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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 16, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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many died in the battle. but the fighting ended 73 years ago, today. hope you have a fantastic weekend. we'll see you back here in a week. >> the clock is ticking and we could find out if fbi director andrew mccabe gets to keep his pension. attorney general sessions could fire him for lying about leaks. i am charles pane in for neil cavuto. cathridge herridge as the latest. >> reporter: fox news learned that it is entirely possible that news of the termination could come today. it may not be finalized until saturday because that is when the former director's pension
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kicks in. and this video shows mccabe leaving home and he went to main justice here on washington to plead his case and preserve his government pension. the most likely outcome, his pension will be reduced. the recommendation grew out of the independent review of the justice department's handling of the hillary clinton case. and fox news was told that mccabe was not forth coming and may have deliberately misled them or lied. after james comey was fired. mccabe testified that he and the bureau are above politics. >> has it impeded, interrupted or negatively impacted any of the work or investigation or ongoing projects in the federal
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bureau of investigations. >> there is no effort to impede. you cannot stop the men and women from the fbi for doing the right thing and protecting the american people and upholding the constitution. >> there is anger over mccabe and the amount of shame. if he is not fired former agents expect it will shift to christopher ray. a more junior agent would be fired for lying for cause. >> reaction from the former congressman and fox news. colonel, the clock is ticking. how would you handicap this for us? >> it is good to be with you, charles. and catherine herridge laid the case out. if you recall, gretta coined an
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incredible phrase. washington d.c. is the city of no consequence. if it is allowed to happen, there will be a message to every day americans, you can mislead and lie and deceive and still get to skate away. we saw it with lois lerner and the irs. you and i served in the united states military and one of the things i told subordinate soldier and commanders. once you sacrifice and give up your integrity. i have no need of you. this director was guilty of lying and misleading and you know, leaking important information. and why should the american taxpayers pay him for the rest of his life. >> to that point, catherine made
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the point of rank and file. what is happening to folks much highener the food chain and misdeeds and misconduct along the way. and if he is not disciplined in the same manner he would discipline one of them, surely this would crush them there? >> you are right. that's what you see in a unit. if a senior commander or officer is able to get away with something that the private and corporate and sergeants knew they could not do. that destroys the unit. who is the fbi agent that did not pass on the tip and information related to nikolas cruz? it is it those types was cancers that you have in the federal bureau of investigation that the rank and file agents every day are sick and tired them being castigated in the same lump of distrust. that's what we have in the
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federal bureau of investigation. >> what do you make of counting down the clock? this decision hasn't already been made and scrutiny and attorney general jeff sessions and the other things that have gone on recently? >> this is a cut-and-dried case. soon as the a ig report was released, the attorney general should have taken the action and now allowed it to come down to the last-minute decision. leadership is taking the hard right over the easy left and attorney general sessions needs to make the decision. i don't see what he's waiting around for. >> there is some disagreement on whether the entire pension or lose rank or some mechanism to mitigate or lower the pension;
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is it possible to receive that pension? >> that is the decision that the american taxpayer should be able to make. one of the greatest disgrace that you can have in the united states army is conduct unbecoming and therefore you would lose your pension if you look at having a full career. he did not serve with honor all the way to the last moment of his time and service there with the federal bureau of investigations and it is no consequences that frustrates people. if you and i had a private e-mail service in our barracks or quarters and doing classified. we would not be here. we would be in fort leavenworth. >> and the independent review of the fbi, their own inspector general who came to this conclusion, it makes it feel like it is a slam dunk, and why all of the drama?
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>> that is the thing. i know it is march madness. i rather see the drama on the basketball court. it would be madness for andrew mccabe to retire with full pension. lois lerner, how many times did she plead the fifth amendment? and whatever the reason the former governor of virginia was able to give hundreds of thousands to his wife for a pension campaign. he ought to finance his own pension as well. >> the american public would like to see and sort of be able to trust and believe in the fbi as preimminent law agency. are you comfortable with the folks in charge there or should there be additional changes? >> no, we have something wrong with or at the head of the snake up there in washington d.c. and we need to have a wholesale
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change. the american people see an incredible amount of hypochrissy and the rank and file fbi agents see it. and something needs to change. if you can't trust the number one law enforcement agency in the united states of america, who can you trust. >> thank you for much colonel west. always appreciate it. >> and now the deadly bridge death. six deaths have been confirmed, but officials say the death toll could go higher. steve is in miami with the latest. >> reporter: charles, surveillance video released a short time ago shows the moment when the concrete bridge collapsed. a number of cars were stopped and eight of those cars were penned. six people were killed. alexa duran, 18 years old, a political science major here
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in fiu and was in a gray toyota suv and her heart broken father posted in spanish. my little girl was trapped in the car and couldn't get out. agony for him and five other families. it is difficult to reach the dead inside of the rubble. we have seen jackhammer and digging to get out. it is tough to reach them. we'll see two investigations on one hand, a police homicide investigation and ntsb investigation into the bridge to try to determine what made it fall. that investigation is likely to take a week before we can get any answers at all to this tragedy. back to you. >> thank you very much steve. we'll see how it happen and make sure it never happens again. forget about the russians meddling in our election. now they are meddling in our
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>> charles: from russia without lochlt the administration
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accusing russia targeting our power grid. and that is leading to massive power failures in the country. fox news joins us with the latest from the white house. >> my friend, this is just part of the ongoing process. and frankly to punish russia for destabilizing activities. you will see more sanctions coming down the pike. it is first of several taken by the administration. we'll let everybody know what we had in terms of sanctions. >> and first of all targeted sanctions hit the russian national entities. and these folks were accused of tampering in the u.s. election last fall. and right before the break.
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and that is remoting targeting. and that is critical infrastructure and dating back to 2015. and that is a mumenty national statement. and that is taking place on british soil earlier this month and so the question is what ever happened to the reset. and just because sanctions are put in place on march 15th doesn't mean that additional sanctions will not be put in place in the coming days, weeks or months. they tend to happen in batch and we have seen it before. >> we have seen it happen.
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and in bunches before. what do the russians have to say about this? we have stopped paying attention to this and just as we stopped getting anxious and although we have never been about newer and newer sanctions. >> he actually called it unfair and despicitable. and it looks to me like they were caught red handed. back to you. and that has mike concerned. and that is hitting the grid and it seems to be extremely vulnerable.
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andna is top risk. and typically always the same three. russia and china and iran. and military and others and say what is it that keeps you up at night. and it is an attack on our power grid and normally our power grid. and at the end of the day aging infrastructure. that would never be designed to with stand physical terror attacks or cyber attacks. and it is not only on the past two years as some are seeming to apply. the russian and chinese are the number one of cyber shenanigans. they are probing and testing and trying to map out our critical
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intrastukture through cyberspace. it is going on for a better part of the past decade. >> charles: to your point, it is suggested that these are test runs. you know, to define vulnerabilities. and like it could be a bad actor. and someone more nefarious and can go in there and cripple uls. and we are vulnerable and could be crippled at this moment. >> whether it is it a state sponsor entitties and kremlin backed, or hackers or anarchist, whomever. i am simplifying. there is two reasons for the poking. power grid and water and transportation sector, it is either to gather information from a research development and economic espionage.
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and oftentimes it is mapping for the future and looking for ways into the command and control. and that is infrastructure. and that is when the next war is fought. and weep are slow in dealing with this and from our political perspective. and the pentagon is still grappling with the idea of what constitutes an act of war. >> charles: mike baker, thank you very much. >> thank you, charles. >> charles: the dow closed higher today and stocks and dow and s&p 500 all lower this week. more after this.
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>> chuck schumer, and that's not stopping republicans from pushing ahead of phase two and including making individual tax cuts personal ones. and chris, let me start with you. i thought it was a slam dunk, winning message. maybe chuck schumer is misreading the outcome. >> reporter: the tax cuts are a big issue. voters don't realize how much money they save and will not realize them until they file their taxes in 2019. goppers have to be critical. and they need to line it with nancy pelosi. she is tox and i can any midterm
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candidate who has strong ties with her will be hurt among former blue dog democrats. they feel alienated. and it is not enemy the income tax season for people to realize the tax cuts. and people are seeing it already when they get the checks on the bottom line. whether it is it nancy pelosi or chuck schumer. there is a tax cut. and they are impacting people positively. >> yes, they are. >> right now people are seeing the difference in the paychecks and here and now, the immediate gratification. and i think tax cuts are paying dividends. >> and nancy pelosi is sort of taking credit for conner lamb's
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victory. and he ran against her and trump. >> he did say that he needed to see a leadership change and he said that about the republican party. and they may particularly it makes sense. and the president is toxic. and we may see that moving around if we move on midterms and the tax cuts are interesting. they are popular with republicans but not democrats. it will be consider to see. >> and at this time we had a report from the university of michigan and shat up to a near all- time high and nearly drove it. bottom one- third of income households had a percentage gain. unheard of and so some people in the lower end are excited about this. i don't think the polls capture
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that. >> and they are making more money. and i am not sure that is enough for republicans going in to the midterm. and republicans, when they are running, they need it run as real conservatives. and they can't run as establishment type candidate and just like john mccain. >> they are not running. >> charles: was he a good candidate or bad. was he good or bad. >> she was good and moderate and never said a bad word about trump and he won. >> i am talking about lamb. >> charles: i think they have the platform and consumer sentiment. and hard stuff is looking phenomenal for them. but in this case conner lamb usurped the message. >> he took on the republican message. they are going to vote with
1:27 pm
their wallet. that is a winning play. n>>charles: does the republican party and president trump focus on tax cuts or daca border deal. >> i think they will give it a shot with tax cuts part- two. the president is a winner and he knows how to win and he seeing it as a winning plan and i don't know if he can get it. but he will push it. >> no democrats voted for the tax cut bill. will democrats come across. conner lamb show would you guys the light. he's given you a temp late of how to win. >> this is what the republicans have to deal with. whatinance ep pelosi meant. corporate america gets more than
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average americans. and 30 percent of the people are seeing increases in the tax cut. and pass through are overwhelmingly one seed. and there is a lot going on. >> charles: if i get a pay raise i am just happy when i keep more than what i earn. >> and officials are trying to get to the bottom of why the bridge collapsed in florida this as the search continues. >> it was a young boy in the back of the car and blood on his face and begging for someone to help him. and i am not going to be able to get it out of my head. and i just see that boy crying for help. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake.
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>> charles: the illegal immigrant accusing the government of vindictive prosecution and so what happens next. you will find out and we'll be right back in 60 seconds. uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. with a unique strain that re-aligns your system.
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re-align yourself, with align. >> charles: the investigation continues in a florida deadly bridge collapse. and cables suspending the bridge were tightened once the structure came crashing down.
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>> reporter: charles that is confirmed. and the national trappings safety board is incorporating that and engineering and design and construction as they were on also on the scene here and investigate how the pedestrian walk way and reputed to be state-of-the-art when it was installed and built and it was erected on eight lanes was traffic. and six people in their vehicles driving and suddenly 1 million pounds of concrete came crashing down on top of them and on to southwest 8th street. and that is recoveried from a vehicle that had been exposed after the rubble and they have finally been removed and allowing fire and rescue on the
1:34 pm
scene and pulling the body, deceased of course, out of the body and take that body away. & standing by on the scene here. and there are really six families that we know of. that are all in a state of you know suspect and in that they can only assume their loved one who was known to be in the area under blue skies suddenly can't get ahold of them and they believe the car is underneath all of that rubble. but there is it 950 tons was concrete and rubble that is crushing all eight cars that they are aware of. there could be additional cars beneath all of the rubble and that could mean additional victims and so that will be revealed once the big crane that was donated. and that is next several days. and reveal what is down underneath the pile.
1:35 pm
rubble. >> as for the coloberation between mec construction and the bridge design based out of the tallahassee, they have worked for decades and a fig was found after a bridge collapsed on a railroad collapse. and mcm was accused of substandard work. and that was a bridge temporary from workers. and they broke several bone and filed a lawsuit and ocea records show that mcm was fined for 11 safety violations over the years and amounting to $50,000. >> and the work here in the scene continues. and they are removing heavy slabs of concrete as that get to the bodies and extraicate them from the victim then and only
1:36 pm
then will they be positively id. and they want to preserve the dignity for the families who are experiencing a empty void of assuming the loved one passed under the bridge but not knowing where certainty until the body is pulled out and positively id'd. the first one came out. but there are five more known to be under there. >> phil keating, thank you for much. >> charles: the next guest said the tragedy could have been avoided. olive, your assessment of what happened and what should have happened? >> well, thank you for having me today, charles. first of all, my condolences of the loved ones of the six family and freshmeneds.
1:37 pm
it is a horrible tragedy. you know, charles, transportation is business communication and that is all about local economies and america's infrastructure is about the national economy. and when we see crashes like this bridge, collapses like this bridge and of america's infrastructure, that is a concern for all of us. and the america's crumbling infrastructure here. but in this case, helping to build new infrastructure and safe practice. and so we rebuild. >> charles: oliver, we are hearing that there was a stress test. and of course, when we heard that. most people were shocked that there would be traffic going on while you have a stress test. and cables involved and something went horribly wrong there. >> yeah. the key thing missing here is a midsupport span.
1:38 pm
170 foot span bridge, charles. and there needed to be a midtower support. when you spring it to the other side of the highway you need support in the middle. and our calculations have shown that this produced 140 percent increase. and that is what caused the collapse. and when you have a negative bending moment there that supported the curvature and you put it in a 87 foot span and it was carrying five and tons per linier foot across the bridge and that is way too heavy. we had a 147 decrease and bending stresses that are taking part in the middle of the span and more importantly based on the way you look at it.
1:39 pm
bridge support and in this case. and how could be support. >> charles: you are starting to break up here. we'll have an official report in a week or so. but is your assessment that it could have been avoided? this tragedy? >> yes, it could have been avoided, charles and i have a article on my website and i tweeted it out that explains the cause that i described for you on the crash. >> charles: oliver, thank you for the expertise and we'll check out that article. >> thank you. >> charles: the criticism of hillary clinton's comments on women continues. have democrats have had enough of the blame game and hillary?
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chairmens chairmens a new oped in usa today telling democrats to dump hillary clinton and a few are speaking out against her this week. >> i can't sugar coat it. she was wrong and clearly it is not helpful. and that is going in to 20/20. and when does he ride off in the sunset? >> what is the answer? >> not soon enough. >> charles: democrats have finally had enough. and jumu, is it that time? >> i think if we are going to ask that of hillary clinton do we ask that of mike huckabee and rick sanatorium. >> charles: she is a high ranking person and personality
1:44 pm
phase of the charles and chosen to be the standard barrier. and i think some democrats are embarrassed by her, aren't you? >> there are some democrats like the senator from north dakota are in vulnerable races. she is the most vulnerable and she's showing that she's independent. what i know of north dakota, independence and sides, they are very independent and she's running her race smartly and saying what her constituents need to hear from her. and every candidate in november should go in the race thinking the same thing. >> charles: i will ask you in a minute if hillary clinton should go back in the woods. alley, saying that all conservative women are brainless and listening to their husbands and coerced by their husbands
1:45 pm
and son and male bosses to do against theiril. >> we can talk about sxrik all. other republican politicians who are in the game when it is relevant. they are not calling the country racist and submitting to their husbands because we can't think for themselves. we are talking about hillary clinton because she said it this week. i am not interested in the what aboutism. the more she calls people like me, the better it is for republicans. she is a wonderful spokes person for donald trump and he might consider hiring him. and she is effective in reminding republican and democrats think about most americans and that's not only that we are not voting the wrong way. it is not because they care about principle. i either listened to my husband or boss or i am just a racist.
1:46 pm
>> charles: or areas that voted for president trump were back wards. she laid it out there and hit a lot of people on a trip to a foreign country, i understand the loyalty factor perhaps. but for the party, and older leaders, i think they are out of step and conner lamb proved that and maybe that's the message to listen to. >> i am all for the influx of new candidates. we are seeing thousands of candidates especially women stepping up and saying they are going to run for the first time. here's the thing, why is it okay to completely blast people who live on the coast, bhu it is not okay to blast people who live in the middle of america? >> we are not calling them racist. >> stop, stop. >> actually president trump has said very negative things about
1:47 pm
coastal elites even though he is a coastal elite and his friends in the cabinet are coastal elite. no one says that there is a lot that people contribute. >> charles: jehmu, but the bottom line, you don't think that the democratic party. we are running out of time should distance themselves from hillary clinton then? >> she doesn't speak for the democrat party and she speaks for herself. i am done with the double standard when she is told to be quiet and other male candidates do not get the same treatment. she's a free citizen to speak for herself. and the democrats have a specific message to keep it local. >> charles: and the president of the united states whomever he or she might be, thinks that everybody is an american and represent them. >> i agree. >> here is a good one for you.
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>> charles: so if you get pulled over for speeding, should authorities be able to check your income to determine the price of your ticket? they say absolutely? we'll bring class warfare to the speeding tickets and tell us how it workings. >> sure, all over the world it does work this way. in america today if mark zuckerberg and the janitor at facebook headquarters get pulled over for speeding, they will owe the same amount of money. we know a 250 speeding ticket is
1:52 pm
chump change. and that is not a meaningful punishment. bullpen the janitor, that is it a weeks pay and send. and other have day fine. and everybody pays two days of their wages. that bay it is equitable. and everybody faces the same section and deter offenders. >> charles: finland has done it since 1915. but they have given out tickets hundred thousand dollars. not a deterient per se. shouldn't be stop charging mark 50 bucks for a ham burr oregon should we adjust every aspect of
1:53 pm
lch to make it more fair? >> no, fines are meant to be a punishment. you have to attorney uncle of the. . and geoms of punishment is maim malg and that's not why we sell ampurgers. help is an opportunity of familiarity. punishment dprr and there are models all over the world that work. >> charles: it is a deterient and so is losing your license. it seems that the system in place is pretty good. new york city and madison avenue, i rarely see billionaires rattling down the street at 200 miles per hour. we have a good system in place now, don't we? >> there are imperical studies not only what you see out of the
1:54 pm
window. but people of higher income levels break the law more often than the poor. that may be surprising. and in any event we are not only talking about speeding, but civil infractions and serious criminal infractions that is a crime. they might get a year of jail. they get a two and>> charles: it sounds like a form of social yesterday. and how much should the fine be? if we get a millionaire barrelling down the street in the next hour, what should we find him at in society in >> it is hard to say. if the median average find. analyst mark buckerera>>
1:55 pm
charles: it is not changes the unemployed or indigent person. we have run out much time. thank you very much and it is a compelling taos. ts. ts. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. chaos. i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys.
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. it's okay. dad took care of us.
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> the illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing kate steinle is now accusing the government of a vindictive prosecution. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with the latest. jonathan? >> charles, jose zarate claims the feds are trying to punish him because he was acquitted on murder charges. attorney claims in court filings that president trump is part of that vindictive prosecution. the court motion says the original murder charge against him in the killing of kate steinle was highly publicized and that, quote,
1:59 pm
almost immediately after the death of ms. steinle then presidential candidate donald trump began to use mr. zarate as the symbol of the dangers of illegal immigrants and need for a wall between the united states and mexico. 32-year-old ms. steinle was shot and killed on july 1st, 2015 on a san francisco pier. zarate claimed he had found the gun in question and it fired accidentally when he picked it up. he was found not guilty of murder but guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm. we reached out to federal prosecutors for reaction to the zarate filing. we have not heard back. charles? >> charles: jonathan, thank you very much. that does it here. be sure to catch cavuto live tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we have the house intel committee brad wynn strum on calls to fire fbi director mccabe. democratic senator ben cardin on some democrats claiming tax cuts are failing in the wake of the special election.
2:00 pm
kennedy demanding answers from united airlines this after a dog died earlier on a flight this week. the five is next. >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. this is the five. we are awaiting a decision from attorney general jeff sessions on whether he will fire deputy fbi director andrew mccabe before his retirement on sunday. it's a decision that will be consequential for mccabe's financial future with his lifetime pension at stake. will sessions carry through on the recommendation of the fbi's internal recommendation to fire mccabe or overrule it. the controversy is based on allegations mccabe authorized the disclosure of sensitive information to a reporter about the


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