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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 14, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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thank you, guy benson, bret baier, chris stirewalt. i'll be back in this chair tomorrow night, 11:00 a.m. eastern time, bret will be >> my term will terminate at midnight march 31st. >> we disagreed on things, when you look at the air india. i think it is terrible. he thought it was okay. i wanted to break do something and he felt differently. >> we are still fighting the fight. not over yet. we will fight all the way to the end. >> we celebrate regaining our voice and our vote. >> we are not going to have a country. >> the community and the world morning a major loss, stephen hawking, one of the most prolific and preeminent
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scientists has passed away. ♪ >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, the middle of the week. it has been a busy one. one of the big things happening today, too close to call. all eyes on pennsylvania as this morning it is razor thin margin separates the two candidates but one is already declaring victory. let's get to eric shawn.
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>> >> the republicans have taken 5 house seats so far but the democrats got one here early this morning but it is not over yet. it is up to 1000 absentee ballots. the three counties that make up this in which the absentees are still are green, washington county, that could be good news for the republican candidate. connor lamb, the democrat, claiming victory in this race, and ivy league are last night, just after midnight criticized the current political climate in a speech and promised to bring change to washington. he was backed by this deal. many of his positions dovetailed with donald trump's policies like steel tabs, he opposes
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abortion and wants to dr. nancy pelosi. he promised in washington he would help end the nation's contentious politics. >> it took longer than we thought but we did. i will work on the problems our people face, secure their jobs, i will work with anyone to do that. >> republican rick succone says it is not over yet. perhaps the ballots occurred in allegheny county, most populous county, suburban working-class women, college-educated women for the race, foreign steel and project have the right to work, that didn't sit right with the unions, he aligned himself with donald trump. >> we are still fighting the fight, it is not over yet. we are going to fight all the
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way to the end. you know i never give up. my first race ran into the night at my second race was the same way. we are used to that. >> with those captives still out this race is likely going to a recount. >> not over till it is over, count every vote. in our fox news alert, major shakeup at the white house, rex tillotson breaking silence after the president abruptly vitamin names a replacement. david shelton could be next on the chopping block. what is going to happen today. >> this is a seismic shift, secretary of state rex tillersun
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is out, donald trump acknowledging what folks have known for a long time, they didn't see eye to eye on a number of issues. >> we have been talking about this for a long time. we got along quite well but disagreed on things. when you look at the it ran deal i think it is terrible. rex is a very good man. i like him a lot. >> there is a question when he was informed about this was he got a call after the first move on twitter. regardless he did bid farewell to the state department. >> what is most important is ensuring orderly transition at the time the country continues to face policy and national security challenges. >> as far as the transition is concurred, the administration is
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prepared, tillersun will be replaced by mike pompeo who will be replaced at the cia by deputy gina haskell who will be the first woman to end the spy agency and we may not be done. the next shoe to drop will be the department of veterans affairs, and shelton, there are ethical issues. all these changes will require senate confirmation. this might jam up the senate. mike pumpeo has been through the process. gina haskell has not and there may be some issues, the so-called black sides and interrogation methods, all of that will come up in confirmation hearings but this is the team the president wants to have moving forward. >> thank you for joining us.
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we are going to talk about this coming up. democrats are demanding the house russia probe is far from over. congressman adam schiff firing back after the house intelligence committee shut down its investigation saying there was no evidence of russian collusion. >> our work is far from done and we will be submitting to the public detailed account on the work that has to be done. it is not by us then by others. >> democrats refuse the close the book on russian collusion. peter king says enough is enough. >> we had 73 witnesses, 300,000 pages of documents were analyzed and none of that showed any
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collusion whatsoever. there comes a time you have to say enough is enough and if anything comes up. and if anything unexpected arises that is one thing but based on all we have seen from key witnesses and following all the leads there has been no evidence of collusion, talking about the office of president of the united states and the longer this hangs out there, indicating there's something to it when we know there's nothing to it we are doing the office of the president to service in the country to service so by wrapping it up now as far as the collusion aspect we are doing the right thing. >> taking a closer look here is how the committee breaks down. along with 22 house until members 13 are republicans and mine are democrats. a major victory, state lawmakers praising a federal appeals court decision to uphold a new law targeting sanctuary cities and officials to back them. the rule allows police officers to ask people during routine stops whether they are in the us legally and it threatens chefs with jail time for not cooperating with ice. still on hold the provision to
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allow punishing elected officials who don't enforce the law. investigators still don't know what caused this bus packed with students to plunge 50 feet down a ravine killing the driver. the bus was one of two taking a texas high school band home to alabama from disney world. 40 students were on board along with 6 adults. 37 people were hurt and one critically. students say the band director was yelling the driver's name just before the crash. >> i heard a lot of screaming, some students stuck under seats. some were on top of other students. there was a lot of panic to get people out. >> the wife of long time driver harry says he passed a physical to keep his license just days ago. the manhunt for suspected serial
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bomber in austin intensifies with the terrorism motive still on the table. is $65,000 reward is in place for information leading to an arrest. dreiling mason died in two women were injured after packages were left in front of their homes and exploded. another man was killed the same way two weeks ago. investigators believe the explosions are connected and they could be hate crimes. florida gunmen nikolas cruz will be arraigned today as prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty. he is willing to plead guilty in return for 34 consecutive life sentences, this is students across the country prepare to walk out of class in honor of 17 victims to pushed for stricter gun laws. the superintendent telling parents he will not interfere with the walkout as long as it remains peaceful calling the protests, quote, teachable moments. one of the groundbreaking voices
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in science, stephen hawking, has died. he passed peacefully at his home in cambridge, england was he was diagnosed with als at the age of 21 leaving him unable to speak or walk. >> i have motor disease, a progressive condition that reduces my powers of movement but does not affect my ability to feel at least so i think. >> is known for his world renowned research and quantum mechanics including the science behind black holes and the big bang theory. he was awarded the provincial medal of freedom, the highest honor, stephen hawking was 76. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump parting ways with rex tillersun, state department press officer morgan ortega's calls this an american first
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move. here to explain that next. >> i was raised to respect everyone's religious faith and i fell short of that. i apologize for what i said. >> joy beheart apologizing for anti-christian comments visit too little too late? buyer beware, hundreds of thousands of battery chargers recalled, just like this. the new warning.
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>> rex tillersun and mike pumpeo is in as the president prepares a groundbreaking meeting with north korea. how will it impact potential
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denuclearization deal with kim jong un. morgan ortega's, thank you for joining us, great to have you here. you can tell us if this is normal. >> great to see you again as always. the interesting thing was so much talk around when tillerson was fired, i don't see that as consequential. what changes will be made with pomp pompeo? the president will really have someone who speaks trumpet. i have heard him speak some he is very direct, very persuasive, to the point but not like most diplomats, he will be a very
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different secretary of state. you have seen in john kerry, wants to talk on deal after dealing do anything to get the deal. you won't see that with him. you will see someone who represents the president and his policymaking apparatus which is a seachange. heather: america first and a little more bold. rex tillersun, there were several areas of disagreement that he admitted to. >> an interesting point. dirty laundry being aired yesterday, donald trump, everything he has done the past year. the policy disagreement we were talking about the two key things we will see for the rest of the year will be a ran, north korea,
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around every 90 days, this is something tillerson is pushing for. pompeo will take a different stance to the air and dealing north korea, representing the administration. leading up to the proposed trump kim jong un meeting, could not be a more important time for the president to have the person he feels best represents him for the job. we read about history, this year as relates to north korea and dram, one of the most important in our lifetime. and could heather: the first female spy holding the position of cia director taking over from mike pompeo. >> she stole the job from me. i always wanted that job. it is always fantastic to see a
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woman reaching the top, something important and he reported on, she has been in fuzz for 30 years but also served as deputy director of the national clandestine service. a lot of broad-based support among rank and file who are happy to see their own get to the top but this is not going to go without controversy. john mccain and others have signaled a lot of questions to answer for her involvement, pompeo having gone through the senate confirmation process, senate democrats depend on anyone -- >> these changes were going for. and what we absolutely trust for me ran and north korea.
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thank you for joining us. latimer putin calling the number of, russia defined the ultimatum over the poisoning of an spy. the new plans to punish the kremlin. >> ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. >> hillary clinton's tirade against millions of americans overseas crossing a line even her former campaign manager says it went too 5. carly shimkus tracking the reaction on social media. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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heather: ice director firing back at nancy pelosi after she called the feds targeting illegal immigrants cowardly. >> talk about law enforcement officers, pluto and women who put their lives on the line for this country, the safety and security of their homes, how dare you call them cowardly. heather: this after ice raids in california lead to the arrest of 300 illegal immigrants more than half of which were convicted criminals. there is a san francisco sheriff apologizing after the health debarment allowed ice agents to interview two inmates violating california sanctuary city laws. vicki hennessey going as far as to say she is embarrassed and ice was testing our defenses and
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found some week points. this the ignored 469 requests by ice to turn over illegal immigrants. 212 requests have been ignored so far this year. switching gears, it took 8 weeks to apologize to the vice president for attacking his faith and joy beheart is saying it to the christian community. >> mike pence is right, i was raised to respect everyone's religious faith and fell short of that, i apologize for what i said. heather: she apologized but is it too little too late? the reaction online and there is reaction. >> reporter: the vice president was crazy for thinking he could talk to god. the vice president told sean hannity he has forgiven her bananas on social media not willing to turn the other cheek.
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south says she apologized because she was told to do so, too late, not so sincere, begun, deborah tweets she waited too long to apologizing that tells me she doesn't think she said anything wrong. the vice president encouraging forgiveness. heather: i don't know if forgive this will reach this far. hillary clinton getting major pushback for her comments about americans including her former campaign manager. >> reporter: a conference in india she said trump supporters are backwards and suggested she lost the election because white women listened to how their sons and fathers were voting, that comment receiving widespread backlash. even her former presidential campaign manager saying she shouldn't have said that. >> this is bad.
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i can't sugarcoat it. distancing themselves on these remarks and distance themselves from her. >> reporter: some conservatives see the silver lining like hrc can keep making these comments at uniting republicans and independents, voters for trump and family says finally a democrat who -- heather: she is just saying what a lot of people in her position actually think. >> the first daytime talk show interview, james comey heading for the view next month but the news not receiving a warm reception on social media. one twitter users says why giving comey a platform to lie and continue to deceive the american people? we should expect nothing but scripted softball questions protecting hillary and obama while maligning donald trump.
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heather: donald trump's key campaign promise, his big beautiful border wall, one step closer to becoming reality. will it actually stopped illegals? >> incredible climbers, they can't climb some of these walls. the brand-new promise and the high-stakes race in pennsylvania too close to call. the democrat declaring himself the winner. the next guest says the left shouldn't be so confident.
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heather: donald trump's border wall one step closer to reality and democrats not happy about it, taking aim at sanctuary california while touring the eighth final prototype. kelly right is here with what is
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next. >> reporter: donald from getting closer to building, quote, a great big beautiful wall. the president making his case that america needs a wall adding california is practically begging for the wall. in san diego, california, given a tour where workers build eight different border walls, 30 feet high. the president explained his reason for wanting that wall. >> the border wall is truly our first line of defense, the great ice agents and other people moving people out. thousands of lives, taxpayers, hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing crime, drug flow, welfare fraud, burdens on
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schools. >> reporter: the president taking aim at california absent to worry cities. >> the horrible group of people in many cases as what happened in oakland was a disgrace to our nation. >> reporter: responding to the criticism california atty. gen. xavier reject the president's demand for a border wall. >> building walls is a medieval technology that doesn't have a place in the 21st century. better ways to apprehend them and trying to put up a wall we have seen can be surpassed and don't provide the protection we need. >> governor jerry brown wrote californians are focusing on building bridges, not walls, adding that is just a figure of
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speech. you see some hostilities in the political leadership of california and the press. >> we talk to the president of one of those companies, one of those prototypes, coming up. and isis fanatic teenager going on a stabbing rampage at a sleepover killing a 13-year-old. corey johnson slit the teenager's throat, stabbed another teen's mother and her son who ran to a neighbor's house to call 911. >> she rang my bill, is bleeding, is a murderer. that is all i know. she is bleeding like crazy here. >> reporter: johnson admitted to converting to islam and watching jihad videos. the fbi admitted they investigated johnson last year but nothing came out of it. the 12 jurors will see and hear
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graphic evidence from the pulse shooting mascaras opening statement begin today, the government filing a motion to introduce part of a 90 minute recording from inside the club of the gunman saying he was wearing an explosive vest and had co-conspirators with him as he gunned down 49 people. two, 911 calls made by victims, please audio and graphic photos will be used as evidence. whenever been calling teresa may's bluff, the poisoning of the former russian spy. the former prime minister had given russia until midnight whistling by a nerve agent produced in russia was used on the former spy and his daughter who remain hospitalized. russia -- there were threats of logic us fibers of attack against the kremlin as a second russian opponent of putin's was
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founded in london. nikolai had strangulation marks on his death. the cause of death has been -- not been determined. the first lady teaming up with tech giants to tackle online harassment and promote amazon, facebook and google expected to attend a meeting with milania at the white house, marking her first major policy push shit since she announced her anti-bullying platform during the campaign. no official winner in the pennsylvania special congressional election where democrat connor lamb leads republican rick succone by a razor thin margin, district donald trump won big in 2016. what does this mean for the midterms? thank you very much for joining us. democrats declaring victory in
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this. congratulations to connor lamb on a historic win. i want to take every person in pennsylvania and across the country, we will harness this energy to turn more seats. in november and take back our country. first of all declaring victory is not over. >> not only is it not over there could be a recount. this is presumptuous of him to go ahead and declare victory when in the we hours of the morning we don't know who is going to be victorious. he needs more gracious about that. heather: these votes that have to be counted, another statement talks about this blue wave coming which we heard about. will that happen? is this an indication this will happen? the fact that it is so close. >> democrats will use this if he is victorious as their momentum as well they should but you got to look farther into how he ran.
1:38 am
connor lamb ran almost like a moderate republican. he did not side with nancy pelosi. he said he was going to work and get things done. he had a lot of issues he sided with republicans on and you got to look at how he ran. if they want to look at winning races and want to run like republicans that is their next step. heather: are they taking a page out of donald trump's playbook, going as an outsider? if they choose to do that, what can republicans do? >> they can counteract that by getting candidates who are more enthusiastic, those types of democrats more of a run for their money and stay on message with trump because i think rick succone is this close because
1:39 am
trump made an appearance. heather: he was behind by six points saturday, the president went down there and we have this razor thin margin. >> reporter: look how close this margin is. you can see how effective trump as a campaigner, a surrogate for some of these people running a tight race, look how it makes a difference because he was lagging behind entities neck in neck which proves to me trump has still got it and somebody voters want to see more of. heather: time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, an urgent recall, hundreds of thousands of battery chargers could burst into flames, the warning you need to hear before you leave the house. this is an awful story. this little puppy is dead after being stuffed into an overhead been on a plane.
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the airline facing a firestorm and how it is responding. >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue, the satanic jews. white people deserve to die. heather: still defending louis farrakhan's anti-semitic comments, the new resolution to put pressure on the left. ♪ thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again heather: republicans condemning anti-semitic words from louis farrakhan demanding democrats to the same leaders on the left remain silent. more on how republicans have had enough. >> reporter: a quick montage of the few comments from louis farrakhan. >> the jews don't like farrakhan
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so they call me hitler. that is a good name. hitler was a very great man. your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan. the satanic jews. you see white people deserve to die. white folks are going down. >> reporter: calling on the house of representatives to condemn the nation of islam leader putting pressure on several house democrats with ties to him that include democratic national committee deputy chair keith ellison who attended dinner with him with the rainy president and publicly defended him. >> i have always thought for equal rights for all people and will continue to do so. i denounced and been a fierce opponent of anti-semitism from whatever source and i will continue to do so. in this political environment you can expect people to say anything they want to distract
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from the core issues. >> reporter: there is no place in civil discourse for this clear anti-semitism and hate for another group of human beings coming will discuss the resolution coming up on "fox and friends". heather: great to have you with us. foxbusiness alert, your phone charger could burst into flames just like this. tracy is here with the brand-new recall. >> reporter: you are talking about portable phone chargers with amazon recalling 260,000 of them by the amazon basics brand, 53 reports of these overheating and one report of getting burned by battery acid, causing damage to your items. if you have one of these amazon will contact you or you can contact amazon to get your money back because these are pretty
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dangerous. heather: a special drink for prince harry and megan markel. >> reporter: just in time for their royal wedding, a special beer done by a brewery in england and the beer on your screen is called the windsor not. it has got british hearts combined with american west coast, kind of a nod to the british and the american, available in london online. heather: i like the name. thank you so much. have a great day. the time is 15 minutes after the top of the hour, wanting to build the border wall, a first chance look at the prototype during the visit to california. the ceo joins us live with his pitch for donald trump up next. ♪
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heather: donald trump getting a look at the beginning stages of his big beautiful border wall looking at eight options in california. what is next? let's ask one of the contractors selected to build one of the prototypes. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. tell us what happened yesterday. you present your proposal to donald trump. what makes your wall better than the other one? >> ours is the only solid concrete wall which we can build an elevated roadway and give border protection, better security measures for the agents
1:51 am
to protect every single american and you can see that more in depth, no different than the videos you are seeing but twitter account, really explains the elevated views versus trying to see it. and 150 years, what they are replacing now that was only out there 10 to 20 years. heather: you have a road in front on both sides of the wall? >> that is absolutely correct. in places like the rio grande in texas we would not have a road. our flood control because there would be water or whatever else could flood, we have multiple uses. heather: a lot of people are concerned about the cost of all this. your wall, what is your proposed cost? >> we have two costs with homeland security sitting on her
1:52 am
desk, went about 700 miles consistently through arizona, california and new mexico and just earlier this week we presented a smaller proposal, homeland security, if the president said so, $274 million to build 15 miles of the most rugged mountainous land in southern california to show we have a base, we can prove what we can do. heather: let's talk about your company specifically. in terms of jobs, what kind of jobs will be spring and how many? >> on the big proposal thousands of jobs. with and probably upwards of 1000 jobs. all high-paying jobs. we could train inner-city youth to novice people in construction but we believe with our patent pending system we can bring sexy back to construction. there's nothing better than when you strip those forms in our patent pending process to see a perfectly poured concrete wall
1:53 am
that will last 150 years and we embed the color into the concrete as well. some of the walls you are showing when you paint them, look at something to build over 1900 miles, if paint fades in a year or two what do you have? with ours looks the same year after year. of the 20 bringing sexy back to construction. i can tell you love your job and love what you do and you'll use all-american product. >> all our partners, steel inside the concrete made by american workers and we are ready to roll. heather: thank you for joining us. we will follow along and see what happens. have a good day. 8 minutes until the top of the hour. imagine being put on the wrong plane and traveling 1000 miles from your destination. that happened to more than 30 people and next time, maybe they
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should hail a taxi in the sky. how soon this could be a reality. ♪ ♪ once i get you up there ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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right as people get going midway through the week. hump day, not too long ago. thanks for watching "fox and friends first," almost the top of the hour. this is an awful 2 story to tell you about, tragedy for a pet owner. a beloved puppy dying midflight. united airlines flight attendant insisting the 10-month-old had to go in the overhead bin on a flight from houston to new york. the family didn't realize the puppy stopped breathing until they landed. united apologized and said they are investigating. this isn't the first time this airline has had problems. remember the doctor who was dragged off a plane in april after refusing to give up his seat. a major mishap in the sky, 34 passengers land 600 miles from their intended destination.
1:59 am
the next flight leaving from central sweden was supposed to be heading to the southwest coast but instead landed far north after passengers were told to board the wrong plane after their original flight was delayed due to weather. instead of hailing a cab used in may be hailing when in the sky. a google cofounder, larry page, revealing a flying taxi. the self flying vehicle can reach speeds of 110 mph meaning it would take you from midtown in new york to jfk airport in 10 minutes. it is being tested in new zealand. that is a great idea. jetsons are here. thank you for watching this hour of "fox and friends first," see you here tomorrow, goodbye.
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>> my position of secretary of state will terminate at midnight march 31st. >> we disagreed on things. rob: staff shakeups at the state department. rex tillerson out, mike pompeo is in. is the head of the va next? >> we are fighting the fight. it is not over yet. we will fight all the way to the end. >> rick succone refusing to back down despite his opponent declaring victory. the closely watched contest in pennsylvania too close to call. patty: rob: a patriot paying tribute to a fallen officer. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪


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