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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> let us know what you think online and we will share your responses on the air. "fox and friends first" continues here. >> tuesday, march 20th the hunt for a serial bomber. capital of texas on high alert after being robbed by four bombings. the use of a tripwire deals this. >> this epidemic will require the commitment of every state, local and federal agency. failure is not an option. addiction is not our future. jillian: build the wall and keep the drugs up, donald trump unveiling a plan to fight the opioid crisis.
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rob: taking on sarah sanders, the new target is the president, who is coming to his defense. ♪ ♪ rob: we are on the ground level. jillian: good morning on the east coast, 5:00, watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday. rob: we begin with a fox news alert. the city on edge as the hunt for sophisticated serial bomber
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intensifies. jillian: four explosions in four weeks. desperate to find whoever is behind the deadly attacks. rob: what our police doing to track the bomber down? >> good morning. neighbors allowed back on the home for a trying 24 hours. the spot we are standing right now is the exact spot the trip fire bomb went off. a small crater as well as blood on the scene. fear continuing to group this community as authorities tell us they had a serial bomber on their hands and one who has a significant change in his or her technique. >> the tripwire doesn't suggest a military background was what it does suggest is the suspect or suspects we deal with have a higher level of sophistication than we initially thought based
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on changing their method to a more difficult device. >> the fourth blast which injured two men in their 20s follows three package bombs, killed two and injured two others. authorities including fbi agents hoping the bomber makes contact with them so they can understand his message. they say they don't have a motive and nothing has been ruled out. >> it this point, making sure they get the resources they need and everybody will stay away from anything too suspicious and colin. >> and authorities sweeping
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those schools. so kids can be safe and go there today. >> the tripwire changes things and makes it more random, thank you so much. >> police not ruling out foul play in the death of an american college student in bermuda. he was found in a mode not far from the bar sunday night. police say alcohol is not believed to be a factor in his death. the 19-year-old on the island to play in this school. rob: the widow of the pulse like a terrorist knew his planning a deadly attack. and fbi agent testifying in a florida courtroom, and she wished she had been more truthful and her husband omar mateen watch terrorism videos two years before the attack. she pleaded not guilty to obstructing justice and dating at the betting her husband in that shooting which left 49
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people dead. jillian: donald trump unveiling a plan for a nationwide opioid epidemic by reigniting building that wall. >> $6 billion opioid plan. >> donald trump had a clear message in manchester. time to get tough in the battle against opioids. >> you are a dealer or doctor or trafficker, and blake the law and pedal deadly poisons we will find you, arrest you and hold you accountable. >> reporter: at a firehouse in new hampshire, a state hit hard by opioid addiction, the president unveiled his plan to address the crisis which claimed the lives of 42,000 americans in 2016. pending -- cutting the flow of drugs across the borders and
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within communities expanding educational awareness and providing access to treatment and recovery efforts, seeking out the death penalty for some drug dealers. the justice department says that if penalty is available for some drug related offenses of the worst kind including drug kingpin provisions and the president linked winning the opioid battle to building the southern wall. >> 90% of the hair when america comes from the southern border where eventually the democrats will agree with us and build the wall to keep the drugs out. >> reporter: the plan through some criticism on capitol hill. dick durbin said we cannot arrest our way out of the opioid adamic. we tried that and ended up with a bigger addiction problem in the world's largest prison population. one focus of the plan addressing sanctuary cities, the president holding a roundtable with law enforcement on that topic.
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rob: thank you so much. robert mueller has memos from deputy director andrew mccabe. a source confirming he documented conversations with donald trump. we learned he was under investigation by the office of responsibility as early as last summer. fbi veterans face direct rules could be holding the agency back from releasing evidence to the public but as special counsel moves forward with their probe, editor at the washington times questioning the direction of the investigation and whether this has become a partisan attack on the president. >> it goes to show how politicized this has been from the beginning, nothing to do with justice or finding out about russia's involvement in the election. we could have done that in a nonpartisan way. what it has to do with is people want to go after donald trump.
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truly a weaponization of the fbi and too many people in the fbi willing to go along with that weaponization, you have a guy tossed out for lying to fbi officials and congress about it and people in congress scrambling to give him a job. it is insane. >> lawmakers putting finishing touches on a $1.3 trillion spending bill ahead of the deadline. republicans working late setting stage for both chambers friday. the white house providing idea of the 30 month extension on daca in exchange for $25 billion for the border wall, democrats refused to budge, donald trump we mr. jane democrats don't want to help daca. it would be easy to make a deal.
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supreme court refusing to block pennsylvania avenue voting map, denying a request by republicans to throw them out ahead of the midterm elections. party leaders argue the maps favor democrats. the older maps had been driven by republicans which the pennsylvania supreme court says tilled scales in their favor. rob: donald from will hold a face-to-face meeting with the crown prince of saudi arabia focusing on the it ran nuclear deal, russia's role in syria and infrastructure projects. he will meet with defense, treasury and commerce secretary and cia director and national security advisor marking his first visit to the white house as heir to the throne. jillian: 9 minutes after the era. adam schiff railing against the russia investigation calling the conclusion a political statement. the former chair of the house oversight and government reform committee says schiff is overplayed his hand and his life
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to explain. >> he sparked outrage claiming he was too rich to know right from wrong, how the so-called affluenza teenager is igniting backlash today. jillian: the wait for a new heart is over for one little boy. the amazing way of dr. deliver the life-changing news when "fox and friends first" continues. ♪ i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean.
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fthere's flonase sensimist.tchy and watery near pollen. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. rob: lead democrat adam schiff slamming his republican colleagues for closing the case on russian collusion. >> calling it a political statement, not a finding but
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democrats willing to say anything to keep the party narrative alive come here to weigh in his utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. is a political statement? >> after more than a year of investigation what is the single best piece of evidence you have that there was collusion between trump and the russians and they don't have anything. it becomes a point after interviewing 70 individuals, all the intelligence they can, the committee voted on and the majority said there is no evidence of this. there are a lot of things to work on in this country but he doesn't have evidence. rob: they are burning a hole in the screen with potential russia collusion and all this after a year and still don't have the evidence but one of the issues the administration has that
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keeps feeding this is the president does appear to be soft on vladimir putin, doesn't criticize vladimir putin. he is tough on people but not tough on putin. >> sanctions in place, far more than pres. obama did. >> he doesn't like to criticize, i don't know if he wants to build the relationship better, to be friends, what do you think? >> there are things we need to work with russians on in syria is a difficult situation obama left us with but look at the sanctions that are put on place, that was far more done by donald trump that was ever done by pres. obama. obama was coddling him and hillary clinton trying to do a photo op, we are going to have a reset. mitt romney pointed out russia has been a political so of the united states for a long time. that is not breaking news. obama tried to laugh it off.
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>> what will it take for democrats to get past the russia collusion? >> they don't have a policy, they lack leadership. going into an election you try to personally break somebody down. >> they tried to do it last time and it didn't work. >> i don't think they are -- the most pivotal point is different, the inspector general's report from jim comey, the fbi director and firing backed out to loretta lynch, the atty. gen. meeting with bill clinton in the tarmac and the exoneration of hillary clinton started before they exonerated her. that is 30 days away. >> let's talk about andrew
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mccabe, the firing everybody went nuts over and everything becomes more clear and maybe this was justified. there must be something there is even schiff says this could have been justified. >> you know how hard it is to get fired from the federal government? this is something i am sure started months ago. i looked at this in congress, you don't get fired overnight. this probably started over the summer. you have to run the gauntlet, the office of professional responsibility look at this, take a vote internally and make a determination, you have to have done serious stuff over a long time. this is not a 48 hour decision. jillian: critic said he was hours away from this massive pension he worked all these years for. >> if he did something wrong and
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he evidently did doesn't the fbi, telling about their own fbi person, you got to pay a consequence. there has been a lot of misinformation. he didn't get the enhanced benefit. his compensation would have been contiguous as if he was still working, he doesn't get that but still gets his full pension. >> if you work for the government you get fired and still get a pension. >> high-tech core, uber putting the brakes on self driving cars after a woman is killed riding her bike. huber has been breaking the law for years, kurt the cyber guy says this never should have happened in the first place. >> anti-trump homework for first-graders? \were having kids rate the commander-in-chief.
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>> a fox news alert, the scene of an explosion at a fedex facility in texas, and ourselves in boston closer to san antonio. >> local report says the fbi is on the scene. this is a story we have been following closely, four explosions in the austin area. rob: it is an hour from austin, some kind of explosion at a fedex facility.
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we bring you the latest information. >> scanner traffic saying the package was headed to austin. reports of what was inside the package, more information to come that we are learning at this hour. rob: it is unconfirmed. the scanners are very wrong. jillian: a self driving uber suv hit and killed a pedestrian. rob: the first deadly accident involving a fully autonomous test vehicle. should there be driverless cars on the road? joining us is kurt the cyber guy. what do you think of this?
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>> reporter: out here in california, uber based technology behind the autonomous cars, 49y woman crossing the street, car runs her over, wait a second, we have taken extra precautions can we have a human being in the car, a safety measure that can stop the car. the human being didn't even stop this from happening. autonomous cars are still a giant experiment. no doubt they will be safe one day but at this point the systems that drive and autonomous car are in development, cameras, lasers coming together in sensitive data that has to work just right. why should the american public be the guinea pig in this test to find out the safe route for these cards to go. clearly this accident is one that says wait a second. what are we doing? when an innocent human being crossing the road is run over by a robotic car, no. it is not time to have robots driving cars but by the way, arizona a real hotbed for
2:25 am
technology because the state has invited a lot of this trying to make a big tech boom. you have google that is moved in with its sister company, by the end of the year expects to lunch driverless robotic taxi service through that area. other areas of the country we are looking at, legislation that is already past in 33 states around the country. there is legislation. the problem is no one knows what it is we are regulating that. this is so new. my thought is why don't we figure this off of public streets and not have people run over and this isn't the first time. a year ago a similar vehicle rollover in arizona as well as in december before that uber guilty of trying to do this technology without getting a permit in california, renegade,
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arrogant, self-absorbed silicon valley is at it again. rob: a tweet from the uber ceo, incredibly sad news, looking at the victims family as we work with law enforcement, where do we go from here with self driving cars? >> you are sad? how about not drive the car, let a computer drives the car and run somebody over, that would help us from being sad. appreciate the sentiment of uber, but this stuff is running amok and it has got to be reined in. we got to get our hand on this. not have us pay the price for it. >> eric holder lashing out over the firing of andrew mccabe.
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>> you run the justice department. you got to have the guts to look at the president the other way around. >> is eric holder calling anybody out? jillian: with smiles on their faces. the outrageous question going viral this morning.
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>> police investigating an explosion in texas, an hour south of austin near san antonio. local news reporting one woman injured in this explosion. unconfirmed scanner traffic reporting the package was destined for austin and contained nails and shrapnel. police have not said if it is linked to these four package
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bombings in the last week weeks in the austin area. cardin by a tripwire, and shooting nails into one of the victims's legs. greg abbott, to track down the serial bomber. >> in addition to hundreds of federal officers that are here. the department of public safety added 100 officers and that is on top, in texas we authorize, $260,000 for these bomb x-ray machines. >> governor abbott calling on the bomber to reach out and communicated authorities. >> little brother under arrest for trespassing at the school where 17 people were murdered.
2:32 am
police caught zachary cruz riding his skateboard at marjorie stoneman douglas high school telling officers he was there to, quote, circuit in and reflect on the school shooting even though he has been warned to stay away. if found guilty his brother nikolas cruz could face the death penalty. >> nationwide outrage claiming he was too rich to know right from wrong could be released from jail in two weeks. ethan couch has been serving a two your sentence in texas after violating probation by escaping mexico with his mom. couch was drunk when he crashed into a car in 2013 killing four people but a judge ruled he was too rich and spoiled to know any better so the young man only got probation. jillian: eric calder lashing out over the firing of fbi deputy director andrew mccabe during an appearance at georgetown university, the obama appointee slammed jeff sessions for making
2:33 am
the call. >> you run the justice department's. you got to have the guts to look at the president now and then, the timing is suspicious given all the president said about andrew mccabe. >> criticized the firing of andrew mccabe calling it dangerous. placed slamming the former atty. gen. saying his involvement in american government is one of the most dangerous things to happen to our country. >> eric holder, that jerk repeatedly lied about his knowledge when it came to fast and furious, the only atty. gen. american history to be held in contempt, at fox, refused to investigate abuses of the irs and involved in mark rich and they testified senior officials
2:34 am
under holder were blocking access. jillian: holder tokay mcdonald drum for attacking personally mccabe calling it unconscionable. >> the us bracing for severe weather, storms from texas to tennessee, tornadoes hitting overnight. flipping roofs off of homes. jillian: this church in alabama destroyed, thousands without power. rob: a fourth nor'easter heading directly to the east coast, janice dean tracking it in the weather center. >> i have no good news, spring will arrive at some point. let's take a look at the storm reports, tornadoes in alabama. overnight last night into today, we have the threat again, more
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coastal florida towards the carolinas and this is part of the energy that will bring the fourth nor'easter in just under a month. let's look at it. be prepared for large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes, quite a bit of snow to the northeast and dc has been in a snow deficit, they could get 5 to 7 inches of snow in new york city, 6 to 10 tomorrow. jillian: you are telling us. >> there is potential for a bust in new york city so prepare for a lot of snow but sometimes the rain mixes in and we don't get as much. rob: outside the city, getting a foot. >> we are right on that line. jillian: the first day of
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sanders and jim carrey taking aim at the president. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the outrage online. >> saturday jim carrey posted this unflattering drawing he drove white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders tweeting this is a so-called christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked, monstrous. some people are accusing him of mocking sarah huckabee sanders physical appearance and religious views comedian kathy griffin is coming to his defense. on the left is an image jim carrey tweet, right is an image of sarah sanders. his image of sanders, not sexist. his style of portraying people he believes are acting in good faith. he is being attacked for this is ridiculous. former arkansas governor mike
2:41 am
huckabee slamming jim carrey tweeting pathetic hater bigot, jim carrey attacks press secretary for her faith. it would be hypocritical hollywood reaction if he called someone a so-called muslim or so-called do. jim carrey back to work with for anti-trump artwork, he posted that on twitter saying if you liked my last cartoon you may enjoy the wicked witch of the west wing, vladimir putin's flank monkey. rob: a teacher given homework to first graders that seems a little deep for first grader. >> deep is right. a concerned father in washington state said his first great daughter came home with homework assignment asking her to give the president a report card on things like do you think the president is kind? do you think the president keeps us safe, would you vote for the
2:42 am
president again? the homework assignment doesn't say anything that criticizes donald trump, some people are taking it that way like this twitter user who says our property taxes pay for the sick and twisted indoctrination of our youth. livid and sick having seen this, something needs to be done about this now. a father said his daughter does know about the president but they don't politics because she is 6 years old. jillian: spring breakers happy to be going to jail. >> group of teenagers for arrested for underage drinking look happy to be in handcuffs. florida police department tweeted that picture out, spring breakers arrested by 2:40 p.m. today. we remind you a 0 tolerance policy for underage drinking. some people say that might come back to bite them.
2:43 am
by far, nothing funny about breaking the law. kids should be ashamed. will it bite? lifting up her handcuffed wrist. >> parents know that. jillian: a new study confirming what many of us know. being a mother is no easy job. >> i have been bruised and burned, screwed up my daughter's. >> a survey finding motherhood, to and to have full-time jobs. >> a mom's average day until
2:44 am
8:30 at night, on average, one hour of free time every day. those kids are a handful. one true love could be the reason you pack on a few extra pounds. >> a fat guy and old lady keep stiff. that is us. jillian: research claiming people in relationships tend to be heavier than singles. a person married or dating weighs 13 pounds more on average, a tendency to eat more with someone else and not feeling pressure to look fit anymore. rob: hillary clinton taking aim at ivanka trump. >> we don't want anymore inexperienced trumps in the white house. jillian: you will never guess how much her bashing tour is costing you coming up.
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jillian: donald trump unveiling $6 million plan promising to end the opioid epidemic plaguing our country. >> opioid overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999. this is a total epidemic. time to liberate communities from drug addiction. rob: here to discuss is president and ceo of the addiction policy forum, jessica, thanks for coming on. what did you make of the news conference in new hampshire? >> excited to see the president laid out not only a comprehensive plan that includes
2:49 am
prevention, treatment and law enforcement support and the resources, $6 billion to make sure we get resources. jillian: let's look at the key points donald from laid out, to reduce overprescription of opioids and these assets, strengthening criminal penalties for dealing and trafficking opioids and expand access, do you think all those things are vitally important? you have a personal reason you are involved in this. >> those components are important and necessary. and treatment. i lost both my parents to her when use disorder and every day, 174 people to drug overdoses. this is an important first step to make sure we have the full conference of plan we need.
2:50 am
>> the numbers are wild and the scope of this is horrible. can't talk about it enough and bring it to light enough. dick durbin from illinois came out after this news conferencing you can't arrest your way out of this problem. the plan does call for working on the prescription opioid problem but do you see a problem with being tough on people trafficking drugs into this country and the potential of the death penalty? >> we need tough penalties in place for the drug traffickers bringing sentinel, synthetic opioids killing so many people but we do need to be careful to make sure we get the kingpins. all the policies to be tough on this targeted towards the pablo escobars of the world and those traffickers, not individual
2:51 am
suffering from the disease. jillian: a ton of people are affected by this throughout the country but also people who are not. to people who are not affected by this what is your message why this is so important? >> even if it is not within our own family or next-door we have 21 million americans suffering with addiction, substance abuse disorder. coworkers, friends, in your church, in your neighborhood, people are struggling, we need to bring it out of the shadows and get people to help they need and drug treatment because this is a health condition, it is a disease and it is treatable and we need to make sure people are connected to that support. rob: people hooked on these drugs tell you they never felt anything that good. is the biggest problem that we just prescribe these medicines for pain? people need to deal with in the short term or not give somebody such a euphoric high in response
2:52 am
to pain or surgery? >> overprescribing, these policies are important. these individuals who have been prescribed 90 days of opioids, half of them will develop dependence and addiction to opioids so we need to make sure we provide the right education to doctors and hospitals that have the right practices in place. jillian: thanks for giving us your insight. >> switching gears, who better to lecture about income inequality than a group of people worth $1 million. bernie sanders hosting elizabeth warren and michael moore at a town hall to take on the one person. >> over the last 40 years the middle class of this country has declined while oligarchy is on the rise. the rich, the level of greed.
2:53 am
>> the circles of poverty that wipeout opportunity for anyone and it is a factor, this is where the federal government should be making investments. rob: the three are worth more than $55 million, michael moore, look at that. jillian: hillary clinton's controversial speech is not the only thing raising eyebrows. federal contract information revealing a trip to cost taxpayers $22,000 to fund lifetime secret service protection with hotels and travel expenses as audio services of clinton bashing ivanka trump about her own presidential run. >> apparently ivanka wants to be the first female president of the united states. >> that is not going to happen. we don't want anymore
2:54 am
inexperienced trumps in the white house. rob: earlier we asked what you thought of hillary as latest comments and reaction is pouring in on facebook, time to let it go, november 2016 after trump won what happened? you lost. >> i hope ivanka is the first female president. rob: predicting who cannot be president after she recently lost an election, she never ceases to amaze me. time now 54 minutes after the hour. coming up on 6 am looking to chow down on ships during march madness? think again. a junk food emergency. >> we need your help to stop the spread of the chain and if you find a rusty bottle we will reward you greatly. jillian: this beer at god asked.
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[laughter] [chewbacca] jillian: here is the deal. the doctor promising to dress up as the "star wars" character when he made it off the heart transplant waiting list. he is now recovering. rob: great kid there. next the bad. the shortage of chips, leading new yorkers a bit salty. convenience stores across the country running out of doritos, fruit toes and cheetoes. dozens of drivers quit after a big pay cut leaving supplies shy. jillian: beers removed for quote vilifying people with red hair. >> we need your help to stop the spread of the gene. search inside yak if you find a rusty bottle we will reward you.
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jillian: it was meant to be affectionate, light hearted and humorous. rob: pc goes well beyond our borders, people and all over the world. jillian: thanks for watching this morning. we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ brian: all right. here we go straight up 6:00 eastern time we begin with a fox news alert. a package blowing up inside a fedex facility now in texas, and this just happened. ainsley: the fedex center is in schertz, texas where police are hunt for a serial bomber. steve: sounds like it happened at midnight. todd piro is on the ground with the latest. todd? >> steve, ainsley and brian, good morning to you. yes, we just learned about this explosion at a fedex facility. like you said, it's about 60 miles from where we are standing right now in an area called schertz. we just had new


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