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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 17, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> a great day for democracy or a war on the fbi. president trump and now former director mccabe facing off in dueling statements after attorney general sessions fires mccabe for quote lacking candor under oath. we will ask another former fbi assistant director why that is still a cardinal sin. >> plus, those connections, newly uncovered texts obtained by fox news released between a federal judge who presided over former security advisor mike flynn before recusing himself. and an fbi agent who was thrown off the mueller investigation president trump. >> election day tomorrow. no real surprise hot victor
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will be as we look at how intelligence agencies this weekend are dealing with moscow as it has poisoned a number of people in the united kingdom and hacked america's power grid ♪ ♪ leland: if you went to bed 10:00 last night you didn't think we had anything to talk about today. arthel: slow day. leland: never fear 123409 a low saturday. i'm lelan leland vittert. >> and i'm eboni k. williams. andrew mccabe has been fired in just days before he was set to retire. garrett tenney has the latest details. >> eboni, this is something president trump has been calling for but firing andrew mccabe is the precise move recommended by what is essentially the fbi's ethics office. last night attorney general jeff sessions said an investigation by the doj's inspector general determined mccabe lied to investigators
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who were reviewing the fbi's handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's email server and that he had leaked information to a reporter about the bureau's investigation into the clinton foundation. and in a statement, sessions said, in part, the fbi expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability. as the proposal stated all fbi employees know that lacking candor under oath results in dismissal and that our integrity is our brand. mccabe is firing back though claiming everything he did was above board and he is being targeted in an effort to discredit him as a witness against the president and special counsel robert mueller's investigation. in a lengthy statement, he says, in part, the oig's focus on me in this report became a part of an unprecedented effort by the administration driven by the president himself to remove me from my position, destroy my reputation, and possibly strip me of a pension that i worked 21 years to earn. and mccabe was just about 24 hours away from his
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retirement and that pension, which has been estimated to be worth more than $1.5 million. while he claims he is being signaled out, doj officials point out the fbi has fired 19 other employees in the last year alone for lacking candor or being dishonest, though none of those other employees did that while they were under oath, which is a federal crime. and that is why a number of legal experts are now suggesting that mccabe's legal troubles could just be getting started. >> which leads to the other issues, will he be prosecuted for lying to investigators the way that general flynn, who mccabe targeted, was prosecuted for lying to fbi agents? >> now, key to all of this is the report by the doj's inspector general which prompted mccabe's dismissal. and that report is expected to be released at some point in the next couple of weeks. eboni? eboni: thank you, garrett now we will go to leland. leland: with that we bring in former fbi assistant
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director steven palmer. you have been here a lot of weekends. there is a lot to talk about at your old shop. we will go back to your time there. before you were the assistant director, you dealt with the disciplinary issues. office of professional standards. back in the day, take everything we know at face value. would andrew mccabe have been fired per se? >> yes. based on on the reporting and what seems to be his admission in his own statement that he lacked candor. now, the term "lack of candor" is a term of art. it basically means you didn't tell the truth, whether you lied, whether you perjured whether it was under oath or wasn't under oath. none of that really matters in terms of fbi's code of conduct. if you lie, you are fired. leland: it's important to point out because some are making this about the issue well, did he talk to the media or did he not talk to the media? that's not what we are talking about here. >> that's not what we're talking about. leland: we are talking about did he tell the truth to the people he was supposed to
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about that. >> it's become a term of art in washington that the coverup is worse -- is oftentimes worse than the offense and that's true. and the corollary in the fbi is that lying during an inquiry about your conduct will get you a harsher penalty potentially than what you are being -- than the conduct that's under investigation. if you lie, you are fired. leland: it seems as though it has to be that way because the word of an fbi agent is worth so much in court. >> exactly. i was about to say it's about court. fbi agents as a major part their job is to testify in court. if you have a reputation, if you have been adjudicated a liar by the organization, of what value is your testimony in court and the answer is it's of no value. this is not a fetish. leland: especially if the fbi knows someone is a liar, whether it be about one thing or lots of things, it's hard to go put them on the stand. you talked about mccabe's
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statement in which he parsed this if i'm guilty of anything. >> he tries to recast this. leland: people who are guilty often do that this is what his statement says in part. this attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not to just slander me personally but to taint the fbi. law enforcement and intelligence professionals more generally. can you read that the other way. this is an attempt to root out liars and political actors who have badges. >> yeah. can you read that the other way. but, two things may be true simultaneously. it may well be a political orchestrated attack on the fbi that's ongoing as we speak. that does not excuse his conduct for lying during the course of an official inquiry. there is -- we are dealing with a very complex set of scenarios right now and a very complex situation with the russia investigation and with everything else. but this is simple. this is simple. leland: i think that's the first time have you ever said that on television this is simple. we zoom out to the russia
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investigation. garrett tenney brought up the point of michael flynn the former national security advisor. he pleaded guilty to a crime of lying to the fbi. mccabe is being accused of lying to the fbi. what's good for the goose is good for the gander. should he face some kind of charges or disciplinary procedures other than just losing his pension? >> you have to leave that one to the prosecutors at the department of justice. but, there are many times. leland: it doesn't seem that fair though, does it? >> there are times when a lie is not the equivalent of a crime. and fbi loses his livelihood for telling a lie under any circumstances. it may not rise to a crime and i have to leave that one to the prosecutor. leland: a lot more will come out, probably, once we get a chance to read through the inspector general report michael horowitz who we heard about before. even democrats really are holding back on this one. they are not defending mccabe. they say we want to read the report. we will see what it has to
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say. how broad could the implications be here. if mccabe's word, his bond as an fbi agent is now called into question. this is a guy involved in a lot of cases. he was involved in a lot of fisa warrants and involved in a lot of high profile investigations do. those now all come into question if his integrity has been badly damaged? >> yeah, i think that's a fair question and i think that's right. they will be subject to more scrutiny. whether one applies to the other, we have to wait and see. i think you are exactly right. this ig report is going to be a crucial next step in answering many, i hope, and i believe in answering many of the questions that we all have about the conduct of the hillary clinton email investigation, the conduct of the russia investigation and many other things. leland: it seems hard almost to understatement the significance of this, of an fbi assistant director being fired for this kind of behavior. >> yeah. it's a very, very serious thing. it has an impact on the
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organization. leland: as you said, quite a simple one. steve, always good to have you. thank you, sir, as always. all right. there is a lot more to talk about about this. "fox news sunday," a lot more on the mccabe firing chris wallace has an exclusive interview with congressman trey gowdy, chairman of the house oversight committee. that is on the big fox network. check your local listings for time and channel. tomorrow 11:00 a.m. eastern. howard kurtz talks to anthony scaramucci who always has a lot to say about everything, about the coverage of rex tiller's firing and the president's battles with the press. eboni: two new developments righted to the russia investigation. michael flynn is talking about his indictment and new text messages that reveal fbi agent peter strzok had a personal relationship with a judge who presided over former national security advisor michael flynn's case in the russia probe. the judge did eventually recuse himself. gillian turner has many more details for us right now.
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gillian? >> that's right, eboni. president trump's first national security advisor michael flynn is back in the spotlight for the first time since he pled guilty for lying to the fbi last december. he is talking about his indictment on the campaign trail while stumping for a california congressional candidate. >> i'm not here to complain about who has done me wrong. [laughter] or how unfair i have been treated or how unfair the entire process has been. you know, it is what it is and my previous statement stand for themselves. >> this as new texts july 2016 between peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page surfaced. revealing a discussion they had about strzok's friendship with a federal judge who later went on to manage michael flynn's prosecution. judge rudolph contreras sat on the very secretive fisa surveillance court during the time flynn was under investigation. and in these new texts, strzok and page discussed the judge's appointment and even floated the idea of
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hosting him at a cocktail party. page writes rudy is on the. if isc. did you know that? just appointed two months ago. strzok replies i did. we talked about it before and after. i need to get together with him. she goes on to say i can't imagine either one of you could talk about anything in detail meaningful enough to warrant recusal. to which strzok replies really? rudy, i'm in charge of espionage for the fbi. any espionage fisa warrant that comes before him what should he do given his friend oversees him? page replies standards for recusal are quite high i don't think this poses an equal conflict and he doesn't know what you do? strzok says generally he does know what i do. not the level or scope or area. but he is super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts. m suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one-on-one meeting. i'm sorry, i'm just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. so, eboni, there is no confirmation yet as to
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whether or not this alleged cocktail party ever occurred, but we will, of course, keep you and our viewers updated. >> eboni: absolutely. thank you for that update. gillian, leland? leland: russian officials now saying 23 british diplomats have a week to pack up and leave. this as the diplomatic dispute over a nerve agent -- also ordering the close of the british council. no longer reopen the british consulate in saint petersburg. saying the united kingdom will continue to do what is necessary in their words defend itself. >> rhythm as a result of an appalling attack in the united kingdom. the attempted murder of two people using a chemical weapon developed in russia and not declared by russia, the organization prohibition of chemical weapons. earlier this week the prime minister set out in parliament a number of measures that we took or
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we're taking to defend ourselves against this type of attack. leland: the move comes by the kremlin days after britain expelled 23 russian diplomats and nearly two weeks after exrussian spy and daughter were poisoned on british soil. rusrussia has vigorously denied. tend to overshadow tomorrow's election where vice president, as you might guess, is expected to win fourth term as president. eboni: for more bring in dr. cohen a senior fellow. as leeland is pointing thought detailed report the escalations from russia are simply rising, getting more and more aggressions. we know those aggressions ultimately come through vladimir putin putin. going through all the sanctions and steps that have been taken to address these escalations, it does seem that putin himself seems to be offlimits and certainly those that are closest to putin himself don't really seem as affected by.
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this therefore, with awful these sanctions, including some corporations and individuals, how effective do you think they will be if putin himself and his inner circle are not targeted? >> first of all, putin's inner circle is targeted. but not people in the government. people in the government usually have immunity. but what is bothering is that the escalation is going up and up. the relationship between russia and the west is circling the drain. and russia is being very aggressive. it's not just u.k. it's not just these two poor people who were poisoned. it was also, you know, plom poo. coverup of syrian chemical weapons under russian umbrella. and russia blocking any investigations in the united nations. it is massive use of cyber
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and of self-power. so it's social media. now we find out that during the obama administration they were sitting on this information and i know it from my sources that this was going on. they were aware. and this was sort of post reset obama-russia policy they didn't want to shake the boat too much. not to upset the relationship with russia on the iranian issue. >> eboni: obama administration put some sanctions but many said not effective and not enough and too little, too late was often the retort there. you talked about the relationship with russia and the west. let's talk about it. when president trump first took office, he stated and it seemed to be the case that he was open to a better relationship with vladimir putin himself and russia. certainly it seems, recently, that the president in this white house is taking a bit of a shift, certainly sounding talking tougher as it relates to
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russia. we know the president had that initially as an intention. what do you see in terms of this shift right now? >> well, we need to do what we need to do to protect the. that includes protecting in the cyberspace our infrastructure, our first responders, our airports, nuclear reactors, et cetera. eboni: do you see a shift? do you think this is stronger not just language do you think president trump and this administration will take a tougher stance around the entire relationship? >> we have to do it because, for example, mike rogers, admiral mike rogers, the outgoing chief of the national security agency said he doesn't have enough resources or direction to do what needs to do in cyber. we also are doing quite a lot. for example, the trump administration, unlike obama, is selling antitank missiles to ukraine. who thought? but what i'm missing here is a very strong international
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leadership to work with our allies. with the europeans, with the japanese, with south koreans. and to impose sanctions where it really hurts. bone boip right. >> finances, technology, oil and gas exports. eboni: let's talk about oil and gas. our very own stuart varney yesterday on this program on fox business talked about how russia is a petra state. he made some suggestions one of which is the u.s. putting some natural gas into europe and basically squeezing out that russian influence around that issue. your take on that? >> well, traditionally, republicans do not want to interfere in the markets. and, you know, tell the oil industry or the gas industry. >> eboni: but if it's a national security issue. >> exactly. mr. trump, for example, takes exemption national security in trade. >> eboni: we saw that yes. >> you don't need to sub is i dyes this very much. but, you need to have understandings with the europeans, with the germans who are hungry.
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eboni: do you see that international buy-in. >> not yet. we do to do more and now we have a new secretary of state. hopefully mr. pompeo is going to reach out to the europeans and we'll be working on the gas issue. but also very important cyber, soft power, social media, and all that good stuff. >> eboni: if mr. pompeo is confirmed thank you. leeland? leland: coming up how rescue crews beat the clock to save hikers stranded on a desert mountain. police rush to save residents in a house that truly turned into a ticking time obama. were thetime -- time bomb. deadly collapse in miami as crews dig through the concrete. steve harrigan on the ground in so you r. south florida. hi, steve. >> leland, there are reports now that there was a crack in the bridge before it collapsed. who knew what wynn when? i'm steve harrigan in miami. that story ahead.
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leland: three arizona hikers out for a spring outing this weekend finally safe after a dangerous adventure. the phoenix fire department rescued hikers on arizona's mountains during three unrelated incidents. you see they brought in helicopters for one of those. all of the hikers are okay. but the phoenix fire department understandably is telling the public to be prepared and especially cautious this time of year. ♪ ♪ eboni: an engineer noticed cracks in the newly installed florida international university bridge. the transportation official didn't get the message until after the bridge collapsed killing at least six.
9:24 am
steve harrigan joins us with the very latest. steve. >> eboni, recovery operations are going on right now. they have been actually going on around the clock here in the early morning hours they pulled out two cars, three victims inside those cars. they are working now to pull out another two cars of the estimated 8 cars underneath that 2 million pounds of concrete rubble behind me. it is a slow, careful process. once they pull the cars and the victims out, police officials explain what happens next. >> release some information about the pedestrian bridge and cracking that's been observed on the north end of the span, the pylon end of that span we moved this weekend. so, we have taken a look at it, and obviously some repairs or whatever will have to be done. but from a safety perspective we don't see that there is any issue there. >> what we just heard was a voice mail message from one of the engineers to a
9:25 am
department of transportation official. real concerns about that voice mail message which actually came two days before the collapse of the bridge. it was not heard though by the department of transportation official until the day after collapse. so, there was knowledge about a crack but right now according to ntsb officials they are investigating they can't whether that crack that was noticed in advance was the actual cause of this bridge collapse. eboni, back to you. eboni: certainly as this investigation continues the -- time line in all of those things will be of great, great importance. leland? leland: coming up, president trump fresh off his trip to inspect prototypes for the massive southern border wall. once funding for it is part of an immigration deal. so what's holding up that grand bargain? and, with an fbi assistant director fired late last night, president trump said it was a great day for democracy. ellison barber at the white house on anything but a slow saturday. hi, ellison.
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>> hi, leland, president trump's attorney is calling for an end to the mueller investigation. we'll tell you exactly what he says in just a minute. ♪
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no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain...
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but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪ eboni: president trump tweeted praise for ag jeff sessions' firing of former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. mccabe was set to retire with full pension on sunday. ellison barber is following the latest with the staff shakeup and so much more this morning from the white house. ellison? >> hi, eboni. the firing is controversial. some like mccabe say it's part of a an effort to discredit special counsel robert mueller's investigation into the russian medaling in the 2016 election. president trump called the firing a great day for democracy tweeting in part, quote: sanctimonious james comey was his boss and made mccabe look like a choir boy. he knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the
9:31 am
fbi. in a statement trump's personal attorney john dowd told fox news he hopes acting attorney general rod rosenstein follows, quote, the brilliant and courageous example of the fbi office of professional responsibility and attorney general jeff sessions and brings an end to alleged russia collusion investigation manufactured by mccabe's boss james comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt dossier. he went on to say just end it on the merits in light of recent revelations. he says he is speaking in his own personal capacity and not on behalf of the president. president trump is at the white house this weekend. no official events on his schedule this week has been filled with news, a lot of it palace intrigue. some of it news that seems fit for a tabloid. adult film star stormy damages claims she hadaniel dane had affair with president trump. stefanie clifford has been threatened though wouldn't say by whom. michael cohen fired two
9:32 am
motions on monday. one accuses daniels of violating a nondisclosure agreement more than 20 times and claims she could owe $20 million in damages. president trump fired secretary of state rex tillerson this week. the announcement was unexpected. the decision less so for months. there have been rumors that the president was unhappy with his secretary of state. there are rumors of more changes to come. but the white house is down playing them. >> just actually spoke to a number of staff this morning. reassuring them that there were personnel changes, no immediate personnel changes at this time. and that people shouldn't be concerned. >> tillerson is expected to stay in office until the end of the month and president trump plans to replace him with cia director mike pompeo. it's a decision that is already under fire by some. even some on the right, kentucky senator rand paul says that he will not support pompeo's nomination in part, he says, because of pompeo's stance on the iraq
9:33 am
war. enhanced terror techniques and defense of controversial nsa spy tactics. paul has suggested in a number of places, including an op-ed on that he will do whatever he can,. eboni, to try to stop this nomination. eboni? eboni: thank you, leland? leland: former deputy assistant to president george w. bush with us now. the favorite words or phrases here in washington by reporters is this is not normal. which oddly enough is exactly what president trump promised us. >> no doubt. he is unorthodox. he is unconventional. i like to focus on the performance than the process. no one likes to see how sausage is being made but we love sausage. the president has had great accomplishment this year. has he had turnover, record turnover for the white house? of course he has. three principles remain in serving a president. you serve at the pleasure of the president. it's an opportunity, not a career. and, you know, know when to leave. that's been true in every white house.
9:34 am
leland: h.r. mcmaster yesterday was joking around everyone leaves sometime. >> that's true. leland: this has been how president trump has been known to management is he known to play people off of each other. >> absolutely. leland: he seems to find that effective. does the art of the deal method of management translate well to the white house way of management? >> typically, no. but that's where kelly has come in. and tried to make it a more traditional type of white house. still in keeping with the president's unorthodox style. having said that i think the president, again, has had great accomplishment, whether it's the economy, whether it's foreign policy. do we have a onto get used to at least during this presidency, a more unstructured style, a greater turnover? i think the answer is yes. leland: is there a danger in it? >> well, there is a danger in getting bogged down or getting -- having offices that are. leland: there is a huge number of vacancies right now and the state department has nobody -- we don't even have a ambassador to south korea or saudi arabia and
9:35 am
now all of a sudden the secretary of state is fired as are all of his top deputies? >> well, to a certain extent i don't blame the president for the lack of vacancies because i blame the senate. there are a lot of people in the pipeline. leland: okay. >> not getting the type of hearings. we control the senate. it's amazing to me that we're not pushing people through. our ambassador to germany has been put on hold by democrats. so, as much as people would like to blame the white house, i think there is shared responsibility with the senate because they have a duty of confirmation. leland: all right. you mentioned democrats who are sort of increasingly having to find more and more colorful language to lose their minds with take a listen. >> we have got the president of the united states in a situation where his entire white house is falling apart and, just yesterday, we learned that russia is hacking into our essential utilities, nuclear power plants on and on and on this. this is a very serious
9:36 am
security threat to the united states. leland: we will get to the hacking issue later with chad sweet of dhs. in the meantime, back to the first part of congressman delaware mandy's statement. we invited him to come on and talk about this. instead we have you, glad you are here. does he have a repor a point whe he says this is a white house in chaos, falling apart. or are we not seeing how things are actually happening? >> you are not seeing how things are actually happening. the president has told us, i'm not telephoning to our enemies what our strategies are or what we're implementing. can i tell you i have talked to people inside the house. i have talked to people on the national security staff. we are doing a lot, whether it's thwarting their attempts to influence our elections, coming up, whether it's cyber security. there is so much that's happening behind the scenes. why would we be telegraphing to the very people who seek to hurt us what we are doing? leland: your former boss, president george w. bush tell graphed exactly what he was going to do. he said you are with us. you are with the terrorists. president bush's rhetoric towards terrorists was a lot
9:37 am
stronger than president trump's rhetoric was or is towards russia. >> well, you have to separate rhetoric from operations. i can tell you we all know the russians are bad actors. we know the chinese are bad actors. the president has called them out. leland: what a president says is important. president trump hasn't gone and really called out the russians in strong and meaningful ways. >> i disagree. i think the president has been strong where he needs to be strong. i look more to what's happening behind the scenes. what's actually being done to thwart them. i can tell you the president has told everybody whose job it is to keep america safe, you do whatever you need to do. the president is not taking the gloves off of any of our adversaries or enemies. i can assure you of that when chad sweet is here, he will tell you, i'm sure the same thing. leland: makes a very interesting point in terms of now you have a former cia director coming in secretary of state definitely a changing of hats in terms of how he will look at things. brad, always good to have you. >> my pleasure.
9:38 am
leland: thanks. eboni? >> eboni: robert muriel subpoenaed the trump administration this week he spoke of a potential real estate deal that would have brought a trump tower to moscow. felix is a man who pitched the idea to donald trump's lawyer and he told jesse watters that the president has nothing to worry about. >> you're not worried about going to prison at all? >> for doing a real estate transaction? it's not illegal to try to build a nice building. >> jesse: are you concerned that the president is in legal jeopardy for any business dealings? >> any of the business dealings that i have had with the president i can swear to you and i would be more than happy to do it under oath. there was never any involvement of any foreign, you know, russian money and i can assure you to the best of my knowledge, vladimir putin didn't drop off a couple suitcases of cash with anyone to finance donald trump for his presidency. eboni: you can catch that
9:39 am
full interview tonight at 8:00 p.m. on "watters' world." leland: coming up after the break california standing off against ice agents and immigration raids. congress is at stand still on immigration fix. what one congressman says can be done to fix it all. [shouting] leland: every skier's nightmare as a chair lift goes in reverse. you can see people flying off. how it happened and what was done to safe those on board. it was my very first car accident.
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i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. leland: a fox news alert. there is swift reaction now from democrats about a statement made by the president's lawyer john dowd calling for the deputy attorney general to shut down the mueller probe. this in the past couple of minutes from senate minority leader chuck schumer.
9:44 am
mr. dowd's comments are yet another indication that the first instinct of the president and his legal team is not to cooperate with special counsel mueller but to undermine him at every turn. a little bit more: the president, the administration and his legal term must not take any steps to curtail, interfere with or end the special counsel's investigation or there will be severe consequences from both democrats and republicans. noteworthy this is the democratic minority leader chuck schumer speaking, talking about a statement by john dowd, which is the president's personal attorney who is on the right-hand side of your screen. dowd later clarified his comments that were made this morning right after the firing of the fbi deputy director. dowd saying that he was not speaking for the president but speaking in his own personal capacity, obviously a lot more on the political fallout with that through the weekend. ♪
9:45 am
eboni: lawmakers in congress say that any immigration fix is not likely to be included in any spending plan before next week's funding deadline. now, at the same time, president trump, he is moving forward on his calls for a border wall with mexico. joining me now to weigh in on immigration and more, kansas congressman roger marshall. thank you, congressman. >> glad to be here. eboni: obviously the daca march 5th deadline so much talked about has come and gone. now it looks like another opportunity to do something finally around immigration, it seems you and your colleagues in congress are not too keen on taking that up. let me ask you, congressman, how far is the can going to be kicked on immigration and the reason i ask it is because back and forth it seems that the white house is saying that the president would be open to some type of daca fix, some type of protections for these young people who have come here illegally. if it includes the border wall. isn't that an opportunity? for those of us on the outside looking in, it looks
9:46 am
simple enough, right? give the president some border wall money. give some protection for are the daca kids, no. >> i think that's a good start of the story. i think that's what we love about this story is he is holding congress accountable. i'm ready to fix it. we are not quite there yet. kind of where chairman goodlatte is now is where kevin brady was a month before he passioned the tax bill. i see all the pieces coming together, negotiating last steps. we are almost there. and we are going to have a stronger bill if we kind of keep going through this process at every step making a better bill. chairman goodlatte is out there hard working on it the staff is working hard on it i know we are communicating a lot with our people back home to make this a better bill. we are almost there. and just reminder, way back in september/october the house passed a bill to help fund the initial ask for the wall but that kind of died in the senate. we will get her done soon. eboni: immigration fix this year, congressman. >> absolutely. i think the stars are aligned right for us to get this done. a president that is going to hold us accountable. we have a speaker of the house that want to get it
9:47 am
done. i assume the senate would like to get it done as well. the democrats, they say they want it done. so the stars are all lined up right and i'm ready to do it. eboni: just not for march 23rd, probably not. eboni: speaking of the speaker of the house, paul ryan has been on record as to say that he is really not a fan of the tariffs that the president has recently enacted particularly around steel and aluminum. he talk us about the unintended consequences that those taxes circumstantially cil wilessential oncertain workers. talk about district in kansas agriculture and the farmers. talk about how they are reacted your constituents to the new tariffs. >> first of all the trade war has all right started in stn kansas bearing the brunt of it united states sells sore gum to the chinese and use it for a drink that they like. alcohol drink, they feed it to their pigs. within two weeks after the tariff announced by president trump on the washing machines and the solar panels, china filed a
9:48 am
counter suit against us. and overnight the price of sorgum went down 15 to 20%. agriculture is the at this tip f the spear when it comes to retaliation. >> eboni: counter argument is congressman yes there will be impact short-term but long term steelworks and lusm manufacturers in america and producers of those products will gain a benefit you say to that? >> well, i think that everyone understands that a tariff is a tax and this tax is going to be very broad sweeping and this is why it is so important that we get nafta done and then we start doing bilateral agreements with other countries. we need greentle that work with both countries. we need agreements that are enforceable. that's why i'm excited to work with kevin brady the waist and means committee. mike conway and secretary of state of agriculture to make sure we have agreements to protecting a gri culture as well. eboni: speaking of nafta you just got back from mexico
9:49 am
talking about what nafta will look like moving forward. the president elected to negotiate many of those type of agreements. you came back optimistic. tell me why. >> again, getting to work with kevin brady always makes everybody optimistic. i think i went down there kind of worried about where we were going. the sun came out from behind the clouds that first morning, saturday morning, mexico city, talking with the mexico government leaders, talking with our own u.s. trade reps and later the canadian reps, that they're making progress and really so many great opportunities. can i see us transporting more and more national guard nam kansas. see us shortening the time span when we have fruits and vegetables coming across the border and bringing healthier foods to our kids and the country. eboni: got to wrap soon. when it comes to trade issue you all in congressman control; enacted why? >> we have to pass any type of trade agreement
9:50 am
congressman both the house and the senate have to pass this agreement. we want to make sure that the ster stans that we want to make sure that they give us a bill and trade agreement that can pass indeed. we are working very hard. bob lighthizer is doing a great job. eboni: they are wrapping us. can't wait to get more thoughts on that, congressman. >> thank you. >> eboni: leland? leland: what went wrong and that sent skiers flying off. leland: wow. a home explodes seconds after police make a stunning rescue, how they made it in time. [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so - [girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right?
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eboni: caught on camera, police car dash cam captures dramatic rescue video of a mobile home fire south of los angeles. >> burned up pretty badly. >> anybody still inside? >> guys, let's go. let's get away. >> victim right here. >> we got him. we got him. [explosion] eboni: wow, that explosion, that was the mobile home erupting, just seconds after you saw police pull out a man. now, police say oxygen tanks caused the structure to suddenly explode. the man was hospitalized in
9:55 am
critical condition and is being treated for severe burns. >> update now from a ski resort in eastern europe. a malfunctioning chair lift in the country of georgia. actually turned around and brought skiers and snowboarders back down the hill and then flung them off. get this. it took nearly two minutes to shut the chair lift down. at least 8 riders suffered injuries. there is no word yesterday -- nt caused the malfunction. you see people trying to help and other people just sort of standing around as these people are flung off and then the chairs crash into each other. yikes. eboni: goodness. leland: all right. eboni: terrible. worse nightmare come true i will tell you what. leland: for sure. >> eboni: glad i don't go skiing that much. coming up next hour very
9:56 am
true sweet 16 university of maryland baltimore county they make history in this year's ncaa basketball tournament. and more on the firing of the fbi's former deputy director. what the absence of andrew mccabe will mean for the future of the russia probe. >> mueller investigation is a zombie investigation. the dossier has been compromised. it's shown to be not worthy of investigation. and now mccabe's involvement further undermined the whole russia probe. ♪ . . .
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
eboni: welcome back to the sound of america's news headquarters, so much news to go forward. leland: a lot to get through. i'm leland vittert. this is what's happening on this saturday a day after attorney general fires deputy andrew mccabe, president trump's attorney says he's praying rosenstein will bring end to russia investigation and that drew swift reaction from democrats. eboni: election day in russia tomorrow. president putin is certainly to win but we will look at the west effort to punish moscow for poison attack in the uk and hacking into america's power grid. leland: and the luck to have irish out in full force, we go
10:01 am
around the country as america celebrates st. patrick's day, green beer to come. all this as we are learning more about the investigation that ended last night in the firing of the fbi deputy director for, quote, a lack of candor, we were told to read that as line, garrett with what is next. we may not even know all of the implications, garrett. >> expected to be a little bit of time before we get the full story on what led to dismissal. but we also know that he was 24 hours away from receiving pension at retire rent and that pension could be worth more than 1 and a half million dollars, so andrew mccabe, he's planning to fight for it in court. fox news has learned that mccabe is now represented by michael bromwich. former doj general. jeff sessions said he was firing mccabe after the current inspector general had lied to
10:02 am
investigators no reviewing the handling of hillary clinton's e-mail server. in a statement, sessions added that both oig and fbi concluded that mr. mccabe had made unauthorized disclosure to news media including under oath. gop proposal stated all fbi employee that is lack of candor under oath was open dismissal and integrity is our band. mccabe is firing back with lengthy statement maintaining he did nothing wrong in claiming president trump had him fire because he's afraid explaining, quote, here is the reality, i'm being treated this way because of the role and actions i took and the events i witnessed in the aftermath of firing of james comey, the release of report accelerated after my testimony in house intelligence, accounts
10:03 am
discussions with the president. now, some legal experts are suggesting mccabe could be facing prosecution of his own though given inspiring and lie to go federal investigators which is a federal crime. what we don't know, though, is details and circumstances surrounding mccabe's action and whatever lies ahead we are expect today -- expected to find out after doj releases report, leland. leland: democrats are not exactly defending mccabe as they view this as political. garrett tenney throughout the day, garrett, thank you, eboni has much more. eboni: we will bring washington examiner white house reporter steven nelson. president trump ran a campaign that was based on him running the government much like he runs
10:04 am
his successful business entities, part of that was him saying that if you're not effective in your role, he's not afraid to push you out. yet, there are a lot of people reacting to mix-up in the white house as it has been called negatively, what's your position on the mix-up itself if you believe the premise that these people may not be affected and the president simply delivering on campaign promise to mix it up. >> there's always shake-up at the white house. not only this administration but there seems to be significant amount this year and appear that is we are in the midst of another round of firings and departures. eboni: are departures okay, steven, on the basis of wrongdoing or lack of effectiveness as the reporting on mccabe certainly continues, let's put mccabe on back burner because there's so much we don't know. the why becomes very important i would imagine as to why some of these people are being booted.
10:05 am
do we know why rex tillerson lost his job? >> he reportedly didn't get along quite so well with the president as other people clearly mike pompeo, replacement of somebody who has strong personal rapport with president. it seems like the personal connection was something that was important to president trump, of course, it's been important to him and president trump said he's getting closer to have team of advisers he would like to have in place and i guess we will have to wait and see. eboni: what does the team look like? how important is that everyone on the team, cabinet, is ideologically aligned with president trump and has personal relationships you speak of, is that a good thing, a positive for white house staff or is it problematic in the sense it creates echo chamber that we hear so much in washington? >> i think getting along well with trump is the bigger issue. he likes different point of
10:06 am
views, clearly surrounded by many. he brought in larry kudlow against the tariffs that have been imposed to be new chief economic adviser, mike pompeo, he disagreed on foreign policy matters and rex tillerson as well on that. he has many different points of view around him, hr mcmaster who is reportedly on the way out. he's differed with president trump on middle east policy in particular. it seems -- eboni: less policy and more personal relationship. >> seems like it. eboni: let's do a rundown on people being on thin ice, i want you to give me your take on the odds on being in white house. hr mcmaster. >> rumor of the week that he was being let go and teased the press poking at west wing and appeared safe for at least more days. eboni: john kelly. >> i would predict is safe, he, again, reported on thin ice and
10:07 am
who knows what's going to come in the future. eboni: va secretary david shulkin. >> he seems most at risk because the scandal involving travel and wife expenses in europe. eboni: what about hud secretary ben carson. >> he faces similar questions, probably he is next on the list after shulkin. eboni: if you had to rank them, giver me the ranking that you anticipate the dismissals to follow suit. >> shulkin seems like a matter of time, carson, at least people seem speculating -- to be speculating he's on the way out as well, top officials, who knows if they are going. eboni: lots of speculation, that we do know that rex tillerson was told that he was going to be safe, sarah huckabee sanders was saying that until he wasn't.
10:08 am
we will wait and see what the white house does next. >> president trump likes to keep us guessing. eboni: thank you steven nelson. leland. leland: michael flynn is talking about his indictment and new text messages that fbi peter strzok has relationship in russia probe, that judge ended up recusing himself, who better than to bring all of this together are jillian turner, has texts and relationships, and texts. >> president trump's first security adviser michael flynn is back in the spotlight since appear to go lying to the fbi in december, now he's talk about his indictment on the campaign trial while something for a california congressional candidate. >> i'm not here to complain about who has done me wrong or
10:09 am
how unfair i have been treated or out how unfair the process has been, it is what it is, my previous statements defend for themselves. >> july 2016 between fbi counterintelligence peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page surfaced revealing relationship with federal judge who later managed michael flynn's prosecution. judge rudolph contreras sat and discussed the judge's appointment and floated the idea of hosting him at a cocktail party. page writes, rudy is on the fence, just appointed two months ago, i did, we talked about it before and after, i need to get together with him. page writes, i can't imagine neither of you can talk about anything that mean recusal, really, rudy, i'm in charge of espionage for the fbi, any
10:10 am
espionage fisa warrants that comes before him, what should he do given his friend overseas. page writes, standards for recusal are quite high, i don't think this poses an actual conflict. he doesn't know what you do, generally he does know what i do, he is super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts and suggested the social setting with others would probably be better than a one one-on-one meeting, i'm sorry, i will just have to invite you to cocktail party. there's no confirmation, leland, whether or not this cocktail party actually occurred afterwards but we will keep you updated throughout the day, throughout the weekend as michael flynn says, it is what it is. leland: that's the first time i heard michael flynn quoted but wouldn't you liked to have been at the cocktail party or find somebody who was, thanks, gillian. eboni: russia's foreign ministry
10:11 am
announcing today that they will expel 23 british diplomats comes days after britain's decision to expel diplomats. amy kellogg live in moscow with the very latest, amy. >> hi, eboni, it's been pointed out to me that it's notable that neither side yet has touched the money and that would hurt both russia and the uk apparently very hard. now, in terms of this tit for tat, it's interesting, a former british ambassador to russia today cautioned the tit for tat. in addition, to sending home these 23 british diplomats, russia announced it's going to close the british consulate in st. petersburg. british embassador stands by move which started motion this
10:12 am
week, those moves were response to assassination of russian double agent and his daughter. >> but we will always do what's necessary to defend ourselves, our allies and our values against an attack of this sort which is an attack not only on the united kingdom but upon the international world base system. >> in the meantime yesterday, the british foreign secretary said it's highly luckily that putin himself was behind the attempted assassination, something the kremlin spokesman calls shocking and unforgivable. but some russians likes exiled tacoon said it would to have have been putin. >> either way, this was done with the consent of putin or the secret service which themselves in a way are a criminal gang, decided that his consent was not
10:13 am
necessary. >> finally british police have opened a murder investigation into the death of nikoli earlier, former executive who had been convicted of russia of embezzlement found dead in home with compression marks on his neck and finally, eboni, in terms to have mood here in moscow, a lot of russians have told me that they feel offended by the accusations against their country against their president, they say they still want to see or hear about the evidence themselves and it was intriguing watching russian tv this week, one program really focused on what they said was a western conspiracy to try to meddle or influence their elections, their presidential elections, of course, which are taking place tomorrow. eboni, back to you. eboni: amy, thank you so much for the update. leland: the president is
10:14 am
spending saturday at the white house and we are now hearing heg from him this morning about the firing of andrew mccabe and the russia investigation in general. he tweeted a little bit after midnight and then this morning he just tweeted in the past two minutes as the house intelligence committee has concluded, there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign, as many are now finding out, however, there was tremendous leaking line and corruption at the highest levels of fbi justice and state #drain the swam. that's echoing what we heard from the president for a long time and also what we are hearing from the president's surrogates, relates to the firing of andrew mccabe, more on political fallout throughout the day not only what it means to russia investigation, what it means for michael flynn that gillian was talking about and also what it means for clinton investigation. far more questions than answers. there's the question on it. back to the president's tweets as it happens, we will pick up where amy kellogg left off about
10:15 am
the brits dealing with russia mischief. not just them, fox news reporting reporting that russia hackers could quite literally turn the lights off across the united states using cyber-attack on power plants. they've also gained access to the computer controls for nuclear power plants, for more on what's happening to protect all of us, let's bring in former cia director and dhs chief of staff chad, gave you upgrade, not director, pardon me, big picture here. the russians seem to think at this point that they can act with impunity, why? >> well, i think, unfortunately we have not basically made it painful or lostly for them to do what. what the president has done most recently, the new sanctions that target 19 individuals, five institutions is a fantastic first step. i think what incoming nsa director said and outgoing director that we have got to increase the cost and the pain
10:16 am
on russia in order for them to change their calculus. it has to change the calculus and behavior. leland: they have to get the message whether the phone rings or not as a noal once wrote. >> right. leland: you talk to the president's folks who are clearly big fans, look, the president is not telegraphing anything. he knows more, he's taking the gloves off, he doesn't want our adversaries to know what they are doing, do you buy that? >> well, in part, what i will say, he's up against adversary, former kgb officer, putin and times in operations where you want to be covert and times when you want to signal. i think the president adopt that is approach. there's time where he doesn't like to signal and be unpredictable. if you look at putin, cyber-attacks in the power grid, even though they didn't have any operationals -- operational
10:17 am
disruption they left a signal. it's a clear answer, yes, he's actually not hiding and trump is trying to hide and now we have to get more with the sanctions trump is being much more overt. leland: you were in dhs as cyber warfare was becoming a thing, how is it that there aren't better safeguards in place for critical infrastructure, is it time that congress takes on the private infrastructure, if the russians are able to hack, you guys were able to hack, there are serious penalties? >> if you look at it since 9/11 there's been a tremendous effort for dhs to collaborate -- leland: doesn't seem to be working. >> it has to be collaborative effort. i will tell you, for example, in the power industry which we work
10:18 am
with, there have been tremendous strides in hardening the systems and more importantly having information sharing among the operators and government. there's a lot more work that needs to be done. leland: clearly more work needs to be done on that said. where does the reciprocity go from this? okay, here is the menu, what is the bloody nose school bully to say, knock it off? >> that's the right question, at the end of the day, you're up against an adversary who is former kgb, there's a full spectrum of non"nuclear option"s to escalate and they go from everything from number one, going ahead and posing as he did the sanctions over the first steps and second would be double down on nato and reinforce, he feels us constraining him especially in ukraine where he annex korea. do what the president did that obama did not do, look on
10:19 am
doubling down and redeploying missile defense system in poland and at home doing what dhs is doing which is hardening election systems and as i mentioned in the beginning nsa director saying, we have the capability and kind tore punch them in the nose and be a lot more aggressive. we haven't done it, let's send that signal. leland: one called say that we mess with the russian elections, it may not make a big difference over there. yeah. all right, chad, sweet, great to have you. eboni. eboni: coming up after days on the run, illegal immigrant wanted by ice following a deadly hit and run turns himself in. plus political panel takes a closer look at fallout of andrew mccain's firing and what it means to the mueller investigation and it's a great day for the irish, city as cross the country celebrate st. patrick's day, we will show you all the highlights.
10:20 am
you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. eboni: and illegal immigrant wanted by ice and out on bond
10:24 am
following a deadly hit and run has turned himself in. >> eboni, denver sheriff admits they made a big mistake when they released the illegal immigrant. three sheriff deputies have been reassigned. they had a bad weekend, the denver sheriff's department released evan zamarita, he's in the united states on temporary visa that expired three years ago. authorities held the man in suspected drunk driving crash, they charged him with vehicular hock side after fleeing the scene but on march tenth, the jail released him. >> this was shock to go know something like this happened and we want to make sure that we understand why it happened so that we need to take action so it doesn't happen again. >> zamaripa hit anderson, truck driver who died after semitruck
10:25 am
caught on fire. >> go back over the border and get lost and never be seen again or even worse, get behind the wheel and drunk and kill somebody else. >> zamaripa turned himself to ice on friday and sheriff ordered immediate investigation into how he was released in the first place, eboni. eboni: will carr thank you very much for the update, leland. leland: we will talk to former cia officers on what pompeo's move to agency to state department means for the intelligence community. after the break, battled former fbi director andrew mccabe fired just before he was eligible for retirement. ellison barber at the white house as the president is tweeting about this today. high, ellison. >> hi, leland, president trump says president trump's firing was a great day for democracy,
10:26 am
one person is saying it's time to end the special counsel's investigation, also, leland on who is saying what in just a minute who were sure of it.
10:27 am
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10:31 am
a not-so vial comment on last night's firing of andrew mccabe. after that he called it great day for democracy. ellison barber, north lawn of the white house, hi, ellison. >> hi, leland, mccabe and a number of democrats disagreed with firing as great day for democracy, they say that they believe this was an effort in part to distract or discredit special counsel robert mueller's investigation. president trump tweeting joust a few moments ago, quote, as the house intelligence committee has concluded, there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign as many are now finding out, however, there was tremendous leaking lying and corruption at the highest levels of the fbi, justice and state, #drain the swamp. trump's personal attorney says acting attorney rod rosenstein ends the special counsel investigation in a statement provided to fox news writes,
10:32 am
quote, bringing in to alleged russia collusion investigation manufactured by mccabe's boss james comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt dossier just ended on the merits in light of recent revelation. dowd is speaking on personal opinion and personal capacity and not on behalf of the president. democratic shuck schumer releasing own statement in response to dowd's comments, quote, mr. dowd's comments are indication that first instinct of the president and his legal team is to -- is not to cooperate with special counsel mueller but to undermine him at every turn, the president must not take any steps to curtail, interfere with or end the special counsel's investigation or there will be severe consequences from both democrats and republicans. trump is at the white house this weekend, nothing on his official schedule today, a lot of the focus this week has been on the
10:33 am
white house and the people who work for this administration. president trump fired secretary of state rex tillerson this week, he offered cnbc larry kudlow, a job that gary cohn held until he resigned last week. there are more rumors of changes to come but the white house down playing them. >> spoke to a number of staff this morning we assuring them that there were personnel changes, no immediate personnel changes at this time and people shouldn't be concerned. >> as for tillerson, he's expected to stay in his role until the end of the month and then president trump plans to replace them with current cia director mike pompeo. leland: leland, senate confirmation hearings to come, ellison barber at the white house, thanks. eboni: for more on this we will
10:34 am
have political panel to weigh n joining us kevin, vice president at hamburger gibson creative and alexander smith, executive director of america rising. >> great to be with you. >> thanks for having me. eboni: i'm going to lay out a starting point and have you weigh in. it seems that there are two competing narratives as it relates to mccabe's firing, on one hand many are saying that this is political strictly, that this is the president bushing an agenda to discredit the whole fbi and all of those organizations, a bit of a comey grudge, fill in the blanks. other side that mccabe was fired for the fbi's own professional of responsibility and the inspector general's report said that he basically lied under oath, he was a leak and various other reasons are called for firing. alex, i will start with you, can two things be true at the same time, can it be true that the president has a vested interest in seeing mccabe and the mueller investigation be discredited on the front end and could it also
10:35 am
be true that mccabe did something wrong and deserves to be terminated? >> a general proposition i think that's true n this instance we are expecting to see the inspector general's report to see exactly why mccabe was fired. it was recommended by several veteran-career employees to have fbi that he be fired. so we are still waiting on the details of that report. eboni: alex, would you want to see the report, would you be in favor of released publicly, i know a democrat has called open hearing to get more detail, are you in favor of that? >> absolutely. the key to this entire investigation and any investigation that's undertaken by one of the largest most respected agencies in our country is transparency and i think that's something that, you know, republicans in congress and the white house have actually have willingness to engage in as well as republican leaders on senate committees
10:36 am
permitting democrats to ask questions or the release of the two memos that we have seen and i think this has been at play here. eboni: we will see if we can get this open. kevin, do you think democrats are doing disservice here by not waiting on the full report from the ig's office or any other details around exactly why mccabe was firing and really jump to go a conclusion, some of them that this is all a political stunt and this is all the president working to kind of undermine the credibility of mueller? >> sure, it's on the part of the president tweeting last night even before deputy mccabe director was notified that he was fired from the position. we have more questions and answer. alex and i are in agreement that we should have open hearings that we should release the oig reports so that transparency are in public and house and senate judiciary committees should weigh in on whether the firings, jim comey or andrew mccabe are political in nature by the white house. eboni: sure, speaking of
10:37 am
political in nature part, i know that you're about to be shocked and amazed on what i'm about to say, the president is tweeting about this right now. i'm going to come to you, alex, both of you pay close attention. the fake news is beside themselves that mccabe was caught, called out and fired, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to wife campaign by crooked h hillary friend terry m who is under investigation, how many lies, how many leaks, comey knew it all and much more, alex, pretty much celebration and going further on attack of credibility of the individuals, it's political when instead he could let the facts speak for themselves if mccabe was a bad actor letting firing stand alone. >> as you mentioned, it is true even in washington for two things to be true at the same time, i think in this case there
10:38 am
are incredibly hard-working people, they put their lives on the line to defend us every day at the same time acknowledging that there was mistakes and mishaps that came out of 2016 -- eboni: right, connecting them together, hillary's bad actions possibly and that of mccabe which he's relying upon to firing him, is that helpful? >> well, i think it's important to note that the president himself did not fire mccabe, it was attorney general jeff session who is did and i think we still have to wait for the report to come out. as i understand it, lack of candor is a serious charge -- eboni: sounds a lot like lying. >> if that's what occurred there is troubling. i think that attorney general jeff sessions had every reason to fire him if that's true. eboni: jeff sessions fired him. we do know that the president called for the firing long ago. alex and kevin, we will have to leave it there, leland. leland: cia director mike pompeo now tap today lead the state
10:39 am
department. we will talk to former cia officer about pompeo's transition and what next for the cia's operations against the russians. >> mike pompeo is going to be an incredible secretary of state. we have so wonderful ideas. leland: and the irish are smiling across mark, look at st. patrick's day festivities around the country. 21 minutes and we can break out the green beer on the set.
10:40 am
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eboni: fox news alert, associated suppress reporting that andrew mccabe maintained personal memo regarding president donald trump, according to ap, it's unclear that those emails have been turned over to robert mueller
10:44 am
for russia probe investigation, this comes after news that andrew mccabe was fired late friday night. leland: amid new evidence of russian mischief in the united states and attempted murder in the united kingdom, the cia is going to get a new leader, gina hapel first woman to lead the agency. just this weekend, the intelligence community now dealing with reports that russian hackers have access to much of america's power grid. let's bring in former cia covert operations officer mike baker, no specifics, mike, give us a sense of what kind of operative gina haspel is and what kind of leadership she is? >> i think she's a very strong pick, a great decision on the part of the administration, someone who has grown up through the organization, through the director of operations and with
10:45 am
responsibilities throughout the agency and understanding of how the agency fits into the overall community, pragmatic, smart, very patriotic, dedicated, already given three decades of exemplary services to this country. leland: she came up through the cold war and we seem to be moving back to having adversary in kgb major to leading russian federation and now getting fourth term in office, what operations does the cia need to bring in to the fold against the russians? >> it's a very, very good question, look, putin frankly never thought the cold war ended. there was even talk about, well, we don't even really need a cia anymore, but for vladimir putin and his cohorts, the cold war never ended. he actually said several years back and he meant it that the collapse of the cold war -- i'm
10:46 am
sorry, of the soviet union was the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century, he really meant that. they always acted as we continued to be an adversary, they act in self-interest as frankly every nation, what do we have to do, well, as far as the cyber issue goes and the latest report about their attacking their probing, their mapping, frankly, we have known about that for years. leland: we haven't been doing anything about it. >> well, no, that's a good question in the sense, operationally have we been doing anything about it, yes, we have been focused on this issue within the community off the radar screen for quite sometime because we understand how dangerous this is. from a political perspective and from a sort of a 30,000-foot view of what constitute uises an act of war and cyberspace, yes, we are behind the curb on this. leland: big picture of the
10:47 am
agency and how it operates, former nonofficial cover officer said to me about the cia under the obama administration, big problems, little opts, little problems, no opts, no problems, how long does it take if gina haspel she's the director if you say she's the officer and operator you say she is, how honing does it take for her to take handcuffs off? >> there's folks out there that for whatever reason like to denigrate the agency, look, it's not the same as it was in my day, they are completely risk averse, they don't want to do anything. it's not like when i was there, i'm not buying that. the agency goes through periods. i was there for a while. agency goes through periods where, you know, senate steps back and becomes more risk averse and the
10:48 am
demands of the time require it to charge back in the front end to have spear. the agency -- leland: is the institutional knowledge, are there enough officers on the front line who is have the abilities if the handcuffs come off that all of a sudden they'll be able to launch old-fashion espionage operations? >> well, look, we've always engaged in old-fashion espionage, that's been going on, we could always use more, do we have the people that we need, we could always use more, at the end of the day, you know, most of what goes on with the agency it's always going to be off the radar screen and so, you know, i guess what i'm saying, of course, i'm subjective, that's a caveat, what i'm saying is when it comes to russia as an example, activities and understanding that russia is a concern, a threat that does not have interest at heart, yes, absolutely. despite what sometimes you'll see in the public about we are
10:49 am
going to do a reset, we can be friends, nobody in the intel community buys that. we have our eyes on what's important and the agency will continue to be and i think will be led extremely well if gina can get confirmed. that's a big question. there would be people that would want to relitigate the rendition program. leland: there's been questions about that and a lot of reporting about her that had to be walked back. the truth will hopefully come out and obviously there's a lot of folks who work with her who have great things to say. mike, i always appreciate your insight, sir. >> sure, thank you. leland: all right, eboni. eboni: still ahead people across the country including me decked out in green for st. patrick's day in new york, one to have biggest st. patrick's day parades is in full swing bryan llenas is standing by. >> maybe some shepherd pie, definitely a kilt as we bring the latest from the biggest
10:50 am
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leland: fox news alert. we have heard from the president a couple of times about the firing of andrew mccabe now former fbi director james comey weighing in on his former
10:54 am
deputy's firing. here is the tweet, comey saying, mr. president, the american people would hear my story very soon and they can judge for themselves who is honorable, who is not, a not so veil for mr. comey's upcoming book and book tour. ♪ ♪ eboni: one to have biggest st. patrick's day celebrations in the country is happening right now in new york city, it's through midtown manhattan and that's exactly where we will find our very own bryan llenas with his green tie to tell us all about it, bryan. >> today we are all irish, st. patrick's day, unbelievable, first on march 17, 1762, 14 years before the declaration of independence, you know, st. patrick's day is about honoring st. patrick, apostle of
10:55 am
ireland and brought christianity to ireland back to fifth century and ever since then it's been celebration not only here in the united states but around the world but here in new york city this parade goes from 44th street to 79th street, more than 2 million spectators, over 100 marching bands. it's a 6-hour long parade over 30 blocks and people just having a good time now leading the parade actually is the first battalion 59 infantry and representative here in 1800's. we spoke to folks around the parade route, take a listen. >> it's great, i'm very proud. >> does new york make it special? >> oh, yeah. >> you come every year? >> yeah, about 60 years now. >> we are very special people, the irish are special people and ireland is a very special country. >> why so? >> because it's beautiful, absolutely beautiful and irish
10:56 am
are beautiful people. >> and it's not just in new york city in chicago, they die in river front today, big tradition since 1961 and around and especially in dublin. 30 million pints of guinness will be drank today and i'm sure people had a couple. leland: bryan, great job out there. i always keep wondering why can't they ever die the chicago river blue that would be helpful. something for you to ponder as the news continues from new york in just a couple of minutes, great being with you. cholestero. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day.
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kelly: fox news alert and very busy day in washington. former fbi director andrew mccabe fired two days before set to retire for his role in allegedly leaking -- leaks with the fbi, the fbi's probe and the clinton administration, president trump praising the move, trump's lawyer meanwhile now calling for an end to the mueller-russia investigation. welcome to brand new hour of america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. julie: and i'm julie banderas u attorney general making decision to fire andrew mccabe and


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