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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 12, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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in kansas sending out a twitter saying they can't do anything about it. it actually happened. [laughter] heather: that wraps up the hour, go tar hills. have a great week, bye. >> landed like it was suppose today land and completely under water. >> the temperature is below 40. >> it is monday march 12th, fox news alert. chopper crash disaster breaking overnight, five people killed, look at that after a helicopter goes down in new york city river, the investigation happening right now into exactly what went wrong. jillian: ramping up the pressure , the meeting happening today to discuss the rising tensions. rob: if you think air travel is already a nightmare, wait for the new scheme by the big
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airlines to play big brother takeoff, the plot to steal passenger information to set a personalized price. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: you're missing that hour. >> probably mental. rob: woke up at 11:00 in the morning on sunday. what happened? jillian: you and many others. you're watching "fox & friends first" on the monday. i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, fox news alert.
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terrifying moment in helicopter with six people on board plunges into new york's frigid east river. look it's all caught on camera. we have just learned that all five passengers in that chopper are dead trapped inside as water rushed in. jillian: the pilot is the lone survivor and the new york post identifying him as richard. new video in fox news shows him walking away from heart-breaking scene moments after the crash, witnesses stunned by what they saw. >> it like landed almost like it was suppose today land and then it was completely under water. >> one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter and then since it was flipped over the rafts were visible and he climbed on to the raft and was calling, screaming for help. jillian: aircraft was being used for photo shoot when it went down, the cause not yet known but officials from ntsb are rushing over scene overnight to find out how it happened.
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rob: just terrible. brutally gunned down in cold blood, the brother of killer claims he didn't want to murder them. afghanistan veteran albert wong was apparently bipolar and angry days before shooting three veterans home employees. his brother saying, quote, he said he we wanted to get back at them, talk to them, yell at them not kill them. wong held victim's hostage where he use today live but expelled for threatening one of those women, wong was found dead with gunshot wound when police finally stormed that building. jillian: international manhunt launched for the former boyfriend of a nursing student who was mysteriously killed. hailey anderson a student at university found dead in off campus house in update new york after police responded for a welfare check. her former boyfriend a fellow nursing student has been named as person of interest but authorities he left the country before the body was found. anderson last seen at campus
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coffee where she worked on thursday, how she was killed has not been yet released. rob: breaking overnight, country music star tim mcgraw said to be okay after collapsing on stage, this happened after concert in dublin, ireland, his wife updating the crowds minutes later. >> tim is fine. [cheers and applause] >> he's been super dehydrated and i apologize but i made the decision that he cannot come back out on stage. [cheers and applause] rob: those tours are very tough on the artists, representative for mcgraw says he received treatment on site and will be just fine. this was the last stop on overseas tour. the next scheduled concert for mcgraw is in may 31st, richmond, virginia, gets a break now. jillian: un security council expecting security briefing on president trump's ground breaking meeting with kim jong un while hopes are high for
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denuclearization, the administration we fuse to go scale back pressure on the rogue regime. douglas is live in washington, d.c. with new developments, good morning, doug. >> good morning, the white house is full -- is going full on at this, the president certainly promised to be disruptive force on world stage and supporters will point as evidence of that, the president actually talked about this at political rally over the weekend where he thanked china and called out some of his predecessors. >> neither would bush and neither would clinton and they had their shot and all they did was nothing. president xi of china has really helpened us a lot. china has done more for us than any other president or ever done for this country and i respect that. >> but there are some conditions according to cia director mike pompeo, kim jong un will have to stop his missile test, also open to full denuclearization.
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>> president trump isn't doing this for theater, he's going solve a problem. what's most important is what's discussed and the clarity and the strength and resolve of this president, of this administration to achieve the outcome that americans so desperately deserve. >> now the location for this meeting is still to be determined. interesting to note that as much attention the this has gotten, north korean media have been strangely silent about it. rob: okay. all right. doug, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks. jillian: russia claims testing missile traveling 10 times the speed of sound. russia already claiming to have a missile that cannot be intercepted and a nuclear submarine drone capable of blowing up coastlines, we also learned that vladimir putin ordered a plane carrying more than 100 passengers to be shot down in russian documentary says
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putin was told a man on the plane had a bomb and targeting with winter olympics and called it off after finding out it was a false alarm. rob: tightly congressional race goes down to wire. republican rick saccome and connor lamb. president trump hitting for saccome. donald trump, jr. will be on the stump later today. jillian: making sure school shootings don't happen again. the white house putting forward a new plan to keep our schools safe. rob: education secretary bet se devos is leading the effort and kelly wright with reaction and what students plan next, good morning, kelly. >> betsy devos is going to chair the new safety commission for trump administration, she says no student or family should ever have to live the horror of parkland or sandy hook ever
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again. devos made the case for the trump administration's goal to arm teachers as part of its plan to improve school safety. >> that should be an option for states and communities to consider. per those who are capable, this is one solution that can and should be considered. but no one size fits all. every state and every community is going to address this -- this issue in a different way. kelly: the trump administration's plan also includes strengthening criminal background checks an empowering states to train school personnel and does not include, however, increasing the minimum age for purchasing a rifle to 21 even though president trump advocated for it, critics say the president caved to the nra, senate minority leader chuck schumer saying this, the white house has taken tinny baby steps designed not to upset the nra when the gun violence epidemic in this country demands that
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giant steps be taken. florida just passed its bill which includes raising the age limit to buy rifle to 21, several parents of parkland shooting victims support the bill. >> we were up in tallahassee and what's historic is we were able to get the left and the right to come together, put away -- put aside all political differences and focus on what the american people want and what we all want is our kids safe in school. kelly: and students are keeping front and center as well, they are planning another nationwide walk-out this wednesday. rob, jillian. rob: all right, kelly, thanks so much. jillian: today president trump hosting world series champions astros to the white house could be bittersweet, though, for the president because on the way to world series the astros beat his favorite team, the yankees in the american league championship.
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rob: well, some great baseball last year, that's the good news. nine minutes after the hour. nothing off the table ahead of the president's high stake face to face meeting with kim jong un, our in the case guest here to explain what this administration needs to do to avoid the failures of past presidents. jillian: school safety a top priority nationwide as you heard from kelly wright but apparently not for democratic major bill de blasio, the move that got parents fired up. rob: elizabeth playing coy and heritage that has people talking, white she's refusing to take a dna test. we will talk about that coming up
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and taking cared abof the boys.e zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us. jillian: nothing is off the table. the white house is saying all options are now open when it comes to president trump's face
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to face to face meeting with kim jong un. >> would president trump be open to having kim jong un at the white house? >> i have no announcement, time and place to be determined. >> but you wouldn't rule that out? >> nothing is being ruled. >> including going to pyongyang, would the president be open going to north korea, history ? >> i don't think that that's highly likely but, again, i'm not going to rule anything out. rob: it's all open right now, what should we expect on this, rebecca grant joins us live now, doctor thanks so much, first of all, do you really think that this is going to happen and is it wise to do this? >> absolutely 100%. this summit will happen, where is an interesting question. but the south koreans are saying that there's a good chance this will take place up. jillian: president trump was tweeting over the weekend, numerous tweets talking about north korea not conducting a missile test since november of
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2017, talking about conversations he's had with the president of china, talking about conversations he's had with the president of japan, so how important do you think it is not only for this meeting to happen and for denuclearization to be the topic here but for everybody to be on the same page? >> it's incredibly important for everyone to be on the same page and this is trump's big achievement with nikki haley, mattis, he does have help from xi jinping and abe and president moon and the whole world has come together with un sanctions and military pressure and that's what has made north korea. rob: we had elizabeth warren on fox news sunday, somebody that probably hates the president more than any other politician gave him credit an a -- on a couple of different issues, he has concern in the meeting that the president being taken advantage of, he will go into
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willy nilly and takes advantages of. >> which astonishes me because donald trump is last person i will worry about deal meeting. he ended obama strategic patience that did not work and he got us to a point where we have a chance to reverse this and prevent this terrible north korean break-out, i think donald trump has used the phrase bold and beautiful, he's the right man for this, absolutely. jillian: we talk about being bold, president trump has not been quite as far as being tough on north korea, do you think that that has ultimately led to the meeting? >> absolutely, the pressure that he has put on is perfect. he has done the military pressure, he has used the un appropriately but he has done a lot of quiet diplomacy, the calls with xi jinping and the work with abe, tillerson and mattis and others have spent a
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lot of time on airplanes going to meetings and on the phone lining up other countries to expel north korean diplomats and explain the pressure. don't forget trump did the briefing a year ago laying out military possibles and military situation. while he's been very bold, i give him a from behind the scenes hard work to get us to this point also. rob: in north korea we move to another nation we need to be weary of, russia, vladimir putin has big state of the union type speech a week or two ago and revealed the new missile which they say they have and shows video of striking america which was appalling, general mattis say that is this technology is not there yet, putin says it is. what do you say? >> putin and his fancy missiles, we can't forget he has an election coming up. he has no economic growth, so he has to show off his missiles, as for this thing, i'm not impressed and neither is mattis and here is why, the u.s. has
2:18 am
had this type of hypersonic missile and test for development for at least ten years and putin has strapped the missile on mig 31 fighter jet which has super sonic capability itself, that tells me that he's not quite there in hypersonic technology, he needs the boost from the fighter jet to gets it going, if he puts it on bomber or something, i might be impressed. mattis is cool and calm. this does not change the balance. jill july dr. rebecca grant, we appreciate it. rob: thank you. big brother meets big business, if you think air travel is already a nightmare, wait until you hear this new scheme by the big airlines, sound dirty, the new spy and fly plan that could take off. >> the republican party has -- is the trump party right now but
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that's not to say it will stay that way. jillian: well, we all know he's not a fan of president trump and now senator jeff flake thinks our commander have to face another primary challenge, the criteria that sounds pretty familiar when we return. could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at hesumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing.
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rob: all right, senator jeff flake is making calls for a senator to step up and challenge president trump in 2020 election. >> you think he needs to be challenged? >> yes. the republican party is the trump party right now but that's not to say it would stay that way. rob: long-time critic
2:23 am
particularly over immigration is not running for reelection as arizona senator, flake speculated his own 2020 run during a visit to early primary state new hampshire. jillian: on the other side of the aisle, elizabeth warren says she won't run in 2020, the the announcement coming the massachusetts' refusal to take dna test to prove native american ancestry. >> i know who i am because of what my mother and my father told me and what my grandmother and grandfather told me and what my aunts and uncles told me and my brothers, it's a part of who i am and no one is ever going to take that away. jillian: warren claiming she has never used heritage for any benefits. rob: all right, fox business alert if you think air travel is already a night mair wait until new scheme by the big airlines to play big brother takes off.
2:24 am
jillian: tracee carrasco from fox business, personalized price, tracee, what? >> outrageous, new york senator chuck schumer says the major airlines are plotting a way to collect personal information of passengers and use that to set a price specifically on who you are, so depending on what websites you look at, maybe how much money you make, where you spend the money, that will determine what you pay for airline ticket. so senator schumer says this is an invasion of privacy, he's calling on the federal trade commission to investigate. this sounds pretty crazy if this is something that the airlines would do. rob: it sounds illegal. i cannot imagine you're basing charge on what people make, go get them, chuck. >> taco bell, skittles strawberry slushee.
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they did this a few years ago with the pink star burst and it was a big hit. and people on social media love this right now, they are excited that it's available. 229 or a dollar during happy hour at taco bell, 2:00 to 5:00. jillian: punk star burst, that's where it's at. rob: sounds like a glass of sugar, thank you so much, tracee. jillian: 25 minutes after the hour, he's illegal and suspect of deadly hit and run, why did sanctuary city set him free? >> they are absolutely pushing the american citizen aside and catering towards people in this country illegally. rob: all right, dems putting voters at risk by prioritizing illegal immigrants, how it's reigniting backlash against the left. jillian: paying for being white, bizarre social experiment that
2:26 am
could pop up in your city in the case. ♪
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rob: welcome back, ice on the hunt right now on illegal immigrant tie today this deadly crash after the sanctuary city of denver let him walk free. denver police releasing ivan on $2,500 bond, the sheriff's office says they are issuing internal review as to why officers released him nearly two hours before notifying the feds. he is facing vehicular homicide charges. during rally in pennsylvania, president trump called on congress to defund sanctuary cities. >> today i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities. rob: katrina pearson, spokesperson for trump campaign
2:30 am
is slamming people right here for putting criminals before their own constituents. >> individuals who are in this country and have committed crimes even felonies have been deported and come back because there is a place for them to -- to stay. it's just unacceptable and the president has been very consistent even during the campaign about taking on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities for this reason. you see now jeff sessions and the justice department is taking out a mayor in california for doing unlawful things and putting americans at risk. we now have a democrat party that is in such disarray with regards to policies and even identity at this point, the trump derangement syndrome has reached a dissolutional stage because they are now actively campaigning for people who aren't even their constituents, they are absolutely pushing on the american citizen aside and catering towards people in this country illegally. rob: and president trump heads to california tomorrow to survey
2:31 am
those border wall prototypes, jillian. jillian: that's right, as you mentioned the trip is highly anticipated to see the 8 different southern border wall prototypes, this will be his first visit to the state since taking office. president of the national border patrol council brandon judge joined us earlier with what we can expect. >> he will discuss pros and cons from the prototype and from there he will choose which prototype will be best to go along the border. you look at this and have to say, we are going about this the right way, we are finally getting a wall in strategic locations that are finally going to be effective. jillian: the visit comes just days after the department of justice slapped california with a lawsuit over sanctuary city policies. we are now learning a homemade bomb was behind a tourist ferry explosion that left 26 people including 7 americans hurt. authorities in méxico now ruling
2:32 am
terrorism and gang activity out saying the bomb was not designed to inflict major damage. a similar bomb also found on another ferry during popular tourist spot of conzumel. so far no arrests have been made. rob: president trump to meet with robert mueller under oath this according to the white house. >> he's also said that that will be in consultation with attorneys, they have been in touch with special counsel and they will be communicating back and forth. >> he said 100% to me, is that -- >> i'm sure he intends to, the attorneys are communicating with special counsel on specifics regarding that. rob: big announcement. the president had said that he was eager to interview under oath with bob mueller. jillian: white house doubling down on president trump's tariffs vowing they will fix the trade deficit. national trade deficit peter navarro isn't concerned about
2:33 am
retaliation, saying the u.s. is looking for fairer deals and strengthen national security. >> you can't have a country as the president said without those industries, from a purely national security point of view, that's why we are acting on steel and aluminum. jillian: navarro echoing the call china's theft of intellectual property will be addressed soon. rob: with one big boom, the tallest building in kentucky capital no longer standing. jillian: never get sick of seeing the videos. the 28-story capital plaza explosion, crew wills start working on office building and parking garage to replace it. the governor auctioned off the right to press to demolition button for charity raising $15,000. pretty cool. rob: 15 grand. [laughter] rob: all right, get ready for
2:34 am
round three depending on where you live, another winter storm slamming the northeast this week. >> it would be third to sweep through the region in two week's time. rob: that's right, janice dean with the bad news this morning. janice: i know. it is like ground hog day when it comes. hopefully when this one is done, we are done. let's take a look at current temperatures, 34 in cincinnati, we have snow falling across mid south, tennessee and kentucky. part one of the storm system. once it goes off the coast that's where we start to see it strengthen and become our next nor'easter. all right, here is the last 12 hours, you can see the snow coming down in nashville, we might have snow across carolinas, future radar, the worst of it will come tomorrow morning into the afternoon and into the evening, this will be mainly a new england event. but certainly new york city long island, parts of new jersey, you will see some snow, not going to get jackpot snow totals like the
2:35 am
last two systems but parts of new england will get the jackpot snow, there's the future radar and we will see big gusts of winds, this will bomb off the coast but remain mostly offshore, there's your potential snowfall, again, new york a couple of inches here. parts of eastern long island and then new england and interior sections of new york will get the snowfall totals but certainly a good agreement that the storm is coming, hopefully most of it will be offshore but is going to be a very strong storm and i think spring arrives next week, maybe, hopefully. rob: close. yeah. i can taste it, janice, i know it's close. janice: i just -- i just want to leave. [laughter] jillian: sweet. rob: bye, janice. jillian: we need you to help us track the storm, janice. a helicopter plunges into new york city's east river. we are live at the ntsb arrives to figure out what went wrong.
2:36 am
>> should ice exist? were should ice exist, well, certainly, when we are talking about people who have committed serious and violent crimes. rob: abolishing ice, the idea of defending immigration enforcement gaining traction on the left, is that a winning strategy for democrats to run on 2020, getting rid of ice. jillian: the instant karma for the candy crook, you have to see when "fox & friends first" continues.
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art. it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. rob: all right, the left is now latching on to the idea of abolishing ice. at least the far left is with some even saying it could emerge as major campaign platform for democrats. >> should ice exist?
2:40 am
>> should ice exist? well, certainly, when we are talking about people who have committed serious and violent crimes. rob: all right, so will democrats run on this topic, here to debate that is rnc speks person and democratic strategists chuck rocha. chuck, we will start with you, from president obama into president trump ice really hasn't changed that much as it operates. is this a bit exaggerated to you, is this a bit ridiculous, the idea of getting rid of the organization? >> well, i run campaigns all over the country and i haven't seen this actual topic come up in preliminary polling that we have been doing in focus grouping and messaging that we do with candidates, one thing is clear, it's different now, you have to see mr. mattis, mad dog mattis saying we are not going to be deporting armed men and women who are dreamers and people could use this on either side as a way to motivate the
2:41 am
left or the right of each party. rob: okay, fair enough. let's go to a couple of tweets from some prominent democrats, this is brian, ice operates unaccountable force, dems running should campaign on ending the agency in current form. let's go from harris, any serious defender of undocumented , cancer that needs to be exised from the u.s. she wouldn't go that far, but it's interested how everybody is now saying undocumented instead of illegal, they are trying to soften the tone of people coming illegally, what do you say to that? >> they are trying to soften the tone. this is extraordinary, the tweet that you put up by brian, this is not the far left of the democratic party, this is the
2:42 am
democratic establishment. this is hillary clinton's former spokesperson saying let's abolish ice, let's remind everyone, by the way, we had obama's intel community warning us that isis was trying to infiltrate our immigration system, that's obama's intel community, ms-13, terrorists, they have free rein in ice-free world. rob: chuck, i want you to respond that, do we need immigration and custom enforcement in the country, i certainly think we do? >> there's bad people that want to get out of the country and good people, the bad people should get out of the country and that's why you saw obama deport more criminals in the history of our time. there are children that came here with families who have now been educated in the school who we can't deport and only known this country and pay taxes and are fabric of the country.
2:43 am
rob: all right, let's go onto another topic, we have been talking about louis farrakahan. a picture with president obama, he said pretty vile things and there are a number of democrats who have ties to him, the left went nuts over the president's response, president trump's response to charlottesville and now we have this on the other side, what do you say? >> this is absolutely insane, you have eight democrats in congress that have been seen with louis farrakhan, the number two in command keith ellison that has multiple ties, this is someone who the prohitler, antijew, his views have no place in the country and yet democrats are cozing up to them and many refuse to go disavow him and call him by name, no place for farrakhan in the country. rob: i think he called hitler a
2:44 am
great man. how in the world can you not distance yourself from this man to the other side of the world? >> those are horrible statements and i back you 110. i have been doing campaign 27 years, i have never seen louis farrakhan in campaign. everybody knows that i worked closely with bernie sanders in the last campaign. there's people that say outlandish things on both sides, we need to use common sense when we do politics today. rob: video right there, farrakhan with maxine watters, you're right, he has no place in politics. jillian: we have a fox news alert, the terrifying moment a helicopter with six people on board plunges into new york's frigid east cover, all caught on camera, all five passengers are dead, robert moses is live near the scene of the crash with new information on the pilot who survived and walked away, robert.
2:45 am
>> yes, jillian, ntsb will be at the scene today to begin its investigation. as you mentioned the moment of impact was caught on tape by several witnesses. the private-sightseeing helicopter which is owned by liberty helicopters crashed 11 minutes after taking off from new jersey, six people including the pilot were on board. the pilot whose sources identify as richard vance made a may day call. he was able to free himself, however, his five passengers who were harnessed in were trapped in sub 40-degree east river waters that were churning and as i mentioned frigid, unfortunately those five all passed away. witness recounted for us what it was like watching the pilot get out. >> one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter, climbed on to the raft and was calling, screaming for help.
2:46 am
>> and we were told that the pilot was treated and released. he is at home this morning so far police have not yet identified the five who died. rob, jillian, back to you. rob: that is cold water, awful story. robert, thank you. jillian: 14 minutes until the top of the hour, did o.j. do it, that's the question everyone wants an answer to it this morning. >> i remember i grabbed the knife, do i remember that portion, taking the knife from charlie and to be honest after that i don't remember. rob: all right. jillian: last-filled hypothetical murder confession sparking a huge reaction online. carley shimkus here with the social media frenzy. rob: good morning, carley. but first we have to check in with steve doocy and see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> that was a great tease, i will tell you what, it sounds like he did it, right? rob: i think you could probably
2:47 am
bet on it at this point. steve: rob and jillian, good morning to you, coming up on "fox & friends" mccarthy will be going us. he's from california. do you think he will get a warm welcome? we will talk about that. betsy devos will head federal commission on school safety and senator tim scott of the great state of south carolina is on an opportunity listing tour and he's going to be dropping by and tell us and we have a busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes from now. job and jillian back? a couple of minutes.
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rob: all right, while most americans are calling for more
2:51 am
police presence in our schools, new york city is getting rid of police officers, parents outraged as one of the last full-time officers is removed, why? mayor bill de blasio implementing new policy to just have patrols visit schools during the day instead of assigning full full-time and unarmed safety agent will be placed at schools instead. jillian: pop-up restaurants wants white customers to pay twice as much to eat than minorities, charges $12 per meal but white customers are asked to pay $30, the goal to highlight racial wealth inequality, 78% of the white customers paid the higher price and profits redistributed to minorities. they did it for the whole month of march or february, i believe, no, march isn't over, february. so now they are opening a new one. there you have it. rob: there you have it.
2:52 am
o.j. simpson hypothetical confession sparking social media frenzy. jillian: the hash tag did o.j. confess trending, carley shimkus, fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, did he do it? carley: first let's get to back story here n2006o.j. simpson sat down to interview to promote a book called if i did it, after public bash lash both interview and book were shelved. in one part, o.j. simpson talks about hypothetical scenario of what he would have done had he committed murderers and all of a sudden he switches to first person, watch. >> things got heated. i just remember nicole.
2:53 am
i grabbed the knife, i do remember that portion, taking a knife from charlie and to be honest, after that, i don't remember. carley: simpson broke out into laughter saying once again that this is all hypothetical. joe on twitter said listening to o.j. recount past events and shifting blame for nicole beating her on new year's eve is typical o.j., deflect and disassociate and blame others. how can you talk and laugh so much noncha will notly -- nonchalantly, some people saying that he did not in fact, commit murderers. jillian: and it goes on. in the commercial break we were talking about chicago pizza but aside from pizza what else is going on in chicago? carley: convicted criminals cast vote on saturday. cook county, illinois, jail wide
2:54 am
voting event. 94% of those inmates were eligible to cast vote, a lot of people on social media do not like this at all. one twitter saying, coming up next democrats will step up, set up voting booths at ice locations saying the people will vote democrat, this is a way to get democrats to vote in the ballot box. jillian: interesting. rob: quite interesting. this lady has a little doll of president obama. carley: new york -- former editor of "the new york times" jill and she recently revealed in guardian magazine saying this, it's easy to look at what's happening in washington, d.c. in despair, that's why i carry a little plastic obama doll in my purse. so grace on twitter says, i can't believe she said that out loud to anyone. you know, as a woman i feel like a purse is sacred territory and you can't judge but she did, in
2:55 am
fact, reveal the information. jillian: i don't even know what's in the purse. if you go in there you will get lost. rob: she has her doll and feels safe. carley, thank you. jillian: please do not call 9-1-1, new ncaa change that has college basketball fans calling police for help. >> somehow i dozed off and woke up in a pile of garbage. [laughter] >> somehow you've had an hour and 20 minute sleep and three days. [laughter] rob: did you get enough sleep this weekend? the national holiday happening today that will help you hope with this daylight savings time thing that we are doing. jillian: i know what it is. i'm getting excited
2:56 am
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rob: welcome back. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. today is national napping day. boston university professor coming with the holiday in 1999 to get more people sleep following daylight savings. jillian: if your team did not make the cut last night please do not call 911. had to send a tweet out after rile up teams picked on sunday. rob: thief trying to steal a gum ball machine. it wouldn't fit after breaking the glass top.
3:00 am
the machine over a fence outside. did he get it outside. and is he still on the loose. jillian: why can someone still explain that to me? jillian: there is money in there but is it that much? rob: see you later. jillian: how many quarters can that thing fit? rob: 30 or 40. >> president trump isn't doing this for theater. he is going to solve a problem. make no mistake about it. there will be no concessions made. >> white house unveiling plans to prevent deadly school shootings. >> improving the background system to make sure the flow of information is updated realtime. >> do you think he needs to be challenged by somebody who has views. >> threfusing to serve police officers. >> what happens when crooks come in there and starts shooting up the place. who in the hell are


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