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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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drew to six. police have recovered an explosive and working with more than 300 federal agents to crack the case. obviously we'll cover every development in this breaking story. breaking news continues next on "hannity". >> neil: thanks, tucker. this is a fox news alert. austin on edge again this hour. we start with breaking news tonight. by the way, my monologue will be coming up later in the show. austin, texas on high alert yet again after police are responding to what is now a sixth explosion that has left one person injured again. this explosion comes after authorities earlier this evening confirmed that two package bombs today at fed ex facilities in austin an near san antonio are linked to four other attacks that have taken place this month. these attacks have prompted a massive man hunt to find out who the authorities are describing as a serial bomber. joining us on the ground, fox
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news correspondent, geraldo. this just happening minutes ago. apparently we're going to get back to -- that is a live shot in austin, texas. two packages located at two separate fed ex facilities in austin, san antonio. they were connected to the four previous package explosions. and now we go to geraldo. he's on the scene. >> sean, i got you. happened again as the authorities thought they were closing in on the austin serial bomber with the possibility of having surveillance video from the fed ex and, you know, having the package that did not explode, all leading toward they thought maybe they could identify a perpetrator. could possibly identify a
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perpetrator. then suddenly at 8:00 new york time, this happened. another explosion. we think it's a goodwill. imagine how diabolical you can be to send a bomb in a package to a goodwill. it's exploded. one person has been injured, sean. this capitol has been absolutely in a panic since the second day of march when the first of the series of explosions happened. now despite the best efforts of hundreds and thousands of federal, state and local authorities. the bomber has managed to perpetrate yet another attack. but sean, can you imagine doing it at a goodwill? how dirty, low can you get? they thought they were closing in on him and he does this, sean. >> sean: it's unbelievable. i can see the action behind you. this has been brazen in as much as it's one town, one city.
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what are law enforcement gleaning from that, geraldo? obviously everybody would be afraid if it was moving outside the area. the people of austin are terrified for obvious and good reasons. >> they absolutely are. total neighborhoods in this town, the texas capitol. again, i remind folks outside of the lone star state, the texas capitol, neighborhoods on lockdown. people are afraid. remember, one of the blasts was a trip wire. in other words, the bomber put a line across the two random guys triggered. that was one of the earlier blasts, this one at a goodwill. you can understand why they're panic here in austin. austin, very different politically speaking than the rest of texas. austin, for example, is a sanctuary city. maybe the guy has a beef about that.
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they style themselves as let's stay weird, cool town. obviously the main campus of the university of texas is here. back in the 60s, you remember wittman, the texas tower -- the first of the mass murderers. they're no stranger to these kinds of tragedies. it's been half a century. here in austin, they had the south by southwest festival here, sean. maybe it had something to do with that. here he is again, despite the best efforts of the united states government, the government of the state of texas and the city of austin and all the atf agents, all the fbi agents, he has struck again. by leaving a package -- can you imagine? i can't get passed that. leaving a package at a goodwill -- >> it doesn't get any lower than
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that. >> let me bring our audience up to speed. a new explosion in austin, texas. if you're just joining us. emergency teams responding to the new report inside the texas capitol at a goodwill store in the southern part of the city. police urging residents please avoid the area. here's what we know about the time line as relates to the serial bomber. the first explosion, march 2, killed 39-year-old anthony house after a device exploded on front porch of his home. the blast was investigated. suspicious death. then they determined it was a homicide. ten days later, similar incident reported. 12 miles from where the first incident happened. 17-year-old identify draylen mason. he was killed. his mother was injured after a package exploded in their home. hours after that second explosion, then police reported
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a third blast confirming that at least one elderly woman was injured. the night, going back a number of nights, march 18, a fourth explosion triggered by what we thought -- this was different in terms of the way the bomb was put together. they expect triggered by a trip wire. two men in their 20s suffering nonlife threatening but severe injuries in that blast. and then we have of course what happened here tonight. geraldo, we're going to get back to you in just a moment. trace gallagher is standing by from the west coast in our newsroom out there with the latest. what do we know at this hour, trace? >> sean, i want to pick up and piggyback on the reporting that geraldo is doing. the goodwill is in the south part of austin. we're told by the local media there, the victim was looking in the donation bin when he found that package and it exploded. we have local police, fbi and atf on scene. we're told the victim is a 30
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something-year-old mane that suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. now the austin statesman is reporting that authorities may have found a second unexploded bomb at the very same goodwill. if that proves accurate, that would be the fourth bomb found today and the second one to explode. the first explosion as you mentioned happened earlier at a fed ex center in schertz, texas. we confirmed another bomb was found in sunset valley, which is an austin suburb. mike mccall says the video from the sunset valley fed ex store may show this suspect. that is critical because this bomber is on a rapid clip. consider that ted kaczniski was behind 16 bombs over 18 years. texas has seen seven bombs in 18 days. the rate of the attack is starting to accelerate.
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the first explosion, march 2. package bomb. killed a 39-year-old. the second, ten days later on march 12. another package bomb that killed a 17-year-old boy. and then there were five bombs in eight days. the explosionsive devices themselves have been different. geraldo talked about the trip wire. investigators believe the bombings are linked, though the motive is unclear and a certain pattern has yet to be determined. if we showed you a map, the first two bombs went off in east austin. and the second in northeast austin. now two in southwest austin. that means the city has been surrounded, the first four victims were black and hispanic leading to police consider this a hate crime. the next two were white and we don't know the ethnicity of the latest victim. you talk about the residents being on edge. in 24 hours, austin police got 420 suspicious package calls. they have gotten more than 1,200 in the past week.
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19 days in. still no message from the bomber. but now we find that a goodwill store in the southeast part of austin, texas, may have more than one, maybe 2 explosive devices there. >> sean: stay there. we go back to geraldo who has more news that is developing. geraldo? >> breaking, breaking news. the helicopters are overhead. the austin police department just tweeted out, there was no package explosion in the 9800 block of brody lane. it was an incendiary device. i repeat, an incendiary devices. they have no evidence they're related. so i don't understand this. could this be a second attacker?
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a second bomber -- >> sean: geraldo, how do we interpret what an incendiary device is? >> i would imagine like a flare, something like a fire work, some kind of, you know, more flame than bang. an explosion is an incendiary device. there's no place for the energy to go. an incendiary device is more -- efforting more specifics on what the incendiary device consisted of. hopefully the austin police department will give us some guidance. clearly there was some kind of, you know -- maybe the person was burned rather than blown. you know, injured in terms of the explosion. i'm just quoting from the police. it's an incendiary device, not a package explosion, sean.
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>> sean: geraldo, stay there. to remind our audience here, the entire city of austin is on edge. earlier today, two packages located at two separate fed ex facilities in an around austin and san antonio. literally connected that they have connected earlier today to the previous bombings. so we have a serial bomber on the loose here. we'll go back to our video here. just take a look. you can see the entire city of austin on edge tonight. joining us now, nra tv contributor, dan bongino. former fbi special agent, manny gomez and sebastian gorka. i'll start with you, dan. and terry touchet, fbi, counter terrorism division. he for 18 years tracked down the serial bomber known as the
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unabomber around he got the information. it came from the public. by getting out his manifesto, that resulted in the guy's own brother giving him up, which again, 18 years is certainly a long time. it shows how important the public is in this equate. dan? >> yeah, sean, the public will be very important. we have a couple of advantages now that we didn't have in 1996 when the unabomber got caught. dna technology has advanced along with a library of samples to compare them to. number 2, cameras. cameras were not everywhere in the 90s. of course they were around but not like they are now, whether cell phone cameras or inside cameras. working against us, sean, on the down side, i'm not sure this is one person. this seems to be a very complicate scheme. i don't know how many bombs are
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still out there and are in the mail system based on what we've seen today. >> sean: i'm looking at dan bongino. it's still a bomb to start a fire when you look it up. anyone can go google and see it. dan, the president has spoken out. he's talking about the bombings in austin are terrible, local state and federal enforcement are working hand an hand. here's what the president said speaking on this earlier today. >> the bombings in austin are terrible. local state and federal are working happened and hand to get to the bottom of it. this is obviously a very sick individual or maybe individuals. these are sick people. we will get to the bottom of it. we'll be very strong. we have all sorts of federal agencies over there right now. we're searching.
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what is going on in austin, a great place, tremendous place, is absolutely disgraceful. >> sean: manny, let me ask you this. this is a tough job for the fbi. we have a couple things that happened. this trip wire, that makes a difference. what bomb experts have told me and the deputy assistant director of counter terrorism to the fbi that spent 18 years on the unabomber case, he said every serial bomber has their own fingerprint. you usually through forensics are able of determining if it in fact is from them. is that possible that an incendiary device could be him? >> the incendiary device that we just covered a couple minutes ago could be a copycat. obviously it was done for nefarious reasons. what would an incendiary device being doing at a goodwill store?
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>> sean: makes no sense. >> could it be a copycat that doesn't have the sophistication but is trying to get in the game? possibly. could it be the serial bomber trying different methods? possibly. the good news is that we have a device -- >> sean: we have two. one of the devices from earlier today didn't go off. >> correct. we have these devices that they're going to take to the atf lab in virginia, totally trace and take apart and see how they work. like you said, they have a signature. by that signature they'll learn how sophisticated this devise is and how could the person make the device. was it taught in ordinance school in the military or law enforcement -- >> sean: years ago, we read the anarchist cookbook. anything you want to learn is on the internet today, which should scare the living daylights out of anybody. dr. gorka, let me go to you. this is domestic terrorism we're
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talking about. i know we talk a lot about islamic terrorism. terrorism is terrorism. this particular serial bomber is terrorizing the state of texas and more specifically the city of austin and now the city of san antonio is literally hanging on the edge as well. >> right, sean. the bad news, you mentioned already. this is not difficult to do. improvised explosive devices. the information has been out there from the 60s with the rise of al-quaida and isis, they made it easier. look at the pressure cooker bomb recipe from boston, that came from jihadists posted online. here, the good news is yes, a bomber has one device and they stick to it. they get it right, whether it's a pipe bomb, ammonium nitrate, fertilizer and use it again and again. in this case, there's variety. a level of sophistication.
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i talked to an fbi counter terrorism agent and they said there is an unusual level of variety. if these are all linked, especially in the incendiary device, the nondetonating inincendiary device meant to cause a fire as opposed to shrapnel, if that is linked, that's a scale of knowledge we haven't seen before. that will lead us to potentially identify the kind of individual behind it or individuals. the skill sets they have. that narrows it down. at the end of the day, trace was rights. an unusually high operational tempo. we rarely see this. outside of insurgencies, we rarely see multiple attacks in just the space of a few weeks. so everybody is going to be working overtime in austin. you know that, sean. >> sean: thank you, sebastian. now texas attorney general, ken paxton is with us. thanks for being here.
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i have so many friends in austin and the texas area. our prayers go out to you all. you have four confirmed devices today. doesn't make sense. your thoughts. >> thanks for having me. it's very difficult. totally unexpected in austin this is not the way our community operates. people are in shock that we're dealing with this in our state and the city of austin. we appreciate the prayers and the support of the rest of the country. >> sean: where are we in the investigation? any details that you can give people? what about the idea that every serial bomber has his own signature or her own signature? >> first of all, i had the opportunity to meet with president trump today and thank him for the 500 federal law enforcement officers that are helping us, including 400 fbi agents, state police. a lot of people looking for this guy.
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i'm telling you, we're going to guy this guy soon. the fact that he has changed things up, has made it more difficult as your previous guest talked about. it's typical for them to have a signature. in this case, he made it more difficult for us to figure out who he is. >> sean: ted williams, your years as a detective, where are you tonight in light of the two confirmed bombs they had and how valuable is the one that did not explode today? >> that bomb that did not explode today is very valuable. they are -- if they did explode, there was a controlled explosion. so they can use that to gain evidence. i don't believe that maybe the one that just exploded, the incendiary device, is probably a part of this. this very well could be a copycat. the guy that put out these other five bombs, he is trying to kill people. the incendiary device was just a
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distraction. so you have a murderer out there. he's playing a cat and mouse game with law enforcement. he's trying to show them that he's smarter than them. so he can put out a trip, a bomb with a trip wire on one occasion and another occasions he can drop a package perhaps at a fed ex or at somebody's home. i can tell you, as our dan bongino said earlier, we have more sophistication. we will catch this guy. i can unequivocally tell you, he's not the invisible man. if he's out there, there's some camera that will catch this guy. i can tell you that. >> sean: well-said, ted. let's go to geraldo. year down the block from what we're witnessing here. you mentioned the fact -- there's cameras everywhere, geraldo. makes it harder in this day and age. >> everywhere. i totally believe, sean, until this incident tonight, they were
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tightening the noose around the austin serial bomber. there is, according to mike mccall of the house homeland security committee and other local officials, they not only have surveillance video that could possibly identify the person but they also have confirmed that all of the incidents until this one tonight were linked, same perpetrator. now this lady -- identify yourself. tell us where you live. i understand you have been touched by this twice. >> yes. i'm sandy orange. i live here caddie corner from the goodwill that was hit today. i work about five minutes off of mckinney falls parkway where the fed ex location is. >> goodness. how do you feel in terms of, you know, it's so random, anyone could be victimized by this person? >> it is so random. we were at my daughter's school when they announced the bombing
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and let us leave. you know, just -- it's hitting way too close to home and work and everyday life for everybody. >> how has it affected your everyday life? >> until today, it hasn't. i just pray that they would catch him. now i feel like it could be anybody. the person, you know, sitting next to you in a restaurant. you don't know. it's so close. >> school violence in the news so much lately. now this. how are you and your school mates responding. >> it's scary to know that things like this are happening. one thing after the other. reacting to it, we don't know. you don't know if you're safe walking to school. i live so close to school that i'm able to walk home. it's like i have to watch every move now. >> how old are you? >> 15. >> so sad that you have this harsh reality in your life. what do you tell your children? >> i tell her that, you know,
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you need to be super careful and vigilant. don't ever, you know, assume that everything is okay. >> let me ask you, what do you do now when a fed ex truck arrives or ups or some other delivery? >> i have packages that i ordered. i'll be scared. i wish i wouldn't have ordered what i ordered. >> what do you do? >> they told us to call 911 and make sure it is what it is before we open it. that's what i'm going to do. >> sean, you can see how -- this is -- i noticed that with dr. gorka, you mentioned terrorism. domestic terrorism. to me the definition of terror when the crime has no motive other than to frighten people, unsettle society, to attack civilization. this is terrorism. might not be muslims. i don't know who is behind it. might not be so malitia or
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whatever it is. i don't know. all i know is -- >> sean: evil is evil. >> they are terrorists. they are evil terrorists, sean. >> sean: we're going to have more on this austin serial bomber. we'll follow this news all throughout the hour. we're going to start now with our breaking news opening monologue first. in other news, the president is slamming hillary clinton after she viciously attacked white female voters that pulled the lever for president trump. remember this? take a look. >> her last statement about women. they have to get approval from their husbands, their sons and male bosses to vote for trump. that was not a good statement. not good. notice how fast the democrats have run from these statements
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now? they are disavowing the statements like i have never heard before. she's wrong. people that were her biggest supporters are saying, what is she doing? why doesn't she just go home? that was not a good statement. >> sean: of course hillary clinton cannot stopping and complaining about her stunning election defeat and blaming everybody. she's attacking president trump. here's what she said in a recent interview. pathetic. she needs to get over it. >> he has undermined the office and used it to enrich himself and his family. disregarded laws, ethical standards. he's crossed in to a territory of behavior and actions that are unpredictable, that are erratic, that are undermining the stability of the global order.
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>> sean: pretty outrageous. you want to talk about enriching yourself? did you forget about the 145 million that poured into your family foundation, bill doubling his speaking fees in russia as it relates to -- and given the speech for vladimir putin and the uranium one scandal? you may want to stop talking. a lot of news coming your direction. breaking tonight, huge news to tell you about. mr. deep state himself, james comey and other corrupt government officials should be worried tonight. politico is reporting the house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte is getting ready to issue a subpoena for documents that the doj has about the corrupt fbi, clinton e-mail investigation. 1.2 million documents. this is significant. because the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein has been doing everything within his power to not let the public, not
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let devin nunes and the how intel committee and the judiciary committee have access to this information. the dodge has been stonewalling congressional oversight every step of the way. why is that? why doesn't the department of justice want you, the american people, congressman, to see all of the documents related to how poorly the clinton e-mail investigation was? and what corruption may be underlying all of this? now, it is because we have already known that the fix was in. that that investigation was rigged. we know james comey, peter strzok, lisa page, andrew mccabe and other people, senior fbi officials, they were writing hillary's exoneration months before they interviewed her and 17 other witnesses. i don't know any other investigation handled that way. is there a smoking gun? evidence they don't want you to see? i would assume the answer is
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yes. rod rosenstein was begging paul ryan to stop devin nunes and the intel committee from getting the documents that showed severed fisa abuses. of course, the clinton bought and paid for dossier. it's paul ryan. he did not give in to rosenstein. otherwise if he did, there would be no nunes memo. there would not be a grassley-graham memo and we wouldn't know anything about the clinton bought and paid for dossier that was used to lie to the fisa court. the doj and fbi lied to the judges to get the warrant and the extensions to spy on carter page and the trump associated and the entire trump campaign. and rosenstein is rotten to the core. rosenstein signed one or more of those fisa applications in case of the renewal. in other wards, the bulk were
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made up of the dossier. what does rosenstein have to hide here? why does he protect his friends? why does he have all of these conflicts of interest and how can he be the guy that appoints mueller and involved in the investigation when he himself engaged in potential wrong doing? think about that. why does the attorney general, jeff sessions, he had to recuse himself. rod rosenstein, he renewed the fisa application. he knew hillary bought and paid for and knew the judges were being lied to. then he gets to a point his bff, robert mueller, special counsel? all of this is why we need a second special counsel. they cannot investigate themselves. for the clinton e-mail records, michael horowitz, we're waiting on his report. he's gathered 1.2 million documents. some of which are all related to this corrupt e-mail investigation and probe.
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by the way guess how many of the 1.2 documents congress has seen? 3,000. a quarter of 1%. you call that stone walling 101. that is the deep state desperately protecting the deep state. unfortunately, there's some members of congress that believe in their role in oversight. there are a few journalists that care about truth and just it's the and equal application and equal application under the law and the constitution. people willing to put themselves out there and follow the truth, the facts, the evidence. all right, also brand new tonight, kevin mccarthy, house majority whip, steve scalise, they are joining the chorus that is calling for what we've been calling for, the appointment of a second special counsel. the facts, the evidence of wrong doing are overwhelming. here's what congressman mccarthy is saying. let's take a look. >> so we know that mccabe has lied by the independent inspector general and now he's
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saying about comey, comey may have lied as well. so i don't think this is the end of it. but that is why we need a second special counsel. i give chairman gowdy and goodlatte a lot of credit and all of those members. they sent the letter to jeff sessions. he's looking at it. but we need the ability. an inspector general does not have subpoena power outside of the direction. so we need somebody to look at this and not from the inside because you can't trust what is happening right now. >> sean: well-said. congressman scalise is out with a statement that reads in part, the credibility of the mueller investigation will be in doubt unless we get to the bottom of the serious questions regarding the fbi's handling of their investigation of the trump campaign as well as their investigation or lack thereof into hillary clinton's negligent transmission of classified material over her unauthorized e-mail server. that's why i agree with many others. that's why we need the
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appointment of an additional special counsel who unlike mueller has the authority to look into the fisa system. that allowed the democrat funded steele dossier. i thought foreigners weren't supposed to impact our election with russian lies. but anyway, to serve the basis for the initial fbi investigation. congressman scalise, congressman mccarthy, graham and grassley and tillis and cornyn, they're all saying what we've been saying, this goes along with every single thing we've been trying to report to you. this is why this is needed, a second special counsel. now, robert mueller interestingly, he's best friends with james comey. he's buddies with rod rosenstein. he cannot be invested to investigate scandals that his friends are involved in. comey is at the center as it relates to the clinton e-mail fix. rigging the investigation. comey said the clinton dossier was salacious. he said that in january 2017 to
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president-elect trump at trump tower. in october, 2016, he was using that same dossier, the one he said in january of 2017 is unverified and salacious to get the warrant to spy on trump associate carter page and hence the trump campaign. then rod rosenstein, like comey, he signed off on one or more of these fisa renewal applications. it's one massive huge deep state conflict of interest after another. they're protecting themselves. they're trying to preserve their own power. we cannot allow this to happen if we want law and order to reign in this country. we have to investigate the investigators. we have to literally drain the swamp and the sewer. that brings us to our special investigation. who is robert mueller? everybody says he's the greatest guy in the whole world. trust us. members of congress, the mainstream media, they've been
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trying to convince you the special counsel is beyond reproach. sort of like climate change. nobody disagrees with us. no scientist does. that's not true either. mueller is the utmost man of integrity. we've been doing some digging. we found some things you need to know about. tonight water going to tell you who robert mueller really is. a new report from investigator sarah carter. robert mueller's career has been anything but impeccable. one of the worst stains on his record when he was in boston, acting u.s. attorney in the 80s. during this time, notorious boston mob boss whitey bulger. he was engaged as an informant. now bulger fbi handler, john
6:35 pm
connelly covered up for many of the horrific crimes that were committed by bulger and his associates, including one instance where four men were wrongfully framed and convicted and imprisoned for decades all for a murder turns out they did not convict. sounds like andrew wiseman's record. the men were exonerated. a judge awarded $101 million in damages, but not before two of the men actually died in prison. robert mueller was the u.s. attorney in charge while these men were rotting in prison while certain agents in the fbi under mueller covered up the truth. let's see. andrew wiseman was ex-scorated by two judges. when did robert mueller know about this? these are questions and issues i'm sure you've not heard from your friends in the liberal
6:36 pm
media. some people in congress are praising mueller, the pillar of virtue. they have never investigated him. they're lying. it's their talking point. all the information we're telling you about is right there, right in front of the liberal mainstream media in their faces. they purposely ignore it because they're destroy trump agenda goes above all else. the reason why is because they want mueller to carry out this witch hunt even though there's no evidence of collusion. even though we know about robert mueller and his past, his current moves make a lot of sense. mueller didn't point appoint? a merry band of huge democratic donors. appointing andrew wiseman to be his put bull, according to "the new york times." that wasn't a mistake either. wiseman is the type of prosecutor that mueller wants to bring down trump with. he's withheld evidence in multiple cases.
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he put the accounting firm arthur anderson out of business. how often do we here about 9-0 unanimous rulings? that's what happened. weissman sent four to prison and that was overturned by the fifth circuit court of appeals. robert mueller has an agenda. he's carrying out a witchhunt. this is par for the course. right here with more on this before we get back to the austin serial bomber, we have sarah carter and civil rights attorney, david schroen, sebastian gorka stays with us. sarah, you did the deep dive on this. i'm annoyed at myself that i didn't do it myself sooner. the information that you put
6:38 pm
together shows why robert mueller picked andrew weissman who has one of the most atrocious records of a lawyer that you have ever heard. what did you find? >> this is why we see there's -- there's every reason for president trump's attorneys to fight back on this and president trump as well. if we have found out and what we have found out is the foundation of the special counsel is built on unsubstantiated evidence from a dossier, from a foreign agent, christopher steele, paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton, we have to ask ourselves, what is this special counsel for? you look at the past, sean, you can see what mueller's case is, going back to the anthrax case, the 80s here with whitey bulger. bulger, this mob boss, disappeared for 16 years.
6:39 pm
it wasn't until 2011 that mueller is back, now he's the director of the fbi and they finally got whitey bulger. but mueller never answered any of those questions. those questions you asked at the end were the same questions that reporters were asking in boston that people were asking in boston when the fbi was basically -- all of this was swept under the rug. it was probably one of the most historically cases of corruption in the fbi in history. this is what is really so important about this. i know david schroen can explain in detail what happened here. this haunted boston for some time. it shows that mueller is a man, right or wrong, we have to tell the story about mueller, whether people think he is the greatest special counselor to be investigating the president or not. we're not hearing all the facts about robert mueller and it's about time that we start hearing the facts about him, andrew
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weissman. >> sean: this is so corrupt. and every single person in the liberal media -- you can see we're awaiting the news conference. david, i want you to explain your deep dive. everybody says he's beyond reproach. that whitey bulger case does not sound beyond reproach to me. >> no, sir. that's just the tip of the iceberg. weissman and mueller are the number 1 and 2 on the hit parade of having supervised the single two most corrupt scandals in fbi history and it was on their watch. mueller in boston with bulger and weissman and the deviccio case. two men sit in prison today having been wrongfully convicted
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with these tactics. there's several things here. the parallels between mueller's conduct and weissman's conduct with corruption. it comes full circle when mueller a briefs attorney fees -- >> sean: david and sarah, i apologize. we're doing a deep dive into the special counsel, robert mueller, every night this week. we've got to get back to the serial bomber that is going on in austin, texas. we're awaiting a news conference on the austin bombings. geraldo is on the ground. we'll get back to him in a minute. thank you. back with us now with more information, ken paxton. mr. attorney general, we're awaiting this news conference. what have you heard? >> i know there's a lot of reports about this being a copycat. the one at the goodwill. the people on the ground i'm talking to are telling me that's not accurate. they believe this is the same
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bomber and he's continuing to -- >> sean: wow. that means four confirmed bombs in a day today. >> yep. so we're convinced that it's the same bomber. the reports about it being a copycat are not true. every time he does one of these, gives us more information about him and we're getting closer and closer. i think we're going to stop him soon. >> sean: thanks, mr. attorney general. that information is important. geraldo is on the ground as well. we're going to get back to him in just a second. let me -- manny, let me ask you -- yeah, everything we've been hearing, turns out this would be four bombs in a day. he's accelerating the attacks. what do we glean from that? >> we glean that he's wanting the attention. law enforcement did a wise move yesterday in asking the bomber
6:43 pm
himself, and the media, please come forward. communicate with us. that would be great if he does that. they can glean from that and get a profile of who the bomber is. further more, the more bombs he has, the closer we're going to get to him. >> sean: let me go to dr. gorka. you've been very patient. we're going to ask you about robert mueller. obviously this is taking precedence. you heard the attorney general of texas. looks like in fact they do believe that what was for just a short time reported as an incendiary device ends up four bombs in a day. how do you interpret that? you have studied terror your whole life. >> well, if this turns out to be the same bomber, it's very unusual. they're not sticking to one recipe, one device. we have explosives delivered by hand to somebody's house. we have them used through a
6:44 pm
parcel was the, a trip wire and now this incendiary device as well. it's an incredibly rare combination of techniques for one individual to use. the most important thing is, all your viewers need to remember this, they may see this individual. why? terrorists scope out their targets. they surveil them. they collect intelligence. >> never go close to anybody that is suspicious. if you see something, immediately report it to your local authorities >> sean: that's how we got the unabomber after 18 years. >> exactly how we got the unabomber. somebody recognized the style of writing used in that manifesto. they said hey, you need to check out my brother's cabin in the woods. that's how we got him. always be aware. as law enforcement says, have your head on a swivel. be aware of your surroundings. if you see something, don't be afraid.
6:45 pm
tell the authorities. you could be saving lives. >> sean: well-said, dr. gorka. dan, your years in law enforcement, two things changed today. number 1 seems to have accelerated. four in a day that we're talking about based on what the attorney general of texas just told us. then you have a little switch. they're using a trip wire, a different device. what do you glean from that? >> sean, i don't think this guy or guys or team of guys cares about getting caught. i think that explain against way the accelerated pace of the attack. obviously it seems that these explosive devices were prepared all in advance. it explains what would be an extinction burst pattern. get them out there, put them in the system. this is what happens. that would explain, i believe,
6:46 pm
the accelerated pace of the attack. i don't believe this guy cares about getting caught. the unabomber was different. he had secluded himself in the woods. i don't think that's the case here. they understand they're going to get caught quickly and that's why they did this in advance. one question, sean, one more thing, how many of these are still out there? how many are in the system? that's the question. >> sean: a good point. now back on the ground in austin tonight. geraldo has been there, talking to people on the ground. we're expecting a press conference. john if you heard geraldo, but the attorney general said what was treated out that you reported, this was an incendiary device, at the goodwill place where they found this tonight. he said he believes and law enforcement is telling the attorney general of texas, they believe this is in fact connected to this austin serial bomber.
6:47 pm
>> that makes all the sense in the world. i was baffled by the police department dismissing what happened behind me as something that was unrelated. it seemed illogical even though the device -- let's assume the device was a different footprint, let's say, than the other three discovered just today and those that have terrorized this town since march 2. that makes all the sense in the world. the top enforcement man in this state speaks with great authority. i have no doubt. it's one freak who -- i don't know if i agree with my brother, dan that he wants to get caught. i think he wants to kill, he wants to maim and be notorious and dominate the news cycle. i think that more than the unabomber, this guy reminds me of the joker in the batman
6:48 pm
movies, sean. the kind of person -- i'm assuming it's a man. the kind of person that wants to inflict maximum pain and maximum terror while getting maximum notarity for himself. has i said at the top of the program with the surveillance cameras and the unexpected bomb and the fact that they have a geographic, if not a fix, they have a loose circle where they think he may be from. for him to do this in a deposit bin of goodwill, i come back to that because it sickens me at the gut to think that someone would go to a goodwill and in the deposit of donations -- >> sean: you're attacking people serving other people or people that probably are in deep need in their life, that need help. can you get any lower than that? you really can't, geraldo. >> you know, sean, you and i have been together 17 years,
6:49 pm
covering terrorism. this is -- this son of a bitch is a terrorist, i don't care, by any definition. he's trying to paralyze the capitol of texas and send a message out to the people of the united states and the free world. we're going to cheer on law enforcement, the atf, the fbi, the texas rangers. they're all here. they're local cops. you know, they have to go through that surveillance video. i'm sure they are. tireless. hundreds swarming the capitol. >> sean: how in this day and age, geraldo, this is the most important point here with surveillance cameras that are basically everywhere, everything is surveilled in this day and age and we have not been able to get him? going back to the timeline in this particular case. you know, it starts on march 8. you know, and he has been active. he's been most active today. we have the two bombs earlier
6:50 pm
today at the fed ex, one in austin, one near san antonio, one explodes, one doesn't explode. then you have this incident at the goodwill. there has to be some camera, someplace, somewhere that captured this guy putting these bombs out there. >> but he's die bottle -- clever. the first ones, somebody placed them on the porch. then he used the local delivery guy. then he went to fed ex. now it's the goodwill. it's almost as if anyplace that has a cardboard container is in peril around the great state of texas tonight, sean. >> sean: let me go back to the attorney general of texas. attorney general paxton. let's go back to your sources for a brief moment. we were told this is only an incendiary device. they don't believe that this was connected to this austin serial
6:51 pm
bomber. in fact your sources say you believe it is connected. >> yeah, they say there's nothing to indicate this isn't the same person doing it. we're concerned about copycaters. they can happen in anything like this. it's all somewhat speculation, but everything that they have looked at tells them that it's exactly the same bomber. >> sean: didn't make since -- i never heard that term before. when i looked up what incendiary device is, i'm like okay, that sounds like something that can be -- >> it's a bomb. >> sean: it's a bomb. >> yep. >> sean: and put in a goodwill place and the escalation of bombs indicates to me that now he's acting reckless. he wants to dominate the media. he will get caught because like you said, there's cameras that are ubiquitous, especially in goodwill. how did he fed ex that? he had to have a credit card, pay, put it somewhere. they must have video on this
6:52 pm
person. more importantly like they caught the unabomber, somebody has to know something. they always know somebody. nobody says somebody. >> sean: dan, from your law enforcement experience, manny is dead on here. this guy now seems to want to be in the news. the acceleration that we have going on here. but that probably gives us more opportunities, as scary as it is for the people of boston, to at least figure out who this might be. >> yeah, manny used the word here that is key, "reckless." when we investigated presidential assassins, you put your mind in the mind of this guy. if you're a bomber looking the stay out of jail, you don't engage in this accelerated pattern of attacks. you're exposing yourself. why is he doing that? because in his triaging of gold,
6:53 pm
goal number 1 is to inspire chaos. i don't think he cares. i don't think he's worried about winding up in jail at all. whereas some others want to stay out of jail. >> sean: manny, you wanted to jump in? >> this guy will be caught in die time. when they zero in on where he lives, that that entire place will be booby trapped. my concern is -- >> sean: for law enforcement. >> yeah. >> sean: if he's using trip wires, he's up to more sophisticated. >> when they find him, my concern is he's going to want death by cop. he's going out in a blaze of glory literally and figuratively and he's going to try to take -- >> sean: a great reminder. i know law enforcement is so committed to their jobs. broward county was the anomaly. that is a good admonition to all
6:54 pm
of our friends in law enforcement. i always have the greatest respect for rank and file, not these guys in d.c. that have abused their power. that's a small portion. the 99.9% that put their lives on the line every day. if i can, let me go back to dr. gorka. when you see an acceleration like, this it seems like they sense this guy is sensing they're closing in, he wants to create as much havoc, terror as possible. do you also think there's something about him seeking some type of notoriety? >> first thing is, don't put your thought processes on this person. this person is either a psychotic, either a terrorist or he's somebody that doesn't think the way we do. i think dan's absolutely right. if this is one person, then this is a series of attacks that's been prepared for a long, long time.
6:55 pm
you can't -- >> a good friend of mine, steve molsburg, sent me this thing. social media, a user that is claiming that to be behind the bombings that have terrorized austin now in recent weeks, vowing he won't stop until he becomes as prolific as the zodiac killer. it's in the new york daily news. my intention is not to kill people. i'm doing this because i want to watch the world burn. someone using the handle "austin bomber" posting on a website today. the anonymous user making a string of disturbing messages in which he's comparing himself to the zodiac case, the serial killer that never was identified or caught though he murder five people in california going back to the 60s-early 70s if memory serves me well.
6:56 pm
>> if this is the same person or if this person just continues to accelerate their attacks, here's the good news, sean. he will make mistakes and he's going to expose himself to more vulnerabilities whether it's on camera, whether it's just very vigilant cop or security guard and he will be neutralized. >> sean: let's go back to geraldo on the ground in austin. that's an interesting point. you and i read the daily news every day of our lives. what are your thoughts? >> i don't know. the zodiac killer was never caught. you know -- >> sean: that's what the daily news says. >> that is possible. this guy is spreading enough terror, there's no doubt about that, sean. both of these residents of the great state of texas are veterans, lots of veterans in the area. tell me your name. you work for the v.a.
6:57 pm
tell me why you brought that up. >> i'm martina. i'm a nurse over there. i brought it up because we have a lot of veterans in the area. a lot of them are former vietnam veterans. iraq, iran. they have gone through explosions and bombings. if their ptsd is heightened, make sure they come over to the mental health clinic and get some assistance from their doctors as well. >> so you're fearful that the ptsd can flair up. >> absolutely. can bring back memories. >> how do you feel about the fact that the capitol of your great state is under attack? >> this is appalling to us. we're not used to this in texas. we've had our episodes back through history, kind of like charles wittman, the university of texas tower. but to have these bombs going off, not just in austin, which
6:58 pm
has been unfortunately frequent, but in san antonio and schertz and around the state. >> it's horrifying. back to you, sean. >> sean: and geraldo will be on laura's show. let's go back to the attorney general, the great state of texas. again, our thoughts and prayers go out. i love my friends in texas. governor, i wish i lived there with you a lot of times. >> join us. >> sean: i'm sorry you're going through this. i want to get back to -- this is now an acceleration. i don't know if -- i look at the daily news. i used to deliver the daily news. i read the newspaper my whole life. if that is a social posting, that would be a big clue for law enforcement. >> i don't know if it's accurate or not. as i said earlier, i think we're getting close. the fact that he's continued to accelerate is only providing us more information to track him down.
6:59 pm
so i do not think this is going to go a long like the zodiac killer. we're going to find him and we're going to find him quick. >> sean: i hope so. manny? >> if this is our guy, it's great because we get to know more about him. his motives, his -- >> sean: like the son only sam case. the unabomber case, the manifesto got him. >> if it's a fake person trying to be this guy -- >> sean: arrest him. >> obviously arrest him but maybe flush out the real guy saying no, it's not him. it's me and these are my real reasons. so this might be good for law enforcement from the investigative point. >> sean: last thoughts, dr. gorka. >> look, our thoughts are with the people of texas and our federal agents and the people of texas will get this killer. >> sean: dan, last call. >> you know, sean, he's going to screw up. he's using anti-disturbance devices that are unstable and he may wind up taking himself out
7:00 pm
soon if he screws this up. >> sean: thank you. you've been amazing tonight. sad news for the state of texas. our friends in austin, you're with our prayers. stay with the fox news channel. >> laura: thanks so much, great show. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." there was another explosion and texas denied. authorities are saying they have no reason right now to believe that the incident is related to the previous explosions. we are expecting a press conference from law enforcement officials, but for now, let's go to fox news' katie's nomex casey stegall. >> laura, good evening. hopefully we get more on this press conference, not only have they said that they don't believe this incident happened -- that it was related to the package bombs, and that doesn't make a


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