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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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up next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: marchers take to the streets in cities across the country in support of gun control. live from our nation's capital, i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. and thanks for make "justice" the most of watched show on all of cable news last weekend. and we have another fakd show for you tonight. deputy white house press second scary on today's mars, and ann coulter, david bossie and joe concha and more. the omnibus bill the republicans
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gave it president yesterday is a total betrayal of him and the people who elected him. it's as if they left him to swim in a sea of sharks risking our safety. remember how panicked they were when it looked like he got nomination? in spite of their back slapping, it. it was to make shire did not succeed. candidate donald trump ran on a promise to build a border wall. in 2017, january, speak per paul ryan and senate majority leadered mitch mcconnell decided to build that wall with $15 billion. the bill they presented had $1.6
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billion. sure, more than $13 billion. and they specifically precluded the money for the wall prototypes the president looked at in california. this betrayal should be no surprise. ryan and mcconnell never imaird his success seeding. two months after he was elected. the one they pulled because of the embairnlts of not having enough votes to pass the healthcare bill when they had the house, the senate and the oval. why did the president sign this bill? president trump: i looked at a veto. i was thinking about doing the veto. but because of the incredible gains that we have been able to make for the military, that overrode any of our thinking. judge jeanine: the first ordered of government is the protection
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of its citizens. this bill included $700 billion to shore up the military, so destroyed, devalued and diminished by barack obama. north korea was launching icbms with nuclear war tips. iran spinning centrifuges allegedly for nuclear medicine while threatening the extermination of israel and america. and russia in possession of 20% of our uranium thanks to bubba and his wife continuing to build their nuclear arsenal. faced with this triad, the president chose to put our defense in the strongest position to protect us and our service members. our arsenal will now include the stealth f-35 bombers that literally are invisible to the enemy.
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any leader's success is based uponned the ability to take action and get -- based point ability to take action and get results. it's we did with the individual mandate in the tax reform bill and it's we did with bump stocks. these guys funded the sanctuary cities that protect illegal criminals. sanctuary cities where federal and local law enforcement are pitted against each other. and they funded planned parenthood that performs more than 300,000 abortions a year at a cost of $500 million a year. congress prefers rogue cities where illegals are protected and puts americans at risk. congress prefers no border walls so illegals by bring over drugs
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that take the lives of 1,000 americans a week. while we pay for border walls in tunisia and libya americans will suffer applying of drug overdoses from drugs that come into this country from mexico. 90% of heroin use in this country comes from the southern border. we use 80% of the world's opioids. the one the establishment is not willing to build a wall to stop. the one that the congress is killing more than 1,000 of us a week by not building the wall. opioids and illegal drugs coming from mexico. these are double-talking two-faced politicians who care only about themselves, lobbyists, their contributions and the next election. here we are, democrats crowing that they funded sanctuary
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cities and 1.6 billion for a see-through wall while they kept out daca which the president was willing to give them so the democrats could use it against him in the upcoming election. this is not on president trump. this is on the leadership of the republican party. the very people this president should be able to count on. in truth the president is surrounded by incompetent, inept warriors. this is total betrayal by the senate and republican leadership. the president and the people who voted for him have been betrayed by speaker paul ryan and leader mitch mcconnell. the people in kentucky and wisconsin need to make sure these guys are defeated in the
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next election so this president can carry on the agenda that we elected him to do. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page and twitter. and instagram at #judgejeanine. wesawalotofyoungkidmarching, marching, they want gun control. what does the president think this and what is the administration going to do. >> it's a school safety march, not a gun control march. i saw some of the signage. i looked on twitter. i was around some of the protesters. clearly a gun control march, not a school safety march. but that being said, the president respects the first amendment, but he also respects
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the second. two pieces of legislation, the fix nics legislation, also the stop school violence act, both were funded under this bill. you chronicled extremely well, with the parkland shooting a systematic failure by the school and the local government. there is no communication between the federal and local levels. close the loopholes will hopefully prevent people from getting a firearm who don't need to have a firearm again. judge jeanine: the president signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill after threatening to veto it. he was very clear. he said i will never sign a bill like this again. he threatened to veto it. he didn't want to sign it, so why did he? >> it fulfills one of the
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campaign promises he made on the campaign trail which was to rebuild the military. barack obama dismantled what we had. the number one job of the federal government is to protect the american people. they were rebuilding and fixing old broken down equipment under obama. this gives the largest pay raise to our troops who well deserve that for the first time in 10 years. and the wall as you mentioned. it wasn't everything we wanted. but there are political realities that exist in this town. we have to have 60 votes to pass a funding bill in the senate. the republicans don't have that. the president said i want to rebuild the military. the democrats said we'll hold the military hostage. he cool a you want for the military we insist on a dollar or dollar exchange for our pet projects here at home. the president didn't want to do
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it but the president did it because rebuilding the military is his first and foremost job. judge jeanine: for the viewers saying she just said we have the house, the senate and the ovals. the rules, you need to have 0. we don't have -- you have to have 60. the supreme court said a line by line veto is unconstitutional. >> you can't just come in and govern by fiat. you have to get things accomplished. when you have democrats in the senate who used to be for border control, the military and tax cuts and jobs, used to be for manufacturing. for whatever reason, they turned away from that. you talked about the wall earlier. i just talked about it now. this problem with immigration has gotten worse since the democrats used to be for it. the only thing that changed the last 10 years is the problem is
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worse and donald trump is in the white house which tells me it's purely political for them. they didn't want daca at all. i couldn't believe what the president arounded them on the table. and -- what the president offered them on the table, and they still didn't want it. judge jeanine: hogan gidley, thank you for joining us tonight. joining us tonight, the one and only ann coulter. how are you? >> i'm deeply depressed. are you? judge jeanine: i am concerned. let's talk about why you are depressed. >> his being to your opening statement, i was thinking i wish i could believe that. i can't see any way to sugar coat what a disaster this is. there are 24 republicans in the senate who voted against the
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omnibus spending bill. half of them did it for the right reasons like tom cotton and david perdue and a few others. maybe we can run them for president. but there was only one guy who saider speech at he rally for two years that he would build the wall what he signed a bill to prohibit the building of the wall. he claims he did it, the "wall street journal" said he did it base wanted to go to mar-a-lago. judge jeanine: that's baloney. this guy is the hardest working guy who has ever been in that white house. he doesn't sleep and he works day and night. the republicans didn't care enough. >> we knew that from trump's campaign. we knew they were swine. we thought he was perhaps not the world's greatest negotiator, but a negotiator. and we got nothing nothing
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nothing. chuck schumer's flack is tweeting out, we are getting tired of winning. this business about how he did it to protect national defense. there is no more crucial attack on our national defense than the fact that we don't have a wall. more people are dying every year from heroin and fentanyl overdoses than died in the entire course of the vietnam war. that's because we don't have a wall at our border. if i thought there were any hope, there are things trump can do. somebody has got to brush up on the constitution. he's the commander-in-chief. it's his job to protect our border. judge jeanine: give be what he's got -- given what he's got. what how can he do it? you can't make light of the north korea, rocket man. >> for trump to be saying if
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china won't deal with north korea, we'll. it's on the order of the premiere of china saying if america won't deal with mexico we'll. judge jeanine: north korea is threatening to kill us, not china. were you in on private talks? what can the president do as commander-in-chief. >> on the day after his inauguration, it's his authority under the constitution that cannot be taken away from him by any legislature, by any court to defend our borders. he has -- last war that had a declaration of war from congress tonight was world war ii. and we engage in a lot of military actions around the
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world. i think it can be done on our border for defense. judge jeanine: where could he get money to build the wall as national defense. where dose take it money from? >> the same place reagan took the monti to invade grenada. and bomb syria. he has the money with national defense. this our people being attacked with chemical warfare, not allegedly syrians. judge jeanine: what about daca? even the democrats didn't want daca and he's willing to gift away. what that's about? >> i don't think he should have been willing. the opening gambit should be we'll talk about daca when we have the wall. but we have no funding for a wall and no funding for sanctuary cities, and he's only supposed to paint fences down by
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the san diego borders. they wouldn't give him money for new border patrol agents. but all of this can be downed his powers as commander-in-chief. i think the fact that he signed this omnibus bill is the last straw. judge jeanine: sara carter stops by justice for tonight's panel, and david bossie standing by with his take object the spending bill and' more as just its rolls on. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you...
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judge jeanine: president trump signing a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. despite threats not to sign that legislation. but he said he'll never sign a bill like that again. joining me, david bossie. ways your take on the president signing this huge spending bill? >> it's a fundamental failure of leadership in congress. what they sent this president is tantamount to the opposite of
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what this republican president got elected on. what the majority in the house and senate got elected on. it's unbelievable they put him in this situation. there is a little bit of bad evident by the staff at the white house as well. judge jeanine: that's interesting. we have 2,232 pages. the join wases passed this bill, and -- the geniuses passed this bill and the president said nobody had time to read it. so speak of that. if nobody had much of a chance to right. the people who serve him in the white house, his staff could have said the $1.6 billion for the wall, you can't do the prototypes, you have to do a drone. >> section 230 talks about the wall and it's secondary fencing
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it's chain link fence. this no money for the president's initiative to build a wall, to stop the drugs and stop the bad guides from getting into this country. this is the opposite of what he ran on. this republican leadership in the congress did him a disservice by forcing him to sign this bad bill. judge jeanine: this president continues to keep moving in spite it. what leverage does he have? but mcconnell and ryan, they actually lied when they said we'll get that wall and we are going to get $15 billion. why did they buckle? >> the process here was broken in congress. only four people really. the leaders in the house and senate, the two leaders, democrat and republican who is who wrote this bill and their
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staffs. no amendments, no debate. this was what we ran against. judge jeanine: he can't stop that because he doesn't run congress. >> this is a fail nauert leadership in the house as well. judge jeanine: i hope my viewers in wisconsin and kentucky start to understand this nonsense will continue. it's like they are in the same party the republicans and democrats. >> the swamp won on this one. the president is so di -- is so dedicated to build our national defense and military up and give them planes and ships they need. barack obama broke our military. it takes money to fix it. what this is, to give the democrats unfettered spending in return for that. judge jeanine: what frustrates
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me is it's mccabe and mcconnell and ryan. who in the white house talks to them so they can go back to the president and say you can't read 2,232 pages. they need to be called to task. do you agree? >> i do. judge jeanine: okay, david bossie, thanks so much. joe concha will be here live. but next, the panel is on deck. chris hahn and sarah carter about to go at it. just one free hearing test at
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just one free hearing test could help you hear more... laughter... music... life. call now! for a limited time, you can get $500 off miracle-ear hearing aids! [♪] robert: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm robert gray. incoming national security advisor john bolton is reportedly planning a major
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staff shake-up once he takes over for h.r. mcmaster. sources reporting bolton plans to clean house. bolton is the president's third national security advisor in 14 months. kevin ersley is back in pence veina after being found in mexico. the father of four is facing interference with the custody of a child. now back to jewels 'tis. judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice" live from our nation's capital. an "justice" " lid off the real
9:30 pm
russian collusion story involving the use rain yum one scan damage clintons. william douglas campbell's face was obscured as he responded to democrats attack his credibility. joining me, sara carter and chris hahn. are we going to listen to this sound? >> they interviewed me about the clintons several hours, a good part of the day. that was the indication as good agents they didn't say exactly specifically what they were doing as far as the investigation. but they were looking into the clintons and the information that i -- judge jeanine: what we have got mere is this guy is the guy who was an informant for the fbi, the russians tried to access people from the united states.
9:31 pm
found fertile ground with the clintons who sold them uranium. the department of justice gagged this undercover witness, an informant for the fbi and said if you talk you will go to jail. the gag was lifted and now he's talking. what does it sounds like to you? >> they gagged him and wasn't able to say anything until the doj lifted the gag order. he wanted people to to know what was going on between the russians and the clintons and millions of dollars he knew to be routed through the clinton foundation so the russians could enter our uranium and energy market. now you have the democrats and everyone attacking him, trying to discredit him. he's no way, this going toned now, i'm going to couple and defend myself. judge jeanine: the guy was a witness for the prosecution.
9:32 pm
and something unheard of, gagged by the department of justice? >> a lot of people are gagged by the department of justice and not allowed to talk. i think that's why the attorney general used to fire andy mccabe. if hillary clinton is somehow indicted over his deal, i will buy you a coke and tell you you are right. but right now it's completely irrelevant to the national conversation. he's currently a witness for the fbi. there is something there. this clinton foundation investigation wasser in shut down. -- was never shut down. the fbi is coming back and saying we need to look at this. the russians gave us specific information. he said three decades, three decades, chris. >> this missed something, sarah,
9:33 pm
he didn't win the election it's irrelevant. judge jeanine: chris, stop with the irrelevance. if you are a criminal and you are a criminal you get away with it? is that your reasoning? >> an investigation does not make you a criminal unless you are in some other country. here we are innocent. there is some obscure investigation going. this is a nice distraction, bit's irrelevant. >> the democrats are screaming mad about russia. here is real collusion here. here is something that happened, 20% of our uranium, our mining rights were sold to the russians. we know bill clinton was paid $500,000 by renaissance capital. >> there were nine other agencies that approved that deal.
9:34 pm
>> we know a lot of that information did not roach the people in those agencies. that's what they are investigating. there is an investigation. jenna: they used him as a witness in a russian case involving extortion. >> he was paid $51,000 for being a witness. judge jeanine: it makes a big difference. let me keep moving on this thing. the republican leadership now has presented a bill to the president for $1.3 trillion. what do you say, sarah? >> it's so frustrating. americans are frustrated and angry. you know, the president was corners. this is what i have been hearing. the president was caught in a corner.
9:35 pm
he was, chris. now there has to be another resolution. that was what was so important to so many people. i said for the majority of my career. down on the mexico bored, back and forth. i understand how dangerous this is. this is a national security issue and i think the president gets that. >> the president is supposed to lead the budget negotiation process. mick mull vaiby should have been at the table negotiating this budget. if the president doesn't fire him tomorrow, he is being ridiculous. the president should have been involved. it's his fault. if he doesn't like it he shouldn't have signed it. judge jeanine: don't say things hat aren't true. >> he signed it. he didn't veto it, and you are right about that. than is a lot of anger about that.
9:36 pm
but this is not the president's budget. mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, there were a lot of people involved in making this happen, chris. >> the president is the most of powerful person in this process. i worked in congress, i have seen this process. if this president wanted to engage he could have gone the his way on most of this stuff. he would have gotten a lot more than got in this budget. so the only person he has to blame is himself. if he want to start firing people tomorrow, mick mull vaiby will be the right person to go. >> there is a lot of anger out there, but now that it's been signed, there is only one step to move forward. judge jeanine: that border wall is an absolute necessity. and if the democrats don't want it, then they can take
9:37 pm
responsibility for the drugs coming through the bored. >> let mexico pay for it like he said he would. judge jeanine: you know this isn't a joke, chris. but it's good to have you on. the former vice president want to beat up the current president. joe concha is standing by live to break it all down with me next. -looks great, honey. -right? sometimes you need an expert.
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judge jeanine: the third installment of the movie "god's not dead" is being released this friday. and i'm lucky to be part of it.
9:52 pm
>> this kid adam richardson is caught in the crossfire. >> this kid killed somebody. >> it was an accident. >> speak of judge and jury, who is going to hold this reverend accountable? there is a big difference between a death in a fight. reverend did attack the kid and now he's calling for the kid to get put away for 30 years. >> a huge protest is planned for the weekend it's a sign of the times. everybody is yelling and nobody is listening. judge jeanine: and actor in and producer of the movie franchise "god's not dead." you are the co-founder of the fewer flex movies. they specialize in faith and family movies. what got you into these
9:53 pm
faith-based movies? >> you were wonderful in the movie, by the way. i just think obviously we are living in this dark social political divisive time where everybody is yelling and nobody is listening. what faith films dpois offer an opportunity for people to ask tough questions that are on everybody's minds, they are in the colleges. they are everywhere. is god good all the time in the middle of floods and hurricanes it allows us to open up discussions. judge jeanine: our seeing there is some of the movie. i must tell you it's a very interesting movie. a lot of issues that involve the church and faith and free speech. for you, this is a time of year
9:54 pm
you leave these god isn't dead movies. >> easter is a time when families get together. note i play a pastor and my brother is an atheist. and i have to call him for help. but that's normal in families it's not a cookie cutter clean thing. that's what makes this movie special it's authentic and opens up conversations to a lot of issues at hand right now. judge jeanine: when there is so much division in the country faith-based movies are important because they accomplish what? >> hollywood is releasing all these movies there will be is a lot of explosions. with the faith-based films, you talk about these things and it allows you to open up conversations. we got emails and call s from
9:55 pm
the first several movies. it aloud parents to talk to kids and parents can talk about issues. how do you know god is good all the time. judge jeanine: in light of some of the shootings we talk about in the news today and the march today, i'm sure a lot of the young people are echoing the question you asked, is god good, is god good all the time and why does evil occur. this movie starts on good friday. how many thighers, day -- how many theaters? >> close to 2,000. so it goes wide. >> thanks for being with us. we look forward to seeing the movie. take care. we'll be right back. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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>> finally tonight don't forget to find me on facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram. and you never have to miss justice just set the dvr. thank you for watching tonight. i am advocating for truth and justice and the american way greg gutfeld is next
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♪ >> reminds me all of the stuff now this is battle as far as the clan is concerned even to get open all the way is the starfish lunch. >> that is not where babies come from. [laughter] [applause] shut up. hand it to trump and with bolton but not this bolton.


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