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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 14, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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one. council nor lamb has got this, i think. >> kennedy: dry your tears on your beautiful tie. we are back at noon. back at noon eastern tomorrow. let's go to harris faulkner right now. >> harris: and a lot of breaking news in just the last 30 seconds or so. fox news alert. a nail biter of a race that could tell us a lot about 2018. let's go outnumbered year time i'm harris faulkner. the race in pennsylvania's 18th congressional district remains too close to call at this hour. just about 600 votes now separating democrat conor lamb from republican rick saccone out of a nearly quarter of a million votes cast. election officials telling the associated pressure there are about 200 absentee votes and an unknown number of provisional ballots that still must be counted. while conor lamb and the democratic party are claiming victory on this, rick saccone says he's not giving in yet. >> it took a little longer than we thought, but we did
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it. [cheers and applause] >> tonight we celebrate regaining our voice and our vote in the great business of governing this country. you know we are still fighting the fight. it's not over yet. don't give up and we will keep it up. we're going to win it. >> harris: mollie line in p.a. outside of pittsburgh, mollie? >> harris, as you mentioned, state rep rick saccone vowing to fight on. the national party has his back. the communications director for the national republican congressional committee matt gore monday saying we are absolutely not conceding, the nrcc is waiting for provisional ballots to be counted by friday. and a recount has not been ruled out. did i speak with one attorney on the ground here he said he was asked by the saccone camp to watch the overnight count of absentee ballots going on in washington county. ultimately it was the democrat conor lamb who picked up the votes that evening. the process was far from perfect. more broadly he is hearing of multiple irregularities
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and would not be surprised to see some legal challenged in the coming days. meanwhile the democratic victory in this once relinably red district is reverb rating in washington. >> it's 20-point trump district. you know, that's a wake-up call. it sure is. >> i think in some ways it was a wake-up call but i wouldn't go any further than that. >> a wake-up call, harris. a lot of eyes will be looking to the mid terms after this. but, regardless of who is declared a winner in this race, this district will soon no longer exist. and either of these candidates and not for that matter many candidates across the state when they run in may will be running in newly redrawn districts. that's because the state supreme court has released a new map after ruling in a gerrymandering case that the old one was unfair as drawn by the g.o.p. legislature. republicans may very well be mounting a legal challenge to that as well. a lot of busy days ahead in pennsylvania courtrooms. harris?
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>> harris: definitely. thank you very much, mollie line. and we will see you hopefully with the vote count and an update soon. our next guest knows or my first guest knows pennsylvania's 18th inside and out. the treasurer of state g.o.p. and chair of the allegheny republican committee. we are in a squeaker right now. tell me about what's happening inside your state and how this went last night. the turnout so on and so forth? >> the turnout was extremely high, haste, las harris, last n. the race hasn't been officially called even though conor lamb has declared victory. rick saccone has been great candidate and his record has been outstanding especially in comparison to his opponent. he has served in the air force. he has been in north korea. he has served in the state house for 8 years. he teaches at a university. he has been, you know, international business, so his record is outstanding in comparison to his opponent. the issue, i think last
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night in addition to, you know, conor lamb claims huge union turnout in his support was the fact that i think lamb basically ran as a republican. and the phrase that i would like to say is here's a lamb in republican clothing. lamb says is he pro-life, progun. you know, pittsburgh -- the region is, you know, steel, coal, he says is he all of that i do not think that conor lamb will deliver once he gets elected in all those facets. >> harris: yeah, we will be watching to see how he actually votes. that's an excellent point. i want to go back to though and some republicans have not said that rick saccone was all that great of a candidate. i'm kind of surprised to hear you say it in such strong way, yet, the money didn't follow that candidate from the republican party. why did it take so long to get the funding and the support that saccone needed until, of course, the president came and started moving the needle? >> you know what rick saccone has been a fantastic
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candidate, harris. >> harris: why not put money behind him earlier on? >> and that's where the national groupings needed to come in and it took a little late for the national groups to come in but rick saccone is perfect candidate. he speaks his mind. and what he says is what he delivers on. and that's the difference between him and conor lamb. unfortunately, i think the voters were confused in this case and that's possibly the reason why the money was also like as you are saying going to conor lamb. but rick saccone and i have known him personally for a number of years. and is he absolutely the most honest man with integrity and he ran the race that's true to who he is. >> harris: interesting. are you in favor of a recount at this point? it's not mandatory even though it's very, very squeaky close, but you can petition for it in that state. your thoughts? >> yeah, thig my thoughts are te recount is likely to happen. very tight margin here, it's 600 also like you said. there are several, you know,
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provisional ballots, overseas ballots yet to be counted. so my expectation would be that there would be a recount, harris. >> harris: can you talk to me about voter intensity among republicans on the ground? you say all eyes on pennsylvania and we meant it. you talk about a turnout. we don't necessarily know who the turnout will benefit in the end, but you had a lot of people get out. >> yeah, we had a lot of people get out yesterday. been doing this for a fairly long time. it's been exceptional for a special election. and the situation was in the case of conor lamb, as he alluded credit to is the union came out in droves. and, to me, if this was the primary, we would have seen a very strong support for rick saccone because all the traditional trump voters were lock step with rick saccone's policies. and it's unfortunate this was a special election. i think it will be completely different if this was a primary. >> harris: interesting. well, you got a presidential visit over the weekend and
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you saw the needles kind of start to move as the races always get closer but certainly when you have somebody who had a 20-point lead on hillary clinton, during the general election, d. raaja, thank you very much from the state of pennsylvania. thank you for your time. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: we'll break in with breaking news right now. i told you just moments ago some things were happening. we have just learned the president has offered the job of top economic advisor to larry kudlow, the tv host would replace gary cohn of the director of the national economic counsel. as president trump fired rex tillerson as secretary of state, it appeared there could be wider staffing shakeup in the works. fox news is confirming the president is considering getting rid of the veteran and replacing, obviously, the vernal affairs secretary david shulkin, potentially next. cnn is now reporting national security advisor h.r. mcmaster is poised to leave soon as well.
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this as there is new reaction to rex tillerson's exit. peter doocy is awaiting the president's arrival in st. louis, missouri with the latest. big breaking news at the top of the hour is a man that the president called a globalist as he was leaving, gary cohn has now been replaced. peter? >> right, harris. as the president heads here to st. louis to talk up his tax reform bill, he is now taking inventory of his cabinet and top level staffers and we understanding that just in the last few hours he has offered the job of director at the national economic counsel to larry kudlow that is the former cnbc post. the president has been speaking very favorable up the last couple of days especially because he likes to remind reporters who ask questions about it kudlow has been a long-time supporter of the president dating back to his days as a candidate or even just dating back to when he was talking about becoming a candidate. but that is not the only change that could be coming. top of the list of who could be next now that the
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secretary of state rex tillerson has been dismissed, v.a. secretary david shulkin who has not been able to move past accusations that he has been misusing taxpayer money or department staffers for things like family trips to europe or personal errands. and white house sources have indicated to fox news that energy secretary rick perry has been mentioned as a possibility as a replacement for shulkin at the v.a. although the president and perry had lunch two days ago and there was apparently never a job offer or gauge of interest. someone else who cannot shake swirling rumors about a west wing exit the national security advisor h.r. mcmaster back a few weeks ago when the chief economic advisor gary cohn resigned the white house which generally doesn't go too in-depth with personnel matters pushed back against reports that mac master was next out the door. told reporters at the time that mcmaster would not be leaving this month or next month. kelly said mcmaster still had the president's confidence. then there is kelly himself. reports of internal uproar
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over the way that kelly handled the dismissal of top aide rob porter once allegations seemed to have surfaced seemed to have subsided now. the president is clearly looking over people's shoulders to see who may be able to serve him better. >> i have gotten to know a lot of people very well over the last year. and i'm really at a point where we are getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. >> and today the president is trying to find himself a new ally potentially in the senate. after he is done here at boeing for a round table talking about tax reform, he is going to head to a nearby hotel for a fund raiser on behalf of the top tier republican challenge tore democratic incumbent senator clair mccaskill. he is fundraising for the state's attorney general josh holly. it is several months before there is even a primary but the president has selected holly as his favorite. he sees him as the best choice to unseat mccaskill
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and the state that the president won by 19 points in 2016. harris? >> harris: you know, you mentioned and we saw from the president cabinet and other things. this is kind of what a ceo does. also on the list, i was just noticing, when you talk about inappropriate use of funds, just on this breaking news pointed, peter, you have got hud secretary dr. ben carson who is also dealing with some allegations of something similar as well. i will give you the last word. >> right. and essentially, the last thing that these folks want is to have happen to them what happened to the former hhs secretary tom price which is where there are a lot of headlines in price's case about taking too many private jet trips when there were commercial flights available. and then eventually the president sorrowed and said sout think that was a good idea and ended up with resignation. last thing the president want even if he doesn't have a good taste for what they're doing private solid
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to have him come out publicly like did he in the case of tom price and say that he disagrees with the way that they have been spending taxpayer money and so far that has not happened. >> harris: and the president knows what he wants. again, it's like a ceo. he lands in st. louis, missouri to meet with people at boeing. he is going to talk all about tax cuts and talk about the economy, something that he is trying to focus on now with a brand new economic advisor that he would like to see larry kudlow replacing gary cohn. peter doocy, thank you for the breaking news: a confirmation battle is looming over the president's nominees over the replacement of secretary of state rex tillerson and the cia director. republican senator rand paul today held a news conference vowing to block both of the president's choices. the senator will join me live coming up and the house intelligence committee ranking democrat adam schiff going after republicans' decision to end the russia
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collusion investigation saying the probe is incomplete. we'll get reaction from house intel member bra brad wenstrup as ohio republican jim jordan is pushing back against adam schiff. >> there are still investigations going on. we are still looking at information and trying to get answers to key questions in the house judiciary committee. there is still the senate investigation going on. ♪ your heart doesn't only belong to you. bye grandpa. and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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♪ >> harris: there is growing backlash this hour from democrats over the decision by republicans on the house intelligence committee to end their russia investigation. ranking member adam schiff now wants to keep the investigation going. he says republicans finding that there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign is wrong. watch. >> that was a terrible disservice to the country. and the american people. and represented a reneging on the commitment that was made at the outset of the investigation to follow the facts wherever they lead. the majority wishes to contest even the fact that the russians were trying to help one candidate and hurt the other. it represents to me the completeness of their capitulation to the white house. >> harris: congressman brad wenstrup is a republican who serves on the house intel committee. so glad to have you along today. >> thank you. >> harris: talk to me about how the two sides are seeing
10:18 am
it now. no one is saying that there was no russian meddling. i don't know what adam schiff was talking about. >> we were saying that each before the election. long before the election that russians are trying to meddle. they have been doing it since the soviet union that was nothing new. there wasn't much of a response from the previous administration to look into it until after of course the election took place. our investigation, i think we conducted the very professionally. we have looked at over 300,000 documents over 14 months. and we have interviewed 73 people. so we have been very thorough. but our oversight is never really finished. and so if there is some new evidence that comes forward or something that we need to engage with then we too that. so i'm really not sure where mr. schiff is going with that. and just remember that there are people that have been saying for the last 14 months that we have evidence of collusion and, yet, we have not seen that so, it is pretty interesting. these comments are being made. and we have stuck to the dynamics of what this investigation was about. >> harris: you know what's
10:19 am
really interesting? when you see adam schiff and, you know, i don't know if you have seen it and we can certainly roll it when he is asked about whether if they were to flip the house and suddenly be in charge of everything, whether he would still push this hard for the investigation. watch this. >> if the majority in the congress changes hands, we have to evaluate where is the investigation at that point. what has the senate been allowed to do. what has the special counsel been allowed to do. >> harris: whoa. so when it's in your hands you are lukewarm? >> well, yeah. i mean, i can tell you, harris, from the get-go that i took this from the approach that we were interested in finding the truth about things. and i don't care if you are republican or democrat, you are looking at trying to find the truth and do a thorough investigation. that's what should be taking place. again, i think there is those that would like to have this just go on and on and on probably for political purposes. but i think we have reached the point where we have done it thoroughly. and we are ready to move on
10:20 am
and present our case. >> harris: can they continue on without you guys? because i'm confused about what he says well, we would have to take a look at where the investigation stands. it's over. >> yeah. and, you know, it was interesting today because for the last 14 months, we have had cameras outside of the intel committee every day and immediately after every interview or whatever, mr. schiff made his way to the cameras. today they weren't there. if he has got something new to bring to the committee, bring it to us. because we are interested in getting to the truth. and having justice. but we have exhausted this in my opinion. we have been very thorough. our role is to consider oversight. that doesn't finish. that doesn't go away. bring me something new and maybe we'll talk some more. >> harris: congressman wenstrup saying bring it what are you saying to those members of your own political party like trey gowdy and others who say, you know what? maybe this isn't over yet. maybe there is more work to be done. what are they talking about. >> well, i don't know. i can't answer for trey and
10:21 am
i didn't see his comment or have a chance to ask him about that. but, let me just go back to what i just said. you know, we are always going to have the role of oversight. and it's been a challenging thing for us too to have oversight. because we have been stonewalled at many turns and many times with the department of justice and with the fbi having to issue subpoenas and contempt of congress. we have got there and we have done a lot. we will continue to look into things we have oversight on. >> harris: we had a little bit of breaking news today. we see the president hiring some people. he said he had great people to back up things is he letting go and he wants to do some things with the cabinet and other areas. so, now he has named larry kudlow to replace gary cohn as the economic advisor. i want to also get your opinion on rex tillerson's departure as well. >> sure. >> harris: can't he expect to have people around him who maybe see it the same way? >> well, you know, i don't know the interactions between the two. i admire anybody who steps
10:22 am
up and leaves the private sector like rex tillerson did to serve as secretary of state in this instance. i have great faith in mike pompeo and have served with him here in congress. and i think he has been an excellent cia director. those are the president's decisions, not ours. and we'll see where that goes. but, you know, the good news is, we do have other good people that are fill these roles. >> harris: larry kudlow, you talk about where the president is in st. louis, missouri today. larry kudlow is someone who according to the president sees some of the same things he does with regard to tariffs and tax cuts and things that are important to his economic message. is he making a big message. i have to think that in your state of ohio, the tax cuts, you guys are feeling them, too. what do you think about the larry kudlow? >> i think larry kudlow brings a lot of good experience. he will be a good voice for the administration. i look forward to seeing how
10:23 am
he interacts with the president and how we move forward. yes, in ohio, we are feeling the benefits of the tax relief. and people are very grateful for that. >> harris: all right. representative brad wenstrup of ohio. thank you very much. we appreciate your time. >> you bet. thanks, harris. >> harris: a lot happening on the one month observation and anniversary of the school shooting it's only been a few weeks. nikolas cruz is set to be arraigned in court at any minute. a senate panel is looking into the fbi's handling of the situation by local authorities and others. and students nationwide right now are still taking part in their thousand strong across the nation walkout of their classrooms to protest gun violence. stay close.
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♪ >> harris: the arraignment for florida high school shooting suspect nikolas cruz is set to begin.
10:28 am
we're looking live right now. and this camera might be a little bit wild. we want to tell you what you are seeing as he is in court. his arraignment is today. this is breaking news right now. nikolas cruz about to have his arraignment. he was escorted into court. we have a producer there. handcuffs on hands and feet in that red jumpsuit you see. according to the producer, heard a whimper, defense attorneys alongside him, there are about a dozen broward county sheriff's officers and bailiffs inside this courtroom. the media outside. and then we are told here and you saw the camera get a little wild moments ago. dad of one of the survivors wearing a black turtle neck in the classroom. so if the camera gets wild you will be able to pick him out and then one the victim's dads wearing an orange handkerchief as you look at this. this is 19-year-old nikolas cruz. 17 counts of premeditated murder against him. he is in the courtroom.
10:29 am
rear covering it live. and on the story for us today as the parkland shooting makes news across the country, garrett tenney is live in washington with the very latest. you see parkland, florida there and students walking out of their classrooms and a lot happening right now as that arraignment is going on. garrett? >> yeah, harris. the students we spoke to today said that they came out in order to do two things. one is to honor the victims, the 17 victims of the parkland shooting and, second, was to send a message to lawmakers. they said we believe the shooting that happened at parkland could have happened at any of our schools. and that is why we needed to come out today to walk out and so send this message. these walkouts are taking place across the country in all 50 states. organizers say they estimate more than 185,000 students will participate. here in d.c. roughly 1,000 students rallied in front of the white house earlier today before holding a 15-minute moment of silence to honor the victims before
10:30 am
making their way across town to the u.s. capitol where they had a larger rally with democratic lawmakers. and they wanted to send this message to congress. do something about gun control or we are going to vote you out. >> in the coming weeks and months, more of my piers will be slaughtered in their own classrooms. when their deaths will be dismissed as collateral, you know we have a moral problem in this country. this is in our hands now. and if any elected official gets in our way, we will vote them out and replace them ourselves. >> some of what these students are calling for is universal background checks and assault weapons ban. minimum age of 21 to buy a gun and the ability for courts to take guns away from people they deem dangerous. one change they do not want to see happen is something that the white house has been calling for is to arm teachers in classrooms with weapons so that a shooting like parkland would were to happen one the teachers were to respond. one of the students said
10:31 am
that would make them feel less safe. those students we spoke to today at least. harris, not all of the students walking out today are 18. they're not able to vote. they think this is an issue that will continue to playing thplaguethe country andr generation moving ahead. they are going to remember these votes up on capitol hill once they do turn 18. >> harris: some of the walkouts it was being reported they were registering 18-year-olds to vote today. you got to think, too, some talk about how they would be voting. thank you very much. nikolas cruz, as we just showed you moments ago, faces the death penalty. 34 count indictment. 17 of those counts as i mentioned for premeditated murder. as that makes news, we will bring it to you. meanwhile, the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing today on the very topic. the parkland school shooting. and the fbi's handling of that situation. the house is also debating a bipartisan school safety bill right now that's expected to pass. that's all in the next 30 mention or so. if approved, it would be the
10:32 am
first action taken by congress since the attack. let's bring in the author of that legislation. republican congressman john rutherford of florida. first of all, thank you for being on the program. can you explain to me what this legislation does? >> thank you for having me, harris. and basically what it does, the stop school violence prevention act of 2018, it provides funding for school districts all across america to do things like studies, crime prevention, design. more importantly what it really does is provide funding for educating students, teachers, and police officers on what those warning signs are for these folks who may later become mass casualty or active shooters as we have coined them.
10:33 am
and and provide anonymous tip line so they can alert the law enforcement. >> harris: you know, some of what you are describing would not have prevented what happened in parkland, florida, because there were a lot of red flags that were reported. have you heard about the police going, the sheriff's department going to the homes. dozens of times. >> sure. >> harris: i want to know how much parkland really entered the conversation about this new legislation and what the long-term goals are that maybe deal with some of the things we saw there. >> actually, harris, this legislation, i have started working with the sandy hook promise group i think back in october of last year. in fact, this bill was filed two weeks before the shooting in parkland. and so, you know, one of the things that i have always said as sheriff back home that, you know, one of the things that i want to make sure is that my agency is never the best first responder to an active shooter situation. i want to prevent that event
10:34 am
from ever occurring. that's what this bill does is this attempts to actually stop these shooting events before they occur by identifying those who have a propensity to become active shooters, notifying law enforcement who they are, and then they can respond. now, as you mentioned, harris, in parkland, we knew who this individual was. >> harris: right. >> there were so many personnel breakdowns, and i say personnel breakdowns because, look, we even had armed security at douglas high. yet, they failed to respond in the proper manner. and so, you know, what could have helped in my bill, i think potentially if we had done a subset study crime prevention design and automatic lockdown system, i know an administrator or teacher, i'm not sure which, actually saw nikolas cruz
10:35 am
get out of a vehicle and walking purposefully as was reported over a radio toward the school with a black bag. had they had lockdown capability simply press a button and no doors open in that school that flight assisted. but, you know, those are all second guessing. but, what's important is moving forward, trying to identify these individuals before they kill. >> harris: can i ask you real quickly because some of the conversation has been about gun violence and thousands of kids across the country walking out. the state of florida and your governor republican rick scott has done something with the legislation there that is now being pushed by the nra. can you talk to me quickly about what is happening in florida? >> i think what's important about what happened in florida, and my hats off to the state legislature in florida and the governor, they passed that bill in three weeks, i believe. and i think it's a very good bill. there is a piece of it that
10:36 am
i kind of agree with the nra that changing the age from 18 to 21 takes the right of self-defense away from a lot of individuals who live on their own from the age of 18 to 21. now, everything else in that bill, the extreme protection risk orders, those are very much needed. i think it's a great plan. and i supported that bill. >> harris: yeah. it's interesting. so maybe they can get together on that. because, it's a news point now as we watch it from outside the state. meanwhile, you expect yours to pass the house today and we'll be watching it and thank you very much for your time. >> harris, we really have bicameral and bipartisan support and we look forward to getting this on the floor and voting it out. >> harris: that's huge on capitol hill because you know what people say about y'all that you are not doing stuff together but you are. so thank you very much. >> appreciate it.
10:37 am
>> harris: looming showdown is about to get red hot. senator rand paul says he is opposed to both those nominations and willing to do anything it takes to block them. the republican never shy about bucking his own party joins me next. come on dad!
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10:42 am
unlawful behavior. we want to protect you and we want to protect all of our families. we want to protect our nation. >> harris: power panel is here. zac is a former dnc advisor and former campaign staff for hillary clinton. mark sorono is a trump 2020 campaign advisor. i want to start with you. this was part talk about sanctuary cities and also part rally type situation. what about the president's message do you think we should be hitting today in terms of asking about. >> so the president demonstrate walls work. we are testing the prototypes. he does what he does so well which is he met with the experts on the ground, the people whose lives are at stake every day on the border answered takes so much input from them. they are saying, mr. president, we need a border wall. so now what we need is the democrats to get out of his way. they are blocking funding to a border wall which has tremendous support and they are also blocking enforcement agents from
10:43 am
seeking out criminal illegal aliens. what a juxtaposition, what a parallel in the many ways that the democrats are blocking this president. but he is saying, look, border walls work. we have done studies in huma, arizona, a terrific study where we put up a barrier and reduced by 82% border crossings and increased drug interaddiction by 18%. border walls work and the president is saying that. >> harris: zac, you are shaking your head. >> i am. border walls don't work for net decrease in the amount of immigrants crossing the border a trend before donald trump came into office. second, the most number of increase of undocumented immigrants we have seen don't come over the border. they come from ports of entry and come because of overstays on visas, so a border wall that originally was supposed to be paid by mexico is a taxpayer funded boondoggle for donald trump and the cronies going to get construction contracts to build this massive
10:44 am
infrastructure. >> harris: mark? >> cronies? this money is not going to donald trump's cronies. that's a silly claim. the president is going to put the funds where they belong in a comprehensive program. you know, we need for the democrats to get out of his way. we need a border wall which has tremendous support. but we also need more patrolmen on patrol and technology. that's what he is calling for. >> harris: what the president has said, it's a border wall system that has all of those components. and, you know, i don't know if it's a genuine thing to say that you know the money is going into anybody's pockets. the democrats have said all along they didn't want to give money for the wall. you saw chuck schumer pull it back after the first government shutdown over the issue of immigration led by your team. you know, now we are going to pull the money back for the wall. didn't think going for the wall, why did you put it up for the first place. >> first off, what you are saying is, you are skipping a step. they offered the money for the wall for donald trump.
10:45 am
and donald trump turned it down. and the reason that he -- the reason he turned it down is because he was not actually serious. he wants this as a campaign issue. >> wait a minute. >> harris: not serious? sure spent a lot of time discussing it. >> he made clear he needed three things. >> harris: i have to do breaking news with you two. the government sources are telling fox news attorney general jeff sessions is reviewing the possible termination of former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. remember, he was mentioned in this text messages between those two agents talking about, you know, whether or not they had a secret plan to have things politically your way, your thoughts. >> american people have to have confidence in our law enforcement agencies. when we see what we saw taking place during the administration in its last months, it erodes confidence by the american people. the president is seeking to rebuild the confidence. and frankly the attorney general is seeking to rebuild confidence by holding people accountable who were biased on the job and who shouldn't have been
10:46 am
in that job if they are biased. >> harris: he was talked about as andy in those text messages. peter peter strzok and lisa page with the agency said they had some sort of insurance policy in terms of hough would be in the white house. i want to say this though, fox news has learned if the former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe, the termination of him, if terminated by close of business this friday, that would mean mccabe would not receive a government pension. zac? >> right. what this is yet another assault on law enforcement in an effort to discredit the russia investigation. let's remember, that the one thing that we know from the coming ig report about andrew mccabe is that they found wrongdoing on his part not for anti-trump but anti-clinton when he allowed people to talk about the the clinton foundation investigation with journalists right before the election. the only evidence we have of andrew mccabe wrongdoing is actually anti-hillary and
10:47 am
pro-trump. >> law enforcement, the leaders of law enforcement under obama. they are the ones that discredited law enforcement. >> absolutely false. >> harris: andrew mccabe, if he is let go by friday he doesn't get his pension. we understanding that jeff sessions, the a.g. is looking at that as a possibility. gentlemen, thank you very much. termination of mccabe breaking this hour. the president with his choices for new secretary of state and cia director both of them facing upcoming confirmation hearings and a vote. one republican senator says not so fast. there he is. that's a live picture of rand paul of kentucky opposing both nominations. he might wave. we are going to go to commercial. i ask him why he is against the president on this. stay close. ♪ onably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. president trump has decided on new economic advisor and there is word of a daca deal from the white house. we have a live report on both. plus, will the pennsylvania special election come down to a recount? we will ask one of the key holders who knows the answer and shakeup at the state and cia. what's next for russia, north korea and syria? we will break it all down on the daily briefing. ♪ >> harris: former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe that you see on the right there could be fired on friday. that would mean he would not
10:52 am
get his pension. he was due to retire on sunday. and on the left, of course, is the attorney general jeff sessions. we are told now just moments ago that sessions is review ago recommendation to fire the former fbi deputy director just days before his scheduled retirement. remember, i just said that that is supposed to happen on sunday. people being briefed on the matter say that obviously and we know mccabe has been ensnared in internal review process. let's go straight now to senator rand paul who was supposed to join us on a different topic but this is breaking. you are from the russell rotunda. why fire mccabe? >> i think there absolutely ought to be investigation. i don't have enough information to say fire him. i think between peter strzok, leamg, bruce ohr and andy mccabe, there needs to be the question asked were they abusing their office? were they using their office. were they using it for partisan purposes? absolutely the question needs to be asked. i'm just personally not
10:53 am
privy to information say should be fired. i guarantee alarm bells have gone off from all of us to say why were these people so involved with politics? i wrote a letter to the fbi director a week or two ago. and i asked can these people still search a database, can peter strzok, lisa page, bruce ohr can they still search a database to snoop on us maybe for political reasons for a warrant. i haven't gotten answer back. >> harris: that is disturb going they can still search a database. is he set to retire on sunday. we were trying to figure out what daily duties have been. more importantly you point out something different. >> yeah, bruce ohr his wife worked for the opposition research group that hired a british spy, was paid for by hillary clinton. should bruce ohr be able to search republican donors, republican officials and look at all of our conversations that we have had with foreigners? listen to those conversations? should these people who are so biased be allowed to look up any kind of american they
10:54 am
don't like in a data base? that's why many of us have been advocating you should have a judge's warrant. you had should not be -- anybody, even good people should not be able to look in this database without a judge's warrant. >> harris: you had a news conference a little while ago. you are against the nominations of the incoming potential secretary of state mike pompeo and the new director of the cia if the president wants to put them in place. why go against the president? >> i'm a big supporter of president trump. one of the things i really liked about him as a candidate is his vocal opposition to the iraq war. the idea that regime change in iraq actually led to unintended consequences. it made iran stronger. tipped the balance of power in the middle east. he is pointing people around him who actually think the iraq war was a good idea and actually think we should have a new war with iran. so i think he is actually appointing people who don't understand american first policy and happen to be more from the neo conservative camp than always think another war or always think
10:55 am
america should be involved in another war. specifically on the cia director i oppose her because she believes that waterboarding should be something that we use. and i think america shouldn't be known for torture. and i have members of my family in the military. i don't want, if they are ever captured in foreign countries that think torture is okay. >> harris: you say gina haspel believes in this. she was working in a capacity at the cia where everybody was taking orders. gina haspel, how do you know what she believes? >> well, there was a book written about the torture treatment, the waterboarding. some of her comments were basically gleeful. the man can't breathe and choking on saliva and water and saying oh, you are a good actor. can't believe a grown man is crying because of this treatment. and it almost seemed to be a little bit of glee in her voice. she actually enjoyed the torture. i think that's not who we need to lead the cia. there were many career officials at the cia perfectly competent to do
10:56 am
this. we should not reward somebody. they went to thailand to do this because it was illegal in the united states. >> harris: there were black sites set up. we have learned so much about it. >> they went to thailand because it's illegal to do here. they also didn't present the prisoners to the red cross. they flew them around the world and secreted them in thailand which is against everything we say we are for. the geneva convention is supposed to be something about humane to prisoners. this is the wrong kind of message. >> harris: senator rand paul, running counter to the president today. i want to bring you back. i appreciate you on both topics including the breaking news. thank you. >> thank you.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> harris: thanks for watching this breaking news hour. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. another significant staff change for the white house. president trump expected to announce larry kudlow as chairman of the national economic council replacing gary cohn. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." kudlow is a former ronald reagan budget director and wall street economist. he generally advocates for free trade and opposes tariffs. kevin cork is live on capitol hill. kevin, is this a done deal? >> reporter: well, you know, the white house is saying they have no personnel announcements to make, but as you and i both know, we've talked about this so many times. whenever they say something like that, it means something's


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