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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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noon. tucker is next. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. north korean dictator kim jong un has proposed a face-to-face meeting with president trump about his country's nuclear weapons program. good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." fox's chief white house correspondent john roberts has been on this story, and he has details at this hour.ig john. >> well, this is an extraordinary moment in history, tucker. just for the very fact that we heard from the white house tonight that the president that the president of the united states president of the has agreed to meet with the president of north korea. nobody thought anything like this could ever happen unless ir was under the most extraordinary of circumstances, but this is kind of a beginning level. kim jong un had talks with south korean officials earlier this week. those south korean officials came to the white house today to say that kim is committed to the denuclearization of the
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north korean peninsula. and he held out that olive branch for a meeting with president trump. president trump, who has said in the past many times he would be happy to meet with kim, agreed. but this is aiming toward the denuclearization of the north korean peninsula.ea this is not about freezing north korea's nuclear program, as has happened so many times in the past, only to watch them cheat.t president trump is making it clear that he wants kim jong un to give up his nuclear program. a statement from the press secretary just a short time ago. we will pass along to you. the question of where is probably one of the biggest questions right now. i would assume that president trump is not going to go to pyongyang in north korea
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to meet with kim jong un. i don't expect that kim jong un would come to the united states because he might fear that he would be thrown in american jail and never see the light of dayat ever not that that would happen. n so it may be that they choose potentially south korea right there along the border in panmunjom which would be thehe site of the talks between south korea's president moon jae-in and kim jong un later in may. or maybe it's a third country, some neutral country somewhere else in the world where everyone can meet. how did we get to this point? the white house just walking us through that in a conference call right now, but chung eui-young is the south korean national security advisor, said in a statement outside the white house here that it was due to president trump's program of maximum pressure that north korea came to the table. they said that while kim is committed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, he also understands the joint military exercises between south korea and the united states must continue.
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president trump, as youd remember, tucker, came under an externally mounted criticism for his tough-minded approach towards north korea. a lot of people saying he wanted to start a war with the north. would seem exactly the opposite has happened. rather than the missiles flying, it looks like there will beal talks. and it really is, when you look at everywhere we up until this point, an extra ordinary moment in history. tucker. >> tucker: it's astounding. john, was there any mention of the role, if any, that china played in this? >> i think that this was very much a behind the scenes sort of thing. when you talk about the program of maximum pressure, that wasn'a just the united states. it was the united states and a number of other countries, first and foremost among them china. president trump has pushed xi jinping time and time again to get tougher with north korea, to increase the sanctions, to put the squeeze on north korean banks, to not allow workers in north korea -- north korean workers in china to send money back to north korea.
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we don't know exactly how much china did in this particular case. it seemed like it was limited, but at this moment, it appears like it may have been enough. so we'll see where this goes. nobody's under any illusions here in the united states that kim jong un -- they might think that he is sincere but nobody thinks that he's not potentially playing fast and loose here. we had john bolton, the former u.n. ambassador, on air the other day saying that he thinks they are just trying to buy timu so that they can complete their nuclear weapons program. then they've got a very big bargaining chip. but they are looking at this optimistically here at the white house, tucker, thinking that this might be the opening that the united states has waited for and tried for for an awfully long time. >> tucker: well, it's unexpected, to say the least. john roberts at the white house, thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: harry kazianis is a north korea expert and director of defense studies at the center for the national interests and he joins us tonight. harry, i don't know anybody, any of the geniuses running our foreign policy in washington who predicted anything like this.
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>> i certainly didn't, that's for certain. i actually thought there was a better chance that we would be at nuclear war with north koreae than there would be peace talks. but there is something we are missing,re tucker. there'se a little bit of contex. south korean press, about two weeks ago, came out with some reports that were fascinating. they actually speculated that north korea was actually on the edge of financial bankruptcy. by october, their foreign exchange reserves are probably going to be exhausted, and their dollar reserves are going to be exhausted. so that means north korea is essentially bankrupt. you can't build a loft of nuclear weapons and a lot of missiles when you have no moneyt to do it, to pay all the different spies and people to bring those materials back. you can't also feed your people that way. so i do think the north koreans might be trying to buy some time here, but i also think that kim jong un's newfound pragmatism, there might be a bigger reason for it. >> tucker: so what do you make of this?s? kim pledged that north korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. >> as long as we are talking, that is the other caveat to that so i guess as long as both sides are negotiating and trying to figure something out, that then they won't test.
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there's a bigger point to all of this. what i would urge president trump to do: meet witr kim jong un, through the hail history shows us sometimes these things can actually happen and work i don't think there's anything wrong with that. but what this administration cannot do, tucker, is give himdo any bribes, give him any economic incentives. the north koreans have tried that in the past to come to the table. that would be the wrong move, that would be a mistake. >> tucker: huh. so what is the gambit? continued pressure? i guess in the words of south korea? >> i think what we need to do is, we need to test north korea's intentions. maybe they are sincere.nt maybe they are willing to come to the negotiating because we have to remember something here. t the north koreans -- time is against them. their economy is a disaster. it's worth something like $14 billion. south korea's is worth something like 1.2 trillion. someday the north korean state will collapse. and i think kim realizes this.n so this may be a historic moment. i never thought i would see this before, probably in decades. so i think trump has to explore it. >> tucker: and he may be the
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one president who would actually do this, who would go meet with the north korean leader. is he going to stop on his way in oslo to get the nobel peace prize? >> he should be given -- >> tucker: [laughs] >> if he lands this, if he closes the ultimate deal of a lifetime, you give that man the nobel prize. there's no question. >> tucker: but let's be -- i mean, the chances of that are right around zero i think. >> they are maybe around -- >> tucker: of getting the nobel peace prize. >> well. >> tucker: they give it to obama for getting o elected. >> he didn't do anything, yeah. >> tucker: i'm aware. >> yeah. you know what? trump has got to explore this. >> tucker: so what happens -- i mean, just to game this out a little bit, and obviously this is speculative. but the end game of course is reunification. the koreas becoming one country again. what would that mean for everyone else? >> means a lot of good, means a lot of bad. the bad is the toughest part. the cost to reunify north korea with south korea iss probably something like $10 trillion. you are talking about having to build roads, bridges, take care of their people. the economics of that would be totally insane. plus you would have china and japan very nervous about what a
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strong korea would mean for the region. just thinking that through is just astronomical. >> tucker: huh. and china would not be in favor, and japan would not be in favor. >> i don't think -- japan i think you could convince them in the long term. china i think it would be one of their biggest fears. >> tucker: well, we are thinking ahead. for the moment, this is really -- it's amazing. >> it's history in the making. >> tucker: again, as usual, no one in d.c. predicted anything like it. harry, great to see you. >> thanks, tucker. o >> tucker: a lot more on this breaking story later in the show. on immigration now. that was the sleeper issue of the 2016 election. no one in power on either side wanted to talk about it but voters did. they knew our immigration policy was not serving their interests, and that's why donald trump won. you'd think both parties would've learned something from that experience, kind of a big deal. and the message was clear. c voters don't want open borders, and they said so emphatically. but congress is still not even pretending to listen. many republican members on the hill are still pushing for mass amnesty under the orwellian title of comprehensive immigration reform. and democrats? well, they've got completely off the deep end. 20 years ago, bill clinton gave
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speeches, including the state of the union address, calling illegal immigration a danger to the middle class because it was, demonstrably. trying saying that now at a democratic fund-raising dinner.r you'd be dragged off the stage and charged with bigotry. democrats are now affirmatively in favor of illegal immigration, not an overstatement. they tried to shut down the government on behalf of illegal aliens. they claimed that immigration laws that congress passed with their support are now illegitimate and that the officers charged with enforcing those laws are fascists. and of course they have made all rational conversation impossible by framing the entire issue is a battle in some sort of larger race war. it's shocking, but that's not an exaggeration. watch this. >> the attorney general is trying to distract the american people from a failed immigration system by painting a racist, broad brush of our immigrant community as dangerous b criminals. >> the racists who are driving immigration policy in the white house are defining the agenda for every house
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republican and are shaping the brand of the republican party not just as the party who doesn't want poor or latin american immigrants but doesn't want brown or black or anyone who isn't white in this country. >> since last night, the president put forth a plan. that plan is a campaign to make america white again. >> tucker: the plan she is talking about of course would have admitted 3 million nonwhite immigrants.f talk about demagoguery. democrats aren't simply the pro immigration party. they are now the anti-border party, the party opposed to citizenship itself. they don't want the border secured. they oppose the deportation of anyone under any circumstances, evenen after criminal offenses. they pushed to give illegal immigrants welfare benefits, drivers licenses, in-state tuition, state funded attorneys to fight american immigration law. they think kate steinle's killer has more rights than you do. when you confront them on any ok this, they say that american citizens just aren't impressive enough. they are too fat. they are too lazy. they are too addicted to drugs. they demand decent wages.
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they insist on constitutional rights like, i don't know, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms. all very inconvenient. some of them have said that out loud. bill kristol basically said that out loud. democratic leaders would like to see these people replaced by compliant foreigners who will serve the ruling class without complaint. well, do voters actually support any event? well, actually they don't. but it doesn't matter. democrats know if they import enough new voters, they will be able to run the country forever. would you want to live in that country? probably not. but judge for yourself. california democratic senator kamala harris recently told the rest of us california, her state, is our future. listen. >> these folks are really mired in rolling back the clock in time. and that's not going to happen. california represents the future. and they don't like it, but there you go. >> tucker: yeah, they don't like it, but california is our future. says future presidential candidate kamala harris. what would that mean actually if the future work california? well, california has more poverty than any state.
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it has the highest number of residents who don't speak english at home. according to u.s. news, it has the lowest quality of life in the entire country. 50 out of 50 states. housing prices are totally out of control. homelessness is overwhelming. go there and see for yourselves. hypodermic needles literally piling up in the street.t. the middle class can't flee fast enough.. in the past decade, a million more people have moved out oftr california than have moved in. a u-haul from san jose to phoenix costs ten times as much as a u-haul going the other way because no one is going the i other way. this is the future that kamala harris is boasting about. all this could soon, by the way, be a political problem for democrats. the midterms are coming up this fall. democrats are going to win seats for sure. the out party always does. republicans have made some really dumb mistakes. they are going to win back seats. the question is will they retake congress? according to all predictions, they they definitely promised their voters they are to retake
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congress. and yet in spite of all these advantages, they may not. they may fall short. why? because their positions on immigration are radical and crazy, and they have no popular support. n in a democracy, popularul suppot still matters. bryan dean wright is a democrat. he's also a former cia operative who says the open borders agenda is not sustainable, virtuous as it may be, and he joins us tonight. so bryan, what do you mean by that?bo why is it not sustainable to let every poor person in the world move here? >> well, here's the bottom line. this argument, this debate, has really focused on the past. how have past immigrants madehe america's greatness? and indeed they have. we all have connections to fantastic immigrant communities, right? so what's happening now and in the next 15 to 20 years? and what we are seeing is something not related oro connected to politics but actually technology. and what is happening: robotics, automation, and machine learning. it's really effectively making human labor less and less important and relevant. and that's especially true for jobs that immigrants hold. and by the way, blue-collar folks and people of color in
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inner-cities in particular. >> tucker: exactly. >> the obama administration came out with this study in late 2016 right before they left and said look, we are on the verge of losing jobs. if you have them under 20 bucks an hour, you are likely --'m and i'm going to quote "going to beo automated into obsolescence." basically your job is going to go away.ou and they said if you earn less than 20 bucks an hour, you can forget about any kind of qualitu of life, right? so these are the kinds of jobs that immigrants take. so we need to be talking about how this technology is going to impact not only people hear but the future kinds of people that we should be embracing as p they come into this country to include a merit-based system. everybody can have a different opinion on whether or not we should be doing this. but we should be talking about what's driving this change. and that change is technology. >> tucker: i mean, previous waves of immigration began at the start of the industrial revolution. we are at the end of it. so it's a totally different country with different economic needs.nd what you just said, i'm going to print out and put at the top ofy my list of things to worry about. the jobs that previous
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generations of immigrants held are going to be gone. so this is so obvious. it should be particularly obvious to people in california which is leading the technological change. why does nobody say that ever?r? >> it's incredibly frustrating. i think for those of us who have been looking at this issue very, very closely. i work with an organization now or collaborate with them. innovation collective. that is trying to figure out how do you take care of the people who are already here, re-inspire, reengage them, particularly in flyover states, which is an offensive term but we've embraced it. fine, let's do this. how do we fix this country and this economy so that they win? all right? absent that, who's going to take care of the folks are already here? irrespective of the folks that we will be importing down the road. how are we going to pay for the trillion dollar programs to take care of the people who are already here let alone bringing in new folks which about 60% don't have any kind of notable skills. how are we going to take care of them if ultimately they are not providing a lot back into the economy? so i think for the next 5 to 10 years, we have got to be focused
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on where these technologies are headed. and by the way, i've been slammed by folks on the left. media matters and others. for even bringing the subject up. so it doesn't really bode well for having this conversation. but i will tell you if anybody wants to be angry about this, reach out to the people in san francisco and los angeles and new york and boston who are creating this technology, to your point. i mean, get angry at them for creating a system where we are going to have to be more thoughtful about who we take in this country. and that's the bottom line. >> tucker: yes, and we are angry. by the way, let me just say it's thrilling to hear somebody say something that is demonstrably true that everyone else is afraid to say. and you just did it.t and i'm grateful that you did. thank you, bryan. >> you betcha. >> tucker: a supporter of the open borders agenda joins us next to rebut what you just heard. did the president insult north korea's dictator sot much that he actually agreed to a meeting and may disarm? this news is moving fast and we will have the latest onon that story when we come
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ , >> tucker: well, the democratic party has become completely radical as defined specifically by outside the mainstream of public opinion in a democracy. in immigration that's exactly where they are.e they are going to run on that apparently. some people think it's a good idea. richard goodstein does. here is the point. last guest who i should note is a sincere democrat not ast fake democrat we brought ton make a point. he is a democrat. but he said look, every t
9:21 pm
study, all by liberals, obama people. mackenzie company, consultants all predict like huge percent of all of our blue collar jobs are going away really soon. and yet we are importing people as he noted are 60% without meaningful skills. poor people with no education. doesn't mean they are bad people.e what are they going to do? bsit's crazy. >> some industries where we are not going to be losing jobs, hospitality. agriculture, landscaping. retail, healthcare. this is where actually a lot of these undocumented immigrants are working. and you see what's happening in california where these businesses are just absolutely caught in a you got ice on one hand. this california law on the other basically saying not so fast. and they are losing employees and they are losing customers because people just don't want to be around there. >> tucker: most of the jobs you mentioned are designed to serve rich people. this policy itself is designed
9:22 pm
to make sure that everyone in your neighborhood gets cheap housekeepers. i get it. so the ruling class is inn favor of that. i'm talking about actual jobsr one can you support a family on. the old industrial jobs. that are going away.ld >> right. >> tucker: why would you ever, in the face of that change, import people who are not prepared to compete in a digital high tech economy? why would you do that? >> again, when you talk about importing people. >> tucker: letting them come.. >> okay, fine. understand when the democrats were in control we had a gang of 8 bill that 14 republicans -- orrin hatch, lamar alexander, not lefties supported and we also had a net outflow of people from the u.s. to mexico. that's when the democrats were in charge, right? so, this notion about open borders, that's a caricature. i get it, but it justrd happens not to comport with rerelation. >> tucker: literally arguing for open borders now. arguing for them now.. any border enforcement isrs not just wrong or against this country's economic interest, which is a
9:23 pm
conversation i would be happy to have, but it's racist. you don't like people of different color. they are basically describing this as a kind of race war. is there a more divisive way to conduct politics than to say that kind of crap out loud when a, you know it's a lie and b, you know it's going to leave permanent wounds? >> so, again, kamala harris who you quoted earlier said i'm a former prosecutor, if ice wants to take out gang members and violent criminals and so forth, i'm there. because that's what they should be doing. if somebody is here undocumented that's a violent criminal, get them out. that's what she has been saying. look, as far as kind of targeting people by race, jeff sessions, i'm quite sure, went into california with his program and his lawsuit because the vice was tightening elsewhere in the trump administration, things weren't looking good for him personally and the administration generally and good way to talk about the other. a >> tucker: whatever. but here is the truth. w >> it is. >> tucker: lawmakers can debate the wisdom of laws. okay? that's what they do. lawmakers should never encourage
9:24 pm
others to disregard laws, to flout the law. to undermine the law. their job is to make laws, not encourage lawlessness. >> agreed. >> tucker: if democrats don'tli like immigration laws theon ones they voted for in congress. why don't they work to change them rather than try c to convince people laws you don't like don't need to be obeyed which is what they are doing now. >> what they are saying is by law a government cannot force its state to spend its resources. it's rich, we agree. have you people from alabama who absolutely stiff armed the voting rights act saying now, we think the state should really be disempowered and should follow what washington says. >> tucker: nobody is arguing this. we have been through this ground many times.s states are not obligated to enforce federal law. they are prohibited from undermining it and thwarting it and obstructing it. that's exactly what they are you know it. it's illegal. they are doing it anyway. the lunatic mayor of oakland whose actual americanny citizens are dying because parts of oakland are terrifying. rather than meet their needs, she is encouraging illegals to escape federal
9:25 pm
law enforcement. that's obstruction of law. >> she is advising them of their some other right, if it was o a second amendment, you wouldd say thank god, mayor. >> tucker: they don't have rights.. they are not american citizens.. her concern should be for american citizens. >> she was basically saying do you or do you not have to respond to a knock on theas door. that's a right you have. >> tucker: the cops are coming, run. no snitching. she is out-of-touch rich who doesn't understand her obligation to americans. >> what law enforcement would tell you in oakland and in california to the extent that immigrants feel beset upon by police and by law enforcement, they are less likely to report domestic violence and other things because they just don't want to come forward. >> tucker: who cares? look, i'm not against -- i'm actually for immigrants. i like them. but shouldn't lawmakers make their bottom line the well being of citizens: democrats are not doing that. if they don't win the house, i'm going to come on the show with you and gloat because their views are so far out of the
9:26 pm
mainstream, they may not win the house. >> i don't think if they don't win the house this is going to be. if you look at the polls, the polls are no wall. no reduction in immigration and, yes on dreamers. that's what the polls actually say. o >> tucker: well, we will see. you said the polls said that, i don't know, in 2016 and donald trump won. [laughs] >> by 3 million short but yeah, he won.. >> tucker: thank you, richard. >> sure. >> tucker: federal lawsuit is an act of war which is why the state of insurrection against american law is in place. a lot of stuff going on in this country, the director of ice joins us to talk about the latest next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> tucker: the federal government is suing the state of california over its aggressive stand against federal immigration law. governor jerry brown of california calls this an act of war, and it is. but who fired the first shot is the question. california officials are trying to undermine, as we said, the laws that congress passed oakland mayor libby schaff publicly warned of an impending i.c.e. raid so that criminals could go into hiding and escape federal agents. gubernatorial candidate gavin newsom, the former mayor of san francisco, says that other local leaders should imitate her. thomas homan's acting director of i.c.e. and he joins us tonight. mr. director, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: so when you have the largest state in the country
9:31 pm
saying it's illegal forr anyone who lives in that state, private citizens, to cooperate with you, a federal law enforcement agency, what does that do to the work you are trying to do in the state of california? >> it makes our enforcement duties a lot more difficult in the state of california. rather than taking custody of a criminal alien who is a public safety threat inside the security and safety of a county jail where we don't have access to weapons, now we are forced to go into neighborhoods, places os employment, to locate these public safety threats on their turf where they could have access to who knows what my biggest concern is one of my agents is going to knock on the door some day and he's not going to go home that night. that's very unfortunate because he should have been able to apprehend that person in jail and not be forced to go on his turf to arrest him. >> tucker: so this is making t it more dangerous for federal immigration agents, but there is an irony here because the state of california, its politicians are claiming that you guys are going door-to-door and
9:32 pm
rousting the innocence? s but you are saying their policies are making you go door to door.our. >> let's be clear. the sanctuary city policies are forcing our hand, right? for decades, we've had access to county jails. we can take -- someone is in the country illegally, they are sitting in the county jail, which means they are not a choir boy, local and state officials have made the decision to lock these people up. and for decades, we went to the jail, identified them as illegae aliens, and take them into custody and remove them from the country, remove them from the community. but because they have limited our access to the jails, they don't share information with us, now we are forced to go into neighborhoods which, when theey governor says he's protecting the immigrant communities, theod mayor is saying she's protecting the immigrant communities, they ares not. they are releasing criminal aliens back into the very a communities they live in they victimize. so they're putting immigrant communities at increased danger of crime. and they put the immigrant community at increased arrest by i.c.e. because when we go into t home to arrest that target, if we find others, they will be arrested too. so they have actually put them in a bad position.he and i'll add this. if they went to the immigrant community and asked the immigrant community, where would you rather have i.c.e.? in a county jail or in your neighborhood?
9:33 pm
i guarantee that they would tell you the county jail. >> tucker: how does it make you feel to hear your agents described in effect as bigots, as a domestic gestapo by the democrats in california?a? >> it's an insult to the 20,000 american patriots that work for i.c.e. these are men and women they get up every day, strap a gun tore their hip to defend this nationu they leave the safety and t security of their home every day to protect their neighborhoods, to protect the community. and they are enforcing the law that congress enacted. they are doing their job, their sworn oath. so it's an insult to many fine men and women. >> tucker: you don't make the laws.ns congress does. so what do you -- how do you respond when brian fallon, who was a former spokesman for hillary clinton, says the democrats ought to run on eliminating i.c.e.? >> you know, if you look at the work that i.c.e. did, how many criminal aliens have we removed from these communities? how much safer have we made these communities? you know, these politicians, they need to talk to the victimd of alien crime. talk to the parents that i have talked to that lost children at
9:34 pm
the hands of criminal aliens. they need to talk to california. the california sheriffs association, the governors sheriffs, came out in support of i.c.e. they did a press release last night. if i can read just one sentence of their press release. it shows governor brown is wrong on this issue.e this comes from his own sheriffs. "we oppose sb 54. the bill was enacted still containing significant liabilities which include s restricting our communication with federal law enforcement about the release of wanted, undocumented criminals from our jails, including known gang members and other serious offenders." j his own sheriffs agree with what i.c.e. and doj say. >> tucker: shocking. mr. homan, thank you for coming on. that was great. >> thank you for having me.. >> tucker: good to see we have newly released radio transmissions from the parkland massacre in florida. that's next. 's next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: we now have police radio traffic from the parkland shooting.. it includes disgraced officer scot peterson, the one who failed to enter stoneman douglas high school to confronter the shooter and save the 17 who were murdered. here's part of it. >> tucker: didn't go in. just kept talking. radio traffic does shed some light on the biggest scandal of that massacre. after failing to respond to numerous warnings about nikolas cruz, the shooter, broward county sheriff's deputies also failed to takeke action during the shooting that obviously could have saved lives. well, florida's republicand controlled legislature just passed a battery of new gun control laws. the specific law raises the minimum age from buying a gun in the state to 21.
9:40 pm
it impose a minimum three day waiting period and bans bump stocks. it also creates a school for arming employees but requires them to complete at least 12 hours of diversity training. the law is still waiting for governor rick scott's signature. he could veto it. we don't know. representative david richardson is a democrat in the florida state house and he joins us tonight. representative, thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: so i know you didn't support this bill, but i know that you are an advocate for gun control laws more broadly. tell me why it contains 12 hours of mandatory diversity training. how would that stop mass shootings? >> well, i think the diversity training was added because it would give everyone anbe opportunity to understand different communities and their needs and the diversity. so i know that there was a lot of concern from the communities of color about putting guns in schools and the stand your ground laws
9:41 pm
here in the state of florida which i'm sure you are very familiar with. they felt like it would be beneficial to have diversity training as part of that bill. >> tucker: i understand the political dynamics that lawmakers were bullied by interest groups to do it. let me re-ask my question how would that prevent further mass shootings which i thought was the point of this. >> i don't think that speaks to the prevention of thehe future mass shootings. i think it was added there because the guardian program was included in the bill which was part of the bill, the part of the bill that i had deep concerns about andhe that's why i voted no on the bill. but, as you know, the guardian program would allow school personnel, non-teachers to be armed, to carry guns in schools after an extensive training, over 130 hours and 12 hours of that would have to be in diversity training. >> tucker: yeah. i mean, it just makes the whole thing seem like a joke to the rest of us because, of course, that's totally unrelated to the supposed
9:42 pm
justification for the law. so you could see why that would cast some doubt on theee intentions of the whole thing. let me ask you, i presume you support the part of the law that raises the age for purchasing firearms to 21. i'm not sure we know whether that's going to prevent mass shootings or save life. just from a constitutional rights perspective, so that's a right specifically mentioned in the constitution. okay. it's not like the right to buy alcohol. it's specifically mentioned. are there any other rights specifically mentioned like the right to vote or the right to free speech that weht could kind of bump the age cap up to 21 on? >> well, as you know, we limit certain activities, for example, when you can get your drivers license. >> tucker: sure. >> i understand those are not constitutional issues. >> tucker: no, they're not. >> you are talking about second amendment, of course. i fully support the secondke but it's something that i think we need to take a careful look at because, you know, we -- the second amendment was written at a time when we had militia
9:43 pm
men carrying muskets and pouches of gunpowder. we don't have that anymore. >> tucker: that's true. let me stop you there. you make a fair point. i want to go back and make sure i understand. you say we need to take a look at the second amendment. what do you mean? revising it, repealing it? what does that mean? >> i am not in favor of repealing it. but i think that we should take a look at it in the context of when it was written versus today. i don't think the founding fathers could have anticipated the type of weaponry we have today. >> tucker: that's true. o but, may i just say, i'm sorry, but this is important because you are a lawmaker. they also couldn't have anticipated the internet. they barely had the printing press. should we also take a look at the first amendment? i mean, why wouldn't we if that's how we are going to evaluate our constitutional rights? >> we have taken a look at the first amendment several times. that's why you can't yell fire in a movie theater. >> tucker: that's y basically all you can't do. any other speech is allowed according to the supreme court. do you think, again, those decisions were before the internet. do you think we should revise the first amendment
9:44 pm
are all constitutional rights up for revision based on technological advances? >> so, guns are the subject that we're talking about tonight, not the first amendment. >> tucker: no, the constitution. >> let me just get this in. >> tucker: yeah, yeah. >> what often gets lost in the discussion with the second amendment is the part that starts with the about a well-regulated militia. how -- why aren't we talking about that?uc where is this well-regulated militia? >> tucker: the supreme court has brought that up at least twice in the last 10 years. both times that amendment applies to the individual not the militia. that is a settled legal question. i'm wondering how the florida state legislature is reinterpreting that. but whatever.a we will find out. thank you, congressman, i appreciate that and your explanations.ev louis farrakhan is, of course, a racist. doesn't hide anti-semitic. says that right out loud and a fix for the democratic party.
9:45 pm
no one seems to care in the media. kind of. weird. mark steyn has been noticing. he will join us next to weigh in. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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♪ >> tucker: well, it turns out lots of democrats are friends with louis farrakhan. congressman danny davis of illinois calls him an outstanding human being. said that to a reporter from "the daily caller." smiled as he did. even barack obama has been photographed meeting with minister but mr. farrakhan has a complicated history. he has, among other things,, praised adolf hitler and said that white people deserve to die. he blames the jews for 9/11.1. but for some reason, nobody on. "morning joe" seems to notice. why is that? mark steyn is an author and columnist. he joins us tonight, so, mark, to put this in context for you.
9:50 pm
"dukes of hazzard," i don't know if you were living in this country then, but it was a pretty popular tv show, '70s, early '80s. it was pulled out of rotation because there's a confederate flag on a car. and that was considered too much. >> on the roof of the car. >> tucker: on the roof. for the sensibilities of american viewers. protect the children from that. but then danny davis is hanging out with a guy who was saying the jews are bloodsuckers or whatever horrible thing he is saying and nobody cares because why? >> because he is on their team. and the left are very seriousf about this. minister farrakhan has said that instead of borrowing on about what hitler did to the jews, the jews should ask themselves about what they did to hitler to make them -- him so mad at them. >> tucker: did he really say that? >> that's how he has formulated it on multiple locations. the media and powerful democrats such as the deputy chairman keith ellison looked the other way. they have looked the other way since at least the so-called
9:51 pm
million man march when he went nuts and started talking on the mall that he was standing by the lincoln and jefferson memorials. and lincoln was the 16th president and jefferson was the third president. and if you add them up,, 16 and 3 makes 19 which is the precise height of each of the memorials and 19, the 9 means h there is a pregnant womb andnd the 1 means there is a secret that's going to be uncovered. he is a nut. he is a nut. now, it's not just that he hates jews but he claims to have been abducted on i believe at least two occasions by aliens. the first time he was taken up into space to commune with this spirit of elijah muhammad, the founder of the nation of islam, and the second time he was apparently abducted by jews who've got a ufo. there is jews in space. who knew? so it means that whenever jared kushner or tony blair or whoever solves the middle east peace
9:52 pm
process, they are going to have to get right on minister farrakhan's rocket ship and go up to planet zongo and sort out the squabbling jews and nation of islam guys up there in space. it says something absolutely appalling about the democratic party that an obvious nut, that obama -- that even maxine waters, that keith ellison, that all of these democrats are sove scared of a lunatic that theyll feel obliged to kiss up to him. >> tucker: [laughs] i covered the million man march. i didn't know any of that. that was amazing. he is even nuttier that i imagined. >> yeah, it's all in the numbers. 16 plus 3. look, he makes great calypso albums, or he did in the '50s. and he can carry off a red bow tie with aplomb.. which as you know, tucker, is more difficult than it looks.hi
9:53 pm
so let's give him that. but it's embarrassing that this nut is a power broker in the democratic party and the media won't cover it. >> tucker: oh, i wish we had an hour to talk. mark steyn, thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: we'll have more on tonight's breaking news, astounding, really, breaking news. president trump's planned meeting with kim jong un of north korea. nobody saw that coming. we'll be right back. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. ♪ ♪ fight security threats 60 times faster with ai that sees threats coming. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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the ibm cloud. it's ok that everyone ignores it's fine. drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ >> tucker: fox news alert. the trump administration remarkably planning the first ever m >> tucker: fox news alert. the trump administration are markedly planning the first-ever meeting between a sittingng president and a north korean leader. nobody saw that coming. a former member of the george w. bush's senior white house staff joins us tonight. as a political matter, a policy matter, this is a shocking news. part of the ramifications of it? >> this is huge. it really is. it came out of left field and i
9:58 pm
tthink it came out of a policy that was so dramatically different than president obama's. strategic patience for obama versus enough b.s. from trump. he put sanctions on coming at the trainees too do things they were never willing to do in the prior administration. we gave up nothing for this meeting. sanctions continued, our joint exercises continue, and there may be a meeting and made with the president. hehe accepted but there is a lot of ground to be laid before that meeting will be how to. >> tucker: but so interesting is that that strategy was greeted in washington, by the same people who said that iraqis would greet us as liberators. we are going to nuclear war, you're out of control, uterine what we are doing. will anybody say, i was wrong? >> the resistance will never admit that trump was able to make this breakthrough. the question is, what will come for a meeting, a face-to-face meeting with the president, korea, the president of united states? i am dismissives of modern nixon
9:59 pm
goes to china. mao makes this guy look like a choir boy. look,ho if trump is able to maka modicum of difference and turn back the clock on the nuclear program, this is going to be huge. it will be good for the united states, it will be good for the region. and i think china deserves a lot of credit. the south koreans deserve a lot of credit. but there's a lot of ground work in n the next month or so. >> tucker: for sure. it may not work. this is not a step towards war. the next question, could any other president, whatever he's not good at, could any other president have done this? >> it would be hard to believe they could. why? he's so unorthodox he's willing to do things that foggy bottomnt would never have entertained. that is why he goes around people and those things that are totally unexpected. >> tucker: the state department did not do this. >> oh, my gosh, no. >> tucker: thank you. great to see we have confirmed
10:00 pm
attorney general jeff sessions has appointed a prosecutor to lead a team looking into concerns from republican lawmakers, including uranium one. tomorrow night, the attorney general joins us on our site to discuss that. sorry, we must news quiz tonight. it's tomorrow. s good night from washington. here's sean. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." here's breaking news tonight. president trump scoring a big win and possibly averting a major nuclear crisis tonight with north korea. the president, in fact, accepting an invitation to meet with kim jong un by may and north korea agreeing to stop nuclear and missile testing and the sanctions continue in the meantime. we'll have our opening monologue in just a few minutes. first, joining us from themi white house with the very latest on how this all came to be is our ownot john roberts. john, big surprise for a lot of people, big term i thought was used is denuclearization. >> president said it's not about a freeze, it's about denuclearization. we knew something was up when the president poked his head in the brady briefing


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