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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 12, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we'll be back next sunday 11 rrp eastern with the latest buzz. >> crash in new york city. >> landed almost like it was supposed to land and completely under water. >> this is a diplomatically led effort. you can see that an action right now for those who questioned me about whether it was diplomatic we led. i now rest my case with exhibit a. >> i have actually asked to head up a task force that would really look at what states are doing. >> there's a sense of urgency. >> i'm not running for president .
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends" on this monday morning. i'm heather childers. brand-new week. hopefully you had a greet weekend as always. we start with fox news alert for you. terrifying moment that a helicopter with six people on board plunges into new york's frigid river. we learned that all five passengers are dead after becoming trapped under water. the pilot is the lone survivor. video shows him walking away from the the heartbreaking scene. witnesses stunned by what they saw. >> it like landed almost like it was suppose today land and then
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completely under water. one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter and since it was flipped over the rafts were visible and he crierved over for raft he was calling out, screaming for help. >> the private aircraft was venue for photo shoot when it went down, the cause yet not known. international manhunt for nursing student who was mysteriously killed. hailey anderson was found dead in off campus house in up state new york after police responded for a welfare check. her former boyfriend, fellow nursing student has been named as person of interest but authorities believe he left the country before body was found. anderson was last scene at campus coffee where she worked on thursday. how she was killed has not been released. well, he was found dead after shooting and killing three
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veterans' home employees, he did not want to murder them. adam wong adapted brother, wong was bipolar and angry before opening fire. he said he we wanted to get back at them, talk to them, yell at them, not to kill them. wong held women hostage at california home where he used to leave but expelled because he threaten one of the women. tim mcgraw said to be doing okay after collapsing on stage, this happened during concert. his wife faith hill updating crowd moments later. >> he's fine. [cheers and applause] >> he's been super dehydrated and i apologize, but i made the decision that he cannot come back out on stage.
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>> well, representative for mcgraw said he received treatment on site and will be doing fine this was his last stop and this would be in richmond, virginia. un security council expecting meeting with kim jong un. while hopes are high of denuclearization, the administration expecting to scale back pressure to rogue regime. good morning, doug. >> heather, good morning. a lot of details here have to be worked out but the diplomatic breakthrough is sending shock waves around the world and potential for a sit-down between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un has found supporters on both sides of the aisle, there is still at best, though, tempered optimism given north korea's track record and cia director mike pompeo says the u.s. will need follow through from the north if this is going to happen.
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>> he's got to stop the missile testing that he's been hard at for the last years and he has to continue to allow us to perform militarily necessary exercises on the peninsula and then he's got to make sure that he leaves on the table for denuclearization. >> president trump in the meantime seems to rebel in the news, spoke in campaign praising china by calling out former presidents who failed to find a way forward with north korea. >> neither would bush, neither would clinton and they had their shot and all they did was nothing. president xi of china has really helped us a lot. china has more for us than they ever have done for any other president or this country and i respect that. >> now, we still don't know where this meeting would take place. nothing has been ruled out but a white house spokesman said it's highly unlikely that the
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location would be pyongyang. heather: highly unlikely. tempered optimism. the president's national security team in the meantime making it clear that the white house is not taking kim jong un on his word alone. ron johnson, chairman of the homeland security says the only way president trump can stop threat of north korea is to learn from previous mistakes of the administrations. >> i joined in the letter with five other of my republican senate colleagues encouraging president trump to make sure to taken main the maximum pressure until we find, see complete verifiable and reversible denuclearization within north korea. so what we can't do is do what we did with iran and let out the pressure and watch the behavior go in the wrong direction. you have that history. let's not be snookered again, let's not be charlie brown to north korea's lucy, we called on
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president trump to make sure he maintain pressure if anything. i would continue to ratchet up sanctions until, again, they have complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. >> and just a couple of things in 1994 north korea promise today end nuclear program under the clinton administration but they were found in violation and then former president george bush failed again in 2005 when north korea agree today give up nuclear program but started up again the next year. russia claims successfully it tested missile traveling ten times the speed of sound. brand-new video shows weapon being launched from fighter jet, russia claiming to have a missile that cannot be intercepted and nuclear submarine, drone capable of blowing up coastlines and we also just learned that vladimir putin ordered a plane carrying more than 100 passengers to be shot down, this was claimed in
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russian documentary where putin was told a man on the plane had a bomb and was targeted can 2014 olympics, he called it off after finding out it was a false alarm. well, back at home the white house unveiling plan to definite deadly school children and puts betsy devos in charge. kelly wright with the outrage and what students have planned next, good morning, kelly. kelly: education secretary betsy devos is going to chair a new school safety commission, she says no student, i'm quoting her, no student or family should ever have to live the horror of parkland or sandy hook ever again. >> that should be an option for states and communities to consider. for those who are capable, this is one solution that can and should be considered, but no one
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size fits all. every state and every community is going address this -- this issue in a different way. >> the trump's administration plan also includes strengthening criminal background checks and empowering states to train personnel. does not include increase purchasing to 21 even though president trump advocated to it. senate minority leader chuck schumer saying this, the white house has taken tinny baby steps designed not to upset the nra when the gun violence epidemic in this country demands a giant steps be taken. florida just passed bill which includes raising the age limit to buy riffle to 21, several parents of parkland shooting victims support the bill. >> we were up in tallahassee and what's historic, we were able to get the left and the right to come together, put away -- put
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aside political differences and focus on what the american people want and what we all want is our kids safe in school. kelly: students are keeping up the pressure. they are planning a nationwide walk-out on wednesday friday. heather: thank you, kelly, appreciate it. we will switch gears this morning and talk about sports, nascar season for kevin, the driver of number 4 racing into victory lane yet again sunday in phoenix. >> fortieth career win. heather: harvick winning third consecutive race and keep in mind the season is only four week's old so he's doing pretty good. and tiger woods is finally back.
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[cheers and applause] heather: one of the greatest to ever step just coming short. tiger tied for second, one stroke behind first despite that incredible 44-foot birdie put that you just saw there. the best finish in nearly five years, he has the masters coming up in three weeks so we will see how he does. well, the time now is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and he's illegal and the suspect in deadly hit and run by thanks to sanctuary city he's walking free. major communication error that is sparking an urgent manhunt. keeping america great, president trump unveiling or revealing new rally cry for 2020 as he rallies supporters ahead of crucial pennsylvania special election. is this the midterm momentum that the gop needs? we will debate it up next. >> i would like to beat oprah, i know her weakness. heather: oprah may not be
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but now she's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. heather: welcome back, president trump heading campaign trail ahead of tomorrow's heated pennsylvania election where he announces a new rally cry for 2020. >> our new slogan when we start running, can you believe it two years from now is going to be keep america, exclamation point. keep america great. heather: well the president gearing up to take that message on an all out midterm blitz and
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would this be the momentum to key races. kristin liberal analyst and kathy, thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having us. heather: history shows that the party in power loses seats during midterm, do you think it will happen around kristin? >> it might. trump is in his element and at his best campaigning so definitely give the gop at least some momentum at this point. the republican party is trump's party. he's the heart and the soul of the party and the people love him, he has 85% approval rating among republicans and keep the right mobilized. which side can get most voters to the polls. what you think, kathy? >> i think it'll be a disaster in pennsylvania for trump. the gop needs to push but the push won't come from trump. i think he will be disappointed. it is trump country as they say, people didn't think the race so close and it's very close to
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democrats are excited and the candidate is smart, he's witty, he's saying all the right things so it should have been this close and it is, so if this is a disaster, 2020 -- heather: another thing voters tend to vote with pocketbooks and we can take a look at the economic numbers right now, in jobs 313,000 jobs have been added, the dow is up, the nasdaq is at record highs, on that front that would seem to favor republicans in. >> absolutely. republicans have a lot to brag about but the democrat connor lamb can rally and moderate who distanced himself from extreme leadership of party, he's even called for nancy pelosi to step down f he wins the special election, it won't be a good sign for republicans but also won't be a good sign for nancy pelosi because signals to other democrats that her leadership is
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toxic and being associated with her could hurt more than help. heather: indication of what democrats need to do. >> he definitely -- lamb does know the area and know what is resinates and brings in biden and they need that kind of guy and the voters aren't exactly agreeing with trump on the message, look, this is not working for our economy, so i think that's why it's working so well, he's focusing on his area, not the overall trump message. heather: it's not just democrats that maybe have disagreements with the president, president trump and his fans, also senator jeff flake, he's talking about somebody running against president trump in 2020, listen to what he had to say. >> do you think he needs to be challenged? >> yes. >> from somebody that spouses your views? >> yes, i do. >> okay. >> it would be a tough go in the republican primary, the republican party has -- is the
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trump party right now, but that's not to say it will stay that way. heather: not that jeff flake party, though, cathy. >> i don't know, i think he's saying that guy is me, i think flake is getting ready to say i'm going to be the challenger, he has nothing to lose. trump, they are not friends and don't get along and don't see eye to eye. i think they are ready for run in 2020. heather: what do you think, kristin, would that be a good idea? >> in 2016 trump stumped out 16 candidates all who media told us had better shot at nomination, he won from little support from own party because the voters supported him, they do to this day and if jeff flake try to run against trump, they will end up defeated and humiliated, to jeff flake i say good luck. go for it. heather: appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. heather: time now 19 minutes after the top of the hour, did he do it? that's the question everyone
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wants an answer to this morning. >> i grabbed the knife, do i remember that portion taken a knife from charlie and to be honest, after that i don't remember. heather: simpson's hypothetical murder confession sparking huge reaction online. >> by god's grace has pulled the cover off of that satanic jew. heather: known for hateful racist remarks but one magazine is defending his newfound relationship with democrats. carley shimkus is here with the outrage online.
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>> i will fight every day until
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he is impeached, impeach 45. [cheers and applause] heather: maxine watters reviewing calls for president trump to be removed from office, vowing if not congress will eventually, quote, get him. all part of 20 million-dollar campaign to unseat the president. well, oprah confirming yet again that she will not be campaigning for your vote in 2020. but she is offering advice for those who will. >> i am not running for office, i will say to whoever is going to run for office, do not give your energy to the other side. do not spin all your time talking about your opponent, do not give your energy to that what you really don't believe in, do not spend ounce of your time on that. heather: winfrey said it was a
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humbling experience when people urged her to run. known for hateful racist rhetoric. >> and by god's grace has pulled the cover off of the satanic jew. heather: now one magazine is defending his newfound relationship with democrats. carley shimkus with fox news headline 24/7 siriusxm 115 is here with the outrage online. good morning. >> good morning, heather, atlantic coming out with article explaining why women's march leader tamika didn't commend. turned a blind eye to antisemitic comments because the nation's of islam in african
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american communities. here is a direct quote from the article. because of the nation of islam's ongoing presence in many working poor and black communities, time and again farrakhan because for good reason and bad choose to deal with him. many on social media calling for all to condemn farrakhan. take a look at the tweet. lewis arrakhan is part america is divided. john on twitter also says, there's no excuse or justification why anyone would have anything to do with louis farrkhan. heather: we will see what happens moving forward. senator elizabeth warren is say nothing to presidential run? carley: she answered questions on past and future fox news
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sunday and whether or not she will take a dna test to prove her native american an ces tri. take a listen. >> i am not running for president in 2020. i have an election right now in 2018 here in massachusetts. i know who i am bus of what my mother and my father told me. it's part of who i am and no one will take this away from me. >> why not simply identify as native american, problem solved. if elizabeth warren were to run, trump is a win in 2020. reaction there. heather: joe bide even took granddaughter to movie and what he did outside movie theater has become viral. carley: this picture that we have of him talking to a homeless person outside of a movie theater is going viral there. we have it right there. that's joe biden and that's
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homeless man outside movie theater in washington, d.c. bystander snapped the picture and posted to snapchat, character is what you do with no one watching, a hundred likes on facebook. heather: very nice. >> isn't that great? heather: happy monday. carley: happy monday. heather: time now is half past the top of the hour, almost and an eye for an eye, president trump say that is drug dealers should get the death penalty, too harsh or step in right direction to help stop the growing opioid epidemic, the legal panel will debate it coming up. >> build that wall! >> we are building the wall 100%. heather: and forget méxico and taxpayer money, the border wall could actually pay for itself if we cut welfare to illegal immigrants. why our next guest, president of national border patrol council says this is a no-brainer.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", ice on the hunt after sanctuary city of denver let him walk free. denver police releasing ivan on $2,500 bond. sheriff's office said they are issuing internal review as to why officers released him nearly two hours before notifying the feds. he's facing vehicular homicide charges. well, the jury expected to be completed today. the pool of 56 people will be narrowed to 12 juries or by orlando judge, aiding and encouraging her husband omar mateen to carry out 2016 shooting that killed people as well as lying to the fbi.
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jim prison, sentenced 25 years behind bars after leaving seven children sleeping aids so she can go to tan. police arrested the 32-year-old last year after finding the drugged up children some just six months old abandoned at the oregon day care. when he-- well, the president vg down on president trump's tariffs, national trade council director peter navarro says he isn't concern of threats of retaliation from other countries, they will understand the u.s. is looking for fair deals and stronger national security. >> you can't have a country as the president said without those industries, so from a purely national security point of view that's why we are acting on steel and aluminum. heather: navarro also echoing
1:34 am
that china's stance will be addressed soon. president trump is close to firing him. has not spoken to staffers in weeks and claims political appointees are trying to undermine him. kelly urging for him to get back to work fixing the va. president trump continue to go push for biggest campaign promises. >> we are building the wall 100%. 100%. heather: brand new report show that is the wall could pay for itself for eliminating the needs for welfare and funding benefits given to illegal immigrants. here to react brandon, thank you very much for joining us this morning, appreciate it.
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>> heather, good morning. heather: i would like to begin with some of the points that you made about certain magnets that actually draw people to droz border illegally to begin with, what are some of those? >> well, if you look at when we arrest people, we interview and ask them why are you coming to the united states, the vast majority of the individual that is we arrest, they tell us that they are coming here for jobs, they they are telling us they are coming for social programs and they know they will be released if they claim asylum and when they talk about the social programs, you are talking about the billions of dollars the federal and state governments spend on health care, on schooling and all of the different costs that illegal aliens cost taxpayers, and so when you look at what a wall will do in allowing us to apprehend the vast majority of those individuals that are coming across the border, it will cut down on how much the taxpayer burden will be which
1:36 am
will then go straight into funding the wall. so it's a brilliant, it's a brilliant way to go about it and that's the business strategy that president trump brings to the american people. heather: as we continue to discuss that, let's take a look, the report from the center for immigration studies that shows that this border wall would prevent 200,000 illegal crossings at the border saving 64 billion in expenses like welfare, public education, refundable tax credits along with other benefits an then there are a lot of estimates that some other organizations have as well, right? >> there's a lot of estimate that organizations have come out and said that in we were -- to cut down on the number of illegal aliens that are here in the united states, we would save billions of dollars. heather: and then the president himself is touring the border wall prototypes tomorrow, what is next on that front? can you tell us anything? >> yeah, he's going to go look at the prototype and he's going
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to discuss the pros and cons of each individual prototype, from there he will go and choose which prototype is going to be best to go along the border and if you look at this, what i'm pleased from a border patrol agent standpoint, what i'm pleased about if you look at all of the fences that we currently have on the border, none of them went through research and development that the current prototypes have gone through and so those fences have been defeated in one way or another, these current prototypes, the u.s. forces, they tested prototypes and they weren't able to defeat them in the same manners that they were able to defeat the fences and you look at this and you to say we are going about this the right way, we are finally getting a wall in strategic locations that are finally going to be effective. heather: that's a good point. i constantly remember the video that we show, it went viral,
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these two people that crossed over the border wall, they were running on the other side, they were caught and ran back and scaled right back up the wall. it was so easy for them to go back up it. >> yeah, as an agent working in arizona, i played this game where people would cross the border illegally, they will run into the united states a couple hundred yards and all they'll do is get my attention, run back to the border and climb the wall again and while i'm chasing them they will run another group right behind me, the area that i vacated, so when we get rid of this -- these games that the smugglers will be able to play was, we will be a lot more effective and that's what the walls in strategic locations will do. heather: spending money on things that actually work is a good thing to do. we appreciate your expertise as always. >> thank you, appreciate your time. heather: have a good day. 20 minutes until the top of the hour and do inmates have the
1:39 am
right to vote, apparently they do in chicago, twitter exploding over the windy city's new program. traveling the marks elon musk says it's going to happen but there's a catch. a whole new project making mother's day more inclusive?
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", they're sitting in jail but they still get to vote. a cook county, illinois hosting first jail wide voting event. the group is called chicago vote, despite being detained 94% of the prisoners were still eligible to cast their ballots, flowns still don't have voting rights. and police taking aim at mother's day, a company came out with new cards reading happy you
1:43 am
day instead of happy mother's day, british super market quickly pulled the gender neutral mother's day card after backlash online, the so-called sentiments were an attempt to be more transgender inclusive. well, how about flights to mars, elon musk says it is going to happen but there's a catch. >> short flights, short up and down flights probably first time in first time next year. difficult, dangerous, good chance you'll die. heather: all right, there's that. tracee carrasco from sister network fox business with the plan. tracee: yes, good morning, heather, if there's anyone that can do this is elon musk. he talked about short trips to space as early as 2019. he made the comments at q&a but south by southwest conference in usaian, texas going on right
1:44 am
now, so he joked about his previous projects, his ambitious timelines, so he didn't want to spark too much speculation, we will see if he get this is done, he said in short-term, mars is really about getting the spaceship built that would provide, prove to other companies and countries that if it can be done providing impetus to go and do it themselves, so he says it's in the works, we will see if it happens. heather: he also said that kanye west and freda inspire him. tracee: role models. heather: krispy kreme. >> yes, they are turning original glazed doughnuts are turns them completely green, the inside too. that will be available this friday and saturday for st. patrick's day, there they are on the screen. they taste the same, right? heather: that's my favorite out of all of them.
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>> thanks, heather. heather: 15 minutes until the top of the hour. eye for eye, president trump says that drug dealers should get the death penalty. >> they are killing our kids, they are killing our families, we have to do something. heather: would it help stop the opioid epidemic, we date bait coming up next? please do not call 9-1-1, why police in one city are telling people politely that there's nothing they can do to help. you won't see these folks at the post office they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again
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dinner in 5. when everything's connected, it's simple. easy. awesome. heather: welcome back to "fox & friends" first, death penalty for drug dealers, president trump a new way to fight the drug epidemic plaguing our country. >> the only way to solve the drug problem is through
1:49 am
toughness, you kill one person you get the death penalty, you kill 5,000 people with drugs because you're smuggling them in and making a lot of money and people are dying and they don't even put you in jail, they don't do anything. i don't think we should play games. heather: so would this actually deter drug dealers and clean up our streets, here now to debate criminals defense attorney david bruno and randy, thank you both for joining us this morning. >> good morning. heather: very important topic here and just as we begin, let's take a look at some of the numbers for people at home, in 2016 the total deaths relating from drug overdoes deaths, 63,000, overdoes deaths involving opioids, 42,000, the number quadrupled since 1999 and leading driver of drug overdoes deaths nationally. it's a serious problem. need to do something about it. randy, given the death penalty to drug dealers is that the answer? >> look, look at this way, we
1:50 am
talk about deterrence, one of the most frequent problems that i run into a sentence is when a judge looks at me and says, i get it, your client know that what he did or she did was serious, they understand punishment and will never do this again but we start talking about general deterrence, what about the next randy who did this, how do we stop it? and seems to me that perhaps the ultimate penalty, the ultimate deterrence is the only answer to getting our arms around what is happening in this country with drugs. heather: we are talk about, though, just to differentiate, not marijuana dealer, marijuana is legal in several states, maybe someone who has heroin which happens continuously now and a kid uses that and die. >> well, i disagree in the proposition that there should be death penalty for drug dealers,
1:51 am
it's unjust. our federal code has very serious consequences there are. there, in fact, is death penalty for certain ongoing criminal enterprises with exorbitant amount of drugs and quantity. just giving it to everybody is unreasonable, so many cases that are different and prosecutors have a wide discussion on how to handle the cases depending on who the defendant is and the facts of the case, that's important to leave it to discretion of the prosecutor. heather: so you're saying maybe different circumstances for different situations. >> sure. heather: perhaps a drug dealer, randy, as we were discussing, somebody dies as a result of that? >> you run into the slippery slope argument and becomes, okay, so where is the dividing line and from a deterrence, again, it's all about deterrence, it's all about letting someone know, perhaps even at a young age that if you do this it's not going to get you the mercedes and the rolex and the house and all of the fun
1:52 am
stuff, it's going to get a needle in your arm and it's that message that needs to be sent that perhaps maybe the only way not to make it so cool to be a drug dealer anymore. >> there's a distinction here as well because there are federal laws and then there's state laws and most of these distribution cases are being prosecuted at the state level and by state by state there are different laws and sentencing codes for each of them and even by county, so there are desperate results as a result of this process. unfortunately you can't just paint it with a broad brush and get the results you want. heather: you used the term distribution case, would this move from distribution case to something else when you're talking about murder and homicide? >> well, drug dealing, if we want to talk about drug dealing in codes and statutes it refers
1:53 am
to drug distribution, the context in which he is talking about is strictly distribution cases, there could be cases for acts of terrorism, murder that -- there's already the death penalty on many of those cases as we have seen in the boston bombing case. >> go ask someone in singapore, malaysia, indonesia where you're automatically getting it. heather: some are saying that the president got the idea from some of those countries, specifically from the president of china. >> and i believe the president of philippines also made it very well known, hey, i'm out there, i'm here, and if you deal drugs, you're going to die, so ask the drug dealers, not the drug dealers, the next person who is thinking about, you know what, maybe this isn't a bad way to earn a living, they are probably not a smart career move. heather: looking to see what we can do to bring numbers down. >> it's not all about deterrence though, you to take a look at
1:54 am
the facts of the case and the defendant themselves. heather: thank you both for joining us, appreciate it. have a good day. hash tag did oj confess after chilling amazing interview, did you see this, watch. >> the one thing that hurts me, you know, besides being considered by some a murderer is just being a batter. heather: oj's simpson last hypothetical confession murder that everyone is talking about. wait till you hear this.
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heather: o.j. simpson elaborately detailing the murders of wife and her friend in interview but insists that his accounts are hypothetical. during the two-hour special the lost confession airing 12 years after being recorded. >> i grabbed the knife, i do remember that portion, taking a knife from charlie and to be honest, after that i don't remember, i hate to say it. [laughter] heather: simpson was acquitted of the murderers back in 1995, one of the most controversial hear negotiation u.s. history but convicted 13 years later of armed robbery and kidnapping landed him in nevada prison, he was in release parole after nine years, it was bizarre interview
1:59 am
to say the very least. meghan markle kidnapped and held hostage as she prepares to become member of the royal family, the actress spending two days in country side with britain special forces training her for terrorist attack, it even included gun live fire, the fiancee is under protection until may 19th wedding, that's part of prep raying. ncaa tournament is set and march madness is officially upon us, the teams with villanova, kansas city leading the way, others like notre dame were left out in the cold, some people upset about that, the selection broadcast, it was played with technical difficulties, but no matter how bad you think the bracket process is, don't call 9-1-1, actually happened, police
2:00 am
in kansas sending out a twitter saying they can't do anything about it. it actually happened. [laughter] heather: that wraps up the hour, go tar hills. have a great week, bye. >> landed like it was suppose today land and completely under water. >> the temperature is below 40. >> it is monday march 12th, fox news alert. chopper crash disaster breaking overnight, five people killed, look at that after a helicopter goes down in new york city river, the investigation happening right now into exactly what went wrong. jillian: ramping up the pressure , the meeting happening today to discuss the rising tensions. rob: if you think air travel is already a nightmare, wait for the new scheme by the big


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