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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 16, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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championship obama and the senior bush do agree on three of the final four, virginia, villanova, and duke. so have fun with your brackets this weekend, everybody. >> dana: have a great weekend, "watters' "watters' world" an end expertly it is up next. bret baier. >> bret: did the fbi tried to break it against donald trump? we have explosive new reprimands. the lawyer for the star who has an affair with the president, says that she was threatened with violence. and what happened to seattle's experiment of trying to take the money out of politics, we will explain this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier, we bring the text messages that you are never supposed to see. suggesting two fbi employees may have tried to use a personal relationship with a federal judge, a fisa judge to influence
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the investigation into the trump presidential campaign. this comes on a day when a career fbi executive could lose his full government pension after being accused of acting on a similar bias against the president. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with details pretty good evening. >> thank you, in late july 2016 after the clinton email case closed and the fbi open the russian investigation, text messages indicate fbi agent peter strzok talked about his friendship with the federal judge who later handled the prosecution of former national security advisor mike flynn. investigators working for the house republicans reviewed the original documents at the justice department and took note, because a copy sent to congress were heavily redacted with key details blacked out. texting on their work loans, the fbi love or suggest setting up a cocktail party with brood all concertos, who sits on the surveillance court. page writes, judge is on the
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fisc, did you know that, appointed two months ago. peter strzok, i did, i need to get together with him. >> i cannot imagine either one of you would talk about anything in detail meaningful enough for rick russo asked mark peter strzok, really? any espionage buys a warren's? what should he do? after texting about and on wanted issue, super rigorous about ethics and conflict, and suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one-on-one meeting. i'm sorry, i'm going to have to invite you to the cocktail party. of course you will have to be there, coming up with some other work people cover for action. one more, a perfectly fine dinner party. it's not clear from the text messages whether it happened and the federal judge attended after national security adviser mike flynn pled guilty to lying to the fbi in december, less than a week later contreras was removed
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without explanation. investigators question whether there it was i connection to peter strzok who conducted the interview. they knew that the text messages undercut the fbi's leadership and the long-standing strain that the bureau is about politics. >> has the dismissal of mr. james comey interrupted, stopped, or negatively impacted any of the work, any investigation or any ongoing project of the federal bureau of investigation? >> there has been no effort to impede our investigation today. simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing, protecting the american people and upholding the constitution. >> a decision from the attorney general jeff sessions on the fate of the former director andrew mccabe you saw there, and whether he will be fired for cause impacting his pension is expected at any time. >> bret: it is friday afternoon, we will watch for any releases. thank you. is the adult movie star who says
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she had an affair with donald trump in danger? her loyal so, so that she has been physically threatened and s saying that stormy daniels will. that prompted a reluctant response from the trump administration this afternoon. here the white house tonight, for that story and more. >> good evening, bret, i acknowledge a great number of americans do not want to hear more about the stormy demos controversy, but even the white house cannot help but weigh in on the latest twist ofe drama. >> try though they might to stay clear of the subject, white house officials were again forced away into the latest controversies following stormy daniels. whose attorney claims was physically threatened to keep quiet about the alleged relationship with then private citizen trump. >> obviously we take this insecurity of any person seriously, certainly would condemn anyone threatening any
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individual, but i have no knowledge of that situation. i would refer you to the president's outside personal attorney. >> but daniels attorney promised the world would know more about the alleged threat soon. >> i am not alleging anything, i am stating a fact. the fact is that my client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about donald trump. the details surrounding that, she is going to discuss i'm sure on the 60 minute interview on march 25. >> for the controversy dusting to the blizzard of news surrounding the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. the white house push back against that. >> the president said that it was not accurate and that he has no intention of changing, that they had a great working relationship and he looked forward working with them. >> for now mcmaster joints it -- stays on the job, but the cabinet could refuse the nominee the head of the cia, gina meskill who more than a decade
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ago oversaw an infamous cia prison in thailand where terrorism suspects were water boarded. >> we are highly confident and certainly very excited about the nomination of deputy director to take over at the cia. she is incredibly qualified, someone who has been in the cia for over 30 years, has the respect of both republicans and democrats. >> by the way got to that post well after the waterboarding took place as far as we can tell from our reporting. rand paul, the senator from kentucky has come out against her nomination. but today the white house pushback on that saying that his criticism of her record was less than serious. >> bret: kevin, thank you. russian officials say that their country is planning retaliation for great britain's response to the poisoning of a former spy. on u.k.'s soil. an attack that the u.k. and the rest of the west blame squarely on the kremlin.
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senior foreign affairs amy kellogg reports from moscow. >> if president vladimir putin has so far been silent about the expulsion of the diplomats from london. and sanctions imposed by washington. his state tv channels have lit up with fury. the sanctions levied by washington yesterday were specifically for cyber attacks. russian foreign minister brush them off. >> we stop getting anxious, although we never have been about the newer and newer sanctions. >> but another officials had that russia would respond by expanding the list of americans blacklisted by russia, contains certain u.s. officials like john mccain who tweeted when he learned of his status back in 2014 "i guess that means my siberian spring break is off and my secret bank account in moscow is frozen." this analyst says the average russian will be not impacted by the new u.s. sanction, but president putin will find
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further isolation frustrating and humiliating. >> these sanctions, they forbid his opportunities. to be with a great leader, and to have a participation in solving world problems. >> as detectives in britain continue to investigate the poisoning of the double agent and his daughter, russia repeated today that it will be sending some british diplomat packing soon. while official denials of involvement in the poisoning here continue, there are russians who believe that it likely was the work of their government. they cannot figure out why now, just before a presidential election. >> it is an unwritten rule for a russian security service, especially for intelligence, stop all active operation before some more or less important political event.
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for reasons that we do not know, somebody changed the rules. >> finally today russia announced that its investigative committee will launch its own criminal cases looking into the poisoning of and the unexplained death of nikolai glue scoffed. >> bret: amy kellogg in moscow. thank you. also accused of making preparations to sabotage critical u.s. infrastructure such as the electric grid. tonight the fox business network looks at how and whether that would be possible. >> rushes on offense since at least march 2016, they have been leading cyber attacks and targeting american electrical, nuclear, water, aviation and critical manufacturing property is paid according to the u.s. department of homeland security and the fbi. it director at symantec, says that russia has all he needs to
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attack. >> they are basically access to the systems control inside the power grid. at any moment they could sort of flip that switch, but they did not. so they have all of that technical ability, but they are really waiting for some sort of political event, potentially between the russia and the united states. >> civil unrest in the united states to be made worse by shutting down the water system or an electrical grid. or on rescuing -- caused by shutting down a water system or an electrical grid. american officials and security firm says that they pulled off a large scale disruption in the u.k. in 2015, more than 200,000 ukrainian citizens were left in the dark as a result of an alleged attack on the power grid. diplomatic experts say that the u.s. and europe have an increasingly hostile relationship with russia, prepared to respond in this way. energy security rick perry used
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the word "warfare" saying that they face hundreds of thousands of attacks per day. >> the d.o.e. is in the process of establishing a new office of cyber security, energy security, emergency response. the acronym is caesar to enhance the resilience of the energy aspect and the cyber threat that is out there. >> the u.s. treasury department has issued sanctions on the russian group and individuals that have been involved in cyber attacks. the sanctions will be on travel to the u.s. and freeze assets. in 2015 when the ukraine related sanction started, the imf reported that the measures could take 9% off of russia's economic growth over time. >> bret: thank you. so what do you think? could the russians turn off your lights or worse? let me know on twitter. you can use the #specialreport or on facebook. we are learning more tonight on what happened thursday when a
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pedestrian bridge collapsed under a busy highway in miami. at least fix the next six people are dead so far, others are injured and more are asking how could this happen? steve harrigan is a miami tonight. >> the $14 million bridge that was supposed to keep students safe to connecting university in the town across a busy eight lane road has become a recovery operation, firefighters and engineers struggled to pull the dead from 950 tons of concrete, parts a bumpers dropped out from at least eight vehicles that were stopped at a red light at 1:30 thursday afternoon. surveillance video shows the moment that the bridge fell. even veteran first responders were stunned by the sudden collapse. >> it was chaotic at first, once i did get down from the bridge after we helped the construction workers, actually started to crawl underneath the bridge and i got yelled out by fire rescue. what are you doing? there is nothing you can do. and i realized okay, there is
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nothing that i can do. >> the around-the-clock operation is making slow progress. concerns remain about unstable debris. and an active homicide investigation is also underway. officials have vowed to find answers for the families of those killed. >> we want to get to the bottom line of what occurred so that we can bring closure to the families, closure to the investigation and so that it does not happen again. >> the pedestrian bridge was built adjacent to the road and then driven into place on thursday and saturday looking to minimize traffic dysfunction on the main artery. the bridge was not yet open to the public. there are unconfirmed reports that it was undergoing a stress test before collapsing. both companies involved in the construction have been fined repeatedly for safety violations in the past. the big group was fined $20,000 after a 90-ton section of one of the bridges in virginia collapsed in 2012.
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injuring for coworkers. it is an agonizing way for the families of those missing. under the rubble and possible to reach or identify. >> bret: thank you. two fatal military aviation crashes in two days paid what is happening? we will go live to the pentagon. here is what some of the flux across the country is covering tonight. city officials have reversed a ban on protest signs in the enhance security zone. during st. patrick's day parade which features vice president mike pence. there was a demonstration today in opposition to that ban. now the city says, parade goers can bring signs, but they cannot be on sticks or poles. fox 11 in los angeles says that california senate leader says an attorney and immigrant rights activist is the first person living in the country illegally to be named to a statewide appointment. in the nation's most populous state. lisbeth matteo will advise the
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california student aid to help marginalize people attend college. from mexico and moved to california at age 14. this is a live look at the dallas from fox 4, our affiliate there. the funeral for a firefighter killed in sunday's helicopter crash in new york. brian mcdaniel and a friend were among the five who died when the chopper went down in the east river sunday. only the pilot survived. that is tonight's live looked outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ m uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. while nothing comparesating modeto the real thing.d... experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert was some scary numbers for the first time ever, the u.s. national debt has exceeded
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$21 trillion and moving across a $20 trillion mark, earlier this year congress -- unlimited borrowing authority for two years. and there will be fiscal cliff battles up ahead in coming days and weeks. spending on the government's 15 domestic food and nutrition programs with 4% less in 2017 fiscal year than in 2016. the agriculture department's annual reports has an average of 42.2 million people per month participated in the supplemental nutrition assistance program often called food stamps. that is a 5% decrease. spending on the program was down 4% over one year. and has fallen 15% since 2013. stocks were in the green on this friday before st. patrick's day, the dow gained 73. the s&p 500 finished ahead five, the nasdaq gained a fraction. for the week the dow was down, 1.5 percentage points, the
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s&p 500 dropped 1.2. the nasdaq one point off. there were no survivors aboard an air force special operations helicopter that crashed in iraq, we told you that first on "special report." that is the first deadly aviation accident for u.s. forces in iraq or syria since the battle against isis begin in 2014. national security correspondent responding from the pentagon about a tough week for u.s. military aviation and the military. >> the air force on the copter crashed while on a routine mission during personnel between bases in western iraq, all seven americans were killed. initial reports say that the special operations helicopter hit a power line near the city of al kime among the iraq, syria border. one day after the u.s. navy super hornet crashed off of key west. flying on one engine as it approached the runway at low altitude. 1 mile out the other engine
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failed. the jet rolled over as both of the aviators were ejected killing the pilot james johnson and his weapon system officer caleb king who played football at the naval academy and graduated in 2012. the jet came from a squadron that deployed last year aboard uss george wh bush carrying out air strikes against isis. the pentagon would not say whether the crash resulted from years of combat and budget cuts. >> readiness is at the center of what we are doing right now. i think that pilots are going to be flying more in training is going to pick up. >> today only half of the navy super hornet fleet can fly. president trump spoke in front of an f-18 at a bowling hangar in missouri hours after the crash. >> the f-18, one of my favorite planes, it is a work of art. >> the 2018 depends budget calls for $48 billion to rebuild u.s. aviation parade $11.7 billion to repair old jets, $32.5 billion
3:22 pm
to replace jets that cannot be repaired. $2.2 billion to recruit new pilots and mechanics. a fox first reported that the navy grounded its fleet of training jets after instructor pilots were poisoned in the cockpit. a year later those oxygen problems have spread to the air force. which grounded its fleet of t6 trainers two months ago. >> the decision that the secretary and i need to ground the fleet, we had too many incidents that caused our concern. >> fox news has highlighted the shortage of parts have forced the airmen to canada -- planes and a problem made worse by the shortage of mechanics pay >> we have fallen behind in supporting our men and women adequately. the bell that we are going to vote on next week for all of our flaws is going to fix those problems. >> less political bargaining getting in the way of the pentagon getting the funds that it needs to fix these problems. >> bret: jennifer griffin on
3:23 pm
top of the story from the beginning of the pentagon, thank you. up next, is there already a republican primary challenger to president trump for 2020? we will take you to manchester, beyond the borders, syrian group says more than 100 civilians have been killed in governments, russian, and turkish air strikes and shelling today. it says turkish air forces killed 27 people in the kurdish held town of efrain in northern syria, after the death that meant death of a rep -- it happen in central madrid after n informal street sales. police say that they tried to revive the man until help arrived, protesters believe that police are unfairly targeting migrants. and the european union is publishing a list of u.s.-made products, it will hit with tariffs if the e.u. is not exempted from president trump's steel and aluminum taxes and tariffs, including breakfast foods, clothing, footwear,
3:24 pm
washing machines, whiskey, and motorcycles. the items are worth $3.5 billion in trade annually. the e.u. says that it should be granted waivers from the tariffs as canada and mexico will be. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. ultra strength from alka seltzer. enjoy the relief. you or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> bret: it is that time again, the election headquarters, one of president trump's most outspoken republican critics may be getting ready to do something about his dissatisfaction. arizona senator jeff flake made an appearance today as many interprets as the start of a possible primary challenge to the president. peter doocy has a story tonight from manchester, new hampshire. >> at a famous new hampshire event called politics and eggs. jeff flake cracked open the door to a presidential campaign. >> i hope that someone does run the republican primary, somebody it sounds, and i doubt it will
3:28 pm
pass pay >> he did not propose any new policies, but he mostly warned of his party's ideals flipping away in the age of trump. >> i stand before you today the rarest of speeches. the american conservative, americana never trump. >> the candidate visits most frequently, trying to establish street cried by talking up his friendship with somebody who has already won two new hampshire primaries. >> so my best political memories were traveling around with senator mccain. >> for months he has been trying to steer his party away from members he deems too controversial. >> roy moore and donald trump. >> that comment in the fall earned him a presidential nickname, flaky, the dismissal of the senator as irrelevant. >> nobody knows who the hell he
3:29 pm
is. the rnc is already dismissing telling them "president trump won because of his vision to make america great again." we are confident and as he delivers on the promises he made, voters will reelect him in 2020. the rnc is skeptical of the chances in 2020 and he was skeptical of his own chances in 2018. >> i cannot win and the republican primary. that is the bottom line. >> because flake who was going poorly when he announced his retirement said if he has to embrace trump he would rather not run. at least not in arizona. >> what is different now what the presidential candidate? >> winning the primary and one state does not determine what you can do nationwide. president trump obviously would never win the election generally election in new york. but he is the president. >> flake might not come in first and 2020, but he is a person republican contender to visit
3:30 pm
new hampshire in 2018. president trump has not even been here yet, but on monday he is going to visit new hampshire for the first time since the campaign. >> bret: peter doocy in manchester, thank you very much. i like saying that, manchester. thank you. the top lawyer for republican pennsylvania is asking to investigate your regulator use that took place in the special election voting. what is termed overwhelming to him evidence of confusion. four counties in the county district through tuesday several overseas ballots, connor lam holds a 627 lead vote over republican rick said: , has declared victory, but saccone has not conceded, both lam and saccone will run again in november in new congressional
3:31 pm
districts. and tonight it's whatever happened to segment, democracy vouchers, remember them? it was the city of seattle's attempt to bring more people into the process of paying for a political campaign. but it came with some unintended consequences. correspondent dan springer tells us what happened. >> when we first reported last july on seattle's novel experiment to publicly financed municipal elections by giving registered voters 25 vouchers to give to their favorite candidate, the candidates were scrambling to qualify for the democracy vouchers. the program taxes property owners in an effort to reduce the influence of money on local politics. but according to the seattle ethics and election committee spending only increase, with those who spend the most winning every time. >> you can ratchet down campaign spending limits, you can ratchet down contribution limits, but
3:32 pm
money will find its way. >> the new system spawned a whole new way to cheat, shelly secrest who ran unsuccessfully for city council has been charged with fraud and theft. her campaign manager tipped off police that she used her own money to make it look she had enough small donations to qualify for the vouchers. >> if someone is going to go against the rules come i think that they should be held accountable. >> critics also say that the vouchers keep the status quo and even the seattle politics further left. john grant worked the system to perfection. relying on a small army of volunteers cultivated at the renters union which he ran to collect the maximum number of vouchers. the eventual winner also maxed out on vouchers and received a big unit donations on top of that. finishing third just outside the top two runoff with a little bit more from sara nelson. >> it propped up the incumbent and to the, and the people with
3:33 pm
volunteers with clipboards. >> but supporters say that the vouchers were a success. given some political clout to even the poorest and make candidates take notice. >> we did see campaign in the way that we have not in the past. not sitting in a conference room dialing for dollars, but out pounding the pavement. to speak of the program is very expensive, candidates receive $1.1 million in voucher money, but it cost over a million dollo run. a high sum for a system that did create many more campaign donors, but by the city's own data only drove up the price tag to getting elected. >> bret: dan springer in seattle, thanks. up next, the panel on all of the day's headlines, but first, a sad note tonight. new york democratic congresswoman luis salter has died. suffered a concussion during a fall last week. she was serving her 16th term in the house, first elected in
3:34 pm
1986. known as one of the most liberal members of congress was the chief force behind a 2012 law to ban insider stock trading. based on congressional knowledge and a required disclosure of market activities by lawmakers but also played an integral role in the violence against women act, congress woman was 88. [whistling] hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help me plan the best trip. so i'm more than confident. forgot me goggles. kayak. search one and done. hey, sir lose-a-lot!
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3:38 pm
on to investigate themselves. it is kind of common sense. >> the fbi and the department of justice were corrupt in my view. the entire fisa warrant application process was abused. >> bret: hours after that interview here on "special report" and the call for the special counsel, some breaking news. first uncovered by molly hamlin at the federalist about an interesting set of text messages between some figures that we have been following for quite some time. july 2016, the fbi opens its russian investigation, text messages indicate the fbi agent peter strzok and lisa page were having an affair. they were talking about a relationship peter strzok had with a federal judge. judge quinn terrorists, and in this it ends up that this is a federal judge who would later handle the prosecution of the former national security adviser michael flynn. and it also turns out that he sits on the surveillance court.
3:39 pm
the text messages lisa page, on the fisc, did you know that? that is low fisa court. we talked about it before and after, i need to get together, and a month or two ago, got on it at a graduation party where both were at, not sure who she is, a good circumstance talking to him not placing him into a situation where he has to recluse himself, i cannot imagine that either one of you would talk about anything in detail to warrant recusal. really, really, i am in charge of espionage for the fbi, any espionage fisa before him, which of the deal given his friend overseas? standards for recusal are high, i do not think this is a national conflict, and says that he is super thoughtful and rigorous about the complex. not sure who is that probably the social siding would be better than a one-on-one meeting. i'm going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. have to come up with something else for people to cover for
3:40 pm
action. lisa page, wymore? six is a perfectly fine dinner party. we don't know where that goes, but it raises all kinds of questions about what they were trying to do with the fisa judge and motives behind all of this. let's bring in the panel. byron york, chief political adviser for the dash and jason riley, wall street columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. byron coming your take on all of this and how big of a deal or not big of a deal it is. >> it could be, but one of the mysterious events of the whole affair is when michael flynn pled guilty on november 30, last year. the original judge who accepted that guilty plea is often the case. we don't know if he removed himself or if he was removed, but we do not know. that is a judge that we are talking about. >> bret: we should also point out that peter strzok is the fbi agent who interviews michael flynn. >> and that is a big deal because of his centrality in the whole affair.
3:41 pm
he is the guy who interviewed flynn and the judge was on the fisa court, we heard a lot about the fisa court which repeatedly accepted or approved a search warrant for carter page. so wondering what is going on there, and the other big thing, one last big thing is that the justice department turned over these text a few months ago. but the parts that we are talking about were redacted and some of the staffers went back to the justice department and saw a less redacted version of that and now we have it. so the question is, what was up with the justice department originally? >> you have the judge who accepted the guilty plea, apparently had a personal relationship with the fbi agents that interrogated him, moreover from these text messages, it looks like those agents wanted to exploit that relationship. what it tells me ultimately is that these text messages
3:42 pm
ultimately have people at the fbi who were opposed to what -- a trump presidency and people who were plotting against a trump presidency. that seems to cross the line. >> bret: we do not know what we do not know, we said that with the mueller investigation, but listening to the senators last night, they know more than they are saying with the questions in this letter calling for a special counsel. to add this to what the concerns are that they list and it seems like maybe it is more likely that one comes about. >> it could, but i think in going back and looking at this time i think the most troubling part to your point that they did not share it all with congress. there is a motive to hide it. and i think that that is always a problem with this cover-up. now, being afraid of the largest pyongyang investigation as mr. peter strzok was removed, taking him off of the investigation. and we do not know if this has anything to do with the material problem here or the material
3:43 pm
charge that michael flynn lied, right? that is the essence of this case and that he lied to fbi officers about meeting with foreign officials. we do not know if that changes, if this has anything to do with that central charge, that's why he is in hot water. >> bret: had he known, michael flynn, that is, that the guy that was investigating him and asking him the questions was conspiring and had this political bias and the judge that he said i plead guilty to have the relationship with the guy who asked him the questions, would he have pled guilty? >> good question, i don't know. i think that that is a question per michael flynn and his attorney. >> bret: we are waiting any minute on a decision and whether they will be fired hours before he is scheduled to retire to get his pension. thoughts on that as we get a decision one way or another before sunday? >> it should not be taking down
3:44 pm
on the clock like this, it does not make sense, but it is the case apparently that the fbi's office of professional responsibility has recommended taking action against the cable. >> bret: this is not president trump. >> no, not him saying i want his head, this is the fbi's professional responsibility. and we do have an inspector general report coming pretty soon about the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. >> bret: which obviously has something in it if it is triggering the call for the special counsel. >> all of these people who were involved they were also involved in the clinton email investigation. >> if they don't move against it, jeff sessions has the call, if he does not move against the cable kicking down the sunday, what are president trump's tweets like monday morning about his attorney general? we know that he is already frustrated with jeff sessions. >> bret: i will play the sound bite last night with martha about mccabe and
3:45 pm
whether he is going to get fired ahead of this retirement or not. speak of the real strange thing about all of this is that mccabe so far has been worried more about pensions than prison. that is not the choice that was given by two michael flynn. michael flynn if you recall was charged with false statements, even though jim comey's investigators reportedly believe that flynn did not intend to mislead them. that is not apparently the conclusion of the inspector general, with regards to mccabe. >> i think that he is right. the law enforcement officials are not above the law. if you or i lied to and fbi investigator, there will be consequences. if mccabe lied, there should be consequences. how would he treat us if we lied to his agents? >> bret: we will follow it. so far nothing, no word on anything whether there are moves in the administration. we have you covered here. next up, the friday lightning round, and the challenge for the
3:46 pm
president, is it possible, alleged threats against stormy daniels, and winners and losers. ♪
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♪ >> i stand before you today, the rarest of species, the american conservative. americanus never-trumpist. i hope that somebody runs in the primary against the president had i've not ruled it out. >> bret: will there be a primary challenge for president trump in 2020? we are back with the panel. >> there probably will be. i don't know how serious one
3:50 pm
will be, and jeff flake would not be a serious challenge to president trump. let's per month win remember that he is not running for reelection because he cannot win his own primary against a state. so he basically put up the white flag and ran. this is a scenario to go up to new hampshire, free media attention, and it is always good to keep your name in the mix, especially for a guy who is not going to have a job in a couple of months. >> does not surprise me that he is considering this. no secret that there are a fair number of republicans who do not support president trump or only reluctantly. they do not want to vote for democrats, they want a republican alternative. he thinks he can be that person. >> he represents the cultural and moral challenge to trump, because if you look at his record, still in the senate, he has voted with him 85%-95% of the time. that would come up if you ran against the president. >> bret: next up, stormy
3:51 pm
daniels, the whole thing, we have covered it all aspects, but now there is an new elephant. she has given an interview to anderson cooper that will air on march 25th, we are told, and that is beyond her nda, nondisclosure agreement, but now her attorney is saying that not only details, but details how she was physically threatened. >> i'm not alleging anything, am stating a fact and the fact is that my client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about donald trump. >> is there anything in the litany of accusations that you would call them facts that surround this case that happened while donald trump was president? >> yes. >> obviously we take the security of any person seriously. certainly would condemn anyone threatening any individual, but
3:52 pm
i have no knowledge of that situation. and i would refer you to the president's outside personal attorney. >> bret: so pressed for details numerous times the attorney says tune in march 25th. >> if the white house thought that this was going to fade away, they are killing themselves. stormy daniels is a household name. she is giving interviews on "60 minutes" now. federal officials are looking into whether the hush money violated campaign laws. the story is not going away. and people are going to want to know why it is so important for the white house to keep this woman quiet. they have not adequately answer that question. >> people are not going to be surprise at stormy daniels is talking about her relationship with donald trump. there were other things, much worse things he was caught on tape saying. they still elected him president. the bigger question is who are they going to allege physically threatened her? was it white house officials? people close to trump? that is problematic. are there other nondisclosure agreements that he could be
3:53 pm
blackmailed for with women. that is a bigger question then sort of the sordid tale of a porn store. >> bret: we are in the "60 minutes" phase, but i think that she is going to tell her story. because any president is in no position to really shut people up and threaten them with liable or anything like that. it does not work. >> bret: quickly, winners and losers, lightning winning and losing. >> my winner is peter navarro, the trump adviser, we are expecting new actions from the president against china. this will be right down his alley, very happy about that. the loser is elizabeth holmes. just a few years ago, she was the toast of the tech world, worth billions of dollars, or company had supposedly developed this belief super-duper new blood test. it was all a fraud. >> my winner is senator dee
3:54 pm
heller from nevada, lost to his primary challenger, simply because president trump asked him to get out of the race. showing the power of trump in the republican primary. >> bret: he is running for congress. >> out of the big senate race. my loser is steve strippers, the head of the national republican committee, his name and job is to save the house, that will be a tough task in washington. >> bret: winner and loser? >> larry cut low, the top economic advisor, free-market conservative from the reagan demonstration, my loser is hillary clinton. she may be the least gracious loser of presidential elections in the history of this quote country, going around the country and around the world trashing 63 million americans who did not want her to be president. i think that that is not only disrespectful but pathetic. >> bret: my winner is irish-americans first st. patrick's day weekend. and my loser, my bracket.
3:55 pm
just really horrific. when we come back, notable quotes. ♪ you can't predict the market, but through good times and bad . . command performance sales event. lease the 2018 nx 300 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight. this week's notable quotables. >> i think rex will be much happier now. >> i think rick perry would really shake the place up and probably the v.a. needs shaken up. >> i'm looking at larry kudlow very strongly. >> fear no man. >> personnel decisions in this white house are a total -- >> very exaggerated and false story. >> well, do i have a preference. the problem is you have to have see through. you have to know what's on the other side of the wall. >> a see through wall. that's. [laughter] that's what an n. arizona we call a fence. >> if you don't have some see through it's a problem. >> no longer going to be
3:59 pm
search and rescue mission. now it's going to be recovery and investigatory mission. >> certain skill to put a device like this together successfully. >> we will not tolerate such as brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil. >> we looked at this thoroughly and nearly everybody involved in the campaign and we didn't find any collusion with the russians. >> we're gonna win. we're gonna win. >> the nra stands for no republican action. >> if president trump is in your corner, how can you lose? >> it took a little longer than we thought but we did it. >> lamb the sham. lamb the sham. >> good news is we have guinness it does taste better in ireland. i realize it's probably not the right year to bring up trade issues. >> bret: good news is we do have guinness that was one week. everybody. chris wallace has senator dick durbin and congressman trey gowdy on his show. tune in for that on sunday.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that it for this special fair balanced and unafraid. happy saint patrick's day. "the story" with sandra smith starts right now. >> sandra: happy saint patrick's day to you, bret. thank you. we pick up the story from here. >> shame on the federal government. shame on the trump administration. shame on them in terms of bringing retaliatory vindictive prosecution. >> sandra: vindictive prosecution. that is what the illegal immigrant acquitted in the murder of kate steinle claims he is a victim of. good evening. i'm sandra smith in for martha maccallum. last november jose garcia zarate who had been deported five times from the u.s. was found not guilty by a california jury in the 2015 shooting death of steinle on that san francisco pier. but one day liter attorney general jeff sessions filed federal charges against h


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