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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 9, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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it's fantastic. enjoying it the entire time. >> i'm a cowboy vegan. >> go to have a great weekend. >> bill: save us some. fox news alert now on a blow out report. labor department adding 313,000 jobs last month. a blowout number, expecting only 200,000. biggest job gain we've seen in about two years' time. 4.1% of job rate. we will see a jump in the open here at 9:30. this is the trump economy. more on this coming up shortly inside "america's newsroom." first however, this might be history in the making. a stunning announcement from the white house. president trump looks up to -- looks to meet with kim jump on.
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where and when not yet decided, but is successful, it would be a huge diplomatic breaker for the president, for the united states, for south korea, and for the world. i'm bill hemmer and welcome to friday's edition of "america's newsroom." how are you, sandor? >> sandra: nice to be back together to finish up the week. good morning, i'm sandra smith. our own reporter was the first to break the story. about one hour later, the south korean delegation announced kim jong un funds presentation from the white house last night. president trump took to twitter saying, kim jong un talked about denuclearization with the south korean representatives, not just a freeze. also, no missile testing by north korea during this period of time. great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. meeting being planned! lieutenant colonel michael waltz is here. we will get reaction from him and just a moment. for up to mark the first we start with greg palkot, what more do we know about this
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agreement to hold talks? >> sandra and bill, i've been following the story for about 12 years, but this was indeed a shocker. my own contact close to the south korean president's office was hinting yesterday that there could be something big happening. our own jennifer griffin explained to us that in fact it would be an invitation from kim jong un to president trump for that meeting. but the real shocker is when it happened around 7:00 p.m. that president trump was going to accept it. that invitation was in fact in the message that the south koreans were carrying from kim jong un to president trump, after their meeting in pyongyang earlier this week. the regime would suspend the missile launches, the nuclear test and talk seriously about denuclearization. that was underscored in this message too. the timing you noted, a little up in the air. by most accounts, it will be seem to be happening at the end
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of may. still a very short time to prepare. as for the venue, you got to guess it will be something neutral like the dmz between north and south korea. with this story, don't rule anything out. everybody is thinking about mar-a-lago. >> sandra: what do experts say are the chances for success? >> we were burning up the wires all night talking to our contacts in mecca south korea and elsewhere. frankly, the experts are divided. some say this is a win for kim jong un. he always wanted to meet with a president on neutral footing. he just wanted to buy time to secure his nuclear arsenal. others say, it's a definite win for the president. he gets to continue the joint u.n. south korean military exercise and will begin next month. he gets to keep that military threat, the sanctions on him, and gets north korea talking about real stuff. it could be a win for south korean president also. he is the first want to be
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holding a summit with kim jong un along the dmz next month. he's got a real stake in this. bottom line, sandra, huge risk for failure. huge dangers. according to several of the experts has been speaking to come up what the heck? nothing else has worked for the past 26 years. this b wants >> sandra: announcing in such a unique way. thank you. >> bill: secretary of state rex tillerson reacting to the news. he said this a short time ago. >> this is something he's had on his mind for quite some time, so it was not a surprise in anyway. i think this is long been something. he's expressed it before about his willingness to meet kim jong un. i think what changed was his posture in a very dramatic way. in all honesty, it was a surprise to us. >> bill: he expects it will take several weeks to work out the logistics of where and when
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that meeting takes place. still some talk with the president before sunrise. a lot of questions on the line now. we want to bring in with us, blue lieutenant colonel michael waltz, former green beret. good day and thank you for coming back here. 12 hours to think about. what do you think about? >> the key here is still timing. this is an incredibly quick bold move. as greg mentioned, this could be nixon, china, gorbachev and reagan, or this could be another play out of the north korean playbook. at the end of the day, given the short amount of time and a mask that president trump was handed, he deserves a lot of credit. i think we have to go right to this meeting. a lot of critics should say we start with lower-level meetings. at the same time, the head of the cia has had we got about a year until they have a functional icbm. i like that we will do this meeting as fast as possible, and
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i think we need to very quickly determine whether the north koreans are serious while we keep military exercises and sanctions in place and the pieces and place to start interdicting ships in the black market often korean coast. >> bill: thank you so much. this is a closed kingdom. it is the most society in the planet today. it dwarfs that of previous china or soviet union, or cuba for that matter or buma or bhutan who took centuries to open up. how do you put inspectors on the ground that you can trust and verify in north korea? >> that's what the north koreans did under the bush administration. i was in the white house then. they would agree to things, but then they would start dragging things out. who can expect? when can they expect? how much notice do you have to give? we saw the obama administration came on all those points with the iran deal, and that's where the north koreans could drag
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this out while there missile engineers are working like busy little bees in the background. at the end, they could walk away and say here we are at the finish line with a functional icbm capable of striking anywhere in the united states. the other piece, bill, we have to mention iran here and the proliferation issue. that means to be front and center. also, our hostages need to be front and center. north korea still holding three americans. iran is approaching the 11th anniversary of their kidnapping case. they have all kind of things that need to be on the table at the summit and prioritizing those is going to be key. >> bill: kim jong un want to survive. i think that's pretty clear right now. they are starving economically, so you can only imagine what's happening inside the kingdom. if you do not get what you want from this meeting, what's the last card you play? >> i think you have secondary sanctions. china will still be a piece here. there is still a lot we can do
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short of war. secondary sanctions on chinese firms continuing to do business and aggressive interjections with our allies of ships that are evading sanctions, and keep up the economic pressure. eventually, kim jong un will say the survivor of my regime, which is collapsing economically, it is worth more to him then this nuclear program. that is the point we have to get to. >> bill: try to bring jim mattis with me in front of warm beer. >> thank you for remembering auto. that is absolutely correct. >> bill: thank you for your analysis. >> sandra: another big story this morning despite earlier defiance. former trump campaign aide sam nunberg will be intensifying before a grand jury in robert mueller's investigation. this as we learned republicans on the house intel committee are expanding their investigation into the controversial catherine herridge is alive and breaking this news this morning.
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good morning. >> we are watching and waiting outside the federal court in washington, d.c., to see sam and nunberg showing up to testify before the grand jury. nunberg was subpoenaed by special counsel robert mueller and then went back and forth in a series of erratic media appearances about whether he would refuse the subpoena and risk being jailed or comply. earlier this week, the press secretary distance the administration from nunberg. >> he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect. as we said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. anything further on what his actions are, he hasn't worked at the white house. i certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has. >> nunberg is going to get help for substance abuse problems after he testifies before the grand jury. he is a no-show so far. >> sandra: catherine, the dossier investigation by the
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house panel is expanding? >> fox news has learned that republicans on the house intelligence committee are extending this question about the trump dossier with more officials in the obama administration, including a senior staffer to job item, whose husband works for fusion gps, the firm behind the anti-trump research. jayla murray, who worked for vice president biden as deputy chief of staff, and then is a court visor will receive a questionnaire today with a short time want to respond about when she saw the dossier was funded by the dnc. here's what key here. she was previously working with mary daniel king, who worked alongside leadership fusion gps including glenn simpson, who you see right there. it was paid by the dnc and the clinton campaign for the dossier research. the situation may have similarities to former justice department official bruce ohr and his wife nellie.
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questionnaire is also being sent to another official who worked in biden's office as a formal national security advisor. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you for all that this morning. see you later today. >> bill: sam nunberg had a 180. at one hour he said he's not talking, and by sundown he changed his mind. >> sandra: amazing that was just this week. >> bill: 11 past the hour now. reaction keeps pouring in after president trump agrees to meet with the north korean dictator kim jong un. we will talk about that a lot more with senator marco rubio. and there is this. >> he said he heard noises and props. he thinks there's a shooting going on at the school. >> sandra: newly released 911 call giving us a chilling glimpse inside the horror of the parkland school shooting, as we learned new details about the response from authorities in the throes of those first moments.
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>> bill: president trump and the vice president hitting the campaign trail for republicans. there's a big vote coming up on tuesday. we will look at the aggressive strategy and what it might mean for the midterms. >> if they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn't believe, they will take away your second amendment, which we will never allow to happen. they will take away your second amendment. originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>> bill: we have that strong message, "i am a veteran also." i have done a lot and thought a lot in the legislature. i've been to north korea. i've got a resume that my opponent doesn't have, and the civilian is just one thing one day and one thing the other day. >> bill: that's rick saccone from yesterday at making his argument ahead of next tuesday's highly contested race for the house special election in pennsylvania. the white house making a big push there. we will see president trump there tomorrow, as it takes an aggressive campaign schedule heading into the midterm. what is on the line? cohost of "the five" juan williams in shop, chairman of the american conservative union. good friday to both of you. why is this raise three points? president trump won here a year and a half ago at 20 points in
6:17 am
southwestern p.a. what's up? >> is not always on the screen to be here was someone younger and more handsome. he got a democratic candidate who is young, cuts a nice figur figure. >> bill: you are thinking that. >> i was talking about one of you. he's separating himself very effectively from d.c., but the real reason is that a republican incumbent with the pro-life, republican who spoke at the right to life march at the same time was urging a girlfriend to end a pregnancy. that hypocrisy stays. i think there are a lot of voters who are still smarting for the audacity of the incumbent, and that's a big scandal. republicans have to bear under there. they are coming home, and i believe we will win this race in a cloud of dust at the end a day. >> bill: juan, you have a couple things working against you right now. academic numbers are working against you. the terrorist issue will likely look upon produce a really in
6:18 am
southwestern p.a. and you got a president that will be there tomorrow. >> it will be a second visit to this dedrick it is superb and pictured all the way out to the west virginia line. i think the reason this is a super three-point race is not the things that you just cited. in fact, the presence of so many union people and apparently those at union people reacted well to donald trump and gave him that plus 20 in the 2016 presidential race, those people are not looking and saying, where's the beef? where are the deliverables? if you look at their opportunity, they are not seeing any radical changes. matt talked about they had a scandal there in that area on the very issue that you see rick saccone ranks so heavily on and constantly talking about abortion. you have, in addition, the rnc plus other groups throwing tremendous money in, seven times with the democrats are. you have a candidate and that
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conor lamb who is a former marine and a former -- >> bill: once a marine, always a marine. juan, you're making a case is more about social issues. we will see if that's the case. >> conor lamb, as matt was saying, as a former marine and former prosecutor, someone who said he's not voting with nancy pelosi's heart to demean him in the way that i think has been with the democrats. >> he is a smart guy for trying to separate himself from nancy pelosi and the washington democrats. i would disagree with juan is that this is actually difficult for a president, even when he's popular in a district, widely popular in this district, even when a president is popular, you can always transfer that easily to the candidate running for congress. we got to understand as we go to november elections, all the coverage from the left wing folks in the media saying the
6:20 am
republicans are going to get killed and the republicans are going to get killed. it is going to come down to individual candidates, the races they run, the quality of those candidates. donald trump and mike pence would do everything they can along the speaker majority leader to make sure they got all the assets they need. at the end of the day, these republican candidates will have to stand up and make the arguments to win the race. >> bill: i thought it was interesting what he said about nancy pelosi. last point on the juan. >> i think what you see here is a guy who was saying he's more conservative than the democratic leadership, and it's unfair to tie him to it. similarly, where the republicans have been pushing the tax code, here comes that joe joe biden campaigning this tax cut for the rich. i don't think the republicans anticipated that message would resonate here outside rural pennsylvania. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen. juan?
6:21 am
>> i think conor lamb is a great candidate. republicans are worried about trump here. conor lamb is worried about the people. >> bill: does llama win were not? >> its close races, as you know. but at this point, the momentum is with the democrats. >> bill: we will play this on wednesday morning. one of you will win. thank you, gentlemen. we will see you later. >> sandra: meanwhile, we are just a few moments away from the stock market opening. wall street said to see big gains on the open after a blockbuster february jobs report. just out, we are tracking it all for you. the justice department in the state of california battle it out and met court about sanctuary cities. we will tell you about officials and lack a different state for allowing this illegal immigrant, and accused murderer, out on bond rather than turning him over to federal authorities.
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>> what he did the other day was a disgrace. where they have close to a thousand people ready to be gotten, ready to be taken off the streets. they say 85% of them were criminals and had criminal records. >> sandra: president trump taking cities to task but the focus on california. another high-profile battle maybe bring in colorado. this man is charged in a deadly hit-and-run, but the sheriff's department refusing to turn him
6:26 am
over for deportation. for more on this, let send it out to live in denver for us. >> the suspect is scheduled to be in court this morning to hear formal charges including vehicular homicide. one oh to take a look at this video from the action? denver police say ivan zamarripa-castanenda crashed his pickup truck into a semi being driven by a 57-year-old man on interstate 70. that driver became trapped inside and died in that fire. the 26-year-old zamarripa-castanenda in this country illegally ran away and was caught the next day. u.s. immigration and customs agents want to deport him and it sent a detainer request of the denver sheriff's department, but denver county refused. telling fox news that the denver sheriff honors criminal warrant signed by federal judge or a magistrate. additionally, it has a valid release of him. the denver sheriff's department will not honor civil detainers,
6:27 am
as it is considered unconstitutional. sandra, denver has not honors civil detainer since 2013. this is not new here. >> sandra: does ice have any reforms? >> at this point, if they can get a federal judge to sign the warrant, then denver will hand him over. it was explained to us by i.c.e., they detain up to 40,000 people per day. they can't go after every federal warrant. get this, if zamarripa-castanenda post of the $25,000 bond, he is free to go until his court date, which brings up a safety issue. >> detainers on the visuals, we actually help improve public safety by taking these criminal aliens off the street and ultimately removing them to their country of origin. >> denver sheriff's department says without a federal warrant, they simply can't keep someone in jail. the county does say they will notify i.c.e. if he is released.
6:28 am
>> sandra: alicia acuna live in denver. >> bill: we will dig into the justice department's lawsuit against the state of california. we will talk with the doj spokesperson coming up the next hour. do not miss that. >> sandra: it is our top story of the day. a historic invitation accepted, as we get a reaction to the president's agreement to meet with north korean dictator kim jong un. as senator marco rubio is here next. >> bill: these 911 calls made during the florida school massacre are now public and you hear some heartbreaking reactions now. that's on the tape, and we will play that for you in a moment. >> i love you. i love you. it's mom. >> is at the police? >> it's not the police. >> hide somewhere. play dead. ompany
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>> bill: 9:31, big news after president trump signed the tariffs on steel and aluminum. after the hour after the judge went empty -- it sang at 4.1% and economy added about 300,000 new jobs. that blew by the number of 200,000. that's the most we've had in about two years. that's what's moving on wall street today. >> sandra: that's a big number, and that 4.1% is a very low number. traders like it. goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold. its average hourly earnings did not go up like the jobs growth. the market kind of likes it. we've got some more news for you today. president trump agreeing to meet with north korean dictator kim jong un after months of harsh war of words between the two leaders. earlier i spoke to senator marco
6:33 am
rubio. senator marco rubio joins us now. thank you for joining us this morning. big announcement from the president last night, and we all know the president has made it very clear that his goal in talking to kim jong un would be permanent denuclearization. is it realistic to think that north korea would commit, honestly commit to giving up its nuclear capabilities? >> i don't believe that that is. donald trump was elected because of his willingness to do things that other politicians and presidents haven't done, and this is right along the lines of that. i ultimately think that kim jong un deeply believes that the only way he survives and doesn't become qaddafi or saddam hussein as if he has nuclear weapons. if he gets them up, there's no reason why they won't come in after him. there's two things happening here. number one, the pressure of the sanctions is so intense and the fear that donald trump will
6:34 am
attack him militarily is so deep, and there is so many complaints about his elites around him that he is forced to do something to buy time and create some sense of hope that things might improve. the other thing that might be happening is, he's luring us into these negotiations and then he will make demands that he knows we will never agree to like the u.s. abandoning south korea. at that point, he will go to the world and say i'm very reasonable, i met with the president, i'm willing to be flexible, but these guys don't want to deal with me. that's designed to get the international community to back off sanctions. i think the second option is probably the likeliest. time will tell. i hope i'm wrong by the way. we all want peace, but i don't think i'm wrong on this. we shall see. >> sandra: what do you think the actual meeting will look like? we are left with a lot of room to speculate. will this be a sit down on camera interview? where will it be? >> i don't know. part of the problem is, i already see some press reporting
6:35 am
that it will take some time to put this together. that's not a function of administration of this organization. that's a function of the fact we have no communications with the north koreans. they are in isolated, hermit country and don't have normal diplomatic channels most countries in the world. their leaders is not trouble to travel abroad almost over. there are no pre-existing channels there. as far as the nature of the meeting, i have no idea what they are talking about doing or how that would work. >> sandra: i got to move on to the sanctuary city battle. this is been a huge headline this week. jeff sessions heading out to california and announcing this lawsuit against the state of california. does this sort of battle, as we see it heat up, does it help or hurt the chances of getting something done on daca? >> i don't know if it helps or hurts. i think people are willing to do something on daca. the president has offered amnesty to 1.8 million people. i don't like it helps the state
6:36 am
of california. if you don't agree with federal law, that's why we have elections, that's what we have a congress, that's what we have a federal court system. i don't think you could defy the federal courts that's in the constitutional purview of the united states government. that is to enforce federal law when it comes to who comes into our country and enforce laws on immigration. when you have a mayor out there at tipping people off of a federal operation and you have a state that's openly invites into their jurisdiction that's in violation of the law, no matter how you feel about immigration, that's not legal and right. we all wish it wasn't headed in this direction, but we have to separate the two things. you may feel very strongly about an issue, but breaking the law in order to achieve it, in this issue, is not the right thing to do. >> sandra: we are coming to an end of another week, and generally speaking on the topic of immigration reform, another week of congress and not getting done on this.
6:37 am
>> there was an offer to do something on this a few weeks ago. senate voted on an amendment that would have legalized 1.8 million people provided a pasty citizenship. much more generous on the part of the president. it was voted down because it didn't go far enough in the minds of some. if you told the same people nine months ago, they would've taken on the spot, but of course expectation shift. the senate has had a debate on this. the house with a if they want to start it. in the meantime, we are involved on a senate bill to deal small banks. that are being wiped out by dog frank and it's bipartisan. we will get that done and see what comes up next. >> sandra: i want to get to gun control. this is a issue near and dear to your heart. several weeks out from that florida school shooting. you and democratic senator bill nelson from your state have introduced this a bipartisan legislature to encourage states to adapt a so-called "red flag to gun laws."
6:38 am
how does this work? >> it's not gun-control peer to me it's a gun safety and killer control. how it works is state law, as you know, states do restraining orders on all sorts of things. what this bill does is it creates a federal grants incentivize states to pass with five states already have, and florida should after today if the governor signs a bill, if someone is dangerous like this killer in park when, you can go to a judge improved to this judge with clear and convincing evidence that this is a dangerous person that will hurt themselves or other people and you can stop them from buying guns and sees the guns they already have, through due process. this is a constitutional right. that's what we are incentivizing states to do that. >> sandra: some states already are. there were many warning signs when it came to this florida school shooter. with this legislation -- with these laws that you are proposing, what they had
6:39 am
prevented him from carrying that out at that high school? >> they could have. what could have happened, the school or the sheriff's office or the people who called the sheriff's office on the fbi hotline could have and stead gone to court and a judge could have shown them the instagram post and the judge could have issued an order to take away those guns and stopped them from buying new ones. that could have prevented him, which is in my mind the best way to stop these things, stop the shooter and killer before the even step foot in a school or a mall or a movie theater or anywhere else. >> sandra: the florida legislator passed on wednesday, i guess you could call that surely gun-control bill, it's in the hands of your governor rick scott now, raising the minimum wage to 21 for all gun purchases in your state and bomb stocks. that's a lot of the things the activists have been fighting for in your state, ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. how does your bill sort of jive
6:40 am
with that bill? >> it does not ban semiautomatic rifles, but it raise the age to 21 for the purchase of all guns. my view on that is that i am open to supporting. i said i would support. as long as is not bold action shotguns. in this case, it was 19, but in most cases, the person was well over 21 years of age. we have to be careful about over selling what it would do. i'm open to that as long as it is properly structured. our bill, in addition to the gun violence restraining order, we also have the 30 senators on board. that is even more effective. that puts in place programs across the country that allow people to identify these people. sheriff, school, everyone working together to identify a potential killer and gets on top of them and stop them before this ever happens. it's a model the secret service
6:41 am
follows to protect the president, we do it in utah, los angeles, it works. it's the best thing we do and hopefully we can pass that here very soon. >> sandra: it's clearly something you're passionate about. i know you are at the white house yesterday meeting with the president that went on with the video game makers. it's a huge conversation. it's been a huge week. thank you for being here this morning. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> someone is shooting up the school at stoneman douglas peer >> what is happening? >> someone is shooting of someone douglas. >> bill: those of the calls from inside the parkland shooting. at least one of those calling from inside the school. it also released the sheriff's office in the frantic transmission of first responder first responders. it is something else. >> chaos and confusion,
6:42 am
students, teachers, and parents panicked. the gunman was inside shooting 150 rounds in minutes. these new released audio recordings do support the broward seraph's contention that his deputy, the school's armed resource officer, who was on tho building 12, the freshman building to engage the shooter. >> a possible -- i think we have shots fired. possible shots fired. 1200 building. >> that is the voice of scott peterson reacting from across campus, as it all unfolded. at one point, and other first responder reports he thinks he hears gunshots around the football field. peterson claims he did not rush a building 12 because he thought the shots were coming from outside. in one radio transmission right after the shot stopped and at the bleeding, wounded were still inside needing help, peterson appears convinced that the shooter could still be inside.
6:43 am
>> do not approach the 12 or 1300 building. they are at least 500 feet away at this point. >> the stairwell from 121300 building. >> bill: former student, nikolas cruz was arrested about an hour later walking away. he is charge of 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. in tallahassee today, governor rick scott could sign the mass of $4 million marjory stoneman douglas public safety act after the house and senate passed it this week. it raises the age of buying guns to 21 it allows for certain teachers and staff to carry guns in schools, which he opposes but all the parents have been invited to come with him today. >> bill: thank you very much. live in miami today. >> sandra: he made good on his campaign promise with president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. still facing big pushback from those in his own party and
6:44 am
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call now to learn more.
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>> this is not nearly a make a make a economical disaster, it's a security disaster. we want to build our liturgical and was steel and aluminum from our country. we are finally taking action to creat to correct this long overdue problem. >> bill: still going forward after signing sweeping new tariffs and for now both canada and mexico are exempt. wisconsin republican sean duffy here. nice to see you. you come a state with 3% unemployment. that is remarkable. how does this affect people? >> for those companies, they will pay them more for it. they are complaining about it. we have some industries in our field that could have retaliation from europe and other countries on our egg
6:48 am
products, so they don't like it as well. if you step back and say, i'm a free-trade guy, it's good for jobs. when america is the only country that's open and the other countries are close, that's not fair trade. what donald is doing here is pushing a broader conversation, not just on steel and aluminum, but it's also saying we will have more prosperity with taxes and tariffs. >> bill: do you think this is a good move? one of the big points made yesterday was every administration is talking about this but not doing anything about it, and he is there to change that. is it a good move? >> it could go bad. if we get into a trade war, that's not great for us. if we get retaliation from other countries, that could be very negative for the economy. president trump, a great negotiator, place things well. we make harleys in wisconsin. when we sell our harleys, they might play a little more for
6:49 am
that metal, but when we sell those harleys into china, we have 30% tariffs. we sell most into india, there's 100% tariffs. america gets a zero eli must made a point that we sell our cars into china with 20% tariffs and they sell ours with 2.5% tariffs. we had to change we do business, and donald trump is trying to fix it. if we do, that's great for were ohio and was wisconsin. >> bill: i'm looking at paul ryan's reaction in ben sasse and's reaction, jeff flake, ron johnson. are you in there can't? >> i'm more in the white house can't. listen. they are free traders. you can't do free-trade when it's not fair trade. president trump is saying we have to have equality in our countries in an exchange of goods. everyone gets freaked out when
6:50 am
we start to build walls. building of these walls is the way that you get other countries to take down the barriers. trump is pushing this. he's a little unconventional. he does things differently. north korea is starting to have some success that we don't know how it will turn out. 313,000 job number today. i don't think you do well when you bet against donald trump. >> bill: thank you for coming in today. nice to have you. sandra, watson next? >> sandra: the new state-of-the-art spacecraft setting its sights on the red planet. expose a report from the laboratory were nasa scientists are working to make history. ♪
6:51 am
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>> sandra: with the nasa just months away from a new mission to mars, fox news is getting an exclusive an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at it spacecraft expected to shed new light on the red planet. jonathan hunt is a live from nasa's jet proposal and territory in pasadena, california, with this. >> when president trump told yesterday about sending "something beautiful to mars" this is what he meant. the insight lander, he wants to get american astronauts on the longer mars could before we do that, we need to know more about the planet. that is where the insight lander comes in. >> will make a map inside of mars and use that map to inform our knowledge of how planets are born. >> getting to mars first me from getting to the insight site in
6:55 am
colorado to the launch site, vanderburgh airport space in california. fox news was the only tv crew invited along for the journey. >> this is a critical move throughout the entire build up and test of the spacecraft. we've taken huge amounts of precautions to make to the spacecraft has been safe the entire time. >> it made it safely to vanderburgh and is being prepared for the launch window, which opens may 5th. >> we will load the vehicle with its fuel, spin it to make sure it's totally balance and put it on top of the rocket and make sure we are ready to go. >> sound so easy when you put it like that. >> if they may launch a successful, all eyes will then be focused on the mars landing. scheduled for november 26th. that's where you are very responsible. if it goes wrong, it's all your fault. >> 7 minutes of terror. the reason we say that, everything has to go right with those 7 minutes. >> exciting times for space
6:56 am
exploration. the launch window opens may 5th, and we will be bringing every step of it to you live with the help of our good friends here at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory. >> sandra: exciting stuff, jonathan hunt. thank you. >> bill: we have a new reaction out of washington after the stunning announcement last night. all that coming up. kim jong un on and donald trump, next. cars and things to do. like level furnished living suites for 45% off. everything you need to go. expedia mikboth served in the navy.s, i do outrank my husband,
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7:00 am
tense standoff of the north korea's nuclear program. kim jong un and offering to halt those programs, a clear-cut victory of foreign policy. he's taken a firm position on north korea. marco rubio was taking a wait and see attitude earlier here on "america's newsroom" when he said this. >> two things happening here, the pressure of the sanctions is so intense and the fear that donald trump will attack and militarily is so deep and so many complaints about his elites around him that he is forced to do something, at least to buy time and create some sense of hope that things might improve. the other thing that might be happening is he's luring us into these negotiations, but then he will make demands that he knows we can never agree to. >> sandra: fox news covering all the angles of this. gillian turner reporting on action at the state department. we have adam kinzinger. we begin with adam cork. it is the white house convention with a sanctions pressure on the regime is what led to this
7:01 am
moment? >> i don't think there's any doubt about that. other than increased pressure on the machine and trading partners, primarily china, there has not been a dramatic change in the policy based on what we see from the previous administration. all told, it's ratcheting up of the pressure, and thus the belief you're at the white house that had led to this particular moment. let me take you to twitter and show you what the president had to say about this possibility. i think it's also fair to say there's a healthy amount of skepticism in the beltway. here's what the president tweeted. kim jong un talked about denuclearization with the south korean representatives, not just a freeze. also, no missile testing by north korea during this period of time. great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. meeting being planned! let me share with the vice president had to say about this. we pick this one up within the last hour. he said north korea's desire to
7:02 am
discuss it in denuclearization while all the nuclear best to map ballistic is evidence that president trump strategy to isolate the kim regime is working. just on those statements and others that is certainly the feeling here at the white house. >> sandra: one might this meeting actually take place? >> of the $64,000 question. we heard of may. it could happen sooner. the regime obviously would want it to happen sooner than that. there are a lot of moving parts here to be fair. parties might take part in this particular meeting, the location even has to be discussed. all that still to be decided. the white house is definitely believes pressure works. >> president trump absolutely believes and he is totally read that it is a pressure campaign that brought us to this juncture. if you heard the south korean envoy say, that's what the
7:03 am
president of south korea also believe. >> again, a heavy dose of skepticism however. keep this in mind, we've seen the north play this game before when they say they want to agree with something and go back on their agreements routinely. we will learn more about this discussion that led to this particular moment. a dramatic tea at the white house yesterday. for now, back to you. >> sandra: kevin corke, thank you. >> bill: the president's diplomat responding from overseas. rex tillerson to tillerson traveling in africa saying that north korea's dramatic change neck posture is making it possi. gillian turner on that story live in washington. >> there's no magic formula when getting conditions right for diplomatic negotiations, but secretary of state tillerson believes in the case of north korea-u.s. talks, it definitely takes two to tango. >> as the decision the president took himself, i spoke to him very early this morning about
7:04 am
that decision. we had a good conversation. >> it wasn't enough that president trump, leader of the free world, wanted these talks to go forward. dictator kim jong un had to come to the idea in his own time, and that took years. >> what changed him was his product he met posture in a very dramatic way, in all honesty, ia little surprise to us as well. >> another the two leaders have agreed to sit down, south korean and assist the north is to get started. >> his eagerness to meet president trump as soon as possible. >> president trump faces a steep uphill climb when it comes to getting concessions out of pyongyang in a very sketchy track record of the regime lying to the united states. since 1994 when north korea agreed to free the plutonium of
7:05 am
develop and exchange for u.s. aid, reneged on at least six times. in 2003 and 2002, they reopen their nuclear facilities. in 2006, they conducted their first nuclear weapons test. in 2009, they declare that they were no longer bound by anything they agreed to in the past. whenever these formal negotiations kick off, the path forward will ultimately test the trump administration diplomatic prowess on the world stage. bill, the only thing that is for sure what these talks is that the entire world is going to be watching. >> bill: what a move. disruptor in chief. gillian turner live in washington. >> sandra: kim jong un's desire to talk shows sanctions are starting to work. the chairman also warning that "north korean regimes have repeatedly used talks and empty promises to extract confessions and buy time."
7:06 am
north korea uses this to advance its missile programs. we've got to break the cycle. illinois congressman adam kinzinger is a republican and joins us now. congressman, good to have you on here this morning. do you agree with what you just heard there, the house foreign affairs committee saying it's a result of the sanctions, that is why kim wants to meet with our president? >> 1000%. back when all this began to might remember the tough talk from president trump and the left was kind of going crazy and said he would start world war iii, i remember being on your show saying no, this is the kind of thing you back up the diplomatic instrument of power and its only working is backed up with a credible literary option. they put that out there. this has compelled the north to the table. just as chairman roy said, you have to be very clear on. they've done this maneuver many times before were they simply try to buy time. if there's anyone from a
7:07 am
north korean regime watching the show, there's one message for them i would give. don't let up this time because the president is willing to talk to you, but if you break off talks with no concessions and no move towards denuclearization, i fear the only option for that as military options. >> sandra: wow. i guess that is the only other option. congressman, when you talk to your colleagues this morning, this happened so fast last night with the president walking to this white house press briefing room and the announcement -- that alone was unprecedented that he did that. an hour later this announcement came outside the white house by south korea. have you had a chance to talk with your colleagues about their response to this? >> i've talked to a few of them. i don't want to say they are as excited as i am because we are going into this very sober and understanding, but we are pleased with what's happened here as i am. the president has been very clear. i'm willing to talk under the
7:08 am
right conditions. the right conditions are stopped nuclear testing. we will keep our joint military exercises going. to see the president with kim jong un, he needs to be be very prepared going into this with kim jong un. i think it's clear that the sanctions are having a biting effect on north korea. north korea is feeling more isolated. it would be very wise -- it's wise for us to remember this is a very desperate and regime. it's wise for north korea to realize that this is like your one opportunity to really prevent a military strike. the president is very serious about the use of military and praise he doesn't have to. i met with him three months ago and he mentioned that we never want to go there, but it's an option. this is north korea's opportunity to do the right thing. >> sandra: your republican colleague in the senate, lindsey graham, had a very strong warning for the north korean dictator as we move towards these talks. listen. i'm sorry. this is what he said. a word of warning to
7:09 am
north korean president kim jong un, the worst possible thing to do is meet with president trump in person and try to play him. if you do that, it will be the end of you and your regime. he strongly believes and went on to say that he believes there has not been a change in north korea's thinking that donald trump is president. >> i fully agree. think about the last administration. i don't want to cast stones in the past. there's too much of that that goes in the day. i rarely heard president obama talk about north korea. when president obama met with president trump in the office, he said you're number one issue is north korea. president trump comes out in action to take that seriously and begins to implement proper sanctions and say we have a military option, have some tough talk and it led to where we are now. senator graham is absolutely right. if kim jong un thinks he can play the old game like he did against bill clinton and past administrations, he's absolutely wrong. president trump basically goes
7:10 am
and meets with him and gets nothing out of it, i don't see any more possibility for diplomatic action. >> sandra: where do you think this meeting should take place? >> there's a plot of interesting things, china, south korea. it should be interesting if it happened at the dmc. i've been to the dmz. there's one house that basically straddles the line that both sides can walk into. it be kind of interesting if it happens they are. it definitely won't be north korea, i will tell you that much. >> sandra: south korea the safest bet? safe to say? >> probably the safest bet. maybe china. the dmz was built to facilitate north-south communications. if it happened there, it would be interesting into store. either way, this is a very historic meeting. >> sandra: those are a lot of the details that will be speculated on. north korea says they want this as soon as possible. apparently it will happen by may. there will be a lot of chatter happening up to that.
7:11 am
thank you, congressman. >> bill: 10 minutes past the hour and breaking news on a big mystery. we know the brits have deployed members of its military to help investigate a nerve agent attack targeting a former russian spy. nigel faraj is on deck on that coming up. plus, there is this. >> it will show us that eric holder was very involved in the obstruction of justice, man who now probably says he's a lawyer and should be disbarred. >> sandra: darrell issa has been fighting to get answers for his family of murdered border control agent brian terry. now bryan's brother kent could be one step closer to just that. after asking president trump for help. he will join us live here >> bill: president trump now imposing new tariffs, despite reservations from some leading republicans. what is next? we will debate that up coming up in a matter of moments. >> i'm delivering on a promise i made during the campaign, and been making it for a put good
7:12 am
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7:16 am
25 injured including two americans. u.s. government employees now barred from visiting the resort town. we will keep you updated on tha that. >> sandra: president trump using the power of the pen to sign tariffs on aluminum steel yesterday and breaking with his party in the process. decision also leading to the departure of gary cohn. here's the president on cohn's resignation yesterday. speak of this is gary cohn's last meeting in the cabinet and of the cabinet. he has been terrific. he may be a globalist, but i still like him. he is seriously a globalist, there's no question. and his own way, he's a naturalist because he loves our country. where is gary? you love our country. >> sandra: nice moment there. the spring and the panel. lisa boothe, adrienne elrod.
7:17 am
it was a later moment there in the last cabinet meeting for gary cohn. those two got along really well. they both came on board knowing each other's differences. it stopped at the tariffs. gary cohn cannot support that. >> he's a very wealthy new yorkers that came to washington and i think they've had a long-standing relationship. i think gary essentially singled, at the bus stops here on this particular issue. we fundamentally disagree. he left. >> the president is in disagreement with many in's own party. he heard paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, they are warning that the result of this may be a trade war. the president said trade wars aren't always a bad thing. this is an interesting split within the republican party. >> it's also one we've seen before, and i don't think it will be the last time either. president trump has been consistently at odds with the republican party throughout his election and also his administration.
7:18 am
it will probably not be the last looking ahead to infrastructure could be another issue where he's at odds with some republicans in the party. if you're president trump, he is doing this from the length that got him to the white house, and that was through the rust belt. if you go back to the michigan primaries and look to exit polling for both the republican party into democrat party, you had a majority of voters say that trade cost american jobs. that was part of the reason why bernie sanders got that upset victory against hillary clinton, which we probably should've looked back to that moment and realized hillary clinton was going to have a problem with the rust belt voters at that moment. i think that's what president trump is looking at purity of other republicans that are worried about the ramifications, the rippling effect on the economy. >> it was quite a moment there are the steel aluminum workers present in the white house for that signing with the president. meanwhile, what a week this has been. second big departure from the
7:19 am
white house in two weeks. hope hicks departed last week. now you have gary cohn. that means there's two big positions you have to be filled. >> i think that's the real issue of losing gary and hope hicks last week as well. took a long longtime aids that a president has had a long-standing relationship that both left. the president having a really difficult time feeling some of these jobs. we will see what happens there. i will say that gary is a registered democrat has been in the past. that's a position where i think you will find a lot of really extraordinary talent. you know you are dealing with some major economic issues and overseeing a staff of 30 people. it's a very prominent role. i think he will find some strong talent. >> sandra: i think there have been way too much emphasis on the individuals surrounding the president. i think it's an effort to sort of undermine the president and
7:20 am
take the focus off of his own abilities. we saw a ton of turnover during the election, whether it was cory lewandowski or paul manafort. then you had kellyanne conway. he was still able to when i can election that nobody saw he was going to win. the turnover throughout the administration has still been able to get a lot of big ticket items done, tax reform, while repealing the individual mandates, judicial nominations going through. what we saw last night with north korea now wanting to come to the bargain table and it was not long ago that people were saying president trump fire in theory, it was crazy. i wasn't one of them. i thought it was a great form of deterrence. i think there was an over emphasis on the people surrounding him and the importance that they play. >> sandra: we will see what happens next week, adrienne. this has been a wild ride. not a lot accomplished by congress. immigration and daca still out there. thank you both for being here.
7:21 am
>> bill: thank you ladies. it's been one of the top stories watching all day now. justice department taken california to court over it sanctuary state policies. in a moment, doj spokeswoman sarah isgur flores will be live to address. >> sandra: >> sandra: first, 21 people in united kingdom nerve agent attack. their speculation that russia is behind this. britain's military is getting involved in the investigation. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
7:22 am
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> sandra: a third nor'easter may hit the northeast next week. that's a concern for many people who have not recovered from the previous two storms this month. right now utility crews are working to restore power to
7:25 am
about 280,000 homes and businesses. some of them without power for the last week. at least 11 people have died in the two storms this month. >> bill: we are now learning 21 people have been forced to receive medical treatment following a nerve agent attack. the toxins targeting a former russian spy living in england while he was with his daughter, broad daylight, both remain in critical but stable condition. the british prime minister theresa may promising strong consequences if russia is responsible. the foreign minister from moscow responding to that charge earlier today. >> this is pure propaganda. the inflaming of hysteria. if anyone is interested in our assistance with the investigation, whether it be on the poisoning of some subject from the united kingdom or the affairs of the united states during the election campaign or anything else, if you really need help from russia, then we will be ready to consider such a possibility. >> bill: what a scenario.
7:26 am
nigel farage out of naples, florida, today. welcome back here to "america's newsroom." we have a really good mystery here. what do you is up? >> when you say it's a mystery because it's very weird, and it is sort of like a cold war story part of a hollywood film, but it's all too real. it happened before. poisoned nerds in nerve agents have been used on the roads of n before. the last time it happened with actors links with the russian regime. it seems there's a pattern here. anyone that is seen by russia as a traitor, anyone who has crossed vladimir putin comes to a very deeply, unpleasant end. now of course, this taking place on the streets of england is just awful. the difficulty is, the prime minister are saying once the link is made, if it's made, we will take action. the difficulty is, what can
7:27 am
actually do? it seems to me the only sanction they really got as they can withdraw our soccer team from the world cup finals taking place in rush of the summer. beyond that, it's very difficult for them. >> bill: this nerve agent stuff is tricky to handle. you have to be a professional to manage this. i have close to two dozen people who are affected by it. this is really serious stuff here. you think the only recourse is a soccer match? >> look, the last on this happened was ten years ago, and a guy had poisoned -- polonium poisoned in his tea. he died a horrible death. we expelled a few diplomats. it's very difficult to know exactly what we can do in response to this if the link is proven. >> bill: may be the better question, what is vladimir putin up to? he was a former spy and had been in jail until 2010 in rush and went to england for asylum,
7:28 am
correct? >> that's right. let's put it like this, russians do not look kindly upon traders. they see this guy, skipral, as a traitor. i think if this is the russians doing, it sends a message. if you think you can give away our state secrets and go and live somewhere else for the rest of your life, you will never, ever be safe. that, i think, is probably the motive behind this. >> bill: what you think theresa may will do? >> it's obviously a huge embarrassment for the prime minister to happen on the streets of the u.k. she will say things and kick out a few diplomats, but it's very difficult beyond that to know exactly what she can do. >> bill: nigel, thank you. it's a mystery that continues. thank you for coming back today. >> sandra: the president's new
7:29 am
terrorists getting criticism within his own party and abroad, but one group is applauding the action. i will take a lot to pennsylvania steel company where these tariffs could impact a critical special election there next week. >> bill: the battle between the department of justice and state of california has only just begun. the president is calling out the mayor of oakland. we will talk to sarah isgur flores coming up next live after this. >> the mayor of oakland went out and warned them, scatter. what she did is incredible and very dangerous from the standpoint of icem border control
7:30 am
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7:32 am
>> what the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace. where they had close to a thousand people ready to be gotten, ready to be taken off the streets. many of them come and they say 85% of them were criminals and had criminal records.
7:33 am
the mayor of oakland went out and she went out and warned them to scatter. >> bill: a bit of new reaction from the president regarding the justice department decision to sue california. the president calling up the mayor of oakland, as he heard there in the cabinet meeting. sarah isgur flores, the director of public affairs for the justice department. welcome back. a number of topics to go through. what is your next move on sanctuary cities? what is your next move on california? >> we have a number of lawsuits going at this point. we have the one that wants to restrict federal law enforcement and funding to to restrictions that won't cooperate. this latest lawsuit we filed is about california actually having laws on the books that are doing with the oakland mayor did. they have private employers communicating with i.c.e. and have to warn their employees if i.c.e. is coming. they won't know when they are about to release dangerous criminals back onto the street to their communities, which is
7:34 am
why we see the tragic cases of kate steinle come a moment the most famous example. >> bill: has another state done what california has done in terms of warning? >> in terms of putting that into effect, i'm not aware of any. this is why it's a very important lawsuit that the department of justice has brought. federal immigration law has to preempt the state deciding willy-nilly what immigration laws they want to comply with and which ones they simply don't agree with. you can't have those sort of policies. >> bill: the pushback has been from california. they have their own ability to do based on state rights. with regard to this oakland mayor, what can you do? what is she in for as the president mentioned her yesterday? >> the attorney general said we are looking at that. what we really need to do is have people in their community standing up to these politicians that think they are scoring political points with putting law enforcement in danger every
7:35 am
time that they do this. it's incredible that they think that's the way to win elections. of course, we have taxpayer dollars going to some of these jurisdictions. we have to look at ways to prevent your tax dollars from going to jurisdictions that endanger federal law enforcement. >> bill: it will be interesting. in the meantime, give a decision to make on a second special counsel. will jeff sessions grants the wishes of republicans in the house? >> back in november, he sent a letter to congress that he appointed senior federal prosecutors to look at the matters they raised. most recently on your network, he said that we did have a senior federal prosecutor that was looking at these issues. we have to let that process work its way through. the inspector general is looking at a lot of these issues that members of congress have raised. it's important to know the inspector general has close to 500 employees under him, and that they absolutely have the ability to interview people outside of the department of
7:36 am
justice and to refer metals to make matters when they find crime. >> bill: which what your inclination? >> i won't get ahead of the attorney general on that. i think they raise serious issues that deserve close scrutiny. >> bill: when you make a call on that time frame? >> that's where the inspector general is looking at these things. they said the reports would come out in the spring. i think the public has a right to see what they have found. some of that could lead to further action. >> bill: sounds like a month from now. >> i'm not sure how we are defining spring these days. march or april. >> cherry blossoms are coming out soon. why the change this week on that topic? >> this has been ongoing litigation for six years. i'm sure many of your viewers remember attorney general holder not turning over those documents related to the tragic death of these officers.
7:37 am
this president has said he wants to have a transparent administration, and certainly his attorney general's belief that as well. reached a settlement to provide some documents, which is the right thing to do. >> bill: did they been to the pressure the summer giving from the inside and outside? >> there is a difference between pressure and doing the right thing. there was an unexpected unexpected tragic incident that happened here. they have every right to see these documents. is the right thing to do in terms of transparency. >> bill: one last question, can you say the documents will give us the answer as to what happened? >> i hope they will get more answers. i'm sure there will always be questions left of something like this could happen. these guns should never have been in the hands of criminals. i hope that they will. >> bill: sarah, thank you for your time. you come back every time. sarah isgur flores. >> sandra: president trump
7:38 am
holding the decision to hold tariffs on steel and aluminum. workers end pennsylvania steel country seem to be all for it. molly line is an pennsylvania. p.a. helped to put trump in the white house. this is an important move. >> and passion critics of president trump's own party has decried his new tariffs on steel and aluminum. the dwindled number of plants here still hope you >> it's an extra shot in the arm for us. we need all the job security we can get. >> he works for you still and is the president of the local steelworkers union. he believes the president's terrorists plan a given industry a much needed booth. he traveled to washington to watch president trump put pen to paper. he understands what it means to have a good job in mexico and what it means to lose one, as his father did nearly 40 years
7:39 am
ago. >> looking at his eyes in my household and what that does to a family. if you hear about it, what when you are involved and it impacts you, it will never leave you. >> u.s. steel employs more than 3,000 people here in the mann valley. the big question is, will this mean more jobs? they do anticipate an increase in demand for u.s.-made steel, and if that demand is sustained, the company will respond and step up to the customer needs. >> sandra: what are voters saying now about this? >> an interesting mixed bag. there are some that like them and are critical. >> i am all for it. should have never left. should have still been here, as far as i'm concerned. >> i think is too little too late. you're not going to bring back steel. >> there is some hope and some
7:40 am
feel that this perhaps it may not work or be able to save this industry, but there's some hope for the future. >> sandra: molly line, thank you. >> bill: a stunning new video of a teacher thrown to the ground here and we will tell you about the new lawsuit in this case. have a look and a listen. >> eric holder was very involved in the obstruction of justice, man who now probably says he's a lawyer and should be disbarred and in fact had a active role texting, emailing, helping people figure out how not to deliver congress what we clearly wanted and were lawfully entitled to. >> sandra: congressman one of the republican lawmakers who has been fighting to get answers for the family of murdered border control agent brian terry. six years later, his family could be one step closer to getting the truth. we will talk to his brother kent terry straight ahead.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> sandra: a big breakthrough in the long running fast and furious investigation and a step in the right direction for the family of murdered border patrol agent brian terry. attorney general jeff sessions promising these documents related to this day and, the very documents withheld for years by attorney general eric holder. congressman darrell issa chairman of this. here's his reaction to the news. eric holder systematically withhold justice and made it so the dash worth it was discovered and agreed to, it gives us an opportunity to give these documents it may be additional documents it will shed light for the terry family on the one question you heard ryan's brother asked, what was it that this administration was a hiding? that cause them to obstruct justice? >> sandra: that was kent terry, brian's brother, good to
7:45 am
have you on the program this morning. i had a chance to talk to you before. you said there is not a day that goes by when you don't think about your brother. your family has been so passionate about getting answers for him and getting justice. what was your family's reaction to the news that the justice department was acting on this? >> welcome as you can see, we were a little emotionally relieved yesterday. it's been a law road for us. it's been a long road. we were relieved with yesterday and are headed in the right direction. >> sandra: have you had a chance to talk to anybody? trey gowdy is a chairman of the house oversight committee. these documents will be turned over according to jeff sessions to the committee for the request. has anybody reached out? >> mr. issa reached out to my mom yesterday, and she actually missed a couple phone calls
7:46 am
yesterday. they said to call her back. and some from other people in the doj and stuff like that. >> he's very much been a part of this for your family. >> from the beginning, yes. >> sandra: what are your thoughts on this administration? we are 13, 14 months into the new administration. now the justice department, jeff sessions under president trump, has finally concluded that those documents need to be and will be turned over. >> first of all, i want to thank president trump for what he's done. we've come a long ways with trump. i think he's on the right ball, going down the right road with everybody. mr. sessions needs to restore the justice system that holder messed up. >> sandra: as we know, back in 2012 the eric holder was held in contempt of congress. he refused to turn over those documents. he told your family otherwise along the way, did he not?
7:47 am
>> yes he did. he said he would hold those responsible accountable, which we found out he was involved in it. how is the doj going to protect and investigate themselves? that was very upsetting to us to get that, and then to find out that they are talking about wiretapping our family, calling us a nuisance because we wanted answers and some other stuff they said along the way. >> sandra: i'm sorry your family had to go through that. jason chaffetz was on the program earlier this week and he very much has been a part of this fight for you and your family. he said he want to jeff sessions directly what he was chair, demanding that these documents be turned over and he was told no. what changed do you think? >> i don't know. i was kind of shock to myself. i didn't even know he had a meeting with mr. sessions about them. when we see it on twitter, i was
7:48 am
shocked. maybe sessions is the man for the job. i thought maybe he got pulled in by the old and vomit administration. he prospered and showed us that he's heading into the right direction. to be he restore the justice system. >> sandra: is that your expectation that the committee will turn over all of these documents to you and your family to see, let alone the public? >> that's what i'm worried about. i think they will be redacted or withhold something? i pretty much believe it when i see it. that's our main concern right now. we just want the truth, and that's all we want. i hope these documents come forward and that they are not redacted, and they are not misleading us again and saying we will put out a couple thousand or a thousand or whatever there is and then hold it for another two or three years. my family really can't go through that much longer. we are in it for the fight for
7:49 am
the long run, but it's just -- i hope they are not redacted or anything like that. i hope they are transparent. >> sandra: go back to the trump campaign rally where you met the president and he told him your family story. he made a promise to you. >> yes he did. i met with him, shook his hand. before he became president, i can tell you one thing, the man it's very sincere about this country. he was very apologetic. for my brother's death. apologizing for the previous administration. he promised that when he became president he would open up the books on my brother's death, and he did. >> sandra: we are showing a picture right now of that meeting. i believe that was your sister in the picture of the president as well. how is your family doing this morning? >> i really haven't talked to anybody this morning. they are busy working and stuff like that.
7:50 am
my mom is with the grandkids. i will see her here shortly. probably for lunch or something. we will probably be talking about it. >> sandra: we know how hard it must be to share your story so publicly, but we have all been a part of this and the american people want answers just -- we want answers, i'm sure you're want answers even more. it's great to have you on the program, and i hope you keep us posted on developments as this moves forward. >> i will. i appreciate it, thank you. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. a serious matter for the administration, how the health and human secretary plans to fight it in an explosive report that's coming up next right after this. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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>> bill: the secretary of health and human services diving right in now. only six weeks on the job and already starting talking about the opioid crisis, how to take it on, drug prices and more. exclusive interview with dr. marc siegel singh to talk about his plans and more. good morning, doctor. >> the opioid epidemic continues to worsen now that a 30% increase in overdoses over the last year of bone. a new study revealing that children are overdose victims at double the rate of a decade ago. with congress considering more than 20 opioid bills, i sat down with the interview with hhs secretary alec cesar. it was an exclusive. he talked about the agencies he over overseas. they are all involved in the fight. he told me that he believes progress is being made. it's emotionally fentanyl is
7:55 am
causing the problem to my problem, but what is your thing we think we should do about it? >> at the front and stop people getting addicted to opioids. they start on the path of legal painkiller opioids and moved to a legal drug and the fennel is so cheap they can lead to that overdose and death that comes from that. >> secretary also spoke to me about his and the president's vision to replace volume with value in health care, as he calls it. the president expects to disrupt the current system to get to his goal. >> trying to work to facilitate the information being accessible to app developers, so the information can be sucked into applications that are very usable and intuitive with the patient. that's what's great about working for president trump. he has the courage to say, "i'm okay if we disrupt the special interests if it's going to bring
7:56 am
value and improve things for the patient." >> secretary azar hopes of putting the patients rather than the insurance or drug companies or government at the center of it will increase cost and improve quality. time will tell us if he's right. >> bill: do you believe they are making progress? >> the numbers are bad, but secretary azar says the new numbers that come out will show decreased prescriptions and over prescriptions. he said that is the key to get doctors to prescribe less. we are getting there. >> bill: good to see you. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: kim jong un on bowing put his nuclear program on hold to sit down with president trump. can he be trusted? a live report from the pentagon. it's time for the 'sleep number
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or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing, or swallowing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. so stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> you expect me to talk first. >> i'll talk. i'm always talking. >> okay. >> pretty good. >> nice to have you back.
8:00 am
>> i appreciate that. >> check out the big board. 253 on the upside. a reflection of the boom in economy. >> look at it go! >> yeah. talk about it on "outnumbered." good look with that. fight the good fight. >> have a good weekend. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> the news keep going. after decades of hostility, could be history in the making. president trump accepting an invite to me with north korean dictator kim jong-un. the u.s. is vowing to keep the pressure on. ed henry. >> and i'm melissa francis. a lot of new reaction coming in. word that president trump spoke to president xi jinping earlier this morning. the big story broke last night. south korea's security


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