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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 22, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it creative 23, mark anthony condit gripped the city of boston with fear. >> no idea who this person is. >> no one has read the entire bill and i'm not optimistic there will be concerns. >> making a decision like they are. ♪
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♪ put my hands up to play my song and i will be okay ♪ heather: snowflakes still falling in new york city, you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. we have almost made it through the week but winter is still here for large portions of the country. we start with a fox news alert. a lot happening. we begin with a maniac, the austin bomber leaving behind a chilling reporting detailing his deadly deeds and his family is speaking out. todd biro is at the bomber's home in pflugerville, texas. it is 25 minutes long.
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>> reporter: it is so revealing. one of the scenes of intense investigation. you can see the atf vehicle in front of the killer's house lose the other scene, the area where the killer blue himself up yesterday. the course of the investigation, authorities released two main things. one a trove of bombmaking material in the confession where the killer described himmaking materials. >> everyone is interested in the motive and understanding why and we will never put ration behind these acts. he does not mention anything about terrorism, nor does he mention anything about hate. instead it is the outcry of a very challenged young man. >> reporter: in the 20 minute cell phone confession, mark anthony conditt listed future
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targets he was intending to blowup before he was stopped. all 7 of his bombs have been found suggesting there was no further threat from mark anthony conditt but the community should remain vigilant. the family put out a statement they were in grief and shock and had, quote, no idea of the darkness mark must have been in. as it spoke to reporters. >> this is a horrible thing, just awful and i am so sorry that everybody is dealing with this. he was at my christmas table. he was smart, he was loving, he was kind. i have no idea who this person is. >> reporter: neighbors i spoke to said they barely saw him, only in passing. >> i saw the kid maybe once, seems like a cool dude but the other guy i only saw once.
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>> reporter: there was a call of a suspicious package in los angeles, the package was addressed from austin, texas but our affiliate in la says there was no suspicious package, the fbi, one of the fbi officials in san antonio was discussing the tape of what happened yesterday. and the bravery is individuals demonstrated going up to a vehicle but had a bomb in it, it is unreal. heather: one of the austin 2-d was injured. >> with a blast. one of the swat individuals was injured little bit from what we understand is doing okay. heather: appreciate it was the other big story, house gop finally unveiling their spending
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bill but it is a whopping 2300 pages, with clock ticking toward government shutdown can lawmakers read it and deliver a vote? griff jenkins live in washington dc with the latest on this. supposedly they have a deal to give themselves 3 days to read it but that is out the window. >> reporter: they have a lot of reading to do. 1200 pages, 2300. let's look at what we know is in it. $2 billion for school safety measures and bipartisan tightening of the background checks. $4.7 billion for the opioid epidemic. left out any money for obamacare and doesn't address the daca fix or permanent solution for dreamers but on capitol hill paul ryan says this legislation fulfills the pledge to rebuild the united states military, this
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agreement addresses other critical priorities. no bill of this size is perfect. chuck schumer is on board, every bill takes compromise and there was plenty here but at this meal of the day democrats feel good because so many priorities for the middle class were included in the key endorsement, donald trump tweeting had to waste money on giveaways to take care of military pay increase. everybody is happy? not so. conservatives like the house freedom caucus chairman said this. >> we continue to fund sanctuary cities, planned parenthood, we don't build the wall but yet we put money in for a tunnel.
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last time i checked when the president was campaigning he wasn't campaigning for a tunnel between new jersey and new york. i'm not optimistic there will be conservative whens in this. >> reporter: it will be a longnecked few days. it has to go to the house floor for a vote and then the senate. >> i tried to read through it and got through 200 pages of it. they need to get through it. appreciate it. the president meantime keeping his long-time campaign promise to fix the trade deficit with china. >> we have a $500 billion trade deficit with china. it is the greatest left in the history of the world. >> the president will announce new tariffs to penalize china for intellectual property theft and violating trade agreements. the turf could amount to $30 billion. one of the first things he talked about on the campaign trail. mark dr. berg breaking his silence about the data mining scandal involving 50 million americans. the fed investigating how the
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firm was able to exploit the social media giants, the ceo vowing to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> a major breach of trust and i'm sorry this happens. we need to make sure there aren't any other cambridges out there. we need to go and investigate every apps with access to a large amount of information. heather: we will talk about this, facebook stock plunging billions of dollars, if the breach, about the breach if necessary. the moment the bridge, in miami. the horrifying point of view of drivers near florida international university. you see people getting out of their cars trying to help those
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trapped under the rubble, the cause of the crash is still unknown. they do know they were adjusting attention rod when it fell. a school district taking no chances with safety after last month's shooting massacre. starting in april students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school to carry clear backpacks. they must pass through metal detector tests. and to secure injury points, putting aside more money for mental health services. turning to that extreme weather, the powerful nor'easter blasting the east coast with snow in new england today. millions cleaning up after a foot of snow causing hundreds of crashes. it is lame for two deaths and thousands of power outages, 4000
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flights have been canceled with another rough travel day expected today. janice dean will tell us about what is next before this is over. calling it nor'easter four or toby. >> toby is another channel. you introduced it on your show. we could have the potential for another storm this weekend. we will get more snow totals as the day goes on. pennsylvania, maryland, new york towards new england, in boston, the potential, looking at the radar, in hartford and
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providence, boston and maine and eventually it will be out of here by this afternoon, this evening for another storm, one more note, big rain problems in southern california, burn areas, big concern on both coasts tracking get. >> in california we talk about that. 11 minutes after the top of the hour, driverless accident, the terrifying moment when a self driving uber mowed down and killed a woman. donald from making no apology for congratulating vladimir, the action the white house plans to take over the leak of a classified presidential briefing
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memo. >> the titanic after hitting the iceberg but before the last part of the ship submerged. >> comparing california republicans to the titanic.
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heather: donald trump reportedly told not to congratulate vladimir boudin on his reelection but did it anyway. that information leaked to the press, something the white house calls likely illegal and a fireable offense. robert gray joins us with the reaction. >> reporter: the white house launching an investigation into the latest leak. robert kelly frustrated and deeply disappointed by that action. the washington post story is accurate on donald from's briefing notes, let me put in,
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someone leaked the president's briefing papers and that is a fireable offense and likely illegal. instructing the president on that phone call to, quote, do not congratulate vladimir put in, before donald trump did just that. he should condemn the recent poisoning of a spy in the united kingdom. it is not clear whether donald trump received or read the notes before making the call, he took to twitter defending the congratulatory call putting out president obama had done the same and getting along with russia is, quote, a good thing helping and hotspots including north korea and ran. and the leakers should step down. >> you don't like the guy, quit.
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continue to leak things out, dangerous, really hate that someone in his inner circle, if you don't like working for the president - >> reporter: white house officials thought they saw the insider leak problem a year ago and they tell fox news if they find out who leaked this classified information that person will be fired. heather: they should take a page from patriot games into the canary trap. people can look that up. great to have you here with us. the trump administration fire back saying the week or maybe open to federal charges. gen. jack keane said the white house shouldn't be the only ones angry, the american people should be outraged too. >> they had huge problems with leaks, a lot of were obama
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holdovers and others. chief of staff, gen. kelly, if this is actually a fact that someone close to the president releases information they have every right to be outraged by that, classified information violating trust of the president of the united states, separating from that president if they have a disagreement with him. if you don't ones to provide loyalty and service to the president, you have the right to disagree with them but you don't have the right once he makes a decision to undermine that decision. heather: they will find out who did it fairly quickly. police chief gearing up to take on the democratic mayor who ousted him from the job. >> a wash in higher taxes, school closings. we don't have to live like this,
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chicago does not have to live like this. heather: gary mccarthy announcing his run for mayor against rahm emanuel. after being blamed by a manual for burying a tape of an officer involved shooting. that sparked riots and nearly caused emanuel his job. another democrat sparking rumors of a 20/20 presidential run. los angeles's mayor will make a 2-day trip to iowa next month. 's spokesperson says he will pitch himself as an anti-washington solution. the aaa coniferous prospect of candidate to visit all four of the first nominating states, already been to new hampshire, nevada, and south carolina. the time, don't have a clock over here in the new studio, what time is it? 20 minutes after the top of the
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hour. they fought for our freedom overseas and now they are in a new fight at home. liberal lawmakers blocking the bill meant to improve healthcare for our heroes. our next guest is a veteran himself and he has something to say about this. former vp joe biden said this. >> very nice - heather: wait until you hear what he had to say about our president now. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: spending showdown days from the shutdown, congress unveiled $1.3 trillion spending deal. donald trump announcing
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overnight he has secured $700 billion in defense spending and a $7 billion increase for veterans affairs but one major piece of legislation was left out of the bill thanks to nancy pelosi and her democrat cohorts, a bill that would expand healthcare access for the nation's veterans. i democrats just trying to deny donald trump a win? here is the executive director for concerned veterans of america, dan caldwell. thank you for joining us. i want to break down what is in this bill, 2300 pages long, people will not read it for themselves so let's tell the little bit of a breakdown, $700 billion in defense spending, $7 billion increase for veterans affairs, 2.4% pay raise for our troops, $1.6 billion for border
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security, $4 billion to fight the opioid crisis and $2 billion to strengthen school safety but specifically in terms of veterans themselves you're concerned about caring for the veterans act which would involve more access to for-profit healthcare? >> it would break down barriers between the va and private sector, ensuring veterans have better access to care. you mention how this bill increases spending, it is just dumping more money into the government run healthcare system without access to the core problems driving these issues which covered very well over the years. that is the problem. spending more money without reforms and you had senate democrats, senate republicans, white house, house republicans come to a deal but nancy pelosi and the senior democrat in the house va committee blocked common sense reforms which in the past they agreed to end this is simply about denying donald
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trump a political win at the expense of veterans and it is disappointing because so many came together to put together a compromise solution. heather: one of the concerns by patty murray, she was concerned about moving money into the choice plan because it looks like you are diverting funds from the va. >> i think that is nonsense. this is putting money where it needs to go to ensure veterans have access to better healthcare and a lot of her colleagues on the senate va committee who are democrats agree with her. senate democrats came to the table and they deserve some credit and worked out a compromise solution. their democratic colleagues in the house are blocking it. heather: it is not dead altogether. getting into this omnibus spending bill would have made it easier in the past but now it
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becomes a separate bill altogether. heather: it is unclear what is going to happen. we hope it moves as a separate bill because this needs to happen. as we speak, hundreds of thousands of veterans across the country use the va, waiting 30 or 90 days for basic medical care and that is unacceptable. we need these reforms. they are supported by the veteran community, even veteran groups that often disagree with each other but democrats in the house trying to score political points, and this was something to pass the law. >> in june, we appreciate it. heather: facebook fallout growing. marks ekberg breaking his silence on the data scandal plaguing the social media site.
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>> we have a responsibility to protect data. if we can't do that we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people. >> the heroic moment police officers shave a choking 2-month-old baby. ♪ whoooo.
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when it comes to travel, i sweat the details.
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late checkout... ...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price. tripadvisor helps you book a... ...hotel without breaking a sweat. because we now instantly... over 200 booking sites find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> the fbi is investigating 3000 terrorism cases around the country, christopher ray revealing a shocking new number higher than previously disclosed. >> we have over 1000 or around the thousand isys related investigations, and another
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thousand domestic terrorism investigations. heather: the investigations are going on in all 50 states. we reported that several times in the past several years and it hasn't changed. i love you, babe. the last words the pulse nightclub shooter texted his wife during his rampage that killed 49 people. jurors in the trial seeing the exchange where he was shot and killed, salmon is on trial for aiding and abetting her husband for obstruction of justice. of convicted she could get life in prison. all schools may be required to display in god we trust, the statehouse patentable requiring schools to display the nation's motto in a prominent location where students are likely to see like a school entryway or cafeteria. it can be displayed in many forms like amount of plaque or student artwork. the measure heads to the
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governor's desk for his signature. facebook ceo mark ekberg breaking his silence apologizing to facebook users for the privacy scandal rocking the social media world. >> this was a major breach of trust and i'm sorry this happened. we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and if we can't do that we don't have the opportunity to serve people. our responsibility now is to make sure this doesn't happen again. of the 20 the tech titans as he's willing to testify before congress about the unlawful mining of user information during his watch the concern now is how facebook can keep russia from meddling in the midterms. joining us is kristen ruby, thank you for joining us. i have another concern as well. you have all the other apps associated with your facebook page that you would think would
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be in danger as well but a lot of people are going on and canceling and getting off facebook. >> that is a real concern. i checked, 139 active apps. this is a distraction about cambridge, more so about the access and control facebook has over your life with all these different developers, not just that one. heather: did they not take the precautions they needed to to keep this type of thing from happening? >> they absolutely did not and they admitted that. marks ekberg admitted that last night. he claims he is going to go through an audit, all these other apps but that is not a sure process. jillian: too little too late. the movement to get off facebook, what happen? >> no i don't think so.
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the hashtag activism movement online, it sounds great in the moment but the problem is our lives are so connected to facebook. heather: what will you do if you delete facebook? an opportunity to come up with something else. >> millennials stay connected to facebook. the largest growing demographic is baby boomers. if you are a baby-boom will they just hop on facebook and deleted for another apps? >> they all know that that we are so dependent on it. one of the other issues is the issue with the midterm elections in russia coming up. here is what he said about protecting facebook from russia during the midterms. >> do you think bad actors are using facebook to metal with the midterm elections? >> i am sure someone is trying.
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version 2 of whatever the russian effort was in 2016 i'm sure they are working on that and there will be new tactics we need to get in front of. heather: they are working on it. >> he also said he may be open to regulation but what does that mean? what does that look like? heather: it is scary, the ads alone and how they pop up, if you look at one ad at one point, and another will pop up. >> they are really the product. there is a double standard here, to say this will change it can't change if he has to bring in revenue from advertisers. how can that change? heather: users are the product. we are the product and we need
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to remember that. >> most people don't have social media literacy. they don't understand that in any way. heather: millions of smoke detectors unable to detect smoke. the major recall you need to know about. remember this rant from a california teacher? >> speak about the people you know. they are not like high level academic people. heather: how he is paying a price for his profane comments.
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>> horrifying video showing a moment of self driving berkowitz and killed a woman in arizona. elaine harrisburg appearing out of nowhere. the lights on the car not illuminating her until it was too late and inside the car and ex-convict repeatedly looking down and then suddenly shocked before the crash. both women were not impaired. huber suspended it self driving car program. two officers save a baby girl choking on milk. incredible moments caught on
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camera. >> he is breathing. >> the officers rescuing the baby with back thrusts clearly trying to clear her airway and pulled over after seeing her panicked mother stopped in the middle of traffic in ohio. her mother says god was watching over them and he certainly was, baby is doing okay. remember this rant from a california high school teacher calling our military members the lowest of the low. >> think of the people you know of. they are not high-level bankers or academics or intellectual people. >> outrageous stuff. now he is paying the price for those profane comments. carly shimkus is here with reaction to the decision to fire
1:43 am
him. a lot of people happy about it. >> the footage has been viewed 8 million times on facebook after a student secretly recorded his history teacher criticizing the military calling them stupid, untalented and the lowest of the low. 2 months after that footage it the internet he has been fired in social media applauding the decision, christie's is the firing is completely justified, calling the military of the lowest of low is totally unacceptable what kind of person doesn't recognize the sacrifice people make when they serve our country. mike says he got himself fired, well-deserved too. pete says he should be banned from all schools. he has a month to appeal but the decision to fire him was unanimous. heather: arnold schwarzenegger says california, the gop going
1:44 am
down like the titanic. >> reporter: the state party in california is like a sinking ship but also says he has a solution. >> our politics must be the politics of solutions and substance. we are the titanic after it hits the iceberg but before the last part of the ship submerged. heather: he is calling on republicans in the state to focus on centrist policies to save them in future elections but some people say the party's issues are his fault, like michael who says we can thank you for your awful kind of governor for the fall of the gop in california. part wes california is going to like a doomed ship but republicans have nothing to do with that. walters is from what i remember he was one of the captains of
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that sinking ship. heather: republican candidate for governor disagrees with that. thank you so much. have a great day. the san antonio spurs, shining the spotlight on america's heroes during military appreciation night. >> to provide you with a brand-new vehicle. >> gifting them with a brand-new suv. they also reunite another military family on the court. ♪ heather: capt. david they jesus coming come to surprise his mom or his wife and his four children. we always love those stories about the military. we like those was the time is 15 minutes until the top of the are.
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the dnc accident just hit 6 million while republicans broke another record. >> don't know if you broke the all-time record. week this year we did $32 million so that is quite a record. heather: how can this transfer to midterm success and where does the money go? kaylee mcinerney is here to break it down.
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>> better tetra smoke detectors. warning that they may not be able to detect smoke at all. why? the company says if the device has a yellow like this when it may have a defect that blocks
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the detectors from working properly and advise requesting a replacement immediately. you might start your christmas shopping 9 months early. toys "r quote us kicking off major liquidation sales as they plan to sell all the stores, 735 stores nationwide. prices are expected to drop 25% every week until it shuts down completely. the experts predict the shelves could be completely empty in a few months. they will stop taking gift cards on april 19th. do your shopping early. the dnc just took out another $2 million loan, bringing their total data above 7 million is the republican national committee broke a fundraising record in february raking in $12 million. how will this transfer to midterm success? here to break it down is kaylee mcinerney. thank you for joining us, great
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to have you with us. let's look at the fundraising for the midterms. that are in c raised $157 million and the dnc the complete opposite. they took out a loan of $1.7 million. how are they doing this? >> reporter: the enthusiasm engendered by donald trump. he did better among small donors, men and women opening their pocketbooks than rock obama in 2012, and bernie and hillary combined. this is the juggernaut behind our operation. and rhonda mcdaniel crossing the country, tireless hours making this happen. she has raised more money than any chairperson of either party in history. the combination has made the difference. heather: you have been out there as well. looking at the cash on hand, that matters, they have a $42
1:52 am
million, let's go back to the debt. the rnc has 0 debt as well. >> we are fiscally responsible in the republican party, that is what we are known for in our principles but this is the number that really makes the difference because this is the money you have available to create a ground game across the country, to knock on doors, make phone calls, have staffers, you need that to win midterm elections. the dnc is trying to keep the lights on. heather: the rnc doubling what the dnc has been able to do. >> doubling overall but also doubling among small donors. that is so important because today we haven't is jazmin the democratic party and they do, they have the resistance very strong but to have people making donations is a big deal.
1:53 am
tom perez says we are the party of big rich donors, not the case here, doubling this number, small donors every day men and women. heather: does that say the dnc is in trouble come the midterms? >> i think so. the chairwoman is very honest, it is difficult in the midterm election when you have the sitting president from your party. we wanted to define history and a key component of defining history, that is what we are talking about. it could make the difference. heather: you ave. bookout. we will check it out. thank you so much for joining us, have a great day. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. joe biden took his schoolyard insult against donald trump to a whole new level. >> they asked, i said if we were in high school i would take you
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to the gym. heather: violent threats against the commander-in-chief the team to be getting worse. the major city that is considering banning smoking and walking at the same time.
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jillian: a couple stories for you, milania firing back and
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alleged fake story and people magazine which reports she is furious over the 24/7 tornado in the white house and once to go back to her old life, spokeswoman for the article saying it is false and relies on nothing but anonymous sources and also claimed people did not reach out to her for a comment. remember when joe biden said he would like to take donald trump behind the gym and teach him a question? the offer still stands. >> i said no, i would take them behind the gym. >> he is making those comments at an anti-sexual assault rally in front of hundreds of university of miami students. it could cost you big bucks when
1:59 am
walking. it would be a misdemeanor when smoking on the sidewalk and standing still would still be okay. a $50 fine, he wants to spare pedestrians from breathing in secondhand smoke. what about people walking with your cell phones walking right into you. >> now it appears more and more millennial's are choosing gender-neutral names and according to the social security administration, traditional names top the list of traditional baby names, more neutral names like charlie and ryan through the top 1000. "fox and friends first" continues, i will see you back
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here tomorrow, goodbye. >> at my christmas table, he was kind. i have no idea who this person is. >> thursday, march 22nd, fox news alert, a maniac's confession, 25 minute reporting detailing the austin bomber, his family now breaking silence. >> no one has read the entire bill but i'm not optimistic there will be conservative wins in this. >> a menu at a restaurant. >> congress unveiling a massive $1.3 trillion budget just days ahead of the shutdown deadline. rob: youtube under fire for taking came at the second amendment. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪


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