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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 13, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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evening with us. good night from washington. be back with you tomorrow night. >> loud boom, next thing i knew, we are on it. >> innocent people getting hurt across this community. any residents with these suspicious packages under no circumstances touch them, move them or handle them in any way. >> no evidence of collusion between either campaign and the russians. >> we need guys like rick suc n succone to be fighting with my father. >> some other public forum to apologize to tens of millions of
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americans who were offended. dana loesch is march 13th, thank you for joining us. lots of news to get to this morning. fox news alert, there was no collusion. house republicans closing their investigation to the trump campaign at alleged dealings with russia but democrats refuse to give up. kelly right with breaking details. >> house republicans found russian cyberattacks 2015 through 2016 and their use of social media to so discord throughout the nation but their main finding revealed no collusion or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russians. donald trump tweeted in capital letters house intelligence committee has, after a 14 month long in-depth investigation found no evidence of collusion
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or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. >> we have been accusing people of conspiracy and treason into the end of the day these people are innocent. aren't these others willing to come forward and say maybe we got this wrong, - >> democrat members blasting the gop, writing a republican report. >> any of us can see donald from was going to be - how many people would be complicit in that, how many people would be willing to resign their obligations under the constitution, our system of checks and balances in the service of the deeply flawed president. >> republican members will send the report to the democrat, and
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released to the public. and robert mueller's russian investigation uses separate tools and authorities to conduct its russia investigation. heather: a lot more about this today. fears after austin, texas. and separate doorsteps over the last 20 days, two dead, others severely injured. a new warning from authorities. >> two bombs went off in east boston monday morning, with hundreds of thousands of people in sxsw, both bombs were delivered in packages to people's doorstep, and the
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17-year-old inside his house, they exploded in the kitchen killing the teenager and injuring a 40-year-old woman. his second bomb went off in the neighborhood where i am standing, 75-year-old woman in critical condition. >> her legs are split, fingers blown away. it was very hard to describe all that. >> of third bomb went off in northeast austin. and the hate crime is not ruled out. >> painstakingly doing post blast analysis picking up pieces of evidence that are strewn
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throughout both scenes. and anyone who witnessed something and any surveillance cameras in these neighborhoods, that we can get something to start working with. reaches the old saying is money talks, a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. heather: the pilots of the tourist helicopter that plunged into the east river killing five people, a loose gear could be to blame. a passenger's blackmail hooked onto a lever cutting off fuel in the mid air. six inflatable pontoons on the helicopter properly deployed. a new video surface from inside the helicopter, and giving a thumbs up as they prepare for lift off. some guests terrified when an air duct weighing hundreds of
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pounds happened inside a waterpark. injuring five people in sandusky, ohio, and a 12-year-old boy treated for minor injuries. it will remain closed until officials determine how that happened. jim mattis arriving for an unannounced trap, negotiating a peace deal between the taliban and afghan government. >> working to achieve reconciliation, not a military victory, the victory will be a political reconciliation. >> mattis will meet with the afghan president. and a mysterious poisoning of an ex russian spy in the uk. a chemical attack came from russia and trigger a response.
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a russian spy and his daughter convicted in the uk. teresa may giving the kremlin 24 hours to respond. back in the state, rick scott could be forced to resign early if elected to the u.s. senate. five days before new governor will be sworn in. that will keep scott from pointing three supreme court justices on his last day in office if he decides to run for senate. he would replace bill nelson. all eyes on pennsylvania's voters head to the polls for the november midterms. the white house is pulling out all the stops to back republican rick succone. the polls open in a few hours. nice to have you with us. >> good to see you again. the polls behind me open in
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three hours, allegheny county outside pittsburgh this morning, the white working-class voters return to the democratic party or go with republicans. the nation is watching today, this race pins former connor lamb, former marine and prosecutor against the four term republican rick succone heavily endorsed by donald trump pitching to blue-collar workers. lamb is a moderate for the second amendment, against an assault weapons ban, hammering away at local union heavy issues on pension, social security and medicare, and wants to dump nancy pelosi, he was an intelligence issue in north korea, he was trump before trump was trump. a hatred for the country and hatred for god. he strongly aligned with the president. lamb said he is not running
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against the president. >> this is a time in our country many of our most important problems are up for grabs. not just the miners. all organized labor, pensions of many of our labor unions and things like social security and medicare that apply to every american. >> the same union leadership that supported pres. obama, trying to kill the coal miners, the coal industry and support hillary clinton. >> they have been there for their respective candidates, donald from junior along with succone toward a candy factory. donald from junior said this is not a referendum on his father. >> doing a great job, things my father is doing. fight for america and help us. >> the polls will close at 8:00,
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becoming a field day. jillian: to another fox news alert, terror rocking texas. urgent time to find a serial bomber. of homicide detective on one thing investigators track the killer. donald from getting a firsthand look at what his big beautiful wall will look like today during a sanctuary showdown with the liberal state of california. what can we expect? for fbi director james comey with a closer but twitter isn't.
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jillian: and urgent manhunt underway in texas after three package bombs were left on random doorsteps in the last weekend dave, two people killed, two others seriously injured. was our police looking at? thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. people in austin, in the eastern portion of austin, very concerned tonight. authorities telling them if you have a package delivered to your front door, you didn't order it, don't open it. >> law enforcement in austin in a race against time to try to make sure there are no further killings in austin. it appears the bombers all focus on brown and black people.
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governmental agency in charge of this investigation, one thing, the explosions are contained. they have a wealth of evidence they are putting together, that is significant and important because what they are trying to determine is sophistication of explosive devices. if they are really sophisticated that means an experienced bomber or someone who may have gone on the internet and found bombing material and that is putting explosive devices. heather: authorities are not saying it is a hate crime but as you said, they are also in one
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particular area where a large population of minorities do live, african-americans and hispanic, 75-year-old hispanic woman recovering from her injuries which are critical at this point. and the level of sophistication of these bombs being placed in a box and going off at a certain time and successfully going off at these times safe takes a certain degree of sophistication, the person does know what they are doing. >> the last bomber we had of any notoriety was ted kaczynski, the unit bomber. law enforcement now looking at cameras in the area, looking at individuals, looking for people who see something to say something so they can help out in this investigation. the problem is they are in a race against time.
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>> ted kaczynski and eric rudolph, the atlanta olympic bomber. both of those had left a manufacturer of sorts. >> we are in a different age and stage where atf has more sophistication to determine who the bomber or bombers are. sooner or later, very soon, you are going to have them identify who the bomber or bombers are in this instance. heather: we appreciate your insights, thank you for joining us. 17 minutes after the top of the hour, first he called them deplorable and now hillary clinton launching a new attack on the president's supporters. >> didn't like black people getting right, don't like women
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getting jobs. heather: there is more where that came from. all eyes on pennsylvania, special election set for today, democrat running has distanced himself from the party. what does it mean if he wins? scott resin used in here live to break it down. ♪
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the smuggling after tacking on an interest rate. dangerous illegal criminals reentering our country, border patrol agents in tucson, arizona arresting mexican national ramirez for illegally reentering the us. he served 5 years behind bars on first-degree manslaughter charges in oregon. he will remain a nice custody and will be prosecuted for reentry. the stage is set for a tight race between rick succone and connor lamb. those the keystone state hold the key to the other big races coming up in the midterms. here to make it down is scott resin used in. great to have you with us. a big day. >> this is a race a lot of
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people are talking about. a lot of concern among republicans. connor lamb is a young, good-looking former marine and prosecutor. distancing himself, doesn't want democrats showing up. because republicans, they won't support nancy pelosi. doesn't raise much money, hasn't come across voters, lashed himself to donald trump and his agenda. the president was there. real strong commitment. it will test what happens in this race. the polls so it is a tossup right now but i spent a lot of years pulling, there's nothing more difficult to poll than a special election. no one knows what turnout will be. in a normal election you know who will show up, what are the normal parameters, this is a
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strange time to have an election, low turnout expected relative to general election. heather: donald trump won by 20 points. >> that is the reason there is so much concern among republicans. of a democrat can win a district like this they can win almost anywhere. this isn't necessarily a typical from district but the president won by 20 points. if republicans lose here it is a sign what might happen when we get to november. right now republicans have the majority. the democrats need 24 seats to gain control. and four the last weekend midterms the party out of power has gained more than 24 seats. if connor lamb wins this race we could be seeing the first signs of a big blue wave. we could see the dial slip all the way to hear. heather: we heard that here and
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it didn't happen. >> last week we were talking. this is when voters have their say and i think the point is we don't know what will happen today. this won't defined what happens in november but is another indicator. if succone wins narrowly republicans will breathe a sigh of relief. heather: union voters, the unions versus working-class people. >> union voters are reagan democrats, people who would normally be trump supporters but succone has not viewed himself to the unions and the district. succone lamb has a nickname now, lamba scam. we will have to ask. thank you, bring you back, see
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what happens. the time is 25 minutes after the top of the error. donaldson with a firsthand look at what his big beautiful wall will look like as liberal leaders plan to meet him with some protests. >> if he acted like a president, he has none of that, he is not welcome here. kim jong un 7 what to expect when the president touches down. your favorite country rocker is headed to the hall of fame. ♪ ♪ born free ♪
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heather: half past the top of the hour donald trump headed to california for the first time since taking office on the agenda surveying southern border wall prototypes. what will happen today?
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richard fowler standing by and general terms. thanks for standing by, appreciate it. are you there? i think you are there. i will start with you. in terms of what we expect california is a tough state for the president. >> you see donald trump in his rights to take on the state of california. not only does article i state the federal government has the authority over every state on immigration policy but you season trends, the highest number of illegal immigrants in southern california than anywhere else in the united states, the cost is $23 billion a year and according to the fbi crime statistics which were just released a week ago crime is up 50% in some cities, that is what donald trump is referring to with this nest of crime but what
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you see is a bigger trend and that is let's not forget california was once the state of ronald reagan and donald trump fashioned himself as a reaganesque candidate in 2016 and as president he's not afraid to take on tough issues like reagan did in the protests at berkeley, very harshly criticized and ended up becoming a beloved figure in the golden state because he restored law and order. heather: a republican has not won california in three decades. >> i don't think donald trump is going to california to win the state but on this particular thing it is hard to make correlation, just to see a spike in crime doesn't mean because of undocumented workers that live there. the president visiting this
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prototype does ignite the debate around immigration and let me be real with you as a practical progressive there is a solution that is pretty simple, donald trump wants to build a wall, democrats have indicated they would be willing to fund parts of the wall if the president is willing to cut a deal on daca. he says to the country we get a deal done on immigration, we can save the daca kids and he could get his wall. heather: it takes two sides to tango. will democrats come on board? he is going there to a democratic state, putting it in their hands. will they move ahead at this point? >> the reason we didn't have a deal before was because the president added things about the lottery. i think this trip if he wants to get a deal done democrats are willing to work with him on daca.
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luis gutierrez from illinois, a democrat who believes pro-immigration democrat, i would give money for the wall if we could fix the daca program. there is a deal here and him going to visit this wall prototype is going to spark conversations about daca and immigration. maybe we will get a deal done. >> optics are very important. this may result at the local level, very hot governors race in california. the gop candidate who will likely face off eight points behind remarkable for governor, that gop candidate said he would repeal the sanctuary state. this is the beginning of the story, not the end. >> i don't think they will win the california governor's mention if they even tried.
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kim jong un heather: thank you. the white house fire back at critics who claim the president caved to the nra after the white house proposal advancing plans to raise the minimum age for purchasing certain firearms. >> backed away from these things, they are still outlined in the plan but he can't make them happen with a broad stroke of the pen. heather: jeff sessions announcing plans to prosecute anyone who lies on gun background checks. surveillance video showing terrifying moments when a gunman shot and killed 17 people could be made is public as early as thursday. this could shed light on the controversial actions of scott peterson who never went inside the building. other deputies told to create a perimeter, broward county sheriff's office and school district argued against its
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release. republicans backing down on a showdown with donald from over his newly imposed tariffs. gop leadership downplaying the idea they might seek legislation blocking or revising steel and aluminum. high ranking members of the party publicly opposed the plan or that it might spark a trade war. the deal can likely be reached without a bill. the woman who won $516 million in a new hampshire drawing will remain anonymous. a judge making the call after she filed a complaint even though she signed her name on the ticket. the ruling states are right to privacy outweighed the public's interest in her identity. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. thousands of travelers already stranded as another winter blast takes aim at the northeast. how airlines are helping. jimmy kimmel has taken plenty of
1:36 am
shots at donald trump, his stunning admission. >> forgive as you have been. kim jong un 7 mike pence using his faith to forgive joy beheart but what about christians waiting for their apology. carly shimkus with online reaction. we talk about that nor'easter. look at the weather across the country as it takes aim at the northeast. bundle up. ♪ re shipstation it was crazy, l. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation,
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>> it took weeks but joy beheart
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apologized mike pence for this comment. >> wanting to talk to jesus, another thing when jesus talks to you. that his mental illness if i'm not correct. heather: carly shimkus is here with how the vice president is responding. >> the vice president telling sean hannity the he gives joy beheart a lot of credit but encouraging her to take that apology one step further. take a listen. >> of course, i did encourage her and still encouraging her to use the forum of that program to apologize to tens of millions of americans who were equally offended. of the 20 that sounds pretty reasonable tweeting we need to forgive and love others but also speak the truth. another twitter user is waiting for that on-air apology calling that phone call to the vice president a good start.
1:41 am
twitter has another problem with somebody, james comey getting back lash. >> james comey part of a new ad campaign promoting his new career as a public speaker. >> the believe in the power of humanity. i believe in the power of speech. it moves. >> it validates. >> that is for the washington speakers bureau which hooks up politicians and famous people with public speaking gigs but the response has been brutalist people hammer him for his handling of the hillary clinton scandal. i believe in the power of speech too, immunity deals like hotcakes was another twitter users is the power of speech is important even if you are the
1:42 am
fbi director 11 days prior to the presidential election. of the 20 the power of a paycheck. >> the in and neglecting its job tracker. >> digital trump jobs tracker has not been updated since january 5th despite significant job growth. in january 200,000 jobs were added, 313 jobs were added in february. it is not moving in the direction cnn once. if they updated it they will have to face reality. heather: glass half-full. airlines want to collect your
1:43 am
personal information to decide how much you should pay. is that legal? our next guest says it is downright unconstitutional. is everyone really a star? twitter once everyone to get verified, online reaction pouring in on this one. ♪
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heather: hundreds of airlines canceling trips as the northeast
1:47 am
braces for a third winter snowstorm. how to change your flight. >> reporter: information you want to know if you are traveling today or tomorrow as we brace for a third nor'easter. here are airports where you can change your flight if you are flying in and out of boston, new york, jfk, liberty, laguardia and philadelphia. airlines waiving fees today and tomorrow but you will check with each airline because they are all different and specific, they are doing that for travelers ahead of the storm. heather: hopefully this is the last, it comes in threes, this is the third one, we are over it. twitter wants to verify everyone. what is this about? >> those checkmarks next to celebes, journalists to let them know they are real, twitter has the idea that everyone should
1:48 am
get a blue checkmark. here is what jack dorsey had to say. the intention is to open verification to everyone and to do it in a way that we are not in the way and people can verify more facts about themselves and we don't have to imply any basis on our part. this might help if you're trying to figure out if this is a real person or not. unclear exactly when they might do this but this is an idea they are playing around with. heather: let's talk about airlines, big brother meets big business, looking to steal passengers information to set a personalized price. is this legal? emily, thank you for joining us,
1:49 am
we appreciate this. explain what is it airlines want to do? use your personal information and people have different prices based on that? >> this is called micro target pricing and it violates your consumer personal data privacy with your purchase history. at a minimum it is totally unethical but violates consumer protection laws in place to protect the consumer against unfair practices like this. it takes your purchase and browsing history and unjustly and inaccurately priced, it thinks you could pay or be willing to pay for a seat. at a concert you are charged more than your friend because the concert thinks you can afford more. price fluctuation if you have any in the market is based on
1:50 am
blindness, demand or timing. has nothing to do with the individual buyer. this violates. heather: airlines have already monetized every single engine plane so they are looking to nickel and dime consumers on browser history. a sad state of affairs that might violate consumer protections as you just said. let's look at the statement from american. airlines for american, we take issue issue or's characterization, airfare pricing is demand driven and one of the best consumer bargains out there by offering differentiated service offerings. customers can select the best service and price combination for individual needs. what about their response? >> that is a carefully crafted
1:51 am
euphemistic way of saying there individually sifting prices based on that. dynamic prices is one thing. if they accept that philosophy in a blind manner it would be okay. if you see an ad on a website that says fly to maui for $100, what if only you saw that? dynamic pricing and advertising decreased or increased is not across-the-board to every consumer so it doesn't have to do with demand but what they deem the ability the purchaser has and based on the individual ip address, the inaccuracy is a wildcard, think of your browsing and purchase history it doesn't reflect - heather: eyebrows things i can't afford all the time. thank you for joining us. have a good day.
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the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. hillary clinton back to trashing donald from supporters, this time taking it overseas. >> didn't like black people getting rights come you don't like women getting jobs. heather: brand-new insults that will make your blood boil for sure. our neighbor country rocker headed to the hall of fame. ♪ cowboy baby ♪ and she mentioned i should visit blinds dot com. great quality for an incredible price, that's where i got my blinds. (vo) with blinds dot com, you get a free online design consultation, free samples, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. i give the customer confidence by being there every step of the way. we make it really easy. that's what i love to hear! (vo) go to blinds dot com slash tv right now and save up to 20% off sitewide.
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heather: a live look at detroit, motor city. lights certainly on their. you are watching "fox and friends first," almost the top of the hour. hillary clinton still not over her failed bid for the white house in this time she is bashing america's heartland but doing all the way from india. >> if you look at the map of the united states there's all that red in the middle where trump won. i won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward and his whole campaign, make america great again was looking backwards. you didn't like black people getting rights, don't like women getting jobs, don't want to see
1:57 am
that indian american succeeding more than you are, whatever your problem is, i'm going to solve it. heather: clinton boasting she won the, quote, economically thriving states. hillary clinton focused on conservative women in particular saying they vote according to their republican husbands. michelle malcolm is one conservative woman refusing to let clinton get away with blaming women for her failed campaign. >> the anti-american sentiment that drove hillary clinton and bill clinton all of these years bubbled up, seized and now she is overseas trashing america and in particular american women for the loss that only falls on her
1:58 am
shoulders. blamere-y, what about our desire for families to have america great again. >> missing comedy with politics, costing him big time. >> donald trump proposed $6 billion cut in funding to the national institute of health, thank god our congressman made a deal not to go along with that. heather: it says it has cost me commercially. that is not ideal but i wouldn't change anything i said. arnold schwarzenegger wants to go terminator on oil companies claiming the cause of global warming is the oil companies so plans to sue them for murder. >> the oil companies new from 1959 on, their own study, knew there would be global warming
1:59 am
and climate change happening. this is why we are now talking to law firms to sue the oil companies for knowingly killing people all over the world. heather: there is no time for the lawsuits but was an egg, an outspoken critic of donald trump, at an environmental conference, that will happen in may. finally, kid rock adding a new title to his list of accomplishments, wwe hall of famer. ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ heather: the singer will be inducted as wwe hall of fame celebrity wing during wrestlemania in april. many of kid rock's songs for pay-per-view events along with entrance music for some of the wrestlers. good for him.
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that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues, i will see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> we could find no evidence of collusion between either campaign and the russians. jillian: tuesday, march 13th, fox news alert, where is the evidence, breaking overnight, the house finding no signs of collusion between the trump campaign and russ and donald from wade in. >> a loud boom, next thing i knew. >> we are having innocent people getting hurt across this community. any residents with these suspicious packages under no circumstance touch them or handle them. >> three mysterious explosions in ten days just miles apart in austin, texas. the urgent manhunt happening


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