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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 21, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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about tonight's show. tweet me at the "ingraham angle." follow us on facebook. now we go to shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team for the updates on austin and beyond. shannon, it's always great to see you. are you making out okay in the snow? >> shannon: we are, we are standing by and ready for whatever. thank you. stick with us for the very latest on austin and much more on "fox news @ night." with their messages on the explosive packages in texas? is there a suspect? texas attorney general ken paxton has the latest details in the lone star state bombing investigation. he joins us live. governor huckabee looks at a key abortion case where this report today. adult film performer stormy daniels takes a lie detector test. her attorney talks about the case against the president right here live on "fox news @ night""
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i'm shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news alert. breaking news from texas tonight. a serial bomb read appearances on the loose, escalating the pace and changing the methodology of his or her attacks. a city on edge with new worries late tonight as officers and journalists rushed to the scene of another incident. this time at a goodwill store. we are just getting new details. let's go to casey stegall. >> we do not have kc but we can tell you there was a press conference moments ago outlining what we do know. this is the sixth incident. i believe two people are dead, many critically injured in this string. we will get back to kc in a moment. joining us in washington, we have texas attorney general ken paxton of florida g.o.p. congressman brian mash. he was an army explosive ordnance expert in afghanistan.
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congressman comp let me start with you. what we are hearing about these devices are that there are different methods being used, different ways there. together, different ways they are triggered. there are the expert. what does it save you? >> it depends. is this person using rudimentary devices because he wants them to be simple so that they don't malfunction? there was a malfunction, and indicated there was a malfunction, what happened in the fedex shipping plant. or are they doing it because they are lack of skill? the creativity and bombing is this: how do you get at the voice to go off without someone -- a device. is there a tripwire? is there a switch, a phone? how do you get it to go off without someone knowing it's going to happen. >> shannon: is this something anyone could teach themselves? does what we have seen so far require a different level of skill that would point to where somebody may have picked up this level of detail? >> it takes a little bit of guts to go out there do it because you're dealing with someone where you can lose fingers. you can lose toes and limbs.
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that's the reality. there's an endless stream of recipes for homeless explosives, different switches, different ways you can get these devices could took off. in books, there's things. there's a lot of sources for this kind of information. >> shannon: general, i know you've been checking with your sources on the ground talking a lot enforcement. what can you tell us? >> when i was on the sean hannity show, it sounded like law-enforcement was pretty certain this was at least similarly done. but after i got off the show, i called our chief police in austin he was a certain this was unrelated. this was totally a separate incident. >> shannon: feeling that there is a common thread between earlier packages. >> absolutely. i think there's no question these are all tied together. the goodwill incident, everything seems to indicate it's the same person. >> shannon: our casey stegall on the ground. casey, i've got imagine the episode you're spending to knockoff will have to be absolutely on edge, every
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unattended package from everything looks suspicious. people to take delivery of their own mail, their own orders from fedex and other places. >> shannon, this adds a different layer to it. it really shows you how afraid people in the city of austin are, not only residents but also law-enforcement officials as well. we are set up in a gas station parking lot at a normal street corner that has now cleared. this was the scene of mass confusion tonight in austin. what are the chances something like this would happen in the middle of this serial bombing case that's right on the front page and on everyone's mind. you just heard, a press conference not long ago, that it was an unexploded military ordnance. military paraphernalia that within a donation box at this goodwill store when the employee went to handle it, it was an incendiary type device. it started to catch fire. it injured that employee but
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he's been treated and released from the hospital. this was in the middle of all of this talk of the awesome bombing murders and the austin bombing packages. so this was something that shows you how on edge folks are. i understand we have some sound from that press conference, the assistant police chief. listen. >> if you have a family member or you have something that you find in a garage that looks like a military device or a momento, please call 911 and we will wed someone else. we have the equipment and capability to dispose of these devices. >> no sixth explosion in austin tonight but the capital city has been rocked by five since the beginning of this month. we are going to work our way back. tonight the atf confirmed a bomb was in fact found inside a package of the austin fedex distribution center near the
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airport, but they found it before it went off. they did a controlled detonation. that was after a package did explode at a different fedex distribution center outside of san antonio early this morning. that was explosion number five. number four happened sunday night. that's when we talked to you out in the southwest austin neighborhood where the bomb was planted near a fence and armed with a tripwire. two guys on bicycles going by triggered the blast. they were seriously hurt. then you have the first three explosions. the first that started march march 2nd. >> shannon: we are losing casey, a little bit of technical trouble. let's bring in congressman mast and attorney general paxton. let me ask you, congressman, based on your expertise, casey talked about one package that was discovered they didn't explode. how many clues are there?
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aside from assuming there's any kind of return address or summary that would be woefully obvious. what kind of clues will be there that will help? >> there's going to be a true menace amount of information. i'm going to try not to give away too much information because there's obviously bomb techs out there within this kind of case and their job is always dangerous. they are going to be able to track that, really exploit where did the components come from? what kind of powder, some kind of powder likely? is there a pipe? a bag, nails or screws or something like that? there going to trackback where this was purchased. they are going to be able to find out what some of the calling cards are. >> shannon: general, i know there are state authorities, federal authorities all over this. what happens when you find this person, if you find them? what kind of penalties could they face? >> i think you'll see federal and state law enforcement looking at prosecuting. you could have dual prosecutions. you could end up with the death penalty cases in texas and
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federally. who knows? it's going to be open to all loan law-enforcement to pursue their case. >> shannon: what does it say to you, investigators may be looking at it. claims of responsibility. teams like someone was trying to make a statement of some kind of if that were the case, though they would step up and take credit. what does it say to you that this is just being done without a message so far? >> i think it's really strange that somebody is not taking credit. with a lot of terrorist type acts come easy people take credit. in this case, obviously not. i have no idea why there is nobody taking credit. >> shannon: what does it say to you congressman? a different level of sophistication with the tripwire? >> still pretty rudimentary technology. things that have been used in combat for years. there's a lot of information out there. people have been seeing what's been used in iraq and afghanistan. a tripwire, you're talking about some kind of device it's likely
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going to either pull out some sort of positive block that's attached to an electrical circuit. that's very likely the way something like that would occur. it's rudimentary and simple but it may be simple by design as well. >> shannon: what he stated people of texas as they are, we heard from women earlier saying i ordered something and it was coming from fedex but i'm terrified for my package to show up. i don't want my kids walk down the sidewalk. >> we have 500 federal law enforcement officials, 400 fbi, 100 atf. my office is involved, the office of bd for linkage. you have bomb experts from san antonio, houston. this is a massive effort to find this guy. and convince with this amount of resources and the effort put in by the state, local, and federal, we are going to find this guy. i would tell people live their lives but make sure you pay attention to your surroundings. make sure you don't pick up something if you don't know what's in it. >> shannon: is there any way to put a gathering of a profile on who the suspect may be?
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anything we've seen so far that would give us a clue? sticker i think the fbi is probably working as hard as they possibly can putting together that kind of profile. undoubtedly when they have this package that they get the chance to exploit, they're going to get a lot of information out of where this person is getting their components. are they copping some of device that's been rendered safe at some other time? they did a controlled detonation of it. there was mention. they have selected some of things going on with this. they probably determine for some reason it was unsafe to ship to another place to be exploited. if they did a controlled detonation. they weren't shipping it back to quantico. so if that's the truth, then something about it was unsafe to ship. i'm sure they looked at what they could. >> shannon: general, how often do something, and for the public or neighbors or family or friend, you know, as the police have talked about, if you see something, say something. how often is not critical in solving a case? >> it's often critical. that's how we solve a lot of
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cases. somebody, they might not think it's useful information but they will call and provide a clue that hopefully makes a difference. have a tip line and it's very important. 512-472-tips. that's there so people can report suspicious activity. i encourage them not to be afraid because that really could make the difference. >> shannon: give us the number. >> 512-472-tips. >> shannon: okay, attorney general paxton, congressman mast, thank you. ed henry is standing by with breaking news in another topic. the president and his battle with the special counsel. by the way, congress is hoping to weather the storm and avoid a potential shutdown and possible rebellion from the conservative base. breaking news tonight from illinois were democrats trying to take out one of their own. apparently. happens to be pro-life. we'll have a live report from chicago.
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's view on this is a fox news alert. the president speaking out tonight about impeachment.
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growing numbers of top congressional republicans calling for second special counsel. ed henry with the tale of potentially two special councils. >> republicans gaining momentum in their effort to get a second special counsel. they want the attorney general jeff sessions two-point that's second special counsel beyond robert mueller to investigate abuses at the fbi and justice department. tonight they have now the support of two of the top three republican leaders in the house. kevin mccarthy as well as steve scalise. that's just the kind of move that may rally the conservative base ahead of the midterms. it comes as house republicans got a major boost tonight from president trump and their uphill campaign to keep control of congress. he had lined a fund-raiser here in washington that raised a record $32 million pretty fired up the base by vowing the g.o.p. will defied the odds and win
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this campaign cycle. taking aim at congresswoman maxine waters, calling her a low i.q. individual and declaring she and other democrats of such a radical agenda that if they win the house, they will impeach him whether the facts supported or not. >> we will impeach him. we will impeach him. but he hasn't done anything wrong. it doesn't matter. we will impeach him. this is what we are going to have. this is what we are going to have to fight against. it is bigger as for the first special counsel pro, robert mueller's investigation, republicans are largely standing by the president. speaker paul reiser telling jennifer griffin he's been assured that mueller will not be fired so there's no need to have passed legislation in the days ahead ensuring he keeps his job. he thinks, ryan does, that democrats should back off fanning the flames. >> you said today you had assurances special consular mueller would not be fired.
12:18 am
>> the administration, i will leave it at that. i want to keep private conversations private. i received assurances that are not -- there's not a consideration. we have assurances that they are not considering it. >> rand paul says this question whether mueller will be fired as a distraction from the fact that fbi officials were out to get the president. paul sang fbi used to be seen is impartial policeman but now from andrew mccabe to peter strzok, they politicize the russian investigation. >> shannon: ed henry live. thank you. congress looking at a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. added pressure because of a looming snowstorm and another potential government shutdown. it could come friday at midnigh midnight. conservatives are not happy with the direction the talks are taking. >> spending money on things like
12:19 am
planned parenthood, potentially money on insurance company bailouts and the obamacare exchange but not spending money to build the border security wall? that's probably the biggest problem with this legislation. >> shannon: we are joined by producer chad pergram. at this moment, and thus have gotten something new in the last 10 minutes, we are waiting on text for the bill. >> we are waiting for the actual bill text. we were hearing it could be filed last week. the reason it's important for house republicans to file this here on calendar day tuesday is they have something called the parts of three day rule. they call it the three day rule. what it is is the 24-hour and two seconds rule. they want to give their members parts of three days to review the legislation. they file the tax tonight, they go to committee tomorrow to prep the bill for the floor. they have to whip it to see what the tally is and then they put it on the floor thursday, maybe have the senate process friday. you see how tight this is. the deadline is 11:59:59 p.m. on
12:20 am
friday. it could be an issue with this joe storm -- snowstorm tomorrow. we are about a half hour or so before midnight and we don't have bill text. not long before i came on the air, i was told there was no consideration whatsoever to write an interim spending bill, something to get them over the weekend. congress is supposed to leave for a two-week recess for easter and passover on friday. you may remember in february rand paul, the republican senator from kentucky, he single-handedly shut down the government overnight because he dragged things out in the senate. if you are not getting the piece of paper to the senate until friday, that's why it could drag out in a saturday or sunday. keep in mind, shannon, a lot of republicans don't want to be here over the weekend. the reason, we are supposed to have about half a million people, high school kids mostly, come to washington to protest firearms, they don't want to be in town when that happens. >> shannon: they would be right in the middle of it
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downtown trying to get in and out of their offices. thank you for the lay of the land. we will stand by and wait for your expertise of what happens next. up next, supreme court hears a free-speech case involving pro-life pregnancy centers. can they be forced to tell clients where they can go to get free abortions? governor mike huckabee looks at the implications. he joins us live. stick around for stormy daniels' attorney here to tell her side of the story about why she is speaking out despite an agreement not
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>> shannon: visits -- this is a fox news alert. we're going to go live to chicago. mike tobin is tracking the primaries and results. good evening, mike. >> too close to call about
12:26 am
governor rauner, the incumbent, just gave his victory speech here in chicago. he can't escape the fact that he had a very tight race. the challenger, very conservative state representative, gave him are a run for the money. governor rauner had a tough first year. he was beat and a budget standoff. his promises for tax cuts resulted in a tax hike. he signed what's called a trust act. codecs: sanctuary state bill. the conservative base was upset. what we heard from governor rauner here and what he called the victory speech is "i heard you." it's going to be an interesting challenge for him because he's going to need to galvanize the conservative base in illinois, the republican base before he faces what we now know will be j.b. pritzker, the billionaire
12:27 am
heir to the hyatt hotels fortun fortune. the "chicago tribune" reported pritzker hidden money overseas to avoid paying taxes. he overcame it by overwhelming the airwaves in the campaign with money. the general election is shaping up to be the battle of the rich guys. number one beneficiary, looks like it will be the local television stations. >> shannon: okay. tell us about this neck and neck race for the congressional district. how is it shaping up? >> that one still can't be called. last checked there were separated by one percentage point. that's the incumbent, who was held that seat since 2,005, dan lipinski. he is being challenged by the democratic party because he has shown up and he has not pro-life. voted against the affordable care act. marie newman came on the scene and position herself as the more progressive choice. outside money flowed in.
12:28 am
she got a lot of support. she led at different points throughout the evening. outside money flowed into the tune of millions of dollars. we will see how it shapes up. still to close to call. it really set the stage for the future of the democratic party, what voters are going to choose. >> shannon: mike tobin, live in chicago. thank you very much. now the chicago race not the only showdown on the hot-button issue of abortion. the supreme court hearing a dispute over a california law that enforces most pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to provide information to clients about where they can go to find low or no cost abortions. mike huckabee, former republican governor of arkansas at a fox news contributor joins us. good to see you. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> shannon: what do you make of this case today, an interesting argument. >> was a very powerful moments because the supreme court's most
12:29 am
liberal justices have to admit this was a ridiculous law that california passed. it was very punitive toward the pro-life pregnancy centers. to say that if you are a pregnancy center primarily designed to save human life and you have to tell people how to kill a human life, to make you do that, it's like saying that weight watchers has to tell people how to over eat in case they really would rather have that option. it's that absurd. the most liberal justice, including justice kagan and justice sotomayor, and others, ginsburg even, recognized and pretty well said this doesn't make sense. i think this law is going to be struck down. i can't imagine how it would stay. but here's the bigger question. at some point the supreme court is going to have to address, is the unborn child a human being or not? if it's a person and quite frankly what we did know in 1973 so well we know now, it is a
12:30 am
person. and that person has a right to due process under the constitution. and we ought to be rethinking the whole idea of taking a perfectly healthy unborn child or any child without due process. >> shannon: they didn't get to that today but they did talk a lot about the clinics. the law, the way it's tailored, it has carve outs for different medical providers. it ends up 98.5% of the clinics subjected our nonprofit pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. that seems suspicious. i want to play sound bite from the pro-choice leader. >> fair and accurate informatio information. the state of california made the case that these women's health centers can operate without
12:31 am
being dependent on lies and deception. >> shannon: the argument is women aren't getting the full picture in these crisis pregnancy centers. she said it's about lies and inception. even justice ginsburg said why shouldn't women be informed about the full range of options. >> i will tell you where the lies are coming from: the abortion clinics. it's a big business. millions and millions of dollars are being made by the destruction of innocent human life. what they are not telling us that there is a heartbeat and that baby somewhere between four to six weeks. there is already a heartbeat. should we be killing a human being with a heartbeat? just because it's big business for someone? that's what's not being told. this idea that it's all about women's health, this has a detrimental effect on health. physically and emotionally. i try to say, if there's two victims in every abortion. one is the baby in the other is the birth mother who may have been talked into this by some
12:32 am
provider because it's good business for them. maybe by a boyfriend, a husband, mother, grandmother, good friend. they are not telling them the full picture either with -- what this is doing physically or emotionally. >> shannon: without weighing into the question today, the justices will look at whether the free-speech issue, you can force someone who has a position in the state doesn't agree with to endorse someone else they don't agree with. we will see. it's a big free-speech case. the underlying issue, abortion as well. there will be a decision by june. governor, thank you very much. great to see you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: is stormy daniels in violation of a nondisclosure agreement? has she been contacted by special consort robert mueller? >> special counsel robert mueller.
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>> shannon: the attorney for adult film performer stormy daniels releasing the results of the 2011 polygraph test. her attorney michael avenatti joins us. ellison barber is here first. >> good evening. the polygraph results say stormy daniels was likely telling the truth about having sex with mr. trump. "the probability of deception was measured to be less than 1%." daniels' return attorney releass
12:37 am
photo. polygraphs are not typically admissible in court because of doubt about the reliability. daniels has she began sleeping with trump in 2006. in court documents, daniels claimed she wanted to talk about her relationship with the now president after the infamous access hollywood tape surface during the 2016 campaign. that's when trump's personal lawyer michael cohen stepped in. a $130,000 hush agreement happened. then a couple court filings last week, trump lawyers accused daniels of violating the nondisclosure agreement more than 20 times. they say she owes at least $20 million in damages. >> why not let her come forward? >> every single person who enters into a nondisclosure
12:38 am
agreement. people do this in order to avoid litigation. avoid the embarrassments of families, business, reputations. >> karen mcdougall, former playboy model she claims she had a ten month affair with mr. trump in 2006 in 2007 filed suit in california asking to be released from a hush agreement of her own. a former contestant on the apprentice accused mr. trump of sexual assault. a judge ruled a defamation lawsuit she filed against him could move ahead. as for daniels, her attorney says his client's story isn't about an alleged consensual affair. >> there is the act and the cover-up. >> was she threatened physical harm? >> yes. >> will you deny the president of the united states threatened your clients? >> i will not confirm or deny. >> reporters asked sarah sanders about the threats. sanders said she had "no
12:39 am
knowledge of the situation." >> shannon: ellison barber, thank you very much. your enemy now, stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti. great to have you with us. do you want to say anything more about the physical threats, whether they were reported to law enforcement, what you plan to do about them. >> not at this time. i think when viewers tune into the "60 minutes" interview on sunday they are going to learn in detail about those threats and they are going to be able to measure for themselves the current ability of my client. >> shannon: sounds like you and she want to continue proceeding as if the nondisclosure agreement is not valid. i know you've followed a lawsuit to that effect. who's funding your services? >> i am basically doing it pro bono at this point. we have set up a gofundme page. it's not on the gofundme page. it's a crowd justice page in an effort to raise money. other than that, no one. >> shannon: a lot of folks have questions about why now, why this is coming to light, why that happened ten years ago or
12:40 am
more, when the president wasn't the president, why it's grabbing some headlines. let me ask you about this. on your own website you say that while in college and later in law school, michael worked at a political opposition research and media firm run by at rahm emanuel who later became white house chief of staff. the mayor of chicago now. michael worked on over 150 campaigns and 42 states. is any of this political in nature? >> absolutely not. that was 20, 25 years ago. it's laughable people are pointing to ..inting to i haven't spoken to rahm emanuel since january 2, 2007. why do i know that? i ran into him in the rio airport after coming back for new year's in brazil in '07. i haven't emailed him, texted, communicated, i haven't had any communication with joe biden or anyone else. the idea that this is
12:41 am
politically motivated is laughable. this is about a search for the truth. i don't care if you are on the right, the left, or in the center, you deserve to know the facts. that's what this is about. >> shannon: your client, ms. clifford, her real name. stephanie clifford. in the nondisclosure agreement, there's a lot of language they're talking about the fact that the part of the deal that she apparently agreed to at the time was, whether it's valid or not, as you can test. talks lot about tangible property, text messages, images. part of the deal was she would make sure all of it was turned over to the relevant counsel or it was destroyed. does she still now maintain any of those materials? does she plan to go public? >> i'm not going to answer that question. that's a question for her. but i will say there was never any deal because the parties to the deal did not execute the agreement. your viewers know that if there's a written contract, if everybody doesn't sign it,
12:42 am
there's no deal. in this situation, everybody did not sign the deal. donald trump never signed the deal. there was consideration that my client was .. the was $130,000 consideration that only donald trump could provide, or release of claims, agreement to stay away from her and her family, the list goes on and on. this deal will never be upheld in a court of law. there was never any deal. >> shannon: you and i both know, we learned in law school, there's contracts. courts do this all the time. they uphold things artfully signed. we know that happens. let's point out the language so we can talk about it. in the deal that was signed october 28, 2016, the first part says "this settlement agreement and mutual release is made effective october 28, 2060, by and between the company michael: set up and or david dennison." grouping them together. peggy peterson on the other par
12:43 am
part. you have talked about the and/or language. sounds like in the claws after that saying that they were a pocket deal. cohen signed the deal. how does that not satisfied the fact that both signed it? >> under california law, and/or as a plural term under the law. it's simpler than that. it's facing a glass. if, in fact, the intent of mr. cohen was that the agreement could be entered into either by either easy llc or donald trump, he inverted the names. he got it wrong. >> shannon: the word or is used. >> that's not the reading of the english language. he inverted the names. if he wanted it to be that ec could enter into it, and needed to be the second name, not the first name. section 8.6 of the agreement
12:44 am
required all parties to sign. all parties. this agreement is going to be thrown out. it's full of holes, poorly drafted, all kinds of superfluous language. i don't know who drafted it and mr. cohen's office but whoever did it did a terrible job and certainly did not serve mr. trump well. >> shannon: you mentioned consideration. let's talk about it. it detailed that you are to be paid and when the conditions are satisfied, ultimately the money would go to your client. it was wire to you. did you write her a check? >> no, it was not wired to me. it was the predecessor counsel. my client was to receive $130,000 and a host of other consideration from mr. trump. >> shannon: did she receive the money? >> she did but she didn't get the rest of the consideration. it's like buying a four bedroom house but you only get one bedroom. >> shannon: what didn't she receive? >> she didn't get the release for mr. trump as provided for in the agreement. she didn't get the agreement by mr. trump to stay with myrna
12:45 am
family. she didn't get a whole host of other things. >> shannon: why did he contact her or her family? >> that's not the issue. the issue is the buy binding agreement for him not to do so. that's the consideration. mr. cohen could not do it under the agreement. this is going to be thrown out. there was no agreement. >> shannon: we have the word "or," and i know you filed to say and the trump folks are trying to move into federal court. we will see if a judge likes your argument. i know this isn't the first time you've faced off against the president inquired. you did so at least with a settlement in 2,006 with regard to "the apprentice." you are experienced in facing him and another legal fight. we will watch this one and see how it proceeds. we are glad to have you with us and we would love to have you back. >> thank you. have a good night. >> shannon: school resource officer stepped up in the face of danger today. should every school have armed
12:46 am
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>> shannon: authorities in texas responding to a new incident at a goodwill store in austin. one person reported injured. authorities say does not appear to be linked to that string of
12:50 am
bombings in austin and san antonio. we will keep you updated as we get new information. in maryland, high school shooter was stopped by an armed resource officer who is being hailed as a hero. two students were shot, one is in critical condition and the gunman was fatally wounded. >> when the shooting took place, our school resource officer, who was stationed inside the school, was alerted to the event and the shots being fired. he pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter, during which he fired a round at the shooter. >> shannon: let's bring intimates panel to talk about it. fox news contributor and radio show host richard fowler. guy benson, and chris quinn. these guys know a lot of talk. this was a rude awakening for a lot of people. i heard about it this morning. the capture a lot of attention right away, chris, people wonder how bad it's gonna be.
12:51 am
looks like the armed officer did what he was trained to do. >> you have a police officer on site. shooting begins. the police officer response. he engages the suspect, fires his weapon if necessary. puts in end to the situation. it's not even clear that the police officer, we believe he fired one shot. it's not clear he hit the suspect with the suspect may have killed himself. nevertheless it was the police officer who put an end to it. >> shannon: we heard from joy and read on msnbc. she tweeted this. "worth noting that if the nra had its way, that student who shot two people at a maryland school would've had access to an error 15, not just a handgun. imagine how much more courage could have been unleashed in the disadvantage that sro would've been asked." under maryland law, he couldn't legally own the handgun either. >> and yet he had won and
12:52 am
committed a crime with it because criminals don't follow laws. this is how the world works. i think trying to attack the nra, this is their default setting. if joy reid had her way, there would be no one there to protect the children from a bad guy with a gun. after parkland, what we saw was a lot of people laughing at this notion of good guy with a gun stopping crimes, putting an end to potential massacres. because he had that cowardly deputy standing outside with shots ring out on the inside not doing his job. this guy did his job, edited on the spot. good guy with the gun killed the one fatality is the bad guy with the gun, saving potentially who knows how many students lives. thank god that happened and thank goodness this armed, trained officer was there with a firearm. >> shannon: as chris said, we don't know if it was his shot that took down the student that the engagement because whatever led to the students death. richard, there's a lot of debate about whether or not to arm
12:53 am
teachers and other limitations in restrictions. do you think there's agreement for people like this, trained law enforcement officials commits the right thing to have them armed in schools. >> i think there is agreement on this. my entire elementary, k-12 career, there was a school resource officer at my school that was armed and prepared. but they were there also to make sure there was a better relationship between the community. and the police department. there's a place for school resource officers but the idea of arming teachers is not the way to go. i'm perfectly okay with more police officers in fortifying or strengthening soft targets like schools and malls and stadiums. there has to be middle ground. the middle ground here is that the -- it's a bad idea to give a teacher in the classroom gun. >> shannon: a lot of them don't want to do it. some of them do. >> teachers think it's a bad idea and a majority of parents feel the same way. >> they shouldn't force any
12:54 am
teachers to have guns. if there is a teacher that has let's say a law enforcement background or military background, i think that person goes to the front of the line. someone who gets trained to be prepared to respond. speak of the drawbacks of having a gun in the classroom. the students know where the gun is. other individuals in the school building know where it is. and it creates problems. >> it hasn't created problems. it doesn't create problems. [all speaking] >> shannon: in texas and colorado, there are a few school districts where teachers have agreed that they voluntarily want to take part. >> it's already happening in texas. we are not talking about taking teachers and forcing them to train with pistols and become competent law enforcement officers. that's not what we are talking about. we are talking are people comfortable around weapons, that perhaps already have concealed. permits who are willing to undertake additional training and be another line of defense. >> the notion going back to the
12:55 am
other network host tweet, the notion that a trained law enforcement professional with a handgun would be of such an unbelievable disadvantage against a student with a long gun, that doesn't check out. >> i want to push back on that. let's talk about las vegas. he had more -- he outmatched all the police in las vegas and there was tragedy all over. >> that's a completely -- >> there's tons of scenarios where you have time -- even in parkland, he could have outgunned. >> shannon: can i say the report that the sheriff deputy was sleeping in his car outside of parkland this week. you would think it would be the safest school in the country this week. got to leave it there. thank you. more news helped put a roof over the heads
12:56 am
of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you.
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>> shannon: we want to show you these good samaritans outside of philly.
1:00 am
this car flipped and they flipped it back over. the driver was rescued. thanks for watching estimate. we will see you back here tomorrow night in >> another incident in austin prompted a massive police presence, the latest happened to the goodwill store. police say it was not a bomb. >> no reason to believe it is related to any of the other incidents that have occurred. >> sanctuary cities and states like california put innocent americans at the mercy of hardened criminals, hardened murderers in many cases. >> you would think it would be all done but you never tell with mother nature. >> supporters saying what is she doing?


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