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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 7, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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so, if you are going to run away, make sure you put it in park. rob: precious. jillian: don't run away from the cops. rob: not a good idea. we hope you survive the storm. it's going to be a nasty one out there and "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> the department of justice launching a major lawsuit against the state of california. alleging deliberate interference with federal immigration policy. >> with jeff sessions' arrival in sacramento, justice is finally coming to california. >> house republicans now calling for a second special prosecutor they want answers after alleged abuse of a fisa surveillance program. >> we don't have the tools. we don't have access to a grand jury. we can't grant immunity there are a thousand reasons to let the special counsel handle this. >> there are already names being floated to replace gary cohn at the white house. trade advisor pete navarro. >> so many people want to come. and i have the choice of anybody. >> the lone star state coming out to vote in record
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numbers. >> when it came down to on election day. it failed to materialize. >> if you you are going to run in sexist. you can't be a little broman ♪ i ain't leaving until they throw me mouth. steve: it doesn't look like it's snowing in washington yet. if you watch the news later today we will get 17 feet of snow. snow.ages. lisa: i thought it was 20 feet. brian: i believe in janice dean she is wearing giant regallia. it's waterproof. lisa, welcome. lisa: hey, guys. brian: lisa booth playing in the middle. lisa: i appreciate you having me today. brian: it's ultimately my decision. lisa: that's what i heard i thought you wanted me. brian: if you are going out
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wear a kerr chief because it's very wet. steve: a lot of schools have been cancelled for the day. if you are in, sit back, relax beings and enjoy the news. we start with a fox news alert. later today the attorney general of the united states of america is going to attend the 26th annual law enforcement legislative day in sacramento, california. what's he going to do? essentially he is going to say california, you are breaking so many laws we are going to crack down on you. in particular, recently, the state of california passed three laws to essentially make sure that that sanctuary state does not work with federal ice agents. brian: that's shannon bream out there last night. focused on that. with her legal back imrowns bac. california mind set, fastest thing in california on the rise is homelessness. they decide they are going to focus more on in this case the illegals in their midst and protect them rather than protect the people who are actually
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paying taxpayer dollars. the governor took a shot at the president of the united states and his administration at a time of unprecedented political turmoil. jeff sessions has come to california to further divide and polarize america. jeff, these political stunts may be in the norm in washington they just don't work here. sad. > do you think this is a stunt, lisa. lisa: it's a stunt from the democratic party as well. trump called out democrats particularly congress the other day for not doing anything on daca. democrats controlled both bodies of congress and the white house and failed to get anything done on this. you could also say that democrats like senator kamala hairs are grandstanding themselves. look, she is looking ahead at 2020. we all know she might be running for president on the democratic ticket. i think there is some politics at play for them as well. brian: she wants to corner the market on the illegal vote. she has got it. steve: you have got to hope they can't actually vote in
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california, right? meanwhile, she did tweet this out. trump and sessions think they can bully california, but it won't work. what are the three laws at play here? they were passed in the last year. one of them is senate bill 54. whether a that does is limit the cooperation between ice and the local jurisdictions. and then assembly bill 450. and it requires employers, if there is a raid, to say to the police officers the ice agents, i would like to see that warrant. i would like to seat paper before you come in to arrest people who should not be in country illegally. lisa: does that sound like bullying to you, brian? brian: i really believe this is spurred on by mostly what happened in our show. when you have the acting director of ice say what the mayor did warning the people in san francisco that the ice agents were coming days before and allowing them instead of picking up 950 to pick up a couple of hundred.
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that was just showing we have the states against the federal government. it can't stand. that's why i believe the attorney general is out there more than anything else. lisa: if you are a california citizen, i mean, the main emphasis of the trump administration has been going after illegal criminal aliens. if you are a california citizen, aren't you a little bit concerned that your state seems to be so interested in protecting individuals that are here that potentially are doing harm? brian bine by the way, on a side note, san francisco who is overrun with homelessness and high taxes as a state happens to have also come out number one as the hardest working -- the people there are number one the hardest working people in the entire country. steve: that's great. brian: per cap attachment working hard for people that aren't paying into their system and don't belong here in many cases. steve: quantify working hard there are a lot of people who work really hard and i work hard. lisa: we work hard, i think. so. steve: we're here at 6:05 in the morning and it's snowing like crazy in a couple hours. two powerful house chairman
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yesterday sent a letter to the attorney general and deputy attorney general. there you see, mr. goodlatte and mr. gowdy. what they are saying is we need -- the department of justice has gout to appoint a second special counsel. why? because of the fisa abuse. apparently the snooping laws were bent so badly during the last election and the department of justice cannot examine themselves. you need somebody else outside of the doj in the form of a special counsel because when you look at the inspector generate now, mr. horowitz, there's a lot he cannot do. lisa: trey gowdy was on "special report" last night talking about that very thing. >> what changed for me was the knowledge that there are two dozen witnesses that michael horowitz, the inspector general would not have access to. your options are doj investigate themselves. they can't do that because of conflict of interest. let the inspector general do it. i'm a big fan of michael
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horowitz. he has no jurisdiction of witnesses when i counted up 24 witness that's would not be able to access were he to investigate it, only one conclusion that special counsel. >> who is on that list. >> for anyone who no longer works for the department of justice or the fbi. state department you may recall a couple weeks ago there were some indication state department employees were feeding information to fusion gps. they would be outside the reach of the enemier general. brian: these two sober very respected lawmakers. however, they are both leaving. they are going to start this engine up and heading out the door. steve: that's okay, as long as they start it up. brian: i trust them to oversee it. there are so many people there not at their level especially trey gowdy as an investigator. i worry about another special counsel. i'm wondering why people can't do their job and look into -- the president should declassify these fisa applications. maybe the last 10 including of course the dossier and
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find out there is some abuse there why do we have to convene a separate counsel with a separate budget that's going to be wild catting. lisa: don't you think that the fact goodlatte and gowdy are retiring almost gives the fact that they're calling for a special counsel gives it more power and umph. they are out of the game. doesn't it give more credibility. steve: if you have got robert mueller and is he digging around looking at the russia thing. why not have somebody look at whether or not -- this is the scary part, if the department of justice and the fbi had bias and animus, because look at with mr. horowitz and his report is going to come out very promptly to look at the hillary clinton email scandal. he cannot talk to james comey, andrew mccabe because they both left. james rybicki the chief of staff over at the department of state. can't talk to sidney blumenthal, cody shearer.
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victoria new land. he has no prosecutorial authority. he has no subpoena power. so bring in somebody who does, and get some answers. brian: right. who appoints them? does jeff sessions get to appoint the special prosecutor who would look at the doj? steve: he would. lisa: potentially, whoever looks at the inspector general could put some heat on attorney general jeff sessions to appoint a special counsel. we don't know what this report is going to say. he was the one that unearthed the text message exchange between peter strzok and lisa page. steve: the love birds. lisa: definitely digging in here. potentially that then gives is the impetus for another special counsel. brian: adam schiff, believe it or not was against this. as if on cue house republicans call for special counsel to investigate fisa abuse. in doing so republicans express interest in investigating everything except what is very important russia's interference.
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and what we may do in the future. this may help serve the president's interest but does nothing to serve the national interest. i also think it would be great if the president announced and i hear it could be coming soon, homeland security a massive retaliation against russia. but, by all accounts. most people say i don't know anybody that does not believe they did everything they can to meddle in our election. and it would silence a lot of critics and make a lot of people feel better about 2018. steve: at the conclusion of the news conference yesterday with the swedish president. he said we are doing everything to crack down on russia. brian: go to paper ballots. i don't see any plan. dooz ando yousee any plan? steve: president trumin 2017 tht had 90% negative coverage. and now he has 91%. lisa: i find this to be the
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most shocking story of the day. steve: it's the headline. brian: i mean, for example, by all rights, you should not be able to lead a show last night in prime time without not talking about north korea. i was curious to see how everything was playing. i don't think it hit the top five on other networks. when you talk about the number one rogue nation, the most dangerous threat to the u.s. according to president obama. and they made overtures the way they did that should at the very least be a lead story. all people david sanger of the "new york times" says you have got to credit president trump and the administration for getting to this point. that's why it didn't lead on any other network. that would have ban positive story. steve: we will do that story coming up shortly. statistics on the negative versus positive compiled by mrc media research center. brian: here is jillian who pledges to do the weather. lisa: i'm feeling very left out by the way. three of you sitting on the couch. no one me a red memo.
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brian: because you have to dress like rob. that's your first allegiance. jillian: good enough. fox news alert. breaking news following out of missouri. a police officer killed, two others hospitalized responding to a 911 call. the man opening fire on the cops at a home in clinton, outside of kansas city. that man later found shot dead inside that home after barricading himself inside for hours. the tragedy comes seven months to the day after fellow clinton police officer gary michael was killed during a traffic stop. adult film star daniels suing president trump. daniels whose real name is stefanie clifford claims she had an affair with the president 2006-2007. her lawyer made her sign a nondisclosure agreement days before the election. she wants it voided because she said trump never signed it president trump promising to find a new chief economic advisor soon.
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the commander-in-chief quote many people wanting the job will choose wisely. cohen refused to support proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. released the statement saying it had been an honor to serve in the white house. he will continue to serve for several more weeks. that's a look at your headlines, guys. send it back to you. steve: busy day. thank you very much. brian: i can't wait to see his replacement. will nfl anthem protests continue next season. enough to we may know. the players have spoken but so did some owners speak out. steve: record democratic turnout in texas could spell trouble for republicans heading into the mid terms we are wondering. we are going to break that down coming up next. e 'sleep number spring clearance event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? it's the last chance for clearance savings up to $600 on our most popular beds. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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nothing runs like a deere. now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. lisa: record turfout in texas for the first primary in 2018. 1 million democrats casting vote shorter than. brian: tom bevan, real clear politics. tom, first blush the day after. what turned out for you on the senate race no surprised that ted cruz prevailed on the republican side. does he have a competitor? >> yeah. roark won the democratic primary won the runoff. heavy favorite. raising a lot of money and rising stars in the democratic party.
3:18 am
upshot here is 30 plus% of democrats voted for someone else. he has still got a lot of work to do to unify that base. they will need every democrat if he is going to even come close to challenging ted cruz in the fall. lisa: tom, the focus has been on the blue wave what does that mean for 2018 election? republicans also saw primary record turnout beating 2010 records as well. so why is the focus only been on democrat early primary voting and democrat turnout. >> because of what's happened in past elections, liz. lisa. democrat early voting was up. had doubled in the 15 most pop plus counties. democrats did cast more votes yesterday than they had in many years across statewide. governor's race, senate race. again, the upshot is texas is still pretty red at the statewide level. i think democrats are fighting uphill battle. texas isn't going to be turning blue any time soon. that being said, of course, there are three congressional races that democrats are heavily
3:19 am
focused on that were won by hillary clinton in 2016. fighting teeth and nail to win those seats in the fall. brian: a lot of people say very hard for a democrat to win a statewide election. it's been a while. the end of the bush dynasty overblown. george p. did prevail yesterday. >> and easily, brian. that was the thing. this was going to be seen as sort of a tough race for him. he was running against the guy who formerly held the job. but, george p., you know, he got endorsement of president trump. he got the endorsement of don jr. and he ended up winning going away. that was a bit of a surprise. the dynasty may still be alive. brian: now all focus will be on pennsylvania and the special election. what does that mean? they are in a virtual dead heat right now in a district that donald trump won easily and always seems to go to the republican. >> this is the next big test for plucks obviously special election wise. they have spent a ton of money there and it is neck
3:20 am
and neck. you talk to some democratic strategists think they are going to win that race easily partly because of the candidate that they have. conor lamb is a good candidate. rick saccone is not as good of a candidate for republicans that one is going to be fought. we will see what the ramifications are. obviously if republicans lose that district it will not bode well. if they win or lose it by a point or two or if they lose it by more than that will have ramifications moving forward. lisa: thanks, tom. a lot to look ahead to for 2018. brian: you bet. tom bevin, thank you so much. coming up on this show, she is a sanctuary city sheriff who won't back down, that means she is putting the lives of her deputies in danger in more ways than one. lisa: plus, he was a bullien the bus so his dad made him run to school. why he filmed the entire thing. did the dad go too far? stay tuned ♪
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xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. brian: good morning, everyone. 6:23. quick look at the headlines. i urge you get dressed while i read a teenager isis trying to blow up school bomb. a backpack started smoking common area on texas. no one was hurt but said it had potential to kill people. unidentified student as of now is under arrest. suspected of spraying graffitgraffiti and -- i say ths warning signs. punch as plight attendant in the face. accord together phish. his name is colby hillary. attacked american airlines worker on a flight from florida to texas. he got upset because he thought the plane was going
3:25 am
the wrong way with no one at the controls. not a good reason, i'm not buying it. steve, let's talk parenting. steve: all right, brian, thank you very much. a high school in massachusetts has apologized for their girl's basketball team that beat their opponents by 86 30eu7b9 86 -- p. what happened to the winning spirit? we bring in our panel. allege psychiatrist we need a lot of the those around here. mom, science professor and consultant as well. all right. so what message does it say that the superintendent of your school apologized because you won by a big number. professor, let me start with you. >> i don't think she needs to apologize. i also don't think they needed to win by what was it 97-3. they didn't even put. this is what bothers me the most having been a parent with kids that sit on the
3:26 am
bench sometimes. they didn't put in the kids that sit on the bench. they kept their first stringers out there the entire game. i don't think it was necessary. steve: apparently only seven kids suited up for the game: rob? >> we are sensing this theme of it's not okay to win. it's not okay to lose. the important thing is it an s. an important part of social development to lose, to get frustrated to be disappointed and learn ohio to overcome it it's okay to lose. we can't be afraid to lose and let our kids overcome it. >> and it's okay to win and celebrate it. my son is a basic player. and there are many games that they win there are a few that they lose. and they -- most the common thread though throughout all the games is the sportsmanship, guys. at the end of the day, it's not about the winning. it's not about the losing. it's about doing your best, playing your best. and if you win, phenomenal, great celebrate it and if
3:27 am
you lose, shake hands. steve: the lesson that okay, you won, you won really big. but sometimes the best lessons in life are when do you lose. and then it's like i'm never going to let that happen to me again. >> that's right. two parts. one part is overcome ago loss and coping with it. learning something is the big point. and the other thing is, are we taking away from the kids that are winning. >> i have to disagree with this. i'm sorry. you mentioned sportsmanship and i agree we should celebrate winning. we all lose in life we have to do that. this is a high school, an educational institution. when you box somebody you don't pummel them to the ground you beat them and do it gracefully. i don't think you keep those starter us out there the entire game. california has a mercy rule where the coaches by 35 points, if you are winning by 35. the coaches can agree to let the clock run down i do think there is
3:28 am
another side. i'm for winning but i don't think you need to destroy people because i'm a nice person unlike them. [laughter] >> i think the problem. >> i agree with you on that. i don't think she needed to apologize but i think out coaching could have been better. steve: i think that's the problem. the superintendent had a problem with the coach so why apologize and all the kids suddenly feel ashamed a little bit. meanwhile, take a look at this. apparently one father's son was bullying children, on the bus, and kicked off the bus for three days. what did the dad do? make him run to school in the rain. and it worked. watch. >> this right here is called parenting, guys. if you don't know what it's like, here did you go. teach your child a lesson. you don't have to kill them. you don't always have to beat them. sometimes it sucks for them and that's what teaches them. steve: there have you father brian thornhill talking about his approach to parenting. >> so my take on this is i
3:29 am
am all about teaching our children lessons. steve: right. >> especially if your child does something wrong you have to take action. steve: bullying is terrible and unacceptable. >> however, at the same time, the fact that the dad took this video and put it online and made it go viral to me just concerns -- it's a little concerning to me though about how the child might react after seeing this. steve: you don't think the kid is going hey dad way to go 8 million views. i'm famous. instagram. >> certain ways to go about parenting. that's just my own opinion. steve: professor? >> i say amen to him having the kid walk. i think our children today feel they are entitled to go on the bus and do what they want and get a ride. i say amen to going on the bus. i do have some concerns about the public humiliation of the boy by putting the video. on the other hand, say he did the right thing in terms of having the kid walk. he said his behavior has changed.
3:30 am
i think it worked. >> it sounds like it did. >> i agree with what's been said so far. consequences, discipline and structure is very important today. very, very important. one thing that's not being addressed, guys, is the bullying. when you punish a child, you don't really change the behavior. you only teach the tid how to avoid getting caught. that's a fact. what's going on with the bullying? why is it not being addressed? bully something a symptom, guys. does the kid have a poor self-esteem? is he getting bullied himself? that needs to be addressed specifically with the child to change his behavior so he stops bullying. steve: so do you agree with the panel or not, email us at "fox & friends." they will be back in a little while. also email us or facebook us. thank you very much. next on the rundown. joe biden finally admits what you have known all along. >> some people in my party don't even get it anymore. they don't get it.
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it's about our pride. it's about our dignity. steve: tomi lahren is going to react coming up next. ted cruz message for the democrat trying to take the senate seat in her home state. cue the music ♪ if you want to win in texas beings ♪ you can't be a liberal man. baby boomers,
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morning, the race is on. singer ted cruz has released a new radio ad attacking democratic opponent hours after the primary polls closed yesterday in texas. brian: don't yell about it sing about it the country music jingle which i have yet to find catchy is called if you are going to run in texas. face off in november. maybe "american idol." lisa: i thought you were singing. brian: no. lisa: that's what i was tol told. brian: you were told misinformation. lisa: fake news. steve: tomi, you are from texas, what did you think of that? >> i spent the last two years in texas and the liberals would love to take the state. they still have delusional mentality that somehow they are going to turn texas blue. i think texans are going to love what ted cruz is doing. i think they are going to find it humorous. poking fun at his opponent. i think is he going to win and win big as the rest of the republicans in red texas.
3:36 am
steve: yesterday, the exit polls showed that the number of democrats who voted in the primary went way up, far outpaced the number of republicans so something is going on there. >> something definitely is going on. i watched it for the last two years. you are seeing it in the urban centers. here's the thing, i'm in california now. most people from california are going to texas. why? because they like the low regulations in texas. then they get to texas and they want to turn it into california. i don't quite understand it but i think there are enough conservatives, enough republicans in texas to keep it red. i'm not worried. lisa: tomi, speaking of texas, there is a liberal texas sheriff who is refusing to give deputies life saving body armor because she refuses to hold -- or because sorry, refusing to hold and arrest illegal immigrants. so they cannot be processed. what do you think texans
3:37 am
think of that? >> texans are not going to be happy about this. americans should not be happy about this. this is what i don't understand about the democratic party. why have they made it their official party platform to cuddle illegal immigrants? i don't understand it. i can't imagine how democrats, real democrats feel about this. this is a change. the democratic party used to be about working class americans. now it's about illegal immigrants. and this sheriff, placing illegal immigrants over police officers, texans aren't going to like it and americans aren't going to like it. i don't think voters aren't going to like it either. brian: the hope is the hispanic community thinks pro-hispanic thing to do. especially in texas. and the other thing to keep in mind, too. is that they are trying to hand out -- democrats are trying to push poor a census no longer have to declare you are an american citizen. this could be part of a biggser plan. let's go over to joe biden for a second. by all accounts i think he is going to be running for president again. he actually called out his
3:38 am
own party for not understanding blue collar workers. listen. >> know what it's like watching uncle, aunts, friends, neighbors, lose a job. my dad used to say joe, remember, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about your dignity. it's about your respect. it's about your place in your communities. some people in my community don't even get it anymore. they don't get it. it's about our pride. it's about our dignity. it's about who the hell we are and what we have done. and it makes me angry. it makes me angry. steve: he's angry as he blasts his own party, tomi. >> you know i hate to admit it but he is spot on. and if the rest of the democratic party would follow his lead, i would be worried in 2018 mid terms and i would be worried in 2020. just like we just covered, the democratic party at large is more concerned with illegal immigrants. joe biden is absolutely
3:39 am
right. this kind of message would propel the democratic party and give us a run for our money, but i don't think they are going to adopt it i do think though that joe biden is a threat to the republican party. i think he could the only threat to donald trump. we have got to keep our eye on him. taking all the partisan politics aside. i like what he is say. i believe in what he is saying. i don't care that he is a democrat. i like his message. brian: it's important he had that special election and both candidates have embraced the president's tariffs because they think it's pro-for the american worker. tomi lahren thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour, i believe it's time for some news with jillian. jillian: that's right, guys. from all the way over here on the other side of the studio. good morning. good morning to you at home. let's start here, education secretary betsy devos will visit students and teachers at the florida high school today where 17 people were shot and killed last month. this, as the survivor speaks
3:40 am
out about his classmates abruptly hanging up during their phone call president trump. >> i'm really trying to control my anger at what he said. david haag is like we have to make a change and make it happen. the white house calls you and it was like let's do it. i totally agree. let's make the change and you hang up on him and brag about it on national television. it's extremely counter productive. jillian: kyle says is he willing to work both sides of the aisle as well as meet with the nra. national anthem protest that dominated the nfl season not going anywhere. players union defending right to demonstrate. it comes after steven ross back tracked on comment saying he wants all of his players to stand. the nfl p.a. statement says the nfl is proud of all of their players when they express themselves for bigger purpose. we expect all other nfl teams to maintain the same commitment to protecting those rights. vladimir putin has some
3:41 am
serious soccer skills. the russian president showing off moves in juggling a soccer ball to help promote the world games in june. not the first time putin's athleticism wowed. he scored seven goals birthday. horseback riding shirtless. judo, everything you see there i don't know why we have to keep reliving this whole horseback riding picture. brian: i believe someone meddled with that soccer tape. there is no way sea soccer player by the way he handled that ball. i will go on the record. steve: you are saying there wasn't russian meddling. they were meddling wuted with te russians. brian: russian leader ♪ steve: thank you very much. meanwhile a mask winter storm is sweeping through the northeast. could dump more than a foot of snow in some parts of the
3:42 am
northeast later today. lisa: janice dean is breaking it all down on the plaza for us. janice: here we are. getting a mix of rain and maybe some sleet and snow. 34 degrees right now in new york city. be nice to your local forecasters, they are trying hard to get this one right. because of that line, that line of rain and snow is coming on top of new york, west of the i-95 corridor is where we are going to see the heaviest snow totals east of that like long island and boston we could cut back on snow totals because of the rain mix. right now seeing reports of light snow in and around the new york city area. light snow for scranton, light snow in d.c. certainly philadelphia and hartford. cloudy skies. watching the future radar, this forecast shows an all-snow event this morning into the afternoon. depending where the heaviest bands set up. we could see a foot or more of snow. this will be ongoing process. we call this now casting and, of course, delays are going to be elm nant imminent.
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schools are closed. if you don't have to travel, don't travel. lisa: be careful everyone at home. steve: just watch tv from your house. lisa: sleesleep until 9. brian: willing to denuclearize during talks with the u.s. is it all smoke in mirrors? we have been down this path before. are we unplowed ground in a good way? steve: walmart worker singing the national anthem now going viral. the story behind her patriotic song. listen. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag.
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hesumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness. brian: north korea saying they are willing to meet with the u.s. for nuclear
3:47 am
talks. you heard me right. don't bang your teleprompter at home and suspend all nuclear missile tests while the talks are underway. president trump hopeful. >> but the sanctions have been very, very strong. and very biting. i really believe they are sincere. i hope they are sincere. we are going to find out. brian: joining us now to discuss and this maybe not get too excite is the director of defense studies at the center for national interest harry. harry, we have been down here before. couldn't finish off. give layup to president bush. we know how that went. what's different about this overture? >> brian, i think there is a few things that are different. the first thing that i would say is i think that president trump deserves a plus for north korea policy. you have to remember president bush, president clinton, president obama, they all punted this issue. the biggest mistake they all make is they didn't make north korea one of the focal
3:48 am
points of their foreign policy. and the reason is obvious. it was just way too hard. that's allowed the north koreans to build icbms to. build potentially as many as six nuclear weapons. 5,000 tons of chemical weapons. so president trump circumstantiaessentially americt and made it asia first. that's the big difference here answered deserves all the credit for that. brian: from where we are right now. we have been here before. now we have a very liberal in south korea who is over there is he going to be invited back in april to have another leader to lead the meeting. is he pushing for us to do something and maybe answer. they said they will put their nuclear program on hold. they don't promise to stop making missiles. they, of course, their ultimate goal is to get us to withdraw from the peninsula because their national security would no longer be at stake. we have not shelved any war games that we prom missed to do this spring. so what would be the right next step for this administration? >> very simple. i think what president trump needs to understand is essentially he is dealing with a negotiating with no
3:49 am
one other than michael core lee. that's who north korea is. they are not going to stop developing missiles and nuclear weapons. they will do it in a lab. he has to test them. north koreans can't get any bribes. remember, back in 2009, the north koreans wanted $10 billion just to have a summit with south korea. so, the maximum pressure campaign, it has to continue. they can't get a dollar from the united states for just coming to the table. we will know quickly what their intentions are. brian: i think we get it my worry is south korea won't get it. won't keep a hard line. fascinating moment i never thought we would be here. larry, let's keep in touch. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news alert. the doj making sure there is no sanctuary for california illegals suing the entire state for protecting them. how will all of this play out?
3:50 am
that's judge napolitano. that's a very good picture. and rosie o'donnell take as jab at dana loesch and the nra on twitter. and the internet wasn't having any of it carley shimkus is here. she has all the trending stories. at least i asked her to get them. hopefully she has them in her right hand -- now her left hand. ♪ my worries are few ♪ hey, what are you guys doing here? we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now.
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♪ steve: here are the trends on friends, rosie o'donnell taking aim at the nra in a tweet directed at spokeswoman dana loesch. she writes: i can't accept a woman who is the mouth piece of a and here it is "terrorist organization." lisa: fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus
3:54 am
with how she is firing back. >> gun rights debate turned ugly on twitter shocking. after rosie o'donnell sent out that tweet to 1.1 million twitter followers. loesch responded saying this nothing says let's have honest and logical discussion like as could you seeing millions of innocent people of being terrorists because you disagree with them on second amendment: a majority of folks agree this does not solve or help anything. brian: everyone started weighing in on that right after. carley: absolutely. steve: that's not a debate. that's name-calling. carley: unhelpful. steve: meanwhile the white house easer egg roll has been tradition the monday after easer. this year peter would like a change. carley: nothing says ease easter like a basket full of vegan candy. said this to the first lady
3:55 am
you said no child should feel isolated some who are lactose intolerant or won't drink milk because they love cows feel isolated from other children because they eat only nondairy easter candy. brian: do you think cows get mad when you drink their milk? cower car that's metta. that's second world. social media says tell them if they don't like what she gives out. don't come. people are so selfish. chase says isn't all candy vegan given that it's just sugar and chemicals? i guess all candy would be vegetarian but because it has milk. lisa: don't come after my candy. steve: the lactose thing has peta up in arms. lisa: there is walmart employee who is wowing shoppers beautiful rendition of the national anthem. carley: this is fantastic. let's take a listen to it ♪ land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave
3:56 am
♪ carley: i got chills. i listened to this five times already and i got chills again. steve: who is she? carley: sign her up for american idol. barnes in alabama. special meaning because her son just joined the military. lisa: in my head and maybe the shower sometimes. in my dreams. steve: just start singing like that every once in a while. >> this was a ribbon cutting ceremony. she led the ribbon-cutting ceremony. what a fantastic version of the song. steve: have her on the show. carley: let's do it. brian: 56 after the hour. four minutes to the top of the hour. and almost at the top of the hour. straight ahead. judge andrew napolitano. we have the chairman of weighs and means kevin brady live and west virginia governor jim justice will all be here. steve: never leave a marine
3:57 am
behind. those words ringing true when a veteran don't united states his kidney to another. they share their amazes story with us in about a 20 minute time period. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ be a hero ♪ how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> the department of justice launching a major lawsuit against the state of california alleging deliberate interference with federal immigration policy. >> with jeff sessions' arrival in sacramento, justice is finally coming to california. >> house republicans now calling for a second special prosecutor. they want answers after alleged abuse of the fisa surveillance program. >> we don't have the tools. we don't have access to a grand jury. we can't grant immunity. there are a thousand reasons to let the special counsel handle this. >> there are already names being floated to replace gary cohn at the white house from conservatives larry kudlow to trade advisor peter navarro. >> so many people want to come in. i have a choice of anybody. >> lone star state turning out to vote in record numbers.
4:01 am
>> when it came down to it on election day, this blue wave ended being like a splash up against your ankles. and it failed to materialize ♪ if you're going to run in texas ♪ you can't be a liberal man ♪ snotz rock it insidman ♪ rock this town ♪ make them scream and shout ♪ rock, rock. steve: there is a big storm moving through the northeast right now. right now just rainy along the coast. we could get a foot of snow by the time this is all done. this is why we called in judge napolitano because he has a good strong back. [laughter] steve: you got your shovel. >> i want janice new york giants hat. lisa: you have to fight her for it. brian: talk about the storm that's hang on the west coast u shan bon bream took her show out there and the
4:02 am
attorney general is out there. how did it end in a standoff. >> standoff sanctuary cities and money. legal standoff is this. california enacted three statutes. one of them just studies the way the program government that's not what we are worried about. we are worried about a statute that prohibits state, county, and local employees from communicating with federal authorities. and even more troublesome is a statute that prohibits private business owners from communicating to the feds. you own a shop, a restaurant, a bookstore or clothing store, and the feds walk in your store and say by the way, lisa, do you employ any illegals or do you know of any people around here? if you answer, no matter what the answer is, you have mitt add crime under california law. how could that be? the first amendment says congress shall make no law bridging the freedom of speech and that applies to the state that challenge, i think, will succeed. the more troublesome one is can california direct its employees not to cooperate
4:03 am
with the feds with ice, with respect to illegal immigrants. brian: no. >> verbally yes. physically no. what do i mean by that? they can't hide an immigrant. they captains harbor an immigrant. that's a crime. they can refuse to answer. there is a way around. this republicans control both houses of congress. the way around it is money. hey, san francisco, you want $100 million for your board of education and $100 million for new police cars. take the money there is a string attached. thousand shalthou shalt cooperate with ice u. steve: later this morning jeff sessions is going out to california and speaking before a law enforcement group. and he's going to announce that the federal government is suing california over these three laws. >> right. steve: here's the thing. if a state passes a law, it's legal in that state. but then have you got the federal government with the supremacy rule. >> correct. steve: who so who wins? >> generally the feds win. particularly in an area where the feds have supremacy, which is immigration, because it's
4:04 am
foreign policy. steve: does this end the sanctuary city, sanctuary state business? >> best way to end it is with money the way i described. lawsuits take a long time. i'm happy they are filing the lawsuits. i'm happy because the president has been asking for it he has been asking for it in his tweets and in private. i understand the president's frustration. we were talking about this before the break. i really think if they pass a trump budget and give all these cities all the money that they have been getting under the obama years, with these strings attached, you know they are cash-strapped. they will never say no to the cash. once they take the cash they have to cooperate. lisa: congressman gowdy and goodlatte are calling for a second special counsel. we have seen increase in calls from people like nunes and others. gowdy says that the reason being is there are certain witnesses that the -- actually, take a listen to this real quick. >> what changed for me was the knowledge that there are
4:05 am
two dozen witnesses that michael horowitz, the inspector general would not have access, to your options are doj investigated themselves. they can't do that because of conflict of interest. let the inspector general do it. i'm a big fan of michael horowitz, he has no jurisdiction of the witnesses when i counted up 24 witness that's would not be able to access were he to investigate it. only one conclusion that special counsel. >> who is on that list. >> anyone who no longer works for the department of justice or the fbi. state department. you may recall a couple of weeks ago there was some indication the state department employees were feeding information to fusion g.p.s. they would be outside out reach of the inspector general. lisa: does trey gowdy make a point. >> yes, he does. inspector general very decent guy inspector general under george w. bush as well as barack obama. basically a think of internal affairs in a police department. a mini doj within the doj, investigates the rest of the doj. but, if you have left your
4:06 am
job, like andrew mccabe or james comey. brian: can't get him. >> he doesn't have authority to bring them in, ask them questions. that's trey gowdy's point. a special counsel would. now, full disclosure, i am fearful of special counsels because history shows that they do all sorts of things, just to justify their existence. brian: we're seeing it now, aren't we? >> right. the initial indictments had to do with money laundering before trump was a candidate and nothing to do with him. do we really want a special counsel or do we want bob mueller to look at this? actually save a good deal of money. >> it involves russia and did he recuse himself? that means that rod rosenstein would pick. but who signed off on the four fisa application? rod rosenstein. is he going to appoint somebody to investigate himself? these are the conflicts that keep coming up. lisa: isn't the concern with mueller that there is already -- his investigation is already too wide ranging. wouldn't that add to that? >> yes it would, lisa.
4:07 am
it would save the government at love money because these special counsels take a long time to gear up. bob mueller already has a dozen or so prosecutors and a few dozen fbi agents working for him. >> if you are interested getting answers. >> i have been a harsh critic of fisa. i believe the abuse has been going on since 1978. having signed warrants when fisa became law. having signed warrants myself. i never heard of a judge or team judges that grants 99.96% of all applications. this is what happens when the court meets in secret and there is no adversary. i think fisa needs to go. but i also think that these abuses need to be exposed. the american public needs to know who in the government is abusing their rights. who used the power of the government to frustrate the candidacy of donald trump? steve: who leaks? that's the big question as well. listen to trey gowdy on this. >> anyone who has watched congress over the last 12 months, we leak lik like sieves.
4:08 am
executive branch investigations whether it's local district attorney or bob mueller, there are far fewer leaks from bob mueller than there are from adam schiff. brian: he is indicting his own body. >> i share his frustration. i personally know of the president's frustration. and having been in the government myself, it is deeply frustrating. when everybody in a room finite number of people agrees something has to be kept secret and 15 minutes it's out there and you don't know how the heck it got out. schiff protection. they can't be sued criminally, civilly or ethically what they say. steve: isn't that on the floor of the house. >> doesn't have to be on the floor. weight on the floor or pursuit of committee work. translation, he can leak. steve: and he does. >> yes. brian: mueller investigation
4:09 am
moved overseas to the middle east. envoy representing the crown prince united arab emirates evidently is becoming a state's witness for robert mueller. >> in the past three weeks, brian, mueller got three cash cows so to speak. rick gates, sam nunberg and now this guy george narrowed. nonader. gates and nunberg coming out of the blue cooperating with mueller telling them whatever they know good, bad, indifferent. candidly the eau thing is new to me. apparently nader, george nader not ralph some kind of conduit between the campaign and uae. no crime unless, unless the campaign accepted something of value. that's the language in the statute. something of value could be a piece of paper u could be cash. could be electronic data from a foreign national or foreign government. whether that happened or not, i don't know. brian: we will see where this goes. lisa: and whether they lead to collusion or not is also
4:10 am
a question. >> right. the collusion part would be did donald trump know about it and approve it. steve: so far the people who have gotten in trouble with mueller not related to collusion. related to you stuff that happened a long time ago. >> right. brian: do you know larry kudlow? do you think larry kudlow would do a good job. >> i know and don't misread me i love larry kudlow. free market. more than gary cohn. brian: he hates the tariffs. >> i don't think the president is going to go in that direction. i would love if he did. kudlow would have the same problem that kohn. kohnbrian. >> very important couch. where is jillian. steve: right behind you. brian: can you look at her. >> i was on her show about six hours ago it seems. brian: obviously it didn't go well you won't look at each other.
4:11 am
jillian: look at that glaring into each other's eyes. we do have serious news to get to, guys. starting with in this fox news alert. police identifying the officer shot and killed in missouri as 30-year-old christopher ryan morton. two other clinton officers after opened fire. responding to 911 call. the suspect found shot after bare cationbarricading himself e for hours. he died. tragedy comes seven months to the day after clinton police officer gary michael was shot and killed during a traffic stop. turns now to extreme weather as a powerful nor'easter bears down on the east coast. snow falling in places like hafer town, pennsylvania. havertown, pennsylvania. some places i places in massachs are still reeling from nor'easter. janice dean will have the forecast in minutes. stay tuned for that kids are
4:12 am
heading back to school in west virginia after a 9-day long teacher strike. [cheers and applause] state lawmakers voting unanimously to approve a 5% pay raise for teachers and government employees. governor jim justice signs the bill into law in front of the celebrating teacher as you see there he will join us live on "fox & friends" in an hour. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu honoring steve scalise for standing with israel. >> we give this. [oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh. >> you are just amazing. >> netanyahu given scalise israel defense forces pair troopers green ente green beret. telling us the phone call he got from him after last summer's shooting inspired him to get out of hospital and get back to work. that's a look at your headlines, guys. >> a little motivation. that's great.
4:13 am
thank you, jillian. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead on this wednesday, president trump set to address the hispanic business owner group later today. talking tax cuts and jobs. what do they want to hear from the president? the chairman of the latino coalition is going to join us live next. brian: never leave a marine behind. those words ringing true when a marine sergeant don't united states his kid know a veteran. this pair's amazing story when they join us live ♪ we could be heroes ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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steve: president trump getting ready to talk tax cuts with hispanic business owners later today. it's the first time the president will address the latino coalition. what do they want to hear from them hector is the chairman of the latino coalition who led under george walker bush. he joins us from our nation's capital. good morning, hector. >> good morning. steve: i would imagine the president is going to get an earful from your group today. let's start with taxes. i have a feeling you are going to say thanks, we could use that. >> absolutely. you know, we have 4 million hispanic companies in the united states. and we have a saying it's not what you make. it's what you get to keep. and this tax bill is really helping these small businesses and the workers
4:18 am
of those small businesses. so it's very positive news. we are looking forward to hearing from the president talking about how this is helping the economy and other things the administration is doing to help those small businesses. steve: sure. of course, that tax cut is also helping the republicans and i have heard that democrats in the last week or two tried to spin their way into it being a bad deal. it just sounds comical. >> it's hard for it to be a bad deal when people are seeing increases their paychecks. when small business optimism is all-time high. stock market has been growing. this has been very, very positive and a long time in coming. this is good news. but there is more to come and the president is going to be talking about that today at our meeting at the latino coalition. steve: i would imagine he is going to get some questions about the tariff suggestions as well. 25% tariff on imported steel. 10% on aluminum. >> you know, one of the things you've got to remember, steve, is that the majority of businesses that do export and importing are small businesses.
4:19 am
buff they only represent 30% of all the trade dollars. so, when you level the playing field, you could be helping a lot of those small businesses. we don't want to see a trade war. we are protrade. we want to do more trade. most of the customers that we're going to be working with in the future live outside of the united states. this is going to be important. we will have to see how it plays out. steve: so far during this administration, you know, the president has talked about for every new regulation we have cut two or three. i think i saw closer to 10 or something like that. in one of those online blogs, not positive what the actual number is have you got to like the fact that washington is cutting their own red tape. >> it's critically important. that's probably one of the most unknown things that is going on right now. one of the reasons that the economy is starting to grow again. we have taken our foot off the brake. we this that brake on for years. and now the president is rolling back a lot of those regulations, especially the unnecessary ones. and leveling that playing field. steve: sure. >> for all of those small businesses.
4:20 am
we think that's very, very positive. steve: one other thing, big item on your agenda is infrastructure because a lot of your small businesses would be involved with any big projects. >> there is no doubt about it. we have secretary chao is going to be with us today and secretary acosta with us. we have a full day. $1.5 trillion in potential infrastructure projects. and we want to make sure small business gets their fair share of those contracts beings. steve: you will be right there. hector, chairman of the latino coalition, we thank you for joining us from our nation's capital. have a great day. >> thank you. steve: 7:20 here in new york city. if you are going to run from the cops, better put your car in park. oh my. the life lesson learned the hard way all caught on camera. as it runs over him. plus, way beyond the call of duty. the marine donating his kidney to save a fellow marine. they will both join us live next. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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brian: time now for news by the numbers. i hone you are buckled up and dressed. 42%. how many americans are at risk with retiring with less than $10,000 saved. that's according to a report by personal finance site called go banking rates. people say they aren't earning enough to save. okay. that's good enough. the whole country answered me at once with one sentence. next two. that's how many times target has raised minimum wage in less than a year up to $12 an hour. due to bigger and better pool of candidates. target plans to raise starting pay to $15 an hour by 2020. and finally 31. that's how many papa john's locations nfl llweleynend
4:25 am
peyton manning taken. he bought the stores in 2012 while playing for the bronchos. manning still be the pizza chain official ambassador. of course you know they are no longer with the nfl. they went to pizza hut. lisa: there is a saying in the marine corps never leave a marine behind and that was proved in jacksonville, florida. steve: marine veteran dave ford needed a new kidney after being on dialysis three and a half years. brian weber stepped in and donated his kidney to his brother in arms. brian: they both join us right now with more on their story. guys, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. brian: individually, how are you feeling? >> i am feeling well this morning. >> i'm feeling well, too. steve: all right. so, dave, let's start with you, when did you realize that you were having problems and you might need a new kidney? >> it would be august of
4:26 am
2014. steve: what have you been doing since then? >> i have been doing home dialysis. it's called peritoneal dialysis. it's a good program to get on if you need dialysis. and i have been able to do it at home and at work. steve: right. buff then suddenly you realized you know what i need a kidney. how did you find the guy sitting next to you? >> i didn't find him. we work in the same office together. and brian heard that i needed a kidney, and one day i came back to my desk and there was a piece of paper on my desk saying i'm being checked to see if i'm compatible. and that was back as far as november. and here we are today. lisa: steve, happy birthday, you are 54 years old. a new lease on life here. i saw this sign. it says suck it up.
4:27 am
be a marine. what does this say about marines? >> well, first of all, we're always faithful to one another. we don't believe in leaving one behind. and the suck it up part tells you, hey, no matter how hard it gets, bear it and get through it. brian: brian, when did you realize this was something you wanted to do. >> i realized immediately when i found out that he was in need. and that a kidney and can i do the testing. i reached out and found out that information. steve: um-huh. >> right off the bat it just seemed like a no-brainer. steve: did you know each other? >> >> every day we socialize in our offices and, you know, we talk our football trash and everything else throughout the day. lisa: what teams are we talking here? brian: got to be jaguars. >> we're talking about the pittsburgh steelers here. here.his brian, who is your team.
4:28 am
>> new orleans saints. lisa: you found camaraderie both being marines. bryan how much did that play knew wanting to help a fellow soldier out. >> like i said, never leave a marine behind. of course, i'm going to want to do what i can my part to help him. brian: how does it affect your lifestyle, bryan. >> well, of course, i have got to be easy. but soon i will be back in action and ready to go. lisa: when does your employer expect you guys back? when are you heading back to work? >> well, the great thing about our employer is from the colonel on down, it's always been hey, we support you, take your time and heal, the place is not going anywhere. we just want you healthy. >> i agree, the commands has been very supportive. and i appreciate it and they have given me all the time i need. steve: right. although i hear dave, bryan
4:29 am
you might be going back to work next week. out of curiosity will the trash-talking continue in the office? one of you has the other guy's kidney. >> of course it will. >> yes, it will. [laughter] >> you know, there is always the black and gold and the real black and gold. so we have to make sure that keeps going. brian: got to argue about the draft now. that's next and then back to action in the summer. lisa: happy birthday, dave. >> thank you. steve: bryan weber and dave ford. both sergeants. great story. brian: she is a sanctuary city sheriff who won't back down and now she is keeping life saving vests away from her deputies just to make a point about illegal immigration. we're reading your tweets and emails next. steve: two teenagers caught red, white, and blue-handed on a surveillance camera. but it's not what they took. it's what they left behind. you're going to love this.
4:30 am
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and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend three thousand dollars on purchases in the first three months from account opening plus, zero-dollar intro annual fee for the first year, then ninety-five dollars. learn more at ♪ the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle flies ♪ steve: well, this is your shot of the morning. two patriotic teenagers caught red, white, and blue-handed a man in washington state posted this photo from his security camera. looks like a ring doorbell of 18-year-old david phillips dropping off an american flag in a bag on the guy's porch. brian: he says the torn flag in his yard is in tatters the new flag is a replacement. the teen comes from a military family. the family says they did it out of respect. how great is that. brian: i don't know if you
4:34 am
have ever met military families, they are often the most mature, smartest, because they are forced to grow up so quick because they are always moving to a different place. they have got to be outgoing and that's another example. lisa: i feel like they are constantly leading by example as well as we just saw with interviewing those two marines. steve: sure, if the guy's flag was tattered and they saw it every day we have got to do something to help that family so they did. brian: i went to glenn beck's house do you know what to t. takes to get rid of a flag the right way. fire department come in and burn the flag the right way. steve: very complicated to retire a flag. meanwhile, it's take you down to austin, texas. austin sits in travis county, texas. and the sheriff there, a woman by the name of sally hernandez, some have suggested she does not want her deputies to get bullet-proof vests. here's why. in the last year, texas governor greg abbott put aside $23 million of resources to fund new
4:35 am
bullet-proof vests. but there is a stipulation. if you want the money, you've got to cooperate with ice. and the sheriff does not want to cooperate with ice, and that means she doesn't get the money for the vests. lisa: we had tomi lahren on earlier today and asked her about this. >> this is what i don't understand about the democratic party. why have they made it their official party platform to cuddle illegal immigrants? i don't understand it i can't imagine how democrats, real democrats feel about this. this is a change. the democratic party used to be about working class americans. now it's about illegal immigrants. and this sheriff placing illegal immigrants over police officers, texans aren't going to like it. americans aren't going to like it. i don't think voters are going to like it either. brian: she is 100 percent right. if you look at these polsters and see their reaction, average americans reaction to chain migration as well as the lottery. and have you the whole thing with building up the border.
4:36 am
that's not really republican-democrat issue. for the most part people on the same page it's how they do it and if you trust the pathway to citizenship. so i think she is right on that. lisa: also, if your voter is heading into the midterm elections. have you one party that is fixated on illegal immigrants in this country trirntio.and another brought tax reform to american citizens talking about benefiting american citizens' lives and bringing jobs back to the economy. a little bit of juxtaposition there. steve: big question do the sanctuary city policies make you feel safe or not? we asked but this earlier and andrew tweeted i don't know when liberal police and politicians got the idea they can pick and choose which laws they want to or have to enforce or follow. great question. brian: corey says this: why is the governor playing politics with protecting police in this case the mayor. if those vests are going to help them, why put any stipulations on getting them?
4:37 am
lisa: dennis says when the uniform goes on and the first thought is not keeping american citizens safe, change the uniform. have you lost your direction. i think that's a good point, dennis. steve: she, sally hernandez has refused to comment on this as have four county commissioner and judge involved in the sanctuary city policy down there in texas. brian: well, when we toss to jillian, she never refuses to comment. she always accepts the toss. count on you for that. jillian: if i refuse, then i might get in trouble. brian: that's the story and you would probably cover it. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. let's talk about a teenager who researched isis and under arrest for bringing a homemade bomb to school. students evacuated when a backpack started smoking in a common area on the campus in utah. no one was hurt. but police say it had the potential to kill people. the unidentified student is also suspected of spraying graffiti and flying an isis flag at another school nearby. the kansas secretary of state defending a voter
4:38 am
registration law saying it stops up to 18,000 noncitizens from casting ballots. republican kris kobach is fighting aclu lawsuit claims the law targets minorities and democrats. voters must now show i.d. like a birth certificate or passport to register. previously they only had to check a box. claiming they were over 18 and a u.s. citizen. how about this? a man running from police gets hit by his own car. you can't make this up. dash cam video showing the drunk driving suspect getting out of the car and running in front of it to try to get away from the cops in virginia. the only problem here is that he actually forgot to put it in park. the car rolls forward and knocks him down. the man was arrested a short time later. a soldier gives his twin daughters the surprise of the lifetime. cheerleaders standing center court at the my would you have basketball game when dad comes in for a hug. >> surprise, girls!
4:39 am
> welcome home. [cheers and applause] jillian: isn't that the best in the crowd going wild as captain cody kimer ling remoon nights with his daughters after 10 months overseas. he has been serving our country 14 years. thank him for his service and appreciate that moment between them. brian: especially capacity crowd. you his blas a cool video to look back on the rest of your life. beautiful. thanks, jillian. steve: you heard us talk about it a massive winter storm could dump a foot of snow in the east later on today. brian: janice dean is tracking this. janice: starting to see snowflakes. the worst of it is coming later this afternoon and evening hours especially for new york city and line of rain, sleet, freezing rain is going to come right on top of new york city. we do believe it will be cold enough for snow for an all-snow event for the new
4:40 am
york city metro area. we are also predicting snow in parts of philadelphia up towards new england. light snow for central park. we are getting rain and snow for laguardia, jfk, and newark right now. and you can see with our forecast temperature radar that we are expecting this to be cold enough for an all-snow event, especially later on this morning into the afternoon hours. and it will wrap up overnight tonight. how much snow will you get in your area? depending on where you live, basically west of the i-95 corridor is where we are calling for the big jackpots in parts of new jersey as well. some cases we could get 12 to 18 inches. isolated amounts of 2 feet of snow, depending on where the heaviest bands set up. the storm we saw over the weekend. we have hurricane force winds. this will not be an event like that. we will see widespread power outages with wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour especially in the 5, 6:00, 8:00 p.m. range. especially when it winds up across new england. we think east of boston is going to be mainly a rain
4:41 am
event. make sure as we get into the weekend we could potentially have another nor'easter. steve: great. janice: atmospheric pattern is showing signs of more winter unfortunately. steve: well, because it's winter and major travel delays at the airports. janice: and school closures. steve: check before do you anything. brian: i knew we shouldn't have picked this planet where the weather changes. steve: what other option? -- what planet were you considering? brian: i was interviewing looking at different planets. lisa: maybe with elon musk might have another option. brian: right. steve: meanwhile the united states might not be scrapping nafta after all. what's that about? congressman kevin brady of texas just got back from the negotiating table. he is going to join brian after the break. brian: should free speech on college campuses be restricted to certain zones exclamation point? lawmakers just decide ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ come on and by my side
4:42 am
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so. steve: we have quick headlines for you. every service member will receive mental health benefits when they leave the military. david shulkin, that man right there, is going to send the plan to the president for his signature this week. in addition to that, the v.a. is partnering with amvets to launch the heal program new new initiative aimed at combating veteran suicide which is a terrible problem. and for the first time in history the marine corps allowing females to join all male combat course. 40 women checked into camp pendleton this week. they will take the month long course alongside with the guys with no changes to the program. it does involve patrol and convoy operations, marksmanship and emergency medical care. all right. now, some more news with
4:46 am
brian. brian: yeah and it's big news. president trump promising to find a new economic chief advisor soon following gary cohn's relatively surprising resignation yesterday. the commander-in-chief tweeting this. many people wanting the job. will choose wisely. cohn resigned yesterday after refusing to support the president's plan for tariff and aluminum steel imports. he lost the debate. kevin brady, chairman of house ways and means had so much to do with tax reform passing as did gary cohn. this is not good news for you, right, chairman? you liked him. >> brian, i didn't know him before the president brought him to the white house. what i do know is he was invaluable in tax reform. he was at the table trying to find a way forward. as is he leaving, my impression is he came here for the right reason to help change the direction of the country with this president. he succeeded. brian: free market democrat. he hits the door in a couple of weeks. who would you recommend to
4:47 am
the president might be a good pick to replace him who has your values and ideolog ideology? >> so i looked at long list that came out today. there is some good names on there. people i have worked with before like larry kudlow, mick mulvaney, others. i think the president is going to have a really good list to choose from. it's a very important position. we work so closely with them on tax reform. on trade, on getting the economy getting. so i'm -- the president will make a good choice. brian: one thing with the president i have seen you with the president. paul ryan with the president. we watch you guys all together. good chemistry respect each other. you could not be farther apart from him when it came to tariffs on steel and aluminum. five days you have spoken out and the speaker has spoken out. what do you think is happening here? >> the president feels stronger about trade. here's my point. look, is he going after the bad actors, the people who cheat on steel and aluminum and cost us american jobs. we are all with him on that. the problem is the approach.
4:48 am
also captures the good actors. in fact, countries that buy a ton of steel aluminum and american made. where we are at and a lot of republican in the house mr. president, go after the bad actors. we are with you. protect the good ones because that protects our jobs. so we are going to keep having that discussion with him. brian: south korea who san ally when it comes to trade they are not. we have a problem with them. canada as trustworthy as it's do. those are the two most affected. you are giving the president a letter today. in that you are going to be saying go for the bad actors. >> yeah. brian: steve mnuchin said something very intriguing yesterday. he told lawmakers to watch for carveouts if these nafta negotiations go better than they have so are if a. you were just in on them. what can you tell us? >> so, i went to mexico city, led the delegates bipartisan. brian, i was really encouraged what i saw and heard. they're making really good progress. and there are some big wins
4:49 am
ahead for the president and the u.s. trade talks. in fact, you put this all together, we take the work -- work closely with mexico and canada. we all end up being able to compete better against china, europe and other countries. look, there is momentum there. i think done right, this can be a new win. a new modern nativity tax especially for manufacturing workers. brian: 10 second answer, can you tell me if the president is still thinking about a way in on tpp under his conditions. >> i have read some comments about it i haven't talked to him specifically about tpp. what i do know is he really wants nafta to really reflect american values. and we can do that. brian: you see enough progress there that you are on mits stick. >> i do. brian: previous president thought nafta needed to be updated as well as the one prior to that. >> absolutely. brian: chairman, thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: nfl anthem protest continue until next season because the players union made sure of it. players union have spoken
4:50 am
out although the miami dolphins latest to say you better stand. former trump aide goes on marathon media blitz. thought he might be drinking. why did everyone keep talking to him? ♪ my life song ♪ ♪ we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done
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4:53 am
steve: sam nunberg cap investigating many appears that were bizarre. lisa: to say the least. did their fixation with nunberg prove why th hate the
4:54 am
media right now. steve: here is katie. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: mike allen from axios said this is one of the reasons people hate the media, what they did with sam nunberg. >> you can absolutely understand why. this guy wasn't clearly at 100 percent. everything that happened, we spent so much time talking about mental health and have more empathy and sympathy for people. you truck this person on shows who admits on air that he is on anti-depressants. is that okay? that was so heart breaking to hear someone have to validate that they might have to take medication for something like that. steve: cnn host said i smell booze on your breath. if cnn had the suspicion ahead of time, he had been there for the hour. >> right. steve: if they suspected he was drunk, they should have never put him on television. >> i don't think so. and part of it isn't just sharks with blood in the water. they are all there. they know it's going to get clicks and viral. is it too juicy for them to pass up. ethics aside whether he should have impaired person
4:55 am
on or not. is he just there let's do it? i don't know. lisa: katie, speaking of that we have seen networks fixated on the russia coverage has yet to be proven with trump-russia collusion. what happens to the media's credibility if there is trump-russia collusion which is looking there is not. >> not great anyway. what point is it -- maybe it's -- this the other day didn't help anything, of course, trucking this guy out there doing all these introduce. buthese -- interviews. there is nothing there. if it dragging and dragging and dragging it's not going to do any favors. lisa: do you think they would do that to a former obama staff? >> no. we know that. steve: in a word. who do you favor and clearly it's not trump and obama's case they wouldn't. steve: katie, earlier today we were talking about media research center they did a poll of the first two months of 2018.
4:56 am
91% of the mainstream media coverage big three networks nightly news negative. the way the story started was he was saying by the questions mueller's team is asking they got something on trump. so that's what caused the feeding frenzy. get a piece of him even if he is a little off. >> the end of those quotes are always well, i don't actually know though. i don't have any evidence. so he was like maybe he did. but maybe he didn't. no one adds the end of those quotes. it makes it seem like this person has any idea what's going on and he clearly doesn't. steve: he had said throughout the day he wasn't going to cooperate with robert mueller and now, of course. lisa: changing his tune. >> just broken this morning he has talked to him he is going to comply. did he say he wasn't drinking. lisa: thank you, katie. >> thanks for having me. have a great day. steve: coming up next on this wednesday, attorney general jeff sessions hits california today with a lawsuit for protecting illegals. the state is. now, the governor of
4:57 am
california fighting back against the federal government. government. lisa: well, plus, he was a bully on the bus. his dad made him run to school while he filmed the whole thing. think that dad went too far? sty tuned. stay tuned. how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon...
4:58 am
the scotts turf builder program. all it takes is 4 feedings, . . . .
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5:00 am
♪ >> the justice department suing the state of california for deliberately preventing immigration policies. >> so who wins? >> generally the feds win, particularly in an area where the feds have supremacy which is immigration because it is policy. steve: two powerful house chairman sent a letter to the attorney general saying we need a second special counsel. >> we don't have the tools. we don't have access to a grand jury. we can't grant i am minety. there are thousand reasons to let a special counsel handle it. >> there are a thousand names to replace gary cohn from peter navarro to larry kudlow.
5:01 am
>> democrats did cast more votes than they had in many many years. texas is still pretty red. >> ted cruz released a new aid row ad attacking his democratic opponent. >> i think texans will love what ted cruz is doing. they will find it humorous and i think he is going to win. ♪ . steve: not friday night. it is wednesday morning. you're watching fox and friends. we're watching the snow. you're looking live. that is ridgewood, new jersey, route 17 where it is starting to come down in the form some flakes. a little rainy. lisa: when it starts sticking. brian: we can't say good-bye to winter. we can't overreact to snow.
5:02 am
as a country we should suck it up a little bit, right? we're overreacting. steve: this is still winter. if this was happening in july i would be disturbed but this is normal. lisa: who doesn't need a food snowstorm. at least in new york it is not sticking yet. brian: unless you want to get a flight. 1000 preemptively canceled. steve: schools are out with kids at home already driving them nuts. lisa: not speaking from experience, steve. brian: break out the twister. steve: break out the chardonnay. lisa: we have some news to get to outside of the weather. attorney general jeff sessions is back to the state of california, he is suing the state for laws protecting illegals in the state. leading officials, the governor, smart kamala harris are pushing back against him. what are think about this? brian: federal government taking
5:03 am
a stand in liberal state in the face of president trump we'll end sanctuary cities. it's a magnet for illegals to come there. they know they are protected by the locals. federal government stepped. i give the attorney general credit. he went out to california to try to push for this law to be enforced. steve: yeah, what he is going to do sue california over three laws they passed. jerry brown, very liberal governor of the very liberal state, said in a tweet in time of unprecedented political turmoil jeff sessions came to california to further divide and polarize america. jeff, he addresses him directly, these political stunts may be the norm in washington but they don't work here. sad. you know what? as we look back at what california has done over the last 10 days or so, how did this work when the mayor of oakland, california, essentially said, on
5:04 am
twitter, hey, i hear there could be some i.c.e. raids, and effectively said run, if you're in the country illegally because they might come in to swoop you up and had a list of 1000 people. they were able to pick up 200. 800 criminal aliens are still on the loose. lisa: of course concerns that that potentially puts i.c.e. agents at risk as well. not to be surprised but senator kamala harris weighed in on this she is not too happy. she said, trump an sessions think they can bully california but it won't work. not too surprised. brian: she is piecing together her campaign what it stands for. judge napolitano looked at it not from political angle but a legal angle. who wins here? >> we're worried about a statute that prohibits state, county, local employees from communicating with federal authorities. even more troublesome, a statute
5:05 am
that prohints private business owners from communicating to the feds. if you answer, no matter what the answer is, you committed a crime under california law. how could that be? the first amendment says congress will not make no law abridging freedom of speech. that applies to the states. that challenge will succeed. steve: don't be surprised what the federal government is suing with california today announcing these lawsuits against the golden state, they will do to the other sanctuary states and communities i should say. because remember, it was months ago the department of justice issued, what they referred to as final warning to these sanctuary cities, like cook county, in illinois and chicago and philly, new york, los angeles. they said unless you follow the laws of the land, enforce the immigration laws, something bad is going to happen to you financially and legally. this could be the opening shot. lisa: the issue of immigration has really been where we've seen the biggest pushback from democrats in this country. whether on the state and local level or in congress as well on
5:06 am
the federal level. we've seen pushback to variety of president trump's immigration policies included to the travel pause to sanctuary cities and beyond. brian: courts are giving him trouble. five minutes to the top of the hour. at about 5:30 yesterday before "special report," a letter was released by bob goodlatte, trey gowdy, i have a request, i i hae a request nor another special counsel to look into fisa dispute. we can't have the department of justice do it because they're in the middle of it. we don't believe in congressional body because we leak like sieves. trey gowdy, why he wants another special counsel. >> what thanked for me, the knowledge that two dozen witnesses michael horowitz, inspector general would not have access to. option, doj investigate themselves. they can't do that because of conflict of interest. let the inspector general do it. i'm a big fan of mike horowitz.
5:07 am
he has no jurisdictionses over witnesses, i counted up 24 witnesses he would not be able to access were he to investigate it, only one conclusion. special counsel. >> who is on that list. >> anyone who no longer works for the department of justice or the fbi. state department, you may recall a couple weeks ago there was indication that state department employees were feeding information to fusion gps. they would be outside the reach of the inspector general. lisa: democratic congressman adam schiff had to weigh if here. he is no stranger to the camera, he said as if on cue, hoist republicans call for appointment of special counsel to investigate fisa abuse, in so doing republicans investigate their interest everything but what is most important, russia's interference in our election. this may help serve the president's interests but does
5:08 am
nothing to serve the national interest. of course he is pushing back, steve. steve: if the department of justice and the fbi abused the fisa powers that would be terrible. it looks like, in fact this particular letter laid out what they would be interested in looking into. the decisions made or not made by the department of justice before and after the election. also, any evidence of bias or animus among those investigating. we've already heard a little bit about that from people at the fbi. they would look into whether or not it was clearly laid out that it was clearly described as opposition research. easy for me to say, in presenting and getting the fisa application because it wasn't fully revealed. so those are some of the things they would like a special prosecutor, special counsel, to look into. brian: but do we need another -- america is being tortured by robert mueller's worldwide mystery tour that we don't know where it is going to lead.
5:09 am
we know pieces show up every three or four weeks, everyone is surprised by it. we know an endless money sieve, money goes down the drain for that. my sense i would love to see in this process particular, the president declassify the fisa application. if that looks as though it has problems maybe would indicate there are other problems. lisa: gowdy is saying we do need a special counsel earnings the country. steve: get to the answer. >> anyone that watched congress over the last 12 months, we leak like serves, i say we, only because i'm a member of congress. serious investigations don't leak. local district attorney, bob mueller, there are far fewer leaks from bob mueller than there are from adam schiff. steve: ultimately the department of justice can not investigate the department of justice. we would like answers. wouldn't you like to know if the fbi and department of justice put their thumb on the scale
5:10 am
before somebody was elected president of the united states one way or the other? this could be only way we figure it out. brian: up to jeff sessions to do it, attorney general to do it, or would he have to recuse himself because it might have something to do with russia? lisa: trey gowdy and congressman goodlatte stepping forward saying they need a second special counsel. it adds power behind those calls. perhaps the attorney general is feeling pressure now. who knows. we will see what happens on that front. brian: who do you pick? i say regis philbin. he is personality. not doing a job. friends with trump. lisa: who could be better? that makes perfect sense. brian: that would be great. steve: what about chris christie? he needs something to do. former federal prosecutor. he would do okay. lisa: what about regis philbin. brian: regis or chris christie, square off, debate in front of us. jillian, would you book one of them? jillian: both of them. figure it out together. that would be pure entertainment.
5:11 am
we're following serious news, a fox news alert. police identifying the officer shot and killed in missouri as 30-year-old christopher ryan morton. two other clinton officers rushed to the hospital after a suspect opened fire at a home outside of kansas city. they were responding to a 911 call. the suspect was found shot dead after barricading himself inside for hours. it comes seven months to the day as fellow clinton police officer gary michael was shot and killed during a traffic stop. extreme weather, are you seeing it. powerful northeaster bearing down on the east coast right now. some areas could see two feet of know. these are live pictures out of ridgewood, new jersey. see the snowfall there. nearly 2000 flights already canceled. this is a live look at philadelphia international airport, pennsylvania and new jersey are understates of emergency. janice dean will have a live update on the forecast in just a few minutes. stay tuned for that. today president trump will talk tax cuts with hispanic business owners.
5:12 am
he will be the keynote speaker at the annual summit of the latino coalition. earlier chairman hector barreto told us what hopes to hear. >> we have four million hispanic companies in the united states. we have a saying not what you make, what you get to keep. this tax bill is helping small business. we're looking forward to the president how this is helping the economy and other things the administration is it doing to help the small businesses. jillian: the summit comes as senior advisor to president trump, jared kushner heads to mexico. he will meet with president nieto to discuss security, immigration and trade. that is look at the headlines. steve: a lot going on. and it is snowing. jillian: snowing heading our way. brian: probably not in mexico. 12 minutes after the hour, still ahead on the show, if my run-down is right, democrats promising action on gun control but what will that look like? can they reach across the aisle?
5:13 am
senator jon tester who i saw inside after restaurant. steve: what restaurant? brian: i don't know the name. it is in washington. steve: anthem protests continuing next season? now we know the answer because the players have spoken. ♪ it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, more than a thousand workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends
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5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ >> a huge public, public rallies and demonstrations on the 24th. they expect millions of people to come to washington, and we will try to force floor action after that rally. when our republican friends see they're just against the nation. lisa: senate minority leader chuck schumer not specifying what actions democrats will take to force action on gun control next month. brian: right. we all know he wants to ban the ar-15. can we expect a bipartisan compromise on bun violence and school safety especially after last week's knock around in front of the nation. here to weigh in montana senator jon tester. senator, where are we at with
5:18 am
guns? we heard about cornyn. cornyn's "fix nics." we heard about pat toomey teaming with joe manchin, something that has been out there for a while. where are we at? >> i wish i could tell you. we don't know. we heard a lot of different proposals out there. you mentioned a couple of them. orrin hatch, amy klobuchar have another one. what in the end we need to work to keep our kids safe while respecting the second amendment which i believe strongly in myself as a gun owner, somebody who made his living with a gun for 20 years, protects our home with a gun. we need to keep our kids safe. there are common sense steps we could take to do that, i'll be honest with you, i haven't heard of anything potentially will even hit the into. i know joe manchin is working with patrick toomey to try to resurrect that bill. like you said, john cornyn has a "fix nics" bill but i haven't heard they will go to the floor. lisa: senator, chuck schumer
5:19 am
represents the state of new york. he is a liberal. you represent a more conservative state a very rural state. senator chuck schumer's position on guns does not match your state's. do you feel conflicted or caught in the middle? >> i'm not conflicted at all. i believe in the second amendment, i believe it strongly. i have more guns than i need but less guns than i want. you need it to be in the hand of who understand guns and process keep people safe. law-abiding citizens i will fight to the death to make sure the folks have second amendment rights. criminals, terrorists, folks that have court adjudicated mental illness i just don't think those are the right people to have guns. brian: absolutely. just how we disseminate that. talk about what you focus on this week, banking. rolling back dodd-frank, well intended, not well-executed. where do we go from here? >> i can tell you coming from a rural state, community banks, credit unions are important for
5:20 am
people to have access capital to buy homes, expand businesses create jobs. dodd-frank, passed after the meltdown was important piece of legislation to hold wall street accountable. unfortunately it bled down and main street is feeling some of the ill effects. this bill doesn't remove regulations from banks but certainly softens regulation on small banks, credit unions and intermedia sized banks. it was big bill. needs to be modified. we're modifying right now. it's a step in the right direction particularly for rural america. brian: i would imagine republicans would get on board because it's a needle in their side for a while. senator jon tester, thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: coming up, straight ahead, ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. should free speech on college campuses restricted to certain zones? that story next. he was a bully on the bus. so his dad made him run to school. lisa: he filmed the entire thing. did this dad go too far?
5:21 am
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yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. steve: we have quick wednesday morning headlines, florida edition. florida is living up to the nickname with the sunshine protection act heading to the governor's desk. florida senate passing a bill that would let the state stay on daylight's savings time year-round. if approved florida would not set clocks back in the fall. meaning more sunshine during the winter. chaos on college campuses including protests like this could soon happen all the time. if governor rick scott down in florida signs into law a new bill eliminating free speech zones in public universities. the bill, passed by lawmakers would also allow schools to be
5:25 am
sued for restricting campus protests. now time for a roundtable discussion. brian: he was a bully on the bus. so his dad made him run to school, he talked about it while he filmed the whole thing. >> this right here is called parenting guys. if you don't know what it is like, here you go. teach a child a lesson. you don't have to kill them. you don't as you have to beat them. sometimes it sucks for them. that is what teaches them. brian: did his dad go too far? bring in the parenting panel. the ceo of diva dr. dominic sportelli is here. a psychiatrist and jeanie is a mom, political science professor and consultant. jeanie, start with you, is this good parenting? >> the statement we heard is not good parenting. i don't think you have to beat your child for anything. brian: he says you don't always have to beat. >> he is right in terms of punishment. what i have problem with two things. i don't like post video.
5:26 am
i get worried about humiliating by posting video. he was right to have him walk to school. the child should not be bullying. address the cause of bullying so it doesn't happen again. i worried the father had bullying tendencies about posting video. that is concern about posting. brian: you doesn't learn to be bully. you wonder what was happening at home? >> bullying is symptom, right? so when a child is bullying you have to look deeper what is going on. when you look at this particular punishment, the kid is associating i don't get to go on the bus, that kind of stinks. but we need the kid to associate why he is not on the bus. he is not on the because he was bullying somebody. let's address that. brian: you want to weigh in quick? >> really quickly, again i think that it is important that parents are taking action and if our children are bullies, that they are doing something about it, not just sitting back allowing it to happen. hough, this personally, i think there are other ways to
5:27 am
discipline. if this is the way he did it, i don't think we needed to see the video go viral. brian: switch over to football, youth football. something comes up with parents. a lot of divorce situations. said one parent decides i want my kid to play football. the other says with all going on you really want him to play football? this ends up being in family court battling it out. dominic, where you stand on this. >> we absolutely no there is link to head trauma and inseparate love pa brain damage with kids. if you start playing football under the age of 12 you likely had increased chance of having behavioral problems, emotional problems, cognitive problems. that was a good study but there were certainly flaws in that study. we need more research. i don't want the legislation to get ahead of science here. brian: plus we've had generations of people playing sports, over 100 years, football, the most popular game
5:28 am
in the country. hockey is very physical. soccer, heading the ball at three years old, four years old. where do you stand? kid wants to play. can they be involved, end up in family court? >> it was stunning to me to see lawyers are saying this is happening increasingly. used to happen more in hockey, but increasingly in football, as dr. dominic got so much press in terms of the concussion issue. you areunfortunate the parents couldn't work this out. other side, this is 17-year-old boy. he really wanted to play and his doctors cleared him to play. i'm biased. my son plays football. brian: great character sport. >> great character building. i understand the father's concerns given research but i feel like the doctor who looked at him cleared him to play. he is 17. he did end up playing. he was fine n this case i really felt like he was old enough to make a decision. brian: they could put pressure on the youth game and pop warner, flag a little bit longer? a lot of professional football
5:29 am
players don't let kids play tackle until ninth grade. >> i have two sons. they're not playing football. they have chosen not to play. however they choose to play when they're older that will be a discussion we will have then but going back to this case i see both sides from both parents. hopefully that the kid will make the right choice whatever he decides to happen. he is 17. brian: i know. this is common, we're seeing that at pro level. college level, and seeing it at youth level. thanks so much, guys. great job. more than a quarter million west virginia kids go back to school today. there was a nine-day teachers strike as governor jim justice brought the pay raise up 5%. he joins us live next. a church handing out thousands of dollars to their parishioners, there is just one catch. we'll tell you about it. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ steve: thank you very much. that is our world headquarters if you're curious. the big snow has not yet started here. should this afternoon. lisa: not sticking yet. steve: it will though. later today, more than a quarter of a million west virginia students go back back to schools planned as a nine-day teachers strike comes to an end. lisa: under the brand new contract the state's 30,000 school employees will get a 5% pay raise. brian: west virginia governor jim justice signed the new legislation yesterday. he joins us now. governor, thanks so much. i appreciate you joining us. it has been a very tense time in west virginia. do you feel good about the deal you cut? >> i feel great about it. it is a really great day for
5:34 am
west virginians. good day in lot of different ways. west virginia is on the move. when i came into being 14 months ago we were having a pretty tough go of it. we put together a lot of different things with a lot of people. i surely don't take all the credit by any stretch of the imagination. we're growing at 4.71% now. we're really, truly on the move. yesterday was the day that we stepped up to the plate and said, education ought to be our centerpiece. i said that on day one. not only should it be our centerpiece. it should be something we invest in. we're drifting in education nationally as well as in west virginia and a lot of places and so nevertheless yesterday was really, really a great day. steve: it is too bad there had to be a nine-day strike. the kids missed out on over a week's worth of school. you wound up giving teaches on average a 5% raise. where is the money going to come from? >> like i said we're growing. we moved from a
5:35 am
500 million-dollar deficit 14 months ago, to black numbers today. we have got the money. we're moving ahead and everything but, it is a shame that we had to a work stoppage for nine days. our kids are out of school. that was number one emphasis we had to do. we had to get our kids back in school, but absolutely, you know, we should, we should appreciate the effort of the teachers. it took a long time for us all to get on board behind this effort and look at it in the right way. i said this a bunch times, a little kid, sixth-grader, gideon, looked a the me in one of the town hall meetings, governor, why can't you look at education an investment in me to where i can become a smart person and come back to west virginia or stay in west virginia and do great things? all along i have said education should be our centerpiece, it should be an economic driver, and maybe i drifted a little bit away. so i think it is the right thing
5:36 am
to do. lisa: governor, real quick, those are saying that this is testament to the strength of organized labor. we see this across the country more? >> i don't think that would be the case at all. i mean this was, this was an effort with a lot of us, a lot, a lot, a lot of people that spoke out and spoke out in a positive way to invest in education. this wasn't necessarily a labor movement at all in my opinion. this was, no one was trying to pound somebody a round peg into a square hole. it was not that. it was not one side against the other. it was the side that believed that maybe we didn't have the money to do it, and another side that believed that we should, we should do it and invest in education and so. it took a while for us to all to get together but this was anything but a labor movement in my opinion. steve: governor, before you go, you said you got the money now because you're in the black.
5:37 am
has the trump economy had something to do with that? i know you appeared -- >> no question. >> you appeared at a campaign event where you told your personal story for mr. trump last year, two years ago. >> well, first of all president trump and i are personal friends but he has had an incredible impact on the state of west virginia. you know, removing some regulations, getting us to the point in time where we believe in one another. look what the stock market is doing. every aspect of what the trump administration is doing is helping us in every way. brian: governor, thanks so much. teachers are back to work. appreciate it. thanks, governor. >> thank you, guys, so much. brian: after after you missed monday, right? lisa: good to see jillian. jillian: i was not here, no. brian: she is working now. jillian: is that okay? brian: i'm glad to see you. jillian: thank you, good morning to you guys, to you as well. adult film star stormy daniels
5:38 am
suing president trump. daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford. claims she had an affair with the president between 2006 and 2007. a lawsuit alleges that his lawyer made her sign a non-disclosure agreement days before the presidential election. she wants it voided because she says trump never signed it. national anthem protest dominated nfl last season are not going anywhere. players union defending the right to demonstrate. it comes after dolphin's owner steve ross back tracked on comments saying he wants all of his players to stand. nflpa statement is in part, our union is proud of our players when they express themselves for a great you are purpose. we expect all nfl teams to maintain the same commitment to protect these rates. fda is approving home test, checking for gene mutation that are linked to breast and ovarian cancer. the mail-in kit will be sold
5:39 am
online without a prescription. according to the american cancer society 260,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. how about this, a church hands out $125,000 with one simple request, pay it forward. a texas pastor surprising members at sunday services. >> the envelope was either 250, 500 or $1000. but i didn't tell them that until they sat back down. i wanted to create that sense of anticipation. jillian: wow. so members were told to karn the blank checks and use the money to do good. the pastor got idea from a similar experiment with fourth graders with much smaller amounts of money. guys, what do you think? steve: he got the idea from fourth graders. the governor got an idea from sixth graders. sounds like we're listening to kids. brian: jeff foxworth think hosted a show like that, i'm pretty sure. jillian: smarter than us i guess. steve: pay it forward. thank you very of. there is a big storm that should materialize as snow,
5:40 am
shortlyily, janice dean? >> where are you folks from? >> florida! we love "fox & friends." janice: you're amazing. was your flight canceled? >> yes. janice: not a bad thing. you're note from florida? >> new hampshire. janice: what do you think of the northeaster es about part of new york? >> "fox & friends"! janice: it is coming. i promise you a nor'easter is on the way. moving from philadelphia, new york city, west of i 95 corridor. that is where we get the jackpot snowfall totals. there are the temperatures right now. cloudy skies in new york. i promise it is coming. i told people it is coming late morning into the afternoon. we'll see what happens late morning into the afternoon because that radar is showing as you big snow event aways new york city. long island and east of boston
5:41 am
where we're getting rain totals. give everybody a wave at home. we love you, florida. by the way, police officer right here. thank you for your service. >> thank you. janice: we love "fox & friends"! steve: jd and company out front. thank you. coming up should president trump talk to robert mueller? the president's former attorney, one of them has insight you won't see anywhere else. he is next. brian: i say no. liberal student at gw university pens an op-ed shaming conservative. one student isn't having it, writing a rebuttal. she will join us live coming up. who is the other guy ♪ ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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>> quick headlines for you. senator bernie sanders stepdaughter losing mayoral race in burlington, vermont. katrina driscoll came in second to the incumbent, a democrat.
5:45 am
sanders got his political start in the same office. cynthia nixon will have to leave the city if she wants to run for governor. >> steve, we're not moving to brooklyn. i'm a manhattan girl. i don't like anything not manhattan. steve: "sex & the city" star reportedly laying groundwork for a run for new york governor. she would challenge democrat incumbent governor andrew cuomo. nixon has not officially declared her candidacy yet. brian: special counsel robert mueller casting a wide net as president trump and nine key associates are reportedly subpoenaed for all communications. president and his lawyers will have to decide whether he speaks with mueller under oath. steve: trump's former private attorney says don't do it. jay goldberg remains a close advisor to the commander-in-chief. he joins us live in the studio. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: robert mueller is looking
5:46 am
for anything he can find. you think the president should do what regarding any testimony? >> i don't think he should testify. i do that on basis of my knowledge of the deputy chief of the mueller organization, and that's andrew weissmann. i think that, and the availability of prosecutions for false statements is so broad, that, whatever the president says, they will look for some discrepancy andand indict him. brian: for perjury. >> for making a false statement. lisa: you said you tried several cases against him, andrew weissmann. why are you concerned about him specifically? >> i find while he is talented he will veer towards prosecuting the person who ought not to be prosecuted. in the enron case he secured a
5:47 am
conviction and the court of appeals set it aside because he withheld key evidence. that is a mark against him and indication he can't be trusted. brian: when you look at the probe, where it has been so far this year, we have seen a roster people implicated and spoken to. >> yes. brian: do you think this is on the up and up? do you have faith in robert mueller as condoleeza rice does no. >> what mueller is doing indicting a host of people counting on one or more to cooperate. but the cooperators have to be generally examined with great skepticism. a informer, somebody who cooperates is suspect. so he is indicting a host of people to bring pressure on them in the hope that one or more will cooperate. he used the logan act when flynn
5:48 am
was indicted is shocking because the logan act was passed at the time of alien and sedition act was passed by a congress in 1799. nobody has been prosecuted successfully. two people went to trial on that, and it has never been used. but it demonstrates how desperate the special counsel is to indict as many people as possible in the hope that one or more will turn and that's typical in a criminal investigation. steve: jay, stormy daniels is in the news. she apparently is saying that the non-disclosure agreement that she had with the trump organization was invalid because he never signed it. >> i think it is true if, an agreement, you need the signature of both parties and if there is no signature by him, it
5:49 am
is not valid. non-disclosure agreements are looked at with skepticism because it impairs negatively on the right of free speech. steve: jay goldberg, former attorney for president trump. lisa: thanks for your time, jay. >> all right. nice to be here. steve: on this snowy day. meanwhile a liberal student at gw university pens an op-ed shaming conservatives. one student is not having it, writing a rebuttal. she will join us live next. brian: let's check in with bill hemmer, best off "special report" yesterday. we made him go outside. bill, great job last night. >> thank you, running from the snow, brian, that is what we'ring doing. good morning, we're live at the white house this morning, "america's newsroom," a major resignation and a day when the administration is taking on the state of california. sarah sanders will address all of that live here today. republicans on the hill, they want to investigate the department of justice. were they spying on the trump campaign at the end of 2016? trey gowdy answers that
5:50 am
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♪ steve: there is backlash growing at george washington university down in washington after a liberal student's op ed in the campus newspaper took aim at conservatives. student writing gw doesn't need more dialogue on campus between the right and the left. we need for conservatives to be called on to reevaluate their political views and their actions. lisa: conservative student firing back writing this, the opinion piece written by reflects larger problem with liberals on gw campus. demand conservatives change their mind on issues yet to
5:54 am
refuse to engage in any dialogue. steve: we have the student behind the response. a member of gw university and the gw college republicans. good morning, be abigail. >> thanks for having me on. steve: what about this person's op-ed got your blood boiling that you had to return your thoughts. >> the real was bragging about harassing jason chaffetz. we had him on event i planned. he was a genuine engaging speaker. to see the disrespect display in this op-ed was upsetting. as i continued reading the op-ed it was riddled with personnal attacks and factual inaccuracies. anyone who knows me i'm not afraid to stand up for myself and my beliefs. i felt compelled to respond. lisa: you say the need for more dialogue. we are seeing shutting down, particularly of conservative
5:55 am
speakers on college campuses. why do you think the left or liberals are so afraid to have that open dialogue or discuss opinions and ideas? >> you know, i'm really not sure because at the end of the day dialogue doesn't hurt anyone. if you don't like what someone saying you can just not change your mind. but the problem is, when you don't have the dialogue at all, you're really just increasing the partisan divide on campus. i'm all for debates. i'm all for respectful dialogue. i love talking about politics but to hear a student openly admit that they don't want more dialogue is really just stunning on gw's campus. steve: the dialogue, you got this wrong, abigail. the dialogue you two talk, you the conservative change your mind. >> that is what they like to happen, right. they won't even talk to us. here we are with our opinions still. it is not the conservatives who don't want to have the conversation. it is liberals on campus. steve steve did this writer of the op-ed, who bad-mouthing jason chaffetz, did he go to the
5:56 am
event? >> did not. he actually ran into jason before the event at a restaurant on campus. and that is where he, in his words, not mine, quote, unquote, berated the congressman and was proud of it. he didn't come to the event which was open to the entire gw student body. and jason stayed after as long as he needed to to answer every single person's questions. lisa: abigail, we appreciate you coming to have a dialogue with us this morning. you have a great day. thank you. >> thank you so much. steve: 8:56 in new york city. we'll step away. more in two minutes. lisa: stay tuned. ♪ and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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5:59 am
>> guys, i hope to see everyone tomorrow at beaver creek, ohio. i get to see all my w-h-i-o listeners. hopefully you're there.
6:00 am
tomorrow's show has great guests. >> dana lash and plus lawrence jones and his mother. we're going on facebook live and watch the after the show show. >> have a great day. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning everyone. from the white house the trump administration going head-to-head with california's sanctuary state. we're awaiting a major announcement from the attorney general jeff sessions. you'll see that live this morning. they'll sue the state of california because they're making impossible, they argue, for federal immigration official to do their job in the golden state. they call the recent laws unconstitutional saying they harm public safety. we'll have more coming up in a matter of moments here. first though, we are live from the white house on a critical day at another critical time for the trump administration. another big departure inside the west wing as president


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