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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 15, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> breaking news. robert mueller wants the business documents from. trump. the trump organization. thanks for watching. >> dana: fox news alert. the white house briefing set to begin at the bottom of the hour amid more reports of staff shakeups coming to the west wing i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." all this as president trump returns to the white house after hosting ireland's prime minister. the mood taking a serious turn as the trump administration announced new sanctions against russia for meddling in the 2016 election and engaging in cyber attacks. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike? >> good afternoon. marco rubio is praising the administration's actions saying "i strongly support the administration's new sanctions
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on putin's government, interference in our elections and active measures to sow divisions and chaos in our country must be met with swift and severe consequences. we need to do more." another top republican is praising getting tough with moscow. >> somebody said that mr. putin wakes up every day wondering where the united states is having problems and wonders how can i make it worse. they're out of control, russia is. that needs to be dealt with one way or another, this is one way for us to discourage that. >> other top republicans say all need to be pushing back on putin's bad behavior. for democrats, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff saying "if president trump believes that today's actions sufficiently addresses the sanctions package congress sent to respond to the election interference, he's sorely
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mistaken. the top democrat saying the must must say and do a whole lot more." >> more and more americans are asking, why is president trump so afraid to take on probably our number 1 menace, russia. what is he hiding? what is going on? why? it's ringing in americans ears. the president won't escape it. >> schumer says the united states is still waiting for meaningful action to harden our election security. >> dana: thank you. more reaction to the new russian sanctions from house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana. that wasn't the only thing that happened in the last 24 hours. mr. scalise, the united states joined the u.k., germany and france, some of our longest running allies in a strong response to russia. basically saying that the attack on british soil will not stand. your thoughts? >> dana, great to be with you. i applaud president trump in
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taking this strong action against russia. if you look at what they did in our elections, he's finally taking action when the previous administration didn't. if you look at what president trump did a few weeks ago to finally set javelin missiles to our friends, the ukraine, so they can push back on russia's aggression in the ukraine. these are strong steps that our allies have been calling us to take for years. i'm glad we finally have a trump who is willing to support our allies and push back on russia's aggression. >> dana: you think this is the only thing that could happen or the first steps in the push-back for the election meddling about what about the issue of protecting america's elections going forward? what else needs to be done there? >> first of all, if you look at the work that the house intelligence committee has done to identify the problems, they're going to be coming out with a report real soon. that will have specific recommendations to congress and to secretaries of state in each state.
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ultimately elections are run in all 50 states. their secretaries of state are responsible. we'll give them more tools and identifying problems that we can address. president trump took real action. there's a lot of things he's doing. the selling of the javelin missiles is a game changer to push back against the russian tanks coming in and pushing back on putin's aggression. we're seeing president trump that he's supporting our allies. he's pushing back against the iran deal. pushing back against north korea's aggression towards a nuclear weapon. i'm glad we have a president standing up for america. >> let me ask you about domestic matters. there's a report that the president is willing and interesting in getting a deal for the dreamers on daca as long as there's border security in the upcoming spending bill. a question on whether or not that is true and does that have to originate in the house and now you'll get that through the
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senate in order to get it to his desk in time for him to sign it? >> the good news is, dana, we're working on a good bill in the house. i'm a co-sponsor of the goodlatte mccall bill, which goes forward with building the wall and ends the daca problem and ends chain migration and the visa lottery system. so many broken parts of our immigration system. it's a really good approach and solves a problem that democrats refuse to solve when they were in the majority. >> you think this could get done in the spending bill? >> a lot of work is being done in the house. as the majority whip, i had a meeting with chairman goodlatte yesterday that we're working on. we have another meeting later today on that. daca and all immigration issues are complicated and complex but we're working through them to solve these real problems that were frankly, dana, created when
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barack obama said to thousands of people across the country or across south and central america, he said come here illegally, bring your kids and america would look the other way and somebody else will figure out the problem. that's what barack obama did with daca. >> with the executive order. >> yes. >> dana: so there was a bit from kevin brady. take a listen. >> we think even more can be done. we want to make sure that we're encouraging innovation in america. we want to help families stay for the long-term. also, while the tax cuts for families were long-term, they're not yet permanent. so we're going to address issues like that. we're in discussions with the white house, the president about this issue and also house republicans are continuing to work. >> dana: i'm curious about a rather light agenda on the floor this year is maybe encouraging this idea that the tax cuts have done well for not just the economy but for the republican party. is this the idea, and push this
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through as you head towards a tough mid-term election? >> let's stay big and bold. with brady's bill, that cut taxes for nine out of ten americans that are seeing more money in their pocketbook and over 400 major companies. the list is growing who have given bonuses and pay raises to their workers. we're going to continue to work on getting the economy back on track. the democrats, by the way, just said if they get the majority back and nancy pelosi is speaker, they'll reverse that success and raise taxes on families and on businesses so what we want to do is make the tax cuts permanent. rodney davis from illinois has a great dill to to that. i'd like to see that move forward. and there's interest. hopefully it's bipartisan. we thought the idea of cutting taxes would be bipartisan. nancy pelosi decided they wanted to block that benefit to american families. we got it through anyway and now we're seeing the benefits in our economy. let's build on that success. president trump has been there with us every step of the way
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way saying let's rebuild the middle class, bring back jobs and now we're seeing it happen. it's not time to let nancy pelosi be speaker. that's why november is so important. let's continue to be bold and build on this success. >> that's a great segue. one of your colleagues on the democratic side joining me next. thanks, congressman scalise. >> thanks. >> dana: and connor lamb appears to have pulled out a special wayne in a congressional election in a district that donald trump won by 20 points. steve stivers said this hoping for similar success. >> i think it's a wake-up call to our members that have been outraised. i will tell you, that this race is something that they can't replicate for a couple reasons. number 1, connor lamb didn't have a primary and wasn't forced to the left the way most folks in a way folks are forced to the
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left. he campaigned as pro life, pro gun and he attacked nancy pelosi. >> new mexico congressman ray lou han, thanks for joining me today. there wasn't a primary for conor lamb and he was and pulled further to the left and able to run as a conservative democrat. can you pull that off in other districts? >> thanks for having me today. first off, i'll disagree with mr. stivers. conor lamb had to win a competitive election. as we look at candidates across the country, we republican that conor lamb, prosecutor. we have prosecutors, veterans, community leaders running across the country that have records of service. i'm confident with the candidates across the country and the position that we're in. history is on our side.
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the national environment is on our side and the polling and data are on our side as well. so look, i believe that we're going to see more candidates do well against our republican counterparts in the house. connor lamb ran as pro medicare, pro social security, he also ran against the republican tax cut that gave away tax cuts to corporations in the top 1% across the country, prioritize them over the middle class. so i'm not certain which spin my friend mr. stivers is trying to throw here. the facts are the facts. this was a win and i'm honored that we'll be serving in the house together with connor lamb. >> and connor lamb was pro tariff. you can add that in there. i wanted to mention something about former speaker pelosi, now minority leader pelosi getting a lot of attention from all sorts of places, including connor lamb who said he would not vote for her. this is a congressman from texas saying if we're going to take
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the majority, it's because we win districts like that, running against nancy pelosi. it's going to help you a lot more than running with her. and massachusetts representative seth multon said i think everyone is watching what connor lamb is doing and i hope they're taking note. earlier today, representative pelosi had this to say. >> part of the bankruptcy of the republican party. they're devoid of ideas about how they're going to meet the needs of the american people. they can't win on the issues, so they go after a person. >> dana: i have to admire her for ignoring anybody running against her and look beyond that. you think if you can win back the majority she should be the speaker? >> look, what we have to acknowledge, the republicans ran a failed playbook. they did not succeed in the 18th district of pennsylvania. they went back to their tired old playbook. they went to the same playbook that failed in the race for the
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governorship in the state of virginia as well. republicans themselves took the traffic off of the attacks against connor lamb on the tax package, which is the message that they said they would run on. why would they do such a thing? i support leader pelosi. no matter who the leader is in our house, they'll be the recipient of the attacks coming from the republican colleagues. what i'm also hearing privately from my republican friends, they're concerned about the failed strategy that they saw in pennsylvania 18 with the playbook from our republican colleagues. they're even questioning if the same ads should be run in their district. if republicans are depending on the playbook, it's another wake-up call. they're going to push back on the failed playbook we saw launched this last week. >> i have 20 questions that i wrote but i have time for one more. do you think it's a good strategy for democrats to run on basically repealing and replacing the popular tax cuts that the president and the republicans have just passed?
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>> well, i respect mr. stivers and my colleague, mr. scalise very much as they talked about what they are saying that speaker pelosi said. here's where democrats are. it's that democrats want to live up to a commitment to prioritize the middle class. we want to make sure that middle class families received the tax cuts that they were promised, not prioritize corporations to the top 1%. so i think you'd see a different approach from democrats. all along, democrats during this debate wanted to work with our republican colleagues. they refused to come to the table, keep their word to hard working families and make the tax cuts permanent and give them the bulk of the tax cuts. i recognize that something matters. here's where speaker ryan and the house colleagues were blind. the tax cut was not fair. why would 83% of the benefit go to the top 1% and corporations rather than working families? that's where they got it wrong. >> thanks, congressman. hope you come back.
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>> dana: fox news alert. the "new york times" is report that robert mueller has subpoenaed the trump organization for documents related to russia. catherine herridge is on capitol hill. catherine, this news just broke before the hours started. >> that's right, dana. i've been making phone calls. i soak with one of the president's personal attorneys that confirmed that the trump organization has been working closely with the office of the special counsel, robert mueller and at this time he was unaware that a subpoena had been issued,
11:18 am
buff he was going to check further. he said the driving force of the subpoena, whether it was in fact going down a new line of inquiry or a wrap-up subpoena or a cleanup subpoena which is when you request records as you're getting close to the end of the investigation and trying to tie up loose ends, dana. >> dana: so might not signal a new aggressive approach by the special counselor. >> what we know, the special counsel has been looking at the issue of the united arab emirates and whether there was any financial input into the united arab emirates or a promise of better treatment after the election because of their support of candidate trump. so this is an issue that they've been looking at since the fall. "the new york times" reports that the subpoenas are related. so i'd make the argue that this issue is six months old when it comes to the special counsel
11:19 am
investigation. the key thing, the issue were robert mueller as gone beyond the original mandate of the special counsel investigation, which was this solution or coordination between russia and the trump campaign. every time mr. mueller goes beyond that mandate, it's not something like he's a rogue actor here. he has to get the permission of the deputy attorney general. so what we know is that he's had rod rosenstein's permission to go beyond the mandate and look at financing issues related to the uae and we know he's had that permission since last year. so right now, it's the subpoenas. are they real, are they cleanup subpoenas, do they indicate there's another expansion of this investigation. >> i never her of cleanup subpoenas. glad you we had you on. >> i know. that's what you want. >> dana: i was working at the justice department. someone held out on me. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> dana: fox news alert. a pedestrian bring has collapsed in miami.
11:20 am
you can see cars were underneath the bridge when it fell. six people were injured in the collapse. the bridge is located near the campus of florida international university and just opened on saturday. we're awaiting for sarah sanders to begin the white house briefing. we'll have it live. and attorney general jeff sessions, will he axe andrew mccabe hours before his government pension kicks in? it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life.
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>> dana: the revolving door could be getting a new workout. more key officials might be on their way out. they join a long list of top aides that left in the past six weeks. president trump earlier today dismissing rumors of a mass
11:24 am
exodus who say he welcomes a wide range of viewpoints. >> mike pompeo will be an incredible secretary of state. we have some wonderful ideas. i've gotten to know a lot of people the last year.i've been in washington a little more than a year. some people have been here 30, 40 years. i've gotten to know great people. always change. a false story. a very exaggerated and false story. but there will always be change. i think you want to see change. i want to also see different ideas. >> joining us now is terry holt, founder and partner at hdmk and maryann marsh. thanks for joining me today. terry, let me start with you. there's lots of rumors. if you look at the changes one by one, for example, replacing tillerson with pompeo, that really seems to make sense. maybe somebody that is more in line with the president, doesn't look like there's any day light between the two of them out on
11:25 am
the world stage dealing with serious issues. when you talk about the rumor mill, it feels unsettling if you're thinking about what is going on at the white house. >> you know, compared to president bush or president obama, there has been more turnover in this white house than in the past two administrations. but this is a president that leads a different way. he thrives on the chaos. he has a well-known reputation of someone that is not afraid to fire people. in the grand scheme of people, we're 13 months into this administration and there is going to be turnover. sometimes it's going to be in bulk. i personally take the president at his word that the stories are greatly exaggerated. if they're not, if he winds up replacing a lot of people, we should consider this not at all headline news. this is going to be the way this administration operates. i think from here going forward.
11:26 am
>> dana: one of the people in the cabinet that has been rumored to be on the chopping block for many months is the attorney general, jeff sessions. there was even an additional rumor today that possibly the president is thinking about taking the epa director, scott pruitt, who has not been without controversy and certainly has been considered effective, if you look at the opponents to the administration thinking that he's getting a lot of work done. that is not without some serious scrutiny. your thoughts on that one? >> no question about it, dana. replacing jeff sessions is the holy grail in this administration. because it was just add to the obstruction of justice perception and potential charges against donald trump. change for change's sake is never helpful. you have to look at why donald trump is doing this and you have to do it through the lens of russia. because you're rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic doesn't mean the ship isn't going to sink. when it comes to things jeff sessions, trump has had it out for him since the beginning.
11:27 am
he could put in pruitt -- >> dana: a fox news alert. we're going to listen to more on the breaking news of the bridge collapse in miami. >> it was an unveiling. to the left is a situation just happened a few minutes ago. again, just to tell you how this bridge came to be. it was aimed at helping pedestrians and students to get to one side to the other. it's the largest pedestrian bridge in u.s. history. the first to be constructed out of concrete. they built it to cut costs and to avoid any potential injuries to construction workers. as most construction workers know, it's a dangerous job. it was swung into place saturday. a couple days later, this is the situation. you can see, i'm not sure what that truck is.
11:28 am
but there's multiple people injured and people possibly trapped under the bridge. let's go to ralph rayburn live. >> yeah, we wanted to bring you up to date. we've had to repossession our helicopter and the county police helicopter were asked to leave the area because they want to listen and hear if there's any noises or anything emanating from under this debris that has fallen down. so we complied. we moved off. we're west of the turnpike now. that far west. you can see where the scene occurred here. you can see the turnpike and the fiu campus. they can hear and make a better assessment if there is anybody trapped under the concrete. it appears with the corroborating information, this walkway was not open to pedestrians. the folks injured were probably passengers and vehicles that
11:29 am
with went underneath and possibly workers on top of the structure. so again, this all happening 35, 40 minutes now. a large section, almost i'd say a little more than half of the structure that stretches across at 109th avenue. so it crosses over eight lanes of traffic. four lanes plus the median. you can see the concrete on the ground. we have an entire section that is still in one piece there, the top section of this two levels. bottom section, you can see it crumbled and broken concrete there. you can see the fire and rescue workers, police officers, first responders. they have treated the folks on the scene. indications there's one person deceased underneath and more information coming as they are able to try to make contact there with anybody in the vehicles trapped underneath. as you said earlier, two vehicles. i believe you can see one of them right now.
11:30 am
right underneath the fiu sign at the bottom there. there's one vehicle there, one right next to it. two that were traveling in an eastbound direction. those are the eastbound lanes there. then you have the one in the center of the screen to the right of the electrical pole. we have a pickup behind the search and rescue truck. and then there's two other vehicles, a purple that we can see a goo portion of it. the front part of it would be the front passenger and driver's seat area. the fire rescue workers assessing the situation and continuing to push forward to get under the fallen concrete structure to render aid to anybody that might still be trapped there. that's the latest we have for you. >> shepard: this is our local coverage from wsvn in south florida, a pedestrian bridge has collapsed at florida
11:31 am
international university. wsvn is reporting that one person is dead, four injured. there's concerns that people may be trapped underneath this i have busy pedestrian bridge. we're listening to lynn martinez, ralph rayburn as they cover this live on fox news channel. >> a trauma alert transported to kendall regional medical sent. the most important thing happening right now is the rescue effort of this job, which is very precarious. as rob just indicated, he has to stay far away and the rest of the helicopters do as well. pulling back so rescue workers can do their thing and find anybody that might be trapped under this bridge, which is panca pancaked. this is a 174 foot brinl.
11:32 am
a 950 ton section built offside and actually swing into place this past saturday. we know this is a 950 ton span that fell. the section of the bridge that fell is 950 tons. make the work that rescue workers have. trying to get to those vehicles. this is an excellent shot. you can see in the middle of the live picture, the car that is half smashed. to the left is another -- >> and we have just gotten word at fox news channel from the florida highway patrol that several people are confirmed dead in this bridge collapse. it would appear they're not sure of the extent of it all. imagine last lynn just said, more than 900 tons of bridge have collapsed on people and
11:33 am
vehicles. we're going to let wscn continue their coverage. >> it wasn't finally opened for pedestrian, but it looked like maybe construction workers were on it at the time of this collapse, maybe 40 minutes ago. we do know for sure that people were traveling on this very busy roadway when all of a sudden some of them, many of them became victim to this absolutely catastrophic event. several people dead and four people hurt in this pedestrian bridge collapse. rescue workers are trying to get to the people trapped in their cars, for sure trapped in their cars. trying to get to them safely. the next step is removing all of that debris. this is a scene for quite some time. miami-dade fire and rescue have responded. stay away from this area, 107th
11:34 am
at fiu. if you have to get to this area, go coral walkway. this is a huge crane, which we don't know if it was in the area for a reason or moving to it help move the concrete to get to those people that are possibly trapped. getting more information here. the bridge was installed to provide pedestrian access across tamiami. thousands of students live off campus housing or fiu's newer dorms. this was a pedestrian bridge meant to help students get from one side of the road to the next. there's been pedestrians that have been injured there. so this was supposed to be a helpful thing. everybody was excited about the bridge. it was a first of its kind in the world to be built off site and swing into action. now this. was it an integrity problem? too soon to tell. that is for investigators in the
11:35 am
many weeks and months to come. the job at hand, the task at hand is treating the wounded. several people died. four people hurt. one of them a trauma alert transported to kendall regional medical center and getting to the drivers and possible passengers that may be trapped underneath this bridge. we do know for a fact there are cars underneath this bridge. how will they get to them? that remains to be seen. ralph, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. we're continuing as everybody watching with us. the developments here at this pedestrian bridge collapse here in florida international university at the main campus here. 109th avenue and southwest eight street. the structure coming down, 40 minutes ago, 45 minutes ago now. fire rescue from miami-dade responding with the police department and first responders and civilians here aiding those
11:36 am
injuries when the structure came down on vehicles traveling in both directions east and west. you saw the vehicles smashed under tons and tons of concrete and the rubble created when the structure came down. fire rescue treating and transporting at least four patients that we've seen so far. they're at kendall regional medical center around the turnpike. they're getting good medical attention. we have confirmed or received information that there are several people dead here and injured and dead in their cars. the heavy rescue team from miami-dade fire rescue have arrived. they're getting ready to deploy. fire rescue officials asked our news helicopter to back away so they can listen. we imagine the urban rescue team will have a couple k-9s that
11:37 am
they use to get to small crawl spaces when they have a collapse like this. they go through intensive training to respond to situations like this. so they will be here on the scene conducting an investigation and trying to get to anyone else that still might be trapped in one of the vehicles. >> i imagine the listening devices that they use are the same ones like an earthquake and buildings are collapsed and pancaked on top of people. we're hearing that police are calling all doctors and police to the scene. this is a catastrophic event. several people dead. we don't have a number. nor does fire rescue at this point. four people hurt. they're asking for help, calling doctors and nurses to go to the scene and help out at 107th avenue. fiu southwest eighth street.
11:38 am
eighth street is known as tamiami trail. this is a close-up picture to the right of this catastrophic event that happened 45 minutes ago on fiu's sweet water campus. >> shepard: again, florida international university. this is coming live from wsvn, the news station in south florida. a month ago, it was the school shooting in broward county and parkland. we're all familiar with this. and now this horrifying accident that happened at florida international university right along the tamiami trail as you heard her say on southwest eighth street. lynn martinez was giving us the play by play. most interesting is the fact that this thing had just been built. just went into partial service on saturday. in fact, it's so new, they released this time lapse, this is building this bridge over time. this was no small structure.
11:39 am
remember, lynn martinez just announced that it's more than 900 tons that has collapsed on to cars. we don't know if there were pedestrians underneath at the time. a major roadway. you presume there weren't people walking on it. trace gallagher with some more facts on this situation. trace? >> yes, just what you're saying there, shep. it's amazing. it's built on separate objects and they rolled it in space. the span is 176 feet wide. it's a massive bridge. the president of the university said we're about building bridges. this was going to bring students from one side of campus to the other. eight lanes it crossed, 176 feet wide. the construction crews on the scene are talking to local reporters saying look, the problem with this is we don't
11:40 am
know how many actual casualties we have because we can't get under the bridge. we need to get under the bridge, get under if debris to see what's going on. right now you can see the cranes are in place. it's a delicate dance here. you want to make sure as we found out in minuneapoliminneap first thing you do, you don't want to cause more damage. if you're going to lift the structure, you have officials yelling and see if there's people trapped that need to be removed before they actually go in and start lefting things. the danger if you lift these things is that other sides fall. we've seen this a few times. it's very rare. when you had the earthquake in san francisco, the bridge collapse in minneapolis, the same thing. you had cars underneath. you didn't know who was alive or injured. so you have to send crews or
11:41 am
dogs or somebody in there to figure out the status of the situation before you start lifting these things. that can cause some more problems. but again, this appears to be a collapse in engineering disaster. this was built on separate rolling mechanisms as you saw the video there. and then it was placed in that area. nobody had even walked on it yet. it wasn't open. this just collapsed. that's the bigomi mystery. what in the world to cause something like this in 2018 when we've got all of this structural engineering ability, what would call something like this to collapse. that's the big mystery, shep. >> shepard: it is. and raj lowe, one of the local reporter there is interviewing people on scene. let's listen in. >> now we have a lot of people that are racing here to the
11:42 am
scene. a university campus outside of the campus. a lot of questions. they don't know -- >> shepard: from time to i'm too, the feed does freeze. we're getting it online, which 30 minutes into this is inexplicable. let's listen in. >> just from listening to him, the interviews on the scene, just heart breaking, traumatizing, not knowing if your friend or loved one was injured or knowing and hearing that your friend was injured, not knowing the severity of it. this is something that we don't see often in the united states. just a catastrophic event there as the campus of fiu there at sweet water. >> shepard: i want to show you what we're seeing on the ground here. it really is extraordinary the number of people that they have on the ground here in miami. again, this is right in the
11:43 am
heart of town. southwest eighth street, the tamiami trail. you can see the number of people. these are largely construction workers. we see the treatment center set up here under a pop-up trump. an incredible crowd that has come from all areas. you heard lynn martinez saying that they asked for all available doctors and nurses in the area to come here because they believe they're going to have more people injured. it's my upsing from checking the local traffic that is it is just chaos around this area and a tall order for the locals to find out who is there and try to give aid. let's continue listening to wsvn. again, their feed has frozen for us. if you're surprised that we're still watching through an internet connection, you're surprise is nowhere near mine.
11:44 am
the level of unbelievableness that we've reached now is really quite a thing. let's listen again. >> the bridge came crashing down and we're a half a block away. >> shepard: well, it is what it is. the live picture is still coming in from the scene. we have multiple feeds coming out of there. three local stations that we work with are all coming together to see -- look at this close-up. listen. >> you're right. you're looking at video of the car. maybe it was the driver's lucky day. maybe it was an unlucky day. the back end was crushed. we're getting a statement from florida international university. "dear members of the university community, we're shocked" --
11:45 am
>> shepard: and away we go. the live pictures are no telling the whole story. they're very frustrated. more than 45, 50 minutes now since this happened and there's no real clarity on whether or not people may still be trapped underneath there and alive. the authorities seem unclear at this moment and certainly they have gotten as many volunteers in there as they can. wsvn showing moment of the early moments of the rescue right after skyfox got up a above the thing. lynn is talking about that now on the local station. we'll jump back in as events warrant. if we can get a satellite feed, it would be a miracle. we're imploring our technical folks to get that for us as quickly as possible. what we have here is an
11:46 am
unfolding local disaster. the florida highway patrol has confirmed that many have died, many injured. wsvn's coverage continues. let's listen. >> ralph rayburn said he was advised to stay away. all air traffic in the area was advised to stay away so rescue workers could use the listening devices when they have a catastrophic event like this to listen for my potential sounds of life. that is the key right now, finding anybody that may be trapped and somehow getting them out of there. the large crane at the top of our screen right now, ralph, it's unclear if they're going to use that to lift the concrete off these vehicles right now. hold on. the "miami herald" is reporting that our governor, rick scott, called miami-dade police director to talk about the
11:47 am
chaps. this is news that made its way to tallahassee, again, we're calling it a catastrophic event. you can see it is. ralph, let's talk about the crane and what you see. >> well, we understand that they have asked the crane to move forward and be in a stand-by position. the oic stands for officer in charge, has just arrived on the scene for the technical rescue group. they're talking with construction workers. that's on the east side of the accident scene, talking with them. they're getting a head count of the number of workers involved so they have an idea of who has accounted for and who is not. they also just recently told the firefighters that responded, the first responders, that they have to have their breathing apparatus on in the hot zone. an area that is designated by
11:48 am
the commander for the fire department who is hear on the scene just for safety purposes. there's some concern about the structure itself as far as the tentativeness of whether or not there will be any more collapse. so they're taking it cautiously in the time from when we spoke to you last, i believe, they put up a tarp as you indicated over here on the right-hand side of the screen there over a vehicle in the eastbound traffic lanes. the entire front half was crushed there. several people are reported deceased on the scene. one piece of good news, they sent a fire rescue vehicle to the parking garage. you can see the corner there. a person showed up there with minor injuries. he was near the bridge. he ran away from it and ran underneath the parking garage. he was too frightened to come back out. they're sending somebody over.
11:49 am
they called it a self-exindustry case. he was able to get himself out. that's of good news there. i'm sure we'll have a story to tell. >> that's ralph rayburn in the chopper and lynn martinez at fox channel 7 in south florida. >> firefighters and rescue workers getting to the cars that have been crushed. and perhaps the type of concrete being used. but this was concrete using titanium dioxide, which was to capture pollute tents and turn it into bright weight and reduce the maintenance costs. one thing is clear, it's a very dangerous situation for firefighters to get to the cars and potentially people trapped underneath. want to remind everybody, the youth fair co incidentally --
11:50 am
>> shepard: local updates. i can tell you we just got a statement from the governor, rick scott tweeting, i've spoken with miami county police chief juan perez. i'll be in constant contact with them all day. a catastrophic event at fiu. this was a bridge that was just constructed, just went into operation saturday in limited use. here we are thursday and the bridge has collapsed. multiple people with the florida highway patrol and the florida department of law enforcement. people people have died and multiple others have injured. you heard lynn martinez explaining about the structural stability of what remains of the
11:51 am
bridge. they don't want to get rescue workers around it for fear it could collapse. how could this happen after an enormous project over a lengthy period of time at great cost? that we don't know. the here and now of it is the focus -- and we have an update here. >> a serious situation, correct? >> very serious situation that we have on our hands right now. right off the campus of florida international university. this is the public information officer for miami-dade live on channel 7. just allow our viewers to understand what's going on. your name is? >> lieutenant kirsten miller. i don't want numbers because they change. let people know what's going on here. >> the bridge that was to connect fiu to the north side of
11:52 am
eighth street suddenly collapsed. what we know at this time is there are several victims. it's continually changing on the number of victims no exact number at this time. when we know the exact number, we'll get back to you. >> we coined this a serious situation. >> very serious. eighth street is shut down. if you're in the area, avoid it at all costs. >> let me ask you a question. how do firefighters proceed from this point right now? you have all of this heavy concre concrete. who do you do? >> our technical rescue team is -- part of it is already here. there's other units in route. it will take time. heavy lifting equipment to slowly lift up the bridge. it's a very strenuous and time consuming situation. >> time is precious though. >> absolutely time is precious.
11:53 am
we don't know what we will find under bridge. >> that's important to point out. there's the unknown factor here right now. once again, staying away from numbers, what are you being told about severity of what happened? >> i know there were critically injured patients transported to the hospital. the last understanding, we were add a level 1 mci -- >> what does that mean? >> there were at least five patients raised to a level 2 mci, which is more than 5 and less than 12. again, we don't know what we will find under the bridge. >> so you go in there with heavy lifting equipment. if somebody is underneath there right now what do you do? what do you do if people are trapped? >> why can't do anything until we can reach them and assess the
11:54 am
situation. like the victims of an earthquake. until we can get to them, we can't do anything for them. >> shepard: shepard smith in new york. rosh lowe on the ground there. the information we're bringing together is a very sobering series of realities. they've had a massive disaster with the collapse of the bridge. they don't know who is understood it. they can't know until they get the equipment in. whatever it is they're try toing get there, they're fighting a traffic situation that is -- you can only imagine in the center of the city. the roads to and from are clogged with cars. the bridge has collapsed in the street and trying to get heavy equipment movers in there is proving to be very difficult. we don't have a time frame yet. they moved the choppers away.
11:55 am
this is coming from a camera on a tall -- the mast of a live truck that is taking its camera high in the air and showing picture. that's why it seems to be waving. it's up way high and blowing in the wind. these are pictures from earlier. they have the choppers move away so they can use listening devices to see if there were people under the remains of the bridge. you can see on the -- not here. in the one coming to us from wsvn. at any rain, you can see it. the left-hand side of the bridge there on the screen. they're very concerned about the stability of that. if we have the pictures of the resc rescues underway. this is video from a short time ago. they're using the listening
11:56 am
devices to try to determine once they get the heavy equipment in there where do they go first? is there a possibility that somebody may be alive? you can see the rescue workers. this is video when they had the choppers. the last thing you want own oh you may have heard ralph rayburn in the chappers and they said they moved police helicopters away as possible. they said it's like an earthquake. similar rescue situation. you want to listen to find couldn't who is there. try to get to whoever may be there. remove the debris to free who is beneath it. in the hospital, a very fine level 1 trauma center nearby at jackson memorial medical center.
11:57 am
if you reach jackson memorial in a condition where you're breathing, the conditions you survive are very good. one of the finest. as a level 1 trauma center, people that get there in the best hands humanly possible. some people as you heard died on scene. the numbers are not as important now as the individual lives of those that are there. the medics and miami-dade fire rescue on scene and trying to prevent more from losing their lives. they're in a very precarious situation with this new bridge, worrying about what remains. the florida highway patrol announcing several are dead. this is a brand new pedestrian bridge and a big thing at florida international university. the campus is in the heart of the city. these are time lapse pictures of the building of the bridge. you may have heard them talking about how the head of the
11:58 am
university said, we want to build build bridges and bring our campuses together. eighth street is a major thoroughfare. if you stay on this, it would become highway 41 and head across alligator alley over towards naples and collier county on the west coast. here is the tamiami trail, southwest eighth street. it's busy. right now they have a disaster on their hands. the local coverage is koling fr -- is coming from the news station in south florida. ralph rayburn is in the chopper. let's listen. >> the rescue team should be arriving at any moment. you can see the pedestrian bring crushing two cars there along southwest eighth street.
11:59 am
these are the first pictures from the ground. we enter the 3:00 hour. you know, still getting developing information. the technical rescue team will use pulleys and air bags to do their best and left the concrete. waiting to see if anyone is alive. that's the urgent situation we're dealing with. rescue teams trying to see if there's any one alive. ralph, as we approach the top of the hour, any new information that you're getting from the scene? >> the technical rescue team, they are hear on the scene. the cluster of firefighters that you can make out in the screen, the guy with the yellow flak jacket on there in the right-hand side, they have a device that is called a polaris. it's a search and rescue device to send in. they'll be conducting listening operations as we indicate earlier. we jump the gun on reporting that. the devices have not arrived.
12:00 pm
they're here now and they'll use them. they have indications that there ney be somebody underneath the center section. they want to start to do their searching -- >> shepard: it's 3:00 in south florida. a disaster we're watching unfold. a pedestrian bridge at florida international university. several people are did according to the florida highway patrol. several people are injured and have made their way toward miami's level 1 trauma center. jackson memorial hospital. they earlier were announcing they want doctors to come to the scene. now they don't want that anymore. they have what they need in the early going.


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