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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 9, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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minnesotans have the right to live free from arie. what do you think? rob: this is ridiculous. it's a reality tv show. what do you think. jillian: i don't want it. i have no thoughts. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. happy friday. >> this is an extraordinary moment in history. the president of the united states has agreed to meet with the president of north korea. >> this is perhaps the biggest foreign policy win that we have seen. >> our industries have been targeted for years and years. and that's going to stop. >> this gives us the ability to come back to 100 percent capacity. >> president trump taking a jab at oakland's democratic mayor. >> what the mayor of oakland did the other day is a disgrace. she said get out of here. she is telling that to criminals. >> a new axios poll shows five democratic senators in red states would lose to a republican. >> this is gary cohn last meeting. he may be a globalist, but i still like him. is he going to go out and
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make another couple hundred million. [laughter] and then he is maybe going to come back. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ any way you want it ♪ steve: welcome to studio. if. it's a friday morning after a very long week here in new york city. ainsley is off. brian is off. we have pete and rachel in. steve: you may be a globalist, steve. but we still like you. steve: i like the other part go out and make $100 million. pete: america first guy. rachel: you still like america. you are a nationalist. steve: you can't beat america. and this is america's number
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one cable news show thanks to all of you. start with a fox news alert. this is big news. president trump made the decision himself to meet face to face with north korea's dictator kim jong un. pete: but, until that meeting. our commander-in-chief is vowing to put maximum pressure on the rogue regime. rachel: our own griff jenkins is live in washington. what happens next, griff? >> good morning, guys. what's next is it's time for tillerson to come home and start planning a meeting in may to open talks, not negotiations for the first time between the two leaders. tillerson speaking just moments ago in africa. >> president trump has said for some time that he was open to talks. he would willingly meet with kim jong un when the time was right. i think in the president's judgment that time has arrived now. >> it's remarkable diplomatic break through south korea's national security advisor making historic announcement last night. >> i told president trump that in our meeting north
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korean leader kim jong un said he is committed to denuclearization. >> we will see. only time will tell if that's true. the president tweeting this is not just about a freeze in that no missile testing by north korea during this period of time, great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached meeting being planned. it appears it was the president's pressure that brought this meeting about. take a listen. >> i say to president trump that miss leadership and maximum pressure policy together with international solidarity brought us to this juncture. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are cautioning the president in a letter that we must verify before we trust. it will be the first time kim jong un was ever met with a world leader in the location of this meeting, guys, is not yet determined. steve: they haven't figured
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that out yet. they haven't booked the room yet. griff, thank you very much. think about how historic it would be. it's big but we don't know what's going to happen for decades. for decades the united states and north korea have not gotten along. what is it this time with this leader that has made it different? a lot of people are saying it's this is what happens when you put a businessman into this kind of a leadership position. because he is going -- he brings the skill sets of a business guy. so the approach was, all right, we have had this problem with the country for a very long time. what are you going to do? his advisors say sanctions. okay, the president, the business guy goes well the problem is, you know, china has been leaky when it comes to the sanctions, has been very helpful to the north koreans. so behind the scenes, donald trump has been working with the chinese to squeeze them and now north korea is on the verge of bankruptcy. and that is why they are going to meet. pete: you had a previous administration that took basically a strategic
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patience approach to everything. bowing overseas, concessions everywhere. instead you take maximum pressure. this president was elected to be a disrupter, to take a different approach. to not bow. to not lead from behind to. say we are going to put our interests first. we are going to put you on notice. a lot of people are wondering is this meeting the result of the fact that there has been tough talk on north korea. listen to what the president has said over the last year. listen. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. frankly the people questioning that statement was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for a long time, many years. it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other
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countries. what they have been getting away is a tragedy. and it can't be aloud. >> if anything happens to guam, there is going to be big, big trouble in north korea. >> if he does anything with respect to guam, or any place else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it. and he will regret it fast. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. pete: rachel, there was a lot of response. rachel: the diplomats, technocrats. let's look what their response was to north korea. steve: you mean their freakout. >> tweets like this circumstantial poor gasoline on that blaze. president trump is goad be kim jong un to test a nuclear missile. >> i do worry about what his boiling point might be in
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the face of some of these inflammatory tweets and statements that the president makes. >> this is just how the snow ball effect starts. wars are very easy to get into. and it gets nasty really quickly. >> none of this normal. none acceptable. none of this frankly stable behavior. pete: thanks, jake. none of that acceptable behavior got us to where nuclear north korea on the precipice to attack us. we elect someone will to be strong and talk tough. now north korea is saying sanctions have been hard. i'm skeptical. we can't give them any concessions no. sanction relief. i don't know if they are big time at the table and they might be. at the very least they're coming to the table at disadvantage. rachel: if you watched the news, the left, the media was totally disoriented. they were confused. north korea, you didn't
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handle repel atlantis of cash. you didn't agree to lift the sanctions? this is not how it is supposed to be. and the techno crats and diplomats are also confused. we have a script for everyone who comes. in you do this surprise he throws the script out and all of a sudden the game changes. steve: american president have followed a script and path until this guy the disrupter and now look where we are and there is the media freakout. i will say. this i read this morning that an anchor on another network actually said that they thought that if this worked, this president would go down in history as a great president. rachel: he should get of the nobel peace prize. steve: cnn. rachel: it would be something if it works. a lot of time between here and there. pete: preemptively gave it to president obama. steve: announcement was made
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by the south koreans. the president did not do that he did do media appearances yesterday. at one point he was talking about the mayor of oakland, california who as you remember last week said i think it was out on twitter that she had learned that ice agents could be staging some raids to sweep up some criminal aliens and she warned people, circumstantial, hide. the president said that mayor what's grateful. listen. was disgraceful. they said 85% of them were criminals. had criminal records. instead of taking in 1,000 they took in a fraction of that. about 150. and she said get out of here. and she is telling that to criminals. and it's certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her individually. what she did is incredible and very dangerous from the standpoint of ice and border patrol. very dangerous.
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pete: the oakland mayor divided to respond to the president in that statement. listen to what the oakland mayor had to say defending her sanctuary city approach. watch. >> country where everyone can criticize elected officials. throughout this journey with this new administration, we are navigating the complicated power relationship between local, state, and federal government and that's part of the beauty of our constitution. that's part of the beauty of our democratic form of government. pete: beautiful when mayors disrupt law enforcement's ability to capture criminals. we're not just talking about illegal immigrants. we are talking about criminal illegals. steve: she has had a tough week the president called her disgraceful and the attorney general of the united states said how dare you do that. meanwhile, how dare this? coffee in oakland not far from the mayor's office will
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not serve coffee to police in uniform. on their website they say we have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves. and, in fact, a cop went n europe form in the last month or so, they asked him to leave. he didn't get any coffee. the cops are trying to have a dialogue with the coffee shop. rachel: that's actually footage of the actual coffee shop. i want to show you how classy our police officers are. a police officer who went in, refused service and quietly walked out. he said i look forward to talking with the shop owner to build a better relationship with them and the rest of the community. class act but i'm incensed about this because forcing bakers to, you know, bake cakes you can't serve coffee. steve: this coffee shop to rob them, who are they going to call? just saying. pete: some private security force? it's your physical and emotional safety is taken
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care of by the very people you will not serve. i mean, the logic is insanity pants and that is a technical term insanity pants. steve: where do you get insanity pants. >> it's the kids use it these days so i'm told. rachel: not really worried. i think if you look at what is happening in oakland, they are not that unhappy with her. it's more the rest of the country. she actually said most of the criticism she is getting and she admits she is getting a lot she says is coming from outside of oakland. i think that's because the oakland community is like this. steve: oakland is a sanctuary city. california is a sanctuary state and now apparently they have a sanctuary coffee shop. pete: and they won't serve cops. what do you think? what would your message be to this coffee shop that won't serve our finest. steve: ahead on this friday president trump thanking president trump in the oval office after he signed off on new tariffs for steel and
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aluminum. one of the guests in the room is going to tell us what it was like being there with the commander-in-chief. pete: first kite surfing with richard branson now president obama is headed to hollywood. anthony scaramucci here to react to his next gig coming up. ♪ a ride in a chevrolet ♪ it's the man on the moon ♪ fireflies in june ♪ a kid selling lemonade real cheese people are ham and swiss people. they're hot and cold. big and bold. but they would never make a sandwich with pasteurized process cheese food. sargento slices are 100% real, natural cheese. sargento, we're real cheese people. we the people... are defined by the things we share.
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-- 400 members down to 71. these tariffs definitely have an impact maybe not for our plant but the other plants out there so thank you very much. >> thank you. i appreciate it. pete: that is president trump hosting a group of steel workers yesterday who praised the president for authorizing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. rachel: as you just heard years of imports have already hit home for millions of these workers. pete: joining us now on this meeting with the president is ron davis who works at the -- i don't even know how to pronounce it i should. asserole mineral steel: you were there with the president. what is it like to meet with the president and second of all on this conversation of tariffs and steel, what is your take away of his approach? >> to meet the president was
3:18 am
a great experience, interesting going to the white house. it was an honor to be there to watch him sign the proclamation for the tariffs. it's something our union has been fighting for since i have been in the steel industry for 25 years. so, yeah, it was very interesting. rachel: did you vote for trump? did you expect this would happen? as you said, you have been waiting for this forever. politicians have been promising to help out steel and now someone is actually doing it. >> did you ask me if i voted? rachel: did you expect that donald would actually do it? >> i did with him putting secretary ross in with background in steel with isg. i believe he would follow through on it. pete: ron, your particular company makes armor for many of the humvees that our military uses. humvees that presumably i rode n iraq and afghanistan. what does it say about our own security if he would want can a make that kind of
3:19 am
armor here at home and we expect it from other countries? >> well, i mean, you kind of hit the nail on the head. you have to be able to produce your own steel for your military otherwise you are at the membersy of china and russia and these other countries. and we were one of the few plants that produced, you know, the armored plate for the striker vehicle the m rap. the m 1 tanks and in our plant we use steel produced in navy ships and sub. we are the only ones who produce that steel. with our plant going idle, there is not many options left. pete: absolutely. rachel: what will it mean for communities where steel is produced and also as aluminum is produced. what does it mean for these communities. >> it's devastating for any community that lose as steel plant. i mean for every steel job i think it's another 3 to 5
3:20 am
jobs that are generated, the tax base for a large plant. it just has a major impact. steve: rob, you challenged the president to a arm wrestling contest did you ever get that. >> get that correct, he challenged me. rachel: i mean, the president challenged him. pete: he challenged you. did it happen? >> the president challenged me i would have some upset steel workers if i would have injured him before he signed the proclamation. if he beats me that's even worse. we will leave it as is. pete: leave it as is. it's a wash right now. rachel: i saw your arms. i don't think the president is going to win that one. pete: ron davis, thank you for sharing your perspective this morning and creating the armor that protects some of our finest. we appreciate it thank you. >> thank you. pete: you got it up next, were deputies really told not to go inside that florida school as kids were being shot in the brand new dispatch audio coming up.
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rachel: plus, it's the bombshell o.j. simpson interview you have never seen billion now. the man behind the lost confessions is here next. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels
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3:25 am
to begin on july the 10th. the trial is one of two on his schedule for this year. the others starting september 17th for additional charges including money laundering. he says he is innocent. pete: o.j. simpson, another person that says he's innocent, giving a bombshell, never aired interview in 2006 where he reveals his, quote, hypothetical account of what happened the night of june 12th, 1994. >> i'm going to tell you a story you've never heard before. it concerns the murders of my ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her young friend ronald goldman. forget everything you know about that night. i know the facts better than everyone. this is one story the whole world got wrong. rachel: lost footage will be televised for the first time ever on sunday. steve: on fox. o.j. simpson, the lost confession. terrence. >> thanks for having me. steve: so why did o.j. simpson sit down with judith
3:26 am
regeorgian back in 2006 for this interview. >> i think he wanted -- project and tell the story from his point of view. steve: the book was called? >> if the request i did i if di. pete: how are we learning of tape that existed then or conversation that reveal new wrinkles. >> at the time in 2006, people knew he had done an interview with the publisher judith in connection with with the book. the family protested and the project was shelved. we knew it had been done but the tapes were lost. somebody found them within the last year or so and brought to the attention of the people who called me and said would you come out and look at them and see if this could be a special. rachel: did you have to get the perms of the family again apparently they shut
3:27 am
it down last time. >> i don't think we had to. but we certainly thought it was the appropriate thing to do. we do have the support of the goldman family and brown family. rachel: let's look at the clip. one of the most interesting part of it about it is o.j. gives hypothetical perspective of what happened. he describes this person as charlie. some point of the interview he switches and forgets and says i instead of charlie. take a look. >> in the book, the hypothetical is. >> charlie. >> charlie,. [laughter] came by and mentioned something about what was going on at her house. i don't know why he had been by nicole's house but he told me you. i was thinking whatever is going on over there has got to stop. steve: what did we learn that we didn't know before? >> there are a lot of little nuggets in here. o.j. gives us a picture of his emotional state during the relationship and on the day in question when nicole
3:28 am
was murdered. he was very angry with her. he screamed at her grave site later. he believed that she was carrying on in an inappropriate way while the children were in the house. that's debatable allegation. steve: do you think he did it? >> i try to stay away from personal opinions. i mean, the public opinions. i have a personal opinion. i think there was an overwhelming amount of forensic evidence and the prosecution and the police, you know, overreached and tried to make a strong case stronger and blew it. steve: a glove did not fit. obviously in the end that's why they did acquit. >> that and that the lab technician took the evidence home and broke the chain of custody of the sheriff's of the. rachel: oj simpson air 8 p.m. eastern. very fascinating. >> thank you. steve: remember when joy behar mocked vice president mike pence over his christianity? well, we just got word of an
3:29 am
apology. pete: i would like to hear that. rachel: this is more surprising than the north korea talk to me. pete: all very surprising. the media struggling with the breaking news that president trump will meet with kim jong un. >> why has no sitting american president ever met with a leader from north korea? should i take that to mean that this might be a particularly risky or even an unwise move? pete: thank you, rachel. will they ever give the president the credit he deserves? we will ask anthony scaramucci joins us right now as you can see ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ everything all the time ♪ life in the fast lane breathe freely fast with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone.
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♪ i'm the rocket man ♪
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steve: rocket man, all right. so trump -- let's talk to anthony scaramucci was the communications director for 16 minutes at the white house. >> no, no. pete: 11 days. >> you know what's funny about that song, the song is going through the roof now as a president makes a speech at the u.n. and calls him rocket man a few times. steve: is it true we have heard stories that apparently donald trump loves elton john and play songs like rocket mann the jet all the time. >> we definitely had a lot of elton john going on on the campaign. i thought we were going to get him at the inaugural. i got that wrong. this was historic moment for the united states. because this is a flexible leader. and this is a leader that's not looking at past precedent. so one of the things that mainstream media is saying well, the nort north koreans wanted a summit. they requested one from president bill clinton in 1993. it's been the stated policy
3:34 am
of the united states not to give them that level of respect. and so. rachel: right. >> this is what i love about the president. he doesn't care about any of that stuff. is he a very flexible human being. and he is looking at what is best for the world and how do we end a nuclearization of the peninsula of north and south korea. for me, i think this is a wonderful time to really see what he is all about in terms of the peace-making process. now, i don't know if he will win a nobel prize. that would be really fun to get the nobel prize. rachel: liberals are mad now. >> commit harry kerry before he gets the nobel prize. steve: is this what happens when you put businessman in leadership position. >> sure. this is strategic doing. that's what business people do. president is looking at stuff, even the tariffs. you have to look at the flexible stuff on the tariffs. looking around the world and saying okay this trade system is unfair to the u.s. we did set it up that way 72 years ago to build the
3:35 am
world's middle class. we have done a good job of that. america should be proud of that he has to look out for the workers that were in the white house with him yesterday. is he looking out for the trade situation and let's even it up. you guys want exclusions, no problem, but stop the tariffs on our stuff leaving our country to your country. pete: not the mainstream media but the left wing media has said this not the way presidents have done it before. listen to rachel maddow our good friend last night. listen. >> you might think that another president in this circumstance. can you imagine a president asking himself or herself why has no other american president ever agreed to do this? why has no sitting american president ever met with a leader from north korea? why has that the never happened in all the decades north korea has existed as a nation why hasn't any other president ever done that? should i take that to mean this could be a risky or
3:36 am
unwise move? pete: the policies of the last previous presidents have led us where? >> there is that but also missing the nuances here. one of the reasons why we never met with the north koreans is out of respect for the chinese. when we cut that deal in 1953. the arm sis, the chinese wanted a buffer zone between them and what was going to be industrial super house known as south korea china grown. second largest economy in the world. the president has a great relationship with president xi. they don't like talking about that. combination of those forces have now allowed for this opportunity to take place for the world. it's more complicated story than what she is saying. can you tell she has a little bit of that trump derangement syndrome which i like. i'm hoping one of these comedians will come up with antianxiety medicine for liberals take one tablet a day. maybe a is yo suppository.
3:37 am
i had to wake everybody one that the president is doing the right thing for the american people but also doing the right thing for the world. is that a knock on gary cohn call him a globalist i still like you? >> of course not. that's his personality. rachel: i they thought it was interesting that north korea thing happened on the same day as the terrorists. herterrorist -- terrorist -- -- as the tariffs. i think that also sends a message that this is a guy who when he says something he means it. that's something that the international community, especially these rogue dictators aren't used to. >> 100 percent. what i love about what's going on, everybody thought that the candidate trump, president-elect trump was going to ascend on washington and washington was going to change him. what we're watching happen is he is changing washington. he is changing the world. you have to love the strength of his personality related to that. steve: meanwhile, the former president, barack obama, whoner was able twhonever was ae
3:38 am
deal. it looks like president obama is going to deal doo a deal with netflix to do a series of high profile interviews. he has a new gig on netflix which is very hot streaming service. what do you make of that? >> listen, i think it's great for him. is he obviously trying to build his investment portfolio and cash flow. that's probably very good. it will be interesting to see what he does as relates to breaking the press dental of talking about or potentially criticizing the current president. you know, because one of the things that i think has been a good thing that george w. bush has put in place and former president george herbert walker bush let's not criticize each other regardless of party. it will be interesting to see what happens there. they say that washington is hollywood for ugly people. pete: they do. >> so the president is not a bad looking guy. he will probably do okay in hollywood.
3:39 am
rachel: culture does impact politics. i imagine the excommunity organizer president is going to go to netflix and create products, things, movies, shows, that are sort of subversively, you know, trying to change the conversation into politics. >> i haven't seen him in a long time. we went to law school together 30 plus years ago. he has got to be scratching his head about the president. he has got to be sitting there saying he thought he wasn't going to win. he thought everything was going to go wrong when he won. economy is booming. we are working on denuclearized korean peninsula. we are working on building our industries. real wages are up. rachel: isis disseminated. >> 98% of the territory has been removed. fortifying our position in afghanistan. sort of protecting that pakistani border. if you look at the dashboard, over 13 months, it's been an extraordinary 13 months for president trump and his team. steve: donald trump went from television to the presidency and now barack obama is going from the presidency to television.
3:40 am
rachel: great point, steve. steve: i'm sure the show will be very popular. pete: you will be tuning in. >> i don't know. i probably shouldn't be tuning in to be honest. what we should say about the president is that's the force of his personality, president trump. he is able to do things -- we were talking yesterday about the world economic forum. he goes on that world stage for a very big reason. he's trying to sell the america message to the rest of the world. and the global ceos, everyone thought he wouldn't do that either. okay. so we have more unpredictability coming and more upside surprises. pete: anthony scaramucci, thank you very much. >> thangreat being here. steve: good luck on that device you were talking about inventing. jillian: jillian joins us with headlines. jillian: good friday morning to you at home and good morning t.blackwater security fr
3:41 am
erik prince denying reports that he tried to link the trump administration to the kremlin. claims a brief meeting seychelles with russian oligarch was unplanned and not about president trump. adam schiff is now pushing congress to interview prince again. police dispatch recording just released when the moment told to stay out of the school when students and teachers were being murdered. >> do not approach the 12 or 100 building. stay at least 500 feet away at this point. jillian: we're also hearing chilling 911 calls from that day. >> shot in her room. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> the high school is being shot up. >> it's being shot up? >> are you at the school? [whispering] >> i can't hear you. are you at the school?
3:42 am
jillian: today governor rick scott will meet with families of the victims as he considers a 400-million-dollar school safety and gun control bill. "the view" host joy behar finally apologizing to vice president mike pence after mocking his christian faith. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. that's different. >> that's different. that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> disney ceo now says behar directly apologized for things she has said about christians and the trump administration. a source close to the vice president also confirming to fox news that behar personally called him. that's a look at your headlines, guys. send it back to you. some people say not soon enough though. steve: i wonder if she is going to talk about it on tv. pete: i would like audio of that. steve: what a crazy week this has been weatherwise. janice: we might see another one this weekend. steve: no. janice: might not happen. have to watch and stay
3:43 am
tuned. last 12 hours. sort have this westerville flow bringing potential for snow showers across the interior northeast as well as the midwest. rain in california saturday and sunday. then the potential for maybe some severe weather across the southeast, a little bit of snow across the midwest and then what happens? the gfs is developing this into a nor east other potentially effecting the northeast. the euro model not so much. not developing it and a lot of the other computer models not developing it we are going to watch it because the gfs got to pay attention. american model and forecasts models very well. pete: for once i'm with the euro. [laughter] steve: now you are a globalist. pete: just for right now just on weather. rachel: riding blue wave to the mid terms. may be more of a ripple. he has the numbers on democrats. that could prove it.
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steve: democrats have been touting the blue wave to the 2018 midterm elections insisting the democrats will take over congress and the senate. brand new axios poll shows otherwise. let me introduce you to the news editor of axios. >> good morning. steve: the mainstream media have been talking about all about a blue wave, right? >> right. so this suggests that it might be harder for democrats to take back the senate. they are defending 10 states that trump won in 2016. our poll shows if the 2018 election were held today, five democratic senators would lose to republicans. steve: let's start in the hot seat john tester the
3:48 am
incumbent would lose to the republican in montana. >> he would by 13 percentage points. he once called the g.o.p. tax bill the worst tax bill he had ever seen. we have seen in polling that the economy and g.o.p. tax plan is very popular across the state. that clearly hurts him. steve: joe manchin constantly comes on this show and says i'm willing to work with the president but he never does. people of west virginia went for the president in a big way taking its toll. >> this is another big gap like tester. if you remember joe manchin was one of the only democratic senators to stand up and applaud trump during the state of the union. steve: he still hasn't voted with him. >> he hasn't voted with him. steve: that's the problem. >> exactly. steve: clair mccaskill anti-trump person in a trump state. >> trump has supported and endorsed josh hawley. 2012 vulnerable democrat then. she might be the most vulnerable now.
3:49 am
steve: trump pence state. he said if you vote against the tax plan we will come back and campaign against you. i think that's what we can expect. steve: really interesting state is north dakota. they went big for trump. heidi hide camp is very close to the generic candidate. >> this is most surprising to me as you just mentioned north dakota voted for president trump 36 points over clinton. now generic candidate only has a plus 2 advantage. watch for kevin cramer he has decided he will run against him and trump has been courting him to run and loves him that could change the dynamic. steve: if the election is held today and it's not going to be. but the republican would actually beat the democrat in six senate seats. >> in five of the senate seats. steve: five. >> obviously there are a lot of factors that could change between now and then. we shouldn't become too alarmist. this senate democratic takeover is a lot harder to achieve than the house takeover. steve: lexy from axios. thank you. remember when hillary clinton baciousd president trump over his handling of
3:50 am
north korea? here is a flashback. >> cavalier threats to start a war are dangerous and short-sighted. steve: well, what will the former first lady say now that he is about to meet kim jong un face to face, the president that is. reaction from the white house live next hour. never thought facebook was tracking your every move? turns out it is and now we know how they do it. kurt the cyberguy spilling some beans next. ♪ feel like somebody's watching me ♪ and i have no privacy ♪ i always feel like ♪ somebody's watching me ♪ [whistling] hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help me plan the best trip. so i'm more than confident.
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3:53 am
rachel: social media snooping is more common than you think. steve: how do you limit the amount of data sites like facebook and advertisers
3:54 am
collect on you? pete: great question. let's bring in kurt the cyber guy for advice. how do we do it? i think about it every once in a while but i don't know how to go about doing that. >> good morning to you. rachel: good morning. >> we hear more and more are they listening to me because i was just talking about a vacation and suddenly they are sending me a idea of a trip. rachel: that's freaky. >> they are not. the real answer is we are stocked to death online. they are stocking us with facebook. they are stocking us with big they buy and sell personal data. they know where you are. what you just bought. use your loyalty card at the drugstore. they just recorded that toothbrush and whatever else you bought. they are suggesting if you go here with pete, you might buy a pack of notebooks they can predict. pete: i love notebooks.
3:55 am
>> we want to get a better handle on this. i don't like that it's not transparent. i don't like that they're choosing when and what in the free internet to monitor me. can you do some things. rachel: can i ask you a quick question. could it be there has to be legislation to opts in to this kind of spying? >> wouldn't that be nice. you automatically opt in we are getting this for free. that's the tradeoff. here is what you need to know. take a look at this. this is what you want to do on facebook you want your mobile app. doesn't matter what platform. did you go into settings and you will see down at settings, go to account settings. then did you go to location. on location, you want to turn off the location history so they don't see where have you been. steve: turn it off. and then here, on location, at the top, do you want it on always, while using the app., or never. >> never is the safest bet. but i actually use some of the benefits of i want it to
3:56 am
know that i'm right here sometimes. not all the time. so i will put it back on while using the app. pete: i want it to know that i like buffalo wild wings and i'm near a buffalo wild wings. >> soon it will show up in front of you. so the question really is how much is too much of this kind of stuff? at what point should we know what it is that they know about us? when they can predict what i am going to do before i can, that's creepy. it just is plain old creepy. steve: who has more on us, the nsa or facebook? >> i would say that's a really good question. the nsa knows how dangerous we are. the facebooks of the world. steve: know what is brand mattress you just bought. >> and what sheets we're about to buy and then who is coming over to sleep in that bed. they know so much. think about it. when you walk with someone that has a phone with location on it, they are also telling you that you are together and you know things. steve: if you want more information, go to kurt the
3:57 am
cyberguy's website governmental to this plus six data brokers you can opt out of. you should do it. pete: we have congressman ron desantis, geraldo rivera,y sean spicer, all here live. up to $600 on our most popular beds. ends soon. visit for a store near you. you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance.
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steve: big news, president trump made the decision himself to meet face to face with north korea's dictator kim jong un. >> everybody thought that the candidate trump was going descend on washington and washington was going to change him. what we are watching happen is he is changing washington. he's changing the world. >> our factories were left to rot and to rust. but that betrayal is now over. >> are you even fighting for since i have been in the steel industry 25 years. >> fox news exclusive. blackwater security founder erik prince denying what he calls fantasy reports that he tried to link the trump administration to the kremlin. steve: democrats have been touting the so-called blue wave. so-called axios poll shows
4:01 am
otherwise. >> defending 10 states that trump won in 2016. if our election was held today five democratic senators would lose to republicans. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm coming out ♪ so you better get this party started ♪ i'm coming out ♪ so you better get this party started. steve: let's get this party started. rachel: let's get it started. steve: 7:00 in new york city. welcome aboard, folks. it's the world's number one cable news show "fox & friends." ainsley and brian are off today. we have rachel campos duffy and pete with us. pete: thank you. parties usually start at 7:00 p.m. on fridays but we will start at 7:00 a.m. because why not? rachel: why not. pete: brian says get out of bed and get dressed. i say get out of bed. it's friday. snowing where you are. stay right where you are at and pull the covers up. enjoy the program. steve: here is the headline
4:02 am
the kim and i. a fox news alert. ♪ the president of the united states has accepted the invitation to meet north korea's dictator kim jong un. the south koreans personally hand delivered the invitation to the white house yesterday afternoon. and that's one of the reasons why the president didn't come out and make the announcement. he had the south koreans. so farther time and date have not been released. nor has the location. rachel: but he did say it's going to be within the next couple months. pete: before may. rachel: north korea has agreed to not do any testing missiles. and we are not letting up on our sanctions. pete: the president yesterday tweeting about this development saying. this. he said kim jong un talked about denuclearization. that's a big one, with the south korean representative just not just a freeze. also no missile testing as you said, rachel, by north korea during this period of time. great progress being made but sanction also remain until an agreement is
4:03 am
reached. meeting being planned. steve: now, listen, we know that the president has had colorful nicknames for people in the past. he has referred to this particular dictator as little rocket man and then again little rocket man referred to donald trump as mentally deranged. but when you look at the history of donald trump, not only as a candidate but also as the president, he has made it very clear that he has been leading us up to this point by being tough on north korea. we put together a montage. here's a sampling. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world hats never seen before frankly, the people that were questioning that statement was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough
4:04 am
they have been doing this to our country many years. >> if he does anything to guam or any place else that's an american territory or american ally, he will truly regret it. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. steve: when the president was at the united nations and used the nickname the mainstream media went crazy. and when he said they will be met with fire and fury and frankly power, people said what is he doing? the mainstream media did. you can't talk like that. rachel: my nuclear button is bigger than yours and it works. these are the things that drove the media crazy. let's take a look at what the media meltdown has been over that kind of talk. >> tweets like this essentially poor gasolin pour gn that blaze. president trump is goading kim jong un to test a nuclear missile. >> i'm worried about what his boiling point might be in the face of some of these
4:05 am
inflammatory tweets and statements that the president makes. >> this is just how the snow ball effect starts. wars are very easy to get into. and it gets nasty really quickly. >> none of this normal, none of this acceptable. none of this frankly stable behavior. pete: thanks, jake. when i watched the previous clip though the montage, the word that came to mind to me was brinks manship we talk about it in foreign policy. if you want to create an outcome force your adversary to a point where they have no other options. that takes tough talk. it takes your adversary believing you will do what you say you are going to do. if you don't have that then they have no incentive or reason to come to the table at awesome we don't know where talk also go. it's good they are not making concessions no sanctions relief. that's very important. kim jong un 345eu come to the table to buy another six months. he may come to the table because these sanctions have crippled him and his economy and he believes that this president will actually crush his country if he
4:06 am
pursues a nuclear future. this is maximum pressure versus strategic patience under the obama administration which got us by the way nothing. only this president as some have suggested could have created this moment. rachel: there were sanctions in south korea more than we have done in the past and north korea is on the brink of bankruptcy which, of course, may be the other -- is probably the reason why we're at this point. and, again, you bring such a great point because there is a certain way, pete and steve, that i think the washington establishment says things have to be done. pete: foreign relations crowd. steve: that's the way they always do it. rachel: elect you as president and hand you a scripted and this is what have you got to do and say. i know this hasn't worked for 30 years just do it. the president goes rip, rip, i have got my own way of it. this is why we are here on tucker carlson's show brad blakeman an expert on north korea. pete: he is not an expert on
4:07 am
north korea. steve: he worked for george w. guy. pete: he understands north korea to your point. rachel: he said this moment could not have happened with any other president. take a look. >> could any other president, whatever he is not good at, could any other president have done this? >> it would be hard to believe they could. why? because is he so unorthodox. is he willing to do things that foggy bottom would never have entertained. that's why he goes around people and does things that are totally unexpected. steve: it is unexpected because he brings a different tool kit to this white house. he has a businessman. and from what i have read, he was a cut throat businessman. when he wanted to do a deal, he did everything he could to get it done. it's never personal. it's just business. when he came in, you know, he is now running the business of the united states of america. it is our best interest to do something with north korea. they have been a thorn in our side for over 60 years. what does he do? we saw him last year, he got
4:08 am
cozy with the president of china and said, look, you have got to help me with north korea right here. behind the scenes, clearly that has been happening. we had anthony scaramucci with us just about half an hour ago talking a little bit about how you got to be flexible with a situation like this and he agrees that he brings a different skill set to this particular job and that's brought us to where we are right now. pete: that's right. the reality is you read the art of the deal. signals you send matter. when barack obama goes overseas and bows to foreign dignitaries it sends that very signal we are submissive and willing to work with you or change who we are for you. he won't bow, won't apologize. as a result they step back and say wow, maybe we have to change the way we do business in light of the fact that they aren't apologizing and they are the most powerful country in the world with an economic
4:09 am
leverage as well. so we'll see what it brings. rachel: have you got to love the liberal reaction? they are going what? there is no pallets of money being sent? you are not lifting the sanctions. you are not looking weak. pete: no carrots? no sticks? how could this happen? steve: if the president has agreed to a face-to-face meeting clearly there is something we don't know there are other details. if they are going to do that. it's not going to be yeah, all we wanted was 10 billion tons of wheat, it was a shakedown. we have done that a million times before there seems to be something dinner. if it does work out, that would be fantastic. would the president deserve the credit? 100 percent. rachel: will he get a nobel peace prize if it works? pete: and if you are going to get to a point where you prevent them from getting more nuclear capability through military capacity? you want to try the table once at least to see if they are willing to give it up without violent means. rachel: interesting times.
4:10 am
steve: 710 in new york city and headlines. jillian: good friday morning to you guys. get you caught up on other stories we are following starting with this. illegal immigrants accused in fatal hit and run will face a judge today. ivan is accused of crashing into a semi-truck in denver last week killing the driver. but the denver sheriff's department is refusing to hold him for ice if he posts bail. he would be free until his next court date. we'll have a live report from the sanctuary city of denver later this hour. an alabama man wanted to kill cops and members of our military and now he's pleading guilty to supporting isis. police say aziz sigh yesterday bought bomb making materials and planned to attack police stations or installation in huntsville. 23-year-old was arrested after discussing those plans with an undercover fbi agent. he is facing up to 20 years in prison. a student trapped inside a cave for more than 10 hours is rescued overnight. dozens of first responders
4:11 am
called in to free the 18-year-old girl who got stuck in a narrow spot during a school field trip in texas. rescuers giving her food and safety equipment as they chipped away at the rock. just look at that video. she was rushed to the hospital but isn't seriously hurt. president trump praising spacex and nsa for american advancements on the final frontier. in a cabinet meeting the commander-in-chief revealing we are bringing back space flight. >> we're really at the forefront. nobody is doing what we're doing. we'll be sending something very beautiful to mars in the very near future. and we're going to areas that nobody thought possible. jillian: the president joking it's a good thing rich guys, as he says, like elon musk like space exploration saying it's better than the government paying for it what do you guys think? steve: elon musk was supportive of the president regarding the tariffs. he tried to build a factory to build cars in china and the tariffs were so onerous
4:12 am
it was a problem. pete: it's a very real slanted playing field. jillian, thanks a lot. appreciate it up next, nancy pelosi has made it very clear how she feels about the president's tax cuts. >> the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. pete: that hand motion was me giving you crumbs. just in case you didn't know. now she appears to be crumbling under criticism. we will explain coming up. steve: and jeff sessions, the attorney general making a second counsel on fisa abuse one step closer to reality. >> i have appointed a person outside of washington. we're conducting that investigation. steve: somebody outside of washington. what's happening now? we are going to talk to that man right there, florida congressman ron desantis. he's next on "fox & friends." good morning to you. how are you? welcome ♪ taking it to the streets ♪
4:13 am
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♪ ♪
4:17 am
>> i have appointed a person outside of washington many years in the department of justice to look at all the allegations that the house judiciary committee members sent to us and we're conducting that investigation. i'm well aware that we have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of the fisa process. we must make sure it's done properly. steve: what's he talking about exactly? attorney general jeff sessions weighing in on the possibility of a second special counsel to look into possible surveillance abuses in the fbi and the department much justice. pete: that's right. republican congressman ron desantis is a member of the house judiciary committee and he joins us now. so give us what you know about what the attorney general is talking about? what could be coming down the pike here? >> well, the question is, have you appointed someone outside of doj. are they a special counsel? that matters, that individual needs to have resources and needs to be able to go to the grand jury
4:18 am
in washington where most of this stuff took place so can you subpoena evidence, documents, bring witnesses in. you need search warrants. you can do that remember, when hillary was investigated, they didn't do any of those basic administrative steps. it was basically a proforma investigation. a real investigation here, if this guy goes after this the way mueller is scorching the earth, you have a flurry of indictments based on what we already know. steve: so do we think that this person outside of washington is looking at what the facts are as are known to determine if there is going to be a second counsel or he would be the special second counsel? >> i think that's -- we don't know that. steve: we don't know. >> i think that's an important question. i have advocating yes, someone outside washington someone outside doj. when you are talking about investigating the top people in obama's justice department and fbi, if you are in that organization, it's just not the best vantage point to be able to do that type of an investigation. so, and also, i think, the fisa abuse, yes, that's part of it.
4:19 am
but that's really a narrow part of it you have had witnesses testify before congress. for example, comey said we didn't make any decisions on hillary. well, this investigation has showed they drafted an exoneration memo two months before they interviewed her. peter strzok's conduct involving nothing to do with the fisa, just other things he was doing, all of that needs to be looked at. rachel: should that warrant be release to the public or special counsel that should not happen. >> all of it should be declassified and released to the public. when i read the schiff memo, for example, my original reaction release it i thought it helped nunes' case and our case. i think release everything. the fbi does not want to do that. the question is why? the reason why is because that dossier was really so central to it that it will make it, i think, even more clear to the american people that this was a really weak case. pete: explain why this is so important there are some people that have special counsel i fatigue.
4:20 am
rachel: me. pete: why is this so important to get to the bottom of it? >> here's the thing. special counsels can be bad. can be good. mueller, i think the problem with mueller is that there was never a crime identified. and so he is just trying to find anything. that's bad. that's not how these things are supposed to go. if you articulate what offenses to look at and have you somebody from outside the department. pete: the fisa process. >> the fisa process and all the key players, how they interacted with both the clinton campaign and also the congress after the fact. steve: because was there a bias or animus at the department of justice and the fbi and that's what we don't want. ron desantis is currently congressman but he would like to be the governor of the great state of florida. >> maybe you will be a constituent some day. steve: we would all like to be in florida wouldn't we? >> thank you. steve: thank you, sir. coming up, president trump and kim jong un. this is a fox news alert. face-to-face meeting that nobody saw coming. next guest a general spent four decades serving our nation in the military. general martin dempsey
4:21 am
weighs in next. rachel: she spent years pretending to be black. one problem, she's white. you won't believe what rachel is up to now. of south am. of south am. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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4:24 am
steve: we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. steve: we will make the news great again right now it's time for news by the numbers. and it's the president's promise coming true. first, $98.7 trillion, that's the u.s. household net worth according to the quarterly fed report. the lift is due to the booming stock market and rising property values. that's good news.
4:25 am
next $1.1 billion. that's how much the irs has in unclaimed tax refunds for the year 2014. if people do not file their return by april 17th, the money goes right back to the government. get moving, folks. pete: get your money. steve: finally number one, north dakota just named the drunkest state in the united states. the numbers coming from the cdc which member measures excessive drinking. wisconsin, alaska, montana and illinois rounding out the top five. pete: what do those all have to do with each other? cold weather? can't go outside. steve: meanwhile in other news ♪ pete: president trump's announcement to meet with kim jong un already showing signs of peace through strength. rachel: here to discuss how the president should handle these historic talks is former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsey and best
4:26 am
selling author, co-author book "radical inclusion" what the post 9/11 world should have taught us about leadership. good morning. let's really quick get to north korea and get your thoughts on that. >> i think it's very positive outcome to, you know, the pressure that's been placed economically and diplomatically. i mean, look, any diplomatic outreach is certainly a better alternative than conflict. i think that when the president goes into this engagement, he has got to recognize that there are other stakeholders, notably our allies in the region. this shouldn't be just about the united states and north korea. rachel: sure. >> last but not least we have to have stamina. this is the same country that negotiated the shape of the table 1950s for months before they sat down. it's going it take stamina. steve: what does it tell you about donald trump as a leader? he is able to do something no one has done before.
4:27 am
>> it's a surprising outcome. we all have to acknowledge that i don't think anybody thought it would take the path it's taking but as i said, i think it's a positive outcome. >> i think one of the things the president did very, very well in the election. he recognized a fundamental shift in our society. rather than having a debate of ideas which is you are either right or wrong he recognized that we have a battle of narratives. and narratives are either interesting or boring. we are now seeing other parts of our country as well recognizing the importance of narratives. we are seeing, for example, the kids in florida. recognizing it share their message and look at the power the wonderful young kids are having. rachel: maybe because is he a producer. understands stories. >> he understands stories probably better than most people. steve: he had the steelworks when he was talking about the tariffs. >> because they are not part of the narrative. that's what we're talking about in the book radical inclusion. how do you get people
4:28 am
involved in the narrative? pete: general, you talk about radical inclusion, what the post 9/11 world should have taught us about leadership. what's the 9/11 hook to this. >> 9/11 is just a moment in time when everybody kind of coalesces around. think about what's happened since then. the added complexity in international relations. you know, with the reemergence of russia, the rise of china. kim jong un in north korea. the iranian issue. and then have you got technology which kind of levels the playing field, right? we used to have huge advantages in technology. not so much anymore. the narrative that he is talking about brings with it intense scrutiny on leaders. so the reason we wrote the book is it felt like to both of us that leadership is just harder since 9/11. steve: one of the things i remember before the time in america as well we all do, is we all seemed to be on the same page. the nation was not as polarized right then. it seemed as if we were all working for the greater good. but then over time, people
4:29 am
grew apart again. >> stopped listening to each other. that's part of the -- not to keep going back to the book. we are actually quite fond of it. rachel: we want to talk about it. >> talk about listen, amplify and include. if you do that then you will bring people along so we don't have whip saws of change, which is what you are describing. rachel: really quick, can this be applied to a family and not a company or organization? >> in our judgment it should be applied to a family. look, we all need something, even if it's our own family, i think it absolutely applies. pete: what's it like writing with a former chairman of the joint chiefs. >> i teach at uc berkeley the last person i ever thought i would be interacting with. steve: how did that work out. >> is he a peace studying vegan and i'm not. >> the odd couple. >> exactly. rachel: national meatball day. >> next week going to be
4:30 am
vegan we do have vegetable meatball. >> wouldn't that be exciting. pete: that makes for pretty interesting content. >> actually, how could i not? as americans how could we not reach across and create a sense of belonging with each other and actually find out what we really are likes a opposed to what we think the stereotype of ourselves are. steve: ori and general, thank you very much. check out the book it's everywhere. radical inclusion. >> thank you. rachel: remember when hillary clinton bashed president trump over his handling of north korea? take a look. >> cavalier threats to start a war are dangerous and shortsighted. rachel: what will she say now that he is about to meet kim jong un face to face? the man who helped write the trump doctrine reacts from the white house live next. pete: peace professor from berkeley is working with a chairman from the joint chiefs on a book. i love it and one university won't let republican students print these new t-shirts because they feature the american flag.
4:31 am
we're not kidding. we're going to bring it to you. ♪ only invisalign® clear aligners are made with smarttrack® material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at
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4:34 am
steve: that is the south korea talking yesterday announcing that the president of the united states has accepted an invitation to sit down and meet with north korea's leader kim jong un. let's bring in michael anton.
4:35 am
the deputy assistant to the president for strategic communication on the u.s. national security counsel. mr. anton, let me ask you this, did you see this coming? did you know the letter was going to be hand delivered by the south koreans yesterday. >> to be clear, they actually did not hand deliver a letter. it was an oral communication. steve: okay. >> based on the leader of the south korean delegates ambassador chung is also the south korean national security advisor. he personally went to north korea last week for meetings, met personally with kim jong un. kim jong un expressed the desire to meet president trump to the south korean delegates and they brought that to the president verbally in the white house yesterday. pete: so michael, being involved with the national security council, is it your belief that these talks could truly lead to a denuclearization. we know this president is focused on it we know north korea would love to buy time, talking can do that. how does talking get us to getting them to giving up their nukes.
4:36 am
>> well, it will be a combination of talks and pressure. keep in mind, what the two statements that came out of here yesterday, one from the south koreans and one from our press secretary reflecting our president's views made very clear that the pressure campaign that this administration and our allies and partners have built up over the last year will continue. and our president, president trump absolutely believes and i think he is totally right that it is a pressure campaign that brought us to this juncture. as you heard the south korean ebb i have say that's what the president of south korea believes brought us to this juncture. pressure and openness to dialogue where we are now that has led to this opening. rachel: hillary clinton and the media and the democrats, all of them have been very skeptical of this strategy. let's take a look look at what hillary said about it. >> cavalier threats to start a war are dangerous and short-sighted. i am worried about some of the recent actions from the new administration that seem to raise tensions.
4:37 am
our allies are now expressing concerns about america's credibility and reliability. and by the way, picking fights with kim jong un just puts a smile on his face. rachel: what do you say to that? >> to me personally it brings me back to the 1980s and the days of the cold war and jane kirkpatrick's famous phrase the san francisco democrats, a reference to the 1984 democratic convention always blame america first. i think it's extraordinary to hear a former secretary of state talk about the united states engaging in provocations during a year of 2017 when the north koreans tested over 1 dozen long-range missiles. fired missiles over japan. threatened u.s. allies. test you had nuclear devices and engaged in an extraordinary campaign of provocation that this administration and our allies and partners had no choice but to respond to. and president trump, in response to those provocations, rally would an
4:38 am
international coalition to put pressure on north korea to. put economic pressure on north korea. isolate north korea to convince the regime to change course. what we see now is the possibility that maybe the regime is willing to change course. they told the south korean delegates that h they are. as the president said in a tweet earlier this week and in a statement yesterday, we need to see those words matched by actions. steve: michael, i think, you know, one of the things about what's going on right now is north korea is -- it is seeing the handwriting on the wall. that is that the sanctions are working. and they are pretty close to broke. >> we hope so. certainly we believe the sanctions are working. we know for a fact that this amount of pressure has never been brought on the regime before. under pressure like they have never been. and in part that is owing to president trump's excellent relationship with china. china we know has the most economic leverage over north korea. 85 to 90% of all trade in north korea comes through
4:39 am
china. china has put more pressure on the north than we have ever seen before. not as much as we would like. we would like to see every nation do more, especially china. done more than ever done before. we believe that north korea is feeling the pressure more than ever and that's what led to this moment. pete: what is it about this president that allows him to take problems like this and take a different approach? >> he certainly learned from the mistakes of the past. and he brings to bear a deal-making sensibility. but he knows that in order to make a good deal, you have to have the stronger hand than the person -- than the party at the other side of the table. and the way to achieve that stronger hand was to increase the pressure. build an international coalition. show no weakness but also show no daylight or difference between the united states and our international partners to present a united front. and the united states and our partners have done that. pete: michael, you forgot give everything except your adversary a nickname that's in there as well.
4:40 am
steve: thank you for joining us from the very noisy north lawn of the white house today. appreciate it. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. time for headlines. jillian: a little noise to wake you up on a friday never a bad thing. good morning to you guys. a new spot on the supreme court bench could be opening up this summer. senator dean heller suggesting justice anthony kennedy is on his way out. that audio obtained by politico from a recent question and answer session in las vegas. the nevada republican thinks the possible high court vacancy could help him keep his seat in the mid terms. heller predicts utah senator mike lee could be on the short list. remember when nancy pelosi said this about president trump's tax plan? >> crumbs that they are
4:41 am
giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. jillian: well now the house minority leader is seemingly crumbling under the criticism. >> certainly we love when people get a bonus and they get a raise. the choice was made for corporate america and the top 1% in our society at the expense of working families. something wron is wrong with ths picture. pelosi still slamming parts of the tax law, referring to it as a dark cloud. she spent years pretending to be black, even though both her parents are white and resigned from her naacp job when her family outed her. now rachel dolezal has her own netflix documentary and each her son is begging her to stop seeking publicity. >> why won't see go away? >> when something gets destroyed you have to rebuild it. >> this book coming out and
4:42 am
this documentary might just back fire. jillian: the rachel divide comes out on april 27th. college republicans can't show their love for the american flag. stanford denying request to print these new t-shirts of logo featuring our nation's flag. according to a letter by the college fix the school does not approve the use of any flags on trade parks including the stanford name. they suggesting the group use a different design. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. pete: if any other logo was associated with stanford but the flag? rachel: i thought we were all under the same flag. pete: we are except at stanford. steve: crazy week with weather and janice dean joins us with a look at the chilly temperatures outside. >> it is cold outside. before we get to the weather, what's your name? >> i'm from cincinnati i'm caroline. >> and?
4:43 am
>> i'm joe her dad from cincinnati. janice: what about you? >> john from chicago, illinois. janice: tell me why you are here? >> to see you janice and all of you at "fox & friends." thank you. janice: i love it. and you. >> samantha from chicago. >> and -- virginia. janice: take a look at the maps and can you wave while i'm doing it it's 30 here in new york city. the wind chill feels colder than that 33 in jacksonville, my friends it is so cold that we have freeze warnings in parts of north florida and the setup is here for the potential of another nor'easter as we get into the weekend. we have a little bit of snow across the great lakes but we will watch the potential for a coastal storm heading into the weekend. all right, wave. wave inside. this is a bucket list, right? >> huge bucket list. janice: yea. happy friday. steve: all right, j.d., thank you very much. meanwhile in other news, he is illegal immigrant linked to deadly hit and run. denver cops won't hand him over to ice. the very latest from colorado on that man's story
4:44 am
next. rachel: and are the obamas heading to hollywood? how the former president could soon be streaming on your tv. pete: i need more obama, now. janice: hey, chicago. op dancingn that's keeping you awake. advil pm gives tossing and turning a rest and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer with advil pm.
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♪ steve: an illegal immigrant linked to a deadly hit and run now is the center of a federal custody battle. rachel: the mexican citizen is due in court today. but the denver county sheriff's department is refusing to detain him for federal agents. pete: wonderful. alicia acuna live in the sanctuary city of denver with what is next. alicia, good morning. >> hi, good morning, pete, good morning steve and rachel. yeah. this suspect is due in court today for a quick court appearance where the judge is going to give him the formal charges which are vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident in which a death was caused and he is also suspected of drunk driving. before i get to the details i really want you to take a look at this video of the accident. denver police say he caused
4:48 am
this on interstate 70 here. they say he was driving his pickup and crashed into a semi-truck being driven by 57-year-old man. that driver became trapped in his semi that was on fire and died. the 26-year-old in this country illegally police say took off. the probable cause statement saying the defendant fled the scene prior to the police arrival and without providing aid or information. u.s. immigration and customs agents want to deport him and sent a detainer request to the denver sheriff's department, which is refusing. telling fox news in part the denver sheriff honors criminal warrants signed by federal judge or magistrate. additionally, the department also honors valid release of notification requests from ice. the denver sheriff's department will not honor civil detainers as it is considered unconstitutional. so, unless ice get a federal judge to sign a warrant which is tougher than you might think, denver won't hand this guy over.
4:49 am
and if he posts a $25,000 bond, he is free to go until his court date. >> by placing detainers on these individuals, we actually help improve public safety. by taking these criminal aliens off the streets and ultimately removing them to their country of origin. rachel: looks like we lost her. steve: ultimately the news is the sheriff will not detain that particular suspect for ice. we have heard that story before. pete: we have heard it repeated time and time again. when we get updates on it we will bring it to you for sure. steve: sorry about that sound. meanwhile. pete: mayor warned illegals
4:50 am
of an ice raid. coffee shop refusing to serve cops. it's it's the coffee shop. steve: you heard of alpha males. are you ready for the rise of the beta male. this cover on the hollywood reporter is not a joke. chaz frayser is live to talk about that. stay with us. ♪ oh, here she comes. ♪ watch out, boy, she will chew you up ♪ oh, here she comes ♪ she is a man eater ♪ ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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4:53 am
>> you haired of alpha males, of course. are you ready for the rise of the beta male? take a look at the latest cover of hollywood reporter showing the cast of hbo's
4:54 am
silicon valley with the headline quote the triumph of the beta male. rachel: so is this a harmless hollywood profile piece or does it say a lot more about the state of men in america? pete: we're getting reaction from comedian and blogger chad. thank you. you are a proud alpha male i know. your hand is in your own pocket. what do you make of this? >> my mind is blown on this thing. can you believe this? where is culture going at this point? why is there such a war on masculinity? there is. the worst thing you can be in america today is a white let tore row sexual christian male. there is all out war on people. such a battle to be masculine and you are offensive if you are. i'm going to have people who are going to getten here and see the little segment we put on twitter and say oh my gosh it's a guy that cowboy hat what does he know? tonight you will probably eat meat and a guy in a cowboy hat raised that cow.
4:55 am
it's okay to be a man. rachel: being masculine doesn't mean you are not a gentleman. i loved that you shook my hand and tipped your hat. i'm married. you won't believe i'm married to a lumberjack. a professional lumberjack. steve: and congressman. rachel: and he happens to be a congressman. i married him because he was a lumberjack. i don't think women really like that beta male thing. >> women like men. men that are men. men that are confident in being men. i'm giving you permission right now, america, be masculine. if you are a man, there is no -- what's the word misogyny, what is the word man haters. so men can't speak their mind. they can't make jokes. they can't burden o burp and sch themselves. it's okay boys scratch yourselves. steve: just not now. is this a tape of star-spangled banner comedy tour tonight. >> they ask me all the time
4:56 am
is it a political show. obviously i'm a conservative blogger and i do conservative humor. it's things we all go through. we do things in america that you don't do in third world countries. we take advantage of those things. like tonight we are going to be in michiganville, connecticut. steve: far go and florida. >> those are the next couple months. we are going to be in a city near you. the masculinity is going to be on display on stage. it's going to be a healthy form of toxic. pete: i like toxic generally when it's in that form. rachel: go to? >> watch steve: we just did. there you go. chad prather. thank you very much. pete: thank you very much. steve: what a handshake. broke some little bones. rachel: rachel maddow's head is exploding after this segment. pete: he is very masculine. can i say that?
4:57 am
steve: more on the big news out of washington, president trump accepting the invitation to meet kim jong un face to face. reaction from geraldo rivera next. plus, sean spicer and ed henry both next hour ♪ . . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ steve: here's the headline the kim and i. president of the united states has accepted the invitation to meet north korea's dictator, kim jong-un. >> what we see now is the possibility that maybe the regime is willing to change course. this amount of pressure has never been brought on the regime before. >> our factories were left to rot and russ. that betrayal is over now. >> i have person outside of washington to look at all the allegations. >> if this guy goes after it the way mueller scorches the earth, you will have a flury of indictments based on what we know. >> president trump taking a jab
5:01 am
at the oakland mayor. >> what the mayor of oakland kid the other do i was a disgrace. >> she spent years pretending to black but now rachel dolezal has her own documentary. >> when something is destroyed you have to rebuild it. ♪ steve: good morning, everybody. it is friday, march 9th. did you realize in addition to today being a friday, it is national meatball day. pete: i didn't realize that. because it is written in my contract that on national meatball day i will broadcast "fox & friends." brian didn't take the day off. my contract bumped him off for a
5:02 am
day because it is national meatball day. steve: it is friday before lent. i don't eat meat on friday. but dimaggios here at conclusion of this hour has a great vegetable meatball. rachel: is that true? steve: they are. rachel: great. i can have one too then. pete: veggie ball is what it is. i will be having meat. rachel: you will eat anything way. pete: anytime. steve: and he does. meantime geraldo rivera joins us right now as he does on every friday. hey, geraldo, good morning to you. >> i can get you a gifelte fish meatball,. steve: steve sounds delicious. what do you make of the fox news alert, south korean delegation came out of the west wing announced that the president of the united states had agreed to sit down face-to-face with kim jong-un, the dictator of north korea. clearly historic. what is your point of view? >> i gave the president of the
5:03 am
united states a standing ovation. it is breathtaking. it is audacious. it is bold. it will be historic. people have to understand that what we are talking about here isn't a freeze in north korea's nuclear program. it is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i think this is huge. this is as big, if it happens it is as big as nixon going to open up china back in the early '70s. pete: but geraldo, it is big and it is historic. everyone is talking about it. others mischaracterizing because of the view of this president how do you make sure the talks turn into denuclearization as opposed to north korea buying more time because that is what we see with dictators that want to keep with nukes? >> the beauty of this, major, north korea agreed not to test any nuclear missiles, any
5:04 am
intercontinental ballistic missiles during these negotiations. they agreed expressly, that the u.s., south korea military exercises scheduled next month can go on as they are scheduled. these are tremendous concessions. almost if we can't lose. if they stop testing. if they allow our joint military exercises to continue and the president of the united states actually talks to kim, i think that only good can come of this. he is the first sitting u.s. president ever to visit north korea. i think this is huge. steve: we don't know it will be in north korea. rachel: we don't know where it will be. it will be sometime within the next two months. geraldo, you've known the president for a loaning time, ever since he was elected been seaying hey, to the media, to the naysayers this, guy has unique quality of leadership. what is it about his leadership qualities that brought us to
5:05 am
this really historic moment, which could, this could lead to his nobel peace prize if he actually achieves this? >> rachel, you ask a great question. i think people are so offended, on people, by some of his policies, or some of his kind of extemporaneous remarks or his tweets or whatever, they don't really look at the quality of the man. this is a person who really has built this gigantic worldwide brand. he was on television for many years, enjoying unprecedented success. he is an extraordinarily charismatic and personable guy. he is a great negotiator. he is not frozen into the molds of the past. rachel: right. >> he is in some ways an extemporaneous president. there is danger in that, i understand that, but i think in this kind of instance, and particularly in niece one-to-one meetingses, he is so charm. look at how he met with the president of france and all the
5:06 am
other leaders around the world, how, you know, he looks in the chinese president, he, he can deal with people, he can get along with people. i think that is a great -- kim has only met with some minor, you know, old-time soviet kind of leaders and with dennis rodman. now he will meet with donald trump, who is a movie star. kim is a big fan of hollywood. i think that this will only work out well. i don't think the president will overcommit us. i think he has done enough negotiation he is not going to be pollyanna about it, not pie-in-the-sky. not going to be naive. he will deal with this erratic leader. they called each other all the bad names. this can work out to be something historic. i'm juiced about it. steve: even if does work out i don't know that the nobel peace prize committee would not give
5:07 am
you it to him. steve: they would give it to kim jong-un before donald trump. geraldo, big news this past week, last week the oakland mayor a woman by the name of libby schaaf, essentially warned people who were in california illegally that she had heard from people in law enforcement, from somebody, that i.c.e. was going to have some raids. if you're in the country illegally, essentially she said run. the president of the united states found that to be terrible and said this about the mayor yesterday. >> what the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace. they had close to 1000 people, many of them, 85% of them were criminals and had criminal records. so instead of taking in 1000, they took in a fraction of that. about 150, and she said get out of here. she is telling that to criminals. and certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her individually. what she did is incredible and
5:08 am
very dangerous from the standpoint of i.c.e. and border patrol. very dangerous. steve: she weighed in yesterday, she said i'm proud to live in a country where everyone can criticize elected officials. there is some suggestion that perhaps she should be brought up on obstruction of justice charges. apparently the doj is looking into what she did. geraldo? >> i don't think there is a criminal liability for the mayor unless she used official records or secret information. from what i hear it, was scuttlebutt. it was unofficial. she got it from several sources. steve: but speaking as an official. pete: and intent. >> i don't think there is obstruction. i think there is much more profound issue at stake here. in arizona, you recall arizona passed draconian anti-immigration laws. the obama administration sued the state of arizona. it went to the supreme court of
5:09 am
the united states. the supreme court ruled in large part that immigration is for the federal government. rachel: right. >> it is their purview, their bailiwick. the federal government has priority in this regard. now the california case i have no doubt, but it also will go to the supreme court. if the arizona precedent holds, then california will have to yield to the federal government but i still think, because this issue is so fraught with controversy, because there are such passionate views on both sides of the issue, and you see how california is so different than some other states, alabama for instance, in terms of its point of view. you're going to never have the kind of smooth, interface between local, state and federal government on the issue of immigration. it is going to be something -- i think right now, i saw that denver case that you had on about the undocumented, illegal immigrant who caused the fatal car crash.
5:10 am
steve: yep. >> there was a detainer on him that the local government would not honor. why doesn't the federal government make it a practice of getting a warrant signed by a magistrate or a judge? if you get a warrant, then the local people have no choice. they will be in contempt of court if they refuse the warrant from a federal judge or magistrate. it makes i.c.e.'s job a little pour complicated. solve as constitutional dilemma. that is the way to go in the meantime. rachel: thank you, geraldo. steve: too bad they couldn't cooperate with i.c.e. like everybody else. have a great weekend in cleveland. >> appreciate it. steve: there is a new tariff in town. jillian: good morning to you guys. to you at home as well. talk about that for a second. president trump, this way, deliver aning on campaign promise to fight unfair trade policies, imposing new tariffs
5:11 am
on steel and aluminum imports. all countries except canada and mexico will pay 25% tariff on steel and imports, on aluminum. ron davis a steelworker who net with the president explains what this means to him. >> it was an honor to be there to watch him sign a proclamation for the tariffs. it is something our union has been fighting for since i've been in the steel industry for 25 years. jillian: the tariffs will go into effect in about two weeks. an alabama man who wanted to kill cops and members of our military, now he is pleading guilty to supporting isis. he bought bomb-making materials and planned to attack either police stations or the redstone arsenal military installation in huntsville. the 23-year-old was arrested after discussing those plans with an undercover fbi agent. he is facing up to 20 years in prison. three gang members are behind bars accused of kidnapping a police officer in a
5:12 am
high-speed chase. a man jumped into his car following a traffic stop. a cop trying to stop him. puts him in a headlock. gets pulled into the headlock as driver hits the gas, dragging him down the road. another officer thrown into traffic. the chase ending a mile away. the both officers are okay. home depot is putting americans back to work, committing $50 million for skilled training. the program is available to veterans returning to civilian life and underserved high schoolers around the country. the company is hoping to train 20,000 people over the next decade to be things like plumbers and carpenters. loews is offering a similar program called track the trades for current employees. those are the headlines. sent it back to you. steve: that is great. rachel: we need more plumbers. pete: carpenters. i wish i knew how to fix things. steve: welders. i knew how to weld. pete: really. >> steve: i learned in high school. arc and gas. pete: when was last time you did
5:13 am
welding? >> steve: been a while. pete: i bet you could do it though. once you ride a bike, good to go. you heard about the president meeting with kim jong-un. we'll get reaction from sean spicer coming up. steve: nancy pelosi made it very clear how she feels about the the president's tax cuts. >> the crumbs they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. steve: now as she puts the scmmoo-ze the she appears to be crumbling under criticism. we have ed henry. ♪
5:14 am
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last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at".
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who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at ♪ >> crumbs, that they are giving to workers to kind of put scmoo-ze is so pathetic. steve: months ago, nancy pelosi criticized the president's plan. rachel: nowadays she seems to change her tune. look at this. >> we love people get a bonus, get a raise. if the choice was made for
5:18 am
corporate america and top 1% in our society at expense of working families, something is wrong with this picture. steve: wait, who is that person? pete: here to weigh in, fox news chief national correspondent ed henry will be with us all weekend. >> looking forward to it. pete: subtle change in tone? >> subtle? not so subtle. pete: you're right, not so subtle. what do you make of this? >> she is in the hall of fame of unbelievable comments. go back to the obama days, you have to pass the health care bill to know what's in it. pete: sure. >> talk about the tax cut. it will being armageddon. people are going to die. she said that before the crumbs comment. that is it when the tax cut was 20 or 30% positive in the polls. what she and chuck schumer are confronting now is that it is flipped big time. very much in the green for president trump. the economy is doing well, number one. number two, these polls, there are endangered house democrats and endangered senate democrats, saying this tax cut is popular?
5:19 am
not one democrat in either chamber voted for it. steve: there was miscalculation on the senate. we were talking in the first hour with axios about this. there are five democrat senators in trump states who could have been released to vote yes and they weren't. now they're in big trouble. >> that usually happens, you fight it out. after it is clear the president is going to win, you say okay, it is going to pass anyway. you four, five, democrats, in tough races vote yes. it doesn't matter it will pass anyway. they were so determined to resist that they would not release these folks. here's the big thing, steve, which is, when you were talking to axios. these are not just states that trump carried like missouri, montana, west virginia by two or three points. many much these states donald trump carried by double digits. he will be going to those states in the midterms. that will be a problem. pete: insist extent though, she doubled down on it, tripled down. can she walk back on that.
5:20 am
it is all on tape. can she change the perspective? >> is it on tape? amazing how many times we see this politicians in both parties will say soing something diametrically opposed to facts, knew they had to know this tax cut, yes, it wasn't perfect but the idea none of it was going to trickle down to the workers, that is what she was saying about corporations. >> the credibility -- >> it wasn't true. rachel: democrats and media said this would be armageddon are going to have, obviously working people believe their paychecks, not the democrats. steve: ed will be with these two this weekend. in commemoration of nancy pelosi? pete: i protested. i didn't want him to come back. >> i was going to say you have only about 40 minutes on the show. if you want to beat the traffic, i will jump in with these guys. take care. i guess that's no. [laughter]. steve: meanwhile, it is 8:20 here in new york city. many survivors of the florida school shooting are calling for tighter gun control but not our
5:21 am
next guest. he is conservative second amendment supporter. he just met the president and he is from parkland high school. he is next. oh, sorry i'm late, sir. when you said you were at the doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy and it's done. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america.
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like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig-
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5:25 am
car is enough. and america agrees. at least me. rachel. over to you. >> thank you, pete. now in the wake of the shooting at a high school in parkland florida, many students have spoken out and protested for tighter gun control. steve: we'll introduce you to one of the students who has different point of views than his classmates. he is conservative, second amendment supporter, calling for both sides to reach across the aisle to listen to find a solution to school safety. kyle is a junior at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, and he joins us live now. >> thank you. good morning. steve: we've seen a lot of students from parkland over last couple weeks on television. >> yes, we have. steve: how is your point of view different from what we heard them say? >> i'm a strong second amendment supporter, i've been preaching, saying for past few weeks we have to come together across the aisle, make sure the right and left agree on the certain viewpoints to have immediate action.
5:26 am
steve: if they reach across the aisle, what would you like to see done? >> i would like the bill proposed by rubio. steve: your senator. >> my senator, is very, very positive for the change. we can see that it will have immediate action in the school system. it is addressing so many of the issues that plague our schools. steve: what is number one thing you would like to see them change with school safety? >> i would like to see the bill orrin hatch is proposing. rachel: releases money for schools to be able to -- are you happy with the amount of any? >> i'm very happy. sufficient for what we need currently. addresses the issue with emotional concerns and making sure we have preemptive measures. rachel: yesterday you went to the white house. first of all you met with senators, congressman first. you had unexpected surprise. you got to meet the president of the united states. how was that? >> totally unexpected. i was meeting the the flotus.
5:27 am
rachel: you met with melania first. >> she is nicest human being i ever met. she is so maternal. truly cares. we sat down so long discussed it. i never seen someone so caring and empathetic. steve: kyle, we see you showing you her smartphone. this is app you've been developing last couple weeks. >> me and two developers. steve: tell us about the app, how it could apply to fellow schoolmates, high schoolers, secondary school, et cetera going forward. >> got you. right now we have issue in the school system kids who are ostracized don't have any friend, don't know who to reach to. can't get emotional support. steve: when there is problem. >> yes, sir. we don't have enough counselors in every school. we allowed them to reach other students to help get connections, assisting emotional support. students from the same school, we address all the concerns, adults with people with bad
5:28 am
intentions. what we allow, develop a personal connection and possibly be friend in school and then it is all free and so doesn't take any taxpayer money. rachel: i have to tell you, like, there is, everybody is saying the government has, has to solve this problem, certainly has a role. this is example how we as individuals have to take personal responsibility. i applaud you for that app. >> thank you. rachel: really quick, how are you and your friends doing? >> i think we're starting to recover back to normalcy. before, it is still tough. still in the hearts of every single person. outward support of entire community really assisted our recovery. steve: it is interesting. i'm sure a lot of people are looking to the reachout app which you showed to the first lady and president. if people like to know information about it? it is coming soon? >> twitter and instagram, called the reachout app. rachel: the reachout app. kyle, a wonderful young man. >> thank you. rachel: kudos to your parents for raising such a fine young man. thank you.
5:29 am
>> thank you. rachel: don't let anyone tell you there is no liberal bias on college campuses. the cold hard cash actually proves it next. steve: media struggling with breaking news that president trump will meet with kim jong-un. >> why has no sitting american president ever met with a leader from north korea? should i take that to mean this might be a particularly risky or even unwise move? steve: well, maybe, but will they ever give the president he deserves when he deserves credit? we'll talk to the guy that knows the president pretty well, sean spicer. ♪ how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon... the scotts turf builder program. all it takes is 4 feedings, with a scotts solution for every season. it's that easy. this is a scotts yard.
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5:33 am
white house. february unemployment numbers just into our newsroom. steve: according to the bureau of labor statistics the u.s. economy added 313 thousand non-farm payroll jobs. that is up from 200,000 in january. rachel: unemployment rate remains unchanged at 4.1%. steve: let's bring in noted economist, sean spicer, former white house press secretary. if you were press secretary today you would -- [laughter]. >> fantastic. holy smokes! i feed stuff like this, come on. sarah gets all the good stuff. steve: this is really good. what is going on here? >> despite my huge back drowned in a liberal arts college, that the tax cuts and regulatory state the president has been dismantling is taking hold.
5:34 am
we're seeing continued job creation and gdp numbers that are strong and growing. i think the trump policies are taking effect and americans are feeling the benefits. rachel: you had incredible this, is one of his best weeks. he introduced tariffs. everybody said the stock market would crash t actually went up a little. you have north korea. you have these jobs numbers. you've been in the press room. how is the white house press corps, what would you predict the reaction in that room? >> somehow it will be why wasn't it 314? pete: that's true. we're told entire week there is chaos in the west wing. there is new narrative what is wrong. rachel: it is crazy and chaos. >> time out. if chaos gets you 313,000 jobs last month, gets north korea to the table, isis on the run, border crossings down, regulatory state dismantled, conservative judges i think we're doing pretty damn good. rachel: viva chaos.
5:35 am
steve: real problem for the democrats. we just had ed henry here talking about the -- >> that is the real problem for a lot of people. steve: changing tone of nancy pelosi. she said it was crumbs. now suddenly crumb cake. >> i think they're in a tough place. the benefits of the president's policies and republican actions are really starting to have an effect. people are seeing it in their paycheck. they're feeling it. at the end of the day, when you go into voting booth in november, about what your gut feeling is, are things getting better, is your neighbor feeling good, is your family feeling good, the american people are starting to realize this president is delivering, he is getting results and doing what he said he would do. stop and think about all this. with all concerns about the steel tariffs, this and that, at the end of the day the president is doing is exactly what he said he was going to do. something politicians up and down the ballot should take a look at. pete: you were at the podium with another topic criticism from the mainstream media about the president's approach on
5:36 am
north korea. he will get us into nuclear armageddon. now we learned the president agreed to sit down at some point before may with kim jong-un. a, what do you make of this development, and b, how will it be characterized? >> i think the threat from for the cree is becoming increasingly concerning. their ability to get closer and closer to our shoreline to affect our allies not just worry our country but the entire world. the until i come to the table i'm willing to stop all testing is huge win not for the president but for the country and entire world. obviously we'll see if the proof is in the pudding as president reagan used to say trust by verify. we're in a telling period. does he keep his word, no longer tests. the sanctions the president put in place are clearly working this is another example, you may not like it, i know the left hates it but the president is getting results. steve: your former navy man. >> current navy man. steve: that's right. >> before you kick me out.
5:37 am
[laughter]. steve: you have known for years about the six decades of tension between the united states and north korea but you know, there has got to be only so much they're telling us about what is going to happen. usually something like this is set up by lower level people. instead you have a emissary coming over from south korea to talk about the invitation with kim jong-un. >> yep. steve: if they sit down face-to-face, they must be pretty close? >> we'll see what happens but at the end of the day, too much in my opinion concerned about how the invitation got delivered and what stock paper as opposed to results. kim jong-un is coming to the table. he will have a discussion with the president about denuclearizing the continent that is a huge win for the south korean people. it's a huge win for our allies in asia. it's a huge win for this country. let's see the details. we have stop figuring out what would happen next, let the process unfold. so far the president has been
5:38 am
shown domestically, internationally moving this country forward. rachel: you're a political guy, you worked for the political machine, the rnc. what do you predict with the midterms? media was saying there will be this blue wave. we're seeing so much success, so much results in the economy, isis, now this breakthrough with north korea. i mean, i know they say all the bad things about him, but at some point, come election time don't results matter? >> they do. as we head into july, remember, midterm election. members of congress are judged on their own merits, what they have done, brought home to the district. general elections are top of the ticket down. midterms are a ball of wax. so, we'll see. i think that july will be a critical month. people are making up their mind earlier and earlier who they vote for come november. voting times moved way back. you see people not just wait until november, making up their mind earlier, voting earlier absentee, a lot earlier in the process. what that means, july will be a
5:39 am
critical month. if we continue to see job growth and progress the way the empty has been on track i think that is good for the republicans. if we see a blip in the economy, things go off track. we have seen the generic ballot come down to single digits which is really good. in the rc and republican party preparing candidates raising money. we can't rest on our laurels. we have to go out there to sell this thing. we're up against a lot, democrats and mainstream media. that as long as we're prepared to sell the results we're in good shape. pete: sell actual results, to your point, on the screen 313,000 jobs in the month of february, sells itself. >> quick note, last guest, kyle, kudos for the president and first lady taking time to meet with him. the work that he and other kids are working to make this country a better place to put solutions on table, should be applauded. kyle and students like him should be applauded for getting involved in reaching across and
5:40 am
trying to find a way forward, instead of yelling about problems. he is sort of the future of what this country is. it is very bright. rachel: gave me a lot of hope for the future. thanks, sean. steve: their very much, sean. have a good weekend. >> great to be on the couch. steve: can you toss to jillian. >> now i can. jillian: best toss ever, period, a-plus. [cheers and applause] serious news, guys, a bit of a frighting story. dozens of police and fire uniforms were stolen overnight. crooks taking two vans 3:30 this morning from a dry cleaner in detroit. a local police department says they're missing 10 or 20 uniforms. the good news, no badges, weapons, or other items were taken to help someone impersonate a officer. political bias reaching in pockets of conservative students to pay for liberal causes. university of wisconsin-madison al row indicated roughly 1.5 until dollars in mandatory
5:41 am
student fees for political organizations. liberal leaning groups received 95% of that money. conservatives got less than 5%. kids get a a lesson on old glory for people who risked their lives to protect it. flags for first-graders in north dakota, run by veterans focuses on history and patriotism. >> we're military veterans. blue on our flag stands for strig lance, perseverance and justice. we enjoy doing it. teachers appreciate us coming. instill a little patriotism in our nation's youth. first-graders are good learners, pretty impressionable. jillian: the vets visited 35 schools, passing out more than 2000 flags. that is look at the headlines. pretty good story. pete: nice t-shirt. steve: thank you, jillian. peeking of patriotic pete and i are wearinging same brand suit.
5:42 am
rachel: jillian and i are not. pete: all my suits are the same. steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. janice has weather headlines. >> are you guys ready to be on tv? where are you from? >> la crosse, wisconsin. >> michigan. >> west palm beach, florida. >> north carolina. >> shelby, north carolina. janice: are you ready for a nor'easter? >> yeah. janice: wow. stay tune if you live in the northeast, the gfs computer pod sell indicating a nor'easter sunday into monday. rest of models say it will not happen. stay tuned here. it is cold as far south as no florida. we have a system moving into the west bringing poe tending for rain across southern california. there are the forecast
5:43 am
temperatures that storm system that will develop we think sunday into monday. but just watch, you know what? my gut feeling this one will stay offshore. all right? it is not going to affect anybody. at least we hope not. happy friday, everybody! yea. steve: very good. thank you very much, jd. let's hope it does stay offshore. pete: that is right. moving on, what has congress done this week? well they voted to name seven post offices. that's progress i guess. and steve hilton says that is exactly why we need to drain the swamp. he is live coming up with us next. steve: listen, dean martin singing. why? it is national mat ball day. we'll show you how to make the best meatball in the world of those guys from dimaggios coming up. pete: and we're going to eat them. ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
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♪ pete: congress facing some critical issues right now but coming up short on results, shockingly, sorry, rachel. the deadline came and went to any resolution on daca. after the massacre at the high school in florida there has been a whole lot of talk but not a lot of action on guns. rachel: what exactly are these lawmakers doing? this week the senate turned to banking reform. the house voted to name seven post offices. steve: l really busy, aren't they. the host of "the next revolution," steve hilton tells us why we need to drain the swamp. in addition to these stories, so many u.s. ambassadors have not been improved yet because pitch mitch will not start the debate. ric grenell is supposed to be our ambassador to germany has not even been confirmed yet. >> yeah, steve, to start with really serious point i loved the
5:48 am
look of those meatballs. that inspired me. steve: good man. >> you're completely right. it shows the whole system is completely broken because in congress you have these ridiculous gerrymandered districts that are not representative. they literally spend half their time raising money. so they listen to donors, not constituents. they don't really understand polly properly. lobbiests are all over them. steve: sure. >> they pull the strings. the big point, what you don't have in congress is is the kind of populist, pragmatic problem-solving attitude that donald trump was elected to deliver. he didn't, he wasn't elected as idealogical candidate. he is about getting people together to solve problems. he is populist. we need more people like that in congress. rachel: steve, i will push back on you here, when you say congress, conflating republicans and democrats. if you look what the republicans in the house have done, for example, you're also conflating the senate and the house, two
5:49 am
different bodies. one is dysfunctional. one is operating pretty well in tune with the president's agenda. so i would push back on you. i would say, i want you to respond to this one, sometimes when it comes to congress, quantity is not what we want. we want quality bills. i believe that is with they're working on especially with the government funding bill coming up? >> i think that is right in terms of the quality versus quantity but you know, you're not getting either. that is the problem. steve: yeah. >> you have these completely ridiculous, sort of, they can't get a budget sorted out. they have these sort of last minute ways of handling that rather than thinking long term about what the country needs. i think that still, even, i agree with you one party is better than the other within congress, but honestly if you look the way they can't get together in either house, really, to advance the objectives, the american people want. just look at immigration. there is overwhelming majorities of in favor of sensible measures
5:50 am
the president talked about, they can't get it done in congress. rachel: the president can't pass it without congress. i think there is a lot of progress. pete: steve, one thing you can pass without congress, the convention of states we talked about on your program, the next revolution. >> exactly. >> steve: we'll watch your program this weekend. too bad you're not on this coast. we have meatballs next. rachel: thank you, steve. you will miss the meatballs. it is national meatball day and here at "fox & friends" we show you how to make the best meatballs. steve: bill hemmer is missing meatballs. >> it is friday, it is lent. steve: he has a vegetable meatball. >> breaking news. great news on the economy. that is coming up here. unconventional presidency continues. what comes of a meeting with donald trump and the north korean leader. big stakes on the line. batover tariffs -- battle over tariffs. how are the lines are being
5:51 am
redrawn. marco rubio here on that. new clues after suspected nerve gas attack in england. join me and sandra in ten minutes on a friday morning. see you then.n. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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♪ >> take a bite so i can watch you enjoy. that is my favorite part. >> okay. well, i go with the right one. that looks good. that's a good mat ball. that is a good meatball. steve: that's a good meatball. adam sandler knows a good meatball. he spent the time at dimaggio's in port arthur, new york. pete: we brought them here.
5:55 am
rachel: they join us now and what's the secret to a great meatball? >> simply the ingredients. we start with whole bread. soak it in water. and -- steve: in water? okay. >> salted onions, carmelized. garlic, fresh garlic. >> do do you use the same ingredients with chick own or turkey. >> exactly. tablespoon per pound. good fresh italian parsley. >> pip percent. >> peppers. steve: time to mix them. >> and mix them. >> greated cheese. >> more cheese the better. >> very good. excellent. rachel: by the way we're eating vegetable meatballs, those of us who are catholic. >> they eat whenever they want, whatever they want. steve: the key to mix it with your hand, right? that is the good way.
5:56 am
>> putting on the gloves. janice: that is legit. good italian accent helps with meatballs. steve: as he mixes it up, how are you celebrating meatball day? >> for those for lent we have vegetable meatball at the restaurant. all weekend. of celebrating our 40th year. >> oh, my god, those are amazing. rachel: i have to have another one. steve: that's delicious. >> the chocolate cake too. >> marianne's chocolate cake. and cheesecake. steve: we'll step away. >> national meatball day! ♪ are cream conditioners bringing your hair down?
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> its national meatball day. they have a kobe beef meatball, which is like the heaven of meatballs.
6:00 am
it's fantastic. enjoying it the entire time. >> i'm a cowboy vegan. >> go to have a great weekend. >> bill: save us some. fox news alert now on a blow out report. labor department adding 313,000 jobs last month. a blowout number, expecting only 200,000. biggest job gain we've seen in about two years' time. 4.1% of job rate. we will see a jump in the open here at 9:30. this is the trump economy. more on this coming up shortly inside "america's newsroom." first however, this might be history in the making. a stunning announcement from the white house. president trump looks up to --


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