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tv   OBJEC Tified  FOX News  March 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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man in more ways than one. mark: thank you. i want to thank you for appearing on the program and i am a great admirer of yours and god bless you and the state of israel. prime minister: god bless america. mark: amen to that. [♪] greg: all right. enough. i deserve it. so, i guess fire and fury works. >> a dramatic statement they are talking about. kim jong-un is talking about total denuclearization of the korean peninsula. what do you think about this? >> this is a moment very few of us thought we would ever see. >> the president agreed to meet with kim jong-un. it's difficult to overstate the
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historic nature of this. greg: comb your hair. but that's what normal people call good news. but what about morning beaker. >> is this a deflection? off course kit's a deflection. tariffs and north korea all to distract from a president who didn't go through the proper channels. greg: he looks like beaker. that's all i see. the great rachel is having a moment. >> you might think another president in this circumstance you can imagine a president asking himself or herself why has no other american president ever agreg to do this. why has no sitting american president ever met with a leader from north korea. why has that fresh happened in all the decade north korea existed as a nation? why hasn't any other president ever done.
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shouldn't i take that to mean this might be particularly risky or unwise move? why? why? greg: if it were another president like obama you would be doing cartwheels off a high dive in a swimming pool filled with ambrosia salad. this does it. now, obviously it pays to be kept cal about all of this. but this is something that can only happen under donald trump. it kind of remind me of a movie. >> in the world of uncertainty two leaders face off in a war of words that terrified the globe. president trump: rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >> kim jong-un said i will tame
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the mentally deranged u.s.dotard with fire. reporter: one man will prove nuke and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you while democrats shove billions in cash to tyrants and apologize to the world for being. a man with a plan says enough. a man on a unicorn. donald trump, kim jong-un and dirk benedict. put up your nukes. now playing in select theaters. i came, i saw, i tattled. greg: you have a feeling it's going to be a hit. you have got to admit even if you don't like trump, his effect
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is hard to deny. even "vanity fair" admits donald trump's strategy is paying off. if you are going to deal with crazy you have to talk crazy. sometimes it pays to be the psycho on the block screaming at clouds and rubbing dog poo in your hair. we have watched countries with extremist nut bags, but enough about berkeley. so we said with north korea, we'll talk your crazies and raise you triple crazy by electing donald trump. they didn't see that coming. it's too soon to rejoice. but what is the media's obsession now instead of this? >> it raised among many people the speculation those photographs might be intimate photographs of the president of
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the united states, and i'll hope as you conjure an image of that i urge you not to floip your mouth. >> if there are naked pictures of donald trump, they can go, go ahead and stay hushed. greg: talk about body shaping. after a certain age we are all old and weird without our clothes on. that's why i don't own a mirror. the human body is not designed for wear and tear. but this stormy story is not sticking with the people, just the media. why, we know donald. donald knows donald. even he says he's no role model. finding out donald trump slept with a film star is like finding
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out mike pence didn't. a man attracted to porn stars? welcome to biology. i can see it now, stormy daniels, cnn contributor. they spent days on the chinese president having a job for life. >> the president seems to approve of the chinese president having a job for louvre and the president seems to be suggesting he too would like to be a president for life. we don't know if he's making a joke or really means it. greg: come on, you know he's kidding. unemployment dipped to its lowest in 50 years. or maybe you don't think he's kidding. maybe you think he's dead serious about everything he says. sounds like you need this. >> do you have trouble understanding basic humor.
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>> he's a great general. he's now a great general. >> did you hear that? he just praised the chinese president for getting rid of term limits and he said we should, too. >> you should try laugh it off. sound dangerous it's a spray you apply to the face and it penetrates to your braun to help you understand when the president is and isn't joking. you can preserve your sanity. thanks, laugh it off. i guess. >> do you believe north korea's willingness to talk is sincere?
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and to what do you owe this recent willingness to talk? >> don't worry, mr. president, i get. thanks, laugh it off. try laugh it off today. you can go from this to this. greg: let us welcome tonight's guest. doctor, doctor, give us the news. dr. drew pinsky. and like a loaf of french bread, lauren savon. and her fast it color is. national review reporter
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katherine timpf. my sidekick tyrus. let's go to the expert, the doctor. what do you think of my theory by pretending to be unpredictable, maybe not pretending. actually being unpredictable, it worked with kim. >> i just think trump is very predictable in being unpredictable. he always takes these extreme scary points of view, creates chaos, thrives on it, then he drives back to where he wants to go. using game theory. but he says very, very scary things and goes to extremes when you think he's losing his mind and he reels it back to something where you are happy. greg: game theory means looking
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at egg like it's a game? >> no, it's a little more complicated than that. greg: okay, lauren. you have got to kind of admit, he's putting the squeeze on north korea. the guy could be full of crap, the north korean dictator. >> she knows somebody who knows him. >> a friend went to school with kim jong-un. greg: is he a rational human being? >> he was a kid in school, he played video games, didn't have a lot of friends and grunted a lot. >> he's one of those kids playing video games, withdrawn. but it's going to be a one-on-one negotiation between those two. >> by the way, he sees the glass half full with this situation.
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they are going to have a [bleep] contest within 0 minutes. we know that's going toappen. greg: i don't think that's a problem. kat something like this elevates the kim's stature in the world by having a world leader meet. is that a really bad thing, but it's something that has to happen? kat: i was not about the talk of a preemptive nuclear trike. so i am going to be for the talk about talking. but it's the best way to go. but i have seen so many people against the talk of nuclear war. this will be a disaster who are now saying i'm against this talking, this is going to be a disaster. you just want to be against whatever donald trump is doing, you are not really against north korea. if it happens i would.
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greg: tyrus, kind of mike professional wrestlers. you have got the little carry guy, and the big hulking guy. >> let's say they meet and donald trump denuclearizes north korea. so he gets the nobel peace prize, right? greg: they will give it to obama again. tyrus: can you just manage cnn having to report that? i guarantee you they will be doin opiates live on cnn. greg: they will need laugh it off. tyrus: i think probably what will happen, the alternative is worse for north korea because
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the sayings are hurting them. his federal reserves are almost out and that's his money. greg: he's looking for a way out. but you can't trust a guy like that. tyrus: the world we live in now people get political advice from a wrestler, a real estate mogul is our president and our voice of reason and virtue is a porn star. so why not. we made it. greg: coming up, the golden state makes the doj irate. that's next.
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greg: do we need saying wary cities from the sanctuary cities. the doj says those laws obstruct federalmmigration laws. jeff sessions called out the mayor of oakland who warned people the feds were coming. >> how dare you endanger the
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lives our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open border agenda. >> how dare you distort the reality about declining violent crime in a diverse sanctuary city like oakland, california to advance your racist agenda. [audience boos] >> this is unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out to california and act more like fox news than a law enforcement officer. greg: you wish. whoever you are. but what's being lost in all of this. the justice department isn't doing anything other than enforcing the laws that are already on the books. if you are going ting you north
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law because you think it's unjust then anyone can. and the next one could can against your beliefs. i like my own sanctuary city that allows me to do whatever i want whenever i want like dress up like a tiger and work out in the park. i was band from that park. it was worth it. the sanctuary city, if you could have one, is there any kind like for yourself? >> at first when i heard california was going create sanctuaryitie i thought it was like a discount a where i could get massages. but i was right behind sessions saying you are obstructing the law, you are giving me the
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vapors, california. how dare you? greg: how dare you? i would have a due he'l -- havei could pick up a gun. we'll meet on the veranda. >> i was thinking about five horn leg horn. >> this is insurrection. this is disregard for the federal law, and that's unconstitutional. we fought a civil war for this very issue. the civil war started because president lincoln attempted to provision fort sumter. provision fort sumter. south carolina fired on them, this was the civil war. now you have california saying we are going to disregard the federal laws no matter what.
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greg: i didn't even know that about the civil war. i should have paid attention. >> it all started with a nullification crisi i andrew jackson's administration. greg: you are a doctor. >> i know i shouldn't be talking about this. greg: tyrus thought? >> the civil war was important for me. i'm glad it worked out so i am not chained to this chair. i grew up in california and it's always something. i wish the sanctuary cities were somewhere else. mountain, alaska and new mexico, you get out there and you have to work and it's cold and there is nobody there. i have a theory the reason why -- liberals only want to help you when they need stuff. all these big cities are the cities where most of of the
8:22 pm
maids and gardeners work because they don't want to pay them. they are so worried about the sanctuary cities and protecting the rights of immigrants. >> all they are doing is protecting the rights of convicted felons. greg: it's discriminating against the american felon. the american felon should be first in line. so the illegal felons get to cut in line? >> always to the front of the line. greg: all right, kat, thoughts. kat: obviously it's a complicated legal issue. you can't force the state and local police to do the federal government's job.
8:23 pm
but the fact that someone can be a violent criminal and be here illegally. you don't get to stay. that would be ridiculous. i can't believe anybody has a different view than that. greg: my ideal sanctuary city is where no one can be taller than me. it will and cutout of me. it will say you have to be short than gregg. tyrus: i will protest this with all that i am. greg: democrats come up with half a plan. they couple with half a plan for everything. they go, we should be compassionate about people to stay here. but when you try to create a process or structure, they go, we didn't get that far. they always start with the half a plan which is why it always end in disaster. >> or that's unfair.
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others were removed by rescue divers and are now in critical condition. sorry, that happened sunday evening. the pilot was able to escape crash rescued by a nearby tugboat .-period-paragraph was owned by liberty helicopters, and offering a trend company that offers sightseeing tours. they are investigating the crash that caused is still unknown. education secretary betsy devos will chair a new school safety commission and it will focus on ways to prevent and identy threats those measures include raising the minimum age to purchase certain guns and allowing courts to temporarily take guns from mentally unstable people in providing firearms training programs for school personnel. that's a look at news, i'm kelly wright, now back to the greg got fell joe. philosopher at a speech he gave
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at the university of law school. i called the student activists that they didn't seem that organized. ♪ ♪ greg: they didn't put any effort into that. it's not even catchy. if you're going to shot in a major thinker like christina hoff sommers, be assertive. believe in your message. like these guys. they are organized. meanwhile at middlebury college a year ago violently protesting against conservative speaker
8:30 pm
charles murray. the professor invited murray ended up with a concussion. wallpaper wrote about it and felt they had to explain why murray's picture was on the front page of the paper. why? they felt murray's image would be traumatizing for the students. a picture of him. what a bunch of asshats. for more on this, one of the students perez. ♪ you should be lucky to have him as a parent. you've been writing about this stuff for like 30 years. it's amazing. >> before i was born. i'm not 30 yet. tree into the debate still exists in america. is it over? >> it's over. the only time it's traumatizing to see a photo exhibit seven set -- your ex-boyfriend and a smiling.
8:31 pm
unless the student stated charles murray, which maybe they did and things are going great in the next thing you know he left them and i completely understand. i understand why they would react this way. the photos that people just sitting there are not violence in these kids need to grow up and get over it. tree into clarence. [cheers and applause] tree into how were the students going to get jobs in the real world this photo scare them? >> that sees back a minute. first of all, can you imagine the protesting planner cover the guy who put it together, sitting in a span, going i told him a million times to shout us, not we. we're going to come back out and try this again. there was no effort minute. if it's not the students.
8:32 pm
it is the administrator or whoever was in charge of the it's going to hurt the children. really? an old man, if you look at other facebook and instagram, they have a ton of sulfate that will scare the out of you. and some guy looked like he was holding onto his last breath. they don't even go to the kids. i'm going to show you some pictures. if any of these offend you, please let me know. they want to make a big issue and it makes you upset and they don't even think about it. sure into -- trying to they were indulging his kids. >> they have a lot of feelings. and they equate violence with words that they don't like to hear. so when they heard this racist author as they are calling him come as speaking up their school, and they're so against his violent words that they attacked him in the other
8:33 pm
professor he was speaking with and gave her a concussion to show how anti-violent they are. they are against violence. first of all, i was in college. worried if you're even involved in a protest about a speaker or some other department that i wasn't studying? have i not delay. why do kids go from protest to protest. greg: dr. come and this is kind of your wheelhouse. you deal with a lot of young people problems. >> you are working with one. i find myself disgusted by a lot of things in the world today. this is one of them. we take liberty and freedom for granted. free speech is the foundation of what we are doing here. i'm a scientist and i learned science all the time at a lot of things are rational and don't make sense. learning to accept things as they are. but she do that through
8:34 pm
discourse and dialogue and shar ideas. if you break that down, that is where fascism the rubber hits the road with fascism. this is a greatly concerned. i'm disgusted, that the court is the narcissistic turn the tide. we are all narcissists that we are hurt to our core, we feel so tiny little inside. get over it, over it coming gives him great, let's get going here, let's solve problems. i'm in the radical middle were resolve things pragmatically and we share ideas and values the first amendment and let's get on with business. come on now. tree in three if you eliminate that step between anger and violence, which is dialogue, that's all that's left is violence. it is almost as if these folks want that. they don't actually want the violence. sure in >> it's a weird projection of their own violence and anger.
8:35 pm
lauren pointed out at the end, they violently attack somebody who's just trying to talk. ridiculous. greg: i'm so angry i could hit somebody over violence. still to come, does the universe exists where we all can live forever? the most important scientific discovery next. discovery next. [cheers and i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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greg: is very portal to make you immortal? mathematicians claim to have found a special type of black hole that you can pastor without being ripped into little pieces. but there is a catch. your paths would evaporate and you'd be trapped in a parallel universe with the infinite number of futures, basically you could live forever because the universe on the other side wouldn't be governed by time and
8:40 pm
space. kind of like a date with bill hunter. so what does this mean? are new correspondent to look for one of these black holes. find anything yet? >> yes, greg. i am mentoring the whole right now and it's very hot. greg: well, i guess we lost to make there. sorry about that, everybody. >> greg, i am right here. we are going to get back to the studio. this is amazing. on my desk. >> i can't wait to get home until my wife and kids all about this. transfer you haven't looked in an era yet, have you? i hate to break it to you, but it is over for you. there is a lesson in there somewhere. not sure where. [laughter] i feel so bad about doing that
8:41 pm
to poor mike. he sti alive. but now he's in the trashcan. my goodness, this is very strange, lauren. this is the most exciting topic to talk about. you get to erase your past. >> immortality. i'm exhausted. this life is beating me down. i can barely handle what i have on my plate. i'm ready to go. [laughter] greg: you have lived a full life. you are the yoga news correspondent. are you excited about a black hole? >> that make it this straight. nothing in my past comes with me? history is gone? start child support, alimony? ex-girlfriend text messages, all that stuff is gone?
8:42 pm
not like why didn't you answer your phone for the last six -- greg: yeah, it's over. dr. drew. >> no way. i love biology of the system we are in. don't screw with it. don't do it. no black holes. greg: kat come you would love to live forever because you talk about death all the time. >> i do. i would love to erase my past. i keep telling my therapist i want to do and he keeps telling me, kat command that is not possible. you are wrong, dr. elliot. i'm going to fire him and hire one of these doctors because they are the ones that are the real solutions. >> you know, there's a really dark part of this. if you are living in an infinite number of lives, there's a super downside to this. you think there's an infinite
8:43 pm
number of lies. you could be george clooney, george washington because you will be living all these lives that you have to be jeffrey dahmer, adolf hitler. right now that would be happening. >> in some respects it already is. greg: there are parallel universes already. we'll search the segment out -- >> i just got excited you. >> this makes accidents were valuable and terrifying. the only thing that's going to kill you as an accident, so you'll never go outside. it would if you could live forever but she died at age 20. >> not to mention that, but you're just assuming everyone's going to have great lives on the other side. what if you're joe schmoe and can't get out of middle management for eternity. are we sure this isn't just a guy who can't get a date and got kicked off instagram for inappropriate pictures.
8:44 pm
nobody will swipe left on his tender. are we sure this isn't some mathematician who's really lonely and has made some mistakes? >> medical marijuana next time we bring up this topic. greg: although i'm fascinated by that. >> we should be talking about stormy daniels instead of black holes. >> we talk about it. >> was 12 years ago. you want to talk about things i did 12 years ago? get the tissues. we'll do this. she accepted the money and now she wants to talk review made a a deal. she's the bad guy. he signed a contract come you go money and n you want to talk about it? you made a deal. >> no one cares the president was with a star.
8:45 pm
>> 12 years ago. greg: that was interesting. from black holes to stars. coming up, and suspected of being a spy. being a spy. carter pages here. pssst. what? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? a-ha. and an award-winning mobile app.
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greg: via e. i thought he was a spy, but was it all a lie? according to the núñez memo, my next guest has been the subject of intense surveillance by the bureau because they expected him of working with the russians. plenty of questions surrounding the fisa warrant against him and how it was obtained. i have more important step to ask him. he was pronounced for was pronounced from her charm campaign advisor, carter page. hey, carter. [cheers and applause] my first question, every time i see you interviewed, you always smiling. why are you always smiling? >> i have the spray tan. greg: do get a lot of fiber? you seem kind of relaxed all the time.
8:50 pm
>> absolutely. greg: when i look at you comment you does seem like a spy to me, which means he could be an amazing spy, right? you're just so happy. >> laura ingram picked up on a bit of it because she figured out where i was. our campaign committee met with then candidate trump one time. i was very, very far away. she figured out where. greg: where were you? >> i can't say exactly, but let's say it's closer to north korea and washington where that meeting have been. greg: we are having lunch tomorrow. not really. are you a spy actually, i'm the north korea greg: that is not a know. are you a spy? >> north koreans offered a much better deal. only $11 billion from the russians and ejected up a little
8:51 pm
bit. heading in that direction. greg: why are they after you? >> i think it's because -- i knew some of the people in the clinton orbit and i think they figured out i'd be a pretty easy-going guy in terms of throwing out all these crazy stories with some of their collaborators in and outside of government. greg: what is interesting about this whole trump phenomenon if there are people like you commit two years ago you were an insecure guy come cheerios in a bathtub, watching reruns of friends until 6:00 in the morning. eye of the camera. i'm actually the russian spy. there's this political earthquake and everything has changed. a sickly you were an obscure person who is now not a household name, but somebody who shows up everywhere and you probably have your own wikipedia
8:52 pm
changed now. has your life changed a lot? >> that wikipedia page showed up within hours of the fake news stories in the dnc and the campaign management plan for 2016. i was definitely nobody before then. >> yury frighten somebody. are you follow the lot by mysterious people in overcoats? perhaps lou dobbs? very strange habit he has. i'm sure you have to move around a lot. >> because of the domestic terror threats for a long time. that's the beauty of all these memos coming out. people are starting to realize what a complete joke this whole process has been. that's a perfect place to be discussing on the show. greg: i'm glad he should appear. i asked the hard questions that
8:53 pm
no one asks you like or you despise? where is your lawyer? he allows you to go everywhere? is having a nervous breakdown. >> i was never very interested in the law. i always followed it. greg: i don't know if that's a good criteria for defending yourself. >> with the civil rights abuses they suffered, and they really became a great interest of mine. per the last panel for the last thing that you had about first amendment on college campuses. i've been doing a big research project on five that abuse of the first amendment. i was originally planning to speak at a conference at yale law school, but you can imagine how that went over. >> the author does -- audience feels bad for you. >> i had a couple of insight.
8:54 pm
>> are you going to go? i may see you there. >> a few people. greg: it interesting. russians? everybody loves those dolls. are you selling like illegal nesting dolls? is that what this is? >> that's actually the only theory that hasn't been tried. greg: i do think you've been trafficking in illegal nesting dolls. by the way, one more question. inevitably there will be a movie made about you. i have a guess of who could play you in the movie. samuel jackson i think would be good. i thought maybe jennifer lawrence because it's like why stick to gender. but of course i thought paul ahmadi. is there anybody you would like to play you? >> the only suggestion i had heard as bruce willis and i think it's just because of the haircut. that goes to your questions
8:55 pm
about the good looks. greg: i was thinking of the guy who plays james bond yet what's his name? daniel craig. my mind is blown. carter page, always a pleasure to see you for the first time. i hope something bad does not happen to you. i hope you get your car back to your hotel at 43 street. i'm joking. [applause] he's actually at the best western downtown. i don't hold grudges, hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. greg: we don't have much time. .or true, pay attention. tell us about your new radio show with more and someone. >> monday through friday, check it out. get on my website, dr.
9:00 pm
or transferred you tick collars? >> yes. greg: that's good because i some serious problems. >> i notice. greg: that's kelly: a deadly helicopter crash in new york city on the east river. three passengers were killed and three others are in critical condition. the new york city fire commissioner said it took rescue divers a while to get the passengers out. sources say their prognosis was poor. the pilot was able to escape the crash. school safety measures, among them arming and


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