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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 8, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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it's about time, >> that's right. >> yes, sir. >> you've been waiting for a long time. let's pass them around. >> thank you, sir. [applause] >> let's take a mixture in the oval office. thanks very much, everybody. thank you. great day. thank you. [applause] >> what about trans ship something. >> we're going to stop it or we're going to let it happen and they're going to pay. it's a big deal. china says it's got 2% but it's much more. we'll have a great relationship with china. but we have to do something. we're losing with china $500
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billion a year. we have to do something. and they trans ship. we're going to accept their product but it's going to cost money from the standpoint of the trans shipping. thanks very much. thank you. >> it's official. conservatives wanted him to swear off those tariffs, but the president just signing off on them. we're going to gauge the financial impact. welcome. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we're going to get reaction from commerce secretary wilbur ross in just a moment. but first, we're going to john roberts at the white house with the very latest. hi, john. >> trish, good afternoon. i'm sure wilbur ross will be on board with the tariffs that the president started the 15-day running clock on. it was the commerce department that did the study that the u.s. was being harmed by foreign steel being dumped into america. that's why the president signed that proclamation that he will put into place a 10% tariff on
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aluminum and 25% tariff on steel from countries outside the united states. let's listen to what the president said about the reasoning behind his decisions. >> industries have been targeted for years and years, decades in fact but infair foreign trade practices leading to the shuttered plants and mills. the laying off of millions of workers and the decimation of entire communities. that's going to stop. right? it's going to stop. this is not merely an economic disaster, but it's a security disaster. >> that last phrase the president uttered there, this is not just a economic disaster but a security disaster. that's why he's impose these tariffs. they're being put on under section 223 of the trade expansion act. that covers threats to national security. the last time we had steel
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tariffs was in 2002. they were under section 201 of the trade expansion act, which was a different rationale. didn't work out well. the case was brought to the wto and lost that and then there was threats of punitive retaliation from some of our biggest trading partners so the bush administration decided to drop them. we're getting lots of threats of retaliation from china. france said the e.u. would respond. we heard that from sweden earlier this week as well. sweden almost seemed apologetic to say we're a member of the eu and we have to do what they say we're going to do. so there's carve outs at the president mentioned. you might have heard them talking to the roosevelt room. canada and mexico will be excluded initially while negotiations are ongoing on a nafta agreement.
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the president said if they can come the agreement on nafta, the exclusions will be permanent. there's exclusions for national security purposes. some of the countries in the simply chain for the u.s. department of defense, for example, there is a steel company in sheffield, england that produces castings for the weapons system of the new columbia class nuclear submarines. they're replacing the ohio class. if we were to tax those, we would be taxing our own supply chain. so the president is going to make sure that doesn't happen. certain u.s. companies won't be able to ask for exclusions of individual products. so we still don't have all of the fine details here. but again, a 15-day clock began running with the imposition of tariffs with the president giving some countries besides canada and mexico a window to change their trade practices. the president talking about the problem of trans shipment of chinese steel. 2% comes from china.
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the president says because china trans ships, the percentage is higher. we stop trans shipment or we will allow their products or they will be taxed. here we go. we'll see what happens. >> thanks, john roberts. we saw the mark moving higher. stocks moving up as fears of an all-out trade war began to ease. with me right now, melissa arnold. liz harrington with the washington pecan and former aflcio organizer, stewart acuff. you know what is interesting, we don't always agree on stuff. this might be one where -- i've started to think long and hard about this trade issue. i'm thinking we might actually be seeing this in a similar way. tell me your thoughts on these tariffs. >> well, i want to quote chuck schumer yesterday when he said neither party has paid enough attention to the crisis of the industrialization in america.
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so i think this is a very good move by the president. i wish the process had been a little more careful. and a little more strategic and targeted. but we do need to protect our industries, our basic industries in america. including steel and aluminum. it is vital for us to have that industrial capacity and that manufacturing capacity. not just for national defense, that is certainly important, but also for average working people. and you know, we have now a social and cultural crisis. that's where we get into the problems of the diseases of despair, addiction, alcoholism. 50-year-old workers lost their jobs to trade. they have no other place to go. so it's a crisis throughout our society. >> and liz, i always talk
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about -- stewart was going on about the hourglass economy. imagine an hourglass. you have the middle class here. they're getting squeezed throughout this. >> you're right. >> and our foreign exports basically are our trade imbalance increases, what we have seen is that incomes have been stagnant. this is something that is going on the last three decades, last four decades. >> four now, trish. can i make one other comment real quick? that is that average working people are tired of watching talking heads on national tv talking as if there was a crisis when there's no -- there's not been any of that kind of sincere concern after 40 years of stagnant wages, a long time coming. more needs to be done. >> and liz, this is one of the reasons he was elected. one of the reasons that people
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crossed over. democrats in traditionally democratic places voted for him because they feel short changed by the administration that was in power. this is an opportunity to do something different. liz, is it going to have the dire consequences that some republicans are predicting? >> i'm usually skeptical when it comes to the dire predictions, when it comes to any trump administration policy because we know they haven't panned out. there will be some economic effects to this, but in the long run, we shouldn't be surprised because this is what trump said he was going to do. like you mentioned, all of those voters in the rust belt, they voted for him because he promised to do this. this is a campaign promise met. a win for him politically because he said he would protect american workers, wanted to address the big $800 billion trade deficit. this is what the he's doing. that is a win for him
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politically. you also see it's worked in the path as a political move. we saw george w. bush instituting steel tariffs. he won a re-election in 2004. >> a political aspect to this as well. you know, that shouldn't be lost throughout. the market is okay with it for now anyway, melissa. what is your sense of where this is head something. >> the market is green as we're talking. we just went green. we were down earlier. we had the correction a couple weeks ago. boom, we ran up over it. we make new highs again quickly after this announcement today, i wouldn't be shocked at all. what i mean the next couple days, the next couple weeks. that means that we close above the highs again the next month, this had no negative effect on the economy, no negative effect on the market. people were up and arms about it and excited in the last week when he announced it, thursday or friday last week. but it was more of a political
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maneuver than anything else. pennsylvania, i'm from pennsylvania. that was one of the states that typically voted democrat and went republican. i think he's looking out. he's looking ahead. he's probably going to run again. but the markets love trump. we've rallied every day sense he was elected. >> and everybody is so doomsday about every policy he comes up with. >> i'm not. >> look at the market. >> we have tax relief. that should hopefully start to spur things along. we've seen very good numbers on the jobs front. a little bit of wage inflation. so you start combining those things together, i don't know. stewart, may make a republican out of you. >> it not going to make a republican out of me, but i like to come on fox and tell the truth. the truth is that the president, although there's no live lost of me for him is right this time. it's a good move. it's good -- see, i come -- i live in a retired in little town west virginia called
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martinsburg. used to be a industrial town. now it's hallowed out. it has had the worst opioid crisis in america. a lot of that has to do with the destruction of good jobs. >> it's devastating. they called the great depression the great depression for a reason. i can remember my grandmother telling me when her father lost his job at the factory, he was never the same. he really did go into a state of depression because it's demoralizing. i have to leaf it there. it's a very interesting time here. >> let's me say one more thing. shout out to west virginia. we have two democrats in west virginia, aaron shineberg and richard ojeta that will bring the states back to democrat on this issue. >> i don't know. maybe there's a chance for a few republicans to fall in. anyway, good to see you, stewart. great to see all of you. >> thank you. >> we're going to have wilbur ros here shortly. he will be joining us with his
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thoughts on this. plus, the mayor of oakland, california digging in to protecting illegal immigrants. did the president warn that she's going to need more lawyers to protect herself? >> how dare you vilify members of our community. >> she said get out of here. she's telling that to criminals. certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her. models can be simulated... nothing compares to the real thing. experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> how dare you vilify members of our community by trying to frighten the american public into thinking that all undocumented residents are dangerous criminals. >> she said get out of here. she's telling that to criminals. it's certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her individually. what she did is incredible and
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dangerous from the standpoint of ice and border patrol. very dangerous. >> the president slamming the mayor of oakland, california for tipping off illegal immigrants and pending raids saying they're looking into the mayor's actions. for mayor libby schaaf, she's not backing down and being represented by outside counsel. where is this headed? tom dupree is a former justice department official. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> walk me through the legality of it. seems to me that the united states of america has rules about who can be here and who does not and if the united states of america is coming in for a particular raid, i don't know how the mayor of oakland, california can get in the way of that. >> under our constitution, federal law is supreme. federal immigration law trumps, no pun intended, any state or local immigration laws. what you're seeing here is the clearest example of a locality,
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the city of oakland, pushing back. but they're doing it a different way. they're not just saying we're not going to help you in your enforcement actions but we're going to impede your enforcement action. so i think what the president is doing is sending the clearest possible signal that they're looking to litigate this. not just litigating against any state policies but trying to target the mayor herself or any state or local officials thwarting their efforts. >> makes sense to me. it's like a form of anarchy. >> i have to tell you, when you see public officials getting a tip off of this sort, basically they're being given confidential information from federal authorities about a law enforcement operation underway. when they basically announceit to the public, it's hard to see how that can be construed as anything but to thwart it. >> she thinks she's doing it for the common good of her community. >> that's the argument.
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states have made arguments about that you can't come in and strip them to enforcing a fall program. those are decent arguments. what we saw happen here is a step beyond. that is basically shouting from the rooftops getting out of town, the troops are on their way. >> we've seen this in california. like the marijuana industry, for example. that's a whole different ball game compared to this which you would think no matter what, the feds would have jurisdiction over this. that they have the right to say who is in this country and they have the the right to arrest here anybody illegal. if they're in berkeley or oakland, they can go to texas tomorrow or anywhere else in this country once you're here. >> right. and look, i don't think that this immigration enforcement action was an attempt to
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discriminate. i think they're going out and they're trying to identify people that are dangerous, people that pose a threat to citizens of oakland and residents of oakland and trying to gets very dangerous people off the streets. so i think the mayor's line of attack that this is painting everybody with a broad brush is misplaced, this is a targeted enforcement action and not -- >> could she wind up in jail? we'll see. it's very difficult under any circumstance to put a public official in jail, but i will say what happened here in my experience is extraordinary. i served in the justice department under bush. always tension between federal and state and local officials but i've never seen it escalate to this point which is pretty much crossing the line to outright defiance. >> thanks, tom, for your perspective. let's go to catherine herridge. she has reaction to reports that the president held conversations with two witnesses in the russia probe, the president's personal attorney waying in.
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catherine? >> the president asked two key advisers and the testimony. in response in a rare on-the-record statement, john dowd told fox the former chief of stance, reince priebus and don mcgann were asked how the interviews went. the question did not ask about the substance or the line of questioning the president wanted mcgann to issue a statement denying another "new york times" report. that statement reads in part "the president has been disciplined respectful and cooperative with the special counsel. the conversations with reince priebus and don mcgann were not about substance but asking if they received professional and fair treatment. this is not obstruction." trish? >> thanks, catherine. paul ryan trying to hammer home the republican tax cuts at a
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>> we set forth to do tax reform. we're very excited about the outcome of tax reform because what is now happening in america is precisely what we're hoping would happen in america by passing tax reform. >> trish: paul ryan at a home depot support center in atlanta today. home depot is one of the many, many companies giving workers bonuses and they're giving them because of the gop tax cuts. now senate democrats want to repeal some of those cuts to help pay for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. bernie marcus is joining me right now on the phone.
1:25 pm
bernie, good to talk to you. >> how are you? >> trish: i'm pretty good. how important have the tax cuts right now to the economy? >> well, look, i don't know how anybody in their right mind and i've said this before with neil, how anybody in their right mind could say this doesn't work. when somebody is making $40,000, $50,000 year and gets a bonus, it's not crumbs. it's very important to them. i can tell you, you know, i started a company called jobs creator network. this week i had an occasion to speak to almost 100 people out in america, all over america who run small businesses. you know, everybody talks about big corporations and how this has helped the really rich, but they don't know their local pizza parlor and small businesses how this affects them. i heard story after story how this has changed their life, how
1:26 pm
before the tax cut they were paying 50 to 55% taxes including with state taxes. all of a sudden they have a chance to come out of the -- most of them were in terrible debt. never were able to reinvest in their businesses. now all of a sudden they can reinvest in their business and they're all doing it, every one of them is doing something in a relative way. one is opening a drive-by window. that is not important to nancy pelosi or to schumer. but to these people that employ ten people, 15 people, 25 people, it's important. when they do this, they h political issue. unfortunately it is one right now. i don't know if the democrats will be on the winning side. it's very difficult to fight. because people feel that they now have the opportunity to keep a little bit more of what they
1:27 pm
have rightfully earned. that money will go to work for them in better places. let me turn to tariffs. that's the other big economic issue right now. the president, you might have seen, just a few moments ago signed those new tariffs into law. you will now see tariffs on aluminum and steel for every country except those exempted. how do you think will affect the economy? >> i hope it works out. the president made this promise to the american people when he got elected. he's following through on it. whether it works on not will depend on what happens. we know bush tried it. it didn't work. i think what they're doing now is looking at specific issues dealing with specific companies trying to avoid what happened during the bush administration when this same thing happened and trying to overcome these things.
1:28 pm
look, we are at a disadvantage in many cases. i think this story that you just heard about our cars being taxed 25% when they go into china and they pay 2.5% coming here doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. i think trump has said, we're doing to negotiate better agreements with these countries. i think that in the final analysis, it can only be good for america, not bad for america. >> trish: you think of how much this trade deficit has increased. you think how americans ability to earn a living really hasn't improved over the last three or four decades. wages have gone nowhere. you wonder how much they're linked. >> i'm a free trader, frankly. i'm one of those republicans that believes in free trade. but i have to tell you that free trade doesn't mean stupid trade.
1:29 pm
if it's free, why is china charging us 25% tariff and why only pay 2.5? there's go to be a middle ground that makes it better for american manufacturers and makes it better for consumers. home depot -- i'm not with the company anymore. i'm speaking my own mind. we employed a lot of goods from overseas. the reason why, many manufacturers closed in the united states. china specifically was able to undercut the market of our manufacturers and most of our manufacturers decided it was cheaper to produce their products overseas than to make them here in the united states. that had to do with a lot of things. had to do with regulations that were killing the manufacturers, had to do with high taxes and so in spite of the tariff thing, it was not valuable -- it was not economically right to make those
1:30 pm
goods here in the united states. >> trish: look, things might be different real soon. let's hope. >> we'll find out. >> trish: thanks for joining us, bernie. >> thank you. >> trish: south korean officials headed to the u.s. right now to brief the u.s. on talks with north korea. if there's a deal to denuclearize, can we trust it? and wilbur ross was at the signing today. he's behind this. he will join us after this. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling.
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>> trish: here's something we haven't seen before. mcdonald's flipping their golden arches for international women's day. we're back in 60 seconds. see you here. oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow""
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oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> trish: president trump signing tariffs for steel and aluminum. secretary ross, congratulations. >> thank you, trish. >> trish: i know you wanted this. what kind of difference do you think it's going to make for american workers? >> it's going to make a huge difference, this is the start of a process.
1:35 pm
the process is aimed at levelling the playing field globally. steel and aluminum have been particularly plagued by subsidized excess capacity which lead to dumping, which led to displacement of domestic markets, led to all sorts of bad things. the president has decided to take bold action to deal with it. it's just the start of unleashing american industry from the unfair trade practices that have hounded us for years. >> trish: mr. secretary, you know many, many people are worried about what they call a trade war. what do you say in response? >> i think the president proved by the statements that he made regarding canada and mexico we're not looking for a trade war. those are two important trading partners. he's willing to negotiate with them to solve the problem in another way other than tariffs
1:36 pm
for those two countries. and potentially with other countries as well. our interests at the end of the day is in the end results. there's too much steel being produced on a subsidized basis. it's not fair competition. we need a level playing field, and this is a good start toward getting it. we need reciprocity in trade. >> trish: where do we go from here? i suppose he can use this as a negotiating tactic with every country that we're doing business with, correct? >> sure. if every country would rally around, stop the trans shipment, stop overproduction, stop all of these unfair and inappropriate tactics, that would be a great solution. the u.s. is going to start to reassert its leadership and
1:37 pm
solving trade problems in the world. >> but not just trade problems, right? if you think about it, mr. secretary, there's an opportunity to address some of the international issues that we're now facing. you think about china. the video of them still trading with the north koreans even though they signed on to sanctions. this is an opportunity for the president to say, listen, we're serious about this. and we have some mighty economic power. so if you're not with the program, then we have the ability to inflict some pain in an economic way. >> anybody that doubts the president's sense of conviction in his willingness to be very, very aggressive really misses the boat. he is deadly serious. these were campaign promises and just like a myriad of other campaign promises he made, this president keeps his promises.
1:38 pm
he will also keep his promise to fix other parts of the trade situation. this is the first time an american government has really pushed back on this kind of scale. it's taking some of the other countries, both our allies and those that are less allied with us, taken them a little while to realize this is not the old administrati administration. this is a different administration, it's forceful, it is determined, it's serious and thoughtful, deliberative about the issues, but make no mistake about it, at the end of the day, we need and we will get lower trade deficits and we will stop exporting jobs and start exporting more products instead. >> you took a little heat for holding up the soup, the can of
1:39 pm
campbell's soup there. some members of the media didn't like that. do you regret it? >> do i regret it? no. i think it brought a very clear message to people that these increases and costs of steel and aluminum are trivial. you'll notice neither these soup industry, nor the candy industry, nor the beer industry, nor the soda industry, not one of them has said my numbers were wrong. if i just went on tv and spewed a bunch of numbers, nobody would notice. holding up those cans, people notice. they can focus on how trivial a fraction of a penny on a can of campbell's soup will cause the world to come to an end? not a chance. >> trish: are you going to miss gary cohn? >> pardon me? >> trish: are you going to miss gary cohn? >> gary cohn is a capable
1:40 pm
person. he performed valuable services while he was in the government. i'm sure he will find a wonderful career back probably on wall street. who knows, back in the administration, or some other time in some other role he may be back. this is about how to protect the american worker. this is about levelling the playing field globally. it's not about enticing warfare at the white house. >> trish: you have the likes with the coke brothers saying this is going to be disastrous for our economy and going to hurt so many sectors. are they overreacting? the market closed up 100 points despite the tariffs being signed. >> sure, they are overreacting. the total amount of the tariffs, assuming that all the goods still came in and everybody paid the tariff on them is $9 billion. that is the maximum impact on
1:41 pm
the overall economy. that is a fraction of 1%. it's not a half of a percent. anybody that thinks that a 1 1/2 of 1% maximum price increase will affect anything, i don't buy it. further, i don't think the full tariffs will be passed on. you'll have the fellow from nuclor. i used to be in the steel industry. i know very well. the more important factor here is increased production, not increase prices. increasing production is what builds jocks and its what gifts the most profitability because you now only have to absorb the incremental costs of that extra production. you don't -- you've already absorbed the fixed costs. so there's going to be fierce
1:42 pm
competition to capture somewhat additional volume. these industries are operating at very low percentages of capacity. so there's going to be fierce competition to get that volume and i think that's the best free market solution to why the tariffs won't be fully passed on. >> trish: we'll be watching all of it. thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. >> trish: we'll get reaction now from gop senator from wyoming, john varasso. all right, senator. your response. >> trish, i'm more of a free trader. i have worry about retaliation about our products. certainly we have a lot of them in wyoming. the cash crop is beef. we want to continue to expert that. so i have concerns about this. i focus on american workers, businesses, commerce, productivity here at home and i just have concerns that this sort of thing may have
1:43 pm
repercussions at home that i don't want to see. what we have to expert is quite a bit and we want to keep the markets open. we need more customers, not fewer. >> wilbur ross says you're overreacting a little bit. this is targeted. our friends and allies such as canada, such as mexico and i'm thinking about the nafta arrangement, they will not be penalized by these. but we need to go around the world and look at who is trading fairly and who is not. does that make you anymore more comfortable? >> i'm happy the president decided to take a scalpel to this today and do it more gingerly. the big offender is china. there's no doubt about that to me. i think that's where we ought to focus and call out those behaving unfairly toward us. why ought to keep that focus --
1:44 pm
i'm happy with the direction the president is heading. that's the way to do it. >> trish: you say you're more of a free trader than wilbur ross or the president. is it really free trade? this is what we have to go back to. we heard from the co-founder of home depot. you know, there's a 25% tax on cars that are being sold in china, yet we only put it 2.5% tax on the cars that are coming in to the u.s. from china. in other words, don't we need to do the same thing to each other? maybe we say no tax at all. we can send as many cars as we want there and we can send as many as they want here, but let's at least make it fair. >> well, i think we just passed the largest tax relief bill in the history of the country. over 30 years since we've done a previous one. people are seeing it in their paychecks at home. we're seeing it in jobs. >> but what does that have to do -- >> i don't want to do anything
1:45 pm
to stifle that. in wyoming we're trying to expert natural gas, coal, all of those products. in terms of if we raise the cost of steel and i talk to a person who is a manufacturer in wyoming, called me last night, his steel production costs, the purchasing of steel has already gone up last night. he was trying to stockpile steel for the drill bits that he produces. the price is already. he said this is going to hurt my business. i'm focus on the businesses here at home, the impact of trade hand the impact of tariffs, which i have concerns about and specifically the retaliation that may come as a result of this new announcement. >> trish: let me turn to the democrat's desire to get rid of tax cuts. get rid of tax reform so they can pay for infrastructure. that's got to make you angry. >> chuck schumer wants to raise
1:46 pm
the tax rates on individuals and businesses and reverse the death tax. we have need in this country. infrastructure needs repair. i'm committing to doing it in a bipartisan way. part of it is the money. the other part of it, trisha, it's the regulations that make it so hard to get the permits. president trump has said hey, look, we need to simplify this process. we need to get the permitting done within two years. i support that. we had a road plan in wyoming that took 14 years to get a permit for a road that took two years to build. that's wrong and the president is right. >> i don't know if it's a winning argument for chuck schumer or nancy pelosi to continue on with this crumb theme or to say we need to repeal the tax cuts. the reality is, senator, there's
1:47 pm
people all over america that have a lot bit more money in their pockets today because of them. >> they like it. people liked having more money to decide how they want to spend. they have more confidence in themselves rather than washington spending the money. we've had letters coming in from people all around the country, certainly in wyoming. more money to invest, to pay toward college case. it makes a difference. 90% of the american people is going to have more money in their pocket because we have lowered their rates and the deduction. >> trish: i'd rather see those folks have it than the folks in washington. no offense, senator. >> you're right. i agree with you, trish. that's why we passed this. that's why the republicans passed it. every democrat voted against it. every democrat. >> trish: i think it's going to come back to haunt them. good to see you. thanks for joining me. is the u.s. heading towards direct talks with north korea? what the secretary of state is saying about that next. y mutuale
1:48 pm
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>> trish: north korea, not so fast. rex tillerson saying we're a long way from negotiation. rich edson at the state department. hi, rich. >> south korean envoys are in washing ton right now. the briefing has started about 2:30 this afternoon. for the meeting in pyongyang, that's the one that produced the north korean offer where officials were discussing their weapons program as long as their security is assured. rex tillerson is traveling in africa. while theres he says he needs to see much more from north korea before the u.s. would negotiate. >> with respect to north korea,
1:52 pm
i think as president trump has indicated, potentially positive signals coming from north korea. in terms of direct talks with the united states and you asked negotiations and we're a long ways from negotiations. >> the state department has said that the united states would talk to north korea. as far as official negotiations about altering sanctions or nuclear weapons programs, the united states wants to see more evidence from north korea that they're willing to give up their nuclear program and it has to be verified that they're willing to do so. trish? >> thank you very much, rich. so what can we expect from a north korea? can we trust these guys at all? jerry boykin joins me now. general, i don't know. they basically have told us, you know, they're trying to negotiate and do things before and every single time they have lied and they continue to build up their arsenal.
1:53 pm
any reason to think about this differently now? >> no, i think secretary tillerson's response was measured. i do not believe that kim will give up his nuclear weapons. he and his father have spent a quarter century building what they have. they're coming to the finish. he's not going to give it up. this whole off of negotiations or talks is to drive a weather channel between america and south korea as well as japan. >> trish: let me ask you this: what if we said we'll talk but we're not giving you anything unless we're fully 1,000% confident you don't have the ability to have a nuclear weapon. would that be -- could we talk to them? >> first of all, i don't think we should even talk to him unless there is a precondition this part of that discussion will be about denuclearization. he's got to give up those
1:54 pm
weapons or we don't talk at all. do i think he will do that? no, i don't. i think, again, that the chinese are very key ally in this. i'm going to call them an ally because i think they hold the keys to the kingdom in many ways. kim has come too far and you know, when he loses his nuclear program, he really loses the status in the world in his own mind. >> and that didn't work out well for qaddafi in libya. >> you think about saddam hussein. didn't work out well for him either. i think we're ultimately going to have to really press the chinese to intervene. i think the sanctions are hurting him and the chinese will stick with the sanctions and in fact increase where they can these sanctions, i think we're going to continue to hurt them and what we may ultimately see
1:55 pm
is an internal implosion inside of north korea as people are starving, which they're doing right now. >> trish: so maybe the chinese play ball, but then you get other rogue nations like iran. >> iran and russia as well. they have store -- historically violated the sanctions. the biggest trading partner is china. the people inside north korea are i think the key here to what is going on. if we could ultimately put kim in a situation where he's got to choose between this nuclear program or his people -- you can say he doesn't care about them to begin with. but yeah, he's going to have to care about them when they become a threat to him. keep in mind, he has a history of killing anybody that is a threat to him to include his own family. >> trish: difficult situation for sure. but yeah, i think you're right. we can look to the chinese more and more.
1:56 pm
they have the intelligence on the ground there that is so important to have. general, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> trish: okay. more after this. months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. which is breast cancer metastatthat has spreadr, to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive
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>> trish: florida lawmakers passing a school safety bill. will governor rick scott sign it? andrew pollock is going to be meeting with the governor tomorrow. he's going to be joining cavuto live on saturday. what does he want to see washington do? he will be a special guest. "cavuto live" every saturday. that will do it for us tonight. you can catch me every day on the fox business network on "the intelligence report" at 2:00 p.m. eastern and again tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern information and lou dobbs on the fox business network. "the five" is next.
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♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, congressman jason chaffetz, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." president trump keeping some praise on his justice department today. pursuing california over its shielding of illegal immigrants. >> sanctuary cities. we are working very hard. the justice department has done a fantastic job. i do think we should have legislation where we put an extra line in the money we give them. you want the money, you can have the sanctuary cities. with the mayor of oakland


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