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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 17, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> will begin with the fox news alert. in a war of words renting in washington. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe saying that he will no longer remain silent after being fired by attorney general jeff sessions for his role in alleged leaks about the agencies investigation of the clinton foundation. welcome to bring our oath "america's news headquarters". >> hello everyone. attorney general firing mccabe just two days before he was due to retire from the fbi. that is tomorrow. he served for decades for mr. sessions and the decision was based on findings that mccabe
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made unauthorized disclosures to the media and quote - lacked candor while speaking to the internal watchdog, the internal ig investigators. the president applauded the dismissal in a tweet overnight saying quote - a great day for the hard-working men and women of the fbi. james comey was his boss. he made mccabe look like a choir boy. he knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the fbi. now foxes confirm that mccabe memos meeting with president trump that similar to the notes that were compiled by former fbi director james comey. garrett tenney is live in washington now with the very latest. >> those memos will almost certainly be included in the special counsel robert mueller's investigation to determine if the president attempted to interfere in the fbi is investigation. last night andrew mccabe suggested the president is targeting him because of his role as a witness in the robert
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mueller investigation and in an attempt to discredit testimony. in a statement mccabe said this attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally but to taint professionals more generally. this is an ongoing war on the fbi and efforts of the special counsel investigation which continue to this day. the decision to fire mccabe was ultimately made by attorney general jeff sessions. last night sessions said every fbi employee knows that lying to investigators result in dismissal. he cited two internal investigations by the fbi and doj to determine mccabe had learned to investigators viewing the handling of -- full details of mccabe's actions will be included in the inspector general report which is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks but the former number two at the fbi is already preparing to challenge his dismissal in
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court. he hired the doj inspector general to represent him. he was set to begin receiving -- >> in the wake of the firing president trump personal attorney call for an end to the robert mueller investigation. for more on this and all of the other white house news of the day we have ellison barber live. >> hello. the word from the presidents personal attorney that he is using is beachline. the statement he provided fox news in part, quote - i pray that acting attorney rosenstein will follow the brilliant and courageous example of the fbi with professional responsibility and attorney general jeff sessions can bring an end to alleged russian collision investigation
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manufactured by james comey based upon a flood flood and collect dossier. he tells fox news that he is getting his own personal capacity, not on behalf of the president misstatement the democratic chuck schumer criticized saying that the comments are yet another indication that the first instinct of the president and his legal team is not to cooperate in the special counsel but to undermine him at every turn. the president, administration and legal team must not take any steps to curtail, interfere with the special counsel investigation or there will be severe consequences from both democrats and republicans. president trump is at the white house this weekend. no official events today. he tweeted a couple of times a day. and anyone he talked about collision writing court of the house intelligence committee has concluded there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign. as many are not funny however, there was tremendous leaking, lying and corruption at the
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highest levels of the fbi, justice and state. # drain the swamp. mccabe is not the only person to lose his job this weekend president trump supplies secretary of state, rex tillerson. the cia director mike pompeo is supposed to replace them. their speculation more people could be going out the door. sarah sanders is as now that there are no immediate personal changes. >> thank you ellison barber. >> andrew mccabe says the dismissal is part of the trump administration quote - more on the fbi.some democrats have been saying that this is like -- in fact one presidential historian last night granted the mccabe fire and quote - the friday night slaughter. is that fair?
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joining now with the chairman of the republican party is president nixon's son-in-law, the father of chris. >> is not there at all. this was evidence that was unearthed by the inspector general that fact mccabe had not told the truth. and he referred to the office of professional responsibility and then recommended that mccabe be fired. it was the archibald cox situation. special counsel not the saturday my massacre. there was a constitutional -- which actually labor law and law. he was not a prosecutor. he stumbled into issuing a subpoena to the president of the united for my perspective from agility different issues. >> i think with asked with a
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question for you so hot out of the block.this is a night master. >> is ridiculous. just making political points making this into something more. this is the first firing coming from the inside of the fbi and the inspector general inside the justice department. this person according to the facts and rules should be fired. >> he was the acting director of the fbi. that shows there was no corruption. >> of course, mccabe says he did not do anything wrong. he said he was truthful but now they recommend this. it seems to be otherwise. >> that will come out soon. >> horwitz is an obama appointee. >> what's going on here? >> i think this is just corruption.
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they were covering their tracks. i think there was, obama, he corrected the justice department. and loretta lynch was involved in this, that, in order to make sure that mrs. clinton did not have problems on her path to be president of the united states. >> you think the actually were orders where there is pressure to try and -- >> there were emails between the people who were doing the investigation into the fbi, the president unisys is interested in everything we are going. all the president say there are walls, they were reporting exactly what was going on. and the way the investigation of the cleansing emails, collective grand jury and subpoena, destruction of evidence. the giving of immunity. talk to any prosecutor, that was not a popular investigation. >> there was say the interest
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by the president with the russia investigation and what they would find in russia. you don't buy that. >> no. two completely different things. clinton's problem was to be president of the united states and a bomb his problem was to help them be president despite the scandal over emails. >> we don't know it's in the reports because they have not come out yet. we do know based on the "washington post" reporting in january, this has to do with anthony weiner and huma abedin and the laptop that apparently was about a month when they first found out about the laptop. but for james comey, he made the announcement on october 28. this is what they reported about that. a key question of the internal investigation, mccabe or anyone else at the fbi wanted to avoid taking action on laptop findings. until after the november 8 election. at the same time the fbi was facing a new set of questions
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this time about mccabe's role in the probe and clinton foundation. some within the affect that mccabe had repeatedly moved -- were suspicious of his motives. he denies any political actions by the fbi or -- >> comey had a problem. near the end of october there was a piece and it revealed that mccabe's wife actually got it hundred thousand dollars for a race that she was running in virginia for clinton related impact. i think james comey said i better make all this public with respect to the fact that there are these new huma abedin -- >> before the investigation, the ethics division of the fbi. it was that that is when i got to james comey is radar? >> yes.
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because they're saying is that walking is to get past election notice that mccabe has his own problem with respect to the washington journal report. there are emails you have to look at them and then they said no problem, -- >> what you think the end result will be? >> there are issues with respect to fusion gps. and the dossier and the fisa warrant. there has to be looked into. have some senators, i think it is better to leave it to the inspector general. an obama appointed as done a good job. >> we will see that when it comes out. as always, thank you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you! we now turn to the foreign ministers of sweden and north korea. wrapping up three days of talks in stockholm. the high level meetings cloaked in mystery and perhaps paving
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the way for the highly anticipated summit between mr. trump and the north korean leader kim jong-un. >> the swedish foreign minister did not reveal much and personally did not give us much more detail about a possible meeting between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong-un. north korean foreign minister her she was meeting with said absolutely nothing at all to the report as i have gathered in might be asking yourself, why were the swedes meeting with the koreans? the reason is because sweden is one of only a few western countries with an embassy in north korea. the us does not have one so sweet and often acts as a go-between. donald trump you will recall agreed to meet kim by may. south korean officials met with kim so that he is willing to discuss the in other words nuclear weapons program. it is not clear if it is a breakthrough of a repetition of the long-standing position but
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they are ready to get rid of the news if the us withdraw troops from south korea. that has been long a nonstarter in the past. sweden has been flooded as a possible venue for a us north korea summit. i have to tell you that it is not the only place that is being discussed. the more likely site many say is a villages on the south korean side of the dmz if there is of course to be a meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. >> thank you very much. >> the investigation into the deadly bridge collapsed in miami was picking up speed this afternoon. authorities looked into the possible breakdown in communications that led up to the tragedy. who have the latest on the search for answers there and the recovery effort that is still continuing. plus michael flynn is making his first public appearance since he pled guilty in the robert mueller investigation. his words to a crowd in california on the campaign trail, we will have that coming
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now looking into some airbag malfunctions and some kia and hyundai cars. this after four people were reportedly killed. six others injured when an air vents failed to deploy during crashes. the national highway traffic safety administration says they're investigating now, 425,000 cars manufactured. check their websites for kia and holiday. >> now the disgraced former national security advisor michael flynn hitting the campaign trail in california yesterday to endorse a republican candidate for the house. it was his first public appearance since he pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi and agreed to corporal with special counsel robert mueller investigation. we have more now from washington. >> president trump first national security advisor michael flynn is back in the spotlight for the first time
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since pleading guilty to lying to the fbi in december. now he has talking about the indictment on the campaign trail and going for a candidate. >> i'm not here to talk about who has done me wrong. and how unfair i've been treated or how unfair the entire process is. it is what it is. in my previous -- >> this is new text from the counterintelligence between peter strzok and lisa paige. judge rudolph contreras set on a secretive surveillance court during the time that michael flynn was under investigation. in new tax peter strzok and lisa paige discuss the judge's appointment and even float the idea of hosting him at a cocktail party. lisa paige wrote, did you know that? just appointed too much ago.
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peter strzok said i did.we talked about before and after. i need to get together with them to request i can imagine you let's get on with anything in detail enough -- any espionage warrants that come before him what should he do given his friend overseas? and she writes recusal are quite high. i do not think this poses an actual conflict. and he doesn't know what you do? he responds, generally he does know we do. not the level or the scope for area but he is super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflict. suggest a social setting with others who would probably be better than a one-on-one meeting. i'm sorry i'm just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. there is no confirmation yet as to whether or not the cocktail party ever occurred. but we will of course keep you updated. >> thank you very much!
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>> new developments in the deadly florida bridge collapsed. an engineer left a voicemail with a state official warning about cracks in the bridge but sadly and tragically was not in time. the bridge then came tumbling down as you can see. the crews are removing two vehicles that do contain three bodies from the wreckage. that after the new pedestrian bridge crumbled on the highway on thursday. authorities are still looking to recover at least two more bodies that they believe are still in the rubble. >> our condolences to the family members. we now are providing support at the family resource center to the families of loved ones and we are providing support for the first responders and we are very grateful for all who are participating in the recovery. >> steve harrigan is in miami with the latest. >> in the past couple of minutes we have seen more fire rescue vehicles pull up.
2:22 pm
they have taken structures out of the back. behind me of seen this is a slow and laborious process trying to get at least six bodies from 2 million pounds of concrete. they have been working all through the night and all through the day to try and make that happen. using jack hammers, saws, and rubber belts to look up sections of the bridge. they have been trying to do this in a private and dignified manner as well. they put up tarps for privacy. they pulled out three bodies this morning and they may be about to pull another one out today. miami-dade police say recovering the dead, recovering the remains in identifying them is top priority here. >> as the process moves forward, every time we remove a body, a victim within the vehicles, the vehicle with victims inside our being transferred to the medical examiner's office. that is where the bodies will be removed from the vehicle. and identified. so we can have 100 percent
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confirmation of identities. >> there has been a lot of attention given to a practice covered in the pedestrian bridge at least two days before the bridge collapsed. right now ntsb officials are saying they are not certain at this point whether that crack was responsible for the bridge coming down. finally, it remains receiving hardness will likely be pulled to a family center and medical identification center. a lot of families are still waiting for notification with red cross members and grief counselors trying to comfort each other through this very difficult 48 hours.back to you. >> that is just so horrendous. thank you. >> we have an update on the illegal immigrant accused in a deadly hit and run. his status with i.c.e. right now. we will take about former fbi deputy director, andrew mccabe not keeping his peace one day after being fired
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he will hear from a former fbi assistant director. >> the way he went about this, it looks very much like it was vindictive and political. that mr. mccabe is not treated fairly. just as importantly, it shows politics enters into the department of justice when it shouldn't.
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andrew mccabe breaking his silence after he is fired by attorney general jeff sessions. mccabe saying this about the president quote - he called for my firing. he called for me to be stripped of my pension after more than 20 years of service. along we have said nothing that wanted to distract from the mission of the fbi by addressing the lies told and repeated about us. jenny not to discuss this we have a former fbi assistant director and i want to start by getting reaction to the wall street journal reporting that andrew mccabe memos to memorialize his interactions with president trump and how robert mueller used mccabe's memos. >> well it's pretty normal to keep notes during meetings. i kept nuts all the time. an executive level meetings. i can see where they would have kept notes during conversations with the president of the united states were made
2:30 pm
contemporaneous notes afterwards. that is very common. can they be used by the special counsel? of course. if there is evidence that points to something relevant to the special councils investigation, he will use it if you can. it is relevant evidence because it is notes of a conversation that is taking place. there contemporaneous with conversation and they are not inadmissible in and of itself. let's go back to the person that wrote the notes. that is andrew mccabe. what messages the attorney general and the president sending to the leadership of the fbi by firing him and how does this impact the fbi? doing jobs according to the law and sacrificing their lives in the process. >> first let's be clear, president trump had nothing to do with this. the attorney general was sort of the final leg in the
2:31 pm
process. this came from a career person in the fbi. who has been running the office of professional responsibility for 14 years. and who made a recommendation to fire based on precedent built up over decades. everyone in the fbi knows, i have seen fbi agents fired. for lying. and we know it is a bright line. you cannot lie under oath for you cannot lie at all. you cannot budge, you cannot hedge. >> we are talking about in this case is what you call lack of candor. as you well know, a very low burden of proof. the alleged crimes on the part of mccabe, does it, does the crime for the punishment for the punishment fit the crime if you will? the full -- will be delayed for seven years and he will move
2:32 pm
that to federal healthcare and he did serve for 21 years. >> yet and i'm set for andrew mccabe. i respect his service 100 percent. i would fight for my pension if i were him as well. but again, 24 years in the fbi, rising agents fired for lying about -- >> yet we are talking about mccabe. it's fine if you're saying, i am certainly nothing that the president had something directly to do with it but we see the president tweeting and congratulating jeff sessions for having the gumption to fire this person who he is really demeaning in terms of his reputation at the fbi, some would ask, is the hand of the president of the united states tipping the scales of justice? >> no. i'm telling you, 24 years in the fbi, icing agents fired for lying during inquiries about minor infractions. that happens all the time. it is a bright line.
2:33 pm
if you life does not matter with the underlying inquiry is for. an fbi agent has to tell the truth 100 percent of the time. they have to sit on a witness stand. if they are caught lying, and it is sustained in an internal inquiry, that is in the record forever. is discoverable by every defense attorney in every case if they ever appear in. they become ineffective as an fbi agent. it really doesn't matter with the underlying infraction is for the size of the president had nothing to do with this. a career employer or someone under made the recommendation to protect the integrity and be consistent with prior fbi decisions. >> i want to play chris, if i can, republican congressman winston of ohio. he says that that firing is an opportunity to clean house in the doj. let's listen. >> there so many good people that work in the agencies that are true patriots. i think that this is an opportunity for them to make up their finest hour with a city people coming in and not doing the job the way they should be
2:34 pm
doing, not being the most with professionalism, let's clean house and less start to rebuild some of the trust the american people want to have in these agencies. >> do you believe that there needs to be a correction at the doj?the fbi, if so where to begin, what needs to be fixed, how do you write that and who should oversee the overhaul of the fbi? >> first i agree with him that this is the fbi taking care of its own issues. this is the fbi is internal office of professional responsibility taking the investigation conducted by the inspector general, examining that in making the recommendation to discipline its own employees. this is how you take care of things. through a well-established process that has nothing to do with politics. that is the problem. over the last two years or so has been politics and external factors that come into play. if you follow the same rules
2:35 pm
all the time the matter whether it is a president or deputy director or presidential candidate, you cannot go wrong. if you follow established rules and procedures. the way to deal with any issues and said the fbi is to use the inspector general for officer professional responsibility and gather the facts and take action based on well-established precedents. >> what about ag sessions? >> i have no idea. i honestly think that he is trying to exert some independence. i will go back to what i said earlier. i do not think that his decision here was based on anything the president said i think he took a recommendation from a career person inside the fbi and signed off on it. i'm sure it passed over christopher ray's desk as well. and i think that christopher
2:36 pm
wray, it is not something you like to do you don't want to do if we had to set the example for the rank and file or subject to that same high standard. you cannot apply one standard to lower-level agents and not apply to the deputy director. >> had to leave it there but thank you for your time. we want to let our viewers know that tonight you can see judge jeanine with -- discussing all the latest development from nations capital including the firing of andrew mccabe. that is to 9 pm eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> meanwhile the illegal immigrants suspected in the deadly hit and run in colorado. he turned himself in to i.c.e. officials. the sheriffs department had let him go after he posted bail despite i.c.e. reportedly requesting that they be notified before he was let out. will carr is in los angeles with more.
2:37 pm
>> the denver sheriff admits that they made a mistake here as a result preshow activities have been reassigned and he says simply, they all had a bad weekend. the denver sheriff department said they released him from jail last weekend even though i.c.e. had a detainer in him. he is in the united states on a temporary visa that expired three years ago. authorities say killed a man in a suspected drunk driving crash. they charged him with vehicular homicide acting fled the scene. but then on march 10 they released him before notifying i.c.e. >> that is what is shocking. we need to know so we can take action to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> he allegedly had john anderson, a truck driver that died after semi caught on fire. his friends say they want the man to face justice in the united states. >> i do not think it is fair for him to go back over the
2:38 pm
border and get lost and never be seen again. or even worse, get behind the wheel drunk and kill somebody else! >> he turned himself into i.c.e. on friday for the sheriff has now ordered an immediate investigation into how he was released in the first place. >> thank you. >> there is a small airplane crash in the philippines shortly after taking off from a manila airport. all five passengers on board are confirmed killed along with five others on the ground. witnesses say the plane hit a tree and an electric post before slamming into a house. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> up for election and it is probably slam dunk. vladimir putin is retaliating against the uk now over its response to the poisoning of a former spy. and that prompted a response from the world leaders
2:39 pm
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like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> tensions escalating between russia and britain following the placement of a russian spy on their soil. the kremlin today has expelled 23 british diplomats in response to the uk's expulsion of 23 russian embassy staff. this comes as russia goes to the postmark and an election for vladimir putin where he is expected to win. we have more on the story. >> russia remains defiant with the foreign ministry spokesman saying that she does the quiz using the assassination attempt on the russian double agent and daughter, uk, the us, the czech
2:44 pm
republic, slovakia or sweden. the russian foreign ministry announced it would be expelling 23 diplomats shutting down the british consulate in st. petersburg as well as a british cultural center. meanwhile britain's newspaper reports of police are working off the theory that they transported the agent in the suitcase that would've been planted there and as such she inadvertently poison herself and her father. the talk in moscow has been of the escalating tensions between russia and the west. there are many different opinions. many russians find it distressing, this is not what they want. russia as a whole according to an independent journalist they say they are ready to stand by the president, vladimir putin. >> put this cold war and confrontation with the -- the average russian would stand behind their leader.
2:45 pm
this feeling is genuine.>> eric, presidential elections tomorrow and one theory that i heard put forth on a russian state t.v. show was that the west has invented this scandal in order to influence the election tomorrow. how is that eric? turning tables. >> very troubling. thank you amy. >> for more this we have to bring in a partner for the washington examiner. tom, i read your article saying what i britain, the us france and germany should expel the russian ambassadors in return. what do you say that? >> thank you for referencing the article.i think the main point here is that the united kingdom politics nato allies and enemies of united states. our country is the most important. they have to hold the strategic initiative. we have to send the message to moscow to the president vladimir putin and particular and that nato is holding the
2:46 pm
line. and the problem with what russia has done today in terms of expelling british diplomats from moscow, is that it tries to draw the level of equality. tries to save that you have done something bad to us and we're going to do the same to you and we will leave it there. no -- >> i understand where you're going but does such retaliation come with equal parts determination, conviction and follow-through by all four countries? if that is not the case, what message does that send to russia? >> i think it does at this point. i think it wouldn't have been the first insisted that the russians had retaliated with equal expulsion i think the ice is very clearly could have done enough and has been enough in terms of president trump saying this is unacceptable. we blame russia, we stand with britain. but at this point where the russians are escalating and in
2:47 pm
the context of a broader strategic environment that threatens ukraine and syria and eastern europe in terms of physical threat i think it's very important to united states france and germany to stand with the united kingdom and say, consolidated sense, this is unacceptable and we are going to out escalate effectively. we will challenge you for the first time in many years. >> if they do, can they stop russia? and if so, stop them from doing what and to what extent?>> i think they can. the important factor to consider here is the strategic environment and the world, the soccer world cup in a sense is coming up. beyond that, his interest in terms of energy supply to western europe, germany, france, united kingdom, to a degree. if all of those nations, all of the coordinations, the heart of nato essentially are saying that president putin the line
2:48 pm
is drawn and we're holding it, i think it puts him in a position that says actually my interest in a limited sense, and it is quite limited and sense of assassinating and tried to assassinate a traitor as he was a and his daughter have been miscalculated. i think that you could put putin back in his box but only if there is a consolidated nato response. >> right. you're saying that you believe it to be damaging if the eu and nato tensions against russia were to put into place in full force. what if in the face of all that, russia pushes for it? >> then you consolidate even further. for example you could deploy brigade combat teams from the united states. to estonia, lithuania, the baltic states. those are nato member states. we simply say to president putin do you want to play this game? and the last one here, he can be corralled. in 2008 president george w.
2:49 pm
bush sent in a c-130 aircraft and us -- basically dared putin to shut it down and he did not. you don't over escalate official him when i go to burn down to. then i think that you can deal with the issue in a constructive sense with the security western europe and the united states. requesting the copresident would take that sort of stance? >> i am not sure. i'm concerned to say that. but the president has and i think strong on the issue. i think if we look at what he has done in syria for james mattis to push back against the russians, and ukraine, there is hope. but again, we will have to see and at this point i have some hope at least. i'm not quite sure that -- but
2:50 pm
i am optimistic. that is always a good thing. >> i think so! thank you so much. >> severe weather is on the move. take a look at that. watches and warnings across texas and part of the southeast. we will update you on this if anything develops. and in the northeast another winter storm on the way! number one, number two, number three, number four -- we will get an update straight ahead! wt originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. burning, of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer, so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions,
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watches and warnings in texas and across the southeast with potential for strong thunderstorms and even a tornado. this is the northeast braces for yet another winter storm. we will go to our meteorologist in the weather center. adam, we are taking notes! >> the one coming up to the northeast is several days away. this weekend specifically today, folks across texas into the southeast, everywhere you see these warm temperatures from the 80s in san antonio and 75 in this area. this is possibly an afternoon
2:55 pm
hours into the evening is what we will talk about. with these areas you're saying highlighted across the southeast, these are spots where you can see big thunderstorms, hail, possibly flash flooding and eventually results early sunday. otherwise the system that we are paying attention to might affect the east coast, the fourth nor'easter is still currently all the way out on the west coast. it has to travel across the entire country. on the way it will drop a lot of rain at times piercingly heavy snow. we can see some places in the mountain as this passes by with spots getting up to six inches. scott getting up to one foot of snow! if you look at the radar, is moving across the mountain states later today into early sunday. it continues to work across the midwest. eventually up to the east coast, that will happen not until tuesday. at this point, it becomes a low-pressure system.
2:56 pm
we will start to see that markets way up the coast. you will see some snowfall there. the thing is when you have to travel across the entire country gives a little time for there to be little room in the system. so trying to come together where exactly will settle. how far off the coast it will be. here is a possible forecast are seeing this area of low pressure. as most of the post maybe we missed most of this but if it gets closer than we could be looking at another bad one. we will have a better idea on this getting closer to sunday and monday. >> and if it does hit the east coast, you do not have any idea at this point how long it will last, do you? >> no, typically it has been slowing down. which means it could hang around but again it is too early to tell. >> thank you! we are back after this break. and keeping it in the right conditions is the best way to get that fish to your plate safely. (dane chauvel) sometimes the product arrives, and the cold chain has been interrupted,
2:57 pm
and we need to be able to identify where in the cold chain that occurred. (tom villa) we took our world class network, and we developed devices to track environmental conditions. this device allows people to understand what's happening with the location, but also if it's too hot, if it's too cold, if it's been dropped... it's completely unique. (dennis woloshuck) if you have a sensor that can keep track of your product, it keeps everybody kind of honest that way. who knew a tiny sensor could help keep the food chain safe? ♪
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>> we begin with a fox news alert. a source now confirming that fbi deputy director mccabe kept memos on his interactions with president trump. this as he's firing back on a blistering statement at the white house. he charges it is waging a war on the fbi. this after he was fired by attorney general sessions two days shy of his birthday and full retirement package. that decision prompted by an internal report about mccabe's role in alleged leaks about the agency's probe of the clinton foundation. i'm eric shawn. this is a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. mccabe now calling his firing an effort to discredit the fbi. the latest shot in what has been a rocky relationship at best
3:01 pm
between the president and the former fbi deputy director. president trump praising mccabe's firing, tweeting andrew mccabe fired a great day for the hard-working men and women of the fbi, a great day for democracy. eric: garrett tenney is live in washington with the very latest. >> good evening to you. mccabe is firing back at president trump claiming that the president wanted him fired in order to discredit his testimony in special counsel mueller's investigation. in a statement last night, mccabe said here is the reality, i am being singled out and treated this way because of the role i played, the actions i took, and the events i witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of james comey. fox news has learned that like former fbi director james comey, mccabe maintained personal memos
3:02 pm
detailing his personal interactions with president trump which will be a part of mueller's investigation to determine if president trump attempted to interfere in the fbi's investigations. however, back in may, when mccabe was asked about this on capitol hill, he told lawmakers unequivocally that he had not experienced that. >> there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date. simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing, protecting the american people, and upholding the constitution. >> attorney general jeff sessions said he decided to fire mccabe after an investigation by the justice department's inspector general determined mccabe had lacked candor or lied to investigators who were reviewing the fbi's probe of hilary clinton's private e-mail server and then separately leaked information to a reporter about the bureau's investigation into the clinton foundation. mccabe denies the allegations against him and maintains that
3:03 pm
he has done nothing wrong. he is now planning to fight the administration in court for his pension that's estimated to be worth more than 1 1/2 million dollars in which he was set to begin receiving at midnight. eric? eric: garrett, thank you very much. arthel? arthel: the firing of former fbi deputy director mccabe just two days short of his retirement comes as president trump's personal lawyer calls for an end to the robert mueller's russia investigation. ellison barber is live from the white house with more on this part of the story. >> hi, arthel. president's attorney says, he said quote just end it on the merits in light of recent revelations. he tells fox news he is speaking in his own personal capacity, not on behalf of the president. in a statement democratic senator schumer criticized the attorney's comments writing quote, the comments are yet
3:04 pm
another indication that the first instinct of the president and his legal team is not to cooperate with special counsel mueller, but to undermine him at every turn. president trump is at the white house this weekend. there are no official events on his schedule for today. but he did send out a couple of tweets. this week has been filled with news, a lot of it related to administration staffing. some of it news seemingly fit for a tabloid. stormy daniels claims she had an affair with president trump in 06. her attorney has spoken to a number of media outlets this week, he said that daniels whose legal name is stephanie clifford has been threatened. >> what can you tell us about the threats the physical threats? >> i can't tell you anything beyond what i've already said, again -- >> can you tell -- can you tell us whether it came from the president directly? >> i'm not going to answer that. >> will you deny that the president of the united states threatened your client? >> i will not confirm nor deny.
3:05 pm
>> trump's lawyer filed two motions on friday one accuses dap daniels of violating a nondisclosure agreement claiming she could owe money in damages. sarah sanders was asked about the allegations of threats in regards to stormy daniels and said she is not aware of that situation and referred reporters who were asking to outside personal attorneys for the president. arthel? arthel: thank you. eric: for more on the inside workings of mccabe's firings, let's bring in bob driscoll, he served as deputy assistant attorney general. good to see you tonight. do you think this is vindictive payback by the trump administration of some charge or is it appropriate policy recommendation from the office of professional responsibility? >> i have a lot of confidence in the inspector general and in opr at doj. i think this is what they do for a living. lack of candor is a -- if you take the politics out of this,
3:06 pm
lack of candor is known to be a firing offense for the fbi. it does seem harsh to come at the very tail end of a career, but still, as a defense lawyer on this side, i represent people all the time who are interviewed by fbi agents, and they don't have a particular sense of humor about my clients that can't remember things and don't tell the truth when they're being interviewed by the fbi. so the fbi necessarily has to hold itself to a high standard. i think that's what's going on here. that's why the recommendation was made. eric: what do you think of the lack of candor was? can you describe that term? is it overlying? is it hiding something? -- is it over lying? is it hiding something? what exactly does that mean? >> well, i think it's similar to a false statement type of charge, the fbi would charge someone else with. i think attorney general sessions memo indicated that, that that kind of thing would -- or that it was -- certain statements even statements under
3:07 pm
oath as part of the inspector general investigation. i would have liked to have seen would have made me feel better for mr. mccabe would have been if he and his lawyer had come out and said this is ub true. -- this is untrue. i told the truth in that investigation and everything i said was true. that doesn't seem to be what they were saying. what they are saying i was treated different than others and the president is out to get to me. the bottom line is if someone was less than truthful in the context of an internal fbi investigation, that's a big problem. eric: he did say he was truthful. let me read you one paragraph from what he said. he said quote the investigation subsequently focused on who i talked to, when i talked to them and so forth. during the inquiries i answered questions truthfully and as accurately as i could, amidst the chaos that surrounded me. when i thought my answers were misunderstood, i contacted investigators to correct them.
3:08 pm
when you read that phrase about he did it as accurately as i could amidst the chaos that surrounded me. is that giving himself an out? he's saying he's telling the truth. or is he parsing it? >> he's parsing it. that's what you do when you are caught in a false statement. you essentially say i was busy. i get a thousand e-mails a day. i didn't recall that one. that's an intent defense that he appears to be laying out, rather than a straight truthfulness defense. you know, where i recalled, i was truthful and essentially trying to say he misremembered something or made a mistake and his justification for that is that it was a chaotic time. again, i can have some sympathy for that because i have represented clients in that position, but there is some irony to the fact that it is deputy director of the fbi making those arguments which again the fbi doesn't really give a lot of credit to regular civilians when they're in the fbi crosshairs and make mistakes
3:09 pm
in interviews. eric: what would happen to a regular civilian if they said -- >> ask general flynn what would happen in that case. i mean, flynn's a great parallel in the sense that flynn didn't do anything illegal or at least he was not charged with doing anything illegal other than making a false statement in the course of an interview explaining otherwise legal conduct. eric: could he be charged, do you think? >> it would be unusual for him to be charged i think this would be viewed as a severe enough punishment. he's in professional disgrace right now. i suspect there will be some -- he will be able to get his pension through other means, i would suspect, but i think this is kind of an unfortunate end to his career to end up not telling the truth or at least be found not to have told the truth by ig horowitz who i do trust as a pretty fair player in this all
3:10 pm
of this. i think the horowitz report when it is finally done i think will shed a lot of light on a lot of lights. >> you said that he may not be charged because he has a professional disgrace. when would you hear the fbi not charging something because you lie to them? >> i think a lot of people lie to the fbi and don't get charged criminally. and sometimes they will. if someone's lost their job, they lose their law license, something like that happens, that will get taken into account when a prosecutor makes charging decisions. eric: do they have discretion. >> the prosecutor would have the discretion. the fbi would usually pass the recommendation on to the prosecutor. the prosecutor will have discretion to make those kinds of calls. but particularly in this context, this heated political context, where you have flynn and papadopoulos and others all facing serious charges for essentially the same type of offense, which is engaging in a witness interview with agents about past conduct and being accused of lying in that
3:11 pm
context. eric: oh, man oh man. essentially the same type of defense. line up papadopouloses and flynns, everyone else defense attorneys, they will be screaming at the courthouse steps, if you do that to my client, do the same thing to andy mccabe. >> if i were representing them, i would be drawing those analogies all the time. i think it's hopefully -- the unfortunate thing here is we don't have the report yet. hopefully we can get more detail on the report of how far off these statements are and what kind of lies we're talking about and how credible it is that this is the kind of thing one would just forget because one was busy and the agency was in crisis at the time he did the interview. eric: in fairness, you wouldn't think they would fire the guy if he was like, you know, oops, you know, i forgot. >> in these kind of interviews, you know what's going to get asked. you know what's being investigated. i mean everyone knew that the horowitz investigation was looking into, you know, the political angle of whether there
3:12 pm
was too much politics involved in the clinton fbi investigation. there would have been time to prepare, review e-mails and everything else before somebody went into an interrue -- interview like that. eric: will we see this report? >> oh, yeah, typically ig reports are public. i suspect it will be released -- it is much broader than andrew mccabe. i think it is going to look into doj and fbi. we have seen some of the fruits of the report, certainly some of the fbi text messages back and forth with peter struck and with others. and now we've seen the mccabe part of it. i think we will see more parts of it. i suspect they will release it all at once. certainly it would be helpful for everyone to see it. but i'm sure ig horowitz and others at the doj want to go by the book in terms of the release because all of this was raised -- the questions were raised with people not going by the book, soy -- so i think people are looking closely at
3:13 pm
the regs on when this will be released. eric: when do you think that will be? in fairness the american people should know what's going on. we didn't know anything about these e-mails and the other reports and we have seen the two committee reports come out. do you think it should come out? when could that be? >> i heard march maybe a month or two ago. we're in march now. i would hope to see it. i don't have any inside information on that. i hope it can come out as soon as possible. i imagine the congressional committees can kind of spur that process along by calling the ig and ask him at some point. eric: do you think we will find out more about the clinton stuff, in the alleged delay by a month in trying to investigate some of that? >> i suspect that will be part of the report. this report has been going on for a long time with a lot of agents. there's been no leaking so there hasn't been much reporting. i think it could be more important part of this story than people have thought up
3:14 pm
until now. eric: bob driscoll, a lot of experience in washington on both sides of the fence there, the defense table, i thank you very much for your insight. we will get you back when the report comes out. >> thank you. eric: we have a quick programming note for you tonight on justice with judge jeanine, she will have house majority leader kevin mccarthy. he will be on with the judge to discuss all the latest developments and the firing of mccabe. of course the judge is right here, less than three hours from now, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. arthel? arthel: thank you. there are new details about the servicemembers killed in the military helicopter crash in iraq. plus crews continue to work around the clock clearing debris from that bridge collapse in miami as we're learning potential red flags were raised before this tragedy. and now the blame game has begun. >> our primary goal was to remove all of the cars and all of the victims from this accident in a dignified and
3:15 pm
respectful manner. and that's what we've been doing. we've worked through the night. and we will continue to work until the last car and the last victim has been removed. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. arthel: fox news alert on a developing story out of
3:19 pm
california. a police in thousand oaks are saying that there has been a shooting at the oaks mall. in fact, the ventura county sheriff department is saying that the only information that they have at this point is that two people are down inside of one of the stores in the oaks mall. there are no details on the extent of those injuries. the sheriff's department saying that the first call came in at 2:15 pacific time, which is about an hour ago. we don't have anymore details at this point but those of you familiar with southern california thousand oaks is about an hour outside of los angeles. this shooting taking place at the oaks mall there. we will get more details for you and bring them to you as we get the accurate information. eric: in afghanistan officials have identified four of the seven servicemembers who were killed in the military crash attack -- that occurred in iraq. the helicopter went down in the western part of that country near an anti-isis coalition outpost.
3:20 pm
of the four identified victims so far, two happen to be members of the new york city fire department who were on deployment there. the cause of that crash though is still unclear, but authorities do not believe it was due to enemy fire. arthel: former national security advisor michael flynn making his first public appearance since pleading guilty to lying to the fbi. flynn on the campaign trail in california for republican congressional candidate. jillian turner has more now. >> president trump's first national security advisor flynn is back in the spotlight for the first time since pleading guilty to lying to the fbi in december. now, he's talking about his indictment on the campaign trail while stumping for a california congressional candidate. >> i'm not here to complain about who has done me wrong or how unfair i've been treated or how unfair the entire process has been. you know, it is what it is, and my previous statements stand for
3:21 pm
themselves. >> this as new texts from july 2016 between fbi counterintelligence agent struck and fbi lawyer lisa page surfaced revealing a discussion they had about struck's friendship with a federal judge who later on managed flynn's prosecution. the judge sat on the very secretive fisa surveillance court during the time flynn was under investigation. in these new texts struck and page discussed the judge's appointment and even float the idea of hosting him at a cocktail party. page wrote: did you know that? just appointed two months ago. struck replies i did. we talked about it before and after. i need to get together with him. page writes i can't imagine either one of you could talk about anything in detail meaningful enough to warrant recusal. struck replies really? rudy, i'm in charge of espionage for the fbi. any espionage fisa warrants that comes before him what should he do given his friend oversees them? page writes standards for recusal are quite high.
3:22 pm
i just don't think this poses as an actual conflict and he doesn't know what you do? struck responds generally he does know what i do. not the level or scope or area, but he's super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts and suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one-on-one meeting. i'm sorry i'm just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. there's no confirmation yet as to whether or not this cocktail party ever occurred, but we will of course keep you updated arthel? arthel: thank you. eric? eric: now to that horrible deadly bridge collapse in florida. three bodies have been recovered today after two more vehicles were pulled from under the tons of the concrete. the pedestrian bridge was under construction at florida international university in miami when it suddenly collapsed on thursday killing so far at least six people. and this despite a warning from an engineer to the state about cracks, but sadly that warning was not heard in time. now we have some new video of
3:23 pm
that tragedy just coming into our newsroom. steve herrigan live in miami at that collapse site with the latest tonight. good evening. >> good evening. it's clear there was a crack in the bridge. what's not clear yet at this point is who exactly knew about it and when they knew. there was an e-mail from an engineer to a state worker department of transportation worker, voice mail also two days before the bridge itself collapsed. that voice mail was not heard until the day after the bridge collapsed. there was also a two-hour meeting on thursday, the day the bridge collapsed, before the collapse. the focus of that meeting was the crack in the bridge. the university here says the university knew about the crack. the department of transportation knew about the crack. and the engineers who built the bridge knew about the crack. but the ntsb says as far as its investigation goes, it's still too early to say whether the crack in the bridge is what caused the collapse. >> i would have to say that a crack in a bridge does not necessarily mean that it's unsafe. i know the crews were out there
3:24 pm
inspecting it and they were applying tension. i don't know if that was related to the cracks that they discovered. that's still too early in the investigation for us to determine. >> eric, this is a very slow process of trying to recover the dead and to remove the debris. we've seen a couple of things over the past few hours that really are striking. one is a blue tarp over a car. the heavy machinery was trying to lift the car and also to try and provide some privacy, some dignity for the dead, but because of the nature of this disaster, because of the fact that 2 million pounds of concrete fell on at least eight cars in a sudden instant, at a red light on 1:30 thursday afternoon, in some cases, it's simply impossible at this point to separate the victim from the car, but with that flying blue tarp, they are at least trying to provide some semblance of dignity. the other is, these first responders have been going around the clock to try and recover and identify all the dead. they are in heavy uniforms. they are with heavy equipment.
3:25 pm
they are cutting through concrete. it is difficult work. and yet each time they do find a victim, we see a pause, removal of the helmets and a moment of silence. no one's really out there watching them do this job, but they are really working to try and provide as much dignity as possible to these victims. eric? eric: it is so heart breaking and so compelling, and of course we thank all the first responders, steve, thank you very much. arthel? arthel: hilary clinton's trip to india proving to be an eventful one. what landed the former presidential candidate in the hospital. plus as president trump's personal lawyer calls for an end to the mueller russia investigation, republican members of capitol hill doubling down on their calls for a second special counsel. >> and the reason we want a special counsel is i think crimes may have been committed. >> because they cannot be counted on to investigate themselves. i mean, it's kind of common sense. if you do something wrong, you
3:26 pm
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arthel: update for you now on the shooting that took place at the oaks mall in thousand oaks, california, about an hour and 15 minutes ago. the the county sheriff's department is saying there was a male seen chasing a female who is deceased at the scene. the male has been transported to
3:31 pm
a local hospital who is in critical condition and is believed to be the shooter. the county sheriff's department saying they don't believe there are any outstanding shooters or suspects. so it appears that that shooting at the oaks mall about an hour and 15 minutes ago, that incident is now over. eric: back in washington, four republican senators are urging attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rosenstein to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the investigators. they want a new probe to look into the justice department and fbi's actions in the russia investigation. how they used the steele dossier and how the clinton campaign was handled before special counsel mueller was appointed. those four senators asking for this are the chairman of the judiciary committee, chuck grassley, senators lindsey graham, john cornyn and thom tillis. joining us is a congressional report eliza collins. do you think this demand will get any traction? >> i think the demand is the
3:32 pm
highest level in congress that has come so far. up until now, we have seen a lot of house members calling for this. these tend to be sort of the more pro trump, further right house members, with this group of four senators, you are getting john cornyn as the number two republican, chuck grassley is chairman of judiciary, you are getting some of the top republicans, that being said, there is already an investigation going on over how they handled the investigation. so we're not quite sure if they will appoint a special counsel to do another investigation. not quite clear right now what is going to happen, but it is noteworthy because these four are the highest so far in the republican party. eric: should they wait do you think for the horowitz ig report to potentially come out, let's say? we are told we are going to see that. >> that sounds like that is coming out soon. i think you aren't going to see any special counsel appointed until the ig report certainly.
3:33 pm
there doesn't mean they will necessarily stop their calls in the meantime. eric: as you know graham and grassley have called for a criminal investigation of christopher steele and the way that was handled. a lot of troubling questions between the text messages between lisa page and struck, between the allegations of how this all got to steele. steele had as we're told a good reputation in britain. there are all these questions that the critics say basically they think tipped this whole investigation against the president, then candidate trump, and for hillary. >> right. and that's actually what's being investigated now although the ig cannot bring criminal charges. the special counsel would bring it up a level. they can use a grand jury. that's why you are seeing these members calling for it to go to a special counsel. there certainly are a lot of questions. the critics of the way this was handled are pointing to these conversations, but it is the -- it is being investigated.
3:34 pm
it hasn't been stuck under a rug by any means. eric: they say this report by horowitz will be hard-hitting, dealing with career professionals in a scathing answer to being fired under mccabe says that there wasn't any politicization in the fbi. he says all that is false. what do you think we can get out of the report? will it be hard-hitting? >> i'm not going to speculate what's in the report. i will say that andrew mccabe was fired and they are pointing to the report coming out. so they seem to think what is in that report is enough to fire andrew mccabe basically hours at this point before he was set to retire and get his pension. they think whatever is in there is bad enough for that. that's just part of the report. i have no idea what's in there. they are defending that. eric: just part of it, i mean, you have got mccabe gone and comey of course was fired earlier on fox news channel in the last hour we had ed cox on,
3:35 pm
and he basically put the finger blaming, the obama administration saying president obama and his administration he said, quote, corrupted the department of justice. here's what ed cox had to say. >> i think in fact they were covering their tracks. i think there was -- obama, he corrupted the justice department. eric holder did it and loretta lynch were involved in it and that in order to make sure that mrs. clinton did not have any problems on her path to being president of the united states. eric: do you think that is what they will be looking into potentially? >> well, he's not alone in saying that. i talked to members on capitol hill all the time who do feel like this stems from the obama administration. we don't know. i have no idea what they are looking into. this is a broad report. but they are litigating the investigation and how that's been handled. i don't think as far as i know
3:36 pm
it is going back to the days before the investigation, but again these are some of these people are holdovers from the obama administration. we really don't know. that's not a unique opinion from republicans. eric: certainly these are questions that are being asked and the american public would say how come if they're not going to look into it, you know, why not? >> right. it sounds like they are looking into something. i think we just have to wait till the ig report is out to know what is being looked into and that goes back to, you know, the graham and grassley request. i think people are waiting to see what the ig report says before going into the next step. eric: it sounds like they are having the building blocks, get the i shgs report. -- we will get the ir report, may raise a lot of questions and some accusations perhaps, and call for a special counsel or certainly more investigations, whatever comes out of that. eliza, thank you. we will see what mr. horowitz has when he releases that report. thank you.
3:37 pm
arthel: a suspect in a colorado hit-and-run turning himself over to i.c.e. officials. the denver sheriff's department letting the illegal immigrant go free after posting bail in connection to the fiery crash, despite i.c.e. reportedly requesting to be notified upon his release. the case now prompting an internal investigation. will carr is live in los angeles with more on this story. will? >> arthel, the denver sheriff admits they made a big mistake. as a result three sheriff's deputies have been reassigned. the denver sheriff's department released the suspect from jail last weekend even though i.c.e. had a detainer on him. the suspect is in the united states on a temporary visa that expired three years ago. authorities say he killed a man in a suspected drunk driving crash. they charged him with vehicular homicide after he fled the scene and booked him. but then on march 10th, the jail released him without notifying i.c.e. beforehand. >> this was shocking to know
3:38 pm
that something like this happened. and we want to make sure that we understand why it happened so that if we need to take action to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the suspect allegedly hit john anderson, a truck driver who died after his semi caught on fire. his friends say they want the suspect to face justice in the united states. >> i don't think it's fair for him to just go back over the border and get lost and never be seen again. or even worse, get behind the wheel and drunk and kill somebody else. >> the suspect turned himself into i.c.e. on friday. the sheriff has ordered an immediate investigation into how he was released in the first place. arthel? arthel: will carr, thank you very much, for that story out there in so cal. eric? eric: as part of the investigation, mueller also subpoenaed this week the trump organization, focusing on a potential real estate deal in
3:39 pm
russia. that proposal was for a trump tower in moscow that was pitched to donald trump's lawyer by a developer and part time we're told u.s. intelligence asset. i talked to him several months ago in an interview and he denied my wrongdoing on all this. that deal fell through, but some critics are pointing to that deal as a possible problem. >> i assume that mueller has spoken to you, is that correct? >> i'm sorry, i can't answer anything to do with any ongoing investigations. >> okay. i'm going to assume that's true. you've been interviewed by some of the intelligence committees in the house and the senate, i would imagine? >> i have been interviewed by the house intel committee, yes. eric: does he have a story to tell. you can see his full interview tonight on watters world, 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. arthel: three days of talks between sweden and north korea's foreign ministers comes to an end without much clarity on
3:40 pm
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eric: turning now to diplomatic talks between sweden and north korea. the foreign ministers from both nations are wrapping up three days of meetings in stockholm. they discussed security issues. that visit is meant to start to pave the way for those possible talks between north korean leader kim jong-un and president trump. ryan chilcote has more details on these talks from london. >> the foreign minister didn't reveal much and didn't give us much more clarity on a possible meeting between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong-un. the north korean foreign minister who she was meeting with said absolutely nothing at all to the reporters who had gathered outside the venue there in sweden. you may be asking yourself why
3:45 pm
were the swedes meeting with the koreans? sweden is very few western countries with an embassy in north korea. sweden often acts as a go between. trump agreed to meet kim by may. south korean officials who have met with kim says he's willing to discuss the nuclear weapons program. it is still not clear whether that's a potential breakthrough. that the u.s. withdraw its troops from south korea. that's a demand that's been a nonstarter for u.s. presidents in the past. sweden has been floated as a possible venue for the u.s. north korea summit but not the only one. lots of talk about a village on the south korean side of the dmz. many people say that's the much more likely place, if president trump and kim jong-un are to meet. eric? eric: ryan from london, thank you. arthel: for more on this we will
3:46 pm
bring in now peter brooks senior fellow for the heritage foundation, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense, and a former cia officer. good to have you here with us. >> good to be with you. arthel: what lies beneath kim jong-un's move? i mean what's his motive? any specific reason for security talks with sweden? >> well, it's interesting. i mean, you know, sweden has longstanding ties with north korea. in fact they were the first western country to open relations with north korea back in the 1970s. and as you mentioned, they also do consular affairs through the united states. there have also been a number of what they call track one and a half, track two sort of meetings between north koreans and western academics and foreign officials in stockholm. this is not unusual. it is not unprecedented that there could be a swedish channel. i'm not saying that there is. i'm not aware that any americans were present at any of these
3:47 pm
talks, but, you know, president nixon and his national security advisor henry kissinger worked through pakistan before nixon traveled to china in 1972. so it's not unprecedented, arthel. but this could be just a sense, you know, sweden could be getting a sense of how far north korea is willing to go other than hearing it from our allies in south korea. and we probably will get some sort of, you know, debriefing from them. also perhaps to give the north koreans a sense of what is possible from the west, but i'm not really convinced that stockholm is a likely venue for some talks. you know, kim jong-un, the north korean leader, has never left north korea since becoming the country's leader, and a lot of these predecessors, his father, his father rare hi left the country -- rarely left the country, occasionally went over into a border area in china.
3:48 pm
i'm not saying that -- stockholm isn't at the top of my list for a possible venue for meetings between president trump and kim jong-un. arthel: even if that meeting takes place between president trump and kim jong-un, wherever it may take place, if foreign policy is not discussed at that meeting, what would kim jong-un considered mission accomplished? >> i think our expectations are pretty high. i think we have to moderate them. you know, we're talking about a very short time before the summit my take place. we've heard by the end of may. there's nothing that says it has to be by the end of may, but that's only 2 1/2 months away. that's a very short time. a lot of these summit sort of meetings take six months before you can expect something to happen. arthel: in preparation. >> yeah. remember we negotiated a lot during the cold war with the soviets. in fact, i'm reminded of president reagan's meeting with premiere gorbachev in iceland.
3:49 pm
that meeting fell through. but it was the first of meetings that led to additional arms control measures later on. so you know, the first meeting may be just something that is kind of a get to know each other. arthel: right, a test to see how things could go. >> get an understanding of where they stand. arthel: i do want to ask you before i let you go. when you look at trying to water down the temperature, getting, you know, kim jong-un to neutralize his nuke development, getting the u.s. cooperation from russia and china, how surgical does that approach have to be and how dangerous is the operation? >> well, i mean, there are significant challenges here. you know, there's always a possibility that a summit could fail and could make things worse; right? i mean it doesn't mean that that's going to happen. but there are significant challenges here. of course south korea plays a very important role. i mean, ultimately the situation on the korean peninsula needs to be resolved. that including south korea.
3:50 pm
so we have to deal with our allies in japan, major powers like russia and china. so there's significant challenges here in moving this -- moving these negotiations and the challenges on the korean peninsula forward. arthel: peter brooks, thank you very much for your analysis. i have to leave it there. >> thanks for having me. eric: i see peter got the memo. wear a green tie on tv on st. patrick's day. arthel got the memo, wear a green dress. there really isn't a memo. on 5th avenue, the grand st. patrick's day parade. other cities across the country are celebrating st. patrick's day today. we will tell you about that next. uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. are made with smarttrack®igners material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile
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>> many across the country celebrating st. patrick's day. a massive parade was held on 5th avenue while the chicago river was dyed green for the city's festivities. bryan llenas has all the details. >> today was the 257th running of the st. patrick's day parade in new york city. it is the largest in the world. the first was held all the way back on march 17th 1762. that is 14 years before the u.s. declaration of independence. some 2 million spectators came out today to enjoy the six-hour long parade for 35 blocks on manhattan's 5th avenue, 100 marches bands joined in.
3:55 pm
today is about celebrating the patron saint of ireland st. patrick who brought christianity to ireland in the fifth century. we spoke to a man who has been coming to the parade in new york since 1953 and tourists from dublin ireland who made the trip. >> does new york make it special? >> oh, yeah. >> ireland is a very special country. >> why so? >> it's beautiful, absolutely beautiful. and irish are beautiful people. >> chicago also celebrated, dyeing its river front in downtown chicago green, a tradition that dates back to 1962. it's a vegetable dye that is environmentally safe. they also had a big parade in downtown. and one of the largest st. patrick's day celebrations in the world is actually in savannah, georgia. vice president mike pence was there. mr. pence's grand father came over from ireland in 1923. there are more than 100 st. patrick's day parades held across the u.s. and around the
3:56 pm
world. from the five day festival in dublin to even the great wall of china and rio de janeiro in brazil. an estimated 13 million pints of guinness will be consumed by the end of the day worldwide and the celebrations continue tomorrow when south boston holds its parade. arthel? arthel: bryan llenas, thank you very much. we will be right back. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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eric: we are back tomorrow at 12:00 and 4:00. arthel: hope you can join us. julie banderas is up next with the fox report. >> the fbi director fired just days before he would have been eligible for a lifetime pension. and now fox news confirming mccabe's personal memos on his meetings with the president and those notes have reportedly been handed over to special counsel robert mueller. good evening everyone i'm julie banderas. this is the fox report. attorney general sessions announcing mccabe's firing yesterday saying multiple federal probes and reports showed alleged misconduct that included lying to investigators during the probe into the clinton foundation. the president is applauding the move, tweeting andrew mccabe fired a great day for the hardworking men and women of the fbi.


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