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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 13, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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wrestlers. good for him. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues, i will see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> we could find no evidence of collusion between either campaign and the russians. jillian: tuesday, march 13th, fox news alert, where is the evidence, breaking overnight, the house finding no signs of collusion between the trump campaign and russ and donald from wade in. >> a loud boom, next thing i knew. >> we are having innocent people getting hurt across this community. any residents with these suspicious packages under no circumstance touch them or handle them. >> three mysterious explosions in ten days just miles apart in austin, texas. the urgent manhunt happening for
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suspected serial bomber. jillian: eminem declaring war on the nra. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ put some spotlight on the skylight ♪ rob: you are looking live at midtown manhattan, another nasty day outside. whatever this has been, nor'easter in march. jillian: some people see rain, some seeing snow.
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rob: spring start and winter kicks in at the same time. it is tuesday. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. republicans closing their investigation ruling there were no deals between the trump campaign in russia. rob: the presidential race, top democrats refusing to back down. kelly right is here with breaking details. >> reporter: calling this a bombshell. house republicans found there were russian cyberattacks on political institutions in 2015-16 and use of social media to so discord among americans but their mind finding revealed no collusion coordination or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russians. donald trump tweeted the findings in capital letters, the house intelligence committee has, after a 14 month in-depth investigation found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016
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presidential election. >> we have been accusing people of conspiracy and treason and at this meal of the day these people are innocent. these others who oppose what republicans said, are they willing to just say maybe we got this wrong, it is not fair to these individuals to keep this cloud over them when there isn't evidence. >> reporter: democrat members of the committee are blasting the gop. ranking member adam schiff ripping the republican report. >> many of us can see donald trump was going to be a very poor president. what we couldn't see is how many people would be complicit in that, how many people would be willing to resign their obligations under the constitution, the system of checks and balances, in the service of that deeply flawed president. >> reporter: a lot of fallout on this. republican members send the
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report to democrats today, the report will be submitted for declassification, review, and released to the public. it has no bearing on special counsel robert mueller's investigation which uses separate tools and authority to conduct its own russia investigation. a lot going on. jillian: we are here to cover it all. rob: another fox news alert, fears of a serial bomber after deadly explosions rack austin, texas. jillian: explosive packages left on several doorsteps in the last 10 days killing two people. lauren blanchard has the latest. >> reporter: there were three explosive packages, two people dead, now the governor is offering a $15,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest. the explosions happening in 10 days killing a teenager and a 39-year-old man and seriously
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injuring a 75-year-old woman. in each case the box was sitting outside the victim's house, exploded when it was picked up or opened. >> a loud, loud boom. next thing i knew i thought avalanche with my neighbor on it. >> reporter: wasn't until the two latest explosions yesterday police began investigating a connection along with the fbi and atf. none of the packages were delivered through a mail service. the recipients were or are either black or hispanic. the motive is unknown. the devices are sophisticated, whoever is creating them is no amateur. >> it takes a certain level of skill to build a device like this and deploy it to your intended target without having it explode in the process. a certain skill goes along with what these individuals are doing. >> reporter: this week is austin
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at sxsw festival and thousands of attendees are not at risk but they urge people to be extra cautious and call 911 if anyone finds or receives a specific package. jillian: we will talk about this in the next half hour. the pilot of the tourist helicopter that plunged into the east river killing five people says a loose year could be to blame. a passenger's bag may have hooked onto a lever cutting off fuel from the engine midair. the feds looking into whether six inflatable pontoons on the helicopter properly deployed. the video surfaced from inside the helicopter minutes before the crash. two passengers smiling and giving a thumbs up as they prepare for liftoff. guests terrified when an air duct weighing hundreds of pounds come crashing down in a packed
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waterpark. witnesses say the piping fell into the wave pool injuring people at the kalahari resort in sandusky, two employees and three guests including a 12-year-old boy were treated for minor injuries. the pool is closed until officials determine how it happened. >> all eyes shift to pennsylvania as voters head to the polls. the special election could set the tone for the november midterms, the white house pulling out all the stops to back republican rick succone. the polls open in a few hours, this could be very interesting today. >> reporter: it really will be. the polls open two hours from now and the nation is watching this race. it pits two well-known now officials across the country, what is connor lamb, the democrat, 33 years old, former
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federal prosecutor, against rick succone, veteran state legislator, both pitching for white working-class and blue collar workers known as reagan democrats and support donald trump. lamb is a moderate who supports the second amendment hammering away at local issues, unionized area, pensions, security and medicare. he wants to dump nancy pelosi so he is not a progressive, trying to separate himself from the democrats. he was donald trump before trump was trump, last night he went after liberal saying they, quote, hatred he said for god. he is in line with the president. lamb has gone out of his way not mentioning the president after name saying he's not running against donald trump. >> this is a time in our country many of our most important promises are up for grabs, not just minors but all organized labor, pensions of many labor unions and things like social
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security and medicare. >> this is an open seat, we have national level interest and you can expect things to tighten up. as a political scientist you assume there will be a lot of interest, a lot of money will pour in and the race will be tight. >> reporter: for 16 years it was represented by tim murphy who was caught up in a sex scandal. yesterday donald trump junior visited along with succone a chocolate factory, wearing those funny nets to keep their hair from falling into the chocolate and at that event the president said this is not a referendum on his father. >> it is a special election, in 2018 you have years of obstructionist policies. it can go like that.
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>> what will go like that is this district, the supreme court here, they are redistricting the state, this will disappear in coming months so we will see what happens, a petition to get into another district. despite the attention, no more district in a few months. rob: a look at what might happen in 2018. jillian: hairnets never look good on anyone. rob: unless you have really bad hair. jillian: donald trump looking at what the border wall might look like, the visit coming during a sanctuary showdown with california. we are live with what to expect. rob: unleashing the full arsenal
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to keep a democrat from winning a seat at a district that really liked donald trump year and a half ago. will this make a difference? republican strategist live with his prediction next. jillian: a college student kicked out of class for telling a professor there are only two genders. ♪ nothing compares to the real thing. experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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rob: polls opening in pennsylvania, the latest battleground in the fight over the white house. jillian: rick succone and connor lamb in a race to replace tim murphy. can republicans stop a democrat from taking a district donald trump won?
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rob: connor lamb is not much of a democrat which in the district like this that was very conservative in 2016 is probably a good thing for the democrats, a good little scheme they have here. >> reporter: he has been the most competitive democrat in the 18th congressional district in a long time. he has a good background and the type of rhetoric ken's confused folks which many people think he is campaigning like a republican. the choice voters have in a few hours is will his record match the rhetoric? the fact that he has been saying he is pro-second amendment congressman matters in this district and has come saying he won't vote for nancy pelosi. in the closing minutes of this race people will decide is that real rhetoric or will he be somebody who will vote for the district? jillian: donald trump won by 20
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points in 2016. what will it say? what is the message the democrat comes away with? >> two things. elections are always binary. at its base we have a choice between candidate rick succone and candidate connor lamb. whatever happens after the polls close both parties will be analyzing this saying what does it mean for the midterm elections? it will be very difficult for democrats if they realize the connor lamb recipe is a good recipe for success. lamb was nominated in a pragmatic process but he wasn't challenged by the progressive left, he didn't have to face the contestant democratic primary. even if it is a success for the democrats it will be fraught with error because their base will not allow candidates like connor lamb to become the nominee.
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rob: he has a good shot at winning this even if the voter turnout is low which would be better for republicans in the situation. my question is an underlying theory that the president is not as crazy about succone as he might appear to be by stumping for him and connor lamb's policy and decisionmaking reminds me of trump in some ways. he has that blended almost neither party, prounion but conservative on other things. >> he has been effective, recognize trump had success, won by 20 points. you look at lamb, give him and his campaign credit in terms of making a race competitive that no one thought would be competitive a few months back. jillian: who do you think wins? >> tough question. i think either candidate can win. i think they will win by one or two points.
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all about turnout. we saw donald from come to town saturday to energize republicans, we are seeing democratic luminaries like joe biden, all down to turn out but a higher turnout benefits connor lamb. kim jong un 7 appreciate it. rob: thank you so much. jillian: 18 after the our. debate over national anthem kneelers hit primetime tv, abc pulled the plug. rob: betting on march madness? an all time high but one problem and we will explain. ♪ we took legendary...
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jillian: donald trump heading to california for the first time since taking office on the agenda surveying southern border wall prototypes. rob: growing tension between lawmakers of the sanctuary state and the federal government. >> reporter: this is a journey into the belly of the beast which he hasn't been to california since becoming president, the administration is battling the state in federal court, lashing out at sanctuary cities. the white house is the strip is in keeping with what the president has committed to. >> this is an important thing the president has talked about, safety and security of the country and feel the wall is a big part of that. >> reporter: the president will see eight border wall prototypes
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that have been constructed since the first days of his construction of is often promised boarding wall. the acting director of ice lashed out at democrats including nancy pelosi who accused federal agents of terrorizing federal agents. >> law enforcement people who get up every day with safety and security of their home to strep again to their hips to defend this nation, the funniest thing you will ever see. >> reporter: this is a tape of what the president will run into, protests over his immigration policies. >> he is not welcome! he is not welcome here. he would be welcome as our president if he stopped his racism. if he stopped pitting people
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against each other. >> reporter: the president will actually meet with us marines and get a fundraiser in los angeles. >> donald trump just stopped what would have been the largest acquisition ever. jillian: why the presidents of the broad bid as a national security threat. >> reporter: $117 billion deal the president put a stop to yesterday blocking the singapore-based takeover of chipmaker qualcomm saying it was a threat to national security. here's what he said, there is credible evidence that brought down's limited exercise control of qualcomm might take action threatening to impair national security in the united states.
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it would have been one of the biggest tech deals in history so we will see what happens. they say they will review the order, we are watching both of those stocks today. >> big business, record $10 billion expected to be spent during the month of march but march madness is illegal gambling. 24 million people last year participated in the pool filling out 16 million entries posting $2.6 billion in entry fees. only 300 million of that is through any legal means, they do it in vegas. >> 25 minutes after the hour,
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terror rocking texas. the search for serial bomber. a cia operative inside the manhunt next. >> one thing that teaches me his grace, forgive as you have been forgiven. >> mike pence using his faith to forgive joy beheart. will send millions of other christians get an apology as well? coming up. ♪ with expedia one click gives you access to discounts on
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bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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rob: energy manhunt underway in texas after three package bombs were left on random doorsteps for the last three days. jillian: what our police looking at? joining us his covert operations officer mike baker. we were talking about what police have to deal with, what type of skill level would it take to create explosives like this? >> before the days of the internet you would have been looking at one type of individual, where would they have gotten the experience to develop explosive devices? now with the internet it is incredibly information out there. jillian: you can't narrow it to someone with military training? >> the playing field is much wider than that.
2:31 am
the information for this thing as odd as it sounds is available out there. what our police doing? any time you have something like this, an explosive device involved in a crime like this you are looking at a forensics review that is incredibly painstaking, very labor-intensive, sweeping up the crime scene, looking at anything from the components of the explosive device and it can be very small. the lockerbie bombing from all those years ago was eventually resolved, tiny pieces of fragments of the close of device. they are looking at that? maybe you find a tiny component with a serial number, you walk that back and the painstaking effort to figure out the point of purchase and then they will get this and solve it. the linkages between the victims, there is a random act
2:32 am
like the dc sniper. this is an intensive lift, >> they are making a statement of technology by bombing, there is a motive here. is a totally random? >> i hate to speculate on this? whether it is this or a terrorism investigation you got to build on evidence, facts, you never want to build on an assumption, follow this assumption, that creates a shaky foundation. the unit bomber is a good example. it took a long time to resolve and it wasn't resolved until he sent out his manifesto. sometimes you need an element of
2:33 am
luck. jillian: people watching who live in this area, what is your advice? >> the randomness, potential for randomness is a frightening thing for a community. i was in the dc area during the sniper attacks and that set people on edge, the apparent randomness of it all. you got to keep busy living. you can't get paralyzed by fear. the other part goes back to the saying if you see something say something, don't touch the soundbite. if you are not aware where the package comes from, these appear to have been dropped off at night. it is tough to do but people have to be on hyper alert. totally get to the point they identify what the linkages are. jillian: the white house firing back at critics saying the white
2:34 am
house caved to the nra after the proposal abandons plans to raise the minimum age for purchasing firearms. >> he hasn't backed away from these things at all. they are still outlined in the plan but you can't make them happen with a broad stroke of the pen. we are focused on things we can do immediately. jillian: jeff sessions announcing plans to prosecute anyone who lies ongoing background checks. tomorrow opening statements begin for the wife of the pulse nightclub gunmen. up all of 600 jurors narrowed down to a 12 member jury panel. accused of aiding and encouraging her husband to carry out the june 2016 massacre that killed 49 people and lying to the fbi. it will last three weeks. rob: new video showing shocking
2:35 am
moments, and the incident happening in 2012 in pasadena. shattering into pieces as they rock violently on the tarmac, the impact was so strong, thrown to the payback. both pilots found. >> of fire on an emergency landing. >> come on. >> forcing the flight from phoenix evacuating down slides. >> 1400 flights canceled as another major nor'easter slams the east coast for the third
2:36 am
time in two weeks. >> dumping a foot of snow in west virginia creating massive traffic delays. >> mike baker asked if he would get out of laguardia. i think he might but i'm not sure. we have a story, how about we arrest the groundhog after this? that would make me feel better, 30 in raleigh. i will talk to you after the weather, we will discuss whether or not you will get out of laguardia. we are getting light snow in new york and philadelphia but this will be a long island new england event. here are your winter storm advisories and warnings, warnings in pink and blizzard warnings for coastal massachusetts toward maine. the criteria is being met for blizzard conditions, wents of 35
2:37 am
miles an hour. snow will continue. the bull's-eye is new england, boston 65 to 12, 18 inches of snow west of the area and blizzard conditions and spring will come next weekend we will arrest the groundhog. >> are you sure spring is coming? >> it does feel like groundhog day. rob: mike pence for giving the view host joy beheart saying she should do more after saying this on air. >> one thing to talk to jesus. it is another thing when jesus talks to you. that is called mental illness if i am not correct. >> reporter: she contacted mike pence privately, he thinks she should go public with this. >> my christian faith is the most important thing in my life. my wife and i spent mornings
2:38 am
with the bible in prayer and we are typical americans, pick up the phone, she called me and was very sincere and she apologized. my faith teaches me grace and forgive. i said of course i forgive you. that is part of my faith encouragement, i'm still encouraging her to use before him of that program or some other public forum to apologize to tens of millions of americans who were equally offended. >> abc sources tell fox it does not appear that is going to happen. >> ellery clinton on a world tour ripping donald trump with new excuses about why she lost the election. >> ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. rob: carly shimkus will have reaction to this coming up.
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jillian: hillary clinton's blame game continues, pressure caused weight them and to vote. >> part of that is identification with the republican party and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believes you should. rob: this keeps on going. carly shimkus with fox news headlines with more on this. very unbecoming and keeps going. >> on the campaign trail she talked about being a champion of women but now conservative
2:43 am
female voters are ripping into her on twitter accusing her of being the one with the old school you on women's inability to think for themselves. lives on twitter says hillary clinton says i respect women. i champion women. women are so dumb they vote how their husbands force them to vote. emily says that is not possible. how can anyone be forced to vote when we go into the booth alone, free to vote anyway we went? controversial comments made at a recent conference in india, one more reason hillary clinton, why she lost the election. rob: nobody knows who you vote for, that is the beauty of it. jillian: women can formulate their own thoughts. eminem has his own thoughts. >> he ripped into the nra during
2:44 am
the music awards. listen to this. >> this whole production. on the continent more than our children. >> reporter: many on social media bring up his violent lyrics and previous gun related crime saying no wonder eminem hates the nra, they are into gun safety. another twitter user, you can see that. i am sure it was good. this twitter user says hypocrisy at its finest. so glad we got to that. rob: let's talk about this, the kid kicked out of class.
2:45 am
>> this happened at indiana university of pennsylvania. a religious study student says he was kicked out of class for telling a professor there are only two genders. this happened after the professor played a video for the class of a transgender former pastor. he didn't like that. they got into an argument, he was kicked out of class. a lot of people sticking up for him. what happened to freedom of speech? it only applies to professors now? the professor said he was kicked out because he was constantly speaking out of turn. a he said she said situation. >> we will check in with our good friend todd pyro in houston, pennsylvania. talking to voters ahead of today's big election. >> a huge day. this will only be in existence for 7+4 months. forget the polls, forget the
2:46 am
money, today is the big day. it is down to connor lamb versus rick succone. we will talk to the voters about who they want him a big show coming up on "fox and friends". rick succone will be there. michelle milken, do not go anywhere. brian kill need urges everybody please get dressed. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
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>>.es bag going to work, civil liberties union, procedures, equipment and employee training put in place over concerns that
2:50 am
bonds could be hidden in certain devices. it claims passenger privacy is at risk if agents sift through personal phones and laptops as well. abc pooling an episode of a show that discusses national anthem protests. >> can't believe you abandoned the 3-year-old. >> i think she was number. >> monster. rob: the politically charged episode was supposed to air in february but was replaced over creative differences. the eminem and it show has gone political before covering donald trump's election and police brutality. >> heading to the polls next week, a new program already sparking outrage allowing inmates to vote from behind bars. the new voting booth set up inside the jail sparking the question do inmates have the right to vote or are democrats
2:51 am
getting desperate. attorney and contributor at the hill, michael starr hopkins, thank you for joining us. you are from chicago. how does it make you feel? >> i worked in state government prior to leaving, moving over to dc and i can tell you there's a lot and when it comes to laws being passed there's always political calculus to it. what you don't see is that a number of elected officials run these particular jails. cook county, the largest prison system in illinois run by sheriff dart. this is an elected official, no one thought about the fact that this could be an area that could manipulate inmates to make a certain decision in favor of the candidate. generally speaking there are
2:52 am
7000 inmates in that prison at any time. last go around, 1200 had eligibility to vote and there is this program in place. this should be a serious consideration considering the corruption in illinois. >> what is your response? >> people who are in jail, not in prison. they have presumption of innocence, they are afforded their right to vote. just because they are incarcerated doesn't mean they shouldn't perform their right to vote. it is a basic american tenets. jillian: two state you never lose the right to vote, maine and vermont and then there are 14 states that restore voting rights after release. as far as other states go it is a gray area. what should be done about this? >> i'm in favor of them having the right to vote post release. there should be more clear rules
2:53 am
what voting procedures are for those who are injured and is being held or for whatever reason. we realize when you go to jail it is the punishment, you there's -- you lose certain rights. someone greatest consideration who they are going to vote for. >> not necessarily guilty. that is why you're waiting trial. >> i would never disagree with you on that. we have that understanding. at the same time the position i just took, my home state of illinois, no corruption exists and elected officials would be enforcing or educating inmates on the right to vote so i can see there being some manipulation. when providing that calculus into the analysis there's a different conclusion many would
2:54 am
draw when it comes to folks voting in jail. >> do you think this is about manipulation? >> making sure everyone can vote but this shows why we need the voting rights act to be restored. something congress had an opportunity to do and i hope we do that. rob: they are going to need a bigger boat, a great white sharks circling the water, terrifying, you will see what happens next. the video is incredible. a stranger stops traffic to help a man across the road, the act of kindness going viral.
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♪ ♪ jillian: look at that good morning, boston. waking up to snowy conditions there. rob: we apologize for what you are about to go through. i think boston and the surrounding area and the northeast are going to get the brunt of this winter storm. jillian: nor'easter number three. rob: in about 10 days or so. get ready. 6 to 12 is the estimate. prepare for it. jillian: it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good. a moment of kindness
2:59 am
indicate on camera. a man getting out and helping a man across the street in georgia and stopping traffic. good deeds went viral online with more than 5 million views. that is wonderful. rob: that is wonderful. next the bad. look at this. a group of fishermen capturing the moment 14-foot great white shark swims right by their boat. >> oh, baby. rob robert shark ate half of a 50-pound drum in one bite. when he went to eat it got hooked on one of their other lines. jillian: that is massive. jillian: and the ugly. arizona bride to be busted. 32-year-old amber young arrested on suspicion of driving drunk while on her way to her wedding. she triggered a three car crash but later released to her fiancee. unclear if she made it to the wedding on time. i poste post this story on twitr i got a lot of comical
3:00 am
responses. that's a way to get out of wedding. rob: if you don't want to get married, get drunk beforehand. heather: if you want to get married get an uber. rob: we can't answer the questions on all of it. "fox & friends." we will see you later. >> major development, the how the intel committee has now ended what has been a 14-month investigation. >> we looked at some 300,000 documents, 73 introduce. we could fiptiond no evidence of collusion. >> there is terror in austin, texas. three packaged bombs left on door steps. two people dead. the manhunt is underway. >> if you have received a package that you were not expecting, we need to you call 911. >> i said to joy, of course i forgive you. i encouraged her to use the forum of that program to apologize to tens of millions of americans equally offended. >> hillary clinton launching a new attack on the president's supporters. >> his whole campaign was looking backwards. you kno


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