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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 13, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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which is everywhere right now. good night from washington. sean hannity is up next! k, sean, sean. >> sean: hey, tucker. great show as always. the polls are closed and the funds of's 18th district special election. we'll have updates throughout the hour and also what it means. we also have major developments, breaking news tonight. president trump scoring another break win after visiting california and viewing portable prototypes, and of course that means he is one step closer to fulfilling his campaign promise and building that wall. president trump blasting the governor of california and the liberal mayor of oakland for protecting criminal illegal immigrants who are posing a serious threat to you the american people. all of that place several stunning new revelations about the clinton bought and paid for a dossier tonight. according to a brand-new book out today, barack obama's 2012 campaign, they actually hired fusion gps, the firm that
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produced the phony russian dossier. they were doing oppo research on mitt romney and they funneled through the same law firm. we have all the details. former senior about my state department official victoria newland started the process with the fbi to talk to christopher steele, and steele actually doubted its most salacious details on claims in his dossier about donald trump or even true. tonight we expose the anatomy of the rush ally and how democrats and the media created one of the biggest hoaxes in american history. they've been caught red-handed after the house until committee concluded there is no evidence. also rex tillerson is out of the secretary of state. mike pompeo from the cia is in and the democrats, interesting, they are threatening to block the first woman nominated to be the cia director. why? because of her history of being tough on terrorists. ed henry has a full report amount is all in tonight breaking news opening monologue. ♪
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president trump's key campaign promise, build that welcome and takes a big step forward today. the president toured border wall prototypes during a visit to san diego, california. let's take a look. >> if you don't have a wall system, we are not going to have a country. there is a lot of problems in mexico. they have a lot of problems over there and they have the cartels and the cartels, we are fighting the cartels, and we are fighting them hard. nobody ever thought that mike weir fought them. we are looking at capability and solid concrete on the outside door steel and concrete. the piece that you see a peer or you see more clearly, the larger dress, the better is because it's very hard to get over the top. it is really deter them from getting over the top. who would think? who would think? but getting over the top is easy. these are professional mountain climbers, they are incredible climbers. they can't climb some of these
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walls. some of them, they can. those of the wells we are not using. >> sean: most of the ones we are not using. the president also stressed the need for much tighter border security during a speech at a naval base in san diego. take a look at this. >> dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations relentlessly seek to exploit our immigration system. i've just come from a trip to the border, where i met with our wonderful border agents, border patrol and the i.c.e., unbelievable people. and reviewed prototypes of a new physical wall that will protect our border and protect our country. but that wall will stop so much. we look at the different prototypes, and it was fascinating. and we have two or three that really work. we had people trying to scale -- we've done them everywhere. you know i'm a builder. what i do best is built, okay? >> sean: and the president is
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blasting the liberal bastion of california and the governor jerry brown and of course a very liberal mary of oakland for championing century policies that will literally put criminal illegal immigrants before american citizens and their safety. watch this. >> i think you've done a very bad job running california. they have the highest taxes in the united states, the place is totally out of control. your sanctuary cities where your criminals are living in the sanctuary cities and on the mayor of oakland goes out and notifies when i.c.e. is going into pick them up and many of them are criminals with criminal records and very dangerous people and he would say dangerous people. i think the governor is doing a terrible job running the state of california. >> sean: so the state of california is literally putting american lives in danger. why? because they want to follow the law, cooperate with federal immigration officials, and they are trying to do their job, arrest illegal immigrant criminals and remove them from
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the country. this is a national security issues. democrats, sadly they are putting politics and subjecting americans to unnecessary dangerous. now if one american is a victim of a crime committed by people that have no business being in this country, that we know committed other crimes, then democrats in california, well, they will have two on that. what is so despicable about all of this is that democrats continue to lie and misrepresent the facts when it comes to illegal immigrant crime. here are just a couple of statistics that the left in this country don't want you to know about. according to the migration policy institute, look at that, about 820,000 of 11 million illegal immigrants in america are convicted criminals. the u.s. commission has also found illegal immigrants account for 13% of nonimmigration federal sentencing during the fiscal year 2016. that is despite the fact that the illegal immigrants only make up 3.5% of the population.
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it's a stunning number and that number only relates to federal sentences. it is much higher when you include convictions by state and local authorities. it is beyond shameful that the left, democrats, jerry brown, this oakland mayor, they ignore the irrefutable data that is out there and they continue to protect criminal illegal immigrants. liberals have also no clue about what actually happens at the border. i've been down there. we've shown you. i've been at least a dozen times from the rio grande, the san diego on horseback, on all-terrain vehicles, boats, look at me riding a horse. i nearly fell off. we've been all over on boats and everything. i've seen the arrests of gang members. i've seen the drug tunnels. i've seen a drug where houses and everything in between. in 2014, i sat on them as border briefing about border security within texas governor rick perry. doing a seven year. matt, illegal immigrants committed 642,000 crimes, in texas alone.
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this is a serious problem. when are we going to put the safety of the american people first? watch this. >> the criminal aliens have been responsible for about 642,000 criminal offenses. you look at there at the top left, sexual assault, there is close to 8,000 victims. >> 642,000 crimes since 2008? >> in texas alone. >> well over 200,000 individuals with a criminal history, they were committing over 642,000 crimes. that is the cost of not securing the border. >> sean: that is the truth about illegal immigrant crime in this country. now the number one -- they don't collide with the left does lie. that's a sad. we ask a producer to dr. protesters that were gathered outside of the area where president trump was viewing fees border wall prototypes today. listen to what these protesters say.
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[enchanting] >> do we have an immigration problem in the united states? >> no. human beings have wanted the world since forever, since they crawled out of the swamp. [enchanting] >> i immigrated 40 some years ago from one of those [bleep] countries. i'm a very proud american. i'm here exercising my right to disagree with them. >> i remember when you could just walk across back and forth to tijuana and san diego. and i think things are better then. [chanting] >> i think donald trump is the most dangerous thing to happen to our country. i hate to say it, since world war ii, and hitler. >> sean: really? really? here's another piece of key information the left desperately wants to keep secret from you, the american people. we like to tell you the truth.
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according to the center for immigration studies, president trump $18 billion border wall, it would actually pay for itself by reducing illegal immigrant crime. that means drugs coming across the border, reducing the number of federal benefits going to illegal immigrants that don't respect our sovereignty, don't respect our laws. also tonight, we have new bombshell information about that clinton bought and paid for dossier. there is a new book called "russian roulette" written by a liberal journalists and it's meant to smear president trump but instead, it is confirming very key pieces of information that we've been telling you all about. "the daily caller" obtained a copy of this book. they were reporting that barack obama's 2012 campaign -- this is fascinating -- they actually paid fusion gps $3 million for oppo research on mitt romney. the obama campaign, they were able to hide it -- get this -- by funneling payments to fusion gps through that law fir
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firm, that's the same one that hillary used. now we reached out to both president obama and his campaign. they never got back to us. this is the exact same thing that hillary clinton did accept she and the dnc, they didn't pay 3 million. they paid over $12 million for a dossier that used russian government sources and lies and misinformation and propaganda. and "the daily caller" is also reporting on another key piece of information from a book. former british by christopher steele openly doubted his own dossier to his friends. especially one of the biggest pieces of fake news from a dossier, he had no clue if it was true. kind of 50/50 if it's true. of course i'm talking about the completely ridiculous, still never verified, fabricated story about donald trump and hookers at the ritz carlton in moscow. steele didn't think it was true but hillary bought it. she gave it to the fbi.
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the fbi didn't do their job. they never verified it, they never corroborated, which is not only protocol but that is what the fisa law tells them to do. then the fbi user to secure a fisa warrant, that same thing christopher steele didn't even believe in, to spy on an opposition party candidate in an election year. of course they never told the fisa judge that the clinton campaign and the dnc pay for these unverified, salacious lies, and nobody had any clue if it was true. "the daily caller" is also highlighting how the book reveals a key source behind this ritz-carlton claim. it turns out that it's a foreign businessman. the thing is, he's telling "the daily caller" that the dossier is "garbage news. that wasn't hard to figure out. whited in the food. i do it? finally, "the washington times" reporting on yet another major revelation. senior brought my state department official
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victoria noland actually gave the original approval for an fbi agent to meet with christopher steele about the fake news dossier. that means the obama administration was directly involved we also reached out to her for comment. her spokesperson, well, got back to us but never directly addressed several questions. instead he just directed us to old interviews that she had done on the topic. gee, thanks very much. this new revelation is a very key piece of information. why? because it started the entire process of spying on a trump campaign associate and ultimately the trump campaign. how is it possible -- think about this -- in the united states of america, the fbi never corroborated this phony dossier with russian lies. if violated its own protocols, the fisa law itself, this is a massive abuse of power. by the way, the full scope of this is now only slowly being revealed. it's only because a few of us
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are working hard to get you the truth. there is even more explosive information that is going to come out in time. i say to everybody out there, tick tock, stay with us. finally tonight, ranking democratic member on the house until committee, liberal adam schiff, well, we know he's proven to be a liar, for over a year now, he's been orchestrating nothing short of a propaganda misinformation campaign against president trump to delegitimize him and hopefully even take him out of office. by the way, vladimir putin would be proud of all the work that he's doing. the russians' main goal was to sell political discord. that is exactly what congressman schiff has been doing in this country nonstop, even though he is now known the entire time, nr of russia-trump collusion. take a look at congressman schiff. this is the evolution over time on this issue. take a look at this.
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>> what you got hard? >> chris, unfortunately i can't go into the evidence. >> you halves of the car that you can't reveal? >> i can't reveal that. >> there's one thing to say there is evidence in matters another thing to say there's enough evidence to bring to a grand jury for purposes of criminal indictment. >> i don't think we can say anything definitively at this point. we are still at the very early stage of the investigation. >> last march, you said you had more than circumstantial evidence of treasonous collusion with russia. what specifically were you referring to and please be specific because americans have a right to know a year later but that is. >> i certainly said there is ample evidence of collusion. i've never used the word treason. only steve bannon has used that word. if you look at the facts that are already in the public domain, they are pretty damning. >> sean: that means he has no proof. great job, meghan mccain. congressman schiff has proven to
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be a national embarrassment. he's also selectively been leaking like a faucet to try to damage and discredit witnesses that appear before the house until committee. immediately after republicans reach their findings, schiff races over to conspiracy tv msnbc where he wants a job desperately to spin a new narrative because the old narrative didn't work. watch this. >> it became apparent from early on, for almost a year ago, that midnight run to the white house, that the republicans on the committee view their job as protecting the president coming out investigating what took place. essentially it's the intelligence committee majority saying, we just rather not know if it's going to be bad news. and i think that that is a betl of the promise that was made that we would follow the facts wherever they lead. >> >> sean: 14 months you have investigating this! what are you at all your democratic colleagues, the potted plants? what have you been doing? if you have the evidence, bring
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it forward, bring it right here on the show, we'll show it to the audience. after that -- he's continuing to play politics with zero evidence. is this good for the country? take a look. >> last night the majority on the intelligence committee made the decision to prematurely shut down the russian investigation. the only authorized investigation in the house of representatives into what the russians did in the last election, what the u.s. government response was. and the issue of any coordination of collusion with the trump campaign. that was a terrible disservice to the country and the american people and represented a reneging on a commitment that was made at the outset of the investigation to follow the facts wherever they lead. >> sean: 14 months, no evidence, and he wants to keep going. schiff is just an example of everything that is wrong in our modern-day political system. he has no business being in
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congress. everything that comes out of his mouth is alive. he has zero credibility. for example, just today, democrats in the house until committee announced they will continue the russian investigation on their own. they will try and counter the findings from republicans. you think you would have known and 14 in 14 months. here with reaction, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. nra tv contributor and former secret service agent dan bongino. geraldo to my watch list every day. schiff is saying, the end of the investigation early. we have a set investigation, we have a special counsel investigation, we have people on their own -- and nobody has brought even a scintilla of evidence about collusion. how long do they get to lie to the country before enough is enough? >> this has been collusion illusion, sean. congratulations to you. you have lead the charge.
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you have been the one that shows that the tail is wagging the donkey here, that there is no "fair" affair. the fact that the republicans on the house intelligence committee have finally come to this collusion conclusion, and i expect the senate committee will follow and hopefully mueller, the special counsel, welcome as well. it is clear that if there was any proof, that the president of the united states or the candidate prior to this presidency was colluding with a foreign power to rig the american election, after 14 months, for goodness sake, we would have understood and learned it. it is clear there is no proof of collusion because there was no collusion. you have spearheaded this effort. it is a fraud to continue this narrative. let's give them the benefit of the doubt. let's say that there was a real concern that this happened, that a foreign power did survey out and rake our election. we have now discovered that that may have been true but it was
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not true that the president, the candidates, the president-elect, was part of this conspiracy. >> sean: dan bongino, there comes a point, okay, they thought this happened. but it's interesting how this boomerang tobacco. what do we find? hillary paid for the russian lies. hillary paid for the unverified dossier. the fbi got her off the hook because they rake the investigation into her. the fisa courts -- i think the fact that all of that is there and you don't hear about it from the media, it's beyond any comprehension i have. when they say they are supposed to be about finding truth and being fair, balanced, and subjective. i just don't see it anywhere. >> yeah, sean. let me throw another little tidbit out you that is going to scramble your eggs. you mentioned something in the opening about victoria nuland, barking in the state department, who had a role in arranging the fbi-christopher steele relationship.
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who is victoria nuland? she was the chief of staff to a guy named strobe talbot. who is he? a high-ranking diplomat under the bill clinton administration. who was his brother-in-law? code each year, working with sid blumenthal in libya to get information to the clintons about libya and also, the blumenthal operation was a second source of information in addition to christopher steele that made up the dossier file which lied about donald trump. as the clinton dossier, a clintons gave him the entire time. >> sean: i never thought it would be this bad. the article comes out, geraldo, you've been in this business a long time. i'm throwing your 5 year on the air party. you have had a career that nobody can rival. i applaud you for all of it. i really do. but when you say former "new york times" -- there is the picture -- gla brinson, and the
10:21 pm
headline is that she keeps in a bomb at all in her purse for comfort. i can't even wrap my arms around how sick and twisted and traumatized the left has been because we need to give them to a lot of people in in the media. i will buy up a whole stock of obama dolls and send them to everyone that works at cnn fake news and conspiracy tv ms, starting with crazy, you know, liberal joe. he needs one of these obama doll is to make feel better. >> the fact of the matter is, they've wanted this story to be true. let's say that they are honest and motivated in professional and their hands are clean. but they cannot deny that they wanted the story of the manchurian candidate to be true. they want to the story of trump being programmed by vladimir putin to be true. they wanted it so badly that they continued to flog every little bit and to minimize the
10:22 pm
evidence that suggested that maybe they were off track here. >> sean: grade reporting, both of you. we appreciated. geraldo, thank you. and dan bongino. when we come back, ed henry and sebastian gorka. major news on state department.
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10:27 pm
democrats fighting her historic nomination due to her past involvement running overseas black sites that were set up following the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 americans. with more, fox news chief nationalin correspondent, ed henry. he'll be filling in for a shannon bream tonight at 11:00 eastern. also, fox news national strategist, dr. sebastian gorka. the amazing thing about this, 3,000 americans were killed her here. there were three people total that wherever water boarded at gitmo. despite the w debate we had of e country. three. one of them was khalid sheikh mohammed, which because of that action, yeah, it's definitely tough, it led to the courier, and that led to bin laden, and that led to killing bin laden,hi without which he would probably still be alive today. we can't have evil exist in this world without doing something to counter it. and if it means that terrorists caught on the battlefield are forced to answer questions,
10:28 pm
well, sadly that is what you have to do because you are dealing with evil. >> she spent time in turkey, central asia, she was running the new york office for the cia and was a liaison to the fbi. and the obama years, when usama bin laden, as you mentioned, was killed. this was someone who, yes, she was involved in the black sites, where you had enhanced interrogation techniques, critics call it torture. you're right. there's already been abated we can expect there will be t an en bigger debate in the days ahead. democrats like chuck chuck schumer, dianne feinstein, already saying they will ask sharp questions. by the way, republicans like john mccain, already had with tough comments tonight saying she was involved in torture. they are going to give her a tough g ride in the confirmatio. here's the bottom line. this is something i've talkedtho people in the white house about and they say they are spoiling for this fight. if democrats and some republicans in the senate want
10:29 pm
to try to block president trump from dominating the first female to run the cia all because she was too tough on terrorists, that is a fight they will have an emergent election year. >> sean: good luck taking that position. i guarantee by the time all this at an they will back off. i've known mike pompeo, dr. sebastian gorka, for a long time. i like him. he did a good job as the cia director. aa lot of mess to clean up. i'm not sure how far he's gotten in all that. the thing i like about pompeo, you're always able to have a conversation with him and he would listen. whether you agree or disagree. i found him -- in the case of rex tillerson, i never talked to the guy wants. he seemed never to be available for the media. and he was at odds especially ol the iranian policy of thepr president. president trump never wanted to extend mediterranean deal months but he was fighting within his own -- in this particular case, state department.
10:30 pm
>> absolutely.te i have s the same opinion of mie pompeo, as well. he will go down fighting to clean the swamp. he's done some very quietly, some amazing things that cia. i can think of no better person to clean the real swamp that is foggy bottom and the state department. not only does he listen to other for my personal experience, he also reaches out for good counsel from people who are outside the swamp. rex field of thede state department. he isolated the political appointees come he did not return calls from our ambassadors. it was time for him to go and i can think of very few people who will be as great in foggy bottom as mike pompeo, sean. >> sean: what is his reputation on capitol hill? v speak a very strong. he was a tea party republican, initially came in and was seen as a conservative but reached across the aisle event. first in his closet west point,
10:31 pm
won the respect of democrats, and a lot of people raise their eyebrows at him, while the tea party guy be able to run the cia? by all accounts, we have not heard a single democrat raise questions about that. the bigger question, will he be too close to the president compared to tillerson and be more of a yes-man? that will be an issue. because tillerson was at odds at all of these things. >> sean: one last question for dr. gorka. you look at the house until report. no evidence 14 months and of trump-russia collusion and they want to keep going and going and going and then you got a special counsel, it appears nothing is related to trump-russia collusion that he is even investigating. >> let's just focus on two things. number one cup of mike pompeo will never be an man. that is not a criticism have to worry about. this is just insane.
10:32 pm
listen to the news, i did an interview earlier today where they are talking about rex tillerson being fired because he said something negative about putin yesterday. i was told by a cabinet member, sean, and december. the plan is to have mike pompeo replace rex tillerson at the state department. that is three months ago. that is reality. >> sean: good to see you. by the way, we'll be watching tonight, ed henry filling in for shannon bream and 11 eastern 1. 8:00 pacific. when we come back, i have a mini monologue on people like louis farrakhan and hillary clinton and why the democrats say these horrific things that support these terrific people. we are awaiting the special election in pennsylvania, and we'll follow that straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: all right. for decades,
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>> sean: for decades, the left, what have they employed? identity politics in order to divide america and of course we have seen this every election. manipulate the election. race card, gender card, men versus women, these are all tactics, predictable tactics, that the left he uses in order to claim the moral high ground. of course a distractible strategy is built on a foundation of lies. for years, parliament elected democrats have piled around one of america's biggest most prominent racist anti-semite nights, louis farrakhan preliterate . hillary clinton is still whining and making excuses about why she lost the election. in the process, insulting women and every american who voted for donald trump. we will break thatan down and tonight's mini monologue. so louis farrakhan, he purports to be a great leader, a minister of the nation of islam, but in reality, he is a small minded,
10:38 pm
bigoted races to petals hatred and of course conspiracy theories to anyone that will listen to him. sadly this includes eight democratic members of congress. even barack obama was pictured at an event with farrakhan prior to becoming president in 2005. during the 2008 election, the congressional black caucus, they made sure that all americans saw the picture. that picture never saw the light of day. that is according to the man who took the picture. tonight we are asking one obvious question: do these democrats. really care, what thy say about combating racism, pushing equality? why would they have ties to that being?man here are just a few of his bigoted views. take a look. >> the jews don't like farrakhan, so they call me hitler.. that is a good name. hitler was a very great man. the satanic jews!
10:39 pm
they control everything and mostly everybody. >> there were many israelis and zionist jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks. >> you see white people deserve to die. and they know, so they think it is us coming to to do it. >> caucasian means we can flooded, weak boned, steel face faced. there is no human being that has murdered more living things than the caucasian. he is a murderer and a liar. >> but when we die and they die, then soon come up are going to set a table and talk about we
10:40 pm
want to some this earth. we will tear this country up. >> sean: tear the country apart.n: wow. in light of the more bigoted remarks made by farrakhan in january, house republicans introduce it a resolution condemning him of the rnc released a memo which calls on members of congress that have ties to farrakhan, calling them "the hateful farrakhan eight." we are is the moral outrage of the left? where are the democrats calling for allison, water, and others to explain their's ties to the spigot, racist, anti-semite? spoiler alert, you are not going to hear outrage were liberals on this topic. why? it doesn't help them politically. that aside. you've hillary clinton, during an appearance in india over the weekend, she made no mention of farrakhan but instead served up a big cup of democratic identity politics
10:41 pm
while slamming those irredeemable deplorable stoma people who voted for specialrump with a sling for white women. watch this. >> we do not do well with white men and we don't do well with varied white women. and part of that is that identification with the republican party and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. >> sean: how insulting are those remarks? in her mind, all white women who voted for trump only listen to men. you don't think she should apologize to those offensive remarks? joining us now, fox news contributor tomi lahren and catalina magazine publisher kathy rew. his farrakhan a racist and
10:42 pm
anti-semite? >>he absolutely. >> sean: what about these democrats who are friends with him -- s >> in 2005, a nonplayer. you take a photo with someone, you are a player in d.c.? >> sean: he's a known anti-semite and a known racist. and he made these remarks last weekend on these guys once a united forward about him. >> sounds like president trump. non-latino, nonmuslim, this is a racist living in the right hous house. >> sean: what's racist? >> mexicans are racist and murderous. that was a year a ago. farrakhan was 2005. >> sean: he never, ever said -- if you have to lie to make a point in this program? >> why? he didn't say that? >> heat said some. he went down to texas -- >> that's not racist. >> sean: >> sean: some rx maxon.
10:43 pm
many come here because they want opportunity but some commit crimes. kate steinle, for example. let's bring in tomi lahren. tomi. >> i thought the left stood on the moral high ground. i think you'll ben the first ones. to dump language like this but it just goes c to show that the left, the democrats, they are just anti-trump. this is shown clearly because he can't even admit it. all you do -- >> i condemned it. i said trump is exactly like the opposite side. >> farrakhan -- >> you're comparing the two? this just shows how delusional you are, cathy. >> sean: the problem is, cathy made up something that trump said. many people coming from countries because they want hope and opportunity. but when i sat through that briefing that i showed earlier, tomi, 642,000 crimes committed against taxes and a seven year
10:44 pm
period by illegals, and some of those crimes were murder. >> so... >> they will not admit the actual quote that donald trump said. he said some people are coming over here and they shouldn't be here. do you agree? >> he said theyey rac are rapisd murderers. >> he never said that! >> sean: why do you have to make that up? why can't u you just say that these democratic congressmen should condemn farrakhan and denounce him and stay away from him? speak it was like saying that republicans should not get near david duke. >> sean: i agree. >> no one's getting near farrakhan right now. >> sean: excuse me, there are eight congressmen at once a negative word against them. >> they are not getting paid by the sky, they are not hanging out with this guy -- >> sean: you have to be paid by the racist but you can hang out with him as long as they were not paid. >> old photos, give me a break. >> sean: joe concha when we come back. thank you both.
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>> sean: all right. welcome back to >> sean: s welcome back to "hannity." i have often said journalism in america is dead and has been buriedn since 2007. these past 24 hours of press coverage once again proves my point.t. let start with the media's coverage of the house until committee. they released a report that says donald trump, no russia collusion. let's watch the coverage. >> this is been a highly partisan investigation from the start. >> russia tried to interfere in the election on behalf of donald trump. yet they claim in this report made for talk radio but that wasn't the case.
10:50 pm
why did they lie when everybody knows they're lying? >> surprised? know. outraged? yes. for the reason that it is this it should be simply from the get-go that is bigger than partisanship but in the house committee, it's never been. >> if this report were written on toilet paper, i wouldn't stoop to wipe my belief with that. these people owe us more. >> sean: the media was quick to slam trump trumps new pick d the cia. take a look at babes because there is controversy in her past. he was a torture program afteru' september 11th. involved with destroying videotapes of the matter also. that might be something that might become problematic. >> she's involved in one of the most difficult, controversial arrows in the cia. >> he said this repeatedly on the campaign trail that waterboarding didn't go far enough, he would do that and worse. gina haspel has a real history with enhanced interrogation in the cia. >> who does that benefit?
10:51 pm
is not benefiting the voters and it won't help them get elected in pennsylvania. >> sean: here with reaction from "the hill," media analyst and critic, joe concha. >> what's happening? >> sean: it so predictable. that is a big deal after 14 months that the house until committee, and adam schiff himself, who got destroyed by meghan mccain, can't say one -- give us one bit of evidence of trump-russia collusion. >> 58 seconds was given to that story last night on the three evening networks. nbc actually just ignored it altogether. that's amazing when you consider the mrc study that showed that 204 minutes were given to mueller and russia and only 12 minutes to the economy and jobs. even a majority of that coverage was negative. a tough thing to do. remember, 17 times less coverage toward the economy and jobs than mueller and russia. last night, one report from four
10:52 pm
of the investigations comes out, one network ignores it and to grow give it less than 30 seconds. you can timidly do any analysis into that report as a result. that was disappointing. >> sean: i'm looking at this pennsylvania race that has been going on. with all due respect to the republican, a weak candidate. came in third. a district that is going to change. right now if there there's about 25-quote difference. close race. if he didn't win by 20 points, it is going to be a trump loss. if he wins, a trump loss. if the other guy wins, the other candidates mean nothing in this particular race. then we had the big blue with that was going to happen in texas. they ignore that because it didn't come back the way they wanted. are we wrong to interpret, or the media interpret these elections, and not factor in who the candidates are, what's going on in those particular
10:53 pm
districts? >> i think the president we saw an alabama with roy moore, a horrible candidate. the only one a statewide race by four points for years before that, and all those allegations against him that really, really stuck. that became a referendum on president trump. now we are seeing in pennsylvania, we don't know how it will turn out. my "new york times" needle is not off right now because certain thoughts aren't coming in from one county. we all depend on that. it seems to be picking and choosing what matters and what doesn't. to this point, as far as congressional races, he sent pretty well a special election. alabama didn't go well. the narrative will shift determined by the results of a certain race. did you want to talk about gina haspel? i have some thoughts. >> sean: 20 seconds. >> the first female ever to be nominated for the cia. this was another president, we to be talking about how the president was championing women, putting them in a position of power like he did with kellyanne
10:54 pm
conway as the first campaign manager or sarah sanders as one of the few female press secretaries. we are not saying that coverage. instead we are focusing on torture. i agree with ed henry, who said if we will focus on terrorism, this is it. >> sean: we'll look at that race in pennsylvania. 49-49. we'll have an update next. ♪ (alarm sounds)
10:55 pm
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>> sean: we are following the race in pennsylvania. look at that, 49.5-49.9. bret baier of "special report" " it doesn't really get closer than that. 101,907. 100,000, 979. what you think? >> you have the libertarian and x-rays getting double the amount of the difference between the difference republican or democ.
10:59 pm
this is a race that is just going to come down to the very last precinct. and the big picture, big picture, there is going to be a lot of bragging rights, who won, who didn't. this is likely going to be a district that is redrawn and in a matter of months is going to be redrawn. a bunch of these guys could end up running for congress again and get in. >> sean: an amazing part of the story. i'm not going after saccone but he was not the strongest candidate. quickly explain that. >> he wasn't. the party had to rescue him from fund-raising deficits. he was outraised 5-1. when president trump came in there, he fired up the grouse and we'll see if the red part of this congressional district could come out in the end. again, talking hundreds of votes now as we are taking down to the end. >> sean: very exciting. we'll have, no matter what happens, donald trump wouldn't win and leslie got 22% of the vote, there's only so much one
11:00 pm
person can do. stay with the fox news daniel. will have continuing coverage of the special election in pennsylvania. there she is. why do you get the final result and i don't? i used to work at 10:00. you still my hour.


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