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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 12, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and we're concerned about it. we've brought all of the resources to bear. we want the community to be vigilant and no stone left unturned. what you've seen behind us here and the other scene is a complete cooperative effort between the federal agencies, the local agencies and we're now cooperating and being provided assist answer the through the state agencies. this is of interest to all of law enforcement because this is someone that everyone wants to see put to an end and stop this -- stop these bombs. >> how powerful are the explosives? what is the circumference that they're cover something ? >> they're powerful enough -- you saw what happened at the initial incident that it caused significant damage to the front porch area and significant damage done again this morning
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as well. they're very powerful. that's why it's so imperative that no one attempts to touch, move or handle one of these packages if you come across it. >> if these bombs are this powerful, what kind of expertise does someone have to have like this to deliver it without detonating it? >> as i said earlier, that's what the bomb technicians and the atf are working on right now. that's certain level of school that is required to put a device like this together successfully and to have it detonate in the manner that they are and cause significant injuries and death that they have. >> are they ringing the door bells? >> no. residents are finding the packages on the door steps. thank very much. >> that was austin police chief brian manley.
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authorities are investigating a series of explosions in austin, texas. police believe they could be linked. this blast killed a man nearly two weeks ago and the state's capitol. in fact, there's three potential victims, all of the same potential bombing victims. the texas governor just an hour ago announcing a $15,000 reward for the possible capture of the person or persons that may have been -- that may be responsible for bombings. they're not mailed to particular victims. they obviously must have a more powerful explosive impact that we have seen loss of life. one question as to the victims, apparently so far, there's been two black male and one hispanic woman. she was 70 years old. want to go to hillary vaughn that has the latest. hillary? >> police are on high alert
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after the explosions. police say they have no motives. they have not been able to determine who this suspect plating the bombs on the door steps are targeting. you can see down the line here, that's one of the homes where the box was placed on the door step. they don't know if the three explosives are similar or -- they know the three explosives are similar enough that authorities believe them to be linked. all three were boxes of medium-size left on people's door steps. they don't believe any official mail services, the post office, ups, fed ex, delivered them to their door. they're looking into figuring 0 it how the explosives were engineered. they're not giving us any type of detail on the mechanics behind this. i asked them what kind of person is able to pull something of this size off. they said it's someone that is very skilled and able to put an engineer, a bomb in a box, leave
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it on a door step. when someone goes to move the box, opens it, the bomb goes out. there's a level of finesse that authorities are looking into. again, they're not identifying who is being targeted here. they're looking into the victimology. they're not ruling anything out. whether this is a serial bomber on the loop, they say they're looking into everything here because they don't want to leave anything unturned. >> hillary, thanks very much. we'll have more as we get details. meantime, the show down in pennsylvania. hours before voters head to the polls. candidate's in today's special election making their final push to get out the vote. republican rick saccone and connor lamb battling it out in steel country. will president trump have an influence on the race? we have fox team coverage and blake burman at the white house. molly?
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>> charles, we're on the ground here in the 18th congressional district. this has proven to be a contest between the democrat and the republican here on the ground and a lot of investment made from both parties, especially the trump family. donald trump jr. has been here on the ground campaigning with rick saccone today. they were at a candy factory in cannonsburg. great place, great candy. take a look at what donald trump jr. had to say. all right. on the trail, saccone stressed his long resume, including his time in the air force and businessman. he's been working hard a line himself with president trump's agenda and the tax cuts and new tariffs on steel and aluminum. the democratic contender, connor lamb, former prosecutor and marine corp veteran rallied this
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weekend. he has been endorsed by the pennsylvania aflcio, the largest federation of labor unions in the state and vowed the support the coal miners. so this district was once again thought to be a republican leaning district. recently this race has tightened and now thought to be a toss-up. now back to you. >> now going to blake burman on what is at stake for the white house. >> keep in mind, president trump just 15 months ago or so back in november of 2016 won this deep red direct by 20 points. if you look at the latest polling and think it's somewhat accurate, this is a potential flip into the democrat's column. the latest polling has lamb up
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by six points crossing the threshold. president trump was there over the weekend. he gave one of his signature campaign-style-like rallies. just a few references to rick saccone. he also had this observation and a new nickname as well. >> connor lamb, lamb the sham, he's trying to act like a republican. he won't give me one vote. personally i like rick saccone, he's handsome. >> applause there for that one and applause for the president's new tariffs that he signed off on at the white house in which the president thinks that will play well within pennsylvania. he sent out a tweet on behalf of rick saccone. he said he will be better for steel and business, very strong on experience and what our
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country needs. there is a report out there that the president privately called saccone weak. the white house press secretary, sarah sanders, was asked about that and she said she could not comment. charles? >> thanks, blake. gop candidate rick saccone on neil cavuto live saying he relishes being the underdog. >> i like being the underdog. i won my house seat with $1,500 that my wife and i saved up. nobody thought he would win. this is my fifth election. i love defying all the so-called experts and their predictions. >> we did reach out to connor lamb, but thus far have not heard back from him. meanwhile, a report by axios quoting unnamed sources as the president has been privately slamming saccone as a weak
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candidate. what does ronna mcdaniel make of this? she's going to join us. the unnamed sources or people that know people that know people but now the word is that president trump privately trashing saccone even though he went there to campaign for him. >> i was with the president this weekend and rick saccone. the president is working as hard as he can to elect rick saccone. he needs more republicans in congress. he knows that connor lamb is running as a republican but won't vote with this president if he makes it to congress. all i see is the president getting 100% behind the candidate that is come help move forward his agenda. >> there must be some frustration with the president saying he won't this district by 20 points and right now it's a toss-up. what does he say about the fact that saccone has not leveraged what we've seen in the economy and the president's own popularity?
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>> every special election is different. this is unique. we had a republican congressman that had to step down because of personal scandal. that's incorporated into this district. then you have a democrat that didn't have a primary that is running like a republican, pro gun, pro tariff, saying he will vote against nancy pelosi. we know that won't be true. those create challenges in the district. the president wants to help rick saccone win because he needs the majority to keep the economy humming and keep wages growing. >> a lot after stake for the republicans. a lot of republican money in this campaign from outside of the state. donald trump jr. there as well today. what does it mean for the party if lamb comes out ahead tomorrow? >> we're going to compete in every single race. we know the first term of the
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president usually lose seats. but america is on the right track. people are feeling better. democrats voted no on every aspect of the tax cuts. connor lamb didn't support the tax cuts. if we turn it over to pelosi, we'll go back to the dark ages of schumer and pelosi. we need to keep our economy strong. one special election is not a bellwether for anything that will happen next november. we all know how much changes, month to month in politics. next november, voters will look at their paychecks, which are bigger and their jobs coming back and their families and say, this is because of republican leadership and president trump and we cannot afford to put pelosi back in charge. >> you mentioned lamb running as
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a republican. that's the irony there. what do you make the fact that his distancing himself from nancy pelosi? what does that say about democrats on a national stage? this is their leader and this guy says i'm not with her? >> connor lamb is distancing himself from an up popular nancy pelosi a millionaire from san francisco, that has nothing to do with the principles of pennsylvania. he's not going to see that in any other races around the country. it's going to be hard for other democrats the distance themselves from nancy pelosi. so this is a unique race, a unique special election on a different day. it comes out to turnout. the rnc made over a million voter contacts. we're working add hard as we can to elect rick saccone and we know we have to do battle to keep these majorities. >> thanks very much. good luck. we'll talk soon. >> thanks for having me.
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so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®. >> ice agents on the lookout for an illegal immigrant charged with vehicular homicide in colorado. a man was released after posting bond over the weekend. right now he's whereabouts are unknown. alicia acouna has more. >> in california, it's their policy to at least let agents know when someone would be released. that didn't happen this time. ice and the denver sheriff's department says this man is now gone. he was arrested after police say he was driving under the influence when he hit a semi causing this fiery crash where the driver, john anderson, died. the suspect is hear illegally
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and took off. he was arrested later. the sheriff department's said it's unconstitutional to detain someone without a federal warrant but a policy to give them a heads-up when they walk out. they didn't. the sheriff said it's unacceptable and the sheriff ordered and internal review. the head of the denver ice office says they're working local officials. the suspect is due in court in april. right now nobody can fond him. >> this coming on the heels of oakland's mayor warning illegal immigrants of ice raids. reaction now. i don't know. i don't know what you call it. feels like not just states but cities now, municipalities have
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declared war against the right of the federal government to dictate immigration policies and going as far as losing contact with potential killers are shocking. >> and the federal government is responsible. what you're seeing, it's an obstruction that not only does it harm public safety within their own community but harms the public safety of those ice agents who are now just doing their job after they kiss their sons and daughters good-bye and going to work and willing to risk it all. they're now at increased risk. in denver, you have a detainer order that came out. you have a request for notification that came out days beforehand. 65 minutes later, denver is informing ice. the fact that they have this
1:19 pm
policy, working with the feds, we're just trying to do our policy. it's wrong on so many different levels. >> his bail was 25,000. it's -- that is problematic considering the gravity of this situation. when jeff sessions went to california and the administration is now seeing california, he talked about not just them not working or cooperating with the federal government in this case, the administration, but actually the state raiding ice and homeland security facilities, shaking them down and intimidating federal agents that are there to do a job. mostly saving the people in these communities themselves. >> it's unconstitutional when these sanctuary cities are doing. they're obstructing federal policy, pandering to a base within their own cities. you have media in the cities that are backing them up. in denver, you have local media calling this illegal alien or
1:20 pm
calling him an illegal immigrant. they're calling him an undocumented driver. so you have the culture of the policies that are causing this increased risk for our great ice agents just trying to do their job. >> and oakland's mayor becoming a celebrity in the sanctuary movement. she's defying president trump and attorney general jeff sessions. so how do you combat this one? feels like more cities and states are saying yeah, we're going to be a sanctuary as well. new jersey's goran on that as well. >> you have to commend the attorney general. right now he's going full bore to combat these sanctuary cities. he's bringing cases that hopefully stop it in the courts. if that doesn't work, the federal government has leverage to the money provided. so any leverage that we have whatsoever to get these local
1:21 pm
municipalities to do the right thing we have to do. with the leadership, president trump, a.g., jeff sessions, we have to get it done. law enforcement working together is the answer. you're showing what's going on in austin and you have fbi and atf standing his the police chief and we learned from parkland what happens when you don't work well together. >> and a related topic. ms-13. i saw an article in the post. the mainstream media getting around the problem. >> yeah, we had the two best friends that were murdered. the president himself came to my district. they have gone all in as it relates to my local area, doing everything we need to combat ms-13. the other side needs to wake up.
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it's a broken system. >> congressman, thanks. police are investigating a series of deadly package explosives in and around austin, texas what investigators are looking for now. we have it next.
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>> this evidence makes us believe these incidents are related. we don't have an ideology we've identified. assigning a motive at this point, we're not possible to do that based on the stage that we're at in the investigation. >> charles: police linking a series of deadly package explosions around austin, texas. what are police looking for? host of blue lives radio, randy sutton joins us. so far three of these bombs have gone off this month. the police chief in austin said they're connected. where do we go from here? >> this is a complicated investigation. when you have a serial bomber likes this, this is designed to terrorize and terrorizing the community of austin. the fact that there was a time period between the first one and the second one of almost a
1:27 pm
couple weeks and then between the second and the third just the same day shows that this is escalating. you know, bombers are some of the most cowardly of criminals. you don't have to face your victim. so a person that does this kind of crime is inherently coward. >> charles: obviously it's going to get harder for this coward to do his or her bidding. from what i heard, from one of our reporters, hillary vaughn saying the boxes are sort of medium sized. they're not small packages. they've been powerful enough to take lives. so what should people on the lookout for? >> well, first of all, they have now been -- everybody in austin knows about this now. if a package appears on your door step and you're not expecting it, don't go anywhere near it. you contact the police immediately. here's the other thing.
1:28 pm
this took a skill level, okay? for the bomber to create this type of device. each bomber has their own signature. when i say that, i mean the methodology in which they create these devices, the components they use and the way they put them together, the atf is very good at what they do when it comes down to determining the signature of the bomber. it takes a skill level. the fact that he didn't blow himself up. there's also the fact that there's cameras everywhere. if this individual -- doesn't appear they used the post office at this time or package delivery. so that means this individual put it on the door steps himself or he had an accomplice do it, this could be the lead that the police need. >> charles: so the citizens in austin, you know, how do they proceed from here knowing there could be more attempts like
1:29 pm
this? hopefully there's a signature or some evidence that they capture this person. between now and then, a dark cloud over this town. >> that's what i say. when i say the device is a serial bombing like this, especially isolated to one community, this is devised to terrorize. you don't want to call it a terrorist because everybody sees this as an idealogical. we don't know that or not. what is going to be really critical here is the victimology. connecting the victims. what is their connection and how are they connected to the suspect. >> the police chief, brian manley said as much. randy sutton, thank you for your expertise. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> we're going to get an update on the deadly helicopter crash in new york city. it's a few minutes away. president trump wasn't just talking to the world series champs, he was talking up the economy and he started to hit
1:30 pm
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>> charles: get ready for more scenes like this one. president trump getting ready for his hollywood close-up. his first trip to california as president and they're getting ready for a protest. looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. we'll be back in 60 seconds. found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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but through goodt times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> your country is doing fantastically well. we had one of the best economic days in our history friday. the numbers were announced.
1:34 pm
you'll see other numbers coming out. we're really back on track. >> charles: president trump congratulating the world series champs, the houston astros and the economy today. the dow taking a step backward after the big rally friday. looks like stocks coming back stro strong. melissa, you're bullish on the economy. >> yeah, i think the market is very strong. we held. we had a weird area that we could have hold. we're probably higher tomorrow. >> the operative word here is $1 trillion. that's where apple's market cap will be. we're 9.5% away from that. to melissa's point, the market is strong. the economy is strong. will we see more volatility?
1:35 pm
absolutely. that's the name of the game. >> we have leadership. mentioned apple. consumer stocks were the big winner. any time you see apple, netflix, amazon, they're reflections of the consumer, 2/3s of the economy. >> and corporate earnings are coming up. we have to gauge that. we've had strong earnings out of the consumer sector, which is something that i constantly watch. >> we had one of the best earnings seasons ever. >> great revenues. >> and the new taxing. >> and i'm excited about the revenue part. 77% on revenue. guidance is going higher. feels like again, gained some back today. what i'm seeing on the new york stock exchange, 48 sticks with new highs. 270 that hit new highs. this market -- >> there's confidence. the macroeconomic backdrop is very strong. the tax reforms are in place.
1:36 pm
the last jobs report, the goldilocks report shows great job creation. we worry less about inflation and the fed raising rates that created that loss in the january. but about the trade war which is not good for the market. the market won't like that. but underlying this is a very solid economic background. >> what the market would like, a 3% gdp growth. the only thing that held us back in the fourth quarter is trade. no doubt somewhat something has to be done. whether you like president trump's approach or not, this is the one element that we need. the rest of the economy is firing on all cylinders. >> we're in an environment with volatility. it's strange. we're in a 24-hour, seven day a
1:37 pm
week news cycle where headlines can come out, trump tariffs, this, that. all of a sudden it can change but turn around really quickly. we had the drop off. look how fast we traced it. you're right. not everything is perfect. overall, we're in the trend. we're going to hold it. look at the broader market. the banks are strong. goldman made a new high. we're not going to have the market come in. with interest rates rising, that's good for the banks. >> and interest rates going higher reflect a stronger economy as well. >> yes. to your point, regarding these companies and the trade war, a trade war would be terrible. when you have companies that are based overseas but own steel mills here in this country and can't give out profit sharing because they're not making money here and advocating for the tariffs, it's a major point. you have companies like that advocating for tariffs? >> market will shake it off.
1:38 pm
they'll shake off anything. >> steel and aluminum accounts are like 1.6% of all imports, a tiny fraction. >> and what makes these companies profitable in the united states. >> and $171 billion trade deficit with the eu, the $71 billion to mexico. we tweak that we'll have a goldilocks economy. so why is kim jong-un choosing to be quiet? do we need to worry? more on that next. and opportunities. at ameriprise financial, we can't predict what tomorrow will bring. but our comprehensive approach to financial planning can help make sure you're prepared for what's expected and even what's not. and that kind of financial confidence can help you sleep better at night.
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>> north korea made several promises. we hope they stick to the promises. if so, the meeting will go on as planned. i'm not going to get ahead of the details here today. >> charles: so no details yet.
1:42 pm
no word from north korea on the possible meeting with president trump. yet at least that's what south korea is saying. so do we need to be worried about the silence? here with me, author of "the coming north korean nightmare" fred fleisch. kim jong-un haas been quiet here. >> yeah, unusual but promising. north korea is usually putting out anti-trump and anti-united states rhetoric. we haven't heard that so that's promising. but president trump's policy changed the game concerning north korea. we don't know whether north korea's promises to denuclearize are sincere. they've at least changed tactics. the president didn't just catch
1:43 pm
u.s. experts off guards, he caught north korean leaders and experts off guard, too. >> charles: so the crying, fire and fury and upset about moabs being dropped, someone was getting the message and that perhaps was the dictator in north korea. >> i think that's right. during the obama administration, north korean knew what to do. the iranians walked all over the united states. the north koreans thought they would get a deal out of the obama administration. but they behaved so badly and the obama administration's pryty was iran. it didn't happen. with this president, the leaders in pyongyang realize that force is on the table and it's a different situation with the u.s. >> of course, if this meeting comes to fruition, president trump has stated what his goal is, to denuclearize north korea. it's hard to imagine what they can give up. that's their only currency.
1:44 pm
they make big bronze statues if you're a dictator. that's their only ace in a hole. how did they give it? >> we have to think of confidence building measures. there's some experts that have said, why couldn't chinese or russian peacekeepers be deployed to north korea? that would be an assurance that the u.s. would never attack and north korea could give up their missiles and not worry about their security. >> charles: yeah, in the past, kim jong-un's father and grandfather accepted cash to slow down their programs. certainly some sort of figure would be in the offing. the last administration dropped $150 billion in cash, that looks enticing as well. >> we have to assume this is a ploy, the north koreans are not sincere. they want a pay off. they want time to develop their nuclear weapons and missiles.
1:45 pm
they have a long way to go to prove their sincerity. >> charles: so handicap it for us. it's historic. the stakes are extraordinarily high. by the same token, we started this interview by saying north korea has been silent. they haven't had a missile test since last year. feels like something is brewing. >> it's promising. they're going to have to prove their sincerity. so they have frozen the nuclear and missile tests. we have to have intrusive inspections, inspectors that can go everywhere. the facilities disassembled and weapons disassembled and nuclear fuel out of the country. if the north koreans were to agree on that, we would be on the way to a meaningful agreement. >> thanks, fred. look forward to the book. >> good to be here. >> video showing a helicopter crashing into new york city's
1:46 pm
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>> charles: officials investigating a helicopter crash in manhattan's east river that killed all five passengers. laura ingle has more on what went wrong. >> we just watched a large barge come with a crane and pull the head helicopter out that has been upside-down with the flotation devices peeking out. that operation was just completed. we want to show you video of what happened. investigators with the national transportation safety board have
1:50 pm
been onside all tie to get the helicopter out of the water. the aircraft has been sent to an air field in brooklyn for the next phase of the investigation. investigators say they have not talked with the pilot. he's been identified as richard bantz. he told police one of the passenger's bags may have hit an emergency fuel shut off during the flight. one of the passengers, trevor cardigan showed this picture taking off to the sunset with other passengers on board giving a thumbs up. all victims have been identified, including this man, 26-year-old brian mcdaniel. a firefighter visiting new york from texas. also killed, danielle thompson, 29-year-old tristin hill and carlos blanco visiting from argentina. she just turned 29. all five passengers were found harnessed in their seat and
1:51 pm
under water when drivers tried to rescue them, this is the third crash for liberty helicopters in 11 years. in 2009, one helicopter collided with a small plane over the hudson river killing five italian tourists. in 2007, 1 of their helicopters fill 500 feet into the hudson river. the pilot saved all seven on board. chuck schumer wants the faa to issue an emergency order to pull their operating certificate. >> three is too many. there's too many allegations. no one knows what has happened. i don't think liberty should be flying until we get to the bottom of this. >> the ntsb just gave us an update. they said they're looking at a lot of things as they move forward and looking at the harness situation and the engine, the safety records of these flights. charles? >> charles: thanks, laura.
1:52 pm
over 20 anti-trump protests have been held in california since president trump has been elected. as he makes his first official visit since taking office, let's just say a not so warm welcome is being planned. more on that next. got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> massive protests planned as president trump makes his first trip to california since taking office. democratic governor of california jerry brown stated in a letter to president from the california, they are focusing on building bridges rather than walls. how will this visit go? let's ask the wall street journalist. and erin mcpike. not a warm welcome, i don't think we expected a warm welcome. will it be respectful? and president trump expected to be at least treated like the commander-in-chief? >> it will be next.
1:56 pm
local officials in california, democrats of course have been saying to activists that they should come out and protest. i think a big thing here is there has not been a daca fix. that will draw attention to that issue. here the president is coming down to talk about the border wall, visiting prototypes, seeing what he wants to see for the border wall. yet they cannot get this daca fixed on. i think that's going to be the key issue. >> the irony there is president trump to me made an amazing offer. at $1.8 million. 1.8 million daca recipients. find it interesting that that's the focal point of their anger toward president trump and not their elected officials. >> that's not the only focus. this is a state where the attorney general has filed separate challenges on daca.
1:57 pm
it's a wide-ranging thing, not just daca based. i will be looking to see whether the protesters can keep it peaceful. what we have seen in california's protests getting out of hand. >> i am concerned. we saw what happened in the campaign season. we know the anger that's out there and the animosity. how it's expressed. >> one thing i would point out is orange county has typically been a republican area but hillary clinton won orange county. the area is changing somewhat. in terms of what the president will actually see, the president travels in a motorcade and doesn't actually see all of it. he will see some of it in his
1:58 pm
motorcade has been held up before because of some protests. it remains to be seen -- what he sees and how much he says about it. >> i don't know that he's going to -- he's going to take a look at these border walls. the governor is critical of him. you talk about estate with high speed trains to know where the cost was much as that. this could be an opportunity to sit down and talk and maybe find some solutions rather than all of protests. >> i have to laugh at governor brown saying we are against the wall, and for good reason. it's not very effective policy but if you are looking at infrastructure spending, we have a railroad to show you. >> it's california. we understand certain parts of that state of fedex very
1:59 pm
violent, particularly in the campaign season. they have to be legitimate concern there. i would also hope somewhere along the line may be the governor would show some grace and treat the community or -- commander in chief and respect the office. >> police department are taking it very seriously. looking at berkeley, it's been a place where antifa has been among the most effective and organized. there have been scary incidents. >> when you say effective, that's a euphemism. they have broke a lot of things up. >> yeah, that's the goal. >> how do you think it's going to go down? >> he's visiting the border and he's doing this fund-raiser. what i think you're going to see is, why didn't he spend more time in california do more visits? talking about border security, there's a lot to that. what he could do is visit the port of l.a. and talk about other forms of border security.
2:00 pm
the fact that he is missing out on so much of that is going to be pretty prominent in the coverage. >> thank you very much. catch me today on fox business network "making money." "the five" is next. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters. her first home was made of lincoln logs, dana perino. "the five" ." you know it was a -- like a night at the opera. >> pennsylvania was the state that give us the 45th president of the united states. came to my office having gone to north korea and seeing kim jong un. it's very positive. no. after the meeting, you may do that but now i have to be very nice because let's see


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