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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 9, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> little rocket man blinks. >> permitted. >> strong steel and aluminum industry vital to national security, absolutely vital. >> european allies planning retaliation, china suggested this might be the first shot in a trade war. >> wanting to talk to jesus. another thing when jesus talks to you. >> we need to hear an apology out of your mouth. >> not just hearing voices. ♪
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♪ i want to set you free, be your friday. >> beautiful shot of new york city. it is friday. you made it through the weekend what a day yesterday and that being in washington dc. very busy. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday. thank you for joining us, straight to that top story and fox news alert. donald trump accepting an invitation from north korean dictator kim jong un to meet face-to-face.
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that meeting expected by may but until then the commander-in-chief vowing to put maximum pressure on the rogue regime. griff jenkins joins us live from washington dc with more understanding unprecedented invitation. this was amazing news last night. >> you start packing your bags, the national security advisor making history when he announced the face-to-face meeting between donald trump and the north korean leader. >> meeting north korean leader kim jong un, he is committed, said that north korea, any nuclear test. he expressed his eagerness to meet donald trump as soon as possible.
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>> agreed to meet by may as mentioned. the permanent spiegel to the north nuclear ambitions but sanctions remain in place, the president twoing he talked about nuclear rescission with south korean representatives, no missile testing by north korea during this time. great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached, meeting being planned, this will be the first time kim jong un has ever met with the world leader and it appears to be donald trump's pressure that brought this about. >> isolated donald trump his leadership and maximum pressure politics together with international solidarity, i express president moon's gratitude for donald trump's leadership. >> a letter from 6 senators cautioning the president when it comes to the north korean regime we must verify before we trust, never forget they represent a
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great threat to the united states, our allies and global peace. the advice of clear not to ronald reagan's golden rule of diplomacy. the location of this meeting is still being determined. heather: kim jong un has not traveled outside north korea since he took over. appreciate it. senior fellow at the heritage foundation and foreign-policy experts, thanks for joining us on the heels of this amazing news. what did you think when it first came out? >> i thought it was predictable. we know a couple things about from. he only likes to meet with leaders and size them up. we also know he is really good at these meetings. he has had many of them and he does very well and most importantly this is what we have been saying all along. this was not a crisis spinning out of control.
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the united states wasn't going ready to attack north korea. that maximum pressure was the right policy. heather: that is interesting, how people were going the complete opposite direction. look at this timeline from north korea and they had nuclear tests going from february 12, 2017, their first test during donald trump's administration and their last on november 28, 2017, their last icbm test. people said, people who are against donald trump said he is driving us toward and now we have this. >> the reality is maximum pressure is the right strategy, missile deterrence, nuclear deterrence, sanctioning, these keep kim from becoming a more
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serious threat. we don't know why kim does what he does. maximum pressure is a strategy that keeps him from being a threat. it doesn't drive how we choose to negotiate. the critics reflexively attack the administration, they really -- having second thoughts. heather: the national security advisor gave donald trump credit for maximum pressure, increased sanctions. do you think people in our country will do the same? >> i don't know what caused him to do this. donald trump has done a tremendous job binding the alliance of us, japan, south korea, holding a stiff face to north korea. that is an accomplishment of the united states and he got to get credit for that. heather: no sitting us president has met a north korean president, the first world
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leader that kim jong un will have met at all. >> the logical place is the demilitarized zone. the demilitarized zone, the only logical place, unlikely kim would want to leave the company and unlikely the president of the united states would want to go to pyongyang. that is my guess. heather: still taking precautions. the president tweeting there will be a missile freeze during this time. go, hopefully it does happen. >> maximum pressure stays in place until north korea is a nuclear threat to the united states or its allies. heather: some of the people against donald trump saying no way he will be prepared to have
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this meeting. >> they are just yahoos. heather: another campaign promise to one fight -- fight unfair trade policies, very busy in washington dc. >> strong steel and aluminum industry, absolutely vital. if you don't have steel you don't have a country. heather: they will pay a 25% tariff on steel important 10% on aluminum. dusty stevens was at the finding and praising donald trump, the biggest issue is preserving the plan. we have 200 employees here now. we are saving 500 jobs.
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and explaining how donald trump is taking a big risk in how it will result in big rewards for the economy. the judge could decide whether to release surveillance video from outside the massacre in parkland, florida, the response of law enforcement, the sheriff under fire. deputies staying outside, 17 people were slaughtered inside is chilling 911 calls from that terrifying day. >> shot in her room. >> police, put your hands up. >> i love you.
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>> afterschool? i can't hear you. are you at the school? heather: the broward county sheriff's department released a timeline showing the shooter entered the freshman building at 2:2:01 pm and opening fire 15 seconds later. sam nunn berg in the hot seat testifying before a grand jury in robert mueller's russia probe days after slamming the investigation. >> donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> after vowing to ignore the subpoena. in august 2015. >> no attempt to set up a back channel with russia. in a fox news exclusive, eric prince denying fantasy reports,
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linking the trump administration to the kremlin. a brief january meeting with a russian oligarch was unplanned and not about donald trump. >> considering russian diplomatic facilities for back channel would only be designed to hide communications from our own government. >> reporter: to interview prince again. mark your calendar, paul manafor it's trial approaching, pleading not guilty to an 18 count indictment. it is one of two starting september 17th. this includes money-laundering. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. the disgraced deputy in high school shooting claims the shots
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were coming from outside. >> we have shots. 1300 buildings at this point. heather: swat officers who ran into the gunfire are getting reprimanded. oakland mayor tipped illegal immigrants ahead of ice, a brand-new danger. you will not believe what they are up to now. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs?
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heather: donald trump showing nerves of steel deifying heavy bipartisan opposition for the crackdown on trade abuses. are tariffs a good thing for the
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economy despite what critics are saying? at kings college, glad you are back with us. we talked about this and you said this would happen. >> the president true to form. he took a hard line on this, we are going to have tariffs because you don't like what is happening to steel and aluminum and there will be no exemptions which he comes back later, here is a path forward. he is being the dealmaker in chief and saying if you want to get out of these tariffs these are the reforms we need to see. will they step up? heather: he is talking exemptions for canada and mexico. >> they get appear go of time to come back to the us and reform what is going on in nafta.
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you have brazil and others. we went you to take down the tariff barriers, in these markets. the us, we went to see reciprocity. we won't apply steel and aluminum this. the other side taking the terms. heather: to nullify these tariffs. to pass it before the exercise in protectionism, any more damage on the economy, someone like you on musk, very successful business person saying i'm against import duties and competing in an olympic race using led shoes. >> this is a risky move, if you
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respond to this, good things for the us economy because they will sell more easily abroad. of canada and mexico dig in their heels you might get a trade war. >> some products are more expected. >> millions of people depend on things like aluminum. the cost to make the things they make goes up. on a domestic level, and not afraid to take a risk, an important issue to me, i think i can live in this negotiation. heather: this will bring more jobs to america and the steel and aluminum industry and overall this will be better for our country. >> to sell more easily abroad,
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that is what happens if we get the trade war. it can be in a different scenario but these are the terms by which i think i can win this negotiation. heather: do you think he can? >> this is what we have not seen. they are responding. will they respond productively, only time will tell and we see the market go up and down. watching every move. heather: other world leaders looking at donald trump thinking maybe we need to take him more seriously. >> he flung this issue in a way we haven't seen anyone do and that is creating a lot of possibilities.
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and courtesy of the city, illegals, that ice was coming and oakland coffee shop refusing to serve officers and not talking about road employees and donald trump about to get done what donald is dennis rodman couldn't, peace with north korea. what does the basketball star think of it? and online reaction pouring in. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> the trump administration will spend 5 years cracking down on illegals and other conservative
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priorities. the strategic plan of the department of justice. things like targeting ms 13, aggressively pursuing national security leaks and restoring rule of law. the final version of the plan is expected soon. the mayor who tipped off illegal immigrants and upcoming ice raids. >> with the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace. instead of taking in 1000, they took in a fraction of that and it is something we are looking at with respect to her. heather: libby schaff is not apologized. it was her ethical obligation to warn residents of the 4-day sweet but the director of ice warns this put agents in serious danger. >> my biggest concern is one of my agents will knock on the door some day -- should have been
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able to apprehend the person in the jail and not be forced -- heather: the trump administration sued california over sanctuary laws. responses pouring in on social media as donald trump agrees to sit down face-to-face with north korean dictator kim jong un. even dennis rodman weighing in. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with reaction online. they are friends. >> reporter: yes, they are but this stunning announcement sent social media into a frenzy. many cautiously optimistic was marco rubio, we pray for peace but not not forget true peace and security as possible with the end of their nuclear threat against the us and allies in japan and south korea.
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congressman peter king talks about why this meeting is a groundbreaking tweeting we must because this, the announcement is historically kim jong un agrees to suspend the nuclear test as the us continues military maneuvers on the peninsula, giving south korea status by having them deliver the message, let's because this but very positive and former nba star dennis rodman who traveled to north korea several times told the associated press well done, donald trump, you are on the way to a historical meeting, no us president has ever done. dennis rodman. heather: maybe he will take dennis rodman with him to the meeting, here is a friend, play nice. joy bayheart apologized to mike pence, receiving widespread criticism after suggesting mike pence was crazy thinking he could communicate with god but
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she may have apologized directly to the vice president. disney owns abc, recently said this in a meeting with shareholders. >> joy apologized to mike pence directly, made a call to him and apologized which was absolutely appropriate. heather: a source said he -- she apologized was we want to hear her say she is sorry on her show for all to hear. another twitter user chimed in saying she only apologized after tens of thousands of complaints were filed. >> why not apologize on the show since she said on the show to begin with. heather: the noble thing to do. let's talk about waffle house and no water menus. >> water main break left when georgia county without water but
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waffle house did not want to go without serving food so they served a no one a menu with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, social media loving it. a lot of people saying you know it is serious when grits. i like my grits thick anyway. thank you so much, have a great weekend. it is half past the top of the hour. since the shooting in florida students have been demanding politicians take action. what did one outspoken survivor do when the president called. >> i hung up on the white house the other day. >> another victim is outraged, he is here with the message you haven't heard but will want to. donald trump and kim jong un set to meet face-to-face. lt. col. oliver north explains why this will make the world safer. ♪ whoooo.
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heather: a stunning invitation from kim jong un files to donald from, the leaders agreeing to meet in person by may to discuss the path toward denuclearization. >> to meet donald trump as soon as possible. north korea will refrain from any nuclear tests. heather: the president vows to keep maximum pressure on the rogue regime tweeting great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. the breakthrough is being billed as a major dramatic victory with north korea. lt. col. oliver north says it will shut down the threat in air
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and. >> if he thinks he will go to this conversation and pool something over donald trump's eyes or head he is dead wrong. the other part of this, for over a decade the iranians have been paying for north koreans to act in their r&d facilities so the deal that is the won't show somewhere. islamic revolutionary government core, the icbms and bio weapons they have been funding secretly to the north koreans. this will put them under but the bottom line, if this works it will make the entire world safer because it will stop the north koreans, the iranians. they can't get away with it even under the ridiculous agreement in vienna. heather: republican senators are warning him not to be fooled by the dictator but lindsey graham
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is warning kim jong un, quote, the worst thing you can do is meet with donald trump in person and try to play him. if you do that it will be the end of you and your regime. pleading guilty to supporting isys, he bought bombmaking materials and planned to attack police stations or the red arsenal military association in huntsville, he was arrested after discussing plans with undercover fbi agent. the agreement calls for a 15 year prison sentence. one of chuck schumer absolute democrats can't wait for him to get out of office. former obama aid and actor kal penn slamming his pro-israel speech. >> never forget what is real, freedom to the jewish people and what the friendship of the united states means to securing
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that freedom. >> reporter: the actor tweeting instead of using his office to bring people together and make a difference mr. schumer is making speeches to divide us, looking forward to the day he is out of office. a police dispatcher reveals moments deputies were sold to stay out of the florida school where students and teachers were being murdered. >> 12 or 1300 buildings, stay 500 feet away at this point. heather: two swat officers are suspended for going to the scene without permission from their supervisor. the massacre at marjorie stoneman douglas high school reigniting the debate on gun control. as the media focus on the controversy, one survivor says he was shocked when he heard this from his classmates. >> i hung up on the white house the other day. they called me the day before
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and asked if we were going to come. we don't need to listen to donald trump. donald trump needs to listen to the screams of the children in this nation. >> we don't respect you because you have sen. in front of your name. >> reporter: joining me is kyle with his message about reaching across the aisle to find a real solution. you had a busy day in washington dc, met with lots of senators, congressmen and the president and the first lady. >> we started the day trying to talk to every senator individually and that the end of the day it was a surprise to meet potus. jillian: what was it like? >> quite amazing. she was so maternal and loving and caring and brought me to the oval office and i waited for donald trump and we shook hands and talked for a while.
1:37 am
heather: what a great opportunity. senators and congressmen you were speaking with, the coverage on twitter, some things they were saying about your visit, remarkable that you were trying to reach across the aisle to both sides and come up with a solution which is what we need. >> i talked to sen. murphy, managed to find a middle ground between right and left it even though i disagree with some viewpoints i respect them and being moderate and fighting middleground is the only way to achieve change. heather: what was the ground? what did you come up with? you spoke with marco rubio and orrin hatch. >> stop act proposed by sen. hatch and marco rubio, will come into law because it has bipartisan support, solving an immediate issue. heather: take me back to the day this happened on valentine's day. where were you? >> the adjacent building. i heard some of the pops, registered as shots. heather: you hit in a closet
1:38 am
with classmates for how long? >> two hours. heather: did you have any idea what was going on? >> we were getting constant updates. we were figuring out what was happening. we knew the name nikolas cruz 20 minutes in. >> did you know him? >> i didn't know him. i sat next to him for years. he was always an outcast, even an outcast among the outcast. of the 20 what about the victims? >> i knew one girl, helena ramsey, she was in my class last year, the nicest person. heather: what happens? she was in that building. in terms of moving forward you came up with this apps. tell us about the apps. emotional support as well. >> it is necessary to have
1:39 am
emotional support. as a school system we didn't have that. we allow students to reach out to other fellow students and assist them emotionally. between students and peers, emotional support, similar experiences. heather: you can reach out and provide that. what is the apps called? >> the reachout apps. heather: you can do that as well. thank you for joining us and we appreciate you doing some work and trying to make a difference not just out there with different ideas. very different. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. think there is no liberal bias on college campuses? think again, cold hard cash that proves it is. veterans, a huge announcement from home depot, the investment into our heroes. lavish vacations, the obamas i headed to hollywood. high-stakes negotiations happening right now. ♪
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♪ going down the only road i have known ♪ i was wrong to walk alone ♪
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heather: she spent years pretending to be black even though both her parents made were white. she made national headlines when parents out of her and she resigned as president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington. now she has her own documentary and even her son is baking her to stop seeking publicity. >> when something gets destroyed you have to rebuild it. >> the book coming out and documentary might backfire. heather: netflix is releasing the racial divide on april 27th. they are not in the white house
1:44 am
anymore but want their message broadcast into your living room. the new york times reporting the obamas are close to a deal with netflix to produce exclusive content including shows on public policy and inspirational stories. it is not clear how much the two would be paid. foxbusiness alert military veterans wanted. tracy is here with how home depot is bringing back shop class. >> home depot will donate $50 million as construction workers over the next decade because there's a shortage of skilled laborers. in december there were 158,000 jobs unfilled in the construction industry up from the year before. they are looking to hire military veterans returning to civilian life, high school students and underprivileged youth. this is great initiative by the
1:45 am
homebuilders institute. heather: the end of an iconic volkswagen car. >> reporter: the volkswagen is exterminating the beetle after bringing it back in 1997. they are going to be stopping production after the next model goes through. unclear when that will be but they will replace that with a microburst, and electric -- remember that? and charges in 2021. >> i like the volkswagen bug. you can't get rid of that and the game you play on a road trip, spot them. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. if you ever thought facebook was tracking your every move, it is. now we know how they know you so
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well. kurt the cyber guy revealing secrets next. the irs has $1 million up for grabs. could it be yours? time is running out. find out. ♪ money money money money money ♪ money ♪ money money money money ♪ money ♪
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jillian: snooping is more common than you think. how do you illuminate data in sites like facebook, advertisers are collecting? let's ask kurt the cyberguy. i put on twitter you were going to talk about this and ask people if they felt like they were spot on, everybody
1:50 am
resounding yes. >> there is no doubt we are being spied on online. the clarity we need is we think these devices are listening to us. we will be talking about a trip to grenada and all of a sudden you see an ad for an island vacation. it makes you think are they listening to the microphone? it is not as possible as it sounds, nor is it reasonable. it is a massive amount of data and there aren't enough computers that would hold storage. of the 20 how are they doing it? >> social media companies like facebook and add brokers are in cahoots together because what powers the free internet we enjoy? advertisers. they know us, they know where we go, who we go with. what we bought yesterday, because we entered our loyalty card where we bought a toothbrush.
1:51 am
in the next few hours they may think if heather bought a toothbrush at the cvs drugstore chances are she might need toothpastes and loss or thinking of a new dentist so they will push those ads not because they are listening but because they know us so well and that draws another question which is how far is too far when it comes to the amount of data collected on us that they can interpret our next move? heather: more so than we can ourselves, they influence it. >> correct. you may not have needed the floss or toothpaste, it may be an act of convenience. heather: how do you limit it? >> very good question. there are a number of steps you can take. i will do all of this for you online later.
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for the first thing that really works, open up your facebook mobile apps, locate the settings, tap settings, account settings, and turn off location tracking and clear location history. you can go in the same area and turn off and disabled the location and history. each of our devices, our relationships, have an associated number 2 heather and i have a separate number for kurt and that number translates to the phone. they know where this phone goes because i downloaded facebook and a number of apps. i agreed to tell them a lot of stuff. what i bought and where i go. this is what you can do. >> i always turn my locator off, then i don't have to worry about
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it. >> it is worth having a close look at this again. heather: i know everybody at home appreciates it. 10 minutes until the top of the or. courtesy of the city that want illegals ice was coming, a coffee shop refusing to serve police officers. >> who are they going to call? the police. >> a story that will make your blood boil coming up. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see
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♪ ♪ on fire ♪ heather: good morning again. you are watching "fox and friends first," almost the top of the hour. the lights are on in the mile high city. appreciate you watching wherever you are. it is friday, you made it. display of anti-cop hatred to tell you about in sanctuary city, oakland coffee shop refusing to serve a uniformed officer. after turning him away they
1:58 am
clarify their position saying we, quote, don't serve the police. >> i don't think it is fair. they should. they are protecting them. if someone is breaking in, who are they going to call? the police. >> of a group of people don't feel safe with the police officer on duty and they want people in this neighborhood to feel safe coming into their space then that is the choice they should be able to make. heather: the café thank talk to your neighbors, not police. a galago over the police badge. political bias in the pockets of conservative students to pay for liberal causes. university of wisconsin madison collected $48 million in mandatory fees, 90% of the money went toward liberal programs, that comes to $7.60, $.36 per student went towards conservative groups. those mandatory fees went up 3%
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this year. if you never filed a tax return in 2014 you may want to consider it. the irs has $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds for 2014. the state with the greatest number of people who didn't file be in 2014 in texas, california, florida and new york. the window to claim that cash is only open three years after the tax year filing deadline. that wraps up the 4:00 hour of "fox and friends first" and wraps up this week. have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: possible diplomatic breakthrough, the president agreeing to meet face-to-face with north korean dictator kim jong un. reaction pouring it about this as the president vows to keep maximum pressure on this
2:00 am
country. >> strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security. absolutely vital. steel is steel. you don't have steel you don't have a country. mary mac donald trump dropping the hammer on countries that are unfair for trade policies and others were threatened retaliation. >> hillary clinton couldn't win the white house but had an impact on society. the brand-new award she is set to receive. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ i do whatever it takes ♪ because it breaks the change


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