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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 13, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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saccone. >> jesse: saccone. >> dana: a representative who runs the national committee will be on "the daily briefing" tomorrow. >> jesse: "special report" next. >> bret: president trump fires his top diplomat igniting a game of musical chairs in the cabinet. we will look at who is in and who is out. police indexes are hunting for a serial bomber who may have been motivated by race. at a huge test for the trump effect tonight in pennsylvania. with a special election to fill his seat in the u.s. house. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. on the bottom of the screen you can see right now the election taker for the special house race in pennsylvania. we will have more on that contest which is coming down to the wire a bit later. first up, and already tumultuous
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time of turnover in the trump administration has kicked into overdrive tonight. the president has fired his secretary of state and wants to replace him with his cia director. while also nominating the first woman ever for the top job at the spy agency. that could be just the start of big changes to come, 14 months into the trump administration. keeping track of all of it tonight, chief white house white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. >> is the president was leaving this afternoon to go to san diego, he said he is nearly got the cabinet and staff were he wants it which is an indication there may still be some changes ahead. one of the potential changes that could be happening, according to the associated press, trading out secretary shulkin at the department of veteran affairs for rick perry. the president is a big fan of rick perry. david shulkin has run into problems, controversy over travel.
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the president would like to put rick perry with his long track record of helping veterans into a position like that. as to what happened today, we first reported the likelihood that this was going to happen to you last fall, that is getting rid of rex tillerson and putting in mike pompeo. five months after we first reported it, finally happened this morning. but it was not a surprise. it had been rumored for months. but the sudden announcement that secretary of state rex tillerson was fired sent shock waves through washington. >> we got along quite well. but we disagreed on things. when you look at the iran deal. i think it's terrible. i guess he thought it was okay. >> president trump made the decision last week. white house officials say chief of staff john kelly called tillerson who was traveling in africa on friday to tell him he would have to step aside. officials say tillerson asked kelly if the president would wait until he returned.
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tillerson touched down in d.c. at 4:00 a.m. today. five hours later, president trump tweeted: "mike pompeo, director of the cia, will become our new secretary of state. he will do a fantastic job! thank you to rex tillerson for his service!" >> i wish rex a lot of good things. >> meeting the press this afternoon, tillerson did not sound happy in the least. >> i received a call today from the president of the united states a little afternoon time from air force one. what is most important is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition during a time of the country continues to face significant policy and national security challenges. >> the white house as the timing was driven in part by last week's announcement of a possible meeting between president trump and north korea's kim jong un. president trump wanted a new team in place for that process and the numerous trade deals the president wants to renegotiate. and he simply loves mike pompeo. >> tremendous energy, tremendous
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intellect. we are always on the same wavelength. the relationship has been very good. that's what i need a secretary of state. >> tillerson's firing prompted swift reaction. >> what president trump did and the way he did it once again indicates the chaos in this administration. i've never seen a presidential administration so basically disorganized, at war with one another. creating huge problems for the country. >> to replace bobbio at cia, president trump chose career cia official gina haspel. she would be the first woman to lead the spy agency. haspel's senate confirmation is drawing fire over her involvement in cia black site operations. >> had a good working relationship. rightfully there are a lot of questions to be asked. >> filling the position of chief
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economic advisor gary cohn is also on the president's mind, the present revealing larry kudlow is a leading candidate. >> i have known him a long time. we don't agree on everything but in this case i think it's good. i want diverse opinions. he has come around to believing in tariffs. >> all of this as president trump was heading to california to view prototypes for a border wall. >> if you didn't have walls over here, you wouldn't even have a country. by the way, the state of california is begging us to build walls in certain areas. they don't tell you that. speak of the president favors a wall with the see-through components of border troll can know what's going on. his problem: democrats continue to refuse to give him the money to build it. one other staff change at the white house. this is a bit of a surprise itself. happened yesterday. the president's so-called body
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man, former uconn cornerback johnny mack teen was let go and escorted from the grounds of the white house. details surrounding his departure remain murky though he did almost immediately land a job at the trump campaign. elijah cummings, democratic congressman, wants answers and is asking for the white house for records. >> bret: john roberts, thank you. let's hear more of what rex tillerson had to say in his final news conference. rich edson was at the news conference and reports from the state department. >> secretary rex tillerson with only hours remaining leading the state department said goodbye, warning of unresolved challenges in syria and with china and russia. >> russia must assess carefully as to how its actions are in the best interests of the russian people and the world more broadly. continuing on their current trajectory is likely to lead to
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greater isolation on their part. >> tillerson disagreed with president trump on several issues. russia, qatar, the paris climate record. >> i don't think anyone doubts the american people or the commitment of the government to advancing values and defending values. the president speaks for himself. >> primarily the iran nuclear agreement. this morning the president cited it as a reason for the change in state. and in august, tillerson publicly acknowledged they disagreed on iran. >> he and i have differences of views on things like jcpoa and how we should use it. we have differences. i think if we are not having those differences, i'm not sure i am serving him. >> tillerson has lobbied the administration to remain in the iran nuclear women. his date of artman has been negotiated and changes to around policy with european allies to keep the u.s. and the deal. tillerson has nominated -- successor mike pompeo is a longtime critic of the agreement.
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>> missile tests, activity of shiite militias in -- shia militias. their activity has dramatically increased. >> speculation page that the president would fire tillerson in the fall. he stayed. aides at state assumed he would remain. congressional aides say relations with congress improve. he traveled more and spend a little more time with the press. >> do you believe there's people in the white house who don't want you to be secretary of state? to go i don't know. >> secretary tillerson close thinking senior staff and those who worked with across the state department and other departments, especially the military. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the defense secretary. one name omitted from his list of think use, the president. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a look at the career of the woman picked to run the cia. deputy director gina haspel, and
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a preview of her nomination hearing to come. house democrats a former house secretary tom price has repaid the government nearly $60,000 for his costs on private charter flights taken for official business. but they want to know how much it cost taxpayers to fly white house consular kellyanne conway on some of those same trips. price was forced to resign last fall after president trump publicly express his displeasure over the secretary's travel on charter jets instead of commercial flights. as we told you last night, the house intelligence committee says it has found no evidence of collusion between the russians on the trump campaign in 2016. that is the republican version. democrats will have their own version out soon. one g.o.p. member of the panel is already off the reservation. here's corresponded doug mckelway. >> we looked at it thoroughly. we interviewed nearly everybody and we didn't find any collusion
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with the russians. >> after 14 months of interviews and reviewing intelligence, republicans on the house intelligence committee announced their work is done with a finding of no russian collusion. senate democrats were surprised by the release, they lambasted the authors. >> chairman nunes and representative conaway cut off the investigation, buried their heads in the sand and wrote a report that contradicts 17 intelligence agencies and an indictment from special counsel mueller shows where their loyalties lie. >> democrats -- republican said there was a russian attempt. >> there was efforts to try to hurt hillary and help trump. >> he added a stick relation. i think there was the opposite. >> while the president cheered the findings, -- >> we are happy
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with the house intelligence committee. it was a very powerful decision. >> house intelligence committee democrats vowing to keep looking for russian collusion. >> we will continue to do the investigation. we have never had the power to call witnesses. >> the real action turns to the senate where two committees continue their own investigations of collusion. at a pace that has the parties at odds. >> bluntly the judiciary committee investigation has been painfully and glacially slow. >> the only collusion investigation appears any and from the hyperpartisan influence of this election year is one being undertaken by the justice department as vector general. he has no power to indictment his findings can be used in a criminal proceeding. >> bret: thank you. federal judge says former trump campaign chairman paul manafort
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faces the real possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison the judge says he is requiring a $10 million unsecured bond because manafort is a substantial flight risk. manafort is facing tax evasion and bank fraud charges. he is wearing two ankle bracelets and is confined to his home. we are approaching the deadline issued by the british government for russia to explain how one of its deadliest poisons ended up in the bodies of a former kremlin spy and his daughter. plus another mysterious death today. benjamin hall has the latest from london. >> chemical weapons specialists are on the streets of the u.k. after authorities determined a deadly soviet nerve agent was the weapon used against a former russian spy. today president trump said the u.s. stood firmly behind the u.k. >> sounds to me like it would be
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russia based on all of the evidence. >> according to the prime ministers office, russia must provide on ambiguous answers. russian president vladimir putin has until midnight to explain or face repercussions. the russians have called the accusation nonsense. they are demanding a sample of the chemical before they comment. >> if you really need help from russia, we will be ready to consider the possibility. if we have the relevant data. >> skripal, his daughter and a british policeman remained in critical condition. the nerve agent was developed in the '70s by the soviet union. he is living in princeton, new jersey, after defecting from the chemical weapons facility where it was made. he says he regrets it.
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>> weapon of mass killing. >> another opponent of putman died last night. he was 69. while there is no connection to skripal, counterterrorism police have taken over the investigation. there have been 14 suspicious deaths of putin opponents in the u.k. in the last decade, including alexander niven amco. it seems enemies of putin have few places to hide. unclear what actions the u.k. might announce tomorrow. sanctions or expulsion of diplomats, even the seizure of russian properties. what's clear is that the u.k. will no longer tolerate such actions from russia. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. thank you. police in austin, texas, 83 package bombings this month are likely linked. two people died and two more were hurt.
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authorities say the race may be a factor. will carr is in austin with the latest. >> we just wrapped up a press conference. we learned that the fbi and the atf have swarmed this area. there are fbi profilers on the ground. we are learning more about the explosive devices that had gone off in the past 11 days. authorities tell us they were cardboard boxes left outside homes in the middle of the night, boxes that don't look anything like normal boxes that you would have delivered to your home. at the same time, we are learning about the victim, 17-year-old {draylan mason. he was an outstanding young man.
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>> it's a tragedy is no longer with us. >> authorities say they are looking into the potential that separate victims may have been connected with each other. they are looking into the potential this could be a hate crime because all of the victims were minorities. they are looking into the potential this could be terror-related. there are more questions than answers right now. we also know the reward for information that leads to an arrest has been raised to $65,000. >> bret: will carr, thank you. next, live to the political center of the universe where pennsylvania's will send a message about the president. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 32 in chicago. illinois governor bruce browner vetoes legislation that would've required gun stores to be licensed by the state of illinois. he says the measure would avert small businesses and would not
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make community safer. chicago mayor rahm emanuel has called devito a a slap in the face to crime victims, faith leaders in place. fox 6 in birmingham. a charter bus carrying students home from a band trip plunges into an alabama ravine. one person is dead, believed to be the bus driver. several children were flown by helicopter to local emergency rooms. live look at boston from fox 25. a snowy boston. the big story there tonight, national weather service declares that latest winter storm to hit the northeast in a blizzard. it's issued a blizzard warning for much of the coast of maine, new hampshire, and massachusetts. amtrak has suspended service between boston and new york city starting early this money. the service says when god asks us exceeding -- wind gusts. tonight's live look outside the
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♪ >> bret: the democratic trying to steal a congressional seat for republicans in pennsylvania says he does not think the election as a referendum on president trump. he may be in the minority there. correspondent molly line is live from elizabeth township pennsylvania with a look at the voting date of may. >> from the suburbs of pittsburgh across steal and call to the west virginia order, voters speak, choosing a new congressman and a super close special election that was once thought to be a safe seat for the g.o.p. >> it says a lot about democratic enthusiasm. >> democrat conor lamb, former prosecutor had marine corps
3:22 pm
veteran has proven his prowess, drawing union support and surpassing the fund-raising of his republican opponent. state representative rick saccone, air force veteran and fervent trump backer. >> people wanted to evaluate my record versus saccone's record. i will tell you this didn't have much to do with the president. >> the president, vice president, daughter and top advisor came to the district to stump for saccone. saccone backs the president's agenda from tax cuts to immigration. lamb takes care to avoid bashing the president had expressed a willingness to reach across the, pro-gun and advocate for the working man. candidates are fighting to earn support from the blue-collar voters who propelled trump's victory in 2016. >> i voted for rick saccone. i voted for him because i want to continue president trump's agenda.
3:23 pm
i think we need to get to being america first. >> conor lamb, he's a young guy. he's a veteran. he's somebody i think will fight for our country. >> the race is being watched locally and in washington where one senator from the keystone state says. >> if connor is able to win, it's a telling indicator. even if he fell short by a couple points, this is a district mitt romney won by 17 points. the president won by 20 points. i think it's a good indicator where people are that they want change. >> results of the race are all about the optics of momentum. the polls close tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> bret: molly line, thank you. complete coverage throughout the night. we have you covered. things look a lot brighter for the g.o.p. in missouri tonight.
3:24 pm
republicans are hoping to flip a senate seat in november. the effort for one candidate started today. correspondent peter doocy is in the "show me" state to show you. >> josh holly is a top republican recruit trying to unseat one of the democrats hoping to win reelection in a state president trump won, missouri. >> claire mccaskill has to go. >> trump beat clinton by a whopping 19 points and tomorrow one day after the 38-year-old attorney general holly started campaigning, president trump is flying in to raise money for him. >> i look forward -- hopefully he will be here frequently. >> in 2012 mccaskill won easily because her opponent was caught up in controversy over comments about "legitimate rape
3:25 pm
rape." >> we are going to take it seriously. >> democrats think a scandal at the statehouse will help them. the governor was recently indicted on felony invasion of privacy charges stemming from an extramarital affair. >> eric greitens has put himself first over party, citizens. >> holly doesn't see the governor dragging him down. >> the situation is not good for the state. that's what concerns me. >> holly hinted mccaskill hindering the president's agenda is what this will hinge on. >> she voted no on tax relief for american families. she voted no justice gorsuch. she voted she voted nonregulatory rollback. she has voted against the interests of missouri and with her party. that's why she's going to lose. >> the way holly sees it you're either helping president trump or you are not.
3:26 pm
that's how he's been shaping this race. we followed him on his bus across missouri. one of the places republicans are very aggressively trying to flip the seat. >> bret: almost. we almost got through the live shot. peter doocy traveling on a bus outside st. louis on the holly campaign bus. peter doocy live in missouri. we will follow that race and many others as we get ready for midterm coverage. hillary clinton told an audience in india that the u.s. did not deserve donald trump's presidency, and these are perilous times. clinton spoke over the weekend in mumbai. she says president trump has an affinity for dictators. >> we do not do well with white men then we do not do well with married white women.
3:27 pm
part of that is an identification with the republican party and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. >> bret: a long rift about making america great again and what that means to her. she says she wonders if she should have provided more entertainment to voters who responded to mr. trump's brash style. when we come back, the first woman to run the cia. it could be gina haspel. we will tell you who she is. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it.
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> bret: the top story at the bottom of the hour. president trump is replacing
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secretary of state rex tillerson with cia director mike pompeo. if he gets through the senate nomination process. the president was a career spymaster to take over at the agency and for the first time ever it would be a woman. let's take a look tonight at gina haspel. who is she? here is national security correspondent jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. >> there are few images of gina haspel, a career intelligence operative, who worked in the shadows leading the hunt for the world's most wanted terrorist. last march as deputy director of the cia, she set two seats down from defense secretary jim mattis has he welcomed the saudi crown prince to the pentagon. she would be the first woman to have the agency if confirmed. she is 61 and was once the deputy director of national clandestine service. she oversaw covert action and ran the cia black site in thailand.
3:32 pm
>> she has someone up to her eyeballs in the torture issue. she was in charge of the cia torture site in thailand, a place where one man was water boarded 83 times. >> haspel ordered the destruction of waterboarding tapes. according to her boss who wrote about it. "the cable left nothing to chance. it told them how to get rid of the tapes. they were to use an industrial-strength shredder." haspel's defenders say those black sites have to be seen in context. the justice department and president bush authorized the actions. the cia believed at the time the u.s. was facing another major attack and that wake of 9/11. >> gina someone i have great confidence in.
3:33 pm
having a professional, having someone who is nonpartisan and is not going to engage in policy will be seen as a breath of fresh air. >> trump spoke during the campaign about reinstating waterboarding. few in this ea would now supported. members of the paramilitary committee have welcomed haspel's nomination. defense secretary jim mattis is a big proponent as well. >> bret: with all of this happening, while secretary mattis is in kabul, afghanistan, interesting. >> secretary mattis is talking about how the military strategy is proceeding and whether the afghan president believes reconciliation talks with the taliban could work. you will remember the taliban wrote an open letter to the american public suggesting as much on valentine's day. >> all wars come to an end. you don't want to miss an opportunity because you weren't alerted to the opportunity. you need to have the door open,
3:34 pm
even as you increase the military pressure. >> 17 years into the war and they defense secretary still travels to kabul in secret. reporters were unable to report until safely away from the flight line. in september the taliban fired 40 rockets at a u.s. air based. mattis did not speak today about the firing of secretary of state rex tillerson. >> bret: jennifer griffin of the pentagon. prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty for the former student charge of the parkland, florida, school shooting. nikolas cruz is accused of the first degree murder and depths of 17 people at the school one month ago. he will be formally arraigned tomorrow. his attorneys have said he would plead guilty if prosecutors do not pursue the death penalty. stocks took a tumble. the dow lost 172.
3:35 pm
s&p 500 off 18. nasdaq dropped 77. up next, the panel on the tillerson firing in the big moves by president trump. first beyond our borders. a congressional investigation into problems with puerto rico's power company. reports of bribery and corruption at the utility which continues to struggle to restore electricity after hurricane maria. one of the allegations that officials took money to restore power to exotic dance clubs ahead of other customers. turkish troops and allied opposition fighters are beginning a siege of the syrian kurdish held town of afran. people are fleeing. turkey launched a military offensive in january. a roadside bomb struck the convoy of the palestinian minister. the incident throws an already troubled reconciliation process between rival factions into deeper turmoil.
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some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ >> now he is beginning his big, big, and most important journey. this is where you are meant to be right here today at this crossroads in history. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> how long will you stay for? >> as long as the president lets me. i am still here. nothing has changed. 2018 is the year of execution. my commission of secretary of state will terminate at midnight march 31. >> rex and i have been talking about this for a long time. we got along actually quite well. but we disagreed on things, so we were not really thinking the same. >> bret: the timeline we have is that the chief of staff
3:40 pm
called the secretary of state rex tillerson while he was overseas and said "get ready. you need either step down or the president is going to act." the president did act via twitter. the first acknowledgment officially saying mike pompeo director of the cia will become our new secretary of state. he will do a fantastic job. thank you to rex tillerson for his service. gina haspel will become the new director of the cia. the first woman so chosen. congratulations to all. four months plus ogo, twitter was a place where the president took two to defend rex tillerson from stories he was on his way out the door. the media has been speculating that he would be leaving soon. "we work well together. america is highly respected again." there been a number of officials resigning or being fired. the list is continuing. there you see some of them. the question is, will it
3:41 pm
continue? what does it mean for this administration? let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, a.b. stoddard, and charles hurt, opinion editor for "the washington times." >> this kind of interesting, five months ago is an eternity in this administration. >> bret: one week seems like an eternity. >> may be the twitter-verse was getting it wrong. an argument they use for while he likes to surround himself with the yes-men is pointing to all of the no men. they have had serious disagreements for very long time. the president mentioned iran
3:42 pm
today. the differences were unbridgeable. he doesn't surround himself by yes-men. he has people like jim mattis, gary cohn who disagreed with him on tariffs but they got a lot done together. i find that particular accusation to be unfounded. >> bret: there was reported a suicide pact, if you would, between tillerson and mattis and i think mnuchin at one point. now that tillerson is effectively leaving. if you put up the bullet points of riffs, the iran nuclear deal is number one. north korea strategy, they were on different pages even this week. the qatar blockade, china policy, russian meddling. paris climate agreement and the charlottesville response.
3:43 pm
it is interesting it started out tillerson with her to be so close to russia and the putin friend and as he is leaving, he's the guy who was standing up talking about russian interference. and that's why he's leaving him according to some. >> everyone looks aggressive on russia next to the president. if you put mattis up now, you would have a bunch of bullet points on which he disagrees. people in this administration and national security and foreign policy have spoken many times. it's a hallmark of this first year. apart from pompeo and haspel, how little rex tillerson will be missed at the state department, how long this was coming. it was obviously untenable and the president and secretary of state can't disagree that much on policy. it has to work. so it has to be -- he has to be replaced. it is the way he did it.
3:44 pm
i think today is a really dark day for this country. i think it reflected very poorly on us. unlike charlie, i am pro-stability. it was the way he did it, by humiliating him. which is cruel and unnecessary. and the timing -- why didn't he do it six weeks ago? the timing with the north korea summit is terrible. the further destabilization and dysfunction is always an advantage to our adversaries. that seems to be a constant theme. i find it frightening. >> bret: steve, how it was done obviously, secretary tillerson today do not mention president trump in his remarks as he was exiting the which is notable. on the iran deal, if passing senate nomination hearings, and a vote, director pompeo has a long history of opposing the iran deal. i asked him about it not too long ago. when you are congressman pompeo, i asked you about the iran nuclear deal.
3:45 pm
is there anything that is good out of this deal? >> i can't think of anything. i can't think of anything that has put america in a better position as a result of this deal. >> bret: now the president has this decision whether to reauthorize the iran nuclear deal. do you have a different perspective today? >> my role is a bit different. this is what i would say. the president has made clear its view that he doesn't think the deal was worth a darn. >> bret: that is pompeo's view. seems like we are closer to getting out of the iran deal today than we were a week ago. >> some kind of attempt of a follow-on agreement where you brush in france, germany and the united kingdom into snapback sanctions in a series of other things that might make the deal more enforceable. snap inspections of military science, things were not able to do now. i believe pompeo is in favor of
3:46 pm
that as opposed to just walking away from the deal. what's been interesting is mike pompeo has seen himself, he's a west point graduate and he takes seriously these different lanes. he was not a policy advisor to the president. in their meetings, he repeatedly sought first to ride the present with intelligence in a nonpolicy way. donald trump would come back to mike pompeo and asking for policy advice which was a little bit of an uncomfortable fit. i think pompeo is close to president trump philosophically on this range of issues. in that sense, i think he will be a more serious advisor to the president and rex tillerson was. rex tillerson disagreed with the president so many times on so many things that the president stopped listening to him. hannah's incident, you have someone smart, thoughtful, who knows the issues well and will have the president's ear. mike pompeo has become a trusted advisor to donald trump. i think the president also trusts gina haspel. she has been giving him his
3:47 pm
presidential daily briefings. they have developed a relationship. she is well respected inside the cia. the process here is a disaster and it's not surprising. but the outcome i think is a good outcome. >> bret: is there any doubt this is going to be -- the democrats are going to try to use these hearings for a number of different things. but is there any doubt that both of these folks can get through, pompeo and haspel? >> haspel has the bigger problems because of her involvement in the enhanced interrogation technique stuff has more of an uphill battle. from my conversations with people on the hill today, even she will get through with some democratic votes and maybe lose some republican votes. but that she will get through. >> i agree. i think she is going to be made to respond about black sites and enhanced interrogation techniques from a long time ago at her hearing, they will move
3:48 pm
on. i don't think she will be opposed. anything could happen. she could end up with a gambling problem or being investigated for financial crimes but at this point, it looks fine for her. >> i think pompeo is confirmed. the question is how many republicans she loses. john mccain, rand paul, lindsey graham, maybe mike mike lee. somewhat positive things said about her by some democrats on the intelligence committee who worked with her. dianne feinstein, who is a fierce opponent of enhanced interrogation, said she has talked to gina haspel about these things. i think it's a close vote but i think she is confirmed. >> bret: next up, today's special election in pennsylvania, what it means for the midterms potentially. at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years.
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♪ >> democrats throwing everything they can at this race. there hasn't been an open seat for a long time. they see they might have an opportunity. >> i think it says a lot about democratic enthusiasm. people are really excited for this race. i'm happy for them as their voices heard. >> we have worked extremely hard. i'm very proud of the people of worked with me. >> bret: pennsylvania 18. you have rick saccone, be republican. against conor lamb, the democrat. this could be a barn burner. polls close in an hour and 8 minutes. this is outside pittsburgh. a district in which donald trump won by about 20 points. over hillary clinton.
3:53 pm
it should be deep red. it is turning out to be pretty close. we don't know how it will go. back with the panel. a.b., what we know as both parties and spend a ton of money on a race that, if the district is upheld with a druid, it's going to disappear. >> right. basically democrats didn't come in early and then they figured out conor lamb was running an ideal campaign, was a great candidate and he was a real threat. rick saccone is a weak candidate. i think what is real problem is in the end is that he's a right to work candidate. unions who had aligned with crump in this district, those voters are going to lamb. i think the president coming to the district and making it explicitly clear to everyone don't embarrass me, you've got to get this guy over the finish line, the world is watching. i think it will bring in a bunch
3:54 pm
of votes for saccone and i think he could pull it off. it's not looking good. people are feeling panicked and the republican party but i think that if lamb wins, it's probably that union support as opposed to anti-trump energy. >> bret: he had that big rally and clearly has a lot of support in the district. >> donald trump is not a regular republican which is how he won in the first place. stealing those parts of the democratic message that one over those states. >> bret: hillary clinton in india says differently. >> it's kind of a perfect storm for republicans. the candidate that created, the congressman that created this vacancy left office under unfortunate cloud. and then you have, as you say, a weak candidate in the republican. and a marvelous candidate on the democratic side. but i think no matter what happens tonight, democrats are
3:55 pm
clearly enthused right now. we know donald trump can bring people over the line or farther across when he is on the ticket. the question is, can he do it when he's not on the ticket. >> bret: the question is first of all, how this democrat is ron -- has the run this race. he's running it effectively by not bringing in hollywood, not embracing nancy pelosi, not being a traditional democrat really. >> suggests that democrats and individual individual districts should run the way they want to. they need to create some distance. the outcome is important potentially terms of recruitment and whether republicans were in congress now a be thinking about retiring. if saccone is able to pull it off, they might stick around longer. matters more for transfer you have seen dramatic over performance by democrats over
3:56 pm
the past year and a couple months and dramatic underperformance by republicans as a general rule. whatever happens, that's going to happen here tonight. >> bret: we shall see. we have you covered. you will see the ticker throughout. we will have updates throughout the night. when we come back, you know what they say about kissing your sister? ♪ crawl inside ♪ wait by the light of the moon ♪ ♪ come to my window ♪ i'll be home soon ♪ ♪ i'll be home, i'll be home ♪ ♪ i'm coming home ♪ ♪ come to my window ♪ ohh applebee's to go. order online and get $10 off $30. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. .
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it's ok that everyone ignores it's fine. drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> bret: finally tonight kiss cams at sporting events. a lot of fun for fans watching. they can be awkward for some couples featured on them. check out what happened when a brother and sister were caught by the camera during an oklahoma thunder basketball game. ♪ should be over by now ♪ i know. >> oh, okay. give your sister a kiss on the cheek. ♪ you make my dreams come
4:00 pm
true. >> i love that he is like that's my sister. talking to the camera. i love that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. the story hosted by my friend martha starts right now. martha? >> martha: awkward moment for brother and sister. good to see you, bret. shakeups at the white house and word is there is likely more of this to come. >> i have worked with mike pompeo now for quite some time. tremendous energy. tremendous intellect. we're always on the same wavelength. rex and i have been talking about this for a long time. we got along actually quite well but we disagreed on things. >> on our terms in private life, private citizens, proud american, proud of the opportunity i have had to serve my country. >> martha: this one appeared to be coming for some time. tillerson is out. pompeo is on


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