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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 13, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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russian investigation and now mike pompeo will be elevated to a different job within the cabinet. what was interesting was from rex tillerson was he came from private sector and condoleezza rice were behind him and at the 11th hour is rex tillerson's name and position that came before the president and eventually given the job. >> sandra: and mike pompeo finished first in his class at
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west point. he's earned praise from republicans and democrats alike. and the president taking the opportunity in his statement to say i believe this is and got to know him. >> rex tillerson was on his trip to africa. a first trip since the inauguration 13, 14 months ago and tillerson had an event in kenya saturday that was canceled. it was reported he wasn't feeling well and reports came out and stories being written but nothing to verify it. he shortened the trip and came home early from a meeting and the meeting has taken place and the president saying i want a new team in there to get ready for the trade talks and the ongoing matter with north korea. >> sandra: that was coming in from our reporting at the white house this morning. the timing of this announcement before the 9:00 a.m. hour on a tuesday morning. remember, it was just thursday night, south korea stepped
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outside the lawn of the white house to announce that north korea's kim jong-un invited the president for talks and he wanted his team in place in advance of the talks. >> bill: a name gina haspel will be the first female to head the cia. our national reporter for axios. good morning to you. i was watching you last friday and there is a lot of speculation who would be the next treasury secretary, economic adviser and larry kudlow's name was out there and you said his name had been reported often in the media but not within the small conversations you're having. it seems that has changed as well. before we go to all that, what
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can you report from inside the west wing on the tillerson/pompeo move? >> my colleague reported that pompeo was in consideration and that was in october last year. the president has been fed up with rex tillerson for some time but we were in a strange period of nobody really knowing what was going on. you would talk to people in the white house and they would say rex tillerson is basically an irrelevant figure. president trump often doesn't loop him into what he's thinking. the rest of the world, when you talk to foreign diplomats when they hear rex tillerson they don't believe he's talking on behalf of the president of the united states -- >> bill: can i stop you there? what was it about the relationship that caused this level of strain? why were they not close? >> it started off on a bad foot with rex tillerson wanting to
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put people not supportive of the president into senior roles and other cabinet secretaries had tried the same thing but took the message from the white house personnel and getting in people more pro-trump. tillerson just dug his heels in and put in the same people and it caused huge strains with the white house and fell out with trump by being outside of trump on just about every policy issue you can think of. he was against trump on the iran deal and trying to force him to stay in the iran deal on the issue of qatar they fell out on that issue and north korea, the president said don't waste -- save your energy, rex, with your negotiation. if you do a tour around the world, by the way, jerusalem rex and mattis argued.
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>> bill: the ones who agree stick around. >> i can't speak for the president's views but certainly senior staff believes rex tillerson treated the president with contempt. that he came in and thought he'd be the sole chief executive in charge of american foreign policy. remember, he ran exxon one of the biggest companies in the world and the view is he never expected to be answering to the president and that he could almost dictate foreign policy on his own. i don't know whether that's a fair characterization of how rex
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tillerson felt but that was the perception inside the west wing. >> bill: mike pompeo is held in high regard. did you see this coming this move with him? >> we reported he was in consideration back in october. mike allen was the first to report that, my colleague. look, secretary of state as one senator pointed out to me is -- there's probably a couple other roles, but probably above all others where there cannot be distance between the president and the secretary of state. they're the voice around the world. you can have the situation where you have the attorney general, jeff sessions, who clearly doesn't have the confidence of the president but who stays in the job, who knows how much longer, because it's helpful to have separation but secretary of state, you are the president's voice around the world and it was an untellable situation where the president had no confidence in a person
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representing the united states around the world. >> bill: jonathan swan report from axios. >> sandra: let's bring in john roberts live at the white house for us. mike pompeo in, rex tillerson out. what else are we learning? >> it's been in the works a long time as jonathan swan mentioned. fr fox news reported last fall rex tillerson would probably leave in the new year. we thought it might have been shortly after the anniversary of the inauguration but we always knew the president didn't have full confidence in rex tillerson and the relationship was one of free-flowing communication. the relationship between the president and mike pompeo are much closer. these are people who see each other every day if not every other day depending on where they're travelling, but this went down on friday when rex tillerson came back from his
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trip. the president saying i'd like you to step aside. the reason for that is the cat last for all this happening right now is the announcement made by the south korean national security adviser when he said kim jong-un asked for a meeting with the president and we heard from the white house the president said yes. that was the tripwire for this happening because the president wants to head a new team in place for the north korean meetings and negotiations. he didn't think tillerson was the person to do that. you remember the president slapped tillerson back in a tweet last year when tillerson suggested the united states was talking to the north koreans and the president said there's no reason to talk to them. the president wasn't on the same page but more on the same page with mike pompeo and wanted him
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in place with the potential talks with north korea and infrastructure was supposed to be the big agenda item for the white house in 2018. it looks like that's not going to happen. the president's main focus now is going to be on renegotiating trade deals and the president is having negotiations with countries on how to rewrite existing trade deals, maybe cancelling some of them. he wants to have a secretary of state who he knows and trusts will faithfully represent his position to these nations. and the secretary of state plays a huge role with the state department. with pompeo in there now, the president has a strong ally in doing all of this, north korea and whatever else comes down the pipe. it takes a while for an administration to settle in and get the team it really wants. when you come in this when a lot
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of people in your campaign didn't expect you were going win, sometimes it takes a while to get the pieces of the puzzle in place to move forward. the president believes by replacing rex tillerson with mike pompeo he has a significant part of the puzzle in place. don't forget, when you're secretary of state you're one of the three most important people in the administration. >> sandra: and huge decisions coming up which is why the timing is crucial with the north korean talks coming up. when you spoke to mike pompeo recently he referenced this is not theatre. he's there to solve the problem when it comes to north korea and went on to say we'll determine the timing and location of those talks. did you get the sense from mike pompeo when you spoke to him, that is already in place? >> i don't think the location's been nailed down yet but i think they've probably narrowed it down to a short list of places
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where you can do something like this. and i'm not sure where they're going to do it. maybe some neural third country and we saw talks between reagan in a neutral location and we were told it's probably not north korea or the united states and other places may not be high on the list but mike pompeo said less important is where and more important is where the substance of the conversations will be and pompeo was very direct on sunday saying the united states is not going to give up anything in these talks to north korea. and that any kind of u.s. cooperation would only come when kim jong-un comes through
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in a concrete way of denuclearization. >> sandra: you pointed out the policy differences that start to emerge between rex tillerson and the president. there was also a moment last year where rex tillerson reportedly called the president a choice word and rex tillerson doesn't exactly deny that. that was certainly a moment where everyone started to question the relationship of the secretary of state and this president. >> don't forget that's about the same time too the stories were coming out and the stories were float floated by folks in the white house and he was long for the job and we were told he'd make a statement about nothing in particular. then asked if he called the president that and there was no comment. i think it's safe to assume that he did.
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>> sandra: well, hopefully you'll have a minute to have your coffee, john roberts, because this happening fast. >> it is. and the president will be departing soon and the helicopter land a while ago assuming he's on his way out and when the digital card comes in, not tape anymore, because it's on things like credit cards we'll get it to you. >> bill: gina haspel is nominated to be the first ever cia female director and said a historic milestone. jason chaffetz, good day to you. here to talk about something entirely different but you spent a lot of time with mike pompeo. tell us what we need to know and understand about him. >> he's a wonderful human being and jovial and wicked smart.
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leadership in the white house recognized his talent and gar e garage -- graduated number one at west point and somebody beloved by he people he worked with and the relationship he has with the president is probably second to none. i have to tell you there's a lot of people on capitol hill thrilled with this pick. whatever role he goes into i think you'll see a broad consensus, broad support for him both in the senate and house. >> bill: what do you think of the churn we're seeing in the administration now? look, you do these jobs for a year it seems to be standard practice for previous administrations but this happening 14 months in go ahead and characterize it as you see it from utah. >> well, i think when you have one of the most senior, most important roles you have you have to have the confidence of the president. what mike pompeo brings to the table that almost nobody else
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does is the daily relationship and confidence in this person to execute. and so i think as the world looks at this and starts to digest it they're going to understand when mike pompeo shows up on the scene or is having a conversation in private, it's going to be a representation of the president of the united states. he is a very smart important in terms of management. remember, when president trump became president trump one of the most strange relationships was the cia and the clandestine services and mike pompeo has smoothed that out and that has to happen in the state department particularly in south korea. we have to have an ambassador in south korea and that was complaint who is representing the united states in south korea. >> bill: president trump went to the cia in washington, d.c. and
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made his first appearance. gina haspel, do you know her? how well do you know her? >> i only know her by reputation and it's a strong one. she's a career person who has risen the rank within the organization itself and behind the scene that has earned the confidence of the men and women who work there. it's a big step for the president to name a new cia director. >> bill: where do you think it went wrong with tillerson and the president or was it a case of never being right or connected? >> rex tillerson is immensely qualified and a good representative. he's been successful in every job he's been to and by all accounts -- by most accounts what's happening overseas for the president is a strong thing. but when you don't have the daily interaction with a new
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president. someone who doesn't come from the history of being in washington, d.c., you have an outside businessman suddenly thrust in the role and getting new information and intelligence and a secretary of state whose job it is to be on the road and communicate with countries around the globe it's not solidified as it is like with a mike pompeo. >> bill: i think it solidifies what's happening within the administration and president. these are president trump's decisions and the staff lives by his decisions every hour of every day. last comment and we have to run. >> the senate needs to confirm mike pompeo. they've confirmed it before but they need to get it in place with the pending talks with north korea. >> bill: thank you for your time. see you back in new york soon. jason chaffetz former congressman back home and in utah. >> sandra: breaking news,
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jonathan swan from axios back now. the president is leaving the white house now. he's on his way to marine one. he'll be flying to california to view the border wall prototypes. we are told he is answering reporter questions outside of the white house. we'll listen for those and bring you news as we know it. meanwhile, positive reaction pouring in. lawmakers on the hill for mike pompeo to be one of the greatest secretary of state's in the country's history and tom cotton, a great nomination, he has a deep understanding of world affairs. it seems like there's universal agreement with the president this is the right man for the job. >> i wouldn't go that far as universal tom cotton is a strong conservative and supportive of the president. my information is tom cotton, who by the way, the president holds in the highest regard, listens to if not more than any
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other senator and it's no surprise he's supportive. i think there's an open question about pompeo getting the votes in the senate. i'm not saying he won't but remember it's a very tight margin there and he is as closely associated with president trump as is possible to be. it's hard to imagine democrats supporting him. you may see some democrats worried about their re-election this year like joe manchin where trump is popular in their states. i think he probably does get confirmed but i don't think it's a universal love fest. >> sandra: he's received praise from both parties on the job. we'll see where this goes. the president leaving the white house. jonathan swan thank you for joining us and staying with us. >> bill: we anticipate comments and when they come along we'll pass them to you. more coming up in a moment. other big stories of the day
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include the president's trip to california. coming up, amid a growing showdown with sanctuary cities and states. >> today i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save american lives. >> bill: will congress take up the call and cut funding to cities and states. we will talk about that live coming up plus all the other breaking news. >> sandra: a manhunt underway in austin, texas as three deadly packages explode. the police chief join us with the latest on this investigation and the manhunt. we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service,
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saying rex tillerson is unaware of the reason the president is replacing him. tillerson is proud of his national security accomplishment he'll miss state colleagues and work the department of defense and secretary matis. he wishes secretary-designate pompeo well. if you're just joining us, here is the news, rex tillerson is out as secretary of state. mike pompeo has been nominated by the president to be the next secretary of state. and gina haspel working at the cia will be nominated to be the next director of the cia. the first woman, if confirmed, to hold that department. >> sandra: our reporter saying state officials said tillerson
6:26 am
has not spoken to the president and had every intention of staying, per the statement. what we're hearing the president is saying on the ground there as he departs for california outside the white house, talking about mike pompeo, his new selection, saying he has tremendous energy and always on the same wave length. that's what i need. gina will be the first woman director of the cia outstanding. i want total confidence in pompeo said president trump. >> bill: he is getting ready to head out to california for a big trip on border security and has a fundraiser there as well as pennsylvania southwest district 18 votes on a special election. the president is taking questions from reporters in the south lawn. you'll see the tape played back in a moment and one comment he
6:27 am
makes about his next economic adviser, larry kudlow a well-known cnbc economic contributor and apparently the president said he's looking at him strongly to be the next economic adviser. that follows the news from last week. we'll see whether or not that position is filled soon. >> sandra: so going back to right now hearing from the state department rex tillerson did not know he was out. the president also just answering a question about the timing just now and the president saying rex and i talked about this for a long time and we disagreed on things like the iran deal. we were not thinking the same and goes on to say again, rex, is a good man. >> bill: associated press just crossing now saying the president made the decision to oust, quote, by myself, tillerson will be happier now
6:28 am
and we'll wait for that to play out. again, it puts the focus back on the president. these are decisions he is making, and i want to repeat, day by day, hour by hour, dictated to staff. this is how he operates as a commander-in-chief and ceo in the white house. >> sandra: he was asked about possible disagreement over north korea with rex tillerson. this was asked moments ago in the white house. listen. >> i've worked with mike pompeo now for some time. tremendous energy. tremendous intellect. we're always on the same wave length. that's what i need as secretary of state. i wish rex tillerson well. gina will be the first woman director of the cia.
6:29 am
she is an outstanding person who also i have gotten to know very well. so i've gotten to know a lot of people very well over the last year and i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want but i think mike pompeo will be a truly great secretary of state. i have total confidence in him and as far as rex tillerson is concerned. i very much appreciate his commitment and his service and i wish him well. he's a good man. rex and i have been talking about this for a long time. we got along actually quite well but we disagreed on things. when you look at the iran deal, i think it's terrible. i guess he felt it was okay. i wanted to either break it or do something and he felt a little bit differently. so we were not thinking the
6:30 am
same. with mike pompeo, we have a similar thought process. i think it's going to go very well. rex say very good man. i like rex a lot. i appreciate his commitment and his service and i'll be speaking to rex over a long period of time. i can't hear you. [question inaudible] >> i made that decision myself. rex wasn't in the country. i made the north korea decision with consultation with many people but i made the decision by myself. i actually got along well with rex but really it was a different mind set. a different thinking.
6:31 am
[question inaudible] >> say it again. i respect his intellect and the process we've all gone through together. we have a very good relationship for whatever reason, chemistry, why do people get along? from day one i've gotten along well with mike pompeo and frankly i get along well with rex too. i wish rex a lot of good things. i think he'll be very happy. i think rex will be much happier now but i really appreciate his service but with mike we've had a very good chemistry right from the beginning. [question inaudible] >> well, it sounds to me -- i'm speaking to theresa may today. it sounds like russia based on the evidence they have. i don't know if they've come to a conclusion but she's calling me today. as you know today we're going
6:32 am
out to the wall. we'll be looking at the prototype which is very important for our country but theresa may is going to be speaking to me today. it sounds to me like they believe it was russia and i would certainly take that finding as that. [question inaudible] >> as soon as we get the facts straight -- and we'll be speak the british today. we'll be speaking with theresa may today. as soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them we will condemn russia or whoever it may be but i have not spoken to her. i will speak to her some time today. we're very happy with the decision by the house intelligence committee saying there was absolutely no collusion with respect to russia and it was a very powerful decision. a very strong decision backed up by understanding.
6:33 am
they'll be releasing hundreds of pages of evidence. we are very happy with that decision. it was a powerful decision that left no doubt. i want to thank the house intelligence committee and all the people. [question inaudible] >> i'm looking at larry kudlow very strongly. i've known him a long time but we don't agree on everything but i think that's good we have a divergent decision. he's come along in believing as tariffs as a negotiating points. i'm negotiating trade deals and without tariffs we wouldn't do nearly as well. larry's been a friend of mine for a long time and backed me early in the campaign. the earliest. i think he was one of my original backers and a talented, good man. i think larry kudlow has a good chance. i'm also speaking to many others
6:34 am
but i think larry has a very good chance. thank you all. il see you at the wall. i'll see you at the wall. >> bill: that was a chock-full of news segment. the wall is in southern california. he'll there be. he said he and tillerson disagreed on things and the iran deal and spoke about chemistry and about talking to the brits today and that has come up after the nerve agent tied by theresa may the prime minister, to moscow yesterday in a strongly word and condemning statement about moscow. we'll see where that story goes. larry kudlow could be the man who replaces gary cohn who left
6:35 am
last week. if that's the kay, larry kudlow could be the next economic adviser for the president. that's all in a day's work as marine one starts to chopper out. >> sandra: a live shot of joint base andrews. the president son his -- is on the way to the state of california. one big item he'll be visiting the border wall prototypes but the president weighing in on this big announcement from the white house that mike pompeo, will become the secretary much state and rex tillerson is out and mark meadows is a chairman of the house freedom caucus. thank you for being here. we'd like to you weigh in on the breaking news. >> i can tell you, i served with mike pompeo, he and his wife are dear friends of mine. it's more than a friendship, it's about the ability.
6:36 am
you heard the president speaking. mike and director pompeo and the president have had a relationship since early days. really, one of the first nominees to be confirmed. that relationship was not only powerful but it was an honest and candid exchange they'd have almost on a daily basis. the daily briefings he'd get from mr. pompeo. i fully support it. it couldn't be a better decision. as we go into talks with north korea, if you're going to make a change, now's the time to make a change so we support the president in that decision. >> sandra: the president said he wishes rex tillerson well, but at the same time we're getting a statement from the state department tillerson was on you aware of the reason the president is replacing him and had every intent of staying. what do you think of that? >> secretary of tillerson and a have been able to work on a number of issues and he's a thoughtful individual that has
6:37 am
served our country well. as we all know, as you have reported and a number of people are reported, there have been some differences in terms of where this president and this administration wants to take the state department and the engagement internationally. those differences while they may be minor in terms of scope from a foreign policy perspective, you have to be on the same agenda. i wish the secretary well. he's done a good job while he's been here and yet at the same time the reshuffling is pretty typical. you get this kind of reshuffling as you go into the out years of the first administration and making sure that the chemistry matches. i think that's what you heard the president talking about is director pompeo and his chemistry works very well. >> sandra: you're looking at a live shot of president trump stepping off marine one at joint
6:38 am
andrews base and now board air force one on his way to california. i want to ask good gina haspel to take over as the head of the cia. she's been there over 30 years in some capacity as an of -- in some capacity at the agency. >> i can't think of a better person to step in director pompeo's shoes. i've actually had the opportunity to meet with her on one or two occasions. what i found is not only does she have the ability to make critical decisions at the right time, she has unbelievable institutional knowledge. so what we're going to find is that she -- her tenure with the
6:39 am
cia everybody is going to make a big deal about being the first female director of the cia but it's about her brain power and intellectual understanding of the cia and how it operates that i applaud this morning. and again can't think of a better choice to replace director pompeo. >> sandra: she said this morning she's grateful to the president for the opportunity and humbled by his confidence in her. we'll learn more about her in coming days. meanwhile, as you just saw the president boarding air force one on his way to california. have you some strong thoughts on that state and those sanctuary cities. looking at the potential next government shutdown and funding the government, you strongly believe in defunding those sanctuary cities. they should not be getting taxpayer funds if they're defying federal immigration laws. >> well, it's not just defying
6:40 am
federal immigration law but the relationship the federal government has with local law enforcement. if anybody can suggest we should continue to send law enforcement dollars to enforce the laws and yet somehow we'll let a local mayor said we're not going to uphold the rule of law and allow the communities to be less safe -- even if we just focus on the 19,000 plus criminals we let go last year. 32,000 the year before that, you know, we have to get a handle on this. it's not okay for mayors of cities to make decisions for our entire federal government. i think we need to put a limitation, have the money there saying if you're willing to work hand and glove with our law enforcement officers you can have the grants, but if not, we'll send them to a community that wants to uphold the rule of law. >> sandra: congressman, we only have two minutes left but the
6:41 am
house committee has closed the russian collusion case. is the case closed for you? >> it will enter a new phase when we start to look at the collusion that perhaps has come out and is not with the trump campaign. it's with the democrat campaign. >> sandra: a lot of breaking news this morning. congressman, thank you for coming on with us this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: in addition to what we've reported with the cabinet moves, there's a former quarterback from connecticut a body man is a person you see with every candidate or every president or a lot of politicians. tay take care of the side stuff. do you need a bottle of water, a pen, all that stuff. he apparently left the white house yesterday. the understanding is he had a problem getting a full security clearance and may go back to the demand that everybody clear a background check. we'll see on that. they found a place for him at the trump campaign.
6:42 am
the wall street journal reports he was not allowed to take his personal belongings from the white house. does it mean anything? we don't know. >> sandra: sometimes it could be standard protocol. but there will be a new body man today in california. right now, president trump on his way to san diego. we'll watch that trip and will examine border wall prototypes and we'll be live on the ground for that coming up in moments there, sandra. stay tuned. >> sandra: plus, voters going to polls in the special election for pennsylvania's 18th district. >> we have to mobilize our base. the trump voters have to get out and vote and can't be fat and happy because we're winning. they have to stay in the game.
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asked about that, i'm not going to deal with that kind of petty stuff. this say town that seems to relish gossip, rumor, in -- innuendo. >> bill: here's the news of the day. tillerson is out and pompeo will be elevated so secretary of state and gina haspel will be director of cia. good morning it to you. josh, start us off. what do you think of the news breaking this hour? >> i don't think it's a surprise rex tillerson is on the outs. his oust has been rumored since he was confirmed. you can see the hidden hand of
6:47 am
senator tom cotton who the president consults closely with as with general kelly on his national security apparatus. he's a huge fan of mike pompeo at the cia and you'll remember cotton was rumored to take the job himself and told he removed himself after the alabama election and figured the president doesn't need another red seat so it's all come together for the president. this is the kind of team you need going forward. >> bill: richard, do you approve of mike pompeo, let's start there. >> i think his confirmation hearing will be more interesting than most secretary of state confirmation hearings. one, he met recently with russian spies on the sanction list who weren't allowed on the u.s. and met with them in the u.s. secondly, he said that there was no evidence with russian
6:48 am
interference had affected the outcome of the election and the cia said we don't know that to be the case. we haven't looked into that. >> bill: i'm getting word he would not need a confirmation hearing because he already went through the process. >> i don't think it's the case and josh may know differently. >> bill: josh, do you know that to be the case or not? >> i think he does need another confirmation hearing. >> thank you. >> i think there's another confirmation hearing pending for the cia as well. the senate does maintain -- >> bill: this is what we're hearing from washington, mike pompeo won't have to go through the process. >> ask bob corker he's the chairman of the committee. i believe it's the case the secretary of state had been confirmed. because he was confirmed by the
6:49 am
senate for one thing doesn't mean you're confirmed for everything. and the best news is the new cia director is a career person. mike pompeo was very partisan and she's none. >> bill: gina haspel what do you know about her? 30 years at the cia to be the first woman to lead that organization. josh. >> i think it's a monumental appointment and not only being the first woman but as congressman meadows said previously the best person for the job. someone who has the trust of the agent and knows the agency well and its mission and we've seen how it's gone awry with cia directors that weren't aware of the culture within the agency and she clearly is. >> bill: if mike pompeo's going to be put forward to handle matters like iran you can see the issue coming back the president saying they had a disagreement on the iran deal and the north korean talks may
6:50 am
take place in the next five to six weeks and the trade matter with the tariffs. this is something where the commander-in-chief needs to have a team that believe in what he is pushing. >> right. >> bill: and believe in his ideas. >> right. no question. he needs to be in lockstep. he wasn't with rex tillerson, who just issue took a different issue on the russian poisoning. the president is thumping his chest on make strides with north korea will hopefully will result in nuclear disarmament and iran can be on the cusp of being a nuclear power. >> bill: thanks to both of you. i appreciate the quick reaction to our analysis. josh, come on back, guys, thank you. >> sandra: it's not even 10:00.
6:51 am
ten minutes 'till and there's been breaking news as the president goes to california to visit the border wall prototypes and gets a first-hand look on what might happen. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: the president heading to california and will look at border wall prototypes amid a showdown with the state of california and officials there in the sanctuary state. william la jeunesse is live in san diego as you await the president. >> well, sandra, the president will be flying into a political war zone of sorts. not mexico but california. governor jerry brown said the
6:55 am
state is at war with the president and the president is not welcome here. he'll alive around 11:30 local time and take a helicopter and motorcade to look at the border wall prototypes and will come back for a speech with the military and a fundraiser in l.a. this is not trump country. secretary clinton won by 400 states and the state filed 48 lawsuits against the administration and the state has not elected a republican for some time and democrats outnumber democrats 2-1. >> building more walls is irresponsible our bridges are crumbling and our schools are falling apart. we need infrastructure. we don't need walls. >> so the irony is california is almost entirely wall with mexico. construction that began under president clinton and continued under president obama.
6:56 am
there are eight wall prototypes. testing was done and evaluation is underway. the border patrol will select features from each. there's a concrete and anti-scaling feature up top. the president wants to fund 60 miles of fence this year and 64 next year and we'll see what the think of the wall prototypes later today. >> we'll carry it live on the fox news channel. >> bill: and you heard some coming up on the comments and rex tillerson is out and mike pompeo is in. we'll get reaction coming up live. passion pass and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: a big shake-up in washington. rex tillerson is out. the former exxon mobil chief ending as a diplomat and the cia director could take his job. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the president has fired rex tillerson and the cia director, mike pompeo and here's the president on his latest cabinet shuffle 30 minutes ago from the white house. >> we disagreed on things when you look at the iran deal. i think it's terrible, he felt
7:01 am
it was okay. i wanted to break it or do something and he felt a little bit differently. so we were not really thinking the same. with mike pompeo, we have a similar thought process and rex say -- is a very good man. i like rex a lot. i like his commitment and his service and i'll be speaking to rex over a long period of time. >> bill: first, rich goodstein is standing by. tell us what you know. >> the secretary is still unaware of the reason president trump has made a change at the department of state and rex tillerson wanted to stay and he's not spoken to president trump this morning. officials say the secretary or former secretary will miss his colleagues at the department of state, the relationship they had with the department of defense and especially and particularly secretary of defense matis.
7:02 am
that was a well-known alliance between the secretaries of state and secretaries of defense. mr. tillerson wishes secretary-designate mike pompeo well and the president released statements. the president's statement said quote, i've gotten to know mike well over the last 14 months, that's mike pock -- pompeo and am confident in him and he will strengthen our alliances and confronting our adversaries. i want to thank rex tillerson a great deal. there were substantial differences between the secretary of state and the president singled out the iran nuclear deal with secretary tillerson pushing for the
7:03 am
president to stay within the iran nuclear deal. there were differences when it came to russia and qatar and other foreign policy challenges. folks at state thought the talk from the latter part of the last year had down and the rexit had blown over but clearly today out of nowhere, it seems, the secretary's out. >> you mentioned iran. you can throw north korea and this foreign policy agenda now and the timing of this is quite curious. is it true the tillerson/trump chemistry was just not there and the pompeo/trump is more chemistry is more in line? >> it appears to be it and you look at the deadlines coming up particularly in may. that's when the u.s. has to try to get the european countries on board to change the iran nuclear dealer a deal around the iran
7:04 am
nuclear deal basically. that's a deadline the president of the united states has laid out. there's also the meeting with kim jong-un around the time fra frame so those challenges and the middle east peace plan there's a question how much the state department was involved when jared kushner has taken the lead on that and they didn't see eye to eye and so when critics were putting together the white house statement on the response to the nerve agent attack in london or near salisbury, england compared to the secretary of state yesterday who condemned russia where the white house didn't explicitly do so. there was a difference in tone and policy and they tried to smooth it over but it comes to a head this morning with the president finally acknowledges there were major differences. >> bill: a question here, i don't know how you can answer
7:05 am
this how is the relationship between jared kushner and the president's daughter. >> good question. every time the secretary was asked he said he respected the president's decision. the president had put him in charge of this portfolio, jared kushner, and would respect the process. whenever there was an idea of differences between the secretary and the administration secretary tillerson would always say i tell the president in private when i have differences with his policy. he is the president of the united states. i give him my advice and he seemed to understand and would tell folks, look, the president's the ultimate boss. i'll advocate our position but if the president wants to do something, he'll do it. >> bill: on the outside where you are, the foggy bottom, we're told a lot of positions were not filled. the bureaucratic side of the state department is not up to
7:06 am
speed. >> there are major missing pieces at the state department. >> bill: whose fault is that? >> some will say it's a long process and it's not people in mind for some of those positions and some critics outside the state department said this is an administration that doesn't really put a priority on diplomacy and therefore that's the reason why you didn't have the attention at the state department for nominating people for the positions and a feeling you can make do and there were smaller budget cuts and didn't fill out the rank as they would have normally because they were changing the way the state department does business but congress never followed through on the full budget cuts they want and the nominees that have been put forth by the administration under this secretary that have yet to be confirmed, are they now thrown
7:07 am
off the nomination heap? does the new secretary want to bring new people in. people who have already been put in place so all right low in staffing in top positions, do folks already in position or nom nate for -- nomination do they fall to the wayside. >> bill: great reporting there. thank you. >> sandra: and we have our fox news editor. mike pompeo will need to be confirmed and go through a hearing before he becomes secretary of state and that is confirmed. >> we confirmed it with the constitution of the united states. this say big big bigly job. this is the number one cabinet position. this is the no question about it. this is the big deal. rex tillerson and the president
7:08 am
had this frenemy thing going on. i'm told as this spools out and as tillerson finds out why, that part of the rationale will come back to the tariffs. tillerson, an international business man, a conservative free market guy from exxon that he was probably not on board with what the president wanted to do in terms of a trade war and that stuff and this was perhaps a breaking point inside the white house for tillerson knowing he was not going to go out and sell it. >> sandra: very interesting. we did not hear anything about that from the president when he spoke outside the white house on his departure to california. what he did talk about was the timing of those north korea talks and how it is important for him to be on the same page with the secretary of state and he said that he felt differently than me on iran. we weren't on the same page, the
7:09 am
president said. he said rex and i had been talking about this for a long time. >> not just on the iran deal, tillerson would like to mend it not end it and there's other issues alluded to some of them but tillerson sounded quite different about the menace russia pose those west and we saw in miniature as the white house said oh, sometimes spies get killed. we don't know why. it's bad this person got killed but who knows it was russia or not and meanwhile tillerson stepped forward with a cold-war reagan-era sounding line against the kremlin is there's been many differences and maybe tonal and altitudinal differences and
7:10 am
tillerson is a guy who spoke soft with a big stick and this press is all about that talking and stuff and two different ways to do business. >> sandra: what did you think with the statement coming out of the state department and tillerson didn't know it was coming and thought he was on the job for an indefinite period of time. >> well, the guy who likes to say you're fired, doesn't like to say you're fired as it turns out and i think tillerson could wait trump out and president thought he could make the person suffer, embarrass them publicly. let us not forget the moron-gate where tillerson would not deny or affirm he called the president a moron once and the president i think thought he could torture tillerson out of
7:11 am
office and would fatigue but in the end tillerson made it clear, if i can climb the corporate ladder at exxon, i can survive some mean tweets from the president and trump just decided it was now time to go. >> sandra: jonathan swan from axios was on in the last hour and wrote a piece about disarray in the white house. does this add to the speculation that speculation of disarray inside the west wing or should one assume this is how the president works. >> disarray could be the methodology and that could be trumpism but in the context of what's going on we saw trump govern in 2016 as a traditional republican president -- sorry, 2017. in 2018 we're seeing trump being trump. we see the tariffs and the switches and john kelly diminish and other insiders and
7:12 am
establishment people being cast out and now you have this guy who is the soul of the military industrial complex this republican cat being kicked out. i think we're seeing here maybe not disarray but instead this reel -- real pivot to core conservative trump nationalism. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: so many minutes past the hour. >> sandra: we're cooking. >> bill: another bombshell now from the west wing. gary cohn announced he's leaving in a few weeks and today rex tillerson fired as secretary of state and mike pompeo hired to replace him and there's a lot on this and david bossie standing by live, next. >> sandra: and breaking news on a horrific bus crash this morning as the story is developing we'll have the latest on this when we return. people would stare.
7:13 am
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7:17 am
nominated by the president to be the new secretary of state and gina haspel will take over his role and let's bring in david boss bossie, our fox news contributor, a man who those the president well. what do you make of it, david? >> it's quite exciting to be candid with you. because this president wants people around him that share his non-establishment way of doing things. i think he got frustrated with his secretary of state and that he wanted to do things his way. the president is much more aggressive and you can see whether it's iran or north korea, any of these issues going on around the world whether it's diplomacy or economic issues and wants to do things differently. it's the reason he got elected. so now we're going to see
7:18 am
secretary pompeo in that role and he was a dynamic cia director and great member and excited he'll be in the role and then this president is nominating the first woman to be head of the cia. again, a first for america and it's exciting for this administration. >> sandra: and is the has served as an officer of the cia for 30 years recently working as a deputy along side mike pompeo and the president shared your exciting by tweeting this morning, thank you to rex tillerson to his service. gina haspel will become the first woman to be director of cia. congratulations to call. rex tillerson this is the first he heard of his firing. >> i don't know the inner workings of how he was notified but this is like donald trump to
7:19 am
make big changes so he can get the next three years of his administration underway. he is making america great again and what he's doing is living by the promises that he made during the campaign and he's making these promises good to the person people now as president. now we're seeing him go out to california to start the building of the wall. another promise made. >> sandra: what is it about mike pompeo specifically do you think the president is tapping into here. why do you think the president believing he's so perfect for the role and wants to work closely alongside him? >> well, first of all, mike pompeo's been around this president since the first minute of his election last november of 2016. so this president and mike pompeo have melded together very well in that job as cia director. i think he's looking for a more
7:20 am
aggressive approach to the department of state to running that building, to running our international diplomacy efforts in a much more aggressive way. if you look at iran and north korea the two things recent on the table, this president looks and believes the iranian deal was a bad deal. and i believe mike pompeo is much more in that camp and is going to be somebody who is going to say, we are going to hold iran accountable or we're going to break this bad deal that barack obama made. >> sandra: and he did say that outside the white house a short time ago that's where his differences were with rex tillerson. what can you tell us you're hearing from inside the white house. the president has shown frustration with not being able to fill key roles and now with the absence of hope hicks, communication director, chief economic adviser, gary cohn is
7:21 am
gone. what are you hearing coming out of the white house? >> this say tremendous reset for this administration. you know, hope hicks and others that are going to be departing here shortly, hope is still there, obviously, but we're going to see new folks and new energy and new blood come in to help serve this president and i'm excite to work with those folks. >> sandra: okay. david bossie, thank you for joining is this morning. good to get your take. >> bill: david bossie saying rex tillerson was asked to leave friday and came from another official. some are suggesting tillerson was blindsided by the case and john roberts is saying he was informed on saturday and speculation start to build. more on this coming up. fox news alert, breaking news, a tragic story out of alabama. one person is dead. a charter bus carrying high school students has crashed into a ravine and dropped at least 50
7:22 am
or 60 feet below. it happened at 5:30 local time before sunrise. there were 50 people on board travel from texas back to central florida. more as we get it coming back after the break.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> bill: a special election is underway in the congressional district 18. good day to you. we're told the race is too close to call in a district donald trump won by 20 points a year and a half ago. saccone a republican, lamb is a democrat. why is the close so race do you think? >> it's close because often, bill, special elections are kind of a thermometer reading on how people are feeling about the current president or current conditions and we all know trump's popularity is not where it was even in places like this particular district he won, as you noted, by 20 points in 2016. and it's a mile post on the way to the election in november. there'll be others. not necessarily special elections in the house but special elections for state
7:27 am
legislative seats. we've had a number of them and we'll have more by november. >> bill: if connor lamb pulls it off, 20 points is a big drop. he's back from the far left of the party. he said he would not take support from nancy pelosi and we're seeing in montana running similar ads suggesting he's not part of that branch of the democratic party. do you see a fundamental shift where the left is pulling back to the center making an appeal for the midterm in november? >> it's happening in red states and pennsylvania '18 and montana are heavily republican. if you're a democrat wanting to run you can't run as a nancy pelosi democrat. that's something connor lamb has shown and if democrats are
7:28 am
smart, they're going to nominate more people like lamb in those districts that are highly competitive and especially the ones that lean republican or in this case are heavily republican. >> sandra: here's saccone the republican, age 60 on the tariffs that were a big deal last week. >> i'm coming to you from the steel city and those tariffs are popular here. we want to protect the steel industry. wasn't to protect our steel workers. our steel workers can compete anywhere in the world on a level playing field but the field has been slant and the president wants to lend some balance back to that playing field and i want to help him. >> bill: how much of a role do you think that plays? >> it's playing a small role. that's pretty clear. partly because steel is only a tiny percentage of the jobs even in that district. so if it's a close race, if you're talking about a few hundred votes maybe it would make a difference but i don't think tariffs will define anything. >> bill: thank you, sir. polls close at 8:00.
7:29 am
larry sabato from the university of virginia. nice to see you again. >> sandra: the breaking story of the day learning more about what led to the firing of rex tillerson. he was notified friday from a white house official. bret baier with more. and from texas, a suspected serial bomber is on the loose and the police are trying to find the person or people responsible for setting off three package bomb and killing two people. today, innovation in the finger lakes is helping build the new new york. once home to the world's image center, new york state is now a leader in optics, photonics and imaging. fueled by strong university partnerships, providing the world's best talent. and supported with workforce development to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state,
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>> bill: time for our top story in new york city, rex tillerson is now out as secretary of state after a rocky 14 months. president trump naming cia director, mike pompeo, that's a nomination that goes through a senate proceeding. i want to bring in our chief
7:33 am
political anchor, bret baier out of washington. good day to you. before i get your reaction for the viewers here's how the decision came down 60 minutes ago. >> mike pompeo for some time. tremendous energy and tremendous intellect. we're always on the same wave length. the relationship has been very good and that's what i need as secretary of state. i wish rex tillerson well. gina, who by the way, i know well who i've worked closely with will be the first woman director of the cia and an outstanding person i've gotten to know very well. i've gotten to know a lot of people very well over the last year. >> bill: what do you think? surprise to you and the fallout? >> i think it's long been talked and speculated about but why is the timing and how it comes out via tweet and then this
7:34 am
announcement on the south lawn. i think you have a surprise in the state department because just days ago i talked to senior officials who were planning a number of trips said rex tillerson didn't have plans on leaving and there was not a sense over there this was immeant. he had survived all the rumors many times. obviously, the rumors that the president was not pleased with rex tillerson had been serg -- circulating some time and mike pompeo was the next step and asked him in the reagan defense forum in december and of course he didn't really answer. >> bill: >> bill: i think we have that cued up. >> let me start with this, if you were secretary of state for the trump administration -- have
7:35 am
you had talks about another job? >> very focussed on doing what i'm doing, bret. in spite of what former dcis who told me it should be a part-time job now, it is all of that i'm focussed on. there's lots of work to do. i've been privileged to do this 10 months and have serve with the finest espionage service in the world. >> bill: what was your hunch or who was saying what in your ear? >> the stories had been circulating in washington and there was a story it would be happening soon and tom cotton would be at cia and mike pompeo would move to state. the question came the day after the story first posted and obviously he didn't answer that. >> bill: the critical thing i heard from the president trump is we're always on the same wave length with mike pompeo, is that
7:36 am
true, when it comes korea, paris, etcetera. >> the thing you'll see quickly is iran. i think mike pompeo is about as aggressive on iran as you could be and in sync with the president the iran nuclear deal is not something that was good. i've interviewed him numerous times before he became cia director where i asked if there was anything good in the iran nuclear deal and i went into one after another and he said no, no, no, no. i think it's important we get thoifrt -- we get out of the iran nuclear deal. i think they'll pull out of that deal. >> bill: what is the effect of that if that's the case? >> i think there's questions what happens after that and allies. obviously, iran then will rip up the deal because the other allies are not going to be able to continue on if the u.s. is not a party to it.
7:37 am
so there are real policy questions that have yet to be come and does iran then kick into gear its nuclear program if it hasn't already. >> bill: wow, what a story that would be and the dominos falling in line. saudi arabia have concerns and benjamin netanyahu was in the white house and he has concerns. the president said i made the decision with consultation with many people but made the decision by myself. i get the impression, president trump and rex tillerson didn't share a lot of time together. >> i don't think they did and i think behind the scenes there was a lot of distance and before north korea, rex tillerson said
7:38 am
the talks will not happen and would not sit down and then the president announced what he announced. there was a disconnect and when you have that disconnect between a president and secretary of state that's a big issue. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> sandra: police on the hunt for a suspected serial bomber. the explosion leaving two people dead and two others injured. the package bombs left on door steps in suburban neighborhoods. the first explosion took place march 2 followed by two more yesterday. they all happened with 16 miles of each other. all four victims from the minority backgrounds. for now, no motive has been determined but we will see where this investigation goes as we're learning a lot more from law enforcement on the ground. meanwhile, will carr is live in austin. what's the latest with the investigation? there was a press conference and
7:39 am
we continue to hear from the police chief there. >> good morning, sandra. authorities believe all three bombings are linked so as you mentioned the big question here in austin is motive after three explosions. yesterday morning yesterday morning a 17-year-old picked up a package and walked that into his kitchen. the package exploded. it killed the teenager and injured a 40-year-old woman. then four to five miles from where we are now, a couple hours later another package exploded leaving a 75-year-old woman in critical conditions. take a listen to one of her neighbors. >> my son and brother-in-law were in the room and saw a slam and my mother-in-law heard the victim on the floor yelling for help and they went in to help. >> reporter: this comes on the
7:40 am
heels of a bomb exploding in northeast boston killing a man. the only correlation is the victims are minorities so they're looking into the potential of a hate kriement crime but >> we know the individuals involved the suspects do have a certain level of skill to be able to con construct a device like this and deliver the device to your target without having it explode. >> reporter: this is all playing out with hundreds of thousands of people in austin for south by southwest. the governor now is offering a $15,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. >> sandra: any leads help as the investigation continues. >> bill: a good mystery there. president trump firing his secretary of state and flying out to california amid a growing
7:41 am
showdown with sanctuary cities and states. >> today i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save american lives. >> bill: so we're about four hours from a touch down in san diego, california. what can we expect when he arrives? our panel will take that issue on coming up. >> sandra: and new surveillance video showing a collision between two police choppers. that's next.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> bill: moments showing between two helicopters colliding happening in 2012. one chopper getting ready to take off from the pasadena heliport and the rotors touch and you have problems. a man standing next to the chopper, five people and six officers and a civilian suffering injuries.
7:45 am
you don't see that everyday where the president is continuing. >> sandra: the president is en route to san diego after shuffling a couple pieces of his administration to his first trip to california after winning the president amidst a battle over the sanctuary cities policy. and we have a fox news contributor, rachel campos. >> they're violating federal law. i think they're on good legal ground and he'll be looking at prototypes of walls and shows he's serious.
7:46 am
he ran on ending sanctuary cities and building a wall and skurs securing the wall and it may not bode well for the state who built an economy on the cheap labor but the rest of the count country is on board with the president and voted for him in large part because of his strong stance on immigration. >> sandra: going after nancy pelosi, dianne feinstein and for stopping ice officials from carrying out the law in the state. >> if you look at the percentage in this state of undocumented workers and dreamers and you look at the number of people that have been arrested by ice, nobody's standing in ice's way because they're arresting eight of people in the state i sit in
7:47 am
and call home. with regard to rachel said, he may want to keep his campaign promise but that was to build a wall and have mexico pay for it and that's not going to happen and then we have the issue of land. it's become a huge issue, as he would say, over 1,000 miles of land not all federal property and there are land owners we'll be hearing from in our state in southern california that are going to oppose the wall being built on their property. >> sandra: they may be able to make some arrests going back to what you said about ice. there are others who have been able to get away with criminal records and criminal backgrounds. we heard that from the director of ice himself, thomas holmman and here's mike pence talking about it. >> the mayor's actions violate
7:48 am
the law of the land and rule of law and the majority of majority of individuals being held had a criminal record. for the mayor of oakland to warn them in advance of actions by ice personnel actually put the law enforcement officers at risk. that's utterly unacceptable. >> sandra: in the words of the ice director, rachel, we don't arrest innocent people. they're here in violation of federal law or had their due process and ordered removed and ignored a judge's order. >> that's true. the vast majority are criminals. in the place where the time's up movement is up and the birth place, many are child sexual predators and wife beaters and people with crimes and it shows this is really an ideological
7:49 am
battle. as a mayor she didn't give a darn about the safety of her community and frankly the state and country because god knows where they went after she warned them and also she put the lives of ice officers in danger because as they went for these people, these people had a warning. those are family men and women whose lives were put in danger. >> sandra: thank you, ladies. thanks for being here. >> bill: we're going to move away from that for a moment though. we'll bring you a song bringing hope to so many for a decade now serving as an inspiration for a new movie hitting the theaters this week and a star is here to talk about it. country music legend, trace adkins is here next. he can sing and act. ♪ when i walk by your side
7:50 am
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7:53 am
chart-topping christian song played yesterday inspiring many people since the release in 2001. the true story behind that song is now the basis for a new film bearing the same name. it followed the life of bart miller, the band's lead singer who loses his dad to cancer and
7:54 am
learns the power of forgiveness. trace adkins is in the movie and you are now a singer and actor. you have skills. i saw the clip. well done. tell us about the movie and how it came out. >> well, thank you. it's good to talk to you again, bill. how did it come about? well, i have done a movie before with erwin brothers who co-directed and produced the film and approached me and asked me if i could play a manager and i said, yeah, i've been around them for a while so i think i can probably swing that. but this was a first for me to actually portray somebody not only a real person and still alive but their manager and had been their only manager was on set most every day so before i do these scenes i'd have a chance to discuss them with scott and say, okay, how did this go down, how did this
7:55 am
happen and how intense was it and were you hard on him or more sympathetic before. i've never had that opportunity before so the opportunity was unique. >> bill: what do you think people will think who see the movie or song. >> when i was approached with the project they said this say film about redemption so the director told me that and that is. that's just what it's about. this -- it is a song about hope but once you see the back story it's about redemption as well. i was proud to be a part of it. >> bill: are you easy to coach as an actor? >> i hope so because i have no idea what i'm doing, yeah. i really hope i'm coachable because that's all i got to lean on. >> bill: you're a natural. i have to hand it to you.
7:56 am
well done. you're future's bright there, trace. thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing the film and certainly the song has caught on. thanks. we'll see you in new york real soon, all right. >> all right. thank you, bill. >> bill: you bet. >> sandra: got to love that voice. nice to have him on the show. meanwhile, president trump firing his secretary of state. mike pompeo, the current director of the cia is in. we will have more on this coming up. let's take a look at some numbers:
7:57 am
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>> what did i say earlier? the day is in diapers. we have the president landing in california momentarily. he's going to make his pitch on the wall. you have a special election today happening right now in pennsylvania. >> join us at noon. a lot going on. >> indeed. >> you got anything else?
8:00 am
>> for the moment, no. were you surprised on this news? because i was. a lot of folks in d.c. were not. >> a lot of insiders have been talking about it. >> put a target on the iran deal, today. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: and what a tuesday morning it is. huh? fox news alert. another major shakeup at the white house with rex tillerson out. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm melissa francis. the president saying he made the decision to fire tillerson by himself. the and the president tapping cia director mike pompeo as his replacement. just this past summer, tillerson was asked about his job security. >> i'm not


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