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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 12, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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where can we see you next time? >> i'll be in palm beach tomorrow night. it's nice and warm and getting out of the snow. >> thank you for being here. corey lewandowski. we're back tomorrow at noon eastern. now here's harris. >> fox alert. it's down to the wire in pennsylvania's special election, which many political observers say they see it as an indicator of november for the mid-terms. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. voters head to the polls tomorrow to cast their ballots. the president's son, donald trump jr. with rick saccone. it's ground don jr. is on the ground after the president stumped over the weekend. connor lamb is holding his ground. lamb hoping for an upset in the district that president trump won by nearly 20 points. the president called on his supporters to help push rick
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saccone over the top. >> his opponent is not voting for us. he can say all he wants. there's no way he's voting for us ever, ever. he can be nice to me, and he is, but there's no way he's ever voting for me. rick is going to vote for us all the time. >> thanks and recognition is due to those that work so hard in organized labor, in our schools, in our hospitals. if i have the honor of serving as your next member of congress, we will extend the same thank you and recognition in words and in actions. >> molly line is live in cannonsburg, penn with more. good to see you. >> good to see you, harris. this race proving to be a competitive one. this a toss-up despite being a red area of the state. we're outside of a chocolate factory. so as you might imagine, i'm having a good day here. donald trump jr. is here to campaign for the republican candidate at sarah's candy.
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this is an all hands on deck approach as far as the gop and the republicans are concerned. it's a special election and they can get outside attention. one of the biggest attention getter as you mentioned, the president himself speaking for over one hour hitting topics. he touched on steel tariffs and he backed his candidate, rick saccone telling the ground to get out and vote on tuesday. saccone took a chance to speak. >> president trump is in your corner. >> the president further enforcing what he would like to see voter dos with a tweet saying the pittsburgh post is endorsing rick saccone and is what our country needs. lamb will vote for pelosi and
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dems, weak on crime and border. the democratic contender, connor lamb, a marine corps veteran rallied this weekend joining the united mine workers in green county for a get out the vote event. lamb has pulled in support from carpenters, steel workers and endorsed by the pennsylvania aflcio. he has vowed to support coal miners through retirement and a push-back against republicans. >> i'm proud to support the american miner's pension act. because i believe that we have to keep our promises as a people. i don't believe as paul ryan does, that these are entitlements or another form of welfare. >> little further insight into just how much effort is being put into this race. a lot of big names stopping by, including joe biden here to stump for lamb and having stops in the district, the president's daughter, ivanka, kellyanne conway. mike pence made a stop here.
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a lot of attention in this tiny little corner in pennsylvania. as you mentioned, the voters head to the polls tomorrow. back to you. >> not to make it look like only the republicans need help. you had an actual vice president and joe biden visit connor lamb. looks like everybody needs help from the ref on the sidelines. i've been watching march madness. good to see you, molly. my first guest is val di-giorgio. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> i mentioned how much help both candidates have been getting. why is it so tight? >> all the eyes are on southwest pennsylvania. the party out of power sees a drop off in intensity. it's our job to make sure we get our voters out. you have to remember, this is a democrat district not withstanding the fact that the president won this by 20 points. it's a democrat district.
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connor lamb is running at least trying to portray himself as a moderate who goes along with the republicans on conservative issue. you drill down and you realize it's not true. >> he has said he would never vote for nancy pelosi. we've been watching that chasm split wide open for the candidates think they can lead in that direction. pick up points that way. talk to me about politics on the ground. you saw the president of the united states land saturday and the continued conversation with his son today with local issues there. >> yeah, local issues there. steel is important to this region, this is where the steel mills were shut down during the 80s because of what we saw the dumping of steel from foreign countries. so steel is a big issue there i've been to some of those plants. rick saccone has the right message on steel. so does the president of the united states. having the president come in with that message on steel and on coal. coal is very important here,
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too. connor lamb sides with the party who has been active against coal in this country. we think those are two big issues that will help saccone greatly. >> val, something that we've seen, the democrats scoop up money here. talk to me about rick saccone and his fund-raising and his messaging and in particular, you know, with people who might not know him so well. >> yeah, he got -- he got out of the gates slow on fund-raising but he has about $1.5 million on his own fund-raising. that money is going on tv. when candidates spend money on tv, it's better than the independent expenditures do. they get a lower rate. that money will get rick's message out over the next few days. connor lamb -- the next day. connor lamb is raising his money from a platform from eck blue, liberals from the west coast.
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it's funny to hear him running away from nancy pelosi and her message. >> interesting. you're saying while they're talking about blue, the operative color might be green in terms of raising money. he might like nancy more. that's what i'm getting from you. talk about how some political observers are also watching penn 18 as we're calling, that district in pennsylvania. because it may be a bellwether in their words. do you see it that way? >> this has some specific local issues. if the democrats are watching this race and seeing how close it is, you know, they're watching a candidate who is trying to run like a republican. trying to say he shares the values of conservative voters in southwestern pennsylvania. if that's their goal to go on in 2018 and we're calling him connor the chameleon, whether it's guns, taxes, the support
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for his party's leadership, they're not really running true to who they are. when you drill down on a candidate like connor lamb, he's a liberal on taxes, second amendment, pro life. that's what we're looking at. >> did you call him connor the chameleon? the president calls him lamb the sham. i'll give you the last word. corey lewandowski was on us the last hour of "outnumbered." he sees a victory for rick saccone. >> i do, too. i was on the ground. i saw young republicans from all over the country. we have hundreds of volunteers from the region that are hitting the doors, getting our vote out. i think having the president and don trump jr. in to get the message out for steel, for coal and for tax cuts is very important and allow the momentum to increase for rick saccone. i'm predicting a win, too. >> val, appreciate your time. all eyes on you guys tomorrow for that special election.
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hope to talk to you again soon. thank you. >> thanks for having me, harris. >> absolutely. stay on the topic of special elections just in general. president trump has been boasting about recent house gop wins. he said the republicans are 5-0 in recent races and a point that the fake news media fails to mention. i backed all of the winners. they give me credit for one. hopefully rick saccone will be another big win. bob cusack is editor in chief at the hill. let's start with where the president gets credit and the scorecard for republicans, bob. >> yeah. he's right. he's competitive special elections, there's been some scares where democrats were close. but they won. he's right. this one, too. should saccone win, it's because trump went there. really going there, obviously very popular in that district. he won the district by nearly 20 points. why is this so close? that's why it's a political
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earthquake should democrats steal this race. it's a big race that will set the tone for the rest of the year. >> we have a little window with val digorgio. neither one of these, lamb or saccone, are necessarily well-known within the state. so you start there. rick saccone getting a boost because the president talked all about steel last week. >> yeah, that's right. that really helps. that timing is not coincidence. this would be a big win for trump should they win. at the same time, there's been some republican grumbling about saccone not raising enough money, not being add good a candidate as lamb. lamb has tried to take the pelosi angle, which has been effective for republicans, including earlier elections
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saying he wouldn't vote for her. trip is saying, don't believe him. he has the nickname for him. lamb the sham. i think it's going to be a nail biter. >> when i asked a former campaign manager for president trump, corey lewandowski, what he thought about this race, he said you have to pay attention to what the democrats are doing with the sort of new kind of candidate. let's watch. >> the candidate the democrats should be trying to embrace amount military pedigree. >> you think they are? >> they should. you can run as far left progressive as you can run to connor lambs and tray to go to washington and try to work with the administration on important issues. >> a little strategy coming there. you know, watch out, republicans. your thoughts. >> yeah. when democrats won back the house in 2006, they had a lot of pro life democrats and pro gun democrats. now it's different. the party has moved way left.
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so you're not seeing pro life, pro gun democrats. but this connor lamb has tried to say i'm a moderate, willing to work with president trump. he praised what president trump did on tariffs. you can see the model for other democrats in general elections. >> i didn't miss what you just said about guns. i'll bring up religion, too and how different it used to be for democrats. you know who helped change that was president obama. when he said that people were clinging to their guns and religion. you saw a pitch to the let for the democrats. you continued to see it as hillary clinton ran. >> yeah. that's a problem for democrats. they have a lot of democrats running in races, but maybe in some of them, the most liberal democrat will win. that candidate can't win in the general election. it's a problem for democrats. >> talk to me about redistricting. we have a special election and then another election in several
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places where this will be a factor. >> yeah, this is really sent pennsylvania scrambling different districts, the courts have spoken and doesn't look like there's any change in it. republican say that ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court is not fair. but this is another reason why democrats are feeling hopeful they can win the house because it was probably lead to more democrats in pennsylvania. >> before i let you go, bob, on this idea of appealing that redistricting, where are republicans right now? >> they're appealing it. legal experts think this is the map that you'll see in the fall of 2018. it has -- it's very different than the current one. for fund-raising and positioning yourself, it really set the whole state scrambling on the republican and democrat site. >> thanks, bob. >> thanks, harris. >> a search is another way and another sanctuary city in the spotlight after an illegal
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immigrant suspected of drunk driving and fleeing the scene of a deadly crash is out of jail and now vanished. they're calling it an immigration alert. a live report ahead. plus, some critics of the president having it both ways. first, they wanted more diplomacy with north korea and now they're worried there's too much diplomacy. really? stay close. >> these are real achievements. things that the north korean regime has never in exchange for conversation. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better
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yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> harris: new reaction now to president trump's decision to accept an invitation from north korean dictator kim jong-un to meet face-to-face. mike pompeo is crediting the president for the historic development and highlighting how much the administration has gained without giving anything away. watch. >> make no mistake about it. while these negotiations are going on, there's no concessions made. the activity of this administration to disrupt the north korean economy, to put pressure on north korea, to galvanize the world in a way that you have countries from the middle east to europe and asia, placing sanctions on the north korean regime, they will continue and we'll see how the talks and the negotiations
10:19 am
proceed. >> harris: not everybody is echoing that enthusiasm. elizabeth warren took a more cautious approach. >> i'm very concerned that the president may be taken advantage of here. i want to see the president succeed. i'm worried about going into these negotiations without a strategy and without a strong full state department to back him up. >> harris: i wonder how she knows that strategy part? nobody knew the announcement coming up. jennifer griffin has more. >> north korea has not said anything publicly about the meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. defense secretary jim mattis was asked about the talks on the way to the middle east. >> i don't want to talk about north korea at all. i'll lead it to those leading the effort. it's that delicate. when you get in a position like
10:20 am
this, the potential for misunderstanding remains very high or goes higher. >> president trump told a crowd saturday that he thinks kim jong-un really wants to make peace. he refrained from calling him little rocket man. trump supporters booed the ideas of talks saturday. >> kim jong-un -- it's very positive. no -- after the meeting you may do that. but right now we have to be very nice. we have to see what happens. >> the south korean delegation said kim jong-un promised not to test while talks take place. japanese officials say the maximum pressure campaign led by president trump has worked. the white house deputy spokesman wanted to make clear the u.s. would not move the goal posts. >> the potential meeting has been agreed to. there's no conditions being
10:21 am
stipulated to. they cannot engage in missile testing or nuclear testing and can't object to the planned military exercises. >> you don't want to sit down with the leader of north cree and give him that victory unless you put the ground work in. unless your diplomats have negotiated things. what does this do to our alliances? what does it do to nonproliferation? dozens of meetings that need to happen before this. >> the u.s. still does not have an ambassador to south korea nominated by the president. the leading contender pulled out when he said he opposed talks of a military strike. the point person for north korea at the state department retired a week ago and he's not been replaced yet. >> thanks, jennifer. let's talk more. ted yoho is a member of the house for rip affairs committee. great to see you today. my big question is, how can
10:22 am
anybody talk about there not being a strategy until we know what comes up? >> yeah, it's funny how senator warren came out and said that. i think this is moving on very well. keep in mind, it's the potential to sit down and talk. so it's a beginning point. we've got to have the beginning to go anywhere. i think president trump will do quite well in this. >> harris: on the house foreign affairs committee, i imagine you talk about all sorts of scenarios and all sorts of things. is there a point that you say this is just one meeting? the president has said he may get up and walk out. we don't know what will happen. >> right. we're in this all the time. we talk about this every week. if you can't sit down to start the beginning of the negotiations, it's not going anywhere. president trump could walk out. i don't think so. this is an important area that we all focus in on and make sure we do this properly so we don't
10:23 am
make the mistakes of the three previous administrations. >> harris: the white house press secretary has talked about the details being worked out. congressman, what do the details need to look like? i know we have time, location, that sort of thing. >> you'll find a location picked out. i think the most common sense one would be the dmz at the parallel where they built those facilities between north and south korea for specific this kind of reason and this kind of negotiation. from there, we'll go into the things that we're going to demand and they're going to demand. i think the best thing, we need to sit and watch patiently as this unrolls and hope that we can get to a peaceful negotiation where there's denuclearization and reunification of the korean peninsula. >> harris: and you don't expect any of that to be automatic anyway. >> oh, no. >> harris: i remember the last time under president clinton a failure.
10:24 am
it wasn't our president that sat down with kim jung il. it was madeline albright. that was a hot mess. they had a strategy. she sat for six hours and it was embarrassing. >> as senator warren says she's worried about the strategy and i've heard other people say we need to have experienced diplomats. keep in mind as you just brought up from president clinton and president bush and president obama, they had the experience, career diplomats. we don't -- you see where we're at today. they have got nuclear weapons and icbms. maybe it's time to have a negotiator go in there, bark out his demands and we'll go from there. this is a good thing. this is outside the box thinking. so many times in washington that's what we need. we have to get out of the playbook that didn't work in the past. >> this is playing out while our top diplomat, rex tillerson, and secretary of state, is out of
10:25 am
the country. he's on the continent of africa. he did make the comment that he hasn't heard back from north korea but he expects too. can you talk with me about where we are with our diplomats and if we have enough staffing? >> we could always use more. keep in mind, there's been several -- there's a lot of them that have been nominated. they haven't worked through the senate. the hold up is in the senate. that's something that i think they need to work through. talking to secretary tillerson and i have the utmost respect for him, he's doing an awesome job. he feels they maybe have not enough people in some areas, but keep in mind, he said the people that are there are doing an awesome job and fulfilling the needs of the united states of america and representing that. we've had an opportunity to travel to those areas. seems like our relationships with these countries are strong in the southeast asia pacific region. could be better always.
10:26 am
i think with the staff that we have, they're doing an awesome job. >> harris: one more element of this is the military. this president is believed to be around the world somebody that will use that might when necessary. how has that aided or not aided what is happening now with this potential one-on-one? >> it's paramount. if it wasn't for the attitude that we have in this administration leaving the attitude of strategic patience, which allowed kim jong-un to develop four nuclear bombs or detonate those and rapidly expand his icbm program, you have seen that come to an abrupt halt or pause because this president spoke the truth. i don't want to say it was a red line but people know when he says something, he's going to back it up. that's had a big hand in this play. >> harris: congressman yoho, thank you for your time today. >> that's right. thank you. appreciate it. >> harris: the white house unveiling a new school safety
10:27 am
plan following the massacre at a florida high school. democrats are pushing back on it saying the proposal is only half measures. the details of the plan, let's figure it out on own. the political impact we'll talk about. stay close. oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> harris: fox news alert. let's break down the breaking news. the latest on the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. you can see a picture there.
10:32 am
british prime minister theresa may says now that the russian ex-spy poisoned in england convicts of spying for britain was exposed to a military nerve agent and suspects that russia was responsible for this. this is what is being reported now. may says that russia's ambassador to the u.k. has been summoned to explain exactly how a russian military great nerve agent turned up in salisbury, the english city, where the ex-spy and his daughter were sickened. there's some 20 other people they're looking at in terms of medical harm from all of this, too. the prime minister says if moscow is proven to be behind the poisoning, her governor will consider it an unlawful use of force by russia. this just coming in right now. we're following this as this goes ahead. this report was filed a short time ago. it's hours later in england.
10:33 am
as it makes news and if there's any response from that ambassador to the u.k. and how that nerve agent got there in salisbury, england, we'll let you know. stay close for that. the white house unveiled a new plan to prevent school shootings. less than a month after a massacre at a florida high school. the recommendations include support for training, arming teachers and tightening federal background checks. but president up from apparently backing off increasing the minimum age to buy certain types of guns. the plan coming under fire from senate minority leader chuck schumer who says "the white house has taken tiny baby steps not to upset the nra." betsy devos who will lead a white house commission examining ways to protect schools from violence responded to schumer. >> the president wants to see
10:34 am
congress act now. take these steps today. then lets look at what we can do as next steps beyond that. every time we've had a situation like this, we've had a lot of discussion. camps go into their various corners and we sit and don't get anything done. >> kevin corke is the live outside the white house. kevin? >> you heard the education secretary there. clearly school safety is a key corner of the administration's domestic policy for 2018. it's something that we have talked a great deal about since the unfortunate circumstance that happened down in parkland, florida. you just showed the education secretary who is talking about heading up this commission to do whatever it takes to keep american school kids safe. >> everything is on the table. part of the job of this commission will be to study that and see if that is advanced ultimately as a recommendation.
10:35 am
the point is, there's many steps to be taken now. additional steps that will be taken down the road as we do the work of the commission. >> so let's just break down the bullet points. the folks at home will find them struckive. it's going to include this white house plan that we've talked about. an audit of the fbi tip line, a commission studying raising the age to 21 and rigorous firearms training for qualified teachers. the president has taken to twitter to reiterate his support to do whatever it takes to increase school safety in this country despite the political push back. it's come from both sides of the aisle, in particular from democrats. let's take you to twitter so you can see what the president has had to say about it today. he said very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by white house. legislation moving forward. bump stocks will soon be out. he added this. highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal, carry, subject to stay law.
10:36 am
armed guards okay. deterrent. but there are those out there that are already saying you're missing the point here, mr. president. that person will be adam schiff of california, the congressman. let me share his tweet. mr. president, there's overwhelming political support for gun safety reform, including age limits, universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. too many republicans are scared of the nra, including plainly you. we'll learn more at the briefing coming up at around 2:30. back to you. >> republican congressman scott taylor of virginia joins us now. great to see you, congressman. >> good afternoon. >> you might have push-back on representative adam schiff. if you look at what they did in florida, the legislature there lead by republicans did push back on the nra. your thoughts? >> well, mr. schiff does what
10:37 am
his agenda, then he should submit a bill and see where it gets him. i don't think there's overwhelming political support to do what he wants to do, curtailing the second amendment. he's way off. >> harris: i want to finish the point on the nra in florida. they've got ten push back that there's a lot over what the governor of florida just signed. so there's some movement here. so democrats look across the aisle, i wonder what their movement will look like. >> let me say, there's an equality of desire across this nation to make sure that we protect our most precious asset, our future, our children. to the extent what mr. schiff wants to do is insinging -- incringing on our second
10:38 am
amendment rights. we want to empower the individual. parkland understand there were situations here. how do we empower them? not impink on civil liberties. there's federal authorities, state authorities and local authorities with regard to the school systems that we need to understand who can do what and how we can progress and move forward. >> harris: i want to lean on your perspective as a former military seal. you have the president giving some cover to those states that might want to move on something with age restriction, bump that up from 18 to 21 for certain guns by saying he's watching to see how the cases play out. as a military person coming hope, a lot of our men and women are younger than 21. what do you think? >> there's no question about that. obviously in this country to buy a handgun you have to be 21.
10:39 am
i understand what the president is saying. a lot of people on both sides that if you have to be 21 to buy a handgun, why shouldn't you have to be 21 to have a seam gun with a removable magazine. what i submit to you, a lot of folks say that. i joined when i was 18. >> harris: perfect example. >> perfect example. but it's also in a controlled environment. even in war, your typical army soldier, it's a controlled environment with our guns. so i understand that perspective. i think that should be discussed. not just long guns in general. when you talk about semiautomatic rifles and potentially moving to it where we are with hand guns. that should be discuss and debated. i think you'd find support and opposition quite frankly on both sides of that issue. so -- >> harris: can anything pass congress? >> yeah, i think so. again, the house already passed making the background checks
10:40 am
more robust. we passed that sitting in the senate. it does have conceal carry reciprocity on it. i imagine you can take conceal carry out of it, which is very important. there's potential for a congress to pass things. i want to caution our viewers as well, there are some state authorities and local authorities as well, too. so it's not just the president, it's not just the white house or congress. it's all the authorities to protect our people. >> harris: i wrote down what you said, a qualify of desire to protect our children. that's where we come together. congressman scott taylor, thank you. >> harris: when we come back, an illeg illegal alien that was caught
10:41 am
and then escaped. what went wrong next. people would stare.
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>> harris: well, a little heat today on the denver sheriff's department. here's why. an illegal immigrant that was charged with vehicular homicide last week was released on bond over the weekend despite being wanted by u.s. immigration officials. now there is, and we quote them, uncertainty about his whereabouts. alic alic alicia acouna has more. >> and ice is calling this a communication issue with the denver sheriff department. you'll remember that cell phone video taken of the aftermath of that fiery crash. police say the suspect in this case is back on the street. the victim, 57-year-old john anderson was trapped in the cab of his semi and died. police say the man from mexico, in in country illegally, ran away from the scene and arrested later. he's charged with vehicular
10:46 am
homicide, dui and leaving an accident. he was in court friday and posted bond saturday evening. ice agents were not notified until a little more than an hour later. when they showed up to take him in custody, he was gone. last week the sheriff's department announced while it was not their policy to detain illegal immigrants without a federal warrant, it would let ice know when the suspect was released. that did not happen in time. the denver sheriff saying in a statement, this is unacceptable and the sheriff ordered and immediate internal review to determine why established notification processes did not take place before zamarrip was released. the head of ice said they're working with the sheriff's department to see what went wrong. as law enforcement professional, we should all have the same goal in mind, to protect the public against criminals. this hit-and-run suspect is out
10:47 am
there and nobody can tell us where he is. he's supposed to be in court april 2. we'll see. >> harris: thanks, alicia. >> absolutely. >> harris: all eyes on pennsylvania where voters head to the polls tomorrow. president trump throwing his full support behind the republican candidate, rick saccone. could democrat connor lamb pull out a surprise win? we'll talk about it with our power panel. stay close. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight
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>> hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. we're awaiting the white house briefing as the white house administration proposing arming some teachers and school safety. and polls show a really close race in pennsylvania. bill hemmer will have more. and the u.k. prime minister making ast making ast making astonishing claims and a russian spay. >> harris: breaking news in texas. look at the left of your screen. we just learned of a third package explosion in that area. there's been two already this week. authorities are telling us right now they're not sure, but have not confirmed that there's a connection between the first two and this latest one. at least one elderly woman has been taken to the hospital with pretty serious injuries.
10:52 am
the first two explosions which happened earlier this week and i should say last week are believed to be connected. in that, among those that were injured, was a 17-year-old boy that died. so this is the situation that we were already alerted to today and have been following. now a third explosion. this is austin, texas. we will stay on the story and report to you any upcoming details that we learn. fox news alert on this. this has to do with politics now. the big story we're watching play out in pennsylvania and the special election there. only one day left until voters cast their ballots. the latest polling shows yet again a dead heat between the democrat candidate connor lamb and rick saccone. president trump traveled to the keystone state over the weekend to campaign for the republican candidate, rick saccone.
10:53 am
both political sides making their final pitches ahead of the vote. watch. >> here's the problem. as soon as he gets in, he's not going to vote for us. he's going to vote the party line. he has to. if he doesn't, he's never going to a chairman of a committee. whole crazy system. but he's going to vote the party line. he doesn't care about us. >> whether it's the pension of a union member or the social security benefits of every american, these programs reflect the hard work and pay of people over decades. we're ready to step up and lead and we will keep the promises we made. >> harris: let's bring in the power panel. caylee is here, adrian elrod. caylee, why is this race so tonight? >> because you have a democrat that is posing as a pro trump
10:54 am
candidate. he's she he's pro gun, against abortion while advocating for late term abortion, this is someone who is trying desperately to be a pro trump republican. that's why this is close. make no mistake about it. connor lamb is a puppet of nancy pelosi. if they want trump's governance in washington, they have to go with rick saccone. >> harris: adrian, what happens in the republicans win today? what does that mean for democrats? you poured so much money in this race. he's raised it locally as well. and you just heard kayleigh oppose her. >> yeah, this is a state that republicans should have held on to. let's be clear. there might be a slight democratic voter registration in this district, mccain carried he district, romney carried this district. and trump won by 20 points. if connor lamb comes within one
10:55 am
or two points of winning, this is a huge fail for republicans. >> harris: the president calls him lamb the sham. what does it mean that they have a candidate that needs to do all of these things? oh, i'm not going to vote for nancy pelosi. away from the left, moving left. >> that's right. the far left base of the republican party does not represent the average american voter. you can see this with connor lamb's candidacy. he's so interesting. you have a democrat saying i won't vote for nancy pelosi. by the way, i'm not running against trump. that tells you all you need to know. this is trump country. the voters love him. his crowd was energized. this is within the margin of error. we had president trump out there saturday. i'd be worried if i was connor lamb. >> harris: secret weapon. 1 of the most well known person in the world helping this candidate. >> connor lamb is running as an independent-minded democrat.
10:56 am
i worked with the democrats when they took back control of congress. recruited moderate democrats who oftentimes were pro second amendment, pro life. that's the kind of candidate that connor lamb is. even if he comes within two or three points of winning, it's a victory for him. >> harris: the president says he's 5-0 congressional wins in these special elections. thanks, ladies. >> thank you. >> harris: come right back.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
>> harris: one of the stories
11:00 am
we'll be watching for you, immigrant fugitive going on in denver. i'm looking down now. the sheriff ordering an internal investigation to see how this guy was let go and not turned over to ice. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: the white house briefing scheduled for this hour as the administration takes new action to protect schools from gun violence. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the white house endorsing a plan which includes using ex-military and retired cops to provide security, also firearms training for specially qualified school personnel and a call for congress to strengthen instant federal background checks. the plan contains $50 million a year for school violence programs, but does not include raising the minimum age for buying firearms to 21. the president also making a pitch to voters in pennsylvania's 18th congressional district ahead of


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