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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 26, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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right? >> >> always good seeing you. we were going to do a confession but i'm glad we ran out of time. "the five" is now. >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." we got a response from the white house today on the interview that has much of the nation talking. stormy daniels broke her silence on "60 minutes" last night about her alleged affair with the president in 2006. there were a few bombshells but this story caught some attention. the adult film star claimed she struck a deal with mr. trump's lawyer to keep quiet after getting a mysterious warning in 2011. >> i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter.
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this teaches facing backwards in the backseat, diaper bag, getting the stuff out. a guy walked up on me and said to me "leave trump alone. forget this story." he leaned and looked at my daughter and said "a beautiful little girl. it would be a shame if something happened to her mom." and then he was gone. >> kimberly: she signed a nondisclosure agreement before the election. >> you thought there would be legal repercussions. >> the exact sentence used was "they can make your life hell in many different ways." >> "they" being? because i don't know who they were. >> kimberly: michael cohen sent a cease and desist letter to daniels. the white house push back the allegations. >> was the president aware of a
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physical threat made against ms. daniels when she was with her daughter in 2011? >> the president doesn't believe any of the claims ms. daniels made last night in the interview are accurate. >> he doesn't believe she was threatened? to go no, he does not. the president, consistently denied the claims. the only person who has been inconsistent as the one making the claims. >> kimberly: daniels' lawyer is teasing that evidence will come to light in the coming weeks. >> are not going to get into the details of everything we have and there's a reason why. we are in the early stages of the case. we understand the american people want all the information right now immediately. it would make no sense for us to play our hand as to this issue. we are not going to do it. i am not playing games. there will be more evidence it's just not going to happen right now. >> kimberly: just filed a defamation suit against michael cohen.
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continued developments in this case, an affair that has alleged to have occurred some years ago. one of the things you were seizing upon, there was an alleged threat made, and intimidation to get her to be silenced. now you see that there is legal action. >> greg: i thought it was a big letdown. the verifiable information is well-established and old news. i mean, finding out trump might have slept with a porn star is as shocking as mike pence not sleeping with one. i have heard better towels from harpo marx. i think trump is like any choice you make, the flaws understood beforehand. trump's follies as a man are well documented for decades. the election proved that they were factored in by half the population already. to continue to scream about the fact that he may not have been a good husband or he cheated on his wife, it's like moving to seattle and then every day
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complaining about the rain. you moved there. the election happened. it's like how conservatives complained about president obama's inexperience after he had been elected and kept complaining about it. he won. that debate is over. the one thing i would do is unlike hillary clinton and the media, i'm not going to trash a woman because of sexual claims but it is safe to say america can accept a billionaire extrovert with unlimited options in new york city and wasn't a great husband. >> kimberly: okay, dana, what do you make in terms of the communications, the interview last night and the reaction. >> dana: raj shah do the briefing today and i was watching it thinking he's doing a great job of not giving the story any more oxygen, starving it from being able to advance. his answer to the nbc reporter
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in which they deny all underlying claims, just ensures that they will continue to, they, the media, everyone is going to cover the story because what she said on "60 minutes" is that i don't want to be called a liar. she is counter punching when it comes to that. when it comes to the lawsuit. apparently she would owe $20 million as of today because apparently she has broken the nda. they countersued for defamation. legally i don't see where this ends. it reminds me a bit of the john edwards story that comes out because of the "national enquirer"'s investigation. it was about the whole thing, they are paying people off in order to protect them politically? that's why i think the story also has legs. i don't think it's as important as other things. i also can understand why democrats are thinking look at these republican hypocrites. they cared so much in the
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1990s. why don't they care now? yes but also, aren't the democrats dealing with what they did in the 1990s when they ignored it and excused it. >> greg: and those were assaults. >> dana: so many hypocritical discussions going on back and forth. in some ways, i wonder, is there a way they get to a settlement between the two of them? i the rise -- otherwise i don't see how it ends. >> kimberly: a million dollars for each time she violates it. >> jesse: democrats are laying low on the stormy daniels thing because they -- bill clinton having done more than this allegedly. they are letting the media go on attack. in the '90s, the media was defending the president and going after the women and now they are defending the women and going after the president. the democrats overplayed their
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hand in the '90s and bill clinton edged up in a pretty good position politically after his second term. if it's true in the president did have an affair with this person over a decade ago, i don't think the american public cares that much. it wasn't a "me too" thing. it was consensual. she hasn't provided any evidence to prove that it happened. 60 minutes i don't think and lined us that much. we heard a lot about before. the only substantive issues moores there was a threat made and two a campaign finance law violation. and then, did she have any pictures or video to blackmail the president? cbs didn't do anything to show us that information, and that's fine. right now it looks like sex sells because they had a great rating. came from the anticipation and the duke-kansas overtime game. politicians can usually get away with it.
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for a few reasons, they are holy rollers. then there is the hypocrisy saying you are pro-life, you pay for the abortion for the mistress. two, if there is scandalous video that's going to come out. three, if it's an out of the closet situation like larry craig. and then lastly if there's public taxpayer money used to facilitate the affair. right now, there was a nice piece where he said the reason why evangelical voters are sticking with the president is because he has defended religious liberty. he has been pro-life. he appointed judge gorsuch. he's been very good on those issues. he has kept his promises and it hasn't move the needle in terms of the base. >> kimberly: juan, what did you make of it? the expectation level seemed to be quite high in terms of what was going to be released on "60 minutes." uniformly people say there's not much there. >> juan: i think people liked it. what jesse referred to as the
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ratings, the tawdry aspect of it. the president of the united states being dragged through this kind of scandal. i think it caught a lot of attention. i think i read it was number one on twitter. >> kimberly: people or watching it with a big expectation level. >> juan: it is news that a woman would be on "60 minutes" talking about the president in this way when the president's wife had just had a baby. about his character. i don't think we've ever seen a woman on "60 minutes" or any television talking about this kind of thing come about her -- >> greg: is news because news is doing it. >> juan: would you stop for a minute? seems to me like we have a situation where you have somebody coming out and doing this unprecedented act. then you have a situation where she seems to be telling the truth. i think there were lots of
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questions, is this woman a truth teller or is she self-aggrandizing or taking advantage of the moment? all she is is a stripper or whatever. but you notice trump hasn't said much about it. even today when i was looking, i thought wait a minute. she is only 1 of 3. then you have the karen mcdouga mcdougal, and now in the summer case. the charge has allowed it to go forward and potentially the president will have to be deposed. that will put them on the record. this is tremendous danger in terms of his political stability. i think that's where this is going. the other point is if the payments are being threatened, then you have a potential federal election violation in terms of contribution to a campaign because it was done to advance president trump's campaign just before the 2016 election.
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>> greg: mr. williams, can i respond? >> juan: you can respond but i get tired of you interrupting. >> greg: imagine if the press liked donald trump, they would say this is just sex. they would say our puritanical values are being laughed at by the progressive europeans who understand that world leaders have affairs. now "60 60 minutes cool" is puritanical program. >> jesse: this lawyer, avenatti, he has worked for political campaigns, joe biden and rahm emanuel. he sued trump before. he sued "the apprentice," and he is a democratic donor. they live it has to be viewed in the political context and he is teasing this information that's going to be coming out. if you're going to bring out the information, why not put it on "60 minutes" when the whole country is watching? i don't know exactly what he has. it could be he has nothing.
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the whole stormy daniels thing, a lot of these people think on the right that this is the new russia thing. first it is russia, then he's racist, then he said he is a traitor. after a while, the country looks and says show us the proof. show us something we can sink our teeth into. if not, leave him alone. >> juan: i don't think there is much doubt about what she is saying. if you are making the case that we should not be so upset because they had sex wants, what's the big deal. another woman said they had an affair for several months. to my mind, the trouble and the issue here, it doesn't move the political needle. you are saying it doesn't move the base because everybody just sees trump as under siege and therefore -- i don't think most americans see it. most americans are saying seems to me like we are in constant chaos and this guy invites a lot of tawdry behavior that i don't
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even feel comfortable talking about with my kids. >> kimberly: it's in the past and they are bringing up now. political and financial motivations. >> dana: we have to remember the reason this came up again is not -- she didn't break the silence first. it was "the wall street journal"'s reporting that reported on the payout from michael cohen. that's what started this whole ball rolling. otherwise we may never have heard about this. it was sort of good old-fashioned shoe leather reporting to get us to the article. she says wait a second. i'm not going to be put in this position. then we have the back and forth. the one thing about the lawyer saying we are going to have more, the news cycle changes so fast these days that when you tell us you are going to have more, you better mean by 3:00 this afternoon. otherwise we are going to lose interest and think you don't have it. the longer they try to drag it out. i don't think we have gone to the final answer last night which was what is the end game? what do you want? i can understand what michael cohen wants. defamation suit, the nda should be in place.
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they wanted to stop. it's not going to stop. >> greg: the end game is impeachment. that's what this is about. when each road to impeachment ends up a dead end, then the great thing about stormy daniels is it sprouts another leg. something else happens. there is more of this. i have pictures, something else. it allows the media to breathe into a paper bag over trump. >> kimberly: they want to hyperventilate over it. at the same time, it's also a distraction to what we're supposed to be focusing on about something that was a consensual relationship years ago. i'm wrapping. some of our reflections on this weekend's march for our lives and calls for a revolution. we will be right back. [ doorbell rings ]
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>> greg: for the media, it was their march madness. >> the wheels of change are happening. i am getting chills having this conversation north of the national mall where women suffrage started in civil rights. >> there's a handful of marches
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you remember that our town remembers the civil rights marches of the '60s. abortion rights marches. tea party. million man march. this is right up there. >> these young people were like the anti-vietnam protesters in the late 60s. it was the beginning of a protest. >> greg: what was one's personal is now political. complete with slogans, signs, a gushing media, militant salutes and of course invective. >> i'm going to put this price tag here to know how much marco rubio took for every student's life in florida. $1.05. >> greg: that was harsh, but was it daring? not really. what would be daring is including a parkland student with a different viewpoint on gun control on the stage. with david hogg, he is just a kid, right? the medias has off-limits that the marco rubio thing, that was lame grandstanding.
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is that too harsh? not really because i criticizing him, i am complementing him. he is now a revolutionary like all other well-organized revolutionaries, not challengesg revolutionaries will be patronizing. the students of parkland had a real gripe. a craven sheriff didn't do his job as well as an insane killer do his. 17 people died. the students thought their school should be a safe space, not like the safe spaces of older college kids who weep at the hint of painful truths. a real safe space protected from madman and when necessary shielded by grown-ups with guns. the same goals of sensible students should not be ignored by the nra. but if the other truth is ignored by blaming guns for acts of evil instead of actual evildoers. in four years, you'll end up with cowering undergrads majoring in sanctimony and sign
2:21 pm
making. there was a great story after this. killer mike, an amazing rapper, did an interview about why his kids weren't marching. >> i told my kids on the school walkout, i love you. if you walk out of that school, walk out of my house. [laughs] it's that simple. we are in gun owning family. my sister farms. we fish, hunt. we are not a family that jumps on every single thing an ally of ours does. some stuff we just don't agree with. >> greg: he had to apologize for that. juan, do you think he should have? >> juan: what did he apologize for? >> greg: for what he just said. he had to apologize because he said he wouldn't let his kids go to the. was that right? >> juan: i don't think so. >> greg: he said he was going to allow his kids to go. >> juan: are here --
2:22 pm
>> greg: he apologize because he went against the forest assumptions of his friends. >> juan: i don't know anything about that. i think there are people, especially people who live in rural parts of the country, as he was saying, they are accustomed to hunting, fishing and all that. they are much more comfortable with guns. that's not the issue. the issue here is what happened in parkland, what happened in place loads like columbine, almost 20 years ago. what happened at virginia tech, newtown. that's what we are talking about. to me, i am struck that people will try to diminish the power of what happened over the weekend. the incredible turnout, the numbers not just in washington but around the country. people trying to express something is wrong and we need to have honest discussions and confronted. i was on "fox news sunday" with newt gingrich. this former speaker said who is paying for this?"
2:23 pm
you question the authenticity and sincerity of the young people. why aren't they mad at sheriff israel? you can be mad but the heart and soul that is that we see repeated vocations of this kind of incident and also the ongoing attacks in places like chicago that we often discuss where handguns are used by the gang bangers and the like to kill people. i think it's time for us as a society to be willing and daring enough to stand up and say we are going to deal with it. we are going to stop having easy access to guns everywhere. >> jesse: there is the strictest gun laws in the country in chicago. the deadliest city. at least one of. >> juan: you know about indiana? >> jesse: guns get everywhere. you can always limit on someone else. indiana, the russians. that's not the point. it's good they had emerge. i am glad to see students active and not playing video games. you want people involved in democracy, and that's fine. >> greg: what is wrong with
2:24 pm
video games? >> jesse: nothing. get outside and get some sunlight. there are a lot of contradictions at the rally. there was a rapper performing and he was arrested last year on a weapons charge. one of these guys, cavett phillips, a younger version of me, went out and asked questions, what is an assault rifle? no one knows what an actual assault rifle is. all of these people are being protected by heavily armed security guards. the guy, david hogg, i have seen them on fox news. he started off as a balanced, nice kid who was reporting the facts about what was happening at the school. he is now become a real bomb thrower. someone like this i think isn't helping the conversation. it makes people get their backs up. this guy makes people think you are coming for my guns. you are going to say rubio has blood on his hands because he? maybe he takes money from the nra because he supports the second amendment. it would be more scandalous of the nra was buying off democrats
2:25 pm
and they were voting for nra legislation, even if they didn't believe in it. that doesn't make any sense to me. i also think that whenever there's a scandal in this country, the left and the media blame republicans. the nra, fox news, trump, bush, no matter what happens. in this particular situation, the guy had a rifle because the bill of rights set an 18-year-old with no criminal record can have a rifle. it was the police and the school and the fbi, those are the people who failed. let's take a broader look at not just target the nra. >> greg: kimberly, the thing that troubles me is how -- well, it's an explicit point you cannot challenge someone over this kind of idea because they are teenagers. to me, it's the opposite of education. if they enter the realm of debate, you respect them by engaging. you don't respect them by simply saying you are right. >> kimberly: you are not
2:26 pm
supposed to coddle them. if they want to engage in public discourse and debate, i applaud their desire and ability and right to do so. therefore, it must be healthy debate on the other side as well. i see it is a bit of a backlash with david hogg, almost to the point where it is boomeranging and being tangled up with a gun grab motivation. there is interesting dialogue and rhetoric going back and forth and communication which is fantastic. they were marching in new york. in front of my apartment this weekend, the whole deal. it's good to see people getting involved. that's what we want. that's what we fought for. nevertheless we also thought to have our constitution and have our bill of rights and second amendment. it's healthy and robust. there are protections in place. we will see what happens. the fallout from this. it's not just -- not too smart to just focus on the guns themselves.
2:27 pm
>> greg: dana, is it possible that kind of incendiary rhetoric validates the law-abiding gun owners fears that it's not about bump stocks. it's about confiscation. when you see people if they're saying i don't want any guns. >> dana: it depends on where you sit. if you are a gun owner, then probably yes, you could be definitely seeing it that way. you don't get a march like this about the balanced budget amendment. this is about passion, and i do think their attitudes changing. about doing something. they don't know what that is. some of these solutions, to somebody who understands it more, that won't work. if you are constantly scolding saying that won't work and that won't work, then you're missing kind of the point. there is a movement happening here. i don't know if it will last. something maybe will change. i think you see attitudes changing. one of the things the president did so well, he has the power to
2:28 pm
convene. no one is going to turn down an invitation to come talk. it might be that he could be the one to bring some nra folks together and some of these marks for our lives folks together, saying get in a room and talk about it. maybe he doesn't lead to a solution but it could maybe calm the tension. >> greg: the first step is you feel something in the next up is you want to do something but in between, you should read something. there is so much literature out there about gun control that a lot of people don't know about it. if you take two hours. >> dana: david french has a piece on "national review," talking about gun-splaining. there actually are facts. >> greg: president trump delivers a strong punishment to russia for the poisoning of one of its former spies in the u.k. that's next.
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♪ >> dana: of the u.s. taking strong action against russia for the poisoning of one of its former spies on british soil. british trump ordering the expulsion of intelligence officers, speaking out 60 diplomats. nations have joined britain and the u.s. ordering out russian diplomats. the kremlin is following a reciprocal response and maintains it was not responsible for the nerve agent attack on march 4. elliott abrams from the council on foreign council on foreign relations was on "the daily briefing," and i asked him, how severe is this and he said he would put it at an 8. all around the world, you are starving the russians of intel. >> jesse: if you don't have men on the ground, you can't work your counterespionage capabilities. it's good because russia is very good at that. they are bad actors. a lot of people think
2:34 pm
republicans have been apologists to the russians for many years. it's not true. they've been propping up dictators in syria and tehran. they have been trading with north korea. trying to exploit all the energy in the arctic and trying to militarize space. they are spending a lot of money on the military. there are areas of cooperation in the middle east and terrorism and things like that but at the same time, the tit-for-tat works, especially when it comes to intelligence. >> dana: the other thing this might do is provide some people a reassurance about the western alliance that it is still healthy and strong. this is logistically difficult to get all countries to do it at the same time, and nothing leaked. >> juan: that is really impressive, and i think people who were critical of president trump for not taking action earlier or previously, they have to take a second look because that's a lot of people. 65. we were talking about 38 in d.c. throwing out people at the u.n. that's pretty substantial.
2:35 pm
i think john bolton, the new national security advisor, is all for it, so it's an interesting moment. i will say i think the response from the russians has been intriguing. they say stuff like this is an attempt to distract from brexit or it is the ukrainians. >> dana: one thing the russians have done, apparently in their media outlets that they control, they put out different story lines so the public is confused and they assume it's, that the spy had it coming. the other thing, it was announced the white house next week will have a meeting between the baltic states and the president. further antagonizing putin. >> kimberly: seems dam no problem with that. i'm sure the selection of ambassador bolton for nsa antagonizes the russians as well. he is quite vocal in terms of his distrust of them. i think it's interesting because president trump is trying to keep the back channels open to moscow but at the same time, showing strength.
2:36 pm
in terms of his positioning on russia, his coordination with other countries. let them know this isn't business as usual. these are significant advancements that were not present during president obama's administration. this is the first time i think k you really see some specific, declarative acts that look like okay, we're not going to let russia roll over on us. whether it is selling arms to the ukraine in defiance of what putin is doing over there and the number of spies that have been expelled. identified, eliminated, sent home. i think it bodes very well for the united states national security. >> dana: after the announcement this morning, they russian embassy in the u.s. today twitter poll asking how they should retaliate, if it was up to them to decide. it was like freedom of expression. >> greg: you have trump who hires bolton who is tough on everyone. he gets tough on russia.
2:37 pm
let's not forget china which seems to be bending to trump's negotiation style. even somebody like me who hates tariffs has to admit in my view a vaguer idea going on right now. what do you think cnn is doing? my guess is they are researching stormy daniels catalog. >> dana: do not google that. former president obama has a vision for the next generation of leaders. they should all be more like guess who. him. stay tuned. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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>> jesse: many of us waited eight long years for the obama presidency to come to an end. if 44 have his way, there will be more leaders just like him in the future. >> after i left office, i realized the obama foundation could potentially create a
2:42 pm
platform for young up-and-coming leaders. if i can do that effectively, then i would create 100 or 1,000 or a million young barack obamas or michelle obamas or the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress. and continue to build on the work we have done. >> jesse: apparently barack obama is trying to clone himself to make a million young obamas. greg, a scintillating interview. >> greg: impossible. we know he is one-of-a-kind. the translation is create politically engaged people who want to do something. which i always say great, read something. so many solutions that activists demand from government end up making their communities worse and killing people.
2:43 pm
i will give you three. you look at minimum wage. that basically out priced teenagers. the teenage unemployment skyrocketed when they started introducing minimum wage. that was a feel-good thing, that we have to do something. there were criminal background checks. those companies hired more blacks. then you have a redistribution through taxation in cities. it hollowed out the tax base. everyone love cities like detroit. he saw what happened when everybody left. because they couldn't afford to live there anymore. >> dana: and then they added the soda tax and that backfired. >> greg: a million barack obamas would be fine but i would -- >> jesse: >> jesse: imaginative president trump said he wanted a million little trumps running around. >> greg: there might be. >> jesse: you say the president is such a narcissist and then you will remember barack obama.
2:44 pm
>> dana: he is a young former president. he has a lot of life ahead of him. it's one thing to try to find young people that want to be leaders in the future. one thing the democrats are dealing with now is they lost so many seats all across the country because there wasn't a lot of attention paid. a generation or two from now, great but next year is going to be tough. >> jesse: kimberly, the obama foundation is going to have to compete with the clinton foundation for donations. that's not going to get testy. >> kimberly: can you imagine? trying to pull from the same cup. i don't know. we will see what happens. i like you mentioned michelle obama. trying to be positive. he didn't just say himself. that was good. can you imagine? it is like the best fund-raising clip you could ever have for the republican party. oh, no, it's coming. >> jesse: a million obama's
2:45 pm
running around. spend $25 now. juan, what do you think. >> juan: i think it's wonderful. the idea that young people will get involved. i thought you were going to attack him on the effect that he said a lot of our problems are caused by old men. then he had to apologize and said no offense to men who are old. here's the situation where we talked about the marks this weekend on guns. obama saying this. i think what you're seeing is democratic political leaders hungry to keep the energy up going towards the midterms. thinking if you can get young people engaged, whether it is on guns, health care, education, you will get a change in terms of response. during the midterms when democrats are typically indifferent. >> jesse: beginning of obama, one of his former aides had a little advice. stay tuned.
2:46 pm
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♪ >> juan: president trump sure does provoke the ire of the left but it's not good for liberals to get so excited all the time about him, so cnn commentator van jones. >> i have to say liberals and progressives spent so much time
2:50 pm
freaking out about every tweet, everything donald trump does, every day is armageddon. that when someone comes and who might bring us armageddon, we are out of adjectives. i think bolton is very dangerou dangerous. >> juan: what do you think, dana? the ideas, gosh, you are up in arms about everything. you are going to run out of adjectives. >> dana: i think he is right. i like van jones a lot. i disagree that john bolton is dangerous. we could go into all the reasons i think john bolton will be a very good national security advisor. but van jones is giving good advice to the democrats. they would be wise to take his advice. he was one of the only democrats who publicly said early on the donald trump could win the election. he grew up in tennessee, and a small town. he recognized what was happening in america, not just on the coast. they are getting free advice there on cnn. they should take it.
2:51 pm
>> juan: jesse, one of the things he said was what happens if mueller comes back and it's not this guilty, guilty, guilty but something else. people will be like oh, well, nothing much. >> jesse: i don't think they are going to be saying "nothing much." they are going to say mueller is a republican and he was in cahoots with trump's lawyers. i like van jones too. he is right when he says russia is a nothing burger and he's wrong when he says trump's election was a white-lash. you have to save your outrage. the democrats will get outraged over trump retreating a video of him body slamming the cnn logo. then trump will repeal the obamacare mandate. and they are exhausted at that point. save your ammunition for stuff that really matters.
2:52 pm
>> kimberly: use your voice. there's nothing wrong with that. i know van jones a long time. i knew him years ago in san francisco. he has evolved as a pretty effective voice for his party. he's also quite nice company at the white house christmas party. >> greg: everyone has got a van jones. you don't know what the word jones means? when you are jones incorporated for something? >> kimberly: what are you looking at before? >> greg: i think it is the -- something the democrats could d do. the old presser verse of the oppressed argument. it's reducing to loose union of grievance mongers. it is time for some new enlightenment on race.
2:53 pm
right now we are operating on so many half-truths and exaggerations and faulty logic. i hate to be jones- sing for jones. >> juan: "one more thing" is next. who's a good boy? is him a good boy? erg...i'm just gonna go. oh, you wanna go outside? you gotta go tinky poo-poo? i already went, ok? in the bathroom! as long as people talk baby-talk to dogs, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. today, the new new york is sparking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce
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2:57 pm
for me. 40th anniversary of the only time my favorite nba team won a championship. the 1978 washington bullets. i got to say hello to the players from that team this weekend. here i am with the coach. hall of famer alvin hayes and phil's number was retired this weekend. you can forget the cheerleaders. here is the fan, here i am in my throwback warm-up jacket signed by the whole team. it was hoops heaven. >> kimberly: i love alvin hayes. >> juan: he loves you. he says he texted you. >> kimberly: he did. i love him. god bless him. >> greg: i have pictures from the national foursquare hall of fame. we don't have them? my new article is out called
2:58 pm
"the end of the world or not." it's actually about the effects of constantly screaming about the apocalypse and the panic from trump and what that does to the world. it's a good read. >> kimberly: you and van jones might want to do a interpretive reading. >> dana: i have anxiety about a few things. one of them is trash in the accumulation of it. in the great pacific, the garbage patch. that's the amount of plastic gathered since the '80s. three times the size of france. our marine debris program, they are trying to figure out how to deal with it. i really think president trump could lead an international coalition to figure out not only how to clean it up but to stop it from happening. >> greg: three times the size
2:59 pm
of france? >> dana: it is all plastic and it has all gathered there and they need help getting it out of the ocean. >> greg: why don't they declared a country. >> jesse: little rocket man has competition in california. there is a guy, a rocket scientist named mad mike he was. he believes the earth is flat and he shot himself up in a rocket and he wants to run for governor of california. makes perfect sense. the landing was not so smooth. he had to be carted off. he suffered minor injuries. i guess the earth is not flat. better luck next time. >> kimberly: all right, new orleans teen had the prom photo shoot of her dreams. even though her on-duty marine boyfriend couldn't stand by her side, skyler's boyfriend couldn't take her to the prom because he is 1,000 miles away. she wanted to include him.
3:00 pm
an adorable substitute ready to step in, his 2-year-old baby brother donned a uniform. "special report" is next. >> bret: thank you. president trump kicks out dozens of russians as this continues, the russian situation over the british spy poisoning incident. the kremlin vows to retaliate. the following over the stormy daniels interview as her attorney says there is more evidence to come. stock market soars with the dow having the biggest point gain since 2008. this is "special report" ." good evening. i'm bret baier. the u.s. and more than a dozen european nations are expelling more than 100 russian diplomats/intelligence


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