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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 19, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: i'm bill hemmer. live inside of "america's newsroom." seeing a whole different ballgame today. do you notice? good morning everybody at home. sandra, good morning to you. >> sandra: studio and in our new newsroom. >> bill: few months. >> sandra: we will give it a try. >> bill: and blast off whole new space and it will be even better think is what we get for now. >> sandra: welcome to our contemporary new home. santa smith, investigators are not ruling out a connection to the previous three bombings which all
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involve packages left on door steps. authorities calling for vigilance and urging families near the blast site to stay inside. >> we now need the community to have an extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it. again, do not approach items like that. but, instead, call 911 to report it so we can go out and make sure that it is, in fact, safe. >> bill: casey stegall is live in austin. an active scene where you are, good morning, yeah, bill, very much an active scene. good morning. nearly 12 hours now since this blast and the people who call this part of austin home are still locked inside of heir homes at the request of police as you just said, because they have been waiting for this point right here, the first real light of day. this explosion happened last night, when it was dark. so, as you know, it
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sometimes is difficult to process the scene and get the scale for how large it is. so that's what the agents are doing back there i not only have local authorities here but also, naturally, federal agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives and the fbi. initially it was thought last night that there were two blasts a little after 8:30 last night. then it was determined it was one single explosion that injured two people walking down the street. listen. >> it is very possible that this device was a device that was activated by someone either handling, kicking, or coming in contact with a trip wire that activated the device. so that changes things in that our safety message to this point. >> yeah, changes things quite a bit if there is some validity there that this may have been a booby trap of some sorts. a lot of unanswered questions right now.
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we are happy to report that the two people injured, bill, nonlife threatening conditions, said to be in good condition this morning at area hospitals. >> bill: this is somewhat of a different part of town from the others, casey. tell us about that. >> yeah, absolutely, for context, for some of our viewers, we are in southeast austin or southwest austin. really the state capital, really downtown austin texas is only 8 miles or so from where i'm standing right now. and so the other explosions happened in parts of east austin. so not terribly far. but the difference, according to police with this incident, versus the others, those were delivered as packages, left on someone's doorstep with a bomb inside that detonated. two people died in those blasts. officials are determining whether similar explosions, materials used.
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forensic information they are collecting right now to see if what happened here last night is, in fact, connected to what we saw in austin last week. and that, this morning, remains the big question out of austin, texas this morning. >> bill: thank you on that. right on breaking news there casey stegall, we will be back to you as we get more leads. >> sandra: keep following that story. the president plans to fire robert mueller. it follows a series of weekends tweets slamming the counsel and special investigation. the counsel warns against taking any action. >> i don't know what the designs are on mueller. but it seems to be building toward that. and i just hope it doesn't go there because it can't. we can't in congress accept that. >> if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency because we're rule of law nation. >> i would hope that it would prompt all democrats and republicans in the house to pass an independent counsel law and reinstate
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bob mueller. this would undoubtedly result in a constitutional crisis and i think democrats and republicans need to speak out about this right now. >> sandra: kevin corke is live outside what looks like a beautiful day at the white house. >> yes, it is. >> sandra: what are they saying about the president's tweet storm over the weekend, kevin. >> what a weekend. for the record, while it could create a constitutional crisis, make no mistake about it, the president does have the right to do this if he so chooses. although i think it's fair to say it would be ill advised. as for the tweets, white house officials tell me, listen, the president's mood about a particular issue at a given time is really often reflected in his tweets but, keep this in mind, sometimes he is tweeting the feeling of voters who don't have a voice or his platform. they maybe want to ask questions or make broad statements like this one. not so sure voters would share this. let me share at least one of the tweets, one of many tweets over the weekend by the president. he was really going after it. in particular the mueller team. he says why does the mueller
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team have 13 hardened democrats, some big crooked hillary supporters and zero republicans? another dem added recently. does anyone think this is fair? and, yet, there is no collusion. as you also pointed out today, critics of the white house, let me throw another name out there illinois senator dick durbin among them says listen, if the president does this, this would create a constitutional crisis. he said he is engaging in desperate and reckless conduct. as for the argument he is maybe going to fire bob mueller. let me show you what the president's attorney had to say t ty cobb in respect to media questions being posed to the administration the white house yet again confirms that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel robert mueller. and while this weekend's tweet storm is obviously not something his lawyers would prefer. he also knows that he marches to the beat of his own drum and that will likely continue. sandra? >> sandra: kevin, as far as the president's schedule
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today, what can you tell us about today's opioid event in new hampshire? >> yeah. very, very important idea to get up there. i mean, this is something that is ravaging, just hammering states all over the country. not just the beautiful state of new hampshire. you may remember back on the 1st of this month they had that very important policy push at the white house talking about opioids. jeff sessions, the attorney general was there. one of the headlines, of course, that will garner a great deal of attention today, sandra, is this. as as far as the president's new opioid plan it says the department of justice will seek the death penalty against drug traffickers where appropriate under current law. that according to the white house fact sheet. here is the white house press secretary sarah sanders. >> we can tell you some of the things we have done particularly with the president's budget where it included $10 billion for hhs to combat the opioid epidemic by preventing opioid abuse and helping those who are addicted get
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access to overdose reversal drug treatment and recovery support services. also empowered attorney general jeff sessions -- >> as you saw there, i asked sarah sanders that on friday. she made it clear that it is a priority for the administration from a policy position. no briefing here today, sandra. we might get a gaggle gel on route. if we hear about it we will be back to you. >> sandra: and we are off. >> bill: what a weekend it has been. here now chief political correspondent byron york fox news contributor, byron, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. >> bill: a lot of back and forth all weekend long. just where are we this morning? frame that first? >> well, you know, we seem to have these periodic frenzies over whether the president is going to fire robert mueller. we have had them before and we just had another one. the president himself feeds it by complaining about mueller and then the president's attorneys come out and say no, he has no intention or no plans to fire robert mueller. so, that's where we are again. >> bill: all right. here is trey gowdy with a
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word of caution with chris wallace on sunday. >> i think the president's attorney, frankly, does him a disservice when he says that. and when he frames the investigation that way. chris, if you look at the jurisdiction for robert mueller, first and foremost, what did russia do to this country in 2016? that is supremely important and it has nothing to do with collusion. so, to suggest that mueller should shut down and that all he is looking at is collusion, if you have an innocent client, mr. dowd, act like it. >> bill: all right. what do you think of the white house reaction? >> >> well, the president has said 23 there is one thing he has said about this more than anything else, it is that there was no collusion. as we know, the independent counsel or the special counsel has charged al bunch of people high in the trump campaign who might have been expected to be involved in collusion, if collusion were actually going on but he hasn't charged him with anything resulting in that
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bill, i think there is an important point here about the president. he is not threatening to fire mueller but is he clearly trying to discredit mueller. i think in doing that he is taking a page out of the bill clinton handbook. back in 1998 during the lewenski scandal, the clinton white house went on a full force offensive against the independent counsel. i'm going to read you one headline from the "new york times" at that time, it said president's aides expand offensive to counter starr urging increase on leaks prosecutor denounced as corrupt and accused of witch-hunt. does that sound familiar? >> bill: indeed it does. just a moment ago, byron, a total witch-hunt with massive conflicts of interest. that's what the president tweeted a moment ago. last thought on that? we have got to roll. >> this is very much out of the playbook of discrediting the prosecutor so when he does something, you can argue that it is politically motivated. >> bill: thank you, sir. byron, thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: appreciate your analysis on a monday
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morning. good to have you back with us today. the fall of the bouncing ball of the weekend. where is it going and where is it going to stop? off we go. >> sandra: continues right on in to monday morning, right, bill? a shocker in the presidential election in russia. president vladimir putin winning fourth term in a landslide. what it means for the future of russia on the world stage. >> bill: also, facebook is under fire yet again. a whistle blower now laying out how he used close to 50 million social media profiles to try and influence the election of 2016. >> sandra: new information after president trump's fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. how it stands to impact the robert mueller reash investigation. >> have said that mccabe leaked classified documents. that's illegal. but then he also lied about leaking classified documents. the fbi are sticklers on this and they don't tolerate lying from their agents.
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it can be sculpted, bringing to life beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. >> sandra: a landslide election victory for vladimir putin, the russian leader extending his presidency by another six years after winning more than 76% of the vote. his nearest rival winning only 11%. meanwhile, a watchdog group says it received hundreds of reports from voters of irregularities in the election. we'll have more on this coming up. >> bill: we are now learning that newly fired fbi director andrew mccabe kept
6:16 am
memos on his meetings with president trump. and those notes have been turned over to the special counsel bob mueller who is leading investigation into whether or not the trump campaign colluded with russia prior to the election of 2016. i want to bring our senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano. the notes, do they matter? >> well, they matter first of all i think it's uunremarkable that he kept notes. you are trained from day one. you speak with someone and believe that information is going to be involved in fbi or doj business you take notes of it they matter because they very well bolster his credibility. >> they matter if they are self-serving or untrue. they matter because they are in the hands of special special prosecutor. did he give them to the special prosecutor or were they subpoenaed? i'm certain they were subpoenaed. these guys are not meeting in a hallway and exchanging notes. >> bill: you think the firing was vindictive and
6:17 am
reckless? >> i do. >> bill: how come? >> because andrew mccabe is more likely than not to be a witness against the attorney general's boss, the president of the united states. i think that firing him in that environment could very well be interpreted as an effort to diminish his effectiveness as a witness. what's that called? obstruction of justice. i don't know if bob mueller wants to go there. >> bill: they are doing this internal investigation, right? >> yes. >> bill: they determined that he leaked and lied about it. >> yes. they didn't say lie. they said less than fully candid, which is why for us to second guess the attorney general is probably not right until we see what he saw. >> bill: based on statements from the ig. did he it repeatedly. >> according to the ag, yes. i would want to see the questions they put to andrew mccabe and the answers they gave.
6:18 am
i don't think we are going to see that. that's not stuff that's published because it's personnel material. mccabe himself would have to request it and sign a waiver of it. >> bill: ty cobb the attorney for the president said this in response to media speculation, related questions being posed to the administration, the white house yet again confirms that the president is not considering the firing of special white house counsel robert mueller. is that significant. >> it's significant because the president's tweets over the weekend for the first time he attacked bob mueller by name almost made it sound as if he was having a different mind set ty cobb and john dowd, the president's two senior outside counsel had pretty much restrained the president from aattacking mueller. that restraint apparently dissipated over the weekend. so i'm happy that ty cobb said what he said. i'm not happy with what his co-counsel john dowd said. i pray that bob mueller closes up shop. you know what? you were hired to defend the
6:19 am
president, not to pray for him. >> bill: john dowd is probably defending him at that point though? >> yes, yes. going on television saying i pray that you shut down shop is not the way a lawyer for an innocent defendant conveys the message on tv. >> bill: in a legal frame, look, i think there is so much going on right now. i think people can get confused. things get cloudy. >> yes. >> bill: i'm certain that's the case of viewers. a lot of these names people are frankly not familiar with. >> yes. >> bill: frame where are we right now in this special counsel investigation and how that could possibly relate rather to this president? >> that is a great question, bill. i will try to clarify it special counsel is looking at three things. did the trump campaign receive anything of value from a foreign national or a foreign government? that's the so-called collusion. collusion is not a legal term. it's a media term. did the president engage in obstruction of justice by
6:20 am
firing james comey or anybody else for a corrupt purpose, a corrupt purpose is one that would serve the president's personal needs and not law enforcement or governmental needs u third, this is very, very touchy. the president has pretty much said to mueller don't go there. did the president or his companies engage in money laundering or bank fraud before he was president, before he was even a candidate for president? those are the three areas that bob mueller is examining. >> bill: are we any closer to those answers right now. >> no, no we are not. >> bill: pushing that stone down the road, aren't we? >> i think this grand jury, or these two grand juries that bob mueller has summoned are going to be sitting into 2019. >> bill: you believe that? >> i do believe that because there is so much more material. >> bill: when the president pleads to get this thing over with it's not happening. >> not soon. not soon enough for him and not soon enough for the country, really. >> bill: much more to talk about. >> i love your new studio. >> bill: thank you, it's
6:21 am
home. >> sandra: good to have you on set, judge. good morning. and well the battle over sanctuary cities heating up in california now one town is taking a stand. why it doesn't want to be a sanctuary city. >> bill: also, we're awaiting the first civil lawsuit the deadly miami bridge collapse. this as we get new details on the investigation into how this went so wrong. >> the images at home do not -- on television do not do justice for how work the workers to have had to do and do in a way that's sensitive to the pain of these families and at the same time preserves evidence. at&t gives you more for your thing. your me-time thing. that sunday night date night with hbo allllllll night thing. (bickering.) mom!
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♪ >> sandra: attorneys expected to file the first cill suit today in the miami bridge collapse that killed six people. it's still not clear what caused the newly built pedestrian walkway to come crashing down across 8 lanes of traffic. the florida department of transportation said it had been notified about a crack in the concrete. phil keating is live from miami with the latest on that. phil? >> sandra, all six victims identified over the weekend and this morning florida international students returned to campus and class work after having last week off for spring break at 1:47 p.m. today, they will all, campus wide, observe a moment of silence for the six fatalities. these are six men and women just simply driving in their cars and trucks down a busy street underneath a concrete bridge. something everybody does pretty much every day. very routine. the street fully cleared from 8 million pounds of rubble. it does remain closed to traffic. heavy equipment operators
6:26 am
were finally able to free the last of the occupied cars out of 8 total, crushed under the still under construction pedestrian bridge on saturday. at the time of the collapse, there were several workers on the bridge, tightening cables. engineer with the bridge design firm told the state two days before that in a voice mail that cracks had been discovered in the concrete. >> i was calling to share with you some information about the fiu pedestrian bridge and cracking that's been observed on the north end of the span. the pylon end of that span we moved this weekend. um, so, we've taken a look at it and obviously some repairs or whatever will have to be done. but, from a safety perspective, we don't see that there is any issue there. >> that engineer from the fig bridge design firm which designed this bridge. the voice mail, however, was not listened to until friday the day after the collapse.
6:27 am
nbc on the scene concrete alone do not necessarily mean bridge is unsafe and could collapse. but everything is still under investigation. the youngest of the victims, 21-year-old alexa duran, a florida international university freshman who was studying political science, her family, which lives here in miami, just devastated. >> my niece is still in her vehicle. still in her vehicle, one of the last ones to get out, you know. luckily, luckily her passenger, god bless him, he walked away. he is going to have to live with that. >> about nine people were hit by the falling debris on thursday. but they survived. many of them remain in the hospital for a variety of injuries. and, of course, one of those victims filing that lawsuit against probably the university, the construction company, as well as the bridge design firm this afternoon up in orlando. >> sandra?
6:28 am
>> tragic story for those families, phil keating, thank you. >> bill: not getting any better either. march madness living up to the name. cheering on underdog team but she stz star. sister jean coming up. also, facebook under fire after report of data analysis firm tapping millions without permission. what the information was used for and connection to trump team coming up. >> we need to find out what we can about the mishap proposition of the privacy, the private information of tens of millions of americans it's time for the 'sleep number
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>> bill: 9:31 in new york. facebook under growing scrutiny. facebook want to hear from mark zuckerberg after reports claim advertising data firm contain reports on tens of millions of facebook users without their consent. this is a big deal whether you have that amount of data and privacy violations there are significant. the question is, who knew it and when did they know it? how long did this go on? and what happens to that data now? >> bill: intriguing story. william la jeunesse is on it live in l.a. with more. hey, william. >> well, bill, here is the allegation. it starts with a cambridge university psychology professor who obtained permission from facebook to create an app. called this is your digital life. when users signed on they could elect to take personality test which asks them about education, work,
6:33 am
likes, locations, photos, political affiliations. about 270,000 users downloaded the app., but, in doing so, that also gave the company access to friends and family, reportedly some 50 million. so now there are two critical questions. by signing up for the app., did users unknowingly and without consent override their own privacy settings facebook says no. in 2011 the company signed consent decree with the ftc that required users to affirmatively agree to share their personal data and report any unauthorized access to the ftc. that's when the second question comes in. did this professor illegally sell that data to cambridge analytic can a. the company hired by the trump campaign to target voters. >> cambridge analytica 50000000 facebook users. and i want to bring attention to that so people understand their data is being used improperly by
6:34 am
this company. >> that's a whistleblower. facebook blames the professor and says he and cambridge analytica failed to destroy that personal data as required. none of this is going down well on capitol hill where ceo mark zuckerberg could be called to testify about the company's failure to protect user privacy. >> we need to find out what we can about the mishap proposition of the privacy, the private information of tens of millions of americans that ms. appropriate information used by this digital arm of the trump campaign from the american voters. >> obviously this is becoming politicized. cambridge analytica claims no data from this is your digital life was used in the campaign. 50 million friends and family, bill, did not give consent even if those users did. facebook has called this a scam and fraud and said it is the victim. there will be a lot of investigations going
6:35 am
forward. >> bill: indeed, barely just scratching the surface. sandra has more on this now. marjorie cliftton consultant to the campaign and elizabeth staff writer for the washington free beacon. elizabeth, they are saying that this was information so private it is stuff your spouse or mother may not know about you. 50 million profiles were breached and that data used. it's really unbelievable story that has a lot of people's attention. should there be an investigation? >> sure. i think you can look at this. it's on facebook and we know social media, google, facebook. this is what advertisers do all the time. and the story here now is being targeted that the trump campaign somehow used this data, you know, and it taints his victory as illegitimate. another one of these stories that tries to say that trump's victory was somehow helped either by russia or social media or fake news,
6:36 am
but the problem here is i don't think this company, you have this pink hair vegan says that it had the power to warp your perception of what is real around you. the problem is people didn't have to have their minds warped to vote for donald trump over hillary clinton. in the end, i don't think this effects what happened in 2016 in the election. >> sandra: i mean, if this is the using social media as a weapon or campaign tool. the point is facebook knew this was happening. facebook knew and didn't inform users they would be breaking laws here in the united states and great britain. they are calling for investigations. here's one of our state senators amy klobuchar is saying not only does she want an investigation she wants mark zuckerberg to sit down and answer questions. she tweeted this out over
6:37 am
the week. this is a major breach that must be investigated. it's clear these platforms can't police themselves. i have called for more transparency and accountability for online political ads. they say trust us. mark zuckerberg needs to testify before senate judiciary. marjorie, will that happen? >> well, this has become politicized because, in this case, it was used to benefit the trump campaign. but i think the question that we're dealing with is one of this sort of the new world order with technology because we see similar issues unrolling when our credit card data is breached, you know, through target. we have had major corporations deal with similar issues of who is accountable when information is sold. and, to be honest, all of us are complicit and we are also vulnerable when we put our information online in any way. because the information they took was made available by users. so i think, you know, understanding and how companies respond to this, i mean, what we saw was when facebook found out about this particular breach, they actually changed policies to where app. providers or
6:38 am
people who create apps can no longer ask for or obtain users data. and that's responsiveness. this is part of, again, this new world order of the way we use technology. >> sandra: there is a huge question as to whether or not these social media companies need to face more scrutiny and there is a lot of concern this morning in the investment atmosphere facebook shares on the open are already down several percent. investors are concerned about this. senator marco rubio talking about just that and how the regulations are not keeping up with the technology. listen. >> these companies have grown very fast within the span of a less than 10 years. their growth has been a lot faster than perhaps their ability to mature institutionally from within on some of these challenges that they're facing. i think another part about it is sometimes these companies grow so fast and get so much good press they get up high on themselves and start to think they are above the rules that apply to everybody else. >> sandra: elizabeth, have you got to wonder if there are other companies out
6:39 am
there doing the same thing right now impact perhaps the next election. >> right. i mean, with social media and advertising, to marjorie's point we all give in to this when we use our cell phone. we have all seen it when we are having a conversation and next ad that comes up on our phone is something similar to what we just watched or talked about. of course, it's very powerful. but, i think there is a double standard here though. there is so much scrutiny because republicans use data mining and were trying to target voters. in 2008, barack obama was the first, you know, facebook president, right? he used social media he was one of the co-founders of facebook working on his campaign. did that give him an advantage on social media? i bet it did. and so, of course, we should look at these things and be weary about them. but i think there is a double standard here as well. that the idea that, you know, the social media, like tripped the election for trump, it is not the case.
6:40 am
>> sandra: we still don't know where this data is and who is holding on to it and who knew what and when. do you think mark zuckerberg is going to have to testify? >> whether he has to, i don't know. whether he will, you know, he actually has been very forthcoming and willing to sort of engage with multiple administrations at this point. he will have things to say about it. facebook doesn't hide. they are a target because they are the largest social media provider there is. and that happens when you are the one on the top. it's like bank robbers go to banks because that's where all the money is right now facebook is the bank. they have the greatest amount of information on users and so, they're going to be under a lot of scrutiny. >> sandra: it's amazing. a spot where people freely give up such personal information every single day. happy monday to both of you. >> bill: march madness is in the books and as we head into the sweet 16 bracket busters beware.
6:41 am
first time ever now seeds 1 through 4 in the south region are out. the cinderella story continues. lola chicago beating tennessee. players celebrating with a team chaplain. sister jean who is 98. she's awesome. also, the dream is over for the ultimate cinderella. university of maryland, baltimore county, umbc losing to kansas state as they shocked the world friday night becoming the first 16 seed to topple number one seed. number one seed that was the number one seed in the tournament. that was virginia. virginia is out. xavier is out. cincinnati lost last night after 22 edge. who else have you got? they are just going. >> so, for those of you following it like bill, the weekend did not disappoint. >> bill: it was great. i think the game has changed. i think the talent is spread much more evenly than ever
6:42 am
before. all these great teams with story history getting knocked out like north carolina is a different ballgame. >> sandra: that mixed in with good golf. rory and tiger at it this weekend. what a weekend it was. >> bill: you are on point, sandra. >> sandra: another six years under president vladimir putin. what it means for the tenuous state of u.s.-russia relations. we'll ask retired four star general jack keane. >> bill: also, sandra, president trump's tweet storm about andrew mccabe and russia matter fueling speculation that robert mueller may be the next target. is that true? new york congressman peter king reacts on that. but, first, trey gowdy with chris wallace on sunday. >> oh, andy mccabe has undercut his credibility all by himself. it was his own fellow fbi agents who said he leaked and then lied about it. so, if he has got credibility issues, he needs to look no further than himself. ♪ ♪
6:43 am
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reports of election fraud, surveillance video appearing to show blatant ballot stuffing. i want to bring in general jack keane, i remember that of the institute study of war. strategic analyst. this wasn't -- he didn't have any fair competition. the point, general, in all of this, is that putin has job security in a significant way. why is it so critical now with this election from over the weekend? >> well, right. i mean, elections are farce to be sure. it's a controlled election. and they put up some token opposition. and the only potential opposition he had, he made that person invalid, could not participate in the election what putin is doing here, clearly, he sees
6:47 am
russia as a world power. is he extraordinarily ambitious in pursuing that he has become increasingly aggressive as a result of it. increasing his military capability quite a bit. and russia is becoming considerably more dangerous i think this administration has correctly identified the era we are in strategically in the world. as big power competition isn't it interesting that china and russia are the big adversarial powers. second that would be iran. and china and russia have just recently put people in charge of those countries, dictators to be sure, global ambitions, that they both have, expansionists, they are both expansionists, and they are going to stay in power likely indefinitely. so we have got our hands full with russia and with china. >> bill: certain irony, isn't it in all coming in the same week, don't you think, general? >> absolutely. and the path ahead clearly
6:48 am
the national security strategy identified by the trump administration gets it right in terms of the confrontation we are going to have with these two countries. and now we have got to really put meat on the bones in terms of specific strategies dealing with them. it will lead to some kind of confrontation, hopefully not conflict. but we have got to be willing to step up and push back on their aggression. both china certainly in the western pacific and the south china sea and east china sea and also as they push globally and russia in eastern europe and also now in the middle east. >> bill: what do you think would be his next target? you think this election? think about it. it took place on the four year of the annexation of crimea. have you got all this activity in syria. clearly putin wants to get back in the middle east and be a power player and he is already. he has got his eyes encore rhea. potential market there as well. i don't know if they will help us or hurt us through
6:49 am
these negotiations. have you six more years of rule in russia. and if you go back to mitt romney's comment from 2012, your biggest geopolitical concern is vladimir putin in russia. what are his next objectives, do you think, general? >> i think they are clearly, and can you see it by the level of involvement that he has when he uses hybrid forces. information, political warfare, they are masters at it we are talking about the baltics and also the balkans. these are the areas he is going to put considerably more pressure on. at the end of the day, putin really wants to break nato, the trans-atlantic alliance that has helped keep the international order stable throughout europe for 70 plus years. he is after that. and he's going to use political information warfare to weaken this alliance. he believes that in the u.k. he has got a weak leader in theresa may. he believes he has a weak leader in angela merkel and he has other weak leaders
6:50 am
throughout europe and he can take advantage of them. the unknown to him clearly now is mr. trump. and he senses that mr. trump is going to be a no nonsense president because he has seen him respond in syria with use of chemical weapons and seen him respond in ukraine in previous administration would not do in providing lethal aid to the ukrainians. i don't think these sanctions are adequate enough. so he understands that the united states is likely going to kind of -- will be confronting him in the future. >> bill: okay. >> i don't think that's going to disabuse him in the political terms o. >> bill: you said a lot. general jack keane in washington, thank you, sir. >> thank you, bill. >> sandra: california staying defiant in its state to remain a sanctuary state. not every city in the golden state is on board. how one municipality may exempt itself from the law. plus, escalating violence on
6:51 am
the syria, turkey border as the turkish military and syrian rebels take control of another city. ♪ ♪ i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys. zach! talk to me.
6:52 am
it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us.
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6:54 am
army members. a major development in nearly two month offensive against the syrian kurdish militia that controls the area. conor powell joins us live in jerusalem this morning with the latest. conor? >> yes, andrew, now in its eighth year the syrian war remains as complicated as ever. case in point is the northern syrian city. for months now under control of pro-western kurdish firefighters.
6:55 am
the kurds, of course, have been instrumental in helping the u.s. and west defeat isis in iraq and syria. but nato member and american ally turkey views the kurds and aafrica afrin. aligned itself as syrian fighters to drive the pro-western kurds out of afrin. heavy fighting sending tens of thousands of civilians fleeing. circling the city center. the battle for afrin has laid bear some of the political opposition to the. the kurds, syrian rebels and turks all view in theory they want to defeat assad in syria. and topple the government there but instead of defeating assad they have been battling themselves for some time now. sandra, what swlee have seen in the last few months turkey has moved against the kurds and kurds tried to take territory. syrian opposition crumble the assad regime backed by iran and russia has been
6:56 am
consolidating territory across the country and in the area around eastern ghouta outside of demascus can you say: >> sandra: thank you for reporting on that. >> bill: watching this one back home. president trump firing new attacks against bob mueller in the russia matter. latest fall out of the firing of deputy director andrew mccabe and memos on conversations with the president. all of that is coming up top of the hour. >> to have a firings like this happening at the top from the president and the attorney general, does not speak well for what's going on. lilly.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. savannah san police in austin, texas, not saying yet whether last night's explosion is connected to three package bombs that went off earlier this month. two men hurt in the blast
7:00 am
and it's unclear what caused the explosion, though a police chief says a trap wire may have triggered it. >> so that changes things in that our safety message to this point has been voluming the handling of packages and telling this community do not handle packages, too not pick up packages, do not disturb packages. we now need the community to have an extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device. >> sandra: this is austin's fourth explosion in less than three weeks. on the other side of the city, a 39-year-old man died in the first package bomb explosion, 10 days later, two more bombs exploded, killing a 17-year-old and injuring two women. well, police say those packages were left on door steps overnight and did not come through the post office or other delivery services. authorities now raising the reward for tips leading to an arrest to $115,000. ♪ >> sandra: this is a fox news alert.
7:01 am
president trump launching new attacks against former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe and special counsel robert mueller. calling the investigation nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: if it looks different this will be our home for next couple of months studio j as in jazzy. which means he will be jazzier than before. our beautiful new newsroom is behind us. >> sandra: it is lovely. everyone is hard at work there. >> bill: we have a window, too. >> sandra: that's a plus. >> bill: on beautiful day. i'm bill hemmer, latest barrage coming as reports mccabe kept personal memos about his reaction with the president. senator rand paul said mccabe had it coming. >> they basically have said that mccabe leaked classified documents. that's illegal. but then he also lied about leaking classified documents, and so, you know, the fbi are sticklers on
7:02 am
this and they don't tolerate lying from their agents. so if all that is true. i see no way that he could continue in his office and that punishment is appropriate. >> bill: critics now wondering if the president is merely testing the waters before firing bob mueller. no indication he will do that. we have reaction now from congressman peter king, is he live in a moment. first though, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington to begin this hour there. catherine, good morning. >> well, thank you, bill, and good morning. one of the president wants lawyers issued this statement. attempting to put to rest questions about the special counsel's future after a series of tweets this weekend. reads in part in response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the administration, the white house yet again confirms that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of the special counsel robert mueller. on the sunday talk shows, republicans and democrats warned against any action. >> talking to my colleagues, all along, it was, you know, once he goes after mueller, then we will take action.
7:03 am
i think that people see that as a massive red line that can't be crossed. >> we should allow bob mullen to complete this investigation and any effort by the president or by his counsel to stop this investigation needs to be recessed oresisted on a bipartin basis. >> british spy put together the dossier, his work was the foundation for surveillance warrant and also the foundation in many respects for the fbi's counter intelligence russia investigation. republicans argue there is solid evidence that christopher steele is unreliable because he lied to the bureau or the fbi mislead the surveillance court, bill. >> bill: there is new reaction about mccabe's firing. what do you have on that? >> bill, the basis for his determination grew out of the independent investigation by the justice department inspector general and was then reaffirmed by the fbi's office that investigates allegations of misconduct. the senior house republican said the termination was justified based on mccabe's actions and important for context to understanding he
7:04 am
was a central player in both the clinton email and russia investigations. >> it was the fbi who said he made an unauthorized disclosure and then lied about it. that wasn't president trump. it wasn't me. it wasn't the crazy house republicans. it was his own fellow fbi agents that said he leaked and then lied about it. so, if he has got credibility issues, he needs to look no further than himself. >> meantime a senior house democrat also indicated mccabe's firing may be justified. he says he emains very concerned about a pattern of half dozen of comey's closest associates have been fired retired reassigned or demoted. >> the fact that mccabe and every other of the james comey associates general counsel baker rybicki who james comey on potential obstruction of justice, every one of them has been targeted by the administration, by the republicans in congress, and is this because they
7:05 am
corroborate james comey that's a question we also have to answer. >> the evidence will be laid out for the public to see in the inspector general's report and it could come at any time, bill. >> bill: that will be significant. kathleen, thank you bill. >> sandra: as president trump ramps up attack on the russia investigation. speculation swirling over whether he will turn those words into action by firing special counsel robert mullen. republican congressman pete king of new york is a member of the intelligence committee, although there is no sign of him actually doing so. is it the massive red line that senator jeff flake just suggested it is, if he were to do so, congressman? >> yeah, first of all, i don't think this investigation ever should have been started as we look back through it now there is no basis. having said that, it is underway. bob mueller does have a very good reputation. and the president would be making a serious mistake in getting rid of bob mueller it would just lead to more problems. another special counsel and would go on certainly for
7:06 am
the next two or three years. i think there is -- all i have seen and what i know being on the intelligence committee there is absolutely no evidence of collusion. the investigation shouldn't have been started in the first place. it was based on a papadopoulos conversation in the middle of the night and the dossier which for the most part is totally unproven and unverified. but it is underway. it is going. and to me, the president should let it go. let it run its course. i also think bob mueller should give some idea of of when this is going to be ended. this is the president of the united states. whether it's donald trump or hillary clinton, you can't have this needless cloud out there. and so i think just inspiring confidence as far as dealing with foreign leaders, it would be important for bob mueller, if he can to give some idea when the investigation is going to be ended or at least when the collusion part of it is going to be ended. >> sandra: i want to run this breaking news by you because as we saw the president in his twitter storm over the weekend did he tweet out that i spent very little time with andrew mccabe but he never took
7:07 am
notes when he was with me. i don't believe he made memos except to help his own agenda, probably a later date same with lying james comey can we call them fake memos? fox news just coming into our newsroom has now confirmed that special counsel robert mueller's team is now in possession of the mccabe memos on his meetings with trump. let me get your reaction to that. >> yeah, listen, i don't think so it's any big deal. i'm sure president trump never said anything to andrew mccabe that was illegal or implied any type of illegality. get all the memos you want. turn them over. i have the same question about james comey's memos. he sat down with loretta lynch and she basically was restricting him wanted to changes the name of the hillary clinton investigation. he never wrote a memo after his meetings with loretta lynch who actually was getting involved in, i think, blocking the mostly cloudy investigation or at least putting a different tone on it but he never kept memos of his conversation with her. andrew mccabe never kept copies of memos that he had or made memos of
7:08 am
conversations he had either with loretta lynch or other people in the justice department. so, i think very seriously, they can turn over all the memos they want. and i see no pattern of obstructions. i see no obstruction of justice here at all. and i think, again, you know, this started out on collusion. turns out there is no evidence of collusion. now they go on to obstruction of justice when the president lawfully terminated the fbi director and andrew mccabe is being fired. president trump had nothing to do with that. this is the internal fbi and department of justice. these people, none of them appointed by president trump. had nothing to do with it at all. people really attacking the fbi now, people like comey and others, who say that mccabe shouldn't have been fired. the fbi said he shouldn't be fired. >> sandra: latest words from the president coming through his twitter account just a short time ago. the president tweeting a total witch-hunt with massive conflicts of interest. congressman, director of legislative affairs mark short over the weekend asked the question will the mueller probe ever end?
7:09 am
a lot of folks wondering that. >> again, when you are caught up in the partisanship here, and once it started, it has to run its course. but, again, how far is it going to go? if there is no evidence of collusion and i are they going to track down every rabbit hole here? again, something there, fine, come out with it. i think the special counsel you know, shouldn't just have an open field there. he should give some idea when the investigation is going to be closing down. and at least, as far as the obstruction issue or collusion issue. that's why this started in the first place because of collusion and there is no evidence of that. >> what do you make of the comments coming from members of your own party, aimed at the president, trey gowdy say sphrug done nothing wrong, you should want the investigation to be as wholesome and thorough as possible. senator lindsey graham saying, amid all the speculation, whether the president would actually
7:10 am
consider firing robert mueller. senator graham saying this would be the beginning of the end of his presidency. >> well, it would certainly hurt the presidency. and, again, i urge the president not to fire bob mueller. let him complete the investigation. i'm just saying i'm also calling on bob mueller if he can to give some idea, you know, what his time schedule is, you know, for this investigation. and also, some of the republican, not lindsey graham and. jeff flake they are not friends of the president anyway. bob mueller was given this investigation. i think he was given too much of an open field here. if they are going to go back over every aspect of donald trump's life. that's an investigation that can go on for the next 20 years. they probably won't find anything. again, if you give somebody that type of power and people's lifsz ruined in the process. again, i keep emphasizing, this after all these months, after 18 months of fbi investigation. over, i guess, 10 months now
7:11 am
of special counsel investigation, auto kno i'm note of any collusion of trump campaign and russia. >> sandra: congressman pete king great to have you on this morning. >> bill: 11 minutes after the hour now. check it out. awaiting a news conference in austin, texas now. police there will talk in a moment after a fourth package explosion in three weeks. what we are learning about the victims of this attack. and do police have a suspect? we will bring that you news conference when it begins. >> sandra: plus, a new prediction from a top senator, signaling the u.s. could be ready to take a tougher stance on iran. >> bill: more trouble for hillary clinton and more questions as her latest comments have democrats looking to put distance between her and the rest of the party. >> it's not helpful at all. in fact, my friend, hillary clinton, is wrong.
7:12 am
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surround yourself with the team of breast cancer experts at cancer treatment centers of america. visit appointments available now. ♪ >> i don't like the way it happened. he should have been allowed to finish through the weekend. that said, look, there is an inspector general report that's due and work that's being done. and after he had retired, if that report would have i understand kited wrong doing or something that was actionable, there are things that could have been done after the fact. >> my problem is the timing and the way it all worked. it just seem mean-spirited to come down on a guy within 48 hours of scheduled retirement. 41 years of exceptional service in the fbi.
7:16 am
capitol hill. lindsey graham calling for a hearing to ensure this was not politically shoat vacated as several democrats offer to hire mccabe so he can still collect his pension. meanwhile mccabe is said to be considering all options joining me now is jason chaffetz. former jew talk congressman and fox news contributor. a man who certainly has something to say about in this morning. what are your thoughts? >> i think those senators are very shortsighted. it's very impossible to get fired nothing wrong. somebody needs to. reports. then a recommendation. then you have to go through process that's usually a couple months with the office of professional responsibility to finally get to that point where you are actually fired. so this didn't happen in some 72-hour period. and if senator aruba wants to get a collection cup together to give money to
7:17 am
this person that had gone awry, senior most level of the fbi. then go ahead and do that. but, he still will get his full retirement. i think there has been a lot of misinformation about that. he will still get that he won't get the enhanced benefits which allow him to continue on in perpetuity to get his salary. he will still get his full retirement. >> we will hear all about that. see where that goes meanwhile fox news just confirmed the special counsel's team is now in possession of the mccabe memos and those meetings that he had with trump so, what could we learn from those memos? >> i don't know. begs the question where are his memos about meeting with hillary clinton, about his time take notes, then they were under subpoena. how come those weren't turned over congress. devin nunes and the
7:18 am
committee. if this was common practice show all of his notes. something the president has suggested after the fact. i think those are legitimate questions that need to be answered. >> will these memos be a consideration. will they be used somehow in the mueller probe. >> yeah. i think it's also important to have the inspector general, the way i see the time line happening here. it's a guess. but based on my experience, i think you're going to see that the fbi director's book will come out. it will then be after that that i think the inspector general report will come together. now, the inspector general will take that report, they will give it to the director of the fbi, mr. wray. they will give it to the attorney general or give it to the deputy attorney general those three people have a week to respond to it and cooperating witnesses will also get to see their section of this report. then it will be made public. i think that date will come closer to may then it will in the next couple of days. and that will play out over the next few weeks. >> sandra: i got to get your
7:19 am
thinking now that we have confirmed that the special counsel has mccabe memos. get your thinking looking back at the weekend not only the sessions decision to actually fire mccabe but the tweets we saw fired off by the president, including this one. spent very little time with andrew mccabe but he never took notes when he was with me. i don't believe he made memos except to help his own agenda. probably at a later date. same with lying james comey. can we call them fake memos? congressman? >> well, i think the president makes a good point. but i -- you know, i think the president should be very cautious here. i was very critical of president obama, when he was signaling during the irs investigation and other things what he want the conclusion to be. silent on this. at this point have you two open investigations. i think the inspector general, i believe wholeheartedly in michael horowitz and his team what is he doing. let that play that out. i don't think you necessarily have to weigh in and try to sway the jury at
7:20 am
this point. investigations are happening and we have to see the conclusion this was happening late on friday. getting the president's reaction as seeing celebration. mccabe fired great day for working men and women of the fbi. sanction moneyous james comey with his boss and made mccabe look like a choir boy. he knew all about the corruption going on highest levels of the fbi. will this moment in time. will they look back at moment in time and see ultimate decision to fire mccabe was a good decision? >> like i said, you really have to run the gam bit in order to get fired as a federal employee. the facts will play themselves out. go ahead and sue the government if you think you are wrong. mr. mccabe. but, there are a lot of things that went wrong. everything from security clearances will be a question. why he recused himself, then took away that recusal and then put another recusal in place. the text messages that we have by the tens of thousands from peter strzok
7:21 am
and lisa page. illuminate things that we were never supposed to see. a lot of people there at the department of justice were banking on the idea that the hillary clinton was going to be the president of the united states and none of this was going to come out. now the truth is going to surface. >> sandra: former congressman jason chaffetz. fox news contributor. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: we are learning more about the missed opportunities for the massacre at parkland. a warning about the alleged killer seems to have been ignored. we will explain. also, president trump heading into new hampshire today to address his plan to battle the opioid crisis. the former governor john sununu is next on that. whoooo.
7:22 am
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>> sandra: more missed flags on the florida shooter. considering forcibly committing nikolas cruz in 2016 over concerns about his mental health. they did not act on the recommendation to institutionalize him. had he been committed, it would have been very hard for cruz to legally purchase a gun. the 19-year-old is charged with 17 counts of first degree murder and 17 more counts of attempted murder in the february 14th massacre. ♪ >> bill: president trump heads to new hampshire later today announcing plan to combat the opioid epidemic. the granite state as you know first to hold the presidential primaries and some of the republicans have been there recently setting off speculation could be a primary challenge for 2020. former new hampshire governor john sununu also former chief of staff george w. bush, how are you doing on this monday in the middle of march madness. >> i'm fine. i hope you are, bill. >> bill: i am. thank you. and thank you for your time
7:26 am
today. what do you make of john kasich coming next month and the president's visit today? >> it's new hampshire. we are going to see them all. some serious. and some entertaining. flake was entertaining but not serious. >> bill: all right. entertained but not serious. >> that's right. >> bill: okay. >> the voters -- the republican voters of arizona made it very clear to him how out of step he is with republicans. and so, if he can't get and i think the last poll he had in arizona is around 30%. if he can't get more than 30% support from his own republicans in his own state, what does he really expect is he going to get around the country? >> bill: bit of a parlor game. pat buchanon took on george h.w. bush then. appeared to have some 6 an effect in that game. get to that as it becomes more prominent. president trump went to new hampshire during his campaign repeatedly and made the opioid matter a corner stone of his campaign,
7:27 am
especially in your state. has it gotten better? >> >> things have leveled off here which is certainly improvement on the rapid growth of problems than it had offer the last five or ten years. i'm glad the president is putting this plan forward it is certainly well awaited by a number of folks up here. we certainly would have loved to have seen it even a little bit earlier. it has the right focus. focus is on education and prevention. it addresses cutting off supplies and going after drug dealers and has good focus on treatment and rehab. it's a pretty balanced program. we just hope up here that the feds put the resources behind it to help states like new hampshire deal with the problem that is created by what comes across our borders. >> bill: go in there with the a.g. jeff sessions both
7:28 am
will be there. from your perspective, what do you think of this mccabe matter that happened over the weekend? >> look, america cabe expectings to has been himself with self-serving memos which may or may not have been drafted. anyone who writes memos with a meeting someone else writes them in a way to cover their own butt these are butt covering memos that mccabe put together at some time i think mccabe really ought to recognize the fact that the office of professional responsibility is the one that really promoted his firing. i think the democrats that are criticizing the process are criticizing opr and they ought to understand that that is serious criticism of the fbi i think that the attorney general had no choice but to fire him after getting that recommendation from opr. >> bill: thank you, sir. nice to have you on a monday, okay? >> have a great day. thank you. >> bill: you bet, as well. john sununu with us live,
7:29 am
sandra. >> sandra: six more years with vladimir putin as the russian wins re-election in a landslide. live in moscow. >> bill: democrats trying to put hillary clinton in their rear view mirror after controversial remarks from last week. county party move on? or will she stick around? ♪ as the one who's always trapped beneath the duvet, i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness , it's gas. gas-x relieves pressure,bloating and discomfort in minutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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>> sandra: russian president vladimir putin winning a fourth term in office and six year in power. wide gap between him and the other candidates. observers now reporting discrepancies in the voting process. amy kellogg is life in moscow with the latest. amy? >> hi, sandra. the international observers are actually saying that voting day itself happened in a very orderly fashion. but generally, sandra, they
7:33 am
point to the fact that there were a lack of fundamental freedoms and competition in this presidential race. now, probably the most striking line of the night came from putin's campaign chairman who said that russia, that putin had great britain to thank for this resounding victory. that being accused of the poisoning of the double agent in the u.k. actually played right into putin's hands. he got 77% of the vote, which was more than they expected. it's 14% more than he got last time. putin swung by a big crimian annexation anniversary party near red scar square and addressed the poisoning of the russian agent and his daughter for the first time. >> of course we think that any sensible person understands that is complete fantasy, rubbish and nonsense that somebody in russia might do something on this on the eve of the presidential election and football world cup. irrespective of all these difficulties we are ready to
7:34 am
work together and discuss any subject and to overcome any difficulties. >> there were reports of ballot stuffing and other irregularities, but they were generally fewer than we have seen in the past. the bigger problem, observers say pressure people felt under to actually go vote. in some instances they were bussed to polling stations. there were prizes given out for the best selfies taken at polling stations, so on. sandra, a lot of pressure on people just to get out and vote because they did want to get a good voter turnout for some legitimacy and they did get a decent one at about 63%. finally, in terms of the latest on the russian double agent and his daughter, there are reports in the u.s. media that actually possibly that nerve agent creeped through the ventilation system of the bmw and that may have been the way in which they were poisoned. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: six more years for putin amy kellogg, thank
7:35 am
you. some democrats. >> bill: hillary clinton made comments about trump voters after the election of 2016. she wrote on facebook, quote: i understand how some of what i said upset people and can be misinterpreted. i meant no disrespect to any individual or group and i want to look to the future as much as anybody. fox news contributor katie pavlich. editor of town hall marianne march former advisor to john kerry. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> happy monday. >> bill: monday indeed. just to refresh your memory, this is part of what she said last week, you didn't like black people getting rights. you don't like women. you know, getting jobs. you don't want, you know, to see that indian american succeeding more than you are. tell that to nikki haley and bobby jindal in louisiana. katie, i thought dick durbin's comments over the weekend very interesting.
7:36 am
i will play that in a moment. is she explaining how this came off well? >> the old saying if you are explaining you are losing. here we are again with hillary clinton saying something about herself and dwelling on the 2016 presidential election in a public setting during an interview, year seas on foreign soil. where she insulted half of the country, if not more. and she doesn't just come out and say i am sorry for what i said. she has to include all these words to say i may have been misinterpreted. i didn't mean to do. this you know, but, by the way, it is true that white women are being bull idea by their husbands and sons within their households and there is still gender inequality within our families. that's her problem. for democrats who want to move on from her, it's not that hillary is being helpful to them. it would be different if she could move on from her loss in 2016 and actually go to the congressional districts that she won that are up for re-election with republican congressman retiring, but, instead, she is putting
7:37 am
people like claire mccaskill, senator from missouri, heidi heitcamp in north dakota in have difficult positions because of these comments. basically saying they are all deplorables all over again. that's not helpful to her. >> bill: she won the dynamics case, marianne. before i play dick durbin, do you sense this separation from her and the party permanent now? >> i don't think hillary clinton has any affect on any election in 2018. to katie's point, about 2016, if donald trump and the republicans who are obsessed about 2016 and hillary clinton and donald trump, the 2018 election is a referendum on donald trump. so, hillary clinton can say and do whatever she wants, but what we have seen time and time again in these 2018 special elections wit conor lamb and doug jones donald trump is the albatross around the republicans neck. >> bill: is she helpful or
7:38 am
not right now, marianne? helpful or not? >> in some ways she will probably campaign in certain districts in 2018. make no mistake about it, bill, this election is about donald trump. >> bill: dick durbin big obama fan. hillary clinton said this as well on "fox news sunday." >> it's not helpful at all. in fact, my friend hillary clinton is wrong. 30% of the people who voted for donald trump had voted for president obama. why? the same people who look for change with president obama thought there wasn't enough, as far as their personal lives were concerned. and they supported donald trump. >> bill: looks to me like she is pretty much done, katie. >> i can't believe i'm agreeing with senator dick durbin at this point. she is right. hillary clinton is wrong. for her to continue to be on a world stage in a public setting insulting every day americans who just want their lives to be better in places that she believes she shouldn't have gone to, you know, this is a representation of why hillary clinton lost. she didn't go to the places
7:39 am
like michigan, wisconsin you. didn't spend enough time in those places. it's probably because she thought they were backwards and that they weren't the most dynamic places like new york, for example, where she was being welcome with open arms by celebrities in the hamptons. the dynamic states. i want to address 2018 in the senate. claire mass calculate kill is tied to hillary clinton. and hillary lost north dakota by 25 plus%. there is a connection there. and democrats are having a very hard time getting away from being the party of the elite and hillary clinton is not helping them by putting herself out there, gaining attention by saying these things that are offensive to a lot of people in this country. >> bill: you referred to it, katie. this is what she said on her posting. it wasn't at all 100 percent take back apentagon. antidotal evidence women are unfortunately more swayed by men than the other way around. marianne, final word on that? we're going to hop. >> look, i think the reality
7:40 am
is, hillary clinton is not going to be a factor in the 2018 election no matter how hard donald trump and the republicans try. whether it's the culture wars, nancy pelosi, hillary clinton. that's not what voters are looking at. and women, in particular, have driven the changes in this election cycle in 2018 already. and they have made a race against donald trump turn into democratic victory after democratic victory, which will be a huge, huge democratic wave in november of 2018 that will take back the house and the senate. >> bill: to your dynamic state of massachusetts. commonwealth, we should say. [laughter] >> yes. >> commonwealth, thank you. >> bill: thank you marianne and katie. good to see you. >> sandra: good to see the ladies this morning. what does a staffing shakeup in the state department mean for the future of the iran nuclear deal? will the president decide to stay in it? new york republican lee zeldin of the house foreign affairs committee joining us in studio next to discuss. >> bill: also, you expect some traffic on the highway but nothing like this. oh, how the herd wound up taking a quit trot down that
7:41 am
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really come together on a framework. >> sandra: senate foreign relations committee chairman upon corker says he believes president trump will pull the u.s. out of the controversial iran nuclear deal as another extension deadline looms on the horizon in may. joining me now is republican congressman lee zeldin of new york. a member of the foreign relations committee. thank you, congressman, for being here and my first guest on there our temporary set here. >> so exciting. >> sandra: thank you. a lot of moving parts going on here. the iran deal, what does the president do next here. >> saul signals iall signals ise president will not be staying in the iran nuclear deal. the onus is on iran. if iran wants to have the united states stay in the deal, it's going to be important for iran to make some changes. there a sun set provision. in the lifetime of nation of iran that's nothing. sun set provision we get --
7:46 am
so president obama is going to give us $150 billion of sanctions relief. the regime that was very struggling to stay in power gets to stay in power, they get to build their land bridge all across other countries and on top of it they can basically break out with a nuclear program in 2027 anyway. actually the iran nuclear deal is not a blueprint how to prevent iran from having nuclear weapons, it's a pathway for how iran obtains a nuclear weapon much the sun set provisions has to actually be removed and the verification agreement. that is one that is filled with suspicion. it was a side deal between the iaea and iran. we still haven't seen the side deal with the verification agreement. president obama says the deal is not built on trust and verification. we don't know what the verification is. although it has been reported that iran collects some of their own soil samples, they inspect some of their own nuclear sites. president trump gets it his instincts going back to the campaign was not to continue with the iran nuclear deal. in order to continue with if, iran will have to stop violating the letter of the
7:47 am
deal which they are and change the substance of it. >> sandra: there are ways the president's concerns could be put to rest. your best bet and prediction is that the president walks come may from this deal? >> yeah, because the iranians have shown no interest in making the changes that need to get made. we have some other european countries that i believe would follow american leadership. but i'm not seeing that indication that the iranians are serious about fixing this deal. >> sandra: when it comes to russia, last week big news with the it the and his administration announcing new sanctions on raush. russia. trey gowdy comparing with predecessor. >> i think he has done of hell of a job compared to what obama didn't. it wasn't trump who laughed when president obama said russia wasn't the enemy. it wasn't president trump who handed reset button to the russians. >> sandra: has he done more.
7:48 am
>> he has done more in the last week than president obama in last 8 years. if you look at president obama's two terms in office he went backwards as related to russia. as congressman gowdy mentions, the reset button and congressman gowdy mentions mocking mitt romney at the 2012 presidential debates. there is also providing russia with all of the uranium that we provided. what did president obama do as relates to russia? was actually going backwards where what you see with president trump just over the course of the last week with the sanctions that were put in place, taking cyber security seriously, standing with britain as relates to the poisoning that took place of the former russian spy. president trump did more in the last week than president obama did in 8 years. >> sandra: as far as the sanctions are cerksd, do they go far enough or do you see this president implements more? >> i see the president implementing more. because russia meddles. they meddle in afghanistan where they work with the taliban and we have u.s. service member and coalition services in harm's way. they meddle in syria. they meddle here in the united states. when they meddle with our
7:49 am
own elections, that's not something unique to just us. they do it all over the entire map. so i don't believe that whether it's these past sanctions or the next sanctions, i don't think russia is going to change their behavior. vladimir putin was just elected, you know, somehow with 110% of the vote. you know, and who knows just, you know, exactly how honest those elections are. but, emboldened after a fresh term. i don't think vladimir putin is changing his behavior that quickly. >> sandra: all of that and we await these talks with north korea. and the conversation hearing for mike pompeo as secretary of state, amazing how much is going to happen in the next couple of months. how do you see mike pompeo's role as it pertains to working this president and these sitdowns with north korea? >> i really do believe mike pompeo can be one of the greatest american diplomats this country has ever seen. number one in his class at west point. he has been a great cia director excellent member of congress. he doesn't get pushed around. as people within his own state department are going to try to apply maybe their
7:50 am
own principles, their own vision, mike pompeo as a secretary is going to be implementing the president's vision and america's vision on the world stage and he is not going to get pushed around by foreign countries either. i'm looking forward to seeing him get confirmed. >> sandra: by the way was this comfortable for you over here? do we need to make any changes? >> i love this new studio. great to be here. look forward to coming back. have a great show. thanks for having me on again. >> sandra: thank you for being here. >> bill: see you real soon. jon scott is coming up next on happening now. jon, good monday to you. >> jon: you guys are looking right at home in the new studio there, bill. we are awaiting a update on the deadly package bombings terrorizing texas police reveal a possible new tactic by the bomber or bombers. plus, investigators in florida identify the victims of last week's deadly bridge collapse. now they are working to determine the causes a a chilling phone message proves the tragedy could have been prevented. and facebook under fire, how the social media site might have been complicit in the
7:51 am
misuse of millions of people's private data. top of the hour. >> bill: what a story that is. jon, thank you. >> jon: thanks, bill. >> bill: mike pompeo about to have first transition meeting with tillerson. who will that go today? back in a moment. the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. and now there's a new way to smooth. introducing new venus platinum. a premium metal handle boosts control... to reveal up to 100% smooth skin. venus
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♪ >> bill: cia director mike pompeo heading to the state department today meeting with the man he has been nominated to replace. outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson, rich edson live at the state department with more on this meeting and, rich, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. the in the process of getting cia director mike pompeo over here running the state department really begins today. he will meet with secretary of state rex tillerson. tillerson is still secretary of state through the end of the month. he is in the building and he plans on being in washington at least for the next few days. tillerson led that campaign against north korea to isolate it and bring it to
7:55 am
the negotiating table. the state department is also negotiating changes to the iran nuclear deal to try to keep the u.s. in that deal. they are talking with the european allies. the deadlines for the europeans to agree to some of those changes and the target date for the meeting with kim jong un and president trump are both in may. so they have a pretty aggressive time line that they're working with here and a lot going on. after the meetings here at the state department, director pompeo heads over to the capital. he will start to meet with the senators ahead of his conversation hearing. first up, senate foreign relations chair bob corker. >> i think one of the questions he'll get, you know, during the hearing process is just ensuring that he is going to be giving honest assessments in that full range of options to the president as decisions are being made. i sense as though they will get along. >> the senate confirmed pompeo as cia director by 66 to 32 margin. democrats point out that was
7:56 am
for a much different position than secretary of state. already, several democrats, even one republican have said they oppose pompeo's nomination, plan on voting against him with a very thin senate majority, republicans may even have to look to some democrats to try to get pompeo on board. and from here, as far as who is running the state department, still up to the deputy secretary until the next secretary is confirmed. bill? >> bill: rich edson at the state department, today. >> sandra: fox news alert. we are just moments away from a police update on that explosion last night in austin, texas. the fourth this month. we will bring it to you live when it begins.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> bill: before we get out of here, best story of the day, right? >> sandra: yes. >> bill: woman from the philippines married to one of our producers, robert, that happy moment the culmination of nearly three year application process. did you it. >> sandra: beautiful mommy.
8:00 am
>> bill: nicely done. >> sandra: beautiful pictures. congratulations to both of them. steve: we are going to mowsy. zita, well done. see you later, okay? >> sandra: that's it for us. thank you for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert. string of deadly package bomb explosions rocking the texas capital after another suspicious blast last night as we await brand new information, a news conference scheduled to begin imminently. good morning to you i'm jon scott. >> melissa: good morning. i'm melissa francis. folks in austin warning folks not to touch unexpected packages after two people were injured last night in an explosion detonated by a trip wire. police say that shows a different level of skill but they are now to see if this blast is linked to the three other package bombings around the city this month. >> jon: casey stegall is live for us in austin right now. casey?


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