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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rereunited with the swindle family. sent home corporate jet. not all ends badly. that's it for us tonight. a happy saint patrick's day. ♪ ♪ >> sean: a lot of ground to cover. welcome to special edition of hannity. washington scandals tonight. real breaking news. real investigative reporting that the rest of the mainstream media will never do. we have explosive new information first reported by sara carter since confirmed by fox news. newly obtained text messages are showing trump hating fbi agent peter strzok was close friends with u.s. district court judge rudolph can tears. con tears. strzok and fbi lover lisa page wanted to meet judge coconconteras at a cocktail
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party. michael flynn pled guilty to lying to the fbi. the judge then later mysteriously recused himself from the flynn case. also brand new tonight "u.s.a. today" is reporting that the justice department is considering publicly releasing parts of the fisa surveillance warrant against carter page. and breaking right now, fox news reporting that the phony dossier that author former british spy christopher steele is being ordered to appear now for a videotaped deposition as part of this ongoing legal battle in london. this is a major development and could finally provide answers to very key questions about hillary's bought and paid for dossier and if steele tried to ever even verify it. now, all that brand new information plus fox news is learning that the deadline for the former fbi director andrew mccabe to be fired and lose his pension could now be saturday and also tonight axios is reporting
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disgraced former fbi director james comey plans to come out swinging against his critics in upcoming book tour. i will remind him again you have a right to remain silent. we have challenge and open invitation to james comey come on this show. i will give you an hour. give you three hours on radio syndicated show 575 stations. we have more and this on our breaking news opening monologue. >> brand new scandal involving anti-trump fbi love birds, peter strzok and lisa page newly obtained text messages between strzok and page revealing damning new information. strzok we find out today is friends with federal judge rudolph ca conteras who sits on the fisa court. attending cocktail party with this judge. now here is what is disturbing. the judge presided over the hearing where lieutenant
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general michael flynn pled guilty to lying to the fbi. there is a lot of other important context to explain here. we will do that in just a minute. first, take a look at brand new text messages. start july 25th, 2016. page writes. rudy, the judge we are talking about. is on the foreign intelligence surveillance court. did you know that? and page adds just, you know, appointed two months ago. strzok. i did. and we talked about it before and after i need to get together with him so strzok and judge contreras know each other. page letter writes read through this, thought of it because you had to google foreign intelligence surveillance court judges and saw him there. i'm telling you. strzok follows up with well she brought up a good point about being circumspect in talking to him in terms of not placing him in a situation where he'd have to actually recuse himself. page then texts i can't imagine either one of you ever talking about anything in detail, meaningful enough
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to warrant a recusal. and page says well, anyway, maybe you didn't mean to but didn't. and strzok answers really? rudy? i'm in charge of espionage for the fbi. any espionage fisa comes before him, what should he do? given his friend oversees them? page replies in this particular case standards for recusal though are quite high. i just don't think this poses an actual conflict. and he doesn't know what you do. and then strzok responds yeah, generally does know what i do, not to the level of the scope or area, but he is super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts. and suggesting a social setting with others would probably be better than a one-on-one meeting. i'm sorry, i'm just going to have to invite you to the cocktail party. you can sit next to me. i'm adding that part. strzok continues, of course, you'll be there. have to come up with some other work people cover for action. and page writes why more?
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six is perfectly fine for a dinner party. oh, six, intimate setting, they know each other, he is in his position, the judge in his position. there is a lot to unpack here. what is clear is that peter strzok knew the judge and that both he and page wanted to attend a party with him that is a massive conflict of interest. engineering a meeting with fisa judge under false pretenses in this case a cocktail party that could actually be on destruction and other criminal liability. we will ask gregg jarrett in a minute. what is really inexcusable is that the department of justice fought like hell, especially rod rosenstein to keep this information secret. now, sara carter reporting that congressional investigators working for congressman jim jordan, congressman mark meadows, they discovered these text messages at the doj's headquarters and this is part of the outrage. according to sara carter of the 1.2 million documents the doj inspector general has aquirtd, the house
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oversight committee has only received just over 3,000, quote, unique documents. that means the doj never ever wanted the stunning information to get out. they have been trying to hide it. remember back in january, the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein begging in the final hours before they had to turn this information over, begging speaker of the house paul ryan, allow the doj not to turn over the documents related to the russia investigation to devin nunes and these congressional committees. it's now clear why rod rosenstein, yeah that guy that appointed mueller now did this. it's all part of a year long pattern of obstruction. of stonewalling. noncompliance, and congress' enforce, by the way and constitutional duty to investigate and oversee the actions at the doj. you know, it's called checks and balances. think about this for a second. if rod rosenstein had his way, we wouldn't know about
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any of these scandals. people now need to be held accountable. this is why people like, oh, grassley and tillis and cornyn and graham are demanding as we have been demanding for a year a second special counsel to investigate the investigators. they can't investigate themselves. as for that very important context, we learned that strzok and judge contreras were friends and that judge contreras oversaw the flynn case which after he accepted the case was a mystery. why did he recuse himself? now, we still don't know the exact reason why, but this could have something to do with it. we also know that peter strzok was the fbi agent. he oversaw the january 2017 white house interview of lieutenant general flynn and here's what we really need more information on, strzok is the former fbi counter intelligence official who signed the paperwork to start the entire russia investigation. and as these new text
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messages revealed, judge contreras was on the fisa court. and sources have been telling us that judge contreras may have signed off on one of the fisa applications to approve the warrant to spy on carter page, trump associate which means the trump campaign which likely gave the fbi access to trump campaign communications. this is stunning. it is corrupt. it is an abuse of power. and it shows inexcusable biases and conflicts of interest that the department of justice has tried to conceal. now, we need to know all the communications between strzok, page, and contreras, as a matter of fact, we lease all the strzok/page text messages, everything you have got. we need to find out if strzok was involved in putting together the fisa application for carter page. he was a former high ranking counter intelligence official who was bragging about it. the fisa warrant for page was signed in october 2016. strzok was fired from mueller's team in august of 2017.
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so, it is time for strzok to tell us what did he know? when did he know it? how does this guy have a job? lisa page was advising andrew mccabe. we did reach out to judge contreras for comment. he didn't get back to us. also breaking right now, "u.s.a. today" is reporting the justice department is considering publicly releasing parts of the fisa surveillance order against carter page. how about releasing all of it. now, this would mean we would get to see exactly how that fake news dossier, the bulk of which was used to get the fisa warrant against page was used and how the fbi mislead on purpose, purpose live omitted information to fisa judges about clint that she bought and paid for fake news phony russian dossier. and also tonight, a significant new development speaking of christopher steele, fox news tonight reporting a british court is now ordering steele to sit for a videotaped deposition as part of an ongoing legal battle against buzzfeed, the
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website that published the fake news dossier. now, to call this huge is a massive understatement. now, steele will likely be forced to try and verify the dossier that he and fusion gps and the fbi never verified, never corroborated. so, in other words, steele will under oath have to admit whether or not he knew the dossier was full of lies from his phony russian sources. but gave it to the fbi anyway. and according to that you book, steele told friends that it was kind of 50/50 about the most salacious part of the dossier. that's the part that involved the hookers at the ritz carlton urinating on a bed. and we also have learned more about steele's use of current and former russian government sources. we're going to be following this story very closely. but also breaking right now, new details on the time line for former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe to be fired and lose his pension. now we're learning that the deadline could now be
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saturday. and as we have been explaining the fact that mccabe is even in this position is stunning. it is inexclusive. is ininexcusable. it means he did something drastically radically wrong. our sources are telling us mccabe could end up facing multiple criminal charges. forget about the pension. just a few months ago, mccabe was put on leave after current fbi director christopher wray was reportedly informed that mccabe was going to be exposed in the upcoming inspector general's report. i can't wait for that report. then also tonight as we have predicted for months, the disgraced former fbi director jim comey, oh, is he prepared to cash in on his new found fame. did i predict that you know, in just a few weeks, comey is going to kick off his whirlwind book tour. he has tough interviews with stephen colbert, clinton sycophant george stephanopoulos and ladies of "the view." according to that you report
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from axios, comey is planning to come out hot and correct all the so-called lies about him and the fbi. for months we have literally been bringing you the american people on a nightly basis breaking news, hard-hitting, investigative reports about the corruption at some of the highest levels of our government including the shocking details about the abuse of power at the very top of the phish. fbi. james comey you want to come out hot? you want to answer hard, important questions? you're welcome on this program. tonight, i am officially opening up an invitation to james comey. you want to sell your book? come on this show. we will give you a full hour. you name a day we will make it work. we will work with your schedule. i will give you three hours on my nationally syndicated radio show which by the way is on 575 radio stations around america. so everybody can hear from you. and we'll ask you the tough questions. the ones that stephen colbert mift miss.
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for example, did you in fact tell a closed session of congress that you believed michael flynn did not lie to the fbi? did you think he's being unfairly prosecuted? wife did you draft a letter exonerating hillary clinton of charges in the email investigation months before she was interviewed by the finn and 17 other important people? will you explain the lies and omissionst to the fisa court? why did you tell trump that the dossier was unverified and salacious three months after you allowed the same dossier to be presented to the fisa court when you didn't tell the fisa court hillary bought and paid for it and you knew that? why did you withheld the fact that clinton paid for the dirty dossier? and how do you explain your unlawful leaking of classified information to the media after you were fired through that columbia professor, you wanted a special counsel. jim comey, if you are looking for fame and fortune, you want to sell books by all means, have fun on "the view." have a great time yucking up
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with colbert. hang out with george stephanopoulos. have a beer afterwards. if you want to defend all americans and at the end of the day your honor come on this show. three hours of radio. that's the best deal you are going to get. we will lay out all the facts and evidence and give you a chance to respond. as we say here at fox, well, we report, we will let our audience decide if you are telling the truth. here with reaction fox news contributors sara carter, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. i'm looking at all of this. let's first start, i think this is important as it relates to text messages. >> right. well, it's pretty clear that peter strzok was intending to manipulate a federal judge who is also a fisa judge and may have made one of the decisions to spy on carter page to the damage of the trump campaign and the
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trump presidency. and we know that peter strzok is the head of the counter intelligence at the fbi so he had to have been involved in that fisa application. did contreras know and if he did know, i would think he would have to know, why didn't he recuse himself? and why didn't he recuse himself in the flynn case because peter strzok, his pal, is a key witness in that case. >> sean: that is such an important point. sarah, did you amazing work today. i have think it came out at noon. your story was up two hours later. i don't know how it you you were able to pull it together so fast and diversification conversations jim jordan expwroin us. if it wasn't for jordan and meadows because rod rosenstein doesn't want us to have this information. >> absolutely. i think this shows diligence
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and hard work on the part of the house oversight committee and their investigators. they have been going back and forth doj. there is semi redacted documents. once again i stress it's over 1.2 million documents that inspector general michael horowitz has been sifting through. so any time anybody from the committee want to see a semi, just as very less redacted version of the 3162 pages that they got, they have to go over to the doj and then try to put the pieces together. this is incredible. this piece of information was not privy to national security: and it was not something very personal. this was something that would have eaneld a question. a question a lot of people have been asking for for some time now. wife did judge contreras recuse himself? why was he recused? we have to have these
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questions answers. >> general flynn sought before him and pled guilty. seven days later he had to row could you see himself. on strzok 2016 when they share these text messages. strzok is head of a major division of the counter intelligence division of the fbi. is he knee cussed on russia. h -- hewas focused on cases. meeting with judge contreras could put judge contreras in a precarious situation where he would have to recuse himself. >> sean: but they're going to do it anyway. >> they are going to do it anyways. what does that tell you about them? >> it tells you that the stench in washington is overwelcoming. everybody they don't themselves perfect interest. when i would appear occasionally they would
6:18 pm
recuse hemselves but they will would explain their recusal on the record to be honest and forth right. contreras didn't do that he kept it a secret. and that invites the question if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding? it's also curious he didn't recuse himself until after week, after flynn pled guilty. my question is did flynn know that the fbi agents who interviewed him do you think went back to comey and united stateyateshe's innocent e truth. >> sean: and comey said it. >> yes. >> what does that mean for michael flynn. >> i predict the new. demanding mueller turn over all exculpatory evidence and those interview us would be exculpatory. if it is true that flynn and his lawyer didn't full live noe they had been exxonner
6:19 pm
rafted by guilty agent. his guilty play ought to be set aside. sara sara according to my sources, sean, did he not know about this information. that's going to be very interesting and what gregg said is very important, because, remember, flynn was cornered and even after strzok and the other agent interviewed flynn, according to the sources, according to james comey himself, they believed that he did not lie. so, special counsel robert mueller did find a way to get him to plead guilty to one count of lying to the fbi. i have think there is a lot more questions here than ains and i think we are on the road to finding out what those are. >> mueller squeeze dollars him. >> the guy ras to sell his house. my sources tell me did threaten his son. this is over zealous prosecutors and the power government that can ruin you
6:20 pm
financially and so i do your life. it's no wonder that michael flynn finally threw in the towel. >> what about christopher steele e. is hype the trump hoax. he went to russia and rush government sources. we are told he didn't even believe his own salacious report. >> i read the interrogatory answers in the british court case. and he makes it clear that all of his information is completely unverifiable that would be denied by his sources. sure, the sources didn't exist and if you read very closely and carefully, steele is really admitting that his entire story was a fairy tale. >> sean: sarah, i cannot believe what i just heard. >> it's very disturbing. and, look, the lawsuit against christopher steele is very important.
6:21 pm
because christopher diseel slandered a lot of people in that dossier. and then it was solidified here in the united states after it was briefed to both president obama and president-elect trump and then leaked by buzzfeed and posted on buzzfeed. he attempted to like that to a nebraska of other news agencies beforehand. people have a right to regain their -- >> sean: joining us on the show ron desantis, tom fitton as we continue. touch is how we communicate with those we love, but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. for people with moderate
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♪ >> sean: all right joining us now was we continue our special investigation and racking to today's breaking news ohio congressman jim jordan, florida congressman ron desantis and judicial watch president tom fitton. congressman jim jordan, let me start with you. >> sure. >> sean: this is an amazing thing that rod rosenstein, who appointed robert mueller, who is the same guy that extended the fisa warrant with the phoney dossier, which was the bulk of information, that he is -- he did not want devin nunes to get any of this material and that only because of digging by you and congressman meadows and your staffs were we able to find the latest strzok-page messages which show all of this, you know, collusion, if you will, to use a term or at least relationship with this judge that recused himself after he accepted general flynn's plea. >> right. exactly right, sean. three key points. >> sean: help me out here.
6:27 pm
>> you said it well. the judge recuses himself in the flynn case. that same judge, the text messages make very clear had a friendship and relationship with peter strzok, the guy who was deputy head of counter intelligence at the fbi and the -- excuse me, the justice department made it difficult for us to get that information. in fact, the copies that we got, the documents that we got were redacted. we had to send staff, mr. meadow's staff went in there and found the information which shows the relationship so, he recused himself as you said after the case, not before. he had a relationship that judge had a relationship with peter strzok and the justice department and didn't want us to find it out. the key question is why? >> sean: let's go through that key question. ron desantis that is a key question. why? why? a judge doesn't take on a case, then recuse himself and then we find the judge is best friends at the heart of everything peter strzok. >> yeah, sean. just remember, this was such an odd case from the
6:28 pm
beginning with flynn. they rushed in to interrogate him in the white house january of 2017. obviously, he ends up pleading guilty but he probably didn't know all that was going on with peter strzok. and so this thing just is not -- does not sit well with me. and i also have an issue as jimmy said with the department of justice. they fought us tooth and nail on everything pretty much. including this right here. why were they heavily redacting this portion. that was something that we were entitled to see. in conducting oversight. they tried to hide it from the american people. >> sean: yeah. tom fitton you have struggled and your organization has struggled. why are they trying to hide, remember, devin nunes waited until the final five minutes before the subpoena of this information from the doj that should have been handed over much earlier and now congressman jordan, congressman meadows, congressman desantis, they have to send their entire
6:29 pm
staffs over. they can't even take a picture of anything. it's like don't they have oversight, isn't that part of checks and balances oversight committees are to check and balance to make sure that things don't go wrong. >> oversight not only from congress and department of justice and fbi do. but also from the courts. we're in federal court asking for these types of text messages. and we're getting the proverbial hand to the face. there is this culture of arrogance at the fbi and justice department. that impedes virtually any oversight either by judicial watch to the courts or congress through its constitutional powers. and it's real concerning that this isn't happening during the obama administration but by appointees president trump jeff sessions has got to step up and take back
6:30 pm
control of the justice department. rod rosenstein has a personal interest, it seems to me, in keeping this information away and director wray is completely out to lunch on these issues where is he more concerned about the institution of the fbi and protecting its reputation than cleaning house in terms of the corruption issues. you know, and now we have got this issue now about the court. you know, we have been -- i know a little bit about the judicial ethics process. can i tell you it's unusual for a court to recuse themselves from a case like this without an explanation. it's unusual and these telling you in public what was the reason for doing so in such a high profile case. >> sean, it's unusual for the judge to recuse himself at any time. it's really unusual for him to recuse himself after that the case has been decided.
6:31 pm
>> sean: what do you make of judge contreras relationship with peter strzok in all of this. >> and also peter strzok's relationship with michael flynn. he was there at the interview of michael flynn when michael flynn said something false to the fbi. i don't know how all this fits together. these three key facts happened. there was was a recusal there was a relationship between the judge and peter strzok. and the department of justice was making it very difficult as congress both tom and ron have pointed out to do our constitutional oversight. those three facts are indisputable. so, let's ask why that was the case. why can't we get the information and why in fact did this judge recuse himself? >> sean: let's go back to this new reveal and it says congressman desantis in a text message with strzok, page to strzok, rudy means judge contreras is on the fisa court. did you know that? just appoint you had two months ago and they discuss other things and of course peter strzok says we did.
6:32 pm
we talked about it before and after. i need to get together with him. these two hate donald trump. and then they are best friends with the judge on the fisa court. now, there were four separate fisa court judges that were all lied to because they never informed the judges in the application that hillary had bought and paid for unverified, uncorroborated what turned out to be many russian lies to influence the election. congressman? >> well, i will tell you, you know, peter strzok has done so much dang to the reputation of the fbi with his arrogance. i mean, him and lisa page are sitting there saying well, let's manufacture a social setting or darren party so i can tal -- a dinner y so i can talk with him. you are right. we need to get all the documents about all the fisa application. i know contreras was probably one of the judges. we don't know which one. the justice department will not give us the transcripts. they won't give us the
6:33 pm
documents. and, you have to ask yourself why would they not want to do this, if this was all on the up and up. wouldn't you want to clear the air so the american people fight on they fight us tooth and nail on every issue. >> sean: what else are you looking for tom fitton. >> we want the fisa applications. we understand the fisa court was mislead. these two new text messages raise questions about whether the fisa court process was corrupted internally. i don't know if any judge did anything wrong, certainly enough for the court to begin an internal investigation of how the judges communicated with the fbi, were all the communications appropriate and disclosed in a way that the public can be assured that there was the fair administration of justice in the operations of the fisa court. i tell you, this corruption at the obama justice department and fbi which
6:34 pm
continues today not only ruined the justin department and fbi it's splashed onto the court. what a disaster. you have got it send your staff over every day. he is that the only way we can get the information that has to happen every day. >> i want to be real clear. we do not know if this judge in any way signed off on these fisa warrants. what we do know is that this series of facts raises concerns and raises the obvious question why it happened. >> sean: trump haters in the country has so much power bragging about his relationship and, in fact, the judge knows all about what he does. >> yep. sure is. it's terrible. >> brian: thank you all. i appreciate it when we come back, sebastian gore cass and showers. how the media is smearing trump's pick on the cia too stuff on terror as we continue this special
6:35 pm
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>> sean: so the mainstream media echo chamber. trying to take down the cia her name is gina haspel. a career intelligence officer who has been praised by colleagues for her very important work after 9/11 and she would be the first woman to serve as the cia director if confirmed. the mainstream media, liberal democrats they seem only interested in smearing the long serving intelligence official pro-public can a was recently forced to issue a correction of is accusing gina haspel being waterboarding abu zab zubaydah. multiple stories echoed on multiple outlets including fake news cnn. some are denigrating haspel's achievement as a
6:40 pm
woman. calling her selection quote as not a feminist choice. "new york times" published mode gina haspel's rise is no victory for feminism. wow, here with reaction, fox news national security strategist former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka and former white house press secretary sean spicer. i can't believe dhawf to be a liberal woman, dr. gorka. is that what it is? in order to advance women's rights, you have to believe in certain fundamental issues or this does not advance feminism. and then i heard hillary this week say oh, the reason i lost is because white women listen to their husbands to their bosses and their sons before voting for donald trump. >> let's just put to the side for a moment, sean, the hillary clinton insulting 30 million american citizens to just happen to be women
6:41 pm
and then ask a very simple question. what has catching terrorists undermining the enemies of the united states and being a professional intelligence officer got to do with feminism? we don't run the intelligence community based upon ideology. that was john brennan. that was under the obama administration. we need to know one thing about this woman and it's clear that she has it is whether or not she is qualified to be one of the most powerful government officials in the most powerful nation in the world. the only problem with this woman woman is, sean, it's very simple. she's a woman who is working for donald trump. that's the only problem. >> sean: but it's actually worse than that sean, we lost thousand americans on 9/11, 2001. there was only three people waterboarded in the case of khalid sheikh mohammed it led to the courier. the cure year led to bin
6:42 pm
laden. without waterboarding there is no. what part do they disagree with we are too tough on terrorists? that's why they don't want her? >> i think dr. gorka is right on this. if she was working for barack obama, they would call her imminently qualified. let's look at who is calling her qualified? leon panetta, hayden, morell, all of these folks that are sort of at the top echelon of the intelligence community in a bipartisan degree, one administration over the next, all support her because she is imminently qualified with over 30 years experience. to your point, sean, here's the thing. if you don't fifth the category that liberals think you are in depending on your race or gender then you don't count. gina is not qualified to be cia director because she is not a liberal. you look at what happened questioned american bridge assaulted and was arrested a male staff for them attacking a female member of the trump administration. and did you see any coverage
6:43 pm
of it today? no, no, sir in the "the washington post." nothing in the "new york times." there was a man arrested for assaulting a female member. and dr. gorka is right. why? because she works for donald trump. if this had been the administration, it would have been leading the evening news today. the hypocrisy and double standard is unbelievable. >> sean: i just really -- we look at these times you have, dr. gorka, this cannot be emphasized enough. the biggest abuse of power scandal in the hills industry of the country. it's literally sitting right there on a tee for the media. the media all they care about is stormy daniels and russia-trump collusion and after, what, almost 18 months we have no evidence. this is all that they cover. it's amazing that here with all the evidence we have hillary fixes a primary. hillary has criminal activity that is fixed for her. she purchases lies and a phony russian dossier, lie to the american people.
6:44 pm
it's used to obtain fisa warrant and, of course, they don't tell the fisa judge that hillary bought and paid for it so we can spy on opposition party candidate and campaign. how about covering real news for once. >> well, look, that's not their job. these are propagandists. and if you look at the fisa gate scandal, what we have is hillary clinton, the dnc affecting a successful russian operation because that file was full of russian misinformation. that's the enormity of what we are talking about. these people aren't interested in the truth. this is perhaps the biggest scandal that we have seen in a political election since 1776. and let's just remember one thing, sean, if she had won, we wouldn't know any of it, none of it. not fisa gate, not uranium one. it would have all been covered up. and that's the scary thing. >> sean: all right. sean spicer.
6:45 pm
>> have you great economic news today if it wasn't for the president tweeting tout to his followers we wouldn't know about it not whether one staff could or should be fired by the end of the week. more time spent whether or not somebody is actually in the office today. the white house pool sent out a report today that they cited h.r. mcmaster the national security advisor. meantime the economy continues to hum along and people are living better lives in this country. >> sean: all right. unbelievable. and i don't know how you did your job. i would have exploded. i couldn't do it. what you and sarah huckabee does every day. god bless you both. you are better people than i am. the next story is going to make your blood 3w0eu8. the illegal immigrant who got away with killing kate steinle claiming the federal case against him was vindictive and he wants it thrown out. more on this special edition of hannity straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: so the story will totally outrage you the five time deported illegal immigrant who got away with killing 32-year-old kate steinle on a san francisco pier back in july 2015 is now asserting, quote, vindictive prosecution and collusion in the federal government's case against him. garcia zarate's federal case came are a a california state court acquitted him in 2017 of first and second degree murder of involuntary manslaughter of steinle. garcia-zarate federal charges of possess ago firearm while being here illegally.
6:51 pm
hcites comments president trump has made. all communication the government has had with local law enforcement agencies. additionally garcia zarate is claiming double jeopardy claiming while he was already tried for being a felon possess ago firearm in state court. joining us now is former panel county arizona sheriff paul is with us and radio talk show host and fox news contributor leslie marshall. is there any doubt in your mind this person was guilty based on the facts as we know them? >> absolutely not. he is guilty. this is a sick twist in the fact that here this criminal illegal, who has been not only deported five times he was wanted for six times before the sanctuary policies released him before turning him over to ice. but the sickness here is that now is he crying as the victim that there is vindictive prosecution that
6:52 pm
he is going to be held accountable for crimes that he committed. he had been convicted in the past of numerous felonies for drug violations, heroin and other drugs. and he shoots kate steinle in the back with a stolen handgun from a federal agent. and now his attorneys and he is claiming more rights than you and i as citizens. he is the victim of prosecution and even collusion between the state, the local prosecutors, and the federal government. and anybody who has been watching the news regardless if you are a conservative like us or liberals, knows there is little to know collusion with anything in california in the federal government. >> sean: do you have any problem with this case? leslie? >> well, quite frankly, i do. and the reason i have a problem with it is you have got to give the attorneys an a for effort on behalf of their client this is absolutely ridiculous, sean, i'm not going to disagree with you guys on this just from a legal factual perspective there are two things the attorneys are going after here. from my little legal
6:53 pm
training i can tell threw is no double jeopardy and there is no vindictiveness. when you look at the law it's very clear what he was acquitted of is not what the federal government is going after him for, which he clearly has been guilty of which is entering the united states illegally and illegal possession of a firearm. so the federal government is within its right, although his attorneys, i think it's crazy they are going to lose both of these in my opinion, they are doing their best for their client. >> sean: why is there the mysterious reluctance and how is it that the oakland mayor can literally warn criminal illegal immigrants oh ice agents are coming. we are not talking about daca, we are not talking about dreamers. we're not talking about people who just want to better their lives. we are talking about people who not only respected our laws and sovereignty and committed more crimes and in many cases violent crimes. why isn't the oakland mayor
6:54 pm
arrested? why should california get one federal dollar being a sanctuary state which is basically aiding and abetting law breaking? >> well, if you are asking me, sean, i would tell you first of all if there was anything there criminally, the cuffs would be on. i think you will see there isn't. >> sean: aiding and abetting -- tipping off illegal criminals. aiding and abetting an on instructing justice. >> i believe it is. >> sean, what we are hearing from ice is that there were near live 1,000 people detained in less than a 8 hour period absolutely impossible. all of these people had criminal charges. >> absolutely. >> i want to see the evidence of that. >> absolutely. any time in law enforcement you can be a patrol officer, you knee that whe interfere with lawful authority and this was lawful authority of the federal government and they are sharing private information in law enforcement and she goes out there because she is privy
6:55 pm
to that and announces it publicly alerting known criminals who don't even have citizenship in our country that hey, the cops are coming. you better get out of town, that's a crime. that should absolutely be pine tree rioted. jeff sessions should pursue her and hold her to account. because any future crime that these criminals commit, how can she not be held liable and responsible as an accomplice to those and have blood on her own hands. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, we have this special edition of hannity straight ahead. ♪ ♪ today, the new new york is sparking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies
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>> up fortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. you can follow me on instagram at sean hannity. police, the movie i produced,
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"let there be light", you can get it at walmart, amazon. have a great weekend. see you back here. a lot of news we expect for monday. hope you join us. >> laura: good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." we have breaking news tonight. "the washington post" is now reporting that former fbi director andrew mccabe has been fired. yes, the embattled former fbi director, we know what happened with him. we know that his wife obviously was running for state representative, got help from terry mccullough. his pact donated hundreds of thousands to her campaign. it was not revealed at the time, and that raised a huge problem. he's been embattled for several months. a lot of us thought he would have been fired


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