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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 7, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> shannon: a big thank you to all of our amazing folks here in our l.a. bureau and to the good people of california as well. look forward to join you from washington tomorrow night. in the meantime, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from los angeles. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." american men are in crisis. they are a failing school, dying from drugs, they're abandoning the workforce, theyey are killing themselves and horrifying numbers. everyone who is paying attention knows this, ask themselves howll are the men you know doing? somehow no one ever says it out loud and publicly pretense that men are doing too well, that they have too much power. the actual numbers, the real data tell a very different story. our series every wednesday this month focusing on men and kicks off tonight. we'll start with a conversation with jordan peterson who's been thinking a lot about how men can recover. first, the trump administration
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says california is a part of america, it's a state. to prove it, attorney general jeff sessions announced a lawsuit against california for undermining federal immigration laws. >> in recent years, the california legislature has enacted a number of laws designed to intentionally obstruct the work of our swornfo immigration officers. the laws are harmful to california and there especially harmful to our law enforcement, your law enforcement. that's why the department filed a suit against the state of california to invalidate these unjust laws and to immediately freeze their effect, federal agents must be able to do their job that congress directed them to do. california absolutely appears to me, is using every power it has power it doesn't have, to frustrate federal law enforcement.
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so you can be sure i'm going to use every power i have to stop that. >> tucker: the attorney general singled out the mayor of oakland, california, libby schaaf. t schaaf is one of the politiciant who publicly warned illegal immigrants in advance of the federal raid so they could evade federal >> here's my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> tucker: jerry brown, the democratic governor of california responded defiantly. how dare the federal government tried to force gnomic and forced the cause of the united states he said in effect. >> this is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out to california and act more like fox news then a law enforcement officer. the federal government ought to do its job and not blame california for its own inability to solve the
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i do think this is pure meat for the base and i would assume and this is pure speculation, that jeff thinks that donald will be happier with him and i'm sureur donald will be tweeting his joy at this particular performance. this is basically going to war against the state of california. >> tucker: meanwhile, the mayor of oakland responded with the only arrow left in the progressive quiver.or of course she called people racist. watch.eo >> his comments were so consistent with this racist distraction, this fearmongering that others, newcomers, outsiders, are making our country less faith. joe is a former member of the san francisco police commission. a candidate for san francisco de >> tucker: thanks for coming d and he joins us. on, joe.
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>> thanks for having me. i think you guys are getting pumped by the attorney general. here is why. i looked at the suit that was filed against california. it says in part this. the federalke government is thee preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters. this authority arrives then i went back eight years and from numerous acts of congress. took a look at this with the obama administration filed on immigration against the state of arizona and it begins this way.o the federal government has preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters. this authority derives from the u.s. constitution and numerous acts of congress. they are making the same case in the same words. you didn't object when obama did it now its racist? how does that work? >> i don't think california is saying anything different. it's not california's job to enforce federal immigration law and that's with the sanctuary cities laws pertain to. it's exactly that. >> tucker: it's a little different than that. you're right, no state is obligated to enforce federal laws, the federal government has all kinds of enforcement
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agencies, but what states can't do and this is been law for almost 200 years, is obstruct federal law. they can't do that. when the mayor of oakland warns people who are breaking federal law so that they might evade federal law enforcement, that is obstructing federal law, do you see the difference? >> i understand why mayor schaaf did what she did. she didn't put out any information that would have endangered m anybody. that's playing into fear. they went on with their rate, people were arrested, that happened. i think what's really happening in these communities that we have be concerned about and that is that the federal government, the federal immigration law is so broken, we have people who have been here for decades, decades that have families that are u.s. citizens that have been torn away from their homes and sent back to countries they just don't know. because the system is broken. >> tucker: a lot of people disagree with the law. it's almost irrelevant for us to
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argue whether it's a good law or not, it's a law. the real question is -- >> it's a broken law. >> tucker: maybe. there's a lot of laws i don't like either. that's what california is doing. it's now illegal for private citizens in california to assist federal law enforcement authorities. i'm wondering is a reasonable person, can you really defend that? would it be okay for a stick to say it's illegal to cooperateau with the fbi, is that okay?? >> no, that wouldn't be okay. but that's not what we're saying. there's no specific law that says you should obstruct anyy. sort of legal process. that's not happening anywhere. >> tucker: it's illegal to cooperate with federal lawl enforcement authorities. it's illegal in the state of california according to yourer attorney general to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. how is that different than what happened in the south on the '50s and '60s? it's not so different and if so,
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how? >> no californian has a legal obligation to cooperate with federal law enforcement. >> tucker: california has banned, made it illegal to cooperate and here you have a sitting officeholder actively undermining, obstructing federal law. just as a legal matter, you like the law, i get it, but you don't think that will precipitate a constitutional crisis? let's be real. >> i don't. i think there are interests at the local level that overridesi the minutia of the differences. >> tucker: the minutia -- you've been in california a long time. your family has been in san francisco for 100 years, a grandfather, mayor of the city, you know the city really well. >> pretty well, yes. >> tucker: kind of falling apart in case you haven't noticed. we checked the price of a u-haul to go to san francisco was $132 from las vegas.
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you know how much it costs from san francisco to vegas? $2,085 because so many people are leaving. given the crisis in your city, why the emphasis on people who aren't allowed to be her in ther first place? when i look after your own citizens? >> we are. people are leaving san francisco for a variety of different reasons. there are also people coming to san francisco, but the bottomnc line is, the bottom line with this lawsuit which is what we'ra talking about, jeff sessions has to be very careful because every good lawyer thinks twice aboutlk filing a lawsuit. this particular reason, they make it a bad result. the ninth circuit, you never know what happens in the ninth circuit. >> tucker: a judge in hawaii will say trump is not allowed to be president, but is not allowed to change the underlying legal point which i think we both agree is insane and it's putting us on a course towards disunion, like california becoming its own country. will you join us or them, last question? >> come on. that's a ridiculous argument.ou i think the rest of the
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united states would be very happy to keep california intact. among other reasons. the tax basis. the defense of our state. >> tucker: call me. congressman todd rokita joins us. congressman, thanks for coming on. am i overstating what's at stake here as a constitutional matter? >> no, we are either a country of laws over or not. the fact that people broke thehe law to get here doesn't mean the law is broken, it means they ignored and broke the law. we have to follow the law and what the department of justice did today and what another reminder of why we were right tr elect president trump, california should be sued. these local and state politicians who do this, they ought to be locked up themselves. >> tucker: by the way, there is precedent. throughout american history come
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out we sent federal troops into little rock in 1957 and a bunch of other places of the south, but you think that for example, the mayor out of oakland should be arrested? >> i do. i have a bill that says if you ignore valid federal law, this is been a lot of the land for a long time, then you, yourself are a felon and you should bere thrown in jail. it seems a pretty clear principle. no one would question this if estate was saying by the way we are going to ignore the irs. or not enforced abortion law or gun law. i don't really understand why immigration law is the one kind of law if you have to enforce. >> because they're looking for voters. the open agenda on the left is about promoting voters because their ideas are so bad. not only are people leaving san francisco in droves come out there leaving the left in droves. they need to import more voters. this is what it's all about and
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that's why these liberal left politicians, starting with california, but certainly not ending there are in such a tizzy over this. >> tucker: don't you think at some point, democratic voters, the ones were born here would say in oakland, there's a lot of poverty in oakland. there's not a lot of immigrants were suffering, there's a lot of a lot of native-born americans suffering. at some point, they have to say what about us? >> they're putting the interest of illegal immigrants over the safety of their own citizens per that's how far out of whack the left has come. >> tucker: you served in the congress along with many others, including democrats. did you ever have those conversations with democrats on the hill? >> yes. with a few of them. there are a few that are still willing to put the rule of law above all of us. >> tucker: their party shut on the government on behalf of behalf of illegal immigrants. not on behalf of the middle class. >> a majority of the minority is
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right there with california. that's why we have to keep trump as president, we have to reelect him, but these midterm elections have to come out to vote to make sure they don't get a stronghold to make sure they don't become a majority in the house or majority in the senate. >> tucker: if republicans can articulate as clearly as you just did, they may have a shot. thanks. s it's nice to have you tonight. democrats have a plan. to flip texas blue under the tide of illegal immigration, speaking of. we'll discuss details next. ♪ what are the ingredients of a life well lived? is it the places you go? the things you own? or the people that fill it with meaning? for 150 years, generations of families have chosen pacific life for retirement and life insurance solutions.
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protecting what's most important to you. that's the power of pacific. ask a financial advisor about pacific life.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ >> tucker: texas hold its primary elections last night. believe it or not, the midterm
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elections are now a mere eight months from now. democrats are looking make gains everywhere, but long-term, state of texas is their top priority, it's easy to see why. texas is a huge state. the biggest state that votes republican. if texas goes blue, democrat, it's over. republicans cannot win a presidential election without texas. america would then be one party state for a generation at least, maybe longer. given the intolerance for anything that resembles republican dissent. with the stakes so high, what wouldn't democrats do to win? why wouldn't they encouragehe noncitizens to vote? of course, they're already doing that explicitly in other states. in texas, it would make all the difference. texas has the second-highestte percentage of noncitizens and america after california. there are more than 3 million noncitizens in the state overall. for perspective, hillary clinton lost texas by only 800,000 votes. you do the math. the temptation is there, it's
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overwhelming. what actually stops noncitizens from voting in texas?re good question. not much. registration in that state is conducted on the honor system as it is in many states. the only way you were out it a noncitizen voter in texas is when you decide to admit that you are. texas just assumes that all voters are telling the truth. imagine if jewelry stores have the same policy. they assumed nobody would everin consider stealing a necklace. that's crazy. elections are more importantte than necklaces, but for some reason, we don't act that ways in most states.'t according to that texas attorney general ken paxton, there is m already ample evidence of voting illegally in texas. they investigated 254 counties and 165 unlawfully registered voters. those noncitizens had cast more than 100 illegal votes before they were caught. it makes you wonder, what's happening in the states other
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250 counties? we don't know, we can guess. if you even mention the possibility of illegal voting in the left pretends that's not real, it's not even possible. of course they know they're lying. better. again, it's happening. voter fraud benefits them. this is what foreign interference actually looks lik. in an election. democrats are openly pushing its when they aren't making it easier for illegal immigrants to register to vote, their fighting efforts to identify fraudulent voters. then they are demanding outright amnesty, would make the whole scheme legal if it passed. republican's are helping with that for some reason. brand-new electric from a different country. j christian adams is president and general counsel of the public interest legal foundation. trying to obtain voter information in an effort to expose he joins us. illegal registration. thanks for coming on. when you hear people say this doesn't happen, there are so many questions. we know what
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the real question is why aren't states, why isn't texas specifically, doing anything? >> there's a lot of reasons. sometimes the left gets involved in litigation, they try to stop us from doing anything. in kansas right now, because kansas tried to do something, and the aclu and a whole bunch of international law firms, deckard -- that's what they are doing. they are attacking the state of kansas. americans should be electing american officials, not foreigners. in texas, we ask for the multirole cancellations of noncitizens. in harris county, which is houston and in bexar county which is san antonio, we have a right to that information under federal law. those two counties are stonewalling us and not lettingo us see the data. >> tucker: where's the attorney general for texas in this? >> he's doing great. the problem is worse than you just said in the intro. it's much worse. they're finding in texas, noncitizens across the state and
9:20 pm
they're doing it in a way that very few states are doing. most states have the honor system. you check a box, you say you're a citizen, you're on the role,e, period. no further investigation. >> tucker: we spent the last two years embroiled in a scandal that's basically stopped normal work in washington and it surrounds the idea of foreign interference in american elections. here you have actual documented evidence, their voting, the most sacred thing citizens do in thed left says we want more of that. how does that work? >> they like it. they enjoy how foreigners are voting. they hide the ball, they lie, they don't tell the truth about the extent of the problem. they try to prevent us from finding out how bad the problem really is. a >> tucker: that's so cynical, it's hard to believe that that's happening, but it is. my question, illinois is a democratic state. texas has a real republican governor. for now, that will change soon
9:21 pm
if they don't get under control. why doesn't the legislature passed a law saying you have to show you are a citizen >> they may do that. that's what kansas did, that's why deckard is suing kansas along with the aclu. anybody who tries to do something about this, whether it's my organization, we have a case where we are getting noncitizen records in thisn, tiy border county. anybody who tries to do something about this is attackes by the left -- >> tucker: the truth is they want voter fraud because it gives them power and that's all they care about. i get that. what's the pretext?? what's their excuse from preventing citizenship verification? >> the same on the oakland mayor said. it's racist. if you attempt to verify discriminating against -- >> tucker: does theif africans americans who have been here for hundreds of years. they have a right to representation and their vote is
9:22 pm
becoming irrelevant because of this. does the congressional black caucus ever speak up about this? >> no. that's what's happening in the los angeles city council as a matter of fact. because they don't have as many -- >> tucker: i hope someone speaks up. >> tucker: great to see you. former u.n. ambassador john bolton has visited the.n white house, what does he believe are the greatest threats facing america?e he joins us next. ♪ that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy? i'm serious! we gotta move fast before- who's a good boy? is him a good boy? erg...i'm just gonna go. oh, you wanna go outside? you gotta go tinky poo-poo? i already went, ok? in the bathroom! as long as people talk baby-talk to dogs, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> tucker: ambassador john bolton, a frequent fixture on fox was at the white house yesterday for a personal meeting with the president of the united states. a lot of reports say he could be the next national security advisor. the following question is more relevant than ever. what does ambassador boltonn think is the greatest threat to america today? he joins us now. it feels like we're moving in slow motion towards a conflict with iran and russia in syria. do you think we are? >> i think that's one possibility. the iranians have clearly gained what they plan to do after the defeat of the isis territory. they were thinking of it when our strategists were not and we are now suffering the consequences with iran literally on israel's border flying drones into israeli airspace. i don't think that's the most dangerous aspect of the middle east, i still think it's iran's support for terrorism and its continued effort to get nuclear weapons.
9:27 pm
>> tucker: in retrospect, we can concede, there haven't been any iran sponsored terror attacks in this country that i'm aware of in the last 25 years. there have been many, many sponsored by saudi arabia and the gulf states. why should we see iran as our primary threat? >> because they have been the world's central bankers of international terrorism funding. on an equal opportunity basis. providing arms to them as they do to hamas in the gaza strip. it's their support for terrorism generally that should concern us, not necessarily specific attacks in the united states. >> tucker: in order to commit american troops in the billions it takes, wouldn't you want to go after the people who are attacking us here first? >> nobody's talking about committing massive amounts of troops. what we have to worry about, i
9:28 pm
think most importantly is the threat of north korea's nuclear weapons program which is more advanced than iran's. it all ties together in the middle east. you may have seen reports recently of a u.n. inspectors study of north korea selling chemical weapons to syria. likely financed byea iran. there is a palpable threat to weapons of mass destruction, something that president trump acted against early in his term that the north koreans have brought into the middle east with iran's participation. >> tucker: in 2015, you wrote a piece for "the new york times" saying we ought to bomb iran in order to stop their weapons. >> that's not quite what i said. that's what "the new york times" headline said. >> tucker: that's how i read t . >> they write the headlines. >> tucker: that's not the only time you called on conflict with iran.
9:29 pm
if we had done that then where do you think we would be the no now? >> i think israel would have done it 15 years before and we would be in a much better place. united states, we are in a better place today for israel having bound saddam hussein's nuclear reactor in 1981 and for israel having bombed the reactor that north korea was building in syria in september 2007. >> tucker: you're called for regime change in iraq, libya, and syria. in the first two countries we had regime change. it's been a disaster. >> i don't agree with that. to argue that, we've had to argue, let's take a rock to begin with, we have to argue that everything that followed from the fall of saddam hussein followed inevitably, solely, and unalterably from the decision to overthrow it and that's not true. >> tucker: i would never argue that. you just said iran as a single
9:30 pm
greatest threat to us and to that region. i think you'll concede that saddam was the greatest counterbalance to iran and they were empowered by his fall. i think it's fair to say if youe think iran is the real threat, we have to defend that decision. >> i think your analysis is simpleminded, frankly. the iranian threat which stems from the revolution of 79 was underway quite apart from what saddam hussein was doing. the iranians tried to get nuclear weapons for 25 years. >> tucker: you don't think he made iran stronger? >> the fall of saddam did not make iran stronger. what made iran stronger ultimately was the withdrawal of american forces in 2011. >> tucker: you're the only person i've met who thinks that1 what would you say if you could sum up one lesson from what has happened in iraq? what would it be? >> the overthrow of saddam hussein, that military action was a resounding success. i think the mistakes that were
9:31 pm
made subsequently, setting up the coalition provisional authority and others that followed from it are lessons about what to do after a regime is overthrown. i also point out because of president bush's surge policy, when his administration ended, stability had returned to iraq. it was not a place he would go for vacation. he turned it over to barack obama and it fell apart subsequently. the point i think you need toeq understand is that life is complicated in the middle east. when you say the overthrow of saddam hussein was a mistake, it's simplistic. >> tucker: i would argue that i'm the one who understands how complicated it is. >> it's your long experience in foreign policy. >> tucker: a better record than yours, i would think. thank you, good to see you. there is new information by bilures of police and that's next. ♪ every six months i'm accident free.
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>> tucker: there are new developments tonight in the school shooting. with those now is fox's matt finn. >> the broward county sheriff's office posted a new fax site which says it's meant to clarify mis information for the website says claims that some deputies were told they could not enter without a body camera is false. explaining any suggestion that sheriff scott israel or any. deputies from the broward sheriff's office were body cameras to turned on prior to entering the school is false.. sources tell fox news there were some deputies that could not enter the school without a body camera that day. noteworthy that the sheriff explained no one was ordered to turn on their camera before entering. it doesn't say no one was told not to enter without a camera. the sheriff's new website also says claims that captain jan jordan commanded deputies to stage their perimeter too soon instead of focusing on neutralizing the shooter were also false. t
9:37 pm
explaining in part the shooting stopped when jordan asked about a perimeter to protect a nearby school and the suspect had already fled the high school. however multiple law enforcement sources tell fox news jordan ordered a perimeter, did not ask for one. this appears to indicate that just 11 minutes after the shooting began, even as new calls of victims were still coming in, jordan said over the radio, "need a perimeter." after their perimeter command, even aircrews said it wasn't taking off because the shooter had not yet been contained. new tonight, the fbi admits that the staffer who took that phoneb call in january when the fbi was tipped off about nicholas cruz failed to ask investigativeas follow-up questions. tucker? >> tucker: matt finn, thanks for that. something ominous is happening to american men, if you are paying attention, you know that. jordan peterson joins us next to talk about what we can do. our series is next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: now the first part of a series you'll see here every wednesday in the month of march, focusing on men in america. the signs are everywhere. if you are a middle-aged man, you probably know a peer who has killed themselves in recent years. at least one. m if you're a parent, you may have noticed your daughters and friends seem a little more on the ball than your sons. they get better grades, theyti smoke with much less marijuana, they spend less time playing video games. they go to more prestigious colleges.a, if you're an employer, you may have noticed that your femalees employees show up on time, the young men often don't. of course if you live in this country, you've seen a horrifying series of mass shootings, far more than we ever have. women didn't do that. in every case, the shooter was a man. something ominous is happening to men in america. everyone who pays attention
9:43 pm
knows that. what's odd is how rarely you hear about it publicly acknowledged. our leaders pledged to create more opportunities for womenen d girls. men don't need help. they are the patriarchy, they're fine, more than fine. but are they fine?e? here are the numbers. start with the most basic, life-and-death the average american men will die five years before the average american one of the reasons for this is addiction. men are more than twice as likely as women to become alcoholics. they're also twice as locally to die of a drug o.d. in new hampshire, one of the state's hardest hit by the opioid crisis, 73% of overdose deaths were men. the saddest reason for shortneso of life span is suicide. 77% of all suicides in america are committed by men. the overall rate is increasing at a dramatic pace between 1997 and 2014, there was a 43% rise
9:44 pm
in suicide deaths among middle-aged american men. the rates are highest among american indian and white men who kill themselves at about ten times the rate of hispanic and black you often hear about america's incarceration crisis. that's almost exclusively a male problem too. over 90% of inmates are men. these problems are complex, but we know that they start young. relative to girls, boys are failing in school. more girls than boys graduate high school considerably more go to and graduate from college. in schools at every level, boys account for the overwhelming majority of discipline cases one study found that fully one and five high school boys had been diagnosed with some form of hyperactivity disorder, that's compared with just one in 11 girls. many of them were medicated for it. the long-term health effects of those medications, not fullyed understood, but they do appear to include depression in later life.
9:45 pm
women are decisively outnumber men and graduate school, there are the majority of doctoral there now theaj majority of new enrollees and both law and medical schools. for men, the consequences of failing in school are long-term and profound. between 1979 and 2010, working age men with only high school degrees saw their real hourly wages drop about 20%. over the same period, high school educated women sawy their wages rise, the decline of the industrial economy disproportionately hurt men. there are now 7 million working age men in america who don't work. they dropped out of the labor nearly half of them take pain medication on any given day. that's the highest rate in the world by far. far fewer young men get marriede then just a few decades ago and fewer stay married. about one in fivear american children live now only with their mothers, that's double the rate of 1970. millions more boys growing up without fathers. young adult men are more likely to live with a parent than they
9:46 pm
are with a spouse or partner. that's not the case for young women. single women by their own homes at more than twice the rate of single men. more women than men have drivers licenses. whenever gender differences come up in public debate, wage gap comes up. a woman makes every $0.70 for a dollar a man earns. that's a statistic you'll hear a presidents have repeated it, many candidates. it's everywhere. that number compares all american men to all american women across all professions. no social scientists would consider that a valid or meaningful measure. the number doesn't mean anything, it's intentionally misleading. it's a talking point. once you compare men and women with similar experience working the same hours and similar jobs for the same period of time, that's the only way you can measure it. that gap all the disappears. in fact, it may invert. one study using census data from that single women in their 20s living in the metropolitan areas
9:47 pm
now are an 8% more on averager than their male counterparts. by the way, the majority of managers in the workplace are now women. women on average are scoring higher on iq tests than men arep even physically, men are falling behind. a recent study found that half of young men failed the army's entry-level physical fitness exam during basic training. fully 70% of american men are now overweight or obese. that's compared to 59% of american women. perhaps most bafflingly and terrifyingly, men are becoming less male fundamentally, measurably. sperm counts have plummeted. they're down almost 60% since the 1970s. scientists don't know why. testosterone levels in men have also fallen precipitously. one study found that average levels of male testosterone dropped by 1% every year after 1987 and is not related to age. in other words, the average 40-year-old man in 2017 would
9:48 pm
have testosterone levels 30%-y lower than the average 40-year-old man in 1987. there's no upside to this trend. lower testosterone levels in men are associated with depression, lethargy, weight gain, decreased cognitive ability. nothing like this has ever happened to a population this big. you would think we would want tn know exactly why, what's going on, how can we fix it? yet the media ignore that story. it's considered a fringe topic somehow.ix nor is it, believe it or not, a priority in scientific research establishment. we checked and we couldn't find a single nih funded study on why testosterone levels are falling. we did find a study on "pubic hair grooming preference and motivation in the u.s." those of the numbers and they paint a very clear picture. american men are failing and body, and mind, and spirit. this is a crisis. yet our leaders pretend it's not happening. they think the opposite is true. women are victims, men are oppressors.
9:49 pm
to question that assumption is to risk punishment. even as women outpace men in higher education for example, virtually every college campus supports a women's studiesen department whose core goal is to attack male power. politicians and business leaders internalize and amplify that message. men are privilege, women are oppressed. hire and promote an award accordingly. that would be fine if it were true, but it's not true. at best, it's an outdated view of an america that no longer exists. at worst, it's a pernicious lie. either way, ignoring the decline of men does not help anyone. men and women need each other. one cannot exist without the other. that is elemental biology. it's also the reality that each one of us have lived spirit with our parents and siblings and friends come out when men failed, all of us suffer.t how did this happen? how can we fix it?ll we hope that this series each
9:50 pm
wednesday this month answers those questions. jordan peterson is a professor at the university of toronto. he's written a lot about the decline of modern men. we spoke to him recently. thanks for joining us. we've got a long list of statistics that paint a pretty clear picture that boys seem to be falling behind relative to girls. why do you think that is? >> i think that's partly a consequence of directive policy. it's linked to the idea that there's something wrong with masculinity, so the expression of masculinity should be limited in all sorts of arbitrary ways. the fact that kids can't really play at schools anymore is a manifestation of that. the fact that male behavior is often diagnosed as attention deficit disorder for example is a manifestation of that.
9:51 pm
the elimination of competition as a valid form of human interaction and the failure to recognize that competitive sports, for example, are deeply cooperative in their fundamental nature as long as everyone is playing by the rules, obviously. so there is that. that's a large part of it. >> tucker: you're saying that there is an organized attempt to deemphasize masculinity or to punish masculinity. why? >> because it's easy to mistake masculine competence for the tyranny that hypothetically drives the patriarchy. it's part of an ideological worldview that sees the rise of mankind as the oppression of women which is a dreadful way of looking at the world.
9:52 pm
a very pathological way of looking at the world. it's not like men and women always get along anymore than men and men get along or women and women for that matter. fundamentally, human history is a cooperative enterprise and men and women have lifted themselves out of the mire over millennia in their cooperative endeavor.if to describe that as centuries of the oppression of men -- of women by men is absolutely reprehensible, ideological rewrite of history. it's what's taught in the humanities and much of the social sciences at universities. it's taken as a fact. >> tucker: you're saying this has bad consequences. >> how can you feel good about that? if you are made out to be a potential manifestation of rape
9:53 pm
culture, if you're competitive drive is regarded as part of a tyrannical impulse, it's the heritage to which you belong is regarded as an oppressive patriarchy, then how in the world are you going to step forward with confidence and shoulder that burden? why would you? why wouldn't you just step aside and retreat which is exactly what's happening. >> tucker: if men are so aggressive and bent on domination, establishing a patriarchy, why have they stepped back and allow this to happen?ti >> i guess that's a good question, isn't it? i don't know the answer to that. i don't know that they are precisely allowing it to happen. it's very insidious, the ideological movement that striving part of the radical left, i would say is very
9:54 pm
insidious. it's not an easy thing to resist. a lot of it occurs, for example, it occurs in the school system increasingly. there are not men that react to that, it's boys. they're not clear what they're supposed to do about it. it's hard to fight an ideological battle. >> tucker: it is hard. if you are to give parents of boys one piece of advice for how they can fight against this trend for the sake of their own boys, what would it be? >> i would say first of all, encourage them. i mean that most deeply, to encourage someone is to instill courage in them, to support their courage. that doesn't mean protect them from what's dangerous, it means to teach them how to be confident and teach them that they can rely on themselves to prevail, even in the darkest of circumstances. that's part of it. i would say as well, more
9:55 pm
specifically, this is a specific advice for parents, if you have your children in a school and they talk about equity in class and they talk about equity,, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, any of that, take your children out of the class. they're not being educated, they're being indoctrinated. there's absolutely no excuse for it. >> tucker: i agree with that completely. you might run out of schools quickly. >> that would be just fine. >> tucker: it's hard to express my gratitude to you for telling the truth is you do. thank you very much for that. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: part two of our series is back on wednesday. we hope you will watch.on while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was
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10:00 pm
help. social media is bad for you, but it's a great way to communicate with if you have an idea, send it to us on twitter or facebook. you can use various hashtagsgs and don't miss part two next wednesday. we'll be back tomorrow. in the meantime, sean hannity live from new york.y. >> sean: tucker, great to see you and thank you and welcome to "hannity." major breaking news tonight, president trump takes a huge stand against california over its sanctuary state policies that protect terminal and illegal immigrants and of course create lawlessness and endanger the lives of american citizens. attorney general jeff sessions announced a lawsuit to stop california's blatant interference with federalnt immigration enforcement while also blasting the liberal hotbed of anti-trump resistance. this comes after the oakland mayor aided and abetted criminal illegal immigrants tipping them off about an i.c.e. raid that was coming. tonight we go one on one in a hannity shoot out with jorge ramos over this hot-button issue.


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