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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 28, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tweelt me at "ingraham angle." be on the radio tomorrow. we'll try to read more viewer interaction in the future. tweet me, tweet me, we'll read it. shannon bream and the fox news@night team up next. >> shannon: that can be dangerous and fun, laura. >> laura: absolutely. >> shannon: see you tomorrow night. flood of news, new reports that kim jong-un went to china. oeshg county, california voting unanimously to defy the california state government when it comes to sanctuary state policies. finland parenthood responding exclusively to fox news at night about a tweet calling for a disney princess to have an abortion. all new on this tuesday edition of fox news@night. tracking reaction to former supreme court justice john paul stevens blockbuster call tonight to repeal the second endment. the retired justice opening up a political pandora's box by consider itnizing the constitutional right to bear arms as a relic of 18th seven
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turry. re- action is critical but not for the reasons you miement expect. it's about prolgs else as opposed to principle. harvard's imminent scholar constitutional scholar lawrence treating i admire justice stephens but his supposedly simple but dramatic step of repealing the second amendment is awful advice. the obstacle to strong gun laws is political not legal. urging a politically impossible effort just strengthens opponents of achievable reform. ed henry joins with us more reaction. >> great to see you. re- at check here, that repealing the second amendment would be a monumental task to the highly unlikely to tamm happen. this highlights how far the left is trying to chip away at the right to bear arms as president trump predicted back in the 2016 campaign. this time, it's 97-year-old retired justice john paul stevens who was no nalted by a republican president but became a leading liberal voice on the high court for 35 years. now, claiming the second
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amendment is as you say a relic of the 18th century. outdated,ed a misunderstood. stevens clearly trying to gain momentum from the large anti-gun march for our lives rallies last weekend, all around the country that, were led by survive0s of the stone man douglas tragedy in florida and other students around the country. the retired justice imploring the young people to take advantage of the crowds, they may scare members of congress to accept much more drastic change n an op ed, stevens wrote, that support is a clear sign to lawmakers to enact legislation prohibiting civilian ownership of semiautomatic weapons increase the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 and establishing background checks on all purchases of firearms. but the demonstrators should seek more effective and last deeg form, demand a repeeflt second amendment mpt steveens joins a monthsly crew suggesting the second amendment should reeb
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peeled. obama advisor dan pfeiffer jumping on this, to say democrats have been brainwashed in his words into thinking they have to pander to hunters. the "new york times" brett stevens suggested the second amendment is tied to a higher incident of gun deaths in the u.s. debbie wasserman schultz, who introduced a bullet control bill say,ing the second amendment does not guarantee a right to bear bullets. the stevens-led push coming as some top democrats admit it's simply not going to happen. >> the effect of the second amendment as it's con struld is to make federal judges the final ar buy terse of gun policy. which is quite wrong, i think, write contrary to what the framers intended. >> to change the kobs tugs as you know -- constitution requires 67 votes in the house and i think 35, 45 states to ratify it.
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it's within a period of time, i forget what it is, perhaps six years. i don't think it would be accomplished. >> while the nra quickly denounced this effort, it's interesting a columnist for the "washington post" wrote this may help the nra and republicans in the mid-term election. it's basically in kind contribution to the nra who can use the tlaets boogie man to help turn out conservative voters to keep house and senate republicans in power. shannon? >> shannon: lots of reaction. henry, thank -- ed henry, thank you. where does this leave the gun debate? many say it's hyperbole to say they're after your guns. but now this. author of the halftime report, great to see you tonight. >> madam. >> shannon: ucla law professor said stevens call to repeal the second amendment is not only ineffective but makes it harder to pass good gun laws, plays into the hands of the nra which
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can point to the op ed and say we told you, they want to take away your rights and your guns. >> i'm sure there are many people who are on the left side of this issue, on the gun control side of the issue, that are frustrated with stevens. iechl sure the people at the nra are delighted. this is the kind of fundraising, thing that helped them raise an enormous sum of xwloin in february and they'll do it in march and this will help them. but, and i don't want, what i'm talking to legal scholar such as yourself, i have to tread lightly, all i know is hackry and flackery of politics. isn't this the debate wire ee supposed to be having? isn't this the debate we're supposed to be having? democrats have gotten into a crouch on this subject where they say no, no, well, we love the guns and the hunters, my gosh, we love the hunters. >> shannon: and the arizona with cam owe, out shorting. >> yes. but they don't want to talk about what the second amendment says. it doesn't say anything about dough season. it says in order to -- doe
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season. it says to keep the people free their right to keep and bear arms will not be abridged. it's those two sentiments may be intentioned, well regulated militia versus the unabridged rights of individuals to have firearms. this is the debate that americans should be having. this is a fruitful debate, is the second amend meant good idea, bad idea that,'s a fruitful discussion. ed used the phrase chipping away. that's exactly what has been happening. what's been happening with democrats, trying to do, chip away at that second amendment, that bold pronouncement of the second amendment that shall not be infringed, instead of talking about the more fundamental debate that stevens wants them to get to. >> shannon: well they have a debate at the supreme court in 2008. and the heller case. >> yes. >> shannon: 5-4, in the decision written by the late antonin ska lee, a it is about self-defense and individual right to own a gun. there are things decided.
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i read some pieces by folks on the left the heller decision, so what, supreme court precedent, so. what i want to remind people, if you want to repeal it, we go a schoolhouse rock on you, i had to look it up, too. to repeal a constitutional amendment two-thirds majority in the u.s. house and senate. i chuckle. then three- fourths of every state legislature, 34 states. or constitutional convention called by two-thirds of states and three quarters of the states have to aploov. -- approve. they can't even pass the most basic things along majority lines in this the senate or the house. >> you remember the soft bigotry of low expectations. we have applied that to politics and politicians to an unacceptable degree. the prolgs is of amending the constitution is designed to be difficult. if what democrats -- if what gun control people want to do is control guns, then go adrels the second amendment. come up with the replacement, you can't repeal it, you replace
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it with another amendment that says you could have one line. >> the same process. >> yes. but then come up with an alternative. talk about what it should look like. i'm sick and tired of americans ignoring the constitution in a lot of ways, but one of the ways in which americans ignore the constitution we have a remedy for the questions, not at the courts, not in some bill passed to suck up or pander in the wake of a disaster. you want to change the constitution, amend the constitution, what you're supposed to do. >> shannon: a heavily lift and these are difficult conversations tlchls's no scenario in which i see the second amendment being repealed. this isn't going to happen. >> no. >> shannon: not in your lifetime. >> i wouldn't say there isn't a possibility. you want a national conversation about guns somebody needs to come up with an amendment and debate it and talk about is the militia going to be better regulated or rights abridged. it's time to have a discussion that's worthy of both our forebearers and founders but also the victims of the shootings. instead of the come a makie political theater that is fundraising and less action.
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>> shannon: let me know what your twitter feed says. >> uh-oh. [laughing] >> shannon: okay, thank you. breaking late tonight, chinese confirmation that north korean dictator kim jong-un made a surprise visit. what does it mean for plans of talks between the leader of the rogue regime and our own president trump. >> chinese and media confirm it. kim jong-un was in china meeting with president xi jingping, first meeting with another head of state and first known trip outside of korea since he assumed control in 2011. china media says he cold president xi he's committed to a nuclear free korean peninsula and willing to discuss with it the united states. he's scheduled to meet with south korean president next month and in may a possible meeting with president trump. the president has confirmed he wants to do it.
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kim jong-un has returned to north korea, no official coverage of the event until after he left. there was little indication he was in china over the past few days except for the added security of the arrival of a special train he, like his father and grandfather, used previously to travel to china. relations between north korea and most significant ally, china, have been strained. china has opposed the nuclear and missile programs and wants to resolve this fight with the west without any more instability in the region. the chinese government has also signed on to united nations security council resolutions isolated north korea's economy. the trump administration says the sanctions have forced kim to come to the negotiating table. shannon? shb rich, thank you. -- shb thank you, appreciate it. tonight, the chinese government briefing the white house on kim jong-un's visit to china. we have that and more on the trackdown against rush a. hot spots on foreign policy,
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kevin? >> we'll cover the gamut, shannon. let me share this interesting as you pointed out the chinese government did reach out to the white house. president xi of china had a specific and personal message to president trump, obviously translated for the president of the united states, that can also tell you that they were talking about the visit of kim jong-un to beijing. limit me share part of a statement by sarah sanders. we see this development as further evidence in our campaign of maximum pressure is creating an atmosphere of appropriate dialogue with north korea. very interesting. meanwhile, the defense secretary, jim mattis, was also talking about what happened with the russians. we have had a chance to talk about that devastating nerve agent attack on a former russian spy on british soil. he said that amounted to basically an attempted murder. now, as you can well imagine i was in the white house press briefing and had a chance to ask sarah sanders, the white house press secretary about that.
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what i wanted to know, was the u.s. doing all it could to combat russian aggression. is the administration applying maximum pressure on russia, do you believe that that's what is happening by way of what we saw yesterday and beyond? if not why not? >> we're certainly applying pressure on russia, we're certainly encouraging and working with our allies and partners. also to do so. and i think you've seen an unprecedented number of countries step up and join the united states in that effort. >> that was a message from the white house, just a day after the trump administration kicked out 60 russian intelligence officers. and of course closed that russian consulate in seattle. said defense secretary jim matix, russia has chosen to be a strategic competitor to the point of reckless activity. they are doing things they think are deniable, trying to break the unity of the western alliance. michael anton. >> this is an unprecedented action.
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we look through the history books and couldn't find an incidents of so many countries acting in concert on the same issue at the same time. that's something that president trump absolutely deserves credit for. wouldn't have happened without his leadership. >> russian foreign minister responded today saying the u.s. was blackmailing its allies to throw out so many russian officials all around the world. as you can imagine, the state department fired back. >> i would say that's ludicrous, we're standing in solidarity with our allies, that is ridiculous to comment like that. >> all this is happening on a day that we can tell you about a major announcement on trade between the u.s. and south korea. very interesting. first such deal by president trump since he took office in january of 2017. now, in it washington and seoul have agreed to the number of numeric targets on cars and steel, bottom line is the administration says this is
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great news for the american worker and american companies, and it prevents an all-out trade war with south korea keeping them out of the cross hairs of the steel tariffs they were trying to avoid. interesting night at the white house. >> shannon: kevin cork, thanks for filling us in. you would think some of those trade war fears easing would help. it did yesterday with the markets but they plummeted today, traders with blaming facebook, stock down 20% from the february high. the ftc and 37 states attorney general are investigating facebook and cook county illinois is suing the company. the lawsuit states they violated fraud law and it isn't a social media company it is the largest data mining operation in existence. founder and ceo mark zuckerberg is scheduled to testify before congress april 10. breaking news on the sanctuary state showdown, straight ahead. the rebellion against the resistance got uglyler. we head to orange county for the latest.
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then we'll debate not gun control, bullet control with tonight's panel. is it something for law abiding gun owners to worry about. some celebrities going all in on helping immigrants evade enforcem
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democrat attorney general is launching a two-prong legal challenge against the president on immigration. one on citizenship and the other against a southern california county aligning itself with the. . trace gallagher has the story fors. hey, trace. >> hey. the department of commerce says the citizenship question is reinstated for the 2020 census, the more you know about the voting age population the lower chance of voting rights violations. the census is supposed to count everyone living in the u.s. regardless of citizenship. it's the way the country establishes poverty guidelines and distributes billions of dollars in federal programs. it also determines how many seats each state has in the house of representatives. california claims asking about citizenship is illegal and the state has already filed a lawsuit. its 27th against the trump administration if you're counting. the main worry is, that illegal immigrants won't participate. here's the state attorney general. >> given the way that this
12:20 am
administration had attacked immigrants, you can understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out the census questionnaire. >> undercounting the population could result in california losing one of its seats in congress along with losing a lot of federal dollars. meantime, california is getting resistance from within. today the orange county board of supervisors, all republicans, voted to join the federal lawsuit against the state sanctuary laws. adding big time affirmation to other conservative parts of california fed up with protecting illegal immigrants. because sanctuary laws prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agents, orange county sheriff sandra hutchins is using a who's in jail database to notify the public and i.c.e. agents when inmates, including illegals, are september free. >> let me give you some examples
12:21 am
of individuals we have had to release. how about sex with a minor. child cruelty. domestic violence. i mean, i don't think i could sleep at night knowing that i had let somebody go and they go out and commit another crime with those kinds of charges. >> in response, the california attorney general is hinting that he's open to arresting members of the orange county sheriff's department for assisting u.s. immigration. the sheriff says she wouldn't advise it. shannon? >> shannon: hmm, okay, we'll keep an eye on that, limit us know, trace. so ugly could the showdown between state and local officials get? let's bring in orange county supervisor sean nelson. welcome, sir, had a big vote tonight. can you tell me whether you will be joining or starting your own lawsuit with respect to the sanctuary state laws? >> yes, shannon, our objective is to join the existing lawsuit, just easier. and we have to make that attempt
12:22 am
first, the judge doesn't to have let us in. but that's what we intend to do to stand up for the citizens of orange county, support the sheriff and the department of justice. >> shannon: okay. no surprise to you there's pushback on the thought would you do that from the state senator who wrote sb54, one of the law that's sensely equates to sanctuary state status. he says this, pushing a racist and anti-immigrant agenda to avoid supporting legal analysis is a sad use of taxpayer resources especially when it could result in crippling legal costs for cities that rush to join the deadend effort. your response? >> well, as your audience may know from an earlier appearance by our sheriff, 170 people have been released just since january. it's not april yet. it's easy for some one that doesn't live in our community to make those replashgs. but the truth of the matter is, if you don't have facts on your side, start calling names, and when i see people dealing from the bottom of the deck and they immediately go to the racist
12:23 am
name calling effort, it's because they know the truth is not favorable to them. they are putting people in jeopardy. they're making our law enforcement agents get involved in that and they swore an oath to not do that. >> shannon: another front in california, your state attorney general has said he'll sue over the idea that the question about citizenship will be on the 2020 census. we looked back and at least according to the form online under that question was there in 2010. it's not something new and never done before, any recent administration. that was under the clinton administration. but the dnc isn't happy about this. it's a craven attack on the democracy and transparent attempt to intimidate immigrant communities. trump and his republicans are stoking fear and all but guaranteeing an inaccurate count that lays the ground work for racial gerrymandering and jeopardize dieses critical
12:24 am
resource is a cross the country. >> fear of demagoguing. what is wrong with asking an honest question. there's no repercussions for people answering the census. the census is to gather information, the federal government has the duty to ask questions and get good date. and i suspect california is nervous because frankly we probably have a lot to hide. and i think we would be all better off if we cleanse ourselves and get to the truth. >> shannon: how do you think folks across california, you ee in orange county, how do you think broadly folks feel about the policies this that are being passed at the state level? we were out there, took the show on the road a couple of weeks ago, many people pulled me aside, people watching fox obviously, but folks even on the left would say we don't love everything that's happening in sacramento, we don't think it's good for the state, we have budget deficit and problems. but it doesn't seem like they're voting any differently or taking out the state lawmakers or the governors implementing the policies.
12:25 am
>> shannon, what is unique in california is one, you have the political landscape on the state level completely dominated by public employee unions. it's a money issue. state teach ears union, et cetera no, attack on them, it's a view of the facts as they sit. if you talk to the average person, the response to this has been overwhelmingly positive from the average citizen. very little blowback other than the meeting today. the natives came out and they were hostile. but working men and women of orange county have been overwhelmingly supportive. the most common thing i hear is it's common sense, thank you for finally waking up and just essentially saying the emperor has no clothes. it's time to end the nonsense and stop being a break-away republic of the united states of america. we all to have honor the constitution and it's time we get over that even though some in sacramento don't like the outcome. >> shannon: we know there are local state and federal lawsuits
12:26 am
flying back and forth between california and the feldz in both directions. we'll track them. supervisor sean nelson, that. for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: up next, isaac towery was seen february 9, lives with his mother they are in las vegas. police say they know what happened to him after arresting a bunch of ms13 gang members. that story next. controversial idea from planned parenthood for a disney princess, the taxpayer funded group is responding exclusively to fox news at night, we'll to fox news at night, we'll bring you more that next. you won't see these folks at the post office
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ms13 straight gang behind bars after their arrest in the suspected killing of 10 victims in the las vegas area over the past year. tonight the las vegas metropolitan police say one of the victims 2is 3-year-old isaac towry, last seen february 9 going from his mother's home where he tloifd a friend's home. his body was bound a few weeks
12:31 am
ago. the decline in prosecutions and limitations on ice agents allowed the gang on rebound. a recent j.o.d.o.j. prosecution found almost half the gang members entered the u.s. as minors. the stleb brit narrated animated videos named at teaching immigrants what to do if con fronted by i.c.e. agents. >> esther's gut told her she should cooperate. she remembered something she heard on the radio. i.c.e. had been making early morning sweeps using tricks like this to get people to open their doors. esther remembered she had rights. ♪ but do not be fooled. and do not open the door. >> shannon: tonight's panel former ohio democrat leader caprica, jamie wean stein, and
12:32 am
fox news contributor, ed vinson, from town good evening. >> thank you. >> shannon: the acla says to provide information to immigrant communities and expose a broader american public to i.c.e.'s tactics. guy, what's wrong with that? >> i actually don't have a huge problem with this. if these are people's rights and the aclu is educating people about the rights even if they're illegal immigrants. dough don't agree with the rhetoric about the dangerous anti-american thugish tactics about eyes. i prefer this to public -- ice. i prefer to this a mayor in california warning residents of impending i.c.e. raids and arowing them to escape including peep aim caused of crimes. these are two separate questions. >>. >> shannon: capri? >> look, i mean, you know, celebrities as well as the aclu obviously have their first
12:33 am
amendment trite weigh in on this issue. i have great empathy as a human, as an american, as a licensed social worker for these individuals who may be facing potential deportation, just because they are not, you know, quote unquote legal does not mean they are not human beings. but you know, at the same time, we have to recognize that there is a rule of law in the united states of america. but, look, i mean again the aclu and celebrities can do what they want. it's america, and they have an opportunity to express themselves. in whatever way they see fit. >> shannon: jamie, the question what we talked about earlier ties in with this, this is the idea of the census form in 2020 that will have a question about whether or not you are a citizen. there's been a lot of blowback from the left about that, calling it an attack on democracy. i read one article that said that california gets an estim e estimated additional five house
12:34 am
seats because of the way that persons are counted up in california based on the census. this is what jay christian adam says as a public interest legal foundation, it's critical that the next redistricting cycle look at urban centers not unfairly profit from the political subsidy that higher noncitizen populations provide. is that a controversial subject? >> philosophically this is totally defensible, we should not be apportioning our districts based on immigrants or illegal immigrants, even. but i mean, be real here, if this was politically the other way, if republicans would be losing seats because of this, they wouldn't be pushing it. vice versa. democrats wouldn't be outraged if this would benefit them. the views on this depend entirely on political calculations. republicans think they'll gain seats because of this, democrats think, are worried about it, they'll lose seats. philosophically i don't have a problem with it, that's the way seats should be apportioned
12:35 am
based on citizens in the district not based on immigrants. >> shannon: guy? >> yeah, i think we've seen a few things here in terms of the argument, and some of it to me is just hysteria. this is the way until 2010, from 1970 to 2000, the full form, the long form census, always included the question of citizenship. and prior to 1950, for many, many decades every census form sent out to all americans included the citizenship question. this is not particularly controversial unto itself. i've heard the argument we heard from the attorney general of california, this will make illegal imdpranlts afraid to fill out the census. because they might be letting the government know that they aren't here legally. but that's not the question that is asked. it's not a question on the census, are you in the united states legally, it is are you a citizen. even if you answer no to that question you could should be a legal immigrant, are you not admitting to anything whatsoever.
12:36 am
if the point under the law, which it ought to be, is apportionment and representation in congress should be based on the number of citizens in each jurisdiction, i see no problem with asking a citizenship based question on the census to the american people. >> shannon: does that make a difference,ca bring pri, it's not asking about legal status it's asking about citizenship? >> two things. number one the u.s. constitution does not explicitly ask for citizenship in the context of the census. i think we also need to remember that we have three branchs of government. and in 2015 the united states supreme court actually ruled in the context of a supreme court case related to texas, and its apportionment for the congressional districts, where they try to basically say that they wanted to separate out legal citizens from being basically -- >> shannon: they said they wanted to count people who were eligible voters.
12:37 am
that would have left out children, people here illegally, all kinds of people. >> exactly. and ultimately, that is actually, i think, a related issue here. because i think the concern is that when you're counting a census globally you want to make sure that all human beings are counted, when you're looking at trying to calculate for the congressional districts of the state. >> but they're different issues. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. now that we have you warmed up, we have hot topics after the break. panel stick around and we will be right back.
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.. right back.
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>> shannon: a planned parenthood branch in pennsylvania suggesting disney should use their ability to stop the sigma of abortion, we need a disney princess who has had an abortion, a disney princess who is an undocumented immigrant, we need a disney princess who actually union worker, and we need a disney princess who's trans. keystone planned parenthood saying upon reflengs the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate and removed the tweet. let's bring back tonight's panel. capri, they have said, they think it's important for these discussions, and these images, and characters, and pop culture on address these issues.
12:42 am
walls it appropriate to you? -- was it appropriate? >> i don't think so. i am unapologetically pro-choice, also unapologetically a huge disney fan. and this is just not right. this is gosh as my grand mother would si. we're con flating things that should not be con flalted. i understand what they're trying to achieve by say being need to place some of these issues within the social construct of popular culture. but they couldn't have put it in a worse way. and i'm glad that they deleted it. i think that it was wrong. i think that it was in poor taste. i think that it was just bad. and frankly, i think, planned parenthood does a lot of good work on a number of issues with not only family planning but women's health. this just, you know, really disparaged their brand. >> shannon: guy, we spent part of the day trying to make sure
12:43 am
it was legit and reaching out to them and got a statement back from them a lot of folks thought it was a hoax. to make them look bad. but that was something they did choose to do before deleting it, maybe it wasn't the right format they said. >> they did that to themselves. i free with capri's last point, planned parenthood may do other good works on women's health but they are the number one abortion provider in the country. ending hundreds of thousands of lives every year. to me this a bizarre story, the idea you have to forbes feed pro abortion politics to children watching disney princesses to turn them into future pro-choice voters is sort of ghoulish and bizarre. ghoulish and bizarre is sort of two of the calling cards of planned parenthood. >> shannon: it's clear, jamie, that a lot of change in social change has been accomplished through plugging in the subject lines in these important
12:44 am
characters into movies, music, videos, that is how you often bring about change. especially if you want something radical, you start with kids. >> conceivably that's why the conservatives wish they had a foot hold in hollywood to push certain issues in the mainstream culture they would like. but you're talking about, you know, disney characters, children talking about abortion at that young of an age. that seems like a little too far. and i think that even the tweet they deleted they realized they were pushing the envelope by suggesting something like that. >> shannon: well you're all in agreement on that. well let's see how you feel about, this i want to make sure you each get a quick bite at this apple. new york city councilman has introduced legislation that would justing local there, he says he doesn't want employers to be able to force employees to be on their phones or on e-mail after work hours. he says it's important for workers to be able to draw a
12:45 am
line between their work lives and personal lives achlt parentally based on a law in france, the right to disconnect. iel get each of to you tell me how you fweel that movement starting with you, guy. >> i think that this is needless government regulation, unworkable in a modern economy. and the way that the law is currently written, it wouldn't make any exemptions for like law enforcement, doctors, it would be a dangerous regulation on top of stupid. >> god bless france, i love paris, one of my favorite cities but this reminds me of the 35 hour work week they have. society based on entrepreneurial spirit here, unlike lot of european countries. this is not in line with our culture in america of work, work, work. >> shannon: and capri, my understanding they want to apply to it private employers and saying you can't purposish employees if they don't pick up the phone or answer your e-mail. >> my understanding as well as anyone on call 24/7 would be exempt. i can tell you, as well, anyone
12:46 am
in my life would love for this to be a law. >> shannon: my husband, too. >> i have no boundaries between work and life. but i agree jamie, it isn't part of american culture. i lived if france for almost a year, i understand that this is aspirational. and i agree that, look, local governments should be able to do what they want. it's at the state level, and if new york wants to do that more power to them. but i don't think it's something that can translate into a federal law. >> shannon: based on the hustle and bustle in new york i don't see it going anywhere. but they can try. capri, jamie, guy, thank you very much. last week a student athlete p philadelphia died in bermuda. brand new developments in the mystery surrounding what happened to him. and lieu says tomlinson the privilege with chatting with real american heros aboard an honor flight. you do not want to miss tonight's heros coming up. the blade quality you'd expect from gillette
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>> shannon: time for where in the world. we start in bermuda. a forensic pathologist determining the cause of death for 19-year-old student athlete mark dombroski. the freshman from the university in philadelphia was at a rugby tournament last week when he went missing inner about mud a after a brief search his body
12:51 am
was found. police confirm the cause of death was a fall from a 35 foot cliff. no with its, foul play isn't suspected, though bermuda police want a clearer picture of what happened. police investigate whether anti-semitism was the motivation for killing an 85-year-old jewish woman who survived the hole on current. lorraine noel was set on fire in her paris apartment. french authorities charged two unidentified men with murder. the victim's family members say sheeg had known one of her assail lanlts, a neighbor since he was 7 years old. she survived one of the most notorious jewish roundups in france during world war ii. new video of so-called land grab riots in the coastal town of armanos. south african police arresting people after rioters vandalized home and set a police department on fire.
12:52 am
south africa suffering with land transfers from the white minority to the black majority to address the apartheid that ended in 1984. land transfers mushsing managed through dialogue and no smash and grab seizures they say. in brazil thousands of troops and police enter an area of rio experiencing a wave of violence. as drug gangs fight for control of swaths of the brazilian city, armed militia groups and current and former police officers vying for influence. the battle results in frequent shootouts and marginalized areas and have occasionally spilled into the wealthier areas along the famous beach front. sunday marks national medal of honor day, living and able recipients dpa dpa they ared for a gal in new york city. aboard an airlines honor flight, lucas tomlinson was onboard with these heros to get their stories.
12:53 am
[bagpipes] >> 30 of the 71 living medal of honor recipients received an honor guard in new york before flying to washington to mark national medal of honor day. danny atkins, a greener about ray wounded 18 times and saved by a tiger. doc ballard a navy corpsman threw oms a agree made, received three purple hearts but was owed eight patching himself up five times. gary, a greener about ray became a chapman. bruce crandall, high school baseball all-american, influence his helicopter where no one else would. 22 flights into a hot landing zone, evacuating 70 wounded troops, important rayed in the movie "we were soldiers." allboard the chartered honor flight, the oldest medal of honor recipient fought in korea. >> the president of korea had me on the sage with him, speaking to about 1,000 people. we were at the blue house in korea.
12:54 am
he put his arm around me, he said because of sergeant rosser and a handful of men like him, 50 million people are walking free today. and i thought that was great. >> sergeant ron rosser, the oldest of 17 children, volunteered to avenge his kid brother's death. he brought photos when he was called to dedicate the korean tooum of the unknown -- tomb of the unknown soldier in korea. >> went around with men from the boxer rebellion, the expedition against pancho villa, the banana wars as we called them, world war i, world war ii, korea, all the rest. >> i don't deserve this medal. i was a noncommissioned officer doing my job. i wear this medal of those that didn't come home. it's their medal. i am just the caretaker for it. >> 60 taliban ambushed army captain will swenson's patrol.
12:55 am
when they demanded his surrender he threw a grenade. one of two honor recipients still on active duty. high looks up to the older generation. >> they've been doing this for a lot longer. i mean decades longer. so clearly we have a lot to learn from them. the void for those who don't have a voice. or as loud of a voice. [applause] >> how are you. ♪ >> in washington, lucas tomlinson, fox news. >> shannon: true heros. we have another one to introduce you to after the break. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> shannon: fifth avenue in manhattan, new york's bravest. firefighters pay their respects to lieutenant michael davidson. his company responded to a call from a film crew. he was among the first to enter the basement.
1:00 am
smoke enveloped him and he got turned around and collapsed. his fellow firefighters are calling him a hero of the highest order. he >> confirmations that north korean dictator kim jong un made a surprise visit. >> orange county has voted to join the trumpet ministration lawsuit against california and its sanctuary state law. >> he is going to arrest me, he better have some good charges. >> all


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