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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOXNEWSW  March 9, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> laura: apparently jim mattis was also spotted doing the dougie. we hope to have that for you soon. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. >> shannon: among all the talents, i had no idea she was such a skilled dancer. >> laura: she didn't even have to wear the leg warmers. it's perfect. >> shannon: thanks, laura. >> laura: take care. >> shannon: here is what we have coming up tonight. in a remarkable shift in relations with the nation we have been at war with them for 65 years, president trump accepts an offer to meet with the north korean leader only hours after signing sending ovs tariffs. mike huckabee and mike walker discussed the political and diplomatic impact. thus, a former blackwater eric prince denies the report about efforts to establish a back
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channel to the kremlin in a exclusive report lived in frederick. jason chaffetz is here with analysis. plus, the national culture of the women's march comes under fire on international women's day after attending a racist anti-semitic speech. has she done enough to distance herself from the controversy? real debate with jehmu greene and gianno caldwell. ♪ hello and welcome to fox news x "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream and this is a fox news alert. after years of aggressive mutual annihilation between american north korea, president donald trump himself popped into the white house briefing room late today to make the news himself. an unexpected announcement was coming soon. now, instead of a televised address to the nation, the news came by way of a south korean national security official standing in the dark white house
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driveway, president trump had agreed to meet with north korean north korean leader kim jong un. this all happening late tonight, crowding out news of those heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports as promised. that happened just a few hours earlier. tonight, beijing said it firmly opposes those measures but isn't getting any concrete indication what, if anything, it might do in response. we've got team coverage for all of the breaking news here, covering reaction, tariffs to wall street, jennifer griffin monitoring of the pentagon reaction to north korea. we began with leland vittert at the white house. good evening, leland. >> good evening, shannon, a long way to go from today's announcement to a potential historic handshake between president trump and kim jong un. do white house officials today speaking after the announcement saying they don't know when, they don't know where, and they don't know exactly how such a meeting would play out. some experts outside of the administration say the most
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likely place is the freedom house on the dmz. president trump tried to visit the dmz during his trip, but his helicopters got turned around by bad weather. now for the policy, here is the president's tweet tonight. "kim jong un talked about denuclearization with a south korean representative. also no missile testing by north korea during the period of time. great progress being made, but sanctions will be made until an agreement is reached. meeting being planned." as for the meeting, this was the president this past weekend at the gridiron dinner. "i won't rule out talks with kim jong un, i just won't. as far as the risk of dealing with a bad man is concerned, that is his problem, not mine. it is his problem." less than a week later, a security advisor came to the white house. watch the optics here, profusely thanking and praising the
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president. here he is, the south koreans announced a meeting in front of the west wing without any american officials here. >> we are optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility of a peaceful resolution. the republic of korea, the united states, we stand togethe together. we hope to not repeat the mistakes of the past and that the pressure will continue unti until -- >> there is a lot to learn from, since agreeing in 1994 to freeze its plutonium weapons program in exchange for aid, north korea broke their word in 2002, it started operating nuclear facilities again in 2003, promised again to abandon all of their nuclear weapons programs in 2005. that wasn't worth much. they conducted their first nuclear test in 2006.
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in 2007, they said they would abide by the 2005 deal. and then in 2009 said, never mind, we aren't bound by any of our previous agreements. since then, as we reported, they have continued to test nuclear weapons and also i icbms. suffice to say, there is a lot of evidence to bring back that russian proverb often quoted by president reagan, trust but verify. a lot of people are saying tonight, given the north korean's track record, there may not be any room for even trust when it comes to a possible meeting. >> shannon: it is good advice for life in general, as you know. leland vittert, live at the white house. thank you very much. senior leaders caught flat footed by this evening's announcement, yet they do welcome what they describe as a potential breakthrough. jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon with more. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, shannon paid my sources told me early this
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evening that the south korean national security advisor had delivered a message from kim jong un to president trump. president trump now says he will meet kim jong un before may. no other sitting u.s. president has ever done so in 30 years. the north koreans have been seeking this kind of recognition for decades. the south korean president will meet with kim jong un along the dmz next month. it will be the first time kim jong un has ever met a world leaders since taking power in 2011. with the significance the north korean leader acknowledge the u.s. and south korea join -- slated to take place in the coming weeks after the paralympics finish will go ahead. in the past, she kim jong un had seen those exercises as a threa, and exercise to invade the north and over through his regime and has responded with aggressive ballistic missile tests. >> i told president trump that in our meeting, north korean
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leader kim jong un is committed to denuclearization. kim pledged that north korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. he understands that the routine joint exercises between the republic of korea and the united states must continue. >> shannon: from the pentagon's point of view, that was the most significant part of this announcement tonight. kim jong un's last icbm test was november 28th. his sixth nuclear test was in september. it's not clear whether this was an offer to permanently stop testing or simply during these upcoming talks. i can tell you that in recent weeks the planning and drilling by the pentagon has moved into high gear for a possible punishing demilitarization strike. just this week, they were briefed on a set of options, and u.s. special operations forces have been exercising nonstop for
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months in tunnels in the event that they are sent into disable kim's nuclear program. as one top u.s. military command to put it to me, shannon, i welcome the development because the pressure will not be lifted until conditions are met. i would be skeptical if we were to cease exercises and lift sanctions in return for a promise made a long road ahead, as leland said. he told me, this senior military commander told me tonight, we seem to be in a better place since a month ago. he quoted winston churchill. >> shannon: all right, jennifer griffin my force of the pentagon. thank you so much. the president bulldozing tariffs tonight after a buildup filled with intrigue and turmoil. tonight, a motley group of supporters emerging amongst populist replicants and center left democrats. garrett tenney is here to take a closer look at what the president signed today and what is next, hey, garrett. >> this is on-again and
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off-again. that speaks to the complexity of this new trade deal or, rather, the trade executive order. now, on its face, the president's order imposes tariffs on all shipments of steel and aluminum that come to the country, creating a 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% on the aluminum pretty daffy sending sermon, president trump again argued that this controversial move is about protecting america's national security. as for the steelworkers who were on hand, they said this change hits much closer to home. >> a strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security, absolutely vital. steel is steel. you don't have steel, you don't have a country. >> it is huge for our community and our plant. we are going to bring back 300 jobs, over 300 jobs. we're going to spend over $100 million. this is huge for us. >> the new sanctions will go into effect in 15 days, but not every country will have to pay. the white house has carved out exclusions for two of the biggest suppliers of steel to
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the u.s., mexico and canada, while negotiations over nafta continue. other countries, such as the u.k., will likely receive exemptions too, and days have to say none will be exempt, officials now say that others are welcome to negotiate a deal. that change into and help ease concerns on wall street that this plan would lead to trade wars with other country. the dow closed up 94, sn to p up to 12, nasdaq. a picked up 31. the head of the largest labor union says it is going to candle this on a country by country basis. >> every steel producer out there isn't cheating. canada isn't cheating. mexico isn't cheating. we need to do this surgically, find out those that are cheating, and use this to stop the cheating. >> the president's executive order has already prompted
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u.s. steel to reopen one of its factories in illinois and hiring back 500 of its workers in the process, but on the west coast, it's a different story. california steel, which imports raw steel slabs to build products, it is now bracing for higher costs due to be tariffs, and that could ultimately lead to lost jobs. >> if they impose tariffs on the slabs, it will harm our business very bad. >> now, this afternoon, president trump's of these tariffs are just the first step he is taking to address the imbalance with other countries and suggests that eventually he wants to see the u.s. have reciprocal tax to match any tariff imposed by other country. if china it charges the was a 25% on every car we ship there, the u.s. would charge the same r every product in every country. >> shannon: is so potential dominoes on f met both sides of this equation. by the way, welcome back after the newest addition to your family. >> thank you so much, pleasure to be here. >> shannon: pleasure to see
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you. from the tariff proclamation to the historic meeting with the north korean dictator, a lot to cover tonight. let's get to it. let's get reaction from former presidential candidate and fox news contributor governor michael mike mike huckabee and mike walker. great to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: senator lindsey graham has this to say about a potential meeting between the president and kim jong un. he says, word of warning to kim jong un, the rest possible thing you can do is meet with president trump in person and try to play him. if you do that, it will be the end of you and your regime. governor ? >> well, lindsey knows, just like i do, we both ran against him for president a couple of years ago, and that didn't turn out too well. people underestimate donald trump at their own risk. most of the time he is playing chess and everybody else is playing checkers, and that is where they make their big mistake. he had two big things happen
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today with the tariffs as well as with north korea. in both cases, everyone who needs to be at the table sitting down and making things better, he has their undivided attention. so when people say, oh, these tariffs are going to be terribl terrible, it's already been very clear, he is exempted mexico and canada, so he is looking at this very strategically, and as far as north korea, he has done something no other president has done. he has brought them at least to the leash. can we trust them? don't know. but we are in a much better place than we were 24 hours ago with north korea. >> shannon: congressman, this is what the president tweeted about this tonight. reaction rippling into this announcement. he says, "kim jong un talked about denuclearization with the south korean representative, not just a freeze. also, no muscle testing by north korea during this period of time. great progress being made, but sanctions will be made until an agreement is reached. meeting being planned. so what do you make of this
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customer gives skepticism? do you have faith in this process? what you think brought into the table? >> i don't have a lot of faith in kim jong un. i do have a lot of faith in president trump. specifically, you could make an argument that his foreign policy, as good as the tax reform, as good as the economy is doing, his foreign policy posture and his work should be heralded. we don't -- we know longer have a moving redline. i can guarantee you were not going to send a cargo plane full of cash ahead of any meeting with kim jong un. the world is watching, the world is listening. and i believe the president deserves a lot of praise. i was over there not too long ago with seven or eight other members right near the dmz, and it is frightening. you look at a country, shannon, governor, that has been deprived, many of just the basic necessities. this is a country that left out god many years ago and this is the end result. i could remember the soldiers
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literally being swallowed up by their uniforms, being malnourished. this is a very sad situation. this is a country that has violated human rights in a most egregious manner. this is a great first step and i applaud the president for doing so. >> shannon: all right. so as we wait that, it overshadows a little bit what we were getting from the president, these tariff announcements. he starts the clock ticking on several days, he says, listen, if people want to modify or moderate their behavior, maybe we can marks inside deals with them up with regard to some of these things, specifically with regards to mexico and canada. we are going to talk about this in regards to nafta. there is plenty of pushback from republicans including on the hill, senator jeff flake saying this. "i will immediately draft and introduce legislation to nullify these tariffs and i encourage my colleagues to pass it before this exercise and protectionism inflicts any more damage on the economy." governor, but you make of the backlash from the g.o.p.? >> i think it is a different thing between jeff flake and the g.o.p. he is closer to the democrats
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that he is the g.o.p. he is going out, he's got about a 20% approval rating. this explains why. he still doesn't get it. he is not president. he's not even going to be senator much longer. but let's look at the facts. we've had a trade imbalance. our steel industry has taken a gut punch. this is a president who understands that men and women in this country who help us create our own weapons of self-defense need to be able to do that. if a country can feed itself, fuel itself, and fight for itself, it isn't going to be free. and part of fighting for itself as being able to manufacture your own weapons, your own military hardware. you can't do it if you don't make your own steel. you're going to be held hostage. this president understands that. thank god he does. >> shannon: well, and, congressman, i know you all have talked about the fact that you are concerned about these tariffs as well, the rnc has, but you want aggressive protection of u.n. make u.s. jobs how does the tariff framework fit in with that? >> i think the president has
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been very consistent, not just since he ran for office, but for decades being concerned about going after the bad actors. i applaud him doing mike for doing so. i do have concern, for example, one prime piece of evidence here in greensboro, north carolina, the headquarters right here, we have 25,000 jobs in the u.s., the e.u. has threatened to add 25% specifically on wrangler jeans and other products. what we don't want is to get into a trade for. i was delighted to see the president certainly working and meeting with current players in different people. i think it is trending the right direction. we have every right to make sure these trade deals are fair, that we don't end up with a deficit. i want to make sure that doesn't have some kind of backlash approach like we saw in 2002 under george w. bush, specifically the steel tariffs. it did increase some jobs, but it caused many more that were connected with the steel industry. i believe there is some caution here, but i hope the
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president continues to work with those who have some experience in this, but i think his heart is in the right place. this is what he campaigned on, we certainly applaud him for being consistent. >> shannon: it sounded like there was some wiggle room and negotiation that will be ongoing. congressman walker and governor huckabee, great to see both of you tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you, shannon. spoon earlier this week he said he was not going to cooperate. now it sounds like he is going to testify. former trump campaign aide sam nunberg's state scheduled to testify friday before a grand jewelry in the ongoing investigation into the met russian meddling. he is scheduled to testify at the u.s. district court here in washington tomorrow morning unless something changes. we'll be on it. well, "the new york times" reporting tonight that russian troll accounts send messages to trump campaign during the 2016 election. one russian account reportedly messaged a facebook page for an arm of the campaign called florida for trump. somebody from the campaign
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thanked the russian troll for their support, but the floridians say they didn't know who they were talking to at the time. meanwhile, the "times" issuing a correction from a report in late february about the g.o.p. tax cut. saying a hypothetical couple making 183 grand in suburban new york could face a substantial tax hike under the new law. check this out, the correction admits that amount would likely owe on taxes would decline by $43 not rise by $3,896. stormy daniels is reportedly reporting an interview with cbs, 60 minutes, to air on eight to be determined future date. her attorney to beating a photo with stormy and a cbs personality a short while ago. she is reportedly under a temporary restraining order obtained last year by president trump's attorney preventing her from speaking about an alleged incident make intimate relationship with president trump. "the hill" new site confirms
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that it has confirmed the identity of another porn star that is claiming a relationship. she came forward a couple of weeks before the 2016 election to accuse trump of kissing her without permission roughly a decade earlier. tariffs and nukes, is there a connection between economic pressure on china, and rocket man designing it is time for talks. that is straight ahead. erik prince in the crosshairs of the investigation, fighting back against a report alleging a shady meeting in the #youtoo islands. lawmakers under fire, will they
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♪ >> shannon: it wasn't that long ago that many in the media were sounding the alarm of nuclear war after president trump called north korean north korean leader kim jong un "little rocket man." now this from "the washington post"'s aaron blake. "some foreign policy experts say trump had helped move the needle however temporarily or tentatively because of his mad men approach to north korea or
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the sanctions spurred by the efforts." let's break it down, the latest in donald diplomacy, the author of "the halftime report," chris stirewalt. donald diplomacy, the torah calling it. he's not the only one in the mainstream media, even some of the left that say, give him some credit, making things happen. >> way too soon to say. right? we haven't no idea. things are changing, are we going to be better off, going to be worse off? with the president botching the discussion, a lot of people, you had had john bolton sit here and say, right now, we have a president who is going, at the behest of the supreme leader of north korea, to try to give up his nuclear program. once he gets a nuclear program, then he can blackmail the world to get more stuff. hopefully this isn't the last time that an american president -- hopefully this is the last time an american
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president has to go deal with a candidate and has to deal with this sort of piracy and breaking free, and maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, but you can say it is in play. >> shannon: let's talk domestic. one of your favorite topics. depending, democrats having a rough go of it in the senate, but the house looking pretty good for them. here is something the dnc share told our own peter doocy, take a look at this. >> unity has been our biggest strength. women make virginia and new jersey for the first time since 2005 last year. we won because we were united and we continue to win. we flipped 39 seats across the country, it seats that used to be held by republicans, now held by democrats, including the senate and alabama. >> shannon: they have quietly been picking up a lot of things flying under the radar, things that people aren't paying
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attention to. where are they trending for the file? >> they are very much following the playbook with obama and using all of the energy that was against obama on the right to push through and retake the house and do all that, democrats are very much in the same place as they were once upon a time. the difference that the democrats have -- maybe it's not that different. the senate map is as bad as possible. the climate is very good. generally speaking, democrats have substantial advantage on the ballot, the president remains unpopular, this is their opportunity, this is what they can do. you're quite right, the house remains within reach. but the senate, they are defending three times as many seats as the republicans are, and that just makes it hard. just the math of it makes it hard. >> shannon: with that in mind, senator elizabeth warren has done it in all 50 states, the same i started to get it done.
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a lot of people are saying they are doing this for seed money. "the boston globe" writes, despite town halls packed by admirers, there looks more fragile, especially with these interests, her biggest problems is the credibility deficit that connects back to the controversy over her ethnicity. this comes days after the berkshire eagle, a paper up there says, just get a dna test. settle this once and for all. >> i do agree that the pocahontas stuff is a substantial liability for elizabeth warren. the larger liability for elizabeth warren is elizabeth warren. people don't seem to connect -- i have always found her to be sort of like a democrat's ted cruz. excites a core group of supporters who really, really like her, then has trouble with broader appeal, so it becomes a niche thing. the democratic field is going to be enormously crowded. going to be even bigger in 2016.
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anything can happen when you get in that space. right now she is obviously thinking about paperlike delete -- people like tom stire, putting hands and activist groups so that when primaries come around, also in california, he's going to be able to say, i am the guy, it is really underway. >> shannon: it is, and i feel like it has been since the moment donald trump has one. 2020. >> the moment of the -- the ear of the permanent campaign is campaign -ier than ever. >> shannon: i had, reaction from the state department. and will tariffs on chinese steel help put north koreans on the table? more on that story
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>> shannon: republicans criticized president obama's negotiations with the iranians over their nuclear program by pointing out the difficulty of verifying compliance. mr. obama said those concerns were misplaced. >> skeptics argued that iran would cheat, that we could not verify their compliance. that the interim, numeric agreement would fail. instead, it has succeeded exactly as intended. >> william perry echoing the skeptics in reaction to the forthcoming talks with north korean leader kim jong un. harry telling writers "there is good reason to talk but only if we are talking about something that is worth doing and that could reasonably be verified. let's talk to rich eitzen monitoring the latest developments from the state department view of the events that have come and yet to be. >> awfully busy night shannon. from the state department, still going into this cautiously, they said that north korea must surrender its north. weapons program, it sang
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kim jong un's offer to meet president trump is encouraging, though the united states will continue its pressure campaign against north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson is traveling this week, a senior official says he spoke president trump just before the white house announcement tonight, then secretary tillerson informed japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the official also said when the secretary spoke about north korea this morning, he wanted to communicate a firm u.s. position and also give the administration room to allow a development this afternoon. >> with respect to north korea, i think as president trump has indicated, potentially positive signals coming from north korea by way of their dialogue with south korea. we are a long way from negotiations.
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we need to be very clear and realistic about it. >> of the trump-kim eating from a former trump state department official, saying, "trump goes into this with eyes wide open. he is well aware that twice in the past the north korean regime has essentially sold us its nuclear weapons program, pocketed handouts, but never delivered the goods. his approach shows that, paradoxically, he is tough on an adversary can actually improve chances." a senior state department official says that is a sign that attempting to isolate the economy is working. there are concerns. north korea has a long history of misleading the u.s. and its allies, surrendering nuclear programs to continue working on them in secret. north korea's goal is to eject the united states from the korean peninsula and then reunite the two careers under cam's leadership it raises kim's stature and that north korea has done nothing, made no concessions to justify meeting like this. >> shannon: that is one of the
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big criticisms about whether it would give him validity by saying he will sit down with him, but the president has said all along, we will not relate out. we'll see. rich edson, thank you. the overture from north korea coming hours after new tariffs and partly china. so is there a connection? trace gallagher has part of that story. a trace? >> shannon, kim jong un has long said that when it comes to talks on denuclearization, he would never agree to any preconditions. now it appears he is willing to agree to every precondition. it is difficult to say what changed his mind, but if you backup the calendar almost exactly one year to march of 2017, the very height of tensions between the u.s. and north korea, that is when a group of experts on asia took part in a two hour hearing hosted by the house foreign affairs committee. the experts seems to agree that china was the major obstacle to getting rid of north korea's nukes because china, being north korea's only remaining
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ally, almost single-handedly supported the north korean economy, there by giving kim jong un funding for bombs. the experts then recommended putting a tariff on chinese exports to the united states, in other words, it squeezed china and hope they, in turn, squeeze north korea. at the time, california democratic congressman brad sherman called it a great idea but said the trump administration would never do it because it wouldn't would work. just about an hour before south korea's national security advisor notified the president of the kim jong un was ready to deal. lastly, the "washington examiner" is tom rogan wrote a piece saying, tariffs are a bad idea, but at least they will annoy china, and of china cuts off its lifeline to kim, kim will have no choice but to come crawling to the negotiating table. and here is what he said last week on "the story with .. key, ashe story with i say, mechanism towards getting
12:39 am
north korea to the table diplomatically in a serious way on the north korean nuclear crisis, by president trump taking this action out of the blue, surprisingly, in a way that actually hurts china to some degree, that is a positive step. >> it remains to be seen whether kim jong un is serious but expea little pressure on china can put a lot of pressure on north korea. shannon? >> new mexico and trace gallagher for us in los angeles. thank you. a back channel to russia? erik prince says he wasn't trying to forge one, but our diplomatic back channels that unusual? stick around to find out. charges of racism and anti-semitism leveled at a women's march organizer. is guilt by association affair claim or not?
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..aim or not?
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>> shannon: amid allegations that erik prince, founder of the blackwater security company, it may be under investigation for trying to open a back channel to the kremlin during the trump transition, prince is speaking out. he denies lying to house investigators and says, "never, ever have i represented as anyone from the trump transition postcode, adding, "if the allegation is true, why does it after the election metadata?" let's meet with former utah republican congressman jason chaffetz, good evening to you >> good to be here. >> shannon: i want to read real quickly a quote from an author and professor on
12:44 am
diplomacy, he said, back channels are a tool in the diplomatic toolbox and they can be effective, along tradition of it. this is a meeting again, they were talking by this after the election, it is not about collusion, what is the issue? >> back channels are fine, it was nothing necessarily official about it. we don't know if the meeting actually happened. you got people denying it. you have, i believe it was "the washington post" posting an article, but anonymous sources, which just drives everybody nuts, and the democrats can't have it both ways. supposedly donald trump was colluded with the russians to enact election, but there is no evidence of that, then supposedly days before he gets morning, there is some meeting ? it's a real stretch, they are grasping at straws on this one. >> shannon: and there has been plenty of reports that president obama actually was working on back channel negotiations with hamas, that is a terrorist group as designated by the government.
12:45 am
trying to do some back channel communication with the iranian mullahs. it seems like it is part of what you do. maybe it makes a difference that was transition versus determine power? >> there is no evidence that donald trump and mike pence, the senior people within the administration, the soon to soon-to-be administration, were actually engaged in this. i'm sure there is all kinds of jockeying and people flopping other chest saying they have access and there will be the ones that could be the conduit, but to hear mr. prince's version of it, it was a meeting by chance, set up at a bar, this hardly rises to the level to attract anybody's attention in the congress. any violation of what? president donald trump was about to be sworn in. the election was over. >> shannon: i want to ask about other big news we got this week, because you, when you were the house oversight chairman, you pushed for years to get answers about the department of
12:46 am
justice, we get announcement from jeff sessions saying they are going to do a whole new search for documents and provide things. he says the department of justice under my watch is committed to transparency and the rule of law. this is an important step to make sure the government receives all the facts related to operation "fast and furious." >> long time coming, six plus years, they have not gotten the information they needed. chairman darrell issa did a good job kicking this off. you had the obstruction. the first attorney general and history of united states be held in contempt of congress for not providing these documents. when i met with attorney general sessions a year ago in person, he said he wasn't going to change the policy. he was going to let this play out in court. but i'm glad this week that there was a change of heart and a change of direction of policy within the department of justice to settle this case out and finally give congress the documents that were under subpoena.
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interesting when the doj interest is a subpoena, they expect compliance immediately. when the congress issues a subpoena, such as they did, as darrell issa has does, trey gowdy, devin nunes, its option optional. you have to think about it. very good news to get to the truth. >> shannon: nobody deserves that truth more. congressman, great to see it. thanks for dropping in. all right, no one cares. that is what one democratic congress person says their association with louis farrakhan. louis farrakhan. but there are those that
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>> shannon: one of the organizers for the women's march, tamika mallory, is defending her relationship with nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. mallory has come under fire for praising him and social media posts and attending a service in february where farrakhan, among other things, it said this. "the powerful jews that are my enemies, they are the mother and father of apartheid. the jews responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that hollywood is putting out, turning men into women and women into men.
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>> shannon: joining us now, gianno caldwell and former candidate for dnc chair, fox news contributor, jehmu greene. this is really interesting, tamika mallory has said she did put together a post, a news one, i believe it was, or she was defending the fact that she has long attended this event. she said, i do not wish to be held responsible for the words of others with my own history shows that i stand in opposition to them. does that settle this? >> what we really need is condemnation. if we think about what happened in 2008 when then-senator obama was going to church and all of the goddamn america, those videos came out, he condemned the rhetoric and said he does not agree with that, and he was very specific, at least as to what he was condemning. this young lady has not
12:53 am
distanced herself from the rhetoric. i haven't heard any condemnation specific as to what he has been saying. the truth of the matter is, there are a lot of folks within the democratic party who stand in agreement with what -- not necessarily what he said, but at least the relationship with him and not condemning the rhetoric. that is where the issue stands. >> shannon: we have a number of lawmakers who have some relationship over with him ovee years, the republican-jewish coalition saying, we need them to make a full denunciation or many of them to go. we've heard a number of lawmakers say, i don't agree with what he says, like, i have some respect for him as a person. we have had all kinds of different reactions. we've also had keith ellison saying, no one asked me about this, and he says "no one cares." should they care? >> i think that if you are in a position of power and influence, you have a responsibility to
12:54 am
hold yourself to a higher standard. certainly we are all free to attend events that we want to attend and ally ourselves with individuals who want to ally ourselves with. but i agree with gianno on making sure that you condemn rhetoric that goes against who you are at your core, and i know tamika -- who i know tamika and republican keith -- keith ellison to be is the exact opposite. it is confusing, very confusing, that there is not a message coming from these leaders saying that this is wrong, this is opposite to my beliefs, and i think that we should, in no way, shape, or form as democrats, shannon, give actual, like, fodder to the consultants who are going to use this against us in elections, because this
12:55 am
does matter to the voters, it doesn't matter to the communities that we are engaged in. >> and democrats have kind of done this to themselves. there was one democrat member of congress who called farrakhan and outstanding human being. just to remind our audience of previous statements by farrakhan, he called it a group of jewish people satanic farrakhan, he said that white people deserve to die, he blamed jews for 9/11, he claims that interracial marriage is evil. and he said hitler was a great man. when you think about these previous statements made by this man and you choose to stick with him and not distance yourself in totality, i think that does speak to your character a bit. >> but gianno -- >> these words are pretty harsh. >> here's the thing. but you can't do is then try to lump all of this under democrats, because there are many democrats who have condemned that type of rhetoric.
12:56 am
you say democrats, like, four times -- >> shannon: we are out of time, but we think you both for this debate. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> little rocket man blinks. >> permitted. >> strong steel and aluminum industry vital to national security, absolutely vital. >> european allies planning retaliation, china suggested this might be the first shot in a trade war. >> wanting to talk to jesus. another thing when jesus talks to you. >> we need to hear an apology out of your mouth. >> not just hearing voices. ♪


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