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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 8, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: wildlife welfare group says zoos throughout indonesia are struggling to properly care for their animals. jillian: that's crazy. rob: kids and monkeys alike don't smoke. jillian: have a good day. we'll see you later. >> california, we have a problem. how dare you needlessly promote radical open border. >> there is no bigger radical open border cloud car than the one filled by politicians. >> president trump was planning on going forward with 3:30 p.m. eastern time. we are just learning this event now looks like it's thought on the schedule u. >> after seven years the probe into the fast and furious scandal reopened. >> there needs to be accountability. there needs to be justice from brother. >> at least 7 house democrats receiving calls to resign because they have had direct ties to the racist anti-sem men tack louis farrakhan. >> we are trying to have a
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daca victory by the way and democrats are nowhere to be found. they are nowhere to be found. ♪ ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth. steve: i'm just happy i was able to get into work. rachel: i'm happy i made it out of wisconsin. steve: we wound up with 2 feet of snow at my house. brian: are you kidding? steve: 2 feet? >> imagine this, 1, 2. that much snow in front of my house. brian: almost hit our cameraman chris chulo. steve: he was celebrating a birthday earlier this week. rachel is here. we know had you trouble getting. rachel: 2 feet of snow is a tuesday in wisconsin. brian: they don't shut for anything. rachel: they shut it when it
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gets below like 20 or something like that. then they go okay. brian: a little too cold. rachel: yeah, get a little too cold. steve: we don't each do that. thank you very much for joining us. we have got busy stuff. boy, speaking of busy. jeff sessions was busy yesterday. he essentially went out to california and dropped the hammer on california lawmakers and said. >> thank you. steve: you're welcome. he said you cannot pick which laws you are going to enforce and you have got to side with law enforcement. brian: i don't remember a time when we have seen a state against the government like this until you have to go back in history. california almost from the day president trump was elected has been taking him on all issues. when he said we are going to crack down on illegal criminals in our midst. i have an idea. we will be the first sanctuary state. game of on. yesterday, dueling pressers.
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>> california, we have a problem. the california legislature has enacted a number of laws that is designed to intentionally obstruct the work of our sworn immigration officers. that's why the department filed a suit against the state of california to invalidate these unjust laws and to immediately freeze their effect. for example, the mayor of oakland has actively -- has been actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension by ice. so here's my message to mayor schaaf, how dare you. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. i fundamentally believe at my core that we should not further endanger the lives of those who risk everything for us because some officials want to violate the law in promoting an agenda that the american people reject.
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brian: it also -- have you got to set a precedent. everybody, every time you don't like what a president does or an administration does you are going to defy it whether it's something with the e.p.a. or it's okay to go through legal processes. but to spit in the face of the president and the administration, i give the attorney general credit. rachel: absolutely. a lot of democrats in california are really upset about what he said. by the way, he also invoked the civil war which really ticked off kamala harris. let's take a look at what democrats are saying about sessions speech. >> this is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out to california and act more like fox news than a law enforcement officer. this is a political stunt. it's not about the truth. it's not about protecting our state. it's about dividing america. >> i think jerry brown is absolutely right. this administration and jeff sessions in particular, have
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clearly put a target opt back of california and california is going to fight. they are playing politics and they are playing politics with california. this attorney general is doing that and is he going to lose. steve: oh, come on. they are not going to lose. of the federal government has a great case u it is the federal government that enforces the immigration laws of the united states of america. it's not every state gets to pick and choose. states don't get to decide what laws they are going to enforce. just to think that these politicians think that they care more about illegals in their state than the safety as jeff sessions said our law enforcement. and the rank and file people on the ground is extraordinary. rachel: it's not a winning message. we saw earlier in the year in january when they tried to shut down the government in order to protect dreamers. the american people said listen, you have got to put us first. it was a bad political move. they had to crawl out of the hole they put themselves in. moving into the mid terms. this is a bad message.
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have you got ca kamala harris preparing for a run for president. a lot of people looking at california going this is where the democrat party is going. it's going further, and further left. brian: 3,000 miles away is where they get a push back because you don't have any republican party doing anything substantial in that state. they have been really destroyed from the times when richard nixon and ronald reagan were governors there. and pete wilson. now they have just been roughshod. and when you look around and you see how high their taxes are. when you see the huge homeless problem. when you see it was brought up last night on tucker's show. the exodus from san francisco in particular to a state that makes more livable wage and more livable lifestyle like in las vegas. that is what is happening. michelle malkin, who is on here all the time, talked about illegal immigration. she was talking about this in 1998. and sees it coming to a head now.
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>> for jerry brown to call jeff sessions and donald trump's accountability for their actions a stunt, there is no bigger radical open borders clown car than the one that is filled by these democrat politicians. jerry brown, who declared the state a sanctuary state with his wrath of 10 different bills. prevent employers and land lords and stipulates and law enforcement from cooperating to make sure that that state is safe. sanctuary cities are outlaw cities. sanctuary mayors and sanctuary governors are outlaw governors. and we need to do more. we need to do more than just hold them civilly liable. they need to be criminally liable. they need to be kicked off from behind their bully pulpit and put behind bars. steve: there are a number of people who have called for the mayor of oakland to be jailed for the obstruction of justice.
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the attorney general for the great state of california xavier ba serra said yesterday we are in the business of public safety. it's not deportation. tell that to the family of kate stein. it keeps coming back and donald trump when he was running for president, kate stein was murdered at that time. he said look, this is the kind of sanctuary city san francisco is. do you want to see that going forward? jeff sessions has made it very clear this administration doesn't want that to go forward and would like to turn the clown car around to use michelle malkin's words. rachel: let's remember, the president ran on this. he won on this. they are presenting it's anti-immigrant message. jeff sessions made a good point on his speech, listen. rewarding people who come here illegally actually discriminates against those immigrants who come here legally. i think it is really important for the republicans, for the administration to make that
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distinction. we saw that last night jorge ramos was on saying immigrants commit less crime. what he is doing is conflating illegal immigrants and legal immigrants to get that number. and it's going to be important for republicans to make that distinction. we're not anti-imgrant. we are anti-illegal immigrants and felons coming here illegally. brian: tom fallon expressed his outrage that that mayor would tip off would-be illegals before ice could act in california, which they are doing despite the fact that the local law enforcement has been told not to cooperate. steve: we said jeff sessions was busy. not only was he in california he released a statement saying that the department of justice has announced that they will finally, after six years of legal wrangling will release the fast and furious documents that eric holder
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worked for many years to keep from the american public. keep in mind, because eric holder would not release those to the house oversight committee, he was held in criminal and civil contempt of congress for not turning them over. and then barack obama, then just as they were about to vote for criminal contempt against eric holder, he invokeddicsive privilege. said you don't get to see those. now, this administration, through the department of justice and six years said we are going to see them. brian: gun running scheme. they cents guns into mexico. these drug cartels are going to use them and be able to track the guns. that was the hair brain theory it got brian terry killed. kent terry joined us a couple years ago and said about time to see those documents. listen. >> we need to find out the truth exactly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. we need, mr. trump, president trump, to unseal the documents, reverse
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executive privilege so we know what happened and that we can hold the people accountable that are responsible. there needs to be accountability. there needs to be justice for my brother. he deserves it. he spent 22 years serving this country as a law enforcement officer, a marine. and that's what he deserves u. brian: he's about to get it. let's see what that paperwork says. it's days away. jason chaffetz will be out shortly. he was oversight committee. he got so frustrated with the attorney general jeff sessions because he didn't want to release it for some reason. he said no. that's party of the reason jason chaffetz is here and not in washington. if nothing is going to change with the attorney general i have got to get out of here. rachel: unbelievable. finally have a republican administration. we know that the scheme not only hurt the brother and killed the brother of terry, but it also caused a lot of death in mexico. those guns were used to kill mexican citizens. it became almost an international issue. it's unbelievable that jeff
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sessions would say no, i'm thought going to release these documents. brian: let's go get the news now. jillian, have you been poised -- jillian: yes, i'm ready to start with the headlines. start with the weather. extreme weather. a monster nor'easter causing a travel nightmare canceling thousands of flights and leaving cars struck across stuc. we actually saw thunder snow. [thunder] jillian: in just a few minutes we will talk to janice dean who is tracking yet another possible storm. the coalition of the uss john mccain that left 10 sailors dead was caused by a sudden turn. brand new report by the singapore government said the turn cents the american warship into the path of an oil tanker. just weeks before that the
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uss fitzgerald crashed off the coast of japan killing seven sailors. the commanding officers of both ships are facing criminal charges. the president is expected to sign off on steel and aluminum tariffs this week. press secretary sarah sanders says they are still working out th the details. we expect the president will sign something by the end of the week there are potential carveouts for mexico and understanding based on national security and possibly other countries as well. jillian: more than 100 republican house members have sent a letter to the president asking him to reconsider his plan. that's a look at your headlines, guys, send it back to you. steve: thank you very much. they thought it might be 3:30 today but apparently that's not going to happen. meanwhile, straight ahead, former white house communications director hope hicks may have thought she talked to congress in confidence. you know what? that's a place that just leaks a lot. brian: we are going to tell that you story in a second. how did an orange tang end up smoking a cigarette?
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brian: a fox news alert now. and it's not good. we are learning the police officer shot in missouri was sent to andreas that did not match the initial 911 call's location. when they got there, the suspected shooter opened fire. and now there are fears that
3:18 am
the officers were indeed ambushed. clinton police officer christopher morton was killed. rachel: it's the latest in what has already been a deadly for law enforcement. 14 police officers killed so far. steve: what's happening to this nation? here now is a member of the tulsa department's gang unit and analyst for live ph.d. shearkt larkin joins us live in new york. >> good morning, guys. steve: what's going on. >> alarming number for officers killed by gunfire so far this year. it's a wide range of things. there are incidents like this and 911 call responding to disturbances, they are doing investigations on auto theft was one of these situations. one of the things that sticks out to me though of the 14 officers killed or these 14 incidents where officers were killed by gunfire and five of these incidents multiple officers were actually shot. brian: there's no fear about shooting an officer. in fact, i'm stunned to see at this time last year five
3:19 am
officers killed. now we're up to 14. >> right. brian: last year 35 killed, way too high but it's half of what 2016 was was the last year of president obama. the tone seems to have changed about the fear and respect that officers used to have. >> you know, that is something. i have been a police officer 21 years. i have tell you everything from testifying in court to just out on the street in your daily interactions with people. the respect for police officers has changed. and it's scary at times. there are over 57,000 officers assaulted in 2016. you know, the numbers show 25 to 30% of those officers were injured. that's nearly a record high. rachel: that's really too bad because that's got to affect recruitment as well. at an academy speech he said anyone who kills a police officer should get the death penalty. do you think that would help. >> i don't know if it would help but i agree with it
3:20 am
someone who purposefully kill as police officer, the death penalty should be used for that's definitely one of them. steve: these are very sobering statistics. i imagine when an officer gets dressed in the morning first thing he thinks about i have got to put on my vest today. >> as we were talking a few moments ago. 1970 averaging over 100 officers a year killed by gunfire. luckily with advances in technology and better medical training by officers. bullet-proof vest a policy for most agencies for officers to wear nowadays, that does keep the number lower. any officer killed in the line of duty by gunfire is too many. steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: travel safely back to tulsa. brian: that show is awesome on the weekends. >> thank you, i appreciate it. brian: the baltimore mayor just bused thousands of kids to antigun march and this morning she is defending her decision. rachel: medical break
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brian brain here we go with two fox news alerts. get ready. terrorist techniques targeting passenger planes going beyond laptops and tablets. fashioned for smaller items like phone cases. this according to david pikeshaw. sergeants were l. be in more areas like checkpoints. danger for passengers. bomb in mexico leaving seven
3:25 am
americans hurt. security threat not specifying whether it's related to the february blast. u.s. government employees are banned from traveling in the area until further notice. meanwhile, here is rachel. rachel: thanks, brian. 23 and me just got the green light from the food and drug administration to launch at home test kit for genes linked to breast cancer. dr. nicole saphier is here to break down the benefits and the risk. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me today. rachel: do you think it's good to for women to have access to this kind of test at home. >> everyone should have access to healthcare information. i think that is crucial. people need to be in charge of the decisions when it comes to their health, right? rachel: right. >> nothing wrong with that. especially in today's era the consumer of the availability of some of these things are great. i have some concerns about direct availability of again net particulagenetic testing. we have wonderful genetic
3:26 am
counselors. not as simple as you have cancer, don't have cancer. that's not as simple in itself. when you are told you have genetic mutation that puts you at risk for something else, that's a lot of information that a lot of people don't know what to do with that. rachel: that's the question. i get this information, i have this positive result. i want to mention the break with a mutations that are covered or mentioned in this are like three out of 1,000 different ones. >> that's one of the concerns with this specific test recently approved by the fbi. since it did get approval from the f.d.a. we know it's scientifically proven. the braca genes. three mutations when there is over 1,000. three mutations they are testing for are not even the most positive one. you will get a negative test result and think you are okay but you actually still have a genetic mutation and you are at significantly increased risk and not
3:27 am
necessarily doing the appropriate testing. rachel: you take this test and get a positive result. what should a woman do. >> if you do decide to take this test and if you get a positive result, you likely are of jewish die decent. only people get a positive result will be of that dissent. don't freak out. you wants to call medical provider and get genetic testing. it may mean something different for you than someone else. things we do to help minimize that risk and screen appropriately for cancer. rachel: i want to mention what 23 and me have said. these tests might help with prevention but cannot diagnose cancer and cannot rule out your chances of getting cancer, which is what you are saying, women need to take this information is power but women need to work with their healthcare professional. >> right. absolutely. a negative result does not mean that yo that that you do nt have a genetic mutation.
3:28 am
rachel: hope hicks may have thought she talked to the president in confidence. leaks keep coming. talk to congressman who says democrats are to blame. president trump is trying to solve the dilemma. over daca. is he the only one? >> we are trying to have a daca victory for everyone, by the way. and the democrats are nowhere to be found. rachel: wait until you hear what diamond and silk have to say about that. they will join us next ♪ i'll be taking care of business ♪ taking care of business ♪ just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. say what up, rocco. ♪
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♪ steve: that's me in front of my house last night at 7:00. i had to make a little path out to the driveway where i presumed the driveway guy would be able to plow me out. we got two feet of snow. dr. saphier got 3 feet of snow, however. >> yeah. steve: the driveway guy never showed up. he still has not shown up according to my daughter
3:32 am
sally who currently is not going to be able to come to work. 10 minutes after that picture went inside, making pork chops for supper and then the electricity went out. but then 10 seconds, the generator kicked in, that was good. ran 10 minutes and it pooped out again because the snow was so deep there was no intake on the generator. so i went out, shoveled that out. and then i had to reset it. so, you know, 7:30 at night, you call a plumber, do you think they are going to answer? rachel: no. steve: absolutely he did. if you ever need a generator call more riccio garcia in new jersey because he picked up. he talked me through how to re-set the generator and during a blizzard do you know where your generator key is? brian: no. steve: it took me a minute but i did find it. rachel: you had this happen when you came home from florida one time and also had someone help you. steve: it's the same guy.
3:33 am
the same guy was on the phone. i need that moreccio. if you need a generator all-weather incorporated. brian: by the way if he will come to you if you are in montana or texas. he will show. steve: one time i needed him, i called him he was in florida. rachel: apparently all you need him on the phone. brian: i'm not sure how diamond and silk made it through the snow storm. steve: hi, ladies. >> how are you doing? brian: did you get buried by the snow? >> no snow here. we are in dallas, texas. brian: okay. thanks for joining us. kind of in your face a little. steve: ladies, what did you make of the -- we want to play a sound bite. the president of the united states. you know, this week we went past the deadline, six months ago the president said okay, congress, we are going to give you six months. have you got to figure something out. they didn't figure anything out, congress. and now here is the president talking about how he is ready but they are apparently not able. listen. >> we're trying to have a daca victory for everybody,
3:34 am
by the way. and the democrats are nowhere to be found. they are nowhere to be found. [applause] really terrible. we're ready. you know the expression ready, willing, and able. we're ready, willing and able. they are nowhere to be found. should we have hundreds of people sitting out there and they are obstructionists and they don't want to approve them. then we get blamed for not having. they are -- it is just a terrible thing. brian brian could we back the wall up a little bit. i have never seen him speak so close to a wall. the president saying is he ready, willing and able. not going to bring this up for a vote. does that bother you? >> well, you know, it should bother the democrat. the democrats are -- we ask where were they at? >> um-huh. >> they are always there someone with louis farrakhan hay. talking about a porn star and alleged prostitute instead of solving this problem. the democrats don't want to solve this problem. what they want to do is use
3:35 am
these people as a political employeploy like they used black people. if the democrats were concerned about daca dreamers why did obama defer it and not fix it. >> that's right. >> they are not concerned about these dreamers. they are on to something else. all they are talking about is impeachment or over there with louis farrakhan spewing hate. they are not about solutions and solving problems. they are truly about the party of obstruction and. >> what they do best absolutely nothing. steve: you say the democrats are using them as political props essentially is what you are saying, what do you mean by that? how? >> what i mean is they are never going to fix this problem. but when it's time for an election they make promises. they give you enough to keep you quite but not enough to make a difference. >> that's right. >> they make promises but don't do nothing. daca dreamers don't be upset with donald trump. be upset with the democrats
3:36 am
spewing hate and talking women people but never solving a problem. haven't pushed one piece of legislation to help them. that's what they're looking at. >> being would yo used. >> being used. rachel: you bring up a great point in if i was a dreamer i would be clearly upset with the democrats. make them citizens, three times as many of them citizens. i want to bring up with another topic with you. it's international women's day. one of the things that international women's day talks about entrepreneurship. you guys are amazing entrepreneurs. have you been on your tour. i have seen what you put together. why is it that conservative women aren't getting the same kind of respect as liberal women and can you see from international women's day, they are celebrating all kinds of liberal women. not conservative women. >> because conservative women are classy and sassy, baby. >> that's right. >> that's why. >> we don't have to run around with those hats on
3:37 am
our head to get our message across. they don't like it. as long as we was killing babies and we was doing obscene things they would love us recommendation because we are pro-life, progun. we believe one nation under god. they hate that. that's why they keep us out. we already know who the real women are. >> that's right. >> we are not even worried about the liberals. rachel: wow. steve: ladies, how are you marking international women's day? >> well, we are on our tour. we are here in dallas, texas. we are women. we are going to be talking to a whole bunch of women today. that's how we are marking it. >> that's right. steve: well, they are classy and sassy. that's what i just heard on television. i do diamond and silk thank you for joining us live. >> thank you for having us. brian: i think you describe jillian the same way. jillian: classy and sassy? you know what, i will take it. the lives of our nation's
3:38 am
heroes may have been at risk for years at the washington, d.c. v.a. hospital. a scathing new inspector general's report reveals the medical center's leadership repeatedly failed to fix long understanding problems with core services and had unsterile conditions along with a lack of medical supplies. follow the report david shulkin announcing overhaul leadership of troubled hospitals across the u.s. baltimore's mayor doubling down on her decision to pay for 3,000 students to attend antigun march in washington, d.c. our laura ingraham grilled her despite the budget deficit. >> you are funding to go down to washington. >> you should get your facts straight, laura. i don't know whether you are trying to become the communications director for the trump administration. >> i don't know why you are getting personal. >> mayor pew says the trip including free lunches and t shirgts is being paid for by
3:39 am
the private sector and donors. you heard of state talks, but this wanna be isn't old enough to drive. security video capturing 14-year-old fake sheriff in action flashing lights in full uniform at a home in california claiming he was responding to a call. >> no, i didn't see his -- i thought police officer looking funny. i thought police officer in dress clothes. jillian: the real investigators tracking down this white suv, you see it here, registered to the teen's grandmother. he also had a stockpile of police gear. the teen is under arrest and accused in other similar incidents. that's frightening. orangutan caught smoking a cigarette at a zoo. just see oden puffing away like an experienced smoker. he knows what to do. it's crazy. the visitor threw the a.e.p. apa cigarette. he likely learned how to smoke from humans. brian: especially because not that many people are smoking now.
3:40 am
rachel: you are right. he is out of fashion. jillian: someone should tell him that. brian: get him a patch and wean him off the cigarettes. jillian: or ecigarettes. steve: do orangutans vape? brian: we will ask the judge is he coming up next. he went to college. he has nat geo. [. [laughter] steve: is he actually over there. we can't reveal him. [laughter] steve: one was real, one was not. brian: verbal pause take a deep breath and tell you what's next. is mueller going on a fishing trip? ways is he trying to nail the president, dot, dot, dot. steve: do orangutans smoke? ♪ where the cool grass grows ♪
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3:44 am
steve: we have quick thursday morning headlines for you. they say you can't teach a old dog new tricks. may back that up. the part of the human brain host learning stops making new cells at age 13. great. there discovery goes against long held belief that region continually makes new neurons even in adults. apparently that may not be the case. and you may want to think twice when you drink your coffee. >> coffee. i need coffee in an iv. >> coffee. >> this is a jumbo coffee morning. >> excuse me, could we get coffee, please? >> neuroscientists say the best time to drink coffee is between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning when people have typically been awake for a while. that's when your cortisol levels which control stress are just right to ensure you
3:45 am
are getting the full benefits of the coffee without causing unnecessary stress. brian: they didn't ask us about that study because we are not on the typical hours. rachel: that wouldn't work for us. the show is over. rachel: sanctuary city leaders in california are firing back at jeff sessions just one day after the doj files a lawsuit over border policy. >> completely unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out here and engage in a political stunt. make wild accusations, many of which are based on outright lies. >> the lawsuit challenges some of our state laws which are, again, fully constitutional. brian: so what can we expect moving forward? here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. is california against the united states. judge: i'm very bitter and disappointed what steve just told me i can't have my expresso until 9:00 this morning? that's crazy i have been up
3:46 am
since 4:00. [laughter] brian: about the orangutan smoking. -- we were just saying california versus the united states. judge: two statutes in play. one california will lose and statute be yuld held. the other so blatantly unconstitutional it should be thrown out immediately. the first statute the government of california says everyone who works for the government local county regional and state. if ice comes knocking you can't lie but you can't cooperate. you can't hide, but you shouldn't communicate. typical case. somebody comes here from another country on a visa, they overstay it, they are here for years. they commit a crime. they are arrested. they are about to be bailed out. ice says we will save you state of california the cost of prosecuting this person. give him to us he will be back in home country in 24 hours. california says forget about it we don't know who he is and where he is. they can do that dangerous
3:47 am
but lawful. the second statute requires private business owners from cooperating with ice. you own a restaurant or bookstore and ice says we're looking for this person. can you help us out? if you answer, if you speak, have you committed a crime that is so profoundly unconstitutional attorney general general sessions said this yesterday it should be invalidated immediately before there is even a trial. steve: for the people who are watching they feel so frustrated because it's like these people are in the country illegally. >> right. steve: yet, this state has decided they are not going to enforce the laws. it comes down to that when does the state get to decide i'm going to enforce that law but not that law? >> judge: your husband understands this, this is really a unique state. there is no organized republican party. in the november it's a democrat vs. a democrat. diane sphin feinstein is she is a moderate or liberal. she a classic liberal democrat. she is not left enough for
3:48 am
those in california. jerry brown and javier basara former colleague of your husband and now the attorney general. these are the people they are trying to please. brian: evidently this guy, george nader is somebody who was represented the united arab emirates known nut middle east. be looked at. cooperating witness right now. one of the stories came out last night i believe "the washington post" is erik prince in a meeting with him off the islands came across also had a chance meeting with some russian operatives to set up a back channel. how do you set up a back channel when you are about to be in a couple days you are about to become president? >> you know, the intro to this segment was has bob mueller gone fishing? the implication is this a fishing expedition? >> right. >> right now he has a treasure trove of three new witnesses. the loopy sam nunberg is now
3:49 am
cooperating and george nader none of us ever heard of and rick gates now cooperating witness. these are little pieces of the puzzle. little rabbit holes that he is going to go down. he doesn't know what's down there. ethical he has to explore them. legally like this shell thing will lead to nothing. nothing about the president or anything illegal. mueller is so thorough he wants to look. brian: i have known him for a while. >> how could it be a crime for them to have a meal at this place? mueller would be subject to a lot of criticism if he looked the other way. he has to make some inquiry. rachel: thank you, judge. always insightful. >> all the best. rachel: louie farrakhan is known for saying disgusting stuff like this. take a look. >> white folks are going down and farrakhan by god's grace has pulled the cover off of that satanic jew.
3:50 am
rachel: now prom nents dems are being called out for their ties to them. should they resign? steve: you are about to meet the walmart worker that stunned the whole store and the national anthem performer who made this remarkable performance ♪ home of the brave ♪ i try hard to keep a great shape. but it doesn't always come naturally. this i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a
3:51 am
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3:53 am
brian: former white house communications director hope hicks told congress in what was supposed to be a confidential meeting one of her email accounts maybe two were hacked. next guest again for leaking
3:54 am
information. congressman lee zeldin holy cow the leaks coming from dems instantly leak their version of one question and that's out of control. >> if you go testify thinking that there is going to be a transcript after the fact, you'll have a chance to review it. there a is a process going to be foltd. rules, confidentiality. you spend several hours testifying and then one question is spun by adam schiff and his house intel committee. they go to the media. they are quoted as anonymous sources. it happened to don jr. where leaks were happening while he was testifying. we see it here with hope hicks it has a chilling effect on the house intel committee. really all of congress. why should someone come to testify if in the middle of their testimony this kind of or afterwards improperly this stuff is going to come out. brian: hard to imagine adam schiff not being behind it or directly responsible. but we will move ahead. some really disturbing photos were emerging and as
3:55 am
well with louis farrakhan. republican jewish committee calling on seven house democrats to resign after their ties to louis farrakhan are exposed famously anti-semitic. has a lot of antiwhite background. here is an example. >> the satanic jews that control everything and mostly everybody. if they are your enemy, then you aryou must be somebody. white folks are going down. [cheers] >> and satan is going down and farrakhan, by god's grace, has pulled a cover off of that satanic jew. brian: who would say that and who would follow that? maxine waters, barbara lee,
3:56 am
danny davis, andre carson, keith ellison, now leading the dnc. gregory meeks, al green, all have ties to farrakhan. what's your reaction? >> they would throw me so far out of congress if i sat down with someone like this. it is so hypocritical. farrakhan has been accurately referred to as the leading anti-semite in this country. that is absolutely true. he calls jews the enemy of the people. he says jews aren't really jews that they are actually satan. he has blamed jews for 9/11. not just being anti-semitic. he has targeted race where he says what good does it do to have a brill cents head not connected to a black body? so, it's disgusting. no place in congress. they shouldn't be associated with this. they should be disavowing it. brian: but they are not. congressman lee zeldin thanks so much. appreciate it? >> thanks, brian. brian: still ahead on our show in two more hours.
3:57 am
sebastian gorka coming up live. jason chaffetz has a lot to weigh in as it comes to fast and furious. and thomas homan california vs. the u.s. who is he pulling for? i will tell you in a moment ♪ you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend
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only at a sleep number store where queen mattresses start at just $899. and, it's the last chance for clearance savings up to $600 on our most popular beds. ends soon. visit for a store near you. >> california, we have a problem. how dare you needlessly promote a radical open borders agenda. >> i think it's reckless, wrong and dangerous to be thrown out immediately. brian: we are learning the police officer shot in missouri were indeed ambushed. rachel: deadly year in law enforcement. >> i have been a police officer for 21 years. the respect for police officers has changed. it's scary at times. >> why was the leading piece of evidence in this fisa application paid for by the dnc? >> what did amaze us was the fight that the fbi and doj put up in order for us not to find the truth. >> louis farrakhan. >> we are trying to have a daca victory for everybody and the democrats are nowhere to be found.
4:01 am
they are nowhere to be found. >> democrats concerned about these daca dreamers, then why didn't obama, why did he defer it and not fix it? ♪ ♪ ♪ i want to have fun ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ steve: the intent on "fox & friends" brian and rachel is always to have a good time. brian: right. steve: even though it's snowy in the northeast we are doing our best. brian: if we really wanted to have a good time we would do the show outdoors. steve: why? how about all your segments from now on outdoors. [buzzer] steve: we can. we can shoot right through there and can you be standing outside. brian: camera guy didn't bring their coat. steve: stand inside and shoot outside. brian: won't there be a glare? steve: earlier i was talking about how the plow guy had not come to plow out the
4:02 am
doocy's driveway. he has arrived. thank you very much. we are going to be able to go to the grocery store and buy bacon. brian: buy bacon? steve: we're low on bacon. [bacon! brian: look at the election. hillary clinton got everybody in california, huge population. huge state. it's the whole west coast. you find out the difference between the west coast and the rest of america, when you see what took place yesterday, as really the government, the washington took on california took on sacramento. rachel: if you missed the speech here is what jeff sessions said in that speech that has democrats very angry. steve: he is suing the state over sanctuary city policy. rachel: sanctuary city. >> california, we have a problem. the california legislature has enacted a number of laws designed to intentionally obstruct the work of our
4:03 am
sworn immigration officers. so that's why the department filed a suit against the state of california to invalidate these unjust laws and to immediately freeze their effect. for example, the mayor of oakland has actively has been actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension by ice. here is my message to mayor schaaf, how dare you. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. i fundamentally believe at my core that we should not further endanger the lives of those who risk everything for us because some officials want to violate the law in mo promoting an agenda the american people reject. steve: a lot of american people are saying why does california have the agenda where they do give people who are in the country illegally so many -- so many
4:04 am
standards that the average person, you know, who is in the country illegally probably would not get? keep in mind. it was the president of the united states, i think it was two weeks ago, suggested that maybe we'll remove the ice agents from california. and the border patrol agents because the state is not helping us out. then the president tweeted out. i believe it was last week, that maybe we're not going to fund that little part of the california wall until we get the funding for everything. people are going why isn't california enforcing the law of the land? because when it comes to federal immigration, it's the federal government. it's not the state government. rachel: if you are a state you can't make your own currency and own military. you can't do your own immigration laws where the united states of america you don't do that you have a lot of chaos. when california allows violent criminals to remain in their state and evades the ice coming in and arresting them. that effects other states. those violent criminals can cross over to arizona and
4:05 am
utah and beyond. so that's why we have the federal government in charge of immigration. brian: illinois is watching this close. if the government is not successful here. they are going to be doing the same thing. governor jerry brown of california, and senator kamala harris who by all accounts is getting set to run for president, even though she has only been in position as a u.s. senator for about a year or. so they both weighed in. they see this as an opportunity to grandstand. watch. >> this is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out to california and act more like fox news than a law enforcement officer. this is a political stunt. it's not about the truth. it's not about protecting our state. it's about dividing america. i'm sure donald will be tweeting his joy at this particular performance. >> i think jerry brown is absolutely right. this administration and jeff
4:06 am
sessions in particular have clearly put a target on the back of california and california is going to fight. they're playing politics. and they are playing politics with california. this attorney general is doing that and he is going to lose. brian: he is not going to lose that's kamala harris who by the way governor jerry brown a little disrespectful. of the president calling him donald? steve: maybe they are really good friends that we simply don't know about. so many people saying after last week when oakland, california mayor essentially said hey, this is your warning. if you are in the country illegally, th the ice guys, i have heard are going to be coming through in a raid. people are going wait a minute. you can't really do that. that's why some people, members of congress are talking about she should be jailed for obstruction of justice. people are all across the country are saying what is happening in california? why did they do that? >> such a good question and trying to figure out. it's good politics in california. it's not great politics outside of california. steve: it's not good law. >> it's not good law.
4:07 am
we are entering into a midterm year. we have a president that the left really wants to take out of office. and if the democratic party wants to take a lead from california, it's just not going to work. it's not going to work with the democrats. they need to win back in the rest belt because american people voted for this president, including many democrats on this issue. steve: donald trump ran on law and order. and clearly, as we saw yesterday, the guy from the home office, the attorney general said you're breaking the law, california, have you got to stop. prescribe brian i'm not too sure that the people of california, if given a vote, about making allowing illegals to stay and allow the borders to be open, would actually vote against that i think many people are supportive of what the president or government is doing because it's not a stretch to enforce the law. tom homan is acting director of ice. he has operations in motion now to pick up a lot of those -- people who have overstayed their visas, many of which are dangerous and we will see where he stands
4:08 am
about trying to pick up the 600 he missed when the san francisco mayor tipped off aillegals. steve: we told you about how the department of justice has been looking into the dossier and whatnot. and members of congress as well. and so, up on capitol hill, devin nunes said to former obama administration officials. have you got until a certain period of time to answer this question like 20 questions. i think the deadline was last week. they have extended it to tomorrow. however, as we heard from congressman nunes last night, the doj and the fbi fought so hard to hide who paid for that dossier, which we know were the democrats. listen. >> we had a pretty good idea that the dossier was somehow connected to the clinton campaign because it was just made no sense that, you know, who else would go get that kind of dirt? it was just -- and it was so
4:09 am
outrageous, i mean, anybody at first glance would look at that and just reject it out of hand because nobody is going to give any american 19% of the russian gas company which would be worth billions and billions of dollars. just on the fails of it it looked totally phoney. i will tell you what did amaze us was the fight that the fbi and doj knew about it because they had told us otherwise. and in the fight that they put up, in order for us not to find the truth, we had to eventually, as you know, take fusion gps to court in order to get their bank records so we could figure out who, in fact, was paying them to put together the dossier. brian: so much has been contradictory. now it comes out that steele never even went to russia. these are accounts of people that he hired whose names we don't know and he comes back without being able to verify it himself. he is convinced of it and then he starts marketing it and gets frustrated when the fbi doesn't push it forward.
4:10 am
does it like an activist himself meeting with the media. there are some huge problems with that anyone who looks at the addendum at the bottom and thinks they were transparent with that fisa judge isn't paying attention. the democratic national committee, along with hillary clinton's campaign paid for this and then you might put in i believe it's valid. and then the judge can make his own decision. but, until we see the fisa documents, it's all up to conjecture and posturing. rachel: where are these fisa judges? if i were a fisa judge and been provided this incomplete information, i would be angry. i don't understand the system enough, they are upset. steve: listen. it's all secret. we are probably never going to see you any of that stuff. to nunes' point, it looks like the department of justice, when they have provided documents to members of congress and whatnot, they have redacted them so significantly, it does look like they are hiding some stuff. rachel: let's not forget former director james comey went back in early part of the administration, back in
4:11 am
january, he told president trump about the dossier never told him who paid for that dossier. brian: one thing, jillian, you are about to do the news. i have heavily redacted it. there are some things in there top secret. try to make it smooth. there is going to be huge black marks in the teleprompter. jillian: don't do that anymore? brian: last time. jillian: slide justice one time. brian: it's national security. jillian: talk about the weather, guys. steve, you felt it, i know a lot of people around the country are still digging out. let's get to that extreme weather. a monster nor'easter causing a travel nightmare canceling thousands of flights leaving cars stuck across several states and snow still falling in massachusetts. some areas seeing more than 2 feet of snow. it's crazy. hundreds of thousands of people without power for reasons like this. take a look. a downed power line bursting into flames right near a home. the east coast may get hit with another storm next week. yikes. a fox news alert. we're hearing the moment three missouri officers were shot responding to a 911
4:12 am
call. >> shots fired. one officer hit in the arm. >> officer with gunshot wounds. >> we still have one down inside. we can't get to him. >> we now know those clinton police officers were mistakenly dispatched to an address 15 miles away from where the call come in. well, that is now under investigation. officer christopher morton shot and killed at the scene. the man who shot him found shot dead inside the home. morton served 8 years in the missouri army national guard earning more than 17 awards. a new warning for travelers reached after a bomb ripped through a ferry in mexico leaving seven americans hurt. u.s. embassy receiving information about a security threat but not specifying whether it's related to the february blast in playa del carmen. banned from traveling in that area until further notice. if you are traveling to mexico, the u.s. state department urges you to review their guides on
4:13 am
safety. find that link on our website a look at your headlines. steve: why would anybody want to go to mexico where it's nice and warm than in new york city where there is snow. rachel: check those warnings. make sure it's a good place. steve: thank you, jillian. well, he tried to blow up his high school after writing "isis is coming" in graffiti. why haven't you heard more about this story? we are going to tell you. former deputy assistant to president trump, dr. is he gatiodr. sebastian gore with a has an idea. is he next. brian: meet the walmart worker who belted out this tune, the national anthem ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys.
4:14 am
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>>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ steve: we have more about that isis inspired teenager who tried to blow up his high school with a homemade bomb. cops revealing the same teenager spray painted isis is coming and replaced the american flag with an isis flag at another school nearby. so where is the national outrage? fox news national security strategist and former deputy assistant to donald trump,
4:18 am
the president of the united states, dr. sebastian gorka who is the author of defeating jihad joins us now to weigh in. dr. gorka, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: given the fact of the terrible circumstances of florida a couple of weeks ago, you would think that if a kid were to spray paint isis is coming on the wall and then bring a bomb where he tried to blow up the school, that would be a big story. >> you would think, wouldn't you. you would think it would be a front page story as oppose to the russia collusion delusion every day that we still see in the fake news industrial complex in stories about porn stars making accusations against politicians. so, you know, this should be a massive story, we know isis has been practically, you know, wiped off the face of the earth in the middle east, military under the directorship of the new commander-in-chief destroy the physical caliphate in iraq and syria. we have cases ongoing here in america.
4:19 am
every state has ongoing isis investigations. more than 160 people have been apprehended connected to isis in the united states in the last three years. and here we have another case of a story, sadly, like florida, where there were indicators. you mentioned the graffiti. you mentioned the flag. and it was only a student who saw the device that was already in the school that said hey, there something suspicious here and the police intercepted the ied. steve: the ied was in a backpack that was smoking in a common area and somebody said hey, wait a minute. and then called the cops. and they carted this guy off. apparently it happened in pine view high school in southwestern utah. but, sebastian, this goes to another point that we have talked in the past about. and that is the kid probably got the schematics on how to make this ied from the internet. >> right. al qaeda's publications like inspire. the publications of isis as
4:20 am
well, they are all out there on the internet. they have detailed instructions. that's how the boston bombers made their pressure cooker bombs. those instructions were on one of the squaddy. you read stories about prager university their videos and the conservatives, demon at thissization on youtube. the google and facebook. how about spending some time censors jihadis online if you are a big social media company as opposed to targeting conservatives. that could be a repriorization that could save lives. steve: luckily nothing bad happened out there, it looks as if some dots were not connected ahead of time. sebastian gorka, stay warm in our nation's capitol. steve: democratic governor says the nra, terrorists, dana loesch is going to react. i have a feeling what she is going to say.
4:21 am
this walmart worker's rendition of the national anthem has gone viral. she is going to join us next with the great american story behind her powerful performance. ♪ gave proof through the night mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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4:25 am
kentucky have approved medicaid work requirements. more than 8 other states expressing interest. that might thin out the ranks for people that mane are using it because it's a free ride. steve: meanwhile, she has become a viral patriotic singing sensation, that woman right there, a walmart employee wowing shoppers with an amazing performance of the national anthem soon after her son left for basic training. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ rachel: wow, she is amazing. walmart worker and military mom sabrina barnes is the woman in that viral video. and she joins us now. sabrina, thank you for joining us. really quick, so, you are in walmart. your son just went into the army basic training. you hadn't seen him in
4:26 am
several weeks. he is expecting a child that he won't be able to see be born because he is in basic training. is that understanding of the sacrifice both that you did of giving your son to the military and also the sacrifice he is making for his own new family, is that what prompted that emotion? because i got chills. >> yes, it did. it did. not being able to see him leave and then just thinking about why he chose to go. and his love for wanting to go. steve: yeah. and the folks can't see it from that video, but, sabryna, you were actually crying in that video as you were singing it because, you know, it's pulling at your heart, giving the story about your story about your son. how did you walmart. >> planned the grand opening.
4:27 am
we invited several different people. i found out that someone had went to my mother and they were looking for someone outside of the store to sing the national anthem. and she is like why are you looking for someone outside of the store have you someone in the store? [laughter] and they were like who? she told the man you know sabrina sings. yes, i forgot. she asked me if i would sing. steve: sabrina, as the story goes, you hadn't really sung in public since middle school, right? >> no, i sung in public i just haven't sung that particular song. i sung the national anthem talent show in middle school. brian: set the scene, how many people are around we see this small sliver on someone's iphone. did the crowd build as you sang? >> it did. i really can't even tell you how many. it was a lot. it was shocking when i did open my eyes actually and saw how many it was.
4:28 am
brian: as a proud non-singer, the country has asked me not to sing. what goes through your mind when you are singing like that in a situation like that? >> well, in that situation, i was like where was the mike? i thought i was supposed to have a mike. i'm going to have to phone. this song is already hard to sing. but i just say well, sabrina you have to sing it, sing. what do you think about it going viral? i'm seeing like maybe the voice or some other thing in the future for you because it's amazing. >> it's a blessing. because i was not expecting this at all. steve: yeah. >> i really wasn't. and it's just great to see all the great comments and all. i'm able to write my son and tell him not only does he inspire me but he inspires so many other people. and, you know, it's just been a blessing. steve: sabrina, thank you for telling us the back
4:29 am
story about your son and how important that song is to you. you grew up singing in the church because your dad was a preacher, right? >> yes. yes. steve: so this was nothing new singing in front of a crowd but given the fact that your son is now serving his nation, that just makes it so powerful. >> yes, yes. and now that my grand baby has been born. he called me yesterday. brian: and? >> he found out about the baby, yes. it's been great. brian: he knows about your song, right? >> well, he will because i put it in a letter. i didn't get a chance to tell him yesterday. we was talking about the baby. i wrote it in a letter and i'm sending that off today with some pictures. rachel: was the baby just born. >> she was born on february the 28th. steve: that's great. rachel: wonderful. congratulations if the producers for the voice or "american idol" are listening, this woman deserves an audition. steve: what about the people
4:30 am
who run walmart? if they are looking -- they have a lot of commercials. why hire talents when you have got them right here? >> they have been so supportive. i love my walmart family. they have been so supportive. steve: that's fantastic. sabrina barnes thank you very much for joining us today from birmingham, alabama. rachel: congratulations. >> thank you for having me, thank you. steve: that's great. brian: 30 minutes before the top of the hour did you hear what the democratic governor of connecticut just said about the nra? >> quite frankly, in some cases as a terrorist organization. brian: what does the nra spokesperson dana loesch think about that? she joins us live next. rachel: plus call it utterly fantastic. a high school dance team is giving the rockettes a run for their money ♪ e defined by the things we share.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
brine brian president trump igniting the debate over violence in video games and their effect on real life. steve: today, the president is joining members of congress meeting with representatives from the video game industry in the wake of the florida massacre several weeks ago. rachel: kevin corke is live at the white house with what to expect. kevin? >> good morning, guys. an important conversation set to take place here at the white house. video game makers coming here for important conversation not just about the games themselves but clearly about their possible impact on society. and what, if anything, can be done to prevent negative consequences associated with their use. now, the entertainment software association is the big lobbying arm for the video game industry. they issued a statement. they will be taking part in today's discussion that statement reads in part, representativable scientific studies have found no connection between games and real life violence. like all americans, we are deeply concerned about the level of gun violence in the united states.
4:35 am
video games are plainly not the issue. however, that sentiment is not shared by everyone. and while no one is casting blame on the games themselves for the recent shootings say in parkland, florida for example. white house officials think having this conversation now is important. >> does he think that video games are too violent? >> it's certainly something that should be looked at something that we want to have the conversation about. >> i'm hearing more and more people saying the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts. >> that was the president of the united states just last month, perhaps tipping his hand just a bit ahead of the conversation. one important for the american family. for now we send it back to you. steve: bring in dana loesch nationally syndicated radio host of the dana loesch show also she is a spokesperson for the nra. dana, good morning to you. rachel: good morning, dana. >> good morning, everyone. hey, rachel.
4:36 am
steve: the florida state legislature has passed some gun control bills. the bill creates, among other things, a risk protection order allowing police to confiscate guns of people who are involuntarily committed under the baker act or pose a violent threat to themselves and others and also has a guardian program where certain members of teaching staff or faculty might be able to carry guns. what's your reaction to what florida has done? >> well, you know, i always support school districts and teachers and parents coming together to determine how to best address their school security issue. and this is something that schools all across america are going to have to determine on a case-by-case basis. i would caution everyone that there is no one size fits all for schools when it comes to security because every school is different. locations are different. parents and teachers are different u some teachers may feel more comfortable than others training and carrying in school and, of course, you want teachers, if they want to carry, if they voluntarily want to, not something that should be
4:37 am
mandatory. they go in for training and feel comfortable doing that at school, then that should definitely be something that's available to them. and, also, getting rid of gun-free zones. once again, i want to throw the statistic out that since 1950 to july of 2016, 98.4% of mass shootings, these mass casualty incidents have taken place. steve: right. >> in gun-free zones. this is one thing that we immediately first need to get rid of is this idea that creating soft targets and making people defenseless somehow keeps them safer. brian: right. let me just add. >> the nra believes -- go ahead, sorry. brian: here are some other things that florida put into play that the governor might have a problem with. he has a few days to sign or not sign. he is against allowing teachers and staff to be armed after 140 hours of training. he is against raising the rifle age to 21. he says a three-day waiting period. funding school officers in the training. and he wants to give police as steve mentioned, more
4:38 am
power to seize weapons and banning bump stocks. so, florida came out strong. the governor doesn't like two entle o elements of this. do you look for him to pass this? would the nra be in support of that. >> i'm not exactly sure what he is going to do. i know the nra has come out already and we have issued a statement opposing increasing the age to purchase long guns simply because a two-year period doesn't solve psychosis. furthermore, you would be disenfranchising. rendering defenseless a lot of individuals out there who live alone who are young adults. it seems insane to me and to millions of nra members by the way, many of whom are young adults, also, it seems crazy to put their liberties on the chopping block after the stem mick failures of government. for crying out loud, the fbi, the acting deputy director david bodick came out and briefed members of congress saying yes, the fbi did fail to follow up on two tips and saying yes they did
4:39 am
get enough information from one of those tips that they should have acted through their miami field office and didn't. we are talking about punishing innocent, unless, unless of law abiding gun owners for the failures of government to enforce the laws that exist that would have prevented this tragedy. rachel: despite those failures the nra right now is being seen as the bad guy in this situation. in fact, the connecticut governor just called you a terrorist organization take a look at this. >> the nra as it exists today is a far cry from the nra that 1999 said teachers shouldn't be -- shouldn't carry weapons in schools. or between in the 1990s also said we should have universal background checks. they have in essence become a terrorist organization. steve: so are you a terrorist? >> i mean, i'm a mom. i have kids. i mean, we are dealing with homework issues late last
4:40 am
night. maybe making my kids get all their homework done makes me some kind of terrorist. i can't take seriously anyone who says that they're coming to this conversation. i cannot take their claims in good faith genuinely or seriously at all when they decide to insult and smear millions of law abiding americans. one of the things i'm asking for parents who are nra members or law abiding gun owners to do. shoot a quick video. upload a video on social media using the #nra parents to explain why they carry and why they are not terrorists. i'm tired of people questioning mothers and fathers and saying that they love their firearms more than they love their children. one of the reasons that i i have a firearm is to protect my family. brian: right. >> is to protect my kids. honestly, you know, guys, let's be real in my mind i'm like 7-foot tall, 400 pounds. in reality i'm 5, 6 and 125. i want to defend my family. i'm not going to be shamed for it by the connecticut governor or anyone else that wants to smear me or anyone
4:41 am
as terrorist because we disagree with him and we have a different way of protecting our family. brian: you are not against universal background checks though, right? >> like the ones that failed in california or the ones that have failed in colorado? i mean, do i believe that one of the things that we need to do is make sure that states are reporting fully and accurately, which they are not doing, all of their criminal convictions to the national crime information center for knicks to check when someone purchases a firearm. nra and wayne lapierre came out strong on this actually longer than i have been able to vote really to make sure this system works accurately. i want to, again, the political class could fix this tomorrow. they could fix it today. say look these states need to report this into the system. real quick note because i know everyone brings up prince vs. the united states. that was a case that was about the federal government forcing the states to implement and administer a system by the federal government it doesn't prevent states from reporting convictions,
4:42 am
people are dangerous to others who have been convicted a court of law. sending that to. in ncic. prevent dangerous criminals from purchasing firearms. we need to come together to make sure that system works. rachel: thank you, dana. you are not a terrorist. >> thank you so much. no i'm not and neither are you, rachel. steve: reaction with what happened down in florida. now with reaction to what happened here in the northeast and the big dumping we got yesterday snowwise here is j.d. >> we saw incredible amounts of snow, close to 3 feet in the interior sections of the northeast. let's take a look at it i have updated snowfall totals. in new jersey over 26 inches there. i mean, over 2 feet in a lot of areas. if you are by the coast, around the coast, that's where we didn't get a whole lot of snow it really depended on where those heaviest bands set up. we are still getting snow across new england. on the back side of that we could get a few snowflakes across the great lakes. now, of course, everyone is like what is happening this weekend? here is the gfs model.
4:43 am
this one unfortunately brings the potential for another nor'easter sunday into monday. it comes close enough to the coast that we are going to have to worry about it. however, the other model that we look at in terms of where the snow goes is the euro model. this is the european model. this one shows an offshore event. this is the one that we like, but we have to take both of those into account. and we will keep you up to date. this will be a sunday, monday event. winter ain't over yet my friends. steve: we like offshore events. >> we do too. steve: janice, thank you. janice: you got it. steve: one democrat says ice has too much power. what does the top ice guy think? thomas homan live the next hour. brian: housing market is hot again. industry expert says the rebound far from over. what else can we expect? the property man, bob massi up next ♪ living in america ♪ when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
4:44 am
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4:47 am
steve: well, the housing market is hot again, and industry observers say the market's rebound is far from over. what can we expect going forward? joining us now with the massey memo is the mr. massey himself. fox news legal analyst bob massi joins us from los angeles. good morning massi man. >> good morning, steve. steve: prices high because inventory is low that means it's a seller's market. >> it is. i'm cautiously optimistic. what the president has done is great for the housing market. until we get more vertical homes, more retail homes, the problem is labor is down. there is some labor issues and materials are high for developers. but, it's going in the right direction. it's just i caution people as a result of the low inventory a lot of people remodeling their homes now, steve. they can't find homes. they said let's just remodel up which is also a good thing. steve: absolutely. i have got a question for you. if you remodel a house, can
4:48 am
you go and talk to your town ahead of time to see how much your taxes are going to go up? particularly, you know, if you live in the northeast or florida or california where taxes can be high. you don't want to fix up your house and suddenly boom, where did this bill come from? >> boy, that is a great question. absolutely. any kind of remodeling you do to your home, did you go to the tax office and see how it effects you. the other thing, steve, that happens real quick is the fact that a lot of people remodel their homes and they don't use licensed contractors, that creates problems in the future when you go to sell your home. absolutely go to the assessor's office and say i'm adding a thousand square feet or a simple remodel no addition to square footage, you don't have to do that. steve: you are sitting in las vegas right now. that was ground zero during the housing market. >> it was. steve: bubble burst for foreclosures. >> yes. steve: there are still a lot out there, aren't there? >> there are still foreclosures that are happening. people that basically are sitting in their home that haven't been foreclosed on.
4:49 am
not as many as there used to be. the other thing that concerns me, steve, a lot of loan modifications are maturing this year. that means their payments are going to double. there has been increase notice of default in las vegas. that concerns me. so, there is going to be some problems. but, overall, i think, if the mortgage rates stay okay, i think we will be all right. that's another thing we have to watch for are the interest rates. steve: all right. we will. bob massi, vegas. >> take care. steve: two top republican congressman demanding a special second counsel over fisa abuses. is it going to happen and when, perhaps? jason chaffetz has a pretty good idea. he is come up live in about 10 minutes u a missile is coming. if you thought that alert -- if you got that alert, would you know what to do? our next guest is a green beret and he says you better have a go bag.
4:50 am
lieutenant colonel michael waltz with that bag and rachel coming up. ♪ is it tough enough ♪ ain't that tough enough ♪ thank you. ♪ imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend three thousand dollars on purchases
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4:53 am
rachel: in the past year alone, americans have faced natural disasters, threats from north korea and even a mobile alert telling hawaiianens to seek shelter immediately. would you and your family be prepared in case of an emergency? our next guest says you need a go bag. this is what you need. we have retired lieutenant colonel michael waltz here and is he currently running for congress in florida. >> that's right. rachel: so let's get right to it because we don't have a ton of time. you say this is no joke. this is serious business. everyone in the family. >> we had the missile scare in hawaii. the thing i worry about most
4:54 am
is the cyber attack on our electrical grid if that goes down. have you no electricity. you have got to grab the kids and go. what do you do? i have one of these in every one of my vehicles. this is smaller for just me and my daughter. for you, rachel and your tribe, it's got to be a lot bigger. rachel: i wouldn't be able to put groceries in the back of the car if i put 8 bags. >> water, of course. water container where you have a filter and tablets to keep that water fresh for you. rachel: stuff can you get online. >> you can get all of this online. of course have you meals ready to eat. food that will last you for a while. have you light. i have a solar flashlight here so you don't have to worry about batteries. then some type of signaling device for an emergency. rachel: that's a good idea. >> the other thing that a lot of people forget about is having just an extra change of clothes and shoes. we all remember 9/11 where everybody had to walk out of the city. if you have high heels on and dress shoes on you need comfortable walking shoes. you need warmth and rain
4:55 am
gear. i have here a thermal blanket. a poncho and then, of course, matches. rachel: survival matches. >> matches for fire. how are you going to communicate in the grid is down, i have extra batteries for my cell phone. have you different types of adapters. you have -- if the grid stays down for a while, solar powered hand crank radio to get emergency information. whistle for signals. and then something a lot of people forget because we are so reliant on g.p.s. a map. every family should have a link up location prediscussed and designated that they can get to. going back to basics, pen and paper. how do you leave a note for somebody. rachel: because your phone might not work. okay. we have one minute left. tell me what's next. >> basic first aid kit and tourniquet. have you your prescription meds. you have cash in case you can't get to an atm. and importantly, have you your family documents. social security card, deeds. rachel: photocopies of them. >> keep it on a thumb drive.
4:56 am
>> finally you need to be able to protect yourself and a tool. i don't have my firearm. rachel: you should have a gun. >> you should a firearm with you. protect your family and protect your items. rachel: this goes in the car. if you want this list. we have list online. if you make it to congress have you had a bag like this in your office. >> that's right. get up, ready to go. this is made in florida by a company called go ruk. all former green berets and veterans. rachel: thank you for your service today. >> all right. rachel: you will be on outnumbered at noon. >> i will. rachel: if you want more of the lieutenant colonel he will be on outnunchted as the doj sues california. one democrat says ice has too much power. what does the agency's boss think? thomas homan live next hour. ♪
4:57 am
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♪ steve: jess sessions was busy yesterday. he wept out to california and
5:00 am
dropped hammer on lawmakers. >> you need to stop promoting a radical open borders agenda. >> it is reckless and dangerous. >> trying to have a daca victory by the way. democrats are nowhere to be found. >> democrats don't want to solve the problem. they want to use these people as a political ploy. >> nra, in some cases is a terrorist organization. >> i want to be able to defend my family. i will not be shamed for it. >> democrats have direct ties to racist, anti-semitic louis farrakhan. >> calls jews enemy of the people. it is disgusting, no place in congress. >> walmart employee wowing shoppers with amazing performance of the national anthem soon after her son left for basic training. >> i'm able to write my son and tell him, not only inspires me but he inspired so many other people.
5:01 am
♪ steve: live from new york city, avenue of the americas. america's number one cable morning news show. a little bit of snow yesterday. brian: what makes new york city unique. we ignore the walk, don't walk things. if we see an opening. in california they would never even try that. they are worried about a ticket. they tried to rein us in. no, we're going in anyway. we have this unsaid rule. motorists promise not to speed up to hit us. steve: sometimes they hit people. brian: they break the rule. steve: jason chaffetz joins us, a member of the fox news family. he was out in the snow. >> the deep snow. you all are a bunch of wimps in new york.
5:02 am
brian: how many times were your kids school canceled in utah? >> never. no school for a lot of school districts. look at the sidewalk. no snow out there. steve: president tweeted this. looking forward to 3:30 afternoon meeting at white house. we have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries of the at the same time showing flexibility toward our real friend and treat us fairly with trade and military. it had sounded like he would announce the tariffs at 3:30. now it sounds like he will do that. >> very reasonable. donald trump is always negotiating, right? he puts it out there extreme. if you cut it back in the middle he still gained. we have a steel plant in utah. nucor facility. they like the president's approach. brian: there is movement in the world of steel. and amongst our friends, canada, and i guess south korea, although we have some trade issues with them, this is the carveouts that gary cohn was
5:03 am
waiting to see if they were going to happen. he didn't think would happen so he left. you think he might change his mind? >> he did a lot of good service for the country and the president and i wish him nothing but the best but the president is taking reasonable -- doing exactly what he said on the campaign trail. everybody is shocked. rachel: nobody is used to that he especially forgotten americans in the midwest. go ahead. steve: i was going to say, when keeping promises when the president was running as a candidate he made it very clear he did not like the idea of sanctuary cities, whatnot. out in california. we'll play a sound bite first. attorney general, jeff sessions filed lawsuits against california over their sanctuary state policies. if you missed it, it was fiery and he took shots at the mayor of oakland. listen to this. >> california, we have a problem. the california legislature has
5:04 am
enact ad number of laws designed to intentionally obstruct the work of our sworn immigration officers. so that is why the department filed a suit against the state of california to invalidate these unjust laws and immediately freeze their effect. mayor of oakland has actively, has been actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension by i.c.e. so here's my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you? how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda. fundamentally believe at my core that we should not further endanger the lives of those who risk everything for us because some officials want to violate the law in promoting an agenda that the american people reject. steve: how dare you. >> this is one of the best things that the trump
5:05 am
administration is doing. remember in the obama administration more than 80,000 times they had people that were here illegally. they were entangled in the legal system. convicted of a crime. instead of deporting these people, president obama released them out into the public. now you have the trump administration, again doing what they said they would do, working to deport them. the mayor of oakland giving heads up to the criminal element, this is the criminal element. i would think the house, senate, judiciary committees, should yank her up, raise the right hand and learn everything about that case. they could do that in two weeks time. don't need to go through the lawsuits. issue a subpoena, get her up in washington, d.c., and have the democrats defend why they are pro-illegal alien criminals and anti-american i.c.e. officers. rachel: move away from the policy for a second is. you're a politician too. what is the politics of this?
5:06 am
how does it work out for the democrats? the president won on problem i missing to enforce immigration laws? >> in california it is so different, they are catering to the illegal immigrant population. it makes no sense in terms of putting america first. makes absolutely no since. they're catering on a political sense but it is fundamentally wrong. you can't do this. the supremacy of the federal government, they have the jurisdiction on immigration. brian: all right so on this in particular i'm not sure that the people of california are being well-represented by their representatives because i think they don't want aing magnet of illegals setting up tent cities in all the major cities while their tax dollars are going through the roof. i'm sure if they did a plebiscite it would go differently. some people pointed out during president obama's rein there was scott pruitt, attorney general in oklahoma defying the president on environmental laws.
5:07 am
is there any difference here? >> places like utah where i'm from, idaho, are fastest-growing states in the union. they are fleeing out of california. they don't want to live in these type of situations. high taxes and allowing the illegal immigrant population to thrive. they're protecting the criminal element. we're not talking about a lady trying to help her son make a better life. we're talking about criminals. brian: go over to something you're very familiar with. trey gowdy, buddy, took your job, want as second counsel. doesn't look like jeff sessions wants to do that. listen. >> i have appointed person outside of washington many years with the department of justice to look at allegations that the house committee members sent to us. we're conducting that investigation. steve: they're thinking about it. >> you have an attorney general who can't do his job. president trump and american people deserve a fully functional attorney general.
5:08 am
that is not jeff sessions. he recused himself out of everything. that goes to rod rosenstein ran to speaker of the house, begging devin nunez to not release a four-page memo. do you think he will sign off on a special counsel? it is fraught with problems. brian: trey gowdy is not sure that jeff sessions could not sign off himself. >> he thinks maybe. i worry about this. how is the first special counsel working out? rachel: you think ag sessions should go. who should replace him? would the senate even confirm a replacement? look at rod rosenstein. >> as soon as you rip the bandaid off, get on with the business of president being in office. he can't function. he recused himself out of the most important thing he has to do. there is systemic problem there. he has got to be able to do it. but he can't. brian: russia related. >> when gowdy and goodlatte sent to the attorney making the request, they addressed it to the attorney general and the deputy attorney general.
5:09 am
that never happens. it is acknowledgement that rod rosenstein is really running the place and attorney general sessions is there in name only. steve: something happens in washington every day, some member of congress leaks or their staff leaks. you know this. i don't know if you authorize leaks or if you are a leaker, i never got a leak from you, lee zeldin congressman from new york. listen how he goes after adam schiff who apparently is a big leaker. brian: about the whole picks hacks. >> you spent several hours testifying and then one question is spun by adam schiff and his colleagues on the house democratic intel committee. they go to the media. they're quoted as anonymous sources. happened to don, jr., where leaks were happening while he was testifying. we see it here with hope hicks. it has chilling effect on the house intel committee, all of congress. why should someone come to testify if in the middle of their testimony or afterwards
5:10 am
improperly stuff comes out. >> he is right. lee zeldin is exactly right. one of the better members in congress i like. speaker of the house has to take control. the speaker is in charge of the select committee. it is in charge because the speaker gets pick personally each person on the republican side of the aisle. nancy pelosi personally picks to the other. they bring this to the floor of the house, if they have evidence of somebody actually leaking should discipline that person on the floor of the house. brian: something you're familiar with. "fast & furious." so frustrated with attorney general sessions would not release document what is eric holder knew, what the department of justice knew under eric holder. now the documents are going to be released of the put that in context for us. >> a year ago i met with attorney general sessions. he would not release these. he would continue to let a lawsuit going forward. don't you find it interesting when the department of justice issues a subpoena, they expect
5:11 am
compliance immediately or you go to jail maybe get fined. when congress issues a subpoena such as issa on "fast & furious," or devin nunez, the department of justice, we'll consider it, maybe we'll think about it. they never did comply with it. rachel: former member of congress himself, he would give that kind of respect back to the institution. >> no. rachel: what is wrong with that? >> i spent an hour with him. i was shocked. there were a whole list of things including "fast & furious." we sent out a tweet. we worked with them. the terry family made a big deal about this. within 48 hours there was a change. they still have to go before a judge and get her to agree, both parties agreeing to release documents subpoenaed nearly seven years ago. steve: ultimately a year ago when you went to talk to attorney general jeff sessions says i can't do it, how much was him and how much was the deep state which you talked about a lot? >> the deep state is alive and well but attorney general sessions was not willing to
5:12 am
fight against the deep state on this, hillary clinton emails. steve: they will win. >> bryan pagliano, there are some things. this is good news. it is really good news. the parties agreed. hopefully documents come out. eric holder is the attorney general, is having almost daily meeting, one. documents show about this trying to put the political spin on it. rachel: media say this is old news when it comes out. steve: if they cover it at all. jason, thank you very much. brian: see you on "the five" later. >> yeah. brian: head of veterans affairs under fire after as a results of a new investigation. we are live in washington with the latest. that's next. rachel: president trump is trying to solve the dilemma pa over daca. is the only one? where are all the democrats? that is the question we have next. the ♪:
5:13 am
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5:16 am
♪ brian: pressure on for veterans affairs secretary david shulkin. >> a scathing new inspect for general report revealing failures at the va which may have put patients at risk for
5:17 am
many years. rachel: griff jenkins live in washington d.c. with the possible next steps. griff? reporter: good morning, guys, you remember david shulkin weathered earlier this year controversy after his chief of staff lied about taxpayers paying for his wife to accompany him on european trip? now this new scathing report out from the ig may cost him his job this time because it shows that there were critical deficiencies at this washington, d.c. medical center, serious and persistent dysfunction. put patients at risk due to lack of supplies, instruments, poor accounting practices led to $92 million in taxpayer waste in a culture of complacency. inspector general michael missile in veterans affairs said this in a statement. failed leadership at multiple levels within the va put patients and assets at d.c. medical center at unnecessary risk and resulted in a breakdown of core services. once more, these conditions
5:18 am
existing just across town from where secretary shulkin sits appeared to exist for years. at hastily-thrown together press conference at the center, shulkin announced plans of series of staff changes implementing series of reforms. but the question, guys, will it be too little too late? yesterday white house press secretary sanders says they still have some confidence in him. >> secretary shulkin has done a great job as i outlined on tuesday. a number of the things that have been improved upon at the va under his leadership. we're proud of the work we've done. we'll continue to do everything we can to protect the veterans and help veterans in this country. reporter: the report does not say if shulkin was made directly aware of the situation but it notes that senior leadership had a responsibility to report concerns to the headquarters. guys, i can tell you it is 158 pages long.
5:19 am
they sent in a rapid response team in march because of conditions that persisted for a while. i'm not sure the secretary holdover from the obama administration survives this one. steve: griff, thank you very much. interesting stuff. rachel: coming up as the doj sues california one democrat says i.c.e. has too much power. what does the agency's boss think? thomas homan is live next. steve: caught her son high, stealing the truck reportedly. she called the cops. should she have turned him in? what do you think? ♪
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
jillian: good thursday morning to you, we have three fox news alerts. three missouri shot on the job mistakenly dispasted to the
5:23 am
wrong address. one of those officers, christopher morton, killed at the scene. a gunman opening fire on them when they arrived at an address 15 miles away from where a 911 call came in. is now under investigation. the gunman is dead. new warning for travelers, weeks after a bomb ripped through a ferry in mexico, youer remember the video leaving seven americans hurt. they received a information about security threat but not specified whether it was related to the blast. u.s. government employees banned from traveling in the area. if you're traveling to mexico the u.s. state department urges you to review the safety guides. you can find that link on our website, that is look at the headlines. brian. brian: get this, two florida teens were arrested for getting high, taking a joyride in a stolen truck after police got a tip from one of their moms. here is what she had to say about her decision. >> i want him to take responsibility for his actions and i want him to stay out of
5:24 am
trouble. i want him to turn his life around and that is why i did what i did. i didn't have to think about it. if he does it again, i will call the cops again. brian: wow, what do you think about that, parents? would you call the cops on their kids if they're misbehaving like this? best-selling author of, your kids are your fault, larry winget and we have a specialist. larry, first off, good move for the mom. >> must be sad to admit to yourself that your so inept as parent your only option to call the police to come out and do your parenting for you. you have to think about the consequences. she said she wanted him to take responsibility and state out of trouble. when she calls the police, there is a chance he will go to jail, have a record and get in some real trouble as a result of that. it is not a good option for her to do at this point. brian: doctor, she is obviously, we don't know the whole history of her, obviously someone lost control her kid. >> larry i totally disagree.
5:25 am
you don't know anything about this mom. you don't know what she has been through. you don't know if this happened seven times. she might be at end of her rope. she may be at point where she had no other choice. sometimes only way for the kids to get help for them to actually get into the system and have it sanctioned by the court. brian: does the system help, larry? >> well i love that get into the system. you know they put him into the system and we've just seen way too much evidence when a kid gets into the system he gets thrown in with real criminals and get in real trouble. he might get hurt, might be abused. i would think long and hard before i ever call the police. a 17-year-old kid that is out of control was out of control at 1months old. the lesson for every parent out there, is to get if in control of your child. impose consequences so they learn good behavior from the very beginning. brian: you say doctor, parents
5:26 am
are enforcing bad behaviors and may not be aware of it what do you expect? >> if you enable your child, keep giving them what they want, don't allow them to experience natural consequences of their actions, you are reinforcing the behavior and you are in a way encouraging this type of a situation. brian: right, consequences, larry you're all about consequences. isn't this is the consequence you're talking about? >> well natural consequences. he and i agree on this, absolutely. consequences do drive behavior. i just think that there were some consequences that could have been imposed other than calling in law enforcement. what do you want law enforcement to do? it is not the job of the police to come to your house, saying little johnny, you shouldn't act that way. you need to mind your mommy. you know better than that that is not their job. their job is to arrest people when they break the law. if you're ready for your child to be arrested and go to jail, that is the consequence you want to impose, then make that your choice. brian: dr. bober, hopefully i
5:27 am
will not have to deal with this i would never call the cops because in the system they're not looking to give you a warm hug and rehabilitate you like if i went to your office, right? >> i don't think it is the first step but it may be a step in the process of other opportunities have failed. brian: the other thing thaw worry about, larry, single-paint families, they might be in a situation working two or three jobs. you know what? it is very hard to be a very good parent if you're not there, leaving food out for them to eat and coming home at 10:00 at night. what do you do in that situation? >> you get some help from outside. you have to have friends, relatives, somebody else involved to make sure you're doing a good job. still staying in control of your child. if you have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet i understand that. remember priorities though, your kids should be your number one priority. you have to be there to parent them, regardless of what else is going on in your life. brian: or else the state will
5:28 am
raise them or jail them. obviously these kid, stealing a car, don't really know many people with that type of mind-set. larry, dr. daniel bober, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. brian: next on the run-down, back to politics. kamala harris says the trump administration is giving i.c.e. too much power. >> i.c.e. has a purpose. i.c.e. has a role, i.c.e. should exist, but let's not abuse the power. brian: acting director, tom homan think about that? is he abusing his worker. visit walmart worker and now the whole world with this national anthem performance. in a chevy truck. and now, you can too. see why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. current competitive owners can
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get a total value of over eleven thousand dollars on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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5:32 am
california and act more like fox news than a law enforcement officer. this is a political stunt. it is not about the truth. it is not about protecting our state. it is about dividing america. i'm sure donald will be tweeting his joy at this particular performance. >> i think jerry brown is absolutely right. this administration and jeff sessions in particular have clearly put a target on the back of california and california is going to fight. they're playing politics and they're playing politics with california. this attorney general is doing that and he is going to lose. steve: let's bring in tom homan, acting director of i.c.e. he joins us from our nation's capitol. mr. homan, what do you make of the governor of the great state of california and their freshman senator? >> i watched the press conference yesterday. the governor is plain wrong when he says i.c.e. has access to the jails. they're to the releasing criminal aliens to the street. last night the california
5:33 am
sheriffs association, his own sheriffs, released a statement last night, i want to read one sentence from that statement. this is from the california sheriffs. we oppose sb 54. the bill is enacted containing significant liables which include restricting our communication with federal law enforcement about the release of wanted, undocumented criminals from our jail including gang members and other serious offenders. his own sheriffs are agreeing with i.c.e. and doj are saying. rachel: attorney general jeff sessions said that the mayor of oakland was endangering the lives of agents and i assume some of these sheriffs as well. what do you say? >> absolutely. she let the criminal aliens that we had targeted for arrest, gave them advance notice law enforcement was coming for them. many criminal aliens were not apprehended because of that warning. i can't put specific number on that but a lot of criminal aliens were to the found because they were given advance warning
5:34 am
by the mayor, which increased public safety issue in her area. we have criminal aliens walking around the commune now in hiding because of her warning. brian: tom, here is something else. i imagine when you became a sanctuary state, you become aing magnet. so your job gets harder in a state that doesn't want you there or at least the governor and some people in the apparatus don't want you there. >> absolutely. when you call yourself a sanctuary city, dangling a carrot which will cause more illegal immigration. they will see more illegal immigration in the state of california. it is more than just enforcement issue. more people will die trying to come to this country because they think they can get to a state or city where they are shielded from immigration enforcement. it is wrong on many different levels. brian: the senator from california called out your agency. listen to what she said about what i.c.e. does and what they're doing. >> i.c.e. has a purpose. i.c.e. has a role. i.c.e. should exist but let's not abuse the power, let's not extend it to areas that were are
5:35 am
not, posing a threat to the safety and the public safety of these communities. it is unnecessary and frankly, this administration has decided they will scapegoat communities, throwing red meat out to their base while at the same time picking the pockets of the taxpayers of the united states with one trillion dollar tax bill benefiting big corporations. it is a lot of distraction. brian: you're abusing your authority? >> you know what a shame? we're not abusing our authority. we're enforcing the law. kamala harris needs to understand is her facts. 89% of everybody we arrested last fiscal year, nine out of 10 aliens did have criminal history. when we look at california specifically, the last operation in los angeles, 88% of those were criminal aliens. i tried to meet with kamala harris dianne feinstein three separate occasions last three months what i.c.e. is doing, they canceled everyone of meetings. they don't want to know the
5:36 am
facts. they want to play political game, put smoke and mirrors up what i.c.e. is doing. she is wrong. steve: governor jerry brown yesterday said basically going to war against the state of california. is the federal government, tom, going to war with california? >> no we're not going to war in california. i've gotten numerous emails from the citizens of california thanking i.c.e. for what we are doing. look, we are enforcing immigration laws. kamala harris is not asking the fbi or dea or any other law enforcement agency to ignore laws they are supposed to force. we're prioritizing enforcement of our laws. make something clear. there is no prerequisite alien has to commit a crime when they get to the united states to have the law enforced upon them. we enforce immigration law. that is our job and sworn oath. we'll do it without apology. steve: can i ask you a quick question how did this sanctuary city business start? who thought it was good idea, okay we'll enforce that law but
5:37 am
not enforce this law? >> i don't know how it started. we they were not talking to victims of illegal alien crime. talk to a few parents who lost their children to illegal criminal aliens. they ought to talk to law enforcement. law enforcement across the ranks. street officer, they don't support the sanctuary legislation. i just read a statement from the california sheriffs association that we're against this bill. they tried to get the, convince the governor not to sign it. he still signed it. look, sanctuary cities, bottom line, you can't argue this, this is public safety threat, it is an officer safety threat. i asked doj to review what is going on in california. they reviewed it. they decided to sue. rachel: director homan, there is effort on the part of the governor, kamala harris to conflate, say you nice are out there arresting a guy in a restaurant or a grandma. can you talk to us specifically about any cases that you know of that these are actual violent or
5:38 am
criminals or felons? >> yes. actually i have a list in my hand people we arrested during the latest operation. let me read a few of the people we arrested in the latest operation. aliens with numerous criminal convictions for aggravated assault with deadly weapons. murder. lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. child molestation. cruelty against wife. cruelty against child. numerous burglaries, batteries. these people are public safety threat. these are people tar getted during the operation we took off the street. oakland mayor and congressional representatives would send me letters thanking me for removing public safety threats. rachel: i don't think enough citizens in california know the list exists that needs to get out there. steve: mr. homan you were talking a week or two ago after the mayor of oak lan essentially warned the illegals, criminal element that there might be some raids, that you were considering obstruction of justice charges or some sort of charge against
5:39 am
the mayor. what's the status of that right now? >> doj is reviewing that. i do not know the status of it but one thing i want to make clear for these congressional representatives and governor and mayor who says i.c.e. should be focusing on criminal aliens, in fact we are. like i said, nine out of every 10 arrests last year were criminals. if you want to focus on criminals, let me back in the jails. kill sb 54. before they are released back into the community to reoffend against the very immigrant communities they live in. there serious about that. brian: difference from the people running california than people live in california. a lot more support you than you believe with the positive yesterday. >> i agree 100%. rachel: child sexual assault criminals in the home of the start of the me-too movement. i think that, these politicians might want to get at least that
5:40 am
guy. brian: tom homan. thank you. >> you're welcome. steve: got a tough job, just saying. california is not making it easier. brian: you have a tough job, jillian, hosting 5:00 show and deal with us for three hours. jillian: my goodness. brian: doing shoveling right after. jillian: shovel all the snow out there. it is tough. seriously we want to give you update on story we're following if colorado. a local sheriff ignoring federal request to hold a illegal immigrant in a deadly hit-and-run. he slammed into semi-truck last week in denver. the driver of the truck died in the fiery crash. the sheriff's department won't release the mexican citizen to i.c.e. without a warrant. denver is sanctuary city. if he posts bail he would be free until his next court date. white house press secretary sarah sanders calling out a reporter for not doing his homework. a cbs journalist put in his place asking about open white house positions. listen. >> would you tell us who has
5:41 am
come in this week? >> we made several personnel announcements. refer you back to the press releases of nominations and personnel announcements that have gone out. i think there have been at least three. >> in the white house? >> i would be happy to forward those to you if you're not receiving white house press releases. jillian: he didn't ask anymore questions after sander's offer. this walmart employee is viral singing sensation. ♪ the home of the brave [applause] jillian: that is sabrina barnes, wowing shoppers with her performance of the national anthem. soon after her son left for basic training. she joined us earlier what the singing means for her family. >> i'm able to write my son and tell him, not only does he inspire me inspires so many other people and, you know, it's a blessing.
5:42 am
jillian: believe it or not that is the first time she has performed the national anthem since middle school. did a heck of a job there. high school dance team really showing off its mooves. the bobcat belles of east texas doing entire routine dressed as chik-fil-a cows. ♪ well the award winning group, traditionally performs one comedy routine. last year it was dinosaurs. this video has been watched more than 10 million times in a few days. what do you guys think? rachel: hope they get some chik-fil-a for that. steve: my daughter sally, worked for the advertising agency that was representing chik-fil-a. the head guy from chik-fil-a went to the ad agency one day, sally had to dress up like a cow. jillian: really? did she get waffle fries out of
5:43 am
it? steve: she got plenty of moolah. jillian: see what you did there. steve: traffic at a standstill for 10 hours on the new jersey highway after being pummeled by the nor'easter yesterday. we're live on the ground with thousands of flights that have been canceled nationwide. rachel: an artist capturing the nfl protest in a painting. shows us live why this picture is really worth a thousand words. ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that?
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steve: the northeast is digging out after big nor'easter and janice dean who accurately predicted it joins us right now with the clean up. janice: i have to tell you there was quite a spread between three inches of central park and 16 miles to the west where they
5:47 am
to the close to three feet of snow. that is hard to predict where heaviest of bands will set up. here is the current temperatures. the snow will not to anywhere. it is cold outside. we have the potential of a new storm system to move in this weekend. here is the relnantz of the nor'easter. parts of maine could receive upwards of two feet. future radar shows a little bit of snow on the back side especially across the great lakes. but we're watching two computer models right now as we get into the sunday and monday. the gss, the american model brings it close enough to be a little concerned. euro has this offshore which is what we want as we head into the weekend. we have to obviously watch both of them. want to do quick reminder, not only potential for a third nor'easter, we also have to spring ahead on sunday. wah, wah, wah. back to you. steve: 12 or 13 days until spring.
5:48 am
janice: that is silver lining. brian: we don't realize how soon we'll be there in speedos on the beach. rachel: try to unsee image. brian: northeast -- before we go to the summer from the monster storm. airlines are working to get back on track. they canceled thousands of flights in anticipation of this hit. steve: one place hard hit is newark airport. that is where correspondent lauren blanchard is. new jersey to the a lot more snow than new york city across the river. reporter: certainly did, good morning, steve, brian, rachel. newark liberty was most impacted. today it is boston. around the u.s. more than 400 flights have already been canceled. yesterday 2700 were scrapped. thousands were delayed, leaving travelers stuck. in massachusetts, it was still snowing this morning. the winter storm buried some places in the northeast in more
5:49 am
than two feet of snow and hundreds of accidents were reported yesterday. officials are asking people to be careful today as crews are trying to continue to clear the roads. >> we'll be here all night until it is clear. we have to go out on the sidewalks. so we'll be doing this until tomorrow afternoon. reporter: plus the storm knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. officials warning the repairs may take longer than usual because they're still trying to catch up from the last storm. and airports are telling people today, if they are trying to catch a flight, to check ahead with the airlines and check the flight status to make sure their plans are still going to be going before they head out to the airport. steve, brian, rachel. rachel: very good advice. by the way she can't put your speedo on yet. brian: not yet. i will say this, newark was amazing, getting us out a week ago. much more than laguardia.
5:50 am
11 minutes before the top. hour. just ahead, artist capturing the nfl protest in a painting. he joins us live to tell us why this picture is worth a thousand words. steve: sandra smith is here with what happens on the channel exactly ten minutes from now. >> we have a big show coming up. kellyanne conway joins us at top of the hour on proposed tariffs. morale at the white house, how are things going inside of the west wing these days amid recent departures? we'll ask her. ending six years of litigation, six years, the department of justice will finally turn over the "fast & furious" documents. what will they receive? congressman darrell issa who led the investigation will join us live. that coming up. "america's newsroom" begins in about nine minutes. see you then.
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♪ brian: some say a picture is worth a thousand words. an artist is using his picture to make a statement on the controversial nfl protest, the kneeling. rachel: it depiction president trump standing on football field holding a tattered american flag. steve: the artist behind the painting, entitled, respect the flag. john mcnaught ton. >> good morning, thank you. steve: in that picture you see the president of the united states he is holding a flag but also holding a wash rag, a light blue wash rag. what is he doing and what's your message? >> well i imagined president trump standing on the field and he sees this tattered, trampled flag and he grabbed this rag and wiping the mud off. it represents what happened this
5:55 am
last football season with the nfl when the nfl allowed the players to protest, you know, by not standing to the national anthem. brian: what moved you to the point you used your talents for this? >> i'm the kind of artist, i try to think of imagery that reflectses how i feel about different topics. like, millions of other americans, i was offended by what happened at this last football season. and i didn't watch the super bowl and other things because it really bothered me. and so i wanted to paint an image that would reflect what happened there and also the way president trump stood up for american values when he interjected himself into this. rachel: you're no stranger to controversy. you have other paintings. tell us about them. >> oh, i, i have been doing different political pictures since 2009. i did a picture called, the forgotten man, back in 2011
5:56 am
which was my reaction to obamacare, when that passed. and in that particular picture you have obama standing on the constitution while the other presidents are saying you know, what have you done? and forgotten man is sitting on the bench, represents every american. steve: john, got a question for you. what sort of reaction did you get to the donald trump with the flag painting? >> always the same reaction. first those on the left get really angry, and all over the internet. they can't believe that an artist would take the time to paint something like this. but then, everybody else sees the painting, they identify with it and, it takes off, yeah. rachel: certainly representing a lot of americans and that point of view in that painting. steve: thank you, sir, for joining us live from salt lake city. >> thank you. steve: we'll step aside. we'll be back in about two
5:57 am
minutes. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> all right. we're going to be facebook live. go it our web page, fox and friends -- >> no, our facebook page. we'll get it right tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news from here in washington, president trump now to set to seal the deal on republicans and democrats and allies pressure the president to rethink the decision. good morning, split broadcast today. snow got the best of me. one more day here. the swamp's got a way of doing that. >> sandra: keeping sucking you back in. hopefully we get you back home safe this afternoon. i'm sandra smith in new york. the news coming, the white house sa


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