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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 13, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> for the moment, no. were you surprised on this news? because i was. a lot of folks in d.c. were not. >> a lot of insiders have been talking about it. >> put a target on the iran deal, today. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: and what a tuesday morning it is. huh? fox news alert. another major shakeup at the white house with rex tillerson out. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm melissa francis. the president saying he made the decision to fire tillerson by himself. the and the president tapping cia director mike pompeo as his replacement. just this past summer, tillerson was asked about his job security. >> i'm not going anywhere.
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[ inaudible question ] as long as the president lets me. >> chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with the story. it has been quite a morning. >> reporter: we're here now at the white house. it's just another tuesday. it is interesting what rex tillerson said, i'll be around as long as the president wants me. all these folks in the white house and the cabinet they serve at the pleasure of the president until the president is no longer pleased with him. the president did have a fairly good relationship with rex tillerson. with big negotiations potentially coming up with north korea and renegotiating a lot of trade deals, the president wanted to switch out his team. i'm told rex tillerson was informed of the president's decision last friday. it was another white house official that made the call. the president weighing in on tillerson on his way to the helicopter to travel to california just a short time ago. listen here. >> i have been talking about
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this for a long time. we -- we got along actually quite well. but we disagreed on things. when you look at the iran deal. i think it's terrible. i guess he thought it was okay. i wanted to either break it or do something, and he felt a little bit differently. so we were not really thinking the same. >> reporter: the president there saying he and rex tillerson not thinking the same. apparently he is much more on the same wavelength with mike pompeo. pompeo graduated first in his class from west point. president trump has a great affinity for people with a military background. he also want to harvard law school. listen to what the president said a short time ago. >> i worked with mike pompeo now for quite some time. tremendous energy, tremendous intellect. we're always on the same wavelength. the relationship has been very
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good. that's what i need as secretary of state. gotten to know a lot of people very well over the last year. and i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. >> reporter: don't forget the president tweeted last week in the cabinet room he's still looking at making a number of changes. i guess the tillerson change was one he was really thinking about. reaction coming in from capitol hill. the senate minority leader chuck schumer saying, quote, the instability of this administration weakens america. if confirmed we're hoping pompeo will turn over a new leaf and toughen up policies toward russia and putin. also reaction this morning to the nomination of the director of the cia replacing mike pompeo there. she is a 32-year veteran of the cia. rose up through the agency. if confirmed, she would be the first woman to ever lead the
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cia. she's getting blowback from human rights organizations saying she took a big role in the black site operations in the early 2000s. human rights first in a statement this morning saying, quote," during her long tenure at the cia, she oversaw the agency's torture and rendition program. no one who had a hand in torturing individuals deserve to ever hold public office again, let alone lead an agency. that's likely to come up during her confirmation, melissa. one other thought, former intelligence official told me rex tillerson served to some degree as a counter balance to the president. that he would often give him contrasting advice. that's one of the things the president didn't really like. and that having a secretary of state who is in lock step with the president on thinking may work well in terms of communication, but could be problematic over the longer term. >> i don't know. it does seem like he has a very
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good relationship with mike pompeo. and graduating first in your class from west point, that is -- that's a staggering achievement. let me ask you about gina. when you outlined that criticism of her, is that going to be a tough confirmation? >> reporter: i don't know how tough the confirmation will be, but certainly they'll bring that up. you know, this is a person with tremendous respect in the cia. as they said, she's been there for 32 years. she joined the cia back in 1985. she certainly knows all the inner workings of the cia. she was working there without any public controversy as long as i can remember. but of course, you know, you get nominated to be the director, the public perception changes quite dramatically. >> that's true. but it is a nod to having faith in the organization to nominate someone from within. that's been a sore spot with the president. john roberts -- go ahead, sorry. >> reporter: for the most part,
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the cia director is a political appointee. to bring somebody from the inside, that really shows a lot of faith in the agency. >> could be a good move. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> jon: a fox news alert on the high profile special election in pennsylvania with voting under way right now in a congressional district in the heart of trump country, this hotly contested race between republican rick sacone and democrat connor lamb being closely watched for clues to the midterm elections in november. president trump won that district by more than 20 points in 2016. plus, the seat was formerly held by a republican, but lamb is running as a moderate and has considerable union backing. a key group in the industrial region. and he could pull off an upset and turn that congressional seat. right now, people in austin, texas, on high alert after a series of deadly package bomb
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attacks in the state capital. pipe bombs hidden inside the packages blew up at three homes in the past two weeks, killing two people, seriously injuring two others. austin's police chief spoke this morning with "fox & friends." >> what we do know is that the individual or individuals involved in this, these suspects, they do have a certain level of skill to be able to construct a device like this and deliver that device to your target without having it explode either during construction or delivery does take a certain level of sophistication. as far as who's behind this, that is part of the ongoing investigation. >> police say the attacks are likely related bringing to mind the unibomber. >> jon: a jury is chosen for the trial of the pulse nightclub shooter's widow. her husband fatally shot 49
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people and injured dozens more in that massacre in orlando, florida. the prosecution's case hinges on whether salman helped knowingly plan the attack. her lawyers say she's innocent and another victim of her husband, omar mateen. testimony is set to begin tomorrow. obviously we are right on top of this story about recollecti rex tillerson and his abrupt dismissal. we're also watching voters as they head to the polls right now in the heart of trump country. could this very red pennsylvania district fall into democrat hands? plus, defense secretary mattis making an unannounced visit to afghanistan. >> we do look toward a victory in afghanistan. what does that victory look like? it's a country whose own people and their own security forces can handle law enforcement and
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stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. >> jon: the defense secretary jim mattis saying peace in afghanistan is still possible. mattis arriving today in kabul putting emphasis on encouraging some taliban fighters to make a peace deal with the afghan government. >> it's all working to achieve a reconciliation, a political reconciliation. not a military victory. >> jon: his unannounced visit comes just a few weeks after the afghan president invited the taliban to begin peace talks
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without any pre-conditions. they predict the 17-year-long war will remain a stalemate. >> melissa: polls showing a tight race in today's special house election in pennsylvania. voters deciding if the republican or democrat will fill a vacant house seat. >> the district that a democrat hasn't won in a major race in a long, long time. so if connor's able to win, i think it's a very telling indicator. even if he fell short by a couple of points. this is a district that mitt romney won by 17 points and the president of course won it by his 20 points. it's a very good indicator of where -- where people are, that they want change and they're not going to -- they're not going to buy what republicans here in washington have been selling. >> melissa: more on today's special election. director for politics and public affairs at franklin and marshal
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college. what do you think about that? everybody's trying to extrapolate out to the nation what this race will tell them about where politics are. is that the case or is this a very specific area? >> yes. well, i think it's a little bit of both. make no mistake about it, rick saccone made every effort to nationalize the election. let's brought in the vice president, president trump not once but twice, other major republicans have been campaigning. he said, i was trump before trump. there's no distance between the president on what he has done, what he wants to do, and rick. on the other hand, the genius in some respects of what connor lamb has done is simply this: he has made this election about the 18th congressional district. he won't do national interviews.
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he shies away from national reporters. he wants to turn this into a local election, the needs and concerns of the local constituen constituents. so you have two elements going on. so in a sense, both arguments have a rationale. >> melissa: that's a very interesting point of view, that he wants to make it about the district. people always say all politics is local, and that's the best way to win a race. is it that? or is it that right now the democratic party on a national level is very weak? you have hillary clinton making comments that a lot of people find offensive while she's on tour overseas. and you have nancy pelosi, you know, saying that any money people are getting from the tax breaks are crumbs. there isn't much to cling to nationally on a democratic level. is it that or about making politics local? >> well, look what connor lamb has done. the first thing he did weeks ago, i should say, not just more
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recently was i'm not going to vote for nancy pelosi for leader. look what else he's done. he said i identify with the working class voters. what he's been able to do is take the union leaders and the rank and file and what rank and file voters many of them union members done over the past several elections? they voted for mitt romney. they voted for president trump. they voted for tim murphy, the incumbent who had a lead. what he's been able to do is to take those elements and combine them together, both union leaders and the workers. the workers really moved away from the democratic party and helped these other republicans carry the district. >> melissa: so for democrats there's a lot to learn from this race and how it's been run. on the republican side, you see the republican candidate making himself very close to president trump. and even stealing some of his
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tactics with brand were or name-calling, depending how you look at it. connor the chameleon. lamb the sham. he's taking everything from president trump's playbook, right? >> and it doesn't seem to have he's going to this event and that event linking himself very closely to the president. and typically you might think that would work. but the difference is not so much what he's done. the difference has been what lamb has done as we've been articulating with the grass roots effort. here's something critical. lamb is not your urban liberal democrat. and moving forward in districts that donald trump won by, let's say, eight, ten, 15 points that the democrats are going to try to win in the midterms this fall, the bottom line here is that connor lamb is the candidate who's a moderate.
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he's not way out in left field or way out in right field. that has great appeal to a lot of voters. and that might be a path forward for the democrats. for the republicans, they can align themselves with president trump, but they have to do it in a way that doesn't push them away from the -- you know, the district, from the voters in the district. >> melissa: terrific analysis. thank you so much for coming on. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you, melissa. >> jon: russia called out by the british prime minister as the uk investigates the poisoning of an ex-russian spy on british soil. what are the ramifications of this international incident? plus after months of public head butting, rex tillerson fired as secretary of state. reactions pouring in as a familiar face is tapped for the job. >> pompeo is a great choice. the primary job of secretary of
8:19 am
state is to be able to execute policy and to explain policy to the world in terms of what the president's thinking. nobody's closer to president trump than mike pompeo. so in that regard, i think he'll be very effective.
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>> melissa: this just in. britain putting russia on notice. the uk asking the kremlin to explain why a russian-made nerve agent was used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter. foreign secretary boris johnson saying he's trying to rally international support to respond to this incident on british soil. in the meantime, the russian foreign minister is slamming the uk for refusing to provide a sample of the nerve agent saying
8:23 am
it's needed if russia is to help with the investigation. the 66-year-old former spy and his daughter are both still hospitalized in critical condition. i realize there have been tensions between the two in the past, and as i mentioned thought that had been sort of calmed down to a degree. but something obviously has happened. >> jon: that's senator bob corker who has publicly clashed with president trump himself weighing in on today's major shakeup in the president's national security team. rex tillerson out as secretary of state with cia director mike pompeo nominated to fill the job. the firing ended tillerson's rocky tenure in the trump administration. our next guest, who actually served with pompeo tweeting "mike pompeo will do a great job as secretary of state, he's smart, tough, and works his tail off. hats off to potus for making an
8:24 am
excellent choice. joining us now, member of the house judiciary committee and house oversight committee. we know what you said in the tweet, you like mike pompeo. when you first heard the news this morning that tillerson was out, what went through your mind? >> it had been rumored for a number of months that he was not going to last that long. over the last month and a half, it kind of quieted down. at the end of the day, a president doesn't need to have great rapport with a hud secretary or interior secretary. when the you're talking about the secretary of state, it's important that other nations realize that that individual speaks for the president. i think rex is a great american. i think he worked hard and did some good things, but there wasn't the rapport with the president. mike is obviously very well qualified. i think the cia is actually good
8:25 am
preparation because he really understands the hot spot thes even better now. but he has a very good rapport with the president. when mike is over in, say, the koreas or over dealing with russia or the middle east, i think people are going to know that he speaks for the president. >> jon: there were plenty of indications that tillerson and the president weren't necessarily on the same page. tillerson was advocating for more direct talks with pyongyang over north korea's nuclear program. the president put out that tweet saying, stop it, rex, you're wasting your time. then just more recently, mr. tillerson was saying, hey, we're not ready for talking with north korea, the ground has not been laid yet. all of a sudden, the president comes out and says, yeah, i'm going to meet with kim jong-un. especially on the north korea issue, these two never seemed to mesh. >> i think that's right. i think the same could be true for the iran deal in terms of
8:26 am
how the president approached that versus how rex wanted to do it. and i think mike is going to be somebody who will mesh on those. mike understands the dangers posed by north korea. he understands kim jong-un as somebody who, you know, is a formidable adversary and is not going to be looking to simply disarm. at the same time, i think mike appreciates this president taking a different approach, really shaking up the situation, and perhaps providing an opening where we can get some different results than we have over the past 25 years. >> jon: obviously you're a republican. let's take a look at a high profile democrat and how he sees this. chuck schumer, the minority leader questions "the instability of this administration in just about every area weakens america. if he's confirmed, we hope that mr. pompeo will turn over a new leaf and start toughening up our policies toward russia and
8:27 am
putin." there was concern that because tillerson received this medal from vladimir putin back in, i think, 2008, that he was going to be a little too soft on russia. did you ever perceive that and do you think things would change with mike pompeo in charge? >> i didn't perceive that. now the democrats are saying because tillerson was somewhat tough is why trump's getting rid of him, which is just nonsense. mike is tough. i was in the congress with mike. we were working side by side to provide aid to the ukraine during the obama administration. a lot of those democrats including president obama opposed providing legal aid to the ukraine. president trump has supported that. there's been other areas where they've been tough. mike is as tough as it's going to get. he sees the world with very clear eyes. he is a formidable adversary for
8:28 am
people who want to do the united states harm. >> jon: number one, a graduate at west point. west point has a special place in my heart. i want to ask about this report from the republicans on the house intel committee that there was no russian meddling. democrats say that does not end the matter. what do you say? >> there's no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i think we got to move onto that. now, russian activity, i think they are malevolent. we should try to deal with that in one voice. since trump was elected, it was politicized and the democrats tried to lump trump in with nefarious activity. there's just no basis for that. there's never been evidence put forward. we've been doing this over a year. they made the right decision. it's time to move on. >> jon: republican congressman from florida, good to have you on. >> thank you. >> melissa: the timing of rex
8:29 am
tillerson's firing called into question with key foreign policy issues like north korea and russia on the table. is this the time to make a change? and a victory for the white house after the white house intelligence committee shuts down their investigation of russian election meddling. why democrats are calling foul. >> he's been under attack for a very long time saying that he colluded with russia. we looked at it. we looked at it thoroughly. we interviewed nearly everybody involved in the campaign, and we didn't find any collusion with the russians. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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>> melissa: fox news alert for you now on reaction to the revolving door at the white house after the president fired his secretary of state and nominated cia director mike pompeo to take tillerson's place saying, quote "i've gotten to know mike very well over the past 14 months. i am confident he's the right
8:34 am
person for the job at this critical juncture. he will continue our program of restoring america's standing in the world, strengthening alliances, confronting adversaries and seeking the de-nuclearization of the korean peninsula." what's your reaction to this? >> mike pompeo has the president's confidence. if you're a foreign ally of the united states or a foreign adversary of the u.s., you want to be negotiating with the person that has the president's ear. we've known this all along that there's tensions between tillerson and president trump. now that's been fixed. he may not have liked the manner in which it was fixed, fired by tweet. you may not like the new person coming in, whatever your politics are. this makes the relationship between the president and the critical position of the secretary of state much more coherent. >> melissa: and it was essential to get that done right before we
8:35 am
turn the page and go to work on the situation in north korea. >> yeah. i think could have argued that there's a page to turn almost every day in the world, that there's an issue that needs confronting and being dealt with. north korea is huge. before going to north korea, make the change now, it's a little bit more coherent. mind you, this was something tillerson had been pressing for, diplomacy with north korea, discussions with north korea, something the president had been pressing against. in a way, the president came into the tillerson camp during the last week or so on north korea. >> melissa: how different do you think the policy will be under mike pompeo? what's the most striking change? >> i don't think you're going to see much policy change from what the president wants, and that's been clear. there were sort of two alpha dogs in the room with tillerson and president trump. mike pompeo is somebody who has kind of picked up the politics not just of congress, but of the white house a little bit better than tillerson has. the question is going to be on
8:36 am
russia. will the president be able to continue to mullfy russia to not act on the sanctions that congress passed against russia for attacking the u.s. through our electoral process. will pompeo take a tougher line on that and will you see a turn in a cure just position of the president which is not to be tough on russia. >> melissa: interesting. second topic right on that note to a draft report from republicans on the house intelligence committee which concludes there was no collusion between president trump, his campaign and russia. >> right. >> we've spent 14 months on this investigation looking for collusion. we didn't find any. >> how did you get to that point? >> well, we interviewed over -- many dozens of witnesses, many people right around the president, almost nearly everybody who was involved in the campaign. all of them have testified under oath that they had no contacts with the russians.
8:37 am
>> melissa: obviously democrats are going to cry foul and say, what a -- how convenient. republicans have decided there was no collusion between the republican president and russia. >> you said it. that's exactly what they have said. and that will be the language going forward in the next couple of days. the republicans on the house intelligence committee have run into trouble before on the credibility issue. so i think that this draft which now just today the democrats are going to be shown. yesterday, they had not been shown when this news came out. i think the draft is going to be met with the same skepticism. a lot of witnesses were not interviewed. some were allowed to essentially not answer questions, the committee did not press them with the powers that they had. there was a good story on this in the "wall street journal" right now. is this one more kind of chapter in this? the place to keep your eyes and attention is on the mueller
8:38 am
investigation which has already found that the -- you know, it has already reached conclusions that question what devin nunes is saying. and the amount, if not collusion, the russians trying to effect the election in favor of trump. it lends a degree of lack of credibility to pretty much everything else you're going to say about this draft report. >> melissa: it seems no matter what, the other side isn't going to believe it and maybe everybody should step back and lay off until the mueller investigation is over. >> i think that's probably the most sensible and expeditious thing to do. not waste too much time. you have a pretty credible fbi investigation under way that i think most people endorse. it's a republican leader of the investigation. i think let's wait to see what he comes up with. and then make a determination.
8:39 am
>> melissa: although obviously both sides are trying to get ahead of what they think may come out of it if it doesn't turn out the way they want. it could backfire. it means everybody looks partisan and not giving it a fair chance. >> and i think that the midterms are informing that. you want a message out there that might term -- that will determine which way the house of representatives goes. you want to get your message out before that. >> melissa: always the voice of reason. i love that. thank you for coming on. jon? >> jon: some scary moments for passengers on a flight to dallas when the pilot is forced to make an emergency landing. what happened before that and how the passengers evacuated the plane next. plus another staff shakeup in the trump administration. what the president is saying about firing secretary of state rex tillerson and what it means for his administration going forward. we'll discuss it with a key republican lawmakers. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better,
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let's go. >> come on. >> jon: passengers on a southwest airlines flight from phoenix to dallas that had to make an emergency landing. the crew said there was the smell of something burning. all 140 passengers evacuated the aircraft by leaping off the wing and onto the tarmac. two people were taken to the hospital. the extent of injuries still unclear. investigators believe an electrical fire started the whole thing. never before have we had the north koreans in a position where their economy was at such risk and leadership was under such pressure that they would begin conversations under the terms kim jong-un conceded to.
8:44 am
>> melissa: mike pompeo san antonio -- mike pompeo known for taking an aggressive stance on the talks with north korea. what could the tillerson/pompeo switch mean? joining us, undersecretary defense for intelligence during the george w. bush administration, an executive vice president of the family research counsel. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. i'm glad to be with you. >> melissa: what do you think this change means? >> well, i think that tillerson has been on the opposite side of a number of issues than the president. and i think that mike pompeo is a perfect choice. mike is in sync with the president, but mike is also a very experienced not only intelligence officer but also he's been a member of congress, been on the intel committees. i think that he has a much better understanding of the situation in the world today in general, but certainly among our
8:45 am
allies as well as our enemies. >> melissa: what do you think that translates to directly? even talking about the topic of the iran nuclear deal. the president and rex tillerson were not on the same page with that at all. how do you think mike pompeo approaches that differently? >> well, i think mike sees the reality of the fact that we put iran on a pathway to a nuclear weapon. i think that he objects to that just like the president does. i think the advice will be let's get out of this deal, rally our allies and try to reimpose sanctions on the iranians. when you look at north korea, i think mike pompeo is very much a hawk on the issue of korea. his advice to the president going into these talks i think will be to take a very firm stand and don't negotiate anything until we get an agreement that he will disarm. >> melissa: in fact, we've heard him talk about this before, mike pompeo, about north korea and their nuclear testing. let's listen to that.
8:46 am
>> he can't conduct nuclear testing. he's got to stop the missile testing that he's been hard at for the last years. let's got to continue to allow us to perform our militarily necessary exercises on the peninsu peninsula. then he's got to make sure he leaves on the table that discussion for denuclearization. these are conditions that the north korean regime has never submitted to in exchange for conversations. >> melissa: those are the things that they're, you know, saying they're going to do now. how much confidence do you have in that? >> well, you know, my -- i'm skeptical of whether kim has actually made the decision he's willing to give up his nuclear program. remember, he and his father spent the last quarter of a century building this program. and they're almost at the finish line now. i think it's a hard decision for him. but i also think that the sanctions are hurting him. and i honestly believe that one of the things that kim is starting to become very
8:47 am
concerned about is internal implosion. the sanctions have hurt them so bad, they've got starving people all over north korea. when that occurs, that is problematic for the leader no matter how much power he has. i think he's concerned about that now. >> melissa: if he does say he's giving up the program, could we believe, could we really verify that that's the case? i look at iran and there's so much back and forth over whether there's evidence of continuing and whether or not there's not. would it really be possible to go in and verify that they've actually given this up? >> yeah, i don't think that donald trump will do what barack obama did, which is obama allowed the iranians, as part of the deal, to do their own inspections and verify that they had done the things that were important to the -- you know, complying with the agreement. donald trump's not going to do that. there's going to have to be some absolute verification procedures
8:48 am
that are put in place, that are established before i think there's going to be any agreement to lift the sanctions or to give any economic incentives to kim jong-un. so i think this is going to be totally different than the way that the obama administration negotiated with and dealt with iran. >> melissa: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. glad to be with you. >> jon: more on today's white house shakeup with rex tillerson fired as secretary of state to be replaced by cia director mike pompeo. republican senator mike lee weighs in on what the change could mean to the north korean talks coming up.
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>> melissa: coming up, new reaction to president trump's firing of secretary of state rex tillerson and nominating cia
8:52 am
director mike pompeo to replace him. what will this mean for the president's historic meeting with north korean dictator kim jong-un and for russia, iran, syria, and more. as republicans on the house intel committee wrap up their russia probe. committee democrats very much disagree and they vow to keep on digs. we're going to debate it. all that plus our hash tag one lucky guy "outnumbered." busy news day at the top of the hour. >> jon: on the firing of secretary of state rex tillerson, the president saying he made the decision himself acknowledging that he and tillerson disagreed on a number of issues. acknowledging he is on the same wavelength with mike pompeo, the man tapped to replace tillerson. >> i respect his intellect. i respect the process that we've all gone through together. we have a very good relationship for whatever reason, chemistry,
8:53 am
whatever it is. why do people get along? i've always right from the beginning, from day one, i've gotten along well with mike pompeo. >> jon: joining us now, senator mike lee, a republican from utah who sits on the judiciary committee. we are all assuming it's a slam dunk that mike pompeo becomes the new secretary of state, but he will at some point require senate confirmation. does he get it, senator? >> i think he will get it. i believe mr. pompeo will be confirmed as our next secretary of state. look, this is a serious man. he's done great work within the central intelligence agency, and he's someone i've come to know, like, and trust over the years. not only since he's been in this his current position, but also here in the house of representatives a few years ago. he's well-liked on both sides of the aisle. i think that will lead to a speedy confirmation. >> jon: the president's tough line for north korea seems to have bourn fruit.
8:54 am
we're getting ready for the summit meeting between the two leaders in the next couple of months. does -- does the presence of mike pompeo, do you think does that change the calculus for kim jong-un? >> i think that relationship is going to be helpful to the president. the president has a lot of trust in mr. pompeo. and mr. pompeo has a lot of knowledge about the region, a lot of knowledge about the kim regime. i think he'll offer him good advice and be very helpful. >> jon: also want to talk about the stop school violence act. it would give grants that would enhance cooperation between law enforcement and school staff, teach both of them how to spot warning signs of potential school shooters. will it be enough do you think? >> i'm not sure. you know, i -- to be honest with you, i'm skeptical of new federal programs for situations like this one. primary and secondary education,
8:55 am
k-12 public education system, is a creature of state and local government. it's not an area where the federal government is actively involved, nor do i think it's one where the federal government should be actively involved. how people secure a school in one community, one state, one part of the country or another is going to vary. even within my own state. how you secure a school in salt lake city might vary dramatically from rural utah. these decisions are probably better left for parents and teachers and local school administrators, perhaps state officials, but not people in washington. >> jon: i know you're also very involved and interested in the opioid crisis in this country. there's a new report that finds that focusing on economic sources of opioid addiction is unlikely to be productive. it's not just a result of economic trouble. >> it's not just a result of economic trouble. what we're finding increasingly is that the product of social
8:56 am
isolation. people become detached. and they resort to destructive behaviors like opioid abuse. this is a really big problem. more than 100 americans are dying every single day from opioid overdose. and this is a big problem, one that we've got to be concerned about, and that we've got to address. >> jon: senator mike lee, republican of utah, on the ground to cover this morning. thanks for being with us. >> melissa: another shakeup at the white house with the president firing secretary of state rex tillerson and nominating mike pompeo to take his place. new reaction pouring in. could more change be coming?
8:57 am
8:58 am
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liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> you know how quickly things change. we have a morning meeting 7:25 to talk about what's in the news cast. i don't think we mentioned rex tillerson. all of a sudden.
9:00 am
>> a blistering morning of news. don't change the change. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. president trump firing rex tillerson as secretary of state. announcing his nomination of current cia director mike pompeo to replace tillerson. all this coming at a critical time for our nation's foreign policy. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa booth and jessica tarlov and david avela is outnumbered! >> hello. happy national k-9 vet's day before we get to the heavy news. >> when i want to know which national day it is, i go to you. we salute those. >> we do. >> i


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