea donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> he would be willing to comply mueller epstein limits the request which includes thousands
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of emails, texts and workpapers dating back to 2015. that includes with his mentor roger stone, long-term advisors donald trump and some say mueller's probe is far from over. >> he is gearing up and more indictments should be expected. the lists of people not on the list, he already has them. jared kushner, ivanka trump, gen. flynn. jillian: the trump campaign fired number again 2015 for racially starts statements on a facebook page which he denies. rob: the first time since taking office donald trump will host sweden's prime minister, talks will focus on growth, job creation and innovation but also the agenda, security and defense. and it has sweden expressed concern about the military buildup and aggression from
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their neighbor, russia. the meeting comes one day after donald from hosted benjamin in yahoo, the president hinting he could attend the opening ceremonies of the new us embassy in jerusalem this may. >> thank you very much, i may. they have started construction and i may. we will be talking about that. >> met in yahoo praising the decision calling it an influential event in jewish history. jillian: kim jong un hosting a delegation for diplomatic talks. north korean media calling it openhearted. the hudson institute senior fellow rebecca heinrich thinks the north might not be interested in diplomacy at all. >> the north koreans using this as a propaganda -- this will provide insight into the health
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of kim jong un, the south koreans will be able to talk to american officials about his mental state, his physical state, that will provide useful information. jillian: security advisor will visit the trump administration. we will keep you posted on that. rob: another winter storm set to slam the northeast for the second time in a week. >> that is not good. jillian: garbage truck caught on camera sliding sideways down and icy road in north dakota. kim jong un rob: this tree falling on top of a power line right near the crew, that is scary. jillian: janice dean tracking what is next. this is nothing to mess around with. >> a lot of folks still without
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power, we perhaps have another storm on the weekends to watch the winter not over yet. a blizzard across the northern plains, part of this energy will fuel the coastal storm starting tonight all day tomorrow. the low tracks closer to the coast, dealing with the rain snow mix. if it tracks toward the east it will be an all snow event. the bottom line is prepare for the worst at this point and watch the local forecasts but the snow line will be right on the new york city area. we could see a little more snow, other cases less snow. it will be a fine line but a winter storm warning in effect in new york city northwest of the area, some areas west of new york, north of new york could get the jackpot of over a foot of snow and the worst of it coming tomorrow morning into the
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afternoon. look at that snow rain line mix near new york city but i expect 6 inches, 8 inches around new york city. east of that it will be a rain event, watch your forecast very closely. we will keep you updated from the extreme weather center. rob: the biggest storm of the season for the new york area. >> for some spots. jillian: the 92 annual records not a good one, this may be to blame. >> they don't make films like this for money, we make them to upset mike pence. >> to all the dreamers out there we stand with you. >> tell the nra they are in god's away. you don't control our faith because god is great. >> hollywood's because night brought in 27 million viewers, the lowest number of people watching on record since 1974. following 20% since last year.
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jillian: also lower than the college national championship game between georgia and alabama. that had 20 million viewers. hollywood scrambles to fix its image in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal the damage may be done. kim jong un rob: the rock-bottom ratings are the result of stars dipping their toes into politics. >> they lost the soapbox. we had a problem. we thought everything would happen with weinstein or kevin spacey, down the list in terms of people who are not in this industry anymore. i don't think i heard the name weinstein. we heard a record to the meat 2 movements but they are walking a fine line. you can't put humpty dumpty back
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together. many folks knew what to expect when it came to a show like this, i won't deal with it and would rather watch something else and that is a problem for hollywood. jillian: us movie ticket sales for 2017 were the lowest they have been in 25 years. it has been years since i have been to a movie. rob: there were not many big blockbusters this year and that is true. there were some big movies. 11 minutes after the hour, hiding in plain sight, a new bombshell in the fbi clinton email scandal that took the entire term agent never investigated. jillian: doubling down on the tariff proposal despite pressure from his own party. >> why in the world are we going through this right now? nobody ever wins trade wars. trade wars are only lost by all involved. jillian: is the president making the right move for america? the debate come.
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you were pushed out of your homeland, but you could never be broken. you walked together. you built your home again. my dna showed that i'm native american, and connected me to cousins who taught me about our tribe. my name is joseph reece,
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and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 10 million new family connections made every day. order your kit at heather: a 20 year mac suing dick's sporting-goods for refusing to step on a light bulb, lawsuit filed in oregon claims tyler watson faced age discrimination at walmart, claims it was four days before the company announced they were raising the age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21 oregon law allows 18-year-old plans to buy shotguns and rifles. the kneading and that working out bumble is banning profile images that include guns from 30 million users. this is in the wake of mass shootings and gun violence, excludes users in the military
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or officers in uniform. rob: donald from standing behind his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports despite facing criticism from both sides of the aisle. the president tweeting we must protect american steel. is he making the right move for the country? here to the date that is katrina pearson and run for america cofounder david burstein. let's take a look at the tentative plan the way it looks, 10% on aluminum, 25% on steel imports coming into the united states, the president says this is to protect our metals industry in case there is a war. we can't go to other countries to get it, we have to protect that interest, national security. what do you say? >> this is a totally outdated approach to doing this, last
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time we saw this was the smoot-hawley tariff which led to the great depression shortly thereafter. this is not the right time to be doing this. the production of these things here, tariffs are not the way to do it. it comes back to us in the legal even though it seems according to the president to create short-term problems, the money we send overseas comes back, this will incentivize as everyone is pointing out a trade war that we don't need. rob: your response? >> the trade war started with nafta with so many people losing their jobs. this is a campaign promise he made to the american people, something he campaigned on for the entire campaign and talked about in 30 years of discussing us policy. this is important. we have a situation with the aluminum industry, steel industry that is in danger at
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this point. the president is absolutely right particularly in a time of terrorism and potential war the united states has to rely on itself and about others. we can look at these tariffs and how they worked in other areas like washing machines, and samsung manufacturing in the united states. rob: you said there is an other way to do this. one of the options? >> it ends up passing these costs on to the consumers. people pay more to import these things, use end up with the praise going to the consumer, you can incentivize companies who do do that production and that creates a tax break and helps companies that have seen tax breaks for companies here and there's a lot more people could do like samsung here, those people should be getting a positive as opposed to
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penalizing those people for passing on to the consumer. is furious about this plan, see what they do with their imports. we charge to a half%. look at the e.u. , they protect their auto industry with a 10% tariff on american cars. why is it when we try to protect our steel industry they are so furious? >> that is the point. for so long so many nations have been hurting the us economy is the president has pointed out so many times, we are the least protectionist when it comes to trade and he wants to level the playing field and he is within his right to do that and this is a promise he made to america because you cannot have national security without a strong booming economy and that means protecting your ability to make
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weapons. rob: i understand both sides and we will see how this plays out but thanks for getting up early with us. >> cnn shut down blue >> what have you not taken a question from cnn to give do you expect the justice department to enforce -- >> thank you for your service. >> sarah sanders putting jim acosta in his place. is amazon trying to take over the world? the way the online retail giant finding its way into customers wallets. ♪ with expedia one click gives you access to discounts
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>> thousand medicaid recipients forced back to work come summertime, arkansas the third status of the requirements have to be from administration imposes work requirements on some who receive benefits. women with payment, those with disabilities, caregivers and people with dependent children are exempt. the program goes into effect in june. >> the trick to losing weight could be oiling your coffee. celebrities like courtney kardashian swearing by nct oil derived from coconuts or palm kernels. fans of bulletproof coffee claim the oil boosts energy and sugar cravings but diet experts remain skeptical that it contains saturated fat. rob: we have amazon on nightstands and kitchen counters and tvs, why not in our wallets
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as well. jillian: the latest plan to get into your wallet. >> reporter: you love shopping online but don't have a bank account, amazon reportedly in talks with big banks like morgan mack -- j.p. morgan to create a service to younger customers, those who don't have a checking account and they would be able to cut down on their fees that amazon has to pay to financial institutions and get valuable customer data. we are seeing amazon take control of more things they are offering like offering their own shipping and -- >> flying cars. they could see themselves getting into the flying car business, possibly a ridesharing
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service. envision these flying cars, you would still have some control so you will not need any pilots license to drive these around. we're still hearing about people getting into these automakers, we have to think about flying cars and see if this happens. >> with the school's national oreo day. >> national oreo day. they were called oreo biscuits in 1912 and you could buy them, $.25 for a pound. we have some orioles onset. jillian: i will need some for this storm. and you go for the mega stuff. >> they are missing a few.
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but they are missing a few. >> the cookie monster of "fox and friends first". rob: you try to do something nice on the air. >> any kind of celebrating? >> they are giving away free oreo chocolate candy bars, giving them away today. i think it is something new. i have to wait for the break. 27 minutes after the hour. you take those, go right ahead. a california mayor and testing she did nothing wrong when she sounded the alarm about immigration raids. >> what i did was my job as mayor of oakland and reflective of the values of the people i
2:28 am
represent. >> hundreds of illegals that escaped as the head device hits back. rob: primary elections kicking off in texas, griff jenkins live in fort worth where voters at the polls hours from now. >> reporter: good morning, the first in the nation, primary season is on in texas and they are fired up. we are in fort worth, i have pancakes, coffee, voters getting started here when we come back. ♪ deep in the heart of texas ♪ maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. rob: hundreds of illegal immigrants arrested but hundreds more on the loose after a warning by oakland's near the feds were coming.
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jillian: and look at what comes next. >> accessions coming to california and will address the controversy around oakland's mayor's decision to announce the ice rate were imminent, the sweep continues to generate strong reaction from all sides. amid protests condemning the 4-day ice operations the mayor of san francisco pledging millions to hire additional lawyers to fight deportation but one crime victim says she is relieved one of those arrested is off the street. >> glad they are in custody and serve some time for what he does. >> reporter: fox news on hand when armando delgado was arrested at his home in napa. the known gang member and multiple felon crashed into lacey mcintyre leaving her injured and telling her car,
2:33 am
cops found him hiding in a vineyard and arrested him for felony hit and run. he's looking at new federal charges that could send him to prison for 20 years. >> we will review the case and presented to the attorney for prosecution but remove the individual from the country. >> she doesn't like to see families torn apart by enforcement operations. >> decisions that put his family in that place. >> reporter: in oakland ice officials say two targets remain at large, a honduran with multiple arrests for drug and child sex crimes and a mexican national with weapons and drunk driving convictions. in both cases detainers have been ignored because of centauri policies. now some legal analysts say if the trumpet administration is looking for a test case, go after local officials who interfere with ice operations, this could be it. jillian: ousted fbi agent peter
2:34 am
stzrok under fire for compromising national intelligence information. two sources telling fox news he was told of a breach in hillary clinton's email server in 2016 but failed to do a formal damage assessment, this comes as a report from the justice department inspector general michael horwitz is expected soon on the doj and fbi handling of the email piece. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski meeting behind closed doors about russian interference this thursday. he met with the group in january. at the time he wasn't ready to answer questions related after leaving the campaign in summer of 2016. >> a federal judge willing donald trump's phaseout of daca is legal, the same day the protection for dreamers was set to expire and all the protests
2:35 am
but this judgment does not overturn, blocking the trumpet administration fermenting the program, nothing changes, the white house pushing congress to find a permanent solution. republican cochran resigning from the senate after four decades. the mississippi senator and chairman of the appropriations committee decided to give up his seat due to poor health, he was elected to the senate in 1978 after serving 6 years in the house was a special election will be held during the november 6th midterms to fill the rest of his term through january 21st. jillian: all eyes on texas, voters head to the polls for the first primary election of the 2018 midterm season. republicans facing unusually heavy pressure for a deep red state. rob: what do voters think? griff jenkins talking to them in fort worth, texas.
2:36 am
i bet the food is good. >> reporter: it is good. i have pancakes but an exciting day because they are kicking off the national midterms in texas. we are at the westside café and they expect a possible blue wave, they have an early voting turnout, smashed records. 885,000 people turned out, nearly double what it was in 2014. last time they had a turnout, the joke in texas is democrats will fall 500,000 votes short, they really think they have a chance with this massive turnout but there is no correlation from early turnout to general elections but we are at the westside café, talking a lot of politics, tracy stanford, the westside café for 21 years, talking a lot of politics today. >> buzzing about it i'm sure.
2:37 am
>> reporter: we have seen immigration, rise in the polling, what do you think about immigration? for business owner like yourself? >> it is hard to get -- whether it is mexicans, syrians, unemployment is very low and few people going to work today. >> reporter: you would like to see making it easier for unskilled laborers to get jobs to work in the kitchen, to work in these agricultural jobs in texas. >> you hear about silicon valley, in their homes, that -- businessmen are suffering.
2:38 am
it is driving up wages. >> reporter: just so we're clear, all 36 house of representatives seats on the table today and one senate race, ted cruz is up and governor abbott. all in all democrats have 1800 candidates running this year. jillian: big day in texas, we will be checking with him throughout the morning so stay tuned for that. no love in the air, pc police hitting the air for one airline, brand-new ban that will have you shaking your head. rob: the amazing world war ii era underwater find. jillian: emma watson probably wishes she had a redo of this one. carly shimkus here with the online reaction. ♪
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jillian: briefing, bashing. sarah sanders schooling jim acosta after he accused her of ignoring his question. rob: carly shimkus with a twitter tantrum. >> reporter: a twitter spat with sarah huckabee sanders. it started when sanders left yesterday's briefing without answering jim acosta's question. >> you have not taken a question from cnn. do you expect the justice department to enforce all subpoenas? >> thank you for your service. >> reporter: he wrote third press briefing around the press secretary did not take a
2:43 am
question from cnn. sanders fired back writing courage isn't taking a question from the department of veterans affairs, not the first time acosta has created waves. we have all seen on social media tattoos go wrong but this is not real. >> to support the movement, emma watson showed up with some fresh ink. her tattoos says times up but social media users deka out it
2:44 am
is missing punctuation. the tattoo is not permanent. she joked about this on twitter writing fake tattoo proofreading position available, experience a must. one of those stick on the things that you wash off. easy fix. rob: still talking about billy graham. >> reporter: major online movements calling for billy graham to get a national holiday to honor his life and legacy. this petition was created a week ago. it has 86,000 signatures and says let's get a national holiday for billy graham, he preached the gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history so the holidays likely to face challenges given the concern over separation of church and state but i'm sure this is a fantastic thing for his family. >> navy aircraft carrier found 76 years after being sunk in
2:45 am
world war ii, the uss lexington discovered off the coast of australia. >> was pummeled by japanese forces in may 1942 killing 200 sailors. nearby ships rescue 2700 others. >> it was found by microsoft's cofounder paul allen. that is an incredible find. jillian: disaster for democrats, the 15 dream turned into a nightmare. >> the democratic party has never been on my side. what we got in 2012 was something that left us hanging by a thread. >> could be a wake-up call for the left? bob jones says it is all about convenience for democrats, he joins us next. rob: let's check with brian gill need with what is coming up on "fox and friends". i want to make sure.
2:46 am
>> reporter: it is good that jillian is helping you out. you had to toss so low, not to get any help. you carried the whole thing. what a torso shot. i am jealous. that is a call, shout out to every contributor. what we have for the next 3 hours if you want to add anything, sen. joe mansion, democrat running for election who also has a cosponsor of the plan on guns, he believes the president will sign his background check gun bill along with pat toomey. we will talk to him live. ben schapiro, editor-in-chief
2:47 am
with us with yukon, and before she appears as opposed to when schapiro appeared. judge andrea napolitano has bad news for people who want the mueller investigation over, they are just gearing up. we have to be 3 hours was my hunch is time to expand on it. please get dressed. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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rob: australian airline banning gender inappropriate words, issuing an information packet stating ploys must stop saying honey, darling, guys, and love, use partner instead of husband and wife, parents instead of mom and dad. they say this is to prevent the
2:51 am
lgbt community from being offended. of florida middle school teacher removed from the classroom after being accused of posting a white nationalist podcast, it is called unapologetic but she claims it was all satire. she talks about hurricane katrina and louisiana's african population. >> ingrained hunter gatherer culture left them and prepared for hurricane katrina and it wasn't the government that was to blame for this. >> is prohibited from contact with children until the investigation is complete. jillian: democrats dream becoming a nightmare, daca recipients protesting outside democrat headquarters after months of no action. >> the democratic party has never been on my side. i have advocated for them, helped them campaign, heard countless times, help them get
2:52 am
elected, helped my community. >> the left spinning this is ultra pabst fault but who is to blame? lawrence jones joins me, what do you make of the protest and who is to blame? >> i blame the democrats. the president was willing to hurt his base, upset his base by giving citizenship to 1.8 million illegals in this country in exchange for border security, democrats seem to not want to do this. that is something conservatives like me have not supported in the past with daca recipients, through no fault of their own but democrats not willing to play ball. >> donald from center tweet about this, it is march 5th, democrats know were to be found
2:53 am
on daca, gave them 6 months, they don't care, where are they? we are ready to make a deal. are democrats ready to make a deal? >> they don't want to deal because they want to campaign on this issue. it is clear when they decided to shut down the government over this issue. they don't want to work for the president, pretty disappointing. there was a time in this country when the opposing side wanted something and what they wanted, exchange border security or some other policies, normally they go along with it. not the democratic party because they need to do what they can to resist and campaigning on this issue. these are not people that convert. this is why we got donald, the american people wanted to focus on issues that matter to them. it is a dumb campaign strategy. >> donald from peps decision to
2:54 am
spiegel daca created an unnecessary crisis that left hundreds of dreamers uncertain about the future. just wanted to throw that out there. you can react to that. >> it is important, the audience may know it is not the president after job to do this. what the president said is congress just passed a law, as the president of the united states i cannot just grant citizenship to people like pres. obama was trying to do by keeping people here. putting it where was supposed to be, it is intellectually dishonest as a lawyer and he knows that and is trying to rally his base. jillian: texas is a red state, big dig, primaries happening today bitterly voting suggesting a big turnout for democrats. what is your take on what will happen? >> the resistance is real.
2:55 am
the question is can democrats get people to show up for general election? a lot of the people showing up today, voted for donald trump. the same people voted for barack obama. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> some serious monkey business. the hunt happening to find dozens of exotic animals stolen from a sanctuary. jillian: the hilarious moment a woman passed out this roller coaster ride and wakes up screaming. but you could never be broken. you walked together. you built your home again. my dna showed that i'm native american, and connected me to cousins who taught me about our tribe. my name is joseph reece,
2:56 am
and this is my ancestrydna story. .
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♪ jillian: welcome back, time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. massachusetts first responders being hailed heroes for saving a choking puppy. rescuers putting an oxygen mask on the dog, saving its life. >> that is something. next the bad. thieves make off with dozens of exotic animals. four monkeys and others from a wildlife sanctuary. told people to go around back and take what you want. refuge pleading with the crooks and bring animals home. jillian: roller coaster crazy for one rider passing oumid ride and wakes up screaming. >> passed out.
3:00 am
[screams] >> she is back. >> i hate -- jillian: that's how i feel when my alarm goes off every morning. >> she's back. she's back. rob: it's hilarious. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good tuesday. >> a major development all roads in the russia investigation lead directly back to hillary clinton. >> we know that the democrats were trying to get information from russians to use against the trump campaign. >> sam nunberg, a fired former trump campaign aide saying he refused to testify. >> mueller is not going to send me to prison for this. this is ridiculous. the idea that once again donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> deadline to pass something on daca came and on capitol hill nothing happened. donald trump tweeted it's march 5th. democrats nowhere to be found on daca. gave them six months. i got to say jimmy, you outdid yourself.


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