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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 7, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> trish: fox on top of three storms raging right now from mother nature. a massive storm slamming the northeast. cancelling flights and threatening widespread power outages. to california, the justice department now suing the state to put its policy of protecting illegal immigrants on ice. the white house economic adviser gary cohn is out. stocks down 350 points earlier. we're on all of this right now. this is "your world," trish regan in for neil cavuto. the justice department coming down hard on oakland after the major tipped illegals about
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pending raids. the california governor firing back. claudia cowan is where it's all going count. claudia? >> u.s. attorney general jeff sessions went on the offense this morning sacramento, outlining the many ways in which california and its sanctuary policies, breaking the law. jerry brown having none of it calling this lawsuit fouled by the department of justice apartment the state a political stunt. the attorney general saying it looked like fox news than law enforcement. sessions said the justice department is suing the state because three newly-enacted laws prevent federal immigration attorneys from doing their laws and violating the supremacy laws of the constitution. here's what he said in an exclusive interview with shannon bream. >> you're throwing down the gauntlet in california.
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you letting them know near not a fan of the laws. they're making ice agents jobs tougher. >> it is. we have to challenge it. i don't want to do that. california is a great state. it's an important part of america. we want a healthy and good relationship with it. federal law determines immigration policy. the state of california is not entitled to block that activity. somebody needs to stand up and say no, you've gone too far. you cannot do this. this is not reasonable. it's radical really. >> california's top politicians say they're within their legal right to defend illegal immigrants living in their community. >> this is completely unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out here and engage in a political stunt. make wild accusations, many of which are based on outright lies. that's unusual. particularly a fellow coming
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from alabama talking to us about secession and protecting the human and civil rights. i think this is pure red meat for the base. >> the governor's anger was echoed by hundreds of immigration rights activists that gathered outside the hotel where sessions spoke, chanting and blocking traffic. it was a peaceful protest. both sides are digging in for a long legal fight. no matter what the district judge decides, trish, the loser will appeal and this case and almost certainly end up before the u.s. supreme court. back to you. >> trish: thanks, claudia. [chanting]. this was the scene today in california as attorney general sessions was speaking. protesters demanding that ice be deported, not illegal immigrants. let's go to former ice agent david ward.
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wow! so you know where they stand. what is your reaction? >> well, first of all, i think the governor of california is not a ruler of a sovereign nation. under supremacy claws under article 6, u.s. law does trump state law. the things that they've been doing out there in california, a test base for liberals. >> this is always attention. coming from a small state myself, i believe in state rights. but at some point as a country, there needs to be certain guidelines and certain rules and regulations and laws that make us indeed a country. once somebody is in one state they can go anywhere they want
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and everybody else is affected. how do they deal with this, in terms of the mayor of oakland and any city right now that is saying come one, come all, you can come here and and we will protect you against the likes of your colleagues or i should say former colleagues. >> right. unlike the politicians of california, our ice and border patrol agents take an oath to their office to defend the constitution of the united states, the laws of the united states and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic. what this mayor did was -- jeopardized -- she jeopardized our agents in the field. there's no need for it. the agents were allowed to go to the jail, serve the detainer and pick felons up, they wouldn't have to go out and jeopardize themselves in the communities. in fact, even jeopardize civilians out there when they're making these arrests. the other thing that this mayor did was warn these gangs that we
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have to deal with, all of these sovereign cities around the united states have trans national criminal organizations. because it's a safe base for them. suppose they set up an ambush when our agents go to the field. who they're going after, they know the address, they're not fishing for people. they know. they get ambushed. are we going to have blood on our hands because of the mayor schaaf out there? we can't tolerate this. what the attorney general is doing is the right thing to do. she needs to be held personally liable. there's several criminal violations that i can think of that she was in violation of. 18 usc 111 for instance, impede ago federal officer. obstructing justice. the list goes on. witness tampering. she's been involved in all of this and she should be held accountable. >> trish: maybe she will be. maybe we'll start to see some change going forward anyway. david, good to see you. thanks for your perspective today.
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>> thanks, trish. >> trish: gary cohn is out and stocks bounce back from their steep losses that we saw earlier on. a big rush here to replace him. who is on the short list? who could it go to? deidra bolton has been doing some digging and tell us, deidra, what are you hear something. >> trish, i'm going to give you the short list in a minute. i want to show you the effect on the markets. president trump's chief economic adviser, gary cohn, is stepping down. that was the effect on the stock market. so session lows around 1:00 p.m. eastern time. the dow down nearly 350 points. the reason traders fearing that cohn's departure would pave the way for trade tariffs and potentially start a trade war. so many business groups and economists have been critical of the proposed tariffs, including this 25% proposed tariff on imported steel, 10% tariff on aluminum. strategists fear that trade wars will follow foreign citizens and foreign businesses won't buy
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american products. many see a white house without gary cohn, equalling president trump going faster and further into what some call trade protectionist policies. it may reinforce the president's view. if you look at the trade gap, it widened to the largest level in more than nine years. so trish, american is importing more than its exporting. most economists are comfortable with that. we consume more than we produce relative to the rest of the world. the president has been very vocal about why to reduce the trade deficit. he sees the current tariff plan as one of the best ways to do it. when asked about the timing of cohn's departure, sarah huckabee sanders said this earlier. >> this administration has had a historic first year. we're going to continue to do great things. this is an intense place as is
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every white house. it's not abnormal that you would have people come and go. we're continuing to do great work and continuing to focus on the president's agenda. that's what we're here to do. >> trish, you asked for the short list. here it is. one of the potential candidates is peter navarro. white house trade adviser. he's argued for tariffs. others that may be considered, kevin warsch, a former fed governor and economic official for george w. bush and larry kudlow, who by the way is seen as a more free trade person, more similar to gary cohn. but whoever takes on the job, there's huge decisions ahead. there's an investigation into chinese i.p. theft, negotiations over nafta, north american free trade agreement, which some say that president trump behind closed doors says he wants to tear up. all of this happening before the
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mid-terms, a lot on the table. back to you. >> trish: indeed. interesting to see who this goes to. i know larry well, have known him for many years. i like him very much. but he's a free trade guy. i can't see him signing on to the idea of tariffs here. in fact, he was just out with an op-ed with art laffer wrote as well. art will join the program in a little bit. they're very against this idea of tariffs. we'll see where it goes. thanks, deidra. gary cohn bolting after losing the battle over tariffs. it's an issue that some red state democrats are liking a lot. does this red state democrat agree? john tester is here. good to see you, senator. what do you think? where do you come out on tariffs right now? >> montana is a state where we raise a lot of grain. we have more cattle than people. so we raise a lot of cattle. we depend on those export markets in a big way. i know steel and aluminum isn't a tariff on cattle or grain, but there's a lot of concern about
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retaliation because of the tariffs. we do depend upon export markets. we export most of the products we raise and grow in our state. we'll see what happens. i want to -- >> trish: you're worried it's going to hurt the state and economy. >> i am. >> trish: you think tariffs will be a retaliation that will be problematic for you. >> yes. i want to see the trade imbalance to go away. but we have to figure it out without closing markets. >> trish: you think we're going to close off those markets or perhaps this is a negotiation tactic, posturing ahead of nafta? you know that canada is our number 1 supplier of steel. >> i think the point you make is exactly the point that i hear from most people involved in agriculture in montana. it creates a level of uncertainty. people don't know what will happen. that uncertainty breeds anxiety. >> trish: he telegraphed it.
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25% for steel, 10% for aluminum. it's going to happen possibly next week. so in terms of uncertainty, you're saying maybe it can spiral into something else and before you know it, europe will say we're going to tax all the bourbon now. you know, maybe the europeans can drink a little less. but we are the number 1 economy in the world. we have a lot of leverage here. maybe this is an opportunity to use it, senator. >> well, look, you're correct. i think the challenge and where we have people in montana that are worried about this is that if another country says, you know what? they put a tariff on our steel so we're going to put a tariff on the wheat we import from montana. they'll go to argentina or australia or somewhere else and we'll lose the markets. >> trish: like a race to the bottom. it's hurting americans in the process. are you upset about gary cohn leaving? are you upset about that?
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>> gary cohn is one of my contacts at the white house. we're working on a banking bill to figure out ways to get it across the finish line. on that side of the equation, i'm sad. he's not a point of contact for me. he's going to be replaced by somebody. we'll have to figure out who that is and develop a relationship with the next person that comes in. >> trish: so business as usual. >> yep. >> trish: okay. there's been a lot made of all of these departures in the white house. your sense of how things are going there. >> well, i mean, i think predictability and memory of things that have transpired over the last 15 months are important going forward. you know, gary cohn is a straight-up guy. i like him a lot. i'm sorry to see him go. nonetheless -- >> trish: someone good will come in. >> that's correct. >> trish: let's take a look here
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live. quincy, massachusetts. where the second nor'easter is
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striking the east coast. just had a storm. another one is coming and is there. airports, parking lots, streets all turning into rivers. we have the very latest on how this storm could impact you know matter where you live. new calls for a
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>> trish: you're looking live at philadelphia where a powerful winter storm is slamming the northeast. goodness. wreaking havoc on travel. more than 2,500 flights have been cancelled today, more than 300 are already cancelled for tomorrow. you know what?
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it's not over yesterday. bryan llenas is live in quincy, massachusetts with the latest. hi, bryan. >> hi, trish. we're in quincy, massachusetts right now. this is one of many coastal communities that was hit by a nor'easter just five days ago. you can see the weather is picking up here. this storm is specifically going to hit massachusetts hard in the rush hours. the big concern is flooding, this area is under a moderate coastal flood warning. the good news is that it's not expected to be nearly as bad as it was last week. take a look at this video. this was quincy last week. seven feet of water submerging homes and vehicles. it was bad. 500 people needed to be rescued, this storm though here in this town in quincy, in preparation for the storm, people were in a rush to beat mother nature, storming up the sea wall and
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restoring power. >> trish: we're having an audio issue there with bryan. you can see really a tough situation there in the streets of quincy, massachusetts. a tough situation throughout the northeast including behind me in new york city. despite the justice department's crack down, oakland's mayor, libby schaaf that it's in the city's legal right to protect illegal immigrants. we'll debate that. it seems like north korea is coming around to talks with the president. we're going to reveal when lawmaker is giving all the credit to president trump. we'll reveal that next. you were made to move. to progress.
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>> trish: remember when president trump said this about north korea? >> to what do you owe this openness to talk? >> me. no. nobody got that. >> trish: well somebody got that. gop senator from south carolina, lindsey graham who has never been shy to criticize the president tweeted, and i quote, "if there's an agreement reached between the united states and north korea and the rest of the world regarding the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, the lion's share of credit will go to president trump for his strong stand." surprising? let's ask bri peyton. what do you think about this? >> i think senator graham is right. the facts are clear. before trump, denuclearization was not on the table and north
1:24 pm
korea was not willing to talk about us at all. now donald trump is in office, he's been very firm and very clear. he has not capitulated when kim jong-un has threatened us with violence or with missile tests. he's been firm and said hey, you mess with us, we're going to punch back. that's a message that kim jong-un can understand. decades of capitulation and offering aid to his people is not what he responds to. he responds to strength. that's what donald trump has shown. >> trish: perhaps some unpredictability. doesn't that help in this case? kim jong-un has to be looking at the sayings saying, you know, this guy says he may take me down and he may take me down. what is to stop him? >> that is a great point. i think that donald trump definitely knows how to speak to kim jong-un in a way that he clearly is -- seems to be understanding. we don't know the full extent of north korea will denuclearizing. there's been recent satellite images that shows maybe the
1:25 pm
opposite is true. a lot of details that remain murky. even the fact that they're willing to talk about this, the fact that this is on the table marks a very different change. i think donald trump just recognizing the fact that kim jong-un is only going to respond to strength, he's only going to respond to the threat of force and the threat of power has been a game-changer. decades of, you know, offering to ease sanctions, decades of willing to go in and help kim jong-un's people has not worked for the north korean regime. they don't care about their people. they are willing to starve them and torture them and do all of these things to them. so i think the really -- the game changer here has been donald trump realizing, hey, offering to help out his people, not going to work what will work is, you know, threatening to punch back. and being firm. >> trish: it's a completely different tactic. right? than anything we have seen in years. >> yeah, i mean, you know, it remains to be seen if this ends
1:26 pm
up being a success and if he's able to broker a deal. i think definitely donald trump being just very pragmatic about this whole thing about not overthinking a lot of the philosophy behind this, but just saying hey, this is a guy that is only going to respond to force, this is what i'm going to push him with. i'm going to make it very clear that he needs to come to the table and if he doesn't come to the table, you know, there's consequences that might come with that. i think that that very clearly has been a better tactic. the one difference has been a change in administration, a change in people running the show. i think clearing out a lot of life-time bureaucrats in the state department, in this case, may end up being a good thing. a lot of people freaked out. conventional wisdom is not working, why repeat the same thing and expect a different result? >> trish: we've got that agitator in chief, so to speak. thanks very much. >> thank you. of course. thanks so much. >> trish: coming up, pressure mounting on jeff sessions to
1:27 pm
appoint a second special counsel to investigate alleged bias at the fbi. one of the lawmakers turning up the heat is here. and for now, here's what attorney general jeff sessions is doing. taking on oakland's california mayor who says it is her legal right to be a sanctuary city. really? >> how dare you neednessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda.
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it's ok that everyone ignores it's fine. drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> trish: before today's crackdown by attorney general jeff sessions, democratic oakland mayer libby schaaf issued this warning. and i quote, "we will continue to exercise our legal right to be a sanctuary city." do these majors have a legal right to protect illegals over american citizens? we have doug burns here with us. i don't know how this mayor has a case here. if we are a country, we're a
1:32 pm
country. we have laws. i understand the attention to this, but this seems obvious that the federal will win out. >> she was in tricky legal waters when she warned of an impending raid by ice. had she said it was saturday morning at such and such an address, she would have been arrested. she kept it vague. but about protecting people, people is too quick with the political one-liners which is oh, these people are vicious animals, no, the other side, they're valedictorians and everybody is wonderful. if you look at legally, you're correct. federal law is supreme. you have the supremacy law and preemption, not to be in the weeds. that means this is an area of law that is exclusively federal and cannot be flopped or impeded. >> trish: why do we have that? >> in the constitution, it
1:33 pm
addresses immigration. it's a federal thing. and the states and is the cities -- by the way, sanctuary city is not a recognized legal term. >> we've been down this road before in the trump administration. days after he took office, he issued the executive order withholding funds from the sanctuary cities. it's not a legal term. but the issue on preemption, that is still a territory. we saw a federal judge rule against the order because of the tenth amendment to the constitution. states have their own right, their own prerogative. when it comes to policing the public safety. if that butts up the trump's prerogative for immigration reform, states can win out. it's not a clear cut answer. >> public safety is a tricky semitic formulation. when the mayor said i'm doing
1:34 pm
this for the safety of the public, i describe this as a flat-out argument. how can you claim you're promoting safety when you're warning -- if you assume for the sake of argument that some of the people were felons and criminals, you shouldn't be warming of an impending ice raid. on the other hand if they're wonderful valedictorians, that's fine, too. but time and time again on cable tv, we've seen them saying they rounded up people not pointing out many of them are convicted felons. >> to the lawsuits merit, we've been down this road before. i think that there are logical legal arguments to be made in terms of common sense policing would dictate that you want immigrants -- >> trish: if they're here illegally, they can go anywhere they want, right? so at that point, they could go from sanctuary city over the border to another and the feds have to catch them in between
1:35 pm
sanctuary cities. this is a big country. i would think the federal government would have the right to come down and say no, we will veto this, what you're planning there in oakland or san francisco or los angeles or chicago because this is for the common good and safety of the united states of america. >> what is interesting real quick, the federal government can always come in and enforce federal law, by the way. the question is to what extent do the locals have to help. >> the state doesn't have to pour in its own resources to policies and procedures that they don't think are going to promote public safety. it's their -- >> trish: i can tell you i'm amazed this is an issue. seriously. the idea that a mayor would be warning and get away with that is positively insane. anyway, thank you, caroline. thank you. all this as president trump was speaking to the latino coalition. to kevin corke at the white house with more.
1:36 pm
hi, kevin. >> i lost you there. but the president basically said to latino business leaders today, listen, the trump economy right now is working for most americans. he said that group like every other group in this country only wants a strong economy and they want fair and i should point out legal immigration. >> these reforms are supported by the vast majority of latino voters. in fact, more than 8 in 10 latino voters think immigration to our country should be based on skill, not just a relationship with people you don't even know. this is the mainstream view of all americans, including latinos, yet the senate democrats filibuster our plan because they don't care about the immigration system or reform and they don't want to solve the
1:37 pm
problem. they would rather use it to get elected. that's not working so well. >> the president's remarks before the latino coalition coming two days after lawmakers in washington led a march 5 deadline pass for solution for preventing daca recipients with no deal in sight. the white house is doing all it can to steer clear of the story surrounding the president and an adult film performer by the name of stormy daniels. her real name is stephanie clifford. she claims that her nondisclosure agreement about her alleged relationship with the president when he was a private citizen is invalid. >> we believe the nda will be tossed out. mr. trump never signed the document and she's free to tell her story. >> sarah sanders said, there's nothing new here. listen to what she said at the press briefing.
1:38 pm
>> the president has denied the allegations against him again, this case has been won in arbitration. anything beyond that, i refer you to outside counsel. >> as you can imagine, there's a number of legal experts that say this was valid, this agreement we're talking about. after all, trump's private attorney signed it, daniels signed it, her attorney signed it. notarized and most importantly she took the money. $130,000. it's a story we'll watch very carefully. fox reached out to daniels' attorney and asked him about sanders comments there that the president has already won this in arbitration. he said oh, yeah? yeah, he won the popular vote, too. the digs continue, my friend. back to you, trish. >> trish: kevin, thanks very much. top republicans demanding a special counsel to investigate fisa problems. one of the lawmakers demanding it is next.
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1:42 pm
>> trish: pressure building today for a second special counsel. top republicans are demanding an independent probe into allegations that some fbi officials showed bias against president trump and misled the fisa courts to get warrants. will the attorney general answer the call? the republican house judiciary member andy diggs. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> trish: you'd like to see this investigation happen. we need a second counsel because the first special counsel is not looking into the things you think they should be looking into? >> right. what members of the judiciary committee have been talking about for months is that everything going back to the hillary clinton investigation has been tainted. you have conflicts of interest going back 10, 12 years, all the way through to the current investigations that are ongoing. that's one problem. the other problem is the misuse
1:43 pm
of authority and power at the highest levels of the fbi and the doj to get fisa warrants to spy on americans. these two things put together require a sincere deep investigation. the only way you'll get that is to have an independent counsel look at it, not an internal investigation. >> trish: congressman, it's carry this idea that the russians could have fed a bunch of garbage tell to an ex-british spy that was working effectively for the dnc and hillary clinton via fusion gps and a law firm. somehow our fbi thinks that that substantive enough, despite the fact that it reads like a tabloid sensational story. and they get a fisa warrant?
1:44 pm
they don't tell the judge where the research came from? that is alarming. >> trish, it's alarming. it's outrageous and quite frankly, it's probably illegal. so what we need to have happen is this investigation -- you're right. what you had here is the dnc, hillary clinton's campaign getting together with a department of justice official and his wife with the private concern that they're putting together this very damaging dossier and that's the dossier that is being relied upon and probably even paid for in part by the fbi. this is outrageous conduct. this is not what is supposed to happen in a free little r republican form of government. we're supposed to have representation and be able to trust our officials. that's why there's this important investigation that must take place. we have to restore that trust. quite frankly, it's gone at least at the highest levels. >> trish: you don't think
1:45 pm
mueller would look into this or is looking into this? is the inspector generals report going to give us more insight into this? >> the inspector general is looking at the sum of this. this is not their charge what you're going to find out, there's all kinds of anomalies and things that weren't supposed to happen with regard to the original hillary clinton investigation. that's why i think you'll see attorney general situations and fib districter wray reopen that investigation. mr. mueller won't go after this type of thing. what he seems to be focusing on is these process crimes. did someone fill out a form correctly. he's indicting people that live in russia that we'll never bring back here. his investigation is gone askew and been askew for quite some time. don't forget, some of the people he's had on his team are the very people we're talking about that need to be investigated. so this is just a horrible mishmash and has to be sorted out. >> trish: maybe the second
1:46 pm
investigation would help. congressman, thanks for seeing you. >> thank you, trish. >> trish: why is everyone freaking out now that the president's economic adviser is out? reagan's economic adviser, art laffer is in. he's here next. you can't predict the market, but through good times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> trish: you know the president's chief economic adviser gary cohn is out but who is in? the news rattling the markets. everybody got over this one fast though. well, maybe not the donors. because some of them apparently are a little worried. gop fund raiser, noel nipor is here. and art laffer was reagan's top money man. is he worried at all?
1:50 pm
art, i'm starting with you. gary cohn -- by the way, you know, he was one of my first bosses when i was at goldman sachs many years ago in the fixed income division when he ran it. he just never struck me as a trump guy. i was a little surprised, art, that he took the job in the first place and like you, he did not like the island of tariffs. sounds like that's what actually caused him to leave. are you concerned? >> no, i'm really not. i like gary cohn very much. i spent a lot of time with him. he's made it clear for a long time that he was going to leave at the beginning of the year. i don't think he would leave just because he disagreed with the president. your whole purpose there is to be an adviser to the president, not to have the president make you say stuff you don't want to make but have you give him independent advice -- >> trish: but at some point in the president makes the decision, don't you need to be on board with that decision? >> no, you do not. >> trish: you can give all the
1:51 pm
advise you want in the background. no, you don't think so? >> no. i was there with george schultz in 1971 with richard nixon. very strange character. we had devaluation of the dollar, import surcharges. george schultz disagreed with almost all of it. we all stayed loyal as long as he listened carefully. george was the best person that i've seen and i don't remember him threatening to resign if nixon -- >> trish: so this is a lame move on gary cohn's part? >> no. i think he planned to do this all the time. just his time came. that's what i heard. i talked to one senator that spent a lot of time with gary, very close with gary. he said he told him ten days ago that he was going to leave in the next three or four weeks. so that's not surprising to me at all. hi, noel, how are you? >> i'm good. good to see you. >> trish: noel -- i wonder how gop -- fund raisers are thinking
1:52 pm
about. how are the big ticket players reacting to this? a lot of them liked gary cohn. >> they did like gary cohn. that was their link to the administration, that i they felt had economic good common sense. with that said, there's two things going on that i think are very interesting. i've talked to 12 of my donors. they're divided. this has been strange. >> there's six of them that think that, you know, the tariffs, the market is going to spin out of control, this is absolutely one of the worst things they have seen. the retaliation from countries because of these tariffs are going to be for rick, the ramifications that we'll face for this. you have the other side that is basically, this puts steel workers, creates jobs, this is fabulous because it makes trump make good on one of his promises, which he says make america great, by making the
1:53 pm
steel stray great. and how about china? >> trish: yeah, it will help republicans mid-terms. they may not realize that. art, is our friend larry kudlow going to take the job? >> i hope so. isn't he the best ever? i know how much you like him, trish. and he's one of my best friends ever. i've known him 30 years. he would be perfect. >> trish: he doesn't like tariffs. >> you don't have to like tariffs to take a job with donald trump? you're there to provide a better country, give advice to a person. you can't just be a yes man. larry kudlow is not a yes man. he will give you the straight. he's a very loyal person and would never undercut the president. he knows what his role would be. i think larry would be terrific. don't you? >> i used to host a show with larry. i have such respect for larry. i think he's a brilliant
1:54 pm
economist and a kind good person. they're also talking about peter navarro. >> if you look at the group that art laffer is a part of, art laffer, steve forbes, larry kudlow were all instrumental in helping with the tax cuts, with tax reform. they really worked hard. you know, got that. don't you think this would make a common sense move? >> trish: would he take it? >> is that -- >> trish: yes, to you, art? would you take it? >> yeah, i think larry would take it. anything to make the country better later why would do. >> trish: we'll be watching. our best to him. >> it's so much fun being on with the two of you together. i get a double surprise today. thanks for getting noell, trish. >> trish: thank you for being here. thank you, art. >> thank you.
1:55 pm
>> trish: we have a nasty northeastern bearing down on the east coast. where is it going? how long will it last? we'll have the latest from the fox news weather center. that's next. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily...
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>> trish: would you want to commute home in this? that's what millions, myself included, may be prepared to do is this fierce winter storm battles the northeast. our fox news meteorologist has the latest. hope it's good news. >> not fully. we have lucked out with a lot of storms this year that happen on weekends or on friday. this one hitting during the afternoon commute. that's why it's causing so much problem on the roadways. a lot of snow across parts of the great lakes areas, michigan and towards ohio. here's where it's winding up, this secondary storm that developed here, this nor'easter.
1:59 pm
it's been burning rain and snow at a very heavy snow. wet snow. along the coast here and in towards new york city, manhatta manhattan. and a lot of it hasn't been able to stick because of the traffic, treated roads. across the boroughs, that's where we are seeing major problems with snowfall totals. everybody getting snow. we still have about two or three hours left. pennsylvania, file, you are almost out of this. winter storm warnings extending throughout new england towards maine. here's a future forecast. 9:00 or 10:00 tonight, done in the city. tomorrow morning, done towards boston. still towards parts of maine for tomorrow. interior sections is where the heaviest of the snow is. 2 feet. coastal areas, not as much. we have a rough commute evening tonight. >> trish: yeah, i am not looking forward to it. i may have to stay in the city.
2:00 pm
thank you. that will do it for this evening. catch me every day monday through friday on fox business network on "the intelligence report" at 2:00 p.m. eastern. "the five" is next. ♪ >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, jesse watters jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." a big move by the trump administration, its strongest method yet for jurisdiction that provide safe havens to illegal immigrants. jeff sessions announcing a lawsuit against california. >> california, we have a proble problem. california legislator legislatr to intentional


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