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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 28, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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like. and already made those bobble heads in 2011, they are being sold for $300 on ebay. they face michigan saturday in the final four. we will see if the price keeps going up. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". we will see you here tomorrow, goodbye. heather: history made in beijing. china confirming a top-secret sitdown with north korean dictator kim jong un. what this means for the talks between the leader of the rogue regime and donald trump. >> i started yesterday posting names and dates of release of all our inmates, if you are going to arrest me you better have some good charges. heather: sanctuary showdown.
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at california county battling back against laws helping illegal immigrants, sheriff just made inmates, threatening to put her in jail. rob: the georgia mom teaching a valuable life lesson that you are going to love. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ mary mack are you here for a good time? we are. going to be a fun morning. a great time every morning at 5
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am. rob: i love getting up at 3:00 in the morning. mary mack thanks for waking up early with us. a mystery meeting confirmed. we know kim jong un and chinese president xi jinping met face-to-face in beijing. >> what does this mean for denuclearization talks, a big development. >> the first trip out of the kingdom and chinese state run media reported president xi jinping held talks with leader kim in beijing and kim is committed to nuclear free korean peninsula the white house acknowledging being notified of the meeting by the chinese tuesday that sarah sanders says we see this as further evidence our campaign of maximum pressure is creating the appropriate atmosphere for dialogue with
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north korea. tough sanctions forced kim to come to the negotiating table. the spokeswoman says the plan for a meeting between donald trump and leader kim is moving forward. >> continuing to proceed with our planning to go ahead for a summit between the united states and the the prk. >> the deadline for the summit? >> that is the timeline, whether or not that is the official timeline i'm not sure yet. >> most americans approve of the trip, 62% approve, 31% disapprove. kim returned to north korea no official coverage of the event until after he left which experts say is designed to avoid a coup while he is out of the country. no indication he was even there for the past few days except the arrival of a special train used by his father to travel to china. kim is scheduled to meet with south korea's president as well.
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rob: the hair looked great. jillian: california's third-largest county against the state's sanctuary law. >> the orange county sheriff posted inmates release dates, a move that could land her behind bars. robert gray joins us with the latest developments this morning. >> reporter: orange county vowing the golden state over the sanctuary law. all republican board of supervisors yesterday filed against the state, measuring the limits, police cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the justice department contends senate bill 54 is unconstitutional. michelle steele, an immigrant from south korea, told the board
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meeting law enforcement should cooperate fully in the constraints of federal law. the sheriff sandra hudgins started publicly posting names and dates for all inmates to alert the public and ice officials with illegal immigrants to be set free. she contends that is in the letter of the state's sanctuary law. >> a public safety issue, not about immigration at all but about individuals who committed violent crimes. let me give you some examples of individuals we had to release, helping out, sex with a minor, child cruelty, domestic violence. i don't think i could sleep at night knowing i let somebody go and they commit another crime. >> was angeles democrat who authored the sanctuary law causing the decision, said use
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of taxpayer resources. and threatened to throw sheriff hutchins in jail. >> state law is state law. it is my job to enforce state law and i will do so and we want to make sure every jurisdiction understands what state law requires. the subdivisions of the state of california. >> reporter: legal battle lines are blurring, in-laws lme dose, to exempt itself from the state sanctuary law but county seat of santa ana the self-declared immigrant saints were considering filing an amicus brief, quite a bit of a tangled web to see how this plays out. back to you in new york. >> thank you so much. jillian: the white house defending its decision to add a citizenship question to the next
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census, democrats targets illegal immigrants. sarah sanders says it is nothing new. >> this has been the practice of the united states government, the purpose is to determine individuals that are here. it also helps to comply with the voting rights act. without that information it is hard to make the determination of the information needs to be gathered. heather: the citizenship question was removed from a once in a decade survey in 2010, 12 states planning to sue the trump administration. democrats pushing hard against the census change but buck sexton says they are only fighting the question because they know they benefit from not asking it. >> the democrat party has gone from being one that is willing to excuse illegal immigration, turn a blind eye to it to one that is effectively openly advocating illegal immigration. on the census this is way
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overblown. the democrats the money, apportionment comes with this also, there are grants that go with population numbers, they don't want the american people to know what the true number of illegal aliens in the state of california is. people will get quite a shock to the system if it was known how much subsidy is necessary to pay for these programs, the federal government sending checks to illegal aliens. jillian: in accurate census data has serious applications, 132 programs used census bureau data to distribute $675 billion in funds. >> closing arguments in a pulse terrorist widow, noor salman is charged with instruction of justice and aiding and abetting
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omar mateen in that shooting. her attorney claim she was an innocent victim, not an accomplice but prosecutors say she knew about her husband definitely plans and did nothing to stop it. omar mateen killed 49 people in his isys inspired attack, noor salman faces life in prison. high alert as the fbi warns explosive packages could still be in the mail. accused of sending more than a dozen suspicious packages to military bases in the washington dc area, one containing explosive materials. none of these detonated. authorities tracking him to his home in washington state thanks to rambling letters found in the packages that were similar to notes he was known to send to government agencies. he is charged with one count of shipping explicit material facing 10 years in prison. heather: thousands of mourners for honoring a fallen your city firefighter, lieut. michael davison was killed battling flames on the set of the major
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movie starring bruce willis, the 15 year veteran remembered as a hero and a leader who came from a family of firefighters. his brother giving a final goodbye. >> michael became a hero of the people of new york city but to me michael has been my hero my entire life. jillian: look at this heartbreaking photo showing the wife and we for young children davidson leaves behind me to go fund the page raising money for that family. rob: changing it up, the mega millions jackpot growing to a whopping $502 million. nobody won last night. jillian: the fourth largest jackpot in mega millions history, the winning numbers were 7, 25, 43, 56, 59, 13, nobody won. the next drawing will be friday night. rob: your chances of winning,
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258.9 million to 1. jillian: i don't play the lottery but always wish i would win, go figure. it is just about 11 minutes after the hour. kim jong un shaking hands with china's iron man president in beijing, gordon chang joins us with what the sitdown means for the highly anticipated meeting. >> how could you have voted for him? >> he talked about jobs. shake things up. >> have you looked at the news? now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> hollywood tapping into middle america showing both sides, the probe from roseann reboot finally here, has a lot of people talking. jillian: packing heat, a pocket to hold your gun. ♪
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rob: the fbi admitting to being too slow to provide documents related to the hillary clinton email address or investigation. christopher ray says he will double the number of staff reviewing records requested by the house judiciary committee. the doj insider tells fox news, quote, the atty. gen. is angry how slowly the process has moved when it comes to requests from congress to the fbi. the pace is unacceptable and the fbi needs to double the number of people working on this, that is what they need to do. jillian: the ban of bump stocks, second amendment lining up to challenge the trump administration proposed been
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saying the justice department doesn't have the power to regulate bump stocks without changing federal law through congress with gunowners in florida are suing to stop the new state law banning position and sale of bump stocks. history being made in beijing, china confirming kim jong un's first visit with pres. xi jinping. >> preparations continue with the sitdown meeting between north korea and donald trump. here to weigh in on this, the other of north korea takes on the world, gordon chang. thanks for getting up early today and this is a big moment we have seen in china, you have kim jong un, when he took power, leaving the country for the first time in the pending meeting with donald from coming up, shoring up his own alliance. >> that is part of it.
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kim jong un needs allies. and un security council, trump administration sanctions, needs sanctions release, and the other thing, and the chinese ruler once to show still in charge, donald from relegated him to the sidelines. and cutting the chinese out and cutting the chinese out is a good thing and he wants to insert himself into the process. it is not good and the reason is the united states can muscle north korea. we can push them around but if they got china at their back it is more difficult. during the 6 party talks which started in august 2003 china was generally a malign influence, in the international community,
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more than pressuring the north koreans and during that process china was supplying them with components, equipment and materials for the nuclear weapons program, this was not good so important for the united states to push china to the sidelines again. >> they will talk about north korea denuclearize in and whether they would legitimately do that but if this thing ever did turn ugly between north korea and the united states do you imagine china would back north korea in a situation like this? do they care enough to go against the rest of the world and back kim jong un? >> they did so in 1950 and in august of last year global times which was speaking for beijing
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came out and said if the united states were to strike north korea first china would come to north korea's aid. i don't know how much more clear we want a message from beijing, that is it. we have to assume the chinese would come in. we would try to make sure that didn't occur but there's a lot of optimism in the united states about china's role in this, we have gotten it wrong in the past. >> how does this change upcoming talks with north korea? >> it changes it quite a. the thing about stepping back and looking at this situation, so many fast-moving developments, not only china and north korea but the united states and south korea, the united states and north korea, russia is acting as a bad influence so there's a lot of things happening and this is occurring the same time the trump administration is putting them on the trade front so there
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are a lot of issues, we don't know how this will work. this is an especially uncertain time and in a bad place when leaders can't manage a complex situation. >> thanks for the perspective of north korea and china. we do appreciate it. >> 20 minutes after the, he just marched against guns but rev. also synapse half-brothers accused of murder. the hypocrisy behind this bizarre story. >> apple came out with a cheaper ipad, stay tuned. ♪ per roll
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jillian: in a few hours the supreme court is hearing arguments in a person redistricting case in maryland, public and claim democrats control the state in 2011 congressional district in their favor. democrats in wisconsin challenging district drawn by republicans. the court will issue decisions in both cases by june. >> mark zuckerberg testifying amid growing pressure on misuse of data, 50 million facebook users, the firm accused of using an ad to harvest that information. the social media giant is getting users political leanings and the apps may be listening to
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you. a whistleblower saying the facebook apps listens to users to targets, facebook has long denied that. are you watching and listening? >> i sure am. >> a cheaper ipad for students. heather: the newest release, good morning. >> this was unveiled at an event in chicago. apple targeting schools and educators and students so they have a cheaper ipad that supports the apple pencil and touch more bs and costs less. it would be $329, for schools, $299, and some new software. the iwork suite that comes from 200 education apps, apple trying to catch up with google who has a chrome laptop which dominates
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[bleep] rob: an illegal immigrant laughing and court about killing two california sheriffs deputies. they are recommending receive the death penalty. and still clapping at the families of the slain deputies. >> that was very difficult and emotional.
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>> his sentencing is set for next month. jillian: rev. also certain's half-brother charged in the deadly shooting. authorities arresting kenneth glasco and jamie townsend in the death of an alabama woman. they believe the woman stole the car and they chased her down. glasco was the one driving when it happened. kim jong un blocking thousands of fans from entering a segment of kings game for the second time this week, demonstrators shutting down a city hall meeting over the shooting of stefan clark. ♪ rob: they went between 2 cops that shot 20 round-the-clock fired and charged with crimes. the officers responded to a call about a man breaking car windows, clark had a gun but only a cell phone was found.
2:32 am
both offices placed on leave. >> closing arguments set to begin, noor salman is accused of knowing about his plans to kill and doing nothing. the latest on the case. >> it has been a long road but a very good road. >> reporter: walking out of court, he and his team calling dr. bruce to the stand. a clinical psychologist specializing in disputed conventions. >> for the jury - >> reporter: telling the jury about well-being, exhaustion from the 11 hour interview and mental illness. she is more at risk to falsely confess and most people. >> can't see how there is any doubt this woman was railroaded.
2:33 am
>> reporter: discounting credibility by asking him how much he is paid for his testimony. that even finishing presentation to the jury by reading, asking about where the rules are. and told investigators about the odd exchange identifying the stranger as omar mateen saying omar mateen was checking amounting he had a gun. paying close attention all day leaving noor salman's family leaving confident. >> paying attention. >> this comes with a bombshell revelation that omar mateen's followed was an fbi influence who worked for the bureau for 20 years leading up to his son
2:34 am
opening fire in 2016. the attorneys tried to use that to get the case dismissed or declared a mistrial but the judge used. rob: a mural honoring ambushed attack, somebody complained this mural violates code and is a safety hazard. 5 police officers killed in 2016 at a black lives matter rally, they were ambushed. families hope the mural will find a new home. the city unveiled their own memorial last year. jillian: how to teach illegal immigrants how to stand up to ice. >> ice is making early-morning sweeps, using tricks to get people to open their doors. and to not open the door. >> reporter: the group releasing videos and several language of
2:35 am
showing to how to keep ice from arresting them. city williams voiced the english version instruct immigrants to refuse to cooperate. rob: the nra has a message for retired supreme court justice stevens who called for the repeal of the second amendment. >> your words and ultimate wish list is a disgrace to america and the values we all hold dear. >> american values on the line. >> making him shop at goodwill, a life lesson she is trying to prove when "fox and friends first" continues. ♪
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>> the program rose and reboot finally here packed with politics. >> talked about jobs, jackie, said shake things up. >> have you looked at the news? now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> social media loving it. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with reaction. >> how do you create a politically charged sitcom without anchoring everyone?
2:40 am
the season premiere of the rose and reboot did so by representing both sides of the political aisle. rosanne is a diehard frump supporter, her family is not. the cast left no stone unturned, and a woman's right to choose, twitter reaction is currently rolling in and i got to say a lot of it is positive. on twitter, i literally laughed or smiled during the entire show. finally a show that lets us know we can find love and humor in our differences, beautifully, creatively, weldon. richard says watching the rosanne reboot, i am a liberal, it was as funny as ever, the conversation was needed. it is now left or right thing, we can agree to disagree. this makes the world go around. sounds like a good time was had by all. jillian: yoga pants with
2:41 am
pockets, hard time understanding. >> these are not just -- a sportswear company has come out with yoga pants with pockets designed to carry a gun or a knife in them. the company says big-name athletic company promoting second amendment rights, certainly never built in the ability to do so. alexa whenever back down from supporting a woman's right to choose how she defends herself. some people are liking this, others are confused. running with a gun in your yoga pants? i tried putting my cell and keys while walking and they fallout. mandy answered that question saying have a built-in holster, i wear them when running on the trail it may come able to keep a gun, tourniquet and flashlight
2:42 am
on me. they appear pretty popular because extra, small and medium cost $99. rob: hopefully you will never have to shoot your way out of a yoga class but you never know. this kid thinks he is too good to shop at walmart. mom says no. jillian: remember the father who made his son jog to school because he was bullying people on the bus? enter a georgia mom who named her son where goodwill to school, a little snarky towards kids. and i want to teach my kids money isn't everything. if you have to degrade other people because of where they shop the venue too will shop there. people are loving this. lynn says i wish i thought about doing this with my oldest grandson which i brought some
2:43 am
jeans from walmart. so many kids need this lesson. his -- he was a pretty good sport and paid for the clothes with his own $20. she did this because she wants to make him a better man. >> i wanted the abercrombie clothes when i was in high school. you learn a lesson. jillian: a well-rounded person. get the 40% discount. >> abercrombie is wildly expensive. rob: 12 states suing the administration over a simple question, are you a us citizen. >> the trump and ministration is trying to scare people. this is an intimidation tactic. >> democrats claim it is against the law. is it? >> agenda napolitano says no
2:44 am
with why is a political move for democrats to talk about that in full. let's check what is coming up. >> when i was growing up, walmart was the fancy store. i can't really here. normally the judge -- shake the room. rob and jillian, coming up, 15 minutes from now. what a story covering all the news of the day and you will meet pam davis 01, the end of a sheriff's deputy who was killed by illegal immigrant. she will react to the jury recommending the death penalty for her nephew's killer. you will want to hear this story. of the guests on wednesday morning, michelle nelkin, stuart varney, tommy laren and heather knauer who actually works here, now she works for america.
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jillian: democrat outraged over the trump administration's decision to raise a citizenship question on the 20/20 census. >> with the trump administration and is trying to do his weapon eyes the census to use it to undercount people in california and other states with heineken population. >> it is clear with the admin street is trying to do, instill fear in the immigrant community. >> reporter: state attorneys in 12 blue states vowing to sue the
2:49 am
administration over the inclusion. do they have a case? with ask senior digital analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge napolitano: sometimes lawsuits are filed to make a point to demonstrate the principle rather than to achieve the victory that is sought and sometimes the law is not logic but history. you are asking me about the history of this. the history of the census bureau asking people if they are citizens and what their nationality is back to 1940 when franklin delano roosevelt administration wanted to know who are japanese americans and where they lived. that census information was used to incarcerate 110,000 japanese americans, profoundly unconstitutional. was condemned in 1947 and said it would never happen again so they pulled it out of the questionnaire in 1950 and it hasn't been in there ever since. i don't know why the trump administration wanted in there
2:50 am
but the government can ask you anything at once. you don't have to answer because you have a right to remain silent. the only question you have to answer when census people come knocking is how many people live there but the long form that asks how many bathrooms, what is the education, the income level, where do kids go to school, george w. bush when he was president famously received that at his ranch in waco, texas and know what he did in front of the camera? ripped it up. i'm not suggesting people break the law. the losses the? and macro. a judgment on the legal end of things. the job of the census taker is
2:51 am
to count legal residents of the united states, citizen and noncitizen. that number makes up the representatives, california has 50 members of the house of representatives, no other state comes quote i don't know what the population is. they have to divide it by how many states have what and they have to take the census. rob: are they just trying to figure out what the illegal immigrant population is? judge napolitano: i wouldn't be surprised if they are. the president ran on a platform that he would use the law to rid the country of those who are not here legally. california has been troublesome to the president. the federal government cannot
2:52 am
commandeer the state and say you will enforce our laws, states can't actively resist the federal government that they can look the other way. california has become the flash point of this. my own home state is becoming a flash point now that we have gone from chris christie files to phil murphy, opposites on the ideological spectrum in new jersey, taking the lead on the east coast in resisting the federal government on all matters immigration. we have mayor bill diblasio championing the rights of immigrants and trying to resist the president and it will end in a court room. jillian: to use the other states joining? judge napolitano: 16 have joined, tomorrow morning it will be 20. you want to run to the other studio?
2:53 am
rob: let's get the line. the nra firing back after supreme court justice calls for the repeal of the second amendment. in an op-ed for the new york times justice john paul stevens, now 97 years old writing the move would weaken the nra ability to block constructive gun-control legislation. the nra quickly responded. >> justice stevens, you may have been a supreme court justice and i may just be a small voice for freedom but you should be ashamed of yourself lose your words and your ultimate wish list is a disgrace to america and the values we all hold dear. rob: the nra vowing to unapologetically fight to protect their freedom. gun rights advocates pointing the fingers at retired justice
2:54 am
stevens as proof that the left once their rights completely repealed. fox news politics editor says if democrats want to change the constitution the rules of how to do that are already set. >> low expectations, we have applied that the politics and politicians to an accessible degree. the process of amending the constitution is designed to be difficult. what democrats want to do, i shouldn't say democrats, what gun people want to do is control guns, then go address the second amendment, come -- you can't repeal it to your place with another amendment. it is the same process but come up with an alternative, talk about what it should look like. i'm sick and tired of americans ignoring the constitution. one of the ways americans ignore the constitution is we have a remedy for these questions and it is not at the courts and not in a cockamamie bill passed to suck up were pandering the wake of a disaster. do you want to change the constitution? amend the constitution. that is what you are supposed to
2:55 am
do. jillian: west virginians required to work if they want food stamps. residents between the ages of 18 and 49 will need to work or volunteer 20 hours a week in order to receive the benefits. people with disabilities, parents with dependent children, pregnant women and veterans will be exempt. nationwide the federal guidelines for the snap programs do not apply in alaska, california, louisiana, nevada, new mexico and 28 other states widely available. rob: we will be right back. . . ♪
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rob: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good a dream come true for a little girl in texas. [cheers] rob: that's great. sergeant justin hadley surprising his 10-year-old daughter amanda at school after returning home from a 10 month deployment in iraq. jillian: might have a lawsuit on their hands after fireworks start shooting into the crowd. [screams] whoa, a man and woman, according to tmz any way sitting in the first few rows in las vegas suffered serious burns. monster jam says they are investigating. rob: that's not smart. texas rangers dishing out friday pickles and stuffed hot dogs to fan this season. a pickle between the hot dog
3:00 am
and bun. called the dilly dog. jillian: i no longer fear hell because i have seen this dilly dog. rob: you put relish on hot dog what's wrong with this? see you later. [chanting trump] >> orange county board of supervisors voted to join the lawsuit against the state sanctuary state laws. >> it's about individuals who have committed violent crimes. >> chinese and north korean state media finally confirming kim jong un was in china meeting with president xi ping. >> whether it's the terrorists or ongoing pressure campaign showing president trump's leadership is working. >> what the trump administration is trying to do is weaponize the census. >> this is a question that's been included in every census since 1965 with the exception of 2010. >> we demand that politicians do the job and in this case the job includes the impeachment of is


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