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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 10, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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[national anthem] ♪? president trump taking to twitter, quote: the deal with north korea is very much in the making. >> i have always thought when i worked for the obama administration i hated the way we handled north korea. the establishment got it wrong. >> president trump tweeted that he looks forward to coming to pennsylvania and he expects a big crowd. >> the president has pardoned christian dossie chrise area. >> he knows i made a mistake. >> send ago questionnaire about the so-called trump dossier to two more officials from the obama administration. >> former obama advisor susan rice stepped in quash
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action plan stop the. tell them to stand down, back off. >> it's indefensible as it is comprehensible. >> most americans care whether or not their lives and country is improving. president trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and he is getting the results. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is my town ♪ pete: welcome to "fox & friends" on a saturday morning. you are probably just waking up. we are not. we have been up for a while. ed: a long time. rachel: hours. pete: it's not opposite day, ed and i just switched sides of the couch. ed: a little fun, mix it up. pete: we have a great show saturday morning. join us for all four hours. the president will be in pennsylvania, pennsylvania 18, later on today.
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this evening. ed: special election. pete: we this channel will be covering the speech. mind set on the other side of the world. big news breaking at the end of this week that it looks like that guy on the left and that guy on the right might be meeting face to face before the month of may comes to fruition. the president tweeted about it yesterday. new information about that potential meeting saying this: he said the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be, if completed, a very good one for the world time and place to be determined. so, still a lot of open-ended issues on this particular meeting. it looks like it will happen. rachel: there are some concessions leading up to the meeting. so, kim jong un said that they will meet in two months; however, they have to stop all their tests between now and then. ed: we told them to stop. rachel: we are continuing our sanctions. nothing is going to be let up other times in other agreement. those things have not been
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in place. ed: wait, hang on. you are saying there might be peace? because i have been following along for the last year and i heard the president was starting world war iii: maybe his strategy is playing out well? pete: maybe brinksmanship works. maybe deals are made through pressure when you tell them you are going to be. >> peace through strength. pete: as opposed to peace through weakness. ed: obama official felipe top aide and senior advisors to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state was on fox last night saying he didn't like the way president obama approached north korea either. >> i have always thought, when i worked for the obama administration, i hated the way we handled north korea. i hated the way bush did. it was always treating them like they deserved to be treated as an equal. i thought we should just ignore them. i, at one point, wanted to say if you can't launch a
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rocket that doesn't reach the outer atmosphere, we're not going to talk about you. but president trump, you know, he inherited something a little different. he inherited north korea at a time when they have been harder to ignore. ed: that was remarkable bit of truth there. if you listen closely i always thought as a senior state department advisor in the obama administration it's best to ignore kim jong un. that's largely what the obama administration was doing. rachel: right. ed: as he said himself, president trump inherited this. rachel: also, he was a former clinton person as well. clinton had the same strategy as barack obama. and we saw the system work. the state department and their experts are always saying we know the way to handle these kind of guys like kim jong un. and the truth is, he is just a bully. throw out the script from the state department and follow your gut. that's what the president has done and that's why we are here now.
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pete: felipe responsible for russia reset button. ed: be fair to him. pete: he said in there treating them like they deserve to be treated as an equal. that's such a difference between this white house and the obama administration. whether it's north korea, iran. even the u.n., they look at the u.n. and say everyone is equal. and trump is saying no. america is a strong, powerful country that should lead in this world and that really matters. ed: speaking of the obama white house susan rice is back. new book coming out that says she told the white house cyber team to, quote: knock it off when they floated various tough options to go after russian meddling in the 2016 election. this is fascinating because all we keep hearing is two things. that donald trump is as a candidate was colluding with the russians. we don't have any evidence of that yet number one and number two we are hearing donald trump as president hasn't done anything to stop russian aggression heading into the mid terms. now this book is suggesting
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wait a second, the obama people knew this was going on anddo anything. rachel: susan rice and president obama must like talk about this because his famous strategy he called putin and told him to knock it off. same words that she used. remember that? knock it off. this is not how you handle these kinds of situations and i will say that, you know, the more we know, the more we are learning about the obama administration, the more we are seeing that they probably could have done more. pete: that's exactly right. they didn't think it would have an impact in the outcome of the election. they also, most importantly, thought hillary clinton was going to win the election. and wouldn't ultimately matter. now it's coming back that when it mattered the most, the obama team did not take on the russians in their attempt to meddle in our elections. that's very different than collusion u joel rosenberg, the author of the kremlin conspiracy says it's almost incomprehensivable that did nothing to stop the
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meddling. >> it's incomprehensible that general election that a national security advisor would tell a team of people dealing with russian attack, aggressive attacks, rethey were relengthlessly hitting us from every possible direction, and this team of government officials were trying to figure out a, how to stop it. then how to counter it then possibly how to punish the russians to make sure they would stop it for good. national security advisor of president obama tells them to stand down, back off? and essentially in the end they did practically nothing. >> they knew the russians were targeting multiple states, specifically swing states. i will say to be fair, ed, which i do every once in a while. ed: i like hearing that. pete: probably thought if they went too hard in one direction it would perceived a political motive. ed: that they were helping hillary clinton. pete: they could be helping hillary clinton. ed: there is something to be said for the obama administration trying to figure out how do we do this? also, this book is saying that susan rice felt like if
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we struck back too hard on russia on the eve of the election it might inflame it to the point that they might do more damage to our election. pete: you got to do something. rachel: i think conservatives would be a lot more understanding of what happened during the obama years if the obama administration hadn't had its fingers so much in trying to say that trump colluded with the russians. >> correct. if they didn't boomerang it back around. ed: another thing talked about in the campaign double standard where hillary clinton and the email server was not secure and yet there was this navy sailor who got in a lot of trouble. faced criminal charges. christian saucier, you see him right there, the president yesterday decided i'm going to do something about it he promised it. pete: this sailor took a couple photos of his classified submarine innocuous columbusly so. rachel: almost like a memory. memory. pete: he got hit with a year in prison. rachel: and house arrest.
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pete: his record has been tainted. he has been pardoned and sarah sanders the press secretary talked about it. listen. >> the president has pardoned christian saucier a navy submarine. mr. saucier was 22 years old at the time of his offenses and has served out his 12 month sentence. he has been recognized by fellow service members for dedication, skill and patriotic spirit. while serving he regularly mentored younger sailors and served as instructor for new recruits. the judge found that mr. saucier's offense stansdz military service. the president is appreciative of mr. saucier's service to the country. rachel: speak spoke with christian saucier last week. let's take a look at what he said. >> obviously two different sets of laws in this country. the politically elite and low every level individuals, americans like myself. i think that's very upsetting on a basic level for most people. it should be, at least, that a different standard of justice is applied.
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i think my case draws a very clear example of that. obviously, president trump firmly believes that, you know, i was overpunished. i mean, he mentioned it numerous times before and after being elected. and i think that president trump, you know, i think he knows that in my heart i understand i made a mistake and i accept the responsibility for it. pete: pretty cool story. he already served in prison and done his time. he wants a clean record to move forward. rachel: very remorseful. unlike hillary clinton, he took full responsibility for what he did. he said did it wrong thing. here is a picture of his wife -- do we have that one? there it is from their facebook page. he gets to be now with his wife and daughter. he has been on house arrest. now he gets to go outside with them. he missed the death of his grandmother. ed: we're going to talk to him this morning the:15 eastern time he will be here. pete: very cool when you see someone who was treated maybe it was supposed to but
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mistreated when you compare to the ways others were treated. ed: double standard. rachel: we want equal justice under the law: turning now to your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. a california police officer shot and killed and another injured during a standoff with a person barricaded inside of a home. right now it's unclear whether the suspect involved is at large. los angeles homicide detectives are on the scene assisting in the investigation in pa mona we nowf three hostages killed in hours long standoff inside the country's largest veterans home. jennifer and christine and jennifer gonzalez were found inside the building in unitville, california north of napa. albert wong shot himself. he was kicked out of the
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pathway home which specializes in treating ptsd. unclear if the women were chosen at random. it looks like president trump will get his military parade but will have to do bought the tanks. early plans for veterans day event featuring wheeled vehicles to limit street damage. the parade planned for november 11th from the house to the capitol will end with a heavy air presence. pete: i want tanks. having senile what tanks do to roads. you understand why they would push back. rachel: i'm an air force brat i tell you there is nothing like hearing the sound of freedom. he said lots of air power during that so i'm excited about that. pete: it will be must see tv. ed: be there. pete: with so much talk about gun control, how about this story? one city has a crime rate of less than 1%. 1 murder in six years. owning a gun is required by law. the mayor of that city shear live next. ed: major league baseball player now throwing some
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heat. why he says the league is censuring his political views. that's straight ahead ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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piatt pete as debate over guns continues, one georgia town is requiring every homeowner own a gun. ed: one murder in the last six years. boasts a crime rate of less than 2%. what's the city doing right and should other cities take note? here with more the mayor. pete: of kennesaw, georgia mr. easterling. this is ordnance passed in 1982 i believe in response to a town in illinois that had banned guns inside their
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city. so your citizens are required to have maintain a gun in their home. what has the impact of this policy been in your town? >> well, it's hard to say. good morning ed and. pete: pete good morning. >> hard to say what the gun law does specifically for our crime rate. it has to be looked at as a collaborative piece with our community engagement, with how well our police force does with that aspect of policing. the community policing. the citizen's police academy. all the things that we do to engage the community. ed: now my understanding, mr. mayor, is that it is not actually enforced. you don't send the police to every home in your city and say show me your gun. it's basically deter because criminals out there who either live in your city or are in a nearby city know hey, if the head of household is required to have a gun, i don't want to go rob those people. isn't that right? >> yes, sir.
3:17 am
that is correct. it's not enforced. and there are some outs for the consciou. connell: for the conscientious objector not to have a gun. pete: what would this tell us about the gun debate? what happened in parkland has triggered that some say more guns keep us safer. would that be argument that armed and equipped citizenry properly educated and able to defend themselves? >> actually, i think it's when citizens are engage you had, when the community sen is engaged as a whole. and people accept responsibility and are responsible or held accountable for their actions. i think that's what makes the biggest difference in how community handles different situations. and then what happens in that community. i don't think it's -- ed: pardon me, mr. mayor, is it also that one size fits
3:18 am
all doesn't work? because after these tragedies we often hear we need to pass this national law that does this everywhere. when maybe the lesson from your city is this works in your local community and give the power to local communities? >> yes, sir. that's absolutely the right thing to do. give it back to the people. you know, the local community needs to handle what they know how to handle. pete: so, mr. mayor, taking your point, a great one with community engagement with police because it is a very important layer. would you recommend that other cities in america pass a similar type of law. asking their citizens be armed in their homes? >> i think the elected officials need to listen to the people. if that's what they are asking for, then that's what they need to do. but it has to be right for the community. it's not me dictating. it's not another elected official dictating. it's all about what does the community want? ed: so why did the community enact this in 1982?
3:19 am
what's the context of why all the sudden, i assume it was a previous mayor because you are a young guy. who enacted that. >> thank you for that. [laughter] pete: he throws out compliments all the time. >> thanks a lot. you know, it was in response to the city of martin grove, illinois, banning guns within their city limits. they wanted -- i believe they wanted to know the city of ken saw wanted t to-kennesaw you can require hermine to be a responsible city and take responsibility for your actions. pete: i know it's not apples to apples, i have looked at political science. i would be interested in looking at the crime rate of illinois one murder, 2% in the last six years. not a perfect comparison. certainly you feel like this is part of what contributes to having a safer community on your end.
3:20 am
>> yes, sir, i do. it is part of it. but it's a small part of it. because the city of kennesaw is a progressive, inclusive city. and we're really good at communicating. ed: all right, mayor derek easter ling, power to the great people. thank you for joining us. >> thank you all. have a blessed day. ed: you too. the trump economy keeps on booming. biggest gains in months. what does it mean for you? we will analyze next. pete: those looking for love are now uniting in hate for president trump. the liberal love site for all you resisters out there taking the internet by storm coming up. we will bring it to you. sign up quick ♪ you give love a bad name ♪ you give love ♪ a bad name ♪
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uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. pete: welcome back. couple quick headlines while you join us. get some coffee. senator rand paul's neighbor pleads guilty to assaulting a member of congress. renee boucher tackled the lawmaker in his yard after seeing the kentucky senator stack brush in a pile near his property. a little dramatic. breaking six of his ribs, boucher could face 21 months in prison. now, this is headlines prison edition because disgraced drug firm executive martin shkreli sobbing in court as a judge sentences him to seven years in prison. shkreli was convicted in august for lying to investigators in two failed hedge funds and cheating out of millions of dollars.
3:25 am
so-called pharma bro is accused of raising a life saving judge by 5,000%. not looking too smug now. rachel: served the february jobs report showing massive gains in job creation. ed: the u.s. added 313,000 jobs in february, the most since mid 2016. and for the fifth month in a row, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.1%. that is a 17-year low. rachel: so what does this mean for you, the average american? ed: here to break it down and nobody does it better financial analyst heather. good to see you, heather. >> good morning ed and rachel. rachel: good morning. ed: what do people need to know about this report? >> as you said, this is the best month of 2016. 313,000 jobs were added that is a big deal. what's a bigger deal is that 800,000 people came back into the labor market. those that have been previously discouraged and/or dropped out of the
3:26 am
labor force, said look, the economy is good enough, i think, to go back and look for a job and most of them actually found a job; rachel: you call this a goldilocks economy. what does that mean? >> you are right. investigators call this is a goldie lock's economy as well. not too hot, not too cold. wage growth was lacking a little bit at only 2.6%. we like to see wages higher above 3% if we can. but, that's not good for middle americans who want to see their wages increased. that's good for the stock markets because the federal reserve will keep interest rates low so long as wages are not increasing at a rapid pace, also signaling that inflation is subdued for the, you know, the short time. ed: heather, you are right. i heard some analysts saying yesterday wage growth could have been better. certainly where wages have been over the last few
3:27 am
years, it's an upward trend which is positive. means more money in people's paychecks. you put that together with the trump tax cut. and the bonuses that nancy pelosi called the crumbs. it's interesting that in the last few days nancy pelosi started walking that back and saying if somebody gets a bonus that great. we're glad. this economy is pretty good and may have an interesting impact on the mid terms. >> you are right. democrats will have to re-examine their message into the mid terms if they are slamming tax cuts, because, most polls are showing that trump -- president trump's approval ratings on the economy and taxes are jumping by double digits, ed. so that's a big deal. and even though you may not like the president, but you have got to like his policies coming out of washington in terms of a pro-growth agenda, deregulatory agenda. it's great for small businesses. it's great for the stock market. and the economy. and that's what matters.
3:28 am
ed: heather zoo zumarraga. rachel: president trump planning historic meeting with kim jong un. is it a trap? we are going to ask our panel of foreign policy experts next. and, the president calls her pocahontas. now even a liberal newspaper wants elizabeth warren to take a d.n.a. test to straighten out her heritage issues. we are going to discuss that right ahead. ♪ hold on tight to your dreams ♪ morning on the beach was so peaceful.
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the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. dreams. >> let's be very clear the united states has made zero concessions but north korea has made zero promises. these won't actions that have not been matched by north korea. pete: that was sarah huckabee sanders yesterday. the white house keeping up the pressure on north korea following president trump's announcement that he will indeed meet with kim jong un. what can we expect from this soon to be historic meeting. and how has trump changed the game when it comes to north korea? let's get a reaction from our panel of experts. author of "dear reader" unauthorized biography of kim jong il. that's kim jong un's father mike wall malice. rebecca grant and the author
3:33 am
of the direct fire brigadier general anthon anthony anthony a time attachment has president trump's reproach rhetorically or otherwise brought this meeting about. >> clearly when they say they go low we go high u kim jong un derisive messed things up over there translators have a difficult time translating speech certain tense used. this would be the first time the leader of north korea has left the country in decades u for them it's kind of like hollywood if you are going to go sit at somebody else's table that's deferring to their power. pete: where would a meeting like this happen south korea? >> the latest is possibly sweden. possibly. we have no idea. pete: we shall see. rebecca, what is the outcome we would want? such high stakes talk. ultimately, what looks like a win for the united states if something like this
3:34 am
happens? >> well, trump has made that pretty clear. a win is denuclearization. that's agreed to by china. that's what president moon in south korea wants and that's what kim jong un has agreed to at least talk b from my perspective i want to see these tests stop. kim has only done a few very preliminary test of his really good long range missiles. it's like a quarterback just throwing a few footballs on the sidelines. he has never taken a snap in the nfl. that missile arsenal is under tested and we want to keep it that way. we wants more noe more tests. pete: a freeze, road map backwards. it's got to be transparent top to bottom. >> it does. we have to have inspections here. this could take some time to lay out. president moon in south korea has made clear it will be a road map. it will take time and this when s. what trump will work on. big credit to tillerson and mattis who have made this diplomacy work and gotten us to this break through moment. pete: exercises which will
3:35 am
continue as these talks happen. how does our military view this and what role might the military have. >> the military views it, pete, as a consistent application of the elements of national power. you never want to lead with the chin of the american soldier, sailor airman or marine. we have diplomatic of power synchronized by general h.r. mcmaster, general kelly and general mattis. who understand and been trained on the synchronization of national power. they know we don't lead with the chin of the american service member. i think that's the key part here. and as we move forward what the military will continue to do is flexible deterrent options on the korean peninsula so that we will fly the b 1 and b-2 bombers. we will continue to have strike groups move throughout japan and military exercises there was no concession made here to have this meeting or negative, so moving forward, the military will continue to do what it's done.
3:36 am
the other thing that's happened is we bought a year of preparation in case we need to go to war in north korea. pete: very interesting. michael, you wrote the book on the father of kim jong un. bring us inside the caucus they are makincalculation on th. sticking chin out with military saying we are ready to use force if we have to. >> this is the possibility of ending the korean war. it's armistice and that would be a huge win for both sides that would codify status quo. obviously not fighting. right away you could have something that's a major peaceful accomplishment with both sides having effectively given up nothing. pete: rebecca we have seen talk of talks happen before and another missile launch, something else. what should we do if immediately kim jong un does something that is against any sort of agreement? >> if he launches a missile, he is in big trouble. it's time for the bloody nose option, i agree with michael, i would like to see a peace treaty here if possible. we need to keep that firm
3:37 am
military pressure on and keep the sanctions on. kicker is how do we guarantee north korea's security in this process. we have done the sticks. what are the care rots going to be. pete: absolutely. general, last word. we have got some skepticism about deals because we saw the iran deal where they seem to be on a path inevitably to nuclear weapons. do you believe that a deal could be struck that could actually denuclearize here? >> i do believe that we should never under estimate ththe dethe left's desire to see the world burn down. all the individuals i previously mentioned plus secretary tillerson and ambassador haley and all the folks are on the ground doing the right thing, leveraging those elements of power and that maximum pressure that they talk, about that's those elements of power being brought to bear and we can get a deal. pete: maximum pressure versus strategic patience. seems to have brought about the opportunity for talks. michael, rebecca, general, thank you. great panel, we might have to have them back when developments come along.
3:38 am
rachel, now to you for headlines. rachel: thanks, pete. attorney general jeff sessions is not ruling out a second special counsel to investigate the fbi. the doj's watchdog is probing if the agent abused power to fisa warrant to spy on carter page. sessions says it's his responsibility to make sure the process follows the law. >> the office of inspector general has almost 500 employees, investigators, and prosecutors. and they are going to work on this and get to the bottom of it. it could be one day that a special prosecutor would be required. rachel: not clear when the doj's investigation will be finished. the u.s. navy is no longer going green. the department canceling 356-million-dollar project to convert gas destroyers into hybrid powered ships. the navy spent about $54 million on the program to date. only --
3:39 am
pete: i love it. rachel: you think? trump backing athlete claiming major league baseball tried censoring him. players to be more vocal in politics. he tweeted in part, quote: i find it disingenuous that the mlb's commissioner's office encourage this which they tried to censor me for sharing my opinion on the matter. major league baseball has not commented on bauer's accusation. pete: speak out if you agree with us. rachel: liberal group launches anti-trump website called never trump dating slogan. they have really gone unhinged here. slogan is unite in love. unite against trump. it's described as an all inclusive love pairing dating site for those who oppose the morally corrupt administration in power. this after a dating site for the president's supporters recently went live.
3:40 am
pete: like hate date. ed: unite in what we hate. rick: what a horrible idea. all right, guys. a little cold across the northern plains. a lot of people talking about another nor'easter potentially. i'm not totally sold on it i will show new a second. severe weather across parts of the south today. starting to get into that season. able alert. we could be seeing a tornado or two across the southern mississippi valley. flooding going on from all the rain we have had as well. one batch of the storm coming here across parts of the south. snow across areas of west virginia heading in towards virginia, parts of the carolinas. a new storm system coming into the west, that's good news. desperately need that moisture out across the west. here is how the future radar plays today. one system moves across the south and new disturbance moves in tomorrow. so more snow across parts of the south tomorrow. this one eventually becomes a bit of a coastal system. does it go close to the
3:41 am
coast and impact the northeast or stay a little bit out to sea? can't tell you exactly. my bets are staying out to sea, not impacting areas, at least coastal areas here. maybe across maine say by tuesday or. so that's what we are going to watch next. get ready for big heat down across parts of texas. rachel: thanks, rick. ed: coming up, the president calls her pocahontas, now a liberal newspaper wants elizabeth warren to take a d.n.a. test. howie carr has been calling for this for years. he is here to react to this live next. pete: joy behar apologized to the president in a private phone call. shouldn't she apologize and acknowledge it publicly? we will discuss that coming up. ♪ well, it's all right ♪ even if the stay around ♪ sometimes you got to be strong ♪ well, it's all right ♪
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over his nickname for massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. take a look. >> we have a representative in congress who they say was a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. >> pocahontas is not happy. she is not happy. she is the worst. pete: no criticism from me. well, now a liberal paper, the berkshire eagle is urging warren to clear up her heritage issue writing, quote: we call upon our senior senator to screw up her courage and take the spit test. if she already has what is keeping the results under wraps we urge her to be forthcoming with them. she has nothing to lose but her achilles heel. what happened what really happened radio talk show host howie carr weighs in on
3:46 am
this now. she is attempting to change her image doing a lot of native american events recently. to turn the conversation. until she takes a d.n.a. test how can she really affirm she has that heritage background. >> it's obviously the problem, pete. >> i've been asking for this and other people have been asking her to take this d.n.a. test for at least six years since she first ran for the senate. during the first campaign, i got a pen that she had put in her mouth. we took the cap and sent it off to a d.n.a. company. hoping that we could get proof one way or the other but unfortunately we couldn't. so, this is nothing new, this demand. the difference this time is that it is, as you say, a very liberal newspaper, the berkshire eagle asking for this. they wrote it in a rather snarky way, too. which is not something that she expects. i mean, they said if it turned out that she wasn't telling the truth, if she admitted it, it would be a,
3:47 am
quote, testimonial to her integrity in truthfulness. i can't say that she is almost 70 years old. rachel: right. >> she has been a white woman basically for all but nine of those years from 1986 to 1995. and those were the years in which she got the two at the present you'red professorships at ivy league law schools. rachel: howie, that's an important point. you are saying you want her to take a spit test, a d.n.a. test. i say she needs to release her employment applications from penn state and harvard law school. she claims she did not use her native american, you know, status to get those jobs and tenure. and i find that highly suspect. >> exactly, rachel. that's exactly the point. they say well, she never used her quote unquote native american heritage to get these positions on the faculty at penn and harvard. but they refuse to release the documents. and harvard, when harvard
3:48 am
law school was criticized for not having any women of color on the faculty, they pointed to her. and so it's obvious that she has used this in the past. and now, however, she never refers to herself as a native american. she is in the oklahoma hall of fame that's her native state and describes herself as oaky down to her toes. an okie is not a native american it's a white person came in during the land rush. pete: if she is, great, if she is not, who cares. the reality is you are misrepresenting it to get access and benefit yourself and universities are holding it up. that's the issue. it's using a minority status to leverage it and get advantages that otherwise would not. what is the likelihood that she will take this test which you are calling for and how significant is it if she does not? can she run for president if she doesn't settle this issue? >> she didn't have a problem
3:49 am
in massachusetts. and we continually raised it in the 2012 election and her opponents in re-election campaign aren't raising it. they are leaving it to us in the media to do it. i don't think she can really seriously run for president. there are too many other candidates that don't have this skeleton in the closet. and, pete, i don't think there is any way she will ever take the test. the berkshire eagle also suggest that what many of us have long suspected that she probably has taken the test and if she had irrefutable evidence that had native american blood even 1/32nd, it would be out there already. rachel: i agree with that. pete: radio talk show host and author. we'll keep on their. i'm going to take my heritage d.n.a. test. i'm not kidding. on the show i will be taking one. i think i'm norwegian. we will find out. 8:20 i will be taking that test. if senator warren would like to take it with me, she is
3:50 am
always welcome. howie, thank you very much. we appreciate it? >> thank you. pete: you got it. it looks like president trump will get his military parade. but, with a few tweets. we'll explain ahead. rachel: remember when joy behar mocked vice president mike pence over his faith? >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. rachel: well, we are now learning she has apologized to the vice president in a private phone call. but shouldn't she do so publicly? we're going to talk about that next ♪ going up to the spirit in the sky ♪ but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part.
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3:54 am
♪ >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> okay, well. >> that's dinner. that's different. >> that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. hearing voices. rachel: last month joy behar offended christians around the country when she mocked vice president mike pence's faith. apparently she is sorry for doing so. >> joy behar apologized to vice president pence directly. she made a call to him and apologized, which i thought was absolutely appropriate.
3:55 am
pete: is it appropriate enough or should she make her apology public for all to see and hear? ed: here to discuss is senior editor of faith line. author of fault line. billy, welcome, that was bob iger the head of disney overseeing abc which has "the view." it was a shareholders meeting i believe on thursday. this had happened days and days ago: >> february 13th. ed: weeks and weeks ago. virtually nothing except for this private apology we are told. why haven't they said anything on the air? >> it's strange. i think the reason this has come to this point they have had 30,000 phone calls from very angry people upset about this. on the 15th of february there was exchange where behar said this was comedy. she kind of dismissed it meghan mccain and her were going back and forth. it went to this is comedy now we are going to apologize. listen where is the apology to all the people she was speaking to.
3:56 am
rachel: i was heartened because we have a lot more capital as christians than we thought if we can get joy behar to have to call the vice president of the united states, right? >> right. and, listen, her manager said after it was a miscommunication and mike pence understood that there was still some weird wording going on. i thought it was encouraging. at the same time we still have a first amendment. joy said that when she defended herself. you look at this and say man, have we gotten to the point where people can say these things, like they just don't understand? ed: billie hallowwell well site. rachel: favorite website. steve: dennis kucinich, corey lewandowski and dan bongino all coming up live because i want my children to know it's all so that they can have a better life. oh my gosh.
3:57 am
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skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. if your bones aren't getting stronger isn't it time for a new direction? why wait? ask your doctor about prolia. ♪ >> the president will be in pennsylvania later on today. >> president trump taking to twitter, quote: the deal with north korea is very much in the making. >> i have always thought when i worked for the obama administration i hated the way we handled north korea. the establishment got it wrong. >> former obama national security advisor susan rice reportedly stepped in to quash an action plan to stop russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> national security advisor of president obama tells him to stand down, back off? it's as indefensible as it is incomprehensible. >> one georgia town is requiring by law that every homeowner own a gun. >> kennesaw, georgia has had one murder in the past six years. that's one. >> that is something for a
4:01 am
potential criminal to think about. >> it looks like president trump will get his military parade. but will have to do without the tanks. >> must see tv ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm falling ♪ so i'm taking my time on my ride ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ i'm falling ♪ so i'm taking my time on my ride ♪ pete: take your time this morning, america. take it easy. saturday morning. march madness is about to be here. watch the acc tournament. watch the tournament like i did west virginia win. i was at barclay center. it was pretty neat. welcome to "fox & friends." look who we got. the crew. rachel: i'm here. pete: rachel campos duffy and ed henry. pete: i'm here, i'm me. i'm happy being me. pete: your husband the sean duffy. rachel: he just went home.
4:02 am
we had one day together. ed: somebody has to cook the pancakes: the president is taking the winning on the road. he will be in pennsylvania tonight. big special election for a house seat in pennsylvania. pennsylvania 18 this tuesday. it's going to be a big story this week. i think this weekend is going to be about county president push a struggling republican candidate across the finish line. the republicans have won most of these special elections. rachel: right. ed: but the republicans who have lost these special elections or gubernatorial race in virginia didn't fully embrace the president. didn't get on board the train. rachel: let's be clear, the democratic candidate in that election i think is running as a republican. he looks like a definitely making people think he is republican. he is pro-gun, he is proa lot of republican issues. of the president will have a lot to crow about at the rally. he has 313 jobs add in february. pete: 313,000. rachel: that's more than the estimates which were
4:03 am
200,000. 61,000 construction jobs added in february. 155,000 -- million americans are employed. i read that wrong. pete: one thing to take to a podium and another thing to take with those numbers. that last number, is the largest amount of people ever employed in the history of our country. 155 million people. construction jobs are what he said he would bring back. pennsylvania 18, ed, you know the politics of that district better than i do. it should be a republican leaning district. it's basically a toss-up. the president is going to go there tonight and give a rally. the hope is with numbers like that people on the ground in trump country are feeling the benefit and will vote. rachel: just passed the steel tariff as well. signed that into legislation. that's also a big deal in steel country. ed: yeah, the democratic candidate in a debate last weekend said i'm on board with the tariffs. so you had the democrat, as you say, trying to move to the right. i think it's also
4:04 am
interesting that you have got the numbers that pete was citing at the end there, more people working. more people getting into labor market. in the obama years the unemployment number was coming down. but the labor participation rate. pete: great point. >> decades low because people were just giving up. people who couldn't find work just gave up and were sitting on the couch. now people are getting into the market. pete: other aspect has been wage growth. it's one thing to have a job. another thing to have a job that you like because it pays you properly or you are seeing uptick in what you are being paid. ed: nobody wants crumbs. rachel: not crumbs. pete: depends on definition of crumbs. rachel: truly record breaking numbers that obama would have killed for. pete: meanwhile in washington as washington loves to do, investigations continue. and so do interviews with members of the trump cabinet. there was an interview last night with tucker carlson with the current attorney general jeff sessions. he was asked about the possibility of a second special counsel. lot of calls for that.
4:05 am
ed: fisa abuse. pete: he has said he would be open to it here is the attorney general said last night about that possibility. listen. >> it is our responsibility and i think my response shalt to ensure that the fisa process is carried out professionally, properly, lawfully, and with integrity. i intend to do that. we are working on that now. our office of inspector general has almost 500 employees and investigators they are going to work on this and get to the bottom of it. it could be one day that a special prosecutor would be required. but we are going to look at this both with attorneys and and inspector general's office and get to the bottom. pete: no special prosecutor yet. ed: the president wants to see him do a special counsel. that's what the tweet was
4:06 am
about. rachel: and republicans in congress. ed: devin nunes and others who have been exposing this fisa abuse. what jeff sessions is say something reasonable. the inspector general at the justice department has been looking at just not the fisa abuse but other problems. the inspector general. rather than short circuit this process. let me get this report soon. it better be soon by the way. because we have been hearing for months and months this report is coming. there are republicans like the president who feel like this is stall ball. pete: worried they don't have the same subpoena power as special counsel. ed: just a report. jeff sessions is saying get me that report. and then i will act on that and that might mean a special counsel who does have prosecutorial power to investigate crimes. pete: it all kind of blurs together. i thought michael horowitz was investigating for the most part the hillary clinton email investigation. >> how it was handled by the
4:07 am
fbi. pete: this is about the fisa court which could require a new pivot on that investigation. ed: true, involves many of the same players at the fbi and justice department. the bruce ohrs of the world. andrew mccabe, former deputy director. and by the way mr. james comey tweeting out there. getting ready for book tour. his conduct is going to be very much under the microphone. rachel: i understand what you are saying, ed, we should wait -- there is a good reason to wait for the ig report. get the facts so it doesn't look political. on the other hand, if the ig report comes out, we also need to do the special counsel because there are things that the special counsel can do that the ig cannot do. ed: sure. rachel: that is call certain witnesses. and so, you know, no matter what the trump administration does, it's going to look political. so, why not just get it out there. there has been so much that has been hidden that we don't know about that we would never have known about had hillary clinton been elected. that i think the american people just need to see the facts. we're not stupid. lay the facts out. we can read it.
4:08 am
pete: imagine with me for a moment, ed, if the first special counsel dud triggering a second special counsel which proves there was indeed edited would be interesting. only game in town robert mueller. will there be another special counsel. a lot in the mainstream media laughed at the president when he said oh, let's have a military parade and they compared it to china and north korea and dictators leaving out a key fact, a bit of context which is that the president of the united states came up with this idea after watching the president of france do something similar. pete: not a dictator. ed: one of our key allies there you see it, july 14th, 2017. they had tanks rolling down the street it turns out the president is going to get his parade on veterans day but maybe not the tanks. rachel: there is a lot of military people who don't like this idea. our weapons are for using not for displaying. we don't need to show them off. and act like, you know, we have this. we know what we got. pete: we know what we got and i understand their criticism. i still love it i also know
4:09 am
why tanks won't be rolling because they wreck treats like they wreck things that they shoot at. we have enough rolling vehicles, rolling stock in the united states military to look impressive. but, you are right. pentagon planners have put out this memorandum laying out the possibility for a parade include the air force. a lot of air power. a lot of troops it will disrupt training. there is no doubt. the hope the president is looking at is the benefit of the pride and patriotism, the reflection of our country and honoring of our military outweighs the disruption. rachel: and the costs. there is some costs to it. pete: suddenly washington, d.c. cares about costs. pete: didn't chuck schumer want a parade when the troops were coming home from iraq? pete: i think. so. rachel: let us know what you think if we should have a parade or a big waste of money and not very american? pete: would you go? would you bring your kids? is it something you think would be historic to see or do you think it would be politicized? it would be very interesting to watch how the so-called mainstream media and left
4:10 am
wing focus. rachel: the president promised lots of air power. that part i like. i'm annual air force brat. i love hearing those planes. it's the sound of freedom. got to get to some headlines. turning now to your headlines, starting with a fox news alert. the 15th police officer this year shot and killed. and another injured in overnight standoff in california. police say the suspect opened fire while he was barricaded inside a home near los angeles. swat teams are still trying to arrest the shooter. the injured officer is in stable condition. also breaking overnight, we now know the identities of three hostages killed during hours long standoff inside the country's largest veterans home. the bodies of employees jennifer, christine and jennifer gonzalez were found inside the building in yountville, california north of napa. albert wong shot himself. police say he was kicked out of the pathsway home program which specializes in treating ptsd. unclear whether the women were coach at random.
4:11 am
the nra now suing to block a new florida gun law claiming it violates the second amendment. florida governor rick scott signing the law friday that raises the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 years of age. the nra claims it punishes law abiding gun owners. the lawsuit coming days after nikolas cruz is formally indicted on 34 counts of first degree and attempted murder in connection with the very tragic parkland school shooting. the navy sailor jailed for photos of a submarine. he spent a year in federal prison. saucier slammed the fbi for double standard in punishment compared to hillary clinton's private email scandal. listen to this. >> he has been recognized by his fellow service members for his dedication, skill, and patriotic spirit. the president is appreciative of prosecute saucier's service to the country. >> saucier's life, saidy, cedi
4:12 am
posting this photo. christian joins us for exclusive interview at:15. pete: happy man. make all of you happier. rachel: he sounds very grateful. pete: he is a great guy. that's awesome. ed: stage is set for unprecedented meeting between president trump and the dictator of north korea kim jong un. how would this compare to other historic meetings world powers? presidential historian is here to break it all down next. pete: a former "new york times" editor, president calls it the failing "new york times." misses president barack obama so much that she keeps a doll of him s in her hearse. ed: it's real. that's true. ♪ thanks man.
4:13 am
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♪ >> as you all know by now the stage is set for what may be an unprecedented meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un. the president tweeting friday the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be, if completed, a very good one for the world. time and place tbd. how does this compare to other historic meetings between world leaders. here to weigh in doug reid. good to have you. >> thank you, ed. ed: i hear a lot of democrats saying this is a big mistake because this is what the dictator wants. he wants to be on the same stage with an american president and be an equal. they have been craving this and it's a mistake. what say you? >> who cares.
4:17 am
we have been have been kicking this can down the road. there is a possibility of nuclear war. donald trump has to do something. and he'll come out of it stronger because even if he walks away without winning anything, he will have made that step. and all his critics remember, ed, just a few weeks ago were saying it's outrageous. he is calling him names. he is calling him rocket man. now they are upset because is he going to meet with him. ed: this is going to be world war iii now all of a sudden may have peace talks and still not satisfied. >> right. ed: one quick point before we go and look at history which is that sarah sanders at the white house podium seemed to be walking some of this back and saying well, we are not going to meet unless certain conditions are being met. is this white house though trying to rewrite the terms of this meeting? >> well, yes. they their negotiations begin before you get there in fact, the negotiations should be done before you get there that's the lesson from yalta where fdr gave
4:18 am
away all of eastern europe and doomed millions of people to disaster. ed: let's go through each one. we often hear it's going to take donald trump to deal with north korea just like it was nixon going to china. that was 1972. he meets with mao in beijing. what is was significant in terms of the stage craft. >> that's a good point. some democrats wanted reproachment with china. no republicans did. so it took a republican president to be able to politically pull this off. the lesson learned is that sometimes the least expected leader can have the biggest historical punch in these summits. ed: in fact, that might lead us perfectly to jimmy carter who even a lot of democrats say not such a great presidency but when you look at 1979 and the camp david peace accords, what a shining moment. >> yeah. you got to give carter credit for this. and the interesting thing is the strategic deal was done. it was personal at this point at camp david.
4:19 am
and carter wouldn't let go. he kept going from one cabin to the next cabin and knocked heads. he got it done and it shows that personality does still play a role in diplomacy. it's not just the state department people and issuing facts and numbers and metrics. ed: good point. i wonder how that applies as well to 1986. reagan, gorbachev, iceland. >> ed, this is one of the greatest lessons of all because after it was over, the media said it was salute disaster and they faulted reagan for being stubborn for losing the best chance of peace when, in fact, he proved and showed that it's better sometimes to walk away than it is to lose at a summit. he walked away. reykjavik looked like a failure. went back to the soviet union and said we are done. the cold war was won. don't be afraid to walk away from a bad deal. ed: history proved him and you right.
4:20 am
great lesson for all of us this morning. doug wead, we appreciate your insight. >> thanks, ed. ed: louis farrakhan is known of course for hateful disgusting remarks like this. >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan. the satanic jews. white folks are going down. ed: now there are calls for from mental democrats to distance themselves from the nation of islam leader. should they? we'll debate. it you have heard of alpha males. are you ready for the rise of the beta male? this is for pete. we will debate it next ♪ what a man ♪ what a man ♪ what a mighty man ♪ he is a mighty, mighty man ♪ what a man, what a man ♪ what a mighty man ♪ yes, he is ♪ what a man, what a plan ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
pete: news by the numbers for you saturday edition. first, number four, how many u.s. cities made the list of the top 50 and most violent places in the world. they include st. louis, baltimore, new orleans and detroit. all under democratic mayors. the list ranks each city according to its murder rate. also a cab bows, mexico, number one on the list. that is our next number as one. number 1. that's where double amputee navy seal finished in the paralympic biathlon. won the medal in south korea. he lost both of his legs in 2009 after he was hit by an ied in afghanistan. talk about a guy getting back on his feet for his country. outstanding. finally, $35,000. that's how much this bringed out bottle of ranch is worth. hidden valley will give one
4:25 am
lucky winner this luxury bottle encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and 18 karat white gold celebrating national ranch day which is today. i didn't know that just follow and retweet this post on hidden valley twitter page. my son loves ranch dressing more than anything else. national ranch day. rachel: manliness and alpha males used to be celebrated. >> for the last three years, i have served as troop leader of the rangers, this is our handbook. i wrote the whole thing myself. rachel: but are you ready for the rise of the beta male. take a look at the latest cover of the hollywood reporter showing the cast of the silicone valley headline the triumph of the beta male. is this just a harmless hollywood profile piece or does it say more about the state of men in america? here to debate is fox news contributor kevin jackson and radio talk show host
4:26 am
ethan bearman, welcome. ethan, start with you, what is a beta male for our viewers who may not be familiar with the term. >> well, i think the way it's being used in this context is very much that these are men who are caring, they are not worried about being overly aggressive or hyper masculinized, exhibiting large muscles and being aggressive. they are being kind and caring and working together and cooperating and that's the emphasis is that. rachel: okay. and kevin. >> oh my goodness. rachel: ethan, real quick, do we need beta males? does society need more of them? >> of course we do. absolutely. here is what it is alpha males had a place evolution narrowly we had to develop alpha male traits. men aggressive out hunting. we are a civilized society where we have peace. we want to cooperate. we don't need war. we don't need the violence. so we are trying to dial that back there is a real balance here. this cover on hollywood reporter, kevin, is revenge
4:27 am
of the in other words from the 1980s -- nerds. >> i completely agree that's what the beta male is a nerd. on alpha males i'm glad fox called knee represent you. i know the rock's agent is probably mad at me because he didn't get that call or maybe continue zell. the beta male, alpha male was needed sounds like unions no longer needed. the alpha male is the male. that's what males are. and to try to make something into the beta male is ridiculous. the definition you just gave is the definition of being a man. men are -- we have all the feelings and emotions of women. you know what? the difference with the alpha male is we understand that there are times when you have to stand up for something. and i will tell you something, most women in america will agree with me, i'm not going to put rachel on the spot. they want an alpha male. they want a guy who is going to get up in the middle of the night and check for that bump and make sure that there is no thief in the house. they don't want to be nudged
4:28 am
and said hey, babe, why don't do you that while i take care of the kids. rachel: so true. >> alpha male is alive and well and happily represented. rachel: i'm married to a lumberjack. i look at that cover and i don't know if i find them attractive. is this what winston churchill says this is about pc culture winston churchill years ago said there is no room anymore for great men, for heroes in society. is this where feminism has led us? >> that's exactly what it is. it's the emass coul eemass coulu legs of men. feminist want to be men. and we live in ha culture now where we have got white women who want to be black women. we have got white women who want to be american indians. and now we have got the supposedly we are going to replace the alpha male with
4:29 am
the male as far as hollywood reporter cover is concerned it was tongue in cheek. there is something to be said that hollywood and leftism wants to replace the alpha male with beta male. >> that's absolutely not true, kevin. rachel: pc culture. >> no. what it is there needs to be a balancing. what we have a hyper masculinization happened. people look at guns and cars and aggressive towards people and drink and because they are frustrated they take it out. mental in the 1950s used to sit back and let women all doo all of the work. they come home and women work, too. kevin, listen, here is what happens. men, you described it as an alpha male trait. that's what's missing is the communication that men need to be caring, they need to be considerate. we need to think about alpha male. >> alpha males are all of that. i served in the military, i was a boy scout. i lift weights. i protect my home i take care of things but. >> welcome to the alpha male. >> and guess what, i take
4:30 am
care of things. but i consider others and try to cooperate and work together. >> so do alpha males, my friend. rachel: sounds like fair and balanced debate. >> he is an alpha male. he doesn't want to admit it. rachel: maybe he is thanks for a very good debate. i guess we can't get to the bottom of this one. maybe women, email us, do you like an alpha male or beta male or something in the middle? coming up, for the campaign, the president is already heating up the state of california. but it's the campaign for the president of mexico. plus, did the obama administration stab taj itself in its response to the russian election meddling? the new book claims susan rice gave a stand down order on a cyber attack. we got dan bongino fired up about this. he is with us next live. and is he definitely an alpha male. ♪ head games ♪ i can't take it anymore ♪ head games ♪ it' i don't want to play those
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4:35 am
not too bad. new york chilly not minnesota chilly. rachel: not wisconsin chilly. ed: certainly not florida chilly where dan bongino is. pete: let's bring him in. host of the dan bongino show dan, welcome, appreciate you being here this morning. rachel: you are our most alpha male guest today. >> i watched that segment. i was horrified there is a cure for this beta malism, you know, get out there, do some darn manual labor, start dead lifting, get in the mixed martial arts class. chop some wood like sean. get out there and do some soul purifying manual labor, it will cure you of beta malism tomorrow. guaranteed. ed: speaking of purifying the soul talk about susan rice and what happened at the end of the obama administration. this book is coming out saying that part of the obama cyber security team went to her and said we want to go after russia. this whole deal that democrats are now saying
4:36 am
this is a threat to our democracy. why isn't more being done by the trump administration? the obama administration wanted to do something and susan rice said no. >> ed, obama himself gave a pre2016 election speech. it's out there for anyone to see on youtube where he down played the russian threat. he said, listen, our elections are decentralized. no reasonable person thinks the russians are going to hack an election. obama himself said this. so, what is it, democrats? what's the story? are the russians the biggest hostile geopolitical threat to the united states since our inception or are they just a minor player that's not going to be able to impact our election? what is it? no media curiosity about this at all. they just want to attack trump and make him look bad. >> who do you think is the most important person that helped make that pivot from the russians don't matter
4:37 am
and couldn't affect our elections to they are the most significant thing that we face and donald trump colluded with them. at what moment did person flip that switch or tried to? >> i think after the election, the obama team needed to cover their tracks. who specifically, outside of the man himself, barack obama, i'm not sure. i know john brennan is a major player in this. pete, i have absolutely no doubt. listen, i have done a lot of homework on, this i'm almost done with my book on it as a matter of fact that the trump team was framed. they were set up this is not in dispute. you know that game six degrees of kevin bacon everything gets back to kevin bacon. they should call this game six degrees of hillary clinton. look at every single source of information negative information about the trump team and their so-called collusion that didn't happen. every single source is somehow connected to hillary clinton or somebody. hillary clinton and her team
4:38 am
every source. steele, everyone. rachel: let's talk about immigration. still a hot topic, senator kamala harris come out and defended the mayor of oakland who alerted all the felons and criminals. illegal aliens about the ice raids. what's going on here? are the democrats chaiing to make ice are the bad guys? is this like a campaign platform for them now? >> yeah, it is. democrat immigration is not about immigrants. i'm sorry if you think that wildly mislead. it's not about immigrant. it's about votes. always been about votes. it's been about votes because they need to replace the working class voters they are losing talking about tax cuts as crumbs with people coming into the country illegally that they can get to vote later on on. this is a disgrace.
4:39 am
this oakland mayor. i don't get this at all. what are you going to say to a parent god forbid and i mean that later on have you somebody with criminal tendencies who runs your kid on the road. robs them or worse. what do you say to them despite the fact that the oakland mayor gave them a warning beforehand? this is disgraceful. is this -- i mean, do we live in a constitutional remust be biblical anymore? do laws even matter to democrats? that's disgusting. >> key question how it will manifest not just in 2018 but 2020. some thought this oakland mayor has got to be outlier. senator like kamala harris thinking i believe mayor schaaf is doing what she believes is best and i support that 100 percent. headlines like this from the nation saying it's time to abolish ice. will we get to a point where conservatives and republicans say hey, our laws need to matter and we support immigration policies and the left says we shouldn't have ice at all. is that really where we are
4:40 am
going? >> yes. i mean, and they're entirely hypocrites on this. listen, obamacare was a disaster for me. total disaster. democrats' position on that was hey, man, it's the law. have you got to follow it no matter how bad the stink level of obamacare was. when it comes to immigration well, that law, that doesn't really matter. why? because immigrant communities will largely vote just based on historical records for democrats. where they can give away, you know. rachel: dan, really quick. they lost on that. why would they double down on immigration when that's why they lost this election president presidential election. >> rachel, they don't have anything else. what are they going to run on? we are going to hike your taxes and take your healthcare and send your kids to a crap school? what's their campaign sign for 2020 other than illegal immigrants, please vote for us? what's their backup plan? they don't have a backup plan. rachel: they are short on issues. ed: you heard it there alpha male dan bongino. rachel: thanks, dan, always love having you.
4:41 am
turning now to your headlines. we begin with a tragic story. an 11-year-old girl suffering severe brain damage after being sho shocked by a garden hose. woods' heart stop when she was zapped with 240 volts after touching the hose at apartment complex in australia according to reports. doctors say even though woods can breathe on her own she is unlikely to live. the accident is now under investigation. the department of justice now looking into a new policy that would allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty for drug deals. a final announcement could come within weeks, according to the "the washington post." right now the death penalty can only be sought in drug-related cases when murder or the death of a law enforcement officer is involved. so that would be a change. some liberals scream at the sky to cope with the president. but a former "new york times" editor did something very different. jill abramson says she keeps a plastic barack obama
4:42 am
therapy doll in her purse. this is just -- sometimes we read headlines and we can't believe them. abramson writing in the guardian, quote. i pull him out every now and then to remind myself that the united states had a progressive african-american president until very recently. some people may find this strange but you have to take comfort where you can find it in donald trump's america. wow. and those are your headlines. pete, do you have a doll? pete: i do. i will have it in the next hour. pull up -- i forgot it in the green room. my little obama makes me feel better. rachel: it's a therapy doll. therapy dogs to therapy llamas. pete: "new york times" just straight down the middle. laser straight. louis farrakhan. known for his hateful and disgusting remarks like this one. >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan. the satanic jews. >> white folks are going down. pete: not a big fan of jews
4:43 am
and white people. rachel: going down guys. pete: democrats under fire for ties to them. next guest want to know why do some refuse to condemn his rants, still? ed: plus, corey lewandowski live next ♪ sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console,
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4:46 am
ed: rnc chair ronna mcdaniels calling on dnc leader to break ties with louis farrakhan. rachel: would do so many on the left refuse to condemn his racist anti-semitic rants like these? >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan. the satanic jews that
4:47 am
control everything and mostly everybody. >> white folks are going down. >> and farrakhan, by god's grace, has pulled the cover off of that satanic jew. ed: opinion writer jeremy hunt joins us now. jeremy, what do you think is happening here? >> honestly, definitely a dark moment for our nation when we see someone like louis farrakhan has a legacy of bigotry. basically we can see how he is so closely associated with leaders in our nation. and worst part of it all is we see the radio luck tans of the media to really talk about it. this is something that we should be able to stand up and say that racism has no skin color. hate is hate. and it ought to be condemned from louis farrakhan to david duke. the fact that our leaders can't say what i just said, i find is very problematic. rachel: it is. and it was actually, most of the members that have this
4:48 am
association with farrakhan. by the way, he is out and proud racist. he fills auditoriums with thousands of people. he has followers. we have members of the black congressional caucus who have very close relationships with him. they must know it's bad because they are the ones that tried to hide the photo barack obama 10 years ago with farrakhan. >> we have seen many of them taking pictures, et cetera. the bottom line is that i don't think anybody, no matter where you fall on which side of the aisle it, doesn't matter which political ideology you ascribe to. we should be able to strongly condemn hate. what's really unfortunate is a lot of the statements that we have seen come out are people basically condemning farrakhan's anti-semitic remarks. we don't condone anything he says about jews. et cetera. but they won't condemn him. whereas he, as a person, has built a legacy of bigotry. these little milk toast statements are weak and very
4:49 am
unfortunate. ed: what about these reports of leaders of the resist movement. some members of congress dining with farrakhan after all these hateful comintsd for so many years? >> well, what we are see something a lot of folks are basically saying well, you know, publicly they will make these statements about farrakhan and how they don't condone anything he says. privately the reports are very accurate. you know, even "the washington post" just recently came out with an article saying hey, these reports are valid. can you see what's going on. i applaud jake tapper for talking about it quite extensively. he is about the only person who mainstream media really kind of talking about this issue. and i think it's unfortunate that it's not a bigger issue in the news that we have several of our nation's leaders that are comfortable with a bigot. rachel: it's great point, jeremy. thanks for bringing that um by the way. a double standard, i can't imagine this on the other side. thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. ed: navy sailor jailed for sharing classified photos from a submarine has gotten his wish. the president officially par
4:50 am
doning christian saucier. he joins us for interview coming up. rachel: tonight we spring forward for daylight's saving time. tips for capturing more sleep coming up next. ♪ dream on ♪ dream on ♪ dream on ♪ dream on ♪ oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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pete: bad news, tonight we lose an hour of sleep as we spring forward with daylight savings time. ed: here with gadgets to help all of us get a better night's sleep is kurt the cyberguy. >> ed, good morning. rachel, pete. ed: now we are losing time. >> let's dive into it. technology coming out this
4:54 am
year that will really certainly now proven to give you a better night sleep. have you got to get your head wrapped around this. wrap around your head. philip's smart sleep. goes and monitor it, pete? it goes over your head and what it does is thins out the same kind of waves that your brain produces when you are in that deep state of sleep. so, when this comes out in spring, it doesn't get to you bedfaster when you do get to sleep. rachel: did you go deeper rem. rachel: brain waives? kind of freaks me out. we are concerned about the cell phone and weird cancer brain waves? what about this? >> when i wake up and feel recharged and rejuvenated. whatever that did, fine with me. ed: they are telling me it's not picking up any brain waves. >> poor pete. >> this is also called the zeeq pillow.
4:55 am
comfort, memory foam that goes around the technology. there is a battery inside of this. ed: what does the battery do. >> it powers the speakers where now it sends soothing sleep white noises or lullabies or zen music that helps you sleep. >> i thought this would be great when i fly. i like to wear head canceling headsets to sleep through the react. bring that on board, right? this is a stand by right here. this is the electrofan. this is be all winner in terms of great sleep gadget tri that's been out for a long time proven. great results. when you look at reviews online and that price point on this one is very, very comfortable at about 49.95. they have just come out with the one for the little ones called the electrofan kinder. this plugs in the child's room. no cord it's not very strife have cords in kid's rooms. control it by an app. 70 different noises for white noise or music and help you
4:56 am
at night-light. rachel: baby crying. >> baby sleeps through the night. that's what you. nighten gail is this really cool plug that's on pete's table. this is genius. this is like putting a giant pair of noise canceling headsets over your bedroom. one of these devices plugs into a regular outlet. whatever had you plugged in the outlet goes in the front of it generates noise canceling type of masking sounds through the noise. we are talking about everything you hear outside your room. one device is only going to cover though about 150 square foot room. so if you have a regular or larger size room, you will probably want to get the double pack of those. rachel: double pack. >> that from a company that knows sound. and then the last thing we have is this video from the netherlands of this peanut sized shaped bizarre device that works. and this, you snuggle with and it helps you sleep through the night. i had a teddy bear. this is the newest form of
4:57 am
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the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pete: the president will be in pennsylvania later on today. ed: stage is set what may be unprecedented meet president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un the president tweeting friday the deal with the very much in the making. >> the least expected leader can have the biggest historical punch. >> the president has pardoned kristian saucier, a navy submariner. >> he knows in my heart i understand i made a mistake and i accept responsibility for it. >> 15th police officer this year shot and killed and another injured in overnight standoff in california. >> susan rice reportedly stepped in to quash an action plan to stop russian
5:01 am
meddling in the 2016 election. >> what is it democrats? are the russians the biggest hostile geopolitical threat to the united states or are they just a minor player that's not going to be able to impact our election? what story is it? >> it looks like president trump will get his military parade but will have to do without the tanks. pete: must see tv. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ more than a feeling ♪ more than a feeling. rachel: this is a band called boston. pete: tell me about that. were they good? >> ed: must see tv right here. pete: ed henry, rachel campos duffy. we are going to have must see tv. that was boston. i know about the city of
5:02 am
boston. i know about the senator that represents the city of boston, elizabeth warren. one of the president calls her pocahontas. liberal newspaper there said she should take a d.n.a. test, right? because she has native american background. others dispute that she hasn't taken one yet. if she has she hasn't disclosed it i'm going to take one in about 20 minutes or. so i have never taken a d.n.a. test. my parents tell me i'm norwegian that's what they say. i'm going to find out. not that hard my ed: the president is not ticking back. he will be in pennsylvania tonight dealing with that special house election coming on tuesday. a little politics. we will get into that during the show. the president also obviously dealing with major international issues that could be crises. but, instead. he may actually be diffusing what the house is now confirmed in a race-to-face meeting between president donald trump and kim jong un, the president tweeting
5:03 am
this yesterday. solidifying what had taken place saying, the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be if completed a very good one for the world time and place to be determined. so it is started with talk of fire and fury. bloody nose, little rocket man and nicknamed maximum pressure. dom a meeting like this. presidential historian on. who knows it could be historic. never knows what comes of it at least at the table. >> it is historic in that we haven't had this kind of a break through. >> u.s. president has never met with. >> no, absolutely. and donald trump, you can just imagine that when he was elected he probably talked to some of his advisors, found out what the biggest problem facing america and the world is, and says, you know what? i think i will take that one on. he took the state department playbook, ripped it up and said, you know what? i think i know how to deal with a bully like this. i think that's what he did right now.
5:04 am
>> disrupter tendencies that he has. mainstream media has still not quite figured out. they don't know what to make of this president. back in the campaign they didn't think he was going to win. he won. back when in the early days of his presidency as he was using some of that rhetoric on twitter and in front of the tv cameras that pete mentioned a moment ago about fire and fury, all that had you all these people in the mainstream media saying is he going to start world war iii. rachel: right. ed: instead maybe headed towards peace. headed towards the peace table and mainstream media is at it again, watch. >> roll of the nuclear dice. president got backed in here and could say no to the invitation. entire foreign policy. good deal freaked out last night when they thought trump was going to get in the room with this guy with no conditions and start talking. >> we have just given kim jong un something for nothing. >> i'm very concerned about what this administration would be willing to barter away. >> i wish we had had clips from rachel maddow watching her reaction on the day this was announced was almost as
5:05 am
good as watching her on election day. she literally had a meltdown and just -- they just can't figure out how he operates and, yet, this common sense sort of approach is something that most of us understand. this pointy head policy. it has to be done a certain way diplomats and techno democrats who have ideas on the diplomatic issues actually donald trump's way of handling makes a lot more sense to me. >> to the talk of talks with north korea. terrible problem left on the doorstep of this administration by bad policies of previous administration. contrast that with -- repeating of talking points during the iran deal. so-called mainstream media because they are not mainstream, they are left wing and defend democrats. they took the talking points of the obama team and said this iran deal is great and going to talk and talking is better than fighting. look at our nuances and council foreign relations loves it and everyone loves it he threw away the playbook. now they are at the table
5:06 am
and willing to talk about denuclearization. talking for talking sake and everyone realizes a bad idea. rachel: there is no palace of unmarked bills being offered in this deal. >> cash. rachel: that's right. ed: i'm smiling. earlier this morning pete was a little more fair. wind him up a couple hours in and he is like bop bop bop bop. pete: i only have a very small reservoir. used it. ed: something else the president was doing, he is following through on another campaign promise. he said during the campaign there was a double standard. hillary clinton didn't handle classified information appropriately and basically got off the hook. didn't face any charges. meanwhile, had you this navy sailor took a couple of photos on a submarine, posted it on social media as i recall, and ended up going to jail. pete: going to jail for a year. what was so powerful about this as you said, ed, candidate trump used this as example of double standard. name brought up. popular rised. in jail under house arrest. i want a chance to start my
5:07 am
life over again because i have got this in my background. ed: clean slate. pete: it's announced he has been will be pardoned by president trump. sarah sanders announcing that from the podium yesterday. listen to what she said. >> the president has pardoned kristian saucier, a navy submariner. mr. saucier was 22 years old at the time of these offices and served out his 12 month sentence. he has been recognized by fellow service members for his dedication, skill, and patriotic spirit. while serving, he regularly mentored younger sailors and served as instructor for new recruits. the sentencing judge found that mr. saucier's offense stands in contrast to his commendable military service. the president is appreciative of mr. saucie mr. saucier's service to the country. >> kristian saucier. he was on our program sunday of last week. he will be on again today in the 9:00 hour. you are not going to want to miss that took responsibility for it and thanked the president.
5:08 am
>> obviously there is two different laws in this country politically elite for individuals americans like myself. i think that's very upsetting on a basic level for most people. it should be at least. that different standard of justice is applied. i think my case draw as very clear example of that. obviously president trump firmly believes that, you know, i was overpunished. he mentioned it numerous times. before and after he was elected. i think president trump noticed in my heart i understand. i made a mistake and i accept the responsibility for it: talked to him live last hour. see president trump trying to bring common sense to this case. and follow me here because i'm trying to make sense with something else with theview. rachel: can't make sense of "the view." pete: explain your friends at "the view." ed: have a situation where joy behar will attack mike pence for being a christian
5:09 am
and basically attack all christians somehow they decide lit's defend of all people louis farrakhan. rachel: she says it's just baggage. take a look. >> everybody has baggage. unless you are in i couldn't tell tein utero youhave baggage. >> people invited to cpac who i disagreed with and disavowed we have baggage since we are in you ter row. not the same thing. >> we don't like her either. we don't like farrakhan. >> we are not disagreeing with you. >> you were saying since utero. >> everyone has baggage. >> my baggage isn't i think hitler is a great man. >> that's a quote from farrakhan. he thinks he is a great man. he said you too are going down. rachel: white men are going down. this is an openly out and proud racist. and joy behar sums it up to baggage. we know there was -- you know if you were a sitting
5:10 am
member of congress or a former president, a candidate for president at the time and you were lending your credibility to david duke, you would be called to the matt. you would be asked to leave. i think that some of these calls for these members of the gricialg black caucus to step down for having these relationships close relationships with farrakhan they have to step down. denounce the man. pete: picture of then senator obama was taken. rachel: by the congressional black caucus. pete: this is a guy who hates jews, hates whites. rachel: homophobe. pete: joy behar compared him to the koch brothers. the way they -- their mind works, certain people evil and other people explained away. rachel: that was valerie jarrett there as well in the middle of it. not surprising, chicago girl. ed: i know how your mind works. it heats up as the morning goes on.
5:11 am
pete: i can't drink coffee right now because of my d.n.a. test. i haven't had coffee for 30 minutes i'm getting anti-shakes. rachel: headlines. starting with a fox news alert. 15'sthth police officer shot and killed and injured in overnightstandoff in california. police say the suspect opened fire while he was barricaded inside los angeles: the injured officer is in stable condition thank goodness. also breaking overnight. we now know the identities of three hostages killed in hours long standoff inside the country's largest veterans home: bodies were found inside the building yountville. gunman army veteran albert wong shot himself. police say he was kicked out of the pathway program specializing in ptsd. unclear whether the women were chosen at random. senator rand paul's neighbor
5:12 am
pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of congress. boucher attacked him in the yard after seeing the kentucky senator stack brush on to a pile on his property breaking six of the senator's ribs. boucher could face 21 months in prison. his sentencing date is set for june. a special honor for our friend dean cain, superman. the actor recognized for his documentary on the armenian genocide. architects of denial. it focuses on leaders trying to cover up the massacre of more than a million people during and after world war i. it also shares stories from survivors. armenian's president giving him the order of honor. one of the country's highest awards. cain says is he deeply humbled. one of the nicest guys. ed: got to spend new year's eve with him on our special. great honor. pete: president trump's decision on steel tariffs drawing bipartisan backlash. >> could cause a massive
5:13 am
collateral damage that hurts america more than it helps. >> could send the economy in the wrong direction. pete: but, it's also drawing bipartisan praise. dennis kucinich is a democrat who is backing the plan and he joins us next. ed: attorney general jeff sessions is not ruling out a second special counsel this one to investigate the fbi and the justice department and fisa abuse. what does corey lewandowski think about that? the former trump campaign manager here live coming up ♪ i'll be with you dust till dawn ♪ mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you...
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>> develop into something much more dramatic that could send the economy in the wrong direction. >> the president's instincts to go after china are correct. but the policy proposes doesn't fit the bill. could cause a mess of collateral damage that hurts america more than had helps. ed: bipartisan backlash following president trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. folks on both sides of the aisle praising the move including next guest a democrat. you know him well the former ohio congressman former presidential candidate dennis kucinich is now running for governor of the buckeye state. good morning, good to see you as always, friend. >> good morning. great to be with you. ed: congressman, why do you agree with the president on this one? >> well, first of all, i'm not the only democrat in ohio who agrees. senator sherrod brown. ohio has about -- steel has about 7.2 billion-dollar impact on
5:18 am
the ohio economy. there's about 100,000 jobs that are directly or indirectly connected with steel production. and so this is a big deal to ohio and everyone who represents ohio understands that. i think when the president is right and particularly you are talking about steel. shipping vital to our national economy and our national defense. so this is an important moment. ohio has lost so many jobs because of these bad trade agreements. finally seeing a correction here. ed: what evidence is there that these tariffs will bring those jobs back, sir. >> they will put the brakes on the dumping. i have testified before the international trade commission on this as a member of congress. steel so low the cost of production, even, and as a result american jobs are lost. and in particular jobs in ohio have been lost.
5:19 am
these tariffs that are put up are important for workers, important for the ohio economy. here in cincinnati steel play as big role in treatment warehousing: we have to do something about it. finally, you know,. ed: on that point the president is taking action as you say. what do you say to critics in both parties pointing out your constituents in ohio are going to end up paying more money for other products because canada, mexico, china, maybe other countries, the u.k., they are going to come at us and they are going to have tariffs and this is going to be a tax on hard working men and women in ohio. how do you react to that? >> no, first of all, you have to look, from what i understand the agreement exempted canada to begin with. ed: in the short-term negotiate. >> okay, right. as they negotiate. here's the thing. you have to look at where we are as an economy. we are talking about rebuilding america's infrastructure. we should do that with
5:20 am
american steel. pay people good wages. ed: i hear you, congressman, you are not answering what if china then says we are going to raise the cost of clothes that people in ohio are buying, pick your product. how do you react to that? people in your state are going to pay more, aren't they? >> well, no. steel is as i said is a big part of our economy. and we can't just yield threats. we have ended up being the suckers in the world in the name of free trade and free trade has to be fair. it's not fair. you look what happened in youngstown, ohio, an industry that was crushed because we didn't have good trade agreement. it's about time we stood up for manufacturing in america. ed: congressman dennis kucinich standing up backing the president on this. good luck with the campaign. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. ed: meanwhile, liberal paper calling on elizabeth warren to take an a d.n.a. test to straighten out her hirten damagheritageissue. she may not agree to do it
5:21 am
but pete will. watch him take his d.n.a. test next. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ >> i have been asking for this and other people have been asking her to take this d.n.a. test for at least six years since she first ran for the senate. during the first campaign, i got a pen that she had put in her mouth and we took the cap and sent it off to d.n.a. company, hoping that we could get proof one way or the other. but, unfortunately, we couldn't. rachel: i didn't get a chance to ask him how he got that pen. but that was great. radio talk show host howie carr and liberal newspaper paper the berkshire eagle challenging massachusetts senator elizabeth warren to
5:25 am
take a d.n.a. test to prove once and for all see if they are true or not. ed: those claims for warren has not taken a d.n.a. test. pete will do anything. he will try any food. he will have the barbecue and have the bacon. he will have d.n.a. test. pete: seems like safe and easy thing to do. sitting u.s. senator should do it as well. we hope she does. yvette is a collaborate bore rarity for my and author and journalist of the book something new might happen. you found out about your d.n.a. book people should check out. rachel: say something beautiful happen. pete: how often do they take this test and discover something. >> it's incredible i was here doing steve doocy's d.n.a. and family history. viewer watching at home in florida who took the test and within an hour and a half of getting her results was on the phone with her biological mother she had been searching for her whole life. it happens all the time.
5:26 am
pete: get a readout something like that show you most of where you came from. that's steve doocy's a lot of scandinavian in there. i have been told i'm norwegian that my entire family is norwegian. rachel: i thought i was german and thought i was irish. >> goes back for many generations. goes back hundreds of years for about 10 generations. so, you know, you find out your family came from places you never even imagined. rachel: that's so fascinating. ed: find out pete is really a democrat? pete: not funny. >> i'm not sure about that one. can you discover a lot of things the but not quite that. pete: not political affiliation. >> simple cheek swab take this and swab in your cheek for 30 seconds. you haven't eaten or drank anything for half an hour. what you dual is take that and swap your cheek. swap your cheek 30 second. goes straight to the lab in
5:27 am
houston. in three weeks we will get in about three weeks we will get your results. ed: this is the ultimate tease. >> that was enough. what had will do is get email with your results with ethnic breakdown and then put it right there. and then it will automatically link you database. global database and find relatives who share your d.n.a. from around the world. pete: maybe i'm related to elizabeth warren. rachel: your d.n.a. is out. >> there your d.n.a. is out there. with my heritage i have spoken some about it they do not share your d.n.a. your d.n.a. is safe. used only for your own purposes. pete: if i took this test and elizabeth war wynn took this test i could find out i'm related to her. >> maybe you are. rachel: we should get her to do it and you and elizabeth warren we have her native american cookbook. pete: she called powwow chow. she called it in the cookbook. >> not only will you discover your d.n.a. and ethnicity and where your
5:28 am
family comes from. use it to start searching your family's history find out where in the world you are from and start searching databases. ed: we have a special promotion this morning as well. you go to "fox foxandfriends.c, all of our viewers, you will get a special discount on actually doing this test yourself. so we thank yvette for bringing it. rachel: and her book something beautiful happened. >> i will be back with the reveal and your family history. absolutely. pete: i love it fun stuff. rachel: thanks, yvette. al jazeera host slamming concerns and the women who vote for them. take a look. >> why would an american woman who believes not just in family values but in american values like freedom and equality vote republican? rachel: this morning republican women are firing back. pete: plus the stage is set for unprecedented meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un. what does it say about the
5:29 am
president's leadership style? corey lewandowski says it's another example of trump being trump which also happens to be the name of his book. pete: what a great tie-in: is he up next corey lewandowski. stay with us. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. gathered here are the world's finest insurance experts. rodney -- mastermind of discounts like safe driver, paperless.
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5:33 am
we are working on that no. it could be one day that a special prosecutor would be required. but we are going to look at this both with attorneys and within the inspector general's office and they will get to the bottom. ed: that's the attorney general of the united states jeff sessions on the question of whether or not there should be a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuse. somebody who has been in the middle of a lot of these big stories corey lewandowski, the former trump campaign manager, co-author of "let trump be trump." good morning, welcome, corey. rachel: good morning, corey. >> good morning, how are you? when pete's d.n.a. comes back it is going to show he is a patriots fan. i can't wait. rachel: i thought you were going to say a patriot. pete: why couldn't you stop at patriot? laying on thick.
5:34 am
e. ed: obviously the president has been upset with the attorney general in that tweet. a week or 10 days ago hey, don't let the justice department inspector general investigate fisa abuse. get a special counsel. what do you think about jeff sessions trying to find middle ground here though saying look, i'm waiting for this report from the inspector general. once we get those facts then i may move forward on special counsel? >> you know what? i believe that the inspector general's report is going to find that the people of the deputy director of the fbi mccabe and others probably did not follow the proper procedure as it related to the fisa application, which was allowing them to spy on personal stipulates on domestic soil. if that is the case, then there is no question and i agree with bob goodlatte, congressman goodlatte and others that an additional special counsel should be put in place to review this process and hold people accountable. this is absolutely imperative and i think the ig reports needs to come out sooner rather than later.
5:35 am
pete: you don't believe that the attorney general is doing enough then? >> i think you need to move faster. what are we waiting for. if there has ever been abuses by the fbi or other members of the deep state which shows that they were using improper information to go and ask for a warrant to spy on american citizens on domestic soil, there is nothing more sacred than being an american than having your privacy. it's a violation of the fourth amendment. i think what are we waiting for? let's get this started right away. pete: corey, you also testified this week before devin nunes committee, the house intel committee, pull us behind the curtain a little bit if you will. how long were you in there? was it a formal process? was it informal? it was off the record. no cameras. what was the process like. i have heard you say many times there was no collusion. i have a sense of what your message was. pull us inside. >> well, you know, i spent about between my two appearances which i volunteered to cooperate with, of course, because i had -- i have never done anything wrong. there was no collusion no.
5:36 am
cooperation, no cooperation. i told this 1 hours over a period of two days. what's amazing was while i'm in there testifying, members of the minority are out walking around telling the media everything that's going to on. while it wasn't -- it was supposed to be a secret meeting in the sense of there were no quam was there the democrats are very good at sharing information. very selective about. and what i said was i will answer every relevant question that relates to what this committee is supposed to be talking about, which is the russia investigation. i will sit here forever if that's what you want. but the bottom line is, that's not what they want to get to. they want to make this a circus. they did a very good job of making it a circus. but at the end of the day, they are now assured from me and many others there was no collusion and no cooperation between the trump campaign and any russians. ed: that's funny because democrat adam schiff is always talking about alleged leaks from different nunes the republican. now you are saying the democrats are out there leaking information. they don't seem to say anything about that. >> it's amazing. because, during the hearing, just so you know, the
5:37 am
republicans never got up and left. it was the democrats who kept coming and going will. all of a sudden i walk out of the room and the media said hey did you just say this or that in the committee? it wasn't the republicans, it was the democrats. pete: i think it blows people's minds when you think about it. rachel: it's a wonder that people even bother testifying because this is what happens. let's move to north korea because the president is about to have in a few months here, within the next two months a really unprecedented meeting with kim jong un and we want to know from you, because have you such a close relationship with the president or did, you know about his leadership style. what does the development of this week tell america about the leadership styles of this particular president? >> what it tells america and the rest of the world is what the president is doing is making our world safer. you know, has he gotten a concession from north korea to stop testing nuclear weapons, if that doesn't make the world safer until this meeting occurs, nothing does. this is the leadership our
5:38 am
country has needed for a long time. he is willing to sit down and have a conversation. if you remember it, wasn't that long ago. kim jong un was saying i may send a missile down to guam. one of the u.s. territories. and the president said if you do that that will be mitt with fire and fury that the world has never seen. and now, look where we are. a face-to-face meeting coming up sometime in the next 60 or 90 days at a location to be determined. the most important thing is that the people of south korea can feel safe right now that no nuclear weapon is going to land on them because the president has gotten a concession from north korea to hold off on all testing. that is so important. and you know what we have given up? nothing. we are going to give an opportunity to negotiate the economic sanctions that this president has pushed very hard to keep on north korea has brought them to come and try and denuclearize and that's a very important thing not only our country but the world. pete: once this president gets behind closed doors he will wing it and give away the farm. who knows what he is going to say.
5:39 am
have you been lined closed doors in high stakes meetings with him. how does he prepare to go into something this significant? >> donald trump is the greatest negotiator i have ever seen. have you seen it in real estate deals to him now being the president. every time they say he can't get something done. he gets it done whether it was a tax bill or now a negotiation with another world leader. look at the respect that he has with other world leaders. you know, across the globe. you know, when he has gone and met with them. they have gone away and said what a great relationship. where that's in japan or in south korea or wherever it is across the globe, he is going to be fully prepared, but what he is not going to do is allow north korea to continue to develop a nuclear weapon at the expense of not only the u.s., but the rest of the globe. ed: what do you think about this jobs number and you put it together with the fact that the president is hitting the road, key battleground tonight, pennsylvania. they like the steel tariffs there. but and they love these jobs number, obviously. the republican as you know
5:40 am
in this special election has been behind in the polls. will the president be able to sell this to get him across the finish line? >> well, look, this is really trump territory out there where he is going tonight in pennsylvania. he won that district by 18 points. the steel tariffs, the aluminum tariffs are something where the pittsburgh post gazette came out this week and said they have a champion in donald trump. what's amazing to me as it relates to the tariffs are people are surprised by this. donald trump has been talking about this for literally 30 years promise he made nut campaign and promise he fulfilled as the president. that means real jobs. i think with donald trump going to pennsylvania tonight, it's going to be a massive rally, hopefully fox will carry it live. and he will pull across the candidate there in pennsylvania to another election victory. ed: heard it here first. rachel: see if donald trump is able to pull him over the finish line and give good luck to the candidate. we have to move on.
5:41 am
other headlines here. great having you here. ed: have a great weekend. rachel: look at this terrifying dash cam video the moment a vehicle slams head on into an ambulance. [screams] screams. rachel: the truck failing to yield was making a left turn when it hit the ambulance headed to another emergency causing it to flip. the oklahoma city paramedics were not injured. crediting their seat belt. the other driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. now a presidential candidate was campaigning on the west coast slamming president trump and calling for the protection of illegal immigrants. the kicker? ricardo cortez is running for president of mexico under new rules. mexican nationals in the u.s. can vote at their consulate instead of mexico. a trump backing athlete is claiming major league baseball tried censoring him. urging players to be more
5:42 am
vocal about politics. he tweeted in part, quote: i find it disenjussous that the mlb commissioner's office would encourage this when they have specifically tried to sensor me for sharing my opinion on the matter. the pitcher has previously used social media to call out liberal bias and major league baseball has not commented on his tweet yet. ed: we're going to hear more about that. rachel: we have to head to rick about the weather. pete: what have you got for us, rick? rick: it's cold. time where i refuse to wear a coat might happen a little early. weather maps. cold across the far northern tier and in towards the northeast. overall not that bad it is march so it starts to change a little bit. also along with march becomes the beginning of severe weather season. we have that tonight. watch for the threat of a couple of tornadoes especially where you see that yellow and some of those could be in the overnight hours in the dark that makes us even more dangerous. a lot going on weatherwise. we have one little
5:43 am
disturbance moving across parts of the south right now. ner one coming tomorrow bring more snow. moisture coming in across parts of the southwest southern california which is wonderful news. here is the future radar. this is how this plays out. you see things clear out a little bit tonight by tomorrow morning. we see more snow develop sunday into monday across parts of the south. that becomes another coastal storm that we have been talking about overall not too concerned across the northeast for this one. i think it's mostly going to stay out to sea. probably bring a little snow to parts of maine. here is your temps today one more hot day across texas tomorrow. things cool down. guys? back to you. ed: if russia meddled in the election why didn't president obama do anything about it gave a stand down order and strong response. a live report next. pete: plus it is daylight savings time tonight which
5:44 am
means clocks spring forward and we all lose an hour of sleep. should we get rid of it all together? clayton morris used to be here. he was very passionate about that issue. you are too, i think. we'll debate it next hour ♪ plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness.
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5:47 am
rachel: if russia meddled in the election by did the obama administration do anything about it. pete: new book claims susan rice gave a stand down order in strong response to russia. ed: gillian turner is live in washington to explain. jillian? >> good morning, guys, last month republican senators chuck grassley and lindsey graham raised the stakes in the a russian investigation when they concerns about the obama administration happened ling of russian interference in the 2016 general election. now a new book set to be released by michael isikoff and david corn about russia's role in the election details the internal struggle among the national security star in
5:48 am
tom greater detail. in the book they report that president obama's cyber team, initially wanted it push back hard and fast against russian efforts. when they first learned of them. which was during the early summer of 2016. but as the weeks wore on, the administration grew increasingly weary of what the book describes as provoking the russians into materially affecting the outcome of the election. >> mr. president, you go out and you unilaterally say this is what is happening. you're going to be accused of, in this environment, of trying to tip the election. >> so now critics of president obama are alleging that rice and other national security officials didn't do enough to counter the emerging threat while they were in power. >> national security advisor of president obama tell him to stand down, back off and essentially in the end they did practically nothing. >> all this now as robert mueller's is reported to be
5:49 am
entering final week. crucial time when it comes to russia and 2016 elections. back to you guys. gillian, excellent report wasn't there news on last night's show that you didn't mention. >> hed, i shouldn't be talking to you now. ed: we played the news quiz. pete: you are the reigning champ. >> i was the reigning champ and still the champ. >> he has mugs to prove it. ed: win the tucker mug. good friends and great sport have. a good weekend. >> i'm coming for you next time. rachel: get him gillian. get him. ed: she is great. former navy sailor in prison for sharing classified information has been harr pardoned by pump. kristian saucier joins us next hour. pete: former "new york times" editor. misses barack obama so much that she keeps a doll of him in her purse.
5:50 am
ed: no, come on. pete: this is not fake news. real news. failing "new york times" one reporter carrying around a doll. carley shimkus with that and what's trending. ♪ when you combine ancestry's dna test with its historical records... could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at
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5:53 am
rachel: standup comedian and correspondent on al jazeera news site slamming conservatives and women who vote for them. take a look. >> not only is the g.o.p. rife with domestic abuse and shawlt the party of family values has consistently voted against women and family values. >> i believe in every
5:54 am
woman's right to choose. that doesn't mean i can't ask why. why would an american woman who believes not just in family values but in american values like freedom and equality vote republican? pete: when comedy meets politics. again, that video facing social media backlash. pete. ed: here with response is fox news headlines 24/7 reporter and also former loser to me in the news quiz carley shimkus. >> i'm so team gillian. i'm going to have the conversation with two of the three "fox & friends" anchors. ed: this al jazeera story crazy. >> little snippet of 10-minute long clip where this al jazeera correspondent attacks conservatives for being anti-women. bringing up things like cutting back food stamp programs and pay inequality. but she tweeted that video out with the caption why do republicans women hold on to a party that throws them under the hollywood bus so republican women responded. we have that reaction today. do you even know any
5:55 am
conservative women? you are poorly researched snark is totally bridging the gap you really showed us #girl power. jen says there is plenty of republican women who would love to answer your questions if you truly want them answered. if you need a list, i will be happy to give you their names. so, alternative video could have possibly been bringing some conservative women on and talking to them and finding out why they voted for president trump. pete: sometimes you feel like you see something that's got to be fake news apparently this one isn't. you will confirm or deny. jill abramson literally carries an obama doll in her purse. >> yeah. she sure does. rachel: therapy doll. >> it's easy to look at what is happening in washington, d.c. and despair. that's why i carry a little plastic obama doll in my purse. i put him out every now and then. i pull him out every now and then to remind myself that the united states had a progressive african-american president until very
5:56 am
recently. ed: why do you have to inject race? where does she buy the doll? i have so many questions. rachel: i have seen them in the windows of the capitol gift shop. ed: she is a journalist. >> she wrote a book devoted to obama's presidency before in 2009 when it came out. ed: everybody loves waffle house. >> this story is making some people smile today. fantastic. 18-year-old waffle house employee from texas is going viral across the country today because she was caught, you know, in a candid moment cutting an elderly man's food. he had just had surgery. her name is eboni williams, i think we have a little bit of their interaction. no, we don't. okay. well, honestly, this is a fantastic clip. the best part about it is that a college in texas found out that she did this and gave her $16,000 scholarship.
5:57 am
rachel: i love this story. >> and she was working at waffle house. to pay for college. ed: thank you for bringing us good news. more "fox & friends" after this. rachel: love it. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. ...
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>> the president will be in pennsylvania later on today. >> the stage is set for what maybe an unprecedented meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un. the president tweets friday a deal with north korea is very much in the making and the left has learned sometimes the least expected leader can have the biggest historical punch. >> the president has pardoned christian saucee. >> he knows that in my heart, i understand i made a mistake and i accept responsibility for it. >> let's talk a little bit about susan rice. how this book is coming out saying that part of the obama cybersecurity team went to her and said that we want to go after russia and susan rice said no. >> what is the democrats? are the russians the biggest
6:01 am
hostile geopolitical threat to the united states or are they just a minor player that's not going to be able to impact our election. what story is it? pete: current attorney general jeff sessions was asked about the possibility of a second special counsel. >> it could be one day that a special prosecutor would be required. >> additional special counsel should be put in place to review this process and hold people accountable. rachel: it looks like president trump will get his military but we'll have to do without that. pete: must see tv. >> ♪ ed: from the east to the west just waking up we've got one more hour of fox & friends. pete: sure do sun is coming up in manhattan. it will come up an hour earlier tomorrow. ed: that means less sleep.
6:02 am
pete: unfortunately less sleep for all of us. rachel: should we get rid of daylight saving? we'll debate that. friends@fox pete: and tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. we'll be really tired. ed: we may not even make it here so there could be an empty spot. pete: or not. that actually happened to clayton morris he missed it because of daylight saving time, we will not do that but stick with us for one more hour and it will be a good one and the president is tonight in pennsylvania. ed: battleground. pete: corey lewandowski on earlier calling it trump country the polls are tight. ed: he predicted the republicans are going to win. pete: polls tight and president is going to see if he can rally his base to come after the republican candidate but he's coming with serious economic wind at his back and yesterday we reported in the last hour these economic job numbers which aren't getting a lot of attention on other networks but worth noting because they're historic 313,000 jobs added in february, significantly more than predicted, construction jobs coming back, and that last
6:03 am
number is the highest number of americans employed all-time in the history of our country. ed: 155 million. that means the labor participation rate that people is going up that people are getting back into the labor market in the obama years they were not doing that. rachel: it's really amazing and you have to think there's a study that came out recently that said the russia story for the media has been just 20 times more than they've covered the economy. these are record breaking number s. this is what people care about. number one is the economy on everybody's list of topics. ed: i thought it was russia russia russia. rachel: it's not russia. they don't care about russia, but you know this isn't just marginally okay. these are really incredible numbers that the president should be proud of and that's what he's going to crow about at this rally in pennsylvania. pete: it's one thing to crow another thing to take a victory lap when the things you ran on are actually implemented and working. we asked corey lewandowski chief strategist for american first action about the president's trip to pennsylvania.
6:04 am
listen to what he said. >> this is really trump territory where he's going tonight in pennsylvania. he won that district by 18 points, the steel tariffs the aluminum tariffs are something where the pittsburgh post gazette came out and said they have a champion in donald trump and what's amazing as it relates to the tariffs are people are surprised by this. donald trump has been talking about this for literally 30 years. it was a promise he made on the campaign and a promise he fulfilled as the president and that means real jobs -- ed: just after 7:00 p.m. eastern time you'll want to tune into fox news we'll be carrying that rally live. rachel: do you think that the tariffs for steel and aluminum are actually going to help the republican candidates to be able to transfer? this is steel country. ed: interesting question in the debate they had i was covering it for shannon bream a few days back the democratic candidate ahead fighting the republican to support donald trump more on the tariff to your point saying as a democrat this is a great idea and so i wonder also your
6:05 am
question is a good one because big picture, everybodies predicting now this tariff thing is a big loser just like oh, the tax cuts a loser, only 20-30% of the public supports it and now you're seeing well over 60% of the public supports that nancy pelosi is like well, maybe crumbs are not that bad. rachel: they also predicted the stock market would tank because of it. pete: they both predicted president trump was a political liability and republicans are running with him and democrats are trying to support him. ed: they also predicted he would start world war three with north korea instead the president is tweeting this. the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be if completed a big if a very good one for the world. time and place, tbd. again, if you go back six months or so ago, the whole there's last summer, fire and fury, what is this president doing, this rhetoric is very dangerous it's going to start a war. it looks like the rhetoric coupled with actual actions with sanctions is crippling north korea and they're coming to the table. rachel: and corey lewandowski talked about the president's
6:06 am
negotiating skills. it's not just his negotiating skills with north korea but the negotiatings skills with the chinese who clearly upped their sanctions and its been really interesting i think watching liberals, the networks trying to wrap their heads around what they said was going to be a fail ing presidency. it's clear to me that donald trump entered office and said what's the biggest problem on the dock here and they said north korea remember obama left him a letter and said north korea is the one that keeps me up all night and donald trump with all his bravado, he's the alpha male we were talking about he said do you know i'll take that on and within a year look where we're at. ed: it's the power of being unpredictable when your en eski doesn't know what you're doing and they threaten one thing and they call your bluff and say you will see fire and fury or we'll punch you in the nose and give you a nick name little rocket man, those things all add up but to your point, the foreign
6:07 am
policy counsel on foreign relations crowd it doesn't look like anything they've ever seen so sit looks wreckless and unpredictable and ed you talked to a military and it said some teams these are the times of folks that have a breakthrough. ed: to your point it was a week ago today that the president flew from florida back to the white house to go to the grid iron dinner, this press dinner and one of the president's jokes was everyone asked me about negotiating with kim jong-un and what it's like to negotiate with a madman and the president joked , i don't know that's not my problem meaning with kim jong-un is dealing with a madman that unpredictability the president himself was self-aware about is what brought kim jong-un. rachel: and the willingness to buck all of the advice from all of the experts who think they have all of the answers he took the foreign policy advice that every president, the scripts that's handed to every president and ripped it up and said i think i know how to deal with a bully this is how you do it and i don't care what all you experts with pointy heads think
6:08 am
i'm going to do it this way. pete: that's right same sentiment of ripping up the play book when it comes to the idea of a military parade which we have a development on the pentagon outlining how they will execute the parade the president requested which will happen on veterans day on november 11 and ultimately, you know the president took a lot of heat for this and saw the french parade, loved what he saw the patriotism and pride involved in that show of force felt like we should do something like that too. some support the idea, some don't. the one limitation the pentagon put on this parade is no tanks. ed: no tanks like that. pete: or a wheeled vehicle. rachel: not good for the road. you know as well as anybody that that won't be good for the road. pete: they're built to destroy things. ed: and again the mainstream media jumped on the president and this is what dictators do and china and north korea leaving out the context, the president got the idea from france, an allie. rachel: but in all fairness, it's not sort of american tradition to see our military.
6:09 am
pete: parades? rachel: well parades are, but let's be honest. even generals in the military -- ed: i've marched a lot of parades. pete: yeah. ed: but i will to your point, it's distracting it costs money there's reasons why, but i think a little shot in the arm for the troop? rachel: a lot of people say we don't parade, we just kill things and do things. ed: that's what you thought and we want that feedback. stephanie e-mailed in. the president should be held and we should celebrate our brave. pete: an e-mail from chris says i would vote no for a military parade because of the cost but say yes if it includes vietnam vets so they could be honored for their service. rachel: great advice. e-mail from ryan. he says i'm all for the parade, anything to promote patriotism and showing fellow americans how impressive our military is. pete: i think civic ritual is important i wrote about it in my book, in the arena, quick plug there, it was the memorial day
6:10 am
in minnesota that in many ways inspired me to want to join the military watching these heros and the community standing up saying we appreciate what you do and we love this country so much we send our men to go over and fight and die to defend it that struck me to the heart and said it's something i want to do so i do think person pep waiting those thins is important and the president said patriotism should unite us not divide that. rachel: absolutely i can't disagree with that. i'm a military brat and i love the military i'm just not sure on this but i appreciate your sentiment. ed: you asked what it's like to deal with a bully and i've been working with pete for a long time. rachel: [laughter] that's true. all right we got to go to headlines starting with a fox news alert. the 15 police officers this year shot and killed and another injured in an overnight standoff in california. police say the suspect opened fire while he was barricaded inside a home near los angeles. swat teams are still trying to arrest the shooter the injured officer is in stable condition. also breaking overnight, president trump reacting to the murder of three hostages killed
6:11 am
during an hours-long standoff inside the country's largest veterans home. the employees jennifer golick, christine lober, and jennifer gonzalez were shot yesterday. the gun an army veteran shot himself and he was kicked out of the pathway home program which specializes in ptsd. president trump just tweeting this. we are deeply saddened by the tragic situation and mourn the loss of three incredible women who cared for our veterans. former trump campaign aid sam nunberg wrapping up a crazy week facing a grand jury. it's all part of special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. unclear exactly what was discussed during his more than six hours of testimony. and number is now cooperating after vowing to ignore the subpoena. he was fired from the trump campaign in august of 2015. president trump is preparing for his latin american debut. the commander-in-chief making
6:12 am
his first official trip next month to peru for the summit of the americas, april 13 and 14. corruption will be the primary focus of the summit; however ongoing tensions in venezuela is likely to surface from there. he will visit columbia, i hope he does bring attention to venezuela very sad news there. ed: absolutely a navy sailor just pardoned by the president, christian saucier joins us for an exclusive interview next. pete: those looking for love are now uniting in hate, for president trump. the liberal love site taking the resistance by storm. they look so happy, and they both hate the same person. rachel: [laughter] that will bring love together. pete: coming up we'll bring it to you. >> ♪ looking for traces, what i'm dreaming of ♪ i work overtime when i can get it.
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pete: welcome back well former u.s. there he is navy sailor kri stian saucier, who was jailed for taking photos of a classified area in a submarine is now a free man thanks to the president. >> the president has pardoned kr istian saucier, and he was 22 years old at the time of his offences and has served out his 12-month sentence. he has been recognized by his fellow servicemembers for his dedication, skill and patriotic spirit . the president is appreciative of mr. saucier's service to the country. pete: that was the press secretary yesterday. well former navy machineist joins us now for an exclusive interview sir thank you very much for joining. what it must have felt liked to we'll get to you as to wake up as a free man. you were a felon yesterday today you're free. how are you feeling? >> pretty good. we're very grateful to the president for following through
6:17 am
with his promise to help our family out. he is an amazing man and this is just one of the many great things that he's done in his term. you know, i got to speak with him briefly yesterday and what an amazing guy. just to be able to take time out of his busy schedule to speak with me and to turn my family's life around and give us our lives back. pete: you felt like a forgotten man in many ways and the type of person the president said he would remember and in this case absolutely he has. you were on our program last week, you weren't sure whether or not something like this would happen. then you found out when did you find out and how did you find out that you had been pardoned? >> well, i was at work as a garbage man and my wife texted me and said you've been pardoned and i kind of thought she was messing with me, so i said okay, yeah, sure, and then she sent me a picture of the actual signed pardon and i couldn't believe it pete: how did she find out? >> the white house contacted my
6:18 am
attorney, ronald dagle and his wife, and said hey, you know, we want you guys to know that you're getting pardoned and so that was pretty amazing. pete: and you go home and you immediately cut the ankle bracelet off because you were still on house arrest is that right? >> that's correct yes. we got permission to cut my ankle bracelet off so now i'm no longer on house arrest which is amazing. pete: i think the fact that you asked for permission to cut your ankle bracelet off after the president pardoned speaks to the way you conducted yourself through all of this, aboveboard, honest about it, you felt bad and remorse and served a year in prison even though you had no intent to share any photos it was more accidental than anything else. what has it been like to go through and how is the light at the end of the tunnel here? >> well its obviously been for somebody like myself whose, you know, patriotic and all i wanted to do was serve my country and i honestly believe the systems that went after me were put in place to protect people like me until i was run through the ring
6:19 am
er and it's unfortunate because, you know, i still love this country. it's still the greatest country in the world and i believe president is taking it back to that place where it needs to be, but you know, it's unfortunate that one prosecutor and a couple fbi agents really just destroyed my life for no reason. this case could have been handl ed at a much lower level within the military as it should have been because i was active duty at the time and i would have taken my punishment the same way like a man. i made a mistake when i was a young kid, miss guided attempt to have some mementos, and it should have never reached the level that it did and i believe president trump saw that and that's why he spoke about my case because it was a clear attempt by the department of justice, you know, under obama to use me as a scape goat to take the heat off hillary clinton for mishandling classified information and, you know, like i said i still have faith in the system and that's exactly the reason why i maintained and served my time, i
6:20 am
didn't cause any issues in prison, i did my time the right way. i took my punishment like a man and i got out and i did my best to be a contributing member of society as soon as i could i got a job and i was very fortunate to be hired by the only company that would give me a second chance, you know, a local waste management company. pete: i served with guys like you i have no doubt about that you're grateful for this country you love it and you want an honest days work and you love your country. if you would briefly what is your final message to the president, one man who overruled everyone else? >> thank you, sir for your bravery and for standing up in the face of so many people who said that, you know, you would never do the right thing and you've proven them wrong time and time again and thank you for having the moral fortitude to follow through with your promises and, you know, just be a great american. pete: kristian, talk about fortitude, you defined that as well. congratulations on your new found freedom. i can tell you'll absolutely make the best of it we are happy
6:21 am
for you thank you sir. >> thank you. pete: as we get ready to spring forward tonight there's a big daylight saving dilemma. should we even have it at all? we'll debate that, coming up next. >> ♪
6:22 am
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6:24 am
ed: a little bit of coffee headlines 44 people busted after an eight month investigation into a gang-related drug ring. officials so far releasing the names and mugshots of these 18 people norfolk, virginia police seizing $190,000 worth of drugs. 12 guns, and 85,000 bucks in cold hard cash. and an accused thief is back behind bars after leading police on a third high speed chase this year alone. authorities spotting donna williams breaking into the cars outside an indiana mall and when
6:25 am
he hit the road to run from police and officers blaming the catch and release justice system allowing criminals to be released without a judicial review. rachel? rachel: all right, thank you. daylight saving time begins tonight which means it's time to spring forward and move the clocks ahead an hour, but if florida gets its way they could be in daylight saving permanent ly. the deal is currently on governor rick scott's desk, but they could get rid of it i'm sorry, but what congress also needs to give them an exemption from the federal law so is this the beginning or the end of changing your clocks? here to debate risk expert dr. i'm going to let you say that one and make sure we get it right. >> close, rachel, rachel: all right, and communications fellow at the center for climate and security and physician and journalist dr. parik. did i say that one right? >> people are really hard names, that's okay. rachel: let's just get down to
6:26 am
the debate. should we get rid of daylight saving i'm going to start with you. >> sure, thank you, rachel so the views i'm speaking today are my own, and ir we still doing this? why are we doing this to ourselves? the majority of americans are sick and tired of moving their clocks back and forth twice a year and the case for it was energy savings and to enjoy more sun light but as we become more energy efficient it's really counter productive to our needs now we're seeing increasing hotter temperatures in arizona for example,, the state that has opted out of daylight saving time because in fact they were using more energy when they would jump the clock forward an hour so really it makes sense to stay in standard time. florida has got it wrong. rachel: all right, dr. parik, what do you say? >> well there are a lot of benefits that come with daylight saving time especially in the long term after we get over this hump where we change the clocks but in the long term what it means is more daylight exposure during waking hours for most
6:27 am
people and for most people that's a good thing arizona would argue differently. they don't want that extra sun light because it's so hot at night but for most of us it means an extra hour of sun light that goes from the morning to the evening and there's research that shows it promotes a more active lifestyle and the health benefits from sunshine people socialize more and potential economic benefit people are likely to shop after work so that's the long term reason for it. rachel: i live in cold country and that extra hour of light actually really does make me happier, but what about people's sleep? it's changing people's sleep, is there a reason why maybe the whole country should be on the same sort of, you know, we shouldn't have one or two states that don't have it? what do you say to that? >> sure i think there's a strong case to be made for the effect that it has on your rhythm and it really mess up you'll notice this effect especially in today letters it makes much longer for toddlers to be able to reset those internal clocks, and when you have sleep deprivation, we have studies that show there's
6:28 am
increasing accidents on mondays after you see increases in heart attacks even suicides, so ultimately it really is much more beneficial in terms of the health sense to see that morning light in the mornings. dr. what do you say, i mean we do have a country that has a lot of sleep deficiencies actually some people say it's a chronic epidemic of the country that we need more sleep. what do you say to that? >> i agree with her that this change in clocks disrupts our sleep cycle especially for the next few days. the benefit though in the long term for now is that sun light exposure and then in the fall, when you fall back the big benefit is that you can even reset your sleep schedule, so in the winter, you can try to go to sleep a little bit earlier, get up a little bit earlier and that's easy to do. light is the biggest factor and back in the fall it's easier to have that daylight in the morning, so the switch is painful but it's the other benefit that we're looking at. rachel: well it's a great debate , our viewers write in fox & friends dot cop tell us what
6:29 am
you think and thank you, ladies. >> thank you. rachel: president trump calling out democrats for not getting a deal done on daca. president trump: we're trying to have a daca victory for everybody by the way and the democrats are nowhere to be found. don't push those democrats. rachel: but what do dreamers think? we are going to ask one, live, just ahead. plus president trump is taking criticism from all sides over his tariff plan. >> could cause a mess of collateral damage that hurts america more than it helps. >> could send the economy in the wrong direction. rachel: white house legislative affairs director marc short is here to react next. >> ♪
6:30 am
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was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at >> there are a lot trying to change their minds and it's very very concerning. >> we are urging caution that this develop into something much more dramatic that could send the economy in the wrong direction.
6:34 am
>> don't swing blindly and wild ly at our foe china. it's a well-placed jab at china. pete: on all sides the president 's plan on tariffs taking some criticism right now we're going to bring in marc short white house legislative it's great to have you in person here with your boys. >> absolutely. pete: this man is here as well great to have you. rachel: we're just a side stop along it. pete: we pretty much are they're in the championship game tonight against north carolina but you've got a huge job the portfolio of the president on the hill of the tariff plan obviously apart of what he's been talking about how is the reaction been inside the white house and outside? >> well you know, i work with members of congress and we've brought in dozens and dozens of members to come in and talk to the president about our trade agenda and you never knew there was so many free-trade members in the media -- rachel: or democrats by the way. >> that's true, rachel but i think the reality is that the
6:35 am
president does believe in fair and reciprocal trade but he thinks we've been taken advantage of for a long time and there's certain sectors in the economy he wants to make sure are protected for national security reasons. many members on the hill have been outspoken on that but it shouldn't be a surprise, as you all said on your show he's been talking about this for decades he campaigned on it and he was head of the ticket for republicans in making this campaign pledge and so, he's following through on his pledges just like he has on tax relief and he has on regulatory relief and just like he has on the mandates. rachel: it's a popular policy in pennsylvania by the way where the presidents going to be this evening for a rally and where there's a very important election. how much did that have to do with the timing at least. we've said he liked this policy for the last 30 years been talking about it but the timing is interesting. >> rachel it wasn't really time to coinside with the election. the president was campaigning on this last year in 2016 and been making the case for this action for quite some time. the 232 report was cop pleated by the secretary of commerce
6:36 am
recently and said this was simply the timing it worked out. ed: mark anything else happening at the white house or is it pretty quiet these days? >> you know, ed i think the media likes to focus on whose up , whose down, what's the latest. pete: the watch word. but i think the american people want to know, did they get tax relief? was the individual mandate repealed? did we get a new supreme court justice? did we have have a record number of circuit court judges confirm ed in 2017? what are we doing in 2018 to rollback our regulations on the banking industry so the president continued to follow through on the promises he made and that's what the american people are responding to. pete: you worked with general kelly and chief of staff on a regular basis. why then do we keep hearing this narrative chaos inside the west wing. you're inside the west wing what are you seeing and what does the process look like? >> well the president is very demanding pete we know that so obviously there's going to be some level of turmoil but he's trying to deliver for the american people and he's working hard toward that end and i think unfortunately a lot of the media again want to file the in treeing of whose up whose down
6:37 am
as opposed to focus on the results. we're trying to focus on what the results are for the american people and as mitch mcconnell said 2017 was the most productive year he's had since coming to the united states senate. rachel: can we talk about daca for a second because you're dealing with members of congress all the time. the president has said listen i want to deal on daca, no ones calling me is spin calling you on the democrat side? >> well rachel we've had plenty of conversations on daca but i think the president's point is true that ever since the bill failed its been quiet and i think the reason is because when the court injunction moved the deadline a lot of democrats ran into a political issue rather than having a legislative solution to it so the next thing is probably when higher courts overturn the decision even democrats acknowledge that president obama's action was unconstitutional. even as the administration several times considered taking that action said no, it has to be legislative after failing legislative they internally overturn it and say okay let's try to take this executive action and we know is
6:38 am
unconstitutional so a court is going to overturn this and unfortunately we're trying to find a solution that provides a permanent residency for these citizens and make sure they continue to contribute to our economy and live here but democrats are rather having political issues than find a solution. rachel: i think the dreamers are turning on them. we have a dreamer coming on later on. a lot are online saying hey you guys said you cared about us democrats. there's a deal on the table do you not like security more? >> well rachel i think the plan was pretty common sense about securing the border ending the chain migration and diversity lottery but he went past the 690,000 people in the daca program and yielded the democrat s to ask to say can you exclude families those are not willing to come out to shadow supply and went back to 2012 as democrats asked and took the extraordinary step of offering a pathway to citizenship so we're seeing saying the president stepped forward to offer us a generous package why can't democrats come to the table. ed: mark more important virginia , north carolina whose going to win tonight?
6:39 am
>> virginia of course ed come on pete: no bias here at all. ed: en joe your time in new york city. rachel: turning to your headlines, states are arming teachers to combat school shootings that suggestion coming from secretary of education betsy devos during her sit down interview on cbs 60 minutes air ing sunday. oh, devos pointing out that not all educators should carry, but this is one solution. and this democrat once thrown off the ballot over a toilet controversy is back. fredrick ramirez was disqualified from a pennsylvania state house race last year because utility records showed his toilet hadn't been flushed enough. ed: what? rachel: as a result it was ruled he didn't actually live in the district. oh,, the democrat lawyer said this year, he won't be disqualified because he'll have better legal representation according to the local news. ed: get like a dummy address.
6:40 am
rachel: imagine sitting on the subway only to look over and see this horrifying sight. one new yorker sharing this photo on twitter after spotting a man riding with a child-like wear wolf doll sitting on his lap. >> [laughter] rachel: the picture quickly going viral. kevin tweeting no, no, no, and adam with this advice. get off the train. jenna writing "typical new york ." the dog called a wear pup has apparently been around for years pete: so it is a dog? rachel: it is a doll. ed: maybe like a compromise. pete: at least it would be non- partisan. rick how you doing? rick: i thought it was like a baby with a mask on. rachel: i did too. rick: then i felt bad for the baby and someone needs to arrest that parent. pete: it spirals. rick: i'm gland it was a doll. let's talk weather a lot going on today and its been a really
6:41 am
active week with a couple nor'easters another storm we're potentially talking about for monday into tuesday here is the temperatures as you wake up overall it is a chilly day there's plenty of snow across the interior section some spots saw up to three feet of snow with this last storm and it's going to take a while for that snow to go anywhere once it's that much snow on the ground. we have storms down to the south as well overnight tonight, areas of louisiana and mississippi, arkansas be careful, and here into the northern plains little bit of snow falling nothing that's going to be too heavy for you there, finally out across the west, more rain coming in across parts of california moving into arizona as well. all right guys back to you. ed: thanks so much rick. where are the democrats? president trump wants to know why they're silent as we just talked about on getting a deal on daca done. president trump: we're trying to have a daca victory for everybody by the way and the democrats are nowhere to be found. ed: nowhere to be found our next guest will be a dreamer who came to the u.s. when he was just one year old. he agrees with the president.
6:42 am
he joins us live in mere minutes pete: plus the south slamming brooklyn barbecue after a tweet says that it's taking over the world. ed: in the new york times by the way. pete: there they are always around and even politicians like ted cruz outraged they would claim that the brooklyn barbecue is the best. ed: we'll settle with the restaurant owner and everyone talking straight ahead. >> ♪ alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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ancestrydna can pinpoint where your ancestors are from... and the paths they took to a new home. could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at pete: couple of quick headlines for you. it had one job, flippy the burger flipping robot is now off line, after just one day, because it was too slow. caliburger in pasadena says they were overwhelmed after the story went viral this week and the
6:46 am
restaurant says flippy will be manning the grill again soon after some much-needed upgrades. and a liberal group launches an anti-trump dating website. it's called never trump dating, and its slogan is unite in love, unite against trump. it's described as an all-inclusive love pairing dating site for those who oppose the corrupt and morally bankrupt administration in power might i suggest hate, i didn't go with that but it rolls nicely ed over to you. ed: that was a good one, president trump calling out democrats for not passing a deal on daca. president trump: we're trying to have a daca victory for everybody by the way and the democrats are nowhere to be found. this is our time, this is our moment. go get daca. go push those democrats. ed: it was about to say otherwise you're fired. rachel: this is your time. that's right. so what do dreamers think?
6:47 am
we have a dreamer who was brought to the united states from mexico when he was just one and he joins us now, welcome. >> good morning rachel thank you for having me again. rachel: of course so now the president says to the dreamers like you and he's saying hey, call the democrats, i'm ready to make a deal what do you say? >> you know, before i begin, i just want to let the american people know that this morning, i pray to god and i told him to give me wisdom and the right words to say today and he told me to speak from a place of bold ness, from my heart, from a place of peace, unity and not divisiveness. we try to solve this immigration problem and every time we bring immigration reform we all divide and attack each other but i want to try a different approach. mr. president you gave congress an opportunity to solve this and they have yet to put a bill on your desk and instead, mr. president, let's work together, let's show congress what unity looks like. let's have a direct meeting and invite daca to support and stand
6:48 am
with you. look if ronald regan was here today, he would have said that the daca community and the dream ers are republicans. they just don't know it yet, but look, the reality is that we are just one piece of the puzzle. it's much bigger than the daca community. i would also invite those directly affected. i would invite victims and american families that have been victims of drugs and crimes coming from the south of the border. i would invite border patrol, i would invite businesses and schools and also, you know, the daca dreamers, the ones that are brought here legally and i would -- ed: i don't mean to interrupt but you're giving a great speech and laying it out and you add important context to this debate but we need some specifics which is what do you want to see the president do, specifically. we bring everybody to the table border patrol and as you say they've been at that table and unfortunately nothing has happened so i think president obama had about 600,000 children of illegal immigrants we wanted to give legal status to the president doubled or tripled
6:49 am
that and still not enough for democrats, so what specific steps do you want from the president? >> well again, i think we gave congress a chance to work and i think that it's a more effective and powerful message when you have all these parties that are being affected that sit down with the president and stand united and stand behind him and then let's put a face to the problem and stand united behind the president and let's, you know, let's not divide each other but put pressure on congress. rachel: you know, you bring up a great point the deadline is gone , so there's not as much pressure. your suggestion is president trump invite the dreamers, invite alt stakeholders to the white house let's have a big giant town hall with all of the media bring the attention back to the problem. i think it's good. thanks please give a hug to your mom she raised a fine young man and hopefully future citizen. >> thank you. ed: slamming brooklyn of all places brooklyn barbecue after a tweet says that its taken over the world and even some politicians like ted cruz of
6:50 am
texas, they're outraged, but we're settling the beef right here, right now, that's next. >> ♪
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6:53 am
ed: it was the tweet that caused a beef online this week. the headline, why is brooklyn barbecue taking over the world? rachel: immediately, people in the south including politicians slammed hashtag brooklyn barbecue, texas senator ted cruz tweeted simply "bless your hearts."
6:54 am
[laughter] pete: the memphis grizzlies others going after brooklyn barbecue saying no way you could be the best this morning we're going to settle the beef and taste test it on our own. joe carol is the owner of the brooklyn barbecue restaurant referenced in the tweeted article, joe thanks for being here. ed: probably never thought ted cruz would be conned esending to you. rachel: [laughter] pete: so i mean, we'll ask you the question up front is brooklyn barbecue better than southern barbecue? >> i don't think that was ever the statement i think that's how everyone read it. ed: i thought the new york times did a story started it? >> so it was a four year old article about how the style of barbecue and really, quite honestly, less about the style of the food than like the aesthetic and the design and the operational function of our restaurant has been copied and taken to asia and south america and europe and there are places that look a lot like our place and function very much the way we function that, you know, people who have come to new york
6:55 am
seen our place. rachel: what's unique about it? >> i think what's unique about it -- rachel: you're saying the place is being copied? >> its just got a particular feel. rachel: a vibe? >> our handles are made from butcher knives and it just has a particular look and feel and big picnic tables and it's open and smells like smoke. >> so i live a few blocks away and it's my favorite barbecue place. it doesn't look that different than a barbecue place in the south. >> no, not really. part of it is that up in the north and in a lot of urban settings, anybody who did barbecue say 20 years ago even 15 years ago so did it in a more restaurant setting with white table clothes and a giant menu and a wine list and it just wasn't barbecue it just didn't seem right so i thought when i do barbecue in new york it has to feel like a real barbecue place. we're in a former auto mechanic garage with a great feel. ed: so look into the camera and tell ted cruz why he's wrong.
6:56 am
rick: [laughter] >> well, ted you're wrong because our barbecue is its own unique thing and it's not trying to be texas or north carolina or kansas city. we're our own thing. pete: i've had a lot of texas barbecue which is fantastic but this is awesome. rachel: this is awesome. >> stay true to the technique of barbecue and be traditional as far as that goes but we do certain things like this is pork belly. rick: we're going to work on some of this pork belly during the commercial and there's more coming up. pete: we're going to try to get ted cruz on. ed: more fox & friends next. i'm a migraine sufferer and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do.
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♪ walking on sunshine ♪ pete: ted cruz, brooklyn might have you beat i'm not sure. i know that they are feeding the fire and the barbecue is amazing just like texas barbecue.
7:00 am
rachel: i see a chuck schumer ted cruz debate going on. pete: it's some of the tasty stuff ever. ed: jason chaffetz tomorrow big show, join us tomorrow on our facebook page right now. >> you are looking live at moon township, pennsylvania, president trump is preparing to hit the campaign trail for republican rick saccone ahead of tuesday's special election locked in a dead heat against democrat conor lamb in a race that may be a sign of things to come in november. can he do it? rick saccone is here and only here and we are live at the white house where north korea is front and center after the president says he will meet with kim jong-un with some conditions , is the republican senator tim scott on board? we'll ask him and we are live on capitol hill where nancy pelosi


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