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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 15, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> all right, head to our facebook page for the after show. >> thanks for being here. happy st. patrick's day. >> bill: breaking news. a major shake-up set to hit the west wing. more significant staff shake-ups are on the way, if so, who goes and who stays and when as we approach the eyes of march. beware. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: love st. patrick's day. good morning, i'm sandra smith. all coming in the wake of president trump firing rex tillerson as secretary of state this week and now reports h.r. mcmaster and david shulkin and chief of staff, john kelly, could be on the way out. >> bill: the president announcing his pick to replace
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cohn a week ago and larry kudlow would be the next economic adviser. a big supporter of his economic policies. >> the tax cuts are working, the deregulation is working. we'll get on to infrastructure and as we always does, not only does he explain stuff he's thinking but asked questions and he asks good questions. >> sandra: our correspondent john roberts live outside the white house. what are we learning? >> one of my favorite david bow bowie songs is changes and i'm told there may be a change but it may not happen until after the november elections. so we can probably put some change on the side and a leading
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candidate to replace kelly would be mick mulvaney. the president has a terrific relationship with mick mulvaney and you mentioned larry kudlow. the president tweeted he will be my chief economic adviser and our country will have many years of great economic and financial success with low taxes, unparalleled innovation, fair trade and an ever-expanding workforce #makeamericagreatagain. they agree on a lot of things but not everything. on tariffs he's not on board but is looking forward to working with the president on economic policy. >> if you keep tax rates low and regulations and government spending minimal and keep the dollar sound and steady, you are
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going to have a terrific economy. if government has a modest approach and lets people do what they need to do and the freedom to go it we'll do great in this country. >> potentially more personnel changes ahead. sources tell fox news the v.a. secretary, david shulkin has fallen out of favor with the president. at the cabinet president last thursday he had the queasy look of an individual on the chopping lock -- block and if the president were to ask mick mulvaney to take it over it'd -- he'd have a hard time to say no. and other sources say is coming soon the departure of h.r. mcmaster. one possible candidate john bolton. he's been a frequent visitor to the white house. the pentagon has been working on
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giving him a four-star to give him a soft landing and sources say no plans are being made to re-integrate him back to the army. to talk about his departure may be premature but the president has said on multiple occasions that changes are coming so, sandra, stay tuned. >> sandra: following up on the big news yesterday, john, what can you tell us on the struggle mike pompeo might face during his confirmation of secretary of state. >> a struggle he'll face immediately is kentucky senator rand paul who yesterday said he's not inclined to support pompeo or gina haspel. >> i'm oppose both nominations. to reward someone for being head of the cia after being involved in something so horrendous is a
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terrible message to send the world. >> talking about haspel's association with the operation in the early 2000s and 15 who confirmed him for cia are reconsidering whether to vote for pompeo or secretary of state but he has concerns about haspel. >> i just talked to pompeo an hour or so ago. i think an excellent pick for secretary of state. i want to hear about the rendition of the black site experience and more than judging her about what happened in the past, which was authorized at the time, is clearly outlawed today. >> and back to the potential staff changes for a moment. i'm told by people close to the white house the president is getting tired of all these stories about drip, drip, drip of staff changes and all the talk about chaos in the west
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wing so there's a consideration that the best thing to do, sandra, may be to kind of rip the bandage off and deal between changes and deal with the changes and get it off the table and get to the business of running the country. >> sandra: we'll watch and see. john roberts, thank you. >> bill: and karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. there's a growing process, like-mine and high energy. what do you make of the reports we're get from john roberts. >> we have the fox reporting that suggests mcmaster, shulkin and kelly is out and then reports from axios suggesting from their conversations with senior white house staff they don't see this happening. there may be changes but changes not immediately and changes over
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time. look, the bottom line is we don't really know in this white house because it's a very unconventional place. the president of the united states on friday had his chief of staff call the secretary of state and say there are changes coming you better get home. on tuesday morning in the morning tweets the secretary of state is out, i'm going to replace him with the cia director. and then three or four hours later calls the secretary of state from air force one to say thanks for your service, i'm replacing you. we hear about a lot the conversation about staff changes because the president is having dinner or a telephone conversation or a meeting with a friend and says i'm upset about x, what do you think about replacing him with y and then that friend of the president tells somebody who tells somebody in the press the president's going to fire, fill in the blank. it's a very unconventional way to run an administration.
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>> bill: a lot of the thinking is the way he was when he ran his business and i think he's bringing that to the white house as well. >> you know what, in his business he tend to have long-term relationships with people but in the apprentice this is what he did, which is sort of reality tv. my wall street journal colleague wrote an article very insightful this is the apprentice reality show presidency. >> bill: i grant you they're not working by the week but by the hour sometimes. here's what he said about the chemistry factor. >> i have gotten to know a lot of people very well over the last year. i'm at the point where we're getting close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. >> bill: i think that probably makes sense to a lot of people. your 13, 14 months into it and exposed to different people along the way. this is not a u.s. senator who ran for the white house from
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capitol hill. >> no, more important than that, this is not somebody who had been a governor or around politics for a long time and developed a relationship or developed opinions about people in the political world. so he comes in and this is all new. look, think back to richard nixon, for example. richard nixon in 1968 after his election does something extraordinary he pick henry s. kissinger as his national security adviser and he was never in his orbit. he was a rockefeller man. he'd been working for rockefeller for years but nixon had seen him and over the years made a judgment about him and said this is it the guy i think i want to have be my national security adviser. trump had no similar set of experiences. he was not around in politics paying attention to who were the players -- >> bill: i agree with you.
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your argument make sense and i think what we're seeing is the growing developing process here. >> here's the problem -- >> bill: i want to move the next topic -- i can talk to you forever, but what happened in southwestern pennsylvania you have a democrat in a seat that was won 18 months ago by the president. what are those people saying in the district we need to pay attention to after $10 million were spent by the republican party? >> i think it's closer to $12.5 million when you add it all up. i wrote my column about this in the wall street journal today. it could have been worse. just over 600 votes in a district with 70,000 more registered democrats in that republicans. >> bill: what changed? >> a couple things. 80% of the people who voted for hillary clinton showed up and vote ford connor lamb. 53% of people who voted for
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donald trump voted for saccone. he had a lousy campaign and connor lamb say different kind of a democrat. how many democrats are going to say i am anti-gun control and pro-fracking and believe life begins at conception and will never support nancy pelosi and i'm not working against donald trump, i want to work with him. he ran a smart campaign. i listed the eight lessons the republicans ought to learn out of this is and number one you better have a message that is distinct and about you. you can't do out like saccone and say i'm going to be trump 2.0 unless you're running against hilary 2.0. >> bill: we're looking forward to reading that. thank you, sir. i think the democrats went into a blitz in aleghenny county. >> absolutely. >> bill: thank you, karl rove. >> sandra: amazing, here we are two mornings later and still
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looking back at what exactly happened that night. all right. did russia try to influence the presidential election? a new book claims moscow was meddling before that but did the obama administration do anything to stop it? we'll talk the book's author. >> bill: and an aircraft goes down and we'll have more on that. >> sandra: breaking news on the nerve agent attack british, french and german leaders putting out a statement that russia was behind the attack a live report as nikki haley issues a stark warning. >> if we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now, salisbury will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used. they can be used in new york or cities of any country that sits on this council.
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6:17 am
i want to start in the summer of 2016, okay, in your book here it is on the screen, one day in late august -- we're getting ready three months from an election. national security adviser susan rice called daniel prito demand he cease and desist in the cyber options. she said don't get ahead of him. daniel and his cyber response group were given strict orders. stand down and then you continue with the salty language where he felt where she was coming from was not correct. where does she give the stand-down order? >> good question. a slight garble it was michael daniel who was the cyber security coordinator who was given that directive. daniel prieto was the deputy.
6:18 am
>> bill: but both told -- >> look, this is at a time -- this is the summer of 2016. at this point the intelligence community and the fbi has agreed the russians hacked the dnc. they were mounting a cyber campaign against the election. they were starting to hak state election voter systems. that alarmed people. >> bill: even worse, michael, your book shows they knew about this a year and a half before the election. john brennan was made aware of it. >> there was certainly intelligence the russians were planning major campaigns to disrupt and influence and undermine western democracies including the united states. we document how the united states government had a secret source inside the kremlin in 2014 who was giving explicit warning -- >> bill: even worse.
6:19 am
it doesn't make them look good. >> much like the runup to 9/11 the dots weren't connecting. there was intelligence failure. there was reporting what the russians were up to -- >> bill: let me push forward. daniel prieto the longer you wait it diminishes your effectiveness. it's no much evidence the obama team chose to hit back. >> certainly not at that point. they did after the election and we can talk about that in a moment but in the summer people in the white house staff saying in real time if it's going to mean anything the russians need to see consequence. the obama white house wrestled with this. there were concerns if the white house went to public about what the russians were doing that it could help -- >> bill: they thought hillary clinton was going to win -- >> they assumed hillary clinton
6:20 am
was going win and they can kick the can down the road. but there were also concerns it could raise questions legitimacy about the election. remember, donald trump is denying anything's going on and trump is sloughing it off. >> bill: they're saying we can't win the argument. >> and by the way, mitch mcconnell in the senate refused to go with a letter selling state election systems to warning states what was going on. >> bill: i jump ahead to page 193, it's shorter, it reads the following, there was concern were the options leak it would force obama to act. they didn't want to box the president in prieto subsequently said. why would we be afraid of a reaction from putin or russia? why would the united states think if they put something out against putin he would respond
6:21 am
in kind? >> two things, first, obama was concerned if he was too forceful or spoke out at that point in time, publicly, it would look political like he was trying to help hillary clinton and hurt donald trump. he didn't want to be perceived as political. >> bill: you could have shut down websites -- >> that's what these people were propose. there were real options on the table but there were concerns from the intelligence community without provoke a cyber war that could escalate out of control and we, the united states, would actually be more vulnerable because we are a more society and shut down the electrical grid which is the most frightening aspect because it shows how vulnerable we are to what our foreign adversaries can
6:22 am
do. >> bill: more to come. >> sure enough. >> sandra: former fbi director, andrew mccabe, can lose his job days before he was set to retire. judge andrew napolitano is coming up.
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director andrew mccabe in hot water. fox news has learned he could be fired for allegedly leaking information on the probe and he could lose his pension benefits days before the retirement. the decision in the hand of the attorney general, jeff sessions. joining us is judge andrew n
6:26 am
nah -- nah >> the pension kicks in on sunday. is this report being accelerated in order to permit jeff sessions to visit almost irreparable harmed on him after 20 years of employment. he's become the poster boy for a relativist fbi neither of which the country wants. the stated or whispered purpose, because it hasn't come out yet for the firing, is not the leaking, because the fbi leaks but liking about leaking to investigators and lying to investigators in the fbi is a stated purpose for firing. >> sandra: we have heard the president be critical of mccabe on multiple occasions and tweeted he was racing the clock and andrew mccabe is racing the
6:27 am
clock to retire with full benefits, 90 days to go. he has a separate different level of protection than james comey. >> he's not a political appointee that would be fired as soon as they received the president's notice as was the case with jim comey. he is civil service protect. they have to go through a lot of steps in order to fire him and apparently they've been going through these steps while he has taken the leaf of absence. and it ends at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. if they don't serve notice by that time his pension kicks in and he has it for the rest of the his life and can never be tampered with. if they do fire him by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow it will depend on how sound the legal basis is and i'm sure it will result in judicial scrutiny. >> sandra: what do you thank --
6:28 am
think they have. >> i have never heard of someone being fired the day before the pension kicks in so it won't kick in. the laws were written to prevent that. i don't carry water for him. i share the same political concerns and criticism of him most of our colleagues do but i understand the federal policy is to protect pensions. it's a contract between the government and employee. >> sandra: so the fbi director, christopher ray, made it clear in a message he wrote to all fbi employees at the time of andrew mccabe's departure tied to the report. the i.g. report, when do you expect we'll see it? >> i don't think it will come out a couple weeks but if the i.g., the inspector general think of it like internal affairs in the police department. his job is to investigate the rest of the d.o.j. to see if they complied with regulations.
6:29 am
if just that portion of the report pertaining to andrew mccabe comes out it will look suspicious and looks like they'll want to harm him in order to please someone who can't stand him, who would that be? the president. >> sandra: what part do you think the president is playing? >> i doubt the president is pressing buttons but the way he tweets i am sure jeff sessions is aware of what president trump wants done here. >> sandra: he made his views on it clear. >> why don't we look at our watches to see if it comes out by 5:00 tomorrow. >> sandra: thank you. bill. >> bill: in the meantime, there are new developments in the president's pick to head the cia. a republican senator is coming out swinging against her. >> i find it just amazing that anyone would consider having this woman at the head of the cia and so my opposition so her is over her direct participation in interrogation and enjoyment
6:30 am
at the suffering of someone being tortured. >> bill: he wasn't done there either and what does it mean for gina haspel and senator john barrasso answers live come up, next. >> sandra: and tensions boiling over between the u.k. and russia in the wake of the chemical attack on the ex-spy and the world comes together in russia's role. >> in this appalling act against the country this relationship cannot be the same so we will suspend all high-level contacts. get out of the way.
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6:34 am
nikki haley speaking out. >> we oppose the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances and one member stands accused of using them on the sovereign soil of another member. the credibility of this council will not survive if we fail to hold moscow accountable. >> bill: amy reports live now. >> reporter: the message of solidarity you referenced points out this with us the first offensive use of chemical weapons since the end of the second world war. russia united as well calling it a provocation and british diplomats will be packing their
6:35 am
bags, absolutely soon. nik nikki haley saying the credibility of the council will not survive if we fail to hold russia responsible and rush pushed back accusing britain of making the agent that poisoned the agent and his daughter. the ministery accused them of lies. >> the british prime minister has made insane accusations against our country and our nation. >> reporter: now, president putin yesterday was silent and congratulations crowds in the streets for joining russia and in terms of the russian public, i think opinion is divided.
6:36 am
some feel it doesn't affect their lives, others are horrified feeling russia is damaging its own reputation and then there are those who listen to russian tv which has had a pro-moscow side continuously and feel russia is being maligned by the west and under siege. i must say that clearly plays into putin's popularity a few days ahead of his election. >> bill: amy kellogg live in moscow. >> sandra: president trump's pick to become the next secretary of state could run into obstacles getting confirmed on capitol hill. senator rand paul who voted against mike pompeo said he will not support him of secretary of state nor gina haspel to succeed
6:37 am
him at the cia. >> the lesson of the iraq war being a mistake was the regime change has unintended consequences. if you appoint the people unapologetic in their support for the iraq war and they also advocate for regime change in iran, it's sort of like nobody got the message of the iraq war. >> sandra: joining us is senator john barrasso who serves with paul in the committee. do you share any of the share concerns as senator paul? >> none at all. first, with regard to mike pompeo, i think he is the right person for the job but it's the president of the united states who will make the ultimate decisions. he is the commander-in-chief. mike pompeo has a good chemistry with the president and i've traveled with mike pompeo to meet with world leaders at security conferences. he knows the issue and the
6:38 am
people. he was first in his class at west point, graduate from harvard law school, has been a member of congress. he's the right person for the paul and though rand paul voted against him to be cia director, 14 democrats vote to confirm him in that position but that's what the hearings are all. we'll have hearings and on the floor of the senate. >> sandra: that included chuck schumer, who is not actively urging his caucus. are you hearing anything from your democrat colleagues? >> i think they went away for the hearings and that's the appropriate thing to do. wait nor -- for the hearings and then have the debate. a great number vote ford mike pompeo in the past and i look forward to having him confirmed as secretary of state. he understands clearly along with the president to put america first means economically
6:39 am
and militarily and if we want safety and security at home we need a world that is peaceful and stable. i think mike pompeo's the right person for the job. >> sandra: republicans have a 11-10 advantage on the senate floor making paul a key vote. does his opposition complicate things? >> we'll able to get him out of the committee in terms of the nominee, get him to the floor of the senate. there's a number of different ways to do it and i'm hoping to have democrat support for pompeo through the committee as well. >> sandra: so what does the process look like? obviously this can be difficult or it can be easy. there's going to be some very serious questions that are going to be asked in these hearings. what overall can you tell us the process is going to look like? >> i think it will be a thorough vetting. a discussion of what's happening around the world and mike pompeo understands our enemies abroad can be cunning, aggressive, opportunistic and we see it in
6:40 am
dealing with china and the president has opened up for discussions with north korea. i think mike pompeo has a full information of the threat of north korea and the opportunities we have. >> sandra: before i let you go, senator. i want to show you his concern, paul's concerns with gina haspel and get your thoughts. >> in regards to the nomination of gina haspel i'm troubled by her participation in the black ops site in thailand and we asked about the water boarding and he's stuck by the fact he doesn't believe it's torture. that to me is very troubling and one of the reasons i opposed him at the cia. >> sandra: sorry to cut you off, senator, but your thoughts on haspel? >> she would be the first woman director of the central intelligence agency and that's a good thing but she joined in 1985 when ronald reagan was president of the united states. she's had a long and distinguished career working
6:41 am
with presidents and administrations on both sides of the aisle. i think she is absolutely the person the president wants to work with. i'm committed to working with her as well. she has good bipartisan friendships within the senate and agency. we'll have the hearing so there'll be a better opportunity and that goes to the intelligence committee, not the foreign relations committee. so senator paul is not part of that. dianne feinstein is the democrat from california and has a great working relationship with the nominee. >> sandra: have you had a chance to talk to senator paul about this? >> i was in meetings with him yesterday. we didn't go in the specifics of this but i'm looking forward to the debate on the floor and getting both confirmed. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. any dates been set yet, by the way, on the hearings? >> we'll have a meeting on mike pompeo in april. >> sandra: thank you, senator barrasso for being here. >> bill: lots to cover. in a moment, remember this
6:42 am
comment from over the weekend? >> i won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward and his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards. >> bill: now this morning there is new backlash against the comments and you may not guess where that's coming from this time. more on that coming up. >> let me tell you something, the idea that i or other women like me have to ask our husbands how to vote is a joke since i won't say her name but particularly since the country knows who you are first and foremost because of whom you married.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> if you look at the map of the united states there's all that red in the middle where trump up with. i win the coast, illinois, minnesota, places like that. so i won the places that are
6:46 am
optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign, make america great again was looking backwards. >> bill: you may have heard the comment already but now hillary clinton is taking heat from democrats. senator mccaskill telling the post, those are fighting words for me. i don't think that's the way you should talk about any voter especially those in my state. ohio democrat, sharon brown, you get the pattern, ohio, missouri, battlegrounds. i don't care what she said i don't think it's helpful. jessica tarlov has a tough job and charlie hurt. why don't we rewind. september of 2016, should we? >> is it worse? >> you can put half of trump supporters in into what i call the basket of deplorables.
6:47 am
right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. >> it's not great. we have 10 senators with tough races ahead. the house is looking better but i think the balance of power stays the same. for someone who has been such an advocate for women and she talks about how women voted -- lift them up like you have them for decades and i don't really understand it. i think what you can make a comment about the types of voters in terms of the gdp
6:48 am
production which is what she was talking about is how two-thirds of the gdp comes from places she won, if you want to make that comment, but you are, whether you like it or not in ferring the other places are unproductive. >> i heard that comment. man oh, man, charlie. >> i think the comments are so much worse than the deplorables thing. largely, i think what she said was shared by a whole lot of people in washington. a lot of people do view the country and view the supporters of donald trump as being -- not that you were saying it, but unproductive and somehow unworthy of representation in washington. and it was donald trump who tapped into that and it's how he got elected. of course, now that he's trying to carry out a lot of these things he's meeting opposition at every turn within washington and this is both parties. >> bill: let me share another
6:49 am
comment on screen, we democrats do not do well with white men and married white women. part of that is our identification with the republican party and the ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believes the way you should. let me tell you, no one told my mom who she was voting for. i have three sisters, no one is telling my sisters who to vote for -- ever. man, woman, martian, does not happen. where does that come from? >> i don't know. we also know that how you vote is private anyway so there are a lot of people who go about what they do what they want anyway and the first part has to do with identification with the republican party. woman white women are republicans. the stats bear that out. it's the kind of comment you don't expect from a feminist icon. >> bill: and address the comments about tough races in
6:50 am
november and whether or not something like this hurts. >> i think i hope republicans are cutting and pasting all the comments and putting them into ads. >> somewhere they are. >> i think they'll be effective. >> can i say one thing quickly, none of that language came out of connor lamb's mouth during that race. and it's important and we were talking about this yesterday, centri centrist democrats can win and this will come out on the gop side. >> bill: martians don't vote. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: they're the only identical twin astronauts in u.s. history but after one brother returns from a year in space, something changed and an appeals court giving texas the green light on the sanctuary si sire -- city ban and what might
6:51 am
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>> sandra: a federal appeals court has upheld a law targeting sanctuary cities. police can ask people their immigration status during routine stops and if officials do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities they can go to jail. >> there are several parts. one of the most controversial, the part you just mentioned where law enforcement officials could in fact be punished, that is something the judges did not agree on and that's the only part of the law they did not green light and allow to go into
6:55 am
effect. it was a fifth circuit court of appeals and they did agree with clearing most of senate bill 4 known as the show-me-your papers law enacted by texas lawmakers and immediately large members of public lashed out because it permits local authorities to inquire about the immigration status arguing it promotes racial profiling and asks state and local officials to do the federal government's job. so dallas, houston, san antonio, the lawsuits came coming in against the state and in response to this appellate court's ruling, san antonio's mayor saying in part to a local newspaper, saying san antonio will remain a welcoming and compassionate city as we continue to honor the law including individual civil
6:56 am
rights. and state leaders in austin, texas have a strong message for those who do not wish to comply. >> the court made clear and what the texas state constitution has made cler for -- for decades is the state can direct its own cities. the idea there are particular cities in the state of texas that can actively deny, not only the state legislature but now apparently a court order is astonishing. >> now, the aclu and other defendants in the case say they are pursuing other options which likely means more appeals. back to you. >> sandra: casey siegel in dallas for us, thank you. >> bill: more on what we're learning about the poisoning from moscow and who is the winner in pennsylvania. the republican opponent saying
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: a brand new recommendation to fire andrew mccabe for misconduct days before he is set to retire. welcome a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. he is under fire for leaking information. the office recommending his termination. the final decision, however, is up to the a.g., jeff sessions, screen left. the judge weighed in on this moments ago. >> he has become the poster boy for a politicized and relative fbi neither of which the country wants. lying to investigators in the fbi is a stated purpose for firing. >> bill: catherine herridge watching this live inside the
7:01 am
hearing room on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> reporter: thank you, bill, and good morning. based on our reporting here at fox the former deputy director goes beyond leaking to the media but he was not forthcoming at the justice department and the actions he took during the course of the clinton e-mail investigation. as you recall, andrew mccabe's wife ran for senate in virginia and received about $700,000 from virginia democrats including a long-time ally of hillary clinton. this was perceived as a conflict for mccabe who we also understood had knowledge e-mails had been found on the computer of a clinton aide a month before the election but took no immediate action at that time. one republican is saying you have to see mccabe in the context of others including
7:02 am
agent peter strzok and lisa page and the justice official senior bruce orb. this republican said you have to question whether there was a broader con spspiracy. >> i think between strzok, page and orb and mccabe there have to be a question asked where they abusing their office for partisan purpose. >> reporter: the thing to watch is whether the attorney general fires mccabe and if the action has the cause the effect of causing mccabe to lose his pension. a former member of congress for government pensions told fox news that can happen only when certain conditions are met and it would require evidence of what amounts to a serious crime. >> bill: you're live on the hill
7:03 am
in the hearing room. the nsa director what are you hearing? >> reporter: first and foremost they have to deal with interference in the election and how the russians continue their attacks on government systems. let's listen. >> we have to adapt from adversaries for platforms for false messaging to targeting elections and the nation face significant challenging in this ever-growing domain. >> reporter: that was the general nakasone as part of the confirmation process on capitol hill but would take over the nsa under scrutiny because of the unmasking controversy the unmasking of american citizens in foreign intelligence reporting and the issue of the
7:04 am
buse or alleged abuse during the 2016 election. >> bill: thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> if we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now, salisbury will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used. they could be used here in new york or in cities of any country that sits on this council. this say defining moment. >> sandra: u.n. ambassador nicki haley calling for action after a military-grade unit was used to poison an ex-russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. this morning the u.s., u.k. and other allies placing the blame on moscow. ambassador bolton, thank you for
7:05 am
being here. nikki haley sending a message from the united states. >> i think the statement from president trump trump and prime minister may and chancellor merkel makes it clear the west is united in condemning russia and i hope in taking strong measures in response. not only is this a violation of british sovereignty but the use of a chemical weapon, which the leaders' make clear it's is in violation of the chemical weapons convention is a clear statement and it fits into a larger pattern. there's been other attempted assassination. the use of other agents and the syrians lied about it and the
7:06 am
russians had to know it. it's been russia and china that have argued we should have a nuclear agreement with iran they'll abide by and it was russia and china who say and still say we should negotiate a deal with north korea. they're commit to give up nuclear weapons in the past and violated that. what's it take to get people to connect the dots, russia, china, syria, iran, north korea. these are regimes that make agreements and lie about them and a national security policy based on the faith that regimes like that will honor their commitments is doomed to failure. >> sandra: ambassador, what did you make of her warning that this too could happen here at home in america. >> absolutely. this is so blatant. this use of the chemical weapon sometimes called a fourth generation chemical weapon.
7:07 am
and the fact is it's so blatant it reminds me of kim jong-un killing his brother-in-law by having women rub the vx nerve agent on his face. it's defiant. it's saying to western capitals what are you going to do about it? i think there should be a strong answer. >> sandra: theresa may and the u.k. responding with a strong response as well expelling 23 russian diplomats there. do you expect further action on the part of the united states here, ambassador and should we respond with more force? >> absolutely. i think what prime minister may did was the right thing. i wouldn't call it a strong response. the response should be such we begin to create in vladamir
7:08 am
putin's mind he understands if he does this again the cost will be significantly greater. the statement of the four leaders is another step in the right direction. we need a very strong response to this. this is unacceptable conduct. use weapon of mass destruction and there are capitals all over the world, beijing, tehran, damascus watching what we do. >> sandra: speaking of a national security, ambassador bolton, a lot of talk about a possible shake-up. more shake-up at the white house. rumored exit of hr mcmaster. it's rumored you may be his replacement. any news on that for us? >> i appreciate boring policy not to comment on personnel matters and that's what i'm still doing though i'm in las vegas. >> sandra: you do on occasion meet with the president and have chats with him. i think you were somewhere near
7:09 am
the white house or inside last week or the week before. >> it's possible. >> sandra: all right. sounds like we can learn more on that front soon. thank you, very much, ambassador bolton. always good to talk to you. >> bill: a fox news alert now and a possible recount in the works in pennsylvania special election. republicans now claiming voting irregularities may have given the democrat connor lamb the edge. as they consider legal action the final result may be up in the air. we're live in carnegie, pa. sit over or not? >> reporter: no, it's not over yet. the democrats have claimed victory for connor lamb but of course the republicans saying not so fast. represent rick saccone is still in the night. a spokesperson said we are not conceding. a recount has not been ruled out. republicans sources said they
7:10 am
received complaints of machines flipping votes and voters may have been confused about redrawn lines in the state. it's been alleged the republican party lawyer was prevented from observing counting of absentee ballots and the aleghenny county pushed back saying the gop lawyers didn't have the required written and signed opposition the party chair. once that was provided the lawyer was then given full access they say. the machines involved are electronic touch screens and every absentee ballot is being in expect. one person watched overnight and here's what he had to say. >> i thought that the process was flawed. there were other issues that i'm being informed about with the machines themselves. i know there were potential
7:11 am
voter irregularities in aleghenny county with a giant chunk of the electorate. >> reporter: the possibility of legal action has not been ruled out. >> bill: what's the time line today, molly? what should we expect? >> reporter: well, the board of elections is scheduled to meet friday april 2. that's the 20th day from the election to certify the official results and we're waiting nor final counts to come down. >> bill: thank you, molly line in pennsylvania. thanks. >> sandra: the pennsylvania special election looking good for democrats at this point but nancy pelosi not so much. could this minority leader become a winning formula for the party's candidate? >> bill: and are sweeping changes on the horizon in the white house. >> sandra: and after the death of a puppy stowed in an overhead bin, united airlines is grappling with another big
7:12 am
mistake involving a dog going the wrong spot. >> my son has been crying all day because he wants his dog. i have a 2-year-old and 7-year-old and i'm by myself trying to deal with this and i have no idea what to do.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:15 am
attorney for the trump organization was involved in paying stormy daniels to stay
7:16 am
silent about her alleged affair with donald trump before he was president. trump's attorney michael cohen has insisted he acted on his own and the document shows a link to the trump organization. one of the documents refers to a demand for arbitration in naming the previously undisclosed attorney. danie daniels claims she was paid $130,000 to keep silent and reps have denied any affair between trump and daniels. >> sandra: a potential shake-up on the president's team. bret baier anchors special report and joins us now. thank you for your time on this special day. lots of talk of changes inside the white house. >> here's what we know, there are more changes coming. we had multiple sources telling us that's the case.
7:17 am
john roberts reported on special report the v.a. secretary is believed to be out and the replacement will likely be rick perry though he said he is happy with the energy but the shake-up doesn't stop there and this say parlor game in washington, d.c. and all kinds of sources are saying all kinds of things. we don't know until we know but there you see h.r. mcmaster, the national security adviser said to be on his way out possibly to a fourth star in the u.s. military, john kelly the chief of staff. the name being floated around is mick mulvaney and possibly had several private meetings about the job. we're following it all. you don't know it until you know it though. >> sandra: the president is said to make the ultimate decision on the staff changes but at least one of them, our sources, are telling us the mcmaster exit could be imminent. what does all this say about the
7:18 am
president's governing and management style within the administration? >> it says he is feeling emboldened. he is wanting to get his team in place ahead of some big moments including the north korea meeting and he is really not restrained anymore. this is a president who has, as a business man, operated in a similar fashion. he has embraced chaos at times and has talked about that but he likes the people he likes around him. now, whether that is -- it's definitely not a team of rivals. he likes loyalty and we'll see how it pans out in the final positions. the biggest one is jeff sessions and we don't know his future either. that would obviously create a major uproar in washington. >> sandra: on the heels of the big announcement that rex tillerson was out and now we're looking at those nominations to
7:19 am
replace him coming up shortly. mike pompeo. that hearing will be taking place in april and then of course the new incoming cia director the first woman ever. the president even made it clear on rex tillerson's exit, bret, that more changes would be coming. he said i've gotten to know a lot of people over the last year and i'm at the point where i'm close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. it's interesting to look back at the president's words there buz he not a career politician and had to get in the white house before he could learn what it was he want and who he wanted by his side. >> right. he is making a lot of changes. this is the most change an administration 14 months in has seen as far as positions. obviously, people get changed out in different administrations but this has happened in a big turnover. the real question here is for the senate nominations, the ones
7:20 am
that require senate confirmation. how long that is going to take in some of the key positions, you'll need people in the spots if you're going to face these big moments like north korea. the ones that the administration can choose, the chief of staff and national security adviser, they don't require confirmation but the ones that have to get on schedule, you'll have to work with the senate to get those through. >> sandra: and while the president is talking about finally getting what he wants to do what he needs to do inside that white house, the left and media you'll hear portray a shake-up or soon to be shake-up a different way more as chaos within the west wing. >> sure. listen, it's not -- i don't think it's calm there if you're sitting there wondering if you're job is going to be around by the end of the week but i do think this president is making clear that he wants what he wants.
7:21 am
it is his choice. he did win the election and he is running this white house. >> sandra: all right. those changes could be coming down any minute. some could take months. bret baier, thank you. >> bill: the mystery of what caused alleged sonic attacks in havana may be solved and scientists think they have the answer and the culprit coming up next. >> sandra: and a fox news alert, we're expecting to hear from president trump within the hour set to meet with the british prime minister within the white house and go to that when it happens. 10:230. 10:20. models can be simulated...
7:22 am
nothing compares to the real thing. experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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7:24 am
>> bill: scientists may have solved the mystery behind the so-called sonic attacks in cuba.
7:25 am
we have more from the state department. what's the answer, rich? >> reporter: good morning, bill. the scientists reversed engineered the sound and discovered it well could have been from a couple devices meant to spy on american diplomats but instead they accidentally mixed their signals and created the sound. researchers from the university of michigan replicated and the associated press previously released the signal and they recreated it and determined it very well could have been from the mixed signals. >> it could be an eavesdropping device trying to use ultra sound to covertly spirit away some information or sound recordings and malfunctions in producing audible sensations that led to the headache and dizziness.
7:26 am
>> the researchers tell us it's not exactly a proof that it is the cause but a very plausible explanation. >> bill: the state department's still investigating. what is left on this now? >> they now have this technical research to consider as part of this. the state department said it has no cause for what harm the diplomats had in cuba and the state department has indefinitely removed staff from havana and kicked out diplomats from the united states. they said they can't blame cuba for attacking american diplomats but can blame cuba from failing to protect american diplomats. it's created a problem between u.s.-cuba relations. >> bill: thank you, sir. nice to see you. >> sandra: breaking news on russia. arizona congressman martha
7:27 am
mcsally joins us straight ahead and then there's this. >> i don't know if he'll be able to sustain this flight because he is a 10-year-old dog and has never been on a flight before. i honestly don't know if he's going to survive this flight. >> bill: so apparently there's another incident at united airlines turning the friendly skies into a danger zone for your dog. another day and another dog story. we'll tell you what happened this time. giving us the ability to add on for an important member of our family. welcome home mom. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. pepsoriasis does that.
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7:30 am
>> bill: 10:30 in new york. the department of treasury and breaking news in russia's meddling in our election. the administration has now issued it's response, treasury announcing new sanctions against moscow for interfering in the presidential race of 2016 as well as other cyber attacks targeting the u.s. and our allies including critical sectors of our nation's infrastructure. now, in this filing, 19 individuals, five entities now
7:31 am
denied access to the u.s. financial system. all this coming as we await president trump set to meet with the prime minister of ireland before st. patty's day and martha mcsally. breaking news. what is your reaction in going after individuals on the financial front? >> let's be clear. putin's a thug and russia is not our friend. they've been trying to undermine representative governments and institutions in the world. i was in in the ukraine and poland and visiting allies and there say clear indication they're trying to undermine our way of life and we have the resolve and capability to show the american system and a free
7:32 am
society and democracy are going to prevail through this. holding them accountable for their bad behavior is important especially as the world is watching. we're seeing the full extent of this is not just meddling in the attacks here but also nerve agencies used against individuals in the u.k. this is hopefully a wake-up call for people to realize putin is dangerous and reckless and we have to hold him accountable. >> bill: my sense is he is becoming more emboldened. we had an author of a brand new book, michael isikoff and alleges they knew about the meddling a year and a half before the election and nothing was done about it and senator mark warner, a democrat from virginia just in the last half hour at the hearing on the hill talked about our lack of receive encouraged moscow to act yet
7:33 am
again. so what will this do? is this enough? these will be the questions going forward? >> i think the obama administration has a lot to answer for officials and some are still serving did they thank because hilary was going to win they didn't have to do anything and they're trying to undermine our way of life and undermine our faith in our institutions. if there was any indication on that ongoing in the last administration they should have been bold in protecting the institution and they didn't do it. a lot of questions need to be asked to the obama administration as to when they sat on their hands and once their favored person didn't get elected they're turning it into a political play. >> bill: i'm sure that's a discussion going forward and
7:34 am
what can due to punish russia and putin to make sure they don't do it again. you have an election coming up and you want to protect the integrity of our democratic institution. answer that and i have another one for you. >> so the sanctions we're waiting to hear are a good strong starting point. we also need again to wake up and make sure we have everything in place across at the local and precinct level all the way up we have the integrity of the voting system. i think all of us need to be aware there are propaganda efforts ongoing out there. they're using social media and other tools and other things. don't be fooled. this is to every voter and person. when i went to the other places that are soviet blocked they're not fooled about this. they've been dealing with the kgb for a long time i think we're a little more naive and fooled by it and we need to wake
7:35 am
up and not be influenced by it and make sure our systems are strong and integrity are preserved. that's the very thing they want to attack. >> bill: i'm learning the u.s. sanction of putin's chief in moscow. he's one of those named. also in the release, there's an attack -- it's the first time i'm hearing of it, it happened in europe and listed as the most costly cyber attack in history resulting in the billions of dollars of damage across europe, asia and the u.s. significantly disrupted global shipping and trade and production of medicine. the point there is the russians are good at this. >> they are. >> bill: and part of the lack of response there from the obama team is we were afraid what russia was going to do and you can hear people like adam schiff
7:36 am
and others saying what's the president's team going to do. we have a reaction. some will say it's not enough. do you believe this is a good start? do you believe this is something that will deter further disruptions? >> again, let's be clear, under the last administration the obama administration and obama was leading from behind when just showed weakness around the world which allowed an opportunity for putin and other bad actors to do things like this. it wasn't just this attack you mentioned. it was an attack on the electrical grid in the ukraine and astonia and sanctions are one element and we see what's going on with nikki haley statement and the unity with us, the u.k. and germany about the nerve agent attack. we have to hold the russian
7:37 am
thugs accountable for their behavior and other meddling around the world. >> bill: steve mnuchin said, administration is confronting and countering maligned russian cyber activity including their attempted interference in u.s. elections and intrusions targeting infrastructure. these targeted sanctions are partly to address the nefarious attacks. you're in the hearings and high-level meetings. as a government, what are we doing? >> sanctions are a good start and we need to defend our systems and electric grid and things that could be attacked and vulnerable. similarly, we have to make sure we have a strong policy and capability if we need to strike back or go on offense. cyber say new domain like air, land, sea and space. often you get hit from a missile
7:38 am
in the air and we think we can shoot from the sea. in cyber can we hit back in another domain? these are the policies that need to be strengthened and clarified to fight in the new domain. >> bill: we're waiting on more details as a result of the action property and interested in property of the designated persons subject to jurisdiction are blocked and u.s. persons are prohibited from engaging in tra transactions with them. i think that's critical because people say you have to go after the money otherwise people do not listen. >> especially with putin and his oligarchs and we have to squeeze them with the money so the sanctions are a good start. >> bill: thank you for your immediate reaction. i know have you not seen the reless. steve mnuchin may speak and we'll bring the viewers live and awaiting president trump to meet with the prime minister of
7:39 am
ireland. i think the meeting's about to get underway. thank you for your response from the hill. we'll be waiting for a digital tape playout in moments we'll see if he addresses this and there'll be questions on this. >> sandra: so the sanctions target the same russians organizations and operatives identified by robert mueller in his investigation and target five russian organizations and 19 individuals and generally block them from travelling to the u.s. and bar american businesses and individuals from doing business with them. >> bill: that's important. >> sandra: yeah. i've been watching the market. it's right now up 70 points but has come off the high so we'll watch that for you. we have more on this coming up for you. the trump administration just announced more sanctions on russia for election meddling and the malicious cyber attacks, bill. this just coming into our news
7:40 am
room. we'll have more on this in just a minute. let's take a look at some numbers:
7:41 am
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7:43 am
call now tow to learn more. >> sandra: let's bring back special reporter bret baier that the trump administration is sanctioning russia for the election meddling and cyber attacks and it's part of the broader effort to address the nefarious attacks emanating from russia. >> reporter: there were critique that there wasn't enough response and this is part of that. this is significant. you mentioned five organizations including the follow-on to the
7:44 am
kgb and the head of a russian troll farm believed to be part of the meddling in 2016 and 19 individuals. 13 of them indicted by robert mueller in the long indictment where it lays it out. one of the most interesting things in this release, though, sandra, is what bill mentioned earlier and that is this hack cyber attack that deals with the u.s. electrical grid. it's said to be part of an ongoing cyber attack on the u.s. electrical grid and there's concern their continuing on infrastructure inside the u.s. and it's part of the pushback coming according to officials. >> sandra: so we should expect more in addition to election meddling and the grid attack and
7:45 am
the cyber attack that cost billions of dollars in damage it caused to the united states. we saw a multi-county response to russia. the new sanctions are coming just from the united states, bret. >> and specifically dealing with the meddling here on the election and the other cyber attack but you're right, it comes one day after great britain kicks 23 russian diplomats out and after the u.n. security council holds a meeting and nikki haley condemnation of russian's action and after a joint statement saying russia was behind the poisonings in the u.k.
7:46 am
this say big, broad effort i think you'll see more of and the question is what is russia's, response, how does putin respond and this say ratcheting up we haven't seen and people have been calling for some time. >> sandra: the news breaking moments ago. >> bill: more with doug schoen a fox news contributor and marc lotter. you wrote a book and how does it fit in now? >> we need to fight back. not just be on the defensive, but use the banking system globally to cut off russian actors who are malevolent and have to use cyber ourselves offensively and defensively and shore up the military and fight putin on every front including but not limited to the banking
7:47 am
system to keep he and his cronies out of not only the united states but nato and the e.u. countries. >> bill: do they listen to the money? >> that's what they listen to most. >> i want it highlight we're dealing with the russian aggression we issued sanctions and over 100 individuals and authorized the aid to folks fighting against russian immigration and sent a package to poland to help defend that country against russian aggression. they're rearing their head again and we need to be ready. >> bill: we're repreparing -- preparing for the president and
7:48 am
steve mnuchin's quote is all over the place that came out a moment ago. were afraid of the attack on february 18, 2018. what did you know about that? >> i knew it was initiated. i did not know it was russian organized and inspired but it's part of the russians using this as a weapon and make no mistake we need to use every offensive weapon at our disposal in the next phase militarily, economically, socially -- >> bill: militarily? >> yes, we need to upgrade our nuclear weapons as we discussed weeks ago. what's at risk is more
7:49 am
territory. >> sandra: i wonder what's next as far as getting tougher than this. >> the president has laid out a plan to upgrade our nuclear weapons and technology and what we're looking at as doug's pointing out is russia's resurgence in their malicious activities and it's going to be important and i'll add we get quick confirmation of our new secretary of state and cia director so the president has his team in place. >> bill: great point. you get the sense putin think he can do what he wants to do. >> he does. >> bill: and there won't be a reaction. >> he did. bill, if i can jump in, mark and i are agreeing, this is absent
7:50 am
in washington -- >> bill: what is absent in washington? >> cooperation to deal with these problems. if we fight among ourselves we are weaker and that is what vladamir putin is counting on and why we need a cia director and secretary of state. quickly we need the shake-up in the government done and need to go on the offense not be on the defense. >> sandra: marc, do you expect other countries to follow suit? >> i do. i think it's another example. we're seeing the world is coming together and confronting north korea. i think you are going to see, led by ambassador haley and the president, trying to rally the world community. we saw that with the joint statement on the attack in the u.k. where we're seeing the world come together to see the world confront russia and be aggressive and not play defense and you're starting to see that. >> sandra: doug, marc, thank you for jumping on the balance -- breaking news for us and the trump administration slapping
7:51 am
new sanctions on russia. the news breaking moments ago. we'll have more on this when we return. meantime, we'll
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
and 7% of the genes have changed
7:55 am
with his twin. and we'll have an answer on this. why in the world would that happen? >> that's because of oxidative stress and not enough oxygen to the cells and radiation and not enough nutrition. it's the perfect storm. they're preparing for a trip to mars. one year on the space station, they usually do six months. not enough nutrition and oxygen and find more inflammation and the immune system is revved up and you have blood clotting that doesn't work the way it usually does. everything is changing. when you return to earth, when scott kelly returned to earth, 7% of the genes were repairing and dna repair goes on all the time. when he came back, 7% were no long their same. >> bill: so it's stress and lack of oxygen in space. >> and radiation. >> bill: can the same happen on earth? >> it does happen when we don't
7:56 am
sleep and don't exercise and under constant stress and worry. not to the same extent. in space -- and 10 national scientists are looking at this, bill, and we're going to use the information on how to treat patients. >> bill: to the red planet we go. see you in the doctor's office. thanks. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: new sanctions on russia. the president and his administration announcing these just moments ago. this after meddling in the u.s. election, cyber attacks, the u.s. coming down hard on russia. we have yet to see how vladamir putin and russia will react but the new sanctions are the breaking news this hour. we'll have more when we return.
7:57 am
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>> bill: almost made it live from the white house. we are waiting for the irish prime minister take the
8:00 am
shot. thank you very much. >> sandra: there it is. lovely day in washington. >> bill: prime minister now inside with the president. we will get immediate reaction. >> sandra: trade night be part of their conversation. >> bill: you are the 0%. >> sandra: feeling better. thank you for joining us, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. ♪ >> jon: we start with a fox news alert. president trump welcoming irish prime minister to the white house today. the president and the prime minister are scheduled to meet right now to discuss several topics, trade likely to be at the top of the agenda. after this meeting both mr. trump and the irish diplomat will participate in whain -- and the overhaul of the trump team is not complete yet with more changes apparently on the way. good thursday


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