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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 23, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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the world biggest economy. we get a shake-up and welcome here. it's going to be a rocking two hours. >> sandra: it's one of those fridays. i'm sandra smith. how will wall street respond to the terrorist news.
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the dow plunging 700 points in yesterday's session. we'll watch the stock market open in half an hour from now. meanwhile, mcmaster is out. former ambassador john bolton is in. the former fox news contributor is seen as a hawk. >> bill: the trump team facing big decisions on israel, saudi arabia, iran and north korea. >> i've written i don't know how many articles and op-eds and opinion pieces. i can't count the number of speeches and had have had countless interviews on fox in the last 11 years. they're on the public record. i've never been shy about what my views are but frankly what i've said in private now is behind me. at least effective april 9th. the important thing is what the president says and what advice i give him. >> sandra: first, breaking news
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at the white house where doug mcelway is. >> reporter: in the past minute, literally, the president has delivered up a new treat and is it an important one, he said i'm considering a veto on the om my bus spending bill based on the fact that the daca recipients have been abandoned by the democrats and not even mentioned in bill and border wall which is needed for our national defense is not fully funded. that throws the omnibus bill into question. government funding, should it happen and the threat of a veto means we're looking at another government shutdown tonight after midnight. you may want to change your friday night plans. and the appointment of john bolton. he's been a lightning rod of criticism over the past decades and will probably ramp up it and
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has and chuck schumer said mr. bolton's tendency to solve with military will temper and we're trying to build the middle class at home. that reaction being heard from abroad as well. "the new york times" saying it adds to the perception the u.s. being a headless chicken which is bad for the world said a political science in tokyo. bolton though has long followed the axiom of peace through military and mr. bolton has warned of present-day aggressions by the likes of iran, russia and north korea. he wrote an op-ed pre -- we
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should not wait until the last minute. that would risk striking after north korea has developed nuclear weapons. a more dangerous situation. his appointment, however, does shift the type of advice like mcmaster and president trump said he favors an array of opinions but bolton is under no illusions that president trump is not the final arbiter. here's kellyanne conway. >> if people support his agenda they should be here, if you're not with the program you should get with the program or get out but it doesn't mean blind loyalty. >> reporter: and bolton's appointment becomes effective april 9. >> sandra: a lot going on and we're watching the markets.
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bill and i were talking about the changes and fluctuations ahead of the open. dow futures down about 25 points. the tariff war seems to be heating up. china now promising to retaliate against a new array of trump-imposed sanctions. >> reporter: that hurt the stock market yesterday dropping 700 points yesterday. now mr. trump threatening a new array of tariffs on chinese goods and restricting chinese ability to invest in u.s. technology companies taking effect in 30 days and another suggesting it's not leading towards an all-out trades war. >> i don't think of us want a trade war and we want to protect the farmers in america and a know china looks to that and knows how much of the agricultural products they import but for decades we've had administrations talk about intellectual theft. it's been documented and proven
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where they force americans. to partner with them and steal the property and set up competing companies inside china. >> reporter: china's commerce secretary takes a different view of that. he said it sets a bad precedent and china doesn't want to fight a trade war but not afraid of a trade war and china demonstrate the just that immediately after threatening to impose tariffs on $3 billion worth of u.s. goods and agricultural products and let me add farm state senators are worried. i was at a panel discussion where it was said one of every five jobs in iowa is dependent on agricultural exports. >> bill: president trump tweeting about a newly released summary from the house intel committee report on russia. quoting, house intelligence committee releases findings.
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no serves of collusion between trump campaign and russia. two, the obama post-election response was insufficient. james clapper provided insufficient testimony. hugo gurdon is with us this morning. start with the first point about clapper. did they catch him in a lie? >> i don't know whether they have caught him in a lie here but one of the things that's ironic is he has suggested the house intelligence panel lacked credibility. five years ago, 2013, he gave false testimony to the congress about the data on american citizens being collected by the intelligence services and this is not an accusation, this is an established fact. edward snowden revealed james clapper had not told the truth
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to congress and the fact he's stating lack of credibility doesn't pass. >> bill: clapper said he didn't talk or leak or speak with the media until after january 20 -- 2017, the day after the left the obama -- >> and that may well be true. there were plenty of people in the -- others who might have been leaking to the media and ended up being reports that james comey after the briefing of president trump on the dossier may have had some hand in this. joe di genever who just joined trump's legal team laid out what he suggests is a rather extraordinary and incredibly damning conspiracy campaign within the services to go after president trump. and when james clapper is on the
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television and is talking about this, there's quite a lot that are disliked by him. >> bill: adam schiff who has been a favorite guest of news corporations calls this a sad chapter. where is his proof of collusion? where is his hint of collusion? show us one card. we don't need 52. >> that's a great question, bill. there is no proof of collusion. there's a lot of talk of collusion but if there had been -- if there were more evidence i think in the past 18 or 15 months of investigation into this matter, we might have seen rather more of it than we have. the house panel's conclusion there was no collusion is certainly plausible. the longer this investigation goes on or the longer it went
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on, the more apparent it became there was no collusion. it's up to those who say there was collusion to put the evidence in front of people. >> bill: the full document not out yet. waiting to get scrubbed by the intel committee. thank you very much. we'll have the republican from ohio to talk about the clon collusion and we'll have an interesting perspective on this. >> sandra: breaking news from the white house. moments ago the president tweeting he is considering vetoing the massive $1.3 trillion spending bill. what this could mean for a potential government shutdown and beyond when rnc chairwoman rona mcdaniel joins us. >> bill: and our efforts to counter iran in the middle east. an interesting development. >> sandra: and as john bolton
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prepares for his new role as national security adviser he wastes no time calling out the leaks of sensitive information inside the trump administration. >> whether you're a republican, democrat, liberal or conservative, there ought to be unity that leaking of that sort is simply unacceptable.
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>> it's completely unacceptable. you cannot conduct diplomacy or
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expect other foreign leaders to be candid and open in their conversations with the president if some munchkin in the executive branch decides to leak the talking points to the transcript or any other aspect of it. >> bill: incoming national security adviser john bolton reacting to the leaks in the west wing after a phone call between president trump and vladamir putin leaked earlier in the week. steven hayes and marie, how does this happen and how do you track down the munchkins? >> it's hard to determine who leakers are. this administration has seen a remarkably number of leaks which is never a good thing but they also should take a good and long hard look at why people are leaking and i think someone was
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upset with the substance of the phone call to vladamir putin. there's few people who have direct access to this kind of information but more than you think have second-hand access and is often how it gets leaked. >> bill: i've been thinking about this and maybe i'm off on this stuff, steve, maybe the president put it out. this battle with the intel community is real and perhaps this is his way of saying i'm not going to do everything you tell me to do we don't know what the verbatim was of that congratulatory comment. maybe it was deep or on a more shallow level. >> you raise a real possibility. we've seen the president confirm the day after via twitter he was excited to congratulate vladamir putin and thought he was doing so in the interest of furthering
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the united states-russian interests. i think it was naive but i wish he would have listen to his advisors. i want to be clear, i'll take these leaks from munchkins or anyone at the white house. i'm happy to have the leaks. they're not good for the president. >> bill: okay. i think early on your exactly right. early on the first month we were getting leaks every day of private conversations and that indeed was not good and minut bolt is like 7'2". and commenting on john bolton, you both know very well they are of like mind when it comes to israel, trump and bolton and of like mind in helping build up saudi arabia and that was evident in the arms sale to
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riyadh. i believe bolton is a bigger hawk on north korea than the president has shown, nonetheless, james matis has put them on notice they're surrounded. marie, perhaps he wants more like-minded people around him or perhaps he's looking for more faithful around him. what do you think? >> i think he's building what looks to be a very hawkish cabinet particularly on foreign policy. you're right, john bolton is closer to donald trump than h.r. mcmaster was than is more of a mainstream republican foreign policy thinker. the national security adviser's job is to gatherer views and help the president make decisions. that will be an open question whether john bolton will be able to put his own personal opinion, not entirely to the side, but put different points of view
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forward to the president and give him different options and not to let his ideological leaning to the job and in the past bolton has been accused of changing intelligence to fit his point of view. >> i think john bolton disagrees with donald trump on a number of things most especially russia. john bolton has a long history of being a russia hawk even as late as the past several weeks. he's urged the president to confront vladamir putin and be more aggressive in how the united states handles putin and his own aggression. if you look at larry kudlow who disagrees strongly with the president on trade and the more recent hires, mike pompeo i would conclude is not a yes man or nodding in agreement to
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everything the president says. the contrary to the broader narrative i think the president is bringing in people more likely to challenge him. whether he listens to these people is a different point. >> bill: interesting point, both of you. steven hayes and marie harf. >> sandra: six months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern history we're seeing disturbing new video showing how the shooter spent his days leading up to the massacre. were there missed signs and where the administration stands today. plus, a story we first brought you yesterday. two police officers who quickly jumped into action to save the life of a choking incidents. those two officers are here to tell their story. it's time for the 'sleep number spring clearance event'
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>> sandra: fox news alert, president trump tweeting just moments ago i'm considering a veto of the omnibus spending bill based on the fact the 800,000 plus daca recipients have been totally abandoned by the democrats, not even mentioned in the bill and the border wall which is desperately needed for our national defense is not fully funded. ronna mcdaniels the chairwoman of the republican national committee. thank you for joining us. that's confusing that paul ryan had been out there assuring everyone the border wall is funded for six months. >> the president's right to bring up the democrats continue to refuse to deal on the daca recipients. he has put together a reasonable deal, gone further than barack obama did and said let's take
6:26 am
care of the daca recipients and put in place a wall and better border security so we don't find ourselves in the same position years down the road. democrats don't want to deal with the president because they want to use it as an issue going into the 2018 midterms and the president is right to point it out because it's an absolute lie on behalf of democrat leadership they care about the daca recipients more than they care about the next election. >> sandra: there's promises the president and republicans made to the american people are not in this bill. does the president have a choice? >> he's the commander-in-chief but he's pointing out to the american people, guess what, democrats said they want to take care of the daca recipients and they put a deal on the table and they're refusing it because they care more about looks than the people they claim to represent. the president is being reasonable. >> sandra: what's it do to the likelihood of a government
6:27 am
shutdown. >> the president wants to look at it and it's fair to point out democrats are refusing to come to the table on something where he's put together an excellent deal. >> sandra: you have senators like the state of iowa where they have $2.3 billion annually in exports to china. there's real fears out there. >> the president is doing the right thing stick up for our country. china has been dealing unfairly with our country far too long and stealing our intellectual property and he's saying we're not going to stand for this longer. by the way, everyone across the aisle has said the same thing and president trump said i'm going to take a strong stance against countries not dealing with our country fairly. he's not asking for an unfair playing field, he's saying let's be fair and put america first and that's his job as
6:28 am
commander-in-chief and somebody standing up on behalf of the average american person in this country who for too long has not had a voice representing them in washington. >> sandra: we'll see how it plays out at the midterms and the president talking about how his popularity will play out in the midterm. >> bill: we were in pensacola, florida and the place is rocking. i don't know if it's transferrable. they say a lot of it's not transferrable. they may like me and vote for me and saying i'll do great in 2020. let's see what happens, right. >> sandra: we will see what happens. what do you think will happen, ronna? >> i know the president will be campaigning for every candidate because he wants to keep america on this great come-back under his leadership but he's right, our base is energized around him. i was at the rally in pennsylvania. i've never seen anything like it
6:29 am
and he's the best motivator of our base but every candidate will have to work as hard as ever to keep the majorities because the democrats are coming for the majority. they want to take back control and shut down this government as much as possible and stop president trump from achieving great things for the american people but it's a warning sign for candidates, you'll have to get out and make a case for yourself because voters will make a choice between you and the occur democrat. >> sandra: ronna mcdaniel, chairwoman of the rnc. thank you for being here. >> bill: moments from opening bell on wall street. how will stocks respond after a 700-point drop yesterday in 3%? fears of a trade war with china and a shake-up in president trump's legal team and new attorneys jump on board. what's it mean in dealing with the special counsel. former governor mike huckabee is
6:30 am
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>> bill: 9:32. the stock market is up and president trump announcing billions of tariffs and the dow falling more than 700 points. china vowing to retaliate. traders saying it could lead to a trade war between two of the world's largest economy. some of the news was in response to their tariffs. i thought the drop would be bigger. i thought the response was muted? >> sandra: here it's climbing back on this friday 128 u.s. products targeted in that.
6:34 am
it's fascinating to watch. >> bill: as a candidate he talked about this and he'll say he's been talking about it for decades. it's interesting to see who has aligned themselves with president trump on this issue. sharod brown issued his support for the move, a democrat. either way, shots have been fired in the tariff war today. >> sandra: that was president trump saying he would like to meet with special counsel robert mueller. it comes amid a shake-up inside his legal team is out amid
6:35 am
disagreements whether he should cooperate. we have mike huckabee. i'm sure he'd like to weigh in on the shake-up because everybody has a thought and opinion on this one. >> i think the good news for the president is he's brought in people who are real street fighters. they're tough and strong attorneys and by the way, they're married to each other. i think what he's doing he's build team for the fight he is in. he needs brass knuckles because these are people coming after him not in a genteel way and he needs good fighters. good move. >> sandra: how will they advise him on the mueller probe and the possible sit-down or the answering of direct questions of rob mueller.
6:36 am
and his attorney said it should not happen and he said i'd like to sit down and answer questions directly with mueller. >> i'm sure he'd like to but probably not a good legal strategy. the thing should be written questions and answers. going into a room and having the freedom to ask anything he want and getting him conversational is not a good idea. there's a trap set if he does and his lawyers will tell him no matter how good he is in the setting of speaking his mind, these people have their own agenda and it ain't to help him. >> sandra: the most recent shake-up is given the media to run with a chaos theme we've seen lately. is thus -- this a white house in chaos is there turmoil?
6:37 am
>> there probably is in a good kind of way. if things are so smooth people are asleep it's not a good sign. this is what people forget, donald trump was elected because he's disruptive. he disrupts the institutions of washington. he disrupts the market place. that's what people elected him to do. when he had peek inside the white house that are more institutionalists they won't last a long time because it's an uncomfortable place for them to be. he's a disruptive guy and he'll surround himself with people who have that compatibility. that's not necessarily a bad thing. >> sandra: and we know there's disagreement inside the white house over the trade tariffs and now that's a point of con sense. markets seem to be taking a breather this morning but in the sell-off yesterday there were real fears of a trade war win china vowing retaliation.
6:38 am
>> that's going happen. here's what also is happening people need to remember. donald trump is laying out a very clear position and saying we're not going to be chumps anymore. at some point china has to recognize they're not going to get away with the theft of intellectual property and copyrighted materials and we're willing to be competitive. we're not willing, though, to get trampled and not have the flags thrown. i think what people are appreciating about president trump is he's doing what he said and that's what washington just isn't used to. a person says i'm going to do something about china and does it and everybody panics. why? he told you he was going to do it. >> sandra: fair enough to. now we'll see what happens with the massive spending bill with him vowing to veto it or saying he's considering vetoing it this morning. governor huckabee, thank you for covering all that for us. >> thank you, sandra, i hope he
6:39 am
does veto the bill. >> bill: 22 minutes before the hour. six months later, what a story this, we're now seeing haunting new surveillance video of the las vegas gunman and how he was able to transport the arsenal of guns and ammunition into his suite on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. we're going back to october 1 and before, adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. chilling video. we've seen the aftermath of what happened. we gofrd it that night, 58 people killed and we heard the gunfire and saw the gunfire. now the video that led up to that gunfire is released to us by the mgm and mandalay bay. no other word than chilling. it's a controlled release. it doesn't cover all the video there's still an ongoing investigation but it appears to show the killer moving around
6:40 am
the hotel with the bags unbenounced to the people helping him were filled with weapons and ammunition over the course of several days. it does not show him interacting with any other guests just hotel staff and bringing in what is seemingly bag after bag to his room. he was in the vip section in a sushi restaurant. we know from other employees we've spoken to he was known to be a regular at the hotel at times and got special locations because of that and by the pool and only people known to the hotel get. the video released by the hotel and approved by law enforcement who seemingly was a normal guy and from this video there was nothing to show he would do what he would eventually would do, the worst shooting in modern u.s. history. mgm released a statement saying in part, quote, mgm and mandalay
6:41 am
bay could not reasonably foresee that a long-time guest with no unknown history are threats of violence that appeared outwardly normal would carry out such an evil act and we are cooperating with law enforcement. that's from mgm. we're told the video and the stills were released because there's been increased questions by media as well as people in congress continuing to ask nevada investigators and the fbi what's going on. >> bill: good questions, adam. thank you. haunting video we saw there. adam housley, thank you. >> sandra: france rattled by another terror attack after a gunman takes hostages inside a superior market. two people are dead and others wounded. an update as investigators now try to end the standoff. >> bill: also a significant mega arms deals to saudi arabia.
6:42 am
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confirm defense secretary james matis will be calling president trump because of that threat he just made to the defense spending bill to possibly veto it. he did this via tweet a short time ago. there's now word secretary matis will talk about the threat to defense spending if the bill is veto. we'll keep you updated on that. >> bill: in the meantime you have the billion-dollar arms deal to saudi arabia showing support for a saudi-led coalition fighting a proxy war iran is conduct inning yemen. michael waltz, good morning to
6:46 am
you. same week john bolton is announced and the interference is in saudi arabia. they do not want iran to support the group in yemen. a group like hezbollah that's been at it with israel several years now, decades one could argue. how do you see the deal? why does it happen? >> they're three years in the war into yemen and the saudis see what's going on with the iranians as an existential threat to their existence pushing through iraq, syria and lebanon and making more gains in the last 1,000 years -- more gains than they have in the last 1,000 years. it's critical to the saudis. the deal, though, keep in mind, is about the american defense industry. they have jobs at stake here and they also have a number of other issues that are going on. these weapons are made in 47
6:47 am
different states with the f-15. they're also made in critical states like ohio with the m-1 tank. this as much as about the american defense industry as about geopoliticals. this is about jobs with the united states and about support within congress. it's also about the american defense industry. when you sell more of these things abroad you lower the cost for the united states american military. >> bill: john bolton. you have a lot of commentary on this. >> i do. >> bill: what do you think he brings, michael? how do you think he may change things or not? >> so there's a difference between being strong and being aggressive. one of the things that john bolton understands is that diplomacy is most effective when you have the credible use of military force standing behind it. that's one point. secondly, he understands the nature of these authoritarian regimes.
6:48 am
the people who should be awake at night now are the north koreans, russians, chinese and authoritarian regimes all over the world. secondly, john bolton also understands that the nature of these regimes will never truly be honest and diplomatic engagement and we have to be incredibly skeptical there. for example, with iran he's been an advocate and i am as well of supporting the democratic resistance and supporting the arabs and it will be less >> bill: if you're and the heels of talks with kim jong-un and john bolton's in the room with you it sends a powerful message.
6:49 am
thank you. >> sandra: it's an incredible story we first brought yesterday showing two police officers saving a choking baby girl's life. the two officers join us next to tell their story. >> bill: also the march madness continues. what a great tournament this is. the 11th seed, loyola-chicago pulling off the miracle win. sister gene, there she is, loving it. 98 and young again. ♪ be my good luck charm
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>> sandra: an incredible story where two ohio police officers
6:53 am
jumped into action to save the life of a 2-month-old baby choke inside her mom's car. the officers now join us. >> thank you for having us. >> ryan, if you can start with you first, what were you two doing when you discovered this mom and her choking baby along the side of the road? >> we called with the assist prior to that as we turned around to get behind the car we see it disabled on the side of the road so we think the car might need to be towed or possibly pushed off the side of the road and we see the mom running out of the car quickly and we knew something else was going on and i had officer
6:54 am
oaklander check what was going on while i called into dispatch. >> sandra: it's our understanding you're a couple months on the job. you're a new police officer. when we're watching, who took the baby and started administering emergency help? >> so i was calling out the disabled. i went to the passenger side of the vehicle and the mom went back to the driver's side and when i opened the pass en -- passenger side i saw the baby was gasping and a put her on her stomach and doing thrusts on the back and the officer told the ambulance to step it up and he took over. >> sandra: so ryan, she was choking on milk, i understand,
6:55 am
how did you know she was coming back and that you're emergency efforts were working? what did you start sto -- to see? >> i saw something like saliva or something and i flipped her back over and i was listening to see if her airway was clear and a could hear air moving and the mom had a suction device to suction her nose and i could hear she was breathing again. >> sandra: it's an incredible story. i'm sure your families are so proud. >> i'm happy we were able to help that child. >> sandra: alex, have you heard a lot from the town? what did your colleagues say when you got back to the police department that day? >> well, the incident happened around 9:00 a.m. and within an hour, hour and a half everybody was saying heroes so the station knew about it quickly and we were just at the right place at
6:56 am
the right time. we went back to work and kept answering calls for service and just kept going with our day. >> sandra: it's incredible to watch how calm you both were through all that. when you see a choking baby, i can't even imagine the fear and the fear from that mother. it's an amazing thing you both did, officers. thank you for coming on and telling the story and that baby and mother owe you their lives. thank you. heroes. >> bill: for having us. we appreciate the time. >> bill: well done. very proud in cleveland, ohio. fox news alert. in the capital a group of students demanding action on gun safety. they were joined by the former arizona congresswoman gabrielle gifford. march 24th in washington, d.c. is the main rally but there are expected rallies in hundreds of
6:57 am
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...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> sandra: a lot of questions about the spending bill. will the president sign the bill. the president posted on twitter a short time ago calling this into question saying, quote, i'm considering a veto of the omnibus spending bill considering the daca recipients have been abandoned by the democrats and the border wall which is needed for our national defense is not fully fund. more on this with chris wallace in just a moment. but first, another fox news, breaking news on the deadly standoff unfolding in france after a suspected isis gunman opens fire and takes hostages inside a supermarket in france.
7:01 am
welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. police say two are dead and several wounded at what seems to be a terrorist act. >> sandra: correspond greg palkot is fog -- following this for us. what do you know? >> reporter: it looks like the nasty situation in the southwest of france has been resolved. according to reports, the attacker has been quote, unquote, neutralized, we believe, killed. it started in the city of carcasonne the suspect shot at four police officers badly wounded one and then shot off a car that he needed for a getaway and killed one person there. then drove over to a nearby village, entered a supermarket,
7:02 am
took hostages and screaming out allahu akbar and demanding a terror suspect on trial relate to the terrible terrorist attack in 2015 in paris be released. there was a standoff between police and the gunman believed to be of moroccan origin and the police asked him to give himself up. his family was there. he did not and literally 15 minutes ago they assaulted the supermarket and shot and neutralized the suspect. we believe he has in fact been killed. guys, of course, we all know france has seen a lot of terror in the past few years. two major attacks in paris in 2015 to horrendous attack in
7:03 am
nice in 2016. this area of southwestern france has not also seen attacks as well. the prime minister and french president macron saying they believe it's a terror attack. officials are at the scene and treating this as yet another incident of isis at inspired terror that has left several dead and several wounded. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot following the breaking news for us. thank you. >> bill: from overseas and now back at home, another white house bombshell announcement as president trump continues to fine tune his team naming the former fox news contributor, john bolton to replace h.r. mcmaster. he talked about it with martha. >> i have my views. i'm sure i'll have a chance to articulate them to the
7:04 am
president. some people don't like people who ha who have substanci who have substantive views and if he cannot have varying views, he's not well served. >> bill: catherine herridge. >> reporter: ambassador bolton is energized and embracing the security challenges on north korea, china and iran and sees them as fixable and kellyanne conway said the two appointees on national security are qualified and the criticism is not unfounded. >> have you tv stars calling larry kudlow tv stars. it's kind of weird. they men of accomplishments of
7:05 am
their fields. i've known them for decades, that's what happens when you're old around here. this country should be pleased when people who don't need another chapter in their illustrious careers want to come in and serve. >> reporter: the ranking democrat said the departure of h.r. mcmaster is part of a quote, mass exodus of adults from the administration putting the nation's security at risk and he labelled ambassador bolton as hawkish. >> bill: you have an interview with the cyber security chief of the n.s.a. what did you learn? >> reporter: miriam bailey goes in depth with fox news on the surging threat. are u.s. government systems under constant attack? >> every day. >> reporter: how many times a day? >> hundreds of thousands of times a day.
7:06 am
cyber security is a leveller. >> reporter: fox news spent time at the agency where bailey explained the evolving threat from north korea, russia, china and iran and isis and goes beyond hacking traditional government networks to military and the black suitcase that authorizes a nuclear attack. >> there's nothing off the plate. that's the scary thing about cyber security. our adversaries are looking at every opportunity of cyber to gain an advantage. >> bill: interesting stuff. more to come on that as you can tell there's a lot to get to. >> sandra: i was going to highlight the dow it's up 102 points. it's been a wild night. the futures market was indicating we could see another
7:07 am
sell-off after 700-point drop yesterday and now it seems like they're warming up in the final trading day of the week. the president's most recent tweet is considering vetoing this massive spending bill. we've seen markets turn. >> bill: you look at indicators and deep data and given your background our high on the dow is 26,600. >> sandra: let's bring chris wallace in. the anchor of "fox news sunday." good morning to you. take your pick, because watching the markets it would be anything. it could be the president talking about veto -- possibly vetoing the spending bill. it could be trade talks, tariffs, fears of retaliation, muted maybe this morning. i don't know. but starting off with the spending bill and the president's most recent tweet. this could be a game changer.
7:08 am
we could see a shutdown, right? >> reporter: well, if he vetoes the bill the government runs out of money at midnight tonight and the idea they'll be able to put this together by then is unlikely. frankly, a lot of members of the house and senate left town because they thought they had a deal to get it through. it's interesting what the president is talking about vetoing the spending bill over. it's not over funding for various programs, it's over the fact that he says there is no protection for the so-called dreamers and also there is not full funding for his border wall. he wants $25 billion and in the bill is $1.6 billion enough funding for a year. democrats are saying look, the president could have gotten this deal weeks ago when the democrats said we'll give you in return for your offer for protection for 1. -- 1. 8
7:09 am
million and the president turned it down the because he wanted to end the visa lottery program and restrict chain migration. they're questioning why he would bring this up now. >> sandra: why did he initially support it? is this the danger of putting a 2200-bill out at 8:00 p.m. on wednesday and bringing it to a vote the following day at 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. >> his people were in favor of this. mick mulvaney came out in the briefing room yesterday and said the president would sign the bill and the main reason they were going to sign it was because it was a huge increase in defense spending. defense secretary matis was concerned because it didn't allow for planning because they were always two or three or
7:10 am
six-week extensions. the pentagon got what it wanted in terms of funding. there were a lot of things in the bill the president didn't like in terms of domestic spending but the defense department felt it was worth doing and the budget director said he would sign it. for him now to raise the possibility -- he didn't say he'd veto it but considering vetoing it but it's late in the game. >> sandra: and the trade war and what it means for the sate of iowa and agricultural areas concerns doing $3 billion in exports. the soybeans and agricultural crops. huge fears of retaliation and why we saw the big sell-off yesterday, chris. >> exactly. look, there are some industries hard hit by chinese imports,
7:11 am
especially the technology area. the president and his team concerned about the intellectual property sold back to us at lower prices and cost american jobs. very concerned about that. we also -- because of a global trading economy. we export to china in agricultural product, soybeans and sorghum and live hogs. the idea you could have retaliation and the chinese overnight were already talking about $3 billion in u.s. exports they would impose tariffs on. there would be winners and losers if you get into anything approaching the trade war. some u.s. industries would benefit and some, the agricultural sector, would be hard hit. >> sandra: the unintended consequences. i know you'll be talking about this and the white house shake-up on the weekend and you'll be sitting down with two survivors of the florida school shoot at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
7:12 am
eastern on fox news channel. check your local listings for "fox news sunday morning." >> bill: and also there are leading democrats calling the republican finding on russia a political stunt. we'll look at the evidence on the issue of collusion with republican brad wenstrup who sits on the committee and knows a lot about this stuff coming up live, next. >> sandra: and a trump attorney leaving over a disagreement over strategy. will the president and his team get on the same page? >> bill: and we're hearing the 9-1-1 calls from the deadly bridge collapse in miami.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> the justice department charging nine iranians in a hacking scheme. the hackers stealing information from hundreds of universities and companies and government agencies. so that announcement just happening there. we'll get you more when we get it here in "america's newsroom." >> a rather sad chapter in our committee's long history.
7:17 am
it was clear their report would be completely political from beginning to end. >> sandra: adam schiff the top democrat in the intel committee not happy after they vote to release the gop and find no evidence of the trump campaign including with russia in the presidential election. brad wenstrup of ohio is also a member of the intelligence committee and joins me now. congressman, your thoughts as you heard and listen to adam schiff calling this a sad chapter. >> well, there are some in the investigation that are sad with so much of the media spin but we've been very professional throughout this and compiling the dat and put together our facts to be able to put out a report. we felt it was time to do that. if there's new evidence that can come along, mr. schiff is more than able to bring it forward but at this point it appears they want to keep it going for
7:18 am
the sake of keeping it going. they haven't refuted anything in the report and they haven't added anything to the report as of yet. and they've had adequate time to do that. we'll see if they do that in the next coming days but so far they haven't refuted one thing that's in the report nor have they added to it. >> sandra: so what's going on? you heard him call it a political stunt and went further to say republicans prematurely shut down the committee's russia probe. >> i guess that's his opinion. it's my opinion they just want to keep this going for the sake of keeping it going to keep the illusion out there. i think we've done an adequate job. we still have the responsibility and role of oversight we'll continue to do if something further comes up but this is our report at this time and we feel we've done it comprehensively and it's our opinion there are many things they just want to dig into for the sake of digging into.
7:19 am
look at the hope hicks situation. first of all, that was supposed to be closed and they had her nine hours only to put out she may have told white lies for the president such as saying he couldn't come to the phone when maybe indeed he could have. this is what we've been dealing with for quite some time. i think when the public sees our report, which i think they eventually will, they'll know we did a professional job and put that out there and we did our due diligence and the time has come to move upon if there's something new that arises, we'll deal with it. >> sandra: i want to get to the republicans on intelligence that claims james clapper provided inconsistent testimony about media contacts. this is from the report, quote, former director of the national intelligence, provided inconsistent testimony to the committee about his contacts with the media including cnn.
7:20 am
congressman. >> yeah, i think you will hear more about inconsistencies. we need to learn about these things about people who are in high office who need to be trust. >> sandra: what does it mean between intelligence officials and the media? >> well, there may have been times where people were talking to media when they shouldn't have been and i think it speaks for itself. again, i want to make sure we do this properly and i'm careful with my words while i'm talking to you because we want to get our report vetted, if you will, by the intelligence committee and eventually get it out to the public where we can talk about it more openly. >> sandra: it seems when i'm
7:21 am
talking to you i hear frustration from you, congressman. >> bill: well, this has been frustrating. >> well, this has been frustrating. one said aren't you glad you're not a lawyer and yes, i am. as a doctor we get to the point and manage things and with the hope hicks situation, nine hours with nothing there, just to ask questions over and over and over again gets frustrating. i'm interested in finding the truth no matter where it leads us and not political but finding the truth and so much of this, to me, has been an effort to keep it going keep a political narrative going. >> sandra: congressman brad wenstrup, thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: a former playboy model claiming she had an affair with the president a decade ago talking about that and the message she's sending to the
7:22 am
first lady in a moment. and protests in the streets of sacramento blocking fans from going inside an nba game. we'll tell you why, next. brad's about to find out if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip.
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>> watching this what would you want her to know? that's a tough one. >> or say to her. >> what can you say except i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i wouldn't want it done to me. i'm sorry. >> bill: that is former playboy model karen mcdougal apologizing
7:26 am
to first lady melania trump on cnn. saying she and donald trump had an affair and admitting she knew trump was married and suing to cancel an agreement to keep her from talking about the alleged affair. good morning. what do you think we learned from this interview? >> we learned karen mcdougal felt guilt at the time and feels guilt about her relationship with donald trump. i have no reason to feel she's telling the truth and anderson cooper was throwing softballs and being gentle. for example, she said she found donald trump to be sweet, respectful, kind, caring so why is she doing the interview? she said she didn't want to sell her story and got interested
7:27 am
when a lawyer told her it would be worth millions and she got cold feet about going public and backed out of an interview with abc but now says her rights were violated and few follow-ups on these points. >> bill: she said she voted for him. >> and not getting enough work under the contract but she's been offered another cover on men's journal owned by ami and never agreed to the photo shoot. >> bill: there's another story getting our attention today. this has to do with the media's reaction to john bolton now joining the team in two weeks. i want to hear -- this is rick wilson. he's described as a republican strategist. he was on during don lemon's 10:00 show last night. this is how he characterized how john bolton and donald trump will work together in the white
7:28 am
house. >> i don't want the moment in the limousine why john bolton is saying you should nuke them to teach them a lesson. trump's on the edge anyway and having bolton there to encourage his worst tendencies and this reality tv president now has a reality tv staff and turning the whole thing into a table-flipping, hair-pulling contest can get ugly very quickly. >> bill: none of that was challenged by the way. >> wow. >> bill: so we're going to war and it's going to be a nuclear war. >> sounds like john bolton will have his finger on the nuclear button. he's getting trashed by media outlets who don't like him or his hawkish views on foreign policy. one called him a warmonger.
7:29 am
new york times said it will be the most aggressive foreign strategy team. now, look, he's a controversial guy. he strongly supported the war in iraq. he's been aggressive in taking a confrontational stance towards north korea. to the media, president trump is doing what he wants and now that john bolton as the national security adviser is now he'll do whatever he wants. >> bill: with martha she seemed to have been taken aback with the announcement. did he clear that up with you? >> he'd been talking to the president for some time and i think he probably knew he was going to get the job. he didn't know the announcement would be yesterday so he was taken aback and some have speculated maybe the president wanted a competing story line competing with the interview you just showed on cnn last night.
7:30 am
look, bolton should be covered aggressively by all of us now that he's part of the administration but i see caricaturing of his views. >> bill: we'll see you sunday. thank you, sir. sandra. >> sandra: a fox news alert. a terrorists behind a hostage situation in france has reportedly been killed. the latest developments coming into the newsroom. >> bill: there's more reaction to the shake-up on the president's legal team, john dowd is out. what that might mean how they handle the russia matter. >> there's a growing frustration with the length and duration of the special counsel investigation with collusion of russia and they've spent millions on it so far.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> sandra: police releasing frantic calls to 9-1-1 regarding last week's deadly bridge collapse.
7:34 am
[indiscernible] >> the bridge fell down by f.i.u. >> the campus? >> yes. >> sandra: these chilling calls moments after the newly-built bridge crashed down on a busy street killing six people. worker still removing the debris with the street due to reopen this weekend. >> bill: more reaction with the shake-up with the president's legal team, john dowd is out and resigns amid disagreement over meeting with special counsel rob mueller. that's what we think it's about. dan henninger. welcome to our new digs. welcome to you.
7:35 am
the dowd resignation, shall we say. joe digenova is in and his wife sin as well. what's it mean from your perspective. >> working for donald trump is a temporary job. nothing lasts forever with donald trump. what's gone on is indeed interesting and intriguing. baseline donald trump is under investigation by a special counsel, robert mueller, and a team of attorneys. she's got people like ty cobb one of his lawyers dealing with robert mueller. the president feels he's utterly innocent and being abused by the special prosecutor. new jersey nonetheless nonetheless, you have to take robert mueller seriously. and the trump white house reached out to former solicitor general ted olson.
7:36 am
that's interesting. ted olson had a big supreme court case, olson vs. morrison and special prosecutors are a nightmare and you have to take them seriously. trump wants to be aggressive against this special prosecutor and it's hard to blame him since he feels he hasn't done anything and joe digenova is the cat's paw to lean on the other lawyers to not sell him out too far in dealing with robert mueller. a delicate balance and he's got somebody leaning on the legal system. >> bill: that's his pattern. you write this on the wall street journal. watching the hyperbolic reaction
7:37 am
to the firing -- man, that was only last weekend. only a week ago today, makes clear the russian collusion narrative has become a wildfire, a self-fuelling forest and discriminating everyone near it. the russian things interferes with everything they do every day. would you concede that? >> i would argue that and consuming washington in a destructive way. they're descending into madness. that seals to be clear from the reaction to session's firing of mccabe last weekend and by the following sunday you had people talking about resignations, saturday night massacres, retribution going back to the nixon years. i think this madness began back in 2016 when a lot of people in the obama administration and including the fbi, realized was going to become president.
7:38 am
recall the mood back then, bill, official washington was going crazy at the idea that this "guy" could be president of the united states including the media. it was like a bacterium invading and they'd push it out. >> bill: you're with your colleagues from the wall street journal and trying to understand trump, right, every day you read the psychology. newt gingrich wrote a book about, "understanding trump . " with bolton coming on and mcmaster leaving, there are debates as to whether or not donald trump is trying to bring people in that are more loyal to him or like-minded or both or perhaps neither. we know bolton aligns with him on israel, saudi, iran but they may differ on russia because
7:39 am
bolton's been a hawk on vladamir putin. how do you analyze that, doctor? >> it's the magical mystery tour. it's clear that personal loyalty is of high value with donald trump. that's a baseline. he wants loyalty. i don't believe he necessarily wants yes-men. look who's come into the administration in the last say week or so. mike pompeo has been nominated to be secretary much state. larry kudlow is coming in to replace agary -- gary cohn and they're not yes-men. we know they won't. they'll argue with the president and respect the president's views and try to take the country in the direction he's suggesting but i think all three of them whether it's north korea or iran or economic policy and
7:40 am
even larry kudlow on trade and tariffs will tell him where he's making a mistake and trump himself says i'm flexible. and he is flexible. he'll listen to people. it doesn't mean he'll take their advice. it doesn't mean he'll shut them out. >> bill: looking forward to what you produce saturday morning. >> so are we. >> bill: from the wall street journal. >> sandra: more work to do. chaos in california's capital at the deadly police sheeting of an unarmed black man. hundreds swarming the streets in sacramento shutting down a highway and delaying the start of an nba game. william la jeunesse is live from los angeles with more on this. william. >> reporter: sandra, it was tense outside the arena where demonstrators blocked hundreds of fans who paid from getting in for the shooting of a black man responsible for a string of robberies who police thought he had a gun.
7:41 am
they then blocked both lanes of interstate 5 and blocked the center where the kings were playing atlanta and one man was knocked unconscious. >> the violence muddles the message. >> i'm a little indifferent. i understand what they're proing, at the same time -- protesting but at the same time i paid money to get into this venue. >> people respect what they're doing but have less respect when they're doing it against someone's will. it's against our will. >> reporter: so the protest follows an incident sunday night. a 9-1-1 call of a robbery suspect led police to this home. see a man in the backyard and police arrive and come around the corner and then shoot and the suspect lays flat outside the porch. when the police confront the man
7:42 am
they say show us your hand and fire claiming they believe stefon clark had a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. >> we shut it down for the black man who lost his life. the zero tolerance is it -- is unacceptable. >> he's not coming home. >> reporter: she shooting is under investigation and the family is represented by the same lawyer who handled the trayvon martin case. >> sandra: here we are. >> bill: we're going now from silicon valley maybe to capitol hill. what is facebook's next move? some lawmakers are calling on mark zuckerberg to testify. we'll take that on in a moment. >> sandra: and dash cam video showing a terrifying screen as a tractor-trailer crashes into a school bus carrying special
7:43 am
needs children.
7:44 am
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>> bill: video showing a tractor-trailer hitting a special needs school bus and luckily no one was seriously injured after that. wow. what a moment. >> sandra: facebook under more scrutiny this morning. bipartisan leaders of a key congressional panel calling on mark zuckerberg to testify under oath and the use of data raises concerns after committee staff received a briefing from facebook officials we felt many questions were left unanswered. democratic michael starr hopins
7:47 am
and lawrence jones are here. there's a special request from the house energy and commerce committee. this is a powerful committee that oversees facebook and the technology peers, if you will. lawrence, what do you think needs to happen here? everybody's talking about this and there's a big movement to get rid of your facebook. there's huge fears over what is happening with this personal data. >> people need to educate themselves when they sign up with these social media networks. we don't need the government coming in trying to dictate what people can personally share. they know what they're sign ug -- signing up for and facebook is selling the data like any business. now they're saying mark zuckerberg, you need to be more honest with people. it's in your terms and conditions you guys are doing that but you're just not being as transparent.
7:48 am
>> sandra: it's scary stuff and mark zuckerberg took a while to respond and as executives around him are reminding everyone he's willing to testify, there was a huge "but" there, if he's the right person. >> i don't see mark zuckerberg being the one to testify in front of congress. when you look at facebook you have to think of the amount and quality of data it compiles. facebook has the ability -- now you're allowed to pay friends through facebook. it shows where used logged in and the location and when you think of the totality of movement there's a so much information. when we talk about facebook we have to look at it like a media conglomerate. >> that's a slippery slope.
7:49 am
if you have privacy concerns don't sign up for facebook. i think when you bring in the government and start regulating it becomes a slippery slope. >> you're acting like the government doesn't already regulate media conglomerates. facebook has a television channel and produces its own content. >> sandra: there are bipartisan calls for these questions to be answered. lawrence, you're identifying what could be the sticking point. i can see republicans having an huge issue of all of a sudden there are calls for regulation on the social networking companies. >> this is supposed to be a network where we as average-day citizens are able to communicate. we're not talking about celebrities. we're talking about people live streaming from their apartments or at events or concerts or whatever. when you bring in the government
7:50 am
and start calling every american citizen a media company, that's going to be problematic. >> sandra: it's interesting to see what happens at the state level because multiple state attorney generals have opened investigations on facebook. we'll see where it goes. thank you for coming on. >> bill: ten minutes away on "happening now." >> good morning to you, bill. president trump replaces his national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster is out. former u.n. ambassador, john bolton is in. will it create a hardline foreign policy team with historical impact. and the prosecution trial of norah solomon and why attorneys for the orlando shooter's widow are asking the judge to dismiss all charges. see you then, top of the hour. >> bill: march madness magic. >> the crossover for three, question!
7:51 am
-- yes! >> bill: the glass slipper still fits on this cinderella story. ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪
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7:54 am
>> sandra: a hero's welcome in our nation's capital surrounding national medal of honor day. a small crowd on hand to thank them. the medal of honor is our nation's highest military awar for valor in combat. >> bill: remarkable americans too. i had the honor of being with them at the stock exchange. jen griffen did the emcee
7:55 am
honors. great people with great stories and wonderful patriots. in the meantime, sister jean, her prayers are working. >> crossover, and for three, yes, sir! >> bill: i'm digging it. 11-seed loyola-chicago defeating 7-seed nevada to advance. they hit a three-pointer in the final seconds and 98 sister jean celebrating after another miracle finish. there she is. the ramblers won three games so far a combine four points. >> sandra: look at her. >> bill: they advance where they face kansas city. >> sandra: in all her glory. >> bill: 98 years young. interesting in this time where we get more and more secular. they interviewed sister jean and she talked about the prayers before the game and why they shrink -- think god's going to
7:56 am
bless them. a woman of faith to the core. >> sandra: congrats to them. meanwhile, president trump warning congress he may veto the new spending bill threatening another government shutdown hours before the midnight deadline tonight. we're live at the white house.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> so that's that. >> we were having fun looking at our social media accounts. twitter and facebook. >> we always encourage you to give us reaction to what you're seeing. we appreciate the instant real-time feedback. >> we do. >> the answer is yes, yes, william. >> yes, william. >> no, on a serious note, we look at them lives. it's interesting to get if feedback. we are getting a lot of response to the two officers that saved that baby girl in ohio. they are heros. amazing story. they said they're doing their jobs. nice to have that on a friday.
8:00 am
>> you're exactly right. nine days left in lent. have a great weekend and spend it with your family and friends. we're getting out of here. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> a fox news alert and the dow is clawing its way back from yesterday's 700-point drop. take a look at wall street. up 123 points right now. the plunge yesterday came as president trump announced billions in new sanctions on chinese imports. that created a domino effect all around the world. markets in europe and asia began to slump. china is fearing back now proposing tariffs of its own against the united states. and on this friday morning, president trump is getting push-back from within his own administration over the threats to throw a


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