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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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for heart failure. >> wow! a lot of breaking news today. we're learning more about what is happening in austin, texas, too. thanks for watching. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a fox news alert. details of a proposed $1.3 trillion deal are expected to be redoesed shortly. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." congress must pass a spending bill by friday night or face another government shut down. we're learning some of what is in the bill including more money for infrastructure and the military as well as fixes to background checks for gun purchases. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. are conservatives pleased with the deal leadership? was i wrong that this was going to be easier than proving to be? >> seems like there might be
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some problems. conservatives are happy there's budget here for pentagon programs but everybody on the right side of the aisle is upset that the text, the language coming out so close to an actual vote tomorrow. just a little while ago, i was in the elevator with lindsey graham. he asked me what i was working on. i said i was figuring out what is in the budget. he said he was, too. that is frustration by his own party's whip, john cornyn. >> $1.3 trillion in spending and four people deciding it. it's not a good way to do business and i hope to do it better in the future. it's not very transparent. >> also in this budget, a boost to background checks for gun sales called the fix nics program. conservatives consider that a broken promise because it's been unattached from a bill that
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would give permission for anybody with a conceal carry permit to carry a weapon across state lines concealed. dana? >> dana: what got left out of the bill? >> the $25 billion in border wall funding is not included in this package. there's $1.6 billion. but the president was able to deny $30 billion for a gateway tunnel project in new york. because of that kind of a trade-off, democrats are hopeful there will not be a shut down. >> i don't believe there will be a shut down. if necessary, a continuing resolution. i'd like to see it completed this week. >> so it seems like congressional leaders in both parties are pleased with what they've been able to come up
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with to keep the government funded in this omni bus spending bill. now they need to convince president trump to sign it even though there's so little of the money for a border wall. dana? >> dana: thanks, peter. the investigation into a series of deadly bombings in austin, texas continues hours after the suspect killed himself when police closed. officials say mark anthony conditt blew himself up this morning. >> we don't know where the suspect has spent his last 24 hours. therefore, we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that no other packages or devices have been left through the community. if you see something that looks suspicious, if you see something that is out of place, if you see something that gives you concern, call 911. >> jonathan hunt is live in round rock where that fatal confrontation took place.
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jonathan? >> good afternoon, dana. the people of austin woke up this morning with their nightmare finally over. the news that the serial bomber was dead. this investigation continues at pace today. not far from where i am, a few miles away in pfluegerville is where mark conditt lived and right now police have large areas of that small suburban town cordoned off and evacuated. it would appear that they are concerned about the possible presence of further explosive devices either in the home that conditt apparently shared with two roommates or in the immediate surrounding area. so they continue to talk to those roommates. they continue to talk to conditt's immediate family members. none of those are suspects in this case and apparently they are all being cooperative. the governor of texas says
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investigators also continue to pour over conditt's online presence looking for clues. listen here. >> he did not destroy his digital foot print. it's my understanding that he went dark. he closed down access to his accounts. made it more difficult externally to tap-in, but there was a treasure trove of information in the house as well as the digital information that should shed light who he is, why he was doing what he did. >> the bomber's biggest mistake appears to have using a fed ex store to mail at least some of the packages. he was caught on more than a dozen surveillance cameras that are mounted within that store. he was wearing a whig and wearing gloves as you can see in these pictures from the surveillance cameras. but investigators were able to get a positive i.d. on him. that meant they had an i.d. of the vehicle he was driving. that meant that they had his
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cell phone number. those two things came together last night right where i'm standing, dana. they tracked him down using cell phone triangulation to the parking lot of the red roof in behind me. they found him sitting in his car. he started to drive away. a swat team moved in. they pinned the vehicle and at that point officers began moving towards it. it was then apparently that conditt detonated an explosive device within the vehicle and killed himself. a couple of hours ago, we saw that vehicle, which as far as we could tell was an older model nissan pathfinder, dark red in color being driven away along the freeway behind me here with a police escort. that obviously will be another treasure trove of material for investigators to look at as they continue to look into the motive here. dana? >> dana: jonathan, thank you. for more on this, let's bring
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back in joey jones a former marine bomb technician. you were with us yesterday. thankfully the story has changed. they have found him. what do you think about what police are doing now? old fashioned police work led officers to him in order for the outcome that they have now, which he's no longer able to make new bombs. there is concern that they don't know what he was doing for the last 24 hours. >> no, absolutely. the first few bombs found are what we called victim activated or initiated. they passively sit, not a lot of drain on the power source. once the victim takes action, they blow up. those bombs can last days and weeks. that's the big concern. the ones that he sent through the mail were probably working off of a timer. they'll be found or expire or be a hazard that didn't go off. the big concern now will be, has he placed any other bombs in an around austin and can we find
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them before they injure anybody else. obviously if you put anything in the mail, it's a different type probably or a different type of concern. because they're actively counting down and draining from the power source. still a big threat. >> dana: so the battery issue is important to figuring out how this came together, right? >> yeah, absolutely. when you hear the word "pipe bomb", that is a power trained time fuse president that's wile e coyote with a fuse. a blasting cap is not easy to get ahold or or maybe. so when we hear things like he got a lot of his components or parts from home depot, probably one side of it. on the other side, he's an electronic engineer. that's what he did for a living. his circuitry was probably more complex than it sounded like. seems like the type of that battery that he used was specific and allowed police to
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know which bombs or these bombs were connected to the same bomb maker. early on i said as they look at components, there's some part or piece that is not easy to get ahold of or find. if there's enough of those, you can track purchasers and manufacturers and lead that to the suspect. in this case, the battery allowed police to understand if it was a copycat, if the same person was doing it and also probably gave him a key to his background and education on this stuff. >> dana: based on your expertise, you think he was acting alone? >> it seems that way. makes sense if you look at -- we don't know motive. if you look at skill level, he didn't need somebody mentoring him to make this happen. in other words, he can take what he does every day to might a light bulb come on or computer
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to make a noise and use the same technology and replace the computer or light bulb with an explosive charge. it's not hard to make the explosive. it's connecting the two together. sounds like he had the harder of the two educations together for what he does as a living. >> thanks, joey jones. >> absolutely. >> dana: illinois voters setting the november ballot with some embattled incumbents sneaking in. what do yesterday's primary results mean for their chances this fall. and are you bummed about your busted bracket? don't worry. we have you covered with sleeper picks in the mid-term elections. we have the faces to watch. >> how is your bracket? >> not good. >> none of them are. >> mine is destroyed. i have type 2 diabetes.
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>> dana: some mid tern mania in ill know. voters going to the polls where a couple of incumbents emerged from tough battles. dan lapinski narrowly beating a challenger from the left. >> i am honored and humbled by this victory. you have given me the chance to win the battle against the corruption that plagues illinois. those around the state of illinois that wanted to send me a message, let me be clear. i have heard you. >> josh kraushire is here to
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tell us what happened. as i understand it, governor rauner is friendless in illinois. it's a tough state there in the middle of a financial crisis. he was able to get through and win the primary. >> yeah, governor rauner is a man without a party. he came in pledging to shake up springfield and implement reforms. illinois is controlled by democrats. he's not gotten a lot of legislation passed. he's clashed with the democratic speaker of the house, the illinois version of nancy pelosi. he's not gotten a lot of bills passed. he's taken blame from democrats for the gridlock in illinois. at the same time, he's lost a lot of support from social conservatives in the state who are mad because he passed legislation that is too liberal for their tastes on immigration, pro choice on abortion and alienating the social
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conservatives. so he got 52% of the republican vote in the primary last night. that is a really big danger sign. certainly he's the most vulnerable governor. >> dana: and he will be up against another self-funding candidate. this looks like the most expensive gubernatorial race of 2018 to. >> may be the most of all time. rauner is a multimillionaire. they're willing to spend a good deal of their fortune to win the election. and his opponent ran to the middle. he was among the established democrats and won a comfortable victory. he probably starts out as a favorite in the illinois governor's rain. >> and dan lipinski, a democrat a conservative democrat. he was challenged from the left. he was able to win. no labels, the organization, tried to help support him.
11:17 am
you are writing about who is the next conor lamb. of course, he was the congressman -- he's not a congressman yet. rick saccone has not conceded in pennsylvania yet. pennsylvania 18 on the 13th. that race still isn't conceded. >> yeah. so in the lipinski race, this is a race where liberal groups through the kitchen sink at the congressman. he was one of the few pro life democrats left in washington. that ticked off a lot of progressive interest groups that spent lots of money to get him defeated and support add much more liberal primary challenger. lipinski won by the skin of his teeth. in democratic party library conor lamb, even he was pro choice. the one thing you can't be in the democratic party even as they try to expand the map, trying to moderate, you can't be pro life.
11:18 am
and dan lipinski almost learned a tough lesson. he won by two points. >> dana: are there other candidates that the democrats have recruited that would be in the conor lamb model that could see themselves winning in november? >> right. the bigger story. democrats have recruited moderate to conservative candidates in red districts. i wrote about them this week. one of them that hasn't gotten a lot of attention, a woman in texas, an air force veteran that won the purple heart for saving her passengers lives in afghanistan. her name is m.j. hager. she's running against john carter. she's moderate, a veteran, that hits the right note on a lot of national security issues. she's a type of candidate if there's a big waive election, a lot of democrats in the red areas could have a chance at winning. >> dana: another one is a former cia officer, abigail spanburger. she's a democrat in virginia
11:19 am
running against dave bratt who won in a convincing yeah. >> yeah. i love that race. dave bratt beat eric cantor in 2014. he could be upset himself by abigail spanburger. she's got a primary to get out of. she's a former cia officer, tough on national security. she knows how to hit and persuade a lot of people in the middle district in the richmond area. she's someone to pay close attention to. >> we pay close attention to you as well, josh. thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: snow is pounding the northeast. the latest as a nor easters leaving millions digging out again. we're waiting for the spending bill to drop. it's supposed to include a fax for background checks to gun purchasing. and are more tax cuts on the way? i think so. our panel will weigh that in next.
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> the northeast hunkers down for another snowstorm. schools are closed in new york city. the port authority is warning travel in the area will be severely limited. as much as a foot of snow is expected before this is all over. the storm also shutting businesses and schools from washington d.c. all the way to maine. thousands of flights are also cancelled at major eastern airports impacting air traffic nationwide. despite the storm closing down most of capitol hill, lawmakers from both parties are hard at work and about to finalize the details of the omni bus spending bill. let's bring in a chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp and marie harp and
11:24 am
a fox news analyst. matt, i bet your girls are having a snow day but you don't get any such thing. you have to come in to see us. >> you made me work, dana. >> dana: we make you work. that's right. i want you to listen to senator cornyn about the background check bill. listen. >> we just got our 78th bipartisan co-sponsor, senator mccaskill join. i'm thankful to her and everybody that supported it. it's a common sense bill that does enjoy broad bipartisan support and will save lives. we haven't gotten final word but i remain hopeful. i don't know why anybody would want to oppose it in the omni bus. >> dana: it's hard to get 78 members of the senate to sign on to a mother's day resolution. there's big bipartisan support. matt, there's rumor out there that the bill that the house republicans wanted, the
11:25 am
reciprocity bill might not be here. how will that go over? >> the president talked about that in the roundtable he had at the white house. obviously there's a lot of focus on what we do with our regulations on who can buy a gun in this country. i don't think the omnibus will end that conversation. it will keep going. that's a good thing. reciprocity, the right to carry, is an important issue as we talk about security in our communities. we'll keep having that conversation. >> dana: you think the democrats will be supportive? 78 co-sponsors. that's pretty good. it's not everything they want but something they can celebrate? >> it's a good first step. 78 senators signing on to anything is difficult. take a step back here. this omnibus spending deal is not a done deal yet. there's reports out that president trump is having second thoughts on the hill.
11:26 am
they're having emergency meetings to try to make sure that the president will sign this. there's some questions about whether this will actually get done. >> dana: president trump apparently -- this is according to "the washington post," bob costa. he said that trump is telling him associated that the gop owes him the wall. he got tax cuts, et cetera. i can understand his frustration when he wanted about $25 billion for border security. in the bill as it stands now, it's $1.6 billion. reports that it's possible speaker paul ryan will have to go to the white house and explain how this makes sense to the president. >> i have a different perspective. i think it's a huge, a massive achievement to get the democrats to go along with funding for a wall. they have said this is a line in the sand, certainly not without getting some action on daca on the daca folks.
11:27 am
that's not in the bill. the idea that democrats are actually going to -- a good handful of them are going to support a bill with funding for a wall, not for security or a fence, but for construction of almost 150 miles of wall is an amazing step. the president needs to consider how big a political victory that is, if that is indeed in the bill. >> dana: in some ways, marie, both sides could be for what is going to happen. it's not going to be $25 billion. there's going to be border security. the president will call it for the while. democrats might want something else. >> it's for a wall. >> dana: they should go for it. >> i've said a long time democrats should accept some funding for the wall. donald trump won the presidency and he's made clear that's something that he wants to do. i also remember when he promised mexico would pay for it. the fact that u.s. taxpayers are paying for it is disturbing to
11:28 am
me. and the democrats have to push on daca. the president has been open to the funding for daca. the democrats have put on the table what is a very reasonable proposal open daca. we need to get this done. i'm disappointed it's not -- i don't think daca will be solved in the omnibus. >> i have not seen the democrat's proposal. 's seen the president's proposal. the fact that the democrats would go along with wall funding without daca does show you that for some reason the democrats are leaving them behind in the negotiations. do they want it as a political issue or solve it? >> dana: that's one way to look at it. >> matt, unfortunately i wish democrats controlled congress, we don't. we don't have the white house. there's compromises we have to make. >> do we have 60 republican votes in the senate even with susan collins? i don't think so. it's a nice talking point but doesn't reflect reality.
11:29 am
in the senate, you need a super majority. >> dana: going to let you go to the green room in the d.c. bureau and you can finish arguing about that one. thanks for being here. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: police say the suspect in the bombings in texas is dead but the concern is far from over. more bombs could still be out there. plus, is facebook headed for a show down with congress and wall street? william la jeunesse has more. >> dana, it appears that way but what is on your phone that you have no idea is there? coming up i'll show you how to stop unauthorized access to your personal data on facebook.
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>> dana: facebook fallout continues after reports that data analysis firm cambridge analytica mined information without their consent. now facebook officials will meet
11:34 am
with aides tomorrow morning after a weather delay. william la jeunesse has more. >> the latest is that mark zuckerberg has been mia on this situation. analysts i spoke to say it's a problem because facebook's entire business model, their market value, is built on commercially exploiting user's personal data, 200 million in the u.s., often without their knowledge. >> first thing that has to happen, facebook needs to talk to congress. they need to answer the questions. after we get the information, we should see what is appropriate for the future and the individual going forward. >> so even if zuckerberg does speak tomorrow, we expect he will get called to capitol hill. and facebook could have avoided this if they said their information would be used or
11:35 am
sold and you would get bombarded with political ads. that's why the ftc is asking if facebook violate add concert degree that asked to obtain users affirmative consent. >> dana: users are concerned about their privacy on facebook. what do you recommend? >> it's an issue of trust. we understand you'll get pet food ads and logging on what else is happening. when you download a new app, you give permission to exchange information, details about your producer and phone. my producer freaked out when she found out about 68 apps on her phone, only six that did she knowingly sign up for. dozens like three million cats, you're book yours. so how do you get rid of these? open the facebook app, go to settings, account settlings and control to apps and click
11:36 am
remove. you can do this off the facebook help site or bail on facebook entirely and many people are. >> dana: william la jeunesse, thank you. and now for more on, this kevin allison from eurasia group. you're in chicago today. what do things look like from your perspective and the way that facebook has handled this? >> well, i think it's clear from facebook's response so far or lack thereof that facebook has a big problem on their hands. their brand and reputation are in danger. they have some serious regulatory risks. the reporter mentioned the ftc investigati investigation. there's an investigation into cambridge analytica. facebook could get roped into that is. there's serious regulatory concerns that i'm sure that facebook lawyers are running around with their hair on fire.
11:37 am
the problem is bigger than facebook. the person earlier just touched on it. what does the phone that you're carrying in your pocket know about you and what kind of data is it transmitting that you don't know about to other companies that may be using it in ways that are not entirely transparent to influence not only what you read and what you see hear and think? i think that that is a major issue. >> you think that people are not aware of that? part of me feels like in some ways we have given a lot of our privacy for the convenience of having some targeted ads based on what we like and dislike. i wonder how much people are actually could be surprised by this. i know some people, especially on the left, are frustrated thinking that facebook through cambridge analytica helped trump become president. but are consumers -- do they have ground to stand on that
11:38 am
they should be surprised? >> it's a great question. with regard to a company like facebook, yes, when you use facebook for free, you realize the bargain in there is that you're going to get ads targeted at you based on things you reveal about yourself online. where facebook has run into controversy and the bigger question should be, what happens when outside companies other than facebook that you concerted to share your information with are getting ahold of that data. not only getting ahold of it but maybe without your expressed consent or the expressed consent of 50 million user whose friend taking a quiz led to their data being sucked up. so that's the issue of consent around other people making use of it. and what they're doing with it. if they're using it to sell you dog food,s that one thing. if it's political, that's different. the data you're giving away
11:39 am
through your phone or driver less car, your fridge that know what's you ate for breakfast this morning, all these other devices that will get wired up. >> dana: you mentioned that. i think you said the problem is going to get worse. >> that's right. it's going to get a lot worse as things like connected devices, what people call the internet of things start to wire up every single gadget around you. it's not just facebook but your bridge and other companies that might be scraping that data to make decisions on news and what to show you. that's a decision on both sides of the atlantic will start taking more seriously. >> dana: if the fridge knows order more dark chocolate, i'd be happy about that. thank for joining me, kevin. fox news alert. we have details about two people that were detained in the austin bombing. the breaking news next. and a suspect in the austin
11:40 am
bombings is dead. police just beginning the investigation into his motive. what we're learning about the suspect who terrorized the city for weeks. >> was his goal to terrorize or did he have some other agenda? obviously there was terror. what we'll find out, did he have a different agenda he was trying to achieve other than terror. that we don't know yet. i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold.
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>> i'm trace gallagher in for shep. the suspected bombner texas is dead but there's plenty of questions for investigators. are there any devices still out there? and did this guy have help? we'll get into all of it with the man that led the task force that caught the unabomber. that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> dana: a fox news alert. the austin texas police department says investigators have detailed two roommates of the bombing suspect. one was questioned and released
11:44 am
and the other being questioned now. investigators are urging everyone to stay on alert as they look into the bomber's movements before his death. >> everybody needs to remain vigilant. not get a package that could blow up. secondly, we need to go throughout the day to make sure we rule out whether or not there was anybody else involved in this process. >> dana: texas republican math thornberry is here. you're from texas. sir, what do you know about the cooperation between the federal government, law enforcement and the local folks in texas? >> i think the local folks in texas have pulled in the relevant federal expertise dealing with bombs, dealing with the fbi and so forth to help work on this case. from what i've seen, they've all done a very good job. the other thing is, this reminds
11:45 am
us all that one or a handful of really committed individuals cannot only affect a lot of lives, they can engulf the attention of the nation. this is part of what we deal with terrorism and so forth. we've seen it come to play in this incident in austin. >> dana: in washington d.c., you are probably just chomping at the bit to vote on the omnibus bill. from your perspective, the increase in military funding has been a long time in coming. do you think it's enough to deal with the needs with all our military has right now? >> it's not enough to fix our problems but probably the right amount to be spent this year. people don't realize we spend 20% less on our military today than eight years ago. the world is more dangerous, our military has declined. we have too many accidents, for example. this bill begins the rebuilding
11:46 am
proce process. unfortunately, it has good, bad and ugly in it. but the bill is a really important thing to do now. >> earlier this hour, we reported that the president has some misgivings about the omnibus only having $1.6 billion in border security funding for the wall. he was going to ask speaker ryan to come up and explain to him why that made sense. we have this in from john roberts, our white house correspondent. he said the president has signed off on the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill after meeting with the speaker. the president saying it contains money for the border wall, to rebuild the military and give service members their biggest pay raise in a decade and begins funding for the opioid addiction priorities and infrastructure. so as you said, nobody will be happy with everything in it and maybe not happy with the process. talk about not just the
11:47 am
equipment but the pay raise for service members. certainly a long time in coming. >> we all -- we spend a lot of time talking about the planes and ships and equipment. our most valuable asset are our people. in certain areas, we're having a real shortage. for example, of pilots or aircraft mechanics. but there are a number of things in this bill that help take better care of our people, that help us recruit the right kind of people, retain those folks and give them the tools they need to do the job. because training of our people is just as important as buying them new planes or guns or ships or things. we have neglected some of that training. that's part of what caused those accidents and those destroyers in the pacific. >> dana: and jennifer griffin has been on top of that. how quickly will service members see the raise? >> right away. so it will have that impact right away. and then the president has
11:48 am
proposed another raise, not quite this big, but another raise for next year. so the key is we're showing our people and we're also showing people around the world, adversaries and allies alike that we're serious about investing in our defense. we're going to stand up and defend ourselves. we're not going to keep cutting. >> dana: you think this will help with recruit something. >> absolutely. when they know we're serious about it, it's notice just a one off, that we'll stay with it. this pay raise, the next pay raise, that helps people look at the military as a career. we need the best and brightest this country can produce. >> dana: absolutely. thanks, congressman. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: the federal reserve raising a key interest rate today in the first meeting since jerome powell took over as chairman. the fed raised a key rate by 1/4 point, this is the second time they have raised the rates since 2015. the group said they see two more
11:49 am
increases in 2018 and that's because the economy is doing well. u.s. officials say the smuggling of american grade technology has reached a technology not seen since the cold war thanks to a rise in threat. russia, china, north korea trying to get u.s. weapons and tech. despite the growing number of hackers stealing weapons and tech blueprints. the storms are slamming both coasts. we're seeing snow in new york city while california is bracing for a major downpour. thousands of people are being evacuated. how bad will it get? and it's been six months since hurricane maria. a long way to go still. bryan llenas is there. >> puerto rican americans are asking themselves why is the recovery taking so long? we'll have the update from beautiful san juan next. constia
11:50 am
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>> dana: mandatory evacuations are in effect for over 30,000 southern california residents. some areas brace for as much as eight months of rain in 36 hours. adding to the mix, the charred landscape that won't be able to soak up the rain. that equals high chances for deadly mud slights. a similar storm destroyed hundreds of homes in montecito and killed 21. as millions are dealing with the nor'easter outside our studio here, people in puerto rico are trying to deal with hurricane maria. fox news got a first-hand look at the challenges the government is facing. bryan llenas is in old san juan.
11:54 am
why is the recovery taking so long? >> hi, dana. look, u.s. citizens here in puerto rico are blaming poor leadership and bureaucratic red take in washington d.c. we talk to the governor yesterday. he was so frustrated by the island's response, he took matters in his own hand and created volunteer brigades. he says the problem seasonal fema funding, it's poor leadership and a lack of urgency in san juan. >> one of the things that i cannot understand is why the government demanded i get permission to touch my town's electric grid. i told them i don't need permission to help my town during an emergency. it's my duty as mayor. >> mean while back in washington d.c. yesterday, two dozen puerto rican activists were arrested in
11:55 am
the senate rotunda demanding congress provide more funds for aid. the governor says the funds are taking too long to arrive. >> why is the same process in florida, texas that takes a week in puerto rico it takes four months? i'll tell you what my thought is. we are treated as second class citizens. >> the treasury secretary steve mnuchin will be having a private meeting with the governor in puerto rico. he will hand deliver a $2 billion loan today. dana? >> you talked to a lot of people. what is the mood like down there? >> the people are gracious. they are positive. we visited eight towns. we spoke to roberto and his family that just got power after six months without power. we spoke to jose as well who was there with his father. we spoke to another family who was leaving the island to get work in indiana because he has not had work over the last six months. so look, thousands are leaving. plenty are staying.
11:56 am
san juan is open for business. other towns closer to where the eye hit in the southeast are still picking up the pieces. overall, the cruise ships are coming in and they're just hoping for relief in more ways than one. >> dana: thanks, brian. a student-led vigil is held for the victims of the florida bridge collapse. the student leading the vigil says it's to honor the six lives lost last week. one was alexa duran. afterwards, loved ones placed flowers near the site of the collapse. the accident remains under investigation. so if you're stuck inside because of the snow or even if you aren't, here's some puppies. we'll have an update on spike, the daily service briefing dog in training next.
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>> dana: need a pick me up? you can check out the live pupty cam by k-9s for independence right now.
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go to our producer will be raising one of these guys. today cci will announce the name of spike's litter mates. i'm dana perino. here's trace gallagher in for shep. >> trace: the suspected serial bomber is dead. the danger didn't die with him. that's the word from investigators in austin, texas who are now warning he may have planted more packages. >> we don't know where suspect has spend his last 24 hours. therefore, we still need to remain vigilant. >> trace: we know who he is, but we still don't know his motive and whether he had help. ahead, the investigation, how cops caught up to him and the early morning moment when this came to an explosive end. another major snowstorm slamming the northeast. thousands of flights cancelled, roads a complete mess. some areas could see a foot of snow before it's all over.


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