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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 27, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. will be here tomorrow night with your latest news. for now, i am shannon bream. >> donald trump kicks out dozens of russians, the kremlin vows to retaliate. >> multiple businesses hit by suspicious packages. >> another black eye for the fbi. 49 people in the polls nightclub attack in 2016, just revealed as an fbi informant. >> big turnaround for stocks, the tao surging 669 points. ♪
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jillian: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" in new york city. before you take a ride to work appreciate you joining us. a lot of news happens overnight, this fox news alert in moscow, vowing retaliation after donald trump tells 60 russian diplomats to pack up and get out for a nerve gas attack in london. the largest expulsion in american history but democrats still say it is not enough. some new developments. >> theresa may called world
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solidarity. 130 diplomats have been expelled worldwide, a dozen eu countries joined the retaliation for that nerve attack sent a clear message the us is willing to work with russia and their actions have consequences. >> with these actions the united states with its allies and partners make clear to russia that its actions have consequences. the united states is ready to cooperate and forge a better relationship between our countries but that will only be possible when resident chooses to become a more responsible partner. >> reporter: the russian ambassador to the un says relations have deteriorated. >> diplomacy supposes, a mirror like response. >> reporter: moscow turned to
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twitter to push -- in proximity to us submarine base. as the world waits, democrats say the president isn't doing enough. this statement saying the strong response in the uk makes more bizarre the administration's week response to the ongoing attack in the united states. australia announced two russian diplomats in response as well. heather: thank you so much. comparisons continue even after donald trump's latest russian sanctions was the mainstream media continues to push the narrative, actions speak louder than words. >> against russian aggression
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not just with actions like today, and going to be his actions, the white house said that he has been a really tough. something russia wants the us to stay in. and has been quite tough. people might want rhetoric but actions count a lot in this matter. >> donald trump has imposed sanctions on russia seven times. of fox news alert, and sent to military intelligence facilities in and around the facility, investigating packages at fort mcnair and doll green naval air station. there are also reports similar packages sent to mail processing
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facilities at the cia and the white house. no one has been injured and it is unclear if any of them were detonated. one package contains black powder, and a fuse. >> the austin bomber, now a person of interest in the case. police looking for a motive in the string of deadly attacks after mark -- mark anthony conditt blue himself up last week. michael mackall says the roommate could be complicit. >> did he know he was making these bonds, when these bombings take place? jillian: a recording before his death and - another big story that continues to develop. the father of the pulse like terrorist exposed as an fbi informant, the courtroom
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bombshell is a judge refuses to drop the case against noor sa salm salman. >> reporter: this came out in a motion filed outlining the history of omar mateen who was a confidential federal informant in the years and days leading up to the june 2016 massacre. lawyers for the shooter's wife say they learned about this from prosecutors in the midst of the trial and argue the case should be dropped or a mistrial declared because they were defending the case without the complete evidence the government was required to disclose. noor salman was on trial for aiding and debating her husband's allegiance to isys and an obstruction of justice. the motion was denied by the judge as the family is asked with more questions. >> throwing her under the bus.
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telling everybody she is innocent. >> receipts for money transfer to turkey and afghanistan were found in the home of omar mateen shortly after the shooting began 49 people. and $100,000 for an attack against the government of pakistan and days after the shooting. >> i didn't know anything - irregular behavior. if i didn't notice that, law enforcement. >> no mention of his informant past. that should have come out. >> hard to explain because the average person would say that
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doesn't make sense. will feed conspiracy theories regardless how it goes out. heather: having that would have changed their strategy. the judge says omar mateen's passes are relevant. >> reporter: after the entire things happen there was a youtube video, and the hillary clinton rally, the campaign rally, a lot more. great to have you here. >> turned off an alarm system at a russian shopping mall packed with children and their parents went up in flames. exits were blocked and doors were shut. helpless children calling their parents to say goodbye.
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64 people as russian investigators logica metal investigation. the final moments leading up to the deadly helicopter crash in new york city, the pilot telling federal investigators he went to cut the fuel as the chopper was going down but it was already off, a passenger's harness tripped the switch and the pilot said he tried to turn it back on and restart the engine but it was too late. we 5 passengers were killed in that crash. an entire county in california could soon break away from the state absent to every law. orange county leaders will meet to discuss whether to join the us government lawsuit over the wall which limits police cooperation with officials, and a resolution in support of loss alameda, a city in the county that is opting out of the policy. as more rumors swirl about paul ryan's future in congress he claims he is not going anywhere.
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his office squashing reports from the gop lawmakers that the house speaker is considering resigning in the coming months, rumors claim steve scalise was in line to replace him. more rumors from dc. 10 minutes after the top of your, donald trump throwing out russian diplomats was our next guest is a former cia spy who says the impact on vladimir putin will be a big one. how is railing kremlin intelligence. the new move to ban sweet jesus ice cream. ♪
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heather: the us sending a message to russia donald trump ordering the largest expulsion
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of russian intelligence officers in american history kicking out 60 diplomats. 18 other companies following suit, a former russian spy attacked with a lethal nerve agent. what impact will these mass expulsions have. daniel hoffman, thank you for joining us this morning. what will be the fallout from all this. >> russian intelligence collection, they rely on intelligence officers and when we kick them out of the country will limit their ability to conduct espionage important to national security. heather: we are closing the embassy in seattle. >> we closed the one in san francisco, that can limit their
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freedom of movement. the attacks on social networking and media sites, hackers might have been facing russia, informed through intelligence gathering, that should have an impact on intelligence ability. heather: in new york, dc and houston, why do you think they chose seattle? >> seattle is a hub for high-tech and there may have been concern, the nuclear facility, eliminating presence on the west coast, the russians we can expect to respond. and the number of people in russia. heather: on twitter to vote. who or which embassy should be
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closed in their country. this is a tweet but there it is. you can see people are supposed to choose which one they thought should be closed. i heard st. petersburg is winning right now and more than likely that would be closed. >> that would be akin to new york closing in the united states, the bottom line, this is an important message we sent to the kremlin, an important message. and in the united states, standing with our nato and eu to deliver this message to the
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kremlin. really vital. heather: and what russia is accused of doing i want to ask you do you think donald trump has handled this in the correct manner in terms of the timing of it, accused of not being tough enough on russia and now he does this. will this be enough? >> to staff out, stakeholders, the state department, cia, agencies in the government. that is not to rush into any action, the largest since we arrested robert hansen 18 years ago. heather: but the same - >> this will -- i don't know if it will deter vladimir putin from taking future action. the attack on social networking
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sites and espionage, those are extension evidence of his machine security and national security strategy. not sure this will stop him but it will limit his effectiveness and an important signal to the kremlin and those behind enemy lines spying on our behalf. heather: top us commander in afghanistan accusing russia of arming the afghan taliban. >> they consider the united states there main enemy and a couple benefits, to spill more treasure and that is in their interest and they are trying to develop sources in the taliban and to have some influence over that group. some are fighting isis, the
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television controls swaths of territory and by providing material support, engenders some goodwill from the taliban to russia. heather: russia at influence spreading. that's what the reactions today. thank you, daniel. the time is 19 minutes after the top of your. and american held captive by al qaeda said the fbi sacrificed his safety to trust terrorist. >> the ones who are bad need to be weeded out and the ones left to be didn't turn their heads need to be exposed. >> james comey and robert mueller. are you a us citizen? a simple question was why is this controversial? the white house wants included on the census but california
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just sued to stop it. carly shimkus here with online reaction next. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really?
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and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: a lawsuit filed an hour after a citizenship question and correlation kiss with serious xm 115, it was swift. >> reporter: of retweeting years the government is required to take a census of its population to determine federal funding to local communities and the number of house seats and it was announced the 2020 census, and respond, california atty. gen.
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suing, and donald trump over decision to add citizenship to the 2020 census, a bad idea or legal, a lot of democrats agree including former atty. gen. eric holder writes constitution did not require citizenship question, this is purely political, trump administration trying to rig the census to protect gerrymandering by intimidating people. don't be fooled, some states will lose funds and representation. we will sue. republican congressman from ohio warren davidson tweeting citizenship apportionment for congressional seats and electoral votes should be based on citizens, not residents, citizens are underrepresentative
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three extra members of congress based on estimates of illegal residents. as you can see a lot of people on capitol hill fired up about this. heather: that is the point the last point. the fear is people won't fill them out but if they are not legal residents they shouldn't fill it out to begin with. this ice cream shop is taking backlash. >> ice cream shop, a canadian-based ice cream shop facing backlash from some in the christian community because of their name, sweet jesus, and their imagery, branding imagery which features upside down crosses was there are petitions on social media demanding this ice cream shop change its name and apologize but social reaction has been mixed, some don't see the big deal, this twitter user says it is a charming name, it is not
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negative, delicious innocent ice cream, a facebook user says it is clever for people to remember it. what is the big deal. jeremy rights offensive to some including the but not hate speech nor should anyone be able to make it illegal but some of those petitions have thousands of signatures. my question is do they serve sprinkles? >> don't know about the upside down crosses. the royal wedding, invitations are out but something might be wrong with that. >> the royal family is nothing if not formal but there's something informal about the invitation. it is referred to as megan markel but her real name is rachel it usually on something that formal they would include the person's birth name. a lot of people on social media noticed this was the invitations are out and people want to know
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where is mine? all they need to do is decide so the invitation for the royal wedding went out and i am confused why i haven't gotten mine. must be lost in the mail. on the way. >> sometimes it is a big company, takes a little while. heather: i will let you know if i see yours. time is half past the top of the hour. donald trump vowing the rich military will fund his border wall but since it is not specifically in the budget can he do that? our next guest says yes, keeping america safe will play a key role in making it happen was an american hero touring the american heartland, 99-year-old world war ii veteran and his son embarking on once in a lifetime cross-country no regrets tour. ♪
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>> an american who escaped al qaeda captivity says the fbi betrayed him. he was taken hostage in 2012 during an assignment in syria after escaping 2013, began investigating his and kidnapping discovering the fbi monitored his financial accounts as terrorists spend thousands of his dollars, the fbi has been stonewalling his demand for answers. >> needs to be weeded out. the ones who turned their head need to be exposed. >> the fbi only wanted intelligence from him and refuses to help him recover from
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the identity theft was 5 alleged ms 13 gang members tied to ten brutal murders in las vegas are behind bars, they were arrested during a 3-month long operation with the feds and police in fresno, california. 18 guns were also found was the criminal stabbed and shot their victims before dumping their bodies in the desert. they face a slew of charges including first-degree murder and kidnapping. video played for a grand jury showing the first time the hazing victim having 18 drinks in 90 minutes. prosecutors claim fraternity members deleted that video to cover the hazing and accepted drinking that led to the death of timothy piazzolla, shows him wandering around the house falling and hitting his head several times. it took another 40 minutes to call for help.
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26 people facing charges in that case. and 2-year-old boy is thrown out a car window in a car crash. incredible moment scott on surveillance video in florida. look at this closely. you can see the pickup truck slam into the car sending the toddler flying out the back window onto the sidewalk. the car starts rolling back barely missing the child. through all of this the little boy was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police did find a car seat. very lucky little boy. in a tweet the president floating possibility of our rich military helping to build and pay for the border wall thanks to the $1.3 trillion spending bill. how exactly would this work and could it work? joining me to explain his radio
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talkshow host george rodriguez. thank you for joining us. >> how are you doing? heather: the reagan and hw bush administration, is this possible? >> yes it is. it is very simple. we have a problem on the board with crime, not only immigration but crime and possible terrorism. these issues can lead to a national defense problem. using military dollars is something that can be done and justified easily. just a question of getting those resources lined up and used properly. unfortunately the situation where democrats are playing games and restricted how money
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can be used including not letting concrete be used for purchase. it seems democrats are more interested in sanctuary cities than protecting people that enter the country illegally than protecting legal residents and citizens. heather: $654 billion in military funding, the president could use that. specifically he couldn't use any of it to build a concrete wall. >> the money that was allocated for the wall. heather: i know that specifies you can't use that for a concrete wall. >> exactly exactly exactly. the money that went to the military i think is more flexible. much more flexible, can be
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utilized, concrete barriers could be utilized for that. heather: would someone have to vote on adequate the president do it himself? >> the best way to do it would be for there to be an amendment to the budget allowing, giving the president of freehand to build a wall but i don't see that happening because i think there's a lot of cowards on the republican side that are afraid to challenge democrats on that issue. of the 20 giving the president of freehand, i want to ask about that, more input with the line item veto, that is not unconstitutional. >> the line item veto is something every president has wanted to utilize and we haven't had the opportunity to do that but obviously that would be the
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best way to do it but got to remember porkbarrel politics in budgets, how congress delivers money to atone district, line item veto is going to be difficult. heather: not unconstitutional? >> know. my understanding is it is unconstitutional. heather: do you think this was an donald trump's plan, the strategic dealer, this is why he approved this $1.3 trillion budget? because he knew he could get funding for the wall? >> something to gather himself
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after the fact, why he was hoping that money would be allocated for the wall, something he has been pushing. congress new that was there. the way the budget was put together, and very upset. heather: might bite some other people who didn't read the entire thing and get it funded. heather: >> in south texas, the grassroots folks are very upset. heather: appreciate it, have a
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good day. stands and ♪
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heather: of thousands marched to protest against another movement silently searched online. searches for nra membership saw spike the same time the march for our lives was happening. showing the peak of activity from searches nationwide. in the aftermath of the parkland school shooting as well as sandy hook. the governor of arizona suspending tumor from self driving cars followed immigration phoenix.
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you will remember a self driving car and killed a woman crossing a street. video from inside the car shows the driver not paying attention to the road until right before the crash. in a letter to the company, the governor calls the crash and unquestionable failure that raises safety concerns. foxbusiness alert facebook under fire following its recent data breach. tracy is here with the latest company to boycott the social media giant. >> pep boys has announced they will be suspending all ads on facebook following the cambridge fallout. here is what they said in a statement, that we are concerned about the issues surrounding facebook and decided to suspend all media on the platform until the facts are out and corrective actions are taken. as follows another company, an internet company, they suspended their ads on facebook, users
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abandoning facebook with that hashtag delete facebook. heather: can walmart change how you buy a car? >> reporter: they tested this out, they are expanding a program they launched with car saver which connect customers with car dealers, financing and insurance. they will launch this nationwide. also on its website. the stores will be in georgia, illinois, indiana and virginia. they hope this will encourage customers to come back and spend a little time, get a car, anything else you need at walmart. the 20 the other big story in the business world is the tao. >> reporter: we saw a huge rebounds, 660 points, up 2.8%, huge following the losses, 1400
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points. and escalated, trade tensions have used up, investors calming down yesterday. heather: thank you. one of our founding fathers, thomas jefferson is the pc police's latest target, some students want to knock his statue down at one university. the brand-new mission for world war ii veteran houses 99-year-old and his son inspiring americans in all 50 states. they join us live to tell us about your incredible journey. whoooo.
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heather: an american hero touring the american heartland, sidney walton just began his cross-country tour heading to every state to give americans the opportunity to meet a world war ii veteran. he hopes to meet with donald trump and here to share the story is sidney walton and his son paul, thank you for joining us. appreciate it this morning. >> san diego, can you believe it? like you are closing the bar at 2:00. look at you, 99-year-old. heather: that is an incredible. you have begun your journey. tell us how far into it you are.
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>> not even two weeks and we have been to the world war ii museum, then we went to baton rouge, the governor's office of louisiana, the capital of louisiana in baton rouge and we went to houston to the rodeo where they put you on the jumbotron, in front of the houston rodeo and someone called out to you and gave you a coin. do you remember? >> yes. >> that was george bush. that big photo we took with george bush, they put that on the jumbotron. heather: we are showing pictures of your travels in other countries as well.
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can i ask you this? why are you doing this tour? you are calling it no regrets? why did you want to do this? >> on my dad's life, what is your one regret in life growing up in new york city? when you are 20 years old, to do what? to remember to meet the civil war veteran and never took advantage of that opportunity and you regretted that ever since and to make up for that one regret you carried all your life, if you live to 99 years old, we would go on tour which we started a week and a half ago and go to all 50 states, all the big cities, the capitals, meet all the governors and roll into the white house on your hundreds birthday. are you up to that? >> of course. >> this is what 99-year-old way to do. is this typical? we are going to run into so many
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99-year-olds. heather: my grandmother just turned 100 this past year. traveling the country, amazing you could do this. you met donald trump previously. >> we met him when he was campaigning in san diego and las vegas and his book signing in new york city but -- we even went to the inauguration and you had front row seats. heather: so special what you are doing, a great opportunity for you. any message to other people? >> the message, people ask what is your secret of longevity? i always say to live a purposeful life and we have a purpose now because one regret, he is going to go around and meet everyone out there that wants to meet a world war ii
1:53 am
veteran and never had the opportunity and my dad is willing to meet and greet and take photos with anyone who has never met a world war ii veteran. that will make up for the regret, give a nice purpose to my dad's life. and you will get the respect you deserve. you helped save the world, saved america. everyone, thank you for your service. washington dc. heather: this is heather, thank you for your service. people all across the country to meet you is quite an honor. thank you both. >> good to go sidney heather: go sidney
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sidney and paul walton, good luck on your journey. >> thank you very much. so special. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. spread fake news face jail time. where that is happening, we have been up next. those who is running for congress, for real? the clown. the clown who is running for congress, not the who. .net
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heather: nfl anthem protester michael bennett turned himself in on a felony charge. the defendant lineman accused of assaulting a paraplegic woman at the 2017th super bowl in houston. he pushed the woman trying to get on the field to celebrate with his brother. the woman needed to be treated for a solar energy. bennett denied pushing her, he faces 10 years in prison if convicted. attacking a founding father, students in new york want this statue of thomas jefferson removed, saying he is an icon for white supremacy. the petitioner the protest planned for later this week getting momentum online please not all students are supportive of the proposal. the school has refused to take the statue down. 10 years in jail and $130,000
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fine for spreading fake news. considering a law that would punish those who post or spread false information. and outside malaysia if the post impact malaysian citizens was a vote could happen as soon as this week. the clown is running for congress but this is no laughing matter. former ringling brothers performer steve lowe throwing his hat in the ring for south carolina's fifth district. >> remember to vote for me. heather: the career clown sagan was bernie sanders's message for single-payer healthcare that expired him to run. he will challenge democrat archie pournelle and republican incumbent ralph norman. i believe all the jokes that you guys at home, a clown running for congress.
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that wraps up this hour. >> new threats and promises of retaliation from russia after donald trump kicks out 60 russian diplomats, the biggest expulsion in american history. >> is the military being targeted with suspicious packages. rob: can you spot a former president getting down on the dance for? wedding video going viral, you should see these moves. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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