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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 20, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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marco was stationed. and the good news is, a group raised $5,000 he needed to bring apollo to the united states. he now has's new home. thank you for joining us. here's shep. >> two leaders can sit down soon? a top republican criticizing the call. and the white house is defending the decision and in texas, the explosion keep coming. the latest in the fedex center. >> it was tramping on the automatic conveyor. >> the female worker was knocked off her feet and suffered a concussion. how do you catch someone who is attacking at random. i will asked a fbi veteran about the steps they are taking right
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now. that is all this hour of shepard smith reporting. i am trace in for shepard smith. president trump congratulating president putin on winning election and then he was called out by one of the top republicans in the senate. arizona's john mccain said in a sfament, an american does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections and by doing so with vladimar putin, president trump insulted the russian citizens that were denied in a free and fair election to determine the country's future. the white house said it is important for the u.s. to talk to russia. >> we disagree with the fact that we shouldn't have conversation with russia.
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there are important topics to be able to discuss and that's why the president will have that dialogue. but we are going to be tough on russia particularly when it comes to areas that we feel they stepped out of place. we placed tough sanctions on russia and a number of things where we have shown what our position is. >> senator mccain is not the only one criticizing the call on putin. and others say the presidential result was never in doubt, because it is russia. we don't get to tell other countries what to do. chief correspondent john roberts is live in the white house. >> reporter: you heard sarah huckabee sanders in a sound similar to what the norwedgian prime minister said there is
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a border between norway and russia and while they are not happy about what they are doing, they have a relationship and share a border and similarly, the united states believes it has to have a relationship as well. the announcement came as president trump was meeting with the crown prince of saudi arabia. there was a working lunch. and the president called putin on congratulating him six years in power. and talked about a meeting soon. if they were to meet, there is nothing like in term was g- 20 that would put them in the same city until late november. if the president were to meet with putin, it would likely be a visit either putin coming here or the president going to russia. and the president said they talked about north korea and syria and the arm's race.
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and what they did not talk about was the fact that 13 russians were indicted for mueller's team and britain and united states are pointing fingers at russia for the nerve attack against a former spy in the uk. >> the white house readout or the kremlin red office anything about election meddling. did the president not raise that in the phone call. >> i don't believe it came up in a specific call. it is what we have spoken expensively about and continue to look at way and steps forward to make sure it never happens again. >> the recent poisoning in the united kingdom. >> i don't believe that was discussed in today's call. >> reporter: and the president was given a rhetorical back at the hand, and the president's call to president putin, it wouldn't have been high on my
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list, trace? >> what else did the white house say about the russian election? >> the russian election was so heavily weighted in putin's behad i ever. 76 percent. vote. they didn't go much beyond that. despite what you pointed out that senator john mccain said it was a shame election. listen to what sarah huckabee sanders said about the position on the russian lengz. >> in terms. election, we are focused on our election. we don't get to dictate how other countries operate. we know that putin has been elected in their country and that's not what we dictate to them how they operate. >> reporter: you can't dictate the other country's election. but your response is modifiable. and we'll see if the president
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is going to be tough on putin. and as sarah huckabee sanders we'll get tough on russia if and when the president putin and president means no word yet. >> and the special counsel against the collusion is happening. president trump called it a pitch house and the white house is cooperating and the president is not considering firing the special counsel. we'll go back to john roberts, john? >> reporter: we know for a fact that the president is expanding the outside legal team. the president hypered joe degin va. and he prosecuted the israeli spy. and he helped in the prosecution of john hinkley. and degin vabelieves that there was a conspiracy to exonerate
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hillary clinton by the fbi in the e-mail scandal and if she did not win the election, that top levelless. fbi would try to frame president trump on a false charge. that's an indication of where he thinks the mueller team is going. >> and ted olsen who is a legal rock star particularly in the washington area and find out if he might be available to join the team. olsen's firm thought there were too many conflicts of interest for him to join the team. >> and the president lashing out on twitter calming it a witch houn u. and that there are phone boughts of firing fuel employer
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>> the president is clear about the facts that there is no coclugdz. and to pretend like going through the absurd process would not bring frustration seems ridiculous. i don't think any individual including members was congress were accused by taking the something nefarious if it shouldn't. my guest is, they would be more than anxious to be pushed back and defend themselves. >> mcconaughey you and they had pray, paand able to pafear research respiratory >> john, thank up.
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and we'll bring in katelin owen. katelin, very good to see you. i am fascinated by the back and forth that president trump had with president putin. and the white house is trying to keep a dialogue only. if you want to talk with putin, that's fine. but you shouldn't be congratulating putin for the sham election. >> right, that is part of it. russia doesn't have the same flee and fair elegislation. but think about the timing here. the administration a few days ago, put sanctions on russia for 2016 meddles. and poisoning of the exwith spy. and to taum him and negligent and in thinkna the employer
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fwhfrngs up combrrns you know, what about the 2016 election? it maybe will not be >>ure do do a dialogue going with russia at this time. >> if is a cash call in congratulate this count rope where john mshg cane kag concerning and also it is ysh russia is a country that can't be ignored and it was a little bit of a tight spot here. >> werure surprised about not many questions about andrew mccabe. that is the first one. and not questions with about that >> you know, i think there is
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a problem where there is so much news in the past few days and there is a lot of the topics to choose from. yes, andrew mccabe didn't come up. but we have had a lot happen between the russian phone call and muller tweets are on employer. and there is a question of whether or not they will have and up think and can >> can is interesting what the president said. not only congratulating president putin and john roberts are like not if their schedule meshed. >> as there is no combre
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scombrech. and this can easily fall through back and forth before. it cocaines reek and >> i want to get your tike withes xr empthey, look. we want want discoragreementment and dpm -- wement to have this like a few years ago. >> this is salacious news, right? it is it hush money about an affair in 2006 and the women are coming forward and want to fight it. and stormy daniels news is not going away. and something to think about, there is it no evidence of there being other cases like this. this is it a story line that can
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drag on for a long time. no white white wants to be dealing with this. >> very good. katelin, good to see you. >> thank you. >> the british consulting firm with ties with president trump suspending the ceo. this is hours after an undercover report shows the potential driery and -- bribery and entrapment. they had operations with exspies. and that including here in the united states. remember this is the facebook information, they got 270000 people and turned into 50 million people. and all of it was taken from cam bridge college and to campaign
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and analyticam. and it looks like the work. austin bomber. we have brand new info informat to keep the bomber from striking again.
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>> trace: investigators say a package bomb is likely linked
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to a string of explosions in texas. they are trying to figure out where the serial bomber will explode next. the package bomb exploded in a fedex facility south of austin. one worker got hurt. the state attorney general said the parcel came from austin. that was the fifth explosion to rock central texas in three weeks. the first three were placed on the east side of explosions and that killed two people and injured two others. and a four attack happened on the other side of town last sunday. two people triggered the tripwire. the grandfather said his grandson appeared to have nails such in his leg. >> both of them were bleeding
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profusely. and he tried to stop the bleeding and they called 911 real quick. >> and while his grandson is in pain, he is expected to be okay. johnathon hunt is live with us. >> they are searching for possible sights. is it is a fast-moving investigation and rapidly changing one and there are now two new major investigative sites. the fedex facility near the austin airport and they are examining all day what they describe to us as a suspicious package. no word on whether it contains explosives. and there are large team and
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bomb disposal experts on the site now. and investigators are at a fedex store in the summer set valley of austin. that is it the store from which they believe that the package that ultimately exploded in a bigger fed exfacility outside of san antonio was sent. this is it a complex story and rapidly changing one and the bottom line, trace, there is five explosions in total, four of them here in austin and then the fifth one in the very large fedex facility outside of san antonio, trace. >> trace: what about the search for a suspect? >> reporter: it is urgent and desperate. clearly this incident, the tripwire explosion took it to a new level in the eyes of the official that are investigating
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this. a tripwire bomb is more sophisticated than the package bombs that we were dealing with. they want to track down who ever is carrying out the package bombings in austin and the one that exploded outside of san antonio quickly. and officials say they are bringing in everybody to help them in the search for whomever is behind all this. >> we have agents from all across the country and a canine explosives and detections here and intel research specialist and we are working hand in hand with state and local partner and we are working around-the-clock, again, the public safety, that is our number one priority.
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>> reporter: they want them to find that someone. >> trace: up next, we'll talk to a former fbi special agent who thinks that the serial bomber has something to say. why are there no messages? no calls, no conversations at all with investigators and so how investigators are trying to figure out what that message might be, coming up. puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> more now on the search for a possible serial bomber in central texas after five explosions in less than a month. two were deadly and the investigatorors are racing to figure out who is behind the
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attack. bobbi sha cone is the special agent. i looked at different types of these explosive devices and some were package and one of them had a tripwire. you don't think they are different bombers, you think it is the same person? >> i think it would be highly difficult. and same time frame and small area it is highly unlikely to be different people. >> trace: so far no conversation or communication at all with the authorities is that odd? >> it does. clearly this gentlemen has something to say and not a random reason to do this. he has a axe to grind or message. we hope he does. we want to start a dialogue and issues are and if it is a political or sociological or
12:26 pm
what his issues for the ram pain. >> trace: the unbomber went on two decades and he had an ideology but we didn't know about it for year and years. >> his pace of attack was slower. here we have five events in a span of couple of weeks. we saw the unbomber spread it out. this individual is on ram page and quicker and in a smaller area and concentrated. >> trace: where the bombs are exploding it is hard to figure out a pattern. first it was african-american americans and hispanic and then two white men. and hard to fit the pattern in this. >> you look at victims and you are right. the first one indicated a hate
12:27 pm
crime pattern. and now things coming in. and forensic, for the people. you will have a forensic pattern. everyone has a bomb signature. and they are looking for those things. >> trace: can you hide it. >> he can and will and he will try and our people are better than his people. and hopefully you can, there are certain things you can't hide and that's part of the investigation. >> trace: you think he has a bone to pick with a certain organization? >> i think it is it ideological. and if the victims have a pattern and we had seen the african-american pattern and people involved in the civil right's movement i would have said that. i think there is another
12:28 pm
ideological message out. and he can start without killing and maiming. he's provided a nationwide platform to do that and the country is watching and he doesn't need to do it anymore to talk about what he is wanting to talk about. >> trace: thank you, sir. in the meantime, in maryland a shooter dead and two students are hurt. grape mims and south and east of the washington d.c. the sheriff said after a teenager opened fire in the high school, it took the resource officer to respond and fire. not clear if the officer hit him or the teen killed himself. either way, the sheriff said the officer did what he was trained to do. >> school resource officer
12:29 pm
deputy first-class immediately engaged the shooter. he fired at the shooter in what was si multianously the shooter fire. two students are hurt. a boy in stable condition and the girl critical condition. and the gunman was the only one killed. griff? >> reporter: hey, trace, it appears to be a case of the system working properly. the sheriff said the school resource's officer and deputy sheriff leaping in action in seconds and not minutes. but the fact remains a 16-year-old young woman is fighting for her life. and there was a prior relationship between the gunman
12:30 pm
and female and a 14-year-old boy wounded. but it does not remove the fact that a youngster walked in with a handgun and opened fire shortly before class. you saw not only law enforcement, but the governor who took to the public outraged that enough is not done and actions not taken in the state capital of annapollis. >> we will try to get something done. we will fight to make sure it gets done. and we hope you will help us do that. >> reporter: there was a question of whether or not the school officer's bummet was the one that wounded and took down the gun men. there was a possibility of a self inflicted wound.
12:31 pm
the sheriff cameron told us that the cameras will detail it all. >> as to whether or not the shooter committed suicide. there is potential and there is video that we will examine closely and determine specific to those events. >> reporter: sorry for the glitch, but clearly, trace, a reminder of the students in the high schools and including sheriff cameron and our thoughts and prayers go out to the young 16-year-old student. >> trace: griff, thank you. cam bridge, dada -- data firm ceo suspended. and facebook is under fire that
12:32 pm
same company accessed millions of people's personal information and the latest fallout on that. coming up.
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that's what really drives me to- to save lives. >> folks in pennsylvania helps toeracy cue a man under a burning car in west township outside of philly. the suv rolled over and caught fire. they used fire extinningishes and the officers rolled it off of the driver. >> and cuba accusing russia backed syria military used chemical weapon and starvation against the sillialians. >> and the world's last male
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>> continuing coverage of breaking news. the data firm suspenning the ceo. cam bridge analytical confirmed on twitter when a british tv channel aired an undercover report showing the ceo of
12:38 pm
bribery and how to entrap politicians. analytica said it was edited and didn't reflect the conversations taking place. they pull would millions was facebook users without their consent. william? >> reporter: start with facebook. the core of their business is targeted advertising and can they make money and protect user's privacy. that is what they are trying to do is head off government regulation before officials get grilled on capitol hill. the company stock was down. and three percent in trading today. number one, head of security art stamos is leaving the company. he wanted more disclosure and
12:39 pm
transparency with outside companies that were using data and influencing the election. he lost that internally. and we asked the white house whether or not mark suck suck should testify before congress. >> i think the president believes that american privacy should be protected. if congress or agencies want to look at the matter, we welcome that. >> reporter: today, senator mike warner and other senators want to hear from zuckerberg and other social media executives on capitol hill and how they are protecting user data from being exploited by third paerpts. facebook said we didn't authorize cam bridge to use this stuff. >> trace: the ceo is now out? and the undercover video is
12:40 pm
damming? >> reporter: it is a bombshell. a reporter posed as a fixer for a wealthy asian family that wanted to get involved in politics. and this is it a meeting with the cam bridge ceo andrew nix and they offer to seduce the others with hooker and others and post it on the internet. >> it can be just to [inaudible] it is too good to be true.
12:41 pm
>> reporter: so cambridge analytical that the statements are misleading and they were edited in such a way. and the ceo is suspended but there is more to the story. >> trace: it is hard to take that out of context. we'll bring in lance, who is a technology and social media commentator. and lance, i want to go back to the facebook thing here. facebook, did they know and realize that their information was being improperly gleaned by cambridge university and sold to cambridge analytica? >> no. they changed the rules in 2014.
12:42 pm
facebook said you can't pass on the data to anyone else and only keep it to yourself and they shut that down, they didn't know the data was passed on. and soon they realized delete the data. but facebook didn't follow-up and make sthur the company did this. but this is not a hack or a data breach. it is it data you and others are givening away to facebook and partners for sometime. >> trace: it was a personality predictor. tell me about your work and political affiliation and all of that is used in a political campaign to weaponize that information, correct? >> right. yes. but the amazing part of this, that was 250,000 people. how did they get the data for 50 million.
12:43 pm
privacy settings in facebook say if any of these apps can look at information that your friends have passed on to. and it is like a spiderwen of information. if you go in facebook settings today, you will be shocked at the amount of information that you are sharing. everyone should immediately change that. >> trace: they can go aftershock your friend's list and friend's list, list. and correct. >> the internet is all about scrubbing want data and what do you shop for combo who are your friends. >> we don't spend time anying. and facebook is the one with feast on the fir. p and in is the way the internet
12:44 pm
economy works now. >> trace:ment obama administration bragged about doing it four years ago. thank you, vir. >> >> there is a report on how to protect the elections. by updating the roting systems. and it is loving thousands without power. >> reporter: it is it a wild first day of spring. and we see a torn attorney watch stretching from central florida and up to the south carolina. and northeast. a possibility of a winter storm and seeing snow falling in portions of the ohio valley. it would be through the over
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night hours and this the news continues after the brake. -- break. read
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and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> trace: the united states needs to replace the outdated voting systems. that is the recommendation released today in a bipartisan new's conference on capitol hill. peter doocy is on capitol hill. >> reporter: number one on the senator's list for protecting future elections, trace, is making sure the feds don't take over the election from the states. they think that security comes from having things spread out. >> it is not our desire to fully fund the elections in individual states. if there are incentives to spur
12:49 pm
them. pup the people go to the state ladder and stay we want our elections to be secure. >> but the bipartisan group of senators wants states to be required to oddet the election results if this is it a problem. some saints are skittish about that. and they are recommended that the u.s. federal government threaten any other world power or bad actor with si. and the big part of keeping them away is updeting >> technology has changed the bay works. we always say government needs to be aware of the best practices and viability that is after. isn't one. herepep and
12:50 pm
find out what skate of and when hay and that is necessary for thechl. and inspect 2016, russian hackersviate mro in the states. but there is nenvpt. >> trace: peter, thank you. cant plate lvment vpt cleared
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>> trace: a lie detector test supports stormy daniels. she said she had an affair with donald trump years ago. fox news obtained them. the examiner determined that stormy daniels told the truth about having sex with donald trump in 2006. and daniel system suing president trump and his personal lawyer. her attorney said it is an effort to throw out a nondisclosure agreement. and so she could speak freely. the white house denied there was a relationship. >> and house has friday to cut a deal. both sides are close to reaching an agreement.
12:55 pm
and mike emmanuel is live for us on capitol hill. >> reporter: they said the house would release a bill and then the senate democratic leader came out and said the talks should be soon wrapped up. >> negotiations continue with the leader and sticking points remain and we are close to signing off on legislation that both houses pass by the end of the week. not everyone is going to be happy and that is the nature. compromise. >> and one wild card is the snow in the forecast and that kind of government shutdown could ease the time. >> and law make ars are frustrad by the process. and there are deadlines that are split and some are wishing there
12:56 pm
was a different process. >> this will extend the week and weekend forecast. and this is why is it it is a terebl way to do business. that is where the final decisions are left up to four people. >> the house is likely to vote on thursday. one issue on the table was daca. that is so called dreamerless. dick durbin just told reporters it is it not in the package. and that will be a take it or leave it type scenario. >> trace: mike, thank you. the dow doing better today than yesterday. dow is up 119 points and a little bit of recovery from the three plus we were down yesterday. and i am trace galler ger in for
12:57 pm
shepard smith. your world with neil cavuto is next. have a great afternoon.
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>> neil: a serial bomber on the loose in texas. are authorities closing in? police have located the fedex store from where they believed the bomb came before arrive nothing the fedex distribution center. that device exploded and injured one worker. they are roping off six west from austin where fedex is happening. glad to have you. in a moment, we'll talk to a former


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