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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 20, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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decide for yourself. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you join the evening with >> police in austin believe four bombings in the city over the past three weeks are linked and may be the work of a serial bomber. >> we are concerned that people who see something suspicious they stay away from it all together. >> a self driving over hit a woman crossing the street outside phoenix becoming the first death involving of liaison was to spherical. >> we are not going to get tough hundred years ago thousands of people and destroyed so many people's lives, we are doing the wrong thing. >> of time to stick our next
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out, to remember where we came from. ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being ♪ confident ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning, live shot at new york city, starting to feel like spring but winter is still here. the city on edge. the hunt for a sophisticated serial bomber intensifies. four explosions in three weeks. police in austin desperate to find whoever is behind the deadly attacks. todd pyro is in austin. what are police doing to track
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this bomber down? >> we are standing where neighbors say the latest incident took place. you see a quaver in the ground and some blood, and a reminder of the fear gripping this community. you can see the front page of the austin american-statesman, we are going to stop it. all this after authorities acknowledge yesterday they have a serial bomber on their hands and this individual has taken his or her arranged acts to the next level. >> he and his friend were riding their bicycle a block from their house, tripped and set off this explosion and didn't see it. and. >> the grandfather of one of the latest victims who set up a
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tripwire sunday night. what appeared to be nails second his leg. before the blast which injured two blueprint in their 20s follows three package bombs in homes around the austin area which killed two and injured two it is. authorities including more than 300 fbi agents on scene worn the sophisticated tripwire is, quote, a significant change in the bomber's technique and they hope the bomber makes contact with them so they can in their words understand his message, people are asked not to let their guard down warning if you come across anything that looks suspicious do not touch, handle or disturb it, keep a safe distance, call 911 immediately. right now authorities say they don't have a motive and everything is on the table. heather: we will talk more about this coming up. thank you so much.
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police ruling out -- not really outsell play in the death of an american college student in bermuda. the body of mark debalski was found in a motor not far from the bar. alcohol is not believed to be a factor in his death. he was on the island to play in a tournament with his school. the parkland massacre suspect's little brother under arrest for trespassing at where 17 people were murdered. police caught factory cruise riding his skateboard at marjorie stoneman douglas high school. the 18-year-old telling officers he was there to, quote, soak it in and reflect on the school shooting even though he has been warned to stay away. if found guilty nikolas cruz could face the death penalty. the affluenza teenager who spread nationwide outrage claiming he was too rich to know right from wrong could be released from jail.
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ethan couch has been serving a two year sentence for violating probation while escaping to mexico with his mother. he was drunk when he crashed into a car in 2013 telling four people but a judge he was too rich and spoiled to know any better so only getting probation. donald trump unveiling his plan to stop the deadly nationwide opioid epidemic by reigniting calls to build that wall. griff jenkins breaking down the $6 billion plan. >> reporter: donald from sent a clear message, time to get tough in the battle against the opioid epidemic. >> you are a dealer, doctor, trafficker or manufacturer, if you break the law and illegally pedal easily poisons we will find you, we will arrest you and we will hold you accountable.
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>> and a firehouse in new hampshire, a state hit hard by opioid addiction the president unveiled his plan to address the crisis, this includes cutting off the flow of illicit drugs across the borders and within communities, expanding education and awareness, providing access to treatment and recovery efforts and seeking out the death penalty for some drug dealers. the justice department said the death penalty is available for some drug related offenses of the worst kind including a team pin provision and the president linked to winning the opioid battle to building the southern wall. >> 90% of the heroine in america comes from our southern border where eventually the democrats will agree with us and we will build the wall to keep the drugs out. >> reporter: the plan drew criticism on capitol hill, dick durbin said this in a statement, we cannot arrest our way out of
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the opioid epidemic. we tried that and ended up with an even bigger addiction problem in the world's largest prison population. one other focus of the plan addressing sanctuary cities as the president holds a roundtable with law enforcement on that topic. heather: we will of course cover it. thank you. special counsel robert mueller now has memos from fired fbi director andrew mccabe. a source confirming to fox news he documented conversations with donald trump and was under investigation by the fbi office of responsibility looking into him as early as last summer. meanwhile former atty. gen. eric holder lashing out over the firing slamming jeff sessions for making the call. >> the atty. gen. of the united states, you run the justice department and you got to have the guts to look at the president every now and again and say no. >> holder did not rule out a run for president in 2020.
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today donald from will hold a face-to-face meeting with the crown prince of saudi arabia focusing on the it ran nuclear deal, russia's role in theory and infrastructure projects. the prince will meet with the defense, treasury and commerce secretary and cia director at national security advisor but today marks his first visit to the white house as air to the throne. gop lawmakers putting finishing touches on a spending bill ahead of friday's shutdown deadline. house republicans working late into the night setting the stage for both chambers to vote before friday. the white house reviving the idea of a 30 month extension on daca in exchange for $25 billion for the border wall but democrats refused to budge and donald trump we messaging democrats do not want to help daca. it would be so easy to make a
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deal. i mentioned winter not over yet, the east coast bracing for a fourth nor'easter in three weeks that could bring more than a foot of snow. severe storm sweeping from texas to tennessee. tornadoes breaking out across the south knocking down trees and ripping off roots. this church in alabama was completely destroyed. thousands are without power. golf ball-sized hail pounding this neighborhood accumulating like snow. it is far from over. heavy rain forcing mandatory evacuations for thousands in california over fears of mudslides so we will stay on top of the weather everywhere. fox news alert the hunt for a serial bar in austin, texas intensifying by the our. our next guest, a former fbi agent takes us inside the mind of a madman and the alarming skill level it takes to set up a
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tripwire booby-trap. high-tech court, huber putting the brakes on self driving cars after one kills a woman riding her bike. the company scrambling to figure out what went wrong as police revealed it showed no signs of slowing down. >> congratulations, pens, you ruined -- none of us can enjoy a book about your rabbit. or can we? >> hbo's john oliver taking aim at mike pens and social media is firing back this morning. ♪ you know what they say about the early bird...
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he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. saving you up to 30%! you'll be bathing in savings! tripadvisor. check the latest reviews and lowest prices. heather: inside the mind of a madman, the hunt for a serial bomber heats up in austin, texas after the city is rocked by its fourth bombing this month eventually new details about the latest attack, the texas capital
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in a state of terror. what does law enforcement need to do to find the bomber before anyone else gets hurt? thank you for joining us, appreciate having you here with us. i want to go to this sound last late from texas governor greg abbott making an appeal to the bomber. >> we went to encourage whoever this person or people are to contact authorities, begin an open dialogue, communicate with us and let us find out what it is you're trying to communicate. we encourage an open line of communication. >> the lead agent in charge of the eric rudolph bombing case. is this unusual to hear this call for the bomber to contact them? >> it is not unusual. witness the you know bomber
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where the published manifesto is ultimately what led to his capture. this is done on the advice of the fbi. their behavioral science unit studied serial killers, serial bombers and they have a strategy they have worked out and looks like it has gone all the way to the governor. the police chief said the same thing so they are embracing the strategy of trying to draw this person out. >> what you have heard in austin, what are your thoughts as to who is behind it and what they are doing? >> the way the bombs are constructed this person obviously has some skills. whether it is acquired through the military or the internet. i won't go into any detail but there are places in the dark web where you can learn to construct these bombs. i don't think they are really sophisticated, pressure plates and tripwire detonated bombs are
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not the highest level of sophistication but it is sophisticated enough to create some havoc and these bombs have all gone off as intended. now there's a randomness that is very disturbing. >> do you see this particular suspect or suspects if there's more than one, if you think there is one bomber or several, do you see him getting bolder? >> i think so. this person enjoys the limelight. it is obvious because this person keeps coming back, person or persons keeps coming back, has spread his bombs out across several neighborhoods. initially thought there may be a racial hate crime motive to this, that notion was dispelled when the latest bomb went off in a predominantly white
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neighborhood. i think this person is tracking the news very closely and doing the best he can to dispel this notion that he has a specific motive. jillian: how will they catch them? how do you catch eric rudolph? >> with eric rudolph island the fugitive part of the investigation. the main part started off of i came off the scene. we do geographical profiles on rudolph. there was a lot of study on him. this is after we identified him. from a citizen who caught his tag as he was walking away from a bombing in an in birmingham and that led to identification. once he was identified we did all kinds of geographical profiling that placed him in north carolina where he started from. also his personality profile as well. that can get into. it is not always right but it can help the investigation and in this case i think the public
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is going to play a significant role just like it did in eric rudolph investigation where somebody from the general public came forward, ready tag down. of the presence of mind to do that and pass it on. >> i was working in north carolina at the time when you caught him. the bottom line is we will eventually catch the suspect hopefully before anyone else gets injured. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insight on this. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour, deadly driverless accident, the fed stepping in after a woman is killed by self driving huber car. how the company is responding this morning. >> who pays for that? >> calling out california. city defined its own liberal state over the open border policy, the sanctuary shut down as loss alameda refuses to
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really?
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and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> welcome back to the supreme court will not block pennsylvania avenue voting map. justices denied a request by republicans to throw them out ahead of the midterm elections. the party leaders argue the maps drawn by the state supreme court last month favored democrats was the older maps were drawn by republicans which the pennsylvania supreme court said tilts the scales in their favor. in a few hours voters will head to the polls in illinois where conservative democrat is
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fighting off his own party. dan lipinski taking a civil war in the third congressional district primary were far left immigrants accuse him of not upholding values over his pro-life stance. is running against marie newman who has the support of pro-choice groups including planned parenthood. cutting-edge technology cut off. huber suspending all testing of self driving cars after one goes rogue, running to the woman in arizona killing her. kelly right here as they try to figure out what went wrong. >> the deadly car accident involving buber and the pedestrian is causing further study to be conducted on safety issues involving autonomous driving technology. huber had a driver behind the wheel but the suv was in self driving mode when it hit the pedestrian sunday night in tempe, arizona. the accident marks the first
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death involving a fully autonomous vehicle, the police chief announced an early probe shows uber suv shows no signs of slowing down but may not be at fault. 49-year-old e ln. harrisburg of tempe was walking her bicycle across the street but was outside the crosswalk. huber was heading north when she was crossing east to west on curry street when she was struck by the vehicle. she was transported to the hospital where she died from her injuries. huber is assisting an investigation of the accident and has suspended its entire fleet of autonomous cars in every city in which they were being tested. >> we are going to try to find who was at fault and how we can better be safe whether it is pedestrians or the vehicle itself. our investigation did not show there were significant signs of
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the vehicle slowing down but our investigation is going to reveal more. >> huber sent a tweet expressing condolences to the family. our hearts go out to the victim's family. we are fully cooperating with tempe police and local authorities as they investigate this incident. the national transportation safety board is investigating the accident to determine what happened. >> suspending all testing of self driving cars. thank you so much. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. isn't this rich? >> oligarchy is on the rise. the level of greed. >> our federal government. >> millionaires bernie sanders and michael moore slamming income inequality. what is their net worth? wait until you hear this one. ♪
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heather: the pga tour stepping up security had of tomorrow's tournament in austin. police desperately searching for serial bomber after four explosions in three weeks, the latest triggered by a tripwire injuring two pooh-poohing their 20s, the blast shooting nails into one of the victims's leg. greg abbott says law enforcement is working around the clock to track down the bomber. >> we have people not only developing their profile but working on a multitude of leaves and they will follow those leads to this meal and begin connecting dots. we want to encourage whoever this person or people are to contact authorities, begin an open dialogue.
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heather: the status pending $260,000 on portable x-ray machines for the police department to screen any suspicious packages. to california a city making history breaking away from the state sanctuary law. loss alameda city council exempting itself and rules that limit cooperation between local police and federal immigration officials, not everyone was on board. protesters clashing with supporters at of the vote. >> $26 million, who pays for that? ♪ we are going to let it shine ♪ >> a second vote to make the law officially scheduled for next month. the us and south korea agreed to resume combined military exercises ahead of donald trump's meeting with north korean leader kim jong un. 12,000 american troops will train with 10,000 court reinforces this april, the pentagon says it assures the
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strength of the alliance was the annual drills were postponed because of the winter all the pics. the governor of florida echoing the president's tough stance on opioids with a plan of his own to combat the epidemic in his state. rick scott signing a bill that limits painkillers prescriptions and set aside $65 million for treatment and other programs. >> we will do everything we can to help individuals not become addicted and get them off of it and provide the resources to law enforcement to be a positive influence. >> opioids claim 16 lives in florida every day. the new bill takes effect july 1st. donald trump blasting the special counsel probe as a total witchhunt even claiming there are conflict of interest on mueller epstein. is that true? the pro-biased against the president? here to wayne is john jordan. thank you for joining us,
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appreciate it. as soon as the president started tweet mr. chambers he tweet something over the weekend talking about the makeup of the people working for mueller, talked about the 13 hardened democrats, some big crooked hillary supporters and 0 republicans and goes on but we have broken this down and he is not wrong. >> it is factually accurate, democrat donors, political actors. while he is basically right, what upsets republicans and behind us is the fact that there is a cost to this. he personalizes the mueller probe which he shouldn't do. it is not helpful in any way but also costing him politically, he should be talking about issues that are winners for him, trying
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to get a deal done with daca and the wall. these are political winners for him rather than rolling around in the mud with mueller which does nothing and certainly doesn't further his agenda. >> doesn't seem like anyone else is standing up for him and saying these things? as soon as he started tweet mr. chambers out there was a back lash, people saying he doesn't know what he is talking about but of the 17 people on the probe between 9 have contributed to democrats. of those five gave to the hillary for america in 2016. if he is not speaking out who should be? >> he did speak out earlier. you have all kinds of talk radio commentators, the media echo chamber talking about it and people are aware of that but him talking about it isn't helpful to him politically and that frustrates a lot of republicans. heather: someone else who spoke out was eric holder and he said
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jeff sessions needs to have the guts to say no to donald trump. >> this is really rich considering how air a colder politicized the justice department, never had any conflicts with white house during his tenure, and contrasts this. and recused himself from the rest of probe and refused to appoint an independent counsel. and by reading independent counsel, to say jeff sessions is an independent, and eric holder wants to run for president. and get some headlines. and he is lashing out.
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>> >> the office of - >> appreciated this morning. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. on camera, shocking surveillance video showing a man - as it burst into flames. >> this is a time to fight. >> politics in the city, cynthia nixon throwing her hat into the ring. and taking down andrew cuomo. ♪ is a cool place
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heather: toys "r quote us canceling its easter egg hunt as the company prepares to close or sell all of its stores and no longer accepting reservations from birthday parties and helium will be removed from the stores starting this week but as those services wind down the discounts are going way up. the bankrupt company cutting prices from apple products.
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more tax relief on the way for millions of americans. republican congressman mark meadows says the next phase of donald from's tax reform is in the works and could be unveiled as early as tax day. >> not enough to rest on what we have done in the past, we need to be aggressive on the agenda going forward. and each and every day, one month out of the year. we 20 permanent individual tax cuts could be part of the plan. taking things too far, john oliver, host of last week tonight getting slammed for his controversial stunt marking the vice president of the children's book written and illustrated by his family. >> congratulations, you ruined bonzo. none of us can enjoy a book about your rabbit. or can we? and a complete coincidence we also wrote a book about mike
1:41 am
pence's rabbits. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the back lash online. >> in an attempt to mark mike pence's lgbt rights stance, john oliver came out with a children's book, this after a children's book written and illustrated by the vice president's wife and daughter hit shelves as well. the book all over came out number one on amazon's bestseller list while pence's book is number 4. some people think this is a lot of fun and no big deal john oliver's fans think he took the step too far. been said if we don't call out boules because they are on our side, brittany on twitter said i find it inappropriate to attack pens for his wife and daughter.
1:42 am
heather: leave the families out of it. tell us about this university that has canceled a conference because too many were white. >> st. catherine's university canceled the panel that was supposed to promote empowerment of women because they couldn't come up with a diverse enough panel. and the community fulfill the objective, as a tough decision, we believe it was an important one. some are questioning the decision to cancel the panel altogether. diversity is great but if you don't have a, cancel. the topic and content of other presenters, scott says you
1:43 am
cannot make this stuff up as you try. heather: a familiar face and name running for governor of new york. >> cynthia nixon throwing her hat into the governor's race in new york. look at her campaign ad just released yesterday. >> the time to stick our next out, remember where we came from. this is a time to be visible. this is a time to fight. >> i'm cynthia nixon, a new yorker and together we can win this fight. >> whether you are going to vote for her or not alex at the nail on the head tweeting cynthia nixon running for governor is the best sex and the city 3 storyline yet. >> we don't know. the joke is on us. she was a lawyer on the show so maybe a lawyer turned politician. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. another day, this time al
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sharpton is leading the charge, next guest ripping into the dark irony of sharpton's news. >> we don't want anymore inexperienced trumps in the white house. >> hillary clinton taking game at ivanka, how much it is costing you something. ♪
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>> welcome back, 19 illegal immigrants in texas arrested after hiding out in an apartment leads to a mayor. the border patrol raid happened, he said the incident involved a tenant, not himself, he says,
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quote, neither i nor my family are tied to the immigrants found in the apartment. i don't operate them release them. i'm not involved. the moment and alleged arsonist set a church on fire. the suspect poured what could be gasoline at a washington jehovah's witness call and ignited the wall into flames, minutes later a second fire broke out at another ball. no one was injured but damages at a to $600,000 and police believe he may have been burned. >> democrats going door-to-door on capitol hill in the name of the anti-semitic leader of islam louis farrakhan as part of a process led by rev. out sharpton and groups like black lives matter urging lawmakers to condemn donald trump instead.
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>> on this side, two a three times, cold-blooded, militant people. heather: why aren't more democrats distancing themselves from a man who likens himself to hitler and what if it was the other way around, joining the is the director of urban engagement at turning point usa, candace owens. appreciate your joining us. what is your take on this? >> it is dark and ironic. what we are seeing is a form of extremism taking place. don't get me started on out sharpton. i fundamentally take great issue with a lot of the things he has done. we are talking about a man who has prodded the black community over 40 years now taking a platform telling us we should align ourselves with louis farrakhan, a known anti-semite and the same platform on the left they tell us we should be worried about trump because he
1:50 am
is racist, sexist, literally hitler. yet they aligned themselves with somebody who is a known anti-semite. heather: they are protesting the house resolution that was introduced by indiana representative todd rotator condemning his anti-semitism. >> we should be condemning his anti-semitism. it is a form of extremism. what they tend to do a lot, what you know is going to take place is related to the black community will extort their pain and emotion and get them to speak a different way for policies that don't make sense. he does this over and over again pushing democratic policies that hurt the black community and make no sense. he thinks he can do that because he is al sharpton which couldn't be further from the civil rights leader. we 20 why are democrats so
1:51 am
hesitant to distance themselves from louis farrakhan? >> for voter market. democrats are losing a battle right now, they see that happening every day and it will not to the scales more than an attempt. they will tip as many people in they -- easy black lives matter involves. an extreme hate group that doesn't make sense ideologically, the black, side rate has gone up 17% since they have gotten involved because police don't want to answer the calls because of their unfair war on our police. none of it makes sense. what we are seeing is desperation on the left. we 20 this upcoming march happened saturday, april 21, '10,000 black men's march against donald trump. >> it makes fundamentally no sense, no facts, blacks are better off than they were when a
1:52 am
drama -- when obama was inducted. what we are seeing take place pl. donald trump is encouraging us to end this dependence and they are fighting to make sure black remains their ideological place. heather: we appreciate you coming in early. the time is sorry not solidly. everyone misinterpreted her comments about husbands influencing wives to vote for donald trump. >> he didn't apologize. those too -- the silent majority silent no more. >> the presidential - tour. ♪
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♪ heather: look at that shot of detroit. that is beautiful. a live shot as people rise and shine and get ready for their work week. who better to lecture you about
1:57 am
income inequality than a group of millionaires. bernie sanders hosting elizabeth warren and michael moore at a town hall to take on the 1%. >> the last 40 years the middle class of this country has declined while oligarchy is on the rise. the rich, the greed, the level of greed. >> just wipeout opportunity for anyone. it goes back to the fundamental question. this is where the federal government should be making investments. >> they are worth $55 million combined so they can relate. plunging $5 billion with facebook shares dropping in a
1:58 am
privacy scandal. and mark sucker berg to testify before the senate intelligence committee after reports that cambridge and politico with ties to the trump campaign misused information. the controversial suite in india raising eyebrows. federal contract information revealing her trip cost american taxpayers $22,000 to fund her lifetime secret service protection in hotels and travel expenses. this as audio surfaced of clinton bashing ivanka trump about her own president to run. >> that is not going to happen. we don't want anymore inexperienced trumps in the white house. heather: hillary clinton, several left-leaning women
1:59 am
embarking on what laura ingram has done, speaking on behalf of americans who aren't buying the liberal agenda. offering an apology of her own. too late. a number of ladies, hillary who recently caused -- a customary clintonian fashion. she apologized for those too stupid to understand what she meant. stephanie rule issued an apology after marking of the faith of larry kudlow. tweeting i apologize. and joyless beheart, driven by complaints sometimes rather than conscience. silent majority silent no more.
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>> let us know what you think online and we will share your responses on the air. "fox and friends first" continues here. >> tuesday, march 20th the hunt for a serial bomber. capital of texas on high alert after being robbed by four bombings. the use of a tripwire deals this. >> this epidemic will require the commitment of every state, local and federal agency. failure is not an option. addiction is not our future. jillian: build the wall and keep the drugs up, donald trump unveiling a plan to


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