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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 16, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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made it what it was. that's all the time we had tonight. to reach me, ed henry info shannon bream. >> ed: i can't wait to see who you bring to st. patrick's day show. >> laura: it's going to be great. ed, have a great show. >> ed: here's what's happening for us tonight. democrat adam schiff just launched even more unproven allegations of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. barely 24 hours after republicans on the house intel panel ended their pro, accepting the fact there actually is no evidence of collusion. so what is intel chair devin nunes' next move? and house calls for a second special counsel to investigate why the dirty dossier put
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together by a former british spy was used by obama officials to surveilled the trump campaign, author michael isikoff joins us to talk about some bombshells in his new book raising fresh doubts about the most salacious claims in the dossier. suddenly democrats are turning on hillary clinton big time, asked, when bill clinton leave politics, one senator from her own party declared, "not soon enough" we will have exclusive reaction from a top clinton advisor. ♪ hello, welcome to ed "news," i'm ed henry some high-profile democrats and republicans may have begun their face after attacks on president trump and his pick to run the cia, gina haspel, who would be the first woman to run the agency. democrats had pounced on claims which now appeared to be be the very definition of fake news
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that haspel ran a so-called black site in thailand while a top al qaeda terrorist was being water boarded there. reports like that had charges that she was the "torturer in chief" and should be denied a job. one problem, and investigative group is admitting haspel did not oversee the waterboarding of al qaeda terrorist abu zubaydah at that site. other news organizations had made that claim, not just democrats, but some republicans, in the case of paul, he claimed that she showed "lethal enjoyment at the suffering of terror suspects being tortured." intel officials already reacting, challenging those assertions. our garrett tenney is following these. >> critics of gina haspel have been pointing to this this story is evidence that she shouldn't be allowed to run the cia and it has fueled lawmaker concerns
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about the detention and interrogation of prospective terrorists following 9/11. what has no attracted -- at a cia black site in thailand back in 2002, a story that depicts in great detail haspel taunting and ridiculing a suffering terror to suspected terrorist abu zubaydah while he was tortured over the course of several weeks while former u.s. officials have confirmed that haspel did oversee the black site, today, propublica editor in chief said she was not involved in that particular incident. "it is now clear that haspel did not take charge of the base until after the interrogation of abu zubaydah ended." noting that last year, "the new york times" also erroneously reported that haspel oversaw the interrogation of abu zubaydah. now, those initial reports, which were based in part by a quote from one of the see a contractors who oversaw the
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interrogations in thailand, called haspel the cheerleader for waterboarding, but this week, that very contractor said haspel's critics have this story all wrong. >> is someone misinformed senator paul. he is referring to a section for my book where the chief of base was confronting abu zubaydah because he was feigning confusion, faking confusion. that chief of base was not gina. that is the way they are going to attack her. they're going to take things out of context and destroyed them. >> it despite this, that senator paul has not changed his mind one bit. he has said in part, regardless of the retraction of one anecdote, the facts remain that gina haspel was instrumental in running a place where people were tortured. tonight a u.s. official tells us that these allegations are not only inaccurate, they are one of the many false claims being peddled against her. ed? >> ed: garrett tenney, thank you. calls for a second special
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counsel main mall to investigate the investigators are getting a big boost in it. doug mckelway has been tracking the russian progress late tonight. good evening, doug. >> good evening, ed. republicans have been making overtures that a second special counsel is needed to basically investigate investigators. today, those overtures became a request in the form of a letter to the justice department from the judiciary committee chuck grassley and lindsey graham. they write, "we have the utmost confidence in the inspector general's integrity, fairness, and impartiality. however, by statute, the inspector general does not have the tools the prosecutor what to gather all the facts. thus, we believe a special counsel as needed." in other words, the ig as no grand jury to pressure witnesses and rules prohibit the ig from dating former employees are those who are outside the justice department. >> we know he is doing good work, digs indeed, he can only bring those people that are already in government to investigate, al
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counsel working as a team, and i want to emphasize the word "team" with the inspector general give him the tools he needs to get all the information that we are asking him to get. >> they are asking him to broaden the scope to include an investigation of potential political bias and conflict of interest on the part of the fbi on mueller's team and among senior justice department officials. >> why did we start up with this? trump russia was the start of it, but you quality facts, and the facts lead us to this. there are a lot of things done in the previous administration. >> of special interest as then-fbi deputy director and anw mccabe and the oversight of the clinton email investigation. >> we came in believing it was shoddily done, that there were conflicts of interest, that there was political bias that may have resulted in giving clinton a pass. >> some say the idea of a second special counsel is unwieldy and unworkable, potentially
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electrical prosecutors investigating each other at the same time with politics and possible to separate out from edge. it is going to get to attorney general jeff sessions and his deputy rod rosenstein to decide whether it is going to happen. ed? >> ed: doug mckelway, thank you, doug. two big republican senators today joining calls for a second special counsel, must be music to the ears of our next guest. chairman of the house intelligence committee, republican congressman from california, devin nunes, his committee will vote on the final version of its report on russian interference into the 2016 campaign. congressman, chairman, we appreciate it. why are you ending your russian probe? >> in the beginning of our probe, right, the four corners agreement which was made early on, about 14 months ago, looking at collusion. the reason mind, there is no more left to look at. we have interviewed 70-some people, they're a spattering of witnesses that are occurring, our members have had enough of it.
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continual leaks, the democratic witnesses, the people who they want in the middle of the testimony, there is leaks. >> the democrat adam schiff, right? >> we don't know, but they sure don't come from us. we have no evidence of collusion, we have turned up nothing. >> ed: so schiff says that's not true, he says there is significant evidence of collusion, he talks about george papadopoulos, talks about the secret meeting at trump tower, he wrong? >> yeah, that's not collusion. >> ed: what is it? >> first of all, papadopoulos, if you believe that, we're still trying to get to the bottom of what really happened there, because last time i checked, it's okay for americans to get drunk at a bar in london. >> ed: could get a lot of people in trouble. >> he was mouthing off to an australian diplomat, that's all we know right now. so that is not -- that's not colluding with russia.
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if you take the trump tower meeting, is it smart to take a trump tower meeting with russians or any meeting with russians, probably not, not a good idea. >> ed: but it's not collusion? >> there's no evidence. we have interviewed most of the people that were in that meeting at trump tower, and all of them had have said the same thing, a short meeting, no more than 20 minutes long, they talked about russian adoptions, they left and have anything. what we never got to the bottom of, which i think is still important about that meeting at trump tower, fusion gps, who was working for the democratic campaign and the hillary campaign, met with those russians right before that trump tower meeting and right after. >> ed: you think maybe they were colluding? >> i think anybody with any common sense whatsoever has to figure that fusion gps knew about that meeting. >> ed: another big meeting is fisa abuse by obama
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administration officials spying on former trump advisor carter page. you were the person who put that on the map, charges that you are doing the bidding of the president, all kinds of attacks, and now today we see big republican senators like lindsey graham and chuck grassley running with it and saying that you helped show that crimes were committed. watch. >> the steel dossier was paid for by the democratic party, fusion gps, mr. steele had associates that could have easily compromised him, and we believe the fisa warrant process was abused, and the reason we want to special counsel, i believe a crime has been committed. >> ed: a crime committed? >> a similar statement to the letter i sent to the attorney general a few weeks ago. i will tell you this, senator grassley and his team have done a great job. i am glad to see the other three senators coming in and helping
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senator grassley. he deserves to be commended for this. >> ed: yet most of the media has said, mr. chairman, that your republican memo was a dead end it proved nothing. here you have two big republicn senators putting their reputations on the line and saying, actually, no, you helped for crimes were committed. >> also the media has been ignoring the story for a long time and they continue to. we put the memo out, remember that senator grassley and senator graham had already said in a letter that was very, very similar to our memo. that finally, because our memo was declassified, it allowed their letter to be declassified. >> ed: the letter to the justice department, the criminal referral. >> >> know your four senators calling for a second special counsel, and so what you really have occurring here is that the left is trying to attack me, to make me the poster child of this entire investigation. the fact of the matter is, with the russian investigation on
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collusion, i let mr. conaway, mr. gowdy, run back investigation. i didn't tell them what to ask if the interviews. let me just finish on that. how is that that i am even involved in this? i let them run the investigation. they said, we're done, we're not doing anymore, yet many of the members say, we are not sitting through any of these because they are becoming so ridiculous, of course, the price has taken that like there is some split on the committee. there is no split. the members of our committee have had enough of the antics that are being played by the democrats and their friends in the mainstream media. >> ed: the attacks continue, an op-ed in "the new york times" saying, "all signs point to this as a beginning of a new chapter in the story in which house republicans go on the offensive to support president trump and fight the special counsel,," the
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headline, "beware of devin nunes' next move." >> you could see that weekly in "the new york times." the people that surprised me, the people that wrote that, actually heavily funded by democratic super pacs. they should have to disclose that. >> ed: but in substance, are you going after robert mueller? >> we have nothing right now, our investigation we have right now is on fisa abuse, unmasking other matters that we are looking at. no, we are not calling in robert mueller or any of those. >> ed: so it is fake news. >> ed: new mexico fakeness. >> ed: "new york times" reporting that there has been a subpoena to the trump organization for documents related to russia. trump lawyers saying this is much ado about nothing, they have been turning over documents, they've been cooperative. my bottom line question is, if robert mueller is issuing a subpoena or subpoenas to get records and delving into the president's business activities,
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does that cross the line? >> the special counsel, this is part of the problem, he has an unlimited checking account, he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, we have no control over it. i have no idea what he is doing that. i can tell you this, so far, what we have seen, there is no evidence of collusion, we have not seen robert mueller and his team look at major felony leaks that we know about. and those felony leaks that are out there, nobody is investigating from what we can tell, and the media is not doing anything about it. every day, more and more comes out. issa senator grassley said today, you've text messages that continue to come out, you have the ig report that is coming out. but every day we have more and more people coming to our committee, informants, good americans bring this information. >> ed: you have informants still coming in? >> absolutely. they know our committee is going to follow all the facts where they lead. >> ed: thank you, mr. chairman, appreciated.
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>> always a pleasure. >> ed: this was the scene five days ago when florida international university tweeted a celebratory video of its new pedestrian bridge getting wasted into place. proud of their engineering achievement, workers and officials counted down to the opening and then cheered. a company official called, tweeting, "we are thrilled to have performed structural monitoring during a spectacular bridge moved by barnhart crane at fiu. that tweet and others like it deleted tonight after the bridge collapsed and there is a frantic search at this hour, search and rescue operation, vowing to investigate what happened. this is a horrible story, and phil keating joins us. are they still actively searching for survivors at this hour? >> that seems to have stopped. this looks like it is now certain i transitioned into a recovery investigation. the remaining cars underneath the flattened sections of that.
12:16 am
you look more closely, you can see the front ends of two of the cars sticking out from underneath, about 1 million pounds of concrete rubble, this instead to be state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge, it was not yet open to the public, wasn't supposed to open up to pedestrians, specifically, florida international university students, walking across the busy 8-main street to get to their dormitories and departments and back to the school and get to their classrooms. so this was not open yet, but it was supposed to be a bridge to the future, symbolically, where they would more safely be able to cross these eight planes, and suddenly this afternoon, this bridge, which was just wasted up and placed on its north and south support towers on saturday to great fanfare with a lot of politicians on hand for the ceremony, suddenly, many days later, it is collapsing in the middle of the afternoon onto traffic that was using this roadway all week long.
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engineers and anybody involved in the bridge construction project, which was still ongoing, clearly thought it was safe to have all of the traffic underneath it continue to flow as it normally does. right now, you can say traffic is not going to be flowing here in southwest miami-dade for a long time here. all of that rebel remains piled up, still heavy equipment will be in here tomorrow. they've got to bring that out, you can really see easily see e and scope. the engineering, structural design disaster, questions about exactly what happened, still yet to be rectified. the governor unseen, senator rubio came down, as well as miami-dade county fire and police, and they all say it was all hands on deck this afternoon, searching for any potential survivors under the rubble, and this investigation is in its very early stages.
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>> we are using all of our search and rescue equipment. we use the canines, we used listening devices, we used, inhaling, we used everything available to us. yes, we have to remove some of this piece by piece, it is very unstable. >> the fiu project, what is going to happen, there will be a thorough investigation, and we will understand exactly what happened. we will have a transparent investigation, both at the federal and state level, and if there is anything wrong, they will be held accountable. >> in fact, within the past hour, and miami-dade county commissioner tweeting out, "whether it was the span itself or the structural support that failed, we need to find out. somebody was clearly negligent." to bridget itself cost about $16 million, and it is 17t
12:19 am
long, spanning this busy roadway. also weighing about 950 tons. so this was a big engineering project. it was supposed to be state-of-the-art and revolutionary. it was designed and assembled on this side of the road, on the edge of the florida international university property, and then saturday it was put onto lifters and rotated out like a giant arm 90 degrees, placed on its support structures, that is when that big news conference and celebratory applause came from so many politicians here and project officials on saturday. apparently no one there that there was any risk of anything like this happening here and traffic was never permanently blocked off. there were still many months to go before students were going to be allowed to walk back and forth across the streets of campus and back, and we are told that one of the fatalities is confirmed as a young female florida international student
12:20 am
who was either leaving campus or a waiting campus today which, by the way still in spring break. had it not been spring break, there would have been a lot more people in the area who could potentially have been hurt. >> ed: a lot of unanswered questions. phil keating, thank you for the report. meanwhile, "the washington post" reporting that president trump has decided to remove h.r. mcmaster as the national security advisor. "post" says that trump wants to make sure the three-star general finds a soft landing. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts is saying his sources saying there is cold water on the reports, saying the president appreciates mcmaster. meanwhile, a freak of political nature, going to be tough to beat. that is what former advisor of hillary clinton is saying about president trump. the message, it needs to toughen
12:21 am
up. and another defined move, the state of california hires an illegal immigrant for a statewide government job. trace is all over the story. and this one is really rich. nancy pelosi is taking offense to republicans launching personal attacks on her, but haven't she and other democrats been launching attacks on the president? we'll have a little fact-check when we come ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> ed: democrats feeling good about their performance in pennsylvania looking to 2020 and how they will take on president trump. serving as top advisor to hillary clinton offered some interesting advice to fellow democrats, writing in "the washington post" about clinton's shocking loss, "if you think it was a missed lab, you will learn the hard way it was a -- this time he, as in president trump, no seek and win." philippe joins me in washington. your fellow democrats seem to, as part of the movement, dismiss his ability to get reelected. you are saying this guy can win. >> absolutely paid for a few reasons. first off, the minute he won, you think he has got two terms in him, you look at the last
12:26 am
5 out of 7 presidents, sought a second term going back to nixon, they have won. it is harder to win the office then to lose the office, you have built-in advantages, and, look, your audience should take this as a compliment that i am giving him credit for the candidate that he was. >> ed: let's get to that. you have blunt advice to democrats as well. i'm going to try to quickly go through it. you say go high when you can, but when he goes low, take advantage of the kneeling to knock his block off. >> ed: yes. i think, you know, president trump, during the campaign, did not stay positive on any kind of consistent basis, and it worked for him. >> ed: hillary clinton tried that, and ruling out a new policy plan. >> every campaign says, i want to stay positive, but it's naive. >> you also say, "it's naive to apologize. don't apologize ever. not over money to harvey
12:27 am
weinstein, not for attacking the pope, in fact, your kid is a shoplifter, you are proud of them for exposing inadequate security." i'm assuming you don't really want people to attack the pope. you are saying, even if you took money from harvey weinstein, basically been accused of rape, it's okay. >> don't allow donald trump to shame you on things for which he feels no shame. otherwise you're playing into his routine, everything you're doing, he wants you to apologize for. low, use the pope example because it happened. he had a twitter fight with the pope. who has a fight with the pope? and he got away with it. >> ed: i don't want to leave this one out. it is important. don't cede fox news. i was asking for an interview every day. certainly never sat down with m me, bret baier, anybody.
12:28 am
>> that is a large democratic party at mistake. people want to see more of me, all day long, want me to have my own show. no, i think it is a mistake to give up an entire network, engage, put on the candidates, put on surrogates, put on anybody. just to have a fighting chance, because when you don't even try try -- >> ed: there you go. this is an important one. "the ride clinton at peril." focus on what she is not isn't. smart, savvy, tough. still beloved by tens of millions who don't want to hear your trash her. her endorsement is invaluable. ." >> she has got more votes, 4 million more votes than bernie sanders, more votes in the primary than anyone other than barack obama. she is popular in the democratic party, and the notion that she
12:29 am
lost donald trump, there for it she is an 88, terrible, evil, all these things, is an oversimplification. >> ed: i've got 30 seconds. comments that are controversial in india, she is facing a tough reelection, a democrat says, windows hillary clinton ride off into the sunset? i don't know, not soon enough, i guess. some democrats, they're not listening. >> i understand why her comments rub people the wrong way, i'm not going to spend any time saying otherwise, and i'm not going to write this senders like -- this is really, like you said, a wake-up call, he is a formidable campaigner. he enjoys it, watching his rally this past saturday night, i don't know why any democrat would watch that and think, oh, he'll be easy. hillary clinton never wants, and 26, never thought he'd be easy.
12:30 am
>> ed: real quick, i see you on twitter, you're part of the resist movement, does he win reelection or not? >> it is hard to say. i'm being coy. if it were held tomorrow -- the problem is, you're not running against phil in the plank. you're running against someone. if i could plug someone in tomorrow, if it was against tom hanks, i don't know. it was against bernie sanders -- >> ed: oprah winfrey? >> if it was against that, you see them flailing in terms of hillary clinton over and over again. he does not have an opponent. once he has an opponent, he is lacerated. he is going to do to earn these people. >> ed: you think it's more likely he gets reelected than not? >> no, i don't. to be clear, i want him defeated. but i know it is a very tall order. >> ed: i appreciate you not
12:31 am
ceding fox news. meanwhile, oakland mayor libby schaafing angered people by -- can a convicted pedophile for a credible witness? that and more when we you tell your insurance company they made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement. excuse me? let me be frank, he says: you picked the wrong insurance plan. 'no. i picked the wrong insurance company.' with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> ed: california lawmakers have fired yet another salvo in the crack turn on illegal immigration, and you might not believe it, but it's true, trace gallagher joins us live with that story, good evening. >> even for a state that offers driver's license and welfare benefits, this appears to be a first, california now appointed an illegal immigrant to a statewide post. 33-year-old lizbeth mateo now
12:36 am
states on the commission, born in mexico and brought to california by her parents at 14, she went on to become a lawyer and activist for immigrants rights. she applied for legal status under daca, better known as the dream act, because she has twice been denied because in 2013 she was part of the bring them home campaign where a group of illegals went to mexico then returned to the u.s. just to see a border patrol act make agents would enforce the law. critics called it a dramatic stand. her appointment to a statewide post is -- but there has also been significant and, at times, vicious resistance on social media. in the meantime, oakland mayor libby schaaf still refusing to say how she learned about a series of immigration operations that federal agents were about to conduct. remember, mayor schaaf warned that operations were imminent. no emails obtained through public records show a group that
12:37 am
provides legal services for illegal immigrants gave the mayor information about what employers should do in case of an immigration raid. it turns out hours before the mayor gave information about the operations, she warned some oakland businesses. it appears cnn thinks deporting illegal immigrants is the equivalent to hitler rounding up jew in nazi germinate, talks about an unnamed jewish woman who was harboring illegal aliens, mcmillan, who is no connection or family connection to the holocaust says, "what was done just cannot happen to other people, the article makes note mention of the difference between enforcing immigration laws, which nearly every country does, and rounding up and killing legal citizens. ed? >> ed: trace gallagher, thank you. time for a "real news roundup."
12:38 am
start with the lebanese have an american businessman named george nader, reportedly convicted by prague's court of sexually abusing boys, unclear if mueller's team knows about this. meanwhile, stormy daniels mom says, she hopes this doesn't affect president trump's presidency. saying she would vote for them four more times. presidents i'm getting a divorce from his wife, a statement received by fox news , we have five beautiful children, and they remain our top priority. that son being donald trump jr. remember, those explosive claims and the salacious dirty dossier, now even the dusty author says, he doubt some of those allegations are true. we'll examine that. and the new details, ordering everyone to stand out after
12:39 am
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fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> ed: a bombshell new book raises questions about the obama administration, the new book, "russian roulette," one of the authors of that book, journalist michael isikoff, joins us now, great to see you, i wanted to jump right in, democrats are very outraged, they believe
12:43 am
president trump is not done enough to push back on the russian meddling. they announced new sanctions against russia today. prior to today, there has been criticism of that. i was struck by something in your book about susan rice where another former obama ed fishel quoted as saying, we have been told to stand .. officials, "i was incredulous and in disbelief, they told me a moment to process, and my mind i was like, what did i hear that correctly, then he spoke up, where was standing down? michael, can you help us understand? daniel informed him that the orders came from susan rice and another senior white house official." the point is, in the middle of the election, democrats are so outraged now but pushing back on russia, why didn't the obama white house do more? >> lo, those are excellent questions, and that was a striking moment in our reportin reporting, we reported a lot about what was going on in the
12:44 am
white house, told about the russian meddling in the investigation, and, you know, a lot of it does not make the obama white house, you know, it's not one of their greater moments. there was a lot of debate about how to handle this, and they were people on the white house staff, michael daniel, the white house cybersecurity coordinator, and the chief russia specialist on the national security council, you have to strike back in real-time. they come back with these really creative proposals, cyber attacks and russian news sites dumping information, exposing information about putin's corruption, secret bank accounts in latvia, and the top policymakers in the white house were reluctant to go there. they were afraid of an
12:45 am
excavation. >> ed: let's get to the dossier real quick. another big thing is, obama loyalists have tried to all the former president of from the salacious parts of the dossi .. understand it, but the dossier until january 25th 2070 and after donald trump had been elected , james clapper, james comey and others then briefed the president and vice president. you have something interesting, though, that i think is new. you write, "a few days earlier, race, susan rice, had encouraged clapper during the daily intelligence briefing to tell obama about the "golden showers" allegation. obama turned to race and said, why am i hearing this? he was incredulous. what's happening, he asked? he said the intel committee had no idea what was .. aware it was circulating. you don't really expect to hear the term "golden showers" in the daily report that the guy who
12:46 am report that the guy who a manchurian candidate. right in the world was susan rice putting something that was unverified into the presidential daily brief? and are you suggesting that days before that generate for the oval office meeting, barack obama did hear about the dossier? >> no, there is no evidence that until early january that then-president obama knew anything about the dossier, but susan rice was saying it should be told for the same reason that the intelligence community leaders and the fbi director thought it should be told to then-president-elect trump who is being the very next day, and for the reasons cited, this is something circulating, people in the media had heard about it, there were concerns that it was going to pop and people would start writing about it, and the belief was that, in the case of trump, he should be tipped of, you should know. >> ed: 30 seconds, michael, i know we're short on time, but
12:47 am
bottom line, christopher still, the guy who put together the dossier, he told colleagues, it is 50/50 whether these salacious allegations in the dossier are true. 50/50 when this is basically what helped launch the whole investigation? >> it is pretty striking, but to be fair and to be accurate, that was his reference to the particular allegations, the golden shower. in broad strokes about the kremlin campaign, to meddling in the election, to the contempt for hillary clinton, the interest in donald trump, steele, and broad strokes, he was getting stuff right that was verified by the u.s. intelligence committee. but on this particular salacious allegation that got all of the bright headlines, he is not. >> ed: michael isikoff, appreciate you coming in. in or out, but rumors that donald trump will make more donald trump will make more changes, is h you won't see these folks at the post office
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>> ed: the highly contested special election in pennsylvania sakana lamb -- one democrat thinks they have actually been censored. >> this is not about
12:52 am
nancy pelosi. the attempts are failing at this point. i think, quite frankly, sexist. >> joining me now, it said leader charlie kirk, thank you for joining us, guys, capri, how can he claim that attacking nancy pelosi in this campaign, and it was the democrats running away from her, is sexist? can she stand on her own two feet? >> i think the democrats, and i say this is a democrat and as a woman, are oftentimes too quick to claim that something is sexist. you know, conor lamb won in pennsylvania right over the border from where i am from on the ohio-pennsylvania border because he resonated with the voters of his community. they think that wasn't involved, washington did not have the footprint in that district, and that is why he was successful, albeit a very narrow margin, but
12:53 am
i think that if there is anything that should be gleaned from that race, it is that it is important to have a candidate that reflects the values of the district paid when somebody calls out nancy pelosi, it is less about calling her out as an individual and more about calling out what she stands for, and that is elitism, which was not resonated with traditional democrats and moderate republicans. >> ed: charlie, i've got another moment for you. nancy pelosi herself weighed in on this and we added a little bit to it. watch. >> this is a bankruptcy of the republican party. they are devoid of ideas about how they are going to meet the needs of the american people, so it is an ad hominem. they can't win on the issues so they go after a person. >> this is in a dishonorable human being. he is a con man. he came to this job as a con man. i really call him, you know, don a con man. >> ed: democrats are now against ad hominem attacks? >> they are against ad hominem
12:54 am
attacks and they hurl them right back at the president, quite interesting. nancy pelosi is the political gift that continues to keep on giving. as a republican, i want her in front of the camera all the time, as much as possible. her favorability ratings are historically low, one of the reasons why the democrats in pennsylvania, conor lamb, he did so, try to distance himself from speaker pelosi. he goes to show the democratic party is the minority because te america and president trump communicated so effectively towards it. someone like nancy pelosi that is going to continue to rule from her ivory tower, from san francisco, more power to you, going to keep the republicans in charge of the house and the senate. >> ed: capri, another democrat who is not a coastal elite -- >> my member of congress. >> ed: your member of congress, he says there has been pushed back against that, that despite conor lamb was about, that is why donald trump got elected.
12:55 am
you believe he can't enact some of these things quick enough, he doesn't drain the swamp, it may turn on him. >> i think we will see what happens. i don't think that it is going to necessarily happen in the midterms. if, indeed, we continue to see economic prosperity, just recently heard that u.s. steel is reopening a parent in lorain county, ohio, about an hour and change west of where i am from, so i think that the economic message continues to resonate, there is needs to be actual traction there, the swamp, if you will come up might not necessarily connect with voters. >> ed: mastered, charlie. we hear h.r. mcmaster may be out, the president has said there is no chaos, what say you? >> there is no chaos at all, they elected a ceo is president of the united states, the days are very long, i am pleased to
12:56 am
see the shake-ups happen with quick decision-making, the american people can rest assured that qualified individuals can continue to go and make sure reforms are put forth for the betterment of the country. >> ed: charlie, capri, we appreciate you both coming in. most watched, most trusted, and most grateful you spend the evening once again with us. good night from us, i'm ed henry, i'll see liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo
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and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> my instinct kicked in and i need to get to work so i jumped on top of the bridge, we had four injured and one not breathing, we had another one with a major laceration to his head. >> looks like the russians were behind it, something that should never happen. we are taking it seriously. >> something russia will have to make the determination whether or not they want to be a good actor or a bad actor. we are going to be tough on russia until they change t


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