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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 14, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> president trump about to give remarks in st. louis after touring a boeing plant and meeting with business leaders on tax cuts, tax cuts that filed to give a victory to the republicans in pennsylvania last night. that race is still too close to call. is this a worry nor the tax-cutting party. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have blake burman on the white house lawn and molly line in pennsylvania where everybody is waiting for the final results. blame? >> at the white house, clearly trying to shift the message back to the economy. it's been quite the 24 hours for this white house starting with the firing of the secretary of state rex tillerson.
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as you mentioned, the loss last night in pennsylvania. today they're trying to get the message back on to the economy as the president is touring that boeing plant in st. louis, missouri. the white house feels that the tax cuts is a winning message and that is why they will continue events like this throughout the year heading into the mid-terms as well. so this is one phase of it. the other, the huge economic news as it relates to larry kudlow. kudlow will be the next nec head, replacing gary cohn that resigned just last week. kudlow is doing an interview that is ongoing in which he said he was first approached by president trump on sunday and officially offered the position last night. kudlow is no stranger to the president at all. these two have been friends as the president said yesterday for quite some time. in fact, kudlow was one of the earliest supporters of this president as he helped shape his economic message during the
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campaign and one of the handful that helped write his tax cut plan during the campaign. what is at issue, when kudlow will officially assume his role. he said he will be here in washington tonight. however, in a statement a little while ago, sarah sanders writing the following: "we will work to have an orderly transition and keep everybody posted on the timing of him officially assuming the role." that being gary cohn that stepped aside last week. it's unclear at this point whether or not cohn will be here at the white house for a matter of hours or potentially days. charles? >> unlike others in this particular case, larry kudlow does not need any form of confirmation. so he should be ready to take the position soon, right? >> he does not need any confirmation whatsoever. this is much different than what mike pompeo and gina haspel will go through and whoever replaces hope hicks, what that person
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have to go there as well. of course, kudlow throw will have to get a security clearance and there are potential pit falls, potential, with his pass, charles. >> thanks, blake. now to pennsylvania where the results of the special election are too close to call. are we headed for a recount? molly line is in pennsylvania where folks await the financial results. molly? >> well, rick saccone has vowed to fight on. the nrcc, the national republican congressional committee chairman mat gorman says we're not conceding. they're waiting for provisional ballots to be counted. i spoke with one attorney for rick saccone. ultimately it was the democrat connor lamb that picked up a few votes overnight, but the process was far from perfect. more broadly, the attorney tells
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me that he heard of multiple irregularities and would not be surprised to see legal challenges in the coming days. meanwhile, the democratic victory or likely victory in this once reliably red district is reverberating in washington. >> it's a 20-point trump district. that's a wake-up call for sure. >> in some ways, it's a wake-up call. but i wouldn't go any further than that. >> and one thing worth noting is that this district literally is not long for the world. it will not exist as drawn today. if the candidates run in may, may primaries, will be running in a newly-drawn district. the previous district lines were the result of gerrymandering via the gop. the gop is challenging that as well in pennsylvania.
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very busy in the pennsylvania courtrooms right now. charles? >> thanks very much as if we needed any more confusion. some democrats claiming the gop tax cuts backfired in pennsylvania. but did that? the democratic strategist richard goodstein and the conservative views, tom barelli. richard, i know democrats taking a victory lap no matter what the final count is obviously. you know, lamb did very well. but i think he's sort of championing the tax cuts, too, along with a lot of other conservative positions. >> yeah, i think the suggestion that the tax cuts are what cost rick saccone or that won it for connor lamb is wrong. what won it for connor lamb is that donald trump is historically unpopular, period. yeah, he came in to the district over the weekend and maybe caused it to tighten a little bit. but connor lamb won because
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people do not like -- buyer's remorse about having elected donald trump. we've seen that. there's 118 districts, charles, that are kind of less red where republicans hold seats. those people -- if you won by 5 or 10 or 15 and you're republican, and you won by that little last time, you have to look at the race. you go, why am i going to knock my head against the wall to be embarrassed this fall? >> madison, that would make sense if connor lamb didn't run on a pro gun, pro tariff, pro tax cut, anti-abortion platform. if you didn't know any better, you thought he was the republican candidate. >> right. a lot of people have been saying that. what i think the main focus should be here, the fact that special elections are not always indicative of what we'll see in the mid-terms. we always have lower turnout in the special elections. people don't know what's going on and don't vote. what the republican party should
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focus on is not only in the mid-terms and other special elections, they get out the vote. make sure when we look at elections like pennsylvania 18, every vote does count. just focusing on tax cuts, which is incredible, it's a great message but it's not the only message. we need a message that reaches everybody moving forward. >> lamb got 80% of the democrats that voted in the presidential election. saccone 50% of recognizes. how does the party close that enthusiasm gap which goes to the party that is out of power? >> yeah, certainly is a challenge in the mid-term election. what you'll see is what president trump is doing today. that is driving home the tax cult message. millions of americans in over 400 companies are enjoying the financial benefits of this tax cuts. that's connecting policy to the purse or the wallet. that is hugely significant.
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every democrat voted against it. so there's a clear line and i expect president trump to let mrs. mccaskill to know she didn't vote for the tax cuts. >> rich is still upset that hillary lost, i think. you want a referendum, what about nancy pelosi? lamb ran against nancy pelosi. that's very different than the open seat in georgia when handel won because it was a national election about nancy pelosi. lamb was very smart to keep it local and away from nancy pelosi. he said he would vote against her. >> richard, isn't that the conundrum for democrats? can every democrat run as a pro tariff, pro tax cuts, pro gun? maybe the party has a part. and by the way, anti-nancy pelosi candidate as well? >> you packed a lot in there,
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charles. not every district up for grabs is like this one in western pennsylvania which has values that are different from the suburbs of philadelphia let alone across the country. there's a reason that republican house members are retiring in record numbers. there's a reason that democratic challengers are out raising republican incumbents by record numbers. there's this wave. honestly, charles, republicans are whistling past the graveyard every time there's a loss. well, roy moore is a pedophile. rick saccone didn't raise enough money even though the republicans outraised lamb by 5 to 1. honestly, i understand it's a tough pill to swallow, it's not shaping up to be a good year for reasons having nothing to do with tax cuts or guns or anything else. there's a wave sweeping and it feels right now like it's going to be a tough one to stop. >> to that point though, you
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pointed out the more obvious situations. there was an asterisk next to all of those examples you used. 5 to 1 special elections in favor of the gop, perhaps counting the victory for lamb. but this whole notion that tax cuts are unpopular, that people are upset with them belies everything we're seeing from every survey out there from consumer confidence, to the stock market to the jobs report on friday that saw 800,000 people come back to the jobs market. there's something going on with enthusiasm in this nation. you have to say the white house is responsible for it. >> i think what is going to happen, democrats will win not withstanding the fact that yes, the tax cuts are relatively popular for now. again, most middle class people aren't seeing a major change in their life. they're prepared to see, okay, it's a little better. i'll take that. despite that, democrats are going to win. >> speaking of tax cuts, the live event that we're waiting
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for right now in st. louis, missouri. we'll see president trump discuss the tax cuts, the positive implications and the next move. a lot of folks like to see a second round of the tax cuts and also there's talk about trying to make these permanent. madison, a lot of people will be impacted by the tax cuts beyond the bonuses that we see. bank of america saying they're going to open up thousands of branches. each cost $2 million to build and hires construction workers and each branch has 10-15 employees. it will reverberate a long time in society. why hasn't the republican message been able to leverage this? 800,000 people coming back to the jobs market. seems like any republican should win right now, madison. >> progress policies and the tax cuts have positively affected people. people are very excited about it. that does not change the fact that for many years, they felt ignored by their congressman, ignored by their senators. a lot of them are sick of these people and they want to see
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changes. with president trump coming in, there's one donald j. trump. one person that can bring about the new fresh excitement that he brought about in 2016. it's very hard for people that have been in congress for many years, making promises that they didn't keep to expect to receive that same type of excitement from voters. we need the see fresh faces and that will solve the problem that you're talking about. >> a great point. we're talking about a razor thin margin right now. lamb is a good looking guy, energetic guy, a marine, he spoke in a conservative tone. he understood how to speak to those people. he won over steel workers that obviously have a champion in the white house. what does the republican party do with respect to vetting these candidates? i think their platform is relatively easy. so we have to look at the messenger, no? >> obviously good candidates are essential. that's obvious. going into the 2018 mid-term, what you'll see is the tax cuts become the national platform from the republicans.
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we're seeing that today with president trump. they're going to deliver a national campaign. that's going to relate to the people. that's when people i think are going to get excited. >> how come saccone couldn't articulate it? >> i'm not sure. he wasn't a grad candidate. now they have a time to retool and get the national message out. >> i'm still not sure what the republican message is. if you're going to go to the heartland of this country and say you don't have a champion with president trump, that falls flat. >> i don't think you want me drafting the republican message. the fact is -- >> i want the democratic message. >> the democratic message -- let me give you one illustration. president trump said to the african american community. what do you have to lose? healthcare, medicare, social security. >> hold on a second. that's rhetorical. the other answer could be last month 6.8% unemployment. the second lowest in history. tens of thousands of african
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americans coming back to the job marked, higher wages. by mid-terms, we're going to have a higher household formation, new entrepreneurship. president trump must be coming into the room. everybody is standing. quickly, richard, that will be the republican message. politics of race and envy? >> no. there's a reason the african american voters are buy overwhelming numbers opposed to donald trump not withstanding the things you ticked off. the fact of the matter is, democrats say they want to restore dignity, the kind of country they admire, not the one in front of their eyes in the white house. >> that message may resonate to india to your former candidate. here, i'm not so sure. president trump coming out to an assortment of people here. it's not just business leaders. we saw steve mnuchin but workers. he has a habit of bringing in the common worker, the people that make things happen in this
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nation. listen, i think again, this is something that will resonate well for the republicans that were able to leverage it, articulating a message is one thick. madison, before president trump launches to his speech, can i get one more word of wisdom from you? >> sure. he's in missouri. this lieutenant governor spoke about how tax cuts are affecting people there. >> let's listen to president trump. >> i know you flew from a different direction. even for treasury it's very important. and then president and ceo of the missouri chamber of commerce, thanks very much. doing a great job. missouri is doing a great job. an incredible place. i also want to thank my friend, dennis. we've been friends a long time. i keep telling these countries, no. you have to buy american. i want you to buy american.
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we help people, we help countries, give aid to countries. i say where do you buy your equipment? oh, we buy from other countries. i said what about buying from the united states? we haven't been doing that. now they do it. so we want them to buy -- we also make the best products. [applause] we make by far the best fighter jets and mostly the best there is anywhere. we're coming back. doing it more so than we've ever done before. we're setting records. i want to say the f-18, one of my favorite planes, to me it's a work of art. you look at the workers, look at the talent that went into it. we looked at different versions of it. it's spectacular. it's a beautiful thing to watch. just a few years ago, this plant was in very serious danger of
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shutting down. we've got it going again. i think probably going maybe like it's never gone before, right? doing better than it's ever done before. i'm proud to say we kept it open, keeping thousands of americans employed right here in st. louis, missouri. great place. place that was very good to me. the state of missouri was very good to me. i'll tell you. i think josh is doing a fantastic job. he's working hard. just met him at the plane. we're going out of our way. we asked congress to fund 24 brand new f-18s. that's going to be the latest and the greatest stealth. a lot of things on the plane that people don't know about. it's a whole different version of the plane. so we're looking for 24 brand new ones. we're working on price. maybe we can work out a good
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price. otherwise, we're going to buy them from somebody else. it will all be in the united states. right? i don't know. i think -- i have a feeling. what do you think? we're going to make a deal? >> we'll find a way. >> we'll find a way. [applause] but it is wonderful to be back in this great state. and to push all of the historic tax cuts. this was about the first place that i announced that we were going to be asking for massive tax cuts. everybody said it will never happen. hasn't happened since ronald reagan to any scale. we got it passed. now we're going for a phase two, which will help in addition to middle class, it will help companies and it's going to be something that i think very special. kevin brady is working on it with me.
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congress is working, the senate is working. unfortunately on the original we didn't have one democrat vote. which is pretty incredible. now they're regretting it. but we're going to do a phase two. it's going to be something that i think will really be a big incentive to do a lot of things like we're doing right here. a tremendous incentive for the workers. six months ago i promised we would cut taxes to bring main street roaring back. we did. we help wall street, we helped main street, we helped everybody. all of that money that went into the pockets of people, thousands and thousands of dollars each, they're very happy about it. we created 300,000 jobs in february. that's getting to be a number that nobody would have believed. 300,000 jobs. [applause] and really importantly, we've created almost three million jobs since election day. if somebody would have said that that was going to happen, they
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would have said that's not possible. you know, the candidate -- i wouldn't have said it. you would have lost all credibility in running. we created -- it's over -- very shortly going to be three million jobs since election day. nobody would have believed that could have happened. we're very proud of it. new jobless claims are down to a 50-year low. 50 years, new job claims. so we have nobody seeing that. jobless claims went town at a record pace over the last year. since the election day, they're down now to a 50-year low. a typical family in this area earning $75,000 a year. we'll see their tax bill slashed in half. they'll take home money, they can spend it, save it, do whatever they want to do with it. [applause]
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now the banks are getting stronger and a lot of good things are happening. they'll actually start getting a little interest on their money. that's okay, too. if you don't want to invest in the stock market. that's good. for a while, people were putting their money in the bank and getting no interest. that really hurt a lot of families, especially families that saved. people were saving all their lives and then for a long period of time they'd like to put their money in a bank and get interest and they weren't getting interest on their money. now they're getting interest on their money. so it's another way. and the 401(k)s are up 30, 40, in some cases much higher than that for the year. more than that from election day. so it's been really something. a lot of people are very happy. families right here in missouri will save more than $4 billion in taxes. and that's just for this year alone. $4 billion right in missouri. millions of workers are getting
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more bonuses, higher wages and more take-home pay. they're going to have a lot more in terms of pay. you know what? if they want to work here, they the work here. this is bad news for dennis. i shouldn't say this. but if they want to go someplace else, they can go someplace else. people are having job alternatives now. they're able to go out and work where they want. i don't think anybody will ever leave boeing. in case they should want to. i'm not so sure. i'm not sure dennis wants to hear that. he wants them here. the fact of the matter is, they're having four five, six job offers now whereas before they had none. it's special. we have with us today a great group of people, great business owners. we have employees of the firm. we have a lot of tremendous people. what i'd like to do is maybe quickly go around the room, say exactly who you are, what you do. i know you love boeing and you love missouri. maybe we can start. we'll start with the chamber of
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commerce. >> thank you, mr. president. welcome to missouri. on behalf of all the employers, welcome to our state. i know we're talking about taxes today. your regulatory relief, the work on health insurance and igniting the debate on infrastructure has been very helpful. a lot of optimism. the tax relief in particular has missouri humming again. a story that directly impacts the missouri chamber, we hired a 22-year-old fresh out of college last october. this year in calendar 18 as a result of the tax relief, she will save $954. $954 extra dollars goes into her pocket. thanks very much for that. >> thank you. >> we hear stories from that all around the state, from small, medium and large employers. >> and a great job you do. >> thank you. david turner. chairman and ceo of hawthorn
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bank. a publicly traded community bank head quartered in jefferson city, missouri. we're a $1.4 billion bank with 348 employees and 21 banking centers in the central and western part of missouri. as a result of the tax relief, we were able to give $1,000 bonus to all of our employees, $500 bonus to part time employees. in addition to that, we have a profit sharing plan. in the future, our employees will continue to benefit from what you did with your leadership role to get that tax relief passed. i thank you very much. >> shepard: the banking business has been a tough business with all the regulations and with all the problems. we want strong regulation but we want it to make sense. the banks are doing better now and able to loan. we have a big one coming up. we have a bipartisan bill that hopefully will be voted on very
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shortly on dodd frank. very important amendments especially for the smaller banks and the community banks. i think it's going to be a very special bill for you. are you following that? >> yes, i am. i thought it was -- it might pass today. >> could pass by the end of this meeting. could say guess what? it just passed. but i think it's going to be very popular and for the smaller banks. they needed help and we're honored. it's going to loan a lot of money to great customers. >> pardon? >> you'll be able to loan money to great customers. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> president trump, i'm kevin ferrs. i work at dynamic fasteners. we sell fasteners and power tools to the commercial industry with a primary emphasis of metal buildings. my background is i'm a nerdy
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engineer. so i'm completely out of my element in this room right now. but i'm very appreciative that i got invited. thank you for that. >> you have a very good company. i know about your company. very good job. >> i'm mary beth hartman. i have a union highway construction company. it's very small. we have 30 employees. but immediately upon your -- you being elected as president, my home line changed. i started at that moment operating in a way that i believe your tax cuts would be happening and they did. that translated into an upgrade of the fleets for my seven foremen. i spent half a million dollars on equipment this year, which i was always afraid to do. we have union employees. they have very good benefits already but i gave them an additional week's vacation for my tenured employees, which was very meaningful to them and to
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all of my management. they all received the $500 at christmas depending on their ranking. the biggest thing i thought for ten years, my employees that were union were very concerned about their pension fund. it had been underfunded for ten years. when i talked to them last week, they are now at 94% funded with the expectation that they're going be 100% funded by the year 2020. >> that's right. >> we're very big supporters of yours and we're so grateful for the work you've done. and you've only just started. thank you. >> thank you very much. you had your best year? >> my best year in 17 years. >> absolutely. a lot of people are saying they had the best year by far. that's what we want to hear. thank you. >> chad devinney with the kansas city railway. i'd like to thank you for your
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leadership with the tax reform. once the passage -- it was perfect timing. our executive team did give all of our employees a $1,000 bonus. a perfect timing at christmas season. several employees were very grateful with the needs for their family during that time. i heard many great stories such as medical bills, just prepares needed to automobiles. thanks for your leadership. >> thank you very much. >> mr. president, i'm the president and chief executive officer of kansas city southern. chad is one of our leaders in the field. he runs about half of our u.s. railroad. we're one of the nation's largest freight railroads. we have about 7,000 miles, 7,000 employees. big presence in missouri. the tax reform was wonderful for
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our business, our company. you understand the railroad industry is hugely capital intensive. 24% of our company is in infrastructure, equipment. in addition to the tax rate relief, the immediate expenses of capital expenditures will make it possible for us to continue to invest at that level and create jobs and grow and serve our customers. one of the success stories recently i'm sure you're aware of is u.s. steel has a plant not far from here in granite city. chad and his team serve that plant. we're starting to move freight out of that facility and create jobs to them and for us. so greatly appreciate your leadership on tax reform and greatly anticipating a new modernized updated nafta. >> we're working on that. u.s. steel is opening a plant
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because of what we did just recently with the tariffs. they just announced they're opening a plant, as you know. how big a deal is the expenses, one-year expensing? that must be -- the railroad business must be a phenomenal thing for you. >> it is. we estimate over the next three years the combination of lower tax rates and expensing is going to create for our company well over $100 million of additional cash flow that we can use for reinvestment, growth, create jobs. so it's a very big deal. >> i always said to me, expensing will be the best thing in the bill. a lot of people didn't talk about it. it's a very small little program. it's very powerful. nobody thought they would see that. you'll invest and you'll have a lot more jobs. it's going to be a great thing for companies in our country. we have a lot of companies moving back into the united states. that's one of the reasons. thank you very much. >> mr. president, i'm the
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executive officer of kansas city power and light. we're the primary electric provider in the kansas city region. we're working to reduce our overall costs by $100 million. we're also in the middle of finalizing a merger with our neighbor there in kansas, a fortune 500 company in our region. they equally have $100 million that they can flow back. our company year over year will flow back $200 million, which goes right to the pocket of the folks that pay for our product. i'd also tell you from a comply perspective, environmental regulations and a sluggish economy have slowed our ability to grow. we're excited about the opportunity this will have on our economy which will allow us to spread our costs which benefits customers.
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>> now it's a different ball game. >> it has. >> a big difference. >> absolutely has. >> thank you, mr. president. thanks, dennis, for the invitation today. i'm hazel mims. i'm an i.t. manager here at boeing. i have a great job. >> you're not leaving? >> i'm not leaving. recently i noticed an increased amount of my take-home pay. what that means for me personally is an opportunity to reinvest or invest in my daughter's college education and give her the opportunities that i had. in high school, i joined the u.s. army reserve in order to pay for college at alabama state university. the skills and experiences that i learned in the reserves were invaluable. actually paved the way for a job opportunity here at the great boeing company. today i proudly serve boeing as i proudly served in the u.s. army reserves. bowing is a company that invests
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in its veterans, like me, its people and the community. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] i'll skip dennis for a second. come on. >> i'm kevin baker. i'm the chief credit officer of great southern bank head quartered in springfield, missouri. the bank has 1,200 employees serving 325,000 clients. nine midwestern states from minnesota to texas. the tax reform gave us the unique opportunity to reward our associates with $1,000 for all full-time employees and $500 for part time employees. the bonus, as you can imagine, created a lot of excitement throughout our company and we have heard countless stories how it was used from one-time family trips to needed repairs on automobiles, homes and one associate needed it to pay her monthly rent. we believe your 2016 election
1:34 pm
and this tax reform have been the most positive economic drivers since the 2008 downturn. we want to thank you for the tax reform. it was much needed. i'm honored to be here today. >> thanks very much. thank you. >> mr. president, i'd like to introduce my staff that i brought with me. first of all, i want to thank you for taking leadership role in making america work again. it's been a big task. we in higher education appreciate your efforts and probably don't say that enough. my name is jerry davis. i'm the president of the college of the ozarks. as most people in this room know, this college is unique and admits students of financial need. they pay know tuition and they work on a job. they graduate because they don't do loans.
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it's an old fashioned hard-nosed approach. we are not a college for snowflakes. [applause] a pretty good line. i might use it again. as a result of the recent tax bill savings, our college to our knowledge was the only one in the united states that passed along a bonus to its employees. we hope other colleges will follow us. perhaps through the ivy league. they're a little slower behind us. but they can afford it. we did this because a work college depends on lots of work supervisors to make it operate. and so i brought two employees today. they'd like to tell you how they use their unexpected bonus, which they appreciate very much. by the way, we don't view these as crumbs either.
1:36 pm
we think that a few hundred dollars is a lot of money, especially if you don't make a lot. i'll ask the first lady down here, renee, to tell you what she did with her bonus, if she would. >> mr. president, my name is renee cricker. this bonus could not have come at a better time in my life and my family's life. my daughter, erika, was diagnosed with double viral pneumonia. she was put into a medically induced coma. been on a ventilator for 2 1/2 weeks. the college money that was passed on to us helped me get to her bedside. she was out of the country. so i'm just very thankful that i got to be there and be with her.
1:37 pm
again, i can't thank the college enough, dr. davis enough and you enough. thank you very much, mr. president. >> thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, my name is bonnie brazil. i work in the cafeteria at college of the ozarks alongside the hard-working students. and i am very grateful for the bonus when the college gave it to us. i put mine in savings for my retirement. i want to thank you, mr. president. god bless you. >> thank you very much. very nice. thank you both. [applause] >> good afternoon, mr. president. thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. my name is brian cook. i'm president and ceo of central
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bank group, a $13 billion asset bank holding company. we employ over 2, 400 people. we gave a $1,000 bonus to full time and a $500 bonus to each part title employee. we felt that fully appropriate and reasonable to share the income from the tax cut with the hard-working people at central bank. the act has generated more positive and appreciative employee responses, texts, letter to almost any action we've taken for our employees. thank you for your strong leadership to get this much-needed tax reform accomplished. thank you, sir. >> thank you. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, i'm dave johnson, ceo of a company that employs 350 employees in three
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states head quartered in rogersville, missouri. we gave all employees a net $250 bonus. our outlook is very strong. we're hiring at all facilities. we thank you for your leadership and thank you for the tax act and jobs act. 150 other stories throughout our plant of the bonus and higher take-home pay as a result of lower taxes. i brought one of those individuals with a story with me today. brandon, is here. thanks for your leadership. >> thank you for having us. >> i've been with mid am for three years now. i started out as a welder and worked my way to a production supervisor. the bonus has been helpful to not only me but my fellow workers and friends as well. i have a son almost two years old who had to have surgery with a hernia. i had taken that bonus and put
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it towards the deductibles and help me and my family get ahead. it's been helpful. thank you for your leadership and thank you for making our company and our country stronger. thank you. >> thank you. while you say -- [applause] while you talk about your son and the operation, a lot of good things are happening with healthcare. people are starting to see the fruits. there's a lot of really good things. getting rid of the individual mandate, which was a disaster and very costly. but we have a lot of very positive things happening. and will be happening on healthcare. that's very nice. thank you both. thank you. >> thanks very much. stephen, you want to say something? >> it's great to be here with you to talk about tax reform. it's a critical part of our economic program along with regulatory relief and trade. we're committed to create a sustained economic growth. that's what this is about. being her at boeing, i had the
1:41 pm
opportunity before you arrived to tour. dennis, it's incredible what you have here. it's incredible. the amount of jobs that you've brought back to this factory, the sophistication of the products and this is a great american company. thank you for everything. >> maybe i'll save last the start of the show. dennis. go ahead. >> mr. president, thank you. it's an honor to have you here today and a privilege to host you in our boeing st. louis factory. what you see here is your leadership on tax reform and creating jobs. it's no place that is more evident than in the factories of america. you had a chance to meet our people earlier. one of our great teammates. we have more than 20,000 veterans here at boeing. as a result of tax reform, just three quick examples of what we've done. one on day one of tax reform, we announced an investment of $300 million back into our people.
1:42 pm
this includes facility upgrades, infrastructure upgrades for our team, includes training and advanced training on new skills for the future, digital technologies, manufacturing technologies and it includes investments in our communities and veterans. we increased the gift matching for employees. every employee gift matching has gone from $6,000 to $10,000 per employee. just as an example of that investment. that's going to continue with more announcements to come. second example is it's been a great way to engage our team. we've used crowd sourcing technology to go out to our team and ask them how can we make the investments that have had the most impact on your jobs and training for the future. in two weeks, we got more than 40,000 inputs. so you can see how it's generating excitement and momentum at the grass roots level and our employees are engaged as a result. lastly, it's allowing us to invest in the future. invest in capitol, invest in new
1:43 pm
innovations, new products. that includes the most advanced super hornet, the most advanced f-15 behind us here, includes investments in prototype aircrafts, some of which you saw earlier and our commercial airplane business like the 777 x wide body area plane with the folding wing top is built here in st. louis. we built a new $300 million fabrication facility in st. louis. real manufacturing jobs. not only benefitting boeing but in our u.s. supply chain, we have another 13,000 companies, small and medium sized businesses representing about 1.5 million u.s. manufacturing jobs that are all benefitting as a result. so those are just a few examples. we're going to continue to put tax reform to work and we appreciate your leadership and congress' leadership on getting that passed. thank you. >> thank you, dennis.
1:44 pm
great job you've done i . >> i might ask dennis because you mentioned job training. many companies are moving back to our country. they're coming back into america. they're coming back into the united states. and we are thinking about doing vocational schools in a certain way. you have some great training programs. we have chrysler as an example leaving mexico and coming into michigan. we have many other companies where they're coming back. they used to be here. they left ten years ago, 20 years ago. say what you want to about nafta. it took a lot of companies. honestly, we need workers. we're going to need workers. what are you doing about training programs? how is it working for boeing? >> fantastic idea.
1:45 pm
your point on vocational training is a good one. we see a dramatic need for talent for the future. in many cases, they can be two-year programs. in missouri, we have a metal forming vocational school, collaborative work. including boeing as well as higher education on creating these training programs. students can come out of high school, go into this vocational training and in two years be qualified for aero space metal builders to aero space standards. we have an aero space high school in seattle. same thing. we're tapping into high school level talent, getting them early training, qualifying them on next generation digital technologies for manufacturing. think about automation and robotics, new manufacturing skills. investment in vocational schools is a real enabler. >> only a company can do that. boeing can do it.
1:46 pm
you look at what is behind us, a government can't do that. they can do certain things but they can't do that. >> partnerships make good sense. having industry involved is important. we know the end point. we can do training that is very practical and can lead to jobs. >> fantastic, dennis. i want to thank you, thank everybody. this has been truly inspirational to see all of you and what has happened. there's a lot more going to happen. the companies that we have in this country have never been fundamentally strong. i can say that about boeing also. i see what is going on with boeing. but we've never had a time when we've had companies at this level of readiness, preparedness and stability. so i think you're going to see tremendous things over the next fairly long period of time. i don't see any downward movement. i see up. we've taken off regulations.
1:47 pm
you probably are seeing that very much. a lot of people -- we're talking about the tax cuts. a lot of the companies are saying that the cutting of regulation is more important to them even than these massive tax cuts that all of the employees have gotten and everybody. it just means jobs, projects that were stopped for 15 years and now under construction. great projects. projects that should have been approved rapidly now under construction. i want to thank you, dennis and thank everybody for the great statements. you know, make america great again. it's very simple. make america great again. that's what we're going to do and that's what we're doing. it's happening faster than anybody thought possible. thanks. appreciate it. thank you. [applause] >> charles: that's president trump wrapping up at a boeing plant in st. louis. talking up phase two for tax cuts. reaction from bill bennett,
1:48 pm
former education secretary for ronald reagan. bill, that was amazing there with the regular folks talking about the amazing impact that tax cuts have had on their lives, putting their children through college, paying -- making bills meet, living the american dream essentially. >> yeah. i don't know about you, charles. the power and light and utility guys with great. i like the cafeteria worker lady that works with the students. she used that money for. that wasn't crumbs. she worked with crumbs but she's grateful for that money. can i focus on that education point, charles? >> charles: please. >> the last point the president made. his instincts are so good on a lot of these things. he pointed out, he said i would like to see more emphasis on vocational education. john dewey said a man has to be good for something. i'd sort of prefer to see it not under the government or the
1:49 pm
schools necessarily but maybe under the auspices of the company. the boeing president picked up on that. we're seeing this increasingly. a lot of corporations, businesses, as you know, are respectful of the schools, don't want to encroach, but they should be less respectful giving the low performance of american schools and get in the game. this is really teaching a student to acquire a skill and a know how that will make them a living. >> charles: to your point, six million jobs, small businesses set their number 1 problem is finding qualified workers. why not take the bull by the horns. i want to ask you about this pennsylvania election, the count is still going and it's close. but it's a district that president trump won by 20 percentage points what do you make of it? >> well, as a republican now, i wish i had -- i was a democrat for 25 years, fill disclosure. as a republican, i wish a republican may have won.
1:50 pm
he may still. i doubt it. nevertheless, for the good of the country, it's interesting that a democrat with that kind of profile when you were hitting at it earlier, you know the guy is in favor of the second amendment, pro tax cut, he wasn't critical of trump, very critical of pelosi, favorable things to say about pro life. if there are more democrats like that, it will make for a better democrat party. but how many of the candidates that the democrats will run will have that position? the guy's resume looks like tom cotton's than hillary clinton's. he looks more like tom cotton than hillary clinton. sounds like it. so if this is the change, the renaissance of the democrat party for the sake of the country, i welcome in. i doubt that that is the case. no primary challenge from the left. >> charles: hard to imagine that
1:51 pm
he will push back against nancy pelosi. everybody has looked at this as a message between left and right. maybe there's a greater message here about the idea of candidate now for -- to represent america and washington d.c. >> yeah. you have seen some push-back in the democratic party. a few people have stood up. i've seen them on your shows saying we're not going to accepted pelosi, i won't support pelosi. there's a huge gap in that party and they're going to have to sort this out. because they have a big pull to the left. when he gets in office, will he vote down the line? i'm sure he will. something that this tells us -- this is a complicated message out of pennsylvania. also, i think he could have had a stronger candidates. local politics matters. in counties like that, they know the candidates and so that matters, this is a very important guy, lamb. i'm the father of a marine. i have to respect the marine corps. i don't know how many more
1:52 pm
democrats are out there like that. >> charles: i want to ask you about the big news this week with mike pompeo being chosen. already some push back within the republican party. rand paul, john mccain sounds like he's iffy on this. what do you make of the prospects of a quick confirmation? particularly in an environment where there's a lot of dragging on all of trump's nominations. >> there won't be any quick confirmations to major positions in the future given the polarization that has taken place. this is a very big position. this is the most important cabinet position there is, secretary of state. pompeo is very impressive. number one in his class, harvard law school. very smart. he's in sync with donald trump. there will be some republican opposition, but he do a great job at the hearings and he will get through. the head of a cia is a very interesting case. we'll go over that stuff again.
1:53 pm
the water boarding. she he get there. >> charles: she's against it and other senators are making noise. very much. we appreciate when you come on. we'll be right back. it's ok thae ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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1:56 pm
>> to really appoint the head cheerleader for waterboarding to be the head of the cia, how
1:57 pm
could you do that? i will oppose both pompeo's nomination and haspel's nomination. >> charles: we will put rand paul down as they may maybe for cia director and secretary of state. the g.o.p. can get on board. senator , maybe not a shock per se but already working within margins with respect to anything that can be done in the senate. how much of a battle was going to be for mike pompeo to be confirmed? >> i think he is very well respected, and with the vast majority of republicans, he's worked with a lot of members of the united states senate. clearly has a background which is military in nature. most certainly is up to speed in what's going on in the world. i think he's got a lot of respect. i understand senator paul may have some different points of view on it but i think the vast majority of us will continue to
1:58 pm
support the president and his nomination of mike to be the next secretary of state. there is a lot of us that were really disappointed when secretary tillerson was removed. we thought he did a good job as well. i think the president has done a very good job on the nomination so far overall. >> charles: how much room for margin for error is there? how many republicans can you lose, because it's unlikely perhaps at least to my knowledge that you're going to get a whole lot of democrats. >> well, we are not sure about that yet. there has been some movement on the part of some of our democratic colleagues to come across on a number of nominations. >> charles: but more specifically, though, with the idea that torture is now the elephant in the room, especially so with gina haspel. but also with mike pompeo. it's going to be a tough uphill climb, it seems to me, particularly once the media starts to pylon. >> the numbers are clear. we've only got a one-vote
1:59 pm
margin, basically two votes. 51-49. but that makes it very difficult. you don't want to lose members. most certainly have the option of having the vice president stepped in to break a tie if it gets to that point. but you don't want to lose your own members. you also can't discount the possibility that the there may be democrats would step over and vote for the nominee. >> charles: we have the potential meeting between president trump and kim jong un, ostensibly set for may. not sure the confirmation will be done then. how does this impact or change anything with respect to that potential meeting? >> i think the president indicated he thought he would -- he and mr. pompeo were on the same page. he clearly didn't think that was the case with secretary tillerson. for the president, they should give him some additional confidence in terms of direction he's moving. we are going to support the president's approach. we think you give him the benefit of the doubt on this. most certainly mike pompeo is a
2:00 pm
qualified individual. >> charles: thank you very much. appreciate it. the dow was off 250 today. concerned about potential trade war with china. i will tell you all about it later tonight. catch me on "making money." ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters. a pistachio shell is her canoe. dana perino. "the five" ." here's an experiment. type torture into google and what do you get? the odd snippets of hillary's speeches. you will see gina haspel, the first woman to be nominated to run the cia. a33 year vet. more than qualified to run the place with deep knowledge of our worst enemies and how to handle them. which means she must be stopped. on the other hand, there's controversy in her past. she was involved with the torture program after


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